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Star Trek Fans and Colleagues Say Goodbye At Barrett-Roddenberry Public Memorial [UPDATE: More Photos] January 4, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,Trek Franchise , trackback

On Sunday the family, friends and fans of Majel Barrett Roddenberry came to Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills to pay their final respects to the First Lady of Star Trek. A large crowd, including many Star Trek luminaries gathered to for the official memorial. Details and photos below.

Trek fans and veterans say goodbye to Majel
Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away on December 18th and there was a small private funeral for the closest friends and family in late December. Today the Roddenberry family held a public memorial for the veteran Trek actress and widow of Gene Roddenberry at The Hall of Liberty at the Forest Lawn.

The crowd of around 300 was a mix of friends, family, colleagues and Trek fans, some of whom came in costume. Majel’s Original Series co-stars Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and George Takei were on hand, as well as many of the lead actors from TNG and subsequent series including Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Wil Wheaton, Anthony Montgomery, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Armin Shimerman, and Garret Wang. Many notable Trek guest stars were also in attendance, including Arlene Martel, Vaughn Armstrong, Max Grodenchik, John DeLancie, Gary Graham and Chase Masterson. Also paying their respects were a number of Star Trek veterans from behind the camera including Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Rick Berman, David Gerrold, Michael Westmore, Dave Rossi, DC Fontana, and Mike & Denise Okuda.

Photo and flowers outside the hall   

The memorial itself was conducted by a number of speakers who were close to Barrett Roddenberry, each coming up to a stage ringed by flowers and large images of Barrett Roddenberry. The brief speeches were often funny and always and all very touching, with most speakers getting emotional. One of the common themes throughout was touching on Majel’s generosity, especially her love for animals and how she was constantly bringing more and more pets and strays into the family. Most also noted Barrett Roddenberry’s boisterous spirit, her parties and her frequent use of ‘colorful metaphors.’ Regular golf companion Sue Anderson got a laugh from the crowd when she noted the first time she met Roddenberry at the Bel Air Club and how she "had never heard a lady speak that way on a golf course before." 

Most of the stories were of a personal nature, but former assistant to Gene Roddenberry Richard Arnold recounted stories of Star Trek past, including how Majel and Gene would fight over her getting a role on Star Trek The Next Generation and how when Tracy Torme created the character of Lwaxana Troi for the episode "Haven," Gene told him "you’ve saved my marriage" and Gene told Majel "we have the perfect part for you…and you wont even have to act." Arnold, who works closely with many of the Trek actors at events, talked about how much Majel loved to attend the Trek conventions, especially after Gene’s passing, and noted what a passionate "champion of the fans" she was even taking specific fan causes to Paramount, like keeping a fan club from being shut down in Australia. Arnold, who was on hand when Majel visited the set of JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie, recounted the event saying:

It was a really interesting moment. I was waiting outside of Stage 18 at Paramount. She came through the old Bronson Gate in an electric cart up to the front door. She stepped off the cart and they brought her in while JJ finished the scene he was directing and she watched and asked a lot of questions. JJ came over and stopped production and had everyone gather around in a semi-circle and introduced her as the woman whose husband created the show that none of them would have jobs if it weren’t for him. She got a big round of applause and was a little embarrassed by it. Later he came over and was chatting with us and she said ‘you are really wonderful with your actors and I love what you are doing here’ and he said ‘it’s not me, it is wonderful directors and costumers’ and Majel and I just looked at each other and smiled. He said ‘what?’ and I said ‘it is the Gene speech…Gene always blamed everyone else for the success of Star Trek, but it really is you.’ And I think it was wonderful that did not only did Majel know that Star Trek was in the right hands, but she got to do the voice one last time just a few weeks ago.

And speaking of that voice, the memorial was actually the first public ‘viewing’ of her new voice performance. The event concluded with a tribute video which included a number of images and scenes from Barrett Roddenberry’s long career from TV commercials in the 60s through all the various Star Trek series, to Earth Final Conflict. And capping off a number of scenes showing her work as the computer voice on various Trek shows was a short clip from the new Star Trek feature film. This was from the ‘second scene’ shown in the 20 minute press preview where Chekov was struggling to communicate with the ship’s computer. What was different is now the voice was Majel’s. Like seeing Nimoy say ‘live long and prosper,’ hearing Majel’s voice as the computer will melt the heart of any Trekkie.

Pages from memorial booklet (click to enlarge)
[thanks Rich for scanning]

The final speaker was Majel’s and Gene’s son Rod, who spoke very frankly about his sometimes trouble relationship with his mother and how he was even surprised to hear her friends talk about how proud she was of him. Rod said that he grew much closer to her in her final years and especially as she became ill and was there with her when she died. Rod ended his remarks by reading a very moving letter he wrote to both of his parents.

In addition to his comments Rod also made a couple of announcement of special memorials for his mother. Firstly, in honor of Majel’s love for animals, the family is making a contribution to the San Diego Zoo for what will become the ‘Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Tiger Maternity Ward.’ More info in this at San Diego’s In addition, the Celestis Memorial Spaceflights will be flying Gene and Majel’s ashes into space in 2012, more information at the Celestis site.

The event ended with attendees offered the chance to walk by the two urns of Majel and Gene Roddenberry, which were set up at the side of the hall in front of a life-sized wedding photo of the couple, and pay their final respects and leave any flowers or other offerings they had brought along.

All in all the inclusive event was a fitting memorial to Barrett Roddenberry filled laughing, crying, drama and Star Trek. Although it is hard to say goodbye to Majel, for those in attendance, it should be a bit easier.

Additional Photos:

Marina Sirtis (L) & George Takei (R) w/ Paramount exec A.C. Lyles

(L-R) Nichelle Nichols, Chase Masterson & Walter Koenig

Rick Berman (L) & Brent Spiner (R) w/ Michael Westmore in background

Wil Wheaton and wife (L) speaking to’s Trevor Roth (R)

Garrett Wang (L) and Anthony Montgomery (R)

Vaughn Armstrong (L) and Larry Nemecek (R)
[sorry about the closed eyes Larry]

David Gerrold & Dorothy Fontana

Ira Steven Behr (L) & John DeLancie w/ wife (back to the camera – R)

Nichelle Nichols

Robert Picardo

UPDATE: More photos
Friend of the site and professional photographer Al Ortega was also covering the event, and he has uploaded his set at Here is one showing the urns.

