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Giacchino’s Star Trek Soundtrack Announced – Available For Pre-order March 23, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Merchandise,Music,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

We have heard about the toys, the book the comic prequel and lots of other merchandising, and today the final piece of the multimedia event of the new Star Trek is now official. The Michael Giacchino sountrack for the film is now available for pre-order at Amazon. TrekMovie has that and more details below.


Star Trek’s new score

The Amazon listing for the Star Trek Soundtrack is quite sparse, only noting that it comes out May 5th and it retails for $17.98. It is being published by Varese Sarabande, who are the largest publishers of film soundtracks. Varese Sarabande published most of Giacchino’s previous soundtracks, including the various seasons of Lost, Alias as well as the soundtrack for Mission: Impossible: III, JJ Abrams’ first feature film.

TrekMovie has checked with Varese Sarabande and confirmed that the new soundtrack will be on one CD and final details are being worked out. It will also be available for download at Amazon, and at iTunes. In addition, Varese Sarabande confirmed, even though Amazon lists it as ‘Various Artists’, the soundtrack is solely the score from Giacchino, and apparently that is just an Amazon glitch. When Album art and a track list are available we will provide an update here at TrekMovie will also be doing a review of the soundtrack are the time of its release. 

Pre-order your Star Trek soundtrack now.

Still waiting to hear (and see)
The previous trailers for Star Trek have used music made specifically for trailers, so we have yet to hear any music from the film. However the official site for the Star Trek movie recently added background music, which has been assumed to be (but not confirmed by Paramount) music from Giacchino’s score. You can listen to that piece of music in this YouTube embed. had the opportunity to attend a session for Star Trek and in December they put up some sketches. Hopefully they will be putting up the actual pictures and video soon.

Giacchino and his crew wore TOS era uniforms the day came to visit

Tyler talks Star Trek trailer music
As noted before the theatrical trailers for Star Trek used music specifically made for trailers. The first theatrical trailer used an extended version of music taken from Brian Tyler’s Children of Dune score. In a new podcast interview with ScoreNotes, Tyler talks about how Trek uses his score, list to that HERE.


Pre-order your Star Trek soundtrack now.


1. Matt H - March 23, 2009


I love it!

2. The Spirit of Truth - March 23, 2009

Cool! Soundtrack time!

3. Justin Toney - March 23, 2009

reminds me of ST3….very good

4. AdmNaismith - March 23, 2009

Finally. I’ve been waiting for the OST details forever.

I am hoping that the Season 4 BSG disk drops about the same time.

5. Darkwing - March 23, 2009

oh, this is the part i really can’t wait for, i love movie soundtracks, and if the stuff on the site is giachinno’s, then i’m sure it will be good

6. NaradaAlpha - March 23, 2009

THEY BETTER ALSO BE SPITTIN OUT A ‘SONGS INSPIRED BY’ DISC… WITH REAL SONGS ON IT TOO… now that thats over with seriously to anyone associated with the film you really should make an accompanying disc of songs by big artists that fit the theme of the film… its a KEY way to reel in the MTV/One Tree Hill crowd…

7. eli1477 - March 23, 2009

$17 is way too much anyway, waiting for the MP3 store to get it.

8. ss - March 23, 2009

I get a very “Dune” vibe from the music in the YouTube video… the 80s Dune… I dig it. The sleeper must awaken (in Iowa).

9. Schultz - March 23, 2009

Jeff Bond from FilmScoreMonthly apparently had some information that the website music contains the film’s main theme, but is not the main title cue. But he didn’t say what his source was or if he just made it up. ;)

10. OneBuckFilms - March 23, 2009

Already preordered ;-)

11. Driver - March 23, 2009

SACD, please.

12. OneBuckFilms - March 23, 2009

9 – Coming from Jeff Bond, it’ll be very reliable.

This guy is an afficionado on the music of Star Trek, as his book demonstrates :)

BTW, Jeff, if you are reading this, WE NEED A SECOND EDITION AFTER THE FILM IS RELEASED !!!!

