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Check Out First Star Trek Theater Posters + Trailer Online Release Set November 10, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

This weekend, in conjunction with the new Star Trek trailer hitting theaters, the first official theater posters will also be showing up at movie houses. Today Paramount has provided TrekMovie with early previews of the new theatrical ‘teaser’ posters. Plus Paramount has announced the online release of the new trailer. The posters and details are below.


Simply Kirk and Spock
These first two posters are pretty simple. One each for Kirk and Spock with the official site URL, the date (05.05.09), a delta shield logo, and the Paramount & Bad Robot logos. Here they are (click images to enlarge) 

There have been a number or promotional posters for the new Star Trek movie distributed at various conventions (Creation Las Vegas, Comic Con & WonderCon), but these are the first posters made for theaters. Traditionally these would be described as ‘teaser’ posters as they do not list the credits (or even the name of the movie). Although Star Trek has been promoted to the geekosphere (at cons and talked about on websites like this one, etc), the mass market publicity is really just beginning. The new cover stories, these posters and the new trailer are part of the push to raise awareness of the coming Star Trek movie to the larger film going audience.

Also available as desktop downloads
Versions of these new posters are also available as downloadable desktops at the official site. (click downloads). The official site has also recently added a ‘gallery’ where you can view the recently released images (seen in EW and Empire magazines).

Trailer (and more?) online next Monday
Today the official site ( has added a new countdown timer, which is counting down to 10AM (Pacific) Monday November 17th. At that time the new trailer (in HD) will be available for viewing. If you cannot wait that long, then go to a showing of the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace this weekend.

The official site for the Star Trek movie went online the week of the release of the teaser trailer in January of this year, which was also the launch of a viral site ( Maybe the release of the new trailer will also usher in some more online marketing from Paramount. You can be sure that TrekMovie will be the first to report any new updates from Paramount regarding the movie, so keep checking back.







1. Snake1701 - November 10, 2008

first, looks cool, can’t wait

2. Imrahil - November 10, 2008

The Spock one is neat, but nobody will know who Kirk’s supposed to be.

3. MikeG - November 10, 2008

Lets see the Enterprise

4. Mark - November 10, 2008

Kirk…looks deranged…..

5. Commander Data - November 10, 2008

Very Nice posters!

I cant say i’ve ever anticipated a trailer like this before lol! No matter how good it is people are gonna moan lol!

Greetings from Scotland!!

6. Irishtrekkie - November 10, 2008

@3 agreed

great chris pine and spock , but i want the big E ,

7. Commander Data - November 10, 2008

Chris Pine looks like the Team America Version of ‘MATT DAMON!’

sorry :P

8. boJac - November 10, 2008

I’m dread the inevitable “Dude, did you know theres gonna be a new Star Trek movie?” next monday. I swear like 9 people have come up to me and said that in the past year.

9. Pat D. - November 10, 2008

So, the real _theater_ teaser posters . . .

How ’bout the _real_ theater movie poster!?!?!!?!!

I agree with 2.

10. Danpaine - November 10, 2008


11. GNDN - November 10, 2008

“Check the circuit”. That Spock poster is just so 2254. Fantastic. Brilliant. Molto bene!

12. Captain Robert April - November 10, 2008

Looks more like Stonn than Spock.

13. Troi's bar of soap - November 10, 2008

Pine has got the toughest job, there’s only one Kirk. and i,m not sure he can do it.

14. DGill - November 10, 2008

I don’t really get why the posters are in B&W. However, the Spock poster is stunning because it’s a simple, straight ahead shot of the guy, and it’s definitely better than the Photoshopped promo photos we’ve been getting from Empire. I’m pretty sure he’s going to steal the show.

15. sb - November 10, 2008


Nah, that’s not derangement. In fact if you go back and look at old publicity photos of Shatner, you’ll see that’s a pretty impressive recreation of Bill’s famous Kirk-the-Lady-Killer expression; you know, the one that meant, “Hey, babe, nice color green. My name’s Jim, I fly starships — huh? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.”

16. Commander Data - November 10, 2008

I agree, but this was always gonna be the case. A Vulcan tends to be instantly recognisable. It’ll be the same if they release pics of the rest of the crew.
Maybe they shoulda put the Character names under the Poster in a big dramatic font of some kind, That read “KIRK” and “SPOCK” and ” SCOTTY”

17. HMS Enterprise - November 10, 2008

Amazing posters. Much better that the previous ones IMHO. Now if only we can get the rest of the crew in the same format…

18. Kirk, James T. - November 10, 2008

for something they wanna market to kids and the “next Generation” you’d thing they’d have an action orientated poster that excites its audience. Since we don’t know how good Kirk or Spock are gonna be – then why are we treated to yet another kinda boring profile shot???

Come on JJ and gang, give us some phasers pointed at us!

19. Crusade2267 - November 10, 2008

Nice on Spock. Kirk still doesn’t look it for me. I hope they’re all damn good!

20. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008

“Troi’s bar of soap”

What a very, very, very perverted name! You should be ashamed of yourself!

21. Commander Data - November 10, 2008

yeah, but i bet loadsa people wish they were troi’s bar of soap though

i know i would…. maybe one of those spoons she used when eating ice cream!

22. bozz - November 10, 2008

I’m really digging the shadows on the right side of Spock’s face.

23. HMS Enterprise - November 10, 2008


Adding the character names on the posters would be a great idea. Its true that the public at large arn’t familiar with these actors in these roles yet.

24. GraniteTrek - November 10, 2008

Man, Chris Pine has a huge upper head. LOL. If you took the outline of his head from this poster, it’d be like the outline of the Talosians’ heads from “The Cage”!

25. Buckaroohawk - November 10, 2008

These are the first images for the new film that I really don’t like. They seem much too over-processed somehow, especially the predominance of dark shadows on Chris Pine’s face. He looks deranged in that photo, not determined. It’s like he’s Hannibal Lechter, and you’re an unfortunate census bureau employee ;-)

It also looks like they PhotoShopped a lot of extra hair into that image of Pine. It’s practically exploding from his head. In all the other images we’ve seen from the film, his hair seems fairly close-cropped. Since his face is down, we should be seeing his head more from the top, but the amount of hair on the sides of his head give the impression that he’s looking straight at us. Very strange looking overall.

Quinto’s pic looks okay, but again the monochromatic image and the really heavy shadows make the character seem excessively severe. Considering how much color there has been in the images from the film we’ve seen, these new pics don’t fit that aesthetic.

Someone needs to remid the marketing team for this film that color is not a bad thing. Lighter and brighter, folks. Take a risk and give it a try.

26. ensign joe - November 10, 2008

“If you cannot wait that long, then go to a showing of the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace this weekend.”

It should be hitting the web right.. about..



uhhhh.. now

ok probably sometime thursday night..

of course going spoiler free, I will not be watching it.. at all.. ok less than 10 times..

27. Mark - November 10, 2008

Cool. Spock looks MUCH better than the others promo shots they have been putting out.

28. Commander Data - November 10, 2008


cheers :D

My thoughts exactly

29. Danya Romulus - November 10, 2008

And…Quinto’s sideburns continue to jump off his head, with shadows and everything. What gives?

30. Pontihog - November 10, 2008

Monday November 17th at 10am (Pacific) for the trailer. Wonder when it will really show up on line??? I am thinking Friday evening the 14th on Youtube maybe a little earlier?

31. rehabilitated hitch1969© - November 10, 2008

spock’s got really nice jewish curls there (forget what those are called).

you know, the traditional jewish dudes have them…

someone help me here.



32. New Horizon - November 10, 2008

Looking good….my only gripe is that they failed to glue down spock’s side burns for the photo. Someone could have at least photoshopped them down. They look awful sticking out the way they do in the shot.

33. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


Ewww! Yucky! Perhaps if you were Odo, you could shapeshift into a spoon or a bar of soap, or hey, why not a tampon? But Odo has morals. Human males do not.

I think they should have done the whole reboot “Sin City” style. One of these days…..

34. Izbot - November 10, 2008

32. New Horizon –
“Looking good….my only gripe is that they failed to glue down spock’s side burns for the photo. Someone could have at least photoshopped them down. They look awful sticking out the way they do in the shot.”

Actually it doesn’t look like they are sideburns at all but rather his hair grown down and cut into the familiar shape. It’s interesting. I don’t think these are supposed to be fake glued-on sideburns like Tuvok’s were.

35. trekmaster - November 10, 2008

Well, Pine has the same hair style as Shatner in ST:Gen. That’s the resemblance to he audiences last known appearance of Kirk. And Quinto…I’m missing Nimoy’s marked trait. They could have balanced it with some make-up but as seen on the already released snapshots I’m afraid they didn’t.

36. tribble farmer - November 10, 2008

Kirk looks downright evil.

37. asd - November 10, 2008

deleted by admin

38. Thomas - November 10, 2008

Pine’s hair does look funny. My brother had hair like that when he was eight.

39. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008

Re 38, and to all you out-of-date Trekkers:


40. Jason P Hunt - Kansas City Filmmaker - November 10, 2008

I’m waiting for the reboot “Clone Wars” version of the Animated Trek.

And I wouldn’t mind being a Troi toy…

41. Jay - November 10, 2008

Adding the name to the posters wouldn’t make sense. The whole point of a “teaser” poster is to get people asking questions. “Who is that?” “What movie is that for?”… etc. etc.

Then they look closely and see the website… “ahh…. Star Trek”, then they check out the website at home, etc. etc.

It’s called marketing and creating a buzz. That’s exactly what Abrams wants to do. He doesn’t want to explain everything to people at the theater with this poster, because then they would just go “oh, another star trek movie…” and forget about it 10 minutes later.

This is also why I very seriously doubt Abrams will release any pics or footage of the Enterprise before the movie is released.

