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Sci-Fi Saturday: New Genre TV Shows + Lots of Sci-Fi Movie Sequels + more May 17, 2008

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Sci-Fi , trackback

The biggest news this week is all about the new genre shows that were given the greenlight by the networks this week. We have a rundown and videos from each. Plus there is a ton of news on movie sequels from Indy to Spider-man to Iron Man and more. And the usual assortment of new images and trailers and other TV news so what are you waiting for?


This past week saw the networks present their new and returning shows to advertisers. Due to the writers strike there are about half as many new shows for next season, but still a good amount of new genre TV.  Here’s a quick rundown of the new genre shows for 2008/09.

ABC:  "Life on Mars"
Sam Tyler, a modern-day police detective, mysteriously finds himself transported back to 1973 after a car crash and still working as a detective. DS9’s Colm Meaney co-stars in the UK to US import.

CBS:  "Eleventh Hour"
Rufus Sewell stars as Dr. Jacob Hood, a brilliant biophysicist and special science advisor to the government who investigates scientific crises and oddities.

FOX:  "Fringe"
From JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, Fringe is an X-Files like show about a special FBI team paired with a scientist, researching the paranormal.

FOX:  "Dollhouse"
From Joss Whedon, Dollhouse is about a secret-and highly illegal-facility where human slaves are programmed to fulfill the fantasies, needs, and whims of the rich and powerful..

NBC:  "Knight Rider"
Essentially a continuation of the two hour movie which NBC aired in Spring.

NBC: "Merlin"
A modern day retelling of the story of Camelot focusing on before Merlin and Arthur ‘became legends.’ Features a young cast along with Buffy’s Anthony Head as Uther.

Cast of "Merlin"

Coming back and saying goodbye
This week also has news on what genre shows will be returning and which ones are history.

Returning Shows (10):

Canceled Shows (5):



Spider-Man 4 and 5 May Shoot Back-to-back
James Vanderbilt ("Zodiac") has turned in a draft for "Spider-Man 4" which apparently allows Sony/Columbia to shoot two films back-to-back. Cinematical reports:

"[Vanderbilt’s] story arc has encompassed two films, making "Spider-Man 5" shootable at the same time. The studio saw dollar signs and is in the process of reworking his deal to snatch up the story arc."

Lucas has an idea for Indy 5
Speaking of 5s, George Lucas wants to make more Indiana Jones films and his ‘Indy 5’ idea revolves around having Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) as the lead: “I haven’t even told Steven or Harrison this,” Lucas told Fox News, "but I have an idea to make Shia [LeBeouf] the lead character next time and have Harrison [Ford] come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie. I can see it working out.” For his own part, LaBeouf told MTV that he didn’t “think a Mutt spinoff would be as big as Indiana Jones, [but] fingers crossed!”

Cloverfield sequel not a sure thing
J.J. Abrams, co-producer of "Cloverfield" told SCI FI Wire that a sequel to the hit monster film is not a given, revealing that he’d rather do another project with his "Cloverfield" partners:

"We’re talking about it," Abrams said of Cloverfield 2 during an interview at the Fox upfront presentation for advertisers in New York on May 15, where he was promoting his upcoming SF TV series Fringe. "But the truth is there’s another idea that I’d rather do with the same people than do a sequel. It’s a whole new thing."
Abrams added, "So my dream is to work with [Goddard and Reeves] again, but do something that’s [new]. Having said that, Drew and Matt both, separately, have really good ideas for what [Cloverfield 2] could be. So I don’t know. We’ll see. I know the studio wants it."

Twilight Sequels Could be shot back-to-back
Though Summit Entertainment’s big screen adaptation of "Twilight" only recently entered post-production, the studio is already talking about the possibility of filming the sequels back-to-back: "Our vampires can’t age…if they were like 45, people would say ‘What’s up?’" laughed director Catherine Hardwicke told MTV. "[Filming them together] could be the case. Then, you just get it done." The lead stars are already contractually signed on for at least three films, so if the sequels ("New Moon" and "Eclipse") are green lit, they could go into production immediately.

