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Report From Mexico City Star Trek Press Conference (w/ Pictures & Video) + JJ Talks Sequel June 4, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness, , trackback

The Star Trek movie has opened in most markets around the world, but there are a handful left, including Mexico this weekend. To promote the Mexican premiere JJ Abrams went down to Mexico City with Zachary Quinto, Roberto Orci and Zoe Saldana. We have video and images from the yesterday’s press conference, along with a few comments from Abrams about the Star Trek sequel.


JJ Talks sequel – says they will use subtitle
Unlike the other premieres TrekMovie did not have a man on the scene, so we are reliant on the local media, which is all written in Spanish. Some can get lost in translation from English to Spanish and back to English, but based on multiple accounts from the press conference (AP, La Cronica, SDP and others) most of what was discussed was previously covered territory, however Abrams did make some comments about the Star Trek sequel noting that the team was "in talks" and they were "working on it". In an interview with El Imparcial, JJ got a bit more specific saying "nothing would make me happier than to see what happens with these characters," but he did not want to "presume" people are going to see the first one (this seems aimed at the local audience since at over $310M worldwide, he could certainly do some presuming). Abrams was also asked what number should the sequel have (like ‘Star Trek 12?’) and he noted that if they make a sequel, "it would have a subtitle instead of a number." So looks like the current thinking is ‘Star Trek: Something Something’.

JJ answering questions at Star Trek news conference in Mexico city

Safe to go back to the movies
In May Star Trek and other movies (including Wolverine) were delayed in Mexico because of swine flu. However it appears that this is no longer an issue. Reports from the press conference quote Orci saying how Paramount and the Star Trek team were assured by the local governor that Mexico "is open and the city is safe." Bob talked added how beautiful it was in Mexico City and how it was like being on vacation.

Bob at Trek news conference in Mexico city

VIDEO: Orci y Saldana en Español + Zach Gets Happy B’Day in Spanish

This first video of the press conference from EJE Central TV has Roberto Orci (born in Mexico City) and Zoe Saldana (from a Dominican family) showing off their Español.

For the Gringos, Bob talks about how the new Star Trek movie is about the first adventure for this crew who you will get to see come together as a family and that it is a story never shown before and not one you need to have seen the past 10 movies to understand. He also talks about how JJ made sure that it was at its core a good adventure and something that didn’t have to be in space, but something that dealt with human relationships. Saldana talks about how humbled the actors were to have that vision passed down to them and how proud they were to be ‘reincarnating’ the characters from the original Trek. She also talks about how JJ wanted the actors to take risks with their characters.

As we noted previously, Zach spent his birthday in Mexico, and so, apparently spontaneously, he was sung "Happy Birthday" (in Spanish) at the news conference (even though his birthday was the day before).

PHOTOS: Press Conference & Party

Here are some more shots from the press event in Mexico City (via Wire Image).

Zach and Zoe play with BK Spock toy

Group Shot

Zach looking more Spock-like

Zoe with that beaming smile

And Zimbio has photos from a Tuesday night birthday party for Zach in Mexico City, including this one of Zoe hitting a piñata.

Zoe swings for the piñata

Star Trek opens in theater in Mexico tomorrow (Friday June 5th).

For more visit the official Latin American Star Trek site


Special thanks to Barbara Gajate for help with translation



1. MrData - June 4, 2009

I had no idea that movies were being delayed in Mexico.
That sucks. :/

2. The Original Spock's Brain - June 4, 2009

Viva Mexico!

3. MP - June 4, 2009

I think they should just call the next movie “Star Trek II” with no subtitle.

4. Pyork (JE) - June 4, 2009

# 3

IT’S NOT STAR TREK II!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS STAR TREK XII!!!!!!!!!!!!! Star Trek was actually a sequel

5. SirMartman - June 4, 2009

Hope they dont eat any pork sandwich’s !

6. Liz - June 4, 2009

That was great. So many Spanish speakers in the group. I’m glad Mexico is over some of it’s toubles. Zach and Zoe look great, as usual.

