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Star Trek Headed Back To IMAX For 2nd Limited Run [UPDATED] September 1, 2009

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In May JJ Abrams Star Trek movie opened for a limited run at IMAX theaters around the world, setting IMAX records. However the film was out of most IMAX theaters after a few weeks to make room for Night at the Museum. If you missed it you have another chance as IMAX just announced a second limited run of Star Trek at select theaters, starting this weekend.
[UPDATED: Theater list updated with additional locations]


Star Trek back to IMAX September 4th
Starting this weekend Star Trek: The IMAX Experience will begin playing at 85 theaters in the US and Canada. This new engagement will be limited. The next IMAX movie scheduled is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs opening September 18th.

UPDATE (9/4): more theaters added
IMAX has sent over a list nine more theaters that will be playing Star Trek. The additional theaters have been added to the list below and noted with ‘[NEW]

The following cinemas will have Star Trek on IMAX starting this weekend. Theaters currently showing the movie are marked with an ‘*’.


Mesa , AZ – Gateway 12 + IMAX Theatre
Phoenix , AZ – Deer Valley 30 with IMAX

Aliso Viejo , CA – Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 with IMAX
Camarillo , CA – Camarillo 12 with IMAX
El Dorado Hills , CA – El Dorado Hills Stadium 14 with IMAX
Emeryville , CA – Bay Street 16 with IMAX
Escondido , CA – Escondido Stadium 16 with IMAX
Fairfield , CA – Fairfield Stadium 16 + IMAX
Fresno , CA – Fresno Stadium 21 + IMAX
Monterey, CA – Cannery Row IMAX Theater [NEW]
Ontario , CA – Ontario Palace Stadium 22 + IMAX
San Diego , CA – Palm Promenade 24 with IMAX
Santa Clara , CA – Mercado 20 with IMAX
Simi Valley , CA – Civic Center Stadium 16 + IMAX
South Gate , CA – South Gate Stadium 20 with IMAX
Stockton , CA – Downtown Stockton 16 + IMAX
Universal City , CA – Citywalk Stadium 19 with IMAX
Westchester , CA – Bridge De Lux 18 + IMAX

Highlands Ranch, CO – Highlands Ranch 24 [NEW]
Westminster, CO – Westminster Promenade 24 [NEW]

Altamonte Springs , FL – Altamonte Mall 18 with IMAX
Aventura , FL – Aventura Mall 24 with IMAX
Cape Canaveral , FL – IMAX Theater *
Fort Myers , FL – Gulf Coast Town Center Stadium 16 + IMAX
Jacksonville , FL – Regency 24 with IMAX
Orange Park , FL – Orange Park 24 with IMAX
Orlando , FL – Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 + IMAX
Orlando , FL – Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 with IMAX
St Petersberg , FL – Baywalk 19 + IMAX
Tallahassee , FL – IMAX Theatre Tallahassee *
Tampa , FL – Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) *
Tampa , FL – Veterans 24 with IMAX
Tampa , FL – Channelside Cinemas Stadium 9 + IMAX

Augusta , GA – Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 + IMAX
Kennesaw , GA – Barrett Commons 24 with IMAX
Morrow , GA – Southlake Pavilion 24 with IMAX Honolulu , HI – Dole Cannery 18 with IMAX

Boise , ID – Boise Stadium 21 + IMAX

Batavia , IL – Randall 14 + IMAX
Lincolnshire , IL – Lincolnshire Stadium 20 + IMAX
South Barrington, IL – Barrington 30 [NEW]
Woodridge , IL – Cinemark 16 + IMAX

Noblesville , IN – Hamilton 16 IMAX
Portage , IN – Portage 15 + IMAX

Olathe, KS – Studio 30 [NEW]

Louisville , KY – Stoney Brook IMAX
Newport , KY – Newport Levee 20 with IMAX

Harahan , LA – Elmwood Palace 20 with IMAX

Boston , MA – New England Aquarium *

Saco , ME – Cinemagic Saco 12 with IMAX

Detroit , MI – Detroit Science Center IMAX Theatre *
Grand Blanc , MI – NCG Trillium Cinema + IMAX
Lansing , MI – Celebration – Lansing 19 + IMAX

Sterling Heights , MI – Forum 30 with IMAX
Ypsilanti , MI – Showcase Ann Arbor 20 + IMAX

Roseville , MN – Rosedale 14 with IMAX

Kansas City, MO – BarryWoods 24 [NEW]
Independence, MO – Independence 20 with IMAX [NEW]
Saint Louis , MO – Ronnies Cinemas 19 + IMAX

Charlotte , NC – Stonecrest At Piper Glen Stadium 22 with IMAX
Concord , NC – Concord Mills 24 with IMAX

Council Bluffs , NE – Star Cinema 16 with IMAX

Henderson , NV – Sunset Station Stadium 13 with IMAX
Las Vegas , NV – Brenden Palms 13 + IMAX
Las Vegas , NV – Red Rock Stadium 15 + IMAX
North Las Vegas , NV – Aliante Station 16 with IMAX