More on the passing of Barrett Roddenberry



1. Gd846c3 - January 4, 2009

Touching. Majel, you will always be remembered.

2. Admiral Grand - January 4, 2009

Goodbye Majel. A fitting tribute to a unforgettable lady.

3. Gabriel Bell - January 4, 2009

So great to see so many from Trek’s 40-year history offering such a fitting tribute to the original Number One.

4. =A= - January 4, 2009

i miss her so much and so long and prosper

5. Blake Powers - January 4, 2009

Her voice will remain in our minds for a lifetime. What a beautiful woman, I’m glad she was able to give all the Trek Fans so much joy.

6. Bones, Thugs and McCoy - January 4, 2009

Touching tribute – tx for sharing.

Also: Someone needs to follow Ira Steven Behr around all day with a camera – how could that not be a good reality show?

7. Larry - January 4, 2009

I hope they have some time of tribute paragragh at the beginning of the movie and glad that she was able to participate one more time.

8. The Angry Klingon - January 4, 2009

It was a wonderful service. It is the first expletive laced memorial service I have ever attended but those who knew Majel found it appropriate as I believe she would have. During the photo montage there was a photo of Majel I believe was probably taken near the end and she is flipping off the camera but with a smile on her face and I think that photo sort of sums her up. Rod’s testimonial was honest, heartfelt and touching. This was not your typical memorial service and there were things that were said that elicited some quiet gasps and some discomfort but it was an honest memorial that paid tribute to an amazing human being, flaws and all.
In 2012 both Gene and Majels ashes will be sent in to deep space where they will wander the universe together for eternity and to me, at least, there could be no better ending to this story then that. I take some comfort knowing that Gene and Majel will always be out there traveling together through the cosmos. If and when some sentient species discovers that probe containing their essence, their accomplishments and their vision then I can think of no two better suited to be our ambassadors.
We have all been blessed and enriched immeasurably by your lives and we are all better for you having shared this too brief a time with us.

9. Jef Mayes - January 4, 2009

I’m sure some have thought of this, but if the Star Trek movies continue, Majel’s voice could still be used for the ship’s computer. I mean, as MUCH voice loop she did for the computer voice in so many Star Trek series/movies, to get the correct ‘reply’ for a line in a movie would only be a matter of hunting it down in a previous movie/episode.
I say this because I could see Majel living on into the future for a long time to come.
She will be missed.

10. toddk - January 4, 2009

FYI the caption incorrectly reads garret wong :) would like to see more pics, especially those who showed up in uniform.

11. G-Boss - January 4, 2009

A lovely memorial.
It was nice of so many Trek People to attend and pay their respects.

12. MORN SPEAKS - January 4, 2009

Very nice, wish I could pay my respects.

Is there a way to ensure she gets mentioned Oscar night during the Farewell video?

13. Messianni - January 4, 2009

Cripes there Ira, what’s with the blue beard? Seems really out of place at a memorial service, of all things…

14. The Angry Klingon - January 4, 2009

Very few showed up in costume. There were two ladies in costume (a yellow shirt and a TWOK) and the Captain Sisko lookalike and that was it.
Initially it was requested that folks NOT come in costume which was why there were so few. Dress was requested to be business casual.

15. The Angry Klingon - January 4, 2009

That was taken care of. Befvore her passing Majel recorded a veritable library of sentences, phrases words etc for future use. IN some form or fashion the voice of the Enterprise will live on.

16. S. John Ross - January 5, 2009

Now I’m gonna cry a bit more. Already did a couple of days ago, when my wife and I were watching Amok Time again.

Bye, Majel. :(

17. SChaos1701 - January 5, 2009

I wonder if any of the new cast showed up. Even though they’re still in their “infancy” they are still a part of the Star Trek Family.

18. Chris M - January 5, 2009

A very sad day indeed, you will be missed Majel!

It is also a time to celebrate her life and the incredible influence Majel had in the Star Trek Universe!

19. Star Trek Fan - January 5, 2009

Actor William Shatner (who played Captain James T. Kirk) did not attend? He also did not attend the memorial for Gene Roddenberry. The other TV stars (and even crew) made the memorial.

That is so disrespectful. Gene made Shatner a star! I commend the other actors who knew it was right to attend and pay their respects.

Shatner should be ashamed.

A Star Trek Fan

20. Jeffrey S. Nelson - January 5, 2009

Was Susan Sackett there?

21. AJ - January 5, 2009

What a great, great article.

Sounds like many Trek luminaries came out to celebrate Majel’s life.

Anthony, is it possible to get that new computer-voice clip of Majel’s on the site before May? I don’t think it will affect ticket sales. But it will make thousands of us very happy.

22. Dyson Sphere - January 5, 2009

I agree – where was the Shat?

It is heartwarming to see so many in attendance.

Holodeck – exit, save program.

23. Nick - January 5, 2009

An awesome & charismatic actress who brought great passion to her performances. I am sincerely honored to have enjoyed Majel’s performance as both a Star Trek fan and in general as a fan of great characters.

Majel’s performances in the Next Generation were most fun for me and gave her, as an actress, quite some latitude to share that fun and “passion” with the audience, & perhaps her fellow thespians.

Certainly from a Star Trek point of view, perhaps there has never been as dedicated & enduring a leader (certainly a mover & a shacker in a real sense …) and always there for the audience & the fans.

Thankyou Majel

24. Zminus10 - January 5, 2009

Her life was long and prosperous. May she rest in peace now.

