Chris Pine Talks “Big F-ing Deal” Landing Kirk Role; Surprised ‘Star Trek 4’ Has Another New Screenwriter

Today is the 15th anniversary of the official release date of the 2009 Star Trek movie, where Chris Pine debuted in the role of James T. Kirk. The actor is reflecting on being cast in that role and expressing his latest frustration on the development of the fourth movie set in the Kelvin Universe.

Pine reflects on Star Trek

Chris Pine is out promoting his directorial debut film Poolman, and he is of course also taking questions about his career including playing James T. Kirk in three movies. Today Entertainment Weekly posted a video of the actor discussing several of his projects including the 2009 Star Trek movie. In the video he talks about how he didn’t get called after his first audition for months and assumed he didn’t get the role, describing his callback audition with producer/director J.J. Abrams:

“I remember going in and J.J. was really fun. And it’s ridiculous. You’re standing acting in an office in Hollywood and you’re talking about phasers and thrusters and the battleships going down and Klingons are coming after you. It’s acting with a capital A. J.J. is very giggly. So, he’s very like reactive. He’s what an actor loves. We perform for people, so he’s giving you a lot. So I went out and he said “Spock’s here,” and I knew Zachary [Quinto] was playing Spock and I knew Zach because we worked out at the same gym with the same trainer. Very Hollywood, same nutritionist and acupuncturist. Auditioning is very – I found it very fun. It’s very disheartening. You kind of work your way up and you are doing TV and it was much more the case back then than it is now, but to be in a film was a big f-ing deal.”

You can watch him talk Trek and more below…

Wonders why Star Trek 4 has another scriptwriter

After Pine talked about Star Trek (including how proud he was to have Chris Hemsworth play his father) he was prompted by EW to react to the latest reports on a fourth Kelvin movie and he said:

“You may have more information than I do. So, I don’t know. I just read the trades that someone got hired to write a new script. I was under the impression that there was already a script, but I have no idea. I’d love to do it and if they want to do it, fantastic.”

Pine is referring to the March reports in the Hollywood trades that Paramount and J.J. Abrams have brought in another screenwriter for Star Trek 4, tasking Steve Yockey to draft yet another script. Pine got even more curious about the situation when talking to Business Insider, posing the question “Why?” when asked about the latest news, adding:

“I thought there was already a script, but I guess I was wrong, or they decided to pivot. As it’s always been with ‘Trek,’ I just wait and see.”

Even though the Star Trek 4 project (in various forms) has been in development since 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, Paramount has decided to move another Trek feature film ahead of it. Last month at Cinemacon Paramount Pictures officially put their “Untitled Star Trek Origin Movie” on their 2025/2026 schedule. The film is expected to have a new cast. Toby Haynes (Andor, Black Mirror “USS Callister”) has already been hired as director for a script from Seth Grahame-Smith (The Lego Batman Movie), with J.J. Abrams also as producer. The Star Trek 4 project reuniting the Kelvin cast is in parallel development, but Paramount has yet to set a new target date.

Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek Beyond

Looking back at ST09

Paramount was feeling nostalgic today, releasing a video looking back at the Star Trek movie released May 8, 2009.

Pine back in theaters this weekend

Chris Pine’s Poolman opens May 10. Here is the trailer…

Find more news and analysis on upcoming Star Trek feature films.

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Box Office Mojo still has only one pending Trek movie, no release date, and labeled Untitled Star Trek: Beyond Sequel.

So there’s that. Along with the cone of silence.

What’s amazing is we got 3 movies in 7 years and I remember fans thought it took way too long between films.

Now we have 0 movies in 8 years and no end in sight when that will change. If Beyond didn’t crap the bed as it did they may have been on their 5th or 6th movie by now.

Ya and truth be told I think Kelvin has run it’s course as you know. It was great in it’s day to revitalize the franchise after TNG era fatigue but we are way past that now.

Certainly. But I always said why I don’t care they make another one I would give it a chance if for no other reason it would be fun to see one in a movie theater again.

But these movies have run out of gas long ago. Before they were seen as the future of the entire franchise. Today they are treated like an after thought by both the fans and even the studio. What’s even the point anymore? Just move on already as they say they are actually doing. But they still keep pushing the idea they will do one more to squeeze out one last dollar I guess.

I’d still really like to see one more Kelvin film with Pine, Quinto, Urban and the rest. I really enjoyed the 3 Abrams films (despite obvious continuity issues). I loved how it married ST with SW action and I thought the casting, for the most part, was absolutely great.

