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Shatner: JJ Abrams Never Called Me Back May 23, 2008

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William Shatner’s media tour promoting his autobiography "Up Till Now” is now over. We have a few more tidbits from some of the last interviews to share with Shat again talking about the new Star Trek movie, talking retirement and even giving out parenting tips.
Excerpts and VIDEO below.

Shatner: Abrams never called back
First up is an interview in Newsweek with this exchange on the new Star Trek movie.

Newsweek: What’s the latest on the upcoming “Star Trek” movie remake that J.J. Abrams is doing? Have you been hearing from him at all?
Newsweek: I know nothing. I had a meeting a couple times with J.J. Abrams, who actually came down one time to where we shoot “Boston Legal” to visit with me—and I don’t know what it was about. He never called back, and I’m not in the movie. I’m disappointed.

Newsweek: Were you offended?
Shatner: I would have liked to have been in the revival of “Star Trek.” More than that I’m fascinated by the business decision of not including that popular character and the actor who has a lot of popularity still, as opposed to anybody else in the cast who’s either unknown or not in the public eye particularly.

Newsweek: Why do you think you were left out?
Shatner: They, in all likelihood, couldn’t solve the storytelling problem and decided to ignore it.

Later in the interview Shat was asked about the stories that he would be going up into space, he brought Abrams back to answer that one too.

Newsweek: Richard Branson invited you to take a trip to space.
Shatner: It wasn’t free. They wanted me to pay the regular fee, the $250,000. I said, “No, you got it wrong, you pay me $250,000.” I never heard back from them. I guess they and J.J. Abrams got together.

Shat: Never give up, never surrender
William Shatner was the guest on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ and was asked if he might quit acting after Boston Legal ends next year. Shatner said he wasn’t planning on quiting any time soon…

I’ll never retire. What I’m doing even now is planning movies that I have written the stories with and working with the writer and getting financing and direct it and that would take place next year [referring to Shiva Club]. And animated films that I am putting a package together and I think out of a lifetime of experience there is something I can bring to it. SO there are other avenues that are going on. I don’t know what other acting opportunities I’ll have, but I certainly won’t refuse them if they don’t involve a lot of time. … But time now is of critical importance to me.

Listen to the full interview at [towards the end of the podcast]

Shat talks parenting and Trek feuds

Shat was also the guest on Fox and Friends last week, and now video is on YouTube

Always the salesman
For those who prefer to listen to their books, Shatner touted how he does it justice in the audio version that he reads himself, telling ET:

I don’t think you’re going to find too many people better at reading a book, let alone my own book, than I can.


1. Pete - May 23, 2008

I still think it’s a publicity ruse. He’s in it.

2. Colin Campbell - May 23, 2008

Strangely, I do too. Remember Shatner’s attempt at a “Punk’d”-style reality show? I wouldn’t put it past him…

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but given the nature of the project, and J.J.’s style, putting Shatner in as Kirk without anyone knowning would seem to be just the sort of top secret, uh, “impossible mission” that would get Abrams’ juices flowing.

SO.. how would you do it? How would you film a part with William Shatner, in a $100 million film, get him in to the picture, if only for a scene or two, and have everyone in the production process be “leak free”?

Here’s one way: Have him film another “DirecTV commercial.” He’s in costume, he’s saying lines, he says some gobbledygook … he’s in front of a green screen … everyone thinks it’s just another commercial…. and then, BAM, there’s your raw footage. Hiding in plain sight… Any “leaks” are leaks from the commercial. And no one gives two rats asses about it….



3. SirMartman - May 23, 2008

Yeh,, Im still hoping hes in the next Trek in some way,,,
however thats now a faint hope,,, *sigh

Man that really seemed like a lame interveiw with the guys from fox,

4. The Last Maquis - May 23, 2008

He’s So Gonna Be in it, and even if he’s Not he’ll Still Be in It Some how. He’s the Shat. He’ll Find a way. Damn it.

5. me - May 23, 2008

He’s like a baby that was stolen his pacifier.
Damn just look at him, Kirk never was that thick.

6. Cervantes - May 23, 2008

‘No, you got it wrong, you pay ME $250,000.’….’I guess they and J.J. Abrams got together.’… – Great stuff.

I don’t begrudge Bill being well aware of his value to both projects in the eyes of many. Branson would have garnered a lot of good will for his endevour had he convinced William ( ‘THE’ Captain Kirk’) Shatner to board on a free pass! You can just see the headlines now.

I myself was resigned to him NOT being in this long ago, and I just hope J.J. and his writer’s ‘storytelling barnstorming’ conclusion to ‘getting OLD Kirk in’ ISN’T just a brief shot of Bill’s photo in Spock’s quarters after all!

Never give up, never surrender Bill…hey, that reminds me, I know of a certain well-loved actor who be just perfect for that hoped-for ‘Galaxy Quest’ sequel if they ever get round to it…

7. JohnnyMoo - May 23, 2008

With all these negative comments, he’s really shooting himself in the foot as far as a sequel is concerned.

8. Tom - May 23, 2008

I hope he is in it. It surely looks like he is not. This has to be one of the most ridiculous stories around.
1. JJ Abrams contacts Shatner
2. Shatner would love to be in the movie
3. Problem is the character was killed off.
4. Shatner not in the movie

The wonderful opportunity was to see Shatner and Nimoy together for one last time as Kirk and Spock. The kirk character need not have been brought back to life. A few simple scenes in a flashback would have been great. It would not require a backstory . It would have taken nothing away from the new cast.

I think the movie will be fine without him. However why contact him. If he did turn down a small role then shame on him. He should then basically stop blaming jj abrams. I think JJ should have put this to bed a long time before he did.

9. Captain Dunsel - May 23, 2008

Only 349 more days left to debate this folks. Does anyone have anything new to add?

10. Bryan with Pointy Nacelles and a large Dish - May 23, 2008

Horrible mistake him not being including in the movie….these beloved cast members are not immortal.
I agree with 8. Tom…a simple flashback to fill in some backstory would not require Kirk being brought back to life.
Either Shatner turned a small role down because of ego or time constraints….or the writers didn’t have the depth of skill to make it happen…..or Shatner asked for too much money.
All in all it is SAD this won’t and probably this opportunity will never happen again to have Kirk and Spock together in one last adventure.
SAD SAD SAD!@@#$&^*_+_)(*!) SAD

11. Multitrek - May 23, 2008

How do you give 150 million $ to a guy who tells you he can’t find a way to write captain Kirk in his Star Trek movie when the original actor wants in on the project and he’s doing better acting than ever on Boston Legal?

Why would you have meetings with William Shatner and never call him back?

Something about this whole thing doesn’t make sense…

And no offense to Mr. Nimoy, but TOS without Mr. Shatner = The Cage and Reunification (TNG). They need both to make this movie big…

That’s why I still think they’re hiding something…

12. Mr Lerpa - May 23, 2008

#10, don’t you mean it would be sad not to see shatner and Nimoy together again! try to remember that William Shatner is NOT James T Kirk.
Kirk is a fictitious character that will (with any luck) live on well past Shatner and Pine.

Also you will see adventure with Kirk And Spock… in 349 days time.

