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Exclusive: Read The Star Trek 2009 Scene Written For William Shatner November 23, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

shatMost fans can remember that one of the biggest debates around JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was about if it would (or should) include William Shatner. The film makers spoke of how they tried to find a way, but in the end felt it wouldn’t work. However, JJ Abrams revealed that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman did write a scene for Shatner, and today we have that scene for you to read.

Putting Shatner into Star Trek (2009)
TrekMovie received the scene below from one of our trusted sources and it has been verified to be the scene written for Shatner (but never shown to Shatner). The “Alternate Scene B” actually creates alternative versions two scenes from the end of the movie: the moment between Spock Prime (Nimoy) and Spock (Quinto) in the hangar, plus the award ceremony with Kirk (Pine), Pike (Greenwood) and the Commandant (Tyler Perry).

Including Shatner would have made alternatives to these ending scenes

Shatner would have played Kirk, but would have appeared as a recording. The timing of the recording is not stated, but would have have been before Star Trek Generations and therefore not violate the canon that Kirk was killed in Generations. JJ Abrams has often noted that dealing with Kirk’s death was one of the hindrances of including him in the new Star Trek.

Shatner in "Star Trek Generations" (1994), his last time in the chair

The Scene
Here it is…



Then I ask that you do yourself a
favor… put away logic, and do what
feels right. The world you’ve inherited
lives in the shadow of incalculable
devastation… but there’s no reason you
must face it alone.

And from around his neck, he removes the PENDANT that
until now, we’ve only caught glimpses of. Places it on
the table beside his younger self. The feeling in his
eyes is profound…

This was a gift to me. Representing…
a dream. One we were unable to fulfill.
The way you can now.

And moves to the door. Stops. Offers the VULCAN SALUTE:

As my customary farewell would appear
oddly self serving, I will simply say…
good luck.

Their eyes hold. Spock turns, disappearing into the
corridor. Young Spock stares at the empty doorway a
beat, his mind a jumble of thoughts. Looks to the
pendant… and realizes it’s a HOLO-EMITTER. After
considering a beat, he hits an activation button and a
MOVING HOLOGRAPHIC MESSAGE materializes before him:

brash, wry, confident — and SINGING:

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to
(stops, grins)
I know I know, it’s illogical to
celebrate something you had nothing to do
with, but I haven’t had the chance to
congratulate you on your appointment to
the ambassadorship so I thought I’d seize
the occasion… Bravo, Spock — they tell
me your first mission may take you away
for awhile, so I’ll be the first to wish
you luck… and to say…
(beat, emotional)
I miss you, old friend.

… and we’re PUSHING IN on Young Spock, taking in the
image of Kirk’s future self, the message, but above all —
the clear, unquestionable friendship these two men had…


As Spock Prime walks off down the corridor, he passes
right by a man conferring with a nurse — the man pauses,
turns… it’s SAREK. Suddenly overcome by a feeling that
the stranger who’s just passed him is… oddly familiar.

I suppose I’d always imagined us…
outgrowing Starfleet together. Watching
life swing us into our Emeritus years…


MUSIC BUILDING — glass walls reveal THE ENTERPRISE at
dock, UTILITY CRAFTS floating around it, repairing.
Standing at attention in rows, THE ENTERPRISE CREW —
over four hundred of them wearing DRESS UNIFORMS — TRACK
DOWN the faces, all proud:

I look around at the new cadets now and
can’t help thinking… has it really been
so long? Wasn’t it only yesterday we
stepped onto the Enterprise as boys?
That I had to prove to the crew I
deserved command… and their respect?

And we STOP ON YOUNG KIRK. Composed, focused, proud. A
man. And to every fan’s delight, finally wearing his

This assembly calls Captain James
Tiberius Kirk…

Kirk breaks from formation, pivots, marches down the
hangar — past UHURA… SULU… CHEKOV… SCOTTY. All
Beaming. Notably absent, is Spock. Kirk ascends the
stairs, snaps to attention:

Your inspirational valor and supreme
dedication to your comrades are in
keeping with the highest traditions of
service and reflect utmost credit to
yourself, your crew, and the Federation.
By Starfleet Order 28455, you are hereby
directed to report to Commanding Officer,
USS Enterprise, for duty as his relief.

Kirk turns. Walks to… PIKE. In a wheelchair now,
wearing an ADMIRAL’S UNIFORM. Overnight, his hair’s
turned totally grey — but despite his trauma, his
pride’s overwhelming. They SALUTE each other:

I relieve you, Sir.

