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Star Trek Luminaries Remember Barrett Roddenberry [UPDATE 3] December 19, 2008

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The mourning of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who passed away yesterday has just begun. Some of those who knew and worked with Star Trek’s ‘First Lady’ have already sent in their condolences for us to share with the fans, including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo and more.
[3 UPDATES: w/ Wil Wheaton, JJ Abrams, Nichelle Nichols + more]


Friends and colleagues say goodbye to Majel Barrett Roddenberry


UPDATE 3: Nichelle Nichols condolence

Magel Barret has been my friend since the first day we met at Metro Goldman Mayer Studios, predating our destiny, Trekking the Stars and/or with The Galaxy’s Great Bird, by some years. I shall continue to miss her in my life as an infuriatingly blunt, stingingly witty, perceptively insightful, sensitive and deeply caring soul. I know her also as a strong and gentle loving mother and wife to two incredible men, both of whom I hold dear to my heart. She is a woman I’ve held in high esteem. I shall miss the “IS” of her as she always “WAS”………..a Grand Lady.

Nichelle Nichols


UPDATE 2: JJ Abrams condolence

I will never forget meeting Majel on the set. She was elegant, kind, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She was also incredibly supportive, and spoke beautifully of her memories of Star Trek and her late husband. She will be immortalized by her life’s work, including, I feel lucky and honored to say, her performace in the latest chapter in the Star Trek saga. We will all miss her.

JJ Abrams

UPDATE 1: More condolences from Wheaton, Trimble & Nemecek

She was a hell of a lady, who loved Star Trek and Star Trek fans like no other.

Some knew her as the original Number One, some knew her as Lwaxana Troi, and everyone knew her as the ship’s computer, but I just knew her as Majel, my friend Rod’s mom, who always treated me like he and I were brothers.

Since we got the news yesterday, a lot of people have asked me if I can tell a story as a way to remember her. I’ve dug around in the attic of my mind for hours, and the best I can do is: We always had fun when we were working on Next Generation, but when Majel was on the set, it was a party.

Wil Wheaton [from his blog]


I did know Majel personally and stayed at her house when I came out from TX to do Trek research at UCLA. Majel signed me into UCLA in fact. She sent GR’s beautiful butter-colored Rolls to pick me up at the airport. Gotta say, that’s being picked up in style!

Staying at her house was not the stately butler-and-maid deal you’d think of a large Bel Air home. There were two large dogs, one named "Speed-bump" because he was the same color as the marble hallway, and a somewhat idiotic German Shepherd who figured any food within reach was his until Majel put a stop to that. Though Majel didn’t have lots of servants, but there was always someone doing something around the house. And there was a sub-teen boy with all his friends.

Majel liked to cook (and was good at it) so she fixed breakfast for me. She was vibrant and atheletic (exactly my opposite). She was a golf champ at one time, and felt it was a high treat to invite me to the greens at 6 am to beat the crowds. I declined on the grounds that I’d be a major hazard with a golf club. She was a generous woman and a great hostess.

Bjo Trimble


Pondering it now, the great thing about Majel was how she surprised a lot of people, I think, after Gene died. No one would ever take her for a shrinking violet, sure, but Majel took on Gene’s mantle after his passing far more than anyone figured, and spoke up for science, for equality, for rationality, for pushing our inner as well as our outer frontiers-in short, for the future, for all the ideals of “Gene’s vision” … whenever she was asked, and sometimes when she wasn’t!

Out of the spotlight, I’ll always remember the Oscar, holiday and other parties she continued to host as the years mounted–for even as the center of all things Trek drifted elsewhere, she continued to invite the Trek staffs too, top to bottom. From Rod to the house staff around her, to voicing the Starfleet computer, to making thank-you visits to each show on its finale wrap day, to giving fans her all even last summer–Majel never forgot her extended Star Trek family. And for that, none of us will ever forget our First Lady.

Larry Nemecek


Original article:


She was a valiant lady. I always felt a kinship because we met Gene the same way at the same time. We acted together in an episode of "The Lieutenant" series which Gene produced. He then hired both of us to act in the first Star Trek pilot. A sad goodbye.

Leonard Nimoy


I was deeply saddened to learn of Majel’s passing this morning at her home. She was a friend, a colleague, and a dedicated pillar of the Star Trek legacy after the passing of its creator and her husband, Gene Roddenberry. She was a gifted actress, but, more than that, she was a dear friend.

I will always remember Majel as a warm, generous ally in many of my efforts outside the acting arena. She and Gene were my first supporters when I decided to run for public office in Los Angeles and keynoter at the first fundraising dinner of my campaign. Majel was a vivacious hostess and I will cherish the memories of the sparkling parties at her lovely home. She truly was the “First Lady of Star Trek.”

Majel’s passing now leaves a huge vacancy in the Star Trek heritage and in the hearts of so many friends and fans across this planet. I send my love and heartfelt condolences to her son, Rod.

George Takei


I am devastated…When I was fresh off the boat and very lonely without my family, the Rodenberrys took pity on me and became like my surrogate family – making sure I had somewhere to go in all the holidays. When I met my husband, Michael, he was included too.

I always called Majel Mom and when my own mother passed away three years ago I told Majel to take care of herself as she was the only Mom I had left. Today I feel truly orphaned.

I will miss her and her devilish spirit more than I can say.
The world lost a good one today.

Marina Sirtis


I will always remember how welcoming Majel was to me and every new member of the Star Trek family with her kindness and memorable parties. A bright light has disappeared from our starfield.

Robert Picardo


I met Majel Roddenberry when I was 25 years old and very green in Hollywood, and she was always generous with her time and very encouraging. I really looked up to her… what a charming, talented woman… and having said all that, she also throws a hell of a party. She used to have the best Super Bowl party every year and we all looked forward to it.

I am sure I speak for many people when I say that she will be dearly missed. 

Brannon Braga


We were all saddened to learn of Majel’s passing and wish to express our condolences to her family. Majel was truly a Woman of quality, and was always thoughtful and generous with everyone she knew. When you think of a woman who exemplified class, it was always her that was at the top of the list.

It would be difficult to measure the impact that she has had on the world, as she has touched the lives of so many, both personally and professionally. She will surely be missed and will always be the first lady in our hearts.

Chris Doohan on behalf of the Doohan Family


Today is a very sad day, and the end of an era. Majel’s passing is a tremendous blow to all that knew her. She was an incredibly giving, caring lady. I am so thankful for having met her numerous times at conventions over the years, and extremely fortunate that she agreed to perform in the "New Voyages" project.

On behalf of the entire Star Trek: NV/P2 family, I wish to extend our condolences to Rod and his family. May she rest in peace with Gene the one true love of her life. She will forever be remembered, in our hearts.

"The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning…"

James Cawley


I best remember Majel not as an actress or producer, but as a homemaker. I met her shortly after Rod was born. At the time I was working with Gene as a researcher on a novel version of "The God Thing" (well before the Star Trek version for a feature). He was working out of his house by then and I would often hang around after work to have dinner with Gene and Majel and entertain Rod in his Jolly Jumper, which he truly loved. After about a month or so Gene took a hiatus from the book and my job became to baby proof the house, and so I continued what had become a pattern of dinners and conversations into the night. I remember "build them yourself" tacos and fabulous spaghetti carbonara. I remember late night dips in the pool. I remember Majel as a great cook and as a proud, doting mother who was utterly enthralled at being a mother, but also somewhat daunted by it.