25. The Angry Klingon - January 5, 2009

…ummmmm….no. She was however mentioned during the service and not in a positive light. It was one of the awkward moments I mentioned earlier.
No Shatner
No Nimoy
There were a few folks I expected to see (like the Trimbles) that I didnt see but that doesnt mean they werent there I just didnt see them.
As for the NEW cast I didnt see anyone including JJ. If they were there they went unnoticed

26. Captain Roy Mustang - January 5, 2009

Rest in peace Majel Barrett Roddenberry we will never foget you
Live long an prosper

27. commander K, USS Sovereign - January 5, 2009

Shat should have been there.

And is it me or are they all starting to look REALLY old now. Esp the TNG cast…well, it was 15 years ago..

28. Disappointed - January 5, 2009

I’m disappointed that Nimoy and Shatner did not attend. She was a fellow colleague and was the wife of the man whose idea of Star Trek is responsible for the success in their careers. Their absences were in very poor taste.

I know that the fact we look up to them shouldn’t distract us from remembering that these people are themselves human, however I am disappointed because I feel like they could have shown a little more class.

29. DarthDogg - January 5, 2009

#19 I was just waiting for someone to say that. This is growing tiresome. Why does Shatner take all the heat? You know, Patrick Stuwart was not there and he had more screen time with Majel than Shatner ever did, yet I dont here anyone getting there pany’s in a bunch over it. Hey you know what else… Picard had more screen time than Jordi. Lavar Burton should start a hate campain against Stuwart for the next 40 years, dont ya think…Sometimes you guy’s can be sad, small little people have my pity!

30. Admiral Kent - January 5, 2009

John DeLancie or Bill Murray?

31. SteveinSF - January 5, 2009

No one knows why Nimoy, Shatner, et al, were not there. It’s not anyone’s business really. All these guys are getting up there in age and maybe it’s a painful thing for them to deal with, or maybe they didn’t know her well enough to feel comfortable to attend. Who knows and who made us judges?

32. Holger - January 5, 2009

Touching! I would have liked to attend. (Too far away, though.)

About Shatner and others not attending: People, you don’t know what reasons they had for not attending. I really doubt anyone of them didn’t attend just because he doesn’t care.

33. Holger - January 5, 2009

31 SteveinSF: Same thought at the same time, so it must be true :-)

34. The Gorn Identity - January 5, 2009

Well said, SteveinSF!

35. Jorg Sacul - January 5, 2009

#31, I totally agree with you!

This was a “public” memorial service. Shatner or Nimoy or whomever else didn’t show up for their own personal reasons, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone to assign emotions to, or feign disappointment at them not being there. Have you made it to every memorial service for someone you know who has died? I know I haven’t. Real life and the experience of living that real life gets in the way.

It’s a new year my friends… How’s about we all just stop the petty “cutting down of famous people we don’t know for our own personal internet fame and gain” garbage that fills the internet on every other forum and blog?

36. CmdrR - January 5, 2009

A fine lady. A great legacy.

oh… and, Lookin’ mighty scruffy there, Wil!

37. The Angry Klingon - January 5, 2009

Not really sure why Shatner and Nimoy are being singled out. As I stated earlier there were a lot of people not there. I didnt see ANY of the captains from any incarnation. From Next Gen we had Marina Sirtis, John De Lancie and Will Wheaton. From TOS we had Nichelle, George and Walter. From DS9 I saw Chase, Armin, Cirroc and Max Grodenchik. Voyager was represented by Bob Picardo, Ethan Phillips and Garrett Wang and Anthony Montgomery from Enterprise. There were a LOT of folks who werent there and I dont think its fair to ascribe any particular meaning to any of their absences. It was a fitting tribute to Majel and there were a lot of moist eyes (mine included). This thread should be about remembering Majel <3

38. Lt.Commander Lasalle - January 5, 2009

ATTENTION: Numbers 19 and 28 Posters?…both of those comments were unneeded and in very poor taste.

This is a Majel Tribute page.

Those are elderly men and if it wasn’t for that I would bet you credits to navy beans …they would have been there mister.

39. Paul B. - January 5, 2009

Look, folks, just because Shatner, Stewart, and Nimoy weren’t there doesn’t mean ANYTHING. A simple matter of prior commitments could explain it; haven’t any of you had to miss attending something special because you had prior scheduling? So relax, it’s not important.

But on the topic of those who attended the service, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say SHAME ON YOU to the fans who showed up in costume. THIS is why the world looks at us like freaks; some of us insist on acting like it! In what twisted world is it acceptable or respectful to show up at a FUNERAL in a TV-show costume? Especially after the family had SPECIFICALLY asked fans NOT to do so?!

Sure, it was only a few fans, but those few should still have had the class, or at least the basic human decency, to know better. That’s just part of being humans living together in a civilization.

YET…Majel would have been the first to be gracious to those costumed fans because SHE knew when to be a lady. (And she apparently knew quite well when to be a hellraiser, too!) So I’ll just leave my critique as it is and say no more on that…

I still can’t believe how hard I’m taking Majel’s death. I’ve posted before about briefly working with her at a convention booth, but that’s hardly enough to make this loss feel so personal. I was crushed when DeForest Kelley died, and when James Doohan died it was personal because he was the first Trek actor I ever saw in person…. But every time I read a story about Majel, my eyes fill with tears in an instant.

So, an over-used but always apt toast — “to absent friends.”

40. SebiMeyer - January 5, 2009

From what I can tell this was a very fitting tribute. Especially Richard Arnolds words moved me as I have met him several times at FedCon Germany (4, eons ago) and know him to always speak his mind.

Many thanks for this report and again my condolences to her friends and family, as well as the Star Trek family on the whole. She will be missed.

41. Chris Doohan - January 5, 2009

It was a wonderful, touching memorial. A year or two back, Rod gave me a DVD showing my dad, Gene and Majel sailing together. They all looked so happy.