… I am relieved.

He opens a BOX in his lap — glorious in repose, a MEDAL:

And as Fleet Admiral, for your… unique
solution to the Kobayashi Maru, it’s my
honor to award you with a commendation
for original thinking.

Pike containing a smirk, pins the medal to Kirk’s

(a touch choked)
Congratulations, Captain.

Thank you, Sir.

Kirk turns to the crowd. Eyes shining. WILD APPLAUSE.
OUR MUSIC SOARS. Bones leans in to Sulu, rolling his

… Same ship, different day.

As Kirk rejoins his crew for hugs and congratulations, we
go to the BACK of the hangar… SPOCK PRIME. Watching.
Moved beyond words. He turns and leaves them to it… as
he goes…

I know what you’d say — ‘It’s their turn
now, Jim…’ And of course you’re
right… but it got me thinking:


Our montage comes full circle as we END on Kirk’s

Who’s to say we can’t go one more round?
By the last tally, only twenty five
percent of the galaxy’s been chartered…
I’d call that negligent. Criminal even —
an invitation. You once said being a
starship captain was my first, best
destiny… if that’s true, then yours is
to be by my side. If there’s any true
logic to the universe… we’ll end up on
that bridge again someday.

Stops, grins. Because this is the part he needs to say

Admit it, Spock. For people like us, the
journey itself… is home.

Young Spock’s face. Lost in feelings that flood through


But would Bill have done it?
Even if the Abrams team had decided to go ahead with this scene, there is no guarantee that Shatner would have done it. He had stated he “does not do cameos” and the above scene appears to fall into the cameo category. Abrams had also stated that this “no cameos” position of Shatner’s was part of their decision process not to include him in the film. Now that the scene is public, maybe Bill will make another one of his video blogs about it. One thing is for sure, this is not the last word on Shatner and the new Star Trek…there is still the sequel.





1. Xeos - November 23, 2009

It’s a shame this wasn’t in the final, but I understand the removal.

2. deekay - November 23, 2009

one word: great.

3. Agentm31 - November 23, 2009

That’s… actually really cool

4. Harry Seldom - November 23, 2009

Not bad.

5. Lira - November 23, 2009

It was totally beautiful. I would have LOVED to have that scene in the movie

6. JonnyBombastic - November 23, 2009

That was great! should’ve been in the movie!

7. mcd1982 - November 23, 2009

wow, love it. very powerful. i can see how it doesn’t quite fit, but can also see how it would have fit.

kinda a bummer it wasn’t in.

8. medlab1701 - November 23, 2009

man, i wish that could have been in there!

9. XMind - November 23, 2009

First! This would have been cool! But, the pacing the way it ended up was perfect! I’m split on the decision to leave it out.

– XMind

10. Ben - November 23, 2009

Man, wish that would have been in there. Would have really been fun!

11. Googis McGooginhymen - November 23, 2009

beautiful stuff, but I also see why Shatner passed on it. It’s little more than a voice over. Dress uniforms would’ve been nice, though, instead of those jumpsuits.

12. Robert Bernardo - November 23, 2009

It’s very interesting! More than a cameo but far less than what Leonard Nimoy had on the screen.

13. Horatio - November 23, 2009

They should have done this scene, damnit!

14. Kenny Posey - November 23, 2009

it could have worked.

15. VOODOO - November 23, 2009

Quote – “If there’s any true logic to the universe… we’ll end up on
that bridge again someday. ”

Bob + Alex you guys couldn’t have been more correct. Please try to make this happen in the next movie.

16. Cpt. C. Hamilton - November 23, 2009

Wow, I think this scene would’ve great. They definitely messed up by not putting this in.

17. boborci - November 23, 2009

15. VOODOO – November 23, 2009

Oh, boy! Here we go again!

18. Skippy2k - November 23, 2009

Hmm, thats not bad. I don’t mind them leaving it out but would have been cool to see.

19. luke montgomery - November 23, 2009

Wow. they should have left that in and tried to get Shatner to do it. It is great and speaks to the heart of what the film was all about: the Kirk/Spock friendship forming. What a great bookend that would have made for everything that had come before. i almost felt like crying.

No that I know about that, I’ll always miss it when I watch the film.