13. Captain Slow - May 23, 2008

I think Shatners in it.. But I think – If they decide the movie will do well, Kirks appearance could be along these lines:

We all know its somthing to do with time travel. So what we might see, is a Back to the Future doc brown moment. Old Nimoy whispers somthing into young Kirks ear that we dont hear ( basically informing him of his demise). When Nimoy returns to the future, he’s at home, doorbell rings, he goes to the door and Kirk, is on the other side. They look at each other and hug (compleating a cycle of their relationship) from young to old. New fans will think “oh kirks still alive and their still friends”, old fans will think “HE’S ALIVE!!!”

Haha , this would be a classic set-up for a second movie.
Possibly a bit cheesy, maybe, but possible idea.

14. CanuckLou - May 23, 2008

I like to believe the last shot of ST XI will be with Nimoy as Spock back home in his own timeline and answering the door.

The door opens and Spock’s reserve is shattered. He breaks out in an open smile and shouts, ‘Jim!’

The shot would work with or without Shatner in it. In fact it might work better if we never do see the Shat!

…the adventure continues…

15. colonyearth - May 23, 2008

Thank you Mr Lerpa!

At least his press tour is over now and he’ll be guiet again so that he’ll quit getting the Shattites stirred up everytime he speaks.

Look there is a way to put him in it, but it would only be a cameo. Using Spock to bookend the old era of Trek is brilliant since he’s the only one who’s been there from the beginning. Stop pooping on Nimoy and acting like the world will end without Shatner. I like Shatner, don’t get me wrong, but Mr Lerpa is right, this is a fictitious character and change is part of life. Things end, eras pass, but I want to see Kirk as a character and Trek as a verse live on for a long time with passion and vision.

Those two elements seem to be present more than they have in a long time in Trek right now…Passion and Vision. I’m sure JJ, Bob and Alex worked to find a way to get Shatner in it. But let’s be honest here, I don’t want them to distract or ruin this film, their vision, just to find a way to get one old actor back.

Could he still be making a cameo and it be a secret? Perhaps, but don’t hold your breath…I’d hate to see you all pass out and bang your heads on something pointy. Many of you need to learn how this business works because you speak from a deep lack of knowledge.


16. Captain Hackett - May 23, 2008

I am growing tired of his whinings and now I cannot stand him anymore.

17. AJ - May 23, 2008

Steve Ducey (sp?) was a relief weatherman when I lived in DC on one of the local stations, and this interview seems to just “jump the shark” early in thanks to the meaningless banter of him and these mindless co-hosts.

You’re Canadian, so tell us about the kid who was left in the airport before the flight to Winnipeg (the babysitting bills!), and here’s a story and a clip about parents who left their kids to gamble in a casino in the US.

I stopped the stream there. WTF, dude? Really! I’ve never watched “Fox and Friends,” but “vapid” and “stupid” are good ways to describe this piece. I assume they got to his new book by the end.

“AJ: Stop trolling about this. If you think it sucks, make your own show!”

Phlox and Friends!

Phlox: “So, Bill! Umm, you seem to be Canadian. Can you describe what it was like to phaser that Ceti eel as it fell from Chekov’s ear?”

Shatner: “What?”

Phlox: “They are just delectably crunchy fried with some olive oil and basil! You overcooked him!”

Steve Ducey: “Phlox? That was so funny, I forgot to laugh.”

Phlox: “Steve? If you look at me…ever again, I swear I will kill you.”

Shatner: “Can I go now? Or can we discuss my new book?”

Phlox: “Bill, let’s discuss Star Trek for a moment. You’re peeved that J.J. Abrams couldn’t find a spot in the new film for you, is that correct?”

Shatner: “That’s correct, Phlox. Star Trek has always been able to resurrect dead characters if the research and the P&L call for it. But I am seemingly not in the picture for this one. It’s bad business,”

Phlox: “Well, according to the plot, you would either be a decrepit human male of 175 years old, uncontrollably urinating and defecating into a bag, or a decomposing deceased fetid human corpse whose body moves thanks to Borg implants, and Spock has the remote. I could design it for him.”

Shatner: “Wow. That was a reality check.”

18. KHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 23, 2008

“Kinds are worth a great deal, but BEER! Come on”

Shat is once again reafirmed as my idol :-)

19. KHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 23, 2008

sigh… that;s “kids” not “kinds”

Maybe I need a beer ;-)

20. Paulaner - May 23, 2008

yawn… ;-)

21. Andy Patterson - May 23, 2008

I don’t think you’re going to find too many people better at reading a book, let alone my own book, than I can.

He’s right. It’s super. Everyone should get it.

22. Iowagirl - May 23, 2008

If it’s true that Abrams didn’t call Shatner back – and I have no contrary information nor reason to believe otherwise – then this tells me all I need to know about Abrams’ wretched modus operandi in this regard.

23. SPB - May 23, 2008


…that somewhere behind the scenes, Abrams and Shatner are giggling like schoolboys and are just playing an elaborate ruse with fans and media. Think about it: If Shatner is INDEED going to in the film, why spill the beans now when we still have ONE YEAR to go? By the time STAR TREK XI comes out, a Shatner appearance would have been old news.

Best to keep it a secret, have the media think that Shatner and Abrams hate each other, then everyone will have a great, big belly laugh on the red carpet at the premiere.

That really would be awesome.

24. Andy Patterson - May 23, 2008

I know the morning show guys have to be so “on” and lighthearted but what a bunch of idiotic banter.

I did get to hear Shatner say the word “collage”. I’ll add that to my Shatner pronunciation list.

Wish he’d call me at 2:00 in the morning. I could tell him about Excaliber.

25. Dennis Bailey - May 23, 2008

There’s healthy self-regard, and there’s arrogance.

Here’s arrogance:

“They wanted me to pay the regular fee, the $250,000. I said, “No, you got it wrong, you pay me $250,000.” I never heard back from them. ”

He doesn’t get it – the only end result of this exchange is that Shatner doesn’t go into space, and Branson moves on with *no*damage*to*his*interests*whatever.*

Same with the Trek movie, most likely.

26. spooky - May 23, 2008

Shatner sold out his Kirk character in Generations. He took that job and regretted it later. How come nobody is bitching about that?

27. JimJ - May 23, 2008

I’m amazed at how many of you “buy” the things that “The Shat” says. He’s pulling “Shatwool” over your eyes. The “they should pay me $250,000″ was all tongue-in-cheek. I think it was his way of spoofing himself once again: A money grubbing, I’m worth more than any other TOS actor, pompous…tin-plated dictator with delusions of Shathood….. It’s been AGES since I’ve seen “The Shat” give a totally serious interview. When he has, he’s been quite respectful. It’s when he’s spoofing that he says all this goofy stuff. HE’S PLAYING with ya, people!!!! Get a life!!! (Sorry, it’s just so fun spoofing him-I see why he enjoys doing it)

28. SPB - May 23, 2008

#27 –

Agreed. Can’t believe some here are taking the “you pay ME” comments so seriously.

29. The Chief - May 23, 2008

If it’s not a publicity stunt and he isn’t actually in it… then it’s past time for him to shut the hell up already! I’m so sick of the arrogance and the temper tantrums – he’s like a goddamn child!!!

Grow up, Shatner… you are not the center of everyone’s universe!

