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VegasCon09: Braga & Coto Talk Enterprise Season 5 + Star Trek 2009 & more August 10, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,ENT,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

In what is becoming a new tradition for the annual Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, Manny Coto and Brannon Braga held a well-attended panel in the main ballroom to talk to the fans about their time as writers and producers on Star Trek, with a focus on Star Trek Enterprise, but also some discussion of the new movie, and their current series.


Coto and Braga at Vegas Con 2009

The panel started with an extended trailer for FlashForward (coming to ABC this Fall). The new genre show (loosely based on the book of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer) was created by Braga and David Goyer and is about everyone in the world suddenly ‘flashing forward’ with visions from six months in the future. Braga told the audience that if they liked his Star Trek episodes involving time travel, they would like FlashForward. Coto joked "isn’t FlashFoward a prequel to the temporal cold war?" After that, the pair, who work together on FOX’s 24,  showed the Comic Con clip from season eight of 24, where we saw Jack Bauer in New York and out of the biz, but being pulled back in to stop a assassination attempt on the President of Iran amidst peace talks. The clip also featured BSG’s Katee Sackhoff, a new regular for the show.

Manny sets up the 24 clip

The pair then opened it up to Q&A, making it clear they were there to answer questions about Trek and Braga noted he was ready for anything:

It is deeply moving and gratifying to actually interact with people, good and bad. I am happy to take the lumps.

Most of the questions were about Trek, but there were some on Flashfoward and 24, including how they used the names Rick Berman and Bob Justman as possible Secretary of State nominees on the show. Apparently the idea came after Justman passed away and it was an homage, they needed a second name and chose Rick Berman. Manny noted "it was quite surreal to watch it on film and have Rick Berman suggested as Secretary of State" with Brannon noting "I loved the line about how ‘Rick has too plenty of money, why would he want to take the job’ which is true in real life."

Much of the talk of the day focused on Star Trek Enterprise, which was co-created by Braga, who acted as show-runner for the first three seasons. Coto joined the show in the third season and became show-runner for the fourth. Although a Coto dismissed a fan’s comment that he "saved the show", with the writer noting "I didn’t think it needed saving, I liked the show." But Braga was not so kind to himself, saying to Coto "I did think your season was the best season" and going on to say "that is what Enterprise should have been from the beginning."

The topic of "The Are The Voyages", the controversial TNG tie-in finale of Enterprise, came up, and Braga again was very candid, saying:

Braga: I will take full blame for that episode, for those that didn’t like it. In retrospect, it was a very cool idea, that in the end was a mistake. The concept was was to have Manny do a final two-part finale, but then have a final final episode send a valentine to all of Star Trek over the last eighteen years. We just thought it would be a cool concept to show the Next Generation’s crew looking back, though the holodeck, at Archer’s crew. It is a high concept, but I am not sure it came together.

Here are some more Enterprise highlights gleaned from the Q&A

And specific highlights on what Season 5 could have brought

Star Trek 2009
The pair were asked how they would have approached ‘rebooting’ Star Trek in comparison to how the JJ Abrams team did with the new Star Trek movie.

Braga: To me that is an impossible question to answer because I did fifteen years on Star Trek and I don’t know if I would have done anything different because I had done everything I thought I would have done. And I loved the movie and I don’t think I would have changed anything, personally. I thought it was an incredible exciting re-exploration of the universe.

Coto: I think the right choice was made about where to start, with Kirk and Spock. I always thought thing to do. I would have probably taken it more towards a three-part Lord of the Rings style trilogy, more epic. The same general choices that were made, but I probably wouldn’t have had Kirk’s roommate be an Orion slavegirl. How does an Orion Slavegirl get into Starfleet….I think it is being set up for an epic run of films, and it is beautifully made, just spectacular. And the cast is great.

Braga and Coto weigh in on new Star Trek movie

The pair closed out by saying how much they appreciated people showing up for their panel, saying they were worried no one would show up.

It is great to see behind the camera people interacting with the fans. There is a lot of emphasis on celebrities and autographs and photos at these cons. One look at the lines and there is clearly a desire for this, but this Coto/Braga panel, the STO meet and greet (article coming later) and the Star Trek panel bring a little of the Comic Con style of getting into details on these shows. 

More to come
The convention is over, but TrekMovie’s coverage continues. Coming up we have reports on:

 So check back for updates




1. MC1 Doug - August 10, 2009

I’d still like ot know why they killed off Tripp. Did anyone ask that of them?

2. MC1 Doug - August 10, 2009

to (oops)

as I said in previous posts, I’m not perfect. (grin)

3. Jason - August 10, 2009

Notice Manny Coto’s incorrect info, he says that Kirk’s roommate was an Orion Slavegirl, when she was Uhura’s roommate, and she wasn’t a slave at all.

4. VOODOO - August 10, 2009

I think Manny Coto was going off in the right direction with season 4. I would have liked to have seen his vision of Ent from day one.

No Braga bashing here. He did a good job over the years. It could not have been easy to work on the same project for 15 years + keep coming up with new ideas.

My only major issue with Mr. Braga was why did he kill of Kirk in such a silly manner?

5. TJ Trek - August 10, 2009

Try figuring out a better way to kill kirk with the studio requirments they had. I dare you….well, anyways, one reason the movie sucked is because the movie had so many things it was required to have done to it. So, anyone out there write me a better death for kirk with the requirments we know that Braga was saddled with…

6. Mel - August 10, 2009

The last season of ENT was great! I wish they didn’t cancelled the series.

7. Greg2600 - August 10, 2009

Enterprise Season 4, despite a drab cast, was really a lot of fun to watch. It was also a lot of disappoint though, as UPN scoffed at Shatner’s fee, and then canceled the show.

8. Christine - August 10, 2009

Meh, I don’t care what people think of Braga, I loved Enterprise. Yes, I do think Manny Coto’s season (4) was the absolute best, but all in all it wasn’t a bad series at all, in my opinion.

Season 5 sounds like it would’ve been just as amazing as 4, if not more! And I squeal every time I see Jeffrey Combs on screen, whether as Shran… Or the suck-up Weyoun… or the impeccable Brunt.. xDD More of him wouldn’t have been a bad thing. ;3

9. Leonel - August 10, 2009


Indeed. I’m not ashamed to count myself among the ones that had been easily swayed by all the Braga bashing. This article helped but things back into perspective. You’re absolutely right: 15 years on the same project..

10. AJ - August 10, 2009

I’d love to see Berman at a convention, and I’d hope he gets some respect as well.

These are all great reports.

11. Cap'n Calhoun - August 10, 2009

Wow, I’ve got it! Future Guy was Nero!

(Yes, I’m kidding. Don’t think there’s any good way to make the logistics on that make sense.)

12. HotStove - August 10, 2009

Berman and Braga get dissed way too much. When you take into consideration the 24 years of Star Trek they were involved with in one way or another, it makes for a pretty fun sandbox to play in. Sure, sometimes the kitty leaves something that doesn’t quite get buried (Threshold! Looking For Par’mach! Shades of Gray!), but you scoop it out and keep having fun just the same.

Did I just compare my beloved Star Trek to a litterbox? Must be tired…

13. DC - August 10, 2009

#5: What about that original idea? Where Kirk ends up on the battle bridge of the Enterprise-D fighting Klingons?
That’s Classic Kirk right there!!!! And it would be somewhat fitting too, since the battle bridge set was a redress of the Enterprise (refit)/Enterprise-A bridge set, he pretty much would have been on HIS bridge. Maybe not the iconic 60s bridge, but still the bridge of HIS Enterprise.

14. Bob Tompkins - August 10, 2009

15 years is a long haul in show biz to be working at the same project, but it was the suits at Paramount that kept Braga [and Berman] in charge.
The first signs of things going awry were Voyager and ST:Insurrection, both around the same time. If you look at Voyager’s ratings over time, it started off gangbusters and began a slow and steady drop until 7 of 9 hit the decks, then more drop after her first season.

As I recall, Paramount kept tight reign on the franchise at this time, with a ‘take no chances and the ship should sail straight and true’ sort of attitude. In fact, as we have seen, they should have been scared spitless and looking for new blood. The hiatus would have never been necessary if the suits hadn’t blundered in the mid-late 90s.

Hopefully we now have a bright new Star Trek that will keep us [and the suits] happy for many years to come!

15. Will_H - August 10, 2009

Yeah, its too bad Coto didnt have the reigns of Enterprise since the start, I think it could have gone a full 7 seasons if he had. Season 4 was with out question the best of Enterprise, and for that matter one of the best seasons of any Star Trek in my opinion. At least Braga was man enough to admit his screw up…as far as These Are The Voyages goes…

16. Woody - August 10, 2009

These guys were great at the Con. In addition to the panel they attended the Friday night Stratosphere party and talked it up with fans until the party ended at 1:00 a.m. Really a great pair. What an amazing event Creation put on.

17. Elisa - August 10, 2009

I really enjoyed “Enterprise” and it was just gaining steam right when it was cancelled. I’m ever hopeful they give Jeffrey Combs a role in the second reboot Trek film. If I have my timeline right, Shran would fit perfectly into the chronology of the reboot as an older advisor to Starfleet. But Jeff would be amazing in any role, even as a Starfleet officer, one role he’s never had the chance to play!

18. Jordan - August 10, 2009

Damn, Enterprise season 5 would have been AWESOME. DAMNNNN

19. CarlG - August 10, 2009

Manny Coto and the Reeves-Stevenses did amazing work on Season 4. Much respect.

And no Braga bashing here. Berman bashing, however…. grr.

20. Khan was framed - August 10, 2009

Total agreement here; season 4 of Enterprise was excellent Trek. It is what I was hoping I’d be getting when the show started.

I don’t agree with the comments that the cast was bland, I think they were just underused & often given mediocre character development.

I think putting Shran on the bridge of the Enterprise would have been a huge mistake & improbable at best. As much as I love Combs work, I think if they wanted him to be that regular, they could have started the Romulan war & had an armada of ships from different races, including the Andorians, furthering the “origins of the federation” story line.

Two of the biggest oversights they made on Enterprise were the music & the visual esthetic. After so many seasons, it WAS time to ditch the classical score a bit & move to a more exciting, action based sound… but not a 50 year old man style, soft rock theme song. Why?!
And the visual look of the show should have been more based on the original; the ship’s hull shouldn’t have had a spec of blue neon, as that was used in TMP to illustrate an advancement in technology from TOS, hence anything prior shouldn’t have that incorporated. The costumes & hairstyles should have been more designed around WWII to denote a sense of an era the predates TOS, like a mix of US navy submarine officer & RAF pilot with a futuristic spin on them. And the ship’s internals were to metallic & cold…where’s the heart, man?

LOL… all that being said, I loved that show & it sucks that it died such an unfair death, which I blame primarily on that awful theme song; if your audience can’t sit through the credits, they won’t tune back in for the rest of the show! i believe uncle Milty said that! :)

21. The Angry Klingon - August 10, 2009

I think UPN pulled the plug way too early on Enterprise. NONE of the other series (post TOS) hit their stride until AFTER Season 3 and this shows Paramounts shortsightedness. I was really looking forward to a Season 4 after Manny’s season 3.