So, all of you griping about not seeing the Enterprise, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Abrams is famous for wanting audiences to feel the full effect in the movie theater itself, and he surely knows that all the dir-hards are wanting to see that most of all. So, he will most likely keep that from you so that you get the “full effect” in the movie theater of seeing the Enterprise for the first time on the big screen and not on TV or the internet.

People familiar with Abrams’ style won’t be surprised by this. He is big on drama and he is even bigger on keeping the things that people want to see the most from them until they see the movie.

42. ensign joe - November 10, 2008

“He is big on drama and he is even bigger on keeping the things that people want to see the most from them until they see the movie.”

one word, two syllables: shatner


43. Xai - November 10, 2008


Out of line.

44. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


Stop it with the Troi comments!

I was glad when Captain Jellico told her to essentially stop dressing all skimpy, and wear a standard uniform! HE TOLD HER!

45. Radioactive Spock - November 10, 2008

Think I’m one of the guys who won’t be able to wait 3 days for the online trailer. I’ll be seeing Quantum of Solace. Get to see the second Watchman trailer too, though I would have been ok with waiting for that.

46. Commander Data - November 10, 2008


Do u not think adding the names would create interest? If someone walks past and see’s a large pic with the name “KIRK” then another saying “SPOCK” then at least they may be encouraged to at least look.

If they walk past and see a black and white pic of someone looking at them, they might simply ignore it.

I’m all for the hush hush approach for Star Trek, but i dont think putting a name on the poster is gonna blow the big secret!

47. rehabilitated hitch1969© - November 10, 2008

re: 37. asd – November 10, 2008
s h i t t r e k

that was funny… I’m sorry. ;(

not true, but it cracked me up ala Spinal Tap’s review for “Shark Sandwich”.



48. Jay - November 10, 2008

Also, another note about marketing…. notice that the posters and teaser trailer purposesfully don’t “look” like star trek. Abrams is doing this to catch the eye of the general movie going public. If the poster, or the teaser trailer for example, screamed “STAR TREK” from the begining, then the general public which views Star Trek as somewhat of a joke, would not pay attention.

But, if the poster doesn’t look or scream star trek, then people we be more inclined to stop and look. Just like the teaser started out with a welder and the whole time people are thinking “what is this?”. It’s not until the end of the trailer that you realize it’s a star trek movie, but because most people were captiviated by the begining of the trailer and not knowing it was star trek, they were more interested than if it started off with “STAR TREK”. People thought, “hmmmm… that doesn’t look like star trek”

From the description of this new trailer, it seems like this trend is continuing. The general public’s idea of star trek certainly won’t fit with a kid speeing across a field in a ’60’s era corvette. And Abrams wants it that way I bet. He wants to catch the general public’s interest before they realize what the movie is. He wants to real them in and then spring “Star Trek” on them at the end, so that they are interested, so they don’t imediately dismiss it and so they think “Wow, that looks different… it actually looks cool…. not like any Star Trek i’ve seen before”

49. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


Yeah, I can’t wait to see Watchmen too! I’m also looking forward to The Spirit.

50. Reliant - November 10, 2008

I agree with #3. Let’s see the ship!!

51. Jay - November 10, 2008

#46… no, just the opposite… Having “KIRK” on the poster would interest people who are already interested in Star Trek. People that view star trek as a joke, or a moive they have never really cared much about seeing would simply say “oh, another star trek movie” and walk on by.

Those are the people Abrams is trying to capture. This poster is striking, especially if it is huge, like i suspect most will be – like 8 to 10 feet high. You can’t help but notice it. It almost looks like some horror movie.

People we be much more likely to look at it if they can’t figure out what it’s for.

52. trekmaster - November 10, 2008

Hm, I thought the trailer will be released on 11-14-08 and now it’s 11-17-08!?!?

53. Commander Data - November 10, 2008

Jay, arent u now contradicting urself?

You just said:-

“notice that the posters and teaser trailer purposesfully don’t “look” like star trek. Abrams is doing this to catch the eye of the general movie going public. If the poster, or the teaser trailer for example, screamed “STAR TREK” from the begining, then the general public which views Star Trek as somewhat of a joke, would not pay attention.”

but prior to that u said

“Then they look closely and see the website… “ahh…. Star Trek”, then they check out the website at home, etc. etc.”

Wont they look at the website on the poster and make the same determination?

54. cpelc - November 10, 2008

let’s get these posters “colorized” like the other ones!

just for fun

55. Regula One - November 10, 2008

@ #44

Yeah….And it was at that exact moment when a piece of Roddenberry’s dream started to die a little.

56. Jeffries Tuber - November 10, 2008

This is my first official complaint in countless posts on this site:

Why abandon the traditional trio of Kirk, Spock… AND MCCOY? Especially when Karl Urban is the only one of the three who has a sizable female fanbase.

Say whatcha want about Quinto [and I’ll say, watch those HEROES ratings freefall], but this is a stupid and shortsighted move.