7. Devon - June 4, 2009

Zoe knows German, Spanish, and three dialects of Romulan. She has an impressive tounge….

8. AJ - June 4, 2009

God forgive me for finding this: “Mexican Star Trek.”

9. Valar1 - June 4, 2009

God help me Zoe is freakin hot!

10. Andrew C - June 4, 2009

I don’t know, Star Trek Something Something doesn’t sound like a very good title. :)

11. Peter F - June 4, 2009

Es bueno! We’re going to Mazatlan in a week…

My wife and kids loved Trek, so maybe we should see it en espanol!

12. DavidJ - June 4, 2009

Wow, Zoe looks absolutely gorgeous in these shots!

13. Jim Nightshade - June 4, 2009

how much can mexico add to the world totals? I like this country-its exciting-

14. The Realist - June 4, 2009

HOw about

Star Trek: Ummmm Errrrm Oooooooh Damn I can’t think of one

15. News guy - June 4, 2009

Star Trek: One Spock Too Many

16. Wastedbeerz - June 4, 2009

#8. AJ


Poor Senor Sulu having to go one on one with the Capitan’s gut like that. Cracks me up every time I see that part. For the longest time before they cast Pine as Kirk my friends and I were saying (half jokingly/half seriously) that JJ should cast Will Sasso as Kirk and just have him do the Shat impression for the whole movie… but make sure he gains all that weight back so it could be just like Estrella Viaje.

17. DJT - June 4, 2009

Bob rocks the Spanish. Yeah, baby!

And so does Zoe?! Holy s**tballs!

Double trouble, Amigos!

18. Harry Ballz - June 4, 2009

The name of the next movie?

Star Trek: The Search For More Money*

*(with thanks to Mel Brooks)

19. Harry Ballz - June 4, 2009

Could Zoe BE any more gorgeous??!!

20. Iowagirl - June 4, 2009

– ‘Star Trek: Something Something’ –

‘Star Trek: Figure Out, Take Two’

21. DJT - June 4, 2009

No Harry. She could not.

22. Simon - June 5, 2009

I know first hand Latinas love Star Trek.
It should do pretty well there.

PS: Bob Orci…could it have killed you to smile? :)

23. Emotionally logical - June 5, 2009

I’m happy they are going with Star Trek: Subtitle. It just feels like star trek II would be wrong. Star Trek (2009) was cool because there was no movie previously with that title to dishonor.

24. Jimtibkirk - June 5, 2009

I wondered what they would do for the sequel title, and thought they might try another title altogether. It worked for The Dark Knight, but not the series Enterprise, however.

The Starship Enterprise? Nah, too wordy, like The Shawshank Redemption (now recognized as a great film but did poorly in theatres, partly due to that ambiguous title).

25. Alfredo Ruanova - June 5, 2009

Hello everybody!!!

I’m the president of a local star trek fan club in mexico city (and as far as we know the only one in mexico city).

We found out at what hotel they were staying, but we weren’t lucky enough to see or meet them. We left letters for them welcoming them to the city and offering to show them around, but it seems it was too brief a visit.

We went tonight (june 4th) to a pre-screening of the movie (it opens tomorrow). The screening was arranged by paramount’s local representative and 15 guys form the club were invited.

We were completely blown away by the movie and plan to see it again with the rest of the club this weekend. We even made special t-shirts for the event.

We would like to thank JJ, Zachary, Roberto and Zoe for coming over, and wish that if it ever happens again we get a chance to meet (we can dream can’t we?

Best wishes to all involved in


26. Kasaisha - June 5, 2009

Maybe something like
Star Trek: The Continuous Journey
Star Trek: The Beginings
or something like that

27. Hat Rick - June 5, 2009

Here’s hoping for:

1. Great fan enjoyment of this new movie in Mexico; and,
2. Big Money!


28. Bugs Nixon - June 5, 2009


Agreed. I keep thinking the title should be simply: “Kirk & Spock”

Like butch and sundance

29. Matt D - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: How Spock Got His Groove Back

30. Bugs Nixon - June 5, 2009

(The K and S being interchangeable with the S and K at the beginning and end of Star treK)

31. Admiral_BlackCat - June 5, 2009

25. Alfredo Ruanova
Glad you enjoyed the movie. Sucks you had to wait so long to see it. But at least you’ve finally seen it. :)

They should call it Star Trek 2 and the poster should be a mock of Ghostbusters 2 with Pine holding up two fingers… or better yet Quinto doing the Vulcan salute. LOL

Doing my best Don LaFontaine:
“In a world full of adventure… Star Trek: Something Something!! 2011.”

