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FedCon USA Cancelled After One Day [UPDATED] June 14, 2008

by John Champion , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Interview , trackback

This morning in Dallas, Texas, shortly after the start of the second day of the first ever FedCon USA, the show was cancelled. At 11:14 AM (Central Time), after the first Saturday guest (John Billingsley) finished his appearance, the show MC came out on stage announced that the convention was closed due to poor attendance.


“It’s Over”
This morning the second day of Fedcon USA started off with John Billingsley (Phlox – Star Trek Enterprise) and his wife Bonita Freidericy (who guested on Enterprise) entertaining the crowd with thoughts and anecdotes on Star Trek Enterprise as well as jokes about Billingsley’s Enterprise cast mates. As their appearance was finishing up with Q&A, FedCon USA MC Richard Anderson came on stage and told the crowd “we have no choice but to cancel the remainder of the event." Billingsley and Friedericy stayed on stage after Anderson’s announcement and vowed to "stay until all questions are answered."

Anderson cited the lower-than-expected attendance, saying organizers "were hoping for people to show up" and again repeated "we have no choice." When asked if they would finish up with the planned guests for Saturday, Anderson said "It’s over as of 10 minutes ago." Anderson did say that convention goers would get a full refund. Those who bought their tickets at the event were able to get their refunds immediately but those who bought in advance were told they would get refunds "at a later date." Anderson noted that FedCon USA organizer and founder of Trek United Tim Brazeal (who was not at the event due to illness) would "go into personal debt" to pay back all attendees.

As of noon Saturday the main hall and the dealers room have been closed, but the autograph room remains open (and will stay open until 4PM). Some of the guests including Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker – Enterprise), JG Hertzler (Martok – DS9) and Robert O’Reilly (Gowron – TNG & DS9) are in the autograph room signing for the fans. Hertzler and O’Reilly are in costume.

O’Reilly and Hertzler in the Autograph Room Saturday
(with Mary Czerwinski of DVD Geeks)

FedCon USA is no FedCon Germany
FedCon Germany is known for putting together some of the best organized and largest conventions in the world, but apparently this event was ‘FedCon’ in name only.  Billingsley told the crowd "this has nothing to do with FedCon Germany…I think that was frankly somewhat misleading." Anderson informed the crowd that FedCon Germany, who had licensed the name to Brazeal "pulled out in January." Friedericy apologized to the audience saying "I’m so sorry, so sorry for you all." Mark B. Lee of FedCon Germany has written a statement on the FedCon USA Board noting how FedCon Germany discontinued their association with FedCon USA back in January.

Autograph Room at FedCon USA Saturday

Friday: Relaxed start – first signs of trouble
Friday night FedCon USA started off with a relaxed party atmosphere. Attendees mingled with celebrity guests like Connor Trinneer, Garrett Wang, J. G. Hertzler, and Menina Fortunato. The intimate setting allowed everyone to relax and interact on a level that is rare at conventions. The opening ceremonies were highlighted by an appearance of stormtroopers from the local 501st legion, and John Billingsley jumped in as ringleader, crashing the other introductions and pouring drinks for everyone on stage. Late at night, one cast entertained with a live "Rocky Horror" in the main convention room while Billingsley and his wife Bonita serenaded and danced with the crowds at a separate party. However, the first signs of trouble were also evident Friday night, with some of the ‘confirmed’ guests not showing up, including Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather – Enterprise),  Aaron Douglas and James Callis (Chief Tyrol and Gaius Baltar on the new Battlestar Galactica).

You can actually read comments directly from Douglas about the reasons he did not show up on the FedCon USA Forum. Douglas cites how the con never came through with promised plane tickets and makes it clear that he and Callis are not happy with Brazeal and the FedCon USA organizers and apologizes to the fans.

Friday night at FedCon USA


UPDATE: FedCon spokesman explains what happened
Chuck Ballard, Tim Brazeals’s son and on-site organizer and spokesperson talked to TrekMovie.com about the demise of FedCon USA.

Interview was conducted by DVD Geek’s Mary Czerwinski (aka ‘TeleVixon’), reporting from FedCon for TrekMovie.com.

TrekMovie.com: Where was the breakdown?
Chuck Ballard: I don’t think we were too ambitious. The biggest matter was disorganization. Tim is very smart, but we were spread thin, and some areas didn’t get covered.

TrekMovie: When was the decision made and was it your decision to close the convention?
Chuck Ballard: Yes, this was my decision…Last night, I was going to call it, but the hotel wanted to work with me to keep it open. We ran some numbers last night, and [the hotel’s] administrative staff were trying to make it work. This morning it fell apart. If I try to keep carrying this on, it’s going to hurt more people – not so much the fans, but the talent. John (Billingsley) has really stepped up to bat.

TrekMovie: Does Tim [Brazeal] know you cancelled it?
Ballard: At this point, he knows. Tim knows he’s the fall guy and a lot of people are going to hate him, and I feel for him. I’ll try to help him as much as I can.

TrekMovie: There are rumors that a lot actors didn’t get their plane tickets in advance and that is why they are not here?
Ballard: A lot of the actors had to cancel. I think [the talent coordinators] just waited to book the flight until they have confirmation. You never know. A week or a month before they may have to pull out.

TrekMovie: Have they been compensated for their time – are they getting their rate or a reduced rate?
Ballard:  Everyone as much as possible. Not everyone has gotten paid.

TrekMovie: Can you resurrect this con–what about the future?
Ballard: As for other conventions, Tim’s done.


That says it all


John Champion is reporting from FedCon for TrekMovie.com and DVD Geeks. DVD Geeks (which John produces) is a fan-oriented DVD review and commentary show on the America One Television Network. For more information check out DVDGeeks.TV



1. andoriano - June 14, 2008

pues mira que es raro que se suspenda una convencion en USA, sobre todo una con la importancia de esta por poca asistencia, lo mismo es la crisis ;(

2. Xai, (remembering the Boy Scouts and Flood Victims of Iowa) - June 14, 2008


3. RTC - June 14, 2008

Wow. Stunning and disappointing. Let’s hope this is a quirk and not a sign of things to come for future conventions.

4. That One Guy - June 14, 2008


I hope so. It doesn’t seem like this kind of thing would happen very often. It’s most likely a quirk. “Crisis” indeed.

5. Irishtrekkie - June 14, 2008

@3 , well i dont think so, converntions are still populour , but its more the big few ones now days , and i know you can put 100s of hours of work into putting one on and not getting anything back
( i once looked into what it would take to hold a sci fi conversation where i live ( Dublin ) as there had not been one for years ,and i know people would go , but the cost of holding one and trying to get guest etc , it was just impossible , so i have the respect for the people who manage to hold successfull ones every year and for the people running fedcon usa who i am sure tried really hard to make it work .

6. Thomas - June 14, 2008

That’s disappointing. We know a lot of work goes into putting these conventions together. Maybe they will be able to get something going next year. Does anyone know how far in advance this convention was announced?

7. lennier1 - June 14, 2008

Reading Aaron Douglas´ (nuBSG´s Chief Tyrol) side of the story is a rather sobering experience: http://fedconusa.com/community/index.php?act=Search&nav=au&CODE=show&searchid=55422e4fe0d3e0d45b46e27d2546710e&search_in=posts&result_type=posts

8. Lou - June 14, 2008

one thing i don’t get is why in the world are there so many conventions?
there’s been like 8 in the last month already.
how ’bout those klingon kostumes only get dug out of the bottom of the closet once per year, eh?

9. Marc B. Lee - June 14, 2008

This statement was posted by me on their board in representation of our past involvement with FedconUSA:

An Official Statement from Fedcon GmbH (Germany’s originator for the title FEDCON. GmbH is known as INC. in the states)

This could end up being a rather long statement but for the sake of the headache I already have from reading all of the disparaging news, I’ll try to make it brief.