30. JimJ - May 23, 2008

#29-Tantrums???? “I’m Captain Kirk….it’ my ship, my ship!!!!!”

31. Irishtrekkie - May 23, 2008

Shatner is a Legend, screw that if he really wants to go into space , start a webside and i will send hmm €20 to go into space , $250,000 meh all the fans will pay that lol

And everybody say he is full of arrogance. i am not staying he is not full of himself or believes he own hype , but maybe you have to take some of the stuff he says with a grain of salt , i say he gets along with JJ well , and the pay me stuff was just shat being shat .

32. Balock - May 23, 2008

They should have made him grandpa Kirk, the apparent storyline would have made this a slam dunk. I don’t know about these guys, mini skirts not short enough, changed exterior of the E, what else can they screw up?

33. Spock-boy - May 23, 2008

Anyone who think’s Shatner is in this movie is just deluded. He’s not.
Not that anyone necessarily believes the official explanation that they couldn’t figure out a way to write him into the script. It’s all about money dudes. Just like Shatner explained about Spaceship One. Shatner’s price for doing the movie was too high, and they passed on him.
End of story.

34. Pr011 - May 23, 2008

Seriously now. Don’t be silly.

He’s not in it, it’s not some great master plan,


The shat being bitter about it and saying so in interviews is only going to hurt him, not the movie. It is only us, the fans who care about this (and I don’t care that much, to be honest) and not the general movie going public where most of the money is going to be made from.

He’s not in it because it would require a silly plot that most people wouldn’t understand in order to get him in, while tying the writers down so much it just couldn’t work. I wouldn’t be interested in a film that spent it’s entire time trying to reach some far fetched pre-defined aim just to please the shat fans, and neither would the general public. So the shat is right in one regard – it is a buisness (and also creative) decision – but not the one he wanted.

The most silly thing is this won’t be laid to rest. Not for 349 days anyway.

35. Dave Thornton - May 23, 2008

Im confused.
I’v never heard Mr. Shatner ever Insult nor “Bad mouth” anyone . When asked about the others who have said bad things about him, he has simply responded,, “Theyre just trying to sell books.”

Also; each time Mr. Shatner does an interview,
it isnt him that brings up the “Why arent you in the next Star Trek movie question” it’s the people doing the interview that ask it.

So I fail to understand how Mr. Shatners response of “Im not in it”, as well as “I don’t know anything about the movie” ,,, is considered complaining or bitching ? Perhaps the people conducting the interviews with him, should be the ones you should be telling to ,,,
“shut the heck up about italready?”

And Lately the only arrogance or temper tantrums i have indeed observed, have been from a few so called Trek fans who often confuse their Opinions with actual facts.

36. Al Hartman - May 23, 2008

I could care less whether Shatner is in Trek XI or not. In fact, I’d prefer he wasn’t.

He doesn’t look like Jim Kirk anymore, and hasn’t for some time.

He looks more like Jerry Lewis who looks awful due to the steroids he has to take to combat his health problems. I bet Shatner is on the same kind of drugs for similar reasons.

Unless Bill could have hit the gym and lost 30lbs and trimmed up, it’s better that he not be Kirk. I’d rather remember the Kirk from the Series, or TMP or even the movies up to Star Trek IV. But, after that… He wasn’t Jim Kirk anymore. He was Bill Shatner playing dress-up.

I used to like Bill a lot, but he’s become too much of a buffoon. I watched his “Celebrity Roast”… What a pit of foul language! It was awful! It could have been much funnier and clean.

Time has passed Shatner by, he should be thankful for all the opportunities Star Trek gave him, and will gfive him in the future… But, gracefully let a part in Trek XI go.

I didn’t hear him push hard to get everyone in Generations….

37. US Taxpayer Dude - May 23, 2008

By golly, some people here are sooooo serious they can’t recognize schtick when it slap-sticks them in the face:

“No! You pay ME $250,000!” ROTFL! The Shat is an entertainer par excellence. He’s funny, subtle, over-the-top (Old WW1 doughboy term, BTW) and outrageous even while he’s self-deprecating.

An amazing talent, William Shatner. I do wish we’d seen more of him over the years. TJ Hooker and Rescue 911 were no doubt well-paying but he would have done well with “larger than life” Americana — either depicting them or merely telling the stories.

(Imagine Shanter’s portrayal of TR in “The Adventures of Teddy Roosevelt” or as narrator of “Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox” or reading about Davey Crocket and Sam Houston.)

38. AJ - May 23, 2008

Balock: That is a loaded question, “What else can they screw up?”

Let’s base STXI on “Tuvix” from VOY, where hilarity ensues when Kirk and Spock are merged in a freak transporter accident:

Working titles: “Kock.” Spirk”

It’s been done enough already by good TV writers, so this one should be error-free, I hope. I have some trust in the team. especially Mr. Orci, that

Dennis, I know you like ENT, but I believe Mr. Shatner was in talks to be in a season 4 ep, or arc, under Manny Coto, but priced himself out of the market pretty quickly. It would have been nice to know what that story was.

39. AJ - May 23, 2008

Oops. that, Trek XI is in capable hands!

40. Closettrekker - May 23, 2008

#8—“The kirk character need not have been brought back to life. A few simple scenes in a flashback would have been great. It would not require a backstory . It would have taken nothing away from the new cast. ”

The problem with that was, Shatner said (prior to filming), “I don’t do cameos”. It was only after the filming was wrapped that he indicated he would be okay with a minor role.

#22—“If it’s true that Abrams didn’t call Shatner back – and I have no contrary information nor reason to believe otherwise – then this tells me all I need to know about Abrams’ wretched modus operandi in this regard.”

You DO have Shatner’s inconsistencies in his story from one day to the next…
One day he says he tanked Sulu’s promotion scene in TWOK to “look after Takei’s best interest”, and then he turns around in another interview and says, “That’s ridiculous. I never did that!”

Before filming bagan, he indicated that he would not be interested in anything but a featured role in the new film. After production is complete, he is suddenly wondering why he wasn’t allowed to do the voiceover or appear as Kirk’s father or something.

If he were anyone else, I bet you would question anything that came out of this guy’s mouth (given the obvious inconsistencies), but since he is “The Shat”, you give him a pass. I don’t get that…

#35—It is not the fact that he is repeatedly answering the same questions that bothers me. That is the nature of the business. It is his inconsistency when explaining his side of things whenever he is in the middle of some kind of controversy. What comes out of his mouth is no longer credible to me.

41. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 23, 2008


If Shatner is in it, the entire cast and crew will have to keep it a better guarded secret than the Kennedy assassination and Roswell crash. I don’t see how it’s possible with that many people unless the only ones privy to the information were those on the set for his filming, and they’re keeping it in the can until absolutely necessary for editing. It would be a real hard secret to keep. Shatner could do it probably because he would think it’s funny, but a cast, crew and union labor workers? Keep in mind people taking spy-photos and famous people showing up on the set for tours.

My guess is with the minds involved in the writing and filming of this film, there is always a way to include the guy, hell we come up with some pretty good ideas ourselves. It’s really not that complicated. I (well, we) can only speculate and hope for the best, but a safe road to drive on would probably be to just assume he’s not in the movie and when it’s released, if he’s truly not in it, the disappointment will be at a minimum.