Now, I’ll grant that the original 1966 marketing focused on Kirk and Spock, and more often those promo shots were seen in B&W.

But this just doesn’t make sense from a storytelling or marketing point of view.

Absolutely bad ass photos and totally dig the B&W. The half-shaded Spock visually suggests his Vulcan-Human heritage… and the chin-down Kirk evokes the sexy confident bad ass.

Loved seeing Spock with long hair in the beginning TMP… and certainly hope he isn’t in a bowl cut for the whole movie.

Tuber out.

57. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


I guess you’re right. And then there was Kes, Seven, and T’Pol. I guess women of the future don’t need to use the bathroom that often. An advancement of medical science that is beyond our comprehension? Or just functionality, with high-heels?

58. jr - November 10, 2008

Is that Shatner?

59. EnsignJulka - November 10, 2008

These are waaay better than the airbrushed photos!

60. Jeffries Tuber - November 10, 2008

Coolest thing about the picture of Spock is that Quinto’s showing a little 5 o’clock shadow, which makes him look more masculine and even more like Nimoy.

I caught a few episodes of TNG and VOY this weekend… it’s a sea of emasculated men in those spin-offs. Then you pull up an episode of TOS online and you instantly see the difference. Even Sulu is 100% butch in TOS. There’s not a single fey, blow dried Disney-ready actor to be found on that show.

61. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


No. Just another prettyboy who got a movierole for being so damn pretty. Now go and constantly think about how unhealthy you are!

62. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 10, 2008

Chris Pine has looked better in the other pics we have seen. In this one he looks like Hannibal Rising or American Psycho – not good

Quinto looks more Spocky in this poster than I have yet seen him. Looks like young Nimoy

63. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008

60. Yes there was: Yeoman Rand. She could have easily voiced Cinderella.

64. max - November 10, 2008

Kirk looks like Dexter

65. cpelc - November 10, 2008

Here’s what I whipped up real fast.

I like the black and white…but I upped the contrast so they weren’t so cloudy and then took out the backgrounds and colorized the actors.

66. Schultz - November 10, 2008

Great. Finally a good Spock! Was about time! ;)

67. Brett Campbell - November 10, 2008

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but there looks to be a smugness to Pine’s face and, seemingly, attitude unrivalled by Shatner.

68. Jeffries Tuber - November 10, 2008

63 – Talking about the men. But if you want to talk women, shhhhheeeeeit.

The women on TOS are burned into my retina like staring at the sun. My standards of female beauty were set by that show. If you watch the first three seasons of TNG, which were very 80s stylistically, there’s plenty of bad, moussed up hair and chicks who look like gym teachers. Maybe Gene had an androgyny thing in mind.

By the way, I side with Troi’s Bar of Soap as an appropriate handle… and look forward to a partially clad woman in this movie. De-sexing Star Trek was one of the least discussed, most potent poisons in the franchise. The whole “we gotta hook up with someone” thing on VOY was not sexy at all.

69. Lousy_Canadian - November 10, 2008

Cool posters! Can’t wait till more comes out.

and great job, #65-cpelc!

70. bmar - November 10, 2008

Something like this, perhaps?



71. Brett Campbell - November 10, 2008

29 – “And…Quinto’s sideburns continue to jump off his head, with shadows and everything.”

Hilarious! I noticed that a few weeks ago — like a teenage boy trying pretending that he has some — all overhang!

72. JeffreyNdallas - November 10, 2008

People, this is just the beginning……I bet the posters will evolve as the marketing campaign grows. How many times have you walked down the gallery heading to your theatre and been drawn to a poster and really did not know what it was and then you see at the bottom the name of a movie franchise and were like “wow” that looks interesting….I think it is a good start…but certainly know where near it is going to go….$150 mil will get the royal treatment….as they say on BSG….’god has a plan’ and so does Paramount….lol

73. Myrth - November 10, 2008

Guys, these posters are going for first reactions. If a striking poster gets a “wow whats that” first reaction, it will lessen the “oh its a star trek movie” reaction when they read the web site info. Something that will not happen of you plaster Trek references all over them. Think of it like a really attractive woman who holds differing views from you. If you were told about this person as some one who believes X you would have a different reaction than if you were walking along and she stunningly caught your eye and made you say wow, and then later you found out she believed X. Our very first initial reactions reflect how flexible and open minded we will be in regards to something.

74. JeffreyNdallas - November 10, 2008

#70- That does look good….you might be on to something but maybe a little smaller down by the Logo.

75. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 10, 2008

Hey Anthony. Thanks for all your hard work in getting all of us Trek fans the scoops on the new movie. You are a true Gem for us trek fans. May you live long and prosper.

76. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 10, 2008

Im so stoked for the new trailer. Ill be waiting with my Laptop for the trailer here on Trek Movie. Im sure we will all have a lot to say about the trailer so Anthoney. Have Trekmovie Ready because you are going to have a Star Ship Load of Tribbles purring or scremming about the new Trailer. LONG LIVE THE TERRAN EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. KHANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

77. Smike van Dyke - November 10, 2008

Why are the posters b/w? Are they going to hide that colorful retro look of the movie from the general audience? I don’t know…I don’t like b/w stuff…

78. The Quickening - November 10, 2008

Possible, but if what you say is true, then this film is working with a stigma from the get go. Besides, Paramount tried this same tactic–assuming you are correct–with ENTERPRISE by removing STAR TREK from the title… it didn’t work.

I think the mistake Abrams & company are making is not highlighting the techno aspects of this film in the marketing. As a fan, I love TREK because of it’s characters and humanism, but Mr. and Mrs John Q. Citizen, and especially their young offspring, go to these films for techno wizardry. I was not at all surprised at TRANSFORMERS hugh success. This movie better have tons of that, or I don’t see it working with the general audience… and I mean more than just space battles, which have become pretty banal and tiresome.

79. richpit - November 10, 2008

I hate to say it, but the more photos of Quinto as Spock that I see, the less I think he actually looks like Spock. Someone said it here before, but I thin Quinto looks more like Spock when he’s just himself.

The Spock hair / makeup just make him look freaky.

80. CaptainRickover - November 10, 2008

Again no sign of the Enterprise? It starting to getting ridiculous, with the first trailer only a few days back? Don’t they realised allready, they can’t do it right (the Enterprise), if they don’t keep it ORIGINAL? Man, I had some nightmares in the last few nights, showing the new Enterprise similiar to the USS Voyager… That was really frightning.

81. CaptainRickover - November 10, 2008

Ah… Error… Of course I meant, with the trailer only a few days AWAY. Man, the longer I have to wait, the more it getting confused…

82. Devon - November 10, 2008

Good posts Jay.

Thanks for the update Anthony!

83. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


The Enterprise is “underconstruction”. If Starfleet was finished with her, than we would see her, right?

84. Dennis Bailey - November 10, 2008

#60:” There’s not a single fey, blow dried Disney-ready actor to be found on that show.”

Sorry, but Shatner was a very pretty young man. Certainly nothing rugged or terribly manly about that round chin, pixie nose or those boyish cheeks. ;-)

85. Spotbot - November 10, 2008

#70 – good job, but no, not doing it for me. Without the names I thought about the meaning of the photos, with the names I just look at the name and think: ah, so he’s supposed to be the new kirk, and he’s supposed to be the new spock. It’s just too plain. It doesn’t give me any emotion, but without the names it’s far more mysterious, and I think this will attract people. Besides, it doesn’t really matter whether the promotional stuff looks like Star Trek, I’m with Jay on this one: Star Trek needs a reboot and a bigger audience, not a handful of die-hard trekkies comming to a theatre. In my opinion they are going in the right direction with the marketing, but before we all make premature predictions: let’s just wait and see what happens the next few months.

86. VOODOO - November 10, 2008

This is what the average moviegoers are going to sound like when they see these posters

“Is there a new “Dawson’s Creek movie coming out?

“Hey, that guys Halloween customer looks just like Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock”

These are nothing but close up head shots and are are pretty weak as teaser posters. Especially the Pine poster. At least with Qunto’s poster you kind of get the idea it’s a ST film, but who the hell is going to know what they are besides Star Trek fans?

Remember this isn’t Shatner or Nimoy who have 40+ years as Kirk and Spock. The vast majority of people will not be impressed with these two posters.

87. Scott - November 10, 2008

Nothing like dual light-source, black-n-white photography to give a portrait an injection of class.

I do think Pine could look a little less like the serial-killer-next-door, but the pic of Quinto has a very Vulcan vibe to it. Kudos to the photographer.

Scott B. out.

88. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 10, 2008


You are forgetting that most movie-goers don’t plan on seeing a “particular” movie until they are waiting in line for tickets, and looking up at the showtimes. Another factor you have to consider is how the movie is marketed. Just look at how well the Dark Knight was marketed, and how well it did. Also, many trek newbies (who jj and paramount are targeting most) don’t give a crap about the design of the bridge, canon, complicated tech gibberish, etc, only action and an easy-to-follow plot.

89. Jay - November 10, 2008

#53… I understand your point, but by the time they take the time to look closely enough to see the website, etc., they will have already stopped to figure out what this poster is for.

You see what I’m saying? It’s getting them to stop. Getting them to ask “What is this for?”

What you are aiming for is those “indepedents” to use a political phrase. People that like good movies, like sci-fi in general, but are indifferent or basically not interested either way in Star Trek for whatever reason.

Those are the people that you need to peak their interest before they know it’s Star Trek. Those people, even when they figure out it is Star Trek will likely already be somewhat interested and continue to investigate, because unlike you and I and others on this site, this will be the first time they are aware of a new Star Trek movie.