Jon Favreau still unsigned for Iron Man Sequel
With a sequel already in development and with the almost unanimous critical praise for the first film, it’s hard to imagine not seeing director Jon Favreau return for the Iron Man sequel, but the director told Howard Stern he’s still not signed: “They haven’t offered me anything yet.” “They’re all talking – they want to do it, they even announced a date.” Favreau also confirmed that if he were signed for a sequel, he was interested in taking on the Demon in a Bottle storyline.

Fraggle Rock Musical on the way
The Weinstein Company is reviving the classic Jim Henson Co. HBO series "Fraggle Rock", turning the series into a live-action musical feature. Cory Edwards ("Hoodwinked!") will direct and write the screenplay. The Jim Henson Co. will produce. The film will feature the core characters Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red as they interact with humans, who they believe are aliens. [Variety]

Frank Miller will not be directing ‘Buck Rogers
As noted in last week’s Sci-Fi Saturday, Nu Image/Millenium immediately contacted IGN informing the site that Frank Miller was not signed on to direct their "Buck Rogers" update. This week comes confirmation of that news from writer-producer Flint Dille, who says that Miller is definitely not directing it. The studio is on the hunt for a new "contender" to direct the film.


The Dark Knight

Punisher: War Zone

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D (poster)

G.I. Joe (set photos–more here)

Twilight (set photos–more here)

Friday the 13th (set photo)

Dragonball (magazine scans)

Thundercats (possible character art)


The Incredible Hulk (Trailer–three new TV spots can be found here)

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (teaser trailer)

The Dark Knight (TV Spot–two other spots here and here)

City of Ember [HD Version]

The Happening (Red Band Teaser Trailer–check out an alternate extended clip with a M. Night Shyamalan intro here)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D (Trailer #4)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (featurette)




NBCU looking into producing more Battlestar Galactica TV Movies
Though ratings were weak for the two-hour “Razor” TV movie (a 1.2 rating), Chicago Tribune TV writer Maureen Ryan is reporting that up to three more “Battlestar Galactica” TV movies (all likely prequels of some sort similar to “Razor”) may get made later this year:

Executives are now doing number-crunching for these proposed films, and any deals for these movies are far from done. However, it would make sense to make more “Battlestar” TV movies while the show’s creative team and actors are still all in one place, as it were.

Ryan also adds that EP Ron Moore is currently writing the series finale. The movies could air this autumn, before the final 10 episodes of the series premiere on SCI FI. And lastly, Ryan reveals that a new set of webisodes are scheduled to premiere online that will link the first and second halves of season four.

Allison Mack returning to Smallville next season
"Smallville" fans can breathe a sigh of relief, Allison Mack is not leaving the series. TV Guide is reporting that the actress has signed a deal to remain a series regular next season and will appear in every episode of the show’s eighth season.  With Michael Rosenbaum’s exit and Kristin Kreuk only returning in a limited capacity, the show regulars next season are expected to be Tom Welling, Laura Vandervoort, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and Allison Mack as well as the two actors who’ll play Davis "Doomsday" Bloom and a new female character named Tess.

"Heroes" Webisodes To Premiere in July
During their upfront presentation this past week (which was actually their second presentation), NBC revealed that they will premiere a set of webisodes for "Heroes" on in July.  Details are scarce, but early word indicates the episodes may be used to introduce a new villain leading up to the third season premiere.  Looks like this may be NBC’s workaround for that "Heroes: Origins" spinoff that they were forced to cancel late last year.  The third season of "Heroes" kicks off on September 15th with a one-hour recap special at 8pm, followed by the two-hour season three premiere from 9-11pm.