At one point she hired me to write a movie treatment for a story she came up with that was based on a persistent fear of hers — kidnapping. In truth, we did not have much contact from the ’80s forward, but for several years during the mid ’70s I saw a side of Majel Roddenberry that relatively few others got to see, a very personal side that will remain as my most vivid impression of her. I guess that most Star Trek fans appreciate her as being Gene’s wife, or as Nurse/Dr. Chapel, or as the producer of shows extracted from Gene’s files after his passing, but I will always most appreciate her as Rod’s mother, because I never saw her happier than she was in those early years of motherhood.

Jon Povill


Wow, where do I begin?! I first met Majel when she and Gene came to the very first Star Trek convention in New York City in January of 1972. She was as gracious then as she always was with the fans, but still very much a woman who was not afraid to speak her mind! It was the beginning of a relationship that would last for more than thirty-six years.

I will miss her laugh, her warmth, her wonderful parties, her passion for Star Trek, her love of Gene and of the shows fans, but most of all I will miss her smile. No matter how tough times were, no matter how difficult things got at times, she could always diffuse it all with that wonderful smile and a shrug, and you knew that everything would be okay. She was a very special lady and she will be missed.

Majel recorded her final voiceover as the ship’s computer for J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek film only a few weeks ago. It will be both appropriate and poignant to hear it. She was there at the very beginning, and she’ll be there to be a part of the launch of the new Star Trek.

My heart goes out to Rod and everyone in the Roddenberry household.

Richard Arnold


On behalf of everyone at Creation Entertainment we’d like to express our condolences on the passing of Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Over the past 25 years we had the great pleasure of welcoming Majel to our convention stages scores of times. From the start of our involvement in Star Trek fandom The Roddenberrys were incredibly supportive. For years Gene would close our Los Angeles conventions and when his health was declining Majel would join him on stage to make sure that the public would see only the best of the man that they had come to admire and love.

Gene’s final convention appearance was at a giant affair that we ran at The Shrine auditorium and it was the last time the entire original cast and Gene were present at a public event. At that show Gene, in a wheelchair, was joined on stage by not only Majel but their wonderful son Eugene, Jr. A standing ovation of several minutes greeted Gene showing that Star Trek fans were always at the forefront of recognizing the true genius behind the franchise.

While much will be written about Majel’s on-screen contributions to Star Trek one of her most important legacies is that she, along with Gene, were among the first industry figures to understand the importance of fans in sustaining an entertainment property over time. Gene cleverly marshaled fandom and Majel was an early innovator in licensing and marketing of television based merchandise. Lincoln Enterprises, her company, was the introduction that fans around the world had to the fact that Star Trek was collectible. There are still fans that have Majel’s earliest products including slides cut from actual 16 mm prints of the classic series.

Majel was always a colorful presence at our conventions, entertaining, warm and loving with attendees. At the very first appearance she did for us I asked her how she wanted to be introduced and she said, "just say The First Lady of Star Trek and get on with it" And so I did. We’ll be dedicating our 2009 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention to Majel, honoring her contribution to Trek and her love of the fans that brought her such happiness.

– Gary Berman on Behalf of Creation Entertainment


We’ve lost a friend, a colleague, a generous spirit, and one of the most important guiding lights of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a better tomorrow. She was much loved, and will be missed terribly.

Michael and Denise Okuda


…plus William Shatner has a new Shatner Project video on Majel

NOTE: Shatner was mistaken about Majel not having the chance to complete her voice work on the new Star Trek movie.


and finally…
The Okudas also sent over the following photograph taken by Francis French, director of education at the San Diego Science Museum, which is currently hosting Star Trek The Exhibition. French took this Thursday in Majel’s memory.

Goodbye Majel…the ship wont be the same without you


TrekMovie expects more thoughts to come from those who knew Majel,  so check back for updates



1. sean - December 19, 2008

That’s a very kind video Bill recorded. Question though – I thought her work as the computer voice was finished? So was it not completed yet?

2. bmar - December 19, 2008

Truly sad about Majel’s passing and nice to see how many heartfelt rememberances there are. I have to say, however, that Mr. Shatner’s “I didn’t know her very well” comes off a bit hollow. So, so far, he didn’t know Majel very well, didn’t know Gene very well, and didn’t know George Takei very well.

He may not have been best or even close friends with any of them, but I would imagine that after 40 years of sharing sets and stages with them – that he could muster something more than “not knowing [them] very well.”

3. Jason - December 19, 2008

Very kind words from everyone. It’s nice to see that such sad news can be accompanied by such loving memories. As for the Shatner video, I’m about 99% certain that Mr. Barrett- Roddenberry’s role was done, as it’s been confirmed that the film is pretty much done, all except the dedication that must come at the start of the film.

4. Jason - December 19, 2008

Oops, just relized I made a typing error in my comment above. Forgiveness please.

5. duncan.macleod - December 19, 2008

Anthony confirmed that She had finished it.

6. duncan.macleod - December 19, 2008

Lets not forget, that Shatner has no personel knowlege, only what he read or was told.

7. focuspuller - December 19, 2008

I think that Shatner’s statement was, if anything else, honest from his point of view, and I think that is all that can really be said.

8. Charlie - December 19, 2008

I was nice knowing you, pretty lady. You take care now, ya here? We’ll all be seein’ ya soon nuf… bye now!

9. hitch1969© ~L~O~V~E~S trekmovie chatroom. - December 19, 2008

Why is it most recently when asked about JJ Abrams that Shatner replies that he’s no longer a part of the Star Trek community and its not appropriate for him to comment anymore, but he just doesnt do that now does he?

Shatner’s so inconsistent these days. He was offered a role. He wasnt offered a role. He’s not seen a script. He’s seen a fake script. He blasts JJ and the entire movie, and then apologizes that he can’t be in this “wonderful movie”.

Probably not the most appropriate time to point this out, but Shatner is losing some serious credibility with everyone these days. Could it truly be the Mad Cow™?



10. Brett Campbell - December 19, 2008

She was one terrific woman, wasn’t she?

She and Gene will enjoy the new movie together, sitting hand in hand, in the best seats in the universe.

11. AJ - December 19, 2008


That’s just how Shatner talks: On talk shows promoting ST films, he’s always preface his answer to “Is it good” with “I haven’t seen it.” It comes off a bit strange, but he’s just telling the truth.

12. AJ - December 19, 2008

Oh, and what great tributes, too. The photo of the Bridge is a tear-jerker.

13. MGB - December 19, 2008

Hooray for the Shat!

Yes, Majel finished her part for the movie, but Shatner isn’t part of the movie, so he doesn’t know.

If he had even the tiniest bit, he’d have heard the computer voice.

Sadly, there will be no Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in Trek 09

For me, TOS is truly over. I feel like I lost a friend, even though I only knew her as Number One and Nurse Chapel. I felt this way when De Kelley died.

TOS had a magic that you cant find on any TV show anywhere.

14. CarlG - December 19, 2008

What a classy lady she was, and it’s good to see that she was remembered so fondly by those who knew her. Marina Sirtis’ comments were especially touching.

15. Anthony Pascale - December 19, 2008

guys a reminder, this is about remembering Majel, keep it on topic and appropriate to the moment please

16. Brett Campbell - December 19, 2008

Hmm… muts be original post 10 disappeared.

I didn’t mean to comment on my own comment or talk to myself.

I only do that in private.

We are going to miss you, Mrs. Roddenberry…

17. Ciarán - December 19, 2008

That picture of the captain’s chair has brought a tear to me eye. Very poignant.

18. Lousy_Canadian - December 19, 2008

Wonderful words and such a kind tribute! Goodbye, Majel.