There is so much more music now.

13. Devon - March 23, 2009

This should signify that we are THAT frakking close to May 8th.

I will probably order on iTunes though. $17.99 is a bit steep but I’m still supporting the cause!

14. T'Cal - March 23, 2009

Any confirmation one way or the other about the inclusion of the fanfare from TOS being in it anywhere??

15. Driver - March 23, 2009

We need a re-release, re-mastering of most of the soundtrack films. Many are incomplete. And SACD/DVD-A versions to boot.

16. Critch - March 23, 2009

T’Cal, I have no connection with the movie, but I’m pretty sure even I can confirm the fanfare will be all over the movie. Giachinno doesn’t shy away from old themes, as evidenced from his great score for Mission Impossible 3. I’d actually be surprised if there isn’t more from TOS, such as the famous fight song.

17. Dr. Image - March 23, 2009

YES! I’m loving the music on the site. Gives me chills!
As a soundtrack/score collector, I can’t wait!!

Tyler’s Children of Dune is excellent, BTW.

18. dalek - March 23, 2009

Love the score. The first 10 seconds of it tho, sound like Lost ;)

19. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 23, 2009

One word: bongos.

20. Can't Wait for May 8th 2009 - March 23, 2009

Really looking forward to hearing the music for the film. Also has anyone else seen the new commercial yet? Just saw it earlier today on VH-1. There were alot of new shots in this one with the titles “Forget Everything You Know.”

21. Closettrekker - March 23, 2009

#16—“I’d actually be surprised if there isn’t more from TOS, such as the famous fight song.”

I would love to hear something of that in the score…But there is no way I will be buying the soundtrack.

I love a good movie score—but it isn’t exactly the sort of thing I would play in my car.

22. Ian - March 23, 2009

I’m really excited for this soundtrack! I’ll wait for a pre-order from iTunes though.

23. Jan - March 23, 2009

No matter whether the background music on the official side is from Giacchino – I like it. it really reminds me of the james horner scores from STII & STIII.

24. OneBuckFilms - March 23, 2009

23 – Not sure I can hear that. It appears to be a lot more understated than James Horner’s scores for Star Trek’s II and III.

I enjoyed it though, and I think the rest of the score might put this sample in a bigger context.

I’m not sure, based on the aims of the movie, that we’ll get the Original Series theme all over the score, but the fanfare may be brought in a key moments, the iconic moments, like Kirk sitting in the Captain’s Chair and taking command, or for the finale.

When it comes, it should have a strong impact, and if it’s littered throughout the score, it loses its effectiveness at key moments.

25. Ian - March 23, 2009

@#20 There’s a new commercial since the Super Bowl ad?

26. Jordan - March 23, 2009

@15 – Couldn’t agree more, there are so many cues from films 2-7 & 9 missing. I think something along the lines of the re-release they did for the TMP score or that bootleg version of First Contact.

Of course I’d love something as big as the LOTR complete scores but I can’t imagine that’ll ever happen! Also, can’t wait for Giacchino’s!

27. uss cowbell - March 23, 2009

hmm…needs more cowbell…

28. Ian - March 23, 2009

@#26 The complete LOTR recordings were a dream come true. I listen to them daily! Unfortunately I don’t see them doing something like that for Star Trek :-/ One can dream!

29. ucdom - March 23, 2009


Been waiting for this for sooo long. Been checking the Varese Sarabande website every day, and trawling all the soundtrack retailers….

Finally. I love ST scores, and I’m pretty sweet on Giacchino, so I have high hopes.

Thanks for the heads up Anthony

30. AJ - March 23, 2009


What? Is there a new spot on TV?

31. The Spirit of Truth - March 23, 2009

Off topic, but:

Just saw a new trek trailer on Spike TV @ 5:30 p.m. Eastern.

32. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2009

If the music on the clip above is supposed to be from the new movie, I am NOT impressed! People here are comparing it to Horner’s music in ST:II+III. I think that does a terrible disservice to James Horner, who did a masterful job on those soundtracks.