32. Devon - June 5, 2009

#29 – Epic win!

33. sebimeyer - June 5, 2009

I think we should print t-shirts of STAR TREK: SOMETHING SOMETHING

34. David B - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: The New Frontier

Star Trek: Unthinkable

Star Trek :Return to Tomorrow (oh wait..)

Star Trek: The Enemy Within

35. CJS - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Something, Something
Starring Someone as Someone Else
Coming Sometime to Some Theater near Some of you.

36. section9 - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Senator Vreenak Lays an Egg

Star Trek: The Search For Plot

Star Trek: The Voyage To Reseda

Star Trek: Taboo Interspecies Love

Star Trek: T’Pring Is In Da House!

37. That One Guy - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

38. Mike Ten - June 5, 2009

#35, that was funny. Reminds me of the old Airplane! movie with William Shatner and the space shuttle that was going to fly into the sun. They had alot of conversations like your statement above.

39. ME - June 5, 2009

Listen to Zoe! She would make Uhura proud with her talented tongue!

40. Mike - June 5, 2009

Star Trek opened in Hong Kong yesterday. Saw it tonight. Not a huge turnout for the 7pm show, but that is still very early for Hong Kong. Everyone there seemed to like it though!

41. trekboi - June 5, 2009

Zack is so hot & quite adorable- would love to meet him in the flesh one day- as for the hong kong – lets pray word of mouth…with legs!

42. Gabriel Bell - June 5, 2009


43. Dr. Image - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Revenge of the Cloned Phantom Timeline.

44. Jim Nightshade - June 5, 2009

star trek:two kirks,one spock and a pizza-(sorry im hungry)

45. 'Jean-Luc' - June 5, 2009

Let us not forget that we should now refer to ST3 as:


46. Harry Ballz - June 5, 2009

Well, if the sequel has Harry Mudd in it, I think the title should be:

Star Trek: The Mirth Of Mudd

……………….what do you think of my solution?

47. Star Trek: Something Something | - June 5, 2009

[…] donosi, w wywiadzie dla El Imparcial J.J. Abrams spytany o numerek następnego Star Trek (który my […]

48. Jesustrek - June 5, 2009

This is the best video of “mañanita” for Zachary Quinto. :-)

49. Adam Shepherdson - June 5, 2009

Star Trek : The trouble with teeny tiny turbolifts filled with tons of tittering tribbles….

50. Adam Shepherdson - June 5, 2009

Otherwise known as ST: TTWTTTFWTTOTT

51. Spock - June 5, 2009

Could Quinto have looked any more awkward??

52. Jesustrek - June 5, 2009

53. Adam Shepherdson - June 5, 2009

Seriously though, do a movie about Trelene and Q and the new Enterprise crew… lots of chance for Humour, action, sex, etc… great for ratings .. plus might be fun to watch for us fans too!

54. TREKKIE369 - June 5, 2009

@#17–Bob IS Mexican, and was born in Mexico City.

@#41–I agree, Zack is hot, and I do hope that ST09 does great in Hong Kong.

Star Trek: The Trouble With Q

(Hey Q could try to merge the 2 timelines, and say that if Humanity doesn’t stand and win another trial, then both Vulcan and Romulus will be destroyed, but if they do win, then both can be restored.

55. TREKKIE369 - June 5, 2009

#53–I like our idea too. Trelene could try to destroy the two when merging them, and Q could try to bring them back just so he has another two planets to play with.

56. TREKKIE369 - June 5, 2009

By the way, just saw ST09 for the 11th time last night. My goal is 20 times in the theater.