22. The Original Spock's Brain - August 10, 2009

That Season 5 sounds like it could have been some of the best Trek ever. What might’ve been. :(

23. Ensign RedShirt - August 10, 2009

I give Brannon alot of credit; it says alot about his character that he would put himself out there so publicly after he’s savaged so often on the message boards. I never blamed him or Rick Berman for the collapse of Trek. I blame the studio for trying to continue to produce new Trek when it was clear after Voyager had been on for awhile that the franchise needed a break. If Rick and Brannon are guilty of anything it’s that they and many others stuck around too long and the series all began to feel the same.

24. The Original Spock's Brain - August 10, 2009

# 20. All good stuff! “50 year old man style, soft rock theme song.” LOL!
Well said!

25. James Heaney - Wowbagger - August 10, 2009

I spent a lot of years during and after ENT as a Braga-basher, and I still think his vision (even moreso than Berman’s, but then who can tell who make what creative decisions at that level?) was deeply flawed.

But he’s shown himself since ENT’s ending to have a lot of class, repeatedly coming before fans and talking honestly about what worked and what didn’t. I might still not think much of his final years on Star Trek, but, now that I’ve seen this side of him, I think I’m going to give Flash Forward a chance.

26. Jim Nightshade - August 10, 2009

When I was at the vegas creation con in 2006 i believe braga was scheduled to speak the last day of the con–went to the auditorium an waited an hour he never showed-the creation employees said he was there but no one knew why-oh well-i loved the 4th season of enterprise as well-to think there may have been more mirror episodes-sigh-they could have made a whole series just on that-imo those episodes had the best acting from bakula-he and linda park were awesome-bakula played evil and flawed great!I would have loved a 5th season-is also cool that they liked the new movie too-wasnt braga dating 7 of 9 then broke up?

27. Buzz Cagney - August 10, 2009

‘ We just thought it would be a cool concept to show the Next Generation’s crew looking back, though the holodeck, at Archer’s crew. It is a high concept, but I am not sure it came together.’

Let me help you- it didn’t.

28. Brannon Braga - August 10, 2009

Brannon Braga here. Rarely post to these boards, but I wanted to thank all of the fans who attended the convention this weekend, especially those who came to our panel on Saturday, and a very special thanks to the good folks who came up to me to say hello. You’re an amazing group of people. Smart, thoughtful, honest, dedicated. I’d like to thank the “Braga-bashers”, as well. Even though I don’t always agree with your harsh criticisms (or the sheer harshness of the emotions behind them), I always appreciate the passion behind your opinions, and rarely ignore what you have to say. I celebrated when you liked what did; I grieved when you did not; and now, like you, I wait and watch to see what happens next in the Roddenberry universe. So far, so good: Abrams made a movie that I truly admired.

Anyway, I left this weekend with a good feeling and it’s thanks to you.

Thanks to Pascale, too, for his as-usual excellent coverage of the event.

– B

29. Murray - August 10, 2009

Buzz, c’mon man, hindsight is 20/20, would you have created a better finale?

An absolute tragedy that ENT was cancelled, I never gave it a chance in the beginning and only discovered it in recent years. Now I love it.

30. HotStove - August 10, 2009

#28 – Thanks for listening. We nitpick because we care. Hey, you were in a position that all of us cellar-dwellers (!) would give our left… eye… to be in – show runner of the best sci-fi franchise ever: Star Trek. For every “Threshold” (VOY) there were many good episodes and a few outright classics. Good for you and good luck – I’ll give “Flash Forward” a try.

31. Murray - August 10, 2009

Well said, Brannon.

Message to all the bashers, go and write, produce and even direct a new show yourself.

Then come back here and let people coment on it. Deal?

32. Rocket Scientist - August 10, 2009

27. Buzz Cagney

As Garak might say with eyes opened wide:

“Your generosity knows no bounds!”

Thank you…

33. Phil - August 10, 2009

Ah that little tease of what could’ve been on Enterprise is a little unfair! It leaves me gasping for new, unseen episodes of ‘Trek on TV. Having Shran on the Enterprise would be a fantastic move. I’m sure he’d have quite a few tense moments with T’Pol. Jeffrey Combs was always a pleasure to watch as he chewed up every scene he appeared in in any guise on Star Trek, and spat it out.

I’m one of those people who always did enjoy Enterprise (Star Trek just works better when the ship’s got the right name, even if they are clutching at straws and re-writing history to a certain extent – I think a lot of it worked). And I agree with a lot of people in that season four was the stand-out. They’re doing re-runs of it on Sky 2 in the UK at the moment, which I get to watch on my lunchbreaks, and I’m really enjoying it. Getting to hear about these plans for season five really disappoints me – killing off a quality TV show just when it’s starting to find it’s own way when so much drivel manages to seep through to our TV screens every night. In saying that, there’s not many shows that would be given four years to get it right. Most would be given twelve episodes if they even get past the pilot stage. So as Star Trek fans, I suppose we should be thankful for that.

34. Ken1w - August 11, 2009

Season Four was excellent, but my favorite Enterprise episode was “Twilight” (I think that was the name), where Star Trek does Battlestar Galactica (from Season Three). If you thought about the story too much, it did not make too much sense, but THAT was a well-done and epic episode.

35. Trekee - August 11, 2009

Season 5 does sound fun, and the mirror universe always works – the Enterprise eps were my favourites I think. I really disliked season 3 though, it felt like it wasn’t Trek, more a revenge movie in space. Marines were just not what it was all about, but hey, some nice concepts.

I do like Brannon’s openness though, it’s very gracious of him to give us insights into both the things we didn’t all like as well as the good stuff.

15 years though, there was a lot of good stuff there.

36. Trekee - August 11, 2009

Heh, I just noticed the poll. Very good.

Maybe we could should start a petition. ;-)

37. The Last Maquis - August 11, 2009

Coto Rocks!! Braga Sucks!!

38. Trekee - August 11, 2009

@37 – may I submit All Good Things and First Contact as evidence to the contrary?

I would agree that These Are the Voyages sucked, but I think BB agrees with that too.

39. Omi - August 11, 2009

Which they’d do an Enterprise spin off relaunch :) After all ENT fits into the new JJ Timeline or can do.

40. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - August 11, 2009


That is an awsome idea!! I would love to see DS9 season 8 or Enterprise season 5. Anything with Jeffrey Combs!!

41. Omi - August 11, 2009

Whish they’d do an Enterprise spin off relaunch :) After all ENT fits into the new JJ Timeline or can do.

42. Major Shat Lover - August 11, 2009

Damn, season 5 would have been cool. I wish Enterprise had seven seasons. I’m rewatching the series right now actually. hehe.

43. Major Shat Lover - August 11, 2009

#40 – Amen. Jeffrey Combs is groovy!

I’d have to say that Shran was my favorite of his Trek characters. Of course he was awesome as Weyoun, and Brunt was hilarious, but I always thought Shran was particularly interesting and would have liked to see more development.

44. S. John Ross - August 11, 2009

All I know about Coto is that he did me a kindness once upon a time, and for that I’ll always thank him ;)

And eventually I’ll watch S4 of Enterprise :/ I keep meaning to.

45. RTC - August 11, 2009

#28 Brannon Braga … to my mind, your post here and the comments at the convention prove that you are a classy guy. Facing both fans and detractors with equal grace is no mean feat. And the simple truth is, none of us has accomplished what you have achieved in an *extremely* competitive industry. Thank you for your part in keeping Trek alive.

46. MJD - August 11, 2009

Very gracious of you Mr. Braga. For what it’s worth, there are large parts of Trek which you were responsible for that I admired a great deal and I remember a lot of your episodes with enormous fondness. There are some choices you made I was less than a fan of, but even those aspects were much better than most TV out there, and the criticism was down to a high curve on Trek and your own work. I for one appreciated your efforts and thank you for your work.

47. Quarksbartender - August 11, 2009

Hey thanks for all the great coverage Anthony I appreciate it. I was hard at work on the convention floor, and now I have the opportunity to see what I missed and what a convention it was.

Brannon I got to meet you on the con. floor and I truly do appreciate all your years of hard work as well, thanks for all the great work you produced.

48. Holger - August 11, 2009

As much as I had loved ENT Season 5, I don’t like the idea of bringing the Future Guy back. This Temporal Cold War story-arc didn’t work well and I was glad when it was finished for good by the beginning of season 4. I thought the Temporal Cold War episodes were usually the worst in the series run.
(But of course I’d prefer any ENT Temporal Cold War episode over ST09.)
But still, what a treasure of unrealized opportunities for ENTx5!

49. Windelkin - August 11, 2009

I’ve always blamed the hard-to-please Trek fans for the early demise of ENT. If they had supported the show, the ratings would have been good enough to keep it on the air and it would have gotten past the adolescent stage. Season 7 could’ve been downright exciting! And, the next series might’ve been even cooler and would still be in production now. How sad that millions of Trek fans are so fickle and picky and impossible!

50. Woody - August 11, 2009

#48 Dead wrong. The temporal cold war were some of the best episodes.

51. Oogaboogawooga - August 11, 2009

31. You took the words right…err, from my fingers. I admit to loathing “These Are the Voyages…”, but Berman and Braga did so much other awesome stuff that, in the end, what really needs to be asked is an honest answer to the following question: “How much would things have sucked if they hadn’t been there?” I think their net amount of good stories is positive, so lighten up.

41. Actually, because of two reasons, ENT doesn’t fit into the Abramsverse. One: Timeline’s been changed. We know not how the 29th century or whatever will turn out. Two: If Orci and Kurtzman are to be believed, time travel works differently now. Now, I think they could have avoided pseudo quantum mechanics by declaring that Q saved the prime timeline, but hey…

52. Jorg Sacul - August 11, 2009

Mr. Braga: Please answer our question, if you would be so kind.

Why did Trip have to die like such a punk? I understand his motivations, I suppose, but the manner was less than (in my humble opinion) Trekworthy. I think he’s replaced Lee Kelso in my book as “most pointlessly killed” character.

And Thank You for dropping by!

53. NL-NaeZ - August 11, 2009

Please bring back Enterprise and please bring us Season 5 !!!!
Season 5 can be the best season in a serie ever!!!

54. 16309A - August 11, 2009

Yes, please tell us–what was the reason for killing Trip???? All the bashing that goes on with the final episode for me is pointless. I just can’t get past killing Trip like that!

Please tell us–what was the thought behind this decision??????

55. Horatio - August 11, 2009

Re #28 – Braga is lurking and I can’t help but post.

Brannon, if you are still here…

I admit, i’ve been one of your bashers. Actually, I enjoyed what you did in the other series very much. You are right, Enterprise Season 4 should have been the first season – but it leaves me still just lamenting the series that could have been.