Giacchino’s music isn’t exactly soul-inspring, is it? As a matter of fact, it strikes me as rather dull, listless and almost boring. Unforgivable for the scoring of the first film in the relaunch of a major franchise!

33. NCC-73515 - March 23, 2009

I read an interview with Giacchino in a Sci-Fi magazine today… and btw, I just bought my tickets for the May 6th preview here :D

34. SirMartman - March 23, 2009

Since its not been released yet,,,

Isnt the offical poster for ST: TFB the “last” piece of the multimedia event ??


35. Sid - March 23, 2009

Where’s the Vulcan harp?

36. AJ - March 23, 2009


I agree with you, Harry. Let’s hope that Giacchino is up to his usual super level of quality for this one.

The piece from the trailer is a bit melancholy, and may do better with some context.

The ST II/III music from James Horner is wonderful, and he went on to do massive business later with James Cameron, and if I recall, Ron Howard.

37. Trek Nerd Central - March 23, 2009

If that’s the main theme, it’s interesting stuff. Very moody & late-Romantic.

I love Giacchino. His music for “Lost” is one of the show’s constant pleasures.

38. rumpcuż - March 23, 2009

Let me just state it again: the background music from the website is MEH. It’s SOOOO generic these days. It has no ST feel at all. Goldsmith and McCarthy did the best job.

39. Radioactive Spock - March 23, 2009

sounds like it vaguely pays homage to the original tos score, with the last 3 descending notes early in the song. not sure if its just wishful thinking on my part. sounds great though. i’ll be buying the soundtrack.

40. Rocket Scientist - March 23, 2009

There’s a definite sense of a journey being undertaken in that snippet. Very epic, very emotional! It’s kind of good that they didn’t include some of the more familiar Trek musical cues. We know those already. Can’t wait to hear this in a theater with all elements coming into play!

41. Phil Smith - March 23, 2009

Eh. Seems a little sleepy to me. I love soundtracks, and this one so far doesn’t impress me. I’ll wait and see.

42. captain_neill - March 23, 2009

no where near as good as jerry Goldsmith or James Horner or Jay Chattaway. Too generic and not as epic sounding as the others.

43. Imrahil - March 23, 2009

#6…are you serious?

44. Devon - March 23, 2009

^^Why does it need to sound like Goldsmith, Horner or Chattaway? Why does it need to sound epic?

Answer: It doesn’t. It needs to sound whatever is appropriate for that scene, and whatever on the site was written for whatever scene. It sounds fine, stop comparing when you have nothing to compare.

45. Devon - March 23, 2009

#39 – I think I know what part you are talking about and I agree.

46. Capt. of the USS Anduril - March 23, 2009

How is $17.99 steep for a CD? Most CD’s are in the 19.99 and up range these days. I swear, some of us must be tight-fisted as hell. I’m preordering it, if only because I have no idea if it’ll be released where I am. Not a huge Trekkie market here. :(

47. bgiles73 - March 23, 2009

#6 and #43 Just so we don’t get ” Faith of the Heart- The Remix”!!!!

48. Negotiator - March 23, 2009 has a little feature on the new movie.

Nothing trekmovie hasn’t covered already though.

Another sign of the mainstream media jumping in the Star Trek

49. Stanky McFibberich - March 23, 2009

re:43. Imrahil – March 23, 2009
“#6…are you serious?”

Let’s hope not

I thought the music in the clip above was good. Whether or not it is in the movie and how it is used within the movie remains to be seen. It did not strike me immediately as “Star Trek” music, but of course a number of different styles have been used throughout the years. It is certainly one of the least objectionable aspects of the production I have encountered.

50. Will_H - March 23, 2009

#6, I hope youre kidding with that, really, I do. Because yes, why dont they put out the star trek hip hop mix? Rollin down the sector in my 1701, jockin the orions, slappin the borg. Went to the…yeah, no. As for the music that’s up there, its actually a lot better than I expected, reminds me the most of ST:VI with maybe a little Insurrection and ST:III thrown in there to, but sounds good, and serious.