And in my honest opinion, I would love to see William Shatner in the movie, not just because he portrayed Kirk so well giving him character and depth, but because as a man, he’s just beloved. Watching him work makes me happy because he’s good at what he does and knows better than to take himself too seriously.

42. SChaos1701 - May 23, 2008

Chris Pine is now Captain Kirk. The Shatnerites need to realize this and get over it.

43. Captain Otter - May 23, 2008

Young Shat = Kirk, Old Shat = Denny Crane. His career is book-ended by two cultural icons. That’s genius.

The new movie and Shatner’s legacy are both better off this way. I just wish he and some of y’all could see that.

44. AJ - May 23, 2008

I’ve been on the “no” side of the Shatner debate all and I love the guy when he talks, and he was cornered on FOX to discuss nothing but stupid crap.

I met the guy on the street once, and he was running to a meeting, but he gave me 1.4 minutes of time. I think he’s a regular guy with a good heart and a good job.

What he also is is a brand, and we Treksters must realize that anything he says in public is pre-planned with a publicist through an agent, and then filtered through the PR/Corporate Affairs department of his publisher and/or producer depending on the project.

The “I am not in Trek XI” story is getting him press now, and more than anyone, he has the right to use it. He has a book out where Trek is mentioned prominently.

45. Closettrekker - May 23, 2008

#42—While I agree it’s over with, I have to point out that Pine is not Kirk anymore than Shatner is. They are both actors who at one time or another have played the role of a fictional character. Shatner is the one we are all most familiar with, and let’s face it, is the one who helped us fall in love with the heroic Captain of the Enterprise. But Shatner is wrong when he says, “More than that I’m fascinated by the business decision of not including that popular character and the actor who has a lot of popularity still, as opposed to anybody else in the cast who’s either unknown or not in the public eye particularly.”

First of all, the character IS included, and as always, Shatner overestimates his own “popularity”. As much as it is “poularity” among those of us who are fans of TOS, it is more “noteriety” (again, IMO)in the eyes of the mainstream viewer whom the new team is targeting as a big portion of the film’s audience.
Moreover, I am sick of hearing how it was a “poor business decision”. Says who? Bill Shatner, the potential beneficiary? Please. Featuring Bill did not save STV, and Bill’s “popularity” was not enough to persuade Paramount to do a film based upon his return, nor is it enough for the studio to have made including Shatner in STXI some kind of prerequisite to approving Orci and Kurtzman’s script.
As always, he is overstating his value to the bottom line. Even his Emmy winning performance on Boston Legal passes with little notice to the demographic targeted with this project. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea he was even on a television show now until he had already been nominated for an Emmy and I was made aware of the existence of Boston Legal on this very site. Since that time, I tried to watch, and was very uninterested. I think it plays to a very specific audience.

46. dw - May 23, 2008

Okay, folks, let’s get a grip. Shat will always be Kirk, and Trek will always have that association. It would have been nice to plop him in the new movie, but he’s not in it, so its time for everyone to get over it — especially Shatner. I’m really tired of hearing him whine. It’s done, move on…..pleeeze…

47. Commodore Z - May 23, 2008

Shatner IS Kirk. Pine has a good shot at inheriting the mantle, but it’s not a done deal. The new film has got to deliver for this to happen.

48. Anthony Thompson - May 23, 2008

1 through 4

I wish I could set up bets with you all and take your money on 5/9/09.

49. Daoud - May 23, 2008

JJ didn’t call him back…

He sent him a letter and a script. ;)

50. Andy Patterson - May 23, 2008

47 The new film has got to deliver for this to happen


51. Closettrekker - May 23, 2008

#47—I would say that it is a “done deal”. Now of course, whether or not he is a good James T. Kirk is another story…I hope so. But whether he is or not, he will always be able to say he once played James T. Kirk in a Paramount Star Trek feature film.
With that said, you are absolutely right about the film having to deliver for the audience (meaning we Trek fans) to ever accept him as someone we think of as Kirk. Perhaps one day, somone will ask, “Remember the guy who used to play Jim Kirk in Star Trek?”, and someone else will ask, “Which one? Shatner or Pine?”

52. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 23, 2008

JJ didn’t call him back because, like AJ pointed out, Kirk would be either nearly 200 years old or a revived corpse. And, perhaps in all likelyhood, he priced himself out of the possibility of a role by wanting a larger part. I love Shatner as Kirk. He has said goodbye twice on film in the character of Kirk. But he isn’t Kirk. Moreover, when he says things like “More than that I’m fascinated by the business decision of not including that popular character..” he seems to be misguided about where he stops and Kirk begins. Make no mistake, captain Kirk is in the new movie. He’s being played by Chris Pine.

The horse is dead, Jim. We can stop beating it.

53. Dennis Bailey - May 23, 2008

Bullies like to pick on people – but when they’re challenged it’s always “hey, it was a joke. Don’t you have a sense of humor?”

People who swallow every asinine thing that Shatner says and make the excuse on his behalf that it’s all a joke – no matter how lame and unfunny the joke – simply because he answers every question with his tongue in his cheek are absorbed so far into their hero worship that they probably qualify as suffering from Stockholm Syndrome where the Shat is concerned.

54. The Underpants Monster - May 23, 2008

I agree that I’m tired of hearing Shatner complain about it, but a lot of the blame really rests on the interviewers who keep on asking him about it. Heck, the man’s just written his life story – isn;t there more to ask hom about than, “Is it true you’re not in the new movie? How do you feel about that?”

You ask an old man a question like that, and he’s going to give you a detailed, lengthy answer, even if it’s the same one you’ve heard a million times before.

55. Mr. Bob Dobalina - May 23, 2008

Good for Shat! He understands the advertising value of the headline “Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Rockets into Orbit!” Too bad the company offering the flights do not. But that’s why Shat is successful. Graduating with a degree in business has done him a world of good.

And as far as the movie goes…something isn’t right with all this….he’s in it.

56. Tom - May 23, 2008


I had said that if Shatner was offered a small role and refused , he should keep quiet. We have no indication from Abrams or anyone that they put that on the table. Is it so hard to say that they met with Shatner and did not have a large enough role for him. My best guess is they did offer a small role, which he refused, and tried to make it larger. That is when they were saying that they were working on it. They must have realized at that point that it was too much to do.

57. Jack - May 23, 2008

what an ass.

58. SPB - May 23, 2008

#53 – Dennis Bailey

How’s the view from that high horse?

Plenty of people like Shatner and appreciate his sense of humor. You obviously don’t We get it already.

59. Closettrekker - May 23, 2008

#56–We don’t even need to know if it was ever offered. While JJ was still saying that they wanted to find a role for Bill, Shatner was out there saying, “I don’t do cameos.” Why offer him a part he has stated publicly that he is not interested in? I think, and you apparently agree, Bill was playing hardball and lost on that roll of the dice. Now he seems to wish he hadn’t played such a hard stance. Yet instead of assuming responsibility for poisoning his own drink, he is changing his tune to appear more the victim. I am referring to the article last week where he acted as though they should have at least let him do the voiceover or appear as Kirk’s father or something to that effect. That is a far cry from the stance he took publicly before filming began. I have no problem with him repeatedly answering the same questions from different interviewers, but his is being somewhat dishonest in his representation of things, or at the very least—revisionist…

60. Dave - May 23, 2008

Again, it’s the Money, It’s The Money, It’s The Money!

