Star Trek XI Has Been Greenlit

Official Announcement This Week
After spending almost almost a year in development Star Trek XI has been given the green light by Paramount. has spoken to a number of sources in and around Paramount to confirm that last week’s news of JJ Abrams decision to direct the film was indeed the last step before the film could go into pre-production. An official announcement is forthcoming, but we are told it will not include any casting information. The announcement this week will be the first official word from Paramount on Star Trek XI since the release of the teaser poster at last summer’s Comic-Con. The release is likely to not include any plot details or even a name for the film, but we have previously reported that the film is an origin story for James T. Kirk and his relationship with Mr. Spock. has also reconfirmed the film is set to be released Christmas 2008 with production starting sometime this summer or fall. 

Star Trek XI is to be produced by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof with a script penned by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. JJ Abrams did work on the story with the writers, but it isn’t yet clear if he will get a ‘written by’ credit as well. Orci and Kurtzman also have an executive producer credit as do unit production manager Stratton Leopold and Bryan Burk. No word yet on any budget, although it is expected to be higher than any Trek film previously made.

The next major news on the film is likely to be casting announcements for the new Kirk and Spock. Of course will continue to monitor events update any additional news. 



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Wooohoooo! Not terribly surprised as I expected it to be but good to hear, thanks!

Let’s watch closely for Shatner’s next video interview, it might give us a hint of what’s to come. On the other hand, the Shat may hint or imply involvement, even if he’s been bumped from the project. God knows he loves self-promotion!!


Oh – and NOT first!

^ Yeah, I didn’t really have anything important to say but still…….FIRST :-)

I am very curious to see the budget for this movie.

But the casting is going to light up some major web traffic when that gets announced.

Ahead warp factor 2008 Mr Sulu. Here we go !~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you beat me to my question,Cohen!What’s the budget!

I think it could work if they did it with high quality CG like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and used Shatner and Nimoy as the voice artists. I said this to my dad though and he was dead against it saying “I ain’t watching no cartoon” orther than that maybe a Doctor Who style merging of the old character with the new one could work but both Kirk and Spock???

Fabulous news!

Oh and Craig doesn’t like it! ;)

They need to release a working title.How long is everyone gonna call this star trek xi?seems to me it should have its own identity.Not just a continuation of a 10 movie series.Ya know,like Star Trek begins for example

The title?

Star Trek: Raped Childhood

And yes, I’m kidding ;-)

That’s it… the official green light has been lit for us to fake… uh, suggest titles for Star Trek XI.

Star Trek: Das Reboot

Star Trek: Not

Now that’s music (composed by Alexander Courage of course) to my ears! They just need to call it “Star Trek”. Using the classic TOS font of course….

Hmmm, here comes a thread of wacky XI title concepts…
Yah, definitely need a new title, new beginning…
Let’s stick with some optimism, at least for now. ;-)

“Star Trek XI: You Can’t Kill It With A Stick”

If we are “voting”

It will be STAR TREK

And this is extremely good news

Fantastic News!

New title

Star Trek: We’re Not Lost in Space

^^15 jonboc

Nailed it — “Star Trek” and nothing more. With the “Alexander Courage Space Theremin & Wind Orchestra” playing it.

(The original arrangement for The Cage was a wind band with the Theremin playing the solo melody later recreated by the soprano.)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your warp engines!!!!!

And my vote for the films title: simply “Star Trek.” No subtitle, no roman numeral, just “Star Trek.”

Great news, now on to casting rumours! :D

Working Title:
“Wagon Train to the Stars”


Well, these are good news, I think. I’m glad to know a next STAR TREK-movie is coming since 2002. After rumors following the next one, finally it’s official. I’m looking forward with faith to the projekt. Let’s hope, once again, they won’t screw it up, like it was the case with STAR TREK: NEMESIS.

Greetings: Logan

Just keep the news coming.

#15 Jonboc

Absolutely agree… in a nice deep saturated yellow, unlike the “washed out” pale yellow of ST:TMP. Oh and hopefully with a great orchestral piece referrencing Alexander Courage’s icon Theme fairly closely this time!

alternatively: “Star Trek:the movie featuring all the iconic designs, colours, drama, political incorrectness, and dramatic excitement this time”…

5……….your universal translator is broken ;)

Announcing the world’s first Trek XI Anagram.
If you take the first sentence below and simply
rearrange the letters, you get the second sentence.

… (Rearrange the letters) …

You have just experienced the world’s first Trek XI Anagram.

This Anagram is just for the fun of anagramming. It is not
meant as a serious comment about either Abrams or Trek XI.

Terms of Use:
This Anagram is for private personal
non-commercial entertainment use only.

Trademark Statement:
“Star Trek” and related marks are registered trademarks of
CBS Studios Inc. The use of “Star Trek” in this Anagram is
not intended to infringe CBS Studios Inc. property rights to “Star Trek”.

It should be called “Star Trek: Jurrasic Park” to reflect their regretable decision to go backwards down a well-worn path instead of looking forward and giving us a new cast, crew, and ship in a post-NextGen universe.

While calling it just “Star Trek” would be cool, it might be pushing it a bit too far, especially if it’s not a full blown reboot.

If I where in charge, I’d give the movie a sub-title (Star Trek: it’s actually good this time!), but use a much larger font for “Star Trek”. Sort of holding the stick at both ends.

‘Star Trek: Revenge of the Wagon Train to the Stars.”
“Star Trek: Millenium Edition.” (Naa… doomed to crash.)
“The Star Trek.”
“A Star Trek.”
“Star Trek: Breaking Training.”
“StartreK ST-1”
…ahhh…fk. it.

> “… regrettable decision to go backwards down a well-worn path
> instead of looking forward and giving us a new cast, crew, and ship
> in a post-NextGen universe.”

It’s regrettable that anybody is still doing Star Trek at all,
what we need is a completely new concept, something
completely different.

Remember when “Star Wars” burst upon the scene?
It was a revelation. Of course, SW is like ST now, old and tired.

Bah! Down with the old.
We need something new. New new new new new!

Star Trek Redux

Star Warp

#34 curmudgeo

Star Groans indeed… You do realise this is a Star Trek site, featuring news about a Star Trek Movie?

And bring it on, in all it’s hopefully new, spangly, bright, shiny TOS era clothing say I!

I think “Star Trek” works.People will know well enough it’s a new movie.Um ,but what will they call the sequel?Oh no.Star Trek 2?Oh well ,I guess they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it.

Star Trek: The Wrath of McCoy

Someone said “star groans”, and another begged for a new concept. Here is my concept …

There should be a new movie called “Star Groins”. It should be shot exclusively between the knees and the waist, never seeing the characters’ faces. And the actors should all be either super-fit or super-obese, but nothing in between. So Kirk could weigh 160 and Spock 560.

That looks great but i’m still not so certain that I like it. Regardless will look a lot more into it and choose for myself! :)