Great job Bob and Alex :)

20. Michael Hall - November 23, 2009

Damn. That’s a much more satisying, emotionally cogent conclusion than the one we actually got. It even manages to put a little gloss on the ridiculous concept of the bad-boy, almost-expelled cadet getting command of the fleet’s flagship as a reward for having made a few lucky guesses. Too bad such a cameo appearance just wasn’t good enough for Bill Shatner–and a real shame that he didn’t see that he could have made a satisfying contribution to this film that would have been all out of proportion to his actual time on-screen.

21. Kalashnikov - November 23, 2009

They should the scene only as an extra on a dvd edition.

22. Steve - November 23, 2009

Beautifully written. I would have loved to have seen it in the movie.

I could hear Shatner saying every word of it.

23. VOODOO - November 23, 2009

Boborci #17

I know… I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but Shatner + Nimoy together one last time would be great. Mr. Nimoy added so much to the first movie that I can’t help to think how much fun it would be to see him and the Shat together again.

24. Marvin the Martian - November 23, 2009

It would have been nice to see the Shat in the film, but the scene feels too much like “gilding the lily”.

The new crew earned the right to stand on their own at the end of the film, and William Shatner’s voiceover overshadows that.

The new Kirk and Spock need to discover their friendship on their own terms, and it’s more interesting if only one half of the two of them have that foreknowledge. I’d trust Spock more with that understanding.

It’s too backwards-looking. Spock Prime was enough of a connection with the prior films. Anything more feels like the story can’t let go of the past, and/or is admitting that New Trek can’t stand on its own.

The scene is touching for the fan in me, but I’m glad it wasn’t in the picture. I can also understand why the Shat turned it down.

I think things all worked out the way they were supposed to. Now about that Engineering set…

25. Jeyl - November 23, 2009

Surely what we got was 100x better.

Spock Prime: I’m you, put aside logic, and be his friend. Good luck.

And boom! NuSpock does just that. No questions, no pondering and no second thought. He just up right accepts it and so does Kirk. Do Bob and Alex think that skipping the middle step of development is a good thing? You don’t start off with conflict and just skip right into resolution. It’s almost like characters no longer have to prove themselves worthy of earning the respect of others.

26. Valar1 - November 23, 2009

Does nothing for me. I don’t know exactly what I’d like to hear Shatner say to his Spock at that moment, but this doesn’t crystallize it for me.

To be honest, when the 2 Spocks met at the end I was hoping for a mind meld, for OG Spock to impart all his experience, knowledge and emotional ties to Kirk and Bones in one fell swoop, then leave. Then have Nu Spock ask to be part of the crew and keep that meld a secret , only the audience would know he was changed by it and held that secret knowledge/experience.

OTOH, I’d like to see Nu Spock do unpredictable stuff, which would be harder if he was always written as channeling OG Spock.

27. Steve - November 23, 2009

@ 20

Agreed. I love the film, but will always lament that this scene didn’t make it in.

28. Jeyl - November 23, 2009

Other than that, good scene.

29. John Ross Harvey author/draftsman/extra/racedriver/could screenplay writer be next? - November 23, 2009

I loved it. But then I…….am…………………KIRK! Just kidding, I’m more like Picard w/o the French.

30. Jonny Boy - November 23, 2009

Wow, I can’t believe that I actually wish this was in the movie. I understand completely why it was not included, but damn, it totally blew away my expectations.

31. ensign joe - November 23, 2009

that didn’t sound bad at all

32. DC - November 23, 2009

Beautiful. Touching. Truly Trek. Honors, respects, and summarizes the past 43 years of Kirk and Spock and reminds us, why they were the best duo in the franchise. In my opinion, this would have made it the perfect passing of the torch film and a far better one for Kirk than the one in which he died on the bridge……though, not the bridge in which we were hoping for and which he deserved to die on.

33. Kirokwannabe - November 23, 2009

Being an old time Kirk and Spock fan, that scene as written brought tears to my eyes. I too could hear Shatner saying those words with all the whimsical humour only he could could bring to it.

I know it won’t happen, but I too long to see the 78 year old Kirk and Spock together again in the new universe, perhaps off exploring the unknown parts of the galaxy. They could show up occasionally, prividing the new crew advice.

