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FanMade: First Act Of Animated Starship Farragut Released July 23, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,TAS , trackback

Starship Farragut, a TOS era fan production, has set a fan film milestone, by being the first to produce both live action and animated episodes. The first part of their first animated episode was released this week. You can watch that below, plus TrekMovie talked to the Farragut producers to get all the latest news and details on what’s next.  


Farragut gets animated
The guys at Farragut Films and NEO f/x decided that the time had come for fan films to go to the second dimension, so they set out to recreate the look of Star Trek: The Animated Series, but with the crew of the TOS era fan film Star Trek Farragut. The Farragut cast provides the voice work, and NEO f/x uses CGI to lovingly recreate the Filmation style of TAS.

For their first episode "Power Source" they even have some famous guest stars doing some voice work (Chase Masterson and Chris Doohan). The episode is about the USS Farragut dispatched to meet up with the USS Azrael (a single nacelle Saladin class ship), only to find out that the Azreal’s captain is under the influence of alien technology. Although they are set on board the USS Farragut, the animated show ties into the TAS by incorporating the character Thelin (voiced by Doohan), who was the Andorian first officer of the USS Enterprise in an alternative timeline (TAS "Yesteryear").

Each episode of Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes will fit into the original TAS half hour structure (but without the commercials). The first act is now available online at the official site ( , and embedded below.

Farragut Animated producer Michael Struck tells TrekMovie that Act 2 of  "Power Source" should be released on August 3rd and the final act by the end of August. They are also hoping to have all three acts of their second episode "The Needs of the Many" out by the end of the year (again split into three act releases). That episode will tell the story of Capt. Carter of the Farragut facing the same Gorn Captain Kirk fought in "Arena". It will also feature the guest voice of Tim Russ.

More info of ‘TAE’ at

Starship Farragut Update
As for the live-action part of the Farragut family, besides doing voice work for the animated show, the focus this year has been on building their own sets located in St. Mary’s, Georgia (previous Farragut productions have mostly used the Star Trek: New Voyages sets). Farragut films plans to have a sets for the bridge, transporter room, captain’s quarters, corridor and shuttle craft ready in time to shoot their next episode in early 2010.  In April they held an open house to their new facility (see video).

Farragut producer/star John Broughton tells he hopes to release their fifth production, a full-length episode titled "Damn the Torpedoes" by the end of 2010. Here is a synopsis of "Damn the Torpedoes":

The USS Farragut is bringing a Federation diplomat, retired Admiral Glasgow, to negotiate a truce. When the Admiral’s shuttlecraft disappears into a mined asteroid field, with other diplomats aboard, Captain Carter and his crew must find a way to rescue them without starting an interstellar war!

Farragut also made some news last month, winning the Best Fan Film award for the second year in a row at the Wrath of Con science fiction conference and film festival in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was awarded for their latest production, the ‘Crew Log’ half-length episode “A Rock and a Hard Place,” which you can download at

For more on Starship Farragut, visit the official site at



1. Jim - July 23, 2009

This is cool. I love the animation

2. Tyler J. Anderson - July 23, 2009

I dont care what anyone says, I LOVE FAN FILMS!!

3. Canadianknight - July 23, 2009

The animation is very well done, although you can see where they have “borrowed”. There was one overhead shot of the bridge shaking where you can make out some of the TAS crewmembers.

I have trouble watching this though, as I’m a professional voice-over guy… and the Captain sounds (to my ears) to much like he’s READING. As someone who works in the VO industry.. it’s kinda tough to listen to.

That said… overall… it’s very well done. Bravo!

4. drij - July 23, 2009

lol awesome.

5. Spike - July 23, 2009

I love it however, the captain does sound like hes just reading….I have to agree with number three

6. Thorn - July 23, 2009

Uhura? Wtf are you doing on the Farragut?!

Its pretty good, but the voices are too deadpan, and the captain sounds like a teenager…

7. johnny - July 23, 2009

god, i hate starship farragut worse actingthen tos

8. Enterprise - July 23, 2009

needs. more. pauses.

9. Scotty - July 23, 2009

Actually that’s meant to be Morretti .. You can find out more of her Character on the Farragut Animated website.

10. David - July 23, 2009

I really am enjoying this project, probably more than the live action series. The animation is well done and for the most part the VO are done well. However I must agree that the Captain’s VO is the weak link. There is a general lack of inflection that leaves the delivery somewhat monotone. It might be helpful to break up longer bits of dialog into smaller pieces and then edit them together. This should allow the actor to focus on the delivery instead of getting a long piece of dialog out.

11. Scott Gammans - July 23, 2009

Wow #7, that’s really constructive criticism.

While I agree with 3 and 5 that the voiceovers could use some work, overall I thought that “Starship Farragut” perfectly captured the spirit of the 70’s “Star Trek” animated series.

There was one big disappointment for me, though. I could be completely offbase here, but it looks like most if not all of the visual effects of the “Farragut” are merely Photoshopped changes to the Filmation clips of the “Enterprise”. I thought the producers of “Starship Farragut” were going to create entirely new effects shots **in the style** of the Filmation series, but using more modern F/X software such as Newtek LightWave + a good cel shader. Oh well… maybe next time?

12. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - July 23, 2009

RE: #11…

From what I remember reading, this new series was always meant to have the original look of the Filmation series….for better or worse. I kind of like the charm of the old 70’s animation style. Well, I should say I like and dislike many things…but I can absolutely appreciate the nod and tribute to the original series.

As far as the acting goes…for a fan-based show it was pretty good. I guess my main criticism would be with the Captain. He comes across quite flat.

As a whole, I think it is a top-notch fan production. I’ve been waiting months for it’s release and can honestly say I was not disappointed. The site is bookmarked and I will be looking forward to further episodes…as well as posting announcements on an animation promotion site I’m involved with.

Kudos to Farragut Films and NEO fx!

13. JT - July 23, 2009

I love this! Very cool!

