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Exclusive Interview: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman Talk Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen (and Trek Too) June 23, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,Orci/Kurtzman,Sci-Fi , trackback

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are being called the ‘boys of Summer’ for their involvement in this season’s Star Trek, The Proposal, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which opens tomorrow. TrekMovie check in with the pair to talk bout their Transformers follow-up (and to get a little update on what’s next for Star Trek).



TrekMovie.com: You guys initially resisted doing a sequel for Transformers, what changed your mind?

Alex Kurtzman: We never want to do a movie just because the movie that came before it was successful. We only want to do a movie when we feel we have a story to tell and I think we invest so much of ourselves in the film making process, from the beginning to the end, that we have to love it on every level, in order to do that. We didn’t immediately see what the sequel idea was. We took some time to think about our favorite sequels, and why we love them. Some of the movies that came up were Empire Strikes Back, Superman II, Aliens, Terminator 2, Wrath of Khan of course, and when we started looking at the common denominators, all the movies stood on their own, apart from the first one. You didn’t have to see any of the first movies, to see how good the sequels were. And number two, there was some very intense emotional trial that the main character goes through in those movies, be it: Superman gives up his powers for love, Kirk losing Spock, "Luke, I am your father", Ripley being driven by motherhood in Aliens…until we had that key emotional idea that we felt we could hang the movie on, we didn’t want to do it. And when found it, we knew we would have the confidence to build on it.

TrekMovie.com: You threw out some names of a lot of big movies. There is a kind of a meme that second entries for genre and comic book movies are often the better movies, did you feel that pressure to one up yourselves?

Alex Kurtzman: Definitely. But you have to one up it in story, and not just in spectacle. We rely on Michael [Bay] for the spectacle. We know he will push the technology even further than the first and be a genius at that. But for us it was: what is the truly emotional trial we can put Sam through.

Bob and Alex wanted Transformers 2 to have an emotional key like other sequels

Roberto Orci: In additional to all of that was working with Ehren Kruger, who was so excited to come in and brought a fresh energy, that it got exciting again and got our creative juices flowing.

TrekMovie.com: How did working with a third writer work with your process?

Roberto Orci: We have done it before, we wrote Mission 3 with JJ [Abrams] and obviously with TV, you are always collaborating. We always use musical analogies and while it is usually me and Alex on guitar and drums, when we write with someone else it is guitar, drums and a keyboard, it doesn’t change what we are doing.  

TrekMovie: What did Ehren bring to the sequel

Alex Kurtzman: Ehren is a fantastic writer on his own and has made ten movies. We knew that we would have to dig deeper into the Transformers mythology in this one and there would be an expectation, certainly from fans, that we would know more about the robots. And Ehren had been pouring through Transformers lore and had culled the right ideas and so we took the big emotional idea that we had and a lot of the plotting that Ehren had and found a way to marry them.

TrekMovie.com: Speaking about that mythology, the first film felt like it was about a war amongst alien robots playing out on Earth. This time there are links to ancient Egypt and more. Is there an attempt to make this more about us Earthlings, with the mythology tied to our history?

Roberto Orci: Yes. That was always part of the G1 (Transformers Generation 1) idea, that Transformers had crash-landed here in prehistoric time. We didn’t exactly stick to that, but there is a rich history of they’ve been here a long time and they are somehow wrapped up in our ancient history.

Alex Kurtzman: We are trying to stay true to the spirit of a story that delves into the idea of going beneath the surface of both the history of the Transformers and our own race. The thing Optimus Prime is always talking about is how similar our races are, and the idea is that there is a reason for that.

Transformers 2 ties the mythology to ancient Earth history

TrekMovie.com: For these movies, there seems to be a big amount of fan interest in what Transformers make it in and which ones don’t. How do you make that cut?

Alex Kurtzman: It is a mix actually. Our side of it is that we end up putting in Transformers that fit into the story. Certainly there some that we wanted in the first that we couldn’t put in, that we ended up getting in the second. The decision is about how we can do it organically. There is also a mandate from both Hasbro and the car companies to put certain robots in. What we say to them is ‘great, if we can find a way to do that in a way that makes sense, then let’s do it.’ And Michael certainly is very specific about the kind of cars he likes to put on screen and how he wants to use them.

TrekMovie.com: You guys are also creating a lot more of your own new Transformers for this one. Is it more fun for you to branch out and create your own characters instead of just using the original characters?

Roberto Orci: Not particularly.

Alex Kurtzman: I think weirdly we always find a way to love who ever we are writing about. Certainly, it was not hard to find ways to love Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. So we feel a lot of ownership over the direction of those characters already. So we don’t make a huge distinction between them and the new ones, but that said, Optimus has a voice that was distinct and pre-established that we did not want to veer away from.

Roberto Orci: Michael also pushed us to do new things. He feels he wants to surprise people.

TrekMovie.com: The Fallen is a character from the Transformer mythos. How does The Fallen play into this film?

Alex Kurtzman: I think we always saw The Fallen as a Lucifer story. He was an angel who fell and turned against the others, and that is how we reflected him in the movie.

TrekMovie.com: In the first film the human characters are much more in the forefront than they were in the 80s cartoons. But in this one you promised more robots. So are the human characters moving to the background? How do you keep the right mix to keep it a human story?

Roberto Orci: There is less human characters in this one, but those that are there are still important. Sam Witwicky and Mikaela are still the key part of it, but it is a more balanced thing because we don’t have as many human stories than we did in the first one because it was predicated on it being a mystery, with various people reacting to the secret of the Transformers. Now we know who they are from the beginning, so the robots are a bigger part of the story.

Alex Kurtzman: Even though they are robots in disguise, you can’t hide them from the audience, because they have seen it. It is still very much Sam Witwicky’s story and our reason for doing it has to do with that, but there is more to it.

Transformers 2, still Sam and Mikeala’s story

TrekMovie.com: Well getting to that, in the first film, I felt that only Bumblebee and Optimus Prime felt fleshed out as characters, for the robots. Is there an attempt in this one, as much as you can in a summer movie about giant robots, do robot character development?

Roberto Orci: Yes, as a function of there being more time with and we didn’t have to convince the studio that you can have scenes with Transformers without any humans in them.

TrekMovie.com: Looking back at the first film, there was a lot of broad humor, like the robot peeing lubricant. I note this time you guys have Rainn Wilson from The Office playing a part. Does this film have a more high-brow kind of humor in it?

Roberto Orci: It is the most sophisticated low-brow humor there is.

TrekMovie.com: The first Transformers had lots of little bits of continuity in it tied to Transformers history. Is there more or less of that in the second?

Roberto Orci: I think this one goes much deeper going back into Transformers continuity, again going back into how Transformers may have had minglings with human history before.

TrekMovie: How is your approach towards the source material with Transformers different than with Star Trek?

Roberto Orci: Well there had never been a live-action Transformers movie. So that simple fact meant more inventing had to go on to create the kind of movie the first one had to be, to create that paradigm. Whereas you have seen Kirk and Spock, including six movies. You’ve seen a lot of that stuff. You approach it differently because there is a more of a continuity reference guide for Star Trek. And yet, because of that you are more shackled by it, because everyone knows exactly what it is, and everyone knows what the canon is, whereas that was not as clearly defined or as reverentially held up in Transformers.

Revenge of the Fallen – goes deeper into Transformers lore

TrekMovie: You guys, especially you Bob, are very clued into the fan community with Trek and Transformers…

Roberto Orci: Alex is too, he gets daily reports, he just doesn’t like to read the negative stuff [laughs]

TrekMovie: Is there anything you can point to in Transformers 2 that is a result of that feedback?

Roberto Orci: Sure, specific suggestions from fans early on…”why can’t we have any scenes with Transformers, without humans in them?" Check. A lot of people felt that Optimus Prime didn’t show off a lot of his fighting, we cover that. Soundwave didn’t make it in to the first one, kids wouldn’t even know what a boombox is, but we found a way for the second movie. Some fans felt that Optimus Prime’s voice was too casual, we heard it loud and clear, so this time he is much more true to his eloquence. The list goes on and on.

TrekMovie: So in the end, what is the biggest difference between the first and second films?