Hey, it’s science fiction, anything’s possible!! ;-)

34. Torcflaed - November 23, 2009

I thought of a way to bring living kirk into a new movie.
the energy streamer where Kirk was trapped also had a copy of Ginan, but we know Ginan was not trapped there, this means Kirk still has an echo of himself in that place, as it is some kind of dimensinal warp who is to say a live version of Admiral Kirk cannot show up in the new timeline just as he showed up out of his time in Generations.
for those who want a special closure to the original team this would be a perfect way to have an old spock and an old kirk walk off into the sunset together :)

just a thought ;)

35. John Gill - November 23, 2009

Not bad at all, very moving…

36. refuge5 - November 23, 2009

I wish that would have made the movie – very moving!! thank you for posting….

37. Tomalak - November 23, 2009

SSDD… Brilliant!

38. Toonloon - November 23, 2009

I loved this scene. It’s so well conceived and written.

The only nagging feeling I have about it is that it could leave all those new fans that they wanted to entice out in the cold. For example, I took my friend’s 10 year old to see it, and he would have been lost as to who the voice was. Some of the people that saw the film may never have seen Shatner in the original films and may have been confused or felt excluded by what was clearly a very emotional and effective love letter to us fans.

It’s a real tough one this, because my heart is saying that I would have enjoyed the film more with this scene in, but my head is saying it works better with a broader audience without it.

I doubt Shatner would have done it. I’m sure he’s holding out for a starring role in a sequel although I have a nasty suspicion he wont get it and that Star Trek 2009 was his last opportunity for a “run round the block”.

39. TonyD - November 23, 2009

While not exactly integral to the plot, it’s still a moving little scene that would have been a nice coda to the movie. Hearing Shatner deliver it over the scenes of the new crew getting ready to ship out on their next adventure together…there probably wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house. Kind of sad it didn’t see the light of day.

40. Torcflaed - November 23, 2009

or better yet, original Spock enters the streamer and brings Kirk back with him and makes a statement that now they are both in that place there will always be a Kirk and Spock together, forever!
they may die (again for Kirk) but a copy of them will be together for all eternity (and the hint that from time to time far out in uncharted space and time they may have copies of themselves leave the streamer to explore and help others)

41. davidfuchs - November 23, 2009

I think it works better than ripping off the end of TWOK and having Nimoy repeat the where no man has gone before monologue, actually. It seems more a closure to the old; of course I understand why they didn’t go with it.

42. CaptainDonovin - November 23, 2009

I for one couldn’t care if Shatner was in it or not, but that would have been a very cool ending.

43. CaptainDonovin - November 23, 2009

It also adds to what Spock said to Kirk on the bridge that he could ‘provide character refrences’.

44. UAB Blazer - November 23, 2009

Wow, missed opportunity big time.

45. Brandon McClure - November 23, 2009

If they had just tweeked it just a little bit they could have used it!!! It wouldn’t even have taken that long! That would have been so perfect!!

46. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 23, 2009

Great scene. Would have loved it.

47. Sean - November 23, 2009

Wow… that was actually pretty well done. I kinda wish it had been in the movie now.

48. John Sullivan - November 23, 2009

I don’t like the idea of voices appearing in Spock’s head – I mean what will the audience do, call him senile? But in this new Universe there doesn’t have to be a Nexus or EnterpriseB or Kirk death so maybe Shatner’s version can come back in time to rescue Spock from the likihood that Spock’s misplaced presence there exponentially screws with fate even more. I am happy with the movie but after making it through the 2nd DVD (Deleted Scenes) I would only say as good as the movie was, it would have even been better if the deleted scenes would have stayed in there. I enjoyed the artificial “glare” and this is experimental and new, but the camera shaking went to far when it happens “outside” in the vacuum of space. Nice job to everyone involved. Months later, this still ranks as my favorite film since Titanic. I am hard to impress, and I am duly impressed.

49. Chris H - November 23, 2009

It reads great as fanwankpleasing fodder lol – but interestingly, all I could hear in my ears as I read it was the closing music from The Undiscovered Country. And that’s been done.Was done – a long time ago now.

I think they made the right call on not doing it.

50. Anthony Lewis - November 23, 2009

I am with the majority. Really well written and had it been in there it would have been fantastic.

That being said the movie works without it, I can’t say if it would be better or worse that is the kind of judgment you can’t really make without actually seeing the scene occur. But without the scene (obviously) everything still works amazingly.

51. Walter Tychnowicz - November 23, 2009

They should have put either scene in but Spiner and Stewart would have had to have been in it too.

52. Floydhead Max! - November 23, 2009

Wow, that brought tears to my eyes reading that. What a huge missed oppertunity!!

