Great Links: Kirk v Picard v Vader, Submarine Starfleet, More Trek Politics, Klingon Boggle + more |
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Great Links: Kirk v Picard v Vader, Submarine Starfleet, More Trek Politics, Klingon Boggle + more December 2, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links , trackback

This week we have a video-heavy great links, with reports on the Star Wars v Star Trek front (and the Kirk v Picard skirmish). Plus more Trek on Big Bang Theory, Trek submarines and Trek tricks with a Wiimote. Plus some Trek in politics that we missed, including Obama girl as an Orion. All that and more below.



Star Trek v Star Wars…again (and Kirk v Picard…again)
The war between the ‘Star’ franchises continues unabated. This week a new report from the front (created by DM Phoenix) has been tearing up the internets. 

DM Phoenix also has a report from that other ongoing battle for supremacy: Kirk vs. Picard.

Also worth checking out: "Star Trek II – The Nimoy Edition"

Yet even more political Trek
Last week we pointed to two Trek posts AOL’s Political Machine Blog, but apparently we missed a couple. These guys seem obsessed with Trek

AOL’s Political Machine Blog is obsessed with Trek!

Klingon Boggle
The gang at CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory went Trek again, kicking off the episode "The Panty Piñata Polarization" with a game of Klingon Boggle.

Last week we brought you the creepy morphing of Kirk into Picard, this week the folks at CelebrityMorphing have done it again with their morph of the original and new Kirks.

Musician and designer Ken Moore has turned his Nintendo Wii into a Theremin and to show it off he plays the Trek TOS theme.

Video of the week: Aqua Trek
OK this video isn’t new, but it is new to us thanks to a tip sent in by Paul B. It shows off some fine work by the Yokosuka dock fan club and their aqua models from their 2007 meeting. Very impressive, and something every Trekkie with a pool should look into. More info on these aqua models at the Yokosuka site (primarily in Japanese). 


Dubai getting giant combadge



1. Gabriel Bell - December 2, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

2. Crusade2267 - December 2, 2008

Very cool Star Trek Subs! What was the propulsion unit? I didn’t see a propeller anywhere

3. helenofpeel - December 2, 2008

Have to admit, that was way cool. The movements of the ships in water is the closest thing to how they would drift in space!

4. Jeffries Tuber - December 2, 2008

The Pine-Shatner morph is pretty convincing. I hope someone does a photo shoot of the new crew with old cameras, lenses and film stock, to bring out the ‘vintage’ colors.

5. sean - December 2, 2008

Big Bang Theory got the year wrong in last night’s episode. I can’t believe these people don’t know the basics of Star Trek. This is a disaster.

6. Pat D - December 2, 2008

And the Klingon boggle episode of Big Bang started with a tight shot on THE KLINGON DICTIONARY by Marc Okrand and pulled out!!


7. Andy Patterson - December 2, 2008

Wow. I’d love to have as much money as Dubai.

8. THX-1138 - December 2, 2008

OK that does it!

Somebody better make a production model of the Enterprise sub for sale. I don’t think I can build it but I would DEFINITELY buy it.
One thing:
It has to have a controller that works underwater. I won’t be standing on the side of the pool watching.

Now to get to work painting my pool in a starscape background.

9. Jamie - December 2, 2008

LOL! :D :D :D Bravo!

I can’t remember laughing so much in a long time!

The end of that First Contact one was SO funny!

10. Jeff - December 2, 2008

Where’s the link to Obama girl as an Orion?

11. sean - December 2, 2008

Hahaha, that Star Trek vs Star Wars video was hilarious, even though they all seem to take a similar form. ‘Is there any nudity?’. Gotta love Extras!

12. Richard Daystrom - December 2, 2008

Apparently DMP is biased. Kirk would never let a ship get that close without raising shields!

13. CmdrR - December 2, 2008

Chris Pine could do worse than looking like Shat at 77!

14. - December 2, 2008

Hab SoSlI’ Quch! (and I love Big Bang Theory!)

15. Richard Daystrom - December 2, 2008

That is a joke above. Albeit a very small one.

16. CmdrR - December 2, 2008

Hillary never looked better. And I think Palin is a Deltan. TOO funny.

17. Weerd1 - December 2, 2008

Oh my dear god- Can you imagine Starfleet Battles type rules for pool Trek? I think I just found a new hobby…

18. Jon - December 2, 2008

“The Atrium is a 278m tower designed by American firm Pickard Chiltern”

19. navamske - December 2, 2008

You say Dubai, I say hello.