It’s nice to know that they are all together again. C

42. Alex Aslanidis - January 5, 2009

Very sad and the end of an era. I met Majel once in the early 90’s
And she was very sweet and kind. I loved her in Star Trek.
Peace and love to her family and all who loved her.
Alex Aslanidis

43. FEDCONMC - January 5, 2009

@38: I agree with you. People sometimes have prior commitments that they cannot pull out. There is also those who pay their respects in different ways, not wanting to do it amongst strangers or friends. I would dare not speak of the reasons of others “especially” if I don’t know the reasons that would also be “NONE OF MY BUSINESS”. Whatever the reasons for those who could not make it (I was extended an invitation from the family as well), it is THEIR reason and deserves no explanation to any group other than the family of Majel’s. Try not to make up your own analogies about people you do not know.

@SebiMeyer: Hello and I would love to see you back at Fedcon this year. It has become supeb. (Sorry for going off topic Anthony)

@PaulB: Well said dude. How ’bout I raise a glass up to “you?”

Majel will be missed and although I spoke at Jimmy’s launch from the New Mexico desert a few years back, it should be fitting for Richard (Arnold) to take up that task at the launch of both Majel and Gene of which I plan to be there as well.

Miss you girl!

44. Chancellor Jake - January 5, 2009

I’m crying as I read this article. It looks like it was a beautiful remembrance ceremony. I loved the story about her use of “colorful metaphors”.
Rest Well, Majel. You will be missed.

I’m pleased to see that so many people turned out and it looks like many of her former cast members had tears in their eyes. She really touched so many people with her kindness.

45. Dr. Image - January 5, 2009

All the cast and crew members share such a familial bond because of Trek.
It really has created something more than just a TV show.
Godspeed Majel.
You will never be forgotten.

46. fatmanbruno - January 5, 2009

Regarding Patrick Stewarts absence, unfortunately he is very commited to a certain London play with David Tennant (yes Davids back is much better!!)
I suppose a video response might have been acceptable but like Shatner and Nimoy they all probably thought there presence there would only cause a scene and prefered to let Majel’s memorial have the dignity it deserved.

47. Anthony Thompson - January 5, 2009

It sounds like it was a wonderful tribute.

48. GaryS - January 5, 2009

I was there too.
Very emotional.
as for who showed up,
I saw George Takei and Robert Picardo.
I was standing in line with actor Don Marshall.
I overheard him say he costarred with Niochelle Nichols in her first TV role in The Lieutenant which also costarred Dennis Hopper.
As for Shatner and Nimoy.
I didnt expect them to be there,
Remember there has already been a private service for family and friends.
They probably went to that service .

49. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - January 5, 2009

Good Bye Majel. It will be great to hear your voive in Trek one more time and a bit Sad as well. You will always be remembered. Thank you for all you have done and all the Entertaining you have given us fans.

50. Qwho51 - January 5, 2009

She is not really dead, as long as we remember her.
Majel, I look forward to seeing you and Gene on the other side. Wow, will you two be surprised.
“Live Long and Prosper”, in our hearts and minds!

51. REYES - January 5, 2009

I think is great that Shatner or Nimoy or any big star like that didnt show up! After all nobody wants any disruptions by any fans going crazy for Shatner or Nimoy. Some people just arent that educated and maybe it was a good idea for them not to show up.

R.I.P. Majel
I hope her voice will continue being the computer voice

52. Imrahil - January 5, 2009

Man, Behr really wants attention, doesn’t he? Weirdo.

53. Admiral Waugh - January 5, 2009

Looks like an excellent memorial. I was pleased to see everyone who came, even AC Lyles. It’s always good to see those like Brent, who I don’t see much anymore. And to see George, Marina, and AC chatting is cool. Just to have all the members of your family there is a really terrific thing.

As for posters 19 and 28: let’s not be confused here. Bill and Leonard are part of the family but in their scheme of things, they were not especially close to the Roddenberrys. There’s no disrespect here. There was some significant tension with George that spilled over to Majel… and it wouldn’t be a comfortable thing for them to go somewhere George is going to be.

Bill’s tribute said some classy things, Leonard issued a statement… we don’t need further needless rifts in the family. It’s time to come together to just remember, and never forget, one of the legends.

54. PcKat - January 5, 2009

The “Great Bird of the Galaxy” is no longer alone. By Majel, all of us will miss you.

55. ster julie - January 5, 2009

#31.–Absolutely! Who’s to know if they (WS & LN) were in town, were well, or had previous (contracted) engagements?

Judge not, people.

56. Rich - January 5, 2009

I was there. The scans of the program were mine.Thanks, Anthony for such an excellent recap and photos, for those who couldn’t make it.
I was standing outside, waiting with a small group for the hall to open, and right behind me I heard the unmistakeable voice of Don Marshall (BOMA from TOS “The Galileo Seven”) He was chatting to someone about his audition, with Nichelle Nichols, for “The Lleutenant” in1964, and how they both met Gene at that time together.
My favorite story was told by one of Gene’s best gold buddies, and I’ll recount::
He said that Majel, a 40 year member of the Bel Aire country club, was upset that there were so many feral cats running around. Majel, a lifelong HUGE animal lover – she had anywhere from 10 to 13 cats at any one time – offered the caddie staff $25 for each cat captured, so she could have them spayed/neutered and returned. The usually canny and hard-to-fool Majel was totally taken in and bested when each and every one of those caddies suddenly showed up with cats they’d found all over west LA – and each of them got their $25 per cat. The guy estimates that they turned in over 100 cats. Meow.
Another great anecdote came from the Roddenberrys business manager. He recounted how Gene’s infamous and dearly dead lawyer, Leonard Maislish, who hated just about everyone but Gene, said once that if he were locked in a room with Majel, Eileen (Gene”s ex) and Susan Sackett, and he had a gun with only one bullet, he’d shoot himself becauzse he couldnt for the life of him pick only one of them to kill. what a guy.

57. Rich - January 5, 2009

oops should’ve read it as “golf buddies: sorry.

58. Canadianknight - January 5, 2009

#39 – Couldn’t agree more with your post. All of it.

Of course, as only 3 or so fans showed up in costume, the press ran with it. Just read the article over on IMDB, and you’d think that an entire convention of costumed people showed up, the way it’s written… *sigh*

Anyway… she was a great lady, and her passion towards animals was wonderful. The tiger maternity ward being named after her is just darned cool.

