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Future of ‘Star Trek: The Experience’ In Doubt May 2, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Trek Franchise , trackback

Since opening in early 1998, Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton has been the premiere live Star Trek attraction in the world. With its Trek-themed restaurant, museum, shops and rides, it plays hosts to thousands of tourists and Trekkies every year. However, the current contract is up and it looks like 2008 may be the last year for Star Trek The Experience.

The contract between CBS and Cedar Fair (current owners of The Experience) ends December 31st, and a spokesperson for Cedar Fair tells TrekMovie “there are currently no plans to renew” it. Talks are still ongoing and, although Cedar Fair is said to be happy with recent results from The The Experience due to effective cost-reductions, the attendance has been in decline for years (even after the introduction of the ‘Borg Invasion 4D‘ ride in 2004). The only ray of hope right now is that the new Star Trek feature film in 2009 may show promise of increased attendance. A final decision on The Experience is expected by the end of May.

Another possible lifeline for The Experience could be for Cedar Fair to sell it to another company and for there to be a new deal struck with CBS (and the Hilton). Cedar Fair took over The Experience, when it purchased Paramount Parks from Viacom in 2006.

If Star Trek The Experience is to close, then the current contract calls for them to entirely vacate their current location in the Hilton Hotel by December 31st, 2008. Since Cedar Fair will need time to dismantle the attraction, TrekMovie is told The Experience would likely close to visitors in September or October (if the contract isn’t renewed). At that time, all the genuine props and many of the replicas would be returned to CBS. It hasn’t been decided what would be done with the Star Trek related replicas owned by Cedar Fair, but it is possible they would be auctioned off.

A closure of the Experience would also have an impact on the annual official Creation Star Trek Convention, which has been held at the Las Vegas Hilton since the Experience opened there. Creation CEO Gary Berman tells TrekMovie that they would continue to hold the convention in Vegas (as they did for a decade before The Experience opened), but Creation would consider moving to a different hotel. Berman would be interested in getting a location closer to ‘the strip,’ but would want to ensure the new hotel offered fans prices as reasonable as those of the Hilton. If you want to be sure to see The Experience one last time (or first time), this year’s convention may be a good choice.

So far CBS (the Star Trek license holder) has refused any comment regarding the future of Star Trek The Experience. As the story develops TrekMovie will provide updates.

More on Star Trek The Experience @ The Official Site | Memory Alpha | Wikipedia


1. Ed - May 2, 2008

This sucks…

2. Papa Jim - May 2, 2008

I haven’t been there yet. i guess I will have to go this summer.

3. VERG - May 2, 2008

Third? I hope it doesn’t close.

4. Oregon Trek Geek - May 2, 2008

If the Experience is to close, here’s what I think should replace it: an entire starship. We need an incredibly rich ST fan to build an entire Starship Enterprise for the fans. I don’t care if it’s the A, B, C, D, or E, or no bloody letter at all! (My personal preference would be the A).

Somewhere out in the desert near Las Vegas, one would drive in and pay (probably a lot) to get out and walk up to the immense monstrosity, enter, and simply wander around at one’s leisure, from the shuttlebay to the bridge. Everything works. Automatic doors, screens, switches, etc. Check out crew quarters, engineering… wherever… crawl in a jefferies tube. Eat lunch in Ten Forward. Elevators in the transporter room can take you in and out. Whatever–someone’s imagination is the limit. (oh, and many millions of dollars)

5. =A= - May 2, 2008

oh what the frak!!!!!!! i have not been there yet grrr!! ah shit gas be contiune raise this summer.. i will figure out go there next month without 2 kids… i might go myself!!!!!

6. Dab - May 2, 2008

My wife and I made a point of going there when we went to Vegas for our honeymoon 3 years ago. It was pretty amazing, and we would love to go back. Here’s hoping it stays and even gets better!

7. Josh - May 2, 2008

This is ridiculous if it closes down. The Experience was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had – especially for a theme ride! It’s not like we have all that many options otherwise. The Paramount parks have never really had anything worthwhile, and there’s just nothing like The Experience. I really think I may have to go again, and if so, I will have at least made personal history by having visited in the first and last years of it’s existence.

Also, Oregon Trek Geek, I’ve had that same idea for years. My family owns a currently unused farm in Texas that is nothing but flat empty land. My dream was to win the lottery and eventually build the Enterprise D out there with exactly that same concept. Of course, my idea would be to do the whole Disney-like experience where you could pick what position you would want to be and you would be trained for the position, and then you would have sims where you would actually perform your duty along with other people on board. This would be so awesome! It could be like Star Trek summer camp!

8. Redjac - May 2, 2008

If it closes, that will be a shame. It’s obviously a great attraction for Trek fans. I haven’t been in years, but I enjoyed it!

9. Hat Rick - May 2, 2008

I certainly hope that The Experience does not close. It’s a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed, in my view.

With the upcoming movie opening next year, it would be a particular shame and irony if it missed the hoped-for upsurge in popularity in Trek by just one year.

10. TrekkyStar - May 2, 2008

re: 4
Don’t forget the ladys!

11. Deep_Space_913 - May 2, 2008

I have spent tons of time there every time I visit Vegas. I have been four times. That place is like a home to me. I will be so sad if it closes. If you have not been there before, I HIGHLY suggest you get there. Stay at the Hilton, it is a great hotel in Vegas, and Star Trek The Experience being there is just the cherry on top. This is truely sad news.

12. Chance - May 2, 2008

I went to the ST: Experience…it was amazing, I was 12 when I saw it and I was enveloped by how wonderful it was. It sucks that it might go away.


13. Darth Ballz - May 2, 2008

Been there a couple of times, the rides are great but the gift shop really does suck! With all the Trek related products out there they have little to show for it and with all the costumes, Props, etc they should be selling some of that stuff there insted of that crappy IAW ebay auctions. They have plenty of room for it? Revamp the place some and have diffrent Sci Fi cons there other than Trek and it may draw more fans? Do a ride baised on the new movie and it may also draw more?

Darth” The Experence” Ballz

14. Doug - May 2, 2008

I think they made a mistake doing the whole “Borg” thing in 2004. The should have then built a replica of the TOS bridge and wrote a “plot” taking you to both. There’s a reason TOS is still so strong….I mean, hey, I like the whole TNG concept they have, but I think it would have been stronger to also have had something from TOS. IMHO.

15. Craig - May 2, 2008

Sooo it seems i was not the only one thinking somone should build a starship and open it to the public… I was thinking to make it like a hotel, people could stay in the rooms. THere would be full battle simulations on the bridge and enginering etc. Somone needs to do this, i know there has to be some totally rich trekkies out there.

16. Josh # 2 - May 2, 2008

I went there when it first opened and again last summer, its such a great time, and I really hope it doesn’t close.

17. Andy Patterson - May 2, 2008

Shame. I want the servo that’s in the earlier display case there if it shuts down(I wish someone would take me seriously about this once). At least I got to see the whole thing once.

18. Brian - May 2, 2008

I went in 2006 and was hoping to return in a year or two, I hope this isnt true…

19. TrekMD - May 2, 2008

This would be unfortunate if they indeed close it. I have been to The Experience multiple times (thanks for several business trips to the area) and it is enjoyable each and every time I’ve been there. It truly allows us fans to be immersed in this world that we so love. If this attraction closes, it will be sorely missed.

20. Brian - May 2, 2008

Well, I just sent the marketing section of cedar fair a polite email stating my support for STTE, even if they cannot keep it open, hopefully they can find a buyer.

(BTW, if you wish to contact them the email is: marketing@cedarfair.com and is available on their website)

21. Mark T. - May 2, 2008

It would disappoint me a little if the attraction were to close. However, this comes as no surprise to me. The Experience is long in the tooth as far as modern Vegas attractions go. The last time I went was to see the Borg ride. It was a few months after it had opened.

Two observations about the visit..

I always liked everything about the first ride right up to the “simulator” part at the end. I always thought that was kind of shoddy. Since the attraction has been there for years though, they have really worked out all of the kinks and it all flows smoother than I remember. Plus, they weren’t taking this attraction as seriously as they once did. The actors were allowed to inject a little wink-wink humor into their parts. It was a little like being on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. Very enjoyable.

The Borg ride, on the other hand, still had some issues. They did a great job building the sense of urgency right up until you board the vehicle. Suddenly, excited cries of “Hurry! The Borg are right behind us!” changed to a very bored “Please move all the way down the aisle and fill up every seat.” My wife and I were among the first inside. We sat for five minutes as they sloooowly loaded everyone in. The Borg in the hallway were killing time doing a hesitation waltz. Kinda killed the momentum. Still the ride film was cool.

My favorite part of that whole thing has always been the queue line museum exhibit.

22. Chris M - May 2, 2008

I can’t believe they are thinking about closing Star Trek: The Experience!

When me and a mate visited the United States in late 2004 one city we wanted to go was Las Vegas and we wanted to visit Star Trek: The Experience! We went there each day we were in Vegas. We bought countless items from the gift shop, which I still proudly display, ate at Quarks Bar and went on the Borg Invasion ride. I was amazed by all the Star Trek memorabilia on display!

