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“Whom Gods Destroy” Remastered: Review + Screenshots & Video [UPDATED] May 25, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Review,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

by Jeff Bond

It seems like whenever I come down hard on a TOS episode in one of these reviews it’s at least one reader’s favorite episode—I’ll be curious to see if anyone’s fave is “Whom Gods Destroy.” Like “Dagger of the Mind,” “Whom Gods Destroy” takes place on a Federation “insane asylum,” this time Elba II, named after the island where Napoleon was sent into exile. Elba II has its own Napoleon, Garth if Izar (Steve Ihnat), a former fleet captain who went mad and ordered his crew to destroy a race that had helped the captain recover from an accident that had partially destroyed his body and in the process given him advanced shapeshifting powers.

The story begins with Kirk and Spock arriving at the facility to deliver a medicine that will cure the last 15 “incurably insane” people in the galaxy—which is an idea so big that it deserves a book trilogy devoted to it rather than a 48 minute teleplay. One of the peculiarities of Lee Erwin’s and Jerry Sohl’s script is that it leaves Dr. McCoy on the bridge of the Enterprise to fidgit while Kirk and Spock deliver this historic medical treatment—wouldn’t McCoy want to at least observe the curing of the last 15 mental patients in the galaxy?

It turns out the real chief of the facility, Donald Kory (Keye Luke) has been imprisoned by Garth, who’s now running the show with the rest of the inmates. In addition to being a military genius and a man who can change his shape—clothes included—at will, Garth is also a master inventor who’s created a powerful explosive that he demonstrates in the episode.

“Whom Gods Destroy” is colorful in the manner of an episode of the Sixties Batman TV series—all it’s missing is the tilted camera angles. It’s impossible not to compare this to the relative subtlety of “Dagger of the Mind,” in which an apparent raving madman is actually a victim of psychiatric treatment gone wrong and a genial, reasonable administrator is really a torturing monster. Garth has exactly one level to his character—he’s a grandly eloquent egomaniac given to fits of screaming—and Steve Ihnat is no Morgan Woodward. The more interesting performance is turned in, ironically enough, by a regular from the Batman show, Yvonne Craig as Orion slave girl Marta. She at least occasionally convinces you that there’s a sane woman somewhere at the center of her twitchy (but comely) exterior, and she gets what’s probably the episode’s best line in regard to her prisoner Spock (“Can’t I blow just one of his ears off?”).

The episode is at its best when it stops taking its premise seriously. Leonard Nimoy was vocal in his dissatisfaction with this story, noting that it was just a less-than-intelligent retread of “Dagger of the Mind” and complaining that Spock’s intelligence is shortchanged in the script, particularly when he proves incapable of quickly determining which of two Kirks in front of him is actually Garth (it’s clear from one of the first scenes in the story that Garth, no matter what guise he is in, is always just a few seconds away from a temper tantrum). Spock therefore functions best in the episode when he’s calmly needling the explosive madman as in the story’s early “party” sequence that provides a thin excuse for Marta to do a sexy dance number. Garth’s “REMOVE THIS ANIMAL!!” on the heels of one of Spock’s quite reasonable dissections of his behavior is genuinely funny.

Masquerades and torture sequences are the episode’s stock in trade (it was actually banned from the airwaves in Britain for years because of the torture scenes although they’re not much different and in fact are notably less effective than the similar “neural neutralizer” scenes in “Dagger”), but while there’s some token nods toward Kirk’s anguish about one of his former heroes turning into a madman, there’s not much drama to be had either. This is Trek at it’s most cartoonish but on that level at least it’s moderately entertaining.

CBS-D doesn’t have a great deal to do here although this is a rare case where they get to create a “non-Earthlike” planet, and the look of a lifeless gray moon covered with poisonous green mists is effective. Scenes of the Enterprise under Scotty’s command firing phasers to try to break down the facility’s defensive screen involve stock shots of the ship firing phasers culled from earlier episodes and two new shots of phaser fire hitting the surface of Elba II. Not much, but then this isn’t an episode that calls for heroic efforts.


by Matt Wright

Remastered vs. Original


Garth: Master of his domain

Marta: hot, green, crazy

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1. Andrew - May 25, 2008

An un-earhtlike planet!

2. NCC-1701 - May 25, 2008

I like the design of the planet.

3. MORN SPEAKS - May 25, 2008

I don’t care if Marta was crazy, she was hotttttt! RIP

4. jason - May 25, 2008

why do the old screenshots always look superior?

5. jimj - May 25, 2008

#4-Beats me, because I feel just the opposite, at least about these.

6. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - May 25, 2008




7. Stanky McFibberich - May 25, 2008

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but how do the phaser beams diverge from the Enterprise and then converge on one spot on the planet?

8. Tony - May 25, 2008

The remastered shot added a new effect…. Garth must now have deployed a green CW logo as a defense mechanism against Federation Starships… LOL

9. Hat Rick - May 25, 2008

Finally — a non-blue-and-white planet! A very nice change of pace.