I would hope that all of the fans involved with the emotions that were initiated by guest cancellations and lack of communication has had time to ponder their association with the FEDCON family. I cannot speak for the FEDCONUSA team because we were not involved in its execution and I would be overstepping my boundaries as a representative of FEDCON GmbH.

FEDCONUSA was an experiment that was early abandoned by its corporate offices in Germany for various reasons. Tim Brazeal and his group were given permission for a one time usage of its name for this event only. We had no reason to deny his request for we found Tim to be an honored friend of ours.

FEDCON GmbH is in no way distancing itself from FEDCONUSA and would have found this statement unnecessary had not one of its scheduled actors expressed the full effects this event had brought upon him via his justifiable posts on the forum board. We understand his confusion and disappointment.

FEDCON GmbH has operated its events successfully in Germany for 16 years with our last April event having an attendance of approx. 5000+ happy fans from 30 countries, including the USA. We value our friendships and professionalism amongst both the fans and the actors we invite and would like to insure that however this event turns out for all of you, FEDCONUSA executed its best in providing you with the entertainment value they sought out to achieve. We are well aware of differences of opinion in the handling of this event but let’s hope that after the weekend is over, good things can be said about their hard work in giving you an enjoyable experience. We have no idea how the pre-planning for this event would have turned out had we kept out involvement with it but I’d like to assure you all that not all things turn out as some would have hoped them to be.

Tim Brazeal and his well rounded team are doing their best to make you all happy, even though we know on a few occasions, that could be an impossible thing to do. I hope to verbally speak with Aaron Douglas soon and provide him with more confidence in his future dealings with FEDCON GmbH.

As for FEDCONUSA, I wish them good luck for this weekend.

Marc B. Lee
American Business Manager
Email: fedconusa1@embarqmail.com

Note: Although we stood by Tim and his team to carry on with their initial plans, they understood that this was their “baby” and the only connection between our Germany events and theirs was in name only. I would hope that in light of recent events, that they would honor their responsibilities to the disappointed fans and never try this again without our people in place to insure it’s success.

10. D - June 14, 2008

I’m not surprised at the low turnout at all…

Conventions have just become too commercial, which is one of the reasons I don’t go to them anymore. I realize the organizers want to make money, and I don’t fault them for that, but the conventions I went to in the late eighties-early nineties had an entirely different “feel” to the last couple I’ve attended.

It used to be you went to conventions partially so you could actually interact with the rest of the fanbase, hang out with people as dedicated to Star Trek, (or Star Wars, or BSG, or whatever) as you were. The internet has made that part of the equation less of a draw. The little trinckets you could only purchase at a convention are now up for grabs at reasonable prices on Ebay all the time.

The growth of the constant internet “convention” has resulted in the only draw being the actors, who reasonably want to be compensated for their time, and are not having to beg for table scraps anymore. The fall out of pricing has made conventions cost far more than many people honestly feel they are worth. Add to that the current economic situation, and you have convention cancelation.

11. Thomas - June 14, 2008

7. I followed the link you posted, and read through the FedCon thread. Aaron Douglas was really pissed off at the organizers for essentially screwing Aaron over and those who went to Dallas to see him and James. It sounds like the organizers are just trying to cover themselves. In my last post, I said I hoped they would be able to get something going next year. If a convention is this poorly managed, to the point where would-be guests are blackballing you, you need to just close up shop.

12. Mitja Iskric - June 14, 2008

I’m so sad that the name FEDCON is used because the REAL FedCon is in Germany and it it truly an amazing event.

13. M. - June 14, 2008

So could someone explain to me why they couldn’t finish out the day atleast? I mean they should have atleast given the fans that much. I don’t care if they had to pay the guests and convention hall out of their own pockets. If they promised a show, then they’d better deliver. Have they no shame, or is the who convention circuit becomming a SLANTED FEDORA fiasco?!

Any thoughts…

14. Sirmartman - June 14, 2008


:o (

15. Paul Martin - June 14, 2008

Poor folks! Totally off topic, just watched of gods and men part 3…… interesting….

16. Psytce - June 14, 2008

Very disappointed, I was on my way to this and the person I was meeting there called to tell me this news. This was going to be my first convention since 1978. I went to the Star Trek convention at the Statler Hilton in New York from 1973 to 78. I was going because I have really been into trek lately and I wanted to see what had changed since I last went to a convention.

I sure hope this doesn’t effect other conventions feeling about having a convention in Dallas or else I’ll never get back to one.

17. Daoud - June 14, 2008

Aaron Douglas is such an amazing fellow… Read what he wrote before they remove the whole thing.

He’s clearly the Richard Hatch of nuBSG.

And why am I not surprised that a certain Tim is right in the middle of yet another quasi-scam.

18. Reginald_Barclay - June 14, 2008

I went around noon. This was to be my first Star Trek convention since I was a kid. The organizers were very upset about the situation and very apologetic. I can’t imagine planning something for a year only to have it collapse like this. I am impressed that they are giving full refunds given that nowadays it seems like most things are on a no refund basis. I still got to meet the stars in the autograph room and that made the trip fun.

19. RedShirtWalking - June 14, 2008

This is just a low-rent move by the FedCon USA organizers–closed after one day. Talk about a blatant disrespect of the customer.

FedCon USA is dead to Aaron Douglas and they should be dead to us all, too.

20. CmdrR - June 14, 2008

That’s rough.

21. Jeffrey S. Nelson - June 14, 2008

Borgus frat.

22. Orb of the Emissary - June 14, 2008

WOW! Unbelievable. Maybe they would save a little bit of money by continuing for the rest of the day rather than shutting down immediately and refunding everyone. The fans are the ones who are the victims here.

23. elyse - June 14, 2008

Blast, didn’t get to see what Aaaron wrote. It’s a bad sign for a convention to remove posts from their guests. And sure, are they gonna refund the airfare and hotel costs to all the fans who traveled to the con? I see a lawsuit pending…

24. Andy Patterson - June 14, 2008

I just finished up working a music camp all this week with the week long work schedule ending with a concert on Saturday. I was planning on heading back to Dallas and attending tomorrow’s activities. I guess that’ll save me the trouble of finishing my “Assignment: Earth” T-shirt tonight to wear around there. Beyond that,…this is a big bummer. Something about this is unsettling and beyond sad news.

25. Dan - June 14, 2008

I don’t think FedCon is just dead to Aaron Douglas. It’s just dead period. The saving graces were John and his wife Bonita, they really stuck it out and even Garrett Wang came from beginning to end they were there.

I’m here now and I’m told that there’s more to the story than what we know and I was like, “Well, that’s not cryptic at all.”

How is he able to run a studio, sci fi studios but he couldn’t run a convention?

One of the guys on the forum who run things actually said that Friday went really well in his opinion.

What does he think he is, a Jedi?

26. COMPASSIONATE GOD - June 14, 2008

Re: “10. D – June 14, 2008
I’m not surprised at the low turnout at all…

Conventions have just become too commercial, which is one of the reasons I don’t go to them anymore. I realize the organizers want to make money, and I don’t fault them for that, but the conventions I went to in the late eighties-early nineties had an entirely different “feel” to the last couple I’ve attended.

It used to be you went to conventions partially so you could actually interact with the rest of the fanbase, hang out with people as dedicated to Star Trek, (or Star Wars, or BSG, or whatever) as you were. The internet has made that part of the equation less of a draw. The little trinckets you could only purchase at a convention are now up for grabs at reasonable prices on Ebay all the time.

The growth of the constant internet “convention” has resulted in the only draw being the actors, who reasonably want to be compensated for their time, and are not having to beg for table scraps anymore. The fall out of pricing has made conventions cost far more than many people honestly feel they are worth. Add to that the current economic situation, and you have convention cancelation.”

Excellent points.

I’ll add that Star Trek itself has far too many cons–or cons with a gaggle of former Trek stars in attendance. Cons used to be special events (I recall going to several, massive Trek cons in the 70s-mid 80s), but now–especially at a time when the franchise is a burned-out shell, what would be the reason for going–unless the truly big Trek stars (Shatner, Nimoy, et al) show up.