It was an awesome experience and something every Trekkie should have the privilege to visit!

That is why I sincerely hope they find a way to save Star Trek: The Experience! It is something that I will always remember and it was the highlight of our trip!

23. RedShirtWalking - May 2, 2008

I’ve been The Experience about ten times over the last six years or so. I’ve taken Trek fans and non-Trek fans alike and they’ve all LOVED it.

Even Quark’s Bar—it really is one of the best bars in Vegas.

I’m sad now.

24. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - May 2, 2008

Let the damn thing close, it was 100% Berman / Braga TNG crap anyway. It was built back when Vegas attempted it’s futile “family-friendly” makeover, and now that failed idea has tanked, it makes sense that The Experience would tank, too.

Seriously though, VEGAS?!? They should have built it in Orlando to begin with.

25. Denise de Arman - May 2, 2008

This news is so disheartening. I have been through The Experience on three different occasions, spending hours each time, and enjoyed every minute. To hear that it is going to close just months before the movie premiere is absolutely mind-boggling.

Combining Oregon Geek, Josh and Craig’s ideas would be an amazing idea for the ST franchise. Suppose Paramount built and ran their own ST-themed hotel on or close to the strip. Not only could it fashion rides and attractions based on the series, but also advertise the movies and host several cons a year. Or, in line with all the other theme hotels on the strip, why not a Sci-Fi hotel which features several different types of scifi attractions, complete with 23rd century costuming for all employees, scifi-based restaurants, slot machines, clubs, etc. Who would not want to stay in a futuristic themepark hotel (featuring, of course, ST)?

All the ideas aside, knowing that my con visit this August may very well be my last chance to do The Experience again, I resign myself to enjoying it as much as possible during my stay. Frakin’ frak!

26. 16309A - May 2, 2008

This really sucks. I’ve been there with my wife (who doesn’t like or dislike Star Trek) and we both really love it there. My wife actually insisted we stay and eat dinner at Quarks! It was great! We got to chat with a Farengi and a Vulcan! Nothing beats Pipius Claw with Sulu’s Wing Sauce! BTW, anyone know where I can’ get more of Sulu’s Wing Sauce?

27. Gary - May 2, 2008

I was married 2 years ago on the bridge of the Enterprise with my wonderful wife at the Star Trek Experience. It would be very sad to see it go.

28. EM - May 2, 2008

I was there almost three years ago. I took my new bride to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. Sure, it’s a little cliche, but we had a good time. Got to see David Spade do his stand up routine, and got to be part of David Copperfields act.
Anyhoo, my wife is the coolest and was more than happy to go to the “Star Trek Thing” with me. The Star Trek Experience wasn’t actually much of one. It was alright, just not a memorable time. I totally forgot about the Borg until I read this article. I also took my wife to see Celine Dion (Cirque du Soleil Light) and that was way more entertaining!

29. JodarTrekFan - May 2, 2008

I’ve been to the Experience only once back in ’01 and found the experience to be less than trektacular. The “filmed” sequences were grainy and looked like you were watching a movie with moving seats. The creators should have taken a cue from Back to the Future’s simulator at Universal to make a more, engulfing ride using an Omnimax screen and did the visuals in super clarity 65mm.

Quark’s Bar was a lot of fun. There was this Klingon woman who would NOT want to be photographed. Everytime I positioned the camera to take a picture, she’d shift positions. Now, there was this tall Klingon guy who wreaked of alcohol. He wasn’t offensive but did get in your face, who eventually went away after one of the Ferengis came up to stare at my friend’s large red nose centered pimple.

30. Thomas - May 2, 2008

I like the idea of a “model” starship that Trek fans can visit and making it a hotel were fans could visit and stay (and in some cases, never leave) but they’ll never build one on the Strip. Real estate on the Strip is way too valuable to create a theme hotel that is so specialized without bringing in a world-class casino. That would be about the only way to offset the cost.

31. Natalie - May 2, 2008

Well this sucks. I went about five years ago and had an absolute blast. It’d be a real shame if it closes.

32. Commodore Z - May 2, 2008

That’s too bad. I guess I’ll have to make one more trip to pay my respects before it closes.

33. KWS - May 2, 2008

I’ve been to STTE several times since it opened. The first time was with my Dad who passed away 5 years ago. He loved trek every bit as much as I do. Every time since then, when I visit Vegas, and I find myself at the Hilton, it always brings back good memories for me…

I hope that they keep it around, especially with the movie coming out. With what we’ve heard from Nimoy and company, JJ looks to have a winner on his hands that will likely reinvigorate the franchise to levels perhaps not yet seen.

Besides, it would be a shame to tell all those actors at the Experience who took the time to learn Klingon that their services are no longer required. After all this time they’ve spent playing Klingons, they just might start acting like them! ;)

34. TrekBill - May 2, 2008

Rats!!!!! Or maybe Frack!!!!
My town has just started air service directly to Las Vegas. My wife and I thougt we would take advantage of it and go see Star Trek: The Experience (which I have never seen before but have been looking forward to for a long time) for my birthday in September. We’ve already booked the plane tickets.
I’ve never been to vegas before and I hear it’s fun but I figure it’s more fun with Star Trek.

35. Hat Rick - May 2, 2008

See, if Paramount persuaded theaters to put just a five-second trailer for ST:TE in the middle of the regular trailers for is movies — say, between now and May — it might perk up business for The Experience. The problem with that is that if that happens, it’s only drumming up business for its ST:TE’s current owner of TE and, moreover, it could get too expensive for CBS/Paramount to buy even if it wanted to.

The trick might be to negotiate some kind of joint venture or other agreement between CBS/Paramount and the current owner with CBS being able to buy TE at a preferential price of CBS promotes it along with its Paramount products (i.e., as a trailer). In return, the current owner would benefit from the advertising in the form of bigger business. CBS is already the holder of the license for Trek and it wouldn’t take much for it to get together to elaborate on its business relationship with TE’s owner. CBS might even promise to cut the TE’s owner a break on licensing fees if business doesn’t rise to the level both parties expect.

There’s a lot of imaginative proposals that could be made to produce the kind of synergy (to use a corporate word for the day) that both these companies could use.

Just a thought.

Of course, Hilton has to agree to this, too. The last time I was there, I saw that they were remodeling the Trek Experience area and seemed to be reducing its size. (Or maybe that was the Supernova area.) So maybe Hilton is all for swapping it out for some newer attraction. However, money talks, and maybe Hilton could get a cut of the increased action, too.

All in all, I wish they would extend this run for at least year. After four decades, is one year so much to ask for?

36. Tango - May 2, 2008

I loved that place. I’ve been there often and will miss it tremendously.

37. Xai - May 2, 2008

√24. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator – May 2, 2008
“Let the damn thing close, it was 100% Berman / Braga TNG crap anyway. It was built back when Vegas attempted it’s futile “family-friendly” makeover, and now that failed idea has tanked, it makes sense that The Experience would tank, too.
Seriously though, VEGAS?!? They should have built it in Orlando to begin with.”

Some of us include the Berman/ Braga crap as shows we liked.
You enjoy being the Grinch, don’t cha?

38. Cyberghost - May 2, 2008

the only ray of hope would be to remake reinvision TSTE. I have been there many times, usualy during the trek convention. But I must have say, its got stale, especially for fans or hotel guests who have seen basically the same thing over and over. Since a revamp would be costly, get out there this year and check it out, it may be your last.

The experiance takes a lot of room and could be divided up, more resturants and shops, that a novel idea in Vegas.

Bummer, but business is business and its all about $$$

39. Hat Rick - May 2, 2008

38, they could certain revamp TE to take advantage of interest generated by STXI, including making it TOS-era. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

From what we know of leaks from the production, a Corvette is involved in the new movie. Now, you and I know that, besides gambling — er, “gaming” — Vegas is all about fast cars and faster women. (There’s a whole NASCAR-themed hotel/casino right on the Strip.) Who’s to say that an attraction with content more accessible to the 21st Century viewer wouldn’t reinvigorate The Experience? They could easily build a plotline around the “antique Corvette” that will (reputedly) appear in this new movie.

A lot of Trek fans are around the age when they can contemplate buying a ‘Vette. Product tie-ins of this kind could lend a whole new dimension to TE.

Just imagine: “Star Trek: The Experience, brought to you by GM. GM: Warp Speed.”

I’d buy that for a dollar. :-)

40. Teleportation Girl - May 2, 2008

oh frak! i’ve been meaning to go to this for ages and haven’t yet!

41. Canadianknight - May 2, 2008

I’ve been to the Experience 4 times. The first few times, it was amazing. The third time, it was a little dated…. the last time… I was really disappointed.

The first time we went, it was shortly after the place opened. (It as my honeymoon!) Everything was fresh and new, and the gift shop(s) were amazing! The “Admiral’s Collection” was astounding, although not affordable to a great deal of people. Still.. fun to gawk at the expensive props. It was cool to wander “The Promenade”, and look up the “windows” that gazed into space. You could picture Odo scowling down at you…

In vivid contrast, our last trip…. well.. sucked. The new Borg ride was fun, but the original ride was kinda dated now. The “Promenade” was now missing the faux-second-deck. (I think the Vegas monorail station took up the space above?) Just a ceiling now, and it went from being a cool recreation of the Promenade to… well.. a plain-old hallway.

