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Esurance ‘Biggest Trekkie’ Video of the Week (Final Week) March 2, 2009

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You have just 3 days to submit a video to the new Esurance Star Trek site explaining how you are the ‘biggest Trekkie’ and get a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie. Each week TrekMovie picks one entry as our video of the week, check this weeks entry below [note video auto-plays after you hit ‘more’].


This week’s video pick ‘Growing Up Trek’ by Andrew Fortner

Andrew’s video was selected for the production values (including sepia toned flashbacks), the multiple scenes, and his message about how the themes of messages have been part of his life…plus a nice Shatneresque moment at the end. Show Andrew the love and give him a high rating.

There are a lot of good entries this week and it was hard to choose, if there were a second choice it would have been the adorable ‘Grampa Bill’ which features a girl explaining why her ‘Grampa Bill’ is the Biggest Trekkie. There are also quite a few videos showing very impressive Star Trek collections that may even compete with TrekMovie’s own John Tenuto and his ‘Star Trek Room.’

Win a trip to the premiere of Star Trek – just three days left
In order to enter the contest yourself, you must upload a video to The Biggest Trekkie Contest page at The winner gets a trip for 2 to the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek. Entries must be made by March 5th. The winner of the prize is selected using a number of factors, including how highly the video is rated on the Esurance site. (see Esurance site for full contest rules and eligibility).

TrekMovie at Wondercon: Say Hi to the voice voice of Erin Esurance
Esurance’s official animated spokesperson, the secret agent Erin Esurance, has already appeared in some online videos and radio commercials for their Star Trek promotion. The voice of Erin Esurance, Mo Melladay, was at Wondercon this weekend and stopped to pose with her counterpart. Mo tells TrekMovie she just did some more voice work for more Star Trek related Esurance commercials.

Don’t miss the rest at Esurance Trek site
If you haven’t visited, yet, then do so now. The site has a great intro video with interviews,  plus a brand new game with clues to the movie (see recent article).

Content at Esurance Star Trek promotional site


1. Will_H - March 2, 2009

with all the promoting theyre doing maybe I’ll have to check esurance out.

2. krikzil (aka Lixy) - March 2, 2009

Good job Andrew!

3. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2009

nice video, McCoy is my favourite Character too

4. Exocomp 4 - March 2, 2009

Darn…the video isn’t showing up again…it’s only these Esurance ones, for whatever reason :(

5. Anthony Pascale - March 2, 2009

if you cant see embed go to and see videos there

6. Chroma - March 2, 2009

I love the Kirk (from TWOK) moment at the end. :]

7. SirMartman - March 2, 2009

Spock at the door,,,,

HA Ha Ha,,,



8. DGill - March 2, 2009

That video was actually one of the better entries I’ve seen. A little creepy, but I could feel the dedication he has to the show and the message behind it.

9. Jovan - March 2, 2009

Nice video!

Erin Esurance next to a real life person only highlights how impossible those proportions are. :P

10. Bob the ship builder - March 2, 2009

I love all these Vids. I think it is going to be funny when they all get thrown out for posting protected content

11. Christine - March 2, 2009

He has the CUTEST kid!!!! I love how her favourite character is Dr. McCoy. -insane giggling here- Reminds me of my Sunday School teacher’s kid… x3

What a heartwarming, funny video. I really liked that one. Good luck to you!

12. Andrew F. - March 2, 2009

Thank You!
I love my wife & kids a bunch! We have a blast watching trek together too!

13. tribble farmer - March 3, 2009

Ahhh he has a smart kid too. Gotta love Bones.

14. To Boldly Go. . . - March 4, 2009

I really like Andrew’s video.
Please check out my entry too.
It is called “Assignment: Birth”
My video is a 100% true story too. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.