Beyond was the best of the 3 and certainly did not “crap the bed” as you so eloquently put it. The problem started with Into Darkness. People were stoked when Trek 2009 came out that they flocked to theatres to see Into Darkness, only to leave disappointed with the poor remake of TWOK, and it left a bad taste in people’s mouths. When Beyond came out, fewer people went to see it because of that.
I found beyond to be the most like Star Trek that we knew and loved. The actors fit into their roles very well. It was a fun movie and deserved better than being crapped on. Into Darkness finds itself in the company with TFF and Nemesis as the worst of the Trek movies.

Bro Beyond is my favorite of the three and the only one I actually liked.😉

So obviously I’m not talking about the merits of the movie itself. But end of the day it had the worst BO. I thought Star Trek Into Dumbness was really bad and another reason why people didn’t care about Beyond but you can’t blame Beyond bad BO solely on that movie either. I actually blame it mostly on the poor marketing (and that first teaser trailer….yuck) and that a lot of new fans had no interest in it like the first two because it came off too Trek-y. The first two movies, as bad as I thought they were, were probably more pleasing for new fans because they felt closer to Star Wars than the last movie did. Sad but true.

But Beyond was the movie that had the worst performance out of the three. If it at least broke even like The Final Frontier did we probably would’ve had another movie years by now.

At the end of the day Beyond just didn’t excite/interest average moviegoers the way ST09/ID did


Even though I liked the movie I didn’t bother to even watch it until the second week it came out. By then I was just put off by these movies but reading fan reviews sounded like it felt more like an actual TOS story and less Star Wars so I went and was pleasantly surprised.

But I still remember sitting in that theater on a Saturday night in IMAX and there was maybe 50 or so other people there with me. I knew then this movie was going to be a turkey lol. It was a stark difference from the first two movies where the theater was packed for several weeks and it was the exact same theater I watched all three movies in.

I just think most people stopped caring. There was no real hook for it, it did look more bland than the first two and it probably didn’t help it was the same premise the third time in a row about another villain who wanted vengeance against the Federation. 🙄

And did I mention that first horrible trailer?

Like I said, I liked it but it wasn’t a movie that was a must see in the theaters either unless you were a super fan basically. For everyone else it probably came off like a generic Star Trek movie.

I never watched any of these movies in the theater. They just looked too much like Star Wars with a lot of hyperkinetic action and over the top villains.

They probably did seem fun for younger people which I guess was the point but as you said no real substance.

Beyond was definitely better but I still didn’t see it as very good, just passable. It did try to feel like a Star Trek story. It was even about exploration. Who knew that was possible?

Oh yeah I never been a big fan of these movies either. I was never excited about doing a TOS prequel/reboot in the first place but was certainly curious how they would do them.

But when I realized it was just basically an over slick action movie with plot holes the size of the black hole the Narada came out of I just lost all interest.

And I’m not a film snob fat from it lol. But there are enough fast food slick action movies every year. And Star Trek is an action franchise but that’s not why most people watch Star Trek. They actually watch it because they want to be awed by it. To have something meaningful to say. It doesn’t mean every episode but every once in awhile.

But it was obvious these movies were trying to grab the Marvel and Fast and furious audience, not the science fiction audience. They tried to slant it that way with the parallel universe stuff but that’s how you actually knew these movies didn’t care about that or was afraid it would scare off the intended audience because they didn’t explore it any real way.

They literally gave it a few lines of dialogue and then it was back to more running around and catchy one liners. If this was an episode that would’ve been the main focus of the story and not just the crazy Romulan blowing up planets because he’s super angry. 🙄

But once even that wasn’t enough for the newbies they bounced because you can just watch those other franchises if that’s all you want. It’s exactly why Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars and Fast and Furious movies have all made a billion dollars and why Star Trek will never get close to that.

As hard as they tried for most people it will still just be that nerdy show with a lot of boring science, technobabble and serious characters no matter how hard you try to turn it into something else.

It can be popular but it’s never going to be for the masses either and probably why there has been no new movies for so long because they finally realize that reality.

Yes all of this!

The Star Trek movies has always leaned to more popcorn fare after TMP (still one of my favorite movies) got a very mixed reaction by fans.

The movies has always catered to non fans as much as fans which is fine, but you can still make them feel like Star Trek movies. TWOK still did it the best. It’s not perfect either and there are a lot of potholes in that movie too. But most fans adore it because it had something to say as you said.

These new movies pretend to be more than action fluff but that’s all it is. Khan in STID has no nuance like the original Khan. He’s just super angry. They spend all of three minutes telling us who he is but leave out all the parts of what makes the character bigger than life. Here he’s just some augment who hated regular humans or something. No debate, no philosophy, no insight to his thought process like we got with the original Khan. Just another villain to topple. Admiral Marcus was much more interesting IMO.