Anyhow, its all good. Live long and prosper.

56. Oogaboogawooga - August 11, 2009

I do believe tghe thought has already been established in previous interviews and such: something akin to “It’s the last episode, so what the heck, we’re never going to use these characters again…” While I wish that they hadn’t killed Trip (dude was my favorite character), I can understand why they did it from a writer’s point of view. Again, this doesn’t mean I think they should have.

57. Star Trackie - August 11, 2009

Braga was just part of a machine that had been played out. Unless they were willing to mix things up and drastically change the tired formula that had been in motion for almost 20 years, Enterprise and the TNG movies never had a chance. And I lay the ultimate blame at Berman’s feet for his arrogance in not recognizing the need to change because, as some else stated, all the shows seemed to be the same.

But to give credit where credit is due, Coto and Braga crafted one of the best seasons of 24 to date and are, interestingly enough, bringing new and much needed fresh blood to 24, just as Abrahm’s has done with Trek. Funny how this old world spins ’round.

58. earthclanbootstrap - August 11, 2009

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: My solution is that I simply refuse to recognize that “These are the Voyages” even exists. And never forget that Braga was responsible for some true gems – “Cause and Effect” is one of my favorite episodes of ANY Trek series. I suppose if I really wanted to get all canonical about it I could just pretend that the holo-program Troi gave Riker was a REALLY poorly written and researched holo-historical that had very little bearing on “reality”.

Any way, thank you Mr. Braga for grace under some pretty heavy fire over the years and taking the time to engage (pun intended)!

59. Mitch - August 11, 2009

58–If only it were that easy. Braga’s batting average is pretty low. You can count the “good episodes” on one hand. Pretty much, “Cause & Effect,” which was basically the same scene rewritten 5 times slightly differently, and “Parallels,” which involved a concept that was hardly original.

60. Enterprise Fan - August 11, 2009

I always thought Enterprise didn’t get a fair shake. Maybe there was some fatigue out there, as evidenced by the weak performance of ST: Nemesis. For my kids, ENT IS Star Trek, the only series that was on while they were aware of TV and with the production values that they expect. We still watch reruns on HDNet on occasion and deeply regret that the show didn’t continue past Season 4.

For my part, the best episode was “Dead Stop” in Season 2. Combined with the arc created with “Minefield” and “A Night in Sickbay,” these three episodes provide great continuity and lots of humor and excitement. I always stop and watch when these three come on.

BTW, I watched the two-part “Shockwave” last night, which was the Season 1 finale and Season 2 premiere. Anyone who wants to knock the temporal cold war concept ought to watch these two episodes; they are as good as any of ST:TNG’s famous cliffhangers.

61. Dennis Bailey - August 11, 2009

Just dropping in to say thanks for posting the report, Anthony.

Other than that I skipped the talkback – I’m way past being interested in fans saying the same bitter things over and over about modern Trek’s producers and writers. LOL

62. earthclanbootstrap - August 11, 2009

@59. Mitch – August 11, 2009

I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. He’s had his hand in over 100 episodes over the years and if you scroll through the list, there are a bunch that are really enjoyable. And don’t get me wrong, when “These are the Voyages” aired I was apoplectic for quite a while, and that’s pretty out of character for me; I’m more of a roll-my-eyes-christ-what-have-they-done-now kind of guy. Anyway, I do think it shows quite a bit of class and humility to interact with a group of people who have been known to literally call for your head and discuss with them where you went wrong. The least I can do is acknowlege the things that I did like!

63. ger - August 11, 2009

Enterprise shouldn’t have been cancelled. They should have gotten a chance to undo all the timeline violations that were done by Future Guys interference from the very first episode.

64. T'Cal - August 11, 2009

Would it be so difficult to make a made-for-TV movie about ENT?? About any Trek?? Come on! Syfy has original movies every month. So do many channels. There’s a built in audience that so many of their movies lack.

I’m still in favor of a miniseries. Not a time travel story but one that spans centuries starting off in the present and wending its way through the 22nd century (ENT), into the late 23rd (TOS movies), and culminating in the late 24th (TNG/DS9/VOY/Titan).

65. ger - August 11, 2009

Trek belongs to Abrams now, there won’t be any of the original Trek or Enterprise anymore.

66. UltimateTrekker - August 11, 2009

The only part in These Are the Voyages that worked was at the end when we have the intro monologue spoken by Archer, Kirk, and Picard with all the Enterprises…. brought chills.

67. Captain Smirk - August 11, 2009

@ 57

True, Season 7 of 24 was one of the strongest ever (if you forget the way they ruined Tony in the last 6 or 7 eps), but I’d say it’s a stretch to pin that on these two guys, regardless of what you think of them. After all, they were just two of about 8 staff writers who wrote that season, and they were also the newest kids on the block..

Sidenote: Manny andBrannon threw in a shout-out to Trek: Bob Justman and Rick Berman are mentioned as possible candidates to replace outgoing Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin (subtly, but incredibly played by TNG’s Bob Gunton).

68. Holger - August 11, 2009

People here are talking about some obscure episode named These Are The Voyages…
What is it? I’ve never seen it. To which show does it belong?

69. Chadwick - August 11, 2009

I loved Enterprise and the series finally “These Are The Voyages”, I thought that a trip to TNG was a pleasant surprise and not something to be hated. Granted it was tied into TNG because of Braga but that’s fine, it was great. I would have loved 7 seasons of Enterprise and I will never forgive the trekkies and trekkers who did not watch it, you all suck! Enterprise was the beginning I wanted, Starfleet was only 20 or so years old, it was indeed “The Beginning.” More mirror universe episodes and a season or two of the Romulan War would have been KILLER! DS9 had plenty of Dominion War seasons, ENT should have been about the Romulan War.

I want to see a new TV show which takes place after 1701B and before 1701C or 50-100 years after TNG era.


I am only writing this hoping someone at Paramount or CBS will do something the fans want and not what the CEO and board wants.

70. Daoud - August 11, 2009

#65 Incorrect.

Movie-trek belongs to Paramount, which has it optioned to Abrams team for at least two more movies.

TV-trek still belongs to CBS, who could do any damn thing they want.

Of course, CBS and Paramount still basically have overlapping stockholders, but they’re both free to pursue….

With the dollar-train of over $350 million on probably a $175 million investment, it wouldn’t hurt for CBS to consider doing a few made-for-TV movies in the “Star Trek Universe” that might get theatrical release a la the original Battlestar Galactica. An Enterprise prelude, and Enterprise followup would be a great place to start. The actors and principals are mostly available, and that part of the timeline doesn’t interfere with the new movie sequence.

A TNG or Titan made-for-TV-movie wouldn’t be out of the question either, as the Countdown comic sets it up nicely. Heck, they might even run the holodeck again and find out that TATV had a number of historical errors, such as Tripp’s death being incorrect. ;)

71. I'm dead Jim - August 11, 2009

I too loved ENT season 4 but one idea I loved that came out of the earlier Xindi arc was when the “idealistic” Archer was driven to desperate measures in combating the Xindi as he was running out of time and options. Just being driven to torturing an uncooperative Xindi in the decompression chamber and then dealing internally with having done so was one of Archer’s/Bakula’s finest moments in the character’s development IMHO. I don’t remember the episode name or who wrote it but it was excellent drama, or at least that’s how I remember it.

72. AJ - August 11, 2009


The CEO and the Board are responsible to the shareholders, who expect CBS to be profitable.

I sat through all the ENT eps, and it was abysmally boring until the Xindi thing perked it up a bit, and then went on forever. Season 4 was wonderful, but it was already too late. The casual viewers were gone.

Also, after three shows in the 24th century, watching a little tin-can “warp 5 ship” with no shields or tractor beam and scary new transporters just didn’t sit well with me.

The fact that UPN didn’t reach all markets was a killer as well. I actually spent a lot of time in Ithaca, NY when the show was on the air, and UPN was not available. With two big universities there, it would have had high viewership for sure,

73. Anthony Pascale - August 11, 2009

Thanks for dropping by Brannon and to all the ‘bashers’ I am ok with critques on this site of anything, but always remember that it should be on topic and not personal, and hopefully intelligent.

I have always said that being that Brannon wrote more Trek than anyone alive, there is more to love, and more to not love. He will readily admit there are some clunkers in there (cough-VOY: Threshold-cough), but never forget the rest, including Best of Both Worlds and more.

Also I have added a poll on what show people would have wanted one more season of, and interestingly ENT is winning, beating TOS even. Alas, few want more VOY

74. Rhett Coates - August 11, 2009

28. Brannon Braga – August 10, 2009

Brannon Braga here. Rarely post to these boards, but I wanted to thank all of the fans who attended the convention this weekend, especially those who came to our panel on Saturday, and a very special thanks to the good folks who came up to me to say hello. You’re an amazing group of people. Smart, thoughtful, honest, dedicated. I’d like to thank the “Braga-bashers”, as well. Even though I don’t always agree with your harsh criticisms (or the sheer harshness of the emotions behind them), I always appreciate the passion behind your opinions, and rarely ignore what you have to say. I celebrated when you liked what did; I grieved when you did not; and now, like you, I wait and watch to see what happens next in the Roddenberry universe. So far, so good: Abrams made a movie that I truly admired.

Anyway, I left this weekend with a good feeling and it’s thanks to you.

Thanks to Pascale, too, for his as-usual excellent coverage of the event.

– B



I’ve been trying to figure out how to send you a message like this for THREE YEARS (the other websites didn’t allow it, for whatever reason). I hope Anthony will send you my email address, as YOU INSPIRED ME! You did, Brannon, and I want to say that for all to hear: ST:ENT rocked! I’m the guy who wrote the 80-page GUINAN story teleplay which I had intended to send to Manny for ENT Season Five – and it’s actually listed on the Memory Alpha website as a potential story for ENT Season Five. I would still like you to have a copy for your library, so if Anthony would be so kind as to send you my email (which we all have to include when we submit these messages), I’ll forward a copy for you to see just what YOU and MANNY and JUDY and GARFIELD and everyone connected with “Star Trek” over the years really inspired writers like me to write! If Anthony doesn’t mind, here’s the potential [long-version] LOG LINE for the story:

“Guinan, and Spock’s grandfather, visit Capt. Archer’s Starship Enterprise, and try to help the crew avert a 22nd century moral issue disaster, when a dangerous, unborn fetus — still in it’s mother’s womb — MAKES IT’S OWN CHOICE if it will live or be aborted.”

Does that sound like a controversial [and therefore, “fun”] topic to explore in a “Star Trek” story? It’s also got a prelude to the Romulan conflict via a covert message to Lt. Reed from Agent Harris (Sect. 31), and Travis Mayweather GETS A PROMOTION from Ensign…… With all due respect to Anythony’s website for a shamless pitch, it’s available for your personal library if you would like to read it. Whoopi Goldberg was sent a copy, and so was country-western music star Brad Paisley. Just let Anthony know if you’d like to read it. I have to agree with everyone’s post above: ST:ENT was awesome, thanks to a lot of people, including you. You rock, Brannon!