51. Capt. of the USS Anduril - March 23, 2009

What interests me more is this “new” trailer that people have been talking about.

52. Rocket Scientist - March 23, 2009

I hear an excellent piece of film score that evolves yet still retains a thematic core throughout. It’s passionate, it’s melodic…it hearkens back to great scores like those of Alex North. To these ears this is a well-chosen excerpt from what promises to be a superior soundtrack.

53. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2009


Great…………THIS, you like!

54. AJ - March 23, 2009

6: An “Inspired by” Disc would be strange.

It would be nice to collect some pop-culture oddities such as Spizzenergi’s “Where’s Captain Kirk?” and Nerfherder’s “Mr. Spock.” Or anything by “Warp 11.”

But unless the Big E is streaming pop music, a second album of tunes seems unlikely.

By the way, Warp 11 is hilarious:

55. Captain Cameron goes Berserk!! - March 23, 2009

Where’s the Music when Kirk’s Getting it on with the Orion Chick?

56. c0mBaTkArL - March 23, 2009


I highly doubt that section of music is anything other than atmosphere music derived from one of many themes within the score. To lambaste an entire score based upon 1:45 of music is laughable at best. Yet, others amongst us with equal attention spans seem to relish lashing out at what they perceive of this film from the merest sample of any size. Forgive me, for I was completely unaware of the telepathic abilities of this fan-base. To be more diplomatic….congratulations on how utterly remarkable you are.

57. c0mBaTkArL - March 23, 2009


Agreed. This is most certainly a calculated teaser. You’ve licked the spoon a little, but it’s not the cake at all.

58. Antni - March 23, 2009

i like the piece of music from the site.

when i listen to it i makes me feel like i’m searching for somthing so it could be written for when kirk is on the ice planet searching for the outpost there or somthing – just an idea lol

59. Rastaman - March 23, 2009

Music sounds pretty good considering its just the looping background track for the official website. I’m sure the final score will be a hundred times better.

Frankly, I’m relieved not to heat any electric guitars or Rod Stewart lyrics!

60. Geoffers - March 23, 2009


61. Liz - March 23, 2009

WOW! I absolutely can see the Enterprise in that fantastic score! Perfect.

God, I love creative people!

62. The Invader (In Color!) - March 23, 2009

I want to make sure it’s not sonic wallpaper before I pre-order or buy it.

I’ve been burned too many times with sonic wallpaper.

If it’s thematic and bombastic…I’ll buy it. If not…no deal.

63. OneBuckFilms - March 23, 2009

Guys guys guys, hold your horses on saying the score is good or bad based on 1:47 of score from a 2 hour movie.

This movie is something a little different to the Star Trek we’ve seen in the past, and I suspect the music sample we’ve heard on the site probably works great in the movie.

But before any realistic judgement can be made, we must at least know the following:

– Context of the scene.
– Other cues int he film, in their contexts.
– Effectiveness of the score within the movie.

Until we know this, we have no basis to make an assessment !!!

FYI, the eSurance clip also contains music that probably comes from the movie, and the same music is used in the MTV Spoilers spot.

Once you’re past the Trainer music, the music in the background during the interviews in the eSurance clip is, by my guess, also from the movie.

At least listen to THAT before guessing what the score will be like ;-)

64. Spock - March 23, 2009

I just saw a new commercial on cable for the movie

It say forget everything

Shows more footage of them dropping out of the shuttle. Some guy bouncing off the drill dish.

65. Fansince9 - March 23, 2009

Pretty music, but I’ll need to hear more before I can decide whether I like it enough to buy. I bought Titanic’s soundtrack back in the 90’s and if this one is as good, I’ll be buying this too.

66. Jeyl - March 23, 2009

So, I’m guessing that 1/3 of the score will be presented on this soundtrack like from Nemesis? Oh, joy.

67. True Blood - March 23, 2009

@ 6. NaradaAlpha,

No way in HELL do we need that kind of garbage. Are you kidding? It would kick the movie into the cheesy arena and get mauled by all the big boys (aka films) of that summer.