Top 10 SF&F Broadcast Shows   HH Rating/Share
3) Ghost Whisperer 5.7/11
4) Moonlight 5.0/9
5) Smallville 2.2/4
6) Medium (R)   1.8/4
7) Reaper   1.5/2
8) Supernatural 1.4/2

4/21/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Media Research

Top 10 SF&F Syndicated Shows   Rating
Stargate SG-1
Star Trek  
Dead Zone  
Stargate Atlantis  

4/21/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

Top 10 SCI FI CHANNEL Shows   Rating  
Ghost Hunters  
2) Battlestar Galactica   1.3  
Bloodrayne Deliverance

6) Invasion, Part Two   
Invasion, Part One  
Ghosts of Mars  
Invaders, Part Two  
Doctor Who   

4/21/2008 to 4/27/2008 – Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire



1. EDuddy - May 17, 2008

No Thomas Jane in Punisher: War Zone? I have no desire to see it then. That’s like having Captain Ki… nevermind, but my desireless remains.. :-\

I looked it up and it says Jane left for creative differences. I wonder what the details were.

2. Navarro - May 17, 2008

Dragonball movie, are you serious?
I used to love that…

3. I Hate Shatner - May 17, 2008

Personally this new Punisher movie looks like it’ll actually live up to its name. Thomas Jane was a poor choice to play someone who goes by “The PUNISHER” IMO. Sure, the first movie had cheesy acting and a bad storyline (not to mention the lack of the skull on his shirt, but I digress on that), but at least Dolph Lundgren lived up to the name of “The PUNISHER”.

I’ll pass on Journey to the Center of the Earth.

4. Anthony Pascale - May 17, 2008

3 change your name…it is considered trolling

5. sean - May 17, 2008

I have to say, I’ve always been impressed with Joss Whedon’s loyalty to his actors. He’s been trying to find a vehicle for Eliza Dushku for forever. Hope this one works out.

6. Boborci - May 17, 2008

If I may just say, there is no such thing as a movie being pre-greenlit before there’s a script!

7. Magic_Al - May 17, 2008

Nobody really hates Shatner. The hate thing is all part of the media hype. ;-)

The old TV theme music in the new Hulk movie is cool. The Hulk himself doesn’t look very convincing. Call me old fashioned but at least a body builder painted green looks physically real. I bet digital technology could be used to make an actor playing the Hulk look convincingly bigger than Lou Ferrigno and it wouldn’t look like a video game.

8. Anthony Pascale - May 17, 2008

6….like you would know

oh wait…never mind

I assume you are talking about the section on Iron Man2. So what would you call the status of that project? By the way…Transformers 2 sure seemed to have some color light before you handed in the script in April…they were already in pre-production right?

9. Boborci - May 17, 2008

8. I’d call it “the studio really wants another one”

On TF2 they were prepping off a treatment… but prepping and green lit are worlds apart!

10. The Lensman - May 17, 2008

“it wouldn’t look like a video game.”

Oddly enough, parts of it are from the Hulk video game that came out a few years ago. The part where he grabs the two cars, smashes them up and then puts them around his hands was a special attack that could be used in the video game. And coupled with the “thunder clap” (yeah, I know he did this in the comix) also from the game, it’s not doing anything to get me interested in this.

11. Anthony Pascale - May 17, 2008

9 fair enough

I have changed the above article to note that Iron Man 2 is ‘in development’ and I admit I should have caught that before. Back in 2006 and 2007 this site often noted that even though Paramount had put out a poster and you and JJ were talking about Trek, it still wasnt greenlit and wouldnt be until your script was done. Of course was the first to write a ‘Star Trek has been greenlit’ article in late February

Although I believe you clarified for me once that technically the film was greenlit in January before JJ made his final decision to direct.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification…if you care to drop by the spoiler article and clarify any in that one…in great detail…please feel free


12. Dr. Wh-at now?! - May 17, 2008

Dollhouse looks cool!

Knight Rider and Terminator will be welcome back!

I miss Trans Ams…

And I think KITT would look great in a BMW…

13. Dr. Wh-at now?! - May 17, 2008

It’s so nice to see Summer in the middle of winter…

Of course, Summer would look even better in a BMW as well…

14. Sean - May 17, 2008

I hope the webisodes for BSG put some of the story together. Ever since the Season 3 finale the show has been awful. It’s like they had storylines for 3 more seasons, but are now trying to smash them all into one.

15. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 18, 2008

The more I see of GI Joke, the more my childhood cries.

Of all the movies coming out over the next year and a half or so, the two I look forward to most are Watchmen, and of course, Star Trek. though I must say, this year for movies is shaping up to be one of the best in a long while.

I’m praying the powers that be breath new life into Trek. It’s certainly due and it’s a shame such a fine and established franchise has been allowed to hang by one finger over a cliff for so long.

Some pics would be nice, too ;)

16. Irishtrekkie - May 18, 2008

Cool to see Colm Meaney co staring in Life on Mars,
but yet again why do you need an american verison
the Uk one was fine, good god people why do you need to remake
shows ? that are already in English , we all know what happened
when you tried Red Drawf

and sarcastic yay !!! Night Shyamalan is back on the Hype train, i wonder what lame paranoid twist we will get this time

17. Doug - May 18, 2008

… and still no word on Steven Spielber’s proposed remake for “When Worlds Collide.” Mr. Speilberg, you’re killing me…

18. Doug - May 18, 2008

gee, NBC’s “Merlin” sounds like the underpinnings of “Smallville.” i.e., the telling of the tale of Clark Kent before he becomes “Superman.”

19. Jeff - May 18, 2008

Hmm, the US version of the Eleventh Hour is using the script from one of the four UK episodes. But they way they played that scene revealing the info about the cloned babies was…ehhh. I hope their original scripts come out better.

Is it a new trend that “experts” on TV have to act like total jerks? (Ala House)

20. Mr. AtoZ - May 18, 2008

Tom Jane left for on reason, he wanted more money. The powers that be said “No” and he left. Thats ok, Tom Jane was tp munch of a pretty boy anyway. Check out the movie “Outpost” Ray Stevenson is going to be a good Punisher.

21. AJ - May 18, 2008

I get worried when I hear people say things like :”The first one had the Knight Industries 2000, and this one has the Knight Industries 3000!” with gusto and self assuredness.

Then they show a talking late model Mustang (snore) with a supersized logo on the front and Cylon headlights which, when seen in your rearview mirror, will make you crash..

When this burst of creativity peters out, I have an idea: Lindsay Lohan drives up in Herbie the Love Bug, and the hijinx ensue. Herbie was always far cooler than KITT because half the time the driver was scared he/she would die or be maimed in a fiery car crash.

Or give KITT this feature: Michael fears for his very life every time he gets in. How about a Star Trek reference?

Michael Tracer: “KITT! You’re going 180 MPH towards that truck full of kittens!”

KITT 3000: “I am Nomad… I am performing… my function… Deep… emptiness… it approaches… Collision… damage… blackness… I am “the other”… I am Tan Ru… Tan Ru… Nomad… Tan Ru… Error… flaw… imperfection… must sterilize… Rebirth… we are complete… much power… Gan-ta-nu… ick-ka… Tan-Ru… The creator instructs… search out… identify… sterilize imperfections… We are Nomad… we are Nomad… we are complete… We are instructed… our purpose is clear… sterilize.”

Michael: “Uh-Oh”

If you’re going to be unoriginal, at least have fun with it.

22. SPB - May 18, 2008

#5 – SEAN

Got a little chuckle out of that one… have you SEEN Elisha Dushku??? OF COURSE Whedon’s gonna work with her forever! Wouldn’t you?

23. shat hands - May 18, 2008

I love these sci-fi saturdays!

I am now officially excited about transformers 2!

I hope we see soundwave

24. KHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 18, 2008

Can you heaRR the BRRitish actoRRs tRRying haRRd to do AmeRRican accents? :-D

25. CmdrR - May 18, 2008

A real mixed bag.

City of Ember looks cool.