19. NX01 - December 19, 2008

For everyone that could not tell those are flowers in the chair I had to blow up the pic to tell. Mrs. Roddendberry was so good to the fans.
Goodbye and boldly go where none of us have gone before.

20. C.S. Lewis - December 19, 2008

A Note to Rod Jr:

I lost my mother some four years ago to cancer, at much too young an age, and my father this past spring, mainly to a broken heart. As a fellow “junior” the transition to “senior” is bittersweet at best. (Children make it easier to bear.)

I am grateful for your parents’ contribution to our lives (father was a great Star Trek fan and mother enjoyed it too) and I hope you will steward their legacy by keeping the family spirit alive.


C.S. Lewis

21. Aaron R. - December 19, 2008

does that mean you can’t sit in the chair if you pay to go into the museum or did they just put them down for a pic and take em away. Plus if we want a dedication I think everyone who has a myspace or facebook and has Star Trek the new movie as their friend should comment on said page that you want that. Really let them know.

22. Bjo Trimble - December 19, 2008

Majel was a vibrant personality and delightful person. John and I first met her when we ran the original Save Star Trek letter-writing campaign in the late 1960’s. She was a far better actress than the parts she got, in many cases. I stayed at her house, met her dogs, ate her wonderful cooking, and enjoyed her sly humor. It is difficult to believe that someone as energetic and enthusiastic as Majel can be gone. She has merely moved on to another plane, to amaze and delight another group of bemused entities.

23. Elrond L - December 19, 2008

That picture of the captain’s chair says it all. What touching tributes, especially from Marina Sirtis and Brannon Braga. It’s a tough time for the Star Trek family.

Oh, to have gone to one of those parties . . . :-)

24. T.U.M. - December 19, 2008

I think Shatner is just the sort of man who doesn’t really have filters – it wouldn’t occur to him to not say whatever popped into his head without any sort of editing. I don’t think he says those things with ill will; it seems to just be they way his noggin’s wired.

25. Al - December 19, 2008

Her surname is spelled wrong in title Anthony – two Ds

26. Charlie in Colorado - December 19, 2008

I was blessed to be among those at the Shrine Auditorium on That Special Day. Before the stage show, I got to meet Majel in the little dealers room they’d set up. She was most kind and gracious, classy and dignified, just as the thousands of others who had the chance to brush shoulders with her through the years have said she was.

Rest In Peace, Majel…

27. Paul B. - December 19, 2008

I remember a great Majel moment from the 20th anniversary convention (I think) when she did a great reading of a Chapel scene that was cut from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It’s a scene where she’s coordinating rescue efforts from Starfleet Command, talking to posts all over the planet as the probe’s signal wreaks havoc.

It was an amazing scene: Majel with her pages, microphone, and (I think) some sound effects on tape, reading her side of the dialogue in this scene. Transporters are malfunctioning from the probe’s signal, so she’s trying to figure out what to do: they’re beaming people out of danger into NOTHING. The scene ends with her chastising someone for wanting power for science systems, something like, “We worry about the people first, THEN study the goddamned probe!”

The audience at the convention loved it! It was amazing, and it was cool to see Chapel (could’ve been Number One, almost…so powerful!) being so tough and smart and cool-headed in a worldwide disaster.

So cool to see Majel giving fans that much more of herself and of Star Trek. Does anybody else remember that convention and that scene of hers? (I hadn’t done any drugs back then, so I’m pretty sure it’s a real memory…hehe.)

28. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - December 19, 2008

The Passing of such an increadable woman as Majel is such a Sad occasion. She was always Charming on screen and funny. I loved the Scenes she Had With Odo on DS9. Very powerfull Moments and with troi and Talking about her sister. Or Always Causing The Capt trouble and even causing Picard to order going to Warp 9 to get her home. She was a class Lady and she will be sorely Missed by all.RIP Majel and enjoy being with your Husband.Rod. You had a truly incredable MOM.Best to you and your Family.

29. Amazing Bizarro - December 19, 2008

I admit it. I had a crush on Nurse Chapel. It remains to this day. Adieu Majel.

30. Anthony Pascale - December 19, 2008

RE: completed work on movie and shatner
Shatner is not correct regarding her work on the movie.

31. NoRez - December 19, 2008

I found it very sad that so many in the ‘Trek family mentioned warm personal memories of Majel, specifically wonderful parties, and then there’s Bill, sitting alone and away from all that. It makes me sad that what we already knew was made so obvious yet again: that it was not one ‘big happy family’ back in the day…

What IS nice to see is that many others got to know Majel well and benefitted from her warmth and grace.

32. SteveinSF - December 19, 2008

She will be missed.

33. Scotty's Ashes - December 19, 2008

To me, the most moving scene that Majel had in any of the Trek episodes was DS9 when Odo finally reverted to his liquid state from fatigue. Luxana Troi left him rest in her lap as she protected him while he was vunerable. The abrasive vamp was replaced by a caring mother figure, something Odo never had. The dynamic between the two changed after that moment.

Majel carried that scene out flawlessly.

She will be missed.

34. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - December 19, 2008

To me. Star Trek has lost it’s Parents. With Gene as the DAD and Majel as the MOM. Majel was an incredable woman and a fantastic Actress.I loed the Rols She Played in babylon 5 and Earth Final conflict and Andramada. But Trek Was her Baby along with Gene. Since they are the Parents and the Actors are the Sons and Daughters. Then we as fans are the Grandchildren and we all will miss them. RIP Majel.

35. AJ - December 19, 2008

22/Bjo Trimble:

We all have you to thank for multiple decades of Star Trek because of that campaign, and it still remains a legendary event in TV history.

It means a lot to see your tribute here alongside the fans. As fans, we all miss Majel, and Gene as well.

Good Luck!

36. P Technobabble - December 19, 2008

I saw (and met) Majel Roddenberry at a convention not very long after Gene had passed away.
When she took to the stage, I honestly didn’t know what to expect… I only knew her as an actress on Star Trek, and as Gene’s wife. Well, she grabbed hold of us with her stories, and her humor, and her warmth, never let go, and you could not help but love this woman. She exhibited tremendous energy, and affection toward us. And when we got to meet her, she was very calm and attentive, but you could also feel an intensity about her. A truly impressive woman.

37. Zminus10 - December 19, 2008

I feel as if I have lost a member of my own family. My deepest sympathies go out to Rod and his family. Remain strong, live long, and prosper.

38. Orb of the Emissary - December 19, 2008

I cried when I read the article of her passing. She will truly be missed!

39. Jordan - December 19, 2008

I feel really sad for Marina Sirtis. She probably knew Barrett the best.

40. Tango - December 19, 2008

Majel will always be my Number One in my heart.

41. Jim Nightshade - December 19, 2008

I kinda agree that the Shats reminisces of Majel are very weak. At least he wasn’t trying to lie to us and make it sound like he was closer to her and Gene than he really was….and at least he acknowledges her good casting and acting as well….It was great to hear from Bjo Trimble too…wow….long time….

Which New Voyages episode or episodes was she in?

One of the TOS first season episodes that featured Nurse Chapel prominently was the classic “What are little girls made of”. She was wonderful in that episode about her missing fiance, Dr. Korby, who became a detached human mind in an android body…that episode dealt with the very questions of what it means to be human…and to love….can an android love? Preshadowing Datas human-android struggles by decades….

42. Kevin Rubio - December 19, 2008

“…second star to the right, straight on till morning.”