Brooklyn , NY – Sheepshead Bay 14 with IMAX
Deer Park , NY – Deer Park Stadium 16 and IMAX
New Rochelle , NY – New Roc City Stadium 18 + IMAX
Williamsville , NY – Transit Center Stadium 18 +IMAX

Tulsa, OK – Cinemark 17 + IMAX [NEW]

Columbus , OH – Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX
Springdale , OH – Showcase Springdale 18 IMAX

Bensalem , PA – Neshaminy 24 with IMAX
Homestead , PA – Waterfront 22 with IMAX
Philadelphia , PA – Tuttleman IMAX – Franklin Institute
Reading, PA – Reading Movies 11 with IMAX [NEW]
Tarentum , PA – Pittsburgh Mills Mall 17 + IMAX

Myrtle Beach , SC – IMAX Discovery Theatre *

Chattanooga , TN – Tennessee Aquarium *
Knoxville , TN – Pinnacle Stadium Cinemas 17 + IMAX

Colleyville , TX – Colleyville Cinema Grille & IMAX
Garland , TX – Firewheel 18 with IMAX
Houston , TX – Gulf Pointe 30 with IMAX
Mesquite , TX – Mesquite 30 with IMAX
Sugarland , TX – First Colony 24 with IMAX

Sandy , UT – Jordan Commons 16 + IMAX

Midlothian , VA – Commonwealth Stadium 20 with IMAX
Virginia Beach , VA – Lynnhaven 18 with IMAX
Woodbridge , VA – Potomac Mills 18 with IMAX

Kent , WA – Kent Station 14 with IMAX
Lacey , WA – Martin Village Stadium 16 + IMAX


Victoria , BC – National Geographic Theater *
Vancouver, BC – CN IMAX Theater  [NEW]

Toronto, ON – Ontario Science Center [NEW]

Hull , QC – Canadian Museum Of Civilization *


For more info and a full list of theaters and tickets visit


Star Trek IMAX Trailer
Trailer mixes elements of previously released trailers

Star Trek IMAX Poser (Click to enlarge)


1. Chris Doohan - September 1, 2009

I’m in.

2. Montreal Paul - September 1, 2009

Damn. It’s not coming to Montreal. :(

3. TrekkieSteve - September 1, 2009

Me too.

4. Starfleet007 - September 1, 2009

Not in Nashville, TN. Bummer.

5. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - September 1, 2009

Motherfather! Not coming to the overpriced Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY!

6. That One Guy - September 1, 2009

Ah frak….. I swore I would not see it again in theaters after… 5 times? And here it comes to Imax at Easton. Eh, why not?

7. mdbchud - September 1, 2009

Oh why, oh why do I live in this cultural hell, with no Imax. Even within reasonable driving distance we only have Imax domes…..not the best way to experience a real movie.


8. Bgoof - September 1, 2009

Woot! I missed it the first time around. I’ll make sure to make it this time!

9. Ky Kiske The angel Of Light - September 1, 2009

Im goin to see it again

10. jocor - September 1, 2009

Oh boy! Looks like I’m going to see the movie a fourth time, although just the first in IMAX.

11. MvRojo - September 1, 2009

I might have to go for my 11th viewing…and 6th on IMAX

12. T2 - September 1, 2009




13. John - September 1, 2009

For Canadian Visitors:

It is also still playing in Toronto in Omnimax (aka Imax Dome) at the Ontario Science Centre.

In fact it has been playing there for the last month or so, and it is only there for one more week now….

14. girl6 - September 1, 2009

WHOO HOO! Emeryville!

15. Bill - September 1, 2009


16. Thomas Jensen - September 1, 2009

In. It’ll be the number three IMAX viewing for me.

17. Picard's Barber - September 1, 2009


18. TREKTACULAR - September 1, 2009

WOOHOO! I’m glad Trek is back even though its in the AMC’s IMAX-lite theater. It should be fun to watch again. If only it were in true IMAX…but I still think the film was better soundwise in a THX cert theater. It just had more ooomph, better realized sound all away around. Next time, film the movie in IMAX or at least 65mm. Release it in 70mm select venues AND true IMAX.

19. Anon - September 1, 2009

The plot holes and story contrivances were big enough on a standard screen. In IMAX you must be able to fly an oversized Enterprise through them.

20. TREKTACULAR - September 1, 2009

WOOHOO! I’m glad Trek is back even though its in the AMC’s IMAX-lite theater. It should be fun to watch again. If only it were in true IMAX…but I still think the film was better soundwise in a THX cert theater. It just had more ooomph, better realized sound all away around. Next time, film the movie in IMAX or at least 65mm. Release it in 70mm select venues AND true IMAX.

Oops. My rejoicing was premature. They’re only having ONE showing each day at 10pm. :P

21. jas_montreal - September 1, 2009

@ 2 . Yup, the feelings mutual !