75. Mike Ten - August 11, 2009

I think if we ever get lucky and get a 5th season of Enterprise (Direct to DVD or otherwise) Daniels needs to come back in the first scene and show that Trips death in “These are the Voyages” was not going to happen due to changes in the timeline.

Also, if Mr. Braga intended “These are the Voyages” to be a valentine to the Berman era of Trek, it shouldn’t have been considered a part of Enterprise and should have had a seperate name. “Terra Prime” should have been the last Enterprise episode.

76. John Lewis, Jr. - August 11, 2009

I just started renting Enterprise from Netflix. I’m about halfway through season 3. The show is by no means perfect, but I like quite a bit of it. Sure, there are some clunker epidsodes, but what Trek doesn’t have clunker episodes?

The cast isn’t all that bad. Archer, T’Pol, Trip, and Phlox are great. Reed and Soto are just barely okay. It seems Travis (thankfully) wasn’t given too much to do in Season 3.

I recently bought the Alternate Realities collection and saw my first four episodes of Voyager. I have to say I like Enterprise A LOT better.

Looking forward to Season 4 from the comments here.

77. Mitch - August 11, 2009

62–you definitely have the right to disagree here, but I feel that the direction Braga took was absolutely terrible. Honestly, I can’t think of a worse writer in Hollywood, and the more power he got in Trek, the worse the ratings were. People use excuses like fatigue all the time, but if the writing and stories were good, people would watch.

A show like Doctor Who for example had a 26 year run originally, and after being brought back, is as strong as ever.

Granted, that’s the UK, but I’ve watched the Davies versions, and they are outstanding.

I don’t think Braga has had an original thought in his life, and I feel that he has an unwarranted ego. He really doesn’t get why people don’t like him.

I also feel that he never understood Star Trek, and I think that comes from his clear dislike of the original series. He went into writing for Star Trek not having seen an episode of TOS. Despite the feelings of some that such a writer is refreshing, to stick a guy who thought it would be cool to make Zephram Cochrane a woman and needed to be TOLD he was a dude and put him in such a position of power was simply begging for a disaster.

Bottom line–Trek went from a billion dollar juggernaut to a failure under his tenure.

Anthony–Braga didn’t write Best of Both Worlds. Piller did. Braga was the one that turned the Borg into wusses and ruined them by making them not even competent enough to beat a ship led by an incompetent captain like Janeway.

Enterprise failed in the creation room, which of course was Berman and Braga. I think we can all agree that Season 4 was the show’s best. I think that the reason is because Braga stepped aside and they brought in Trek experts like Coto and more importantly, Judith and Gar Reeves Stevens to write. Despite having more talent writing though, in the end, they were putting sugar on poop. I believe that had the Season 4 creative team been there from the start, and was told, “make a Trek prequel set before Kirk,” they would have followed canon and come up with something different, and better. Maybe we would have seen the adventures of Captain April on the NCC1701. Who knows?

78. Nick Cook - August 11, 2009

Berman and Braga have never deserved the bashing they get. I might not always have agreed with some of the choices they made, but I’ll always be grateful that they did so much to entertain me for so many years.

79. rwoody - August 11, 2009

#77. Dr. Who? Are you joking. That’s just goofy British TV. I mean really. C’mon.

80. ChristopherPike - August 11, 2009

Will I ever be able to arrive to the party ontime?!? Time zones never seem to be on my side.

I posted this comment for last Friday’s ENT Vegas panel. I may as well repeat it here, in the vain hope anybody with influence notices it…

– – – – –

CBS and Paramount should get it together and do an Enterprise mini-series or TV movie, with revenue streaming from a DVD premiere.

The Earth-Romulan War… tied into the next Abramsverse movie, if they decide to riff off “Balance of Terror” or “The Enterprise Incident”. Do a decent Birth of the Federation story, show us (don’t tell us) why Archer is an important person in Star Trek’s history. End the adventure with Scott Bakula in old age makeup as Admiral Archer, and his unfortunate run-in with Scotty, and that ‘Prized Beagle’ backstory.

Since the Enterprise sets have long since bit the dust, everything would have to rebuilt based on the original plans, or more likely recycled and redressed from the last film. So an NX-ifyed reuse of Star Trek (2009)’s Kelvin bridge and corridors. Add some exposed Plasma/LCD monitors (which now cost a quarter what they did in 2001) to reflect the earlier century. Probably no scenes set in Engineering, unless they go on location to a brewery again or partially recreate Trip’s pride and joy, extending the unaffordable parts of the set with blue screen and CGI.

The pilot for Enterprise was rumoured to cost $15 million back in the day. Now accounting for inflation (thanks for a second about economic downtown… LOL!), that’s still small change compared to what Star Trek 2009 was afforded. Seems like a small price to pay to give Archer and his crew a more respectable send off, at least a two-hour telemovie (and at best a potential springboard for a Season 5).

The NASA style uniforms should stay more or less the same ‘cut’, but if a more colourful update is required – add red and gold flightsuits to the existing blue one, doing away with a shoulder stripe to differentiate each department.

Would this be a refit that occurs after 2161? Somehow the NX-01 is saved from decommission, one of the perks of Admiralty Archer exploits? Would it still be 2156 and just forget how hardly anything at all changed for “These are the Voyages…”, during those missing 5 years?

Given a good enough story to tell, it could pull in more than ENT fans, smudging the issue of it being either a soft reboot, a redesigned sequel or a prequel to the current film series.

81. Mitch - August 11, 2009

79–how much Doctor Who have you watched? There’s a reason that show is a ratings wonder in Britain despite dating back to 1963. It’s actually quite creative, fun, and very much watchable. The best part is that the show runner, while good, was not the best guy for the job. But starting next season, the best guy is going to be in charge.

It’s actually pretty darn good.

78–while I do understand and respect your opinion, my feeling is that they put out overall, a terrible product, and that’s why the franchise failed. Their lack of respect for the original series, combined with a level of arrogance, combined with a sense of entitlement and unexplainable job security, led to an inferior product.

82. Rocket Scientist - August 11, 2009

Still, the amount of vehemence and bashing directed at the guy is because of…what? The fact that some people weren’t entertained the way they wanted to be entertained for a single hour each week? That’s messed up.

83. Dom - August 11, 2009

Berman, Braga . . . the lot of them . . . the made a complete mess of Trek, not because of a lack of talent, but because they stayed too long.

I remember an interview before Voyager came out where Berman (IIRC) said that the network had said that it was going to make a new starship-based show with or without them and they figured they should therefore make it. Even back then I thought: ‘Big mistake!’ A new team would have meant a new approach.

To tie it in with Doctor Who (which I think is a really silly comparison as Doctor Who was a quirky family show brought back years later as a dumbed-down, celeb-obsessed, lowbrow garbage) there was once a guy called John Nathan Turner who was the longest-running producer to work on Doctor Who.

He took the show on at the height of its popular appeal and left when the show had been cancelled, by which time it was an object of ridicule.

Whether or not it was directly his fault is debated to this day. But if he’d left when he wanted to – after The Five Doctors, the hugely popular 20th anniversary feature-length episode – he would probably be quite well regarded.

Instead, with the show creatively and financially bankrupt, he oversaw some disastrous casting decisions and some appalling productions. End of the day he simply outstayed his welcome.

Braga’s ability to be critical is because of his distance from Trek. There are obvious mistakes that probably didn’t seem so obvious back when he was living in that world seven days a week.

Kudos for his self-criticism and good luck to him in his new non-Trek endeavours.

84. Trevor John - August 11, 2009

#80: I hate to say it, but I don’t think that sort of thing is remotely possible. Paramount seems emphatically not interested in anything pertaining to The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, or Enterprise. Now that they’ve segwayed successfully into the new franchise by essentially deleting the history of the old one (oh, blah blah, it still exists in the prime timeline…it might as well not exist if they aren’t going to do anything with it any longer), I’m sure their goal is to distance themselves from it as much as possible and forge completely new territory.

That means no official adventures in the 24th Century prime timeline. No Titan. No Earth-Romulan war. It’s all new Trek now. I’d expect them to put less and less references to the old material as time goes on. And aside from a few casual references (Archer’s beagle, for one), they probably won’t reference anything else from Enterprise. Why would they? They’ve got a new moneymaker now, and Enterprise underperformed comparatively. I can imagine Paramount studio execs asking each other, “You mean, people actually watched and cared about Enterprise?” I sincerely hope things aren’t this way, but it’s how it seems to me.

I guess that can be seen as a good thing – if you like all the changes, that is. Yep, we’re stuck with beer brewery warp engines with filthy nuts and bolts that look less advanced than Cochrane’s Phoenix. We’re stuck with unrealistic transporters that can deliver someone across the quadrant, because of Scotty’s supposed theories that were retconned into canon (yeah, yeah, I know, they were unrealistic to begin with, with the Heisenberg compensators and what not, but at least they weren’t over the top magical). Most importantly, we’re stuck with a high-action space opera franchise that barely resembles what we know and love. I didn’t get that Trek feeling watching the new movie. It felt like I was watching an imitation.

I wish Coto, heck, even Braga and the rest of the Next Gen all-stars were involved somewhat with the new direction. They could have been there as creative advisors, if not actual writers and directors.

It pains me to think of what Roddenberry might have thought of the new movie. Somehow, I think he would have been sad at the film’s lack of deep meaning and big ideas. Maybe I’m wrong. Man, I hope I am!

Maybe I’m wrong about all of this. Meh, I just didn’t like the new film.

I hope the next one is better.


85. Mitch - August 11, 2009

82–the quality of the product went down under their watch. I don’t believe Braga’s ignorance and absolute disdain for the original series helped at all. All it did was lead to continuity issues and mistreatment of beloved characters.

Interesting analogy to John Nathan Turner. I suppose history is filled with people like that–who come into a franchise they had nothing to do with creating, and tanking it. Berman and Braga weren’t the first, and won’t be the last. I wish him luck on his future endeavors too, though I wish he would just create something on his own, rather than going from franchise to franchise and lowering the quality. I hope 24 can outlast him.

86. Dom - August 11, 2009

84. Trevor John

The new Star Trek was based on the original Star Trek TV show. Your view of the franchise seems to be entirely based on the revisionist 80s-2000s shows which, for many fans of the original Star Trek, completely missed the point.

I suspect the Gene Roddenberry of the 1960s would have loved the new film, as well as recognising it as a furniture reorganising exercise to establish a future direction for the franchise more in line with the original show.

Certainly, Gene Roddenberry’s son has embraced it, the co-star of the 1960s show embraced it and played a major role in it and Gene Roddenberry’s own late widow lent her voice to it.

TNG and its spin-offs are old-fashioned now – indeed, most ‘Berman Trek’ seemed to be made in a mid-1980s TV production timewarp.

Most of us realised that TNG Trek and its spin-offs had devolved into self-righteous, pompous twaddle over a decade ago. The dwindling viewership simply buried its head in the sand and pretended it was good, even when it was dull. Mostly they were being pretentious.