Roberto Orci: Obviously the theme is different. The first one was about stepping into adulthood by getting your first car and how that leads to sexuality and freedom. This one is more about being away from home, with Sam going away to college, while the Transformers are away from their home, and what are the responsibilities as you leave your nest. Cosmetically, this one is bigger. I think it is more tightly plotted, just as a result of getting better at it and understanding the universe better, and it benefits from the lessons of the first movie, both from fan interactions, and our own interactions of seeing what we thought worked and what different.

TrekMovie: Switching back to Star Trek, can you give us an update on the Star Trek: Something Something sequel?

Roberto Orci: We are reading all the posts on TrekMovie–so many smart posts! Fans are truly being heard. We are purposefully taking a moment of Zen to just breathe, watch the old episodes again, and read some of the novels and fan fiction we never got to.

TrekMovie: What did you guys learn from writing the sequel to Transformers that can apply to the Star Trek sequel?

Roberto Orci: Nothing. They are totally different franchises with different rules.

Alex and Bob at the Transformers 2 premiere in Hollywood yesterday – taking a break to reflect before starting Star Trek sequel

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens wide tomorrow June 24th. Here is the trailer.




1. tholianhata - June 23, 2009

Already have my Transformers tickets.

2. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2009

Good luck with Transformers, guys. Not that you will need it- its gona be huge!

3. stallion - June 23, 2009


Great interview. Can’t wait to see the movie.

4. Bunk - June 23, 2009

My favorite part is at the end when Orci says they learn nothing from writing Transformers.

5. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

Cool that they are reading fans’ posts for feedback for the next Trek.

6. JimJ - June 23, 2009

#4-WHich is probably a good thing, judging from the way it’s getting hammered by reviewers. LOL Anyway, I vowed I’d never even watch the first Transformers movie, but after seeing Star Trek 7 times, I broke down tonight and rented the DVD. Our family ended up actually enjoying it. Fascinating!

7. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2009

The next Trek film should have a Gorn in it! M’yeah!

8. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

7 – Harry –

The Gorn could ride on top of a horta:

Gorn on the Gob! Ba-da-boom!

9. Gary Seven - June 23, 2009


That’s my Gorn impression. What do you think?

10. Bunk - June 23, 2009

#6 – It certainly is a good thing.

Go make your Transformers money, guys; when you done, come back with your “A” game and write us an intelligent kick ass Trek sequel.

11. Spock's Uncle - June 23, 2009

Just returned from another viewing of Trek in the theater, and it holds up well. If the boys do decide to tweak things based on fan comments, I suspect we’ll seen an improved engineering set, amongst other details. The core of the film, the interaction between Kirk, Spock (and to a lesser degree) McCoy holds up so well, and rings so true. I can’t wait for the next adventure. As the Enterprise shot into warp at the end of the film, I so wanted to go with them to see where they went next and what they did… Bring on the next Trek!

12. Anthony Pascale - June 23, 2009

guys i did an update to the server and i think we lost about 10 minutes worth of comments, not sure how many, but try and post again if yours was lost, sorry for the trouble.

13. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

Thanks for clearing that up, Anthony. I was wondering what had happened to two of them from another poster and one of mine. Mine was just wondering why Sarah’s had disappeared.

Thanks for the explanation!

14. Scott Gammans - June 23, 2009

Bob and Alex, if you’re reading this: create your own story.

While I’m sure you’d write a great update to “The Doomsday Machine” or “WNMHGB” or “The Cage” or any one of a dozen other iconic episodes of the classic series, this is your big chance to take the franchise in a whole new direction of your own invention. Explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no “Star Trek” has not gone before!

15. Scott Gammans - June 23, 2009

agrh, damn double negatives… go where no “Star Trek” HAS gone before!

16. DiDi - June 23, 2009

Poor guys. This whole press tour they’ll get asked about Trek sequel this, sequel that. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t give a flying anything about Transformers.

Though I do think it’s great that (I think Orci) mentioned that they will get “this Transformers press tour done” and then get focused on writing the sequel, you know, like it’s just an obstacle in the way of getting back to Trek.

17. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

Messrs. Kurtzman and Orci,

Please give us some strange alien life forms — non-humanoid in any way shape or form — with a way of interacting with each other that baffles the crew and our sensibilities and expectations of what life is like on another planet.

18. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2009

#17 absolutely spot on. As long as it doesn’t drag the film down as regards pacing. I’ve said before that exploration and wonderment at nature was handled so well in Master and Commander but at the same time it helped drive the story. Imagine that done with the benefit of CGI and in a SciFi framework. Could be quite brilliant!

19. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

#18 – “Could be quite brilliant!”

I certainly would hope so. One can only imagine what intelligent life would be like on other planets, and now that the special effects people do have the CGI that you mention, it seems that the only limit is our imagination. It’s time to give that a good stretch and give us something we’ve never seen in Trek before.

20. TrekTwenty - June 23, 2009


I literally laughed out loud when I read that

21. Optimus Prime Despiser - June 23, 2009

Well, at least you two can be proud of your work on Star Trek. I absolutely hate the first Transformers movie, and will do everything I can to avoid the sequel, which is being panned.

Please try to make the Star Trek sequel a little more coherent and more focused on the exploration of new worlds and new civilisations.

22. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2009

#19 Brett, its still going to be very tough for the guys to come up with something that hasn’t been done before in Trek or elsewhere. I don’t envy them the task they face. But I’m sure they’ll go at it with gusto.

23. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

22 – Buzz,

Not an easy task for anyone, certainly. But I think that you’re right that these guys would love to tackle that challenge.

I agree with you about that spirit of exploration in “M&C” and I hope that Trek can capture that spirit of frontier exploration and finding truly unique worlds and life forms somewhere out there in this vast galaxy or even beyond it.

24. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

20 – Glad you got a laugh. I couldn’t resist such a “gorny” pun.

25. Trekkie369 - June 23, 2009

To Bob and Alex, If you read this–LOVED Star Trek! Saw it 20 times, and I have the ticket stubs to prove it!! A few ideas for Star Trek: Something Something, a REAL engineering set this time, and try to curb JJ’s love of lights and flashes. Also have some continuity and follow-through with the destruction of Vulcan. Maybe see the location of the Vulcan settlement that Spock Prime mentioned. All IMHO. LOVE YOU GUYS!! YOU BROUGHT BACK STAR TREK!!

P.S. Please come to the Las Vegas convention, all of us fans would love to see you guys in person.

Thanks so much,

26. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2009

#22 yes indeed, Brett, there certainly seems to be a consensus on here that people want to see a return to having some degree of exploration involved. That, as you say, certainly gives the boys a large, colourful palette to work from!.
Bob and Alex- I’m absolutely certain you’ve seem Master and Commander- if not check it out. If you have seen it already- watch it again! ;-)

27. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2009

26 – And all kinds of options for true adventure and intellectual engagement and intrigue. Whet our appetite and curiosity for what just might be out there.

28. The Original Spock's Brain - June 23, 2009

11. Spock’s Uncle
& 25. Trekkie369

Bob and Alex didn’t design engineering or pick the location.

29. Trekman Dave - June 23, 2009

saw transformers last night and it was sooooo much better then the reviews let on.

30. DeafPoet - June 23, 2009

boborci – if you’re reading, you seriously didn’t learn anything from making a Transformers sequel that would apply to Trek XII? I realize they’re very different animals. Given that you clearly learned a thing or two from TF1 that went into TF2, I’m wondering what things, be it fan reaction or personal reaction that you would use for Trek XII.

Naturally, you’re not going to get specific. I realize the story’s still in its infancy, if it’s even that far. I’m more curious as to whether there’s anything from the fans or something you saw on the screen that would inform your approach on the sequel. Inquiring minds do, after all, want to know ;)

31. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2009


I still say it should involve flatulant lizards……….in other words:



32. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2009

#27 I’d love to see Bones and Chekov in a landing party visiting a mysterious planet. The wide-eyed young Chekov and the slightly more world weary Bones sharing wonder at the incredible life-forms they see and discover. I’d enjoy seeing Bones becoming something of a mentor/teacher for Pavel.