*raising a glass*

59. Orb of the Emissary - January 5, 2009

R.I.P. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. You’ve truly now gone where no one has gone before.

60. helenofpeel - January 5, 2009

RIP, Majel. You’ve earned it.

61. Orb of the Emissary - January 5, 2009

Uhm, why is Ira Steven Behr’s goatee blue? Did I miss something?

62. Charles Trotter - January 5, 2009

Rest in peace, Majel. And thanks for everything. Say hi to Gene for us. :)

If anyone is interested, a few days a go I wrote up a memorial for the Star Trek people who died in 2008 at the alt.obituaries group. You can find it at the link below. It doesn’t include “Balance of Terror” writer Paul Schneider because I did not find out about his death in October until after I had posted the list. Anyways, here it is:;

63. Bjo Trimble - January 5, 2009

John and I were there. Maybe we were too cleaned up to be recognized? John was wearing a jacket (rare for him) and his fancy batik shirt. I was in a bright green jacket and a skirt (rare for me). It was a touching memorial. We were invited to the luncheon afterward at the Bel Air Country Club, where we lunched with Kerry O’Quinn (Starlog founder & editor for many yeaers) who now lives in LA and is trying his hand at producing.

Lots of people spoke at the luncheon as well, telling more intimate stories. My favorite was the one told by an elderly golfer, who said that everyone admired Majel’s enormous new yellow diamond ring but were shocked when she said she’d gotten it for being VERY naughty!

I didn’t tell my favorite story because nobody at a country club would have gotten it. When I flew in from TX (where we lived at that time) for research on an updated Concordance, I stayed at Majel’s house. She insisted that I call her from LAX to say when I’d gotten in. I did. She said she was sending Gene’s car for me. OK. Gotta tell ya, for an Okie crop-picker’s kid to get picked up at the airport by Ernie Over in a butter-cream Rolls Royce was an amazing experience! Everyone waiting outside was wondering who I was. Majel knew that. She made good omelettes, too. — Bjo

64. Charles Trotter - January 5, 2009

I went ahead and did an update, with Paul Schneider:

RE: 61. Orb of the Emissary — I noticed that, too. Possibly something to do with the lighting… or maybe he’s going through a mid-life crisis. :)

65. Charles Trotter - January 5, 2009

63. Bjo Trimble — I love that story. Majel seemed like a great woman, wish I could have met her. Still can’t really believe she’s gone. :(

66. Q - January 5, 2009

I can’t wait to hear Ms. Majel’s voice in the new movie…and then start crying. I’m glad she got to do it one last time.

Rest in peace, Majel Roddenberry.

67. Greg Stamper - January 5, 2009

Farewell to thee

68. BouncyCaitian - January 5, 2009

Yit-gadal v’yit-kadash sh’may raba b’alma dee-v’ra che-ru-tay, ve’yam-lich mal-chutay b’chai-yay-chon uv’yo-may-chon uv-cha-yay d’chol beit Yisrael, ba-agala u’vitze-man ka-riv, ve’imru amen.

Y’hay sh’may raba me’varach le-alam uleh-almay alma-ya.

Yit-barach v’yish-tabach, v’yit-pa-ar v’yit-romam v’yit-nasay, v’yit-hadar v’yit-aleh v’yit-halal sh’may d’koo-d’shah, b’rich hoo. layla meen kol beer-chata v’she-rata, toosh-b’chata v’nay-ch’mata, da-a meran b’alma, ve’imru amen.

Y’hay sh’lama raba meen sh’maya v’cha-yim aleynu v’al kol Yisrael, ve’imru amen.

O’seh shalom beem-romav, hoo ya’ah-seh shalom aleynu v’al kol Yisrael, ve’imru amen.

May Adonai Protect You

69. Rich - January 5, 2009

Rod snuck in a 30 second clip of Majel’s scene in the new movie. Chekov or whatever is accessing the computer.
It came at the end of a fabulous video tribute to Majel, spanning her entire carreer, from a 1950’s AJAX cleanser commercial and ending with her 2008 Abram’s “Trek” computer cameo. Lovely.
Can’t believe I missed Mr. Behr’s blue beard.
The costumed folks really didnt stand out. It was tasteful. In fact, one man, dressed in Starfleet dress uniform, cut such a dashing, well cut figure that I almost wanted to shake his hand.
I must say it was very amazing and strange to be included in such a huge congregation of Star Trek luminaries. The melancholy of the event overhung all of it. I wouldn’t have dreamed of approaching anyone to speak to, as that would have been inappropriate. I was also very uncomfortable in a suit. It’s more alien to me than had I come dressed as a gorn.

70. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 5, 2009

I wonder what Berman was thinking when they talked about Majel believing that Trek was in good (Abrams) hands now?

I can’t believe that Nichelle wore bright red. It’s a funeral. Black attire would’ve been more appropriate.

How old is Rod now?

71. 09hailtrek - January 5, 2009

woah…john delancie is NOT looking good… and garrett wang looks FAT and I STILL HATE HIS MULLET–ASIANS SHOULD NOT HAVE MULLETS!

72. Horatio - January 5, 2009

This might be a little off topic, but did Chase Masterson have some plastic surgery lately? OMG, she looks totally different!

My major Majel story happened at the Trek 20th anniversary convention at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim in 1986. I was attending with several freinds and a few of them were autograph hounds. Even though i’m not an autograph collect I went through the line with them to pass the time. I was hungry so I was carrying a box of Ritz crackers with me to munch on (there is a backstory to this but it would bore all of you..). When we got up to Majel she signed whatever it was my friends had brought for her to sign and she looked at me and asked if i’d also like an autograph. I just sort of joked with her and handed her my Ritz box for her to sign. She seemed amused and signed it, then told me to hang on as she looked around the table she was at for a piece of paper. A young Rod was standing right behind her. She found a piece of paper and signed her name and thanked me for coming.

She was a total class act.

73. Sarah - January 5, 2009

Very touching. She was a gorgeous woman.
It’s quite telling though when you realize which Star Trek stars were absent from the ceremony. As always the leaders cared the least… I almost expected this.