The gift shops now carried low-end signature junk. With the plethora of Trek stuff out there, the selection was *really* disappointing.

Quarks was still a gas, and the actors patrolling around as Klingons, Ferengi and Borg still did a great job. They kept it entertaining … especially the female Klingon accosting us…

All in all, it was fun, but this isn’t a great shock. Personally, I think the “cost-cutting” measures that the new owners undertook might have backfired, and contributed to the lower attendance. Certainly, the poor selection in the souvenir shops was a HUGE turn-off for me.

I hope the Experience survives (as I’m going to Vegas in November for my 10th Anniversary), but I won’t be shocked if it disappears.

42. The White Blackula - May 2, 2008

Was there a couple years ago. Its a pretty tired attraction. I mean, who really thinks it would be cool to go to Quark’s Bar? I am honestly surprised it has last this long.

43. MORN SPEAKS - May 2, 2008


44. MORN SPEAKS - May 2, 2008

Where will I get my drinks!?

45. Drew - May 2, 2008

the experience is very TNG.. and therefore dated.. perhaps we will have a very new experience a few years from now

46. Captain Robert April - May 2, 2008

Maybe a move to another location is just the sort of thing TE needs. Frankly, the location has always been a bit on the cramped side for my tastes.

I’d like to see the thing move to a place where they could have a REAL upper level, with more shops, an upper level to Quark’s, etc. A Bajoran wedding chapel seemed like a natural to me, but again, not enough room, whether they’d thought of it or not.

Maybe they could take over a part of the MGM Grand…

47. Dr. Wh-at now?! - May 2, 2008

Well, I’ll make sure I see it as soon as I can afford a gallon of fuel for m’ Tardy or an airplane ticket. My financial advisor says that will happen as soon as we switch to alternative energy. Anytime now, probably this weekend. Not to worry.

Reality: Vegas is in trouble since noone can afford to fly there at the moment… (Read: Scare tactic to make Trekkers fly out there & spend their Fed. credits…)

Advice: Believe in the Great River… the great material continuum… There’s plenty of latinum kids, it just needs to be refined and distributed in greater quantities and at a faster rate.

Next: Star Trek: The Home Experience
Grab a six pack, sit on the couch, and watch a Trek DVD.

48. Sean - May 2, 2008

I’ve been to Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas and it is AWESOME. Star Trek movies playing 24/7, a great restaurant, and the rides are SPECTACULAR. The Klingon Encounter was just incredible. At one point I nearly cried it was so awesome (and I’m a guy so it was THAT COOL).

It better not close, and if you haven’t been there yet… GO! NOW!

49. Dr. Wh-at now?! - May 2, 2008

Reference for above comment 47:

50. 8 of 12 - May 3, 2008

I love The Experience. I’ve been 4 or 5 times. I have such fond memories there and every intention to return. *sigh*

51. QuarksBartender - May 3, 2008

I have been employed by the experience for just over 8 years and it has been
an incredible experience ( pardon the pun) we haven’t heard anything yet on the closure. If any of you posters come in say hi I work at the bar and would love to meet some of you guys, gals and of course Klingons.

52. MvRojo - May 3, 2008

This is sad. I’ve gone to the Experience 4-5 times, including its grand opening night. It’s gonna be sad not to have it there anymore.

53. Doug - May 3, 2008

Noooooooooooo! I had planned on going to ST: TE after I returned to the states from Afghanistan next April.

no no no! no fair!

54. Doug - May 3, 2008

hey! For the 45% of you who says it is too far away. Nonsense!!! It is well worth the trip.

I went when the adversay of the adventure was the Klingons. I’ve wanted to go back ever since the Borg invaded Las Vegas.

This is truly sad!

55. Doug - May 3, 2008

hey! For the 45% of you who says it is too far away. Nonsense!!! It is well worth the trip.

I went when the adversary of the adventure was the Klingons. I’ve wanted to go back ever since the Borg invaded Las Vegas.

This is truly sad!

56. Denise de Arman - May 3, 2008

Sorry to hear you are so far away and will not be able to return for so long, Doug. This does indeed bite the big one.

57. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - May 3, 2008

#39 – “…they could certainly revamp TE … including making it TOS-era.”

You make an excellent point.

They should have done that from the beginning, instead of shunning TOS like everything else from the B&B days did. The Experience was built during the very height of the TNG monopoly over the genre, when they were pretty much trying to make people forget about TOS while at the same time leaving TOS fans like me and others out in the blasted rain…

Let the damn thing close.

58. Harry Dog - May 3, 2008

I’m gutted if this happens. I’d planned to celebrate my 40th (yes I am that sad!) there next April. Where will I go now? I may just as well stay in Scotland. Hohum!

59. Jawinka Smith - May 3, 2008

Star Trek: The Experience was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I got to live a dream – actually being on the bridge and in a Star Trek episode… sort of. I’ll never forget it.

While I never visited the Borg thing (I went before it was built), I really hope they don’t close it. People need to experience that truly amazng thing@

60. jabba the hut - May 3, 2008

update on star trek IMDB

they added more on the cast list

Brad William Henke-Uncle Frank

Sufe Bradshaw-Jessica

Jessica Lauren Richmond-Flirty Cadette

who’s uncle Frank?

61. Doug - May 3, 2008

I still haven’t figured out how they got us from an waiting area/elevator pad and “beamed” onto the Enterprise-D’s transporter room pad. That was so cool!

And the Star Trek chronology of spaceflight was fascinating. Not having been there for about eight or nine years I’ve often wondered if they revised the timeline to include the show ‘ST: Enterprise’… or the events in ‘ST: First Contact.’

Does anyone know?

62. Bilar - May 3, 2008

It’s too old. It should be re-done or close. I went for free…and it was worth it, but not for the price tag they were asking. The gift shop did have some good books but that was back in 2001, now it just the same old Elvis style crap.

63. snake - May 3, 2008

I went in August 01 when i went on a trip all around the US (went up the WTC whilst in New York – scary thinking about it now….so close…)

anyway the trek thing in Vegas was awesome..when queuing up i just thought it was gonna be looking around at more trek stuff (which itself was great – Spocks photon tube..all the suits..full scale models etc)..i had no idea you would literally get beamed up – then go through all the corridors, turbo lifts to the frickin full scale TNG bridge complete with working viewscreen..my god i was in AWE!

The ride was pretty good too…just as good as Back to the Future or anything in the Universal studios thing..

no ones mentioned getting the picture done? they took your photo whilst looking at the props etc before going on the expierance and then in the shop pasted your mug onto a crew shot from TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager or Wrath of Khan..

I got one – Naturally it had to be Wrath of Khan.

In the UK in London they did have a thing called Star Trek The Tour (i think it was called) in Hyde Park in 2002 or 3..never went on it though..i guess it was just loads of the Berman era sets..I remember Shatner was there for the opening though..

Its a shame its gonna close in Vegas though…esp with the new movie coming out..then again its all about TNG..maybe if they rebuilt it so its the new movie sets or even TOS sets (or original cast movie sets) then it could have another lease of life…

If i had to nitpick – its a shame it wasnt TOS Ent or the 1701 A..instead of the Ent D (but its understandable since TNG was flying the trek flag when it was built)

However all in all it really felt like you really had been beamed up to the ship and got to see the bridge etc..and you cant say better than that..I think the fact i’ve only been on it once and it was all too brief made it all the more awesome..

I’d love to see the Borg invasion though so i might have to get back there before it goes!

64. Danny - May 3, 2008

I’m hoping they move this to Orlando or something

The sets and all would be a terrible thing to waste!!

65. SciFiMetalGirl - May 3, 2008

#61. Doug – Yes, the people that run The Experience have taken a lot of painstaking time and loving care to ensure that the Star Trek chronology timeline has remained current and up to date to include all the major events detailed in ‘ST: Enterprise’ as well as ‘ST: First Contact’ etc.

I know this for a fact, as this was one of the things that was brought up in the “Backstage Tour” which is also another incredible experience to be had there, for everyone that has always wondered to themselves, “how did they do that?” However, be forewarned! Talk about spoilers! LOL! But there are some wonderful people backstage, and it is well worth it!

I live close to Vegas, close enough that I’ve been able to go to the Grand Opening of both the Klingon Encounter as well as the Borg Invasion, not to mention quite a few other times, and it has been enjoyable every time! In fact, I still go there whenever I have a chance, even if it is just to stop by Quark’s to have a drink! (I’ll be sure to stop by and say “Hi!” #51. QuarksBartender!)

Oh, and btw, Quark’s has always had an excellent sci-fi themed Halloween every year too! Lot’s of fun! :))

Wow, there sure are a lot of warm memories being shared just in this string alone! I am sure there are countless others out there, too… I’ve had so much fun there, and great experiences. It sure will be a sad day if it goes away ;'(

66. Scott Gammans - May 3, 2008

Sad, but inevitable. The last couple of times I’ve visited The Experience the place was practically empty and we were able to walk right onto both of the rides with no waiting. You can’t sustain a business with (non) crowds like that.

