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Some Mainstream Media Continue To Misunderstand (and misrepresent) Trek Fans May 7, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Fandom,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , trackback

A couple of days ago we pointed to a funny parody news clip at The Onion which poked some good-natured fun at Trek and Trek fans, and how we were up in arms over how the film was ‘fun’ and ‘watchable.’ Trek fans are self-aware and most seemed to get the joke, but in the last day I have noticed a more disturbing Trend from some in the mainstream media trying to to perpetuate the most negative stereotypes of Trek fans, and what is worse they are trying to get me to help them. More below.


Media searching for superfans – but some just want attackers
In the last few weeks I have been contacted by a number of local and national and international media organizations to give quotes and do interviews on what I think of the new Star Trek film and how it is playing with fans (see yesterday’s AP article for an example).  I always tell them what I have stated here: that I loved the movie, but also as a Trekkie had some nitpicks (as we do with all movies). I also tell them that most fans are very excited about this film and what it means to Star Trek, but there is a minority of fans who are skeptical or not in support of the film.

However just this morning alone I have been contacted by ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC News, and both of them wanted me to help provide a fan to put on camera to talk about how Trek fans as a whole are against this film. When I talked to producers for both, neither wanted to hear that those ‘skeptic’ fans were only a small part, and in fact one producer (from NBC) hung up on me when I told him I thought it would be disingenuous for them to report that Trek fans as a whole were against this movie. I suggested to both that they could have two fans on with opposing views or at least represent the ‘negative’ fan as being part of just a segment of Trek fandom, but those suggestions fell on deaf ears. Our friend and star/producer of Star Trek Phase II James Cawley tells me that he has also turned down multiple mainstream media requests to attack the new movie.

I get that fans v movie or fans v mainstream is a good hook and controversy and conflict make good TV. However, after being told by James and I that they are barking up the wrong tree I only hope they get the message and don’t just keep hunting until they find that ideal ‘hater’ to put on camera.

Trek fans have suffered for years with negative stereotypes of being nitpicky nerds who live in their mother’s basements, even though research done Sociology Professor (and TrekMovie contributor) John Tenuto shows that Trek fans tend to be more educated, more affluent, more social and more likely to be married than the population as a whole. Now that Star Trek has a big blockbuster movie and the franchise that we love is getting some new credibility, some in the media want to use this resurgence as yet another opportunity to go after Trek fans as anti-social, whiney, nitpicking lunatics. This is just like the ‘THIS IS A DISASTER’ incident when the LA Times and other sources didn’t get a joke on our message boards and really thought that fans were upset over a Cake! 

The Onion parody poked fun but was funny and not cruel (and often true). But this notion that Trek fans as a whole cannot embrace any kind of change or be open minded to a new take on Trek seems to be part of a meme for too many in the MSM. This mean spirited cartoon in the New York Daily News is another example:

Trek fans by the numbers are in support of this movie
I am not saying this to boast but for context, that this website is the highest ranked (via Alexa) independent Trek site. We are visited by hundreds of thousands of fans every month. From comments and polls and attending fan events, I think I have a good sense of the fan community. It is true that we can rarely agree that water is wet and there certainly is no right answer as to what is the best Trek TV show or movie, but there are trends and there are groups larger and smaller on various opinions. And I can say unequivocally that most fans are very excited about seeing this movie. Of course there are some who are skeptical or even hostile, but this is a minority (maybe down to 10% or less at this point). I have spoken to many fans around the world who have seen the film at screenings, including talking to some of the leaders of various fan organizations and fan clubs, and almost all have come away with positive views to the movie.

This is also evidenced by some actual data. poll taken earlier this week:

When will you see the Star Trek movie

  • Already seen it (5%)
  • Before May 7th (4%)
  • Thurs. May 7 (39%)
  • Fri May 8 (22%)
  • Sat/Sun May 9-10 (15%)
  • Later in first week (6%)
  • Later during theatrical run (5%)
  • Wait for DVD (2%)
  • No plans to see movie (2%)

So only 4% of fans in the poll were not going to see the film while in theaters with only 2% saying they had no interest.

How about some real sales data? Fandango has sent over some of their figures and 91% of their current sales (as of this morning) are for the new Star Trek movie. They are also conducting a poll of Star Trek ticket buyers and 91% consider themselves a Star Trek fan. And by the way Fandango’s Star Trek sales for this week are outpacing their sales for Wolverine from the same period last week.

It isn’t all of the MSM
Just like with Trek fans, the mainstream media is not single minded. There are many reports that get their portrayals of Trek fans right and are more balanced, like the recent AP piece and another good piece in Wall Street Journal. And of course the recent cover story in Newsweek showed that love of Star Trek can be treated respectfully. By the way, I will be quoted in a piece in the Globe and Mail tomorrow in Canada and TrekMovie’s Alex Fletcher will be appearing on Canada AM on CTV tomorrow morning.


But, I guess we still have work to do with getting some in the media to understand fandom and Trekkies.


1. Pragmaticus - May 7, 2009

MSM hates trekkies – nothing new.

2. RobertaLincoln - May 7, 2009


Why does this not surprise me? Trek fans who didn’t care for the film are going to be treated in teh same manner as swine flu: They’re get al the attention, even though they’re smaller and less harmful than most Trek fans.

3. James Cawley - May 7, 2009

I have turned down several interview requests for this exact reason!
James Cawley

4. RobertaLincoln - May 7, 2009

So much for me being first.

One is left to wonder the accurary of the media in other things, if they can’t get a simple thing like this right.

5. Steve-o - May 7, 2009

ugh this is ridiculous. its amazing to see the impact media has on on what we believe. i was starting to feel cool that i was a trek head, but the news is ruining this for me…

6. Cheve - May 7, 2009

AS president of the spanish fanclub, I’m all over the radio here in spain this week, but we’ve been lucky in that. They ask about the fandom, about why we like the series and If we liked the movie (Which I do, and a lot BTW). I suppose the creators of the “Trekkies hate the movie” conspiracy are not managing to put their lie in the head of the world very well.

7. Selor - May 7, 2009

Actually… I like that pic ^^

But yeah, I was sure that some of them will still get the feeling “Wow… new Film we have to put some really nerdy people in one of our shows” and I know that they will do this just because that anyone else feels better “Oh look… and I thought I have a bad life… now look at this poor poor nerd…”

8. Josh - May 7, 2009

Still hanging at 94% at Rotten Tomatoes. #1 topic on Twitter (well, until Manny got suspended anyway). I think we’re making some noise.

9. JonWes - May 7, 2009

A great article! I an not surprised some “news” organizations are trying to manufacture a story but it is sad that they aren’t even interested in what Star Trek fans are really like and what they really think. It one thing to proceed from ignorance, and it’s another to be willfully ignorant. Are there some crazies in Star Trek? Sure, every fan base has some real honest-to-goodness crazies.

But most are just enthusiastic, in the same way that those guys who paint themselves up for a Football game are. And frankly even they are in the minority. It’s the same reason I was very wary of the call for pics of people in Trek uniforms. That’s all they want us to be. Personally I think we should celebrate it – kind of like how the news used to only show drag queens when they showed gay pride parades. Celebrate those who dress up in full Trek regalia. They are our brothers and sisters and probably the most courageous of us and I applaud them and admire their unbridled enthusiasm! But… don’t pretend that’s all of us or even the majority of us. Look at the people around you… anyone of them just might be…

A closet Trekkie! (gasp!)

Hopefully this film will erase all that stupidity and then, as the article in Newsweek said, we’ll ALL be Trekkies.

10. LoneStranger - May 7, 2009

We could always put a fan in front of the cameras and then completely 180 degree the interview.

11. P Technobabble - May 7, 2009

This is what our illustrious media does in order to slant what the masses hear about, isn’t it? Telling everyone a story about how much Trekkies are looking forward to the film would be “boring,” the rantings and ravings of a bunch of fanatics. Telling everyone how Trekkies are against the film creates “drama,” “conflict,” and all that stuff the media thinks we really get into. Do we really get into that? Is the mass of media-reading public truly only interested in conflict and argument, or could we possibly be a bit more enlightened than the press treats us? This is a difficult question to answer because the evidence seemingly changes on a whim.
The fact that you have brought this to our attention is the evidence of your integrity, Anthony.

12. Duncan MacLeod - May 7, 2009

4. A little off topic, but when a Pro Wrestler died a few years ago (Chris Benoit, bastard) they go so many facts wrong, and made so many absolutely untrue statements as “Facts” that i also wonder what else they are getting wrong. I turned off the MSM years ago.

13. Sci-Fi Bri - May 7, 2009

they’re probably confusing us with Star Wars and ‘Star Track’ fans

14. Josh - May 7, 2009

Am I the only one playing the trailers over and over today until I can get off work and go to the theater? lol

15. lukas - May 7, 2009

Question: Are there any Trek fans in Latvia?

I’m stuck in Riga and going to see the movie tomorrow. But apparently I’m the only Trekkie around…

16. krikzil - May 7, 2009

This is how the media operates in all things…and perhaps our culture now in general. Everything seems to trend toward a “them against us” mentality; a need for controversy. (Loor at politics for example.) Just negativity hyped to the nth degree.

I’ve been in fandom for 3/4 of my life and for the most part, I’ve found fans to be pro-Trek, even if they didn’t particularly like a series or movie in the Trek catalog.

And yes, we nitpick cause we care.

17. Megg - May 7, 2009

Awww…that makes me so sad. I’m sorry you were subjected to that Anthony. Some people have such a one track mind.

18. Keith - May 7, 2009

I agree with the closet trekkie note on #9! I have friends who always made fun of me for liking Star Trek, and now I can see them secretly being intrigued by the film. As if they think if they told me that they like it I would say I told you so, which is not the case. I want those friend who always thought Star Trek was long and drawn out to converse with me about it dammit!

SO, whatever, we were all fans and still are!

19. frederick - May 7, 2009

Reminds me of a report from someone on a con staff decades ago (possibly Bjo Trimble) a TV news team was there looking for a fan to put on the news, and all they wanted was someone outrageous that fit their stereotype. They turned down all the normal folks there and finally found one that was covered with buttons and wearing bad pointed ears and made them look like they represented the entire con.

Nothing new here, it’s the media looking for something sensational. Normal people don’t fit the bill.

20. The Original Spock's Brain - May 7, 2009

The MSM is made up of mostly dim bulbs…

21. Jon1701 - May 7, 2009

The vocal minority always shout louder than the rest of us.


is a much better headline than


In fact, the latter isn’t even a story. The media have always dug for dirt. We are no different here. Unfortuantly, the occasional loon spoils things for the rest of us.

And you know, whilst Shatners SNL skit was pretty much on the money – we’ve been tarred with that brush ever since… ;)

22. The Original Spock's Brain - May 7, 2009

Hey James, looking forward to seeing you in the movie.

I’m tempted to go to a 35mm show tonight after class, before I see it in IMAX Friday.

23. Ian Watson - May 7, 2009

I’d be the sort who would agree to go on a show to blast the movie on behalf of all Trek fans, and then once I got there I’d do the opposite, backing up my claims with facts and figures such as those presented above. (:

So much for the impartial media, mm?

24. T2 - May 7, 2009

No surprise. It’s media, it’s the largest factor in what shapes and controls most of our social norms in this day and age. There’s no way around it, and like in most cases with the idiots of the business, you have to ignore, defend, expose, and/or confront those who get the facts wrong. Which headline’s gonna provide more material and mainstream feedback? :

“Longtime Trek fans support new movie” or

“Old school trek-nerds revolt!”.

In this case, if you’re fortunate enough to be well-educated and can tolerate this component of the media, just pass it on to others – or – in the simpler, more convenient case – you have to throw a hand up (or a certain finger) and tell them off…because this is Star Trek and we’re the fans, they’re not. If this is what these knuckleheads are looking for, all the more reason for Trek fans to unite, show their longevity, and support of the new movie. To quote a friend, if you’re a Star Trek fan no explanation is necessary and if you’re not, well no explanation is possible. If this movie is a big success, I can’t wait to see new fans and old fans mingle just to make these MSM guys cringe. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a movie to get ready for.

25. The Original Spock's Brain - May 7, 2009

So should we expect CW Lewis or John Sullivan sharing their thoughts on the Today Show in the morning?

26. T2 - May 7, 2009

One more thing after my previous post…glad to see this issue gets to others too. This has always been one of the biggest, if not the biggest pet peeve I have in the Trek world and I love when others feel the way I do on this and this topic gets attention. Started typing my answer when there were 4 posts, in that little time, we’re already up to 24. Tell those producers to check back here in a day or two, we’ll have some Trek fans for them.

27. Duncan MacLeod - May 7, 2009

7. Josh – May 7, 2009
Still hanging at 94% at Rotten Tomatoes. #1 topic on Twitter (well, until Manny got suspended anyway). I think we’re making some noise.

Over 109 reviews now… that 94% is going to stick most likely…

Hey, My name is Josh too!

28. Denise de Arman - May 7, 2009

Thank you for the article, Anthony. We are lucky to have you representing us.

29. Laura - May 7, 2009

Wow. Just…wow.

Anthony, I’d like to volunteer my husband and myself to be the pro/con pair facing off in the mainstream. We are both intelligent and articulate, neither of us is grossly overweight, between us we own only about half a dozen items of Trek paraphernalia, we do not live in anybody’s basement, we are both gainfully employed, and we have a gorgeous proto-Trekkie daughter who is not, in fact, named “Tribble.” Yes, we met because of Star Trek, and yes, our first date was a Star Trek convention. But the stereotypes end there. (And for the record, no, we did not go to the convention in costume!)

He will not see the movie for very valid reasons, none of which have anything to do with the number of rivets in the Big E’s nacelles, and I will see the movie for equally valid reasons. I think we are more typical of Star Trek fans than the fans the mainstream media want so desperately to portray. It makes you wonder if more of us got our stories out there and self-identified as Trekkies or Trekkers (and frankly, I don’t care which it is) with utterly normal, mundane lives, we’d be a tad less picked on.

This is probably just a case of the media trying to whip up a frenzy where none exists. Sure, there are fans out there like the ones in the cartoon above. (A good friend of mine has actually been a bit over the top with posting her distaste for the new movie on facebook, while at the same time going out of her way to say she will never, ever see it. How silly is that?) But most of us are actually pretty excited about this thing. But that doesn’t make for very interesting copy does it?

Ah, plus ca change…. Or as we say on Earth, c’est la vie.

30. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - May 7, 2009

Kudos to you, Anthony for faithfully representing us fans. This site does not pander to the masses….or the often cynical, ratings-grabbing sensationalism of the mass media. I have seen nothing here beyond good, solid reporting and a wonderful sense of humor and optimism. Sort of Gene Roddenberry’s universe encapsulated under a domain name. I offer all my praises and accolades to you and your staff for your hard work, your integrity, and your undying faithfulness to us…the Trek fans. May you all live long and prosper…truly you are all the best of the best.

31. Admiral_BlackCat - May 7, 2009

Water is most certainly not wet Anthony!! That’s never been what water is about. How dare you imply just a travesty, it makes me want to vomit.

32. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t the “mean spirited cartoon in the New York Daily News” doing exactly the same joke as the Onion video which was “funny and not cruel (and often true)”?

Seriously, I’m trying to spot the difference in the joke and in the delivery of the joke. Both show Trek fans in silly costumes. Both suggest that Trek fans will reject a film that’s geared for popularity and accessibility (and do so on those, rather than artistic, grounds). Both show Trek fandom as being single-minded on the matter.

The Onion piece is longer, obviously, and takes even more digs (making fun directly of Shatner, of a fight scene from TOS, and of prior Trek films, etc) … maybe the difference is that it _also_ makes fun of the media? (The bit about Roddenberry being the hack that created Star Trek “in the Forties or something”)? Is that the key difference? Or is it just that we like the Onion so we apply different rules for them than regular newspapers? (I mean that sincerely, not snidely, since I think it may be an actual factor) …

33. Andy Patterson - May 7, 2009

The networks trying to create a story and trying to create controversy within it …I’m shocked.

“I’m shocked. Shocked to find gambling in this establishment”

“Your winnings sir”

“Ah,…Thank you”

– Casablanca

34. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - May 7, 2009

Oh, and I hold in my hand my ticket to my 12:01am EST showing of Star Trek in a brand new IMAX theater. I am so, so, soooooo psyched!

35. Raphael Salgado - May 7, 2009


I have no clue whatsoever what the mainstream media is talking about.


I’m going to have a blast with the film, regardless of the critics and the mainstream media. I’m surprised it’s even NBC trying to dig up some dirt. I would expect FOX News to jump at the chance.

36. falcon - May 7, 2009

It’s not only Trek that the MSM gets wrong – it’s everything else.