I am sure JJ would love to have Shatner in the movie, BUT his script is NOT dependant on it.

Shatner wanted more money and a bigger part than JJ was willing to do, it’s as simple as that.

That’s why Shatner KEEPS bringing it up and JJ and the writers are not saying anything except “Gee it would have been nice but we just can’t seem to make it work in the script”

It would be great to have Shatner and Nimoy in one last movie and I’m sure there is a script out there where they are.

Poor Bill, his ego has got the better of him again.

61. Iowagirl - May 23, 2008

Shat’s inconsistencies you correctly mentioned make his adhering to the “never called me back” part of the story even more credible. Abrams’ inconsistencies in his interviews (and please don’t give me the… there‘s a “fan version” and a “press version” now…as I don‘t get *that*) are nothing short of Shatner’s.

A lot of inconsistencies – from both sides. I commented on the consistency.

I don’t mind you joking about the Shat or his supporters, but your comment about the Stockholm Syndrome is extremely inappropriate and distasteful, considering the serious nature of this syndrome and the events leading to it.

62. Ron Mosher - May 23, 2008

Poor Bill feeling sorry for himself. He still doesn’t get that it’s Star Trek and not the Billy Shatner All About Me Show.

63. Izbot - May 23, 2008

#40, 56, et al

I believe Shatner was most likely offered a cameo in the film. He says he doesn’t do them and he’s probably not in the film (though I still kind of wonder if he is pulling our leg). My theory for several months has been that he’d be playing young Kirk’s grandfather or an uncle who gives him some good advice at a key moment (maybe during the aftermath of the Koboyashi Maru cheating thing which we’ve heard plays out in the film). And now, low and behold, I see that an “Uncle Frank” is listed on the cast list for the film (although a much younger actor, Brad William Henke, has been cast in the role). I wonder if Abrams offered the part to Shatner and the Shat balked at the cameo (which might also account for his repeated “I don’t do cameos” when responding to interviewers re: the Abrams film).

I’ve really been hoping the Shat-man has been stringing us along and he does make a brief appearance in the film but I really doubt that is the case. Nimoy has a key role and Shatner would only be doing probably a day’s work in a cameo and I can’t see him doing that — his ego wouldn’t allow it. And his other telling and oft-repeated quote that his exclusion from the film is “a poor business decision” seems to back this up — he’s looking at the money that would be offered to him in a cameo role vs. the salary of, oh, say, Nimoy in his capacity in the film. He was probably insulted at the notion that Leonard would be making so much more than him in a Star Trek film. To Shatner that’s a poor (and insulting) business decision.

64. AJ - May 23, 2008

Shatner is not going lie in his autobiography and do the talkshow circuit to promote the book maintaining that message.

If he were in the flick, he would be screaming to high-heaven “I’m in it! because most people don’t care and he’s flogging product. He’d sell a few more books.

65. Darth Ballz - May 23, 2008

Gee people!

Get over Shat not being in the movie already! As the Shat said on SNL “GET A LIFE” I love Bill but it makes no sense to put him in the movie if they want to re-boot it. Nimoy makes sense because his character WOULD be alive in the time frame they are making this. You guys sound like a broken record and remind me of Hillary Clinton who doesen’t know when to let it go!!!

Darth “NO SHAT” Ballz

66. WannaBeatle - May 23, 2008

I doubt that Bill will be in the film. He’s had too much time talking about it than working on it.

I just wish that maybe, in another film or rewrite some of this movie (they have enough time, for sure) they can undo that horrible and empty death that Kirk had in Generations. I’m still hoping that they make Bill’s book, The Return into a movie.

67. Dr. Image - May 23, 2008

#65 Yeah!
But I still think he may actually be in it.
(Poll time again?)

68. Tom - May 23, 2008

I agree that Shatner played hardball and lost out on being in it. He kept saying he wants to be in it. I guess that meant he wanted to be in it with certain condtions. He probably felt that he could write his own ticket. Maybe he deserves to. It seemed Nimoy was able to. Originally i thought he was the one that would be hard to convince to be in it. Anyway now that he has softened his stance, why wouldn’t JJ talk to him now. No hard feelings. I would not be comfortable if i were JJ and Bob Orci to say they could not make it work. These are amazingly talented and creative people. They have taken on harder challenges for this film and have hopefully succeeded. i am also surprised the remaining TOS cast members did not lobby harder to be in it. I mean George Takei went on for years about a capt. sulu show. jj has met with all of them. Maybe they are all in it!!

69. George Myers - May 23, 2008

One of the few actors to make a movie in the International language – Esperanto – I was amazed to read at io9 (strung out on Sci-Fi) that when a FOIA request (freedom of information act, “law” in NY) for the entertainment media on the International Space Station was honored, not one Star Trek anything was seen on the list and Sting’s “Walking On the Moon” is listed as “Walking To the Moon”! Maybe we should petition NASA to get something the “Big Head” had something to do with into orbit and save the Universe as we know it.

(Would George Takei actually be Joji Takei?)

70. Andy Patterson - May 23, 2008

66 I’m still hoping that they make Bill’s book, The Return into a movie.

I’m still hoping they say the whole movie didn’t happen. That it was all a dream. That Pam woke up and found Bobby in the shower. I don’t acknowledge that it happened.

71. Trek Nerd Central - May 23, 2008

Wow, I’m so glad we’re rehashing THIS debate.

72. JimJ - May 23, 2008

#53-Dennis, 99/100 times I agree with you, but this time I can’t. I have watched Bill evolve over the years. This side of him is what finally started to work on the talk show circuit, it’s started to fit our warped (sorry, bad pun) society today, and as with any ham (and can we all agree that Shat IS a ham?)…he’s eating it up and the attention it brings him/his shows & projects. I think people that believe that he was truly serious when he said they needed to pay him $250,000 to go up into space, really DON’T get him at all. In fact, I remember him saying (one time in a sort of serious interview) that he’d never ever really want to go up in space…the idea frightened him. So, what would gallant Capt. Kirk/Denny Crane say? Either would say, I’ll go up if you pay me lots of money. I AM NOT making excuses for him nor do I truly think he’ll show up in the movie. And, as much as I usually enjoy your sense of humor, your last crack was WAY off. Honestly, I used to feel sorry for Bill when he “died” on every talk show. Now i am honestly amazed at how funny he is, how HOT his career is again, and so on. In his case, it’s all about making fun of yourself and your fans/fans of your characters…and somehow it’s working. Maybe what this shows is just how much our society has changed, and not necessarily for the better.

73. JimJ - May 23, 2008

#53-Oops, and any word on Exeter? I love it, just wish it happened faster (easy for me to say, I know).

#71-You mean this has been discussed before? Wow, kinda like every stinkin’ media person asking him about why he’s NOT in the movie. LOL

74. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 23, 2008

#55–Bob Dobalina

I seriously doubt that Richard Branson needs any publicity from William Shatner to make a profit. I’m certain that the Virgin company was not trembling at the prospect of going up against Bill and his vaunted business degree.

(actually I have no idea whether Branson’s space flight stuff is associated with the Virgin company or not so perhaps I am speaking out my arse. But at least I admit it.)