Your internet point regarding merchandising is all too true–even though there are some merchants who will only sell certain items at cons (where impulse purchases on expensive are more common than the ‘net) , and a few are not even represented on the internet, still, there’s not much you cannot find if you browse long enough–and one does not have to be aware of dealer’s tables’ daily schedules.

Trek needs a vacation from exposure of any kind for a long while, but with a new film coming next year, I dont know if the disinterested fans (of the kind who did not show up to the con) will even care about any new Trek.

27. Miguel - June 14, 2008

Wait wait, Brazeal was doing it? The guy who lead the defunct ‘save enterprise’ campaign?

Definitely no surprise then.

28. Marv - June 14, 2008

Trek conventions in the 90s had more of a grassroots feel to it. You could buy things like the Fantastic Four 80s movie that you couldnt find anywhere else.

Too bad it can’t continue like that.

29. Thomas - June 14, 2008

It does seem like there’s always news of an upcoming convention. I went to one so long ago that all I really remember of it was that it was in Glendale, CA. About how many are held in a year, can anyone give a ballpark figure? Also, is there a “convention season”, a time of year when there seem to be a greater number of conventions then other times of the year?

30. Scooter - June 14, 2008

Could it be that Trek is no longer as popular as it once was and these conventions have worn out their welcome? Just a thought….

31. Viking - June 14, 2008

A few observations from On High:

– It looks like it was a real goat f*ck from the get-go, but guys like John, Connor, and Garrett salvaged the evening for those in attendence. Good for them – it’s like Bob O. popping in here from time to time: you earn a lot of respect by showing that you put your trousers on one leg at a time like the rest of us. We don’t forget that sort of thing – ever.

– I read Aaron’s posts, and he sounds righteously (and justifiably) pissed to High Heaven. If – and I repeat, IF – there was some sort of active swindle going on, I hope Justice holds the offending parties correspondently accountable. Subterfuge on any level irks the hell out of me.

– O’Reilly looks like he’s been thumbing his nose at the salad bar a little too often these days. C’mon, Bob, you’re making JG look like a Slim-Fast spokesmodel! LOL

– Two words: Mary Czerwinski. (RROWWWRR! *PANT*PANT*PANT*PANT*) :-)

32. lostrod - June 14, 2008

I can sympathize with the organizers.

Back in the day when conventions were fan events rather than commercial events I organized a Star Trek fan club in Pismo Beach, California. The club did so well we thought it would be nice to do a convention.

We got a movie theater to let us use their facility for the event so all the movies were show own a big screen rather than “sheets on a wall” which was the norm for the time. We screened movies like “2001”, “Forbidden Planet” and the “Man Who Fell to Earth”. I got Robby the Robot as master of ceremonies.

Sci Fi icons last Forrest J. Ackerman showed up along with some classic authors. We couldn’t afford the fees charged by George Takei and James Doohan.

Everyone agreed it was the best convention ever. But due to timing and a flu epidemic, the turnout was extremely low. I lost a lot of money as a result.

The only convention I was involved with after that was one that a shopping mall asked me to coordinate. They paid all the expenses. Even that one had issues because I had the mall book Robby the Robot again. He was a no show because he was damaged during filming of a “Mork and Mindy” episode the night before.

33. Viking - June 14, 2008

“He was a no show because he was damaged during filming of a “Mork and Mindy” episode the night before.”

What a hideous way to end up on injured reserve………LMAO

34. Marvin the Martian - June 14, 2008

“He was a no show because he was damaged during filming of a “Mork and Mindy” episode the night before.”

Sorry to laugh, but… that’s really funny.

35. Viking - June 14, 2008

“He was a no show because he was damaged during filming of a “Mork and Mindy” episode the night before.

Sorry to laugh, but… that’s really funny.”

Some pictures just paint themselves, yes? LOL

36. Blake powers - June 14, 2008

I was gonna go but I’m currently out of the country. Makes since that not that Many people showed up around Dallas. (Texas jokes to be MADe at a later date) (not serious hatred I just love the razorbacks)

37. Colonel West - June 14, 2008

@ 27:

Miguel, Yeah it was that same gangster that took a lot of people for a ride with his save enterprise scheme. I was thinking of heading myself but as soon as I saw this chancer was involved I knew a lot of people were going to be disappointed. I just spent the last few hours reading up on what happened & unfortunately it seems my gut was right & this guy was at it again. & I can’t believe no-one has mentioned it before you!

I’m fully behind the talent & the fans who have got ripped off (possibly again) by the same shyster, ffs Aaron Douglas & James Callis were willing to fly in at the last possible second if they got their tickets in time AND bring the season finale before it aired on scifi!!!

It seems John Billingsley & his wife were absolute legends from what I’ve read online & heard from a friend who was local and went, like the band on the titanic that just kept playing is what comes to mind. Brazeal either has the worst luck ever or he should be done for fraud!!!!

38. Son - June 14, 2008

The discussion on the FedCon boards that was linked to in the above post….the discussion was heated and hardcore and I can’t say I blame the people for being pissed one bit.

39. Redjac - June 14, 2008


Who closes a convention midstream?!

How did they pay the guests?

Unbelievable! I’d have been one pissed off puppy had I paid money to go to that convention.

40. Chris Clow - June 14, 2008

Wow. This is truly disappointing just on a personal level. I feel really sorry for the organizers who lost money because of this event, and hope that everything works out alright.

41. Michael Nelson - June 14, 2008

My name is Michael Nelson, and I am part of the Executive Committee for FenCon (with an N), a Dallas-based, non-profit, literary science fiction convention.

Our organization – the Dallas Future Society, which holds FenCon (www.fencon.org) – is in no way, shape or form associated with FeDConUSA.

We first heard about that organization last year, and were somewhat taken aback that they had chosen a name so close to ours, seeing as we had been in existence for over four years at that time.

We are working on a press release which we plan to send to as many SF related information sources as possible to explain that this similarity in names should not reflect on our organization or convention.

FenCon prides itself on being a successful, non-profit, fan-run convention, which is operated in a professional manner. We always strive to show the highest respect to both our guests and members.

If you feel the need and have opportunity to spread this information to other SF professionals or fans, we would greatly appreciate the effort. As you know, a convention such as ours relies heavily on word of mouth, and any negative implications can be unintentionally damaging.

Thank you for your attention.

Michael Nelson

42. Marc B. Lee - June 14, 2008

Ummm….Hi Michael. Sorry. Not to nitpick or anything but FEDCON has been in existence for 16 years. I can understand your confusion tho.

FEDCON USA was allowed to use our name (although we are regretting that now) for reasons too numerous to name here.


Marc B. Lee
American Business Manager

43. Michael Nelson - June 14, 2008

Hi, Marc.

Yes, our group knows about FEDCON Germany. We were referring to the fact that a similarly named con in the USA was being set up in Dallas.

And nothing against FEDCON GERMANY, of course. Lots of good things have been said.

44. lennier1 - June 14, 2008

In case they try to hide the posts from comment #7: http://www.zshare.net/download/13634390d2c945e6/

45. The Angry Klingon - June 14, 2008

I found it interesting also that Mr Douglas seems to share a lot of the animosity that a lot of us have toward Creation Cons…he is obviously in tune with the fans and has nothing but disdain for Cremation…errrr…Creation Con as well.

46. Marc B. Lee - June 14, 2008

No problem Michael. I understand and thanks for understanding too. We are reeling at what has occurred and kicking ourselves in the butt for the usage of our name.

Off topic: I’m Dragon*Con’s charity and art show auctioneer as well as base runner announcer. I should take a look at FENCON someday. I’ve heard good things as well.

We return you to our regularly scheduled program: DEATH TO CONVENTIONS

47. Redjac - June 14, 2008

I agree the Creation cons held around the country are lame but the Vegas convention and the Grand Slams are great!