“Media accuracy” is as much an oxymoron as “military intelilgence.”

Reporters don’t report for the sake of getting the facts out there – they report (or, more precisely, opine and assume) in the name of ratings. News managers are only interested in viewers, subscriptions, or listeners, and they’ll do whatever it takes to find them – even if it means sensationalizing or even dreaming up a story. Think J. Jonah Jameson in “Spider-Man.”

37. J Marcus Xavier - May 7, 2009

MSM media goes for the most extreme representations and the most shocking stories — this is what gets RATINGS. Don’t feel like they have something against us… this is how they operate. It’s called Sensationalism.

38. Raphael Salgado - May 7, 2009

FYI, you misspelled “misunderstand.”

39. Captain Hackett - May 7, 2009

Thanks Anthony for bringing up this article and I absolutely agree with you.

We need to educate and change the MSM people and their negative attitudes toward us. Use John Tenuto’s research on Trekkies as a good example.

40. Dan - May 7, 2009

The disgruntled are making themselves known on other sites comment boards. Guess the disgruntled make comments and the…gruntled? make plans to see the movie.

Here’s a piece I wrote about the inconsistencies between the new movie and the history of the Star Trek Universes. You might find it amusing.

41. Joe Holland - May 7, 2009

I posted this in the feedback section the other day:

Joe Holland – May 6, 2009
Love the site. I thought you might get a kick out of the comparison between The Onion Star Trek story and the NPR Story that ran this morning.

42. Locke for President - May 7, 2009

The news media in 2009 has absolutely no integrity left. They try to manipulate election results, drive public opinion, and change our culture to their way of thinking.

Another example, a conservative friend of mine visited a Hillary Clinton rally being held down the street from her house. A mainstream media reporter spotted her and wanted to talk to her after the rally.

Afterwards, when my friend told the reporter that she was not a Hillary supporter, the reporter told her that he was not interested in interviewing her. He came right out and said that he was looking for a particular person who fit a certain demographic and who had a particular point of view. And hers didn’t fit, so thank you very much. Move on, please.

The mainstream media has about the same journalistic integrity as the National Enquirer. It is best to ignore it.

43. Jtrekker - May 7, 2009

Having worked in the media, I can say that this is no surprise. The day to day operation of a newsroom – small or large – is to find that one story that not only will catch people’s attention but will also have someone who will speak up and cause controversy. And you can bet that, unfortunately, the networks will end up finding someone they can put up there just to say “the fans are up in arms, and they are going try and ruin this movie”. If they have their mind set on the story, that’s what they will find.

The sad part is, most reporters slant the news – even subconsciously – to get the story they want. It’s the whole idea of taking a story about a house that burns down, a family who loses all of their possessions, but the family dog just happens to survive, and suddenly it’s the feel good story of the day – even though the family is left homeless with nothing.

But just to make a strong point here, the fact that the media is giving Star Trek enough attention to go out of there way and do this only proves how much of an impact this movie is making. Nobody is going to go after “Next Day Air” (which seriously, where did that movie come from?) and try to create controversy. So, just remember, in all of this, good or bad, any news can only boost this movie. In fact, I have a feeling if NBC or ABC is able to get their story, it will just make more non-fans want to go see what the “Trekkies are all pissed about”.

44. The Riddler - May 7, 2009

Looks like Dennis got a job doing what he does best.

45. Kirk, James T. - May 7, 2009

That cartoon, well it’s kinda not that far off – the most vocal trekkies have done, and will keep on ruining genuine fans who love this franchise reputation – it’s simple – if you don’t like this film don’t bitch about it just leave it alone – there’s 40 years worth of Star Trek that has had you gripped so let this reincarnated version of Star Trek appeal so someone other than you.

46. Trekkie - May 7, 2009

Sad stuff, it’s human nature I guess. The media and marketing spends most of its time trying to tell people they should be “cool”, so the flip side of that is to point out what’s seen as “not cool”. It’s pretty childish, straight off the elementary school playgrounds. But does anyone ever truly grow up? Is there such a thing? I think if anything, this new version of Trek has shown how many people have grown up with Star Trek and just have been quiet about it, for fear of being called a nerd. Sadly, a lot of people make themselves feel better by bringing others down…the more I think about it, the more it feels like schoolyard bullying.

47. Ayries Kukku - May 7, 2009

The people who insist trekkies are ‘sad’ or ‘losers’ for being obsessed (that is, for devoting a sizeable amount of time discussing, following and purchasing things related to something fictional) are often, I find, interested in ‘cool’ things.

Like, say, following, discussing and buying magazines about the mostly fictionalized lives of celebrities, or discussing at length the latest (fictional!) romantic comedies. Etc. Etc.

So I tend to find such people hilarious to tell the truth. If discussing Star Trek a lot makes me sadder than the majority of people I know who likewise discuss the shows they like at length such as soap operas, screw them. :D Same principle, different genre.

Honestly, do the press have nothing more notable to feature than the fact that, yes, some people are indeed fans of a show? Oh, the horror!

48. James Kirk's Unknown Son - May 7, 2009

For any of you network or website journalist types out there perusing this site in an attempt to find some sort of controversy surrounding this new movie and old fans, let me be clear:

I don’t give a greasy rat’s ass who thinks I’m nerdy for loving Star Trek for nearly my entire life.

I am extremely secure and comfortable with who I am and what my personal likes and dislikes are. If it makes you feel secure in calling me a nerd, go right ahead, although if you saw me, you would probably think of me as a jock rather than a nerd. I train six days a week in the gym (bench press 325 pounds, squat 500 pounds), grew up hunting and fishing, am a management executive at a bank, spend a good deal of time on the gun range, love baseball and football (played both into my adulthood in various forms), grew up on sci-fi, comic books, girls, and the guitar. Upper middle-class white educated male married to a beautiful long-haired brunette with three kids.

James Kirk is one of my heroes from the time I was very young.

I am proud to announce to anybody, anytime, that I HAVE BEEN AND ALWAYS SHALL BE A TREKKIE. I have never been to a convention and never worn a Star Trek costume, but I have thought about wearing one for Halloween a few times.

From what I have seen so far, I am thinking that this movie is going to kick butt. I am as acutely aware of canon and character nuance as anybody who visits this site, and I am not dreading the movie in the least, nor do I think I am going to dislike it. To the contrary, I bet I will love it.

I purchased my tickets online for my beautiful wife and me, and will be in line at 7PM to get in and watch what is sounding like an incredible ride. If this all sounds boring to you (as opposed to someone who still lives with his parents, in the basement or attic, spends all damn day online arguing about canon violations or whatever), well I am sorry.

I am a red-blooded American who happens to LOVE Star Trek. Sorry to burst your stereotype bubble, dudes.

49. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

Anthony, I think in this case I disagree with your idea, “I guess we still have work to do with getting some in the media to understand fandom and Trekkies.”.

nah, we have done more than enough of that over the years.

It’s THEIR problem, not ours.

Let them think what they want.

I saw an interview with Gene Roddenberry years ago when he was explaining that trekkers were professionals from all walks of life, ordinary people, etc. That was, I think, in 1982.

Let the media think what it wants. We know better, and we can laugh at ourselves and debate the canon and enjoy it all.

We “get” Star Trek. The media never, ever has.

So say we all! (oops, wrong series :)

50. shadow - May 7, 2009

Thanks for trying to set the news media straight, too bad they’re still fishing for a story where there is none. Anyone else find it funny that both ABC and NBC are trying to produce an interview that shines a negative light on Trekkies right as the movie comes out? Are Disney and Universal really so hell bent on putting a negative image on this movie so that Paramount doesn’t get the boatloads of movie they’re going to make from this? It’s going to be a great movie! And negative stereotypes aren’t going to derail it or make it a little less cool.

I think Professor Tenuto is right that Trek fans tend to be more educated, more affluent, more social and more likely to be married than the population as a whole. Personally, I’m not married yet, but I’m only in my second year of college and I’m majoring in aerospace engineering with a concentration in astronautics, and it’s slightly because I loved watching Trek as a kid. From these shows and movies, I have hope that my future may help to improve the human condition and help humanity reach that next step. My point is, I’m educated (or on my way to getting educated), I have a bunch of friends (although I don’t see them as much as I’d like because I’m stuck studying a lot for my major), and I’m not living in my parent’s basement.

I’m really excited for this movie, I may leave it with a few nit-picks, but I’m sure they’ll be outweighed by all the great things in it. When I saw that scene where Kirk meets Bones, I was just smiling so hard because it really felt like DeForest’ was back on the screen, and the spirit of McCoy was just there.

Enough of my rambling, thanks again Anthony for trying to dissuade the media from misrepresenting us.

51. PoeT - May 7, 2009

It’s always the extremists that get the attention. They’re so much more interesting than the comparatively normal people. The MSM-watching people would be bored stiff if they had to watch someone explain in a perfectly calm, rational, and intelligent manner why they liked or disliked something. The flag-wavers and slogan-chanters are far more entertaining, even if they only represent the minority.

Chalk me up as another positive fan. The new Enterprise sits right next to the classic on my desk, and though William Shatner will always be Kirk in my mind, I’m willing to give Chris Pine a fair chance.

52. Commodore Kor'Tar - May 7, 2009

Well the MSM can sit and enjoy person gets booted off the Bachelor , Survivor, Biggest Loser ,Big Brother, Amazing Race , etc. , We are going to go and enjoy a story that took some imagination to produce, and will take some imagination to enjoy!

My sister in law still, to this very day thinks that I watch Star Wars, and each time I correct her she rolls her eyes at me .

One of the reasons I enjoy the online community , is becuase it is like attending a Star Trek Convention everyday .

53. Gipper - May 7, 2009

I am a Star Trek fan. I have followed the series in all forms through the good times and the bad. I will admit that continuity is very important in storytelling. However, the die hard “Trek” fans that nitpick and complain are closed minded to the very open minded vision of Gene Roddenberry. Die hard, obessed Trek fans are like the Republican Party in this country. They have outlived their usefullness. Star Trek is a vision…a story with issues and problems disguised in phasers and warp drive that delves into solutions and suggestions. I’m sorry to say it this way guys…Shatner was right…”Get a Life!”

54. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

#13 — RIGHT! These are the ones who call our Vulcan, “Dr. Spock.”

55. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#49 “So say we all! (oops, wrong series :)”

No worries; the Force is still with you.

56. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

31. Admiral_BlackCat – May 7, 2009
Water is most certainly not wet Anthony!! That’s never been what water is about. How dare you imply just a travesty, it makes me want to vomit.

Actually, the problem is that water originally WAS wet, until HydrogenPrime traveled back in time and altered the big bang. Now it has three Oxygen molecules and was assembled in Riverside, Iowa…

57. sean - May 7, 2009

The media going for generalizations instead of accurate reporting? No way! ;)

That being said, I actually find the cartoon from The Daily News quite funny (and like S John Ross, don’t see much difference between it and The Onion piece).

58. krikzil - May 7, 2009

I don’t think the whole NERD thing really even matters any more to be honest. To many nerds have made it big time and our culture has embraced comic book and sci movies. Anything that makes money is considered “good” in American Culture. Look at Comic-Con — it’s a fan boy heaven and is enormous and even powerful Hollywood caters to it.

59. THX-1138 - May 7, 2009

Just so the MSM get’s the story straight:

Barack Obama is something of a Trekkie. Remember him, MSM? The guy you were all in love with during the election? The current President of the U.S.? He of the monumental task of trying to get the country back on track?

I don’t want this to be an endorsement of anyone’s political agenda, but rather an example of how fickle, short-minded, and idiotic those who deem themselves the “purveyors of truth and information” actually are.

Go ahead. Cast us in a poor light. See if it makes one whit of difference. In your fickle-mindedness you will be off to the next flavor of the moment in a short while.

60. Magicdan - May 7, 2009

OMG! fracking biased media attacks Star Trek! Don’t print the real story at all, only what they want everyone else to hear.

Thank you Trekmovie for standing your ground and knowing them for what they are.

Lets just spin this like the bad reviews on rotten tomatoes and nothing else then, why not that?

You know what, everybody just be themselves and love what they want the way they want, frak ABC & NBC, and everyone else who mocks us, the real fans!

Haven’t seen the movie yet, can’t wait. Sorry for the BSG crossover.

61. Captain Spock - May 7, 2009

I don’t blame the news media, I blame the loud mouthed lunatics. For example, I was reading a review on the website and in the comments, some mega-fan calling himself Starlight Guard actually quoted from the song American Pie:
“And as I watched him on the stage, my hands were clenched in fists of rage; No angel born in hell, could break that Satan’s spell And as the flames climbed high into the night, To light the sacrificial rite I saw Satan laughing with delight. The day the music died…” He then damned J.J Abrams to hell. It’s folks like that, that make Trek fans look bad. I don’t care if they don’t want to see the new movie. They shouldn’t ruin the fun for people who do. That’s really childish.

62. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#54: Mock if you want, but in my opinion, when Dr. Spock beats up Dark Vader, that’s the coolest part of Star Track. And remember that while Bill & Ted were cool for traveling through the galaxy in a phone booth, Dr. Spock did it first.

63. I'm dead Jim - May 7, 2009

I used to work in the MSM and all you’re saying is true. I used to get so fed up with producers looking for controversy in stories were there’s not one, and even when you tell them there is no controversy or “no story” somewhere, they would act like I wasn’t doing my job. The want to manufacture news! The opposites are out there but they are exceptions to the rule. Good job standing up to those bastards, Anthony!

64. Jamziz - May 7, 2009

What snakes eh.

Hopefully these media outlets wont be able to run these drama stories they’re conjuring up.

I’m inclined to write off an email to them criticizing them for trying to “marginalize” trekkies.

Anthony you should have provided them a fan under the false pretense that they would deliver the controversy they were looking for. But in fact have this person dispel it as soon as they get on air – that would have really caused a stink.

65. NeedMyPain - May 7, 2009

Aren’t the comments here just broad-brushing the media in the same way we’re objecting to the media broad-brushing us? Would that constitute … a joke?

66. rosequartz - May 7, 2009

As above, thank you Anthony for representing us so well. And to James Cawley also for not giving in to the crazy media.

My Fandango tickets say 7pm tonight and I am bringing my 2 non-Trek friends…

67. Clinton - May 7, 2009

I’ve seen this happen for DECADES. The really scary thing is, I know a lot about Trek fans and seeing how we/they are misrepresented really makes me question how the media “informs” us about other subjects.

68. THX-1138 - May 7, 2009


All’s fair in Love and War.

69. Admiral_BlackCat - May 7, 2009

Who’s to say that water wasn’t originally assembled in Riverside, Iowa.
And the big bang is only fan speculation since there is no canon refrence for it.
All the water is wet butt kissers make me want to vomit.
I bet Anthony even got paid off by the utility company to promote the wetness of water. :(

70. Ayries Kukku - May 7, 2009

59. Excellent point. Hell, there’s even a pic of him doing the salute for the cameras. He’s not subtle about his geekery, and I ♥ the guy for it XD

71. OtterVomit - May 7, 2009

As a lifelong Trekkie I’m used to this attitude.

No matter how good the movie is, Trek has a long way to go before it will be considered “cool” like Star Wars.

Actually I have personal experience with the MSM trying to do this very thing. The Wall Street Journal made an attempt to get me to bash this movie back when the Matt Damon rumors were still flying around.

72. Capt. Roykirk. - May 7, 2009

Actually to me, that’s not that far off. I don’t dress up like that, or have horrible acne and all that “nerd” stuff, but I do feel that it could “Suck” since it seems more geared towards just Scifi/action movie fans instead of Trekkies. But I will still go see it, maybe they were able to apeal to both groups, but I do have reservations about it.

73. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

The media does the same thing when they pre-judge an arrested person. happens all the time in the Boston papers — some guy, say, shoots the neighbors bunny rabbit and gets arrested. Tv interviews 10 neighbors and the only one that airs is the one who says, “I never really talked to him, he always kept to himself.” Or they find the 8th grade classmate from 25 years ago and say, “Oh, he hated rabbits, never watched Bugs Bunny.” it’s just stupid.

Media will ALWAYS manipulate.

Years ago in Foxboro (home of the new England Patriots) we had a kid doing a video for his college about how our town didn’t support the Pats. When my wife went on telling him that she knew it wasn’t true, and cited examples, he said, “You’re ruining my story!”

74. Scott Gammans - May 7, 2009

^^^ Here here. I’m glad that we have as even-handed a liaison to the MSM as Anthony.

75. Jeff - May 7, 2009

I find it strange that there’s this view out there that long-time Trek fans are so resistant to any change to the status quo, when it’s been demonstrated repeatedly over the years that not only are we not resistant, but in fact most are very open to the numerous interpretations of Star Trek.