33. Sebi - June 23, 2009

And let Kirk teach alien women how to make love!!!!!

34. Bill Peters - June 23, 2009

More Klingon’s and Gorn in the next film mr. Orci and Co. Also put Chapel in there on Screen?

35. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2009

#33 lol of course. But those scene’s write themselves.!

36. Penhall99 - June 23, 2009

Can’t wait for Transformers 2. And just to let you all know, Bob Orci is being bashed and personally attacked by the morons at Aint it Cool news talk-back, under Harry’s (negative) Transformers 2 review. Orci posted a few comments and the morons there proceeded to be the rude and vile people that they are. Anyway, head over and defend Mr. Orci if you get a chance. Its just so embarrassing. The guy tries to interact with fans and gets bashed for it.

37. Sci-Fi Bri - June 24, 2009

in trek 12 please please PLEASE have spock say “Its life, jim, but not as we know it”

that would be awesome… if you put that in you could have a federation civil war for all i care

38. Saji No Kami - June 24, 2009

Enjoyed Star Trek.
so many places they can go with it…
so so many…. just re-watched the
first 8 movies,
some of the OS: Naked time, Mirror Mirror,
know TNG well…
there is just so much story out there…
then yet it is another reality… so even more options.

i hope they make a few of them..

39. Boborci - June 24, 2009

25. Trekkie369 – June 23, 2009

20 times. Holy Moly. Bless you!

40. Trekwebmaster - June 24, 2009

Now this site is very interesting:

The Unseen Elements of TOS:


Not sure of the accuracy but great reading material nontheless.


41. Penhall99 - June 24, 2009

Anyone else feel the marketing for Transformers 2 has been a little weak? Where’s the hype?

Anyway, I feel bad about the stuff Bob Orci puts up with at Aint it Cool News. Those people are out of control. Anyway, I’m glad he’s shown some respect here, at least.

42. Matt D - June 24, 2009

Bob Orci –

2 questions if you’ll permit me.

1. Do you see yourself and Alex returning for Transformers 3?

2. When sizing up the Trek sequel, how much will your writing process be affected by the director? I(if JJ doesn’t return) and how much involvement will Damon Lindelof havein the screenplay (‘cos I guess he’ll be balls deep in Lost’s final season)

43. Trekwebmaster - June 24, 2009

Well, morons and idiots not-withstanding, Bob will always be treated with respect from myself here on TrekMovie. It is VERY refreshing to have someone of his (and Alex’s) talent interacting with the forum members.

Bob and Alex (I know Alex hates negative stuff,) don’t worry, you guys simply ROCK!

Thank you both for being YOURSELVES!


44. Matt D - June 24, 2009

I can’t believe Bob posts at Aint it cool. The talk backs there can be an absolute calderon of needless hatred and negativity, and I genuinely believe that true opinions on the topics under discussion have no relation to what they want to write. It seems to be a herd of fanboys each trying to make the funniest, most offensive post possible.

Kudos Bob.

45. Boborci - June 24, 2009

Matt D – June 24, 2009

I go in there occasionally to practice sparring and taking punches, you know?

46. Boborci - June 24, 2009

43. Trekwebmaster – June 24, 2009

Thanks!! Love your site.

47. Matt D - June 24, 2009

Well, I hope it works Bob. I used to post there more often, (actually you answered by question there this morning (evening for you)) but generally, it seems that a love of film takes a back seat to showing off and seeing how many ways there are to swear in a post.

48. Penhall99 - June 24, 2009

Yeah, its pretty ridiculous over there. I guess you’ve gotta have a thick skin. I just get so annoyed and worked up over that stuff sometimes, but I guess its counter-productive to argue with unreasonable and vile people hiding behind their keyboards. But that doesnt stop me from still getting into it with them sometimes! lol

49. Jim Nightshade - June 24, 2009

Hey bob orci-ive only seen it six times but i took family/friends with me every time–also my niece a month ago told us all how she hates star trek-so boring and stupid blah blah she would never see the new movie-i tried to tell her that jj and the writers made this movie for everyone and give it a try–well a couple weeks later her hubbys friend wants to see it before going back to Iraq–she is muttering to herself how much she doesnt want to see it and how she cant believe shes driving to see it now-haha well guess what-she started watching it and got so excited and into the movie she couldnt get up to go to the bathroom because she couldnt wait to see what would happen next!So you guys did the impossible-mission accomplished-even trek haters seem to love your trek-thanks again and hope you guys do it again-i really dont trust anyone else to do trek now except you guys and jj-i read that jj doesnt think he has much of a directorial style but he is wrong-yes hes the next spielberg and his directing is much better in trek than in mi-3–he has grown a lot–kudos and thanks again for making trek fans dreams come true–

50. Boborci - June 24, 2009

49. Jim Nightshade – June 24, 2009

HA! Thank her for going and having an open mind! And thank you.

51. Mariano-1985 - June 24, 2009

My first post ever on this site & personal notes:

For some people Star Trek means well writen SCI-FI, for others is just a bunch of five series and eleven movies, or even history telling over FX. But for me, Star Trek will always be about HOPE:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.

By the way, i’ve been following this site for almost 2 years and i’m so proud for the people involved with it. In particularly to Anthony, for making our days a little more fascinating!

Best of lucks from Argentina,


52. Penhall99 - June 24, 2009

Bob Orci, just wanted to say that its cool of you to interact with the fans, and I hope you dont let the morons at Aint it Cool or other places get you down. Keep up the good work! Take care and have a good night.

53. Darren - June 24, 2009

Transformers 2 had WAY too much humour. That greatly damaged the film to me. I hope the writers don’t do that to the next Star Trek movie… the last one pushed it with the “inflatable hands” gag, but just about got away with it. That’s my biggest concern.

54. ProperTrekkieUK - June 24, 2009

Ooomg who mention Master and Commander? Thats a fantastic idea!!!!

The Enterprise is dispatched to a distanant corner of the quadrant to hunt down a Klingon warship etc etc whilst they are hunting they come across a mysterious planet with wibbly energy based but friendly life forms only to find out that the Klingons have also landed elsewhere on the planet to resupply and have been killing said wibbly space creatures! Cue TWoK style space battle

Or something….I just like Master and Commander, thats all, good dynamic between Aubrey and Maturin, very Kirk-Spock-McCoy esq! Watch that film Bob (and Alex)!!!

55. Matt D - June 24, 2009

Darren –

This is purely speculation on my part, and I wouldn’t want to speak for Bob and Alex, but if I had to guess, the humour and stereotypes that are in this film that so many people have a problem with — well, I would guess that writing Transformers for Michael Bay, and writing Star Trek for JJ Abrams are two different things.

56. cagmar - June 24, 2009

Now, I haven’t seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen… but I really find it frustrating in movies when they try to explain away using strange mythologies the very human capacity to build pyramids or giant, exotic structures in sparse locales like a desert. Humans did that, WE did that. Not aliens, not Stargate wizards, not Transformer robots. We did that. Humanity.

I couldn’t presume to think Orci and Kurtzman would reject humanity’s astonishing accomplishments and great capacity for creation and artistry and problem-solving, all of which is inherent in each and every Egyption pyramid. So if not, and this team somehow tied pyramids into the Transformers mythology, then a big CHEERS! to them.

Otherwise, blah! Stop it! WE made those and I’m proud.

57. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

Saw Transformers last week, it was the biggest pile of crap I ever saw.

Then again I also hate Michael Bay as a director.

After watching Transformsers 2 I am feeling a bit more concerned about the quality of the story from these guys for the next Trek movie.

At least Michael Bay will never get his hands on Trek.

58. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

I know it is a different style but for Trek XII make it original and don’t remake any classic treks

59. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

I am sorry if I spoiled the mood for people but Transformers was such a Dumb movie. Worst movie I seen this summer, Silly jokes and bad characterisation. There is some fun but mostly a bad movie

60. Dissapointed Transformers fan - June 24, 2009

I went to see Transformers 2 last night and I must say I was completely dissappointed. I loved Transformers 1, I thought the human element made it easy to connect with, the comedy was clever and sophisticated, I was so looking forward to T2 but what happened?? The plot was a 2.5 hour mess, most of the human cast were pointless, and the comedy reverted to dry humping, racial stereoptypes from the 60’s and scrotum jokes, I was embarrassed for the writers. It all felt rushed and messy, Bob, Alex I think you’re great but please make sure the script for Star Trek 2 doesn’t end up the same way, take your time writing it and please remember in the 23rd century the human race has evolved beyond scrotum and dry humping cheap laughs and it’s OK to stick to one plot line!!

61. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

60- agreed, after seeing this mess I seriously hoping that Bob and Alex write a better story for Star Trek XII and don’t fall into the trappings of summer eye candy. Now Star Trek XI was dumbed down for me but not as bad as Transformers 2, please bring back a cerebral quality to Trek guys.

Oh apparently Michael Bay thinks dogs humping each other is funny.

62. Sebi - June 24, 2009

You know why StarTrek is much more interesting than Transformers?

Because space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence!

63. Denise de Arman - June 24, 2009

Congratulations to The Boys Of Summer – you guys rock. Very cool that you are reading ST fanfiction as a part of your research – there is an abundance of good writing out there in fandom. HAVE FUN writing the next screenplay.

64. Sarah - June 24, 2009

12, 13: That’s ok, thanks for the info.
It’s great to know that Orci and Kurtzman are reading the posts here, but I’d certainly recommend that they also visit the forums at the official website. The ideas being exchanged there are really creative and while I am certain that nobody really expects for “their” idea to be chosen as “the one” for the next movie, these two websites provide a cache of information which is a great resource to jumpstart brainstorming. We’ve all heard of a think-tank, I guess we could call this a “Trek-tank”. ;)

65. EricAD - June 24, 2009

Bob Orci – first off, LOVED Trek and I actually really liked Transformers 1…. BUT…..

….the new Transformers movie. Good Lord. I’m trying to think of what didn’t go wrong with it. I can’t lay all the blame on you – surely Bay had a LOT to do with what was wrong here, but sweet Jesus. This was a monstrosity of bad decisions.

I think the Transformers franchise is going to end up just like the Pirates of the Carribbean one. Both first movies in those series people laughed at the idea before they even came out (a movie about a ride/a toyline? How can that be good?) And yet both movies were fast paced and charming and knew exactly what they were. And were a total blast.

The I had the exact same feeling when watching both sequels to those films- Both took all the charm, drained it away, replaced it with multiple plots no one cares about (I can’t really tell you what happened in either movie too much) And brought back characters that did not NEED to be brought back (yes, even Megan Fox) Tons of time is wasted in this movie, and so much stuff that doesn’t need to be there. When they started in on the Mom eating pot brownies stuff…all I could think was “what did this movie just turn into??” Where Star Trek was efficient and lean in it’s storytelling, this was a lumbering beast.

And my God, I thought people were exaggerating about “The Twins” being racist…I can safely say that Jar Jar Binks can finally rest easy, retire and sip mimosas by the pool – he has officially been replaced by The Twins as the most racially offensive stereotype in Sci Fi history. I honestly hope you didn’t write any of those scenes. I mean….it hurt. Really.

You said you watched Empire, Khan, T2, Aliens, Superman II when coming up with Transformers 2….I can’t say I see it anywhere in the final product, but PLEASE… watch those particular sequels carefully again when prepping Trek II.

I loved Star Trek Bob, ( AND Transformers 1) I believe in you and Alex. Don’t pull another Transformers 2 on us with Trek please. I beg you.

66. Odradek - June 24, 2009

@ Bob Orci

Please write a scene for James Kirk and his brother Sam, shoot it with Chris Pine and a light double now, than come back in a few years and replace the light double with an older Chris Pine as Sam.
A farewell between Jim and Sam, before Kirk leaves for Starfleet Acedemy, would make a nice additional scene for a future anniversary edition.

67. AdamTrek - June 24, 2009

Bob and Alex: you guys are the most famous pop writers of movies for the 21st century! A LOT OF PEOPLE WANT TO BE LIKE YOU TWO GUYS. If you keep going, you will be synonymous with Bradbury, Asimov, Verne, especially if you keep it up and create something original that becomes your most popular work, as a positive reflection of your previous work and successes. When I say original, I mean a mythology or a franchise that doesn’t exist yet, where you guys are the creators. It’ll happen. I have no doubt.


68. Vera the Gun - June 24, 2009

I think what we’re seeing here between STAR TREK and TRANSFORMERS is the importance of the director in setting the tone of a movie and in execution of concept, overall. JJ had a better connection to the meat of the STAR TREK story, which is about the characters, while Bay is, as usual, only concerned with pyrotechnics. And I liked the first TRANSFORMERS, as a popcorn movie. Now I have no desire whatsoever to see it. I will try to check out HURT LOCKER very soon, though.

Bob Orci, I applaud your presence on these forums. But honestly, AICN is just a waste of time. The level of discourse there is so juvenile, so hateful and negative, as to be meaningless to any thinking person.

69. Kristophe - June 24, 2009

Already seen Revenge of the Fallen twice. It’s a very awesome film, as good as Star Trek. Orci and Kurtzman are masters of their trade.

If by some slim chance they’re reading this, please:

Don’t give the next Star Trek a villain. Star Trek doesn’t need villains to be good, a fact none of the the writers for the moives seem to understand. Wrath of Khan is the exception, with a good villain, but The Search for Spock, The Final Frontier, Generations, etc. would’ve been better without villains.

If you have to use a villain, please consider using Q.

70. Orin - June 24, 2009

Just got back from TF2 – as an old school Transformers fan I loved all the references you pulled in from all over the Transformers universe. I don’t know how Transformers 3 will be able to top 2 because how on earth could even Michael Bay make a “bigger event movie” (well Unicron I guess – where else is there left to go). My 6 year old also loved the movie. I can see why some might feel it was a little long towards the end, but if it held his attention it was definitely hitting some sweet spot. Will definitely go and see movies with your names on them in future.

71. Horatio - June 24, 2009

For Bob Orci

Let me just throw my hat in the ring with my own fan boy request for the sequel:

In the original series the Enterprise was, herself, a living breathing character – as important as Spock, McCoy and the rest of the bridge crew. Kirk *loved* her. This was pretty much forgotten in the TOS films (perhaps touched briefly in ST3 when Kirk sacrificed Enterprise for Spock) but I’d like to see at least something addressed to Kirk’s love affair not only with every hot chick in each spaceport, but the actual love affair he develops with his ship.

But hey, I’m just a nutty old Trekker.

Thanks for reading this!

72. Jorg Sacul - June 24, 2009

Next Trek movie plot… Some researchers have adopted some baby Gorn, and are faced with turning them loose or sending them to Rura Penthe.

Yes. Gorn Free!!

OR, Bruce Springsteen tries his luck at making a Trek music video about the hard times suffered by an alien who was on the Kelvin who retires to Iowa…

Gorn in the USA!!

73. DJT - June 24, 2009

“Bob and Alex wanted Transformers 2 to have an emotional key like other sequels”

I just saw it. Can’t say that it did. The movie didn’t work hard enough to get the viewers emotionally involved; to care about any of the characters – robot or human for that matter. Sure things blew up nice. But that’s like making a movie about water dripping. How many ways can water drip? How many ways can stuff blow up? If I don’t care about what’s getting toasted on screen, then frankly – who gives a s**t? There was also the issue of dialogue. Utter s**t. Utter juvenile s**t.

The only geek pleasure I did get from ROTF was from hearing Frank Welker voice Soundwave. The only times I started to care was when I heard his voice or Prime’s. What does that tell you?

74. artjava - June 24, 2009

Bob and Alex,

I’ve only seen the movie once so far this summer and the engineering room didn’t bother me. But based on all the comments from fans about the engineering room, I think what you should do is make it a subplot that Scotty has to re-engineer the engine room, because the existing one is not sufficient to get the job done.

I agree with Darren (#53) I wasn’t crazy about the inflatable hands gag. Humor definitely has its place in Star Trek and it needs its lighter moments, but I think humor in the wrong place, especially slapstick, can take you out of the action or the drama. I think humor works best when it flows naturally from the behavior and mindset of a character.