14. Spockish - July 23, 2009

So #7 more pauses in the voice, does that mean you want the Capt. of the Farragut to now be called Capt. Jerk. What he needs to do is get a stronger memory and act the voice from memory, not a prompter like O’bama does. But reciting from memory is why actors get paid. And this production comes from a Fan’s heart that places them their on film. Which for some is of more value than a paycheck.

If they qualify as actors then they would be getting money like actors do, the bad part of this is you may be forced to join a union.

15. VoR - July 23, 2009

Oh Spockish…. politicians (and most people who speak on television) have been using teleprompters for decades, and before that, they had cue-cards. Why you or anyone would single-out President Obama is silly and ignorant.

16. Enterprise - July 23, 2009

What the hell does Obama have to do with this?

17. Jeff - July 24, 2009

While a tribute to the style of the original animated series is nice, couldn’t they have amped up the thing? Added faster cuts, more movement to the animations, better special effects? The original animated show was cheaply animated due to budget concerns…when you’ve got modern computers you can do a lot more in much less time and effort.

18. Al - July 24, 2009

Terrible theme music, terrible voices. And it should say “Farragut Films presents” not “present.”

19. William Kirk - July 24, 2009

The Farragut is great! I like it. Great animation. It has the TAS spirit, that is great. Maybe there could appear the Enterprise in the future… :-)

20. swift - July 24, 2009

Spockish. I think you are in the wrong place. You want a politics site.

21. Andy Patterson - July 24, 2009

Way cool. And they use Thelin. I loved that character from the original cartoon. And clever voice casting. All very cool.

22. Andy Patterson - July 24, 2009

And might I add…a real Andorian. Love it.

23. John Gill - July 24, 2009

Very nice animation, but a few of the characters sound like they are just reading from a book, not acting it out.

24. Ned - July 24, 2009

Wow, their bad acting skills translate quite faithfully to their animated characters.

25. RenderedToast - July 24, 2009

Captain’s voice is just awful. Why do people insist on this fanwank?

26. Blowback - July 24, 2009

Nice addition but I am not a fan of duplicating the 70’s animation style (if you can call it a style). The captain needs to put a little more life in his lines also…

I’ll give it a B –

27. Jorg Sacul - July 24, 2009

I wish I could cite the article, but Shatner said that it wasn’t uncommon for the TAS voice work to be recorded wherever the actors were at the time…which includes a bathroom stall one time.

So, yes, while Bill was boldly going, he was delivering the Captain’s Log.

28. star trackie - July 24, 2009

The look and style of this is top notch, but man, someone needs to give that captain a shot of cordrazine!

29. scifib5st - July 24, 2009

Good job Farragut and NEO Fx. I enjoy the TOS fan films, and mixing in voices from any ST in very nice! Keep up the good work, “Full speed ahead!!!”

30. Capatin April - July 24, 2009

#11 My feelings exactly, I am a little more involved with this project, having worked with one of the producers on TOS online comics, I created some artwork for the Farragut site, I use 3D Studio Max. I wish they have done more with the space shots, I understand the idea of recreating the original animation from the 70’s, but one has to realize that those guys didn’t have a choice, they couldn’t afford to do it better, with today’s computers we can do full animation for the space shots which would look really cool.

31. Mitch - July 24, 2009

I’ll watch this in a month when the whole thing is released. I don’t understand why incomplete work is presented like that. In this case it isn’t so bad, because it’s only a month. The better the show/fan fic/fan film is, the worse it is that it’s incomplete. I realize there are 2 schools of thought. Some people don’t mind because they get to see something. Personally, I just like to be able to watch the whole thing. I won’t be able to finish it until the final part is released anyway, so I wait.

A month isn’t so bad at least. Didn’t that Exeter episode recently have its 4th anniversary since the first part was released? Hopefully the final act will come out before Star Trek 12.

32. Andy - July 24, 2009

I wish someone would use the original dialogue/music/sounds from the original animated series, but do new 3D CGI animations for each shot. Especially those episodes written by D.C. Fontana and other classic Trek writers. It’d be way too much work, but it would be awesome to see!!!

This is cool too though, what a great fan tribute!

33. Krik Semaj - July 24, 2009

I know they are trying to capture the look of the original but why? I watched TAS when I was a kid during the first run, and back then I thought the animation was terrible. It still is. The only reason it was bad back then was because of the budget (Just like TOS) With the low cost of good animation techniques available today it could be a lot better. Retro is fine, but this is silly.

34. Michael-NEO f/x - July 24, 2009

Thanks to those that did watch this and liked it. It was designed to be a tribute to Filmation. While we did improve upon things visually, for the most part it is meant to stand beside the original as almost a ‘spin off’.

I won’t spend any time defending the voice work. Everyone gave their all in this project and it does tell an interesting story. You can’t please everyone all of the time, but I am happy some people enjoyed it.

35. Mark Lynch - July 24, 2009

Couldn’t agree more. What’s the possibility somebody with the skill and time to do it lurks around here and might just…..

You get my drift.

Wish I could do it. Because I would love to see these get the ‘remastered’ treatment.

Come on Paramount, this sounds like a superb money spinner to me!

36. New Horizon - July 24, 2009

7. johnny – July 23, 2009

Might want to brush up on your grammar before criticizing the acting. Seriously, I had to read your post 3 times to figure out what you said. Anyone know what a comma is these days? Periods or exclamation marks? I’m not expert, but at least I try to make my posts understandable.

As for the animated Farragut, it’s really cool, but I simply can’t stand listening to the actor playing the Captain. He slurs through his lines, both here and in the live action show. I simply can’t buy him as the captain with such horrible diction. His performance is ok, if understated, but he really needs to up his game in terms of diction and clarity. He needs to practice saying his lines with a pencil clenched in his teeth. That will help him a lot.

37. Digginjim - July 24, 2009

all kudos to folks for putting so much love and effort into fan productions… but I have to agree with other posters – its rendered pretty much unwatchable by the terrible ‘acting’ and reading of lines…

38. Scott Reed - July 24, 2009

Was this done with flash?