I’ve heard this resistant view from different media outlets, and even people like Leonard Nimoy and JJ Abrams have made comments recently about this very small minority. I think Nimoy said something about “canonites” (perhaps to the site) and Abrams too telling these people to “stay home” if they can’t let go of canon enough to enjoy his movie, like they make up such a large part of the Star Trek fan base. I’m just amazed that there still is this persistent belief that Trek fans can’t embrace new Trek that’s done differently.

Look at all the iterations of Star Trek that have come out since the original show – The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and even Enterprise to a lesser extent. Look at all the movies, like Wrath of Khan which in a sense reset and revitalized the franchise. Look at all the books that have been published and accepted. They’ve all been accepted and praised. How could that have happened if the majority of fans were so resistant to change and other people’s vision of Star Trek? If that really were the case, Star Trek would have died a long time ago and none of us would even be talking about this.

I think fans aren’t resistant to new Trek, they’re resistant to bad Trek, and Star Trek hasn’t been treated very well by Paramount over the years. That’s why it seems that most are very excited by this movie. It’s being given the kind of big-time attention and respect it deserves.

I’m glad didn’t go along with any of these “requests” because it would have just contributed to this myth continuing to being perpetuated. The simple fact of the matter is this: When the box office tallies are done after this opening weekend and this movie is a mega-hit, I would venture to say that the biggest contributing factor to this film’s success will be the same factor that has sustained Star Trek all through the years – its long-time fans, who will be pleased that what they love is being treated well.

76. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#69: “Who’s to say that water wasn’t originally assembled in Riverside, Iowa. And the big bang is only fan speculation since there is no canon refrence for it.”

While it wasn’t clearly visible on-screen, a vessel of water on a conference table in TOS indicated that water coalesced originally in a cloud bank above San Francisco.

77. Planet Pandro - May 7, 2009

Siiigh, and after I posted on another thread about this morning’s Today show, was had Mr. Nimoy on and it was very sweet, with Ann Curry all twitterpated to meet her childhood crush in person(it was such a cute clip), and Al Roker giddy with delight and raving about how great a movie it was. My comment was how nice to see Trek spoken of positively in the MSM…
kudos to AP and JC for turning down such “offers”.

78. SChaos1701 - May 7, 2009

Hey haters who no longer post on this board, thanks for helping give us real fans a bad name.

79. Jorg Sacul - May 7, 2009

“Our friend and star/produce of Star Trek Phase II James Cawley …”
Produce? Are you calling him a vegetable?? ;-)

The popular media globally is the grossest distillation of what used to be called “yellow journalism”. It’s not about facts, it’s not about news, it’s about selling as many of the rags as they can. Nowadays, whether it’s paper rags or electronic rags… its all the same. Dirt on rags. I apologize to any actual journalists out there who still try and report NEWS and FACTS, for they are a very unemployed minority who seldom get published.

Yeah, I’m a Trekkie. Hear me roar, beeyatches.

80. Planet Pandro - May 7, 2009

…also, it made me smile today, I was in line at BK to get my Kirk glass (I’m only a nero away from the whole set!) and the guy in front of me was a HUGE, muscular, bald, long goateed ROUGH looking dude. Looked like he belonged on a Haeley or playing pool in a shady bar, someone I would not want to get on their bad side, you know?

He bought 2 glasses himself!

81. Yippeekaiyaymofo - May 7, 2009

It’s so sad to see this is happening. I mean, I make jokes all the time about how I’m such a nerd, but all my friends that were lambasting me for wanting to see this film so badly shut up immediately once they glanced the various trailers, most of them saying, “Hey that actually looks pretty good…”
I’m not going to say I’m the #1 fan, I have no interest in most collectibles or conventions, but I would love to visit Star Trek the experience or be an extra in Phase II (James, I was picked last summer and I never got a call or email, what happened?? lol) but for the most part, other than seeing my DVDs people are usually pretty shocked that I like Star Trek…though as this movie nears, that is happening less and less!

I’m all for the message of STAR TREK being portrayed in a new up to date fashion, if only people can see what 99% of this fan base is all about. I think most msm people think of Trekkies as they were portrayed in the “get a life” sketch or the Whitewater juror who wore her uniform to trial. I’m willing to bet more people have beet nitpicky over new “Star Wars” installments. Hopefully mainstream media will learn that the fanbase is mostly civic minded individuals who believe in the optimistic message Star Trek offers.

Full Disclosure: I thought The Onion piece was hilarious.

82. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

Please everyone, for the LAST time:

Water WAS wet.

Then Nero changed the time line.

Water being wet is no longer canon.

Water is still wet in the prime universe.

In the new universe, Water is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

83. Raphael Salgado - May 7, 2009


Sorry, I just had to throw that last one in there.

Ever since I watched “15 Minutes” and heard Kelsey Grammer say an indelible phrase, “If it bleeds, it leads,” I have since frowned on the mainstream media. All the more reason why I don’t watch the news anymore. I can understand they want to get to the bottom of a story, but the way they edit, splice, and insert video footage, or phrase things for the interviewee to get a rise, objective journalism died a long time ago.

84. NeedMyPain - May 7, 2009


“We can admit that we’re killers, but we’re not going to kill … today. That’s all it takes! Knowing that we’re not going to kill … today!”

85. Jay - May 7, 2009

I think a little of this can be mitigated. What started all this Star Trek-geek bashing basically came right from those who showed up wearing uniforms out in public, dressing up as Klingons on days other than Halloween, people out there trying to learn Klingon, etc…

It is the fandom-turned-obsession that got people looking down their noses, quite frankly. And it’s no different for Star Wars fans. Lost is a Sci-Fi show, but people don’t generally pretend their stranded on a wierd deserted island. Same for Battlestar Galactica.

Put simply, Star Trek fans take it beyond fandom … right to the point where it is too easy to parody it.

Everything in moderation.

86. John from Cincinnati - May 7, 2009

Here’s an idea, as heads of mainstream news media that are supposed to be progressive thinking and open-minded, let’s cast a large swath over people to generalize, marginalize and humiliate them.

Good job Anthony and James Cawley for not playing into their nonsense!

87. Decker's Stubble - May 7, 2009

“When I talked to producers for both, neither wanted to hear that those fans were only a small part, and in fact one producer (from NBC) hung up on me when I told him I thought it would be disingenuous for them to report that Trek fans as a whole were against this movie.”

Ugh. This is exactly why the media is held in such low esteem by the public. Instead of reporting the news, they come up with an angle, and then attempt to only present evidence that backs their contention. It’s sloppy, and it’s unprofessional. It’s like when Dateline did an ‘expose’ on how easy a certain car would explode. Problem was, the car wouldn’t explode as easily as they claimed, so they rigged the test.

Sounds like NBC is trying to rig the test again.

88. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#75: “I think fans aren’t resistant to new Trek, they’re resistant to bad Trek, and Star Trek hasn’t been treated very well by Paramount over the years”

Bingo. If any of us seem less-than-eager to fall to our knees and worship the new film sight-unseen, it’s a serious case of “once bitten, twice shy … dozens of times bitten, seriously skeptical.” :)

I retain hopes that I’ll absolutely love the movie (even if I don’t end up including it in my personal notions about the mythology).

And, despite my intentions to see it sometime next-week-ish, I now have news that my non-Trekkie wife went ahead and secured 7-o-clock tickets. D’oh. I hope there aren’t long seating lines. Time to put on the extra-cushy socks …

89. Planet Pandro - May 7, 2009

correction to #80…Harley. Stupid typing…

90. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#82: “Share and enjoy!”

91. Ghost of 1964 - May 7, 2009

The Mainstream media have always hated Star Trek. Even today I saw a snide newsreader joke about it.

Guess it’s just too cerebral for them….

92. frederick - May 7, 2009

Does this mean I shouldn’t wear my Starfleet uniform, with phaser, tricorder and communicator, to the movie? Shoot, I was planning on raising my phaser and firing it at the screen whenever they did it in the movie.

93. Will_H - May 7, 2009

First off, I think one reason this happens is because most of the Trekkies that get media exposure are on the far side of the nerd-o-meter, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it leaves the public thinking that we’re all like that. Actually Ive found that it seems like a higher percentage of Star Wars people are like that than Trekkies, but either way, that’s no reason to hate on a group of people. Us Trekkies are just passionate about something, something that’s good really. So of course the MSM decides to hate on us, instead of say a group of people passionate about…well hate maybe? Why not do a bit on how much racists fail at life?

94. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

As a compliment — I was a regular reader of for years, but stopped because their comments became heated and hateful. You could say “I like Spock” and people would pounce. I was so happy find this site ( a few years back. Great work Anthony. there are excellent discussions here but they never stray into the hateful bile on TrekWeb. is a daily visit for me, even if water isn’t really wet.

95. JeFF - May 7, 2009

As a journalism major, I continue to be ashamed of the media lately. The cardinal rule is to report the news, not make the news.

Instead of reporting what they WANT us all to hear, why are they not satisfied in showing the reality of a situation?

I have been a Star Trek fan all of my life, and of course, we love to be skeptical… but I refuse to be classified as a cynic by anyone. I am SO excited to see this movie, and to see what it will do for Trek. I’m thrilled that it may actually dip into mainstream… because I’ve always held that the ideals that Trek portrays would serve whats “mainstream” well.

Unfortunately, the media does a fantastic job of perpetuating stereotypes, which seems so unfair. I get this from another side too… as a gay guy, how do you all think I feel knowing that the media sends the message to all that we’re all like Perez Hilton? We’re NOT all like him, but do you see a gay guy that successfully blends in with the rest of society (not because he feels forced to either; but because he happens not to be crazy) featured anywhere in the news?! No! It’s ridiculous, and it’s infuriating, and it’s unfair.

So I say to you all… and we’ve been posting on this site for a while now… keep your heads up, and no matter what you wear to the premier of this movie… let it be known that Trek fans are NOT some cynical group of crazies that will FREAK if Uhura’s ear piece has one less reception ring on it!

I have never been more proud or excited to be a part of this fan base. Thank you so much Anthony and James Cawley for taking a stand for all of us, because we really are an amazing community.

96. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

69. Admiral_BlackCat – May 7, 2009
Who’s to say that water wasn’t originally assembled in Riverside, Iowa.
And the big bang is only fan speculation since there is no canon refrence for it.
All the water is wet butt kissers make me want to vomit.
I bet Anthony even got paid off by the utility company to promote the wetness of water. :(

You will never convince me that my Franz Joseph blueprints of the first few picoseconds of the existence of the cosmos are not 100 percent accurate and completely canon!

97. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#57: I feel that my question (in post 32) has been lost the hubbub, but since you’re the one guy who noticed it: any theories on why some folks would see the two differently?

98. Marshall McMellon - May 7, 2009

When I was studying Television in college, the very first thing our professor said to us when he began his first lecture of the semester was “If you come away from this class with anything this semester, I want you to understand one thing: Nothing you see on TV is real.” Predictably, one of the students raised their hand and asked “What about the news?” Without missing a beat the professor said “I repeat- NOTHING you see on TV is real.” That class changed my whole perspective on the MSM.

Thanks for the great article.

99. Jim Durdan - May 7, 2009

Wow, you mean to tell me that the mainstream has preconcieved notions and they don’t report the truth……..who would have thunk it!

I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is occuring at Ricks!

100. Admiral_BlackCat - May 7, 2009

It does not matter what timeline you’re in: Prime-Timeline or Alternate-Timeline, water never was and never will be wet. Some people are incapable of understanding that. :(
Now in the Mirror Universe water is whiskey and whiskey is most certainly wet.
I would also like to add that ice is not frozen, clouds are cotton candy not water “vapor” whatever that is.
And the sky is not blue. Get used to it.

101. Mark T. - May 7, 2009

Just one word to describe the MSM:


102. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

That would be a fun challenge to all of us — find the stories and reviews about the movie that were written by someone who CLEARLY know nothing about Star Trek. That would include any reference to “Dr. Spock,” “nerd,” “geek,” “obsessed,” etc. I’ve read several reviews by people who have NO understanding of the franchise or its history. These reviews tend to be hilarious. My favorite so far was the review that mentioned the “SIX” ST TV series. I must have missed the sixth one.

103. rosequartz - May 7, 2009

# 81

I also was the same kind of Trekkie, the most faithful, but no conventions. I thought, ‘way too weird.’

I went to Vegas once and now I go every year. My best friends are Trekkies all over the world. All kinds of smart, interesting people. Try it sometime. You’ll be sorry you waited so long.

104. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009


“You will never convince me that my Franz Joseph blueprints of the first few picoseconds of the existence of the cosmos are not 100 percent accurate and completely canon!”

They’re canon if they feature Voyager being there when hiding from Q. You do have the retconned version of the blueprints, correct?

105. Yippeekaiyaymofo - May 7, 2009


Maybe they were talking about TOS-R lol

106. Thomas Jensen - May 7, 2009

NBC can’t even report the news with any objectivity, their cable operation, MSNBC is filled with left wing hacks and consistantly sides with a minority in their reporting. And ABC is just behind them with their bias and complete garbage. I’m glad you turned them both down. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I think it’s going to be great. Let the mainstream media go pound sand.

This is the place to get the real news about Star Trek.

107. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

76. S. John Ross – May 7, 2009
While it wasn’t clearly visible on-screen, a vessel of water on a conference table in TOS indicated that water coalesced originally in a cloud bank above San Francisco.

I would say that no-one would even dare to dispute that, unless they were a Roddenberry-forsaken p’tach who ignores the plain evidence of a grainy freeze frame and feels the strange need to be an apologist for those currently in charge.
The more important question is whether it will finally be determined if water expands or contracts in it’s solid state and whether it was ever on Tarsus IV.

108. JeFF - May 7, 2009

102 – TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT…

Umm… that’s 6. =)~

109. raveoned - May 7, 2009

Once again, the MSM chooses to mock and make fun of people who are law-abiding and good members of their communities that do no one harm.

Instead, the MSM should be mocking and making fun of that other cult that a sci-fi writer invented and managed to rope in so many celebrities…

110. Sci-Fi Bri - May 7, 2009

i’m bringing a spock cardboard cut out, 4 star trek games to play in lne, and my canon(prime universe) uniform.

111. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#102: “I must have missed the sixth one.”

1. Star Trek (Original)
2. Star Trek (Animated)
3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5. Star Trek: Voyager
6. Star Trek: Enterprise

FWIW, I missed the sixth one, too, but I hear the last season was pretty cool.

112. Yippeekaiyaymofo - May 7, 2009


OK, I’ll go to a convention, but I don’t wanna dress up. lol

113. The Last Maquis - May 7, 2009

Anthony you should have Said, “Hey I don’t go down there and Talk Smack about Your High School Musical!!”

who are they gonna jump on next? “The Termies”
(I don’t know what Terminator fans are called)

114. Trekker chick - May 7, 2009


Some of my best friends are scary-looking bikers who ride Harleys… And they are the friends who I’m seeing the movie with in IMAX format on Sat… LOL

115. urbandk - May 7, 2009

Great article. Hits the nail on the head.

116. krikzil - May 7, 2009

Why care what others think? I just don’t give anyone that power. I collect, I have a trek license plate and anyone who knows me, knows I’m a fan. I don’t wear uniforms but I don’t hide it either. If something makes you happy – and in these tough times that’s a rarity — then go for it (as long as it’s legal and no innocents are harmed, that is!).

And while I have issues with aspects of the media — it IS driven by profit so we only have ourselves to blame. They do what sells — and right now controversy, gossip and superficiality is what people seem to like. Until people demand better, we get what we deserve.

117. Hat Rick - May 7, 2009

It’s a shame that the media goes for the quick and easy joke. It’s almost as though they need someone to pick on when, as now, they find themselves are in dire economic straits. After all, it makes one feel better that at least there are those who are — supposedly — nerdier and worse off. The fact that the traditional stereotype about Trek fans is largely untrue, is apparently of no concern to some.

118. rosequartz - May 7, 2009

# 112

Well, I’ll admit to one Bajoran earring, but only once and to a breakfast with Nana Visitor. Anthony, maybe you can put me on GMA.

119. AdamTrek - May 7, 2009


Yup. Journalism died. The same MSM that was head-over-heals for B.O. for POTUS.

Anthony just proved it to us right here, right now. What you described was sensationalism at it’s best.

Star Trek will be the #1 film this weekend and perhaps next. The fact the media is making a huge deal out of this new movie is that they know it’s popular en mass.

120. Spock - May 7, 2009

Why is it Star Wars fans can spend thousands of dollars to dress up as Stormtrooper, Vader, Princess Leia, various Jedi Knights, and it is a big news event for those film releases, yet Star Trek fans get ripped to shreds when they do similiar things?