Please, no Ferengi. I’m sure there are plenty who would disagree, but personally, I think the Ferengi are to Star Trek TNG what Jar Jar was to Star Wars.

75. DJT - June 24, 2009

I did catch one Trek reference in ROTF that made me smile.

“It has been and always shall be…..your destiny”

Yeah baby. Close enough.

76. Matt D - June 24, 2009

– Horatio

I completely agree that Kirk’s devotion for the ship is a critical part of this legend, but I am surprised you say it’s been absent from movies with the exception of III. In The Motion Picture, there is that gorgeous re-introduction of the ship as Kirk sees her after her re-fit for the first time. He looks so soulful and happy to be back with her. In II he can barely contain his glee at taking a boat load of kids on a training mission, because it’s being back on his ship. At the end of IV, he intones “my friends, we’ve come home” when he sees his lost love for the first time again.

In ST09, we have two great moments. Pine on the bike, watching the ship beign born (presumably the Enterprise), and again when the shuttle approaches. I think the team did a great job showing The Enterprise as a character and hope it continues.

77. Eli - June 24, 2009

Whoever first mentioned “Master & Commander” great point. That’s exactly the sense of adventure we should be getting out of the next Star Trek. You can speed things up a bit for today’s audiences and the future environment Star Trek takes place in, but definitely stick with the M&C vibe.

Oh, and Bob Orci, try to get JJ to actually build engineering to match the design sketches for the sequel, will ya?

And I’ll watch TF2 eventually, but the tomatometer ain’t looking pretty. Loved the first one, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

78. Jason Sputnik - June 24, 2009

Bob, if you’re still reading…

Absolutely LOVED Star Trek – I thought you all did an amazing job on it. Since you seem to genuinely consider the fans’ opinions, my small contribution would be to ask you if you’ve read Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow? Fantastic, shocking book, about the enormous personal cost of ‘real’ space exploration on its protagonists. I’d love to see the sequel head in this territory – a combination of hard sci-fi and extreme pressure on the crew. And please, for me, no re-hash of old episodes or characters – something totally new.

Thanks again!

79. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#55—” I would guess that writing Transformers for Michael Bay, and writing Star Trek for JJ Abrams are two different things.”

What a difference a director makes…

80. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

I can’t say that I am at all interested in the Transformers sequel (which is getting hammered from all directions). I just feel like Michael Bay movies are made for another audience.

But I am wholeheartedly geared up for Star Trek: Something Something….

81. P Technobabble - June 24, 2009

I saw the first Transformers movie on HBO when one of my kids was watching it. I had no interest in seeing it in the theater when it came out because I was not really into Transformers (I was in my late 20’s when they first appeared). I was pleasantly surprised as I watched the movie. Sure, it was comic-bookish, but I believe it was supposed to be. I was interested enough in the kid’s (Shia LaBeouf) circumstance, and does anything need to be said about Megan Fox? The story was entertaining, and, of course, the FX were superb.
I expect the new film (which I have plans to see) to be pretty much along the same lines. All sequels are faced with the tremendously difficult challenge of out-doing the first film in the series. The sequels that Alex Kurtzman mentions above are definitely films that managed to out-do, or in some way surpass, the original film, so it seems to me these guys know a better sequel when they see one.
I imagine they must feel tremendous pressure in trying to write the Star Trek sequel, since Trek fans can be a difficult lot to please, snobbish, and condescending . But, as I am a fan of these guys, I am cheering them on, wishing them well, and just all-’round being supportive…

82. CmdrR - June 24, 2009

9 – pretty good, but no\t enough phlemn.

83. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - June 24, 2009

Boborci –

If you are going to move off in your own direction rather than rework an existing Star Trek story, I see two great ways you can go:

Comment on what’s going on right now on Earth. This is a strength of both sci fi and Star Trek – making a covert political statement . You could focus on Iran’s unrest or the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Or you could focus here at home in the good old US of A and a comment on the past president and the conservative movement.


Use an existing piece of literature as a springboard. “Heart of Darkness,” the tales of Ulysses, etc. There are so many legends and stories which could be used as a springboard for a great Star Trek movie.

84. Chris Doohan - June 24, 2009

I’m going to see it tonight, Bob. Can’t wait!!!

85. Trekkie16 - June 24, 2009

Got my ticket for Transformers; a large group of us are going on Sunday.

Bob and Alex – You should go to the Vegas Show, we the fans would love to have a Q and A with you. If anyone is mean to you, we will blast them with a phaser and it won’t be set on stun. :-)

Something, Something should have a component about the Vulcans and the aftermath of the destruction of Vulcan and Bruce Greenwood.

86. DJT - June 24, 2009


Don’t listen to those chuckle-head tbs @ aicn.

‘We’re gonna be like three little Fonzies here. And what’s Fonzie like?’

That right. Cool.

87. Brett Campbell - June 24, 2009

31 – Harry — good one! Didn’t see it until this morning.

Although I would hate to learn what Gorn flatulence smells like!

88. Liz - June 24, 2009

I haven’t seen the new Transformers movie but the review are unbelievable horrible. My local paper said it was racist and compared it to a nazi propaganda flic.

89. John from Cincinnati - June 24, 2009

Hey Bob & Alex,

for Star Trek Something Something Spock Prime uses the Guardian of Forever to restore the timeline.

90. Shadowcat - June 24, 2009

My husband and I are not really Transformers fans. However, my two teenage nephews plan to see Transformers at the cinema this weekend. We are both in our 50’s so I guess it is a generational thing.

@ 54 and 77:

I loved the movie Master and Commander. TWOK has that Horatio Hornblower feel to it. I think adventure and exploration should be part of the next film. TOS always had a nautical feel to it.

To: Mr Orci:

I really loved Star Trek 09. I am looking forward to the next movie. I hope you pick up where the last movie left off.

I can’t believe you post on ACIN. The posters on that site are rude little wankers that get off on being as offensive and unpleasant as possible,

91. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009


Easy…..it smells like “disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence!”

92. Devon Richards - June 24, 2009

For BOB and ALEX

It would be fitting to establish Spock’s mentor relationship to Chekov, teaching him the ship’s sciences, as he did in the original series. It would Chekov something to do other than run around shouting.

And, I’m in agreement with most of the posters, the film should involve some form of exploration – both space and planet-side – something the film series has never really done.

and go look at –
and, please, leave comments!!!

93. Mr Tim - June 24, 2009

I think following the list of fan-boy requests could have also hampered the writing process of transformers 2.
Everyone and their uncle no doubt has ideas of what they would like to see in the next trek film.. but i think the writers should just be allowed to write. Sure, references can easily be put into a script, but it can’t be at the expense of a decent and solid story… not a garbled mess of crow-barred references to trek lore, just to satisfy the fans.. so yeah, my vote goes for ‘original story’.

Boo ya!

94. Horatio - June 24, 2009


OK you got me on the Enterprise flyby in TMP, but I always thought of that more as foreplay than anything else. And though Kirk is obviously happy to be back aboard her is he really more excited just to be back in the center seat?

I’m still sticking with my opinion that the Enterprise is used more as a device in the rest of the films rather than a character (ST3 excepted).

Of course I’m probably wrong.


95. P Technobabble - June 24, 2009

When “Master & Commander” came out, there was an article in one of the newspapers or magazines which ran with the headline “Master & Commander: the best Star Trek movie ever made.”

96. VZX - June 24, 2009


Who is the better director: JJ Abrams or Michael Bay?

I dare you to answer!

Anyway, I’m seeing Transformers 2 tonight with my 9-year-old son. I’ll try to have an open mind, but I’ve been reading a LOT of bad reviews lately. Here’s hoping….

97. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009

Boo ya! (squared)

98. Start Wrecker - June 24, 2009

Bob and Alex, were you guys dating when that red carpet photo was taken?

Just joking!

Keep up the good work guys.

99. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009

Q: A Gorn’s theme song?

A: Gorn To Be Wild!

100. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#96—“Who is the better director: JJ Abrams or Michael Bay?

I dare you to answer!”

Lol. Since Bob is in an obviously compromised situation on that, I doubt that he will accept your dare.