39. Aldo F. Rodriguez - July 24, 2009

Starship Farragut Rocks! Given the fact these guys are giving their own free time and resources (especially $$$) as well as getting voice-overs from professionals (Masterson, Doohan, Russ,etc.), I say more power to this gallant crew! Once again, if any of you naysayers can do better, then by all means do so. We would love the opportunity to critique your handiwork as well as admire your efforts.

To the Star Trek fan films and other fan productions: LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

40. Michael-NEO f/x - July 24, 2009


No…while Flash would be an option if we were to completely do a fresh new cartoon (with its own style), this was done to replicate cel animation. So, we did it very similar to that…Volunteers from around the world would submit ‘cels’ and we would layer them in After Effects, where they would be animated and exported into a timeline editor.

Not the best way to do a production cartoon, but works well for this.

41. Chris Miles - July 24, 2009

re:Opening Music

If they were going to use/borrow TAS incidental/background music- why not simply use the TAS opening theme.

My 2 cents- music needs work- otherwise good effort.

42. Izbot - July 24, 2009

Shades of Mary Sue! Dude, casting yourself as the captain of an animated spaceship? Show some retstraint!

43. Sarah S - July 24, 2009

WOW! I am VERY impressed with the animated Farragut episode. I could watch more of this. Very good.

44. Scott Gammans - July 24, 2009

@ Michael-NEO f/x

Look at “Futurama”. It’s an animated cartoon, but the visual F/X style is top shelf with fluid motion of the cars, space vehicles, etc. You could still have had an animated spinoff of TAS that duplicates the visual style of the Filmation series, but with much smoother animation. I guess that’s what’s at the root of my disappointment–I (obviously mistakenly) was under the impression that I was going to see near-Futurama visual F/X on this project.

45. New Horizon - July 24, 2009

39. Aldo F. Rodriguez – July 24, 2009

Did they get a vocal performance from James Doohan before he passed away in 2005?

46. Michael-NEO f/x - July 24, 2009


Nope…that was never the goal…everything you see on the screen was done purposefully to mirror Filmation-style animation. People kept commenting that Filmation did this to save money and that we should have done better, however, we did this on NO budget with volunteers only. If we had started with a clean slate, this project would have never seen the light of day. Utilizing the ‘Filmation’ style gave us a grounding point to start from. In the end, it is a tribute to that style we were going for.

Sorry some of this disappointed you guys…TAS was never about the animation anyway, but about telling an interesting story.

47. Julio - July 24, 2009

I was pretty good friends with John Brought back when we used to work together at a government contracting firm in Maryland… he’s a fantastic guy and absolutely LOVES HIS TREK. I remember he used to bring in these great props (phasers, etc.) he made to share with me..

I haven’t spoken or seen him since we worked together; it’s so cool to see him still “Trekkin'”… I’ll have to shoot him an e-mail and congratulate him! Go, Johnny, Go!!!

48. New Horizon - July 24, 2009

9. Aldo F. Rodriguez – July 24, 2009

Having read the article again, I can see why you were confused. They have incorporated a character that was voiced by Doohan ‘in the original animated series’. The character is obviously voiced by a new actor here, since Doohan is dead.

49. Brett Campbell - July 24, 2009

46 Michael – It is a nice nostalgic effect and serves as a homage to the TAS I knew as a kid. Very nice job with it. It was no small effort, I am sure.



50. Andy Patterson - July 24, 2009

It’s Chris Doohan.

Father, James used to do lots of extra voices on the animated show. Including Thelin which his son is doing now. See – it’s a tie in folks. A nice tribute.

51. Michael-NEO f/x - July 24, 2009


It is indeed a “Doohan” voicing Thelin (the Andorian)…However, it is James’ son, Chris, who provides the voice.

52. Andy Patterson - July 24, 2009


And hey Michael,

I get what you all are doing. I think it’s a cool retro tribute.

53. Victor Hugo - July 24, 2009

I love fan-fiction and fan-movies, it´s an act of love and creativity.

But i hope this production to be merely a window to a more personal, authoral work, something they can call entirely “their own” and that they can make fair profit out of it.

54. Michael Foote - July 24, 2009

I wonder if anyone has considered taking the audio track from the original animated series and doing a Pixar quality take on the episodes. Star Trek the animated series remastered so to speak.

55. LordCheeseCakeBreath - July 24, 2009

I honestly think the fan productions pay tribute to trek more than the pros!

I have a cool idea…the phase II Enterprise encounters a mysteryous gravametric distortion in the Alpha Omega sector. An area of warped space appears and the Enterprise (alternate movie version) appears. How cool would that be! That would really bring both worlds together!

56. Den - July 24, 2009

It sucks……..absolutely sucks. Acting is terrible, especially the captain and what the Hell is up with the stupid goatee? Animation is very TAS which is a nice retro throwback but all-in-all………..this is garbage.

57. Balok - July 24, 2009

I like it, too much criticism here…

58. PiperKev - July 24, 2009

Well at least commenters are consistent…

59. New Horizon - July 24, 2009

50. Andy Patterson – July 24, 2009

Ahhh, very nice tie in. :) I think the cartoon looks fantastic…very true to the spirit of the originals.

60. Lazar - July 24, 2009

Not that it doesn’t have some good features, but the two things that struck me were the really bad voice acting from the Captain, and the perpetuation of the embarrassing Star Trek trope of the non-diverse crew: all the human characters we see seem to be American or British, which leaves out about 94% of the human population.

61. Daedalians - July 24, 2009

Howdy folks. I haven’t seen the animated Farrugut, but I have watched their live action work.

I have just one question for the nay-sayers. Have you ever attempted something of this level? You’ll notice that those who have, offer constructive criticism such as act the voice over, don’t read it; or cut the voice overs into smaller parts to make them easier to act out.

These folks are doing something which takes a lot of time and effort. My hat is off to them! If you have a suggestion for improvement, by all means offer it so that they can make a better production. But if you don’t, then maybe mom’s advice works best, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

Good luck and continued success, Farrugut!