121. Spock - May 7, 2009

Why is it Star Wars fans can spend thousands of dollars to dress up as Stormtrooper, Vader, Princess Leia, various Jedi Knights, and it is a big news event for those film releases, yet Star Trek fans get ripped to shreds when they do similiar things?

122. Holger - May 7, 2009

But I like that NY Times cartoon. And while I don’t look like the guy with the Vulcan makeup :-) I basically share his attitude.

123. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#107: “I would say that no-one would even dare to dispute that, unless they were a Roddenberry-forsaken p’tach who ignores the plain evidence of a grainy freeze frame and feels the strange need to be an apologist for those currently in charge.”

Oh, agreed, agreed … but some of the later trailers have me at least _considering_ that maybe the water _could_ coalesce in a cloud above San Francisco and then, with just the right wind, later _rain_ on Riverside, Iowa. Is rain wet? I mean, it’s a _subset_ of water, so maybe that’s how we can sidestep the question of whether water itself as wet, if we consider that rain might be (and Riverside is, presumably, beside a river – maybe they’re still wet even if water, speaking globally or abstractly, no longer is).

“The more important question is whether it will finally be determined if water expands or contracts in it’s solid state and whether it was ever on Tarsus IV.”

Or whether water that SHOULD have been on Tarsus IV can get wet through alternate experiences in another location.

I think we’ll have our answer on the solid state, though, since solid-state water (most likely not wet, since Hollywood solid-state water is sometimes made of shredded paper, which wasn’t even wet in Prime) seems common on the planet where large monsters eat small ones.

124. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

#111 – you’re absolutely right, I forgot TAS. I was used to Enterprise being called “Series 5.”

Good point.

125. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

104. Robert Gillis – May 7, 2009

” “You will never convince me that my Franz Joseph blueprints of the first few picoseconds of the existence of the cosmos are not 100 percent accurate and completely canon!”

They’re canon if they feature Voyager being there when hiding from Q. You do have the retconned version of the blueprints, correct? ”

Actually, I have the rare portfolio first edition that incorrectly lists Helium as a Dreadnought…

126. Holger - May 7, 2009

116 krikzil: “If something makes you happy – and in these tough times that’s a rarity — then go for it (as long as it’s legal and no innocents are harmed, that is!).”

I guess harming innocents is also illegal ;-)

127. AdamTrek - May 7, 2009

#120 & 121

They are made fun of too. Triumph, the insult comic dog anyone?

They are made fun of too. Triumph, the insult comic dog anyone?



128. Danpaine - May 7, 2009

…this is the same media which assures us we’ll all be dead from Swine Flu shortly, keep in mind…..

129. John from Cincinnati - May 7, 2009


Very true. I’ve been to a many opening nights for Star Wars (V, VI, I, II, III) and Star Trek (TMO, TWOK, TSFS, TVH, TFF, TUC, GEN, INS, NEM) and I have to tell you, I saw at every Star Wars opening, people dressed as Darth Vaders and Jedis with their fake swords having sword fights before the movie started and only one time did I see a Trekker dressed up and the Trekker was not acting like a fool before, during or after the movie.

130. Holger - May 7, 2009

128: Yup!

131. Chain of Command - May 7, 2009

In modern sports you have fans dressing up, shaving, painting and doing all sorts of ridiculous things in support of their favorite sports team.
What is the difference between wearing a jersey with your favorite players name and number on it and wearing a star fleet uniform to a costume party, convention or film?

Now, it’s definitely fair to say that there are some fans in the world that go way too far with their fandom, especially those that quibble over every little piece of minutiae. But, to characterize an ENTIRE group of people who enjoy something is just stupid.

However, when it comes down to it, fans have to realize that the people who make these comments about Trek and its’ fan base have never really EVER watched the show and if they did they didn’t possess the attention span to appreciate it. Yeah, they’ll make some comment in one of their articles about the zippers in the Gorns’ costume being visible and so forth, but they’ll never make a comment about what the story was about.

I’ve found that the people who are the most critical of Star Trek are usually like that because they don’t understand it and have never tried to. That’s fine to be that way, but don’t go degrading an entire group of people for liking something just because you lack the imagination to appreciate it. I have a friend who said, “I hate Star Trek.” I asked him point blank, “Have you ever even WATCHED Star Trek?” Of course he said, “No” which prompted me ask, ” How can you have an opinion on something you’ve never seen?”

I didn’t get an answer

There are two types of people in the world. There are the imaginative, thoughtful, creative and successful people and there are the jaded, self-indulgent, unimaginative and thoughtless gasbags.

Which type of person do you want to be at the end of the day?

I think most Trek fans fit into the first category.

132. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#124: Yeah, but #108 is a faster typist than me :)

133. Lou - May 7, 2009

^^ We reach, brother!
how about those nuts who paint their bodies and sit in freezing cold football stadiums?

134. Anthony Pascale - May 7, 2009

RE: the cartoon
I guess for me it went over the line with the guy picking his nose…it seemed to be laughing at trek fans, whereas the onion piece was laughing with trek fans.

For example that joke about the long conference table thing, i was talking to Damon Lindelof right after seeing the movie for the first time and I told how I thought some trek fans will want to see more exposition in the movie and I noted that we are used to those scenes at tables with long speeches (by Spock, data, etc). It’s funny because its true.

135. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#131: “There are two types of people in the world. There are the imaginative, thoughtful, creative and successful people and there are the jaded, self-indulgent, unimaginative and thoughtless gasbags.”

You were doing fine until you decided the paint the entire species with such a broad brush.

136. THX-1138 - May 7, 2009


“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. …”

137. ME OWT - May 7, 2009

but Anthony deletes any comments that dont say “brilliant” or dont like what they have seen or what weve been told is in the film and the changes. this site is very biased against anyone who isn’t “on board”. For example, just this morning on the bruce greenwood interview blog here on trekmovie, one guy by the name of Krut said he saw it and didnt like it and then so many of you people on this board attacked him AND his typing and spelling skills. this site is very militant and discriminatory and just plain cruel to the point of bullying tactics and deletion of comments not in sync with the rest of you (and i will not finish that sentence, as im sure this will get deleted anyway). In addition, i think that cartoon is very antagonistic and cruel. I like star trek quite a bit and have been watchign all the series, some animated and the movies 1-7 and then tonight will be “relics, and unification 1 and 2″ so my roommate can understand where the movie is picking up when we go tomorrow. but i dont wear or own any “memorabilia” form trek nor have i been to one convention because i like trek alot, but am not obsessed. that comic and your attempt to say “oh, im with you guys” pascale, the ringleader here, is lame and see-through. j j lost me a while back and i watch none of his shows or film because after watchign MI3 i got turned off. all action and 0% body fat people with no stories or character develpments. why care about these characters? and blatantly doing all that star wars stuff in trek? no, i am not onboard or excited. merely intrigued because of Nimoy’s decision to be in teh film and Urban’s portrayal (what i have seen from trailers) of Bones. Also, i only see one or two filsm maximum in the theater per year. I am a trek fan for better of worse (of TOS) so i will see this because of the aforementioned reasons and that is all. but dont give me this “i’m not part of the denegrators” routine. YOU and most of the people who come to this site ARE denegrators and antagonists and bullies.

138. Yippeekaiyaymofo - May 7, 2009


Only ONCE?
You must be one of them Star Track nerds!


Seriously, though…Is Nana cool?

139. Clinton - May 7, 2009


Well said.

140. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

123. S. John Ross,

I couldn’t agree more with absolutely everything you said. You are a wise man.

But I am still profoundly disturbed by rumors of a romance between NaCl and CuSO4…

141. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#134: “RE: the cartoon: I guess for me it went over the line with the guy picking his nose…”

Okay, nose-picking is a rude image, I can see where that would be a tripline for some.

Thanks for responding, though; I hope I made my bafflement clearly understood in a way that didn’t come off as confrontational.

142. Daniel Shock - May 7, 2009

part of me loves that negative stereotype and really embraces it! Obviously, I don’t take it seriously…but I kind of like the comedy of it. Ah well. I’ll be at the movie tonight at 7 pm – in UNIFORM!!! Maybe I should make a fake picket sign…

143. Chain of Command - May 7, 2009


Yeah, maybe it was a little ‘too’ broad.

I was speaking more from personal experience than anything else.

144. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#137: “but Anthony deletes any comments that dont say “brilliant” or dont like what they have seen or what weve been told is in the film and the changes.”

No, he very clearly doesn’t, as huge numbers of such comments are plainly retained on the site for all to see.

“this site is very biased against anyone who isn’t “on board”.”

I agree that it is, in many ways, but you’re grossly overstating it, and that undercuts the truth rather than shining any light on it.

145. Yippeekaiyaymofo - May 7, 2009

I saw a guy in a 3 piece suit driving a BMW in traffic this morning digging through his nostrils, and it was pretty gross..

146. Captain Serek - May 7, 2009

I have endured the stereotypes of fans since the late 70’s when Star Trek – The Motion Picture was released. I have a lot of respect for James Cawley turning down interviews as he is a fan with integrity. I am seeing the film on Saturday at an IMAX theater, there will be lots of fans there. I intend to show the mainstream media that fans are not the get-a-life, basement-living, no-social-graces, bad-dress-sense, momma’s-boy virgins commonly portrayed in the media. I had debated on wearing my costume to this event. Given that it is a wool TNG costume and the temperature promises 90 degrees, I am going to not wear it. I intend to keep an open mind about the film, as it is intended as a labor of love. Based on what I have been reading (I have tried to avoid spoilers but I have a rough idea as to what is happening), the film stays true to the known continuity, obviously, I will judge for myself when I see it. I will likely see it tomorrow alone then in IMAX with friends so I can see it with a more critical eye.
Concluding, a big thanks to the well known fans for not giving interviews to the media who is making us into the aforementioned stereotype.

147. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

it’s funny that you mention the joke about the conference table as that was probably the bit that got the biggest laugh out me when I watched it. I agree with you 100 percent that the Onion piece very much has a vibe of “laughing with” instead of “laughing at”. I think the difference lies in the fact that they really are Trek fans or AT LEAST took the time to do some SERIOUSLY geeky research as evidenced by the arcane nature of many of the jokes. That makes something of a difference in how the whole thing comes off.

148. Crusade2267 - May 7, 2009

You know, I’ve been walking around lately with such a sense of pride in my identity as a Trekkie lately. Star Trek stuff on shelves at toy and comic shops. Star trek subway ads. It’s been great. The media just needs to lay off and stop trying to hate everyone.

I guess when swine flu failed to wipe out all mankind, they needed to manufacture another new big story that doesn’t really exist.

149. Sting - May 7, 2009

I applaud and thank you for your efforts, vigilance and integrity.

When mainstream reviewers like Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post structure their glowing reviews of the film as a “prayer” to the Gods of Star Trek (see or write reviews talking about how they almost “wept with joy” at aspects of the film (like Ty Burr of the Boston Globe wrote; see, it becomes clear that Star Trek attracts and impresses ALL kinds of people, and shows these sorts of cartoons as nothing but an empty and useless stereotype. I, for one, will just ignore it – I am not going to let anyone rain on my parade today. I couldn’t be prouder to love Star Trek, to love the dream for a better future that it represents, and to love the critical acclaim this new film is getting (that I get to see in less than 3 hours EST!!!). If it makes the New York Daily News cartoonist happier, I’d be glad to get divorced, hand back my Ph.D. and move back in with Mom – as long as I can watch this new film and take my Star Trek DVDs with me :-)

150. Lori - May 7, 2009

The media always wants to show the “dorky” side of fandom instead of the intelligent side. Nothing new. I ran sci-fi conventions for 13 years. It never failed that when the media came, they would seek out the geekiest, most “get a life” stereotypical fan they could find to interview, even if i pointed them towards others, it was inevitable that they would interview what I considered the “geekiest” representative of fandom they could find.

151. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009


Good points all, but it DOES remind me of that bit in “This is Spinal Tap” when they’re discussing the album covers (where the crucial difference was that Duke Fame was tied up on his album cover, which made it okay for him to be surrounded by naked women, while none of the Tap members were tied up on the proposed cover for Smell the Glove, which made its one naked woman unacceptable …)

152. tribble farmer - May 7, 2009

133- Good point. You never hear the MSM going on about how football fans are freaks and weirdos, but a lot of them do things a heck of a lot weirder than most Trekkies.

153. Kevin - May 7, 2009

Do we really expect anything else but agenda driven reporting from the main stream media anymore? They don’t report news, they try to create news based on their opinion.

Very poor effort on their part….

154. LovesSCIFI - May 7, 2009

This is what drives me insane. There are extremest in everything, from tv shows to religion. Yeah I love star trek, I also love star wars (yeah thats right I like both so shoot me), babylon 5, BSG’s, all the stargates etc. Never have I once been to a convention, dressed up, and so forth. I also have no problem with people who do.

But in all do hardcore Trekkie’s really bother people? Yeah, maybe on the net but their not a bunch of beat the crap out of you cause you don’t know as much about star trek people. I don’t like how SCI FI in general is treated like OMG NERD RUN! Yet people knowing how many times Hanna Montana farts per day is ok..

On top of that I love how everybody attacks sci fi and yet they use stuff in their everyday lives(cellphones) thats think in part to sci fi. I was watching this show, about real life space travel, and they asked this stupid teeny about space travel and her response was “Space travel is gay!” Really space travel has a sexual preference? The best part was she was a cellphone while saying this..

Star trek has always been about opened mindedness for one, so to assume that all Trekkie’s are close minded shows just how bad the MSM is.

Sorry for the rant/grammar, typed this up with around 3 hours of sleep. Note to self don’t eat clam chowder before going to bed… lol

155. AJ - May 7, 2009

I think it serves as a tribute to Trekmovie that ‘The Onion’ did that happily irreverent spot. I hope “someone named Gene Roddenberry” had a good laugh.

Maybe the MSM are seeking an angle whereby they review the new film as brash and sexy, whereas Trekkers are ugly geek unsexy homebodies. F*ck them.

Paramount has cranked out 700+ hours of content, NASA has named a shuttle “Enterprise,” and this film has dozens of storied critics dusting off their Trekker cred in mostly rave reviews.

And, whatever happened to “I became a doctor/engineer/astronaut/scientist because of Trek?’ It’s due to almost 4 years of no in-market promotion of Trek.

Much of the brilliant work that’s been done to promote this film by Paramount has been necessary to correct the tailspin Paramount caused by blaming the franchise itself for its blandness. Paramount blamed ‘Star Trek’ itself for being ‘tired” when they canceled ‘Enterprise.’ That created a vacuum which relegated Trek once again to the realm of geekville. In fact, Star Trek was never ‘tired.’ It was mismanaged.

I hope someone this the ‘Supreme Court’ will step up and ‘run’ Star Trek. Bob Orci, bless his soul, was wary on this site of taking decisions as to whether “Countdown” should be canon, unless they make a cartoon out of it. I would choose him. Whomever is chosen to run Trek needs to address its consumer image as well as the content and direction of the franchise.

Two hours, 43 minutes and counting….

156. boborci - May 7, 2009

Disturbing. Thanks, Anthony, for not letting them divide and conquer us.

157. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#156: We are forever united. In the meantime: what about _dehydrated_ water? Does the film address that possibility?

158. LovesSCIFI - May 7, 2009

Ugh I meant to say she was using a cellphone not was one… differently not going to eat that stuff again before going to bed.

159. Eduardo Cordeiro - May 7, 2009

I´ve been a Trek fan since I was 7, I started watching TOS on a local TV here in Brazil. In the late 1990´s the Trekker fandom was at the heigth of it´s popularity, with conventions and media exposure, etc. I don´t remember the local media here bashing the fans as they do in the US.
A local tv station even came to my house to make a report on my memorabilia and they wanted to ask me Why do I like Trek.
The same day, my coleagues in High School were all asking me about the report and wanted to know more about the show.

Only biased people believe in this stupid and offensive things that some people want to make as facts about us.

Trekkers aorund the world, I ask you, supporting this new Enterprise or Not: Do NOT let people mock you just because you love Trek.

Live Long and prosper to everyone that accepts and RESPECT other people.

PS : Can´t wait for tomorrow!

160. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009


That’s a great analogy! Although it does go to show that sometimes what’s perceived as a split hair really CAN make a difference…

FWIW, I, at least, wasn’t really offended by the cartoon, I just thought it was sort of an uninspired mean-spirited stab at a group of people with a juvenile nose-picking joke thrown into the mix. That sort of thing is just kind of…lame.

161. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

#123 — I think that the water is still the same water, just in a different circumstance.

or to paraphrase T’Pau:

“The water is the water, what can be done?”

Wait–does T’Pau exist in the new time line? maybe she never gets to say that.

And I can’t believe NO ONE realized this: Kirk’s roommate at the academy was FINNEGAN–wthe type who would put a bucket of WATER over the door! So in this new timeline, even if there IS a Finnegan, Kirk cannot get wet!

162. C.S. Lewis - May 7, 2009

“some in the media want to use this resurgence as yet another opportunity to go after Trek fans as anti-social, whiney, nitpicking lunatics”

Nooooo… We don’t know anyone like that.

C.S. Lewis

163. earthclanbootstrap - May 7, 2009

156. boborci

I echo the question S. John Ross poses in post 157.
Also, will you address why in the world 2NaOH is already a cadet?

164. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#162: Shush, you; you’ll ruin it. :)

165. C.S. Lewis - May 7, 2009

25. The Original Spock’s Brain – May 7, 2009

So should we expect CW Lewis or John Sullivan sharing their thoughts on the Today Show in the morning?

Dear Mr Original Spock’s Brain,
No, thank you very much. What would my friends, family and colleagues think???

Besides, I am not a hater, never was a hater and will not be a hater.

My interest is at a much higher level than all but a handful of posters here. That is, my interest is in the underlying cultural assumptions promoted and imbued. I really do not care who plays whom, what a phaser looks like, and such, except so far as it is driven by the imputed social agenda. Well, I think the I-prise is monstrously, hideously malformed and yes, ugly. So I guess I do hate that design. :-)

So far, there seems to be no agenda with this film — and for that I am grateful. I am sorry the target audience is so dumbed down and ADHD that it must be filmed as a kind of two-hour IMAX strobe light, but that is an indictment of the American population not the movie or its makers.

C.S. Lewis

166. Cap'n Kirk - May 7, 2009

Ok, this pisses me off. Why must the passionate, intelligent, & socially conscious be hunted by the lowest common denominators of society? Why must we charge so boldly into the future posited by the great but scarily prophetic movie “Idiocracy?”

167. rosequartz - May 7, 2009


Nana is a class act. She’s incredibly talented and so down to earth. Also got a pic of me with Nimoy on one side and Quinto on the other.

168. S. John Ross - May 7, 2009

#166: “Ok, this pisses me off. Why must the passionate, intelligent, & socially conscious be hunted by the lowest common denominators of society?”

Because otherwise there’s no way to break past $15M opening weekend.

169. rosequartz - May 7, 2009

#138 that is

170. Izbot - May 7, 2009

Cain’t wait ta stand in line in muh Bohrg outfit n’ pick muh nose! LOOK FER ME! I’ll be on everuh major newz netwerk!!

171. TJ - May 7, 2009

Shame the US media has been so negative, I think its been the complete opposite in the UK.

While you get those that poke good-natured fun at the ‘Trekkies’, the press coverage here has been overridingly positive. I have NEVER seen a movie in recent years publicised the way Trek has been. EVERYONE is practically bouncing with anticipation. There are movie premiere’s in London’s Leicester Square practically every week, but they are very rarely televised and often only get the odd mention in the lower pages of the rags. Trek DOMINATED the news coverage, from print to even live segments in the national evening BBC, ITV, SKY and FIVE news (aka every major TV channel). I’ve never seen anything like it (and I’ve worked in TV news for nearly a decade). Even the rags are excited and overwhelmingly complimentary, though generally pre-occupied with the films stars sex appeal (especially Miss Salanda who graced the front page of one of the most popular tabloids, ‘The Sun’, a few days ago). And it’s not just the tabloids, even The Times (of London) gave the film a huge thumbs up.

I’ll be going with a group of friends and collegues on saturday to see the movie (as an early birthday present…I couldn’t wait another week to see it on the actual day!). I booked my tickets as early as bloody possible and I FULLY expect to be blown away!!!

172. Daoud - May 7, 2009

#157 We all know that DHMO is real and dangerous! (I stay stick with powdered dihydrogen monoxide. It’s tasty with cherry kool-aid and sugar sprinkled on it!)

#Anthony. Superb job! I’m still just… NBC hung up on you!?!? How professional YOU are, and how UNprofessional they are. As a former GE stockholder, I am reminded yet again why I ditched that stock.

#boborci. Find a way to pillory and parody these media types in Star Trek One. ;) Remember in Enterprise: The First Adventure, I believe Vonda had some sort of Starfleet News Service reporter along? And don’t forget in Star Trek: Generations on the NCC-1701-B launching sequence. Make ’em out for the fools they are in 2011. :)

173. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

#157 “what about _dehydrated_ water?”

that is an excellent question. In the 1966 Batman movie, dehydrated water was a key story point. dehydrated water was not mentioned in any of the later batman films, but that is likely because of the alternate time line.

174. The Last Maquis - May 7, 2009

#137. ME OWT

I agree, It very much does seem like that here.

175. SChaos1701 - May 7, 2009


The difference is that the sports fan is doing it to support something that is REAL. While the other does the same for a piece of FICTION.

Apples and hand grenades.

176. Closettrekker - May 7, 2009

“…after being told by James and I that they are barking up the wrong tree I only hope they get the message and don’t just keep hunting until they find that ideal ‘hater’ to put on camera. ”

I doubt it, but it will certainly make the notion that the “ideal hater” represents anyone but himself/herself a whole lot less credible.

I’m sorry, but it is difficult to give these people a pass just because controversy lends itself to good ratings. ABC and NBC should do better research before trying to put together a story.

Not that it will likely make much difference, but if I can find the right email address, I plan to make my disappointment and displeasure known.

177. Izbot - May 7, 2009

As for tooting your own horn re: the number of visitors this site gets, Anthony, GOOD JOB. This site put Paramount’s official website ( in it’s grave and with good reason. I’ve been haunting this site more than just about any since news broke JJ was taking over the franchise and I couldn’t be happier with the articles and content. Anthony, you are my hero. Kudos to the nth degree, m’man, to you and the entire staff.

178. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2009

OK!!! TREK MINUS 4 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!. I say Screw the Media. They are the ons who do not understand the Trek Faithfull. We are the one who has kept Trek Alive and with J.J and the Court we are in full buesness with all things Trek once again. This is the new Glory days coming for Trek. How sweet it is.

179. JP Saylor - May 7, 2009


I’ve had to live with this stereotype my WHOLE life. It sucks. Although I’m not excatly a small dorky looking person. I can just…

*WHACK* Hit em in the head. :-P

Seriously though, MSM sucks.

To quote someone:

“F**k this, I’m going to go watch Star Trek.”

180. Trekkie16 - May 7, 2009

I think these media outlets that insist on painting us fans in a negative light, should interview known trek fans that obviously “live” in their parents basement and have made no major contributions to society like:

Paul Allen and Bill Gates (Microsoft Founders)
Steve Wozniak (founder of Apple who has stated that he watched Star Trek to get inspired to make the first computer)
Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon who still has all the Star Trek toys he made as a kid)
Martin Cooper – (Invented the cell phone)
Bob Orci – :-)

Yep I am sure they are spending their time complaining about the new movie and staring at the four walls of their parents basement.

Shame on the media for not embarcing all the accomplishments made by those influenced by watching Star Trek and focusing on the 1% of fans that fit their negative profile.

181. Brett Campbell - May 7, 2009

Mr. Pascale, thank you for keeping your integrity — and ours.

It just goes to show how capable the media are of manufacturing the news they purport that they merely report.

182. Daoud - May 7, 2009

#137, 174 Ummm, maybe you’re not accustomed to being in the minority is all it is. This site represents thousands of unique viewpoints. Not everyone agrees with everyone. Sometimes your two cents is outweighed by the comments that add up to two hundred dollars. As Anthony’s poll shows, there is this 6% not planning to see the movie. No problem. As Abrams even is quoted as saying in the AP article. “The original is coming out on Blu-Ray”.

183. James Heaney - May 7, 2009

I always thought the media was merely ignorant and bigoted, not that they were actively attempting to promote hostile stereotypes. Probably half of them are closeted Trekkies themselves. The parallels to similar (and much less media-acceptable) bigotry are admittedly minor, but deeply disappointing.

Way to defend Trekdom, Anthony. You told them the truth, didn’t try to cover up the bashers or the gushers, and that was just too damn honest for the Today show. Your brand of journalism is superior, not to mention more ethical. Shame you don’t make as much as Katie Couric.

184. RTC - May 7, 2009

Anthony, have any such ‘Trekkies hate the new Trek’ stories come out yet?

185. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2009

Im a big time Trek Fan as anyone on here who has read my post for the past couple of years. I have gone to conventions and when i lived in vegas for a couple of years i went to the experence at least a dozen times. But im not a guy who lives in my parents basement or who is a total nerd. I was in the U.S Navy for 8 years and sold shoes in dept stores and i sell Toyotas now. I have a lot of frends and have met many custermers at my dealership who are also big Trek Fans and some are Lawyers and 1 is a Dr. of Medicine and another a police officer and so on. The Media can be real Jerks and they only want to put out what they want. Not the Truth but Sensationalisim. So Agin i say Screw the Media.

186. Keep the Faith - May 7, 2009

I worked in television news for three years.

I’m not surprised to hear that TV news producers were looking for “haters.”

Longer format journalism (generally print and more in-depth TV segments) has the luxury of time. They can start with a question, research and report what they find.

Unfortunately, short format TV journalism (typically daily news programs) is very different.

Producers have to pull something together under very short time frames. Under this time pressure, instead of starting with a question (e.g., “What do trekkers think of the new movie?), they start with a conclusion (e.g., “Trekkers hate the new movie”).

Furthermore, the story idea (with presumed conclusion) most likely was already “pitched” (sold) and approved at a beginning-of-day production meeting.

In a way, it is like casting a movie. You have a story – with conclusion – that has already been “pitched” and approved. You then start out to “cast” the “roles” in your “mini-movie”. All this is done under extreme time pressure. That’s why they were asking for help finding people with a point of view. (That’s also why some newsrooms are overly reliant on press releases and public relations reps.)

It’s a sad – but true – commentary on short format TV journalism.

Often times, producers set out to tell a preconceived story with conclusion – instead of starting out with a question and reporting on what they find.

187. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

best… trek… site…


188. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2009

Anthony. I think you are one class act. When we talked a few weeks ago i could tell you were a good man and very Respectable. Now you have proven it to all and again Thank you on behalf of all of us Trek fans and from me personely.

189. Andy Patterson - May 7, 2009

I do appreciate taking a stance Anthony and James, but I’ve really never been one to go along with conformity.

While all the kids were talking about the football game on Monday I’d be saying “Hey, did you see Buddy Rich playing with Doc and the band last night on the Tonight Show?” I’ve always had my own thing…tried to be my own person.

I will say this I don’t think having critiques or problems with the movie means one is a sterotypical Star Trek geek or a hater. I mean,…I’m going to see it. I’ve been on this site everyday for two years.

As Scotty, Kirk and McCoy said to Spock about Khan in “Space Seed”…and to paraphrase them…we can be for it…and against some things in it at the same time.

190. Andy Patterson - May 7, 2009

I do appreciate taking a stance Anthony and James, but I’ve really never been one to go along with conformity.

While all the kids were talking about the football game on Monday I’d be saying “Hey, did you see Buddy Rich playing with Doc and the band last night on the Tonight Show?” I’ve always had my own thing…tried to be my own person.

I will say this I don’t think having critiques or problems with the movie means one is a sterotypical Star Trek geek or a hater. I mean,…I’m going to see it. I’ve been on this site everyday for two years.

As Scotty, Kirk and McCoy said to Spock about Khan in “Space Seed”…and to paraphrase them…we can be for it…and against some things in it at the same time.

191. bijillm shkatnerirk - May 7, 2009

ON a whole we are a lucky bunch of people to be involved in such a unique franchise as TREK.

I have not less than half an hour ago finished watching the new star trek movie and regardless of who expects what from what it was a good effing movie.

From a personal perspective I think in a hundred years time this is the point in which the new (spoiler alert) star trek timeline really starts.

Budget restrictions with standing (no offence mr Crawley) from gene roddenberrys lips to jjs’ ears this is where the mainstream public (no offence mainstream public) actually starts to get to grips with the Zeitgeist of star trek.

Never one to drift (ahem) but how is it that i have never heard me-
ntion of the people who are trying to make the trek of our imaginations future an actual reality

The zeitgeist movement is alive and waiting for humanities contribution.

All you bible (generic religious insult) bashing trekkies out there need to appreciate gene roddenberrys original creation… A world without money, Religion, poverty, hunger or strife ( on earth anyway ) hear enough from the trekkie fanbase about.

Too many trekkies end their zealot speeches with and that just doesn’t washwith the future gene painted for humanity. Now Gene is no messiah but if christianity begun with just the handful of followers that it did(without broadband capabilities) just think of what genes future is able to create. Trekkies to Trekkieism?

Keep the faith people and BELIEVE in the power and beauty of life,creation and the darwinistic viewpoint of our potential.

If in my view u are a trekkie, youare spitting in the face of its original creator if you subscribe to some higher being/purpoose other than the belief in our own abilities and behaviours as a species.

Put your faith in god and you leave your faith behind with your IQ.

Put your faith in yourself/each other and you open yourself up to the possibilities of faster than light travel.

My apologies for mis-spelling, long live the propsperous beer in european cinemas, and forgive punctuation faux par.

192. Crusade2267 - May 7, 2009

You know what someone should do! Call up the media, go on live TV saying you’re going to bash the new film, then give it a glowingly optomistic outlook.

193. Nathan - May 7, 2009

Rise, my fellow Trekkies! Let us gird on our Klingon armor, unsheath our Bat’leth swords and/or Vulcan Lirpas, and go forth to storm the craven halls of the Mainstream Media, and do battle with the likes of Katie Couric, and the wretched Good Morning America…people. As Worf would say… they have no honor!


In all seriousness, though, it’s been my experience that approximately 95% of the time, the MSM has absolutely no bloody idea what they’re talking about. The thing is, though, most people only notice this ignorance when the media’s dealing with their particular area of expertise…whether that be Catholicism, Trekkies, or what have you. For someone like me, though, whose areas of expertise (well…relative expertise, anyway) include things like History, Christian religion, Politics, Star Wars, and, obviously, Star Trek, though, it’s soul-crushingly apparent.

So this particular misrepresentation (or rather, reeeaaallly old joke which the MSM feels it has to pull up everytime it talks about anything vaguely Trek-related) doesn’t really bother me much. But hearing the media talk about the Middle Ages, philosophy, or even basic Christian doctrines and theology…well, it quickly becomes clear that the whole Star Trek thing is symptomatic of a larger problem.

194. ENGON - May 7, 2009

I’d be more concerned (especially if I were at Paramount) with what Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O’Brien are going to say about “Star Trek” and its fans. They each have a history of making hay of the Trek nerd stereotype, thus suggesting it’s uncool to like “Star Trek,” and, as politicians have discovered, they have a long reach.

195. Closettrekker - May 7, 2009

I just sent a short complaint to ABC’s “Good Morning America”. Unfortunately, it was limited to 500 characters—

Apparently, one of your producers contacted Anthony Pascale, asking him to help provide you with a fan to put on camera and suggest that Star Trek fans as a whole are opposed to the new Star Trek film.
Where did you get the idea that this was the case? The polling and advanced ticket sales information suggests otherwise.
Poor journalism, shameless sensationalism, and worse—perpetuation of an ignorant stereotype.

Disappointed ABC viewer

196. Beck - May 7, 2009


It’s not just with Trekkies, unfortunately. I’ve had first hand experience with news reporters going out of their way to make a group of people look bad, just because that’s the popular conception and that’s how it should be, amirite?

197. Sunfell - May 7, 2009

I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie- tonight (May 7) at our brand-new IMAX theater. I’ll be wearing my prized Kirk & Spock Tour 2004 t-shirt that I got at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, and I plan to have fun. If someone pokes a camera in my face, I’ll smile and be polite (if they can understand me- I have severe laryngitis), and give them my opinion.

Rotten Tomatoes has 118 reviews up so far, and it has a 93% ‘fresh’ rating. I made the rounds of my favorite papers and NPR, and they all loved it. Every one of them. LA and NY times, Chicago, WaPo, WSJ, HuffPo, Time, Newsweek, Slate…

I was in basic training in the USAF when the first movie came out in 1979, and did not get to see it until six weeks after it premiered. Yes, it was a ponderous trainwreck (the Director’s Cut makes up for that- see it!), but it was still Star Trek.

This one I’m figuring will be good, because of what Leonard Nimoy’s already said about it. He’s the ‘mikey’ of the cast- if he likes it, we’ll love it.