22. jay kim - September 1, 2009

Oh, very excellent.
Now, maybe Trek can reclaim its ranking over THE HANGOVER.
I was somewhat embarassed when that piece of crap zipped passed Trek.

23. dbhays - September 1, 2009

Saw it Sunday night in Monterey, CA. It was amazing. The detail was really good.

24. Blake Powers - September 1, 2009

Maybe I’ll fly to canada to go see it… Dammit for not being in Arkansas.

25. The Original Spock's Brain - September 1, 2009

Way to go, Chris is FIRST! I was hoping for this.

26. Jason - September 1, 2009

Well, the nearby IMAX got ST09 back in late July and are still playing it (they’ve only done a hand full of DMR style films at that location). I was actually planning on checking it out on my bday, which happens to be Friday. For the record, it’s the IMAX at Canada Place in Vancouver.

27. Lt. Ricky - September 1, 2009

The one place in NYC that will be showing Star Trek in IMAX isn’t a real IMAX theater… I never got to see Star Trek in IMAX because by the time I got the money, it was too late…and that was at the only REAL IMAX theater in NYC, AMC Lincoln Center 13 + IMAX… Shenanigans!!

28. Rastaman - September 1, 2009

Gotta move to a bigger town before Trek 12 comes out!!!

29. Chris M - September 1, 2009


30. MC1 Doug - September 1, 2009

“Star Trek” is back in town at our dollar theater. I gotta make it to see it before it leaves again (and before I leave for Norfolk for two weeks of Navy training).

31. JCC - September 1, 2009

it was and i think it still is showing at the IMAX in Monterey CA.

32. Shatner_Fan_Prime - September 1, 2009

Unrelated, but I’m watching Craig Ferguson, and guest Quentin Tarantino just praised Star Trek as well. It seems lots of directors really enjoyed it!

33. Markus - September 1, 2009

Also in Australia the IMAX in Melbourne is going to show it again starting 17/09/2009. Dunno about Sydney.

34. Steven M.A.W. - September 1, 2009

I still think the next Star Trek film should be in IMAX 3-D. Star Trek is the perfect sci-fi medium for 3-D. Just the thought of the Enterprise in 3-D, is enough to put chills down your spine, phaser fire may be a bit jarring, but overall it would be a recipe for fun.

35. Jimtibkirk - September 2, 2009

Canada invented IMAX and there’s only 2 or 3 theatres showing it nationwide. Edmonton’s 2 venues passed by again. One of them’s in a massive shopping mall, the other in the science centre. Go figure.

Yeah, we spell funny … theatre and centre.

36. Gillie g in Melbourne Oz - September 2, 2009

Melbourne Australia fans don’t dispair. IT IS showing at Melbourne IMAX from 17th september 2009. When l read this feed about US and Canada showings, l went straight to Melbourne IMAX, and there was an ad on the front page. LOVE THIS MOVIE, seen it 8 times, but not at Imax, l am SOOOO going.

37. Cobalt 1365 - September 2, 2009

I was hoping for one last chance to see it in Imax

Confound it all for running out of money right when the movie came out!
(Thank goodness for the local $2 theater)

38. Captain John C Baron - September 2, 2009

Wish it was happening in the UK again – saw the film opening night at the IMAX at the National Museum of Photography in Bradford and loved it. Would jump at chance to go again as I’m sure many others would (it was a almost a sell-out for each of its fortnightly fun). Are the powers that be listening?!

39. David B - September 2, 2009

Anyone else think the poster looks a lot cooler in its negative form as shown above rather than the bland pencil looking version?

40. Paris - September 2, 2009

I totally just pissed myself

41. Sci-Fi Bri - September 2, 2009

man, was this a great movie or what? remember when we were all sitting at home in 2003 thinking that Star Trek was dead forever sure to NEM + ENT?

yay star trek!

42. Ken1w - September 2, 2009

Hey, I remember making a comment right here that they should bring Star Trek back for a limited run in IMAX theaters, after the big summer films ran out. Add a few more millions to its total box office.

Great move. I saw it on the last day it was at the local IMAX theater. It was awesome. For my third viewing.

43. star trackie - September 2, 2009

Awesome. I look forward to seeing it again, even if is at the IMAX-mini.

44. RetroX - September 2, 2009

Come back to UK Imax’s to :( Just as long as its the london BFI one:(

45. RetroX - September 2, 2009

Sorry to double post but keep looking at this for the BFI Imax

Could be coming back to bfi imax in London but no dates on the site:(

46. jsam09 - September 2, 2009

How awesome! I am going to see it in IMAX for the first time this weekend. Can’t wait!!

47. Ben - September 2, 2009

Council Bluffs Is In Iowa, Not Nebraska

48. Ensign Shadowarrier - September 2, 2009

Damn it. Shame the only IMAX theatre in QLD is at a theme park on the Gold Coast, and they only seem to show boring-ass tiger documentaries there.. *Sigh*

49. cap10kirk - September 2, 2009

nice just in time for the anniversary on tuesday guess this is why the movie dvd was not scheduled but still wish season 2 would have been released on sept 8 instead of sept 22

50. Lyle - September 2, 2009

Yet another reason to love living in Garland, Texas!