48. Closettrekker - June 14, 2008

#37—I’ve never been to a convention myself, but I have always been a huge Trek fan, and I would hate to think that fellow fans had been abused in any way or taken advantage of as you have suggested with those remarks.

Can you elaborate? It seems as though you are making some serious inferences, perhaps of improprieties on the part of the convention’s organizers, as opposed to this being chalked up to unfortunate, yet honest, incompetence. Does this person have a history of dishonest practices? I’m unfamiliar with the “Save ENT” campaign you spoke of.

49. sebimeyer - June 14, 2008

wow, simply wow.

I have been quite a few FedCons in Germany and this seems to be about as far the opposite of the awesome, well organized conventions I’ve gotten to know as FedCon.

I can only imagine how much the FedCon Germany regretting ever giving the rights to their name to such a financial disaster.

Sad in every way. (Besides, a FedCon without Marc B Lee as MC? Madness I say!)

50. toddk - June 14, 2008

well..Nice to see gowron and martok in costume..I might have gone to texas just to meet them :) and yes I agree that sometimes too many conventions isnt such a good idea. Too many people figuring they can just catch the next one in a couple months..:(

51. Jeff - June 15, 2008

Tim Brazeal was responsible for a site named Trek United and ran a “save the Enterprise” tv show a couple of years back by asking fans to put up money- he ran a lot of bogus information that Paramount was listening to them and in the end it fell apart and he had to give back everyone their money.

I’m not surprised this thing collapsed- “sticky fingers” Brazeal is a minor league scam artist who can’t even get his scams right.

52. Jim Durdan - June 15, 2008

Tim Brazeal was behind this???? I have to say I am amazed that the bunco squad didn’t close this down.

I feel sorry for the people who paid in advance. I suspect they will have a long wait till they get their monies back. As Jeff said Tim Brazeal is a scammer. Brazeal is the character who tried to raise millions of dollars from Trek fans to produce a 5th season of Enterprise. He claimed that he and Paramount were in deep discussion over the possibilities. Even after Paramount publically denounced him, he maintained that he was in negotionations. Finally Paramount started making noises that they would persue the matter legally against Brazeal and he backed off. But it still took weeks if not months for all the money that had been contributed to be refunded.

Anything this man touches is suspect………beware

53. SD - June 15, 2008

FedCon Germany would better have realized earlier that even lending its name to FedConUSA might give a bad reputation by association.

What a stupid idea. Gnaaaa. /annoyed German fan here

(I’ve attended one big FedCon Germany with Nimoy in 2005 and it was great! Recommended con event!)

54. US Taxpayer Dude - June 15, 2008

Poorly managed. Period end of discussion.

The dude that plays Chief Tyrol seemed very reasonable to this long-time Road Warrior. I wouldn’t fly from Canada to Texas on anything less than business class either. It’s a crappy thing to fly in the New World Order. Humiliating, time consuming, uncomfortable. Not much to ask — a seat with some shoulder and leg room — when you are asked to drop everything and come on by for a weekend visit.

55. Bea - June 15, 2008

as a german citizen this year I’ve attended my 15th FedCon in germany and every single one was a great success. Anyway for the fans but also for the actors, who are complimenting FedCon germany every time for the great organisation and the warm response. And so many of the actors went more than one time to FedCon germany such as Leonard Nimoy, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Kevin Sorbo, Bruce Boxleitner, Kate Mulgrew – just to mention a few.
So for that matter I think that most of the agencies and actors are well aware that FedCon germany is reputable and reliable.
All the more it is infuriating, that they lend their name for this only time to FedConUSA. As I understand FedCon germany withdrew from that partnetship in january already as they took cognizance of the rather unprofessional way of managing the event.
I hope that every single fan in the USA who payed for a great weekend will get his money back as soon as possible.
Maybe we’ll see us in germany at a truely great SF-convention :-)

56. Ali - June 15, 2008

Top man Aaron Douglas, pure class

57. Holger - June 15, 2008

I, too, can’t believe how FedCon Germany could be so naive or careless or whatever to associate themselves with Mr. Brazeal, who seems to be less than a reliable business partner, if what has been said about him in this thread is correct.
I don’t think that this will have any effects on fans in Europe, because they know that the German FedCons are excellent, well-organized events and Dallas is far, far away. I only hope that this disaster won’t have any negative effects on Trek actor’s decisions on future German FedCons. But I trust they (or rather their agents) are smart enough not to confuse this FedConUSA construct with the real thing in Europe.

What I really don’t get is how you can come to see that the numbers don’t add up DURING a Con. I don’t know how you organize such an event, but to my layman’s understanding it seems that you could know IN ADVANCE that not enough tickets have been sold (I know of concerts which have been canceled in advance because of that), or you could see AFTERWARDS that not enough money has come in to cover all your expenses. Can someone explain to me?

58. jimj - June 15, 2008

#52-So, I never heard, did everyone get their refund? If not, hmmmmm. If so, well you can at least give him credit for that. But it is obvious that he could be possibly put in the “all talk” category!

59. Dom - June 15, 2008

What a f*ck-up! Sound like something my ex-boss would be involved in!

60. Marc B. Lee - June 15, 2008

Our reputation with our invited guests remains intact. Those that were in attendance at FCUSA (the actors) have either been a guest at Fedcon Germany or have been told of us by past guests. We’re not the least bit concerned of our rep because it’s been tested time and time again.

As for making a mistake, um…yeah! I think that’s been answered more than once.

There is a statement posted by our CEO here:


He was a bit more blunt about the situation than I was but he hit the nail right on the head.

Marc B. Lee
American Business Manager
Fedcon GmbH

61. Marc B. Lee - June 15, 2008

Btw, this is who we are:




Apologies in advance but I felt it necessary to distinguish the differences.

62. Jeff - June 15, 2008

Marc, you may say that FEDCON’s reputation is intact but only time will tell because there will always be some people who will associate FEDCONUSA with FEDCON GMBH- reputations like that can be destroyed with a single stroke even after many years of hard work.

I am somewhat shocked that your organization never did their homework with this Tim Brazeal- he was so obviously a liar (or has adult ADHD) and since he already made many, many previously fraudulent statements before (see what happened to Trek United), why didn’t your boss Dirk just say no to the proposal to use FEDCON’s name at all? If Dirk had canceled the contract why even allow a charlatan like Brazeal to use your name? It doesn’t make sense- it’s like Microsoft allowing WORLDCOM to use its name.

I would suggest you make an immediate statement denouncing this Brazeal guy and post it on the news wires before the damage gets worse.

63. Beth Shanning - June 15, 2008

Well. First off, I still can’t believe that they cancelled the show halfway through. I’ve known conventions in other countries to have low attendances, but they NEVER cancelled and left people in limbo.

Secondly, didn’t the fact that Tim B had his name to it ring any alarm bells???????

It’s a dire shame that so many people have been left broke and disappointed, including some top actors.

As for guest cancellations not being mentioned until someone realises they haven’t shown up – this is not unusual. It is usually because they don’t want fans to be upset and more than often a guest of equal calibre, if not higher, is bought out as a replacement. But this seems not to be the case here and is quite obviously fraud!! You pay your money to be entertained, not to line the pockets of the scum bags who make promises and do not deliver.

Well it will not damage the reputation of Dragon Con and I will be there yet again. They know how to deliver.

I feel sorry for the people who helped to put on this event with Tim and trusted him. But then again, you should have known it was way out of your league to even pretend to hold an event on equal par with a convention such as FedCon Germany.

You live and learn.

64. Dom - June 15, 2008

Wow! Having read the statement, this Brazeal guy sounds EXACTLY like my ex-boss! That guy put a lot of us seriously out of pocket and he’s still getting away with running companies!

65. Sponica - June 15, 2008

Personally, I probably would have gone to FedCon USA, but it was in Dallas. Considering the hassle of flying these days, I only go to cons in driving/train distance. Even then, everything’s more expensive because of gas. I imagine a lot of people had the trip budgeted, but then food, rent, gas got more and more expensive and the trip seem more of a luxury than they could afford.