Bring on the purple planets! :-)

By the way, I’ve been following the Phoenix Mars mission live. I have two computer screens streaming NASA TV and one cable TV screen previously tuned to CNN’s live coverage, and now to a PBS special on the mission.

Awaiting first images as I write.

Star Trek, like JPL, is all about the peaceful exploration of space. Let’s hope that future generations will see our steps as only the first in a relentless forward march in to the universe.

Surely only the mad would disagree? ;-)

10. Alternate Factor Chris - May 25, 2008

At least the Enterprise no longer goes from Grey to White to Blue to Grey again.

11. CmdrR - May 25, 2008

Garth is very good at morphing his wardrobe. He even smashes one ring while pounding on the floor, then has it good to go in the next shot. Amazing ability.

I can’t love this ep all that much. It’s so tired. So much of the costumes, jewelry, computer consoles, stock shots are recycled… along with the basic sci-fi of the mind-bender chair. (Lord Garth, couldn’t you get Desilu to get you a new costume? Why did you let them give you Galactic High Commissioner Ferris stinky hand-me-downs? And which Trek chick gave you that ring you busted, anyway?

Still, Green Batgirl be hot.

12. The Underpants Monster - May 25, 2008

“I don’t know which one to shoot!”

“Flexo! Shoot Flexo!”

Seriously, the Big E looks great in the “after” shots. Glamorous lady!

13. Andy Patterson - May 25, 2008

I met Yvonne Craig at New York comic con 7 , 8 years ago. She’s still great. She blushed when I very diplomatically told her how exciting she was to a young boy in the ’70’s.

I’d like to point out another favorite line from this episode when Garth nonchalantly threatens to beat Yvonne’s character to death. “I should have you beaten to death”. One of few gems from this episode. Plus an original Andorian,….albeit a stocky stuntman who doesn’t invest a lot into the character.

14. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - May 25, 2008

CmdrR – That costume you ridicule was pulled with my bare hands from Ferris’s stinking rotting corpse!!!! As I choked the last few breaths of life from his cursed body!!! It was Ferris whose force of miscreants first captured me at XIXON 5 and he paid for that insult!!! I proudly wear his simple garb under my magestic chinchilla trimmed Technicolor dreamcoat as a trophy and reminder to those that would defy me!!! The ring was crafted by Marta herself in the asylum craftsroom do not dare to ridicule my sweet green biotch’s gift only I can ridicule and blow my beloved to bits!!!!

15. CmdrR - May 25, 2008

It seems my needling has paid off in the form of a colorful diatribe.

Let’s see if we can up the ante.

Like your crown, Garth. Did you kill Jughead to get that, too?

16. Spockanella - May 25, 2008

Did anybody notice that when Kirk is grappling with Marta, he has green makeup on his hands? Or maybe it was just my TV, which admittedly has been behaving bizarrely lately.

17. Greg Stamper - May 25, 2008

Steve Ihnat & Yvonne Craig work well together in an episode which offers little more than 4 walls to work with (except for the surface shot where Marta is executed). It’s 3rd season after all. Bob Justman- “We didn’t have ANY Money.”

Donald Kory (Keye Luke) knows Kirk very well (first name basis). Apparently a long friendship which goes back to the Academy? Unknown.

Captain Garth was one of Kirk’s idols. The “Captain Kirk” of his time. It would be interesting if the Federation Captain in the next film turned out to be Garth.

No one has mentioned the Famous Password within this episode:
“Queen to Queen’s Level Three”
“Queen to King’s Level One”
Used it throughout College and beyond. When you meet someone who knows the answer – – you know you’ve found a fellow fan.

18. Captain Robert April - May 25, 2008

I wonder why nobody’s made a fanfilm about Garth’s early, not-cookoo-for-cocoa-puffs days….

19. Gary the Gorn - May 25, 2008

One of the “All Time Stinkers” in Trek history. Has to be the worst episode of the original series.

“Worst episode ever.” As comic book guy from the Simpsons would say. Anybody have an episode that will top it?

My Mom was bipolar so maybe a planet of crazies hit a little to close to home when I watched this as a young child.

20. Gary the Gorn - May 25, 2008

She used to parade around the house in her furry green bathrobe and jughead crown and make use kids call her Captain uh Lord Garth.

21. Chris Basken - May 25, 2008


They don’t diverge/converge. It’s perspective. Two parallel lines will appear to converge or diverge if they’re coming at you. The effect is more pronounced (and less realistic) in the original shot.

22. LOUIS G - May 25, 2008



“I had risen above this decadent weakness…
which still has you in its command, Captain.”
you have eyes but you cannot see.
Galaxies surround us,
limitless vistas !
And yet the Federation would have us grub away…
like some ants on some…
somewhat larger than usual anthill !
But I am not an insect !
I am master of the universe, and I must claim my domain.”
Limitless power…limitless!”

23. Daren Doc - May 25, 2008

it’s the same reason train tracks look diverging in one direction, then turn around, and they’re converging. yeah, that’s it. sure… train tracks. I always thought that Garth of Izar would have been a cool character to see in his heyday. ah well.