Songs inspired by is just so cheesy and cheap! This is a serious film and it’s not meant to be for the MTV MUSIC TV. Oh and for anyones info, the MTV Generation is all over, we’re the Internet Generation now. Or the iPod, pick one. Either way it’s going to make this film so cheesy if they do that. It doesn’t fit the Star trek image. Pure and simple.

68. cd - March 23, 2009

#19 – yes, we need bongos!

69. True Blood - March 23, 2009

The only issue I have is that it’s Varese Sarabande who’s doing it. They are NOTORIOUS in giving the bare minimum in the releases they publish.

I mean unlike BSG, or LOST which even saw two disc editions, Varese Sarabande, will give us the usual 50min if not less release. If it’s more than 50min then we’re in luck otherwise it’s not going to be that big a deal.

Does anyone know if Varese Sarabande, has stepped up the production values of their scores? Any recent examples where they’ve done something special in order to impress their customers?

70. Elrond L - March 23, 2009

Great news! I cannot wait to hear Giacchino’s score. It’s pretty much an automatic buy for me, but then again I’m a movie & TV music fan. Hopefully will run a sneak preview like they have with other big movies.

Bear McCreary is looking to do a double-CD set for Battlestar’s season 4, largely due to the feedback he’s gotten at his blog. So this should be an awesome spring/summer for us soundtrack fans. :-)

71. Jamie - March 23, 2009

I’d laugh if the whole score was just “silent movie” style piano music.

72. Fansince9 - March 23, 2009

6. NaradaAlpha – March 23, 2009
THEY BETTER ALSO BE SPITTIN OUT A ‘SONGS INSPIRED BY’ DISC… WITH REAL SONGS ON IT TOO… now that thats over with seriously to anyone associated with the film you really should make an accompanying disc of songs by big artists that fit the theme of the film… its a KEY way to reel in the MTV/One Tree Hill crowd…
Ditto, it’s time for Trek to stretch it’s legs. Having music videos, a song, something, etc. is a good way to cultivate Trek interest from the younger crowd.

73. Fansince9 - March 23, 2009

#67: You forget: Spiderman had “Hero” by Nickelback. That was movie number 1. Now, they’re talking about movie number 4.

I’m not saying that the music is why it succeeded, however the music served to target a larger audience.

74. Fansince9 - March 23, 2009

#67: Adding info, I understand your opinion of how Trek needs to maintain it’s identity. You’re right, it does have an identity to maintain. Still the same, Trek’s identity is changing somewhat with this movie. JJ Abrams is wanting to market this film to fans and non-fans alike. I’m not sure the objective is to stick to Star Trek’s previous frame-work as a whole.

75. Dave - March 23, 2009

Hopefully the “various artists” will include Rush playing “Red Barchetta” while Kirk is speeding away from the motorcycle cop in the red car. The song fits perfectly.

76. Konar - March 23, 2009

I think the music on the site — whatever it is– is quite beautiful and nuanced.

77. Oregon Trek Geek - March 23, 2009

#3, I also got a good, positive ST3 vibe from that clip. I thought it sounded good and solid.

I think if a fanboy like me is reminded of James Horner, then that bodes well for Michael Giacchino and the music of ST09…

78. True Blood - March 23, 2009

To be honest… it wasn’t nearly enough for me… ;p

I wish to hear the actual Star Trek Theme. Does anyone know if we’re going to hear the iconic theme?

That would blow my mind if they dropped the classic theme. It would JUST not feel the same for me.

79. CarlG - March 23, 2009

@32: That part of the soundtrack is probably meant to underscore a dialogue scene. Can’t have 100%, wall-to-wall bombast or ears would give up.

Seriously, though, three things that Michael Giacchino has never been are “dull, listless, and rather boring”.

Already pre-ordered!

80. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2009


Let me put it in such a way so even you can understand:

Trailers are put out before the movie to sell it to the public ahead of time. The makers of the film usually put some exciting bits in the trailer to accomplish this goal. Any music released ahead of time should, obviously, be attempting to do the same thing. If what we’re hearing from the Trek site is one of the “better bits” of musical score from the movie, then that’s just plain sad!