Indy with Shia? Not so much. Ditto Cloverfield II. Sorry JJ — some things just aren’t meant to be sequeled.

I’m gonna go all knee-jerk on this one… but… The Happening looks like something that shouldn’t even have been made. Is it really a good thing that a trailer full of suicides air? Honest to God, I have kids. I don’t want this trailer on TV. I’m the last one to push for censorship, but suicides encourage more suicides. How much coke did they snort outta the trough before green-lighting this one??

26. Tom - May 18, 2008

Isn’t Jericho being picked up a satellite or cable provider for exclusive broadcast to their subscribers? I remember reading something to this effect, but might be confusing another show.

27. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 18, 2008

Cloverfield stunk IMHO. I know a lot of people liked it, but most of those people would also like 1 straight commercial-free hour of explosions and car accidents and bodies being thrown from buildings.

Also, I expect Knight (coattail) Rider to be canceled within it’s first season. Actually, I hope it will be. Anyone that saw the two hour movie will agree. It was god-awful and in no way carried the same charm and personality as the original. It thrills me to think the makers of such shlock think me so unintellectual as to be remotely interested by such utter incompetence, from the “acting” to the writing and the cruddy CGI. While I’m at it:

Attention Hollywood writers and directors; use your collective imaginations and come up with an idea of your own. The majority of remakes, reboots and continuations are failing and do not cut it with most TV viewers and ticket buyers. Just because you liked it as a kid doesn’t mean you should probably make a movie or TV show of it (Speed racer, Dragonball-Z, another Knight Rider series, Bionic Woman, etc.). I understand nostalgia, but come up with something new or get out of the industry. Unless the rumors are true, and you’re all simply out of ideas.

And I agree with 25.CmdrR. The Happening looks like it should go straight to DVD, if not the garbage. Why make a movie about something in the water making people kill themselves? Is there nothing else that can be made with a little more of a positive message available in script form? Granted, Shyamalan is definitely an original thinker, but his movies are so dark and brooding. Does he see a psychologist or just need a hug? I’ll not see that one.

28. AJ - May 18, 2008

I think “Fringe” looks cool. That Steward of Gondor guy just eats up those lines.

Roberto: He’s the kind of guy you and your colleagues could have real fun writing for. I hope he is a regular!

29. TerPor - May 18, 2008

“Fringe” yeah sure another epic fail X-Files clone

30. AJ - May 18, 2008

26: GBB:

There is a deficit of creativity these days in “Hollywood” which is alarming.

Maybe someone could help me out here. The corporate process is alarmingly dysfunctional when it comes to green-lighting big-budget films.

Let’s take “Speed Racer.” It is THE stinking turd of 2008 (so far). It’s made $37m worldwide in a week. $120m to make, almost as much to market. It’s about to close. What happened?

First of all, Speed Racer is a property which most Americans over 40 (parents) regard as disposable crap. It gets on the list with “Wacky Racers” and “HR Pufinstuff” as forgettable fodder from our youth. I had many laughs with American friends as we discussed how a sh*tty show was getting high-budget treatment. My European friends had no recollection of the show. No market? No business.

We over-40 types generally do not care about Japanese animation techniques, so most parents who were alive then won’t care or know what “live action anime” is. We saw Speed Racer and Gigantor as kids, and they were, honestly, crap cartoons.

Also, we have seen the Flintstones destroyed, Popeye destroyed, the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch…

Maybe Bob or Dennis can shed some light on where the process goes dreadfully wrong. George Lucas warned people to temper their expectations for Indy IV, and on-site rumors say it sucked wind. How does that happen, after this thing was re-written so many times? How could a fart-stinker like Speed Racer make it to the cinema?

31. Not That JJ - May 18, 2008

I expect Dollhouse to be incredible! There is so much room for humour, drama, tragedy, humour, introspection on the nature of identity, challenges to preconceived notions of accountability, humour, … the list goes on in this kind of premise. Joss Whedon is exactly the guy to helm this show, too, what with his work on Buffy, Firefly, and (IMO) his best show, Angel.