43. Karen Tow - December 19, 2008

Seeing those flowers in the Captain’s chair brought tears to my eyes.
She was a wonderful person, and a great loss. Rod was at the last Vegas convention with his Mom, and obviously adored her. My heart goes out to him tonight. She’s with Rod, dancing in the stars… which is how it should be.

44. That One Guy - December 19, 2008

These are the voyages…

Here’s to ya’ lassie.

45. DaveM - December 19, 2008

#41 – I think she was the computer voice in the various episodes.

46. Viking - December 19, 2008

That was classy of The Shat step upon his soapbox in his now-expected forum and eulogize her. You’re a good guy, Bill.

Bjo – I can relate to your sense of shock/numbness/disbelief. I lost my father ten years ago. His service was a ‘who’s who’ of local broadcast radio professionals, so many of whom were my ‘Dutch uncles’ to a kid who virtually grew up in a 5,000-watt AM/FM combo in the early 70’s. I still surf the hometown newspaper online, and it’s like a punch to the gut when I see one of Dad’s contemporaries has passed on. One by one, we lose them. Just……….damn.

47. Elrond L - December 19, 2008

33: I agree, one of Majel’s finest moments ever (and DS9’s too).

48. sean - December 19, 2008


Thanks for clarifying that Anthony. I kept hearing conflicting reports.

I think one of my favorite Majel moments in Trek was on TNG in ‘Dark Page’. It was an unusually serious Lwaxana story, and she really sold that performance. I always find myself tearing up a bit when it reruns.

49. ETMoody3 - December 19, 2008

Marina Sirtis’ comment moved me to tears.

Got nothing to add.

50. Becky Sheldon - December 19, 2008

Majel had the power to move me to tears or laughter…We will miss her…

51. CmdrR - December 19, 2008

Take a bow, Majel.
applause, applause…
and thanks.

52. Davey Boy - December 19, 2008

I had one brief in time when I met Majel at Quarks bar and she signed my menu she was so kind and wonderful I was so lucky to have met such a fabulous person. She will be missed but never forgotten.

53. Pythia - December 19, 2008

Favourite memory of Majel, that one episode of DS9 when she and Odo were stuck in the turbolift; it was one of the most moving character stories of the show.

Thank you Majel, for everything.

54. Chris M - December 19, 2008

it’s still hard to believe that Majel is gone. It was only recently that us Star Trek fans received the wonderful news that Majel would reprise her role as the voice of the Enterprise Computer in the New Movie. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are all extremely grateful that Majel was able to complete her work on the New Movie. Majel has been involved in Star Trek from the very beginning way back in 1964 when the first pilot was made. And of course her and the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry were married for many years until his death in 1991.

I would like to call for the New Movie to be dedicated to Majel. It would seem only fitting.

Very kind video from William Shatner as well.

55. Robert Simmons / A.K.A. Vice Rear Admiral Nerd - December 19, 2008

End Program. Enter when ready.

Sincere condolances to the family…..

56. jeffery wright - December 19, 2008

Good to hear from Bjo!

If you’re out there, dear, tell us what you think of the new movie so far, please.

And what have you been up to lately? How have you been?

57. Entrprs6666 - December 19, 2008

As a tribute to Majel, Jimmy, and Deforest, a short tribute to their contributions to the Star Trek universe should be presented, ending with…

Shatner’s voice:

A heartfelt thank you to those that have gone before us, to the ultimate final frontier…..

And now……..

the new and continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise ……

cue the Alexander Courage theme……

cut to Paramount Logo

Works for me!

58. CaptainLordBat - December 19, 2008

Majel…..I will miss you and love the times we spent together and laughed. My Mother passed earlier this year. I hope you and her are laughing about things said and done. I will miss you my lovely and kind woman.

59. ParamountI-mportance - December 19, 2008

I was at the San Diego Air & Space Museum that day. The flowers were a lovely, touching tribute. Thank you to the museum for doing that – it was the perfect gesture.

Majel, you will be deeply missed…

60. lostrod - December 19, 2008


Your putdown of Mr. Shatner because of his “I didn’t knw her… ” comment is off base. Of the 40+ years of Star Trek – how much time was spent in social contact?

3 years of TOS. 3 months (filming) times 6 movies, = about 4 and a half years working time. Plus convention times.

I’ve workws 5 days a week with folks for 20 years, but don’t feel ” I know them”. They are coworkers, but not intimate friends. Mr. Shatner worked

Mr. Shatner voiced an honest assesment when he said he”didn’t know her well”. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since I watched the first episode during it’soriginal airing. I’ve met most of the cast at one time or another, but would never claim to “know them”.

Let’s remember the loss of great actress and leave the snide comments about Mr. Shatner out of it.


61. USS TRINOMA - NCC 0278 - December 19, 2008

I hope JJ will put a dedication to the First Lady of Star Trek at the beginning of the movie. That would be a proper fitting of reaffirming her legacy, and at the same time, becoming a symbol of sorts to commence the “new” Star Trek.

62. Minitrap - December 19, 2008

It’s so sad, that Majel has passed away….

Yes, i didn’t know her personally, but she (and her roles) were part of my childhood. She was such a big part of Star Trek. I don’t know what I can say….

Sorry if i can’t declare my feelings in a proper english (I’m german), but I feel, that a part of my own has passed away.

Requiescat in pace Majel. A great lady, not only of Star Trek.

63. 790 - December 20, 2008

A very moving post,,, well done,! Great collection of Star Trek Alumni perspectives !

I’m already missing Majel,,,,,, :-(

End Transmission,,,?

64. Iowagirl - December 20, 2008

Agreed. Furthermore, he finished his sentence with “…but what I knew about her was great.” We all should try to listen more closely.

But let’s not digress.

Wonderful and very kind comments from everyone and a moving picture. A truly appropriate way to say goodbye to an impressive (Star Trek) Lady.

65. John - December 20, 2008

It’s very sad, she was such a lovely lady.

66. amz - December 20, 2008

I was just watching this tonight… it is so sad what goes on in this world! :(

67. jimthebard - December 20, 2008

I am actually crying. I don’t believe it! Why do the good ones go before there time?

68. dark_priestess - December 20, 2008

I think that #57 would be all too appropriate, with the voiceover, and the names starting with Gene & Majel, then moving on to the cast, in order of their passing. It would be a beautiful tribute to them all.

Majel has gone on to explore the true Final Frontier with her Captain. They’re dancing among the stars, happy to be together again.

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

69. Shatner_Fan_Prime - December 20, 2008

Leonard and Majel in the new film are truly going to bookend it for me! TOS began in 1964 w/ the production of The Cage, and 45 years later, 2 of those wonderful actors will be back to launch the new era of Star Trek!!

70. Crewman Darnell - December 20, 2008

I’m having a sentimental craving for some Plomeek soup.

My dad and I had the honor of meeting Majel and Gene after a convention here in Portland, Oregon, back in the early 70s. I’ll never forget how my dad and Gene got into “talking shop” about WW2 and aircraft design. As a young kid, I was getting fidgety and Majel kept smiling at me; even rolling her eyes, as if to say: “I hear ya. This just has to run its course.” I also remember she seemed very tall, even to my kid perspective at the time.

71. Manfred Martens - December 20, 2008

Auch ich als deutscher Star Trek Fan möchte der Familie Barret / Roddenberry mein aufrichtiges Beileid und meine tiefe Trauer zum Ausdruck bringen. Sie hat mich durch meine Kindheit und bis heute im Star Trek Universum begleitet. Möge Sie in Frieden ruhen.
Live long and prosper Majel.
Manfred Martens – Deutschland

72. Matt Masterman - December 20, 2008

What a lovely lady.