66. :( - June 15, 2008


I can understand you justifyably wanting to come on here and defend your reputation, FedCon Germany is an awesome, fun and extremely well organised event. I truely hope you wont be tarred with the same brush…

But your’s and Dirk’s statements highlight a HUGE question many fans will now be asking themselves.

Why didn’t you or Dirk give the fans and actors alike, a heads up when you dissolved your partnership???? I understand it was a risk to allow them to use the name, but that same risk the fans and actors were then taking by default but completely unawares because you did not make people away of the situation or share your concerns with everyone. Why not?

It’s bad enough you allowed them to continue using the name (and therefore by default your excellent reputation) but you could have easily helped prevent all the heartache, dissapointment and large sums of money each fan wasted by posting a simple statement back in JANUARY and allowing them to make an informed decision on whether they would miss or go to the event.

That was extremely irresponsible and unfair.

67. Beth Shanning - June 15, 2008

Um, I think you need to sort your facts out :( or what ever your name is.

Marc announced on his site that FedCon Germany were not part of this event, and it was made clear that they allowed the name to be used for ONE year only as it had already been set up etc.

There were statements made by the FedCon GmBH, whether they disappeared or not is questionable, but it was pretty clear that FedCon Germany was NOT having anything to do with FedCon USA.

Yes it’s a shame that some people felt done by, maybe it was a mistake to let the con go ahead under it’s name, but at the end of the day the ultimate responsibility was with TIM to make sure that they paying public and guests were aware that this was a separate event. So please do not try to pass the buck.

And before you say that Marc’s site was a good enough place to announce it, you would be very surprised to know that actually, it was most probably the right place. For an actor or a fan, it’s much easier to surf into a fun website than to trawl through hundreds of forum posts that just whine and complain about the same thing…..

68. :( - June 15, 2008

#67 Firstly, I followed your advice, took a look and I’m sorry but Marc’s site is very, very poorly designed, a nightmare to navigate and in no-way ‘easier’ to find information.

Secondly, I see absolutely no mention of the dissolution of the partnership or distancing from FedConUSA on his site anywhere. I’m not saying it wasn’t there, I’m sure it was but I and Every. Single. Person I’ve spoken to who knew about the event or sadly were attending (I’m so glad I didn’t) FedConUSA were neither aware of the situation or would have in any way thought to look on Marc B’s site. There is no disccussion period on any board GW, FedConUSA or otherwise (which suggests no one was fully aware…even if rumours were doing the rounds).

As they are now utilising and capitalising on FedConUSA forum to protect their relationship (as I said, very justifiably FedCon Germany is an absolutely fantastic event, no one is arguing about that) and NOT their own sites, personal or otherwise you would have thought the very FIRST place to post this information would have been these very same forums but 6 MONTHS ago.

There is no ‘buck’ passing, Tim and his team are responsible for disasterous mess the con became HOWEVER, as it was under the ‘FedCon’ brand (which as legal owners, they could have pulled at ANY time) which infered their reputation on it, they are responsible for making fans fully away that this was NOT a FedCon Germany event from the moment the partnership ended. Not doing so was negligent.

69. Mr. Bob Dobalina - June 15, 2008

The price of admission was ridiculous and most the guests were from the Trek spin-offs which aren’t that popular anymore. I live close by and I had no desire to go. I’m not surprised it tanked.

70. Denise de Arman - June 15, 2008

The interchange between Aaron Douglas and Tim Brazeal on the FedCon board is quite illuminating. The whole mess is shameful, and hopefully Brazeal will refund ALL the money as he said he would and then disappear from sight. I feel so badly for all the fans who attended.

71. Jeff - June 15, 2008

I got this from SyFy Portal:

Apparently some of these FEDCON GMBH guys are covering up too:

” And why didn’t Bartholomae share this with people who were buying into the FedCon name and trusting the convention would take place as planned because of the name?

‘If I would have told the fans earlier, I would for sure got some legal problems,’ Bartholomae said.”


72. All Hail The Sinister Six! - June 15, 2008

Brazeal botches another project?


No surprises there.

73. NoonienSpock - June 15, 2008

I live near Dallas, but I didn’t know about this con. This makes me a clueless fan. It also makes them bad publishers.

74. Fannish Inquisition - June 15, 2008

I have opened up my forum for people to have a single unbiased gathering place to discuss what happened and where things go from here.

Please spread the word to everyone who attended and let them know they can go there and talk to others in the same boat.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to any event, FedCon or otherwise. This website is brand new and isn’t even ready for public release yet but I thought this issue was important enough to make it available to you.

Click on the link on my name to take you directly there or find your way to the message board by going to http://www.fannishinquisition.com

I’m also willing to help out with free advertising on the site for those vendors who are out of pocket because of the whole mess

75. Michael Hinman - June 15, 2008

Those are very good questions, Jeff.

I am not sure if it was up to Dirk to release their non-involvement, however, as I believe it was Tim Brazeal’s duty to inform everyone back in January that it was no longer officially sanctioned.

However, Dirk and Co. will see the ill effects of this for a long time to come. I mean, yes, they may be in Europe, but the last time I checked, Europe has the Internet, too. They will see all this coverage, especially as it continues to grow.

I sent some questions to Tim and he e-mailed back saying he wasn’t online and thought the whole thing had died down (lol!) …

But I have to say, Marc … and this is something I will give you an opportunity to respond to if you wish to come on the radio show … you and Dirk were WELL warned about this. SyFy Portal made a MAJOR stink about this back in August, so you guys knew EXACTLY what you were getting into.

I just feel bad for the fans who attended this.

76. lennier1 - June 15, 2008

Actually it´s more of a “pot meet kettle” situation.
After the whole “video theft farce” it´s kinda funny to see FedCon on the receiving end for once and surprisingly they´re once again trying to shift the blame where it seems most convenient to them.
Sadly it´s the fans / guests who are once again the victims of the ensuing fallout.

77. Les Moonves' Revenge - June 15, 2008

I think it’s great that FedCon Germany allowed Brazeal to use their name after his long track record of accomplishing…..well…..nothing at all in Star Trek fandom.

Where on earth they got the idea that this man was capable of organising a convention is a mystery.

For all the Brazeal sycophants out there, do you STILL believe in your hero?

Or for once, are you prepared to LISTEN for a change to people warning you against worshipping this man?

78. Derek - June 15, 2008

@ Beth: Marc did indeed post the disclaimer that FedConGermany was not involved on the FedConUSA boards…unfortunately those at or on their way to the con could not see it as he posted that disclaimer Friday afternoon, after guests and ticketholders started showing up. Many of the vendors said they were there based solely on the good name of FedConGermany, not knowing they had backed out long ago.

I have no beef with Marc or Dirk, I know they run a fine show for the most part (I’m sure James Callis would beg to differ), by concern was all this might have been avoided if only that same disclaimer was posted, oh say, several MONTHS ago.

Go to the Fedconusa.com site. They still link straight over to FedConGermany under future events. Many people ob many other forums have posted that they were under the impression FCGermany was backing it because of these links.

79. Jim Nightshade - June 15, 2008

I Have only been to 1 convention, 2006s Creaton Vegas 40th anniversary star trek con. Cost me over $2000 all told. It WAS worth it, but I have not had the funds to go again. Can those of you that do not like Creation cons tell me some of the differences? Aside from the high costs for everything, it was fun to be with and talk with fellow fans and Con itself seemed to do everything they could to make th experience special, from the toasting with Champage and Majel Barrett and son, to stellar guest speakers from Shatner and Nimoy to Scott Bakula. The Parties at Star Trek The experience were awesome with guests like Robert Picardo et al doing shows in Quarks. Even did Star Trek Bingo but did not win anything, and got our pix with The Shat and Nichols,Takei and Koenig. There were 13,000 that year but I was expecting much higher attendence.
Anyway, you Conventions experts which are the best ones t go to and all they all that expensive?
The San Diego Comic Con sounds awesome.