But here is what a ‘critic’ had to say about it today:

” Screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman wrote this summer’s fun, smart, breezy ‘Star Trek'; alongside Ehren Kruger, they’re credited with the screenplay for (Transformers:) ‘Revenge of the Fallen.’ How can one of these things be so good and one of them be so bad? Look to the director’s chair, and who makes the ultimate decision about what goes onscreen and why, and you’ll get that Bay has no interest in character or story or real excitement or any aspect of moviemaking that’s built on anything more than the retinal equivalent of a sugar rush. “—-James Rocchi, MSN

In his mind, the difference is obviously one JJ Abrams.

101. Spocko - June 24, 2009

Gorn might be a good idea for the sequel. After all they are a “villian” from the original series, but one that has never really been explored.

102. Terence Akins - June 24, 2009

Hey Bob & Alex,
First off I want to say thank you. Thank you for your wonderful work and the brilliant sensibilty that you bring to whatever it is that you are working on, be it Fringe Transformers or Star Trek. Thank you for making Star Trek relevant again to the masses of people who thought TREK was a dead horse. You made people care about these characters on a pure emotional level(The first 10 minutes of TREK had people moved to tears, and out of the 8 times I have seen this film, that has not changed. The first 10 minutes alone were worth the admission price) For a sequel if you could find a way to showcase the BEAUTY of the Enterprise(she was spectacular and we hardly spent any time with her) that would be awesome, and the one other thing, as with Transformers 2 you guys stated this was an emotional journey for Sam. That is the reason that Wrath of Khan worked so well. If you could find an emotional story that resonates within a brilliant SCI-FI backing,and a stellar villian then your sequel will be a success.
Thank you once again Bob & Alex…
My Summer was awesome thanks to you two

103. BAILY - June 24, 2009

I think it is quite evident that there has to be a Klingon/Romulan war of some type.. especially after the Narada destroyed 49 Klingon ships and of course the Gorn has to be in it as the ‘main’ nemesis of Kirk and the Enterprise

I have no doubt Bob & Alex will come up with an interesting story that won’t be a retread into old TOS episodes or another ‘bad guy wanting to destroy Earth with an all powerful weapon’ plot device and if they are reading what we write here, then that means they are one of us … fans and that makes them a-okay in my books .. but I want writing credit if you use the Klingon/Romulan war idea … jk :p

104. J.R.Q - June 24, 2009

A theme that ran thru the 1st season Star Trek TOS was the meeting and testing by advance alien beings.Start like Master &Commander [Yes non star trek movie] end like Arena,with a little Cage,Corboromite Maneuver,Squire of Gothos,and Errand of Mercy throw in.

105. Sci-Fi Bri - June 24, 2009

its weird that people call the enterprise a she…

106. ML31 - June 24, 2009

When I first heard those two were writing Trek 09 I almost threw up. Their track record just isn’t very good. Especially Transformers. It was an awful awful piece of crap.

But as it turns out, while the screenplay wasn’t very good, it was more Michael Bay’s directing that ruined Transformers more than Kurtzman and Orci. Star Trek shows those two CAN write some good stuff when they try.

107. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#105—-Ships have always been referred to as “she”. If it is weird, then it is a ‘weirdness’ that goes back centuries.

108. Ken - June 24, 2009

Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime in next Trek movie again. I know they probably want to stick with the “new” cast, but as Nimoy’s Spock is now in this time frame/universe, I, for one, would like to see him and his story of what he is now doing have a part to play in the next movie.

109. Vera the Gun - June 24, 2009

#106–The writers vision and the finished product can indeed be very different things.

Joss Whedon reportedly cried (real tears) when he saw what they did to his script for Alien 4. Lack of creative control in film is why so many writers work in television these days.

With STAR TREK I think you have the three most important elements in complete harmony–story, acting and directing. I actually like both Shia and Megan, but the rest of the TRANSFORMERS cast is what–giant robots?? I mean, as an actor, what exactly are you reacting to? Contrast that to STAR TREK where there is a large ensemble cast, with so many possibilities for interaction between actual people.

110. Horatio - June 24, 2009


Go back and watch TOS episode The Naked Time. Kirk has a nice little monologue (ok, so he’s infected with some bug, but still…) about his little love affair with Enterprise.

“Now I know why its called a she…” Though interesting how he follows it up pretty quickly with his noting Yeoman Rand’s ample nacelles as well.

111. NC Trekker - June 24, 2009

For the new movie i would like to see something where Kirk has a choice, some kind of moral dilemma where he weighs the costs and rewards. Show him as more mature than in the last movie and closer to the Kirk we know from TOS.

112. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009

Make the next film a thriller involving our favorite lizards……the title:


113. That Nutty Fanboy - June 24, 2009

Sigh. Reading interviews like that it makes me hella envious.
Being European I have no snowballs chance in hell that my work is going to be seen in celluloid. :(

114. Randy H. - June 24, 2009

And the “Best Review Sound Bite” award in the category of Transformers II goes to Peter Bradshaw, of The (UK) Guardian:

“Like watching paint dry while getting hit over the head with a frying pan.”

Give Pete a hand, and better luck to our other reviewers next time!

115. Sunfell - June 24, 2009

Bob & Alex:

Thanks for considering our sometimes contentious input on Star Trek valuable. I am very sure that you will hit it out of the park in the sequel. And I just read that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will increase the number of best picture nominees to 10, to allow for more categories to be recognized! (Could a shiny humanoid grace your mantels next year??)

I’m going to see the movie for the third time this evening. Even better, I am considering a radical upgrade to my AV system- to include a Blu-Ray player, surround sound and a flat panel TV. You’re making a tightwad spend money!

I haven’t been so jazzed by a movie since… well, forever. I think that the Wrath of Khan was the last Trek film I saw that had staying power this good. You don’t have to bring Khan back, but if the sequel has the same emotional resonance, you’ll have a winner.

Thanks again guys- you and the rest of the crew have made my summer.

116. Geodesic - June 24, 2009

When people ask me how many times I’ve seen the new Star Trek, I just give them the Vulcan salute and say, “This many”. I’ve seen the new movie 5 times.

Pretty please follow up on the Vulcan storyline and incorporate a philosophical discussion between Spock and Kirk while playing chess.

Keep on rocking!

117. ety3 - June 24, 2009

So, Boborci, is this the movie you wrote or did Michael Bay and Ehren Kruger play with it after you and Alex dropped it off?

118. Brett L. - June 24, 2009

Whatever direction they decide to go with the sequel, the first movie proves that their judgment is sound!

Although I agree with the many before who’ve said ‘no villain!’

Look at ST IV… by avoiding a token villain and having to address motives, etc., it freed them up to do something bold and wildly creative. While the premise must have sounded ridiculous at the time, it worked!

119. Ran - June 24, 2009

What is the point of watching TOS if you cannot find any inspiration in it? The new Trek movie is so different than the series as they have nothing in common but the names of the characters.

120. dmduncan - June 24, 2009

If Orci and/or Kurtzman are reading, and there’s a spot for Kirk’s more responsible older brother in the next movie, who better to cast than Ryan Reynolds? I see you guys had him in The Proposal (good movie, by the way; though I wouldn’t have seen it if my woman hadn’t dragged me to see it, I’m glad I went).

Reynolds comes from that same family of faces that makes him, Pine, Shatner, and Hemsworth, all look alike.

SCENE: As Kirk introduces his brother to Lt. Uhura as “Lt. Uhura,” Lt. Uhura cuts Kirk off, with a big sexy smile, by introducing herself to Kirk’s brother as “Nyota.” Which irritates Kirk!

And personally, I’d rather see another original story, maybe two, before we get into the five year mission.

121. Brian Kirsch - June 24, 2009

Not to worry, Trek fans. I think the sequel is is good hands with these guys. ST09 blew me away, four times! I got all I wanted in a Trek film, and then some. Action, adventure, emotion, great characters, and great character development. All in a 2hr summer movie. I for one can’t wait to see their work that was edited out for time/pacing issues. The scenes listed sound like meaty screenwriting moments.

As the said in the article, Transformers and Star Trek are completely different animals. Aimed at different audiences.