I’m ready to love it.

198. Randy H. - May 7, 2009

For what it is worth, most of the reviews and articles about the new movie I’ve read (and I’ve read a bunch) are (a) in praise of the film and (b) are affectionate toward fans. That may be because that was all that was left after Anthony & Co. turned down their requests for oddball fans, but as a fan I do not feel maligned by the media in their stories and reviews about the new film.

199. dayxday - May 7, 2009

Not surprising. I recall going to my first convention in the early 80s and seeing the media there. I was waiting in line (not in costume) to meet one of the TOS stars, and a reporter and camera man came by and interviewed some of us in line. That night I watched the news with my family and friends hoping to see myself on TV. Instead, we were treated to a story that focused almost exclusively on those dressed in costume, and on those that looked the geekiest. It was my first lesson in how the media distorts reality and creates perceptions to create a story.

200. Vulcan Soul - May 7, 2009

Welcome to the Western media, not interested in the truth but how to make a quick buck with “controversial” stories.

201. LovesSCIFI - May 7, 2009

@ 194. I have already got to hear one of jay leno’s dumb jokes about it. It was a few days ago so I can’t really remember but basically it was the good old “Best movie for those who can’t get a date!” The best part was when he said something like “You hear about this new star trek movie” a lot of people starting cheering then he goes into that joke.

202. cpelc - May 7, 2009

Here’s an article that my paper ran today on the fans.

I’m even in it!

203. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2009

I will see it in 2 hours and 52 minutes and i already know ill love it becaise of Mr Nimoy and the Court. Everything i have seen says this will be one hell of a Ride.To the Main Stream medis. Frak you!!!!!!!

204. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

Latest news is that a fan on his way to the Star Trek movie walked on water and saved a man from drowning. Dozens of witnesses were amazed and reported to the media they had no idea how this amazing person walked on water and saved this guy from drowning.

The next day the media ran the story: “Star Trek geek can’t swim.”

FORGET the haters in the media.

They don’t understand.

We do.

And that’s all that matters.

205. bijillm shkatnerirk - May 7, 2009

194 and 195 you are obviously twins split up at birt

y’all need to get together and confer coz you are spot on

the late night talk show triumvate are leechers of the highest order


and lcc

206. MC1701B - May 7, 2009

The NY Daily News cartoon, while cliched, is also sadly true. Look at how much whining there is on this site from TNG fans that there are no TNG cameos in a pre-TOS movie, or that the TNG movie series (bka The Money Pit) is not being revived.

207. Closettrekker - May 7, 2009

#137—-And yet your posts sits right there…at #137. I wonder why it hasn’t been deleted.

So much for the persecution theory.

The poster you spoke of (Knut) was blasting the idea of this film long before he supposedly saw it. Many of us recognize him by his screenname.

Anyone is allowed to post here as long as they obey the rules, and challenging one’s reasoning is not the same thing as “attacking” him/her. Of course, not everyone (on either side of the issue) will obey the rules to the letter. It would be absurd to expect that. And Anthony is far too busy to read every post. However, I have seen him warn (and even ban) posters on both sides of the coin for failing to do so.

There is no merit behind your assertion that this site is somehow “anti-dissention”. There are people (like Stanky McFibberich) who have been vocally against this movie on these threads for years now.

There is nothing wrong with holding a minority opinion, but if you post it publicly, you shouldn’t expect it to go unchallenged—–and furthermore, you should probably accept that it is a minority one, instead of pretending that dissention is somehow forbidden.

208. bijillm shkatnerirk - May 7, 2009

must be up to one post per 30 secs now???

209. Captain Slow - May 7, 2009

I’m always interested as to why the media deem some movies important enough to discuss in their main new headlines…for example….The new Da Vinchi Code film, Star Wars, and things like Harry Potter, all get massive coverage in main news headlines. I find it interesting how the descision to cover and effectivly promote these films as a breaking news headline gets made. Is there a backhander or promotional fee involved, or is it just deemed that these films in particular, are considered high on the adgenda for public interest. I could maybe understand commercial news stations doing this. But non-profit, public service ones also seem to promote/discuss some films unfairly.

210. Jtrekker - May 7, 2009

186. Well said. As I mentioned a little earlier on, I also work in news production at a station, and what you say is exactly right. I don’t think I’ve ever put it that way, but it is so true that the television journalist simply “picks their cast” and builds the story around them. I have several friends who are reporters, and I have to admit that I’ve even been guilty of helping them find the right “actor” for the particular story they were working on. You should think about teaching. I work in a university, and these students have no idea where they are headed. You sound like you have some knowledge that could to to use.

Anthony – I didn’t say it earlier, but I do appreciate your response to this situation. Ironically, it may be your denying them the people they were looking for that may ultimately lead to them fabricating an even crazier notion just to have something to back up their ideals. None-the-less, it’s nice to know you are respected enough that they would come to you. Good to have you on OUR side.

And, to those who may feel they have been left out on this site or censored, just remember that there are plenty of options when it comes to websites for Trek or anything else. Your commentary is certainly welcome here, but it seems to me that this group of people has turned more and more positive. I would imagine the only censorship that Anthony enacts is in reference to people who have no personal censorship of their own. I think the whole point of this article in general is to make the point that we are tired of people in the MSM and in general bashing us. Why should we be bashed on a site that is designed specifically for Trekkies to unite?

211. Izbot - May 7, 2009

It is sad and aggravating that the MSM still wants to perpetuate the stereotype of doofish Trek fans, overweight with crumbs on their badly-tailored Starfleet uniforms, acne-covered and drooling and nit-picking the franchise to death in a nasally whine while, ironically, lapping up every pertinant dribble. What is this, 1986? Strange that those of us who loved comic books in the privacy of our basement closets have been vidicated by Hollywood (I guess we were cool all along!) but those ‘cerebral’ few (which somehow equals brain-damaged?) who are passionate for Star Trek are *still* considered weirdo outcasts! Even sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card disses Roddenberry as ‘incompetent’ in the current issue of Newsweek.

I applaud JJ, Alex & Roberto, Damon, Anthony and all the others actively involved in moving the culture and mindset to something akin to closeness to the Starfleet/UFP ideal of humanity in search of it’s own perfection. This is nothing new! Kennedy set the stage for this whole mindset trend. Obama can easily be seen as an extension of that — and that makes this new Trek particulairy pertinent — despite what Newsweek asserts (see their “Enterprise Ethics” article online now).

212. Izbot - May 7, 2009

NBC hung up on Anthony! That amazes me! NBC and MSNBC have both been such huge supporters of the Obama administration — one that’s looking forward with the passion and intensity of the Kennedy administration — which in turn had a huge impact on Roddenberry’s vision of the future — yet they just want him to trot out the drooling freaks! Shame on them!

213. Christine - May 7, 2009

Ugh. That’s ridiculous. So much for Star Trek breaking stereotypes — it’s making them!

They need to be more open-minded… and also to the artist of that cartoon: Now, why were strange-looking men the only representatives of Trekkies? Hm? Their attempts at humour are pathetic.

214. RD - May 7, 2009


There are a lot of so-called fans paying LIP-SERVICE to the idea that they DON’T CARE and have NO INTENTION of seeing the movie, either while in theaters or EVER.


No persons who ever called themselves FANS will not see this movie ever, much less before it leaves the theatres, even if out of morbid curiosity alone.

In the end, they will see it simply to have the satisfaction of saying on these forums: SEE I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!


215. Jef - May 7, 2009

I would say; ‘to hell with mainstream media!’

216. Capt Krunch - May 7, 2009

I have been a fan since at least 72 or maybe longer…but I’m lovin this…
canon or not canon…who CARES!…just give it a chance…Star Trek isn’t written in stone…Moses didn’t bring Trek down from the mountain..God didn’t say, “let there be trek…” well maybe he did…
If this movie does suck…it goes down in history with ST 5, 7, and 10!!!
I believe it will triumph!!! JJ Abrams is very capable…give it a chance!!
Trekkers/Trekkies unite for TREK!!!!
Leonard Nimoy can’t be wrong!!

217. DanTHEmaN - May 7, 2009

I think the Cannon Nazis should be happy. After all its not every day you get a comic written about you.

218. captain_neill - May 7, 2009

This perception by the mainstream media sickens me.

We are people just like them, further proof that the mainstream audience doesn’t get what it means to love Star Trek.

Just got back from seeing the film. It was excellent, there were a few things which annoyed me with the film but overall I thought it was excellent

By the end Pine and Quinto had captured what Shatner and Nimoy brought to the roles. Urban did channel the spirit of DeForest Kelly

I am going to see it again and I cannot wait. I will write a full review over the weekend.

219. Robert April - May 7, 2009


Post the name of the producer who hung up on you. Such disrespect is unprofessional behavior at best.

220. Izbot - May 7, 2009

191. bijillm shkatnerirk–

Good stuff, I igree. Not a huge fan of religions which are built by fallible humans from the olden days. Always attracted to Roddenberry’s humanist stance on us and what we are capable of. I will always agrree with a little example he once gave in an interview that aired with The Cage back in 1988 just before the second season of TNG: basically he said some people want to give credit to aliens or some higher being(s) for building the pyramids. Nonsense! *Human beings* built them! It is *our* ingenuity and sweat that accomplished such a task! Imagine what we will accomplish once technology truly frees us from earthly restrictions!

We should all cling to such ideals. Starfleet and the Federation are well within our accomplishable goals.

221. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2009

219 Anthony,

(Post the name of the producer who hung up on you. Such disrespect is unprofessional behavior at best.)
Hey i agree with you. lets have the names of those producers and lets all email them and let them know how wrong they are. But in a good and nice and respectable way.

222. Izbot - May 7, 2009


Please provide us *all* with that contact info! I wanna weigh in on that poor decision as well!

223. Toothless Grishnar Cat - May 7, 2009

206- where, exactly has this been said?

Don’t like TNG? Fine. But it doesn’t say much for your arguments that you have to make up a bunch of garbage to support your views.

224. Trekkie16 - May 7, 2009

I think we should overwhelm NBC with a mail in campaign until they apologize to Anthony. Kinda like Jericho sent in bags of peanuts when they tried to save the show. Maybe we all send in one Star Trek item like a tribble or a Star Fleet pin.

That producer must be Cardassian; they are without honor.

225. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2009

Hey Remember evryone. it was nbc that had Trek on in the 60s and they tried to kill it. They are still seething that what they tried to kill is still alive and well and flurising and nbc is not makeing any money on it. C.B.S is. Ha Ha

226. Gnashpred - May 7, 2009

Saw the spoof on Leno Last night – he’s one of the worst – has not been that respectful of any of the cast interviewed and then he trots out gilbert godfried dressed up like Spock

227. Lt. Ricky - May 7, 2009

In the words of Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI:

“Well, it seems we have a long way to go…”

228. jas_montreal - May 7, 2009

@ 227…. well said sir.

229. Jamie - May 7, 2009

Those documentaries about us are going to be a disaster!

(I’ve been told off for writing in all caps, so I won’t, but the above line is intended in an all caps style.)

230. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009

227 — PERFECT.

I suggest letting it go. the more we protest the disrespect shown by the media, the more the media paints us in a negative light.

231. Robert Gillis - May 7, 2009



232. RetroWarbird - May 7, 2009

That’s odd, that it’s MSM like ABC and NBC and not ravenous Cable News that’s ready to tell the tale of poor Trekkie fanboys and how popularity is ruining their geek haven …

Seems like the kind of sensationalist, bad journalism that Cable News is notorious for. Although I almost would’ve liked to see you or Cawley go on, subversively acquiescing to their agenda, and then DRILLING these shoddy journalists live on the air about their BS.

Naturally, you could qualify your criticisms with “I’m a Trekkie … you know I’m right because I’m smarter than you!”

233. Andy Patterson - May 7, 2009


I would agree. Although I bet no one in the business would be surprised by whoever it is

234. Izbot - May 7, 2009

223. Toothless Grishnar Cat —
“206- where, exactly has this been said?
Don’t like TNG? Fine. But it doesn’t say much for your arguments that you have to make up a bunch of garbage to support your views.”

I don’t know that that has been expressed quite that succinctly but a similar sentiment has been expressed on this site by a small minority over the past couple years — particularly from the “forget about Kirk! Give us a USS Titan movie!” fringe. Personally I think turning a Trek paperback series into a movie is ill-advised and am baffled at anyone’s desire to see Riker and company shuffle off where everyone has blandly gone before. I don’t think I’m in the minority here. I’d guess the Titan fans comprise about 1% or less of the whole Trekfan base. That’s just a guess, mind you, but an informed guess.

I don’t want to go off on my usual “why TNG is no longer relevant” rant. Don’t want to shove a stick into that hornet’s nest again. Regardless, the TOS timeline, situated in it’s tenuous yet somehow optimistic zeitgeist, seems far more suited to these times than the bloated, superficial superiority of the TNG utopic vision of the future.

And there I’ve gone off and stirred the hornet’s nest anyway… Sorry.

235. Picard - May 7, 2009

Star Trek: I am going to have First Contact with this film tonight, because it is The Undiscovered Country of film making which spans the Generations, There will be a Search for Spock in The Motion Picture. I will be able to go on The Voyage Home tonight happily and with a sense of Insurrection.Hopefully I wont experience a Wrath of Khan! Perhaps the Nemesis in this movie will journey to The Final Frontier!

236. Picard - May 7, 2009

wesley willison

237. Mark - May 7, 2009

And how does the above cartoon NOT represent some Trek fans???

238. Spock with a Crowbar - May 7, 2009

How sad. Too bad sports fans don’t get the same treatment.

239. miraclefan - May 7, 2009

That’s a real shame they just want nothing but ”negative” trekkies on there shows, and I’m also offended by how the mainstream media views us as ”jokes”

240. Toothless Grishnar Cat - May 7, 2009

234, yeah. I like both TOS and TNG. I appreciate each for different reasons (TOS as an action/character-driven space exploration adventure, TNG as a dramatic vehicle for exploring the human condition). Not too sure why a lot of people polarize, but I see TNG have a lot of abuse heaped upon it on this site. Some of the criticisms are fair and well-reasoned, but many are not. I don’t recall seeing anybody beg for TNG cameos in this film, and frankly I don’t want them either. They’d detract from the main stars.

That said, I AM a bit tired of the 24th century. Bring on Kirk and crew!

241. Dom - May 7, 2009

Granted, loonies who take a franchise too much to heart and run around in costumes have done a lot of damage to the credibility of franchises like Trek.

Ironically, there’s precious little dissension over this film and now the media’s desperate to manufacture stories about a breed of Trekkie that might well have already died out or at least grown up!

Truth is people attack those who they feel are different from them. This is especially if the victims are superior personally, if not always intellectually, which most Trekkies are!

‘Normal’ people in them media are scared (not that normal people really exist in the media, which is mostly populated by freaks, perverts and egomaniacs – I work in it so I can vouch for that).

They want to like the new film, but are afraid to be seen with very people they’ve always slagged off for liking Star Trek. The easiest way for them to pacify their minute little minds is to create an ‘old fan’ sub-group and carry on belittling them while they ‘take over’ Star Trek.

The very need to marginalise a group of people shows that these people don’t understand the inclusive philosophy at the heart of Star Trek. Maybe after they see the film, they’ll change their view, but I doubt it!

Star Trek is for everyone and I like it. So there!

242. Trek Fan in Iowa - May 7, 2009

Why does the Media think there is something wrong with fans who get excited and dress up in Star Trek gear, but act like it’s normal when people in Green Bay Wis. wear cheese on their heads, or Minneapolis, men wear yellow Heidi braids?

243. Walley - May 7, 2009

The MSM has taken it’s shots at hard core fans since the days of the first conventions, so it’s no wonder that they are raining on them on Trek’s biggest day. This isn’t a surprise and it was expected all along.

It is also no surprise that the very fans the MSM are targeting congregate right here at this site. One only has to check the comment threads any given day to find dozens of folks who argue over minutiae. Talk about providing the MSM the ammunition they seek, it’s no wonder they contacted the man who runs this site and the man who invests incredible amounts of time and money making new episodes and playing a Kirk/Elvis hybrid. (James, I’ve seen every episode and caught your Elvis show and I’ve loved them all.)

To paraphrase another show, “we don’t lock away our crazy relatives, we bring them right out into the living room and proudly show them off.” The hardest core fans make us uncomfortable, plain and simple, but there are times when we envy their free spirit and apparent lack of care of worry for what the rest of the world might think. If they are more critical and more vocal, then it is perhaps because they have invested a little more of themselves in their fandom than the rest of us, for better or worse.