87. I met Brannon on Saturday - Was on the top of my list - August 11, 2009

I had the privilege of asking the Judy and Gar question at the con this weekend, but i really went up there to thank Brannon for his fifteen years of hard work on Star Trek. I started by thanking Manny for the last season of ENT, but I was only interested in letting Brannon know how highly I thought of him as a writer, and how much I appreciated all the stories he was responsible for. After they were done on stage I was able to talk with him, get a picture and shake his hand. It was by far my favorite moment from the entire weekend. My only regret was that i didn’t spend more time elaborating on specifically why i think so highly of him, but i didn’t want to impose to much, and i was a little star-struck being face to face with him.

I love my wife. I love her eyes, i love the things she says and the way she is. I love her for all her faults, and I wouldn’t change a thing about her if i could. After all these years I love her more and more with each passing day. She is perfect in my eyes. So if i love my wife this much, just imagine how much i must love God for creating her for me. Imagine how thankful I am to him. And even if she were to leave me after seven years of wonderful marriage, someone new would come into my life, and I would love them just as much. But again I would owe thanks to God for creating her as well. This is a poor metaphor (I’m not even married) but it is the best way i can think of (without comparing Brannon to the Almighty) to convey what an important role Mr. Braga played in the creation and development of such a fantastic franchise. He may not think of himself as perfect, especially with how much the loyal fans of his work have turned there backs on him since the end of Enterprise. But the smarter, wiser viewers are aware of the real downfall of trek, and I think Brannon was the biggest victim of Paramount/Viacom/UPNs mistreatment and lack of brains regarding the franchise.

Brannon, it was an honor sir. Thank you for TNG’s timescape and frame of mind, and thank you for VOY’s projections and deadlock. You were a major contributor to some of the best television and movies I have ever had the privilege of witnessing, and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects, and hope to see you again in Vegas next year.

88. Jay - August 11, 2009

post #87 – if you click on the title (I met Brannon on Saturday – Was on the top of my list) you can see the pic of brannon and i

89. UltimateTrekker - August 11, 2009

Brannon Braga – you’re alright in my book

90. Marian Ciobanu - August 11, 2009

– I think that , ENTERPRISE was a show with a very rusty way to look in the future..i, personally, never understood the ideea of slavery in the future…for example..or way the characters are more appropriate for a story about XIX century..but it was a very pleasant show ..although..

91. John Doe - August 11, 2009

How did CBS/Paramount expect “Enterprise” to work on the little UPN, and then they don’t even give a 5th season a chance on another network, where the show would have had better ratings… that was the wrong way to handle a show that’s part of one of the top sci-fi franchises.

5th season of “Enterprise” is a possibility, if you see how many people found out about the show on syndication, after it was cancelled; take also the old ENT viewers, and there’s enough audiences for a mini-series.

The show needs a proper ending. Make it a mini-series or just a movie, but it needs a proper closure.

92. James Heaney - Wowbagger - August 11, 2009

#28 Brannon Braga:

Posts like that are why I can’t hold a grudge. Thanks for dropping in.

And thanks also for “All Good Things…” which remains the single best episode of Star Trek ever written.

93. RON - August 11, 2009

Three words sum it up…..BRING BACK ENTERPRISE

94. AJ - August 11, 2009

As for the cost of sets, being re-built for a straight-to-DVD release, I think CBS could gun for a re-dressed Kelvin Bridge for a ‘refit’ of NX-01. They need an engine room and a few corridors/quarters/rooms, but it could tie it in stylistically with the later designs seen on the Kelvin.

There just has to be a demand for the thing. And it has to strike while the iron’s hot. Trek is still buzzing in the public’s mind, but it won’t be for long.

And why wouldn’t CBS gun for a TV movie/series first?

95. rwoody - August 11, 2009

You can never please all Trek fans. If they aren’t busy Braga-bashing over the tv shows, they are busy Abrams-bashing over canon violations in the movie. I suspect that these people would rather have no Trek than any Trek.

96. Ben - August 11, 2009

ENTERPRISE is my personal favorite.

I love the NASAesque look and designs, Bakula/Archer, TPol, Phlox and last but not least the Andorians, especially Shran.

Thanks for further insights into the would been Season 5 – what a shame we won’t get to see it on screen.

Thanks for a lot of Star Trek Mr Braga

97. Mitch - August 11, 2009

95–how about good Trek? Arguably, Abrams didn’t have any canon violations since he simply wiped out the prime universe. Now people can be upset about that, and you have to understand that feeling. I take the good with the bad there. He wiped out the greatness of the original series, but he also wiped out the Berman/Braga era, which was a good thing.

98. RD - August 11, 2009

#94. Good questions (and solutions). As I have indicated before, I think CBS is not interested in going down the Sci-Fi route which is having negative effects for NBC and ABC as well. CBS network has a certain “brand” which is more important now than ever to help set them apart from all the cable offerings. They are also attempting to vertically integrate and produce material for their networks, cutting down the likelihood of producing for another network.

No matter what, it would be an expensive proposition for not a very high license fee from SciFi, TNT, the CW or other cable networks.

I am also concerned about the effect a poorly crafted series would have on the next film. Granted season 4 was finally showing signs of life, but simply bringing back the same crew onto a different ship is not likely going to spark much enthusiasm from the casual viewers who shunned it originally. And there is no guarantee that the stuff which is tantalizing core fans on this site will play with a broader audience attracted to the franchise by the movie. If the series fails to deliver the same elements as the film, it might do more harm than good for the next box-office. I think we are all in agreement that TV allows for one kind of story (a more cerebral one) and the films another. Either way, given the complex relationship between CBS & Paramount, I wonder if Paramount’s agreement to produce the films give them some input on how CBS produces it for TV. It would be foolish to hand two different companies rights to the same properties without providing a way to for them to co-operate on marketing. They could easily inadvertently sabotage each other in the marketplace.

My own personal feelings about Enterprise is that I would prefer not to see Scott Bakula come back. IMO, he sucked the energy out of the series, along with a few other cast members like Hoshi, Malcolm, T’Pol and Travis. Keep Bakula around as an admiral (he has other commitments anyway), but put a more Kirk-like captain in the chair with a more energized crew, especially if they are going to fight a war. Hell, it’s a war – introduce a whole new crew on another ship that’s just as important as Enterprise. It worked for Battlestar Galactica, why not here.

99. AJ - August 11, 2009

Braga and Coto work on “24” and certainly understand the meaning of “fast-paced.”

RD, I have to agree with you about Bakula. T’Pol and Phlox were always my faves.

I just have the sinking feeling that there will be nothing to chew on between now and 2011. No animated tie-ins a la SW, Iron Man, Spider Man, Wolverine, and the merch will dry up in stores. 2011 will be a “Hey! Remember us?” event which is simply a waste of the money spent this year.

100. oby - August 11, 2009

This is a great article. Thanks very much for sharing these Braga/Coto insights.

101. Syd Hughes - August 11, 2009

I never bothered to watch Enterprise, aside from the premiere, but in 2007 I was lent the DVD sets and fell completely in love. Hell, I even love the NX-01 now, which I thought originally looks weird. Man, that little ship grows on you…

An ENT direct-to-DVD or miniseries would absolutely fantastic. Glad to see most people here agree.

102. Lt. Bailey - August 11, 2009

When we were at the CON for the ENT panel, which was great. John Billingsley handing out dollar bills when any one asked him a question instead of Conner or Dominic. They had a great panel and the people seemed to very supportive of ENT as a big part of ST history

. One thing that did come up after they left the stage was a short video clip I saw for saving ENT. I think it was called “Save Enterprise” and have it go direct to DVD. Who ever made the clip did a great job, taking short clips and splicing it into a trailer. Even going so far as to add/make up scenes. Such as Shran on the bridge in a SF uniform and an aged Archer on the NCC1701 bridge standing with Kirk. There was an address to write some Paramount bigs shot but it was shown so fast on the screen, I could not write it down.

In speaking with Dominic when I was getting his authograph, he seemed to know about the SAVE ENT campaign but Conner knew nothing about it but he was excited to hav ethat happen. He told me he would jump at the chance to do it any time.

Did any one who was at the CON see this film clip? Did any one get that address?

103. rwoody - August 11, 2009

#97 – By who’s definition of “good Trek” are we going. A good portion of the folks here laugh at TOS and consider TNG and DS9 as the best versions. Others love VOY and ENT. Still others think the movies are best incarnation. For better or worse, its my opinion that we just need more of it. The new movie is a great start that needs to be followed up with by a TV series with today’s high production values.

104. TheBigCW - August 11, 2009

Network and Studio politics killed ENTERPRISE – plain and simple. UPN was dying and wanted a ‘different’ demographic’ (I mean they wanted to cancel wrestling- the #1 show) and the executives at Paramount Television who in favor of the show (Such as Brad Grey) left around the 4th year.

It’s fate was sealed.

A Year later, UPN and WB became TheCW.

105. Andy Patterson - August 11, 2009


Ok, that’s cool.

106. arkh - August 11, 2009

Bring back S5. I love “future Guy”

107. Demode - August 11, 2009

I would be curious to know if they would ever consider making made-for-tv movies of ENTERPRISE, or direct-to-DVD movies???

108. C.S. Lewis - August 11, 2009

Dear Dom,
Yes, TNG Trek reminds me of an insufferable political science professor who enjoyed lecturing us on the structural advantages of soviet socialism. However, the professor did not have Braga’s graciousness. When it all came crashing down after glasnost, he could bring himself to say only “Yes they tried too much but they were still right.”

C.S. Lewis

Saith Dom:
86. Dom – August 11, 2009

TNG and its spin-offs are old-fashioned now – indeed, most ‘Berman Trek’ seemed to be made in a mid-1980s TV production timewarp.

Most of us realised that TNG Trek and its spin-offs had devolved into self-righteous, pompous twaddle over a decade ago. The dwindling viewership simply buried its head in the sand and pretended it was good, even when it was dull. Mostly they were being pretentious.


109. EFFeX - August 11, 2009

I loved Enterprise, it was such a great show. I watch the re-runs all the time.

It is truly a crime it was so short lived.

110. Captain Jack Bauer - August 11, 2009

Justman and Berman were named as possible White House Chief of Staffs to replace Ethan Kanin (Bob Gunton who played Captain Ben Maxwell in The Wounded (TNG) not as a possible Secretary of State.

111. Trevor John - August 11, 2009


I suppose we’ll just agree to disagree then. :)

I love both the old and new series’, especially The Next Generation, which was the one that I grew up with and loved as a child. I hate for that specific universe to be completely tossed away and forgotten.

Perhaps I should start reading some of those novels…

112. Brannon Braga - August 11, 2009

Post #87:

It was great meeting you, as well. You made a strong impression and, at the time, I could hardly believe you were serious about wanting to meet me more than anyone. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for your generous words. I’m grateful you enjoyed my modest contributions to Trek.