67. MarkAtStarfleet - May 3, 2008

I was there when the Experience opened in 99. We were the first to ride in the sim. We sat next to Jeri Ryan “Seven of Nine”, and Richard Hatch the original “Apollo” from Battlestar Galactica. It was an awesome event with a lot of Trek stars onhand. It was great to see how they did all the sets and made us feel like we were a part of the whole Experience. I was happy to meet a reporter at the end and get to be in a magazine for how I loved the Experience. The gift shop sucked even then tho. I would agree that having a TOS set up would keep em coming in, and maybe we all need to pool together and build that ST theme park…Boldly go!

68. Paul Walker Jr. - May 3, 2008

As Captain of the USS Las Vegas-a local Star Trek Fan Club here in Las Vegas, we hold our monthly meetings at Quark’s on the Third Wednesday of each month. My club has been in exsistence for over two yrs and I have to say I can see the decline in attendence every month. Our club being a Trek club would hate to see it close but just like everyone else here we are waiting for the final decsion at the end of May. I am not optimistic that it will be the news we Trek fans are hoping for. Unfortunately due to slacking attendence every day and with all the corporate changeovers since the place opened 10 yrs ago, I doubt it will be here much longer. I have many friends who work at STTE and they always keep me posted from the inside.

The decline in attendence I belive can be traced back to the high ticket prices to go on the rides, the extreme high costs of the merchandise(some of which can be purchased at Wal-Mart or other similar stores for almost 50-75% less than STTE”s ticketed prices. (They do not try to compete with other type retailers) While they do offer many different types of ticket packages and extras, the base price is just too high. One of the other factors of the declining attendence I think is the UNUPDATED film footage on the orginal Klingon Encounter. Being a Las Vegas NV Resident for almost 10 yrs I see how the famous Las Vegas Strip has changed due to progress and the opening of many new Hotels. The film footage used in the Klingon Encounter still shows if you watch carefully an UNCOMPLETED Stratosphere Tower (now complete) the Rock group “The Moody Blues” are still appearing at the now closed Circus Maximus Showroom at Ceasars Palace. Ceasars Palace has the all new Coliseum for their headliners. The famous SANDS Hotel has been imploded and is now replaced by the Venitaian. and lots more. Hotels now open since the filming of the famous Klingon Battle scene include WYNN, (formerly The Desert INN) Palazzo Hotel and Casino adjacent to the Venetian Hotel are just a few of the updated changes to an old film footage.

Having been a former employee of STTE I can safely say that I understand the corporate mindset about the numbers. But personally I think if they dropped the capitol dollars to make an all new film footage which would cost big bucks to film thay might help boost attendence. Also if they lowered the overall ticket prices and lowered the cost of some of the merchandise that too would help as more people would spread the word about what a great place Trekland is. Examples of the high merchandice cost are i.e. any of the DVD sets or films at STTE they are priced at about $130.00 or more and the same sets can be purchased at AMAZON.Com or similar for much less.

As Captain of the USS Las Vegas if I should hear or am able to confirm anything about Star Trek: The Experience I will gladly post the news as I receive it. Any news will also be posted on our clubs official website at:
http://www.usslasvegas.org Lastly, if anyone would like to discuss this privately feel free to email me directly.

69. Dr. Spaceman - May 3, 2008

All Good Things……

I’ve been twice and loved it – if they announce the closing, will go one last time (maybe at the Con, but that month is tough for me.)

One thing though – I was annoyed at the Borg Attraction – they promised 4-D! I did not actually experience four dimensions!!!! :P

70. Izbot - May 3, 2008

Here’s something funny: I spent *two* honeymoons there! My second wife and I getting hitched there just this past December. Always a great time.

The coolest thing that ever happened to me while at a bar: It was at Quark’s and some soccer game was playing on the TV. The two bartenders came over and asked, “Are you watching this? No? Is it okay if we put on Star Trek instead?” *Classic!* They put in the recently-released TOS-R season 1 and we watched “Space Seed”-Remastered while drinking Black Holes and Warp Core Breaches!

I will really miss the place if it goes (and a real shame, too, given that renewed interest in the franchise is likely after next summer). I love the museum display at the entrance and could easily spend hours just examining everything.

But yeah, I was always disappointed in the gift shop. You’d think they’d have more site-specific merchandise instead of all the junk you can find most anywhere else.

71. julfae - May 3, 2008

The simulator ride is dated…..the Borg ride is boring….and it costs way too much for what you get.

Close it down or put in a REAL ride.

72. ster j - May 3, 2008

#4. Better yet–Make this full-sized starship an acutal hotel where one can stay, eat, and enjoy simulated battles, etc. Trekker pradise!

73. Commodore Shaggy - May 3, 2008

I’m glad that I was able to go and check it out this past March. It was a lot of fun although I didn’t get a chance to see the Borg 4D thing which would have been cool. I could tell that the actors and employees there just love that job. One thing I wanted to see on the simulator ride is the image in HD – yes I’m spoiled, but it just looked so blurry making it feel older.

What needs to be considered is that attendance is probably going down as interest in Trek hasn’t been at it’s highest level in recent years and with the new movie coming along it might spark up again. But changing the ride would probably be a good idea – make a new one or change one of the existing rides to tie in with the new movie and I’m sure that it would attract a lot of attention.

74. That One Guy - May 3, 2008

Everyone, pack your bags, we’re going to Vegas! Denise de Arman, you made the offer once. Who knows, I might just take you up on it.

This whole situation only proves the point of Lewis Black’s that Vegas is indeed the “Root of All Evil.”

75. claystation - May 3, 2008

This makes me very sad… though I’m not surprised. It’s been there for a while. I’m heading there on the 16th with one of my best friends. We’re going to wear uniforms and have out pictures taken on the bridge. Knowing this, makes the trip bittersweet.

76. Crusade2267 - May 3, 2008

I’ve never been and I really want to go. I hope it stays open, because I don’t have money for a trip to Vegas right now…

77. Brian - May 3, 2008

If it remains open, they should remaster the film. When I was there, they said they were considering refilming the part that takes place above the Strip, but that hasnt happened yet.

78. FSL - May 3, 2008

NO! I crossed the globe to see it. Twice! It really is the best place. The rides were great. Beaming in, walking into the bridge, sitting down for a photo, etc. The actors were amazing. And I was in Quark’s every day I was in Vegas.

Sadly, if it does close, I would not have enough money to fly across the globe again to see it. Not in time…

79. Niall Johnson - May 3, 2008

You guys have got me worried! My wife, mother in law and I visited about six months after it opened and I had to be dragged from the place! We even got hammered in Quarks! I challenged a Klingon holding a D’kh’Tag with a butter knife (again at Quarks) and my wife was told off for pushing buttons on the bridge during the simulation. (Like that stopped her!;-))

My father in law will be coming for the first time this July, and I would hate to think that it’s getting shabby and less interesting due to anticipation of it closing. I really don’t want to walk around with him thinking that it was better when I was here last.

80. Paul Walker Jr. - May 3, 2008

Re:#77… That is my point exactly. However due to the higher cost of filming and the expenses paid to close the strip down to all traffic overnite to film the battle scenes…refilming that seems to be a no go sad to say….


81. snake - May 3, 2008

ideas for a revamp to pull in more punters:

-get the TNG actors…so when you go up to the bridge they all there in person and in uniform

-keep it the same but let people choose a free dvd set of TOS Remastered from the store…or maybe a free prop (i’ll have Shanters TWOK uniform please)

-redo it as a WRATH OF KHAN experiance..Vistors ‘beam up’ to the Reliant and help Khan attack the Enterprise..they could film an alternate ending with Khan winning

-rebuild it as an TOS experiance..visitors jump through a Guardian donut back to 1967 and appear on the original sets to bug the hell out of Shatner and Co hard at work..

btw have they still got that bronze statue of Elvis in the entrance of the hilton? i remember it said on it that he did about 10,000 shows there!..is that correct?..i thought he had done a quite a few but nothing like that

also where was that trek thing where people had themseleves filmed in the movie era with Bones, Sulu etc..was that universal studios?

82. Andy Patterson - May 3, 2008

oooh, I like that Guardian, back in time suggestion.

83. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

Why don’t the enter into an arrangement with Disney world. That would be the perfect for for the Star trek experience and with the number of visitors to the theme park they would have plenty of customers.

84. starfleetmom - May 3, 2008

OHMY GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t believe it!
I think I’m going into cardiac arrest!!
I LOVE the Experience!

85. Captain Presley - May 3, 2008

As a huge Trek fan and Elvis fan, the Las Vegas Hilton for me really was the “Best of Both Worlds”. What a shame for it to close.

86. Trau - May 3, 2008

I went once in the late 90’s and am sorry to say i was a bit disapointed with it.
The Experience was only up a few months and the workers were pretty tired of it already
There were good fascinating elements, and some things here and there that made it seem unnessarily hoakie.
I had to make the pilgimage as so many of you did but i could not shake the sense that as they used up every little bit of space there was not enugh room for it to grow as Star Trek grew .
Paul Walker pretty much mirrors my feelings about this, it is unfortunate but time moves on and rarely where we want to go.