The success of this movie was never going to make more hard-core Trekkies, just more folks who like Star Trek. This was the goal from the beginning and Paramount and JJ have gone out of their way to make this clear. For us to wish that the MSM would not focus so much attention on our most vocal and most critical constituents is unrealistic.

I don’t know for sure but my guess would be that Gene would recommend that we be tolerant and embrace the IDIC…in this case, the hard core fan and the MSM. It’s hard to tell which ones seem more alien…

244. Chris Dawson - May 7, 2009

That cartoon really was disapointing and shows a true lack of taste and integrity.

Theirs for better journalism.

Star Trek LIVES!

245. Ron Mosher - May 7, 2009

I’m feeling very much like a kid at this point! Have my communicator in my pocket and am raring to go! Six hours til I see the movie!!! Thanks Anthony for the report. I’d love to tell them what I think and I’ve been a fan for 36 years now!

246. RetroWarbird - May 7, 2009

I think if we can learn anything from all this it’s that somebody at Good Morning America who’s in charge of putting together this “report” is a full-blown, status quo loving, costume-to-convention-wearing, can’t abide by change, Original Cast purist style Trekkie!

And right now he or she is CURSING the day Roddenberry taught us all to be tolerant and to actually think deeply about things.

You want fanboys who’ll cry foul and wear costumes … the Star Wars prequels are still pretty recent events … and they’re still pretty damn terrible.

247. jmralls2001 - May 7, 2009

Is it just me or are the bussard collectors missing on the Enterprise on the Newsweek cover?

248. sebimeyer - May 7, 2009

Thanks Anthony for keeping a cool head!

Last weekend at FedCon I saw a camera team getting some fans to “look like you want to attack me!” and growl at the camera. Those fans were dressed up as Vulcans in Starfleet uniforms.

Some people just don’t get it. The only thing one can do is stay calm and not get baited. Maybe try to explain, but like Anthony also said, it often falls on very deaf ears.

When I see stuff like this I always wonder what would happen if, say the Boston Globe made fun of Red Sox fans for dressing up funny. They’d have a full scale riot on their hands. Poking fun at Trekkers seems to be socially acceptable though.

249. Lt. Bailey - May 7, 2009

Since when has any media ( TV, Print, radio, Internet, etc) door say what is truth or correct? They only wish to get ratings based on sensational stories to get peoples attention, truth goes out the window. I seem to recall a statement regarding the TV news ” If it bleeds, its leads” Forget about the story of the person who gave a homeless man some money or food. But have them speak well of a Star Trek film regardless who directed it is not to their advantage. It is far better to knock a film and especially the Star Trek series because it is not for the masses, only a select minority and human nature is to pick on the little guy, sad but true. Sure there may be some fans who act strange with Star Trek and carry it a bit far, but so what? We never have hurt any body and last time I checked, Charlie Manson was not a Star Trek fan but the news would love make us out like that in print just to make us look bad.

Lets just all enjoy the new film for what it is, enjoy any series/films you like, share the fun and remember that we have the TV show that has made 11 films, 4 more TV shows, countles novels, huge Vegas conventions, a Vegas attraction with a rebirth next year and endless amount of toys. In 50+ years TV history, no other show can make that claim.

250. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 7, 2009

Well, the mainstream media rarely gets things right. They’re biased against Trekkies, conservatives, and many other groups. As a conservative and a Trekkie I’m used to it.

I am extremely excited to see this film and hope I leave the theater with nothing but good thoughts. Do I have some concerns and mixed feelings? Yes, but that’s not going to stop me from seeing the film and hoping it does well and watching it with an open mind. I’m also hoping that this brings a great decade to be a Trekkie like the 90’s were. And I know that there will be plenty of time for nitpicking.

BTW, Anthony, did you paraphrase me when I posted a blistering post about how people bitterly disagree and attack other people on this board? I asked if we Trekkies had become so angry at each other that we couldn’t agree on whether or not rain was wet, which is actually a paraphrase from DS9. Major Kira said, “Right now, I wouldn’t trust your father if he said rain was wet,” when asked if she believed Gul Dukat. Anyway, If so, thank you.

217, the blistering comments about people attacking people, was aimed at individuals like you. Please stop it. I have read on other blogs how some people refuse, that’s right REFUSE, to come to TrekMovie anymore for fear of being attacked because they dare to disagree. And that’s sad. So, for all the people who are fed up with the TrekMovie forums and the bitter, personal attacks from some of the participants, I ask you to stop such attacks. People have the right to disagree in a free and open society, which I assume most participants in this forum are from. Here, in the United States, it’s a guaranteed right. So, please don’t attack people with whom you disagree. If you want to disagree, please do so civilly. Or, to quote an old saying: “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

251. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 7, 2009

249, well said.

252. spockatatic - May 7, 2009

This is why no one knows I’m a Trekkie. People can be so stupid!! They have no clue.

253. Izbot - May 7, 2009

238. Spock with a Crowbar –
“How sad. Too bad sports fans don’t get the same treatment.”

Amen, brother, amen.

254. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 7, 2009

Personally, I like all of the TV shows and most of the movies.

Just for fun:
Favorite shows from favorite to least favorite:
1: TNG
2. DS9
3. VOY
4: ENT
5: TOS

-Can you tell I love the 24the century? :) Like I said, I love all of the shows but I’ll explain my reasons for why TOS is last. While it had many great moments and great characters, it’s also the show with the most crappy, cheesy, 1960’s sci-fi type episodes. Example: “Miri” (possibly the worst episode of Star Trek ever although “And the Children Shall Lead” gives it a run for its money), and there are plenty more in the Third Season. Of course, it also had some of the finest moments like “Balance of Terror,” “Errand of Mercy,” and “The Enterprise Incident.” ENT only beats out TOS because of the latter half of the Third Season and the Fourth Season. As for VOY being third, well, let’s just say that I think that it’s a far better show than most people give it credit for. As I write this I’m enjoying “The Killing Game.”

Favorite Movies (from favorite to least favorite – not including new film as I haven’t seen it)

1: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (best Star Trek plot, great villains)

2: Star Trek: First Contact (intro of Ent-E – my favorite ship, my favorite crew, a fascinating look at a pivotal moment in Trek history, great plot, great villain)

3: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (best villain, great plot)

4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (great comedy)

5: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (good plot, fully enjoyable, great continuation of story from Star Trek II)

6: Star Trek: Insurrection (great Star Trek moral story about forced relocations)

7: Star Trek Nemesis (decent story – could have been better, detailed view of the Romulan Senate, final goodbye for TNG)

8: Star Trek Generations (decent story, patching of torch from TOS films to TNG films, seemed more like a series finale than “All Good Things…”)

9: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (shore leave scenes were excellent, rest of movie sucked, terrible plot, bad villain)

10: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (boring, dumb plot, terrible costumes, terrible villain (again dumb plot), the only good thing was the ship)

255. Richard Daystrom - May 7, 2009

Just one more reason to not watch these Holier Than Thou idiots in the mainstream press. I haven’t watched them in years. No wonder they are losing money. Always negative and always trying to find the worst in everything!

256. Shat Hands - May 7, 2009

Let the haters hate!

People only tend to bully to make themselves feel better anyway.

Just got back from the movie……….just wonderful!

257. Jaykay the Scotsman! - May 7, 2009

Live long and Proper all at!
I look at this site daily, I started back in the day when Star Trek 2009 was a baby. It started as a rumour, then it became greenlit and so it began!! Now, i’ve followed u though the casting rumours, the fake plot stories, the random STAR TRACK comments, the nay sayers, the purists. The canonista, the logical, the philosiphical, the doubters, the critics, the designers, the crew, the cast.
Its been an epic thrill ride, and thats before seeing the film. None of this thrill ride would be possible without the fans and the fantastic contibution of all at TREKMOVIE.COM

258. The Happy Klingon - May 7, 2009

Unfortunately this is the state of our ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ media. Trek fandom is as diverse a lot as our population is. Dorks and Nerds who love Star Trek include our President, the founders of Microsoft, our astronauts, our doctors, our cops, soldiers, firemen, attorneys etc. Like football we have a group that like to ‘paint themselves up’.
We also have those that enjoy in relative anonymity. What we share is a love for the subject matter and trying to pigeonhole us all in to one sort of ‘dork collective’ shows the short sightedness of a myopic media.
They are more then happy to show folks in costume outside of a theater or convention but less interested in showing some of those same folks in a Childrens Hospital trying to make children smile. They are more likely to show us standing in a line to buy toys then they are to show us COLLECTING toys for those less fortunate. They are more apt to portray us as arguing about ‘nacelles monthly’ then they are to show us debating about how to improve the human condition.
We may be dorks and nerds but within OUR population are the folks that help shape the world whereas in theirs there is only a peanut gallery of narrow minded sensationalists that worry more about what some ‘nerds’ are doing then contributing to the world in a meaningful way.

259. Sarah - May 7, 2009

Add the “John Boy and Billy Big Show” to the misrepresenters. They barely mentioned the movie today, only kept beckoning people to their website for a mocked up Star Trek trailer. To John Boy’s credit, he did honestly mention that he’s not a Trek fan.

260. Sickly Sweet Cloud Creature - May 7, 2009

255. Richard Daystrom…

…and the media’s always laughing at your work just like those other scientists, don’t they?…;)

261. SciFiMetalGirl - May 7, 2009

Going to see the movie tonight, and can’t wait! I have always been proud to be a trekkie, or trekker, and have always been happy to let people know!

And now, after a two and a half year wait, I am going to go see our beloved franchise regain it’s glory once again! See you all on the other side!

262. Richard Daystrom - May 7, 2009


Oh the pain, the pain! LOL!

263. NeedMyPain - May 7, 2009

This all makes me very quietly sad. On the very night of the glorious resurrection and rejuvenation of Star Trek, here are people by the score condemning a group as a whole with utter nastiness without acknowledging nuance (Anthony and a few others excepted).

If the MSM is truly so anti-Trek, then why is the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates critic views, running so positive toward the new movie? Why is there all kinds of rich discussion on the airwaves, on MSM websites and on radio stations about the excitement of Trek’s return? What about the Newsweek cover?

There are some ugly takes on Trek fandom in the mainstream press for sure. That’s been obvious for years. But there is also some persisting ugliness on this board. Every group has its bad apples. But I have to say, as someone who’s has been a lover of Star Trek since the beginning, I am disappointed at the vitriol that people here are unleashing upon an entire group without acknowledging nuance at all. That’s where prejudice begins.

I dare you to do better.

264. pock speared - May 7, 2009

well done, anthony. thanks for taking the high road on the MSM. i imagine you COULD have come up with the fan they were looking for…

and congrats on getting through it all to may 8. you’ve “made a difference”

i’ll go halfway, and agree that water can at times be moist.

265. Bernd Schneider - May 7, 2009

Whenever I see or read the more or less humorous takes on Star Trek fandom in mainstream media, I am tempted to compare it with the depiction of sports fans. Because almost routinely the media not only tolerate but actively partake in speculation and discussions about trivial sports minutiae with only a marginal bearing on the real thing. I don’t see any more merit or anything more serious in sports fandom than in Star Trek’s, except that the first, for some reason, is more popular (at least as long we’re talking about football or soccer and not synchronised swimming). And since it is deemed important, we hear or read sports news anywhere, whether we care or not – which only corroborates the notion that sports matters while TV shows and particularly sci-fi and particularly Star Trek is just for overweight nerds in their parents’ basement who have no life and who nitpick everything to death that normal people could care less about.

I have always been very open about my passion on the web, while in real life it depends on the milieu. Fortunately in my profession (engineer) there are people around me with a basic understanding of the matter (and I even occasionally managed to drag some of my colleagues who would usually talk about “normal” stuff like sports into a Trek discussion). But generally it’s a hard time coming out.

Regarding interview requests, I may have even agreed to answering a few questions and give the movie a critical advance review, even though I am aware that no one would possibly (want to) understand what I actually mean by “continuity” or “parallel timeline”. They’d probably love to hear complaints such as “The impulse plasma manifold still had a different color in episode 65.” Or they would have shortened a statement in a way that something like this would be the bottom line. Well, no one has asked me anyway. Fortunately no one bothered to contact me via my low-profile geekdom site, although I would have been perfect for an interview, because I fulfill pretty much all the clichés (well, not the basement part).

266. Shunnabunich - May 7, 2009

I see this kind of stuff all over, all the time. Pretty much any minority subculture is, as a rule, ridiculed by many based on examples which are, in reality, neither common nor representative. Trekkies are a good example, but far from the only one. Look at Mac users. Look at furries. Heck, look at Newfoundlanders. That accent still kills me, and I live in Nova Scotia now.

267. He Who Shall NOT be Named - May 7, 2009

If I read the pol correctly, you can turn your opinion knob up to “11”

(Spinal Tap reference)

268. MC1 Doug - May 7, 2009

Anthony, saw you quoted this morning on (see link).

Nice job!

AND thanks (as I have said many times) for this great website! While I served in Afghanistan I read your postings every single day.

269. Krik Semaj - May 7, 2009

Look, THe problem lies with your very (weak) argument. I love Trek I have for 40 years, but I accept it as entertainment. Most of it good, some of it pretty bad. Trekkies get way too wrapped up in this FICTIONAL universe. Sports (I love them too) are real. The games are played in real time. They are not scripted. The outcomes can not always be predicted. I am always amused when the goofy hardcore trekkers compare Trek to Sports.
It’s not a very good analogy. And this mindset perpetuates the way people view Trek fans. I have to say even as a big fan – I agree with them.

270. Carlos Teran - May 7, 2009

I’m looking forward to enjoy this movie, not only as a ST fan, but also as a movie buff. Talking about support to the franchise, I’m gonna drive 400 kms just to see it in the US, as here in Mexico the premiere has been delayed. And of course I’m gonna see it more than once.

I’m a successful physician, have lovely family, and a fulfilling life… and I’m also a Trekkie. I hate when stereotypes are perpetuated by mainstream media.

271. Eduardo Cordeiro - May 7, 2009

I believe Sports are not the problem. The problem is the take the media does on Sport fans.
Here in Brazil and South America, sports fans have organized gangs that wreaks havoc on people just because they are fans of other team.

But hey, I´m a BIG Trek fan AND a BIG Fan of sports! long live the IDIC.

Set Phasers to kill the MSM.

272. Izbot - May 7, 2009

269. Krik Semaj –
“265Look, THe problem lies with your very (weak) argument…I have to say even as a big fan – I agree with them.”

And I think you’re totally missing 265’s point. No one is saying Trek is ‘real’, the point being made is that sports *fans* often wear goofy costumes and act obnoxiously and are not just tolerated by the MSM they are encouraged for this behaviour. Trek fans are often dismissed and ridiculed by that same MSM for having a similar zeal and way of expressing their affection for the show. Why does the MSM happily cheer along with drunken sports louts in raindow wigs but scorn brainy Trek canonistas in pointy ears? It’s actually very similar.

273. Rico - May 7, 2009

As it has always been, journalism (especially these days) is all about ratings and sensationalism. “Star Trek” and it’s fans are not immune to this. The only thing we can do is try our best to destroy any chance they have to find these stereotypes. Good for you Anthony for standing tall on this, like I have over the years of my involvement in the Trek community.

274. John Sullivan - May 7, 2009

You’ve got to admit it … some Star Trek fans take themselves too seriously and come off as the nutjobs they are when they go to war over whether their official name is “Trekkie” or “Trekker.”

If they come off as nutjobs, it is probably because they are. I don’t remember this kind of thing when watching the best movie of 2008 … Gran Torino … Torinoers or Torinokes, or the 2nd best, Get Smarters or Get Smarties.

Again, I echo the wise words of the great Captain of off-character Kirk: Get a life!

275. MC1 Doug - May 7, 2009

#254: respectfully, I totally disagree with your ranking of the TREK films.

Overall, what limited coverage I have seen on TV has been very positive.

276. MC1 Doug - May 7, 2009

One impressive thing about Anthony’s site that I have noticed of late, and something I think Gene Roddenberry would be quite proud of, is the impressive array of comments coming in from countries all over the world.

Anthony, your site is truly international, and is a good example of highlighting how similar we are as a people, no matter what culture, race or nationality!

Maybe there is hope for this little blue marble afloat in the vast darkness of the Milky Way.

277. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 7, 2009

275, perhaps you can clarify your comment. I didn’t put the new film in my film rankings because I haven’t seen it yet. The list will be updated once I see it tomorrow. Again, the Trek film rankings were based on the movies that I liked the most to the movies I liked the least, not including the new film because I haven’t seen it. I posted it just for fun and maybe to expand the conversation to the entire Trek film franchise. Further, if you disagree with my rankings that’s okay. Which film do you think is best and which film do you think is worst? I ask because I’m genuinely interested and think that this would make a very interesting discussion.