74. Chris Doohan - January 5, 2009


Majel always wore bright colors and would have wanted it that way.

I believe Rod is 33 or 34.

75. AdmNaismith - January 5, 2009

Is the new movie going to be dedicated to Majel? ‘Cause it certainly should be.

76. Roger - January 5, 2009

Live long and prosper, Majel.

77. Rich - January 5, 2009

#71 – I stood right next to Mr. DeLancie, and he looked great.
#70 – Rod stated in the invite that he wanted bright colors because Majel would’ve wanted that.

Mr. Doohan – I pissed your dad off once when I was a kid at a 1976 con. My bright question was “Why did your hair look so dumb all the time -especially in year three?”
Your dad gruffly said “I already answered that and you should listen a little more closely”
Man, he was cool. I would’ve boxed a dumb kids ears for such a stupid question.

78. GaryS - January 5, 2009

I never met Majel,
But I was so moved by this service,I couldnt stop CRYING!

79. sean - January 5, 2009

People showed up in uniform to a funeral service? Oi vey.

RE: Bill & Leonard – some people (myself included) just don’t do funerals. It’s not a lack of respect for the deceased, but rather a desire to grieve privately.

80. Kev-1 - January 5, 2009

It’s hard to process something like this. Best to the family.

81. Sarah - January 5, 2009

My condolences to the Roddenberry family. Majel Barrett’s fingerprint will always be with Star Trek — all the way from Nurse Chapel, to the computer, to Lawaxana, to her marriage to Gene Roddenberry.

As for some people on the board who are arguing back-and-forth about the people who didn’t show up: It is off subject, however it is worthy of only short discussion. I don’t know why some people didn’t show up, but I will say that I am surprised to know that some people who worked closest with Ms. Roddenberry were absent. I am sure they have their reasons. However respectable those reasons may or may not be is none of my business. If that’s the kind of people they want to be, then it’s their business alone, nobody else’s. It’s really not even worth talking about. We don’t know these people, we don’t work with these people, and (pehaps we should be grateful that) we don’t live with them either. Just forget about it, and use this area for what it is intended–remembering Majel Barrett.

82. Sarah - January 5, 2009

Oh, I also forgot: Majel Roddenberry was also M. Leigh Hudec in the Menagerie who in that episode, was also called “Number One”. Sound Familiar?

I wish I could have met Ms. Roddenberry, she sounds like she was a wonderful person. I know Marina Sirtis had wonderful things to say about her reaching out to her during the holidays and such. It takes somebody with a big heart to do that.

I really hope that if there is a STXII, that there will be a Nurse Chapel. If that happens though, the girl who takes that role will have big shoes to fill.

83. SPB - January 5, 2009

Who wears a blue goatee to a funeral?

84. DaiMonRon - January 5, 2009

Thanks for everything, Majel. Our Star Trek would not exist without you and your efforts.

85. Dif - January 5, 2009

Maybe I’m just odd, but I don’t think its wrong that certain cast members didn’t show up – they have publicly stated they weren’t that close to Gene or Majel. I personally have not attended funerals/memorial services of people I “owe” something to because I feel its disrespectful to be there. The purpose of services is for those who were close (or felt close) to celebrate that person’s life. I think its disrespectful to paste on a smile and pretend to care. But maybe that’s just me. =p

Would you want people who you weren’t close to attending your memorial service and pretending to care?

On a similar note, I didn’t show up to the funeral of a classmate in high school because everyone was treating it like the social event of the season – most of them didn’t even know who he was. I didn’t want to participate in such an ‘event’.

86. ster julie - January 5, 2009

#70.–Your comment reminded me of a quote in “Moonstruck,” the ultimate curse the Cher’s character spat at her ex-fiance: “And when you died I’ll go to your funeral in a red dress!”

But I don;t think that was the case here. I know the final fan invite to the memorial service said to wear “business casual,” but I remember an earlier post (was it as said NOT to wear black, that Majel loved bright colors.

I see that Nichelle got that memo. Good for her.

As for the blue goatee, I think he read the earlier memo, too. Either that or he’s insane.

87. Robert Bernardo - January 5, 2009

The ABC and CBS affiliates were definitely there, taking video. I did not see the NBC t.v. van. George Takei had a brief interview with one of the t.v. news reporters, and he presented his remembrances of Majel. I wonder if the video was broadcast of the event (I’m not from the area).

Marina Sirtis looked crestfallen, as I passed by her. :-( Robert Picardo and Brent Spiner were serious.

88. AJ - January 5, 2009

I think all comments about who was there and who wasn’t, and what people were wearing, are not appropriate to this thread. It’s not the NY Post’s ‘Page Six.’

What is important is to notice the cross-section of Trek regulars from each show that showed up, and to learn more interesting tidbits from Majel’s life.

She seems to have been a spirited and wonderful woman, and I’ll second the motion that “XI” carry a dedication to her. It’s appropriate to Star Trek tradition, which JJ Abrams should begin to understand as he now carries the ball.

89. Robert Bernardo - January 5, 2009

Rich wrote:

> He recounted how Gene’s infamous and dearly dead lawyer, Leonard Maislish, who hated just about everyone but Gene, said once that if he were locked in a room with Majel, Eileen (Gene’’s ex) and Susan Sackett, and he had a gun with only one bullet, he’d shoot himself becauzse he couldnt for the life of him pick only one of them to kill.

That’s not how I understood the story. I understood to mean that if he were in a room with the 3 women, he’d kill himself (because he wouldn’t be able to stand it).

90. Greg2600 - January 5, 2009

Mrs. Roddenberry will be missed! I won’t even get into the absurdity of people questioning who was not there.

PS: Ira Behr has had that blue goatee for a few years at least. He is interviewed in William Shatner Changed the World, and had it then.

91. McCoy's Gall Bladder - January 5, 2009

Majel was the best.

It’s times like this that we all need to “Get a Life” and have someone to love and enjoy being alive with.

That is all.