One time Wade and I went to Lincoln Enterprises in the
valley, and she gave us full access to wander around
and look at everything. It was like being in a great big
Star Trek Candy Store. She was very gracious.
I wrote her a letter telling her how much Star Trek
meant to me, and how many wonderful friends
we have made over the years with friends who are
also Lovers of everything Trek.

She wrote me back and was just as gracious on
paper as she had been in person. It was interesting
to hear her take on the “war” in DS9, and how it
really would not have been a story line that Gene
would have approved of.

I figured it out once that I’ve heard the voices of
Trek actors, Shatner, Nimoy, and Majel in her
Nurse Chapel as well as the Voice of the
Computer, for more hours than I’ve heard
the voice of my own father.

No wonder the loss of these talented souls
hurt as much, and sometimes more than
the passing of family members.

In thinking of people as only here for a
while, like beautiful cut flowers,
Majel was an especially beautiful
bouquet, and brought enjoyment and
joy to millions.

As each one of The Original Series (TOS) of Star Trek
passes I remember when the first one passed away,
and sadly now wonder who will be the last one standing
in years to come.

Hopefully they will all live forever.

Ah yes, I had forgotten that they will, in our hears and minds,
they will live, forever !

Matt Masterman

73. Ciarán - December 20, 2008

Shatner’s video got me thinking. He said he never knew Majel very well, very odd. He also has stated that he never knew George Takei very well, exteremely odd. WHO DID THIS MAN EVER TAKE THE TIME TO TALK TO DURING THE PRODUCTIONS OF THE TV SHOWS AND MOVIES?!?!?!?!?!? Leonard Nimoy, is that it? With the way he’s going, he’ll probably say he didn’t know Gene very well either.

74. Topaz172 - December 20, 2008

Shatner really comes across awkward in this doesn’t he… like he knows he has to say ‘something’ but apparently knew so little about Majel that he can’t say anything about her,

Choosing instead to talk about Nimoy being a ‘tail wagging a dog’ ? what was that all about? Very strange.

75. Enterprise - December 20, 2008

Bjo Trimble’s quote is just plain weird. “sub teen” ???

76. The A-man - December 20, 2008

RIP Majel…

Yet another great pillar of Trek gone into the final frontier…

77. Danny A - December 20, 2008

I loved her as “number one” in the original pilot. She had class and style and she was a beautiful woman. My favorite memory from STTNG was the mud bath with Worf. I never heard of a mean or hurtful comment from her in 40m years of trek. I wish I would have had the honor to meet her.

PS: I bet Gene is happy now

78. Nick Cook - December 20, 2008

I only met her once, but I was immediately struck by how vibrant, kind, gregarious and open she was. She will be missed.

79. CardassiaPrimera - December 20, 2008

Really is a sad day for all Trekkers in the world.

80. konar - December 20, 2008

I never met her in person, but in the 90s I had the pleasure of speaking with her on the phone many times while I a cable news producer. WHenever I needed commentary from someone about science fiction she would agree to do a phone interview, or even a satellite interview. She was always so gracious and willing to talk if she had the time.

We had several conversations, one quite extended about Star Trek and its legacy, and let me tell you, once you’ve had that conversation with her, it’s hard to muster up the enthusiasm to have it with anyone else.

Two quick stories that exemplify how down-to-earth and approachable she was.

The first time I tried to book her it was very late in the day east coast time, and I left a message for her explaining who I was, the question I wanted to ask her (I think it had to do with that cult that committeed mass suicide to “follow the coment”) and that I needed to get an answer in time for an early interview segment the next morning. I left a couple of numbers, and then went on to the next prospect figuring it was a lost cause. That night, the phone rang while my brother (who was living with me at the time) and I were watching TV. He answered the phone, got a funny look on his face, and said, “Who?” He paused for a second, and put his hand over the mouthpiece. “She says she’s Troi’s mother.”

A fe years later, when I was finished with cable news, a friend and I wrote several screenplays. One of them centered around a strong, comical female private detective. I’d used her as an inspiration while writing, and figured “what the heck.” So I dug out her fax number, wrote her a note and asked if she’d be interested in reading it. At this point, I was not even sure she would remember who I was, so I was not expecting anything more than a note mailed back from her assistant (she always had a very kind and accomodating assistant working out of her home) declining. Again, within hours my phone rang — not only had she remembered me, she was genuinely excited for me for having completed a screenplay, and said she would love to read it. I sent it, and a few weeks later she sent it back with a note saying that she loved it, and might have considered it if she hadn’t just gotton involved in “the Starship project” — which I beleive later turned out to be “Andromeda.” Bonus — when I opened the script I found that she’d written notes in the margins, pointing out what she liked and with thoughtful suggestions throughout, including a few circled areas with exclaimation points and words like “Fun!” written next to them.

I think the point is that there was nothing special about me that would have caused her to remember me after a number of quick phone calls… and there was nothing about the letter I’d faxed to her years later — a busy showbiz executive — that even demanded acknowledgment. It was she who had the heart, desire and guenuine interest to remember, respond and even take the extra step. You don’t come across that kind of attitude in many businesses, let alone show business.

I hope they can find a way to use her voice over and over as Star Trek in reborn in its many iterations — what a fitting tribute it would be!

81. Jose Carlos Ferraz - December 20, 2008

From Spain and feeling a tear down my face, my condolences to Rod and all the Star Trek family. A sad christmas indeed.

82. SB - December 20, 2008

I met Majel — spoke to her for a few moments, really — at my very first Star Trek convention, in the dim, dead year of 1975, when I was but a tiny fanboy. (How tiny, or not-tiny, is a subject we’ll skip over for the moment. Ahem.)

It was only for a few moments, as I say; and I was just one of dozens of fans crowded around her in the hotel lobby vying for her attention. Yes, I said “hotel lobby,” not “ballroom” or “auditorium” or “around a dealer’s table.” She was like that; she didn’t sequester herself, put up any kind of barrier to keep the little people at bay. She loved the fans, loved being with them and talking to them, just exactly as if we were all one family — which to Majel, we were.

I don’t remember what I blurted out at her or what she answered. I just remember an enormous, genuine smile and a warmth that I can still feel, 33 years later.

Good night, Majel.

83. Trek Nerd Central - December 20, 2008

What a great lady. Bless her soul & all her loved ones.

84. Mark Lynch - December 20, 2008


Have to agree that (for me) Majel’s greatest Star Trek moment was in ‘Dark Page’

She brought a depth and intensity to the role I would never have previously thought possible. Especially as she was usually the ‘comic relief’ occasional visitor to the Enterprise.

This episode always brings me to tears, regardless of the number of times I have seen it.

By all accounts here and elsewhere, a lovely lady. I am reminded of the outpouring of only good things that occurred when we lost DeForest Kelley.

85. G-Boss - December 20, 2008

Majel was one of the few Trek Actors that took great joy in meeting the fans at the conventions. She was always gracious and seemed to enjoy meeting everyone who loved Trek and made you feel like you were appreciated.
She will be greatly missed. But at least she and Gene will be together again in Heaven.

86. bmar - December 20, 2008

#60 lostrod – Please don’t interpret what I said as a “putdown” – to me a putdown is an unjust mocking of someone. Nor was it snide – which is generally considered coming from a nasty attitude or mean viewpoint. I was offering, what I thought was an honest opinion.