As for coverage on TV, if you’re referring to the new film, then yes the coverage has been very positive. Again, I’ll update my Trek movie list when I see the new film. It’s going to have to be an amazing movie to beat the top three movies on my list which I listed in post 254.

To everyone: Sci-Fi Channel is airing all-day STAR TREK marathons with very basic trivia about the new film and characters during commercial breaks. They’ll be showing ENT, TNG, and FIRST CONTACT. Just thought I’d let everyone. The marathon is all day today and tomorrow.

278. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 7, 2009

276, agreed.

279. The Spirit of Truth - May 7, 2009

@ #2

Yeah…..weren’t first (but you should have been). I totally and completely agree with you on whole attention thing.

280. mizzy-o-ip - May 7, 2009

I’m not surprised that ABC and NBC contacted you with negative intentions:

ABC owned by Disney (rival studio)
NBC owned by Universal (rival studio)

Paramount (owns CBS, btw) has two of the biggest summer movies coming out this year: Transformers (yay!) and Star Trek (super yay!)

I think you can all see where I’m going with this.

Btw, I’ve been following for the past year (Google Reader yes!), waiting for this movie to come out. First time posting. Thank you for all the info, it’s been an amazing year! Have a good summer everyone!

281. Gorn Captain - May 7, 2009

#274: It was when the media started using “Trekkie” in a negative light that started that particular schism. Back in the 70’s most people were cool with the term. And comparing Gran Torino to Trek is a bit out there. Get Smart does have a fandom, but for the original. I still cringe thinking about when I had to explain to nice young couple the movie was based on a tv show!

I still remember when a local L.A, newscast had a couple fans on to argue Kirk Vs. Picard. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your favorite captain, but why argue it on live tv?

282. Mike - May 7, 2009

As a Conservative and a Trek fan, I feel like part of a group shafted at both ends too.

I remember, in the 1980’s, when I was going to conventions, the TV station cameras going around. They interviewed me but I wasn’t in a costume or even a Star Trek shirt so I didn’t make the cut.

But someone who did make the cut is a wonderful lady I knew (from a local Trek club)who was just giddy over being at a Trek convention for the first time.

She was also wheelchair bound and had some sort of problem that made her short, pudgy and have a high voice (think a Munchkin from Wizard Of Oz) .

Well, they took a few seconds of her enthused take on the convention, framed her in a close up all with the (I’m sure) intent of making her look like a moron.

It embarrassed her, she felt she came off bad in the piece. She didn’t come off bad, THEY MADE SURE she looked bad.

It was really my first epiphany in regards to the news and how they can distort and twist things to fit how they want to present it.

And when they go to a Trek convention, they want to actually just do a 1-2 minute piece on the most outlandish and embarrassing personalities of the people that go to these things.

Well, it’s easy to do that to anyone with editing and the way they are shot.

283. Greggy Boy - May 7, 2009

Everybody out there who feels so deeply hurt, just remember one thing…

284. Monty Scott - May 7, 2009

why are the bussard collectors missing from the model on the cover of newsweek? Don’t they know you kenna run a warp drive without bussard collectors?

285. JoBlo - May 8, 2009

Seems like they nailed Trek fans to me.

286. Z Remorca - May 8, 2009

the problem with being misunderstood as “geeks” comes from the simple problem of the MSM not being able to really know what makes us tick when it comes to Trek. All they say is that it’s dorky, geeky, or uncomprehensible, which is so unfair. We too are human beings who can adapt to how the media around us changes, and some people are just too narrow-minded to see that change. :(

287. Kevin McKinnon - May 8, 2009

Some years ago I had this great idea for a Trek movie that would upset the Trek future. In it, a person with powers hijacks a Federation starship and initiates a time-warp back to earth 1930’s or 1940’s. This person is sick and tired of his present and seeks a simpler time on earth before computers and space travel.

After beaming down the crew of the star ship is forced to time-warp back to their present without this person, leaving him in their past.

After some years playing by the rules in earth’s past, this person find a better income by writing shows for television, which is new on earth at the time. This person ends up writing a sci-fi series for a network and the planet applauds him for his design.

This person assumed the name of Gene Roddenberry on earth and his science wasn’t so fiction afterall.

Kevin McKinnon
An original Trekkie

288. Tony - May 8, 2009

Even if you are a fan that wears pointed ears and Trek costumes, how is that different from a sports fan who paints team colors and logos on their chests and faces and shouts at games? Double standards.

289. Dzisiaj premiera. Czy będą zamieszki? | - May 8, 2009

[…] ochotę pojść z widłami na Paramount, mimo że wielu nie widziało filmu. Znalazłem grafikę na, która idealnie pokazuje nastroje wśród części […]

290. BK613 - May 8, 2009

So don’t complain them here let them know what you really think

291. Leonel - May 8, 2009

Re: #288

The difference is that one set of fans is usually given just a passing shot when panning over crowds of people, and the other is far more sensational an easy to turn into a “news story.”

Think about it. Its probably human nature. Someone remind me which groups of kids get picked on the most..!

Anyway, if anyone cares I was watching out for “superfans” at the 10pm local showing and only spotted three uniforms in the crowd. No sign of any hard core, blatant superfans here.

292. Captain Dunsel - May 8, 2009

You know, as a STAR TREK fan I was following the websites in the year and a half or so leading up to today. I’ve spent a lot of time on this website and others. One thing that got me when the storyline was first leaking out was the rather intense comments being made on the newly launched message board over at

People were talking about how if there weren’t appearances by TNG cast members that the movie would stink. Or that if the film didn’t START in TNG era that they weren’t going to go. There were more, equally strident comments, but I had to stay away at that point because I was taken aback.

It’s these kinds of comments that the MSM and everyone else latches on to. It may not be indicative of fandom as a whole, but they are loud voices.

I commend the crew here and elsewhere for trying to put these feelings to rest, but it’s an uphill battle.

293. James Johnson - May 8, 2009

Guys, this is the Mainstream Media, the same guys who lazily used wikipedia as a source without triple-checking; they count former political appointees now as ‘journalists’, refused to report on Saddam Hussein’s torture to stay in Iraq, vote/contributed over 90% to one political party, and so on and so on.

State it bluntly. The Mainstream Media is lazy and set in their ways, and they have their templates and simply want to fit what happens in those templates. They’re the ‘cool kids’ who get to make fun of things they don’t like.

The new Trek movie, while I have many problems with it, is still a much better movie than most movies I’ve seen this year and last.

294. DanTHEmaN - May 8, 2009

Here is what Gene had to say about over zelous fans…

“I’m not a guru and I don’t want to be. It frightens me when I learn of 10,000 people treating a Star Trek script as if it were scripture… Frankly those conventions scare the hell out of me. It is scary to be surrounded by a thousand people asking questions as if the events in the series actually happened. I’m just afraid that if it goes too far and it appears that I have created a philosophy that answers all human ills that someone will stand up and cry ‘Fraud!’ and with good reason.”
– Gene Roddenberry, speaking in 1976

295. Spockish - May 8, 2009

As for scripture that is most likely caused by those that view it as such have a small sphere of things than petulance their lives. Just like modern day journalists where they then to only communicate among those fellow journalists that view the world the same distorted way they do. So what they say is meant to impress their fell buddy’s (not the as they see them) the really unknowing public. And you need to remember it’s a good bet they were raised in th 80’s and 90’s. I bet if you could move the topic authors back from 2020 or 2030 there would be a much more realistic point of view. This because by then we might be living on the moon and space may be a small portion of life and not for as they called rich people ‘Life’s lottery winners’

296. Jack - May 8, 2009

James Cawley needs to stop his self-richeous attitude. “I turned down interviews…” What a hack.

297. Ryan Danekas - May 8, 2009

# 65

Jay, you made a good point and I agree with it for the most part, yet I feel the need to point out that neither Lost or Battlestar Galactica have been around as long as Star Trek. I would assume most Star Trek fans like myself have grown up with the show their entire life, so it’s more significant and meaningful. I still agree with you though.

298. Ryan Danekas - May 8, 2009

Crap, I meant #85

299. S. John Ross - May 8, 2009

#204: The Star Trek fan could walk on water, fine … but you didn’t specify if the water was wet.

300. JacksonRoyKirk - May 8, 2009

Simply, if it wasnt for the enduring nature and constantly growing number of ST fans over the years, there wouldnt be new ST movies for the MSM/DriveBy media to dis. This one occurning at an earlier starDate is by no means “different.” The characters of ST1 seeded the fantasy, and spawned how many spinoffs on both big and little screen? Popularity does mean something has hit a popular nerve. If the MSM can’t see that, it is obviously quite numb.

301. Gorn Captain - May 8, 2009

#294: Didn’t Gene attend a convention or two though?

Interesting he made that comment the same year he did the “Inside Star Trek” record. In one segment, he has a chat with Mark Lenard, (in character as Sarek) on topics such as the complexities of conceiving a Human/Vulcan child!

302. Number 1. - May 8, 2009

I saw the movie last night and loved it! It’s been a while since I saw anything “Trekkish”. I was a fan of the original show and the original cast. I used to watch the Next Generaton religiously as well.

Last night I saw someone wearing a Spock Shocker shirt that I thought was funny as hell. Asked him where he got it and he said online. Sol tshirts. I checked it out. Ordered me one! This shirt is out of this world!

The movie was great too! Can’t wait to see the next movie!

303. TJR - May 8, 2009

I own zero Trek paraphenelia

I own zero Trek DVDs

I have never been to a Trek convention.

But I LOVE Trek.

I like the TV Shows, the Movies, I like the animated series., I like Phase II, and enjoy talking about Trek with other Trek fans,

Hell, I even went to the casting call for extras and spent a very cold night on the set just to be in Trek in some small way.

I am tempted to volunteer to be that Trek Hater they are looking for and then say the reverse on camera

304. Beck - May 8, 2009

269. Krik Semaj – May 7, 2009

I gotta say, I disagree. Someone here has probably already said it, but regardless of whether or not Star Trek or sports are real or not, they are both entertainments. That’s what athletes are paid to do, basically – entertain us, and occasionally sell things to us. I’m not sure how that’s any different from Star Trek (which, in it’s own way, is a competitive team – of talented actors, writers, directors, etc.) or how that makes it okay to look down on obnoxious, obsessed Trek fans and yet tolerate obnoxious, obsessed sports fans.

305. Crewman Darnell - May 8, 2009

What’s with the practice within the “Mainstream Media” to marginalize (or ridicule) anything that encourages critical thinking or analysis on a deeper level, even if it’s mostly entertainment? The MSM are in some ways reminiscent of the self proclaimed “cool kids” in school, picking on the science class “nerds.” Screaming cheese heads and endless blather about sports minutiae is good clean fun, but enthusiastic Sci-Fi fans or even the Sidewalk Astronomy Organization is fodder for snickers and jokes. High school is one thing. Too bad we can’t expect more from the supposed ‘grown ups’ within the media. Their large response continues to be: If it’s not sports or reality shows you’re excited about, you will be portrayed as a humorous sideshow act. Nothing more.

306. Captain Dunsel - May 8, 2009

The thing that gets me, by the way, is that the majority of the reviews of the film are positively glowing. I’ve been hard pressed to find a truly bad review. Even Roger Ebert’s review was strangely convoluted on the subject.
The thing is that the MSM can usually take its cues from the big name movie critics out there, and for the most part are following suit. There has been a lot of positive coverage of the film, and I have to say there has been a lot of buzz on TV and in the newspapers about it.
To be fair, I’m not sure we’d be doing anyone a service by generalizing media as a whole for the work of a few bad apples.
Just as fandom wouldn’t want to be judged by the select few who tend to take their fandom more seriously than others.
Though everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course :-)

307. wrRu7of9 - May 8, 2009

All I can Say is “F*&#k the hell up” with these mongers. Been a fan for 20+ years and I was so excited when I’ve heard this film was coming out, bout a year ago. Been a fan ever since I first saw Kirk (Shatner) “ate sand” on a Stranded episode, Until VOYEGER returned home….
I love the movie, Pine, Quinto, Cho, Urban and etc. were true to form, did not made any sacrilage to any of their character, Kudos guys…..
I’m not as what you can describe as a “Trekkie or Trekker” but would not mind to be branded as one (anyway we don’t have it here in PH). Never the less, I think I’m part of the demographics you mentioned earlier. I’ve admired and enjoyed this story eversince, and I do hope there are still more in the pipeline. Though I would not also mind seeing Picard’s gang, back, here’s hoping…..

308. Charles - May 8, 2009

So your innocence is broken. Only now you learn that the mainstream media does not report the news. They make it up. They “know” what the story should be. And then they get out there and find a source to say what they want the “source” to say.

So sad you didn’t know that before.

309. IamNOTspock - May 9, 2009

The problem with the media is that they are still fuming over the anti-Obama anti-Democrats anti-tax-&-spend “Tea Parties” and their rage is spilling over on anything they report. Forget them — with their low ratings, they’re only a storm in a tea cup (pun intended). :)

310. Anthony Pascale - May 9, 2009

warning for flaming

311. Chadwick - May 9, 2009

If those news companies only report a one-sided story and try to ruin the limelight that the new star trek movie is in… god help them. There are only a few trekkies who don’t like the movie, I was waiting in line for 3 hours to see Star Trek in IMAX and it was all trekkies who were dying to see the movie, I got to know a few of them and non of them had hatred towards the movie. If those news companies report false data, there will be a huge uproar and as I said god help them.

312. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

96% on the Tomatometer now.

That better than the last 5 Oscar winners for “Best Picture”.

This is surreal.

313. Joyce - May 9, 2009

Just came from the Star Trek movie and I LOVED IT. But I am SO thankful for this article because I am GUILTY of believing that serious StarTrek fans live in the past (how ironic when sci-fi is so… uhm, what’s the word? uhm…. FUTURISTIC?) and were just a bunch of complainers. So I was wrong. And
this time around it feels GOOD to be wrong. BUt HEY!!! I REALLY believe that the bad press will get more people to watch the film and once they’ve watched it, chance are they are going to LOVE IT!!!

314. IamNOTspock - May 9, 2009

I agree! “Warn” that media about “flaming”!

315. IamNOTspock - May 9, 2009

In the “When will you see the Star Trek movie” poll, an important category was left out:

Wait for TV [(my estimation = 5%)]

I suspect there would be more (albeit a similar small percentage amongst “Star Trek fans”) who presently think they wouldn’t spend money on it but WOULD watch it on free broadcast … and from there decide on it’s place (or lack there of) in legitimate Star Trek.

316. 24th Century Rockstar - May 9, 2009

To Anthony: Big props on doing your best to get the word out on these media spinsters, these are the guys that really need to be outed.

Wow gang, gotta raise the double-eyebrow. I’ve been pretty busy out in real life this last week so dropping by to find out that a few desperately cash-hungry main-stream media spinsters are DELIBERATELY trying to find some kind of puppet-trekkie poster boy to slander the efforts and affections of so many for nothing more than to cash in on spinning some good copy is pretty damn insulting (not to mention a mouthful!)

Not to be seething or venomous, but I sincerely hope it all backfires.

My schedule is so booked this weekend that I’m probably not going to get to see the movie until Tuesday or Wednesday :( so I guess we’ll see how this all plays out!

I’m reminded of how many people got their feathers ruffled over the political slant in Steve Daly’s article in Newsweek (now THAT was an interesting thread!). It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we should hear such snazzy words like “zeitgeist” being thrown around by the press in their mad competitive scramble to out sell each other, and it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Star Trek has become the zeitgeist in the here and now – and that opens us all up to a certain amount of exploitation in their attempt to bottle this particular brand of lightning.

I hope that in the coming weeks of press exposure, the fans remember that we aren’t limited to reading and accepting any one particular slant, spin, or agenda some of these people are going to push on us – we CAN hold the author responsible too folks!

Till next time,

– 24thCRS

317. Ugh - May 9, 2009

I like how “Trekkie’s” where bashed on snl. With even nimoy calling “Trekkie’s” who didn’t see this movie “Dick heads”. Wtf? Im getting tired of seeing hearing this. I saw this on colverfield, I even saw people threatening to kill people if that didn’t like that movie. So people aren’t allowed to have opinions any more? I personal hate cloverfield.

I’m sure fanboy’s will attack me with OMG IT’s just a joke, sure but its still stereotyping people. I haven’t seen Star Trek yet, I never go to ANY new release during the first week. Heck I usally just wait for blu-ray so I guess im a dick head for being a non conformist.

318. glory - December 5, 2010


319. Tbjggaxm - May 2, 2012

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320. Nogncgir - May 2, 2012

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321. Cumlynoq - May 5, 2012

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