Best of all, in an interview with (I think) the LA Times, Whedon expressed confidence that the new regime at Fox “gets” the show in a way that the the old one never did with Firefly (Kevin Rielly fought hard at NBC to keep The Office on the air after low first-season ratings).

So to sum up, I am looking forward to Dollhouse quite a bit.

32. Fred - May 18, 2008


In: Ass Whisperer

Out: Moonlight

I just don’t get it.

But then again, these two ladies still actually exist in America:

(if you have ADHD, please forward to around 1:30 and view to 3:15)

…which might explain the existence of reality TV.

Additionally, I’d rather not see ‘any’ program I like end up on the CW if it can be helped. Hopefully Sci-Fi will pick up Moonlight instead.

Too bad about Shark too :(

Rufus Sewell, big fan since “Dark City”, hopefully that’ll be good and not end up in a trash bin with Carla and “Threshold”, but I guess we’ll see.

33. Plum - May 18, 2008

Dear George Lucas,
Please STOP writing. You’re not good at it.
Peace out! :)


34. Ampris - May 18, 2008

I didn’t know The City of Ember was being made into a movie. From that trailer, though, it looks cool design-wise. I may have to check it out.

35. Mike T. - May 18, 2008

I guess the NBC show “Journeyman” is really dead. I really liked that show and it was getting good at the end. I must have been the only person watching it…

36. Denise de Arman - May 18, 2008

Anthony and Mr. Bob- Laughing out loud at the little interchange on production semantics. Perhaps there should be a column dedicated to debates between Anthony and Mr. Bob…

37. sean - May 18, 2008


Haha, yes I have, and yes I could certainly understand if that was the motivation! :) But if you look at Joss’s various projects, he’s keen on using the same actors in different shows. I think that’s a pretty cool thing.

38. Spock w/ a Crowbar - May 18, 2008

Fringe looks… wow. I mean, it just looks so terrible. Viva X-Files and all, but is this the best they could do as a watered down clone?

I suppose I’ll have to reserve final judgement, but that clip is also ripoff of ‘The Cell.’

Have we run out of original sci-fi?

39. Spock w/ a Crowbar - May 18, 2008


Not only has this exact same show been made (it was a miniseries w/ Sam Neil), it carried the exact same title!

Shenanigans! Shenanigans! These producers should be tarred and feathered.

40. Thorny - May 18, 2008

35… I miss “Journeyman” also. The idiots at NBC poured all of their marketing and promotion into “Bionic Woman”, a show which was vastly inferior to “Journeyman” in all aspects. Oh well, at least they picked up “Chuck” and “Life” for next season.

By the way, “Chuck” should be on the list of genre shows NBC renewed. Chuck had a computer downloaded into his brain, afterall.

41. Andy Patterson - May 18, 2008

If there is a Spider-Man 4 and 5 let’s go a new direction with a new cast and everything else.

On an unrelated note….anyone out there who is a Shatner fan has got to get his book on tape (CD – whatever they’re calling it these days). Pure gold.

I’ve added to my list of Shatner pronunciations
and “debacle”

42. Rosario - May 18, 2008

I just wanted to make a note on that ‘Happening’ trailer. As noted in the parentheses it’s a red-band trailer, which means it’s not approved for general audiences (i.e. not the normal green-band trailer). Follow the other link I have posted there for a longer trailer that in addition to being more on the safe side in terms of what content is shown, also includes an intro from M. Night. It’ll give you an idea of what he’s going for with the movie.

Then again early reviews are really harsh on the movie, so he may have completely missed the mark. Time will tell.

Thanks for the comments and noticing some of the mistakes everyone. We’ll remedy the mistakes shortly.


43. DrNebuloso - May 18, 2008

Some one tell me what the hell is wrong with Lucas?

I mean, he used to be great……Shia’s Character as the lead in an Indiana Jones movie?……………………..Jar Jar is still painful.

George…………..time to retire.