I guess what I’m saying is that it looks to me that Abrams is trying to counter act the general attitude of general movie goers that Star Trek is “old”, or “goofy”, or whatever. Partly it looks to me likes he is doing that by making the first impression of this film not look like Star Trek.

Just my opinion.

90. Jeffries Tuber - November 10, 2008

Where is Bones?

91. Buckaroohawk - November 10, 2008

Here are my quick attempts at (possibly) improving the posters…



Gee, I hope these links work.

92. sean - November 10, 2008


” but who the hell is going to know what they are besides Star Trek fans?”

That’s the entire point of the posters. Pique interest and leave people going ‘huh? what’s that about?’.

93. Devon - November 10, 2008

I don’t have too much problem with these posters. But there have been some really riveting teaser posts that have come out before that are pretty vague but mindblowing. Come on, let’s take the poster visuals up a notch please!

94. Devon - November 10, 2008

“There’s not a single fey, blow dried Disney-ready actor to be found on that show.”

For Disney Movies at the time they probably would have been! Chekov was a Monkees-Audience magnet. Just different times is all.

95. Devon - November 10, 2008

“At least with Qunto’s poster you kind of get the idea it’s a ST film, but who the hell is going to know what they are besides Star Trek fans? ”

I’m going to assume the people who walk up to the posters and see “” underneath it. Just a wild guess……

96. Jay - November 10, 2008

Remember Cloverfield marketing. I think that this will be similar in the begining.

There was a huge buzz about that movie because everyone was trying to figure out what it was about. I think Abrams in this first trailer is not going to show the obvious Trek stuff, and instead make it look like a cool action/sci-fi movie that just happens to be Star Trek.

I think as the months go by, more of the marketing will switch to more traditional looking Star Trek things that most of us are familiar with. Hoping that by then, the general movie going public will already be interested.

Plus, Abrams’ style is to be mysterious. Obivously Star Trek is well known, even to people that aren’t fans. So, for him to be mysterious about this movie is a big challenge. I think the way he is trying to pull off the mystery of this film is by showing aspects of it that don’t scream “Star Trek” in the begining.

This is also why I don’t expect to see footage of the Enterprise until right before the film comes out, if at all.

97. Sam Belil - November 10, 2008

Hey — take a close look at Quinto, it is really one HORRIBLE WIG he is wearing!!! Just look how his side burns are “hanging”. You can actually see the shadows of sideburns. For the record, does anyone if he’s sporting a toupe, or is just a bad make up job???? Luke Perry would be ashamed of those sideburns!!!

98. ster julie - November 10, 2008

Did they not add the delta in the eyes this time as they did in the first 4-part poster?

99. ster julie - November 10, 2008

Hey, Buckaroo, you got it spot-on with adding the one word to the Spock poster. And WE know that Kirk said those things on “Return to Tomorrow,” but would the general public?

I would have just added KIRK in the Trek font and left it black and white. To each his/her own.

100. dalek - November 10, 2008

Great posters. Just one observation: for a million dollar movie, they are really skimping out on the use of glue for Quinto’s sideburns!

101. dalek - November 10, 2008

^ 100 meant to be multi million dollar movie lol DOH

Oh im sure we’ll see a bootleg on youtube before monday like the teaser!

102. Enterprise - November 10, 2008

OMG! Spock has one eye! AHHHH!

103. Commander Data - November 10, 2008

Yeah, i agree with what ur saying Jay, and i can see ur points. I’m not campaigning for the names on the posters or anything i just thought it might be a good idea. I agree with u but i also agree with #2. Imrahil. People will look at the posters and say “Huh?” Yes that may lead people on to the website etc but then again, it might not.

I feel that anything that builds a buzz for the movie is good, and as we’ve seen from the previous trailers they tend to give quite a lot away. I think many people are going to be disappointed as i dont think a lot will be given away in the new trailer.

104. S. John Ross - November 10, 2008

I agree with #2.

105. Paulaner - November 10, 2008


That Kirk is from Arrakis.

106. Barking Alien - November 10, 2008

Quantum of Solace is going to have record sales just because of people rushing out to see the trailers before the movie.

107. JB - November 10, 2008

OK, I’m not in Marketing, but I have no idea what these posters are trying to convey. The photo of Pine is borderline creepy. Are these supposed to appeal to a mass audience?

108. Enterprise - November 10, 2008

Is this a black and white movie?

109. dalek - November 10, 2008

#106 It already has record sales in the UK. I doubt the Trekkies will make that much of a dent. If that was the case, they wouldn’t need to target this movie to a wider audience. Besides Bond sells and has broke most opening records over here.

110. Spock's soap - November 10, 2008

I love that Buckaroohawk managed to fix the sideburns! But is Quinto whistling in the photo or what? Just a bit odd, that’s all.

I’m happy to have things handed out in small amounts. And sadly, yes, I am going with some friends to see QOS just to see the trailer. Yea, I know, almost all of us here need to get a life. Starting to get excited!