I too have met and worked with the cast, and spent two weeks on the set with Mr. Shatner. During that time, we were social, we talked, we even knocked back a couple of drinks together. Would I claim to know him very well, no, but now take that time and multiply it much like you did times multiple movies, series, conventions, social gathering and so forth over 40 years, and I think I could claim know someone. Even if we weren’t incredible friends.

My point simply is this…it was a remembrance of Majel – why does he have to lacy it with disclaimers of “I didn’t know her very well” ?

Anyway, Anthony’s point taken – this is, indeed about Majel, so I’ll leave it at that.

87. NOTBOB - December 20, 2008

It’s really a shame. I didn’t know her or anything about her other than she was Gene Roddenberry’s wife, that she was Number One, Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, and the voice of the computer. So, most of what I write will undoubtedly seem unimportant as I realize that people have lost a friend, mother, mentor, and inspiration.

I was happy to hear that she was doing the computer voice for the new film because it seemed that with her there, in some way, the new film and all of the shows would all be linked together all the more. A few days ago before she passed, I thought this film will have Nimoy and her to link this movie with the shows and films of the last 40 plus years. And the sequals –should thy be made–will at least still have her as the voice. It’s sad that she won’t be around for the sequels, and it’s sad she won’t be there for the premiere, but it’s mostly sad that she her family and friends lost her. For them I am truly sorry. Because ultimately there is nothing that I can say that is as important to what they are feeling at this moment. I am so sorry for thier loss.

88. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 20, 2008

I am not an obit reading kind of guy, but what has been said about Majel here has been very inspiring and has allowed a better understanding of this lovely women. I like all the stories.

Mr Shatners comments were very appropriate too. Grieve but recognize the joy that was her life. I like that.

I hope Marina will be OK.

89. sebimeyer - December 20, 2008

Slightly off topic: did she see a finished version of the JJ movie?If so, what did she think of it?

90. sean - December 20, 2008


He’s already publicly stated he didn’t know Gene very well.

91. steve623 - December 20, 2008

“My point simply is this…it was a remembrance of Majel – why does he have to lacy it with disclaimers of “I didn’t know her very well” ?”

Maybe he was just being honest.

They worked together semi-regularly on the series, which was over 40 years ago, and I assume for a couple of days here and there for the few scenes Majel had in the two Star Trek movies she was in, the last of which was released over 22 years ago. So assuming they didn’t play bridge or golf or something, I can see how he couldn’t have known her very well, and now that she’s sadly gone, there wouldn’t be any point in trying to portray their association as more than it was.

Having said that, I didn’t know Majel at all, but what I know of her is great. She struck me as a warm, genuine person, a class act, a lady in the best sense of the word, and someone who put a lot of positivity into the world.

My deep and sincere condolences to her family and friends.

92. P Technobabble - December 20, 2008

The performance Majel gave in the TNG episode “Half A Life,” which guest-starred David Ogden Stiers of M*A*S*H fame, is the one I remember most. When Majel opened up to Marina, when it was time for the Stiers character to return home for his ritual death, I felt that Majel was doing more than just performing. She seemed truly wounded in that scene… I imagine she was thinking of Gene… I don’t know how Marina managed to keep it together. What a great moment…

93. Brett Campbell - December 20, 2008

It is amazing to consider how the lives and work of her and her husband, and his unique creation called “Star Trek,” have so deeply touched and influenced the lives of countless millions throughout the world.

May they blissfully enjoy eternity together.

94. Balok - December 20, 2008

maybe Shat was trying to be humble and not come across as having a closer tie than he really did…

95. Spockanella - December 20, 2008

I never got to meet Majel Roddenberry, but I always wished I had. There was always a sense that there was a lot more going on behind her characters. Some time back, a friend was at a convention that Majel attended, and knowing my love of Trek, got me her autograph. When he told me that he’d gotten me an autograph of a “minor” character, I had to laugh. Fifteen minutes later, he’d gotten the idea that she was more than a minor character on TOS. In many ways, she personified Trek; she was an Everywoman to me. I’m so sad to see her go, and will treasure that autograph even more now.

96. Brett Campbell - December 20, 2008

Re: Shatner on Mrs. Roddenberry — How many of us intimately know our own bosses and co-workers?

The main point is that he offered sincere condolences on her untimely passing. Let’s all of us do the same here, and stay on the topic that Mr. Pascale has requested us to stick to.

The worldwide Trek family has lost one of its most important members. Let us mourn her passing and celebrate her life in the spirit that she and her husband worked so hard to help spread throughout the world: one of love, equality, and a spirit in which everyone has dignity and everyone matters.

97. boborci - December 20, 2008

What a beautiful display of affection from everybody.

98. Brett Campbell - December 20, 2008

Thank you for joining us here, Mr. Orci. And thank you to all behind the new Trek film for giving us one final performance from her.

99. Chris Doohan - December 20, 2008

I just thought I would add a bit more.

My father had a great friendship with both, Gene and Majel and they spent lots of time together. My father often told me stories of their sailing trips out of Southern California (you can see pics of them sailing on my myspace, which is linked to this blog). It seemed to me that my father was happiest when he was hanging out with the Roddenberry’s. Now, although we are suffering a loss, it makes me feel good that they are all together again.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

100. Darth Ballz - December 20, 2008

A sad day!

Still this is a moment to say goodbye and not harp on Shatner. He has had a FULL life outside of Star Trek and maby didn’t get his facts right but its the thought that matters. Most of the cast and crew of Trek get along well but just like in REALITY folks, some people just don’t become buddies from working togeather.

Darth “Bill’s Hairpiece” Ballz

101. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - December 20, 2008

I still can’t believe she’s gone.

102. Anthony Pascale - December 20, 2008

Guys I have added another update, with a statement from JJ Abrams

103. Steveed - December 20, 2008

I’ve always wondered what would have happened if they didn’t drop the Number One character and give her logical characteristics to Spock. Would she have gotten fan mail from male (and perhaps female) fans who found her to be as sexy and interesting a character as I did when I first saw “The Cage”?

Her Number One portrayal is still my favorite Trek character. Not bad for a single appearance on a pilot episode! I see that the Number One character will not be on the new Star Trek movie, which I think is a BIG mistake.

Hail to the great Queen of the Galaxy! God speed!

104. Brett Campbell - December 20, 2008

Mr. Doohan — Thank you for sharing stories with us of your father’s friendship with the Roddenberrys.

Like them, your father is missed by all of us.

105. Closettrekker - December 20, 2008

“She was a valiant lady. I always felt a kinship because we met Gene the same way at the same time. We acted together in an episode of “The Lieutenant” series which Gene produced. He then hired both of us to act in the first Star Trek pilot. A sad goodbye.”- Leonard Nimoy

And how fitting is it that these two castmembers from the original Star Trek pilot, “The Cage”, were there to make their contributions to a much-anticipated relaunch of the vision that Gene Roddenberry helped bring to life for so many of us more than four decades ago?


106. DeafPoet - December 20, 2008

This news really chaps my ass.

Though I loved Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana was never my favourite character by a long shot. However, given the limited number of episodes she appeard in in modern trek, Majel always seemed as intrinsic to the series as the air the characters breathed.

It’s hard to imagine TNG without her, that’s for sure. The greatest compliment I can think of is that while Lwaxana was usually written rather thinly (“Dark Page” excepted), whenever she showed up her performance always suggested that she was always off doing other things in the intervening episodes. There was a remarkable continuity to the character that really wasn’t on the page most of the time.