44. steve623 - May 18, 2008

Just curious, AJ, but did you actually see the Speed Racer movie?

45. Garovorkin - May 18, 2008

Andy I agree, Spiderman needs to go in an entirely new direction. In addition to recasting, I think they need to give him a truly worthy adversary Someone who would really challenge Spiderman in a way he”s never been challenged before. The movie that i want to see Spiderman pitted against Beyonder. That would greatest nono second superhero battles of all time, the one drawback with my idea is what would you do to fill up the remaining 2 hours plus funning time of the movie.

46. Plum - May 18, 2008

#42. DrNebuloso…

I feel it’s that George Lucas doesn’t have great writers around him like the old days (thinking Lawrence Kasden). George Lucas is a wonderful film maker… but he can’t write film.

47. AJ - May 18, 2008


Garo,I miss your contributions these days. You have a computer connected to your brain which references the depth of obscurity. My first “Marvel Teamup” was Spidey and the Falcon in 1977. How cool is that?.

48. Garovorkin - May 18, 2008

You mean nobody remembers who Beyonder was? One of the most powerful characters any comic book ever came up with. Actually in one of th spiderman series spiderman was summoned by Beyonder to fullfill a task and He did actually try to battle him, that battle to was brief. The only vcahters that might pose a challenge to beyonder would be the migty Korvac who has not known power limits who if im not mistaken is happily residing in Deahts Relm,Siesneg who from what I have been told is the magic equivilant to Korvac.

49. Xai - May 18, 2008

Bob Orci….

Come in Roberto (tunes the tiny communciator dial…)

May I suggest a show that needs to be done?

Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln need another Assignment.

xai.hamlin at


50. Angel - May 18, 2008

I think the poster for The Mummy you have there is fake… If you look closely to the names beneath you’ll notice those are the cast members names of The Dark Knight, You can clearly see Christopher Nolan Chris Bale Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman in the first row (sorry for spelling the names wrong)

Looks like a fake to me…

51. The Underpants Monster - May 18, 2008

Yeah, I’m not sure even Ed Norton can save the Hulk from those silly-looking FX.

52. AJ - May 18, 2008


Come back to Chat!

Your recent reference, “The only vcahters that might pose a challenge to beyonder would be the migty Korvac who has not known power limits who if im not mistaken is happily residing in Deahts Relm,Siesneg who from what I have been told is the magic equivilant to Korvac” makes you a serious candidate for immediate electroshock therapy.

In Chat, we’ll try to walk though this.

53. Andy Patterson - May 18, 2008

49 Xai

What a good idea!

54. Harry Ballz - May 18, 2008

I just flew in from Washington and, boy, are my arms tired!

55. Wrath - May 19, 2008

Mr. Orci,

May I ask who will be running Fringe? Will it be yourselves or are you launching it and leaving the day-to-day stuff to others.

On a personalnote, I cannot wait for the Fox new season. Fringe and Dollhouse both look freaking delectable.

56. Paul - May 19, 2008

#16 – I presume they just want to give their audience something they can relate to. For todays American kids, British 70s would be even stranger than Mars. They have hard time remembering *their own* 70s already… :-)

57. subatoi - May 19, 2008

The 11th hour sounds like another remake, to the UK series with Patrick Stewart…

58. subatoi - May 19, 2008

OK, I just read the previous postr that mentions it.

PS – The Fraggles are great!

59. Bryan with Pointy Nacelles and a large Dish - May 19, 2008

Shame that Journey to Center of Earth (JTTCOTE) looks like yet another over CGI’d action film…dare I name know them augh. The original JTTCOTE with James Mason was richly filmed in Carlsbad Caverns with stellar talent. Now we get Brendan (Mummy films, Encino Man) Fraser and two kids…ouch. Would be refreshing if Hollywood would not be so dependant upon CGI to fill in the gaps for great story and solid acting. We as a viewing public are constantly fed too much of this video game era garbage. CGI should enhance and not drive the plot.
I can see the writers, producers and director now…”look we can do it all in the studio, use cgi dinosoaurs & cave…” Then comes a bad rewrite of a Jules Vernes classic. Presto summer movie fare!
For what its worth, I saw Ironman this weekend, familiar and good story, well-acted out by Downey with some heart and CGI was necessary for the effects.