111. VOODOO - November 10, 2008


“You are forgetting that most movie-goers don’t plan on seeing a “particular” movie until they are waiting in line for tickets, and looking up at the showtimes”

– I can only speak for myself when I say I am fully aware of what film I will be paying to see when I head out to the cinema.


Yeah, they say Star Trek on the bottom. It still doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s a boring close up of a pretty boy looking guy. Surely they could come up with something a little flashier.

112. Devon - November 10, 2008

“#95 DEVON

Yeah, they say Star Trek on the bottom. It still doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s a boring close up of a pretty boy looking guy. Surely they could come up with something a little flashier.”

I do agree with you there. I think they need someone with a little more imagination to do these other than just adjusting levels to the photo and sending it off. I mean, even adding a texture, or warping stars or something of some sort would have worked IMHO. But… I hope there are more than this for teaser posters.

By the way, I was searching for teaser posters just to get a glimpse at how some others looked and got Daniel Broadway’s Blog as one of my top search results!

113. George - November 10, 2008

Doesn’t bother anyone else that they haven’t glued Spock sideburns down right?

114. Enterprise - November 10, 2008

Why does Kirk look like Nero in this shot? Are Kirk and Nero going to be related somehow?

115. Greg2600 - November 10, 2008

Those posters stink, they remind me of Nemesis…..yikes. I hope this is not a “dark” movie.

116. cpelc - November 10, 2008

Kirk Poster
Spock Poster

Here’s taking everyone’s comments on what could be improved.

I added color, a starfield, words (took the concept of the ‘big three’ but unfortunately no bones poster) and rank logos.

I’m kinda a novice but I think these turned out ok.

117. THX-1138 - November 10, 2008

Hey Data Killed Spot,

Your posts are funny! Are you serious with the whole Troi thing? Or are you Marina Sirtis or a relative of hers?

And how does one constantly think about how unhealthy they are?

Anyway, I noticed that Quinto’s sideburns are so totally bad as well. I felt like maybe it’s nit-picking, but those are the kind of Starfleet sideburns my wife would grow. Not good.

And in reference to Dennis Bailey’s post on the Generations thread about a comment from Admiral Bumblebee on AICN (I know. Don’t take anything seriously from AICN):

I’m hoping that this is all wrong and just made up. Because if this is the truth, there are going to be a lot of P.O.’ed Trek fans.

118. cpelc - November 10, 2008

116 Sorry

spock poster link

and the AICn thing is kinda scary…the distortion of the proportions of the enterprise exterior was something that was brought up when the teaser trailer came out.

119. Sean - November 10, 2008

I think they’ll show the Enterprise in the new trailer. It won’t be for long, but it’ll be enough. I can’t wait til Friday! I’m gonna see the earliest showing of Quantum of Solace.

120. Khan Singh - November 10, 2008

I wouldn’t change them. I really like the one of Spock. I think there is definitely some (early) Shatner influence on Chris’s pose there. Can’t wait to see the Enterprise though. I’ve waited with so much anticipation to see it that I will go Khan-s***t in the theater if they don’t finally give it to us.

121. Star Trek family - November 10, 2008

They look like mug shots.
Star Trek in Jail.

122. Buckaroohawk - November 10, 2008

Spock’s Soap (#110),

You noticed I fixed Spock’s sideburns! Wasn’t sure anyone would catch that. I also gave him back his right eye. I gave Kirk a haircut, too.

I wish I’d thought of adding a starfield or something to the background, just to bring some more color in.

Can’t wait to see the trailer. I’m sure it’s gonna be tough to log onto this site after this Friday. Everyone had better be ready for long load times.

T-minus 4 days and counting…

123. CarlG - November 11, 2008

@64: You totally read my mind. The Spock poster looks terrific, but the Kirk one…. makes him look homicidal.
The “head down, eyes up, stare forward” pose should really be off-limits to the guy whose supposed to be the hero of the flick. Besides, Pine’s a pretty good-looking dude — shouldn’t he get a more flattering photo?

124. captain_neill - November 11, 2008

they look cool

I have to admit I despise the fact that photoshop has replaced artwork in movie posters as I miss the style of poster that the first 8 Star Trek films had.

I would love to see a poster like Star Trek II for the new movie.

If only it were Nimoy Spock poster as well I would feel happy that the original would be honored.

125. Spock - November 11, 2008

Kirk looks like a pedo.

126. captain_neill - November 11, 2008

Is Abrams keeping the Enterprise secret so not to anger fans any further?

127. commander K, USS Sovereign - November 11, 2008

Oh great, so I have to wait until MONDAY until I see the trailer!

US BIas!!! :-P

128. JL - November 11, 2008

Spock does “Blue Steel”

129. JL - November 11, 2008

With regard to Trek losing its way during the TNG phase…

Someone over at AICN just hit the nail on the head, at least as far as I’m concerned:

“As soon [the holodeck] was built, the writers started writing what they wanted (period dramas as in f***ing Robin Hood and WWII) rather than what the show needed: SPACE EXPLORATION AND GALACTIC WARFARE!!”