24. steve623 - May 25, 2008

Was there some reason not to show the colony on the surface of the planet? i.e. a structure? Its been so long since I’ve watched this one, I can’t remember.

25. eagle219406 - May 25, 2008

I find one thing confusing. If they didn’t know there was an inmate that could change his shape at will, why would they create a password in order to beam up? Almost like they knew something like that would happen.

26. Bryan - May 25, 2008

Not a showcase from a remastering standpoint, but well worth watching nonetheless. It’s almost like watching an episode of “The Prisoner”: camp as bunk beds, but with a genuinely unsettling undercurrent of darkness. The late Steve Ihnat, so theatrical that he makes Shatner look subdued, gives a fascinating and unpredictable performance as Garth. Obviously shot on the cheap (note the recycled Andorian and Tellarite costumes), but tense and filled with fabulous dialogue. I love Kirk’s defense of the philosophy of the Federation, and Garth’s meandering fustian. One of the handful of winners from season three, it’s compelling from beginning to end.

27. Izbot - May 25, 2008

19. “Way to Eden” is still worse (and on so many levels!). But I think this one’s on a par with “Spock’s Brain” — only Yvonne Craig single-handedly lifts it a notch above that one.

Steve Inhat was terribly cast. He’s about as threatening as Liberace — and dresses like him as well. “Behold! This bottle of conditioner in my hand is actually the MOST POWERFUL EXLOSIVE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!” And for the last 15 pychopaths in the galaxy they sure are a smiling and well-behaved lot. The feather boa around that Andorian’s neck is just too much.

It really does remind me of the old Batman TV series (why has that not been released on DVD yet?!) and for that I can forgive it for it’s many short-comings. Even the crazy guys wearing re-used Fabrini costumes remind me of any number of guest Bat-villains’ silent stunt-henchmen.

I have been bothered that CBS-D is so inconsistant about how they show phasers on stun setting. There’s no actual beam, just an impact and sound effect. I don’t care for it.

28. TidalWave - May 25, 2008

The original viewscreen shot is the color I think of when TOS bridge shots come to mind. Why did they remaster it blue/grey with muddied out railings and no outline on the screen?

Ship shots are, ..meh. Planet looks good though.

29. warptrek - May 25, 2008

#27 Even in the original FX, stun wouldn’t actually show a beam from phaser I (the small one that looks like a keyless entry thingee), stun would just show a blue splash effect.
Now I don’t remember correctly if it does show from Phaser II (probably not). Actually, for something that is not supposed to be related to lasers as far as the physics of the thing is concerned, you shouldn’t see any beam at all on any setting just like you can’t see microwaves or ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays etc….

30. OR Coast Trekkie - May 25, 2008

I think it would have been neat to see a new matte shot of the outside of the facility, especially with the phasers hitting the force-field. But that planet was very well done. If it was possible, a reworking of Garth’s changing shape to make it less weird than what they did before.

This makes me wonder… did Garth ALWAYS have shape-shifting abilities? I would guess the crew was aware of this, since they made the whole “queen to qeens level 3″ thing…. on the chance Garth escapes.

Another thing I’ve realized: there are quite a number of former starfleet captains who end up going rogue or crazy… doesn’t bode well for that job, lol! :-D

31. Gary Seven of Nine - May 26, 2008


They don’t. Let it go.

32. Ali - May 26, 2008

This episode was unshown in the UK for years – the BBC decided it was so bad they didn’t screen it.

33. Engon - May 26, 2008

Although “Kory” mentions his staff and at least one guard, he seems to be the only resident of the asylum who is not an inmate. We never see anyone else except for the “criminally insane.” Perhaps the staff is being guarded by the 5 inmates we never see. I believe, at maximum, we only see 10 out of the 15 incorrigibles. Even in the epilogue, the extra personal are all Starfleet. Where is Kory’s staff?

34. Engon - May 26, 2008

Actually, I wonder if the “torture scene” which supposedly got this episode banned in Britain might not have been the one the “rehabilitation chair” but rather the scene in which Marta is being held in the poisonous atmosphere by two inmates who are essentially asphyxiating her.

The nature and depiction of her ultimate demise is also quite striking for TV at the time. How often back then did one see a sociopath commit a senseless, cold blooded, on screen, premeditated murder for “fun?” How often did one see a victim beg for mercy only to be dismissively blown to bits? I would think that this scene woudl have been a much more likely reason for the episode to have been banned rather than the scene with the “uncomfy chair.”

35. RAMA - May 26, 2008

This episode is really bad and ridiculous!! We’ve seen lots of insane people since this episode!


36. RAMA - May 26, 2008

On a less serious note, Yvonne Graig is decidedly ordinary and kind of chunky.

37. thebiggfrogg - May 26, 2008

“Yvonne Craig is decidedly ordinary and kind of chunky.” I love those kinds of comments from guys posting on message boards. I’d love to see what the guys who make these kind of dismissive comments about women look like: my guess is more like Twinkies than Power Bars (I make no claims to buffness myself, btw).