81. Jason - March 23, 2009

If they can’t bring Goldsmith back (for obvious reasons), then Giacchino’s the best we can get! I’ve been a fan of his since about 2 minutes into The Incredibles (you know the moment- just as the interview ends and the logo is revealed with the fanfare). So, can’t wait. And that piece on the website only gets me more excited.

82. The Invader (In Color!) - March 23, 2009

You fools can ignore me, but I BLOODY HATE SONIC WALLPAPER!!!!

The only thing worse are short soundtrack CDs full of sonic wallpaper.

Do any of you know what even MEAN by the term sonic wallpaper?

It’s soundtrack music that drones on — isn’t thematic — and is just there to have SOMETHING in the background! It’s the kind of music Rick Berman loved! Major ass-age!

I’ll bet some of you LOVE that shit! You’d gobble up any soundtrack CD with the Trek name on it wouldn’t you?

What do I think are good Trek movie scores?


THOSE were GREAT!!! The rest? Not so much…

83. Will_H - March 23, 2009

Its frighting to see that people are actually serious about the whole music inspired by soundtrack idea. Ok, spider man may have sold a lot of tickets, but its a comic book movie, something completely different than Star Trek. Remember Enterprise? I think the theme song was the beginning of the end for Star Trek, and when they put out the second version it got twice as bad. That kind of sound track doesn’t work with good SiFi, plain and simple. And yes, the MTV generation is irrelevant, those of us that may have been grouped into it at some point have long since moved on, and anyone that still clings to it is probably too young to have any money of their own to spend. But I have enough faith in JJ to assume he wouldn’t go that low. He’s obviously filled the movie with action, that’ll get the younger crowd. He doesn’t need to add an epic failure like songs inspired by to get them.

84. Bob Tompkins - March 23, 2009

Very Jerry Goldsmith-ish sounding, not too shabby.

Loyalty is a nice thing among the new generation of filmmakers, just as the older moviemakers had their favorites. But come on. Don’t you think the Grand Master, John Williams deserves a shot at scoring a Trek?

He’d be worth the extra money.

85. Want to Hear More of Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek Score? | /Film - March 23, 2009

[…] via: TrekMovie […]

86. Charles H. Root, III - March 23, 2009

hmmm. i wonder if they listened to the 2001 soundtrack for inspiration… I’m hearing a little of the Gayane Ballet Suite in the melody & strings. The percussion at the end is a nice nod to the TOS soundtrack work.

As always, very nice.

I still think Michael Giacchino’s Ratatouille should have won the Academy Award.

87. Konar - March 23, 2009

the music underscore for the website was not chosen, #80 because it is supposed to be the best — it’s chosen because it enhances the web experience and is a mood-setter. Your supposition that only the most exciting parts are released is an oversimplification and ill- informed.

It’s always funny to me that some FANS of movies, because of their fandom, think they understand movie making and marketing. All I can day is that you just don’t know what you don’t know. So keep on making grand pronouncements that are absolutely wrong. The people who do know the business think you’re funny.

88. Schultz - March 23, 2009

#86 (Charles H. Root, III) — Correct. Some may remember that Gayane also inspired Horner’s main title for “Aliens”. Seems to be archetypal science fiction film music by now. ;)

…and I still think there’s a tiny little nod to the original TOS main theme in there—that descending triplet, e.g. at 0:27–0:30 where it gets a bit Goldsmithy.

89. Buzz Cagney - March 23, 2009

Hmmm, I’m not a fan of what I’m hearing there. Reminds me a little of some of the TUC score but without the sense of impending danger that score had.