62. Rocket Scientist - July 24, 2009

I liked it! As a recent purchaser of TAS on DVD, that series is still very fresh in my mnd and this seamlessly dovetails into it. Pretty incredible.

So what if there is a little amateurishness in the acting style? It’s a fan production, fer cryin’ out loud. It adds to the charm.

Great job guys ‘n gals. I’m looking forward to more!

63. tom vinelli - July 24, 2009

i agree the captain doesn’t cut in the voice over department.they need a better fact everyone in the cast sounds like there reading lines.and as cartoons go today there lots of action.this ist act lacks that.
i’m a big trek fan but this show don’t cut it.i doubt it will last long.

64. New Horizon - July 24, 2009

56. Den – July 24, 2009

It’s far from garbage. Wish I could say as much for your so called ‘critique’.

65. John Broughton - July 24, 2009


“Julio – July 24, 2009
I was pretty good friends with John Brought back when we used to work together at a government contracting firm in Maryland… he’s a fantastic guy and absolutely LOVES HIS TREK. I remember he used to bring in these great props (phasers, etc.) he made to share with me..

I haven’t spoken or seen him since we worked together; it’s so cool to see him still “Trekkin’”… I’ll have to shoot him an e-mail and congratulate him! Go, Johnny, Go!!!”

Not sure who this is (Julio?), but would like to catch up and say thanks for the kind words!

66. Nick Cook - July 24, 2009

Nice job guys! Looking forward to the remaining parts. :)

67. Montreal Paul - July 24, 2009

I like that it has the spirit and feel of TAS. The animation looks great and the story is great. But like others here, it does sound like the Captain… and others are just reading the script and not acting. I know they are not professionals, but it was hard to listen to at times. But I give them kudos for doing this!

68. John Broughton - July 24, 2009


“58. PiperKev – July 24, 2009
Well at least commenters are consistent…”

With a film project like this – you have to take the good with the bad. :)
Like I always say, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!”

69. Thomas Jensen - July 24, 2009

I can appreciate the attempt to recreate the original animated adventures, but as with other fan produced efforts, they are copying something that has been done before. And, quite frankly the excitement of the original is lost. The point of seeing the original series characters animated was to bring back the show as it had been gaining popularity in re-runs, perhaps to return again on television. I don’t see the point of doing something which was done before, if I want to see the animated adventures, I’ll just pull out the DVD of the original.

I don’t get a charge of seeing a crew I have many problems with acting in these adventures. The premise of each episode may be interesting, but the talent leaves something to be desired. In this case, as many above have noted, the voice characterization is so distracting that it’s very hard to concentrate on the story without wincing at some of the actors choices in presenting the lines.

I won’t single out any actor, but the result is just awful in many cases. This production is much better however, then the life action Farragut films as the actors are perfected in a physical sense, making them much more attractive than their live-action counterparts.

Frankly, this is a curiosity to be viewed once.

The question I have in duplicating the original Star Trek is, “why”? For many of the original fans the appeal of the show was the stories and the actors who had the incredible chemistry together to make it work. I don’t see the appeal of this beyond, “hey look, it’s the original series world in the Filmation style of animation!” After that, there isn’t much there.

The original Filmation style wasn’t something to imitate, it was a product of its time and this fan film is a nice tribute to the original, but sometimes the original is best because it was an original.

If anything, I hope this effort will get someone to sit-up and take notice that the original animated series can be updated with the original actors and that would be something special.

Now that would be a tribute to the original Star Trek.

70. THX-1138 - July 24, 2009

Trek fans would bitch about a free lunch.

Couple of points for the uninformed:

If the crew lacks a certain diversity, remember that they are for the most part the same actors that appear in the live action episodes. You are only as diverse as the people who volunteer to do the parts.

This show is done for free, so whether it lasts or not is not a matter of how high tech the production is. You can’t cancel something that isn’t dependent on ratings.

Anyone else who thinks they can do better than the fan films currently out there is free to give it a go. Make sure to post your efforts here so that you may face the highly informed criticisms of your fellow fans.

This is Star Trek and Star Trek related storytelling where there was once none. I say the more the better.

And I reitierate: I would gladly volunteer to be an extra in any of these productions just for the chance to play in the sandbox.

71. John Broughton - July 24, 2009

Thanks THX-1138. Evidently, you understand these types of film projects! All volunteer work, meaning no Hollywood financial backing – with folks coming together for the love of TREK and filmmaking. :)

I’m genuinely being entertained listening to both sides – as Spock would say, “Fascinating!” Either way, at least people are talking about Starship Farragut and those that have not been exposed to our live action series may be prompted to do. For those that may be attending the CREATION CON in Parsippany, NJ next week – please stop by our exibiting table to receive complimentary DVD’s, autographed photos, posters, costume swatches, patches, etc. ALL FOR FREE!

72. star trackie - July 24, 2009

#46 “TAS was never about the animation anyway, but about telling an interesting story.”

So true. TAS was about the original actors recreating the original roles in new original stories written by many TOS writers and approved by Roddenberry. It was never about the animation. And for what it was, it was great. In fact, I’ve always said the animated Trek managed to capture the likenesses of the original crew better than any of the comic books, and with a lot less linework.

TAS is just another bundle of TOS goodness and anyone that hasn’t picked it up at Walmart for the crazy price of $15 needs a checkup by Dr. McCoy. I may not like some of the stilted voicework, but in style they have done the animated series proud. Well done!

73. Gary - July 24, 2009

That was pretty slick. Nice job, Farragut!

74. Julio - July 24, 2009


Quote: – John Broughton – July 24, 2009

Not sure who this is (Julio?), but would like to catch up and say thanks for the kind words!


It’s Mike Askounes from back in the ISN days… I shot you an e-mail earlier to the address at the Farragut site.

75. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 24, 2009

I love these guys!!

When is their next live action episode??

And I am said the Exeter guys never came through. They had the potential to be real tv episode worthy with their last unfinished outing

76. Dennis Bailey - July 24, 2009

Oh, Exeter will get finished sometime this year. Right, Michael? :)

I’m loving the animated Farragut episode thus far. Great work all around.