Of course, one can’t overestimate her contributions to Trek as a whole. What issues I have with her most substantial character are more than made up for by the fact that by all accounts she was a remarkable woman. I never met her, like most, and I never had the chance to see her speak in person, but I’ve seen videos and whatnot and she always comes across as a very classy, very astute woman.

A common theme amongst the commiserators who knew her is that Majel loved a party and threw a good one.

I believe it for sure.

RIP, Mrs. Roddenberry.

107. Closettrekker - December 20, 2008

“I’m in love with you, Mr. Spock. You, the Human Mr. Spock… the Vulcan Mr. Spock… I see things… how honest you are. I know how you feel. You hide it, but you do have feelings. Oh, how we must hurt you… torture you.”–Nurse Christine Chapel to Spock (“The Naked Time”)

108. Jim Nightshade - December 20, 2008

I have to agree I am still grieving….yet happy for all the joy she gave so many of us obviously….these memorial threads help remind us all that WE ARE ALL TREK FANS….and whether or not you are a TOS or TNG fan, Majel bridged the entire history of Trek and along with Nimoy will usher in the newest incarnation of our beloved franchise….

A fitting finale and also a new kinda scary for some, yet hopeful and exciting beginning….I only hope all of us can continue to be on the same page and support the new movie and give it and its many creative people responsible credit for both honoring the star trek legacy and its fans with Leonard Nimoys and Majel Barretts inclusion, not to mention Chris Doohan, James Cawley et al…

Bob Orci and crew….some fans may have concerns, which to them, because of their love of Trek, seem very legitimate to them…but never forget we Trek fans are very appreciative you picked up the franchise and have given it another chance, that you have attempted to breathe new grand and epic life into our beloved franchise….
Thank you….I just know there will be a dedication to Majel in the film….one more nod to us fans….May we all and this movie and this franchise we all love, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

109. CmdrR - December 20, 2008

This is just a random thought meant to be for fun…

…Do you suppose Majel actually fell through a QM rift and is back bustin’ whiskey bottles over the cowpunchers’ heads in Westworld? I somehow get the feeling that modest role was the inspiration for Lwuxana Troi.

Anyway — Christmas is a wonderful time to remember the gift of fellowship that Majel typified so well.

110. DeafPoet - December 20, 2008


You just got me thinking: this is sort of the September 11th of Star Trek. Not in cause but certainly in effect.

There was much division before and there is certainly much division after. But for a couple of weeks there, everyone in the western world was united.

By the same token, there’s kind of a rift in the fandom at the moment surrounding the new film. But I dare you to find a Trekkie who isn’t mourning over Majel’s passing.

It’s sad news, to be sure. But it’s kind of encouraging that out of this loss we can set aside our petty bickering in common cause.

Kind of sounds like SOMEONE’S vision of the future…

111. Aga - December 20, 2008

From Poland,
I’ll remeber Majel-Lwaxana and her voice forever. Just now I realize how much Star Trek meant to me,and help me to forget,when I was fighting for years with my health problems in my teenage years.
Thanks for everything

112. Zibri - December 20, 2008

To Eugene Roddenberry:
I have lost my mother in 1993 and still it seems yesterday to me.
I know exactly how it feels loosing someone with a strong charisma like your mother and my mother were.
About her trek career I couldn’t say anything more than others already said but I think (even if I never met your mother) she put much of herself in some ds9 episodes. Expecially when she showed her real self to Odo. I don’t know why but I feel there was something of her in those scenes.

My deepest condolences,

113. Zibri - December 20, 2008

Oh.. about comment #92… I totally agree on that.
I also thought the same thing when I saw it.
I have goose bumps only thinking about it.

114. Dennis - December 20, 2008

Anyone wishing to send a condolence message to Rod and the family may do so by emailing

To answer the question about if Majel finished the voice work for the new movie, the answer is yes.

115. P Technobabble - December 20, 2008

Bob Orci, JJ, & Co.
I think bringing Majel on board to do the computer voice is one of the classiest things I’ve ever seen happen in Hollywood. I’m sure she must have been absolutely delighted. It’s pretty clear how she would go to the “edge of the galaxy” for the fans, and I’m glad she had one more opportunity to participate. Thanks guys…

116. Izbot - December 20, 2008

She’s blessed us all with her performances and her personality. I’m so grateful we’ll get one final performance from her next May. Very fitting. Majel has been in the background and occassionally foreground of my life for many decades. It will be a slightly colder place without her presence.

117. Izbot - December 20, 2008

113. Zibri –
“Oh.. about comment #92… I totally agree on that.
I also thought the same thing when I saw it.
I have goose bumps only thinking about it.”

I think many of us read the subtext of that dialogue and were truly moved by her performance in that scene. It will remain, for me, her most revealing and emotion-felt role.

118. Izbot - December 20, 2008

Actually, the scene TNG’s “Cost of Living” where Lwaxana chokes up explaining the loneliness that often accompanies later life even moreso touches me. Especially given Gene’s passing the previous year or so. I think I always underestimated her up until those two episodes.

119. GingerG - December 20, 2008

I had the pleasure of meeting our “First Lady” at one of Creation’s Vegas conventions. I had turned 40 and so had Star Trek, so I treated myself to the convention as a birthday present.

Mrs. Roddenberry was funny and gracious and kind. She had such a great laugh. I enjoyed chatting with her about our mutual love of Lwaxana Troi and Star Trek.

“Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.” – John Donne

Rest in peace amongst the stars, dear Lady. Your presence will be sorely missed here upon this earth.

120. Gabriel Bell - December 20, 2008

92. & 118.

I get choked up every time I watch TNG’s “Dark Page”, which I’ve always enjoyed as an extremely underrated Trek episode. She was a great actress and definitely underrated because of everything else she was in life.

I always wanted to see more of her Number One and I think that was one of the great missed opportunities in Trek history. What an original, powerful interesting character. Imagine if she could have been on the bridge of the Enterprise for 79 more TOS episodes.

121. Elrond L - December 20, 2008

What a classy guy JJ is . . . I didn’t think the tributes could get any classier, but his comments are so heartfelt and helpful. As someone noted above, having Majel’s distinctive voice relaunch the “next era” of Star Trek is a wonderful gesture.

#92: Wow, I had forgotten all about “Half a Life” . . . so glad you mentioned it! Thanks to everyone above for showing that our family of fans can come together during this sad time.

122. Jim Nightshade - December 20, 2008

GingerG # 119, Sheri and I were also at that 2006 convention…I have never gotten to meet her and now I realize I should have then….but at least Sheri ran into her on the way to the bathroom…she was in her wheelchair with Rod, just in the main lobby, not off in a closed off place but very accessible, she said hi to Sheri and treated her very nice…since she is mildly handicapped she is used to people ignoring or staring at her…instead Majel and Rod warmly said hi to her acknowledged her and even offered to have their pix taken with her….too bad the camera was in my pocket back in the main auditorium….it is awesome you got to say hi to her!

Deafpoet#110, yes that is a very good point you made…we have all come together in our love and mourning the loss of Majel…it is sad yet sweet and I hope Majel is smiling looking down on ALL the fans that she loved, and how SHE has however briefly UNITED us all!! Thanks Majel…We will always love you, and Rod, And Gene….

123. Devon - December 21, 2008

Anthony or anyone at the press screenings, there were reports of the computer in the 20 minute press screenings (Chekov’s scene.) Was there voice over work already done and did it appear to be Majel?

124. chasco - December 21, 2008

#99 “you can see pics of them sailing on my myspace, which is linked to this blog”

Um…. no I can’t, though I’d love to.