60. Chris Pike - May 19, 2008

Best summer line up for many a year, can’t wait! My order of looking forward to-ness: 1, X-files; 2, Dark Knight; 3, Indi; 3=, Hulk; 5, Centre of the Earth (loved the original! (but does that mean I’ll be disappointed?))

61. AJ - May 19, 2008

The new “Narnia” film has been declared a “Meh” and did $56m this past weekend.

Indy IV is getting lots of press from Cannes, but the Paramount PR machine must be wondering how a Reuters article called “Critics Mostly cheer Return of Indiana Jones in New Film” could contain a bad review:

“But Kirk Honeycutt of Hollywood Reporter told Reuters: “They (the audience) got a rollercoaster that didn’t seem to want to stop for nearly two hours and they didn’t get much story, or character, or wit or plot.

“We’re all kind of bewildered about what they thought they were making.” ”

It’s supposed to be fun, but I think George Lucas’s warning to lower expectations was warranted.

62. falcon - May 19, 2008

So, what about the new Star Trek trailer that’s supposed to debut before Indy IV? This one seems to have dropped off the radar.

As far as the new TV season goes, my response is “meh.” Can’t really get too worked up over any of them – and now that Rosenbaum is gone from Smallville, how do they resolve the cliffhanger at the end of season 7? Does he just disappear? Is he in that episode and somehow goes away with his memory wiped? What kind of reset button is Gough and Millar (who are not with the show in S8) going to use? This one has officially “jumped the shark”, not easy to do for a fantasy superhero show.

Supernatural’s season finale, though, rocked. Loved the use of “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas – but oh, my, they’d better get Dean out of wherever he is in a hurry, or his body’s gonna start to stink something awful (and the show might, too, if Kripke’s not careful).

63. Mac - May 19, 2008

I may be all alone on this, but I am disappointed (but not surprised) to see Fox has canceled “New Amsterdam.” A smart show that didn’t beat you over the head with the sci-fi aspects. It was just part of the fabric of the show. Guess it will join the long list of good television that didn’t get a fair chance (Dresden Files, anyone?).

64. Thorny - May 19, 2008

62. “So, what about the new Star Trek trailer that’s supposed to debut before Indy IV? This one seems to have dropped off the radar.”

That was apparently dropped when Trek was delayed from Dec 08 to May 09.

65. The Underpants Monster - May 19, 2008

I miss Babylon 5. Heck, I even miss Forever Knight.

66. Xai - May 19, 2008

62. falcon – May 19, 2008
So, what about the new Star Trek trailer that’s supposed to debut before Indy IV? This one seems to have dropped off the radar.

FYI…That was dropped 2 months ago or more as mentioned by

67. Hat Rick - May 19, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I wondered aloud how great it would be if the new Indy movie had references to Roswell. Or something like that. Well, I just read a few days ago that it will indeed have references to extraterrestrials.


For that piece of speculation, a part of me credits this very column. Just goes to show you how much ahead of the game you can be when you read it. Bravo, Rosario! :-)

68. subatoi - May 20, 2008

Release dates – how does it work? Who decides and how?
We have Indy this Thursday, like in the US, but we were supposed to have ST on February. I hope with the new date we’ll have it around May too.

69. colonyearth - May 20, 2008


Don’t know what “meh” you mean on Caspian. Just saw it and it’s a great film! Better and more evolved than the first. The “meh” could be in regards to the weaker than expected box, but I’m seriously hoping this has some staying power. It is a great film that deserves to be seen and perform well.

Unlike Spead Racer.


70. eagle219406 - May 20, 2008

I’ve noticed the trailer for the “Dark Knight.” I guess Katie Holmes was unavailable. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.