57. Tiberius - June 5, 2009

Boldy Go.

That’s a good title, plain and simple. (ala Dark Knight, everyone knows it’s Batman)

58. Tiberius - June 5, 2009

I mean…

Boldly Go.

That’s a good title, plain and simple. (ala Dark Knight, everyone knows it’s Batman)

59. AJ - June 5, 2009

STAR TREK: Kirk and Spock’s Little Secret


STAR TREK: McCoy Switches to Decaf

STAR TREK: European Vacation

STAR TREK: Spock’s Two Brains

60. John from Cincinnati - June 5, 2009

It feels like they’ve been promoting this movie for like 10 years. Don’t they all have other things to do?

61. Danya Romulus - June 5, 2009

God damn it, I am really not happy to hear that it will be “Star Trek: Subtitle.” I am so sick of that construction, it has always struck me as corny. I think that the title should be “Star Trek 2.” Not “II,” “2.” And absolutely not “XII.”

I can’t believe how many people here still insist that ST09 was really just the “eleventh Star Trek movie.” Clearly it was a completely new beginning and doesn’t fit with the chronology of the TOS and TNG ones. You wouldn’t call Batman Begins “Batman 5,” would you? Hell, in that case, you’d have to call the original Batman “Batman 2″ actually to take into account the hilarious 60’s one with Adam West.

62. John from Cincinnati - June 5, 2009

STAR TREK: Mudd Pies

STAR TREK: Revenge of the Nerds

STAR TREK: Is that a Tribble in your Pocket or are you just Happy to See Me?

STAR TREK: The Search for a Plot

STAR TREK: The Search for a Bridge

STAR TREK: The Search for Engineering

STAR TREK: The Tarsus Massacre

STAR TREK: The Vulcan Chronicles

STAR TREK: Talosian Nightmare

STAR TREK: Odyssey to Orion

STAR TREK: The Guardian of Forever (Spock Prime goes back in time and fixes the timeline)

63. AJ - June 5, 2009

STAR TREK: The Re-Animated Series

STAR TREK: Kirk and Spock’s Excellent Adventure

STAR TREK: Planet of the Apes

64. somethoughts - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Year Two
Star Trek: Space Seed
Star Trek: Shadows
Star Trek: Voyages
Star Trek: Mission 2
Star Trek: Alpha Ceti

65. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - June 5, 2009

61. Danya Romulus

I’m the complete opposite. I never liked the numbering bit that was so popular in the 80’s. Especially since it was ludicrous in some cases. Like Rambo three. There was never a Rambo 1. Or a Rambo II for that matter. It was First Blood and Rambo: First Blood II. Heh.

Back in the day when there were scores of films done in series like Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes and such they never numbered them, they each had their own title. Every story deserves it’s own title.

I do agree that Star Trek 2009 is NOT Star Trek IX. People need to get the fact that they stopped numbering them after 6.

The next one can be called Star Trek: Mudd in Your Eye. Heh.

66. Closettrekker - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: The Search For a Younger Fanbase!

67. 'Jean-Luc' - June 5, 2009

Check out the movie poster for the sequel

68. tIBERIUS - June 5, 2009



69. Trekkie16 - June 5, 2009

#67 That is classic ‘I haven’t seen it but I don’t like it”. Star Trek fans are so clever! Also loved the poster, I wonder if it will be in Nacelles Monthly.

70. AJ - June 5, 2009


Excellent poster, Jean-Luc!

71. RD - June 5, 2009

#58 Tiberius wrote: Boldly Go. That’s a good title, plain and simple. (ala Dark Knight, everyone knows it’s Batman)

I agree, but I will bet the title will be nothing like what the fans come up with.

Also, I did not know The Dark Knight was Batman without the ads, not being a Batman fan. Though it is not a huge stretch given that Batman IS the Dark Knight. In the case of Trek, there is no single identifying phrase that is synonymous with it. Only oblique references which only the fans may be familiar with: The Final Frontier, The Voyages, WNMHGB, etc.