Nero and Krall were just as bad. They monologue for a few minutes but it’s all just an excuse to blow things up. It’s no different than most Bond villains. Why was Nero blowing stuff up when he should’ve been warning Romulus of a super nova that was going to happen in a hundred years instead of putting a target on that planets back when the Federation eventually come looking for payback?

Who cares just eat your popcorn. No one needs to think through anything when the fight scenes and action pieces are so awesome.

I still remembered what I did the night I came home after watching the movie. I was so bitterly disappointed what I saw I put on some of my TNG DVDs and I watched episodes that entire night and throughout that weekend.

I had not watched any Star Trek in probably over a year at that time. But watching them just reminded me of much I truly loved and missed this franchise. The movie oddly sparked my love for it again, just not in the way I intended it though lol.

I have never watched that movie again since my second viewing of it 15 years ago now. Just no desire.

I don’t think Into Darkness killed anything. Yes, a lot of ST fans were annoyed with the is he or isn’t he Khan gimmick. Abrams has essentially said that that was probably not a good call. But the general public doesn’t care about continuity and Darkness is a great, fun, action movie on its own merits.

Beyond was great! It got great critical and audience reviews. Problem was, as with a lot of films these days, it didn’t draw the audience numbers that Paramount wanted and needed to make up for its cost.

It’s a shame. Star Wars: The Force Awakened came out the same year and my wife and I thought Beyond was actually better. But Star Wars will, of course, always draw more than Star Trek at the box office. Also, as Simon Pegg said, I don’t think the marketing for Star Trek Beyond was good enough either.

Even my own daughter didn’t bother to see Beyond in the theater and she liked the first two movies. She just thought it looked too boring and was surprised it was about another villain who wanted to take down the Federation.

And I think after The Force Awakens people who were never big Star Trek fans were pulled away by that movie and Beyond didn’t draw them back in. Of course even SW is now in fandom jail since those fans are even more angry where those movies went. Thanks JJ for making a mess of both franchises.

I thought the Force Awakens was very good, thought its plot intentionally struck almost the same beats as A New Hope.

The Last Jedi was my favorite as it did things that were unexpected. The one thing I would’ve changed is Luke dying at the end. With the loss of Carrie Fisher, they should have had Hamill as one of the major players of the final film. They should’ve had Luke raise his X-wing out of the ocean and taking of in it to join the rest of the “Resistance.” By killing him/merging him with the force, they resorted to using a CGI Princess Leia. I just think that was a mistake.

The last film, the Rise of Skywalker, was a screw up. JJ didn’t stick the landing for this last trilogy. At least the prequel trilogy did that with Revenge of the Sith. Rise had so many problems, including the necessity of using a CGI Princess Leia which limited what they could do with the character, the crazy reappearance of the Emperor and the offhand explanation of what Snoke was, Rey’s lame parentage (she’s not a Skywalker at all, she’s, of course, the Emperor’s grand-daughter). I also didn’t understand that the original trio of characters all had to go. Yes, Solo’s death was a great dramatic device and it worked really well. Luke should not have gone. And Leia’s death, didn’t work, but I guess it made sense since Fisher had passed. Maybe they shouldn’t have used her at all and referenced her death offscreen? Only Lando is left to celebrate at the end (and Chewie of course) and it just feels really sad, not joyful at all, that none of the SW Trinity are there at the end. I just don’t think that was necessary at all. Luke should’ve survived.

But, back to your comment (sorry for the rant). I enjoyed all the Kelvin ST films, despite some obvious continuity issues and creative choices (eg Khan = John Harrison who obviously isn’t an Indian and doesn’t resemble the original Khan at all, that’s not playing fair with the audience, and JJ kind of admitted that). I also really liked Force Awakens as I said, but had problems with The Rise of Skywalker.

So I guess I disagree that JJ ruined ST. His movies both did very well at the box office. As for SW, well Force Awakens was a hit.


Just hilarious. And how many writers over the last 8 years now?

There have been approximately 56 movie scripts, 105 directors, 762 articles featuring the cast saying “I dunno so don’t ask me,” two turtle-doves, and a Vulcan in a pear tree.


I think TM should have a special celebration when they reached their 100th article of reporting what has been completely dead space for the last 8 years lol. And a third of them of just Pine saying “I don’t know nuthin.”

And like really how hard is it to write a script of a mega villain who wants revenge against the Federation who plans to eradicate all life in it, throw in lots of explosions and fist fights along with crew banter that makes them sound like they’re still in high school with more Spock/Uhura relationship drama, some truly bad science to move the plot along and a Beastie Boys moment and bam you have your movie?

I think anyone here can write that judging by the last three movies.