Bob, and the powers that be: Don’t ever miss that kind of oppertunity again!

53. Will_H - November 23, 2009

I think that scene would have not only made the ending scene much deeper, but also in a sense justified it. I honestly think it was stupid hollywood bs that kept shatner out. Maybe they could find a way to put something similar in the next movie, I’d be for that.

54. drapera - November 23, 2009

Wow…”brought a tear to me eye”…I know this is a new cast and crew, but one more goodbye like this would have fixed a lot of the old “generations”
bad feelings. I am also of the Kevin Smith mind that Kirk (Shatner/Pine) should have done the final VO…

We never heard Shatner do it on film…TUC was close, but not the same.

…and I “can not stop” humming the theme song!

55. I'm dead Jim - November 23, 2009

Nice! That would have been good I think. But Shatner probably wouldn’t have done it as we’ve heard, no cameos. But it is a wonderful scene.

56. greenapple7 - November 23, 2009

I don’t say this being an original ST fan or Shatner fan or anything but that would’ve been a really cool scene just as a scene. Not a cool cameo or anything… just a cool scene, maybe sequel opening? no that wouldn’t work, but it would’ve been cool as the closer…

57. drapera - November 23, 2009

#52…Woah…way to close!!!

58. lagga vortavor - November 23, 2009

ouh…I miss that scene :(

59. Admiral Shatner - November 23, 2009

That would have been some of the best writing in the movie. I love that last line “The journey is home” and I honestly can’t say that about much in the film.
I think that this scene should start Star Trek 12, and Kirk(pine) sees it and then goes and gets Kirk(Shatner) later in the movie. Partly because he needs advice and partly because he is bringing himself back from the dead.

60. DS9 Rocks - November 23, 2009

Like the first half, not sure about the rest. But, Kirk Prime aside, the rest works really well for me too–like walking in front of the new crew and Pike giving the medal for original thinking on Kobayashi Maru. Why the changes to those parts in the final cut?

61. Spocko - November 23, 2009

Well, perhaps in another universe it was placed in the movie. I just wish it was this one.

62. Mach5 - November 23, 2009

Aw, let Kirk Prime rest in peace already…

Here’s a thought…


63. Mr Phil - November 23, 2009

That would have been great. Quick, reshoots…, before I buy the Blu Ray!

64. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

would Shatner have done the end ‘space the final frontier’ V/O as well?

could the fact he didnt do the scene be something to do with that clause Shatner and Nimoy have in their star trek contracts where everything that one gets the other must?…(in this case $ + screen time)…

#26 – that sounds like what some early rumours of ST09 were suggesting (before we knew it was going to be QM alternate timeline)…that prime Spock imparts his wisdom to young spock so he knows everything that was going to happen in TOS and movies so that when you saw him jump in front of Kirk in The Apple to take the thorns for example itd be as he knows how important to everything Kirk is,…

65. Gooner89 - November 23, 2009

@ 62. Mach5

Hell frakkin’ yeah!!!


66. Anthony Pascale - November 23, 2009

i added a poll on this scene

67. Rick - November 23, 2009

Wow. Thats about all I can say. That scene is deeply moving. Perhaps the most moving thing since Spock’s funeral at the end of ST2. It’s a downright shame it was not in the movie.

68. Danpaine - November 23, 2009

That would have made that scene/ending SO much better.


69. Buzz Lancaster - November 23, 2009


I regret it never got to the film…

Besides the possible cannon implications, it would have given much more SPIRIT to the movie itself…



70. Alientraveller - November 23, 2009

I loved the ending as is, but this was really well written, well done Bob and Alex. Even in the stuff that hit the cutting room floor there was quality stuff: this movie was an embarassment of riches.

71. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 23, 2009

Would have been a great scene and like Merrick from aintitcool said made the ending bridge scene much more poignant

Nothing to prevent it in the next film as a flashback

Beautiful scene

72. ety3 - November 23, 2009

Might have been nice to see, but I’m sure the Shat thought it too much of a cameo and opted against it.

73. Chris H - November 23, 2009

It’s nothing that we haven’t seen/heard/been moved by before so am still convinced they were wise to cut it.

74. Gooner89 - November 23, 2009

. . .