38. Crewman Darnell - May 26, 2008

Re: 27 Izbot sums it all up, way too well… :-(

39. RTC - May 26, 2008

Yvonne Craig is stunning. Not like the anorexic actresses of today.

40. thomoz - May 26, 2008

” The more interesting performance is turned in, ironically enough, by a regular from the Batman show, Yvonne Craig as Orion slave girl Marta. She at least occasionally convinces you that there’s a sane woman somewhere at the center of her twitchy (but comely) exterior, and she gets what’s probably the episode’s best line in regard to her prisoner Spock (“Can’t I blow just one of his ears off?”).”

When i watch this episode on my projector (picture is 11 feet corner-to-corner) Yvonne is absolutely riveting, even thru the green makeup you can tell she was one of the better – and better looking – actresses of the day. When she’s onscreen my pulse speeds up – no joke!

For this reason alone I HIGHLY recommend this episode to friends.

41. thebiggfrogg - May 26, 2008

Just to refresh myself I took a look at an Yvonne Craig/Marta pic on the Internet–anyone who says she is chunky is a lunatic or at has stuck their finger down their or their girlfriend’s throats one too many times.

42. Holger - May 26, 2008

Marta is the only positive aspect I can find in this poor episode!

43. Paul - May 26, 2008

There was a novel that was a follow up to this episode titled Garth of Izar.

44. eagle219406 - May 26, 2008

I can’t understand why they would ban it in England Just because of a torture scene. I have seen things on English TV that they wouldn’t even dream of showing on American TV.

45. Leonel - May 26, 2008

So, perhaps I’m out on a limb on this one:

“Killed while trying to escape.”

“Yeah, its a classic.”

Have anyone talked about whether or not Kirk’s escape attempt from Rura Penthe in ST:VI is a reference to this episode? Other than Bones being run over by two Kirk’s, for me the two scenes have always felt quite similar..!

46. Iowagirl - May 26, 2008

C’mon guys, first we have some more classic stuff for our collection – this time it’s Euripides and Longfellow being the inspiration for the ep’s title, and we have an allusion to Dr. Livingston when Spock asks “Captain Kirk, I presume”. Then, there’s this wonderful scene when Kirk speaks about Spock as his brother, and Spock’s high-eyebrow comment about his Captain speaking with undue emotion but nevertheless being correct (paraphrasing), and the look Kirk throws at him…priceless. We were enriched by the unforgettable “Queen to queen’s level three” moment; and be honest – who has never experienced a moment of “He’s my lover and I have to kill him”? ;)

Ok, it’s an overall stupid episode, but it still has its moments – let’s appreciate them.

47. Balock - May 26, 2008

I think Spock delivers the best line in this episode… something about Batgirl devising the perfect method to ensure male fidelity…

48. John Gill - May 26, 2008

I, too, used to think this was one of the worst episodes, UNTIL I saw the remastered version this past weekend, I have a new-found interest in it now! Either it is because when I saw it back in the late 60’s I decided never to watch that crappy episode again and forgot about it, or watching it, now that I am older, I read more into the story than the costumes and props… either way I rank this episode much higher than ever before.

49. RAMA - May 26, 2008

#37: I stand by what I said. She’s not ugly by any means, but definitely ordinary. It makes me wonder why there was so much focus on her in this episode. What I would have LOVED was a decent episode with Gart of Izar demonstrating his full abilities.

And actually yeah, I’m in pretty decent shape myself.


50. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - May 26, 2008

#22 LouisG and of Course Admiral Dirty Darendoc You shall most certainly have a ships in my fleet. Admiral Dirty Daren Doc shall command the Flagship Dreadnaught Bismark II while Louis shall command the USS Loknar !!!

51. jr - May 26, 2008

nice planet.
poor episode.
BTW… The orginal planet did look more earth-like.

52. Redjac - May 26, 2008

Back in the day, Yvonne was HOT! Just the right weight…

I can’t stand the “lolly pop look” (big head on a skinny skeletal looking body) that is popular today. I don’t like anorexic looking women…gag!

53. The Lensman - May 26, 2008

“I’d love to see what the guys who make these kind of dismissive comments about women look like: my guess is more like Twinkies than Power Bars”

Except in RAMA’s case you’d be wrong. He’s been a regular on the two main Trek boards (Trekweb and TrekBBS) for a decade. He’s also posted many pictures of himself over the years. Guy is built like the friggin Hulk, no joke. He’s a serious weight lifter / body builder.

Yo RAMA! Finally found your way over here?

54. RAMA - May 26, 2008

Hi Lensy! I’m still hoping in vain for a Lensman movie! I’ve posted a few times here, mainly about STXI but also about remastered eps.


55. toddk - May 26, 2008

yes there are those today who would concider mara “fat” even karen carpenter was told she was fat even though she wasnt. Karens voice was everything, but it wasnt enough for greedy managers and record execs.

Mars’s weight honors european tastes as well as my current likes. RIP Mara and Karen.:(

56. US Taxpayer Dude - May 26, 2008

All Hail Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar!

Long live Garth!