Well put I say.

130. JL - November 11, 2008

These posters are shockingly poor. Pine looks diabolical and Spock looks extremely gay with his Blue Steel gaze and pursed lips. And yeah, his hair looks fake and his sideburns are floating off of his head.

What in the hell are they thinking with these terrible photo images they are releasing?

131. Butaca 13 - November 11, 2008

[…] TrekMovie nos encontramos con estos dos nuevos posters de la esperadísima cinta Star Trek. En ellos podemos […]

132. TK - November 11, 2008

118 i like your versions, particularly with the star field. well done. its reminded me why i like st, i.e. its about how we will do in space!!

133. spiked canon - November 11, 2008

The trailer for Star Trek starts off looking more like a 70s road movie, as a young Kirk (Chris Pine) drives a beat-up old Chevy round the ranges of Iowa in search of a few thrills before over-estimating his own braking power. Pretty soon his car is plunging a few thousand feet and he’s being rescued from a literal cliff-hanging situation by a rather robotic-looking Iowa traffic cop, who’s just descended from his floating ride to help the young rebel out. They’re really going for the ‘bad boy’ bit with Pine’s Kirk, as we shall find out in the full-length scenes.

Much of the content of the rest of the trailer contains material covered in the scenes that we were shown afterwards, and the slow Kirk-in-trouble scene quickly gives way to the usual epilepsy-inducing quick-cuts, showing some pretty spectacular space battles, the Enterprise under construction in the fields of Iowa (being regarded by an awed Kirk, not yet enrolled in Starfleet), a roll-call of all the returning characters and…Uhura (Zoe Saldana) stripping down to her bra (for some reason – I’m not complaining, it’s a very nice sight, but it’s a bit of a cheap shot for a film with this much going for it). The trailer concludes with Romulan villain Nero (Eric Bana) declaring portentously ‘The wait is over’….

134. SK - November 11, 2008

I like them, but again, as in one of the first publicity shots, there’s a mold seam on Spock’s right ear!

135. Ithica - November 11, 2008

Check out they have a report of a few scenes from the film which JJ Abrams showed them today.

136. spiked canon - November 11, 2008

MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

137. JL - November 11, 2008


Isn’t the fact that they forgot to paste down the sideburns of his fake-looking wig more important than a seam in his ear (which I can’t really detect, to be honest)???

138. captain_neill - November 11, 2008
four scenes from movie discussed here and if these scenes are true it confirms that JJ Abrams has screwed things up big time.

Nothing is as I believed it to be.

Thanks a lot JJ

I only hope he has the spirit of Roddenberry in the film as everything else has been tossed out the airlock.

Well JJ you got the mainstream audience but you are going to lose a lot of Trekkies with this.

139. Trek Nerd Central - November 11, 2008

#134, 137. Oh, fercryinoutloud. What, are you guys taking a microscope to these things?

It’s a much better shot of Quinto than the dipped-in-wax stills we’ve seen so far. Very cool.

#135. I am avoiding spoilers like the plague. Get behind me, etc. etc.

140. spiked canon - November 11, 2008


141. JL - November 11, 2008

“Well JJ you got the mainstream audience but you are going to lose a lot of Trekkies with this.”

You don’t know that. You are making a wild guess with that statement based on your interpretation of what is being described.

All I know is this: If this movie captures the spirit, the essence of TOS and its characters and universe – – the SPIRIT and the ADVENTURE of it – – then I say we only benefit as fans of TOS and sci-fi entertainiment in general.

There is no – freaking – way these people can win (Abrams and crew) the Trek fanbase as a whole because everyone has different levels of expectation.

I am looking forward to the rebirth of this dying franchise and I, for one, am thankful they went with TOS in doing so.

142. spiked canon - November 11, 2008

Amen JL

143. Trek Nerd Central - November 11, 2008

142. Ditto.

144. Wolf Trek - November 11, 2008


145. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 11, 2008

After reading those scene descriptions I wonder if this mvovie will have any real exciting action.

So many ideas that go where? Romulan oil rigs on Vulcan? Did I read that right? I am still gonnna wait for something official before leetting go on these story descriptions.

Where is my Star Trek dude?

146. JL - November 11, 2008

To explore strange, new worlds

Seek out new life and new civilizations

You know the rest

With everything that seems to take place in the new Trek film (ie; backstory origins, everyone meeting up, altered timeline plot, action, et all), I hope they did not omit this crucial, crucial element.

That would translate to disaster as far as I’m concerned.

147. Andy D - November 13, 2008

Quinto’s Spock looks dead on. I mean, perfect.

I originally thought Pine would be a dead on Kirk, but actually he looks nothing like him. Not even close.

It doesn’t matter at all to me, I can suspend my disbelief to enjoy the movie, and many films (Batman, Bond, etc.) have multiple actors playing the lead role, and it usually works.

But I am a bit surprised at how much he doesn’t look like Kirk. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.