80. Alec Peters - June 15, 2008

as someone who was at this convention and witnessed every aspect of this debacle, I can tell you, that the promoter did not have the capital to do this event and the event should have been canceled weeks ago. He simply screwed the BSG actors and left them hanging. He screwed all us fans by leading us on.

PLUS FedCon German screwed us all by lending their name to this promoter, who if ANYONE had done a little due diligence on, would have found out about his past scams. FedCon Germany is trying to distance themselves, but they screwed us all by implying that this convention would live up to the FedCon Germany standards. What idiot thought it would be OK to let this promoter use their name? What real business would ever do that?

Tim Brazeal is at best a lousy businessman, and at worst a scam artist. But FedCon Germany can’t escape their share of the blame.

Alec Peters

81. Jen - June 15, 2008


Well, I’m one of those folks who was having a great time listening to John Billingsly at FedconUSA…and within the next minute, I was shaking my head in disbelief. Was I really hearing this: “This conference is over as of 10 minutes ago”? I’ll be very surprised to get a full refund as promised. Heck, I’ve been had. I felt like I was back on my job at NASA…where programs tend to get cut right in the middle of a project. And I wanted to get away from work!

But this was not a tragedy…tragedies are things like losing a shuttle crew minutes before they were supposed to land, people losing their homes because of crooks at Enron, a young teenager drowning because some tourist company put too many people on a boat …and the boat sinks…

Despite the cancellation, I had some good times that day in Dallas. I met people who like the same shows I do. I had fun seeing folks in their costumes. And the fans had parties in their hotel rooms afterwards
Heck, we were together, still alive…might as well make the most of what we DID have. We had our own convention…where you weren’t tempted by merchandise, had a very flexible schedule, and could get to know one another better.

I also saw John Billingsly play advocate for the fans and ask…no, not ask…he demanded that the fans get answers for why the show was suddenly being cut off. And then he asked if the autograph room could stay open for the fans. Thank you, John, for pulling the bull by the horns and letting us have at least part of what we came for…

Once we got to the autograph room, people were joking and laughing. And the celebrities who came still entertained us. We had Garrett Wang taking pictures of Klingons…and Klingons chasing with dangerous intent after Garrett…Anne Lockhart was as sweet as could be (the money she made off of autographs is going to a charity for autism). And Coneer, well… he is just gorgeous! All he had to do was sit there and smile…

So, really…thanks much to the stars for sticking around. And thanks to the other fans for their good hearts…and the good times!

82. rick - June 15, 2008

This is the same guy who ran the ‘Save Enterprise’ taking thousands of dollars from fans. Does this come as a surprise? What about the fans who travelled, booked rooms, plane tickets, etc? The Convention cost is one thing but all the other arrangements including time off is yet another.

Too bad too.

83. Sci-Fi Bri - June 15, 2008

the stars didn’t get their tickets? i guess the con couldn’t afford them. there’s gas prices for you. … elect an oil baron and we get fuel prices up 350%

nice goin’ florida

84. Sci-Fi Bri - June 15, 2008

and texas…

85. Michael Nelson - June 16, 2008

Sci-Fi Bri

Texas had nothing to do with it. Brazeal doesn’t even live in Texas.

If I remember correctly, Dallas was chosen as the location for this con because it’s a central location.

Texas has a long tradition of fandom and conventions such as

Dallas Comic Con/Sci-Fi Expo
FenCon (note the N, this is a non-profit, fan-run, literary convention in Dallas).

86. Chris Smith, LagrangeCon (1990 - 1998, Cleveland, Ohio) - June 16, 2008

Sorry to hear about this. The convention business just isn’t what it used to be. There is to many and already to many other things to spend money on.

Too boot. if you don’t understand business, you are going to bite the big one in the event biz. You should be able to run anything from a Sci-Fi convention to a music festival. The rules are the same.

Folks, if you are going to run a convention…

1. Have a good business manager.
2. Have a realistic budget and STICK TO IT.
3. Run it like you are spending your own money (because if you don’t, you will).

87. Stephan Mittelstrass - June 16, 2008


But this is not the first time such a thing happened. The “Galileo 7″ Conventions in Germany were cancelled after it`s organisor was broke.

And he did get broke because he could not pull up another convention.

To bad.

I hope the Conventions in Germany are not endangered.

I really want to go to Bonn next year. This year`s FedCon XVII was a blast.

88. Gebo - June 16, 2008

I’m a very happy attendee of FedCon Germany for eight years in a row now, and I’m definitely going back next year. It’s really the best con in the world!

When I first learned of FedCon USA, I hoped that fans in the US would finally be able to experience the same fantastic kind of con as we here in Europe.

So I’m really sorry to hear FedCon USA was a disappointment. Too bad.

89. Colonel West - June 16, 2008


Check out posts 51,62 & 82 to get the gist of the story. When Enterprise got cancelled this guy took it upon himself (at the start fair play to him) to run a campaign to get the show recommissioned. THEN he started asking people for money, saying he was in contact with TPTB at Paramount saying that if they got enough money to cover production they could shop they show around the networks which was blatant BS. I worked on a fairly well known trek site at the time & heard some unbelievable sh*t that would probably get me done for libel, it was that bad!

Try googling “save enterprise tim brazeal” to get the whole story, it’s unreal. And then the guy tries to pull similar sh*t again? I didn’t go myself so what I’ve heard is 2nd hand info but from what I can see it’s highly suspect and the guy seems to be upto his old tricks again.

90. JERRY - June 16, 2008

Tim Brazeal NEVER should have used the FedCon name – he should have come up with his own original name. When the original founders pulled out in January, the name should have been changed. Right now, I can think off the top of my head numerous names to call a sci-fi convention. Because why it call it FedCon and promise the FedCon experience when the original German organizers are not in support of it or not involved with it?

This is one problem I have with Brazeal’s Sci-Fi Studios name as well. People are going to naturally confuse it with SCI FI Pictures and the Sci-Fi Channel. Now he’s put a stain on the FedCon name. It’s like he wants to ride on the success of other successful ventures rather than building something original of his own.

As a fellow sci-fi fan, I want to believe Brazeal is a well-intentioned person and is not out to swindle anyone but he just doesn’t seem to have a very good way of handling business matters IMO. Or even thinking realistically about certain efforts (ENTERPRISE anyone?).

91. snake - June 16, 2008

what a cock up…sounds like the brazeal guy is abit of a homer simpson lol

he should be forced to pay for a 5th season of Enterprise out of his own pocket by way of compensation

not good publicity for the movie either…’star trek convention cancelled due to poor attendance shocker ‘ isnt exactly the kind of thing paramount probably wants to hear about before they release a $150 million startrek film

92. Save Star Trek.....From The Brazeal Family - June 16, 2008

Brazeal is like the mark of death for anything he attaches himself to.

He’s done damage to ENT fandom through his comical antics with “Save Enterprise”

Then he moved onto Trek in general with the idiotic “Trek United”. One of their plans to convince Paramount to bring back ENT was to send empty boxes to Paramount HQ.

Then came “Sci Fi Studios” where people pay money in order to be called “Producers” for non-existent science-fiction projects.

Now, he’s dragged the name “FedCon” through the mud, though the blame really lies with FedCon themselves for allowing him to do it.

Mr Brazeal, please stay away from Star Trek.

Stay away from science-fiction in general. It doesn’t need your “help”. It doesn’t need you at all.

93. Tovin - June 16, 2008

Hold on, Tim Brazeal? Wasn’t he involved in some sort of cock up with the Art Asylum Collector’s Club? The name sure sounds familiar. I had a buddy that use to collect AA figures and I seem to recall him complaining about some guy name Tim Brazeal that screwed over some of the club members?

So what, does this guy start these projects and just don’t know what he’s doing or what?

Feel sorry for the people that got screwed on this, but it sure seems like it could have been avoided at some point.

94. Michael Hinman - June 16, 2008

Tim Brazeal was involved with Art Asylum.