87. D - May 3, 2008

I will tell you why an entire “Starship” type resort will never be built. In addition to the needs for revenue to support such a resort…(which would require the power necessary for what it is, essentially a small town.) The owning company would also have to pay property taxes on that amount of building. It’s one of the reasons Skyscrappers came about…you don’t pay per floor necessarily.

Now…build it offshore as a floating “ship” of some sort…and you may have both problems licked.

88. Ciarán - May 3, 2008


I still have to visit this place!!!!!!! It CAN’T close!!!!!!!!!!!! This sucks beyond all imagination!!!!!!

89. Irishtrekkie - May 3, 2008

agreed , i have not visited it myself, hopeing to go ome day , typical if it closes that will be another thing other star trek fans will have done that i have not got to experience , now i am sad

90. John - May 3, 2008

I’ve also just sent the marketing section of cedar fair an email (marketing@cedarfair.com) stating my support for the star trek experience…..

Please don’t close, please. I live in Australia and I haven’t visited yet.

91. Paul Walker Jr. - May 3, 2008

With the news about the possible closure of Star Trek:Experience looming on the horizon, as Captain of a local Las Vegas area Star Trek club called “The USS Las Vegas” members of my club would love to host your visit if yoru planning on making the trip here to Las Vegas.
Also remember the huge annual Las Vegas Star Trek Convention is scheduled for Aug. 5-10th 2008. 5 big days of Star Trek fun…..

Please email me to let me know your plans so perhaps we can meet up to show you around.


92. snake - May 3, 2008

90 – yea there needs to be some sort of campain (like there was for TOS and Ent) to support ST: TE

85 – right on….Elvis was a fan too – I read somewhere on line a review for one of his last concerts where it said he came on stage late and apoligised cause he was late as he was ‘watching star trek’ – Also in The Times obitury for James Doohan it said he was so well known as Scotty that once when he was walking along Hollywood Blvd a car went past and the guy shouted out the window ‘beam me up scotty’..nothing unusual there except it was The King..

93. DAFPentangeli - May 3, 2008

Indeed, and maybe it’s because my first (and, yeah, only) time there was during the Trek Con a couple of years back, I enjoyed ST:TE. A stand-out memory of that glorious weekend was watching the Shatner roast in Quarks with all of the other imbibing Trekkies (a Bajoran kept buying me tequila shots, Gods bless him), laughing along at the jokes (we were drunk , you know, so at the time they were, you know, funny), esp. the ones aimed at our expense. What did we care? The weekend was won and the following day was too far away. In any case, I’ll try to make this year’s con but hope that the “miracle” workers who own the joint pull in some joy at the 11th hour and keep the sucker open.

94. Jeff - May 3, 2008

Damn…well, I have a new reason to hit Vegas this year.

95. tim - May 3, 2008

i was there in ’02 and it was the shit! i have plans to go to vegas next summer, so i hope they at least get a 1 year extention or something. i’ll be really dissapointed to mis the borg invasion. the klingon encounter was fun, but kinda lame still.

96. Ampris - May 3, 2008

Hm. Is Cedar Fair in any way responsible for the Borg ride in what was formerly ‘Paramount’ Carowinds? We went to Carowinds on a holiday weekend a while back hoping to ride it, but couldn’t find it on the map. Asked the lady at Customer Service, and she said that CBS’s contract (maybe CBS; she might have said something else) had expired about two weeks before and they couldn’t use the name Borg, or any other Star Trek elements, anymore. And this despite the fact that the ride was still very clearly a Borg ride. (You sit in a Borg regeneration-thingy, for heaven’s sake.)

We were bummed, and this sucks, too. I had hoped to go there someday, if I ever got around to seeing Vegas. This is really too bad. :(

97. Vegas - May 3, 2008

Honestly, the Star Trek theme was a relic of Vegas’ family friendly thing it had going back in the early-to mid 90’s. I’m surprised it has lasted this long, and it probably only lasted because Cedar’s contract runs through this year. Furthermore, the Hilton is a bit different hotel because (1) its not on strip and (2) the main attraction is that it is connected (or really really close) to the Las Vegas Convention Cente.r

I’m a relatively casual fan and stayed at the Hilton once and thought the cost for the Experience was WAY too high and I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.

98. Veronica - May 3, 2008

I’ve never been to the Star Trek Experience and I do hope the contract is renewed as I don’t think Vegas is in the cards this summer. Unless I find a SUPER cheap airfare and do a crazy “daytrip” from NYC.

99. Paul - May 3, 2008

I don’t know about how ‘dated’ the Experience feels to some people, but I’ve been wanting to go there since I first heard about it in the pages of the official fan club magazine when I was in high school.. A national mustang show held in Vegas in 2006 is what finally got me there (the folks take our classic cars to several shows each summer. This was the first show in Vegas.

The only time I’ve ever been to the Experience and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever encountered. Both the rides were great…I did the behind-the-scenes tour and had a very infomative and funny guide with my group. I was amazed at what I was experiencing, I certainly didn’t notice how ‘grainy’ the film quality was. Bar was great…and I even thought the gift shop was cool….I don’t have a credit card, so purchasing the new Star Trek figures has been next to impossible, but there was a whole section of them.

I guess if you’ve been to it several times and done it all and seen it all, its not that big of a deal. But for someone like me who’d been waiting almost a decade to visit the place, I thought it was the coolest thing ever…and I would love to experience it again. I got a chill from just entering that area of the Hilton, I was that pumped, and I hope they find a way to keep it open for a long time. I know when I was there in Sept. of 2006, the place was packed.

100. Rafael Magat - May 3, 2008

I went to the Experience when I was 10 and it was the coolest thing I did in America! It was better than Disneyland man. I met all of them and I got to touch the LCARS displays even though they got mad at me after I touched it.
But it was incredible.

101. Robert Bernardo - May 3, 2008

Every time I go to Vegas I make it a point to stop at Star Trek: the Experience. It is mandatory. I spent plenty at the shops and still gaze in delight at the huge starships on the ceiling. (If the place is dismantled, who gets the starships? Dibs on the 1701-A!!) If this is to be the last year, I will take plenty of photographs, video, and just hang around. Creation Con, here I come! What a place!

102. DAMN IT! - May 4, 2008

This sucks man I think Microsoft should buy it (don’t ask me why though) but hey just think of the possibilities and besides it’s not like Bill Gates can’t afford it?

103. Anthony Thompson - May 4, 2008

This joins Star Trek: the Tour in the dustbin of history. And it’s a good reminder to the purists that Star Trek sorely needs a transfusion to survive. That transfusion will hopefully come in the form of the new movie. So it’s time for you folks to get on board…or go down with a sinking ship.

104. Matt P (Australia) - May 4, 2008

Spent 4 days in Vegas, one whole day in the Experience. Make sure you do it before it closes!

105. Even more Life Like - May 4, 2008

was there last Nov. It’s ok, It’s not worth going there JUST for the experience.
Best part was the freaky drinks in Quarks bar.

106. Aphelion - May 4, 2008

I’m just surprised it didn’t fold the week after Nemesis opened.

107. Biodredd - May 4, 2008

I don’t understand what people are talking about when they say the Star Trek Experience was too expensive. I went there in 2004 and paid $20 admission. It allowed us unlimited access to the ride for the entire day and there was no special taking place that day… that was until the simulator broke down while two of my friends were on it. They wanted to go back on immedately after our first ride and another friend and I wanted to wait a bit before riding it again. An hour and 30 minutes they emerged. Ended up getting our passes refunded and still had access for the day.

Great cutomer service.

Great experience.

And $20 was cheap at the time.

I’m curious what other folks were paying for admission and how having a contract with Disney would make the price more attractive as its $65 or more to access a Disney park and then the $25 for all day parking and the list of additional expenses goes on and on.

108. Brian - May 4, 2008

The all day passes are now around $43 a piece. They increased in 2007 from about $35 and before that it was $20

109. K2 - May 4, 2008

‘Bodies’ and ‘Titanic’ are both moving from Tropicana to the Luxor this year leaving a nice big open space there . . .

I don’t see a higher end property picking this up (forget about the Death Star-like construction of CityCenter) but someplace like Sahara, Stratosphere, Rivera or maybe even Excalibur.

But in the end it’ll come down to numbers. Luxor bought Bodies and Titanic because they are must-sees and bring in lots of revenue. If Star Trek is bleeding red then I don’t see anyone spending the money to relicense and move it.

We are in the middle of a recession. Its a bad time to renegoiate anything.

110. Leonel - May 4, 2008

I went to STTE two or three years ago, right around this time actually. I enjoyed it, even though I noted the understandable slant towards TNG. I’d go see it again.

Even though I really enjoyed it I do remember a certain sense of being underwhelmed. Reading through the posts reminded me why. The dated sets, the lack of crowds, the overpriced gift shop. I remember thinking at the time, “who’s running this show, anyway” and in the right hands and with the proper upkeep I’m sure it would make the suits more money.