125. trekboi - December 21, 2008

i can relate to marina’s comments- i recently lost a mother figure who in some ways i was much closer to than my own mother and felt quite guilty to be mourning a mother while mine was still alive- its always hard to deal with the loss of somebodys presence in our lives- the cold reality that they are just not here anymore but majel will live on as the first lady of star trek.

126. Jeff Goldman - December 21, 2008

So many of us never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I hope it brings joy to your family to see the impact that you through your work made on us strangers. You were a big part in something unique, grand, intelligent, and touching. All I can say is thank you. You will live on in the Star Trek universe.

127. Anthony Pascale - December 21, 2008

123 I do not remember Majel’s voice, but i know she completed her work. The sound mix is the last thing for this movie and what they are working on now.

128. Bryan - December 21, 2008

Thankfully Majel had a chance to complete her voice work for the Enterprise’s computer. It is a sad time for all Star Trek fans, the Rodenberry family and friends.

Unlike many people, I never had the pleasure of meeting Majel, but her many performances as Lwaxana Troi that I remember from TNG (and DS9 episode) along with hearing her voice for over 20 years as the Federation ship’s computer I’m saddened to hear of her passing.

My deepest sympathy goes out to all who were close to her.

“Program complete. Enter when Ready”

129. Anonomous - December 21, 2008

My deepest condolenses.

A Devoted Star Trek/Science Fiction Fan

130. Dana - December 21, 2008

How many of us female Trek fans are strong, independent and condifent women because of Star Trek and Majel Barrett Roddenberry? I have been a sci-fi fan since my early childhood in the 60’s, watching re-runs of One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, as well as TOS.

I know I was influenced by the female characters in positions of power and authority that I saw on TV. One of the things I most appreciated about Lwaxana was the fact that she did what she wanted, regardless of what others thought was appropriate. She was truly a free spirit!

I am grateful that women like Majel created such wonderful role models for girls and women, both on screen and behind the scenes.

I attended the Star Trek convention in Chicago in 1975 and met quite a few members of the original cast, including my favorite, Leonard Nimoy, but am sorry I never met her.

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132. Paula - Precious Paws - CA - December 21, 2008

I remember (I’m aging myself here) wanting to be Nurse Chapel the moment she appeared on Star Trek. Then a few years ago I had the chance to meet and get to know Majel at a Vegas Star Trek Convention when she stopped by our table there. Each year, at conventions, we swapped more stories. This was such a shock!

Precious Paws was unable to get to this years convention (for financial reasons) and now we really regret it. The Roddenberry’s have been good friends to us over the years.

[A toast!] Cheers Majel, we miss you.

133. Brett Campbell - December 21, 2008

130 – Good points; well-articulated. Glad TOS’s strong women characters and others served as such positive role models for you. I’m sure you do Mrs. Roddenberry proud!

134. Nora Jean Gatine - December 22, 2008

If there was one character that created a sense of continuity through the Trek franchise it was Majel Roddenberry. No matter what was going on she’d show up as some character or the voice of the computer. I loved her as Lwaxana Troi because she gave a lot of women an example of how to be strong, sensual, fun loving, intense, insightful, as well as compassionate. I don’t doubt that, like all actors, she pulled from her own personality those traits we saw on the screen.

There are not many people who have touched so many, for so long, and only left good feelings in their wake. Marjel Roddenberry was one of those people

My sincere condolences to the family and to the fans who adopted her as family. I feel I lost someone I was related to because after 40 years of being delighted to see her I do feel she was part a large part of my life.

135. Desilumania - December 22, 2008

The photo of the flowers on the Captain’s chair in San Diego brought a tear to my eye. Thank you, thank you…

136. CardassiaPrimera - December 22, 2008

Today no is o good day, an not is a good months, and no its a good year.

137. MrRegular - December 22, 2008

Dark Page is indeed one of Majel’s finest moments. I saw Majel at a Trek convention in Omaha at about the time the TNG episode originally aired.
I had no idea what to expect; when she came on stage she immediately radiated a presence and warmth mixed with a great wit. Majel connected directly to the fans and audience and was unforgettable.
Marina’s comments mirror much of my feelings in the aftermath of Majel’s passing. Devastation–just last year I lost a parent and this year two other elder family members are descending into the abyss of dementia. Majel’s loss is another sad loss in a difficult last few years.
Majel Barrett Roddenberry will be deeply missed.

138. Gino - December 22, 2008

I shall miss Majel–i met her many times through the conventions and was a sweet kind lady. Always had kind words and always time for one more autograph or one more picture with the fans. I was shocked and saddened by her passing. Her memories will live on. I remember fondly meeting her at my first convention, i was merely a kid. I was awestruck. Will never forget it. ( oh that and her lil son at the time always trying to run around with the

139. Captain Stark - December 25, 2008

I met Mrs Roddenberry at a science fiction convention in Toronto, Canada, back in 1994. As I remember her, she was a warm, charasmatic woman with such a warm, beaming smile. She took time out of her autograph sessions to actually chat with the convention goers. She definitely earned her title of “First Lady of Star Trek.”

While my thoughts and prayers go out to the Roddenberry family, in this time of sadness it’s important to remember that now she’s back with Gene where she belongs.

140. David Rex - January 5, 2009

I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Roddenberry at a Trek convention a number of years ago, and she was lovely, warm and considerate. The complete antithesis of many of the self-absorbed and arrogant celebrities that get so much press coverage today.

I had just won an auction for original scripts for her first 2 TNG episodes, “Haven’ and “Manhunt”. Since she was the featured speaker, I thought it would be a nice touch to get the scripts autographed by her. I got in line and she agreed to autograph them. But before she was able to, a representative advised her not to, because counterfeit scripts were not uncommon and if she autographed a counterfeit, it would “legitimize” it. I explained that I had won the scripts at the auction held at that convention and that Eric Stillwell had provided them. She asked her representative to confirm that. Some stars would have just brushed me off, saying that they didn’t have time to deal with it. But Mrs. Roddenberry was the very soul of graciousness, chatting with me and the people in line behind me for the entire 5 minutes that it took for her rep to confirm. She did end up autographing the scripts, making them truly special mementos of TNG and her performances on that series.

The Trek universe has lost one of its brightest stars. So sad.

141. J. M. Schneider - January 5, 2009

My (then) wife and I were fortunate to spent a few unscripted hours with Majel at a hotel bar at a convention we were attending in Missouri some years ago. I was there on (Trek) business, doing my best to woo John DeLancie for a convention I was in the process of forming up in Chicago back in the early 1990’s. I’d met many of the original cast several times over the years, but this was my only encounter with her.

My strongest memory of her was that I found her to be truly genial and engaging, with strong, but well formed and *informed* opinions on countless topics, and not just those relating to Trek or the entertainment industry. And most of all, her unflagging love for Gene, who would leave us shortly thereafter.

I know our time with Majel was the highlight of our visit, and remains to this day, one of our most memorable times in the Trek community. Sadly, I wasn’t aware she’d been ill, nor with such an unforgiving illness. So I will rejoice with those who wish her the peace and joy of a life well spent, and celebrate with her loved ones in the knowledge that she and the love of her life are once again rejoined.

142. Nate - January 6, 2009

I remember watching Majel as Number One all those many years ago and have watched her through her many incarnations as Nurse Chapel, Doctor Chapel, Lwaxana Troi and the ever present voice of the Enterprise computers.

Another light has vanished from the Star Trek universe, but the memories continue on in the movies, tv episodes, and the hearts of the fans.

Majel – our best to Gene. Enjoy the rest of the show, but know that you will
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