And Michael Bay is notorious for bastardizing a good script. It amazes me this guy still gets work. This was a job for these guys, and a well paying one I’m sure. I think the final film released is different than the script they submitted. Just a hunch, a guess, and just my opinion. These guys are on a promotional tour, smiling for the camera and saying nice things about the film. Nothing more.

122. Red-Shirted Monkey - June 24, 2009

Transformers earned 1 1/2 stars in my paper’s review. Nice work guys.

123. Marc - June 24, 2009

Okay, I hope you read this Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman! I think what needs to be done for a sequel is maybe….

1. Bring in Khan as the villain. He could get picked up by some ship transporting some Vulcans to New Vulcan or something and he could hijack the ship. Whatever you do…don’t kill him. Bring him back in a sequel somewhere down the line. It would be awesome if he appeared in another film and then he could die. I suppose it would be okay if you just made him appear to die, or made a scene following the credits that shows how he survived or something. I suppose that would be all right.

2. Gary Mitchell should transfer from another starship to the enterprise. If you remember “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” he mentions that he was responsible for getting Kirk together with “that little blonde lab technician.” It was never stated who she was, but you should make it be Dr. Carol Marcus. And maybe she and Gary Mitchell could get killed by Khan and this is what fuels the big hatred between them.

3. It would be cool if Kirk, Bones and Spock could beam into some space bar where only the scum of the galaxy hang out…maybe Kirk is trying to find someone who knows where Khan is, and then you could have Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones make small cameos. That would seriously rock.

4. Go ahead and show or make reference to Robert April, Lt. M’Ress, Lt. Arex.

5. As for Botony Bay, you should say that it was built at Area 51, using alien technology left over from 1947 Roswell. That would explain why it was such a sophisticated ship, even though it was built in the 1990s or whenever.

Anyway…hope you read that….just a few things you could use.

124. Brian Kirsch - June 24, 2009

#119 –
I can’t disagree more. I found much of this film inspirational. Sorry you missed it.

To Bob, Alex, and Damon:

I’ve resisted posting sequel ideas on these boards because it usually leads to ideas that have already been used. Trek needs something new. I don’t have that imagination, but I think you guys do. I will give some suggestions, though! ;-)

Spock Prime can’t be left out there hanging. His story needs to be wrapped up. He is working on establishing the new Vulcan colony (or homeworld) when he falls ill of some Vulcan disease. On his deathbed, he recalls the last time he saw his good friend, Kirk Prime. They discuss their life and friendship. Good way to get Shatner into the film in a cameo. Spock Prime dies, and in essence so does Kirk Prime. This could be done at the beginning, much as the Kelvin scenes were.

Bruce Greenwood has to return as Pike. His relationship/mentorship with Kirk is not done. In the wheelchair would be cool, but out of it would work as well.

While the Vulcans are colonizing their new homeworld, an alien race shows up to dispute their claim to the planet. Kinda like the old west, whose land is it? The aliens could be Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, or even a new race if you choose. A battle for New Vulcan ensues. Action, adventure, drama, things blowing up! Space battles between fleets!

And perhaps, at the end, it comes down to a choice for Kirk. The life of his mentor Pike, or the future of the new Vulcan colony? Drama and emotional impact! And great Kirk/Spock scenes.

While I’m at it, a few more suggestions:

Explore the Spock/Uhura relationship further. He’s vulnerable right now, but still has that Vulcan side to fight.

Show the growth in the friendship of Kirk and Spock, along with McCoy as a foil.

Give us more beauty shots of the Enterprise. She’s beautiful, and as much a character as any of the actors.

125. Geodesic - June 24, 2009


I just have one more wish. If you guys do Khan in the movies…. since you’re going with younger casting…

Wilmer ‘Fez’ Valderrama as Khan.


126. Geodesic - June 24, 2009

I’d love it if they borrowed from TNG Episodes All Good Things and Parallels if they go with the exploration/man vs nature plot.

Having some crew members unstuck from the proper timeline and even visiting the Mirror Universe would be rad.

127. Klingons, Oh My! - June 24, 2009

#120 – brilliant.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have some event from the ST 2009 film cause the S.S. Botany Bay to arrive off-course in Klingon territory? And to have Khan and his minions awoken earlier than was intended, laying siege to a Klingon colony/outpost, even managing the prefix code for a D-7? Or perhaps the colony is a ship-building area… and Khan finds himself with a new Klingon superweapon that was being created to defend against Narada-type threats? (Especially after their defeat at the hands of Nero.)

Since the Botany Bay originated in the Prime Universe, you’d have to stay true to the ship design, costumes… ;)

And of course Khan would survive, marooned to a distant world known as Ceti Alpha 6…

Question is, do you have Marla McGivers as a red herring in the movie? Perhaps she doesn’t meet/fall in love with Khan. But somehow manages to wind up with him in exile. A surveying landing party which crashes at the end of the movie, lost and unable to communicate with the Federation… and meets up with Khan.

So many, many possibilities. I would love to see the Klingons torn between the leadership/strength of Khan and his eugenics people, thinking they can usher the Klingons into a new era vs. some that reject them as obvious threats… and even some racist aspects as human.

(Btw, I take no credit for any of this if the writers, production team, owners, etc. want to use any of this. Thanks.)

128. Brian Kirsch - June 24, 2009

#123 –
1. No f***ing Khan!!! Why this obsession with trying to make this character work?
2. Gary Mitchell fine, in a supporting role, nothing more.
3. Been there, done that!!! STIII, Star Wars.
4. Uhm….who cares?
5. Again with Kahn……. no thanks.

129. Brett Campbell - June 24, 2009

91 – Harry – lol! Pee-yew!!

130. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009

Here’s my pitch for the next movie:

The timeline has been so messed up that our crew must fight the Gorn who have been assimilated by the Borg!!

Coming July 2011…………………

Star Trek: Sure ‘Em Borg Gorn
(with Irish subtitles)

131. VZX - June 24, 2009

OK: So I saw Transformers 2 tonight with my son. The theatre was fairly packed.

I do not think that it was as bad as many of the reviews made it out to be. But, it was a mess. It was a real chore to follow the action at times, and the robots were hard to tell apart and what exactly they were doing. The story was fairly eary to follow, though. My guess is that Bay totally effed up the original vision of the script. I could tell that there was some semblance of a good movie there, but it was hidden by all the tangled-up-metal-crap crashing into eachother.

BUT: Overall, I enjoyed many parts of the movie. Optimus Prime was awesome, I wish there was more dialogue with him, though.

132. somethoughts - June 24, 2009

I must admit it was way better than what the critics said. I went in, expecting everything to fail, even the story. I was delighted, and enjoyed the movie very much, thanks guys! The only negative comment is how silly devastator looked (Hasbro/Bay’s fault) and I wish Jetfilre was more true to the cartoons in look and personality. At times, I felt though, I was watching a playboy video…no complaints, I guess lol, that dorm was missing Hugh Hefner and I bet Bay put in that female decepticon to stick it to MGC for ripping off his big robots.

133. Jack - June 24, 2009

There were some gags that didn’t really work — I totally didn’t love the jive-talking twins, but the 12-year-olds seemed to (along with the at least four mentions of ‘balls’). And the slutty decepticon probably seemed like a better idea written on napkins over drinks, The robot stuff was like 131 said… the local radio morning show aired their version of transformers II this morning (a guy in his kitchen crashing pots and pans around while a thunderous soundtrack plays in the background. Decent summer entertainment. Tuturo was ridiculous, but fun.

134. Visitor1982 - June 25, 2009

I hope the next film is about exploration, something new. I don’t want to see Khan or any other villain from the orignal series or films. Let’s do the unexpected!

135. Matt D - June 25, 2009

Horatio –

Fair enough. I hope it’s amped up for the sequel too.

136. Sebi - June 25, 2009

Bob & Alex.

Thank you for the new ST Movie, especially the two most powerful scenes which almost brought a tear to my eyes:

1. The Kelvin opening and George’s sacrifice: A perfect opening for this movie.

2. Sarek admitting that despite of all the logic in his life, he simply loved Amanda.

And @ 123: Wow, these a all really bad ideas.