Don’t forget a motorcycle…

That’s probably why the last script failed to get approval…lack of a motorcycle scene.

They were so close!

…or perhaps trouble securing the rights to play another Beastie Boys song….

One of the funniest (but truly on-target) posts I’ve seen here for awhile!

Face it, the only script that is going to pass muster with the lack-of-brains-that-be up top will probably be by the 21st century version of a committee (definition of committee: life form with six or more legs and no brain, thanks Mr. Heinlein), which is, very sad to say, AI.
Just keeping tweaking the algorithm till everybody sezs, works for me.

In the olden days, Nick Meyer could do this all by himself (sigh.)

Haha you nailed it again. These movies have zero originality. The pull the same template in every movie.

I just don’t understand you have an entire new universe to play with but oddly the first two movies evolved around Earth? Why??!

It was the one thing Beyond got right but still more comic book villains unfortunately.

Billions and billions….
Carl Sagan would be impressed.

The universe doesn’t want another Kelvin Star Trek movie and I’m on the universe’s side.

My universe would be fine with another Kelvin movie.
It’s a big universe. Don’t presume to speak for it .

The Kelvin movies were terrible Star Trek movies that ignored many fundamental facts about Trek canon for the convenience of a reboot no one asked for.

It was a life preserver for a franchise that, at the time of their release, was in dire straits. That has not been the case since Discovery’s debut.

Unlike Star Trek ’09, Discovery actually created a Star Trek renaissance, while the Kelvinverse floundered with each subsequent movie (i.e, we were told the reboot was done so they could tell stories they otherwise would not be able to tell, yet the very first thing they did was rehash Space Seed and Wrath of Khan as a badly-made big budget fan film…).

I was with you for a moment there…until the Discovery cheerleading blew your credibility.

begat ‘picard’, SNW, ‘prodigy’ and LDs


You mean ‘preceded’ not ‘begat’. Most or all of those different shows would have been created despite Discovery.

no the other new trek shows would not have been made if not for discovery’s success in bringing in viewers both new ie either came aboard with ent or the kelvin films and old ie most been aboard during the berman era and some since tos/tas era and showing that trek was still viable
and it lead to new fans coming aboard thanks to discovery and even bringing in and holding casual veiwers and general sci-fi fans each new episode and snw is a direct spin off of discovery season 2 and would not have happened without the success of season 2 and the three late 24th/early25th century trek shows picard/lower decks and prodigy would not have happened if not for discovery

As tony pointed out, without Discovery we wouldn’t have any of the shows that followed it. Love or hate it, DIS ushered in a new era of Star Trek, just like TNG did before it.

The Kelvinverse could barely sustain two sequel movies before it imploded.

To be fair though the budgets and timing of what were supposed to be blockbuster movies vs TV shows on P+ are hugely different. I do agree tho that Kelvin ultimately failed where Discovery > succeeded.

There is nothing wrong with Discovery. Just because you don’t like it, you don’t have to negate someone’s comments because they like it.

I would take another Kelvin movie over Discovery every day of the week

I watched 2009 for the first time in many years, and to my surprise – it holds up pretty well. It’s not perfect, but it capably does the job it set out to do – establish a new universe with some changes but passing the torch from the prime universe. It’s a shame that Into Darkness truly ruined things for them after that. If there had been a proper sequel or – if the timing had been just a little bit different, they could have taken that cast to a streaming series.

Such a sad waste of a great cast and good setup.

Yet Star Trek 2009 brought in almost $400 million.
This gatekeeping is tiresome.
Unlike others in this group, I SUPPORT the Trek FRANCHISE.
Have I liked everything? No…
I’ll see Star Trek 4 if/when it comes out.
You, of course, can choose to stay home.

I liked the Kelvin movies. They had their flaws, but not “Generations” level flaws. So, to my original point, My universe would be fine with another Kelvin movie. It’s a big universe, don’t presume to speak for it .

They’ll have found a writer, a producer and a director by the time Chris Pine is around the age of 60. But that’s okay, they’ll just digitally de-age him to hell and back, cause that’s how movies are made these days…

By the time they finally get their act together to make another Kelvinverse movie, Strange New Worlds will have run its course on streaming and be followed by a theatrically-released movie that shows how Pike handed the Enterprise to Kirk.

Star Trek survived in spite of the Kelvin timeline, not because of it.

As much as people hated Discovery, they would have hated it tens of thousands of times more had it been either a prequel or a sequel to Star Trek ’09 or Into Darkness. They would have DEMANDED a return to the Roddenberry/Berman canon, which is what we got.

Today, the Kelvin timeline is only brought up along with rumors of a new movie, but the more time passes the less need there is for one.