75. Angus Burger from McDonalds is actually pretty darn good - November 23, 2009


76. Angus Burger from McDonalds is actually pretty darn good - November 23, 2009


77. Sybok - November 23, 2009

That would have been beautiful!!! To have Shatner alive and well and wanting to participate in the Star Trek reboot and then not use him was a crime. This was an elegant solution to the “Kirk is dead” issue that packs such an emotional punch that it completely negates any criticism of it being “forced.”

78. Tiberius Mudd - November 23, 2009

Wow. I’m hoping the selling point to Shatner was, “You get to be the heart and soul of the movie. You will be the most memorable part of that film.” Buzz Lancaster is right, it would’ve been encapsulated the SPIRIT of the movie and it would’ve made the tenuous emotional connection between Kirk and Spock that much stronger. It would’ve provided the ultimate setup for the new series (of films) and just been… cool. The general, non-Trek audience, would’ve laughed at first probably, but once they listened to what Kirk/Shatner was saying, the message would’ve been clear, and a summer blockbuster would’ve left a mark not for its effects but its heart.

That said, what a great movie “Star Trek” was. I’m glad to know that these guys have plenty of ammo in their writing arsenal. ::Buckling up for round two::

79. The Real Kobayashi Maru - November 23, 2009

that is….wow…..fantastic….

80. Danpaine - November 23, 2009

I keep reading it.

Real shame this didn’t work out.

81. Jayb - November 23, 2009

Very moving, and beautifully written Bob and Alex – I too agree with the majority that I would have loved to have seen this in the movie. If it’s possible for the next movie, having a scene like this would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing what you guys had written with everyone!

82. Jared Butcher - November 23, 2009

Simply perfect.

83. ML31 - November 23, 2009

It seems like a nice way to get Shat in the film… But… Reading the scene it did sound “forced”. And it was overwritten. Kirk says stuff in the message that seem contrived only for the events of this movie, and not something Kirk would say to Spock for what he thought could be his final message to him.

84. Ryan Cohick - November 23, 2009

I understand why the scene wasn’t used, but it would have been nice for Pike’s line about the Kobayashi Maru to make the final cut. It would have brought that full circle for the audience members that don’t know Kirk ended up being commended for his “original thinking.”

85. Ran - November 23, 2009

Terrible writing for Spock… forced and very very cliche.

86. LodownX - November 23, 2009

its interesting to read after the fact…. and is quite nice….
but I’m not ‘interested’ in Mr. Shatner hamming up the sequel.

87. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

78 – exactly, when people came out theatres EVERYONE wouldve been talking about Shatner…sure it was *only* a cameo – but then so was The Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of The Apes…

people wouldve been f***ing blown away he was in it…hed have been one of the main talking points of one of the biggest summer films of 2009!

never mind Shatner-Vision and Denny Crane, thats publicity you cant buy!

88. JohnnyB807 - November 23, 2009

@ Bob Orci

Wonderfull scene – I got emotional just reading it; I don’t feel that it violated “Cannon” nor did I find it to be a gimmick. It is a great deal more poignant than what was put on film. Not that what was put on screen was bad – it was great. It’s just that I personally feel it to be more meaningfull; Most especially since it’s probably the last time we’ll see either Nimoy or Shatner in those rolls again.

89. Tiberius Mudd - November 23, 2009

This bit also represents a part that got left out of the movie but has been a point repeated often by Orci & Co., regarding Spock’s assertion that the “time stream is attempting to correct itself.” Kirk’s line about how if there was “any logic in the universe… we’ll end up on that bridge again someday” definitely plays to that point. It seems like the destiny angle was given more importance as the story/shoot unfolded, rather than the more “scientific” time stream.

90. Spock Of Ages - November 23, 2009


91. durhamtrojan - November 23, 2009

A well written scene and probably would have been very moving to see, but the whole notion of pushing the new Spock towards this friendship would have wrung hollow. Let their new comraderie develop naturally.

92. Balok - November 23, 2009

hmmm, I guess Shat and Nimoy keep on deserving yet more more last time together at every chance until one of them passes…

TOS and Shat kicked more ass than anything that’s followed, but makes sense to move on…

93. Anthony Pascale - November 23, 2009

I fixed a little thinbg, the last line is obviously for “KIRK/SHATNER”

94. Eric Gardner - November 23, 2009

I read it…and it was very emotional.

And for the record: Kirk did die on Generations, but was later revived by the Romulans using Borg tech on Star Trek: The Return, and is still alive as of the late 24th century.

Still….I wish it was on the film, also.