92. Jim Nightshade - January 5, 2009

WOW! It is great to hear from Ms. Trimble…I knew she had to be at Majels Memorial service…Bjo did so much for early fandom in so many ways, all pre internet….the internet would have made so much of what she did easier….makes me feel real old…

Thank you Bjo for all you have done for Fandom…and thanks for mentioning Kerry O Quinn….That brings back wonderful memories of reading and getting every issue of Starlog from the first one with Star Trek on the cover of course….Kerry even used quotes from Letters I had written to starlor more than once in his editorials, which I though were always wondeful to read as Kerry had vision for the future….I lost interest in Starlog after he left….only buy it once in a while now….miss that they do not have a letters column or much of an editorial voice….kerry was great for those. Its nice to hear hes still in the biz trying producing. Good luck to him too…

I also love Bjos Majel stories. Thanks for sharing! and the comments from others that were there add a lot for those of us who could not make it….thanks to you all….Majel will be missed by all of us….Glad she is the voice of the computer….and Mr Star Wars/WALLE Ben Burt is also doing the sound….wow….Rest in Peace Majel…we will always love ya!

Jeff Silva and Sheri Parker….

93. GaryS - January 5, 2009

I saw a fan dressed in what i will call “Kirk Gold”
i just couldnt do that .
The original message said something like
“business casual but Majel was colorful so be sure to wear something colorful too”
Maybe the most colorful thing some people had were their Star Trek uniforms.
All in all it was a lovely service.

94. Allan Howes - January 5, 2009

I was born a fan (1958) before Star Trek was born in 1966. Gene was more than a humanitarian he was a visionary … and behind every great man there has to be an equally if not greater woman.

Majel Hudec shocked CBS as being Number 1 aboard a wagon train to the stars. Second in command in the USSpace Opera – such proposterous casting would not do … her character was cancelled.

Did this let Majel down. Hell no, she changed her name to Barret and became an endearing member of a cultural phenomena – Gene … the Great Bird; Majel … the first lady. Somehow, she was going to be number one whether the execs liked it or not!

From Nurse Chapel to Lwaxana Troi to the stars – reunited with those whom she endeared the most. Rest in Peace, Majel, we love you…
An Endearing Fan always,
Pastor Allan Howes
Calgary, Alberta

95. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 5, 2009

Re: #’s 77, & 86

Thanks to both of you for setting me straight about the bright colors memo. I’ll lighten up on Nichelle.

I am glad that she went. I know that she loved Majel too.

96. The Angry Klingon - January 5, 2009

As far as Nichelle wearing red to a funeral youre statemnt proves youre ignorant as to what Majel liked. Majel HERSELF requested BRIGHT attire for the memorial as she herself refused to wear ‘bland’ clothes to what she considered a celebration of a person’s life. What Nichelle wore to the funeral was in keeping with Majels specific request and attitude.
As to “Berman’s” statement…????
. I think MAJEL’s opinion on whose hands are good ones when it comes to a legacy her family is directly responsible for holds a little more weight then that of some surly keyboard cowboy speaking about things he/she knows nothing about.

97. Dennis Rayburn - January 6, 2009

I was also at the service and was moved by the entire experience. The attire of the people there was absolutely right on target, each according to their custom but honoring the request for no bland colors. I made a point of wear a very loud beltbuckle that Majel had seen me wear in Las Vegas and comment that it was quite a buckle. My hat’s off to the lady of conducted the service as it was very well done. I hope someone like her is around when I shuffle off this planet.

More of my thoughts can be found on

98. Dennis Rayburn - January 6, 2009

Number 72: I’ve seen Chase several times over the last couple of years and she’s always looked the same to me: absolutely stunning! What makes she very special that she is just as beautiful inside as she is outside.

As far as the hands the legacy of Star Trek is in, we’ll all have to wait and see how Mr. Abrams has done with it, but I thought it was wonderful that a clip of the movie with Majel doing the computer voice one more time was shown there.

99. TK - January 6, 2009

i wonder what made the two marry in a traditional Japanese Shinto outfit? Does anyone know the back ground story? Was it George Takei’s influence??

Also, I wish people would stop being so judgemental about the others, without knowing the full details. Some of the comments are so unnecessary.

100. Paula - January 6, 2009

Those of us who went into the service early never got to see those dressed up in costume. That is until we were on our way out. It was not surprising to see, knowing how the fans are. I bet my friend the night before that someone would show up in costume. (Wish I had really put some money on that one.) Knowing Majel…..she probably would of used colorful language to ask them what they were wearing. At the same time she probably got a kick out of seeing them there.

During the luncheon in Bel Air: A couple of microphones were passed around. Friends, family, stars, & fellow golfers got to tell funny or touching stories about Majel. Those very personal stories and tales made the day! Then a toast was raised by Rod and everyone was given a glass of a favorite of Majel’s. “Cold Duck” One of the funny tales told at the memorial service as well as at the luncheon was how Majel could afford the best but loved to drink the cheap champagne.

Chris Doohan: Thank you for the story that you told at the luncheon. Wanted to catch up with you while there but alas that did not happen.

One additional tidbit: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was at the luncheon and also took the mic to talk about both Majel and Gene.
BTW I too wore red.
Majel you now walk peaceful and free. Walk now in beauty and may beauty and the stars always surround you.

101. Pablo D. López - January 6, 2009

Voy a escribir este mensaje en mi idioma natal, para dejar en claro lo lejos que llegó el sueño de Gene y Majel. El, un hombre con una visión única. El futuro que, con tanto optimismo, nos mostró, es una lección para saber qué hacer en el presente. Una humanidad sabia y sin temores ni culpas. Un camino seguro. Ella, como intérprete exquisita de esa visión, agregó la ternura y el desenfado que nos hace creer que esa visión es posible.
Muchas gracias por todo y espero que los intérpretes de la visión de estos increíbles seres caiga en las manos más sensibles, sabias y optimistas. El mensaje que dejaron quedó muy claro. Saludos cordiales.