I’d much rather see films spun off from Strange New Worlds that set the proper stage for Kirk to take command of the Enterprise than seeing another Kelvin movie that redos something from the ’60s like it did with Space Seed to pander to nostalgia.

Is it weird that Chris Pine is not consulted on the script for any Star Trek projects that he is wanted for? Shatner, Nimoy, and Stewart were all the leads of their respective Trek movies, and had input on the scripts. Why doesn’t Chris Pine have similar input?

Because end of the day Pine is an actor for hire unlike those other guys who had much weight in the franchise themselves and there would be no movie without them.

Pine is the lead character in his Trek movies though. Are you suggesting that Abrams would make a Kelvin movie without Pine as Kirk?

No what I’m saying is his participation in another movie obviously has nothing to do if he approves the script or not… theirs did. That was probably in their contracts.

That’s what I mean by an actor for hire in this case. And to be honest I don’t think Pine cares either way. I can’t recall a single objection or issue he’s had with any of these movies. He probably doesn’t care what he does in them or what the story is, just happy he gets to be Kirk again.

Right. Unless Pine snags a vanity “producer” credit, he has nothing to do with the development of any potential ST movie. His biggest concern with any ST movie would be the size of his paycheck.

Not before the scripts were written, they didn’t, did they? – unless they were directing or producing.

What they’re saying is there has been 17 scripts written in the last 8 years and Pine hasn’t seen any of them.

Yes, all of them had significant input in the all of the scripts for the movies that they were in.

They did things differently forty years ago.

That’s because the distance between the decision-makers and actors was much less. As more of the studios have been bought out by mega-corporations, the decision-making has gotten further away.

Patrick Stewart was very much in control of the scripts for the Trek movies that he did 20+ years ago. Why would things be different now for a lead actor like Pine?

Because his input was by and large terrible. The chemistry-free romance subplot in Insurrection was Stewart’s idea. Nemesis killed the TNG movie franchise, and a lot of that script was Stewart’s and Spiner’s “demands” before they’d agree to it.

Yup. Actors should stick to acting.

Your response has nothing to do with my question really. A lead actor’s advice might be bad, and will likely be discarded if it is, but they still have an opportunity to be consulted because of their importance to the film.

I don’t know about that. Seems like every account of the TOS movies seems to indicate that Shatner’s real input only started after the initial draft of the script was written. Then he would provide his notes.

My point was that the Insurrection and Nemesis experience with Stewart and Spiner has probably (hopefully?) soured Paramount on allowing the actor’s a voice in the script. They might still do it if they have no choice, but I think with the Origins movie in the works, it is clear they have a choice.

I don’t recall reading the cast had much at all to do with Wrath of Khan, other than Nimoy wanting Spock to be killed off. Stewart’s and Spiner’s input in Insurrection and Nemesis are probably now “exhibit A and B” for the studio when the cast demands input in the writing. And look at the “input” that Michael Dorn wanted for Picard Season 3. Egads! Let actors be actors and let writers be writers.

In his book about the movies, Shatner does specifically talk about how he talked with Nick Meyer about the Wrath of Khan script. Shatner was unhappy with the script, and impressed with how quickly Meyer fixed what he was unhappy about.

Cool. Do you know which book that is?

In any ordinary movie I’m sure it would be the case that PIne would know before the public. But this is Star Trek. Everytime a phone call happens in hollywood we immediately hear about it.

Because Roddenberry, Shatner and Nimoy had been working together since at least 1966, and there were some contractual agreements and or ownership (of Star Trek) issues.

I love Chris Pine, but man I can’t help but laugh at some of the reviews for Poolman.

The bad news is the movie is currently sitting at 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. 😐

The good news is it’s still way ahead of Madame Web. 😎👍

Now 21%. Yikes. Why exactly is Pine still considered a big star?

I just checked again and it’s now at 18%.

That is brutal lol. But maybe the audience scores will be a little better. Sometimes they are vastly different or on the other side of critic reviews. Look at every season of Discovery only the opposite direction.

LOL at Web. Sony can’t make a Spiderman movie workable to save their lives without Marvel attached.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. As many have mentioned before, Trek movies are not summer blockbusters and the idea of not one but two in development given Paramount’s current state seems far fetched to me.

When the next Star Trek movie will finally see the day it will be about the failed attemps to make a sequel of Star Trek: Beyond.

I would give the Kelvin crew one last movie, to see if they can finally deliver a well written, intelligent, well acted Star Trek movie that compares with the best of Treks 1-10

The Kelvin movies had such huge potential and it was squandered on basically dumbed down cosplay movies.