75. Anthony Pascale - May 23, 2008

Jack warning for trolling
and to the rest of you there is a lot of stuff that is getting too personal and that is not cool.

76. AJ - May 23, 2008

Dennis will flame me to Mars on this one, but I am in Stockholm, and as THX can confirm, I am nuts.


Shatner:” You bloodsuckers!..Do you understand, DO YOU!?”

Fans, cringing and crying: “We’re sorry Mr. Shatner! We really are! We love you! What do you want us to do?”

Shatner (points to a fan): “You! What’s your name?”

Frank: “Ed. Can you sign my..?.”


Shatner; “Ed…is dead.”

Fans moving in a zombie-esque fashion towards Shatner: “Shoot me! Shoot me!”

Shatner: “Kirk to Spock! It’s two hours. Are you ready?”

Zachary Quinto: “Simon, will you beam him up again?”

Simon Pegg: “Aye sir! The Haggis is in the fire for sure!”


77. David - May 23, 2008

I think reporting about his whining over and over is making me rethink ‘my excitement’ for the new movie. Sometimes it’s better not to post the same stuff over and over.

How many times have we seen ‘Shatner is….’, only to see the same stuff ad nausea – which of course is followed by 170 posts arguing the pro’s and con’s of Shatner *NOT* being in this movie.

It isn’t getting old, it is old.

Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing news about the cast of the original show. It’s just that this one isn’t news anymore. Focus on his charitable work, his next projects, what he had for dinner, or how he plants his geraniums.

Just my two bits.

78. CmdrR - May 23, 2008

Since we the fans have all the power, I’m still hoping for a classy voice-over. In an homage to TWOK, have the movie end with Pine beginning “All I ask…” and Shat’s voice continuing…” is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by.”

That’s it. 5 minutes in the booth (well, considering this is Shat, it’ll take 3 days to get the take under control enough for the movie.) It would be a very classy move on JJ’s part.

79. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 23, 2008

#77–David “I think reporting about his whining over and over is making me rethink ‘my excitement’ for the new movie.”

What? I don’t understand how reporting on Shatner’s quotes could have anything to do with one’s anticipation for a movie he is not in.

You will find that on my part, my main disagreement is with the perception that William Shatner is bigger than Star Trek. He is not. It comes from my fondness for baseball and the concept that no man is bigger than the game.

80. NoonienSpock - May 23, 2008

Re: Shatner in New Movie

“… you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”

81. Teleportation Girl - May 23, 2008

#80…amok time. Except for Shatner “the having” would be as pleasing as “the wanting”.

Well, this is difficult for him. I think we should respect that. I’m sure it is not easy for him to be left out. I am sure many of us would feel the same in his shoes.

82. classictrek - May 23, 2008

just when i was getting used to the idea that shatner isnt in it but all love and respect him – then this. its re raking the coals again and again. im so sad and dissapointed that hes not in it but i was starting to think that he had given his blessing and all was well.

i think he is hurt and he has a right to be hurt. i think they did offer him something but it didnt satisfy him. you cant get away from the fact that the man has been such a large part of trek history and its success. i hope that you guys are right and that he is secretly in it after all


83. spockanella - May 23, 2008

I guess it’s easy to get passionate about whether Shatner will or will not appear in the film. After all, if it were Nimoy, I’d be up in arms myself. It’s also interesting to speculate about whether or not this is all a ploy or a publicity stunt. Maybe yes, maybe no.

It will be what it will be. If he’s in there in some capacity, I’ll be happy. If he’s not, I’ll be ok with it. Just gonna have to see how it plays out.

Ain’t waiting hard?

84. The beem - May 23, 2008

Point One: J.J.’s Star Trek film seem to jump around the star trek time-line. We know that the film is going to show three spocks (childhood age, adult age and old age) and we know of two kirks ((childhood age and adult age).

Point Two: Shatner’s James T. Kirk died in ST:GEN. If Shatner’s James T. Kirk was going to return that some point in J.J.’s Star Trek maybe it is important to the story not to tell people that William Shatner is in. Once people hear that William Shatner is in J.J.’s Star Trek, they will know that Shatner’s James T. Kirk is in it and it may destroy the film’s story (like the ending).

Point Three: One has to question why we have told billions of times that William Shatner is not in the film. Many times, each week we are told William Shatner is not in the film. Is it the truth or is it just a cover-up.

Point Four: The film’s release is a year and things can be added or changed in that time.

Point Five: J.J. meet with Shatner a couple times. also we know J.J. meet with Shatner and Nimoy together once. The question is why did J.J. meet with Shatner so many times, if he is not apart of the film and if Pine’s Kirk is not based on Shatner? Is it the truth or is it just another part of a cover-up.

85. spockanella - May 23, 2008

83: Let me just add…I’ll be happy if Shatner is in the film IF it is done well. An elegant, sweet homage a la # 78 would be fine, but a gratuitous placement done just for the sake of having Shatner in it would be an overall disservice to the film, I would think. I’d like to think that most Trek fans would rather not be overtly kissed up to and that they’d prefer that Shatner’s role in the film, if he has one, would be one that advances the plot in some realistic way. And if that can’t be done for whatever reason, then he’s probably better off out of it, for the film’s sake.

86. Schultz - May 23, 2008

I haven’t read all the posts, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s growing tired of Shatner’s constant rants and whining. Listen Bill, your character died… d-i-e-d… and while it would not have been completely impossible to revive Kirk, it would have had a bad aftertaste, if it had been done badly… and you know… economical considerations… bringing back a main but long-gone character just to make more money? A “business decision”, as he called it? If Star Trek becomes more of a “business decision” than anything else, I wouldn’t go watch a Star Trek film. The franchise is about much more than only making money or the ego-trip of one of the former actors, even if that actor happened to play the original Cpt. Kirk a long time ago.

So I just hope that this is all just part of an elaborate cover-up, and he’s actually in it. If really so, they’re starting to overdo it a bit… but I’ll be the first to apologize. :)

87. Eric Cheung - May 23, 2008

Point Six: Shatner has written in his own book that he’s not in it. Presumably he hopes this book to be around for a while, for it not to be as disposable as an interview with the press on the subject. It would be silly for something so plainly true as him being in the film to be contradicted by a book that many fans would have on a shelf. It would call into serious question the credibility of the rest of the book. For that reason he’s likely not in the film.

88. spockanella - May 23, 2008

87: Agreed, and someone else said that earlier as well.

Wouldn’t it be cool if, the next time someone in the media brought it up, Shatner said, “Asked and answered. Let’s move on!”

89. Christopher Valin - May 23, 2008

#38 – Kirk’s story on Enterprise would have been that the Mirror Universe version of Kirk had become Emperor. They ended up changing the story and it became “In a Mirror, Darkly” without Kirk.

90. The beem - May 23, 2008

-87. Eric Cheung

Shatner always has books coming out so I do not think he hopes this book to be around for a while. Shatner’s Books are a here and now thing.
Shatner’s book is called “Up Till Now” meaning Now. J.J.’s Star Trek comes out next year which is not Now. IF Shatner is J.J.’s Star Trek, It is a Secret and would not be in the “Up Till Now”. All Shatner has to do is say that he did not know at the time.

IF Shatner is J.J.’s Star Trek then He will more likely write another book about it.