77. Gummy - July 24, 2009

This is really well done. Kudos to the staff.

78. Rocket Scientist - July 24, 2009

It’s unreasonable to hold these guys to the same high standard as we would the actors and filmmakers that did the original. That latter group is a bunch of professionals who spent years honing their craft and they make a living doing it.

The Farragut crew do it out of love for Trek and nothing more. That they did it so beautifully is a pure tribute to the source material. They get nothing but applause from me.

79. Michael-NEO f/x - July 24, 2009

76…are they waiting on me :)

Glad you liked it Dennis!

80. John Pearse - July 24, 2009

The Azrael’s captain looks and sounds a bit like Edward James Olmos. Intentional?

81. Trekwebmaster - July 24, 2009

Excellent! I love the presentation of the starship Farragut in the TAS genre! Looking forward to the next installment and well done to all involved!

I like this! It’s exciting to see a show set in the TAS time-frame, again. Now, this is TRUE Trek, at its finest!

82. Luke Sutton ('The Tenth Doctor') - July 24, 2009

Not one to nitpick or anything, but didn’t the parody fan show “Star Tracks” also do animated episodes a while back?

And my own Star Trek: Unity has both live-action and animated, although the animated is more machinima than anything else…

83. lodownX - July 24, 2009

Great Job. – but I got to agree with some of the posters about the Voice work… a little more range would do wonders to a product that is by far one of the best Fan Made productions I have ever seen.

Thanks to all involved.

Please keep up the great work… looking forward to part 2.

84. InfinateVulcan - July 24, 2009

Good job Farragut crew! I enjoyed the original animated series for what it was, great story telling in the original series universe. You captured the essence of that. Remember, this is a fan project done by people who love the original series as I do. These aren’t professional actors, but people doing their best and getting better with each project. Thank you Farragut crew!

85. Kirk's Girdle - July 24, 2009

Hoy crap. They’re using the Filmation incidental music too. The memory of that music has been trapped in a chamber in my brain for 35 years,

86. trekologist - July 24, 2009

Great job Farragut Crew! The plot line seems very interesting and I like the fact that you’ve used a one-nacelle ship in this episode. Making an animated show is an amazing way to capture the spirit of trek! You’ve also done a great job of recreating the exact look of the show.

* Can you add some more diversity to the crew? You have one Andorian (which is amazing) but the rest of the crew members all have the same ethnic backgrounds and accents. The original trek always did a great job of showing humans from a variety of backgrounds in the show doing various tasks.

* Also, the captain does need a little more dramatic flare in his voice (no where near Shatner level drama needed though) :-).

All in all, GREAT PRODUCTION! I love it and you are all carrying on the mantle of true TREK!

87. Kirk's Girdle - July 24, 2009

That one redshirt looks a lot like Scotty. If anything, I’d say the animation is a little better and smoother than TOS.

88. Andy Patterson - July 24, 2009

Again, to all the critics I say poo poo. I of all people appreciate something done exactly in the spirit of the original. I’m all about that. Some people here don’t realize how ON this is. It’s not supposed to be slick animation or updated Venture Brothers (which I love – but that’s beside the point) stuff, or anime or whatever. And I of all people appreciate something like this done well with no budget. Having done my own fan projects I can really appreciate the spirit of this whole project.

You go guys! Again, I get it.

89. trekologist - July 24, 2009

*Followup to post 86:
Regarding the crew diversity, I’m not saying your crew should be a beacon diverse humanity, but switch it up a little bit.

I love your show and will definitely be watching more!

Do you have any plans of featuring any Lt. Arex type aliens or perhaps, Tellarites? I love me some piggy people.

Thanks~ Dredre2k

90. Kayla Iacovino - July 24, 2009

This is totally awesome, great job to everyone involved! Quality is the utmost!

91. Smitty™ - July 24, 2009

Quite nice They’re following the style of the animated Trek like in many ways what James Cawley and Co. are going with TOS in New Voyages/Phase II.


92. THX-1138 - July 24, 2009


Pleasure was mine. i’m dead serious about the volunteer offer. John, Dennis, James, anybody?

93. C.S. Lewis - July 24, 2009

This is delightful! It really captures the essence of TAS. Crisp, fun writing, no pretensions … I feel better having watched this than I did ST09 and that cost me 3 hours of time and $20.

More, please!

C.S. Lewis

94. C.S. Lewis - July 24, 2009

A Bronx Cheer to the nattering naybobs. By golly, it’s a labor of love (which is what “amateur” means you do realize.)

Yes, a pencil between the teeth and some breathing exercises would do wonders for vocal delivery. But hoorah! no less. More animated Farragut please!

C.S. Lewis

95. Thomas Scott - July 24, 2009

Thanks to everyone here who has provided positive feedback and/or constructive criticism. It’s great to have part of this out there for the public to see after Michael and his team have labored so long and spent so much time paying attention to every minute detail. It is an honor to be a part of this project and I am very proud of what has been produced.

96. Kenneth Thomson Jr. - July 24, 2009

I am very pleased with the way the episode turned out. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, create an adventure of the Starship Farragut in a format that is as close to identical to Star Trek: The Animated Series as possible. Yes, I worked on it. I’m very proud to have been part of this, and I really, really am saddened by those who are bashing it, and the acting in it. Come on guys… this is a labor of love. This was done to create something authentic to Filmation’s style. Whether or not you agree with that idea, the execution of this is spot-on. I’d have to believe that if you don’t like it, you must not have cared for TAS to begin with, which is certainly your opinion and your right. But what was done here was not a secret or a surprise bait and switch. It was advertised as a TAS product from its inception.

To everyone involved in this film, I applaud you and am honored to work with you. To everyone who enjoyed it, I’m really glad you did. For those who didn’t, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it, but we can’t please everyone. I hope you find something to your taste elsewhere and at least don’t bash the hard work of a lot of people who do this out of love for the craft.