No matter – I got that picture of myself on the bridge of the Enterprise, now that was awesome! I’ll never forget the chills I felt when looking over Spock’s photon torpedo tube. And I just had to buy a copy of the menu to Quark’s Bar. Great memories.

Hope they make the right decision.

111. K2 - May 4, 2008

Just go to one of the many half-price ticket places on the Strip and get your tickets for 50% off. I go there all the time for the lower-end shows.

Star Trek is always listed there.

There’s one at the big Coke store near MGM Grand and at the Fashion Show Mall. There’s many other locations but I’m drawing a blank. Just ask someone at your hotel when you get there.

112. Reed Farrington - May 4, 2008

26. 16309A, Sulu’s hot (wing) sauce was available for sale in the Promenade Gift Shop when I visited last year. I noticed that it wasn’t for sale from the web site.

They used to have the alcoholic beverages available from the web site. But they couldn’t ship out of the country anyway. So I picked up a bottle of Klingon Blood Wine, a bottle of Romulan Ale and the Sulu sauce. I used an assortment of Star Trek plush toys to cushion the bottles in my suitcase, and the bottles managed to survive the trip.

48. Sean, I think I know what moment you’re referring to about nearly crying, because I experienced an emotional moment, too, that I wasn’t expecting. Not sure if I should spoil anything, so I’ll just say my emotional moment came during the Borg 4-D ride.

I must admit I was skeptical about Star Trek: The Experience, so my expectations were low. I’ve been a Trekkie for decades. I’m glad I went.

113. Mr. Bob Dobalina - May 4, 2008

WHo can blame them? It’s trying to ride a dead horse. If they were smart they would start retooling it now to focus on classic Trek’s era to hold it over until they can adapt it to JJ’s 23rd century. Riding around with Picard shooting the Borg just isn’t going to cut it any more.

114. elliot - May 4, 2008

NOOO!!!! I love the experience! It’s why Vegas is my favorite place to visit! They NEED to renew that contract!

115. NoName - May 4, 2008

Heard that ST THe Tour is in doubt as well???? Any news on that rumor???

116. Brian - May 4, 2008

Last I’ve heard, they’re trying to finalize the details for their next stop

117. 16309A - May 4, 2008

112 Thanks, but I do know it is avaliable at the Experience, but it’s too much of a trip from Philly! Anyone know if it is avaliable on the web? (It really is good sauce!)

118. Thomas - May 4, 2008

I agree with those who say the Experience could possibly be saved by the success of JJ’s movie, and if it re-tooled as such. That said, if they’re going to do anything about it, they need to start ASAP. Though if I can be honest, I can’t see it happening. Somehow, that seems one more potential source for spoiler leaks that JJ would have to clamp down on. Some of you may think “Why would it?”, but think about it long enough and it will hit you.

119. Tony - May 4, 2008


120. Kayla Iacovino - May 4, 2008

This is awful news! I look forward to going to the Las Vegas convention every year due in large part to Star Trek The Experience! That’s where the party is and where the real fun begins!

As many have said, the new movie should undoubtedly bring in much more traffic, as it is supposed to reanimate the franchise! I am hoping that they will realize this and keep it open, at least to see how the movie helps out profits.

If indeed it does close, I will cry myself to sleep.

121. JOhnny - May 4, 2008

The Hilton wants the space, Cedar Fair does NOT want to deal with STTE. Sorry but…IT WILL CLOSE!!!

122. Trek Or Treat - May 4, 2008

I started going every year during the Vegas con. Of course the place is always packed then. I thought the simulator rides were great and the actors were very into their parts. It was worth it just to step onto the bridge of the Enterprise D. Quarks is a hoot with great drinks and more great actors.

The one weak link, as stated by several people above, is the gift shop selection. Not so bad the first year I went, but each progressive year it seems to get worse. The last time I was there, I didn’t buy anything.

Still I think ST:TE is a lot of fun, and it would be a shame to see it close.

#51 glad to know working at the Experience is a wonderful experience for the employees. Everyone I’ve met seem to really enjoy it. Can you tell us more about what business is like other than the convention days? Is it really that slow? Just trying to gauge how the general public views the attraction.


123. Rick - May 4, 2008

Some friends and I went to Vegas just for the STE when it opened. Hard to believe it was about 10 years ago! I was fun for what it was. I loved the beam up part and going through the ship. Never have been back so I have not see the Borg ride. Over the last few years I really have gravitated towards the original series and would love to see something like the STE for that STAR TREK time period. Of course with the economy I wonder if that is possible. Oh well whatever happens happens as they say.

124. Denise de Arman - May 4, 2008

Kayla#120- I grieve with thee.

125. That One Guy - May 4, 2008


I believe that we should all go to Vegas and stalk the Celebs while we can. ST: TE won’t be around forever, clearly. I do agree that you and I should go with the “mischief” that you mentioned earlier, especially with this disheartening news…

I’m not actually serious about meeting you there, but I think that everyone should go while they can. It would be a good thing to be able to see all our favorite props and the Borg experience while we still can.

“All good things must come to an end.” -Q

“Damn…” -Capt. K. Janeway

126. Brian - May 4, 2008

If they announce that it’s closing I know I’m going to make every attempt I can to get back there this summer (probably late July or Late August either before or after the con, since i can afford the con itself)

127. Denise de Arman - May 4, 2008

ThatOneGuy#125- I reach, dude. I would love to have a couple drinks w/you at Quark’s then go stalk Quinto together!

128. Rubee - May 4, 2008

Where will I get my Romulan Ale from?! :(

129. The Angry Klingon - May 4, 2008

I agree. Being a TOS person the NG and beyond themes never appealed to me enough to make the trip. A TOS or TOS MOVIE era bridge/ride would have made the difference, TOS has stood the test of time and after all the iterations we find ourselves going back to TOS.

130. kevin - May 5, 2008

I would like to thank all the staff at Star Trek the Experience for their hard work over the years of my visits. I was there in March and got the word of the possible closure – even in the face of bad news the bar staff kept up a strong attitude, even in a facility beginning to show extreme neglect.

I would like to warn all not to put too much store in the possibilities of Cedar Fair selling the franchise. The management would be very unhappy if another company took on the CBS license, re-opened the site and saw any success. It is most likely that Hilton will be ordered to shutter the venue even if there is the possibility to keep it going.

Finally, I would recommend anyone interested to see the original concept that was planned from the site that Paramount scrapped- Just to see what could have been done.

With the new film in the works how much of the original franchise will be kept, and how much will CBS hope to redevelop the Star Trek brand will have to be seen!

131. kevin - May 5, 2008

I would be interested to know how the Trekies feel about the Paramount (CBS) feelings that they want the new Star Trek film to avoid the fans!

Is it like taking our money, only to ditch us now? Reminds me of what happened with Star Wars!

132. star trackie - May 5, 2008

The TNG ship has sailed. They need to close the ride and IF JJ’s Trek is well recieved, then re-open the ride somewhere else with a TOS/ JJ TOS theme. If the movie is a blockbuster then they will have their pick as to where to put it.

And what’s this about Star Trek Tour being canceled? After what, one city?? Surely this can’t be true.

133. ONE BIG FAN - May 5, 2008


134. COMMANDER KEEN - May 5, 2008

How typical! Something about Vegas I like and it looks like it may well go away. I love STTE and how it appeals to new trekkies as well as vererans. I took my wife, who knows very little about the genre, and she loved it. It was a great way to introduce her to the franchise. This really a bad movie on CBS’s part. Cutting off their nose despite their face, IMHO!

#20. Great work, Brian! Everyone here needs to do that, including myself.

135. Hat Rick - May 5, 2008

Kevin wrote at 130, “I would like to warn all not to put too much store in the possibilities of Cedar Fair selling the franchise. The management would be very unhappy if another company took on the CBS license, re-opened the site and saw any success. It is most likely that Hilton will be ordered to shutter the venue even if there is the possibility to keep it going.”

Just a brief comment: I don’t know which management it is that would be unhappy; if Cedar Fair sold it, Cedar Fair’s management wouldn’t have anything to do with it any more and they wouldn’t really be able to order Hilton to shut it, either. (Not that anyone can order Hilton to do much, anyway, since it’s the landlord.) If by “management” you mean the company CF sold it to, why would they be unhappy by more business? CBS also wouldn’t be unhappy because they’ve still got the licensing deal.

Now that I’ve read it again, I think you probably mean that the management of Hilton would be unhappy, but that could be dealt with by making sure that Hilton (i.e., its management) has a cut of the action and can terminate the lease if it doesn’t produce a certain minimum level of income for Hilton from its business.

Good comments, though.

136. Thomas Jensen - May 5, 2008

I was just there 2 weekends ago. We arrived too early in the morning to go through it – we were there at 9:00 and it wasn’t scheduled to open until 10 or 10:30 – something like that. We returned to it another night at about 8 or 8:30 – and the attraction was already closed – even thought the signs posted said it was open until 10 pm. We went down to the shop level, and most of the shops were closed and the one that was open (the one closest to the exit of the ride) had a drastically reduced amount of “stuff” to purchase. No more wall of books and movies – only an assortment of shirts and some of the sort fo cheesy things that all say LV Hilton. Some tribbles, magnets, postcards, shot glasses, coffee mugs, etc were there, but nowhere near the amount of things they’ve had in the past. I was wondering what was going on…now I guess I know.