90. FreddyE - March 23, 2009

I listened to the pice a few times, and it seems to me its pretty obviously based on variations (changes in pitch an rythm mainly= of the “da-da-da-da-da-daaaa-daaaa” part of the TOS-Theme. Its the part where the words “Beyond the rim of the star light” from Roddenberrys (pretty awfull) lyrics would be sung. For those who have the score its bars 6, 7 and 8. The note progression of the original is: G4 (half) F5 (half + quarter) E5 (quarter) D5 (quarter) C5 (quarter) B4 (half) Bb4 (half) Bb4 (half + half)

91. Odkin - March 23, 2009

I agree with #82 – the music in the clip is just a sort of random drone. Unwhistleable, unhummable. I guess it’s OK for background music while nothing is happenning, but I heard nothing thematic or memorable.

I am not a collector of sountracks like many of you. Those I know who collect them can discuss the various intracacies of music like wine connosieurs discussing subtleties undetectable by an average consumer. The general public however, can barely tell apart beer, wine, water, milk and Kool-Aid.

In other words, I’m sure there are all kinds of subtle technical reasons that you experts think this music is excellent, but this average movie-goer just “tastes” flat beer.

92. Daniel - March 24, 2009

If Jerry Goldsmith was still alive, listening to that boring blah blah in that clip would surely kill him….

Keep these jokes for April 1st, guys, and show us the real new Star Trek soundtrack………….. :)

93. GO - March 24, 2009

#32 – I couldn’t agree more. Sounds like a rehash of the Lost soundtrack.

#56 – Ease off. Harry Ballz has been nothing but pro Trek 9 all the way. The sample from the Trek site is nothing other than MEH. I agree an entire soundtrack should not be judged on a minute-and-a-half-long sample, but this just doesn’t bode well, and it amazes me to see just how many are already rushing out to pre-order this thing based on that.

#60 – I’m guessing you meant “Hear! Hear! Hear!” or were you just trying to draw attention to your present location?

Good day, all.

94. GO - March 24, 2009

Tha’ts Trek ’09, of course.

95. GO - March 24, 2009

“That’s”… not “Tha’ts”… ARRGGGGHHH! Need… to… wake… up!

96. Admiral Waugh - March 24, 2009

I *REALLY* hope the music from the site doesn’t represent what we’re going to get in the movie… it seems so soulless… not Star Trek at all, at its best or worst.

97. Kempec - March 24, 2009

If his score is even 10% of what his score was like in the Medal of Honor series of games…It will be a masterpiece. Bombastic…yet subtle at the same time. Judging by what I have heard so far….we are in for a real treat.

98. David Smith - March 24, 2009

Ha ha. Dare I say first?

Seriously, one of the great things about Star Trek, for me, is the score and the ships, but its the score that sets great films apart from mediocre ones. Music can have such great impact on a setting, whether for good or ill.

With an enhanced budget, I only hope that this score will be epic and suited to this film, and capture all the amazing moments in this film (like the reboot or not, its where the crew first gets together, Kirk gets the Enterprise, ect) with the scope and gravatis we’ve come to expect from a Star Trek score. Perhaps, he will do for Star Trek music what Jerry Goldsmith’s epic Star Trek I score did for the franchise.

Ah well, I won’t get to see the film in theatres it seems though..I’m shipping out for Basic training exactly one week before the films release. You can be sure, if this score lives up to the expectations, I’ll be listening to it while at AIT.

99. Jamesb3 - March 24, 2009

But will it include an updated version of “Star Trekkin”?

100. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2009


Thank you, GO!

You’re so good at defending someone’s honor, why, you must be part Klingon!


101. Cafe 5 - March 24, 2009

If anyone has listened to the score for “The Incredibles” or the music for the video game”Secret Weapons Over Normandy” you already know that Giacchino is one hell of a composer. My worry is that the music on Amazon states “various artist”, meaning CBS or one of its many subsidiaries could bastardize the soundtrack for this movie with music they wish to “push” for their own profits. The music could be related to the film such as background sounds or totally unrelated. Many of Jerry Goldsmiths final albums for films were just one or to cuts of his score and the remainder was just studio push. I’ll purchase a film score for Star Trek, but I’ve been burned too many times before by studio released “soundtracks” that haven’t a thing to do with the movies they released. Michael Giacchino is most qualified to compose the score for Star Trek, its the suits I worry about.(or should I say the unsuitables)

102. Jamie - March 24, 2009

So what if it’s “Various artists”? Surely that just means one or more tracks weren’t composed by Giacchino? What’s wrong with that?