51. CAPT KRUNCH - September 2, 2009

I’ve seen it 3 times at the IMAX in Chattanooga, and I must say, AWESOME! AMAZING! SPECTACULAR!
The Kelvin and Enterprise scenes are overwhelming in a grand way!
The orbital skydive is incredible.!
TREK just keeps producing…just may reach $260.000.000 yet!

52. CmdrR - September 2, 2009

JJ — so cheesed off at our IMAX place. I saw ST on opening night at the theatre I like best. I was planning to see it in IMAX. But that was a whole 2 or 3 weeks later… and it had been replaced (although it was still #1) by… “Night at the Museum II, Museumier.” Ugh. How can anyone stand to see Ben Stiller THAT BIG anyway?

53. Ampris - September 2, 2009

Yes yes yes YES. YES! So exciting! One of the best theaters around here didn’t finish installing their IMAX screen until –wait for it– the week Star Trek dropped out of IMAX. They kicked off with Transformers instead. I didn’t think I’d get to see this in IMAX (even mini-IMAX) at all; I was resigned to looking forward to movie 12 for my Star Trek IMAX fix. But this! This! This is perfect! (Well, almost.)

And best of all, I still I have a beautiful little AMC gift card that I didn’t get to use during the first run. It doesn’t even matter that it’s scheduled for 10:30 at night (though it must have been one evil little twerp who decided on that particular time slot.) I’m still going. I don’t care how, but I am GOING to see this movie again. In IMAX. (YES.)

54. navy - September 2, 2009

Last I heard, Langley BC is also carrying the IMAX version.

55. braxus - September 2, 2009

Snubbed once again. When will they bring this to Vancouver for once? Sheesh.

56. braxus - September 2, 2009

#54- Where did you get that info? I checked the show information for Langley and they still list Harry Potter being shown for the weekend and after.

57. vice1986 - September 2, 2009

STILL no Calgary!

58. THX-1138 - September 2, 2009


The Imax in my town, which was one of the very first to have an Imax, alas is not digital. We don’t get to see things meant for this format. I have already had a big letter writing argument with the people who operate the theater and indeed the head of the city’s parks department, where our Imax theater is located.

59. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 2, 2009

Im so going to Garland to see it. Yes. Im there for my Record 15th time and 3rd in Imax. Oh yeah baby!!!!!. Hey i love that Chris Doohan is First. Way to go Chris.

60. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 2, 2009

Hey. Im going to Vegas on the 14th. Maybe if im Lucky i can see it again in Imax there as well. Viva las Vegas!!!!.

61. aries127 - September 2, 2009

So cool to watch the trailer again after all these months.

What a satisfying experience that film was! Maybe not my favorite film of all time, but certainly my favorite film-going experience of all time!

62. Leroy - September 2, 2009

I’m jazzed….I know I shouldn’t…but regardless of how close or far off from canon the new Star Trek is…I just love this movie. Can’t wait to see it on IMAX this Friday at Detroit Science Center…and/or anywhere else it shows up. Love the warp effect. Feels like I’m onboard the Enterprise ready to fly off into deep space. How the nest installment will be at least as good and as much fun as this one has been. :)

63. Captain Dunsel - September 2, 2009

#4 StarFleet07 “Not in Nashville, TN. Bummer”

Three little words: At lan ta

Come on Down!

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[…] Star Trek Headed Back To IMAX For 2nd Limited Run | […]

65. OneBuckFilms - September 2, 2009

I’m definately going to have to catch it on IMAX again. Never been to Aliso Viejo for IMAX, always went to the Irvine Spectrum.

Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend … :)

66. Aqua - September 2, 2009

AAH! NOO! 4 hours to the nearest IMAX…… (checks schedule for open vacation time)

67. sean - September 2, 2009

Looks like I’ll be heading to the IMAX this weekend!

68. Disapointed in UK - September 2, 2009

This is great if you live in North America…… “Hello, there’s a world outside the US you know..”

69. ix9000 - September 2, 2009

So what about western Canada? It’s not like we have a tribble infestation. There are at least 4-5 IMAX screens that I know about in Alberta alone, plus Vulcan is here too lol.

70. Star Trek Heads Back to IMAX for Limited Run! - September 2, 2009

[…] that Paramount wants to give it one last hoorah before it fades into DVD oblivion. According to TrekMovie, Star Trek will once again run at IMAX theaters for a limited time starting this […]

71. KMKProd - September 2, 2009

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has been playing Star Trek at the IMAX theater ever since it opened in May, and this Friday is the final showing. I got my 2 tickets for my 4-year old son and myself to see again. He loves Star Trek.

72. texas_nightowl - September 2, 2009

boo…not coming back to Raleigh

guess my count will stay at 8

73. EFFeX - September 2, 2009

Ahh it’s not coming back to Providence, Rhode Island. That’s unfortunate, I would have loved to go check it out again.