137. John_Pemble - May 5, 2008

It is a nice exhibit and I’ve been there three times. It’s been awhile for me though. So far I haven’t gotten around to going there since they added the Borg 4D. Perhaps I’ll swing by this year.

138. Anthony Thompson - May 5, 2008

116. Brian

Then why did they let their website go dead? Their so-called “next stop’ was going to be in Chicago if I recall correctly. Space like that in a convention-heavy city like Chicago needs to be booked YEARS in advance, not weeks or months. The Tour is dead.

139. Brian - May 5, 2008

The next stop is actually San Diego, followed by Minneapolis, Chicago then Detroit. One of the reporters is now working for Roddenberry.Com and has a little more info.

140. Anthony Pascale - May 5, 2008

trekmovie.com is working on an update article about the tour, expect that this week

141. Hat Rick - May 5, 2008

I can’t wait for the update! Far’s I know, they were giving only private tours a little while ago. I sure hope they stick with the plan to go to San Diego.

142. Brian - May 5, 2008

Same here! I look forward to a “definite” report!

143. lvmainman - May 5, 2008

16309A, for Sulu Sauce go to


the retail store sells it, none will be left after August when they close

144. Michael Spurlock - May 5, 2008

Nothing would seal the kiss of death on Star Trek, and the upcoming movie, like this would.

Paramount and CBS should pony up the money to keep it going another year, just to avoid the “blood in the water” effect of it closing.

All that said, Cedar Fair has NEVER had a success. If they can’t make something as popular as Star Trek work, it’s their own fault.

145. Ian S - May 5, 2008

Very sad news if it does leave Vegas, it has been a regular of mine every time I visit. I also echo earlier comments – where will I get my fix of Romulan ale from.

146. Ruben Reveles - May 5, 2008

My wife and I have gone to Vegas twice a year for the last 3 years and we always spend our first day at Star Trek the Experience. I will also echo the earlier comments but it is the borg spheres and ferengi flat bread I will miss. I’m up to 2 1/2 borg sphere per visit now. We are definitely going back again in August just in case.

147. Patty & Scott Carroll - May 5, 2008

Star Trek Convention Lodging available during the week of the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in August 2008.

We have two weeks available in a 1 bedroom vacation suite that sleeps 4 available for rent are August 1-8th 2008 and then August 8-15th 2008. The resort is called Grandview at Las Vegas and is next to the South Point Casino.

This suite has a fully equipped kitchen with full size refrigerator, air conditioning, 2 televisions, DVD, CD player, iron/ironing board, washer & dryer, has 1 king bed and 1 queen sleep sofa, hairdryer, and hot tub jtted roman tub and more.

Email us if you are interested rent one or both weeks.

148. Jim Nightshade - May 5, 2008

I ALSO WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF AND ACTORS AT STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE! YOU ALL ROCK! Thank you for so many happy memories, Awe inspiring sets, being on the bridge…APRIL is one of my favorites there. I only wish I got a pix of her and myself and my girlfriend when she was made up as an Andorian, when we were last there two years ago for the 40th Annivesary of Star Trek Convention. It was my first and probably only convention. I couldnt afford it then and probably never can again…but it was awesome. I have loved the attraction…A big piece of VEGAS will be missing if they close. The actors staff and employees made star trek live for us who went there and loved it. Their Souvenir shop also sold the best TOS Communicator ever made for a reasonable price, until this newer version that was just released lately. I still love mine and gave one to a Boeing employee best bud of mine who loved showing it off at work. I liked the idea of moving it to Disney World or maybe Universal Studios..Those are the only Parks big enough that they could afford to do something like that. SIGH—still would not be the same without the staff and actors who made is so special. The monorail in vegas went right to the attraction too that was also cool.

149. 16309A - May 6, 2008

#143, thanks for the info, but as I said in an earlier post, they don’t sell it online.

You say they will be closing in August–did you get some official insiders word that nobody else has gotten?

150. Brian - May 6, 2008

I saw it available online under the food and drinks catagory

151. JKM - May 6, 2008

I also went to the experience this week and was amazed at the condition of the place. I had not been there for about a year and I must say I was quite impressed . Although the number of actors in the show was much smaller than I remembered (staff reduction I hear) , the staff all seemed to create what was needed to make my experience another fantastic one. From the ticket agents phenominal service to the person exiting the show, to the backstage tour which if you have not done it yet, Do it! It’s well worth the price. I received the service that everyone wants when they visit any place of business.

I agree, the gift shop and the restaurant need a little work. Not the best costumer service in either area and not much choice in the shops other than lots of printed t-shirts and tribbles everywhere. I think the restaurant lost its magical touch about a year ago. It used to be so fun and consistant with good, quality food. My food was cold, took a while, and not the best customer service (pretty disappointing) . I must say the walk around aliens made up for this unfortunate experience. Other than that, I would gladly go back and play on level two of the experience any day.

I did take the time to ask for a business card of the Manager who runs the show to share my positive experiences. To my surprise, I received a perssonal phone call from him the same day thanking me for taking the time to share my comments and encouraged me to visit again.
If staff are reading this, thanks again to the efforts of keeping the place alive and best of luck to all invloved in the decision process.

152. Brian - May 6, 2008

Thanks for the review! Good to hear that all is not lost!

153. Jamie and Alisa - May 6, 2008

I heard its a rap will be dismantiling everything and selling off,
thats cool since we fans now have a chance on getting some
good collectables.

154. Joel Schooler - May 6, 2008

First Enterprise. Now this they can’t do this it is one of the last things we have as a way to be in the show. Now with the movie coming up.

155. Ben - May 6, 2008

Well, I’m glad I went in March while I still had the chance.

I wonder what the Hilton will do without that big thing there- they have an entire wing of their casino dolled up to look like a spaceship.

156. FSL - May 6, 2008

If only they can survive long enough, maybe they can ship JJ’s new sets over to revamp the experience in time for the movie’s release next summer. Can’t hurt.

157. DJT - May 7, 2008

You know what this means…

Vegas Run!


more blood-WINE!!

158. Bob & Mel - May 7, 2008

I have been a great fan of Star Trek since it first premiered TV over 40 years ago and during that time I have learned to savor the entire spectrum of the genre, series, movies and conventions etc equally and not limit myself to only a small portion of the wealth of literature knowledge and FUN…and because of Trek I over came a physical disability and became a computer programmer

When STTE opened on 1/ 03/1998 I was one of the lucky 2500 to attend that Gala that day and have been a loyal attendee ever since. First let me personally THANK the staff for the wonderful courteous service extended to us and the on station aliens have made the time I spent there memorable and a absolute joy. And the food at Quarks has been exemplary.

In August it will be five years since getting married in an Admiral ceremony on the bridge of the Enterprise and that our name is engraved on a plaque to commemorate the event and the year after did a vow renewal ceremony

I Have spent much time (years) & money in both the Hilton & the Experience, both my second home it is one of the reasons I moved here

I am confident that Cedar Fair and the Hilton can come to an amiable agreement and renew the contract with an added dignity respect and tolerance for all parties concerned especially the public

Paramount & Cedar Fare can financially revitalize the place by proper advertising a media blitz in theatres and radio and TV special discount coupons for student and seniors and travel agency packages because there are many people even locals that still even after all this time don’t know the place exist because of it secluded spot inside the Hilton

If not I believe Cedar Fair could move it intact to else where inside Las Vegas
STTE is the only tangible connection between Star Treks ideals and our troubled past turbulent present and hopeful future. the artifacts must be saved and not auctioned off as CBS did earlier the place must be given landmark status so that one day that its envisioned bright future will be our reality

159. The Underpants Monster - May 7, 2008

What a shame – I hope someone finds a way to keep it going. One of my happiest memories is the weekend I spent in the Hilton, checking out every element of the Experience. My favorite picture of myself is my look of flabbergastedness as the waitress at Quark’s set my tower of Holy Rings of Betazed in front of me. It was as close to goimng to another world as most of us are going to get.

160. Capt. Vegas - May 8, 2008

It was announced on a Vegas radio station. Trek will be cosing.

161. Jaryd Weiss - May 8, 2008

Hi all. I’ve been following this story and I’ve been sad to see that it is in trouble. I’ve set up a petition:

So go ahead and sign it! Thanks :)

I’ve also gone ahead and emailed the people about it, and I’m going to Vegas towards the end of August, so I’ll find out then what is going on.

162. Brian - May 8, 2008

#160: “It was announced on a Vegas radio station. Trek will be cosing.”

That’s really sad! Did they seem certain, or was it just an exaguration (sp?) of this article.

163. Brian - May 8, 2008

sry for the double post but I’ve got some more info!

An aquantence of mine is at STTE now and he’s been trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. He states that the employees are pretty sure it’s just a rumor (expanding the known facts, but not entirely false).