BTW Garth – did you see your “other” scene over at Trekhistory.com? They put together a set of Lincoln Enterprise clips of you in your prime :-)

57. Mr. Bob Dobalina - May 26, 2008

This is a fun episode. That’s the beuaty of classic Trek as opposed to the spin offs, even when the story is not so great, the execution lets you enjoy it anyway. In TOS land, event he bad episodes are fun!

58. Thomas Jensen - May 26, 2008

You know, with that 5th shot down on the left side, they got fairly close to the original angle of the ship when it fired phasers in some of the original opticals, with the camera being fairly close to lower part of the saucer.

Seeing so much in the remastered efforts that is different from the original compositions, I’m always looking for those external views of the ship that are exact to the original. I’d like to have seen the shot (fourth from the top) of the ship from the back, turning to starboard downward. Sadly, they seem to never have done that one.

I also wonder why so many of the views of the ship have to be from below, the ship surely looks good from above as well. I’d have liked to have seen more of that.

The planet from orbit in this one looks like a match for the green gaseous surface set.

59. US Taxpayer Dude - May 26, 2008

Keye Luke will always be Number One Son to me – loved hom on those old movies.

Marta? Babilicious and crazy. No doubt a lot of fun on a date. The kind you want to take home to … mama? No. You would want to take her somewhere more comfortable though.

As for Yvonne Craig herself? Definitely one to take home. Not many like her any more, either actress or woman. Pity the single men out there who never got to know what they were like before the Dark Times.

60. Thomas Jensen - May 26, 2008

…This isn’t the worst third season episode. For my money, it’s, “And The Children Shall Lead”. Sure, “The Way To Eden” and “Spock’s Brain” are close, but that one with those kids…

61. Sir Mix-A-Lot - May 26, 2008

In the opening fx shot, is CBS-D using/adding film grain to the Enterprise?

Also, the amount of contrast appears to have increased on the Enterprise, for that shot. Maybe CBS-D is experimenting.

P.S. Yvonne Craig and Julie Newmar were HOT, back in the day. I just wish they both had better characters to play. I would have loved to see Julie Newmar as Elaan of Troyus and Yvonne Craig as one of Mudd’s Women.

62. Izbot - May 26, 2008

58. Agreed! The view you are writing about has always been my favorite, most iconic shot of the Big E — and CBS-D consistantly replace it every time with a shot looking down on the saucer! Totally makes no sense to me. At least in this episode we get something close to it.

61. Also agree with you! I always thought the incomparable Julie Newmar should’ve had a better character in TOS to play than in “Friday’s Child” (and been kept a brunette). But I’m pretty happy with Yvonne as Marta. That dance scene is a series highlight!

59. I love Keye Luke from his “When you can snatch the pebble from my hand” days on Kung Fu and his many voiceover jobs alongside George Takei dubbing Japanese monster movies. Ooh! and he was the voice of Zoltar on Battle of the Planets!

Still not a fan of Liberace of Izar.

63. TL - May 26, 2008

Why are the phasers always blue in the remastered shots? I wish the fx people would mix it up a bit more throgh put in some Red coloured phaser shots every now and then!

PS: I still think the CG Enterprise is missing something in comparison to the original model.

64. Janice - May 26, 2008

60. Thomas Jensen – May 26, 2008
…This isn’t the worst third season episode. For my money, it’s, “And The Children Shall Lead”. Sure, “The Way To Eden” and “Spock’s Brain” are close, but that one with those kids…

I hear you brother! “Whom Gods Destroy” has some problems, but I still find it entertaining and watchable. I can’t stand to watch “And the Children Shall Lead” – grates on my nerves.

65. US Taxpayer Dude - May 26, 2008

^62 Izbot:
Re Keye Voice-overs:

I did not know that. Is he the “We must use the Atom Bomb!” voice? Super cool if it is him!

And I got a chuckle from Liberace of Izar. The Third Season is much more enjoyable if you think of it as summer stock, don’t you think!

66. Dr. Image - May 26, 2008

This ep is entertaining as hell! I just WISH they would’ve actually broadcast it in my area.
Yvonne Craig? The ULTIMATE green girl of all time!!

#6 LG- Ah, you’ve finally gotten your moment!

Good review as always, Jeff.

67. Engon - May 26, 2008

Though I usually object to the choices made for cutting time out of broadcast episodes so that more commercials may be included, the cutting in “Whom Gods Destroy” may actually make the episode more watchable.

The entire sequence at “dinner” prior to Marta’s dance has been removed. This section was all about demonstrating the madness of the inmates and, IMHO, is fairly annoying.

On the other hand, the cut removes this entire aspect of the episode…

Garth and Marta engage in jealous banter reminiscent of Edward Albee’s 1962 play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” One of the themes of Albee’s play centers on the illusions (or delusions) that people live with in their lives – a theme which also figures more obviously in “Whom Gods Destroy.” In the 1966 film of the play, “George” and “Martha” are played by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

Hmmm. George and Martha – Garth and Marta. Coincidence?