74. E. Sheppard - September 2, 2009

Not in Nashville. I was excited!!! Darn.

75. Eric Gardner - September 2, 2009

Mine’s in Colleyville, TX. I ish soooo lucky! X3

76. Haydn - September 2, 2009

Not in Manhattan, NYC either. Damn. Figures….

77. Jeffery Wright - September 2, 2009

No Cleveland? WTF?

78. sensor ghost - September 2, 2009

Of COURSE, not one theater in Colorado will get it. Pretty typical.

79. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 2, 2009

Just bought my tickets on fandango

80. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 2, 2009


Don’t beat yourself up so much about it. Near as I can tell there was no special transfer of ST09’s 35mm film master to 70MM IMAX as is traditionally brought to mind when one thinks of the IMAXification of a film.

You could probably approximate the same experience just sitting closer to the front rows of one of your local digital theater presentations.

81. Antoniemey - September 2, 2009

77: since Cleveland’s ONLY IMAX theater is the OmnIMAX at the GLSC, we’re kind of screwed on that point. It didn’t show there the first time around, so why would it now.

The lack of showings in Nashville this time does make me wonder, since there’s the IMAX at the Opry Mills theater…

Wonder if I can find the time for a daytrip to Columbus in the next week or two?

82. Captain Kathryn - September 2, 2009

What a shame it isnt showing in Milwaukee, Wis. My daughter really wanted to see it.

83. dep1701 - September 2, 2009

“You could probably approximate the same experience just sitting closer to the front rows of one of your local digital theater presentations.”

I must respectfully disagree. I saw the movie three times at the same theatre complex; twice in IMAX – lite and a third time in a regular theatre. The difference was astounding. Even if the IMAX print is not a 70mm version, the crispness and overall size of the image was so superior to the regular version that I felt like I needed glasses when I saw the regular screening. The opening scenes of the Kelvin had more oomph in IMAX as well, making the ship feel as though it was solid and had mass.

84. Enterprise - September 2, 2009

If you sit too close to the screen at a regular theater, you’re distorting your experience of the movie. The IMAX screen is not distorted. and it actually fills your entire vision. During the opening scene of ST everyone was silent. No one talked. I twas that intense on Imax.

85. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 2, 2009

I wish we could have had Star Trek 09 at Imax in 3D. Now that would be an experence.

86. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 2, 2009

All in favor of having Star Trek 2011 in Imax in 3D give me a Hell! YEah!!!!!

87. OneBuckFilms - September 2, 2009

83, 84 – I’d definately agree there.

A good IMAX presentation is the best way to see this movie. The sound and big, digital projection are absolutely jaw-dropping.

85 – They would need to film it in 3D to do that, unfortunately.

88. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 2, 2009

#87. Ok. Lets all petition J.J and the Court to film it in 3d. That way we would have a choice in seeing it in either 3d or regular.

89. MrData - September 2, 2009

Here comes #12 for me, something like 4th or 5th time in IMAX…

90. lostrod - September 2, 2009

My grandson and I saw it at a Dallas Imax a week or so after we saw it at a regular ‘digital’ screen. We didn’t see much of a difference. Plus there were several annoying stains on the screen.

91. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 2, 2009

#83. & #84

As there are actually two types of IMAX theaters it is difficult to be sure that we are each talking about the same thing.

One thing is certain: 35mm film was the auteur’s ideal way to present what was intended as it was intentionally chosen for that reason in making this feature.

Digital theater presentations IMAX or otherwise while extremely convenient are not the ideal way to experience this film as intended.

The few IMAX presentations that are able to present it larger than life using 70mm film are no better than seeing it in any of the old restored Cinerama theaters as absolutely nothing was done to make it an “IMAX” experience other than, in essence, projecting the 35mm print bigger.

Oh, I’ll hazard a guess the digital IMAX presentation ran a digital wash over the 35mm scan to give it a consistent “clean” IMAX “look” much as a transfer to Blu-ray might. But guess what? Taking out the 35mm grit is actually NOT presenting the film as it was intentionally filmed.

And to be clear, I never advocated sitting “too” close – only that sitting closer would be as useful.

92. Aussie-Steve - September 2, 2009

Once again, Australia gets left out. such a pity. Just because we ride around on kangaroos all day doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to see the trek movie again, and again, ang again and again and again, at IMAX. Crikey!

93. SKFotoVid - September 2, 2009

No theaters in Oregon? What’s up with that?

94. Eli - September 2, 2009

Sweet! Rosedale Mall in Minnesota! I’m so gonna find a way to get there!

95. Mike Tomaras - September 2, 2009

Hell yeah I’m going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

96. Jim Nightshade - September 2, 2009

Oregon fans just drive 2 and a half hours north to the Lacey/Olympia Imax-although it is one of the chains mini imaxs it is playing there in Wa state-I live in tacoma about 30 min north of there–I saw it originally opening day at the Seattle ctr 70 ft screen-wow

97. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 2, 2009


98. captain_neill - September 3, 2009

Wish it was playing in IMAX over here

I would love to see it in IMAX

Given some of my posts it may seem I have it in for this movie but I don’t, I really enjoyed this movie, it has been the best film this summer.