91. Kev-1 - May 23, 2008

This reminds me of a story I read about Pierce Brosnan, whom, I believe simply got a phone call to the effect of “you ain’t Bond no more..” (obviously those are not the words). That’s Hollywood. Shatner obviously knows that. And Branson would enjoy substantial free publiciity by having “CaptaIn Kirk: on his spacecraft. Why should he pay to do it if he wasn’t planning to anyway? That’s like saying, “Hey, we’re having a bbq, you bring the food, drink and entertainment, and, by the way, I’m going to call in the press to make money on it.” I’m resigned to his not being in the film. And while I wish the new guy well, we don’t know yet if he will be Kirk, or one of many follow on actors in the role. One thing is certain, it’s going to be a long time before somebody plays Kirk through 79 episodes and seven movies.

92. Fred - May 23, 2008

93. lostrod - May 23, 2008

The “News” about Mr. Shatner not being in the movie is certainly getting repetitive, but not due to the actor. Rather the fact that interviewers always ask the same question.

I haven’t found his answers to be whining at all. Just straightforward observations from someone who obviously knows more about the entertainment business than ANYONE posting here. If I’m wrong, let’s hear your credentials.

Another thing that bothers me is the number of posters who insist that “Shatner demanded more money” or “Shatner demanded a bigger role”. Were any of these people present at these “negotiations”? How would they know? Any hidden mike recordings lying around?

Similarly annoying is people who deride Mr. Shatner for being “old” or “fat” and generally in no shape to play CPT Kirk. I suggest these folks think long and hard about what kind of shape they think they will be in their late 70’s. The actor is physically at least a decade younger than his chronological age.

As to the argument that he may be too old to play Kirk prior to his death in Generations, that has some merit (although certainly feasible with some Hollywood magic). However, if the plot of the movie did deal with a premise that the actions in the film result in Kirk being alive post Generations then Mr. Shatner could certainly play the elder Kirk. Even Kirk would have gained weight and wrinkles and all the other elements of aging.

Enough of my rambling. I just ask folks to think before they post “facts” they cannot possible back up.


94. David P - May 23, 2008

Just what I suspected, Abrams dissed the Shat!
how pathetic is Abrams?

95. DEMODE - May 23, 2008

Shatner is in the Movie. No doubt about it.

96. Katie G. - May 23, 2008

Not this again.

You’ve heard of “bonk, bonk”? Well, this is “waah, waah”.

Either he’s forgotten that he’s been asked this A GAZILLION TIMES, or he loves saying it.

Surely he MUST KNOW BY NOW that the public has heard this over and over. I maintain that he’s gotta know that he’d get more respect if he finally said “I think you know what I’m going to say. Ask me something else. C’mon. C’mon…”.


97. Ack! My Leg Is Asleep! - May 23, 2008

This site is SO Trek-TMZ. For realz. Over it.

I’d much rather see “Shatner still promoting book” with links to the webpages following a brief sentence or two rather than WHOLE ARTICLES on what he said since we’re all.hanging.on.his.every.word.

I found this site hoping I’d see pertinent ST information…most of the time its just repetitive quotes about Shatner not being in the movie, Takei being a crankypants, and those science columns. Blech.

I’m 99.9% over the movie now…yuck.

98. Rastaman - May 23, 2008

RE: “NOT including that popular character and the actor”

Every time I hear Shartner talk about this movie I get a sour taste in my mouth. He is too self-absorbed.

KIRK, the character, will most definitely be in the movie whether Shatner is there or not. He seems to show little respect for Chris Pine. I wish Pine the best.

99. Rastaman - May 23, 2008

And by “Shartner” I mean SHATNER … speaking of disrespect

100. Jordan - May 23, 2008

Saying that this is all a publicity stunt — that Shatner is in fact in the film — sounds like a bit of an outrageous conspiracy theory, but, I have to admit, I’m hoping it’s true. I’d love to see Shatner in the new film, and it’s true, Abrams is all about shrouding his projects in very thick veils of secrecy. But is the “payoff” always that good (“Cloverfield,” anyone?)
In any case, Kirk died! Shatner’s aged greatly since “Generations,” how do you solve the “kirk is dead” shatner has aged 14 y ears thing without it seeming stupid and contrived?

101. Iowagirl - May 24, 2008

– In any case, Kirk died! Shatner’s aged greatly since “Generations,” how do you solve the “kirk is dead” shatner has aged 14 y ears thing without it seeming stupid and contrived? –

With creativity, imagination, boldness, a vision, and some nice make-up. In short, with the ingredients that made Star Trek huge and a cult.

I’m DYING to see that…;)

102. James T. - May 24, 2008

100. Jordan –
how do you solve the “kirk is dead” shatner has aged 14 years thing without it seeming stupid and contrived?

Yes, Spock trip to the past changes the time-line and kirk did not die in ST:GEN, but the change time-line is only affected from the point after Spock trip to the past. This means that if one travels to the past from the point after Spock’s trip to the past, all the same events post-Spock’s trip happened (like kirk’s Death) , but if one travels to a year after Spock’s trip the time-line is changed. This is a time consequence (a effect of an action) and not a paradox. Action: Spock’s trip to the past, Effect : The time-line after Spock trip is changed. time consequences in sci-fi are mostly show as bad, but time consequences can be good too.

This all means that the kirk post-Spock is alive and older.

103. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 24, 2008

#100 Not necessarily. Nero could change the timeline before Spock which could result in Kirk being alive in an altered 24th Century. Spock then realizes that something is wrong and travels back in time (with or without Kirk) to undo the changes and maybe make it so that Kirk is (still) alive in the 24th Century.

104. colonyearth - May 24, 2008

“With creativity, imagination, boldness, a vision, and some nice make-up. In short, with the ingredients that made Star Trek huge and a cult.

I’m DYING to see that…;)”

Me too, but not in such a way that harms the film because they’re trying to force Shatner into it. And Shatner is not Trek.

I want vision and passion, I’ve said it many times before. It’s something that Trek has lacked for over 15 years under B&B. I think we have it again…but not with Shatner in it.

He’s made his bed, now he has to lay in it. Sorry, that’s that. And if you refuse to see this film because he’s not in it then you’re working against your own interests…if Trek’s future and longevity are your interests…or is Shatner your real interest?

Like those on either side of the Obama/Clinton campaigns that say they won’t vote for the other one of they get the nomination but will instead vote McSame. That’s just plain idiotic. To work against your interests out of some petty spite.

I hope all Trek fans will go see this film and work to keep Trek alive…not Shatner.

This is about Trek not an actor. I truly believe, listening to what JJ, Bob and Alex have said, knowing what I do know about how this industry works, that they are all extremely sincere, visionary and passionate about making this film one amazing journey! In short, they “get it.” And that’s more than I can say for the previous management and right now Shatner.


105. Xai - May 24, 2008

JJ met with him twice and then never called back. The content of those conversations would say a lot as to why. We never hear the rest, just the “bad business decision, disappointed” stuff

106. Cervantes - May 24, 2008

See ya’all on the NEXT Shatner topic… ;)

107. Iowagirl - May 24, 2008


Ah, it’s voting time again; time flies when you’re having fun…Well, I’m voting for this great party called Star Trek and its candidate Shatner. I grew up with them, laughed with them, cried with them, attended the election committee meetings, met a lot of wonderful people at the election parties, and for the last 14 years I’ve been a proud member of their sister party, the BBK. I can assure you, Star Trek and Shatner aren’t mutually exclusive, but forever tied together.