— B

113. Trevor John - August 11, 2009

Braga: Your contributions to the Trek universe completely captivated me when I was a kid. I grew up with Next Gen and love that show more than anything, and I always loved your episodes in particular. Don’t let the haters get to you!

114. ChristopherPike - August 11, 2009

Test. Browser difficulties.

115. ChristopherPike - August 11, 2009

That’s weird. Of all the times, I get computer problems…

#102 Lt Bailey – I’m really sorry. I’ve tried a couple times now to post a reply. If you click on my name above, you’ll find a few of those Save Enterprise videos… I’m guessing Creation must’ve have played one at the con! Which I’m very honoured about, if that actually happened.

I put all this better in an earlier draft, but all the thoughts I wanted to convey went down with the PC crash. Safe to say, it was about I loved ENT and didn’t want it to end, not in the way it did, and how I feel those Season 5 ideas should still reach the screen.

116. Keeg - August 12, 2009

Just goes to show you how this pair scoffs at even their own continuity. Re: his “orion slave girl” comment, their own show established that the females in Orion society were running the whole Orion enchilada; the males were slaves to their pheromones, and they only presented a facade of being slave-girls to outsiders to throw them off. Which worked rather well.

Gaila was prolly trying to infiltrate starfleet using the Tasha Yar “My society abused me and I want to make a difference in the galaxy” gambit, only to be thwarted herself by Kirk’s Uber-pheromones and intimate tactical maneuvers.

117. capnjake - August 12, 2009

Personally i have always been a fan of every star trek show, from tos to enterprise.
DS9 has allways been my favorite though, such a shame we never got a chance to see Avery Brooks, Colm Meany, Nana Visitor, Terry Ferrell,Armin Shimmerman, Jeffery Combs,Rene Auberjonis on the big screen in there very own DS9 Feature.

and such a shame enterprise got canceled when it did,i watched it religously everyweek durring its initial run and then on HD NET in repeats until timewarner canceled HDNET>

in Anycase there is not one televsion franchise that have the creativity and know how to pull off as many succsefull and entertaing original hours of programming as trek managed and its thanks to EVERYONE who worked behind the scenes of these shows.

on a side note i have to say i really enjoyed what braga and coto have brought to 24 in season 7 and eagerly look forward to season 8

118. Las Vegas Convention Roundup | Star Trek - August 12, 2009

[…] Movie’s: Braga & Coto Talk Enterprise Season 5 – Click Here Posted in Featured, Star Trek Conventions « App of The Week: August 11th You can leave […]

119. capnjake - August 12, 2009

on a side note any chance we can get an editing feature, my god i cant believe how many spelling errors i made in that post.

120. S. John Ross - August 12, 2009

#103: “By who’s definition of “good Trek” are we going. A good portion of the folks here laugh at TOS and consider TNG and DS9 as the best versions. Others love VOY and ENT. Still others think the movies are best incarnation. For better or worse, its my opinion that we just need more of it.”

I certainly agree with that. Even if whatever Trek is on is Trek I don’t watch (I skipped most of DS9 and virtually all of VOY except when I was getting paid to watch them, skipped Enterprise entirely, and never bothered watching the last two TNG movies at all, even on video), it still makes me happy to know that Trek is on somewhere, should I change my mind :)

121. Dom - August 12, 2009

Funnily enough, while I wasn’t the biggest TNG fan, often as not, I really liked Brannon Braga’s episodes.

I respect everyone who works in a business as tough and internally political as film and TV. My only regret with Brannon and co is that, by remaining on Star Trek for so long, other shows were deprived of their talents.

122. Leslie - August 12, 2009

I only watched the first 4 episodes of Enterprise when it was new. I hated Hoshi and Reed, although the rest of the characters were terrific. But when we got to the “Trip gets pregnant” episode, that waI s it for me.

I have recently rediscovered Enterprise on HD Net and now regret my early hasty retreat. The stories were mostly great and it looks incredibly beautiful (at least in HD). I have watched it from beginning to end now twice and enjoy rewatching it. Even Hoshi become tolerable. I am truly sorry it was cancelled.

123. Jim Caserta - August 12, 2009

Berman kept Brannon on a tight leash and rode him like a pony.

124. Jim Caserta - August 12, 2009

Coto was the Rodeo clown. Sorry, I had to say it.

125. Star Trackie - August 12, 2009

#94 “There just has to be a demand for the thing. And it has to strike while the iron’s hot. Trek is still buzzing in the public’s mind, but it won’t be for long.

And why wouldn’t CBS gun for a TV movie/series first?”

To try this with teh NX-01 would be a total disaster and not very good business sense. Now if CBS were to take us on a TV voyage of an earlier adventure/adventures of the Kelvin, featuring the crew seen in the movie, then there would certainly be interest.

126. Mitch - August 12, 2009

99–24 is arguably coming off its worst season. I felt this year was actually boring at times. They ruined Tony Almeida, and decided to do 1/3 of a season with Jack Bauer as a drooling vegetable. It was awful. And no shock, the ratings declined. It’s what they do.

103–good Trek is TOS. I don’t care who “laughs” at it. Those people don’t get it. The fact is, and remains, TOS started it all. TOS became the cultural phenomenon. Brannon Braga and Rick Berman did the opposite, and ran it into the ground. Yeah, there are some people here that actually like Enterprise, but outside of a few Trek boards, the show was either never watched or is completely forgotten, as is Voyager, as are the TNG movies. Yes, some people actually like Braga’s work, but they are too small in number, which is why Rick Berman didn’t do ST11, and they brought in someone smart enough to go back to the original series in the first place. The results speak for themselves.

TOS is mainstream. The others are not.

Studio politics didn’t kill Enterprise. The concept was failed at inception. If anything, politics kept it going for 4 years when if it had no connection to Star Trek, or aired on another network, it would have died a quick death.

Enterprise isn’t coming back. There is no demand.

127. JimJ - August 12, 2009

I would jump at the chance to see ST: Enterprise again, either in TV movies or a series once again. CBS, wouldn’t it be worth it to give it one more chance? It’s not going to ruin what has been established by JJ’s movie and won’t ruin the next movie! It would definitely be the most cost effective of any of the former series to put back together.

I disagree with people that say it wouldn’t be a good idea. Frankly, those that never watched it before might give it a chance if CBS markets it correctly (hint, market it the way the movie was marketed in the USA). Also, there are a bunch of new fans out there because of this last movie. Additionally, if the people that were put in charge (say Coto, Kurtzman, and Orci) would come here to see what the fans are saying, it may give them insights on what to fix and improve about the show, characters, etc. Look at how many people there are on here that disliked it before, but have come around about it after seeing reruns of season 4 (and maybe some things from other seasons that went well).

It is definitely true that the show was just hitting it’s stride when the plug was pulled, and, UPN blew it big time. Would the ratings have gone up? I doubt it, but that was because of the nature of what UPN was. Now, I’m sure one of the big 3 (or 5, if desperate, which I highly doubt) networks would jump at the chance for something called “Star Trek” and would work hard to capitalize on it.

Even if the same characters (with some tweaks, improvements)…I would suggest calling it something different than “Enterprise”. The die hard fans will find out what it is and be there waiting and others may not go into it with preconceived ideas (like Trip gets pregnant, etc.). Then, if the plans Coto and Braga talked about were implemented with some other ideas…WOW, it could be great.

What an opportunity…go back after listening to the fans, and fix things. Can you listen to every comment? No. But some are no brainers. CHANGE THE OPENING THEME so it really does even SOUND like Star Trek. It’s kind of like with the movie: If Orci and Kurtman (and JJ) don’t fix that damned engineering…all hell is gonna break loose-lol There is no reason why they can’t “redress” it since Scotty sacrificed the main parts to help save the ship.

Anyway…I know it’s a pipe dream on my part, but I had to throw in my 2 cents worth.

128. JimJ - August 12, 2009

And #126 just stabed me with a sword right before my post popped up-lol

Seriously, I disagree for the most part, but he could be right. I do KNOW he’s right about TOS. People can crow all they want to, but TOS is what started it all and there aren’t any Trek universe charaters more iconic that the big 3 of Kirk/Spock/Bones. I just think that overall, society’s mindset has changed regarding Star Trek. That’s why I think a newly revamped “Enterprise” could work.

Oh, and regarding Braga: I loved almost all of his work and have a lot of respect for him. But it’s kind of like looking up to someone and then finding out he’s had 3 affairs while married. Those 3 for me were:
1. Killing Trip,
2. Threshold-Paris and Janeway have lizard sex? What????
3. and this is the biggie, by far-Killing Kirk in a pointless way. Sad part of that is, it was a reshoot because the first way was even worse-GAG!!!! I blame Ron Moore for that, too, though. It could have been done in a great way, like Spock’s death…not a pointless way.

129. Dess Truxion - August 12, 2009

Didnt read all the comments, so sorry if someone said this before:
They should do a comic book series (or better yet hardbound graphic novels) about what season 5 would have been. They could also release it as a dvd comic (like what was done with the Watchmen) complete with music and sound effects. Then they could take it in the direction of the Romulan War. I’d buy it. Heck I’d buy 2!

130. Mitch - August 12, 2009

128–what about Flashback? For me, that was one of the worst episodes of Star Trek ever written. The laziness of the script showed that a “tribute” to TOS was forced on Braga against his will.

You have Janeway basically give some obnoxious speech that ends with her talking about how Kirk wouldn’t survive in 24th century Starfleet and joking about the technology. Some tribute.

But that’s not all…

They do a painstaking recreation of the first scene in Star Trek 6, but it’s apparent that they were so lazy that they didn’t watch the rest of the movie–when they were setting the episode during the events of that movie.

First evidence of that is that in basically the second scene of the movie, Spock mentions that the incident at Praxus happened 3 months ago. Yet according to the writers, the events took place within days.

That’s just lazy.

But there’s more. They killed a character that was clearly shown alive at the end of the movie. I can’t believe even the actor didn’t say something.

To me, that episode sums up the Braga era nicely. Hateful to TOS, lazy, bad continuity, and disdain from fandom.

131. Ryan - August 12, 2009

If people like time travel stories, Enterprise would have kept on going because it was damned full of them.

So maybe drawing that connection wasn’t the brightest idea of those guys, because it got enterprise cancelled.

132. RD - August 12, 2009

#99. AJ wrote: “Braga and Coto work on “24″ and certainly understand the meaning of “fast-paced.” … T’Pol and Phlox were always my faves…. I just have the sinking feeling that there will be nothing to chew on between now and 2011.”

Actually, “24” is a brand new concept for both. But, especially for Braga, who started working on Star Trek right out of his TV Academy college internship. He never worked on anything else, then created Threshold which was the best sleeping pill I ever took. Since Trek has never been really fast-paced and I think he has a lot of years of un-learning to do.

As for T’Pol, I didn’t necessarily object to the character, just the way she was written and cast and directed LOL … yet another penchant of Braga’s, And they could have done much better than Jolene Blalock.