The jury is also out on whether the trademark title: Star Trek, helps or hurts the franchise. I know people who would not go see a “Star Trek” movie if all of their favorite movie stars were in it, and may play some part in the poor reception in foreign markets. However, since Star Trek has made a good name for itself with general audiences, dropping it now might only cause confusion for the general audiences who will be looking for the Star Trek brand and who are not familiar with phrases associated with the series.

72. RD - June 5, 2009

#18. How about just – Star Trek: Cha-CHING!

Or, Star Trek: Re-Booty (so many double-entendres)

Or, Star Trek: The Klingon Empire Strikes Back

73. The Governator - June 5, 2009

You know The Final Frontier is an awesome title. Too bad they wasted it.

74. d bell - June 5, 2009

I love Zachery he is so hot!!!!!

75. Racer X - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Sulu & Scotty go to White Castle

76. Racer X - June 5, 2009

or… Star Trek: The Klingons of Uranus

77. 'Jean-Luc' - June 5, 2009

#69, #70


There’s an “easter egg” in that poster – can you spot it?

78. Joanna McCoy - June 5, 2009

My vote is on #54’s suggestion: “Star Trek: The Trouble with Q”

Can you imagine Kirk going head to head with Q? I mean, really. It would be crazy… not to mention Bones’ hissy fit, which would be priceless. I would pay to see that movie. John deLancie needs to make it to a film. Whoopi got to cameo/guest-star, why not Q?

*goes to look for Q TOS fanfic*

79. C.S. Lewis - June 5, 2009

Dear Anthony,
“Gringo” is a racist and very offensive term, in the same category as “dego”, “spic”, “kike” and the n-word. I am surprised to see it under your by-line, given your dedication to positive relationships.

C.S. Lewis

80. somethoughts - June 5, 2009

They should just make a new weekly Star Trek series with this cast and make a new film every 2 years. We get to see the new 5 year mission unfold in this alternate reality and they can do big things on screen every 2 years that addresses famous episodes or arcs.

The series can address the exploration and deep relationships, while the movies can be the tent poles.

81. AJ - June 5, 2009


Yes, I saw it ;-). As long as JJ’s still directing ;-)

82. AJ - June 5, 2009




83. Spock Jenkins - June 5, 2009


84. Closettrekker - June 5, 2009

#79—“‘Gringo’ is a racist and very offensive term, in the same category as “dego”, “spic”, “kike” and the n-word. ”

Actually, it is just a term to denote white Americans. It is only derogatory in the hands of someone who is racist (as with most references to a person’s ethnic background).

Most uses of the word in Spanish-speaking areas are not meant as such, but rather, it very much depends upon the context of its use.
I would not liken it to those “other terms”, as those words are inherently derogatory.

‘Gringo’ is more reasonably compared to ‘Italian’, ‘Latino’, ‘Jew’, and ‘black’ respectively—-none of which are inherently derogatory, but simply specific denotations of ethnic groups.

I live in an area which is heavily populated with both hispanic and white Americans, and I have yet to see anyone offended at the mere use of that term.

85. John from Cincinnati - June 5, 2009

Sorry guys, have to agree with CS Lewis on this one. ‘Gringo’ is a racial slur.

86. Anthony Pascale - June 5, 2009

i am a gringo

87. richpit - June 5, 2009

Star Trek: Electric Boogaloo

I didn’t read all the posts…apologies if someone already said it!

88. Spocko - June 5, 2009

This new cast looks like they’re a real family.

89. Mom - June 5, 2009

The real beginnings of the term “gringo” began when American soldiers during the Mexican-American used to sing ( an OLD tradition for our soldiers) Green Grow the Rushes” or possibly “Green Grow the Lilacs”. So as they went by, people used to say, there go the green-grows…
This soon became known as “gringos”.
If this started as a derrogatory term, well, I do not believe it was so. It was due to the language barrier.

I have never understood it as a derrogatory remark. I am a first generation born and raised in the US from a hispanic heritage. We also use the term “anglo”. For us gringo is NOT derrogatory. It is simply an identification term.

Words are like beauty…”in the eye of the beholder.”
To each his own.
“Para los gustos se hicieron los colores.”