I’m doing my own Star Trek project, and the negativity I’m seeing here makes me reconsider why. But the positive reaction of those who get it, outweighs the rest, and at the end of the day, we do these things for our own enjoyment. It takes a lot of guts to do something and put it up for millions to see. Just consider that before you tear down what is so hard to create. But to each their own.

“Live long and Prosper, Farragut.”


Ken Thomson

97. Son of Captain Garth - July 24, 2009

I simply cannot believe what I’m reading. Let me get this straight: we’re all supposed to be fans of a show that espouses utopian ideals of brotherhood among humankind and yet I’m beginning to wonder what exactly the trolls are getting out of Trek, if these are the best responses they can marshal.

Setting aside for the moment any aesthetic predispositions that the haters have towards any fan film effort, how is it Trek-like to viciously attack these people in such a manner? Besides achieving some petty, sadistic satisfaction, what do these posters get from being so hateful towards those whom they have obviously never met?

The Farragut crew are among the best of the fan film makers. They are generous with their help and their resources and are truly inclusive with respect to inviting others to their ranks–and on their sets! John Broughton has been kind enough to share his love of Trek with others with no expectation of any kind of reward. His Jack Carter has an easy charm and is a refreshing change from the dark, obsessed individuals who are constantly presented to the viewing public. Michael Bednar is a true gentleman, a brilliant prop maker and his Cdr. Tacket is a workman-like, even handed officer who brings balance to the rest of the troika–Carter and Smithfield. Holly Bednar’s Michelle Smithfield is fiery, yet poised. She’s perfect as Carter’s friend/surrogate big sister.

With respect to the technical aspects of Farragut, they do more on a shoestring budget and spare weekends than any fan production could possibly hope to do. Michael Bednar is a solid photographer and Mark Hildebrand brings a delightful theatrical sensibility to the director’s chair. This production has a visual flair that one would often associate with productions costing far more.

I guess in some respects it’s flattering that the haters judge Farragut’s productions by the standards of the original, but kindness and charitable feelings are not the intention of these posters. No, it’s almost as if they have some kind of emptiness within them that can only be filled by hiding behind a computer and giggling to themselves, “holy sh**, I really stuck it to ’em this time.”

98. Ubertrekfan - July 24, 2009

Live action AND animated adventures — NO other fan film has succeeded in doing this! NO other fan film has even seriously attempted this! My hat is off the the cast and production crew of Starship Farragut!!

Their goal, as stated on their web sites and forums, was to make two “special editions” that would fit in seamlessly with TAS as it was produced in the 1970’s by Filmation. I’d say they succeeded brilliantly.

For those complaining about the acting — You try sitting in front of a microphone with no other visual or auditory cues to aid your performance. You will wind up either “reading the script” or over-acting. Doing voice work for animated characters is not as easy as some of you THINK (and I use that word lightly) it is.

For those talking about what they perceive as an apparent lack of diversity — Farragut’s crew is what it is. They brought their live action characters to the animated universe — just like TAS did. They even ADDED an alien Navigator — just like TAS did — and a British Helmsman on top of that. Any more changes to the crew and it wouldn’t have been the Farragut crew (which — in case you missed it — would defeat the purpose of it being called “Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes”).

Maybe some more “diverse” people need to step up and volunteer to be in their live action episodes. If you actually knew just how much commitment is involved and the additional demands in both time and money that are really required, I’d wager that your tune would change rather rapidly. Any takers ??

Countless others have put their “pipe dreams” out there — borrowed their brother’s video camera and got some friends together — they got some photo-shopped images put together and slapped them on a web site — promised two or more episodes a year — only to succumb to the pressures and challenges of real life and no money.

The truth is that Farragut and VERY few others have succeeded where those countless others have failed.

If what they’ve managed to do is not good enough for your taste, make your own show and put it out there for FREE — that is, if you can! I dare you! After that, If you have a thick enough skin to survive the rude and obnoxious critiques that some have exhibited here — I double-dog-dare you to make another one! Otherwise — show a little CLASS, some MANNERS, or maybe even a little COURTESY.

James T. Kirk himself said “Courtesy is for everyone”.

99. Ricker'sDad - July 25, 2009

Do we have to rip apart every new bit of star trek we get? When will you haters come to understand that it’s no longer the 60s or 70s?

I for one am truly gratefull for these farragut episodes. It’s nice to watch some Star Trek I haven’t ever seen. I love TOS and TNG and the whole lot, but doesn’t anyone else enjoy new stories and characters? Doesn’t anyone else get desperate for new Trek?

But, oh no…the new movie sucks, farragut sucks, Star Trek online sucks. Geez, do you folks even really like Star Trek. I bet, if somehow Shatner and Co. from TOS were able to move forward in time to 2009 and do a show, you’d likely find a way to crap all over that too.

To the Starship Farragut team…thanks for doing what you do. You may not know it by reading the posts here, but lot’s of people appreciate it.

More, please

100. The Angry Klingon - July 25, 2009

Well, I enjoyed it….Its a great nostalgic take and I for one say ‘kudos’. It is what it is :)

101. Kirk's Toupee - July 25, 2009

Ahead Cheese Factor 9.4…………..

102. rogue_alice - July 25, 2009

Maybe it’s just me but, is that Captain Carter hot or what?

103. Apologize for NOTHING Officer Crowley - July 25, 2009

The whole diversity things is funny. The creators of a fan film should roll with what they have. Diversity happens best on it’s own. Not when it’s forced.
And for that matter, if there was more ‘diversity’ among fan created content, then maybe people wouldnt whine so much. Which is my way of saying that if more people got off their a$$ and created stuff, then there is your diversity. So far, the fan films and other content seems to be primarily created and driven by folks of european origin. Where is everyone else?

104. Apologize for NOTHING Officer Crowley - July 25, 2009

Oh, and great job Farragut team. I probably enjoyed this better than any of the fan stuff I have seen lately.