As I wrote elsewhere, I think CBS is going to be closely monitoring the sales of the TNG movies as an indicator of whether to move into Blu-Ray with the series and likely to produce some direct-to-DVD projects based around them. If the TNG DVDs sell well, then it’s clear a market exists for something. Finishing Enterprise would be a good choice. Either way, 2010 will see the release of the third season TOS-R Blu-Ray set, but you’re right … there’s nothing else to carry Trek, besides some additional Blu-Ray DVD releases – perhaps a ST09 Director’s cut for a broader appeal. Even if CBS green-lights something by January, it would not be on the streets for at least a year, by which time the sequel would already be into marketing. Perhaps that’s why TWOK, TSFS & TVH all suffered lower numbers after the fantastic build-up to TMP.

133. AJ - August 12, 2009


I must admit that T’Pol pretty flat (figuratively) until the 3rd, and especially the 4th, season, where she was given the chance to visibly emote. I will admit that she does warm my cockles, but I enjoyed her presence on the show, and Jolene’s off-screen rants about how the show was going to hell in a handbasket. I expect she’s quite a handful.

The re-release of old content in Hi-Def off of un-remastered prints (TWOK excluded) can be no indication of future success for the franchise. TOSR and Enterprise are the only releases which will truly shine in HD. The TNG films will probably look good as well, but they are, well, TNG films. One scorcher amongst four.

I think they should take TAS’s reputation as the ‘thinking kid’s’ cartoon, and put some quality Trek fiction up on TV for the smart kids with endlessly un-fed brains, and us silly adults who will gleefully watch with them. Get some good authors to write quality short stories for our gallant crew.

134. Holger - August 12, 2009

T’Pol is Vulcan, mind you.

135. Rocket Scientist - August 12, 2009

I thought Ms. Blalock pretty much nailed the concept of Vulcans, as defined by the ENT producers and writers. Hers was a multi-faceted performance underneath that placid exterior. Although she did not overtly display emotion, there was a lot going on underneath. At first glance I just dismissed her as being all surface and no depth, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Putting her in all of those titillating scenes was really a disservice to a her as a skilled actress. It was apparent to me that she “got” what Vulcans are about.

136. Dr. Image - August 12, 2009

Braga deserves every lump he takes.
Coto was just his scapegoat/ fall guy in the end.
Valentine. How nausiating.

137. JNG - August 12, 2009

Nice of Mr. Braga to drop in. I’ve been rewatching the first season of ENT and I think sometimes we look back on it too harshly. “Silent Enemy,” for example, was a good one.

Anyway, the fans really appreciate these kinds of appearances and so forth. This is the first I ever heard of a concrete suggestion about who Future Guy may have been, and it’s not the worst suggestion I ever heard, given the time period and the use of a species never heard of in a later era as agents. It would make a lot more of the series seem a buildup to the major Romulan events, and I bet that would have gone over well.

Also, getting Jeffrey Combs onto the show more was a good plan for season 5. He’s great.

138. RD - August 12, 2009

#135. Rocket Scientist wrote: “Putting her in all of those titillating scenes was really a disservice to a her as a skilled actress. It was apparent to me that she “got” what Vulcans are about.”

Agreed about the salacious nature of her character. Liek 7 of Nine she was brought onboard to sill out a tight uniform and provide the much needed sexuality that was lacking from TNG & DS9, which was otherwise rampant in TOS. But it was done overtly and sloppily and did a disservice not only to the actors and producers, but the audience as well.

As far as I’m concerned the only good portrayals of Vulcans have been Spock & Sarek. I simply don’t think Berman & Braga “got it” (nor did Nicholas Meyer for that matter). I’m not necessarily faulting the actors (though I have never seen much depth from Blalock in her other performances), but nevertheless it is the character that didn’t work for me. I think bringing back some of those characters as they were would be a huge mistake if the Enterprise era stories ever gets a chance to be filmed again.

139. Jay - August 12, 2009

Post #112 – Your welcome Brannon. I’m grateful that I could share my appreciation of your hard work with you face to face. Be careful though – If you continue to reply to my posts here, I might start telling the folks back home in Canada that were friends now :)

Brannon said something else at the panel on Saturday that I’ve been thinking about. I’ve heard him say it before in other interviews, and now after re watching the second to last episode of Enterprise, I understand far better his intentions in These are the Voyages.

Terra Prime was written by Judy, Gar and Manny, and was thought of by the show runners as the final episode of Enterprise. Brannon wrote TATV as the finale for the next generation. And by the next generation, I mean the second generation of Star Trek, separate from the original series. It ran for 18 years in multiple series, similar to law and order and its spin-offs. If I think of the episode in this context, I can understand what Mr. Braga was trying to accomplish. Unfortunately the viewers were unable to see past the current series and take it as a goodbye from the “whole”. To put it simply, we didn’t get it. Maybe having something as simple as a different intro, showcasing a combination of all 4 second generation series would have been enough to prompt the fans to take the episode for how it was intended. Perhaps as the second gen continues in syndication, fans of the future will discover and appreciate its true meaning.

Unfortunately, that era of Star Trek is over now. As much as I would love to see more from the fine people who gave us series 2 – 5, the reins have been passed and the success of the new movie will ensure that Paramount will now be making Star Trek for the masses, rather than the fans. I’m thankful we had Enterprise for as long as we did. Episodes like Shuttlepod One, Shockwave, Cogenitor, and the Xindi arc (in its entirety) were Star Trek at its best in my opinion.

lastly – Happy Birthday Brannon. I’m looking forward to Flash Forward, and it’s been a great privilege sharing my thoughts with you.


140. Scott - August 12, 2009

Maybe someday,they’ll get to do that Enterprise Season 5…and Seasons 6 and 7….

141. ChristopherPike - August 13, 2009

Stick with the positives and at Demons/Terra Prime as the real send off.

It’s a shame “These are the Voyages…” wasn’t extended to be a two-parter, reworked over to be a little more inclusive of The Original Series… because (and I know many don’t agree with me here) I always thought stylistically and in the way the characters were drawn, Enterprise had little in common with Next Gen.

Hindsight, armchair quarterbacking, whatever is a wonderful thing… but I can’t help feel maybe that final curtain call should have been witheld, beyond Enterprise’s run. Treated as a TV event or movie-of-the-week for Star Trek. Factor production costs into Season 4 but then have used the opportunity to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, as well as the end of an era.

Here’s something I imagine would’ve been possible back in 2005…

A TNG-TOS-ENT crossover, since honouring more than one generation of Star Trek was the aim. No time travel required either. A young Picard (Tom Hardy) at the Academy is on the verge of failing to make the grade. Admiral Sulu (George Takei) takes the young Cadet under his wing and teaches him an important history lesson. This ties in the fate of Archer and the NX-01 crew with the Birth of the Federation & Romulan War arcs. It would need to be a huge event from the past rivalling Custer’s last stand, instead of the trivial nonsense Riker and Troi recreated on the holodeck. Something relevent enough to persuade Picard to pursue a career in Starfleet.

142. ChristopherPike - August 13, 2009

Suddenly realised… I forgot to add my best wishes. Many happy returns to Brannon for tomorrow (Aug 14). LL&P.

143. Rhett Coates - August 13, 2009

138. RD – August 12, 2009
“As far as I’m concerned the only good portrayals of Vulcans have been Spock & Sarek. I simply don’t think Berman & Braga “got it” (nor did Nicholas Meyer for that matter). I’m not necessarily faulting the actors (though I have never seen much depth from Blalock in her other performances), but nevertheless it is the character that didn’t work for me. I think bringing back some of those characters as they were would be a huge mistake if the Enterprise era stories ever gets a chance to be filmed again.”

Oh, I don’t know – as Brent Spiner has been known to often quote, if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage. Meaning: the actors act what’s WRITTEN in the script.

It might have been that, ove the course of any subsequent Seasons of ST:ENT, Manny & Co. [and any writers who, as Manny suggested he’d try to do, might have sent in “outside” scripts for consideration as episodes] would have “upped the ante” with T’Pol, considering her [feelings] over the death of the child in Terra Prime. And, it’s been “suggested” by several show-runners that they might have considered (or actually filmed) an episode revealing T’Pol’s father was actually a Romulan, which would have gone a long way toward explaining away some of her outward emotionalism, not to mention making us all sit straight up in our seats with such a revelation — such as when mirror-universe Hoshi declared herself “Empress” at the end of that amazing two-parter. I can tell you: the hairs on the back of my head stood up with that one. WOW!

I would imagine that Archer himself would have changed some during this time, leading up toward the Romulan war arcs, as well as the other characters. People don’t remain the same for long; as we grow, our character grows – for better or for worse. That’s also what most actors like to hear: their characters getting more meat to chew on, so to speak.

Yes, the list for potential stories for Season Five would have been something to see filmed! All leading up to the sneak Romulan attack on Station Salem One, as is believed by many as something which might have been “in the works” as a cliff-hanger at the end of Season Five……

So much incredible POTENTIAL – still left so wide open…….!

144. ChristopherPike - August 14, 2009

138. I’m always puzzled whenever that “not-true Vulcans” criticism comes up. As if anybody working on any Star Trek series would give TOS the finger? Let’s see how this applies to ENT… a shift in focus back to a main triad cast, at the expense of the supporting players. Name checking and even fleshing out several TOS aliens. Bringing back in your face, non PC sexuality to mostly prudeish complaints online. That just leaves the Vulcan issue. A race seen through human eyes, which while different from Spock, I’d argue are consistant with anything seen in Amok Time or Journey to Babel. Stubborn, prideful and more than a little arrogant to human outsiders. A perfect retro extrapolation of the race, based on how they behaved around humans. Sarek was a master of diplomacy and Spock half-human, so frankly they were bound to be on their best behaviour around us. I’ll take the more interesting Vulcans seen during this prequel show, than the bewigged woodern mannequins that showed up during the 24th Century.

Oh and wasn’t Admiral Forrest, and two other top brass from Broken Bow named in honour of De, Leonard and Bill? The rule of thumb with ENT seems to be throw enough shit and some of it’s bound to stick. Just be sure to tell everyone you hated every minute of it (while secretly you didn’t)…

145. star trackie - August 14, 2009

#139 “Unfortunately, that era of Star Trek is over now. As much as I would love to see more from the fine people who gave us series 2 – 5, the reins have been passed and the success of the new movie will ensure that Paramount will now be making Star Trek for the masses, rather than the fans.”

Fans of the 24th century you mean. My friends and I, as well as many other fans of TOS are absolutely ecstatic that Trek has finally come back to it’s roots.

146. AJ - August 14, 2009


“…the bewigged woodern mannequins that showed up during the 24th Century.”

Those Vulcans were generally just wallpaper. But I think Tuvok had a bit if spirit. Though, VOY was never quite my cup of tea, Tim Russ did a reasonable job.