I just didn’t think it was the best ever Star Trek ever, which is the impression I get from many people. IANd I fel in this site that if you don’t share that opinion then you would be labelled as not a true Star Trek fan.

What is bugging me is that with the attention the new movie gets, which is great because I love my fav show getting this attention, is that the Treks we grew up loving wil be overshadowed and become an after thought.

I love TOS and I also loved TNG-ENT. I just dont want these shows to be forgotten because of the new movie. I want the new fans to embrace the whole of Trek, not just the new movie but all the shows, so they can see how much more Trek is.

In the top 11 Trek movies where would I place this movie? 6th place in my book, around the half way mark.

Although I am still not a fan of Abrams, and never will be his biggest fan given my opinion, I do no wish to hunt him down. The new movie has been done in a way that makes Treks other shows still fit in. I thank him for not doing a Lucas on us fans.

So I just hope that the Treks we grew up loving just dont get forgotten and that the new fans will embrace it all.

99. wickedjacob - September 3, 2009

Awesome. I’m only 10 minutes away from a theater but you know, I never would’ve known about it it not for this site. Thank you, trekweb, for staying strong and making this a go-to spot for all this cool stuff.

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[…] movies usually play for four weeks in IMAX – Trek is now getting its last two. has a complete list of all 85 IMAX theaters that will be playing Star Trek and you can buy advance […]

101. Gorn Captain - September 3, 2009

#91 Have you seen the movie in IMAX? It didn’t appear as if any grain was removed, and it didn’t look “digital” to me.

I like seeing movies on film, but it’s getting harder to find a theater in my area that can consistently keep the movie in focus, and frame it properly. I can’t even recall the last time I didn’t see a film image that wasn’t spilling over onto the curtains above and below the screen! Not to mention the prints get a bit ragged if you don’t see them first week. Long gone are the days of projectionists who knew how to operate the equipment properly.

I’m old enough to have seen several 70mm, Six Track Dolby engagements, (all 35mm blowups) and I lament we’ll probably never see those again outside a revival house, but the IMAX presentation really impressed the heck out of me.

102. Jacob - September 3, 2009

Czech Republic too! ;o))

Experience Star Trek on the BIG screen

Now you have a rare opportunity to enjoy the newest Star Trek movie from JJ Abrams on the biggest screen possible. Watch the very first adventure of the crew of the starship Enterprise as if you were there. This exclusive event will probably never take place again in the Czech Republic.

Date and time: Friday September 25th, 2009; 19:30 CET

Ticket price: 199 Kč

Address: IMAX
within Cinema City Flora – Palác Flóra
Vinohradská 151, 130 00 Prague 3

City Transport:
Subway line A (Green), station Flora
Tram 5, 10, 11, 16
Bus 136

This exclusive event will probably never repeat in Czech Republic.

103. Star Trek Returning to IMAX - Screen Rant - September 3, 2009

[…] theaters have still been showing some IMAX screenings of Star Trek, and thanks to TrekMovie, here is the list of locations now re-showing the movie in that format (listings with a * next to […]

104. sherlockfreak - September 3, 2009

Awesome! I’m totally in! Can’t wait to see it again! WHOO

105. Darkowski - September 3, 2009

Only two Imax theaters in Canada??
That`s a real joke…

106. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 3, 2009


If you saw the 70mm blown up larger than life version the trick is even though they clean the grain out of the 35mm master in the transfer THAT doesn’t address the grain of the 70mm film stock that they are doing the transfer onto. The conundrum is the 35mm grain was intended to be there by ST’s auteurs but the 70mm grain IS an artifact of that IMAXification process.

Also in this version, the problem is preserving the aspect ratio as nothing special was done to make ST 70mm IMAX theater ready. The grain issue is also exacerbated by the fact that ST is anamorphic which means it really looks odd on the far left and right of the widescreen which gives the IMAX projectionist a tendency to favor cropping the left and right edges of the film for a better top to bottom screen fit.

Because I bothered to research how Mr. Abrams and his Director of Photography decided to put their ST together I decided not to bother with an IMAX presentation as spending the extra bucks wouldn’t bring me any closer to the auteurs’ works.

Do I have some comprehension of people’s fascination with ST in that format?

I think it probably is comparable to the first time I saw a 16mm faded and worn syndicated print of THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME projected onto a standard theater sized screen in the mid 70s: it impressed me. I had never imagined ST could be like that. The Enterprise was HUGE. But I was also very aware that it was NOT put together to be viewed like that. And talk about grain…

107. Check the Circuit! - September 3, 2009

Wonder if there’s enough in this limited run to push the money over $260mm in the US?

108. DancesWithKlingons - September 3, 2009

And again, OREGON, Trekkie capital of the USA, is screwed over! Idiots!