CBS visited STTE the other days to look it over. It seems that Cedar Fair is not happy, it IS making money, but not enough for their tastes, so CBS is trying to get it back from them so it can be run correctly and given the love and care that it deserves.

164. Lost_In_The_Delta_Quadrent - May 9, 2008

Been to the STE too many times to count since its opening year. The Borg Invasion was OK (this coming from a huge VOY fan).

My wife and I spent our wedding and honeymoon in Vegas and STE was at the top of our list because she had never been there before. Those all day passes come in handy. We have been back and did the backstage tour.

I was going to surprise the wife and renew our vows there next year but this sort of puts a damper on those plans.

Guess all good things come to an end sometime.

165. CJR - May 10, 2008

Just got back from our second time to Star Trek: The Experience. Did not realize until we returned that it may close this year. I was already looking forward to several more repeat visits. The 40-something crowd that grew up with reruns of the Original Series and TNG during college are just hitting the time of life to relive their memories with cash in hand. Bad timing to close in my opinion. As big Disney fans, the two Star Trek shows/experiences are better than comparables at WDW. The only limit on its growth is the size of the imagination. Build it and we will beam there. It plays in Peoria!

166. JULIO ARTEAGA - May 11, 2008


167. Peter - May 11, 2008

Could low attendance be due to the Star Trek US Tour to various cities?

168. Brian - May 11, 2008

It’s been declining for a couple of years and since the Tour has only made one stop, chances are it’s not a huge factor

169. Jim Nightshade - May 11, 2008

YAY Brian #163 if true!!! I Hope CBS REALLY was there recently to check it out. Bout Time! I hope they do buy it back and take care of, expand and improve it as it sees fit. If its making money currently, taking back their Star Trek Property and doing that would only help….Heres praying this is true. IF not, thanks for the few seconds of good feelings. hahah

170. David Williams - May 12, 2008

My wife and I went there about 8 years ago and enjoyed (not loved) it. We went back last Dec. with our 9 year old who loved it and rode it over and over.

Now the facts: There was never a line. There were never more than 10 people in the bar or restaurant area.

Now the hard facts: The majority of people are not Trekkers or Trekkies or even give a rat’s behind about anything Star Trek. They love the inferior Star Wars and that’s the way it is.

It is amazing that these rides have hung on as long as it has. I have no doubt that it will be closed, dismantled, and not installed somewhere else. Making a new movie showing the updated strip isn’t going to help–no one cares! No one (of the everchanging tourists) walks out and says, “They don’t even have the Venetian hotel, I’m never coming back again.”

It will close, and I’m sorry for it.

171. David Williams - May 12, 2008

BTW, we love the timeline exhibit and we enjoyed experience the experience with our daughter.

172. Will - May 17, 2008

If STTE does close and the ownes wish to move somwhere closer to the strip what about “Planet Hollywood” as the site for STTE?

173. Brian - May 19, 2008

I say somewhere in Michigan would be nice!! (or at least the mid-west)

174. djo - May 21, 2008

Im supposed to have my wedding reception in quarks in october…..this is just freaking me out

175. Gerry Lebrato - May 27, 2008

David, I have to correct you about a couple things. My wife and I live in Vegas and go to the Experience every weekend. The bar and restaurant are very busy more often than not. I would say mostly Wednesdays through Sundays. We see it all the time. You must have been there at an odd time. We talk to fans from all over the world. There are more of them than you give credit for. Sorry, but I can’t agree with your assesment.

176. Gerry Lebrato - May 27, 2008

It would be a shame to lose something so unique. No other place like it in the world. It’s a tribute to the legacy of Star Trek and the fans that this place has remained open for 10 years. That’s a long time for anything similar to last in Las Vegas. I guess if it closes, they’ll turn the space into another night club. Just what Vegas needs is another night club for drunk obnoxious 20 and 30 somethings to go. Let’s hope someone steps up to the plate and saves this wonderful place. Live long and prosper.

177. Gerry Lebrato - May 27, 2008

If any of you want to sign an online petition to save Star Trek the Experience, go to http://www.petitiononline.com/stte/. Not may people know about it yet. Couldn’t hurt.

178. Shin C. Kao - June 2, 2008

The Enterprise hotel/attraction idea is pretty interesting. I’d take it even further and make it a Star Base casino with various ships/hotels docked around it. You’d have a hotel with the TOS theme floors (more spartan, 50’s style furniture) which would represent the old series, the TNG type state-rooms, etc. It could all be done inside the casino/hall so no expensive outside type construction would be necessary although you might need a circular path for certain sections (to represent the rooms along the saucer section, etc.)

Some floors would be TOS. Some TNG. Enterprise. Some DS9, etc. One or two could have a BORG look, etc. Most floors would be normal rooms and suites though.

This is really more suited towards LA or Florida though…

179. Harry Dog - June 3, 2008

Any update on whether the Experience is going to close yet? I want to know because if it is to close this year I’ll plan a trip to Scotland to get a last intake before it goes? Does anyone know

180. Jaryd Weiss - June 4, 2008

I emailed the Experience and here’s the response I got:
Our lease with the Hilton is up on Dec. 31st, 2008. Beyond that, we don’t know.
I’m sorry I don’t have any better information for you but that’s how things stand at the moment.
Please keep an eye out for additional information and annoucements regarding this matter.
(There was a name here, but I left it out to protect the innocent, as it were).

181. Harry Dog - June 9, 2008

I emailed them also but got not response :-(

Sad cos I want to go back next year

182. Harry Dog - June 9, 2008

just advised by the ST:E to contact them towards the end of June, early July where they hope to be able to confirm the position

183. Trophy Husband - June 11, 2008

Just wondering if there are any other fans of Miss Klingon at Quark’s Bar.
Does anyone know who she is?

184. Zed - June 17, 2008

Any updates on this story? I just heard it might close as early as August. 2008… (COMPLETELY UNVERIFIED SOURCE – THE SKY IS *NOT* FALLING)

Or is it?

185. Michael - June 21, 2008

It is still open thus far.No word on closure just yet.I will keep you all posted as I live in Vegas.

186. Clint - June 22, 2008

Miss Klingon at Quark’s is smokin hot and she never comes out of character either…. I’d love to give her a load of my Tranya.

187. Diane - June 30, 2008

I was telling everone I met to go to the Experience until I decided to go my self.
But if there is anyone out there who has not gone. GO!
It is worth every dollar

188. William - July 6, 2008

It is official… it will close as of September 1, 2008.

189. Dave - July 11, 2008

Star Trek has been running out of gas for the last few years.

190. Android - July 11, 2008

CBS is killing Star Trek… first the website, now the Experience – and it’s debateable on the HD Original Series DVD debacle, choosing HD instead of Blu-Ray.

In the words of Captain Jean Luc Picard : We’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!

Was he speaking of CBS or the Borg, I don’t recall ?

191. Rosemary Madderom - July 21, 2008

My daughter was married aboard the Star Trek Expenience Oct. 6,2007 & we are all so sad that it is ending. They are now living in Hawaii and wanted to be back to celebrate their anniversary. What a shame that this attraction will end, everyone of us had a great time there and hate to see it go. Not a good thing for all the Trekies out there.! Look at it this way, New movie can create more business, don’t want to see it go!

192. trek - August 1, 2008

How does one go about buying it?

193. Hal Crawford - August 2, 2008

I was at a convention at the Vegas Hilton in June, and checked it out. It wasn’t exactly a crowded venue there. I enjoyed the ride but I can see that it would be too pricey to keep it open if the crowds don’t show.

If they can keep the Star Trek franchise fresh (GL to the new movie!) then the Experience has hope – but I’m one who is beginning to think the Star Trek series is just getting too old for me.

194. Coleen - August 4, 2008

I’ve been twice, and was amazed both times–I quite liked the Borg addition, even more than the original “experience” (they now have both). Would love to go again–this’d be a real shame if it closes.

Someone should draw the company’s attention to this comment board!

195. Aaron - August 4, 2008

The rides are fine, but I will especially miss Quarks. I have a picture of one of the Klingon’s and a Ferengi holding a plastic alligator discussing whether or not the latter should eat it, that’s a good memory. I will also miss the warp cores, if your over 21 you should definitely try one. I would definitely like to go again, should they keep it open.

Is the space quest casino going away as well?

196. Capt A - August 11, 2008

Anyone have the recipe for a warp core?

197. Capt. Frank T. Alimorong (NX Griever 640822) - August 12, 2008

Below is a petition link obtained from the website for the
USS Las Vegas to help keep the STTE open .

they maybe closing it but they don’t have to vacat the Hilton
till 12/31/2008 maybe that will be enough time to save the experience…..

Please sign it…..


198. CAROL PARTAIN - August 17, 2008



199. Dan Feliz - October 19, 2008

Its been announced in the Las Vegas Review Journal that The Experience will reopen on Fremont street in down town Las Vegas. The dream isn’t over! No time scale is set but since our mayor is a man of action start planning your trip next summer for the recommission. The article also hints there may be some reworking done to bring in aspects of the new movie.

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