Star Trek: First Contact featured several pieces of music not composed by Jerry Goldsmith, all used to great effect. (“Oobie Doobie”, “Magic Carpet Ride”, and a classical track I can’t remember that Picard is playing in his ready room). These pieces brought a lot of colour and range to that film’s soundtrack, and complemented the orchestral score nicely.

My BIGGEST complaint about Transformers was the absence of any “upbeat pop music”, which it needed. The score to that film was relentlessly serious and epic, making the film’s lighter comedy moments seem inappropriate. The soundtrack sets the tone of the whole film, therefore, “lighter” moments are necessary in the soundtrack of such a film, and the film’s composer is not always the best person to provide such a track, especially when you want to create a realistic context that feels credible and familiar. Sometimes you have to use a track someone else wrote.

103. Joe - March 24, 2009

I knew M.G. wouldn’t be able to write a score to the quality of Goldsmith STTMP, or Horner’s Wrath of Khan, but I do sincerely hope the rest of the score is better than what I hear.

104. Ken - March 24, 2009

The beginning of that score segment sounds like Lost.

I hope the rest of the score has more stronger themes.

105. The Invader (In Color!) - March 24, 2009

That’s gonna be the shit (and NOT in a good way!) if it’s some kind of commercial sounding CD with pop music and only a couple of orchestral tracks!

Oh well, everything else in this country is going to hell — why not the Star Trek CDs as well?

106. iplaicawd - March 24, 2009

i am ordering the soundtrack so i can play it in my car

107. JOrdan - March 24, 2009

The piece of music from the site is really cool, I think. I have to say the music from trailer number 3 is powerful. I was bummed to learn that it wasn’t officially the score.

108. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2009


Careful you don’t fall asleep at the wheel!

109. GO - March 25, 2009

#108 – Me’thinks that’s exactly what happens to Spock Prime when he plays the new soundtrack in his jellyfish ship.

How else would you explain that nasty collision with the Narada…? ;-)

110. Dave in RI - March 25, 2009

71. Jamie – March 23, 2009
I’d laugh if the whole score was just “silent movie” style piano music

Been done already.
Google “Steam Trek”

111. Harry Ballz - March 25, 2009


Wouldn’t be the first time a senior lost control of his vehicle!

(runs and hides)

112. RD - March 25, 2009

This is a pretty bland piece of music and not at all what I would expect from Giacchino. Frankly I can’t believe Paramount is using it as the sole piece of music on the official website. I can’t find the mute button fast enough. It’s bland and derivative-sounding, with no sense of character or uniqueness that inspires images of a huge new film. The generic trailer music is far more inspiring.

I’m enjoy his work on LOST, given that he crafts some very effective stings and transitions which are often short and to the point and serve the series well (I noticed a CD with 75 minutes of his LOST score on Varese Sarabande, but I cannot imagine a fate more painful). He may well be in over his head with this one. But audiences don’t really care anymore. In fact I can’t believe studios still spend the kind of money they do on orchestral scores. There will be so much eye-candy and loud sound effects, this uninspiring, ambiguous score is likely the only part they will hear clearly enough to scrutinize.

113. Cervantes - March 25, 2009

A LOT of up-to-dateTrek ‘trailer’ music facts here -

and click onto the comments underneath the article there, for more fun…

114. Cervantes - March 25, 2009

That should be-

115. Markus McLaughlin - April 14, 2009

There should be a GREAT 45th Anniversary Trek 2-CD/SACD/Vinyl Set with music from The Cage, Where No Man Has Gone Before, a few selections from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, selections from films 1 to 11 and a special audio message from both Leonard Nimoy and Rod Roddenberry about Gene and Majel as a BONUS!!! That would be truly COOL! :D

Star Trek LIVES!!!

Markus Henry McLaughlin
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