90. Sunfell - June 5, 2009

I saw another clip from that same press-conference with Quinto talking about his Vulcan Salute difficulties and saying that they created an alternate universe in which Spock is left-handed! (So is Quinto, who can’t quite get the gesture with his right hand.)

91. Harry Ballz - June 5, 2009

Trust the LINGO and go with GRINGO!

92. Dom - June 6, 2009

Maybe they should use ‘Star Trek’ as the subtitle. In the UK, Star Trek IV was released as ‘The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV.’

Perhaps they could even do ‘Star Trek Part Two’

It’d be a good way to separate the new series of films from the old. The TOS films had numbers and the TNG ones had names. Neo-Trek could have ‘Parts’.

93. Christine - June 6, 2009


I think it’s so great that (A) both Orci and Saldana hablan espanol, and also that I could understand about 75% of what they were saying. :3

94. Lore - June 6, 2009

Sequal Titles:
1. Star Trek The Wrath of Rick Berman (Berman tries to take over the franchise again.
2. Star Trek 2 and a half men (Charlie Sheen as a renagade Starfleet Capt with his brother and nephew tagging along for comedy relief.
3. Star Trek 2 Attack of the Clones (Vulcans begin cloning themselves to repopulate the species but accidently use the same DNA sample for all clones.
4. Star Trek 2 The Real Jackass Movie (Eddie Murphy guest stars for comic relief, with apologies to Shrek 2.
5. Star Trek 2 Men in black (the whole movie revolves around a uniform change in order to get away from the sixties uniforms.
6. Star Trek 2 Jim Kirk’s day off ( Kirk gets his uptight friend Spock to play hooky and spend the day with him and an Orian slave girl in Chicago.
7. Star Trek 2 Seinfeld version (the sci fi movie about nothing.

95. Trek Nerd Central - June 6, 2009

Star Trek: Gringo Wars.

Seriously, guys, relax on the “Gringo” business. It’s the automatic identifier and nickname assigned to any white northerner in Latin America.

It’s not a racist pejorative at all, just a descriptive. And nicknames tend to be rather blunt down there. Be grateful your nickname isn’t “Gordo” or “Flaca”. . .

Yeesh mareesh.

96. fctiger - June 6, 2009

You know I like the fact that they will just use subtitles since they’ve ALL used subtitles anyway. And the TNG films did away with the numbers a long time ago, so I kind of wish this one had a subtitle as well and keep with the tradition. Its kind of weird just calling it Star Trek, ironically lol. TFB, or whatever wouldve been cool and no confusions for the next few.

97. Closettrekker - June 6, 2009

#85—“Sorry guys, have to agree with CS Lewis on this one. ‘Gringo’ is a racial slur.”

Well, I live in Texas (which has no shortage of Hispanic inhabitants), and it isn’t considered such around here. It is simply a Spanish slang term for “white American”. It is only deragatory if the user holds white Americans in a negative regard. I’m sorry, but if that’s enough for you to classify it as a “racial slur”, then I have a term to describe you—“hyper-sensitive”.

Allowing a minority of people who harbor racial predjudices to commandeer the Spanish language is absurd and unwarranted.

The authoritative ‘Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española’ (Royal Spanish Academy) does not consider the word “gringo” to be derogatory or racist, and there isn’t a more credible and respected source on the Spanish language in the entire World.

98. Harry Ballz - June 6, 2009

That gringo ate my baby!!

99. Spock with a Crowbar - June 6, 2009

I’m from Alaska, which is as far from the border in the US as you can get, and even I thought the word Gringo was meant to be harmless.

Maybe sometimes it’s how you say a thing that’s offensive as opposed to what you say. I wish people would lighten up; I’m tired of those who think that they have a god-given right to never be offended by anything, ever.

The freedom of speech can only be fairly countered by the freedom to ignore who’s speaking.

100. Millennium Vulcan - June 7, 2009


Damn! You beat me to that joke.

101. Harry Ballz - June 7, 2009

Ya snooze, ya lose!! :>) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.