He also claims, in a bio on Sci-Fi Studios, that he “is one of the most significant figures in the history of science-fiction fandom.”

According to Dirk Bartholomae, Tim claimed to have a mailing list of 800,000 people. He claimed that he could secure free flights for guests because apparently when he’s not running a “major” science-fiction film studio, he works at American Airlines; and that he could get anyone he wanted from “Enterprise” for free because they “owed him one” for saving “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

He also stole a car before, too …

95. The Ghost Of Al Vinci - June 16, 2008

The spin has already started on Trek United.

This is what you can expect to see:

1- “It’s OK Tim, No One Blames You” (other than the people shafted out their hard-earned money)

2- “This Will Have No Effect On TU or Sci-Fi Studios” (despite the fact both sites are owned by Brazeal who’s reputation is now comical.

3- “Tim, What Matters Is That YOU Get Better” (play the violins)

4- “FedCon Germany Had Nothing To Do With This” (despite the fact they allowed an unproven fan to use their name, and at FedCon Germany last year, Connor Trinneer, who is supposedly Brazeal’s bud, stated that Paramount asked fans to donate money to fund season five of ENT, which was absolutely false (Brazeal asked them for money, Paramount warned them against donating). Yet no one at FedCon Germany bothered to correct Trinneer).

5- “Woot, We Can Still Save ENT!!!!”

6- “OK People, Can We Forget About This Whole Thing Now???”

At no point however will the sycophants admit that those who criticised Brazeal from day one and saw right through him and his bullshit were correct.

96. Michael Hinman - June 16, 2008

And there were quite a few of us who saw through it. I took a little longer — it wasn’t until questions were being raised about the disposition of money being raised by TrekUnited that I started to ask the tough questions — but we came around.

97. FedConned - June 16, 2008

Already a “party line” is being developed on Trek United.

And it goes like this:

“We tried and it failed….but the dream doesn’t die….it endures…it survives….and now we face this challenge with heads held high for the future and blah blah blah blah…….”

98. Thomas - June 16, 2008

This is so bad, it’s not even worth pointing out anymore. Yet here I am. I must admit that this is the first I’ve heard of Tim Brazeal because I didn’t follow the “Save Enterprise” campaign (I had lost interest during Season 3), but it seems like this guy, at best, dreams bigger than he can plan and must scramble to cover his tracks, and at worst, might be a con artist thinking he’s been the perfect marks, but still dreams bigger than he could plan for himself. Anyway, I strongly suspect that Brazeal may soon find himself persona non grata in SF/fantasy circles.

99. Piss Up In A Brewery - June 16, 2008

Brazeal likes to think his group were responsible for getting the fourth and final season of ENT.

The fact that Paramount clearly said it was for syndication purposes only apparently is ignored.

100. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND - June 16, 2008



101. Michael Hinman - June 16, 2008

Just to update …

Chris McKeown, who partnered with Tim Brazeal to create SciFiUnited, has split with Brazeal and returned to his own site called SciFiUpdate.com, taking all of his assets with him.

Chris cited the FedCon collapse and seeing Tim’s true colors as the reason. SciFiUnited is no longer united.

The house of cards is finally collapsing. The Kool-Aid dispenser is empty.

102. Piss Up In A Brewery - June 16, 2008

The Branch Brazealians are in full swing on “SciFiStudios” website.

They don’t care about the people who wasted their money and got stiffed.

The focus of their attention is Brazeal. They are supporting him (110% apparently!) and already talking about FedConUSA “rising again”.

The Leader Is Good, The Leader is Great!!!!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na LEADER!!!!!!!

103. TrickManDan - June 16, 2008

Funny how FedCon USA is so different from FedCon Germany.
Thanks for being there TeleVixon!

104. Jen - June 16, 2008

Sure wish I could’ve had this information a week ago. I’m attempting to get a refund…but I’ll be very surprised if I get my money back. I meant it when I stated that I still found a way to have a good time. But I know that I’ve been mislead. At the very least, I can warn others not to attend or participate in anything Brazeal is advocating. I can only speculate as to what his true motives were.

105. Michael Hinman - June 16, 2008

I warned everyone back in August … but still, I’m sorry that happened to you, Jen.

106. Jeff - June 16, 2008

Tim Brazeal is at the very least a total incompetent and at the very worst is a small time scam artist. His present and past actions categorize him as a textbook pathological liar; it is clear that he has engaged in fraud since his “save the enterprise” crusade and I for one hope that the actors and agents who were misrepresented as well as the fans who got ripped off file a class action suit against this man and his cronies- he is giving fandom a very bad name.

107. Fresh Lobsters! Mmmmmmmmmmmm - June 17, 2008

FedConUSA 2009 will be held in Brazeal’s barn.

Little Joe, Billy Bob, and Uncle Gomer will all be invited.

108. STUPID BRAZEAL - June 17, 2008

fans who went to this ‘con’ (pun intended) should hunt this brazeal loser down…kick his ass for abit..then string him up by his balls (if he got any) and leave him to twist in the wind

109. STUPID BRAZEAL - June 17, 2008

*i’m picturing a disgruntled trek convention guy calling tim brazeal on a mobile from the con*

trek con guy – “brazeal….brazeal you got our money..but you dont have all of it..you wanted all of it brazeal your gonna have to come down here..your gonna have to come down here!!”

TB – “I’ve done far worse than steal your money..i’ve hurt trek…and i wish to go on..hurting trek…i shall leave trek as you left me as you left ‘Enterprise’…marooned for all eternity at the center of a dead convention…buried in debt…buried in debt…”

trek con guy – “BRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZZZEEEEAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!”

110. Empty Boxes = Season Five! - June 17, 2008

^ LOL!!!

TrekUnited should start another funding campaign.

To pay for Brazeal’s legal defence.

They’ve already got a $3 million pledge!

111. Cleetus - June 17, 2008


Fedcon USA’s forums have been taken offline, supposedly because of “abusive comments” being posted (in fact, there were none whatsoever).

112. Daoud - June 17, 2008

Here’s there current lie:

Due to high numbers of abusive comments made on the forums, we have decided to take the forums offline until further notice.

For information regarding your refund, please contact payments@fedconusa.com (You do not need to email us to recieve your refund, unless you paid in cash on site and did not recieve your refund)

To recieve the digital copy of your photo op, please contact info@shootingstarsimages.com

For all other enquiries, please contact info@fedconusa.com

Richard Anderson
Master of Ceremonies
Show Manager

I guess “Show Manager” indicates a person who is neither.

113. Daoud - June 17, 2008

Drat the html tags… forget they won’t jump paragraphs to prevent hanging tags.

My first line meant to read “Here’s their current line”… but “lie” might not be that much of a stretch.

114. Class Action Lawsuit - June 17, 2008

If people had checked out “Richard Anderson” on YouTube (keeping everyone updated on Fed”Conned”USA from the comfort of his bedroom) they’d have had less confidence handing over their money to him and his idiotic group.

TU were advised by their critics a long time ago to simply focus on being a Trek message board and jettison their obsession with “campaigning” and “organising”. The only thing they were capable of was giving themselves stupid titles like “Coordinator For Macedonia” and so on.

They believed they were the voice of the fans, as far back as 2004 and the abortion that was the “save ENT” campaign. It was obvious to all that the actual number of supporters they had was very small. They attracted about 150 fanatics to their rallies (which made the fandom look like morons), Brazeal made a tit of himself on TV interviews with his mumbling stammering performances, and they were mocked on late night US TV (apparently they thought this was great publicity, I kid you not).

Apparently a message board featuring a core group of around 20 people was enough to convince FedCon Germany that of ALL the Star Trek sites and groups operating in the United States, that Trek United was the best one for doing business with. Whoever sanctioned that plan and the use of FedCon’s name by Brazeal should be thankful they don’t have shareholders to answer to. Hopefully they’ll have lawyers to answer to.

Brazeal started believing the hype his sycophants built up for him. They have ALWAYS been cult-like. Even now, people are angry and they want their money back (rightly), but the concern at TU is for Brazeal.