109. Markus12 - September 3, 2009

Most, if not all, of these theaters are not true IMAX theaters.

They charge you extra and give you small screens and mediocre projection and sound.


110. Connecticut - September 3, 2009

DARN! No imax theaters in Connecticut! What’s up with that!

111. Michael - September 3, 2009

Too bad the only 2 theaters running it are NOT in the city, but the suberbs of Seattle, WA. I’ll pass untill it hits bluray in Nov.

112. Gorn Captain - September 3, 2009

106. I was referring to older films I experienced in 70mm back in the day. Close Encounters, Alien, and The Empire Strikes Back. All looked wonderful, and I had already had my share of crappy theater projections by that time to compare against.

I’ve seen the current Trek film in IMAX and regular digital projection, and saw no cropping of the image. The IMAX version is actually letterboxed, but you would never notice this during the film. Maybe my theater just got a really good installation or something. The screen is bigger than anything else in the area, and the sound is superb!

If anyone’s local IMAX isn’t cutting the mustard, complain!

By sake of comparison, I saw the theatrical presentation of “The Menagerie” with the new FX. It was like watching a giant video projector, not very sharp or film like at all. In the old vs. new FX demo that played with the episode, you could see the grain in the original Enterprise shots you refer to.

113. Thorny - September 3, 2009

98. captain_neill… “I just didn’t think it was the best ever Star Trek ever, which is the impression I get from many people.”

I rank “Star Trek 2009″ as third-best, after “Wrath of Khan” and “First Contact”. I’m hoping “Star Trek 2011″ will be the best yet.

114. Enterprise - September 3, 2009

I was lucky enough to get the VIP ticket to our Imax theater and went to the advance screening. We got a poster, a pin, and some other stuff. And the theater wasn’t even filled. It was fantastic.

115. captain_neill - September 3, 2009


I rank the new movie sixth.

Your top two are mine but my third choice is Undiscovered Country and Fourth is The Voyage Home

116. May 2009 - September 3, 2009

Why can’t this come to Harrisburg, PA?

117. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - September 3, 2009

” 113

I rank the new movie sixth.

Your top two are mine but my third choice is Undiscovered Country and Fourth is The Voyage Home”

Rankings! Always fun.

I’m going with

Voyage Home
Final Frontier
Undiscovered Country
Search for Spock
Trek 2009

Just to tick everybody off! I rank every movie with the original cast before all others, followed by the new one.

118. Thorny - September 3, 2009


Yikes! You place “The Final Frontier” at No.3? I put it at number 10 or 11!
Dreadful, dreadful movie, almost as bad as “Nemesis” and sometimes I think it is even worse.

119. Pyork (JE) - September 3, 2009


120. captain_neill - September 3, 2009


The Final Frontier is my least favourite Trek movie

Nemesis is not a dreadful movie in my opinion but it is very weak as a film.
In regards to the new film, I love it but to be honest I feel it works better as a stand alone film rather than part of Trek canon.

The way it is done allows you to enjoy the film and be rest assured that the rest of Trek is intact.

121. Daz - September 3, 2009


refer to comment #36. Melb IMAX is bringing it back for a limited period starting 17 Sept.

#36 Thanks for the heads up!

122. Shatner_Fan_Prime - September 4, 2009

ST 09 is right near the top of Trek films, as I rank them. Can’t wait to see it again in Houston this weekend!


[…] ¡¡¡Y el exito sigue!!! desde el proximo 18 de Septiembre Star Trek XI regresa al cine de nuevo, pero a las Salas IMAX en EEUU y Canada anunciado su regreso a 85 salas en ambos paises por tiempo limitado, eso sin duda representa mas ingresos a la ya exitosa taquilla de esta nueva cinta de JJ Abrams, Muchos fans esperamos que Paramount decida tambien su regreso a IMAX a nivel global. […]

124. Blake Powers - September 4, 2009

OK now the closest showing is oklahoma. I just love how Hollywood says screw the south. WE’RE TREKKIES TOO!!

125. braxus - September 4, 2009

For Vancouver fans- its playing at the CN IMAX theater. There is no mention of this being at the Langley IMAX as an above poster has mentioned.

126. Steve - September 5, 2009

why not in the uk? i never got the chance to see at imax here and really wanna see! i cant wait for the dvd!!

127. matt - September 5, 2009

YESSSSSS :) my theater (Olathe KS) wasn’t on the list the first time…now I getta see it in IMAX!!

128. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 6, 2009

#70. “… it’s no surprise that Paramount wants to give it one last hoorah before it fades into DVD oblivion.” – Krystal Clark, “ScreenCrave”

Oblivion may be more a correct choice of a word than you knew because it may be that they need the money:

“”Our 2009 slate was greenlit in a very different economic climate and as a result we must remain flexible and willing to recalibrate and adapt to a changing environment. This is a situation facing every single studio as we all work through the financial pressures associated with the broader downturn. Like every business, we must make difficult choices to maximize our overall success and to best manage Paramount’s business in a way that serves Viacom and its shareholders, while providing the film with every possible chance to succeed both creatively and financially.” – Brad Grey, Paramount

”I hear that Paramount told the filmmakers it doesn’t have the financing in 2009 to spend the $50M to $60M necessary to market a big awards pic like this. (But a studio source insists to me it’s got the cash, just not the home video sales: “Given where the DVD business is in 2009, our only hope is the economy and the retail business rebounds in 2010 because the hardest hit segment has been movies that play to an older adult audience,” a studio source tells me.)” – Nikki Finke, DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD DAILY

129. joeschmo - September 6, 2009

Just watched it again last night for the 2nd time in IMAX. It was better than the first. That would make a total of 6 times seen for me. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again! :)

130. RSG - September 6, 2009

Wait! You have it playing in four theaters in the Tampa.St Petersburg (Florida) area, and two in Orlando, but not the West Palm Beach IMAX at City Place??
We are one of the most densely populated areas of the state of Florida and we have a choice of driving two hours south to Aventura, three hours north to Orlando or Cape Canaveral, or five hours across state to Tampa?
You’ve gotta be kidding me? Man, are you losing a lot of money on that decision!

131. jsam09 - September 7, 2009

Just watched it again, but for the first time in IMAX at the NE Aquarium in Boston and let me just say IMAX ROCKS! Seeing the Enterprise on that huge screen was incredible. I went on Sunday night and there was a good crowd there, the theater was about 85% full. Hmmmm? When can I go again????

132. dep1701 - September 8, 2009

When I read here the film was returning to the IMAX theatre, I decided i wanted to see it one more time on the big screen before the video version came out. This makes a fourth time for me ( three in IMAX, once on a regular screen ). I was surprised however when my partner said he would like to go with me to see it again ( I had made plans just to go myself, since he isn’t the type to see many movies more than once in a theatre ), especially since the showing was at 10:30 at night. This makes a shocking three times he has seen this movie in a theatre with me! Such is the quality of this film.

This time, being a monday night ( end of the Labor Day weekend in the U.S. ) we were two of only five people in the theatre…not surprising, since most other folks had to return to work the next day. Once again, I was gratified at how good the movie looked on the large(r) screen, and even though we were a small crowd, the sound was up as loud and the bass as rumbling as if the theatre was packed.

With all due respect to ‘Son of A Maui Portagee’ and his obvious knowledge about all things IMAx and IMAX like, I still say the IMAX-lite presentation at my local AMC theatre was far superior than the regular projection, and is definitely THE way to see this movie. At the risk of repeating myself, the shots of the Enterprise and the Kelvin have such mass and ‘presence’ in this format. I only wish we could have seen the original TV and Motion Picture Enterprises like this.

133. Chris Rod - September 8, 2009

i’m in!
bringing the friends who couldnt come out before

134. Son of a Maui Portagee - September 9, 2009

#132. “I only wish we could have seen the original TV and Motion Picture Enterprises like this.” – dep1701

I have often speculated that TMP gets short-shrifted over the years because many are unaware of it heritage and the context of the year in which it premiered.

In a lot of ways it is very much the offspring of the ground-breaking 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY a movie which premiered in 70mm and I believe pales when viewed projected on anything smaller. It is my recollection that these are the only two pictures that actually bothered (with the possible exception of SILENT RUNNING) to get the blackness of space on the movie screen to approximate that as one would experience the real thing in traveling through it. Under these overly light-polluted modern skies, it is probably only something appreciated by planetarium junkies and actual astronauts.

While all the principle photography of TMP was done in 35mm all of the FX photography was done in the larger format of its ancestor, ASO. So watching it in the CINERAMA theaters of its day blown up to 70MM with their 6 track audio had certified benefits. And as true original IMAX theaters are the closest thing to CINERAMA wrap around 70mm theaters I’d have to acknowledge that a carefully done IMAX blowup would definitely be worth the extra bucks.

Also both pictures’ pacing , I believe, were intended to allow the audience to be immersed in the FX.

One thing comes to mind, if CBS’s redo of ToS’ FX is considered the cat’s pajamas by modern eyes, it is a puzzle why they don’t accept TMP as pretty much the same thing, i.e. a television episode with its FX taken to the max?

I, on the other hand, am a Robert Wise fan. His THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL hooked me as a wee lad into filmed science-fiction and ultimately launched my thirst for knowledge of things robotic/computer.

I would thoroughly enjoy a double-bill of ASO and TMP on the BIG screen but apparently few born in the last 2 decades could?

135. Briefs: Wednesday September 2nd « Geek on Film - September 17, 2009

[…] movies run in IMAX theaters, the blockbuster was bumped out for Night At The Museum. Check over at Trek Movie to find out when it will be playing near […]

136. Spock'sGirl=) - September 19, 2009

Why isn’t i coming to NJ!!!!!! That’s not FAIR!!!!!

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