GARTH: Keep your hands off Kirk, you treacherous thing!
MARTA: You’re jealous!
GARTH: I am above that sort of thing. The captain is annoyed by your attentions, that’s all.
MARTA: Am I annoying you, dearest?
KIRK: Uh, not really.
MARTA: He finds me fascinating and you’re bothered by it. Admit it.
GARTH: I may have you beaten to death.
MARTA: No, you won’t, because I am the most beautiful woman on this planet.
GARTH: You’re the only woman on this planet, you stupid cow.
MARTA: Well, I’m the most beautiful woman in this galaxy!
GARTH: You’re repulsive!
MARTA: I’m beautiful! And I’m intelligent too. I write poetry, and I paint marvelous pictures. And I am a wonderful dancer.
GARTH: Lies! All lies! You are the greatest liar I have ever met! Let me hear one poem you’ve written.
MARTA: If you like.
SPOCK: Captain, if you could create a diversion, I might be able to find the control room and open the force field.
KIRK: All we need is a few seconds, if Scotty has alerted security detail.
GARTH: Gentlemen, courtesy for the performer.
MARTA: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer’s lease hath all…”
GARTH: You wrote that?
MARTA: Yesterday, as a matter of fact.
GARTH: It was written by an Earth man named Shakespeare a long time ago!
MARTA: Which does not alter the fact that I wrote it again yesterday! I think it’s one of my best poems, don’t you?
GARTH: I may kill you with my bare hands! Actually, Captain, she is a superb dancer. Marta, my dear, won’t you dance for our guests? That was not a request.

68. Anthony Thompson - May 26, 2008


I’ve wondered that myself!

69. Izbot - May 26, 2008

65. RE: Keye Luke voice-overs

He narrarates “Godzilla Raids Again” (the first Godzilla sequel) and also did dubbing with George Takei on “Rodan”. And did voices in many Hanna-Barbera cartoons as well — he was Brak on “Space Ghost”. The “Godzilla Raids Again” narration is kind of irritating in that, unlike the original Japanese film which lacks narration, every single moment of the film is explained to the viewer. Only Keye’s unique voice keeps it from grating on your nerves. I could listen to him talk all day.

70. spooky - May 26, 2008

Garth looks an awful lot like Kevin Spacey. Its uncanny… it looks very much like Mr. Spacey!

71. Izbot - May 26, 2008

70. Kevin Spacey

I don’t see that at all.

72. eagle219406 - May 26, 2008

#63 Why are the phasers always blue in the remastered shots? I wish the fx people would mix it up a bit more throgh put in some Red coloured phaser shots every now and then!

PS: I still think the CG Enterprise is missing something in comparison to the original model.

After TOS the colors never changed, they were always red. So why would they need to change colors? Doesn’t it make more sense to have them one color all the time. It made no sense to have them different colors. I think the only reason they originally did that was because they couldn’t make up their mind.

And just what would you say is missing from the Remastered?

73. dep1701 - May 26, 2008

Ya gotta love the plaid golfing pants on the Andorian. so sixties! I imagine this conversation:

BILL THEISS: Bob, we’re in trouble! I’ve run out of money and we have no pants for the blue guy!

( offstage sound of a zipper being pulled down and a belt hurriedly hitting the floor )

JUSTMAN: Here! ( thrusting awful, off the rack JC Penney pants at Theiss ) Just don’t get any of that blue makeup on ’em. I’ll need them back when I go home !

74. diabolk - May 26, 2008

#4… a good imagination?

75. Buckaroohawk - May 26, 2008

Despite this episode’s obvious flaws, there is one thing that I’ve always found amazing…

…well, one thing besides Yvonne Craig…

During the final fisticuffs between Kirk and Garth, while Garth is still impersonating Kirk, they are grappling in front of the window screen in the control room. They have each other in a bear hug. Garth’s back is to the camera at first. You can clearly see Kirk’s face and can tell it’s Shatner. Then the two flip around (now Kirk’s back is to the camera). You’d expect now to clearly see the face of the stuntman playing Garth-as-Kirk, but you’d be wrong. The face you see is Shatner’s AGAIN! I’ve never figured out how they pulled that off, especially since in so many other fight scenes Shatner’s stunt double was so glaringly obvious. However they did it, though, it’s an amazing trick, very well executed.

76. That Guy - May 26, 2008

# 25 – They improvised this security code because
they were beaming down to a Planet full of
felons and shady various saucy characters.
Better be safe then sorry in this unique situation.
Now…doesn’t that make perfect sense?

77. jimj - May 26, 2008

Video??? Please????

78. eagle219406 - May 26, 2008

#4 It’s all in your head. You were so used to seeing the old images that you can’t take them being different. It’s like going to a party, you think in your head that you’re going to have a bad time before you even go, then you’re going to have a bad time.

79. Trekboi - May 26, 2008

cant believe thay didnt do a matt shot of the facility- or the shield being hit bt the phasers- damn it!
its cruel & unusual punishment to give us matt shots like in “dagger of the mind” then leave us with the same repettitive re-used shots for “whom gods destroy”
but shouldnt be too surprised- did anyone notice they didnt even re do the first starbase shot from court martial- just imposed a shuttle flying over the painted background…

80. Engon - May 26, 2008


The answer is that Shatner’s stunt double resembles him somewhat more than usual – certainly more than in the two-shots in “The Enemy Within.”