After all, he comes first….right?

115. Angela - June 17, 2008

I was enjoying reading the comments between that journalist and the others on the board, and I can’t remember his name. Dammit.

So, where has everyone gone to chat, now that the FedConned forums are down?

116. Jen - June 17, 2008

Thank you, Michael, for your empathy. I’m sure you did try to warn people. And you more than likely weren’t the only one. I just didn’t have the good fortune to see your warning in time. But I know now. We need a neighborhood watch to look out for this Brazael guy. And if he pops up again, I’ll be trying my hardest to let people know about FedconUSA.

By the way, we’re told to expect a refund within 2.5 months. Anyone wanna place any bets on that one?

Didn’t think so….

117. Jen - June 17, 2008

Oh…forgot to mention…the photographer didn’t show up to Fedconned either…so I don’t know what this link to get your photos are about…unless he/she showed up Friday.

118. Jen - June 17, 2008

And the dealers lost out too. Some of you might now have to much sympathy for that one…but I imagine they paid Fedconned for some dealer space. They only got to sell stuff for two hours Saturday, then had to shut down…

119. Daoud - June 17, 2008

1. a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick profit; swindle.
–verb (used with object) 2. to cheat or defraud with a scam.

Yep, they left it open long enough to be able to claim they’d intended to go forward, and thus they’ll claim they deserve to keep proceeds from Friday *and* Saturday.

120. Stankmeister - June 17, 2008

All: We need to group together, file complaints with the Fort Worth BBB and the State Attorney General’s office. All this talk will lead to nothing otherwise. Mr. Brazeal and Co. will go on to steal more money from more people otherwise. We need to do this now, while it is fresh in everyone’s memory.

Here is my email: cgromehs@hotmail.com. My name is Chris. If you want to band together against this man for steraling from you, write to me. I am NOT a lawyer, just a fan and someone who HATES thugs and liars. I’ve taken down bigger thugs than this one simply by using the system properly. Also, if anyone has a website where we could band together online temporarily, please let me know. Thank you.

121. AtLeastImNotTimBrazeal - June 17, 2008

For all those asking why they didn’t finish out the con once it started. The check to the hotel bounced. The hotel basically let them stay until 4:00 then kicked them out. I think they went above and beyond considering they did the whole thing for free.

FedCon Germany does have some blame in this whole thing. To not investigate the person they were handing their name to is negligent at best.

122. Michael - June 18, 2008

Maybe it’s a sign of things to come? In Ireland around the mid 90’s Star Trek was at an all time high in popularity and each year there was a major convention which attracted a lot of people and stars.
However it didn’t last. Stars pulled out and people didn’t come and the convention scene died in Ireland as a result. I don’t know of a convention taking place here for around 10 years now.

123. :( - June 18, 2008

I’d say the best place to band together, especially in light of Michael Hinman’s sympathy, support and excellent investigative reporting would be the SyFyPortal forum. They have several threads open but I’d say use this one:


Fannish Inquisition also has an entire forum section on their boards dedicated to all things ‘FedCon(ned)’ for those affected by it to get together and talk, or as some suggested organise a lawsuit. You can find that here:


124. Steve - June 18, 2008

As far as the attendant goes….lets see, the even was held on “Father’s Day” weekend? Maybe that was the problem.

125. Inmates Running The Art Asylum - June 18, 2008


Tim, Jane, and Cleetus Brazeal have been very quiet.

Nowhere to be seen on their message boards.

It hasn’t stopped the sheep on TU and “Sci-Fi Studios” from declaring their undying love for Brazeal.

126. Daoud - June 18, 2008

Goodness, someone sure must be pourin’ the Kool-Aid[tm]

Of course, it’s no surprise that TrickUNitely pulled off yet another shell game with no nut under any shell. And with the bad press and attention I wonder how long before NBCU comes down with a big legal hammer on Sly-Ly Studios, and it’s theft of logo, intellectual property, etc….

Although perhaps they called NBCU some night late and a janitor who answered the phone told them it was okay to use a half-ringed planet behind the SciFi words in direct copyright violation of NBCU’s trademarks for the SciFi Channel…

127. Izbot - June 19, 2008

The ol’ bait-and-switch. Brazeal tries to ride the coattails of other peoples’ success by hoping people won’t notice he’s merely emulating brands (like the Sci Fi Channel and FedCon Germany) without really being that brand. Stealing logos or even convincing one brand to lend him their name (the poor saps!).

I unofficially quit attending Trek conventions in 2000 when Creation Cons finally eclipsed the smaller (and usually better) conventions. My last con was a Creation Con and I was really disappointed at how impersonal the experience was — and how expensive. During the TNG days of the late 80s and early 90s cons were wonderful, personal events that really left you feeling connected to this thing we call Trek. The big commercial cons push you through the lines telling you not to talk to the guests, wring all the money out of you and send you on your way. From treating you like a fan and supporter to treating you like another consumer.

Geez I’m starting to sound old! “Back in my day William Shatner would share his breakfast with you at a con! Roddenberry would just *give* you hand-written scripts!” Another downside to the trend of growing acceptance of sci fi in general (which has been a result of Star Trek’s success to a large degree). Ah the times we live in.

128. FedCon USA cancelled mid-con | sane TV world - June 22, 2008

[…] read the FedCon USA statement on their website here and an article article at TrekMovie.com here. Filed under: conventions Article tags: Brad Rowe, cancelled, Connor Trinner, conventions, […]

129. Will - June 24, 2008

Can someone report Aaron Douglas’ message? (If anyone saved it before it was taken down?) Thanks.

130. Tony - July 2, 2008

What I find EXTREMELY STRANGE is your “interview” with Tim Brazels’s son, Chuck Ballard.

It is very odd that Mr. Ballard refers to his father in the third person, like he is NOT related to him. The whole “interview” and Chuck Ballard’s responses, are very strange whenever he talks.

I am also curious why Mr. Ballard uses a DIFFERENT last name than his “dad” Tim Brazel.


131. BonneyKate - July 23, 2008



132. Amie Gantt - July 30, 2008

Hi! I’m Amie Gantt, Director for ConDFW. We are a small, volunteer-run sci-fi literature convention that has been running successfully in DFW for the past 7 years.

ConDFW 2008 will feature TWO Author Guests of Honor: David Weber and Jim Butcher! The event is February 20-22, 2009 at the Dallas Crowne Plaza Suites hotel. Some of our special activities include: the Annual Sci-Fi Spelling Bee, Sci Fi Pictionary, a Late Night Double Feature, and new this year: Ms. Celestial Centerfold Competition!

We hope everyone that ‘had a bad time’ with the FedCon Fiasco will come to ConDFW (and FenCon this October, too!) and see that sci-fi cons in the DFW area ARE alive and kicking. We are close-knit, personable, and try to offer a relaxed, affordable alternative to sitting home all weekend watching repeats on TV.

Check out http://www.ConDFW.org for further info – it’s under continual update…

133. Steve Grogan - November 29, 2008

Did everyone get their refunds?

134. Bonney Kate - May 7, 2010


I’d still like to string up that joker Brazeal, tho. And all his kool-aid drinking minions

135. daniel hernandez - July 22, 2010

Bonney Kate, I’m right there with you, never did get a refund for my pair of VIP passess, $500~

136. Hur pratar man med killar - April 11, 2011

Precisely what I was searching for, appreciate it for posting .

137. Joe Thomas - November 9, 2011

I ran into Timothy “tim” Brazeal. It looks like he’s now working for a company called Blair Technology Group (www.blairtg.com). His picture is on the website but he spelled his name a different way. I called there and spoke to him. I got him to email me and he signs his email the right way. I think he’s very new there. I hope that company knows what they’re getting into. I seriously doubt they do. I was thinking about warning them. It looks like the owner’s name is Andy. Judging by Tim’s email, Andy’s should be andy@blairtg.com. Who wants to save this company?

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