105. Chess - July 25, 2009

An excellent episode of the animated show, great writing and animation, great editing and sound design, and interesting plot, the only weakness is the incredibly poor voice acting job done by the captain, which is a shame because he’s such a main character.

Unfortunately every aspect of the show can be 10’s across the board but if you have a bad voice actor in it, it destroys the show. Save the show by replacing the captain voice over actor (or have him take some lessons).

106. Scott B. here. - July 25, 2009

This is a home run, guys. As an homage to ST-TAS, it works perfectly. As someone who’s done some amateur animation, I can appreciate the work that went into making it , and making it match the look and pacing of the original.

And so far, the plot is — dare I say — better than most episodes of TAS. Can’t wait for Acts 2 and 3.

Scott B. out.

107. Danny uk - July 25, 2009

…am I the only one that finds theese “fan-made-things” damaging to the star trek as a concept…I mean…what’s the point?

108. Dennis Bailey - July 25, 2009

#107:”…am I the only one that finds theese “fan-made-things” damaging to the star trek as a concept…”

Yeah, pretty much.

How does that make you feel? Like a freak of nature, some mutated evolutionary dead end written out of the Book of Life?

Bet that sucks. LOL

109. Scott B. here. - July 25, 2009

Re: Danny – They’re just expressions of how much these fans love the show; it’s a desire to be part of the magic, to add to the mythos; to carry the flame.

As far as them “damaging” the concept … people with much bigger budgets have probably inflicted far greater damage. :-)

Scott B. out.

110. Andy Patterson - July 25, 2009


You go Kenneth. Who cares what anyone thinks. Checked out your website and I’m intrigued with what I see. I look forward to seeing your project. Gotta do what you gotta do.

111. Kenneth Thomson Jr. - July 25, 2009

“110. Andy Patterson – July 25, 2009

You go Kenneth. Who cares what anyone thinks. Checked out your website and I’m intrigued with what I see. I look forward to seeing your project. Gotta do what you gotta do.”

Thanks Andy! I hope you will continue to enjoy forthcoming efforts!



112. Nick Cook - July 26, 2009

#107. “Danny uk – July 25, 2009
…am I the only one that finds theese “fan-made-things” damaging to the star trek as a concept…I mean…what’s the point?”
That was pretty much my reaction to your comment.

113. Red Skirts For Girls - July 26, 2009

I don’t care what people say, Captain Carter is fine – sexy fine!

114. dep1701 - July 26, 2009

As someone who has a strong affection for the original animated Trek series, I got a real kick out of the Farragut version. I also enjoyed hearing more of the original series sound fx mixed in ( which is something i always missed in the animated show ).

I’d love to know how you got the original Yvette Blais music tracks, clean of dialogue and sfx. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a soundtrack disc of those ( maybe twenty or so ?) stock music cues on a CD. Those tracks would continue to show up in subsequent Flimation shows for nearly a decade after the Star Trek series ceased production ( Batman, Space Academy, Jason Of Star Command, Ark ll, Tarzan and Flash Gordon, to name a few ). The music was definitely overused, ad nauseum, thorugh the series, and it was definitely generic and of it’s time ( especially the electric guitar flourishes! ) but whatever show I heard it in, I always got a thrill of recognition as my mind flashed to Star Trek.

115. Kail - July 26, 2009

They were able to isolate the music tracks off of the DVD release.

116. Todd - July 26, 2009

Farragut friends, continue your fine work amd don’t listen to the negative comments. Thought I was watching one of my old episodes.

117. Captain Dunsel - July 26, 2009

I must admit that it’s been almost 40 years since I was *IN* a fan-made ST film, but I still find these a great deal of fun to watch. Understanding the limitations under which these sorts of things get made makes it easy to forgive a great deal.

That said, the responses that seem to treat all critics as “haters” trouble me just as much.

Here’s a piece of advice to anyone who thinks someone can produce amateur material and have it kept immune to criticism: Show it ONLY to your Mother. Never put it out on the internet. Ever.

The Farragut animateds are VERY well done. I don’t at all feel like I “lost 10 minutes of my life.”

The only criticisms to be made of the animation style are about CHOICES, not about execution. They set out to do this in the 1970’s style of TAS, and they have done it brilliantly. I like the choice – others didn’t. Ya’ pays yer money (in this case 0 Bars of Gold Pressed latinum) and ya’ takes yer chances.

On the voice work, the reality is not nearly so kind, as has been pointed out by several people already. Some of the work is pretty darn good and some is only barely adequate. Of wel…. The vicissitudes of ad-hoc production.

I’m sorry to have to join the chorus, though, and say that the vocal work on the Captain is truly dismal. If I had not actually READ the credits, I would be under the impression that the Master of the Farragut was “Captain Carr”.

Several people have made suggestions already, from pencils in the teeth to who knows what else. The best suggestion I can make is REHEARSAL. When you get to the point that the cue cards, teleprompter or script are REMINDERS rather that the source material, it will get much better. There’s a reason many amateurs sound as if they are reading. It’s because they are reading.

Here’s a little trick I’ve used for years to get “off book”: After you’ve read through the part a few times, distill the script to a set of short 1 to 3 word notes on each passage of your speech, and work from that.

But at the bottom line – please keep it up. Warts and all, I definitely am looking forward to Act II.

118. Kail - July 26, 2009

Nice to see some thoughtful constructive criticism here as well as the curt bashings.

119. Captain Dunsel - July 26, 2009

#18 – Kail – Chalk it up to Toastmasters! It’s how we’re taught to do speech evaluations. (grin)

120. S. John Ross - July 27, 2009

Animation: Holy jumping wowsers that’s fantastic! Spot-on! Perfect evocation of the original.

Voice Acting: Really uneven. Some of the minor characters are voiced very well. But the captain … oh my …

Big TAS fan. Lovin’ this, captain and all.

But … oh my.

121. PiperKev - July 27, 2009

I don’t think that ANYONE here thinks that Farragut, or any other fan production, is immune to criticism. That’s how things mature and grow.