One trick that helps to “sell” the shot you’re talking about is the fact that the real Shatner quickly grips the double’s face when they swing around, hiding all of the double’s features. The only identifying feature you can see at that at that point is the double’s hairline which is a dead ringer for Shatner’s hairline.

81. Engon - May 27, 2008

And what is the deal in the syndicated episode with Garth’s line of “How are your nerves, Kirk?” being laid in over the view screen shot at the tail end of a bridge sequence? [see the SFX video above]. I haven’t really noticed this kind of cutting and pasting with the soundtrack before.

Apparently, someone decided to cut the brief bit in which Garth tosses the high explosive to his henchmen and laughs as they bobble it. It’s an interesting choice to cut for syndication. As with the huge section cut out of the dinner sequence, the effect is to make Garth appear less mad.

The odd pasting of the soundtrack over a previous scene seems intended to cover up the cutting of the bobble incident, since Garth’s “How are your nerves, Kirk” actually occurs in a shot in which he appears with his henchmen just after he has taken back the explosive from them.

Of course, Kirk’s response of “All I can say, Garth, if it happens to me it happens to you” no longer makes any sense.

I’m surprised that there isn’t more outrage at the way key moments in the original version of Star Trek are essentially sliced and diced in syndication. For my money, the most egregious example was this exchange from “Amok Time” in which T’Pau speaks a line synthesized from two others.


T’PAU: It is said …thy Vulcan blood is thin. Are thee Vulcan …or are thee human?
SPOCK: I burn … T’Pau. My eyes … are flame. My heart … is flame. Thee has the power, T’Pau. In the name … of my fathers, forbid …forbid! T’Pau …I plead … with thee! I beg!
T’PAU: Thee has prided thyself on thy Vulcan heritage. It is decided.


It is said…(Cut to brief shot of Spock, then back to T’Pau.)…thee has prided thyself on thy Vulcan heritage. It is decided.

82. FredCFO - May 27, 2008

A whole 45 seconds of SFX.

It would have been nice to see the pressure dome and the detonation of Marta from orbit.

83. bdrcarter - May 27, 2008

#53 It doesn’t matter if RAMA is built like the “friggin’ Hulk” or a “twinkie.” His non-sequitur remarks about Yvonne Craig’s appearance are childish and shallow. Maybe in his world the amount of focus a character gets in an episode is directly proportionate to their physical attractiveness. I hope that’s not the case for the majority of posters here. For an apparent Star Trek fan in the 21st century to utter such tripe is simply bewildering…IMHO.

84. LOUIS G - May 27, 2008


THANK YOU…LORD GARTH for granting me command of the USS Loknar! I shall serve you well & my brothers in the masters of the universe (not the he-man version) How many conditioner bottles of ‘The most powerful explosive in all the universe” will you grant me to vaporize my enemies with? Oh, can I borrow Marta for the night for some “poetry”, please?

85. Jon - May 27, 2008

I normally 100% agree with you, Mr. Bond; however, you are the missing mark in one crucial area that saves this episode–Steve Ihnat’s performance as the former Capt. Garth is BRILLIANT! The bureacratic lines–applicable to every job/business–are hilarious, gritty and wickedly appropriate! His “over the top” performance is a stellar recreation of a madman in his pinnacle of power! “You doubt me Mr. Bond, only because I have not as of yet had my coronation.” :0) Thank you for your reviews! They are consistenly accurate, provacative and interesting to read.

86. Engon - May 27, 2008

Ihnat also starred opposite Robert Duvall in the two part Outer Limits episode “The Inheritors.” Edward Asner went out of his way to mention Ihnat in Asner’s Emmy acceptance speach following Inhat’s death in 1972 at the age of 37. Ihnat was only 34 when he played the supposedly much more senior Garth of Izar to 37-year-old William Shatner’ s James Kirk.

87. FredCFO - May 27, 2008

I just saw Steve Ihnat in a guest appearance on “It Takes A Thief” with Malachi Throne and Lawrence Montaigne. (Speaking of Ihnat).

88. The Underpants Monster - May 27, 2008

I’m a hetero female, and I still find Yvonne Craig incredibly sexy in this episode.

89. RAMA - May 27, 2008

#83: How are they a non sequitur? As I watched the episode that’s what I thought about that one aspect of the show. I only mentioned it here because I saw the comments about her and they simply didn’t match my own perception. All the comments about her had nothing to do with her character or acting but her looks. Didn’t you notice?

90. The Underpants Monster - May 28, 2008

Well, her sexiness in that part had a lot to do with her acting, IMO, and not just her physical appearance.

91. John in Canada, eh? - May 28, 2008

Far from a great episode, true: and yet, this one brings something to the table that “Way to Eden” and “Spock’s Brain” (and perhaps “The Apple”, and a list of others) do not: it’s watchable. I enjoyed watching it, whereas sitting through “Brain” is a form of mental torture that exceeds anything on screen for this episode.