137. Gustavo Valente - June 25, 2009

Bob and Alex….please create an original story…don’t try to recycle things that were already done in ST

I’ve seen RotF last tuesday….great movie! Loved it

138. AdamTrek - June 25, 2009

I say all original villain/space anomaly, etc, or revisit a concept with a twist.

Bob and Alex tied the most popular spin-off, TNG, with the origin story of the crew in the latest flick. It was there for those big fans to see even if it wasn’t expressed on the screen. It was Spock post TNG movies, as we all know that are in-the-know.

What if Star Trek: Something Something deals with a Trelane/Q connection, tying together those ideas with a guy like Tom hanks playing Q with a guy like Ricky Gervais playing Trelane. Dealing with supernatural like omniscience, we can even get a Shatner cameo. But again, it’s a life or death situation with the crew because Klingons or a group of rogue Andorians, or another unseen race is trying to thwart the Enterprise due to some prior mission where Kirk seriously pissed some people off.


139. perrybw - June 25, 2009

Mr. Orci – if you are there…

I’m concerned about your discussions regarding the use of old ideas, as many of us are. Star Trek, more than any other franchise, is about looking forward , not looking backwards. We want to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” not “boldly retread what has already been done before.”

The easy, lazy way out is to bring back Khan, Tribbles, or some other storyline easily marketable to the masses. But they would be crutches to make up for a lack of imagination. Why not surprise us with something exciting and new instead of merely tweaking someone else’s idea (which was probably done better the first time)?

140. boborci - June 25, 2009

perrybw – June 25, 2009


141. RD - June 25, 2009

Transformers has already made $16 million since it opened last night at midnight, the highest gross for a Wednesday ever and the third movie to do that behind The Dark Kninght and Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Blew Trek’s measly little $4M midnight opening out of the water. Go treat yourselves out to a nice lunch at the Palm guys. Here’s to your best script ever. This Summer is going to pay for those beach houses in Maui!

When you get back from vacation how about rubbing a little of those billion dollar script ideas off on Trek? ;-)

142. Harry Ballz - June 25, 2009


I know you can’t tip your hand as to the next movie, but, generally speaking, do you feel the Gorn would make an interesting adversary to our beloved new crew?

143. AJ - June 25, 2009

Harry wants a female Gorn.

144. Lee Kelso - June 25, 2009

Just a simple question:

When will Orci and Kurtzman deliver a script with the internal logic INTACT?

145. Harry Ballz - June 25, 2009


And we all know what Kirk would do with a FEMALE Gorn!

146. Harry Ballz - June 25, 2009

Actually, now that I think about it…..do you know how much MONEY a movie like that would make??!!

147. dmduncan - June 25, 2009

I would like to see the exploits of the crew BEFORE the five year mission begins. By the time of Where No Man Has Gone Before, the characters already looked seasoned. Like they’d been kicking around together for a while. So there’s plenty of room to create a whole new set of Star Trek adventures without even GETTING to the events of the TV series.

I think what Kirk and crew really does need, however, is a permanent villain, not a one hit wonder villain who gets whacked by the end of the movie. You need a Joker, a Lex Luthor.

And if you wanted to mine the old material for that character, I think that General Chang, of Star Trek 6, would be far better a choice than Khan, because he’s Klingon and lives in the Klingon Empire, so he has a place to run where Kirk can’t get him.

In ST6 they didn’t meet until the sunset of their careers, but you’ve created a new universe, and in this one they could meet early on in their careers, generating a conflict that spans the series.

Chang was a very interesting character, and I really want to know how he lost that eye.

148. James Seals - June 25, 2009

What I think would be – forgive the pun – fascinating is to explore the ramifications of what losing Vulcan has on the Federation. This is, after all, a founding member. The impact becomes staggering.

Then you have to take into consideration what the Vulcans would do. They have, in essence, become a metaphor for the Jewish plight following the Second World War. This is a broken, displaced people. There will have to be several schools of thought as to how to proceed. Then, take into consideration, who survived?

Did T’Pring (“Amok Time”) survive? Is Spock’s arranged spouse still among the living? If so, you would think there would be a movement to “purity” that, even though Spock be half human, he has a responsibility to continue the linage. I don’t think this would sit well with Uhura. Instant drama.

Also, what of Sybok? I know many people decry his existence as the worst aspect of “Final Frontier.” But, according to the continuity, he was exiled from Vulcan. He would have survived. Who says that upon his return he has to be searching for Sha Ka Ree? Why can’t he become, perhaps a fundamentalist in the venue of these religious extremists?

How better to shore up Kirk and Spock’s relationship as brothers-in-arms than to tackle Spock’s half-brother as a foil? Perhaps not a centralized villain, but someone as a foil.

Then you have to take into consideration the fact that the warriors three, Kang, Kor and Koloth, are still around. We can explore an all new relationship with them as a solid, Klingon front.

Oh, and the Doomsday Machine… as envisioned by J. J. Abhrams and today’s modern-day special effects… The possibilities boggle the mind, my friends.

149. somethoughts - June 25, 2009

Whatever you guys decide to do, I’ll be following the sequel until the day it’s available to be seen in theatre. Love it or hate it, just looking forward to another movie with the same team who made Star Trek 09 possible.

The next movie will be the greatest sequel since Terminator 2 or the biggest flop since Insurrection (coming off a successful first film of TNG only First Contact…)

Just be warned all you folks out there who want something new, something like the Baku or Rufo or whatever awaits. My 2 cents is stick with what works and don’t try to do something different for the sake of being different, who cares what people think, just do what you feel is right and is good.

150. dmduncan - June 25, 2009

Bob Orci, what I also thought worked and would like to see more of: Rock and roll! Playing the Beastie Boys for the young Kirk scene was great, and it makes sense to me that they’d be listening to some timeless 20th century music in the 23rd.

So whether you use it for action, romance, or to jerk some tears out of us during the appropriate scene, I’d like to see more of that. Using rock and roll, starting out from a 23rd century iPod or ship’s library, and then filling the theater.

That was cool.

151. AJ - June 25, 2009

Tran2 is already at $120m worldwide after one day. Holy Crap!

152. RD - June 25, 2009

#151. Yup. Transformers has earned almost half of Trek’s entire box office take in one day. This film is going to crush Trek like Decepticon stepping on an empty Sprite can. Now that is a blockbuster folks.

153. Spot the cat - June 25, 2009

Anyone else sick of RD and his trolling of this site constantly trying to convince us that Star Trek isnt a big hit? WTF is your problem RD

154. dmduncan - June 25, 2009

If you want to compare apples to apples, compare this Star Trek to the first Transformers, and then, in a couple years, compare the Star Trek sequel to Transformers 2.

But who really cares what Transformers 2 or any other movie does in comparison to Trek? The only relevant issue is whether Trek earns enough revenue with respect to it’s total budget that makes it worthwhile to Paramount to make more equally fantastic Trek movies.

And that question has already been answered.

155. AJ - June 25, 2009

“Transformers 2″ is ‘friendly fire’ vis-a-vis “Star Trek.” It’s cash in the Paramount coffers with two common writers who obviously knew exactly what there were doing. It’ s success can only give Trek XII a better chance of receiving adequate funding to make it the epic film we all want.

The reviews are the worst I have ever seen for a blockbuster, and it’s become an exercise in one-upsmanship amongst reviewers to see who can more eloquently trash the film’s noisy, plotless existence.

But “Trans2’s” uber-success in no way diminishes “Trek,” and we should be happy that Trek is back like never before.

156. RD - June 26, 2009

#154. OK. Transformers made $750 million at the box office in 2007. By the same time as Trek is now (its 8th week), it had earned almost $315 million in the US alone (almost as much as ST09’s entire worldwide take to date).

Trek is expected to top out at $380M worldwide. If Trek had been released in 2007 and performed as well, it would have ranked 14th worldwide and 7th domestically with those grosses.

We’ll be back in 2011 to see how well ST11 compares to Transformers 2. The good news is, Since Trek is being compared to “Batman Begins” which had a 123% improvement with The Dark Knight, ST11 can expect to hit almost a billion dollars worldwide. ;-)

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