But I say give them one last chance to make a Star Trek movie that we can all enjoy

The *best* of Treks 1-10 iis a pretty short list!

I think of these movies more along the lines of most watchable/rewatchable, as ‘best’ suggests there is actually a masterpiece or two, when that’s not the case. Even TWOK has a look in the live-action that is just cheap at times. Doesn’t stop me from rewatching the first 7 an awful lot of times though, even when it is ones I usually just watch to bitch about them.

Yes, TWOK was a budget pic and – sadly – looks like a budget pic. Both that and TUC could have probably been great movies if they’d had better production values, some script tweaks and better guest casts.

Perhaps but I would take The Final Frontier over Into Darkness any day.

Yep same.

Thats the problem. They already tried. They tried to remake arguably the best Trek movie there has ever been. But they forgot that people grew up with Shatner and Nimoy and Kelley and they were beloved for decades. “Kirk” and “Spock” or not, they tried to illicit emotions from the death(s) of people we had exactly one movie with. I don’t think they can recreate the magic of the TOS movies.

You’ve apparently never seen Generations or Final Frontier.

If they tried a bit harder to make them original and something more than just big action movies fans would be more excited about them.

The problem is while they were fun and easy to follow they were also pretty forgetful after you watched them. There is a reason no one really talks about them much today. Besides being set in another universe that has nothing to do with the the universe that has all the history and characters there was just no real meat. I will give STID some credit and say it did look like they were going for something a little more ambitious story wise with Section 31 fears of the Klingons attacking and what the destruction of Vulcan meant to the dynamics of the Alpha quadrant.

There were some interesting ideas that could’ve taken these movies into a bigger more interesting path. Something along the lines of DS9 for the big screen.

Instead none of that mattered and it just became more mindless action with ‘Khan’ trying to kill everybody. And then Beyond just ignored all of it in the next story and it was just another generic action movie even if was a more decent one.

While I wouldn’t say these movies are as bad as what happened with the Star Wars sequels it’s still close enough in my book because like those they had so much potential to do some really great and interesting things with these movies that could’ve expanded the universe and give us some really unique and thoughtful stories.

Instead it was squandered for inane action stuff with Kirk doing space jumps or angry villains trying to destroy the Federation again and again. 🙄

It’s why I don’t remotely care about these movies. Sure the next one can be fun and a good time had by all but it will probably be something people will stop thinking about ten minutes after they watched it like every big popcorn action movie out there.

“Besides being set in another universe that has nothing to do with the the universe that has all the history and characters..”

thats why the only real reason to do a 4th would be a crossover with Primeverse (hell Orci realised that for ST3!)

Nice article, but much ado about nothing.

I have now probably spent a few hours altogether reading about Star Trek 4 and I have spent zero hours watching Star Trek 4.


All the time we wasted over the years discussing a movie that will probably never come. It’s pretty surreal.

Time for DS9 or Voyager movie… Hell a Legacy movie would be great too.

I would love to return to DS9 but it would be sad without Odo and Nog. Those 2 in a lot of ways were the heart of the show.

I haven’t watch Trek09 for ~10 years but the Trek History clip reminded me of how spectacular it was from a visual standpoint. Contrary to many, I much preferred Trek09 (and to a lesser extent Into Darkness), than Beyond. If only they hadn’t brought back Khan and cut the length of time between movies, they might have had a very successful film series on their hands but it was not to be.

TV Trek is the entree, and Movie Trek is the dessert. We’re generally eating well, so I’m satiated as a fan… but I think it’s time for some dessert. Anyway, the point of the analogy here is that I’m just glad we have TV Trek to make the large gaps between Movie Trek feel less impactful. Would I rather have dessert more regularly? Yes. Is it all that big of a deal as long as I’m otherwise eating well? No.

I have come here to watch trek movies and chew bubble gum … and somehow I’m all out of both.

I would love a movie that starred all four Chris’s. They would all play brothers with the name Robert, but different versions of it: Bob, Robbie, Robert, Bobby. It would be a road movie comedy with a lot of heart.

It’s never a good look when your lead actor is perpetually in interviews saying basically, “I’m ready to go, the studio just never has their act together.”

Also: I’m sure the intent was good, but in the context of this article a new ‘nostalgic’ trailer for the 2009 movie just feels like trolling the fans. We don’t want to look back, we’re with Pine looking forward but tired of waiting. Let’s go already.

At this point Paramount could make a feature length documentary about how badly they have fumbled this movie franchise since Beyond. Maybe Shatner could host it, sort of like Chaos on the Bridge.

Only trek movie worth making is the Kelvin reunion for 1 last adventure story! Anything else is a waste of time & money for theatrical as no-one is going to show up for it! Get the Kelvin crew back people will show & if its any good then it will do ok!