92. Josh - May 28, 2008

Your comments are all very magnanomous! These comments are mildly amusing/nostalgic and remaniscent of child like statements. I’m sorry but I doubt all of you, no doubt, because you have not as of yet had your coronations.

93. carlos - May 29, 2008

For courtmartial they should have had a moranda class vessel with the old style warp nacelles. Also they should have had a small fleet leave during the klingon versus federation battle that those organians stopped.

What’s the purpose of remastering if they aren’t going to add to it?

Also I noticed that omega glory episode lost the 2nd ship after awhile. You would think they would have kept it in the shot.

Also you could shoot phasers from other places.

I just don’t see the point if your aren’t going to do it right.

94. Sean4000 - May 29, 2008

Carlos, I understand you. I can sympathize to the nth degree.

95. neonknights - May 30, 2008


Shatner’s stunt double in this episode was Paul Baxley, a regular stand-in for Shatner who played Ensign Freeman in “The Trouble with Tribbles” and other smaller roles throughout the series.

96. Engon - May 30, 2008


If it’s Paul Baxley, he looks a lot more like Shatner in this episode than he did in “Trouble with Tribbles.”

97. Engon - May 30, 2008

Check out this image. That is not Shatner, it’s his stunt double…


Compare to this image of Baxley…


98. Captain Archer - September 4, 2008

“why do the old screenshots always look superior?”

What are you smoking? The original Enterprise had an identity crisis in the original shots. Im a pilot E! No a series E! Wait? GRRRRR

99. Loop - November 23, 2008

I can’t figure why folks have it in for the third season. The worst show of all the original series is ‘The Alternative Factor’, which is just embarrassingly stupid. Misused terms, completely pointless
and meandering logic-free script. Whom Gods Destroy used to annoy me when I was a kid but now I kind of like it because Steve Ihnat is so charismatic. I remember watching it and thinking, “how come this guy isn’t a bigger star?” The answer was because he was DEAD. He died in 1972 or something. Ed Asner made some speech about him at the Emmy Awards that year, what a great guy he was. People out in the audience dabbing their eyes: oh we lost another genius. Screaming pot smokers at the after-party: “He was brilliant” (imagine the word ‘brilliant’ in italics cause I’m too lazy to see if I can do it on this web page)

100. Caroline Miniscule - August 16, 2009

I also am a big fan of Steve Ihnat’s. He certainly does play this role very flamboyantly…perhaps because there was a brand new director at the helm who let the actors do whatever they wanted. Watch any other Ihant performance, he’s usually much more subdued. His Mission Impossible episodes are classics. There’s a tribute website to him, called Brief Candle.

As for Yvonne Craig’s “chunkiness” – get real. There was a funny news article a couple of days ago. Pot bellies are “in” for men, now. But of course if a woman isn’t a bag of bones, she’s fat.

101. Caroline Miniscule - August 16, 2009

oh, forgot to say, if people are interested in a background story on Garth of Izar, and why his madness took the form it took, check out


and for a few rewritten scenes from the episode itself…


102. Chris Dalton - February 13, 2010

Steve Ihnat was one of the best character actor’s that graced both late Sixties and early Seventies Cinema and Television. WHOM GODS DESTROY was an excellent Star Trek episode, and in my opinion, certainly better than the first season dud DAGGER OF THE MIND(which WGD has been constantly compared with over four decades).

Ihnat’s performance as Garth Of Izar was really multi-dimensional and real. At first I had him mistaken for singer/actor Andy Williams(since Steve did resemble him). He just had the ability to make a character real and convincing with that marvelous speaking voice he once had. You could tell that he was clearly enjoying the role and having fun acting it out.

Definately one of the best Star Trek episodes and one that produced a sequel from Pocket Books back in 2002 called GARTH OF IZAR.

If you haven’t read the sequel, check it out. It’s worth the read.

103. nx-2000 - April 10, 2010

#102 – Garth of Izar is actually my favorite Star Trek novel, especially since it gave Captain Garth such a detailed, realistic, and honorable portrayal and Garth himself one of my favorite characters. You get to see the man Garth really is, and as Admiral Mendez notes, Kirk really did take Garth as a model; his unconventional brilliance, his wiliness, and his willingness to bend or even break the rules to do the right thing were traits that he essentially picked up from Garth. When you see Kirk and Garth working together in the novel, it really does seem like Kirk is a younger version of his hero, the Garth of his generation.

I was also deeply touched by Garth’s reflections on his life in Starfleet and whether or not he’d outgrown the service, because it’s very much like how many veterans in the real-life military ponder the service that they had given so much to, and had believed so much in – the sacrifices and achievements that had sapped so much from them over the course of decades, something that, for Garth, weighs down even harder because of his added burden of guilt. The novel was a great way to bring his story full-circle, and give him an end that he deserved.

104. nx-2000 - April 10, 2010

*Garth himself became one of my favorite characters”* – sorry!

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