20. pacimage - December 2, 2008

The Enterprise-A underwater aqua model makes me want to wear my Speedos and get prune skinned! Neat toy!!!

21. Spectre_7 - December 2, 2008

ST vs SW: 10/10!!! Bravo!!

22. Lousy Canadian - December 2, 2008

The Shat/Pine transformation’s very cool! You can see a resemblence as well. :)

23. Will - December 2, 2008

I wish they would have been able to do my recommended Pine to young Shat. Oh well, this one… I think the blend would’ve made more sense from Pine to young Shat. Oh well, at least they took part of my suggestion(and mentioned me, to boot! Woo!)!

24. jen - December 2, 2008

Nice morphing. Hopefully they will also make one with a young Shatner and Pine.

25. DJT - December 2, 2008

I wonder how practical it would be to have a real underwater 1701-A?

I mean, like a tourist ship.

As practical as a space bound 1701-A, I imagine.

26. AD - December 2, 2008

Yeah, they should really have done Shatner as Captain Kirk in the original series era rather than now. It’s a pretty pointless comparison as it is.

27. John Trumbull - December 2, 2008

Really liked the Star Wars/Star Trek battle. My favorite parts were the opening communication with Riker & the epilogue — VERY clever!

The midpoint of the Chris Pine – Shatner morph is a dead ringer for Neal McCullough. :)

28. - December 2, 2008

Um, shouldn’t that morph have been Chris Pine to a YOUNG Bill Shatner?



29. Kirk's Ghost - December 2, 2008

Picard FTW!!!! :P

30. Riker 001 - December 2, 2008

Does anyone know where you can get one of those underwater modles?

31. Third Remata'Klan - December 2, 2008

Okay, the underwater models are amazing. I wish they’d had a closer look at the Voyager, but that 1701-A is incredible.

32. Nivenus - December 2, 2008

I’ve seen far better Star Wars vs. Star Trek battles. This one was… unamusing. Not only was it poorly edited but the jokes fell flat for me. And if they were trying to be serious they got their facts all wrong. So as humor, it failed. As drama, it failed.

This was far funnier, IMHO, and did what any such vid should do – refusing to pick sides and just have fun.

33. SPB - December 2, 2008

#32- Nivenus

Another Trekkie’s sense of humor bites the dust, apparently. Lighten up… it was perfectly fine and very clever. It’s an internet mash-up… it ain’t supposed to be CITIZEN KANE.

34. Shane - December 2, 2008


I liked it… actually a lot better than the one you linked. I also thought the one you linked took sides… the Enterprise was simply no match whatsoever for the Empire in it. Oh well.. to each his own!

35. Warp - December 3, 2008

It would be great if Chris Pine played young Denny in the last episode of Boston Legal…when Denny remembers Shirley when she was young. :D

36. Daoud - December 3, 2008

Obama Orion Obama Orion
Uma Oprah Uma Oprah

Yikes… good thing she didn’t favor the Green Party.

Now I know why Scotty always preferred things in green!

37. jobryant - December 3, 2008

That under water video was incredible. I was a huge Starblazers fan growing up and Argo (Yamato) is my second favorite ship of all time (the Enterprise A is my favorite hands down).

38. Scott - December 3, 2008

That underwater shot of the Enterprise looked more convincing than the effects of Star Trek V.

39. jerr - December 3, 2008

32. I don’t know how you can compare the video you talked about as better? It certainly was not funnier.

40. TomBot99/4A - December 3, 2008

Those were some fun videos! I thought that those underwater models were very awesome! Wow!

41. Blowback - December 3, 2008

#35 Warp

That would be hilarious!

42. Tommy Christopher - December 3, 2008

So glad to see Vader put the smackdown on TNG. There’s only 1 real Star Trek. Kirk would’ve pulled a quick Corbomite maneuver, and been in his quarters practicing the Vulcan nerve pinch on Orion Girl by dinnertime.

43. Mark Lynch - December 4, 2008

Perhaps this is the way that science fiction model filming should go (seriously)

Those Star Trek ships looked so natural and graceful. Far better than any CGI I have ever seen. Got to be tons cheaper too.

44. usskelvin - December 4, 2008

Obama girl link still not here?

45. Anthony Pascale - December 4, 2008

when you click the link to ‘vexed generation’ or the image of obama you get the article that includes obamagirl/orion is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.