The new film takes the deep emotions of Vulcans and throws it out into the open that logic offers a peace which cannot be felt otherwise. In the brief scenes on Vulcan, Sarek is the only one who seems to have mastered it.

147. ChristopherPike - August 14, 2009

146: Tim Russ was one of the better Vulcan portrayals in Star Trek, that’s very true. It’s clear he cared a lot about keeping Tuvok as the traditional foil for other crewmembers role, in the same position that Spock occupied. Beyond that, making the race as multi-faceted as on ENT often involved a plot involving neural parasites, serial killers and an annoying Talaxian chef to strip them of their control. Those on ENT pretty behaved according to a situation forced on them by humans usurping their seniority, with some of our dirty habits rubbing off on them the more involved they got.

I guess what I appreciated most was seeing some of that prejudice shown by McCoy, but on a larger scale with Archer, Trip et all. It added as much to that future CMO, as an old fashioned Country Doctor stuck in his ways of seeing the world, a place run by Vulcans… or with them having too say in our development at any rate. Humanity in Enterprise is a rebelious teenager, by Kirk’s time we’re 30-somethings trying to hold down our peacekeeping job and finally by Picard’s we’re elderly, wise, seemingly the supreme ethical authority after making all those mistakes.

148. » SciFi Weekend: Enterprise; The Plan; Landing in LA; Hugo Awards; Rory Gilmore All Grown Up (with Matt Saracen); and Racy Pics of Doctor Who Companions Liberal Values - August 16, 2009

[…] reports on a panel held by Manny Coto and Brannon Braga at the annual Star Trek Las Vegas Convention. While I think there were far more problems with Enterprise to worry about than this, some fans were upset with the way the show ended. The final episode was intended as an homage to the previous shows involving the Enterprise and ended with Will Ryker and Deanna Troi looking back at the events of  Archer’s Enterprise on the holodeck. Braga took the blame for this: I will take full blame for that episode, for those that didn’t like it. In retrospect, it was a very cool idea, that in the end was a mistake. The concept was was to have Manny do a final two-part finale, but then have a final final episode send a valentine to all of Star Trek over the last eighteen years. We just thought it would be a cool concept to show the Next Generation’s crew looking back, though the holodeck, at Archer’s crew. It is a high concept, but I am not sure it came together. […]

149. admiral anonymous - August 16, 2009

Enterprise was a classic show; cancelling it was a sin :(

150. robo - August 16, 2009

Why is everyone skirting around the real reason for the demise of Enterprise.
When they first announced that there would be another series after Voyager, everyone speculated on every conceivable idea (even things like Starfleet Academy, The Adventures of Captain Sulu?-WTF). Thank god those didn’t happen. First, the only place they could have gone with the series was back in time before Kirk, before the founding of the Federation. That was fine. But here was a golden opportunity to do what we all presumed would happen based on that decision: namely to finally see and meet all of the aliens and their ships that we saw (or didn’t see) in TOS and to really flesh them out and get/build some depth and history for them. They barely did that. The Andorians were about the only ones that even came close. Then, we would have seen all the milestones that led up to the founding of the UFP, especially the catalyst for the Prime Directive and so on. And the final episode could have, would have, should have, might have ended with Kirk and the Enterprise leaving spacedock for their first mission, or whatever. The point is they went in directions that were certain to doom the series. Of I watched it. Because I was hungry for new episodes of Trek, like the rest of you were. Finally, since people here were putting their opinions on the other series, I have been watching Star Trek since the 60’s and I have been watching all of the series repeatedly on DVD and every time I watch DS9, it just confirms that overall, it had the best characters with the most depth, epic battles with some of the best special fx on both the big and small screen, and the best writing. Cheers!

151. Bob Tompkins - August 16, 2009

Nice to see Brannon Braga’s comments in the forum.

I give him a lion’s share of the credit for salvaging ’24’ in season 7 after a horrendous season 6, which was helmed by Mr. Coto. Before Season 7 even started, I had grave misgivings about it mainly because I had no confidence in Mr. B..

All 24 fans owe thanks to him for his help in getting 24 back on track.

152. Pete - August 17, 2009

Return to Season V. So many people love it. So go on… where no man has gone before.

153. michaela - August 19, 2009

i want ENT,back!and i waant to know why they killed TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY OPPINION :why they listen only american fans?we are alot in the entire world!and i hate the audience…why we need it?

154. x - August 20, 2009

Star Trek Deep Space Nine has been critically hailed as the best written Star Trek ever produced. The main thrust was good writing and a strict adherence to what had went before.

Quite bluntly Voyager did not have this. I tried to like Voyager, but could not.
It was acceptable under Jeri Taylor but then the writing strayed so far from Star Trek I stopped watching.

Did not even watch Enterprise. You have to be very careful if you try to do past events that tie to what was established in the future, and I did not have confidence in the team to do that.

Perhaps most important, film and TV producers have this unhealthy obsession with action and explosions and violence that have generally turned me off. Deep Space Nine was about a war. There was more gratuitous violence in Voyager.

Insurrection, though a disappointment was Star Trek. Nemisis was stuck in the violence AND sex mode. This is what for me just about killed Star Trek.

The new movie- I am not happy with it. It is in an “alternate reality”. Therefore it is NOT about the characters we have grown to love over the years, and the ship is not the Enterprise. The ship has a history, NOT an alternate history. If you want to swallow that, fine, I cannot. Besides, since this is the “new trek” it has overwritten the old Trek in reality if not in this
alternate reality doubletalk. The original series is basically being undone.

Been a trekkie since 1966. It all ended for me this year. Live long and Prosper, for I shall not.

155. Cowboy Steve - August 23, 2009

To 84: “It pains me to think of what Roddenberry might have thought of the new movie. Somehow, I think he would have been sad at the film’s lack of deep meaning and big ideas. Maybe I’m wrong. Man, I hope I am!” Roddenberry would have loved it because it made a lot of money. Give him credit, he did come up with the concept and he did push it through. However, Bob Justman and Gene Coon made it a workable series and toned down Roddenberry’s antics to the studios would accept it.

Re Trip’s death, the ENTERPRISE novels provide a good, believable explanation for it not happening: the tapes were fudged because Trip was tapped for a secret mission. (If you do not accept the novels, you can still console yourself with the thought that the records were faulty, since over 200 years passed between ENT and TNG – believe he did not die.) My son loved Trip, and still is angry about the pointless death.

With the popularity of ST 09, would it not be possible to make an ENT movie, even for direct to DVD or TV? Certainly season 4 showed that there were still a lot of really good stories for the crew of NX 01.

156. Matthias - September 8, 2009

To all of you. I love the Star Trek Universe. For me its a good time to relax after work and watch some Episodes. As i started to watch Enterprise i was a little bit suprised by myself. I watched the four seasons in one week ;). I Loved it and i cant understand those who are talking such a crap… like its not Star Trek like. Star Trek is timebased and reflects each timeperiod and it do it great. For me… please continue Enterprise and bring it to an End.

Greetings from Germany.

157. Gary - September 9, 2009

I thought that the earlier Enterprise S1 shows started a little slowly, but to be fair so did TNG, DS9 and Voyager. There were some stand out shows in S2 like “Cogenitor”. I wasn’t sure about Enterprise at the beginning but I saw a few show on cable here in the UK and really got into it, then bought the box sets for S1-4. I loved the Xindi story arch, but I agree with the majority that with its 2 and 3 part episodes that S4 was the best of the bunch (apart from the weak and disapointing last episode). Its a real shame that S5 wasn’t made. A few shows were cancelled and brought back by popular demand (Family Guy) or even for a mini-series (Farscape/Red Dwarf) or straight to DVD film (Babylon 5) etc. I think it would be a fitting end to give Enterprise a proper send-off (and bring Trip back to life). I would certain buy the S5 DVD if it was ever produced.

158. Christopher Allen - September 27, 2009

I was still married to wife number two at the time, and me and my wife were the children’s pastors at our church so on Tuesdays we hosted an event at our home for the teens, but we always Tivo’d Enterprise and everyone always stayed to watch. I even think some came to the meeting just so they could sat ad enjoy the show in our home theatre. All of the teen girls got into it and by the end of Shockwave I they could all go toe to toe with me on any trek trivia. I have never been happier than to see my interest rub off on to a younger generation like that. I just wish that had happened with my generation. I am still upset we didn’t get at least a 7 year run of enterprise, but barring a time machine we will never know. All i know is I brought 30 new trekkies into this world and if I have the chance I will do it again.

159. ODO - February 8, 2010

A fifth season for Enterprise? But is REALLY possible ?m O__O

Please, answer me!!! I LOVE THIS SERIE! :)

160. Jesper - February 12, 2010

Star Trek Enterprise is a very great and fantastisk,
The best in Star Trek.

We have to say to the networks, that we are waiting for season 5-6-7.
They have to start Star Trek Enterprise up again.

its now or never.

161. JBolde - February 20, 2010


This is my message in a bottle sort of. I just got through watching most
all of the series of ” Enterprise” except the last show. I can’t be iffy about this I want the series to continue even though its into Februrary 2010 as of
this writing. I did’nt think I could be so offended about the cancelling of a show when there are such quality shows like reality shows and American Idol. I thought I could’nt care anymore. Concerning the new Star Trek
movie, I can’t put my finger on it exactly although I can point to the event,
the destruction of’ Vulcan’ was so excessively evil and peverse. It is so because there is a body of literature allready written that could have served as a source material. True many might not have liked at least some of the material but it could be judged and proven what is truly good
novel and novelization. Now pygmies and liliputians will scramble in where giants treaded in the screeplays and such. I remember the struggle to even bring back something of the original ” Star Trek” I’m allmost sick mentally and its certainly got me wondering why the death struggle to kill, pervert and if not down-size the quality of ” Star Trek”.

162. Mummra - March 25, 2010

They should continue the series. It’s the best Star Trek series ever in my opinion.

The Trip&T’Pol scenes are awesome! That Trip character always cheers me up. He can do the facial expressions that Riker never could …

We can only hope they reconcider and get the whole cast back for atleast 3 more season. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

163. Laura - May 24, 2010

I agree with Mummra. I have been addicted to Star Trek since the 1970’s, weened on Kirk and Spock. Enterprise was so refreshing – no prime directive, cowboys, naive… And I love Trip and T’Pol – the best star trek couple….I did think they abused T’Pol abit. 3 mind rapes and the expanse were abit much for she…and a relationship….to weather…but by Terra Prime, I thought there was hope. The finale was so disconnected from the rest of season 4. It just didn’t flow. The characters simply didn’t match up …. which is why I am willing to overlook some of the weakness with the relaunch series. If canon is the finale, then I have to shake my head. I mean, they brought Spock back – why not Trip.

164. Dejan H - July 28, 2010

Greetings from Slovenia.

Is there any movement towards Enterprise S5 direct-to-DVD movie?

That would be fantastic.


165. Latasha Morford - May 9, 2011

That does sound good nevertheless i’m just still not too sure that I prefer it. However will look more into it and decide for myself! :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.