102. Rich - January 6, 2009

Dear Paula,
You wrote:
“Those of us who went into the service early never got to see those dressed up in costume. That is until we were on our way out. It was not surprising to see, knowing how the fans are.”
Oh really?
I am a fan. As I recall, I was wearing a black suit, with a dark blue shirt and a tie. Oh – and sunglasses. The tie I chose was one which I have from my years of volunteer work with the San Francisco humane society. It was a colorful design of dogs and cats drawn in bright colors by children. I wore that because in the invitation I read, bright colors were requested, and I know Majel loved animals. So I felt that was appropriate. Since I’m a nobody, I doubt anyone noticed or cared but myself.
I am one of those fans you speak of. A “Trekkie.”
I am also a political activist, artist, and father of 2 cats.
My personal code of conduct would no more allow me to appear at a funeral dressed in a costume from a TV series than I would show up at Morton’s in a pink Mumu, dancing a spring ringle on the table top.
Nor would I approach or gawk or bother anyone, or speak unless spoken to. It was a solemn occasion, and I treated it as such.
We are not all alike.
Except, is suspect, in a dislike of condecension.
Thank You.

103. tlh1138 - January 6, 2009

It sounds like it was a wonderful service. If I lived closer I would have loved to have been there. Can anyone confirm that Celestis will truly be launching their ashes into deep space, i.e. out of the solar system? So far the memorial space flights I have heard about have been sub-orbital and orbital. To launch a craft out of the solar system is considerably more difficult, and if Celestis is actually doing this, then I am impressed.

104. Don Moore - January 6, 2009

I remember meeting her at a show in portland…she signed a script for me ..mirror mirror..TNG.and I purchased one of the designed romulan crest pins she recolored..and got a signed photo of her ..she will be mised ..
Ill smile when i here the computers voice from now on..thankyou.

105. Scott Palm - January 6, 2009

I am in shock. I was unaware until now. I have cerebral palsy in a wheelchair . I use a communication device .As strange it may sound, I credited Mr. and Mrs. Roddenberry tor encouraging the people who cvame up with the technology i.e. the talking computer, that has allowed me to communicate. And that has led me to be more productive in my community.

But I will always remember an e-mail from Majel I got. I doin’t remember what made me to write. I was aside myself when I received a reply. Granted, it probably wasnt Majel but the message was kind and warm; just like her. Maybe it was. I like tob think so. It was a highlight of my life. Well miss you

106. Holger - January 7, 2009

100 Paula: “One additional tidbit: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was at the luncheon and also took the mic to talk about both Majel and Gene.”

Wow, that’s some noteworthy “tidbit”! I hadn’t read any reports on Aldrin attending. It’s wonderful to have someone at the ceremony who has actually seen the final frontier.

107. MrRegular - January 7, 2009

I am deeply grateful to Anthony and the rest of the staff for putting this memorial coverage together. The scanned photos of Majel deeply move me, thank you for taking the time to scan the memorial program at a high DPI. It means a lot, believe me.
For fans who couldn’t make it in person due to financial reasons but feel the loss nonetheless, this coverage is the highest conception of duty.

108. anonomous person - January 9, 2009


109. Suz the Q - January 9, 2009

No better words can sum up what both Gene and Majel contributed to the world…. From America’s poet, Walt Whitman, his poem: “O Me! O Life! ”

“That you are here —- that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

Thank you, Majel, for contributing such a beautiful and wonderful verse!

110. Mark - January 15, 2009

I interviewed Majel back in 1999, and she was wonderful. We chatted for my, then cable access TV show Cosmic Visions, and I taped the interview which went about 20 minutes.

I am now writing for Autograph Magazine, and doing a tribute to her in my column, and it should hit stands in approx. March 2009.

She was very fun and upbeat, and I am honored and thrilled to have sat to chat with her then! She always rememebered me and said hello at the conventions years after our interview! Rest In Peace.

111. Rick - January 17, 2009

Goodbye Majel. Thank you for all of it.

112. Memorial For Majel Barrett Roddenberry | EZ's BlogZone - February 5, 2009

[…] I don’t think they would have had much to film. For Anthony’s report go to his site… . Majel’s son Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry eulogized his mother fighting back the […]

113. Rob Catlin - February 22, 2009

I truly will miss her and when I met her she was awesome. I was sadden though when Entertainment Tonight had their tribute for those who had passed away Majel was not part of that. I thought that was a major slap in the face to all us Star Trek fans. We the fans will never forget you.

114. SIMÓN J BURGOS DE LA FUENTE - March 12, 2009



115. Darren - July 18, 2009

I know this comes late. But it feels as it just happened to me. I was in Iraq while Mrs. Roddenberry passed. And just found out today.
I was 5 years old the first time I watched her on screen for the first time. ..long before the internet and search engine’ Let’s just say before portabale hair dryer’s…ouch!
I never considered myself a trekie or treker….but the show meant a lot to me. And it is sad to see the ones who gave birth to this leave us.
They have no idea what they have contributed to the human race. Though it is SiFi it has give birth to many scientist that have asked questions that would not have been asked if it were not were for Star Trek.
They say Trekies are crazy and should get a life. Ok…to a point I see that. But We as a people need to know that we have to be a part of something bigger than just us. Or it’s a whole lot of empty space for nothing!!!
To Majel…tell Gene hi and we still love him!

Darren (A fan since 1971)

116. Carol (a fan) - September 17, 2010

I have been a fan since I was 7 years old. When I found out that Mrs. Roddenberry had passed away on my birthday, I light a candle in her memory and put it by the window.

117. SIMÓN J BURGOS DE LA FUENTE - November 30, 2011

Dentro de poco se cumplirán tres años de la muerte de Majel,y los Trekkies del mundo seguiremos acordándonos mas que de su muerte de su vida.De su filantropía,de su amor a su familia,de perpetuar hasta su último día el legado Star Trek y de que fué la actriz que más apariciones hizo en Star Trek(Numero Uno,Christine chapel,Lwaxana Troi o la computadora de todas las naves de la federación) Te seguimos queriendo Majel. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.