The last Kelvin movie was decent but that still bombed too. They are clearly worried the next one can bomb again and with so much time passing less people care about it.

the reason beyond bombed was cause of multiple issues the of which one big part was the boycotting of the movie that happened with some of the fan base and another big part due to the lack of marketing for the movie and the fubar first trailer which had to be adressed by the writers and exec producers for the film and new trailer was made to replace the first one but the damage was done and for a smaller part the studio execs focusing more on the international relese doing well over the domestic release doing well

Yeah…and you can see the amazing job they been doing trying to get the next one off the ground. 😂

I think the next movie will have all the same stumbles Beyond did because this studio is just too incompetent on how to make and market Star Trek.

Can, you… Please, learn, I say learn, to use punctuation!!! ?

I doubt the Axanar fans boycott had any effect on the boxoffice, just my own opinion.

I never even heard of Axanar until a few years ago. I doubt most fans knew or cared about it outside of the hardcore ones.

It was boring. Yes even destroying the Enterprise again was banal.

Yes destroying the Enterprise really turned me off to this movie. We seen it twice already. Enough.

i love when they trash or destroy the hero ships in trek movies mainly cause it give me another excuse to build a battle dameged or partially destoyed enterprise model or a diorama of part of a enterprise crashed on the a planets surface
plus it is a awesome visual treat

I saw ST09 opening weekend , could barely believe i was watching a no expense spared Trek film costing same as any latest blockbuster of the time Transformers, XMen, Terminator, Batman etc (1st truly mega budget Trek since ’79!) and was just wow’d by the FX and scale and seeing TOS reimagined but still retaining sequel/prequel elements (Harve Bennett must’ve been screaming from his Paramount office ‘i told ya’s!’), and the box office numbers were insane for Trek, and the whole thing made Star Trek cool at long last (or at least since First Contact), it seemed even non fans were loving it and becoming Trek fans catching up on ToS and more . And everyone was looking forward to the sequel that would surely come out Sumner 2011..wouldnt it..?

Wish they could still do the original plan for 3. What was the point of doing a new timeline and just making a soft reboot with Beyond that acted like Into Darkness never happened. And trying to do Guardians of the Furious.

I would love the Orci ST3 adapted for ST4, complete with (by 2026) 95y old Shatner returning!

Top 10 Chris Pine news headlines on updates about Star Trek 4.

“Pine says he heard rumors a script was completed from a YouTube video…and told it was awesome!” September 9, 2017

“Pine says he’s happy S.J. Clarkson has been picked to be the new director and not only predicts she will definitely make the movie but confident she will go on to a great film career.” April 28, 2018

“Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth has officially left Star Trek 4 over a pay dispute but Pine is confident it will be resolved and filming should begin very very soon.” August 4, 2018

“Pine says he read another movie is definitely happening soon but only needs a script, director, budget, starting date and actual investors before cameras can begin rolling.” July 2019

“Pine read Quintin Tarantino is interested in directing the next Star Trek movie and feels really confident it’s going to happen this time.” May 7, 2021

“Pine just been informed on Facebook Tarantino left the project years ago.” May 8, 2021

“Pine says he got a text from JJ Abrams today stating they will definitely begin shooting the next movie by the end of the year.” April 1, 2022

“Pine heard the next movie has lost Matt Shakman as director but says the commenters on Reddit has assured him he wil be replaced very soon.” August 28, 2022

“Pine has still heard no word about another movie but says maybe because he changed phone number recently and wants to give Paramount his new one in case they been trying to reach him.” October 2, 2023

“Pine says he heard from Zachery Quinto who heard from Karl Urban who heard from John Cho who heard from Simon Peg who read in the trades Paramount is still planning to make another movie.” March 9, 2024


Very funny. At first I thought they were real until I got to the second one and they got more funny as they went.

These movies seem to be in a huge bind. I do feel a little bad for Chris Pine, he does seem like he likes being in these movies and it must be frustrating to hear one is happening only to get stalled over and over again.

But he’s also very rich and famous now because of them so his life will go on if he never does another one haha.

Lol thanks!

Yeah Pine is probably frustrated beyond belief over it. I mean they announced the fourth movie and signed the guy up before Beyond even opened, first time that’s ever been done.

And seeing what a disaster it became since it will probably be the last time too. 😂

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

Star Trek 4 should be about going back in time trying to save Kirk’s father aka Chris Hemsworth to fix the Kelvin timeline! Of course they succeed and it ends with everything happening the way it supposed to: Prime Timeline. This would nicely close the loop of the Kelvin-movies and ending them the way they started.
It would be a great what-if story like Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Yes I think that would be great Chris Hemsworth is red hot right now Furiosa is raising his profile even higher! Paramount just need to pay the Chris’s their worth & get JJ back to direct!