What I personally take issue with is that the mahority of the criticism has been outright BASHING, not constructive in the least. Maybe some folks get a thrill out of tearing down others’ efforts in the nastiest way possible, but I think it reflects rather poorly on themselves, not the subject being criticised.

Just my $0.02…

Hey, at least they got the color of the Bussard collectors right, eh?? ;-D

122. PiperKev - July 27, 2009

“mahority of the criticism” should’ve been MAJORITY. Dang fat fingers, anyway…

123. Captain Pike - July 27, 2009

I have nothing against fan films per se but if they have the resources to make fan films of this caliber then why not put their energy into original work? Everybody complains that there is any originality in science fiction TV anymore — maybe if the makers of fan films put there effort into original work there would be less complaining about originality in science fiction.

124. Kelly Rhodes - July 27, 2009

It’s quite simple “Captain Pike”, people who make “fan films” do it because they are FANS of a certain series and/or movie, and making films based on them is their hobby; hence the term “fan films”. They are not trying to sell a series or to become the next Spielberg or Lucas.

Farragut and NEO f/x are passionate about Star Trek and want to express that passion in a creative way by making “Star Trek fan films”. Their being Star Trek fans lead them to their filmmaking, not the other way around.

As someone that has been involved with indie filmmaking for years, I have seen “original” web series come and go because they cannot generate enough of a “fan” following to justify continuing their production.

Star Trek already has a huge world wide built in fan base. This very site and the fact we are talking about some “Star Trek based fan created work” is testament to the influence and the reach of Star Trek.

125. Kelly Rhodes - July 27, 2009

One more thing…I am in preproduction for my own Trek related indie project as well (I included a URL this time) and I applaud these Trek web series pioneers. It is not easy to put yourself out there for everyone to criticize and pick apart, but they do it because of their passion for Star Trek.

126. scififan90 - July 28, 2009

I know most of the folks involved in this project having had a small part in their second episode- and this, like all of their projects are a “labor of love” not a professional hollywood production. They all have “day jobs” and this is their hobby that they have put much passion and financial resources into, and that I may point out are sharing with you for free.

I think they are certainly listening to the constructive comments posted here for improvement, but lay off the hating… wow. Fan films are what they are… fan films… and I think this group of folks are the best! You could not work and get to know a nicer group then the Farragut crew. I applaud their efforts and look forward to more!

127. Kail - July 28, 2009

123. Captain Pike – July 27, 2009
I have nothing against fan films per se but if they have the resources to make fan films of this caliber then why not put their energy into original work? Everybody complains that there is any originality in science fiction TV anymore — maybe if the makers of fan films put there effort into original work there would be less complaining about originality in science fiction.

As for myself, I want as many people to see my work as possible. If I went completely original, no one would be interested in watching it. That’s why we make Star Trek websites, we want to share our love of Trek with other fans.

128. Falvoant - July 28, 2009


NOT a fan film

129. churchguy - July 29, 2009

As a pubic speaker (a Pastor of a large congregation) it is always difficult to stand before a crowd (even a “captive” audience) and deliver a presentation in a colloquial manner, especially when reading from a script (I do both extemporaneous AND scripted sermons). But compared to film making, giving 40 minutes speeches 3 times a week is child’s play.

With a live performance there is a give and take from the audience, be it “AMEN’s” or blank stares. In film making the actors deliver their lines for the scene, the director says, “Great, let’s do another for safety” several dozen times per line, ad nauseum ;) Each time there is a CUT the actors must reset, redo, and relive the scene over and over and over again.

Voice over work is one step WORSE. The actors in live action are ACTING, interaction. In VO work they are standing in front of a mic and if they are luck can see the director and not just have him/her buzzing direction in their headsets.

But the VO work for Farragut was one step even beyond that because I know much of the VO work was done by actors in different time zones with different directors and using different equipment.

It’s a wonder any of this came together at all, much less with the quality that it has! Sure there needs some polish, but as fan productions go Farragut Films is breaking new ground for their organization yearly and delivering even when faced with major actors moving to other opportunities, major studio moves, and production windows as thin as a few HOURS.

Kudos to Farragut Films and NEO F/X! Great production!

And remember, the only thing worse that people talking about you is having people NOT talk about you.

130. Michael-NEO f/x - July 30, 2009

“And remember, the only thing worse that people talking about you is having people NOT talk about you.”

Dare I say it churchguy…..AMEN to that!

131. Kelly Rhodes - July 30, 2009

Absolutely! It gets back to the old entertainment industry axiom…

“There is no such thing as bad press”.

132. CCT#228: Happy Sysadmin Day! – 206.222.2428 | Technorama - July 30, 2009

[…] FanMade: First Act Of Animated Starship Farragut Released | […]

133. Michael-NEO f/x - August 2, 2009

Not sure if this is still being monitored since it is almost on page 3, but Act 2 is out…

134. Go Smithfiled - September 14, 2009

128. Falvoant

Buck Rogers Not a fan film.

Uh. not relevant to this post and I hate to tell you but Buck Rogers has been around before I was born. Let me give you a hint. (It’s a fan film)

135. Kathy - September 20, 2009

Story is good, and the animation is dead on to the original TAS, which, of course, was bad to begin with, but I suspect you were going for the same look. But the voices are awful. The captain sounds like he is about ready to go to sleep, no emotion, no inflection, no urgency even when the story calls for it. A few of the others were better. If you are going to spend all this time and money, loose your egos and get some real voice talent.

136. Kathy - September 20, 2009

About Buck Rogers post…

“Executive Producer James Cawley …”

I guess he is tired of doing Star Trek? He always said they took too long, so now he is starting another series too?

And yes, Buck Rogers goes back to 1928 as a short story, a ten-minute Buck Rogers film premiered at the 1933-1934 World’s Fair in Chicago, a 12-part Buck Rogers film serial was produced in 1939, and the first version of Buck Rogers to appear on television, debuted on ABC on April 15, 1950.

Been around a long while.

137. Red Wind - January 24, 2012

97 – I used to believe that, too.

Until I read this.

That’s really lower than low.

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