Happy voting for you as well – I hope your candidates will have enough stamina for a second term of office. :)

108. LCARS 24 - May 24, 2008

One bar of gold-pressed latinum says 36-year-old William Shatner is in the movie somewhere, as Kirk, taken from unused footage from way back when and processed as needed.

109. Xai - May 24, 2008

This old dead horse is beyond beaten. It’s now dried up, bleached bones that need a final resting place.

Since we like “points”…

1.JJ has said Shatner’s not in it and explained his reason’s why (on multiple interviews).

2. Shatner has said he’s not in it (Source, latest autobiography)

3. Nimoy has stated Shatner’s not in it (interviews)

4. JJ and Shatner met at least twice (according to Shatner), including JJ coming to the set of Boston Legal.
(IMO, regarding this point, you don’t meet the man twice or more, once at the BL set, just to tell him there will be no deal. At this point in time, JJ had to know the storyline and had something in mind for Shatner . Something happened there that we are not being told.)

107. Iowagirl – May 24, 2008

“…and for the last 14 years I’ve been a proud member of their sister party, the BBK. ”

__The BBK group should be pleased. Kirk is in the film.

110. Iowagirl - May 24, 2008

– The BBK group should be pleased. Kirk is in the film. –

Xai, you obviously don’t know anything about the goal of the BBK group, nor want to know, nor care. That‘s perfectly alright, but your answer as to the BBK goal still is incorrect; and it has been given on this board so often (by many people, in many variations) that it even can’t claim to be clever and smart anymore; it just has become repetitive and lame. So, as *this* dead horse already died of exhaustion, and already was buried – how about a nice cross? I think you’re the right man for the inscription.

111. Closettrekker - May 24, 2008

#93—I agree that Shatner is not to blame for the interviewers’ repetitive questioning, but “straight-forward”? Really?

Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to his inconsistent story and how it has evolved in the past few months.

Shatner explains his side in whichever way he deems fit to suit his agenda at the time.

Prior to filming, and when JJ was still looking for a role for Bill in STXI by the way, Shatner was publicly stating that he doesn’t “do cameos” and that leaving him out would be a bad business decision.

Since filming has wrapped, he is wondering publicly why he could not have been allowed to do the voiceover or to play a role such as Kirk’s father or something like that. He either wasn’t being completely honest in the beginning (and probably playing hardball to gain a more featured role or more money), or he isn’t being completely honest now. Which is it? It doesn’t really matter, because either way, he is or has been dishonest about this situation. It is Shatner who lacks credibility, not Abrams.

Just in case you are unconvinced, let’s review another situation in which Shatner is untruthful. Shatner used to say that he tanked Sulu’s promotion scene to best look after the interests of George Takei. Now he claims that is ridiculous and that he never did anything of the kind. Obviously, in one of those versions of the story, he was lying.

#94–With all of that in mind, how can you justify blaming Abrams for any of this. For all we know, he was serious about wanting to find Bill a role in the film. But given the story problems his character’s death provides, the most logical role would have been a minor one, like a flashback scene to the time when he was alive, or as one of Jim Kirk’s relatives. Either one of those options would amount to a “cameo”, so why would JJ offer him the type of role he had already publicly dismissed? Then, to make matters worse, Bill goes on to publicly criticize Abrams and what he called a “bad business decision”. If it were my movie, I wouldn’t go out of my way to create something for that jerk either.
In my guess, Shatner’s ego got in the way of any potential appearance in STXI. He publicly and foolishly insulted the director, publicly dismissed the idea of a cameo (“I don’t do cameos”), and now he’s “disappointed”? Good.

112. AJ - May 24, 2008

I think the deal was over before, as Closettrekker said, he “insulted the director.” I think the “Supreme Court” had some story variants, but canon prevails in a strange sense here.

It’ll be interesting over the 3 films to see if Abrams can create real peril for these characters whose futures are already documented.

113. Closettrekker - May 24, 2008

#113—If the timeline has really been altered, as has been suggested, I don’t think there is any question that the characters can be put into peril. I have had a difficult time warming up to the prospect of an altered timeline, but if we have to tweek the past of the franchise in order to preserve its future, I can live with it. It is very difficult to judge it until we see the work. The wonderful thing is, if we are disappointed in the film, we haven’t really lost anything but the cost of our tickets and a couple of hours of our time. The original series and the original films will still be on my DVD shelf, and I can still pretend that none of this ever happened.

When I asked Bob Orci how viewing this film might change how we look at TOS, his answer was that he hopes it will enhance the experience. I will give them a chance to make that happen, but I admit to being somewhat perplexed. Perhaps in the end of a three film arc, the original timeline is restored. Who knows? Given Orci’s recent statements about their sequel-less approach to writing this script, I’m not so sure.

114. Xai - May 24, 2008

110. Iowagirl – May 24, 2008
– The BBK group should be pleased. Kirk is in the film. –

“Xai, you obviously don’t know anything about the goal of the BBK group, nor want to know, nor care. That‘s perfectly alright, but your answer as to the BBK goal still is incorrect; and it has been given on this board so often (by many people, in many variations) that it even can’t claim to be clever and smart anymore; it just has become repetitive and lame. So, as *this* dead horse already died of exhaustion, and already was buried – how about a nice cross? I think you’re the right man for the inscription.”

Remind me to label my sentences on future posts and clarify one since it struck a nerve.

Xai said…- “The BBK group should be pleased. Kirk is in the film.” {sarcasm, intending to be humorous}.
I am fully aware of what BBK is, aims for and wants. I am sorry you didn’t appreciate the humor I intended.

It’s not up to me to put a marker on the grave of something that’s not dead, and obviously BBK supporters have the right to desire the outcome they seek. I do, however, feel the subject of this thread is beating a dead equine.

115. Iowagirl - May 24, 2008

Good morning Xai,

Obviously, I didn’t get your sarcasm and you didn’t get mine. Tie.

Anyway, I still enjoyed our somewhat mixed up conversation on BBK, sarcasm and dead equines – main thing is that different views never will become dead horses.

116. me - May 26, 2008

Shatner is not in and this is good so, coz nobody wants to see a fat and old Kirk.

He can’t play Kirk anymore, Kirk is dead.

Nimoy wasn’t in ST 7 and Kirk isn’t in ST 11.

117. ShatisDead - May 26, 2008

This is so stupid. Closet has the timeline correct. Around the time JJ talked to Shat, Shat was on record as saying he “doesn’t do cameos” So what I envision happening is this, is JJ talks to Shat, Shat tells him “no cameos, and use my ideas to resurrect Kirk” and JJ says forget it. Maybe Shat was playing chicken with JJ, I don’t know and I don’t care. The end result is that the movie was written without Kirk in it.

Shatner AGREED with the suits and writers at Paramount to kill Kirk. Why are people upset at the guy for doing that? I mean he knew that Kirk wasn’t going to come back in the next movie – he knew that Paramount was moving on with the TNG crew. Yet he allowed his character to die by falling off a rock or something. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.