PLEASE… NO JJ! He is the worst thing to happen to Trek. He made it just to get to Star Wars. JJ is a crap Director. Keep him away.

Agreed. JJ Abrams is what made these movies into superficial and empty action movies IMO. All style and zero substance with some of the most ridiculous storylines in any Star Trek movie. STID was an abomination.

Sorry but that sounds horrible. And didn’t they cancel that idea years ago already?

Yeah they did. And the idea they had for it sounded really stupid. Somehow George Kirk manage to beam himself into a transporter after we already saw the guy get blown up.😂🙄

But it’s JJ verse, what do you expect.

I just assume a 4th JJ movie is DOA. A bankrupt studio with no financing doesn’t make risky ventures like 300 million dollar Star Trek films when Beyond flopped. I mean the last Mission Impossible flopped because of the budget, the market conditions aren’t there for a film to work like Trek 2009 or Into Darkness.

The last one should’ve only been around $100 million and not $200 million. Stop trying to turn Star Trek into Star Wars, Marvel or Transformer movies, it will never have that kind of demand.

Star Trek is not built to make billion dollar movies. And it was always more successful on TV anyway.

And if they end up selling off Paramount piece by piece there probably won’t be another movie for years to come and probably on a tiny budget if one does get made.

I doubt we will ever see these movies again. They never really became the hit Paramount wanted. After the curiosity factor was gone after the first one and less people cared about the sequels.

I would like to see another Star Trek movie someday, but something that is actual Star Trek and not these hyper action movies with the same poor and formulaic stories and character development like these movies had.

When they turned Kirk into an one dimensional action hero along with being an immature spoiled college student and also went from cadet to Captain in the space of three years is when I saw these movies more like a parody instead of the thoughtful science fiction show I grew up with. I couldn’t take any of them seriously after that.

Please produce real stories again, not these Michael Bay knock offs

While I agree with your critical opinion, it has to be said that STID outgrossed the 2009 film and was the first Trek film to ever gross more overseas than domestically. Unchecked budget and divisive fan opinions aside, it was a textbook case of growing an audience.

You’re completely right internationally. More people watched it. I was thinking about America specifically since that is Trek biggest audience and where it makes the most money. But every movie got less people to watch it here when the opposite should’ve been happening.

That’s true but to be honest the other two movies only did better internationally due to China, which Paramount pished hard to play in. If you look at the other countries there really wasn’t a big improvement in box office with either Into Darkness or Beyond.

And also the numbers were more inflated because they made the movie in 3D (remember when that used to be a big deal?) and charged more on those tickets. They also added a lot more theaters in general than the first movie, especially in China.

But basically they just made China a bigger priority because many studios were at the time. Of course it still counts but I doubt today any new movie would even get half what the others got there.

Someone here even said Beyond would’ve flopped much worse and made less than $300 million if it wasn’t for China. That’s how much the country mattered to the BO back then.

i wrote a multi page plot treatment for a 4th kelvin film ment to wrap up the story it is called star trek past reset
it has lots of action some deaths of 2 main characters ,a time jump, a reunion and some time travel that stops Nero anddestroys his ship before he could cripple the kelvin to badly

I’m going to be very honest with you but no one is going to want to read a multi page plot treatment if you can’t even do the bare minimum basics in punctuation. This is something you learn in elementary school.

I know it’s just a message board but if you want anyone to take your writing seriously you have to learn to do that first.

Sounds interesting, post some more details

posted the links the the pages that are on my deviantart

I’m over the Kelvin movies. What I’d like to see is a fresh start, maybe set post TNG era with new characters.

Now we’re talking. Exactly.

Yep! 🤞

Most fans are ready to go forward again, not backwards. Do something new already with a clean slate and new characters.

I would love a 25th century movie, but 50 years after Picard.

Trouble is the OS era is more popular to the general audience than TNG, despite the latter getting the biggest ratings for ‘trek’ on tv

And yet the next movie is supposed to be a prequel that isn’t going to be about TOS or those characters, so what difference does it make? New fans aren’t going to care either way about new characters so why not just go forward again with new characters and the universe can expand instead of more prequels only fans will even care about?

Not one of the Kelvin actors is hurting for work. I’m sure they would all like the opportunity to make another, but even if a script is approved and goes into pre-production, getting everyone’s schedules to line up for filming could be difficult.

While not my favorite iteration of Trek, I would enjoy seeing one last adventure with this cast. I really liked Beyond, even though Paramount could not figure out how to market it or the franchise’s 50th.