95. JeFF - November 23, 2009

I love it…. too bad we didn’t get this true gift.

96. doug_skywalker - November 23, 2009

@25- Jeyl

I wouldn’t say that they skipped over Spock and Kirk earning each other’s respect, that’s what most of the movie’s about. Re-watch it, and ‘read between the lines’ as it were. the evidence is there, it’s just not blatently obvious.

97. OneBuckFilms - November 23, 2009

91. I’m with you here.

Though it’s beautifully written.

98. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

“And from around his neck, he removes the PENDANT that
until now, we’ve only caught glimpses of.”

anyone noticed if hes wearing it in the film? (im assuming they had him wear it in case shatner said yes)

99. Brendan - November 23, 2009

Too bad they dropped this scene I think it would have been great. Too bad they couldnt just film it anyways and release a special cut dvd with that as the ending it would be cool to see it.

100. Nick Cook - November 23, 2009

That’s pretty good.

I wasn’t interested in seeing Shatner in this, but in all honesty, this would have worked really well. Wish they’d shot it now. :)

101. Gooner89 - November 23, 2009

*******WE WANT TRIP!
********WE WANT TRIP!
*********WE WANT TRIP!
********WE WANT TRIP!
*******WE WANT TRIP!

102. Ian Pond - November 23, 2009

What a beautiful scene. I envisioned it perfectly in my mind. I understand why it was cut and Shatner said ‘no’, but it would have been great to see Shatner Kirk again.

Bob and Alex, if you guys think this kind of material needed to be cut from an already amazing film, then you guys are on the right track and i can’t wait for the sequel. Star Trek is in great hands!

103. shelsfc - November 23, 2009

That’s beautiful, pity it didn’t turn out that way.

104. Justin - November 23, 2009

Damn… I actually teared up reading that!

105. NCC-73515 - November 23, 2009

…speechless. tears.
Please make this the opening of the sequel!!

106. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

lets hope they remember to include it in the Comic Adaptation

107. Tim - November 23, 2009

I cried like a baby.

108. Demode - November 23, 2009

How hard would this be to add this scene? Couldn’t they just film it and add it in? I would be suprised if Quinto filmed reaction shots to the “holo-emitter”. I could see this being added to a spacial edition down the road…

109. DavidJ - November 23, 2009

It was a beautifully written scene (and a much better use of Shatner than I was expecting), but I have to agree with #24– it completely overshadows the new actors and the new universe that the movie established.

For me the final bridge scene, with Kirk in his command gold and the ship setting off for a new adventure, is ALREADY enough of an emotional high to end on.

110. jas_montreal - November 23, 2009

I think JJ Abrams and Leonard conspired against Shatner.

Regardless, i love the work JJ did with the new trek. I still think he’s at fault for causing this whole shatner thing to go WAYYY overboard.

Anyways, GREAT SCENE. This does not feel like a ”fanboy attempt” to include shatner in the movie, as jj abrams says. Complete Bureaucratic B.S from JJ. Anyways, great scene by Bob and Alex.

111. Demode - November 23, 2009

Correction: I WOULDN’T be suprised if Quinto had filmed reaction shots to the holo-emiter. And if he didn’t, they could just film him again reacting to it. Not a hard scene to film.

112. James Heaney - November 23, 2009

As I’m sure can be said of *every* scene in the first script, this one could have used a few nips and tucks. But, really, it’s very, very good, and I’m sure that by the time the final movie came together it would have been perfect.

Honestly, I felt like the ending of the movie as-is was missing a little something, and I couldn’t put my finger until now. This… I understand why the creative team decided to cut it, but I must respectfully disagree with their decision. It brings the movie full circle. Deeply satisfying.

113. BringBackKirkPrime - November 23, 2009

I want the Prime Kirk back in the next movie, and not as a recording. Have the Shat and Prime Spock somehow save Vulcan. Use the damn Guardian of Forever if you have to, or the Nexus. Spock was resurrected, why not Kirk Prime and the alternate Vulcan? Throw in Khan somehow for good measure, lol.

114. Bill Hunt - November 23, 2009

Yeah, I liked it as well. I wish it would have at least been included on the DVD and Blu-ray as a text feature. I personally think it could have worked in the film and I do wish it had been included. Was it pandering a little bit to older Trek fans? Yeah, maybe. And does the movie stand on its own just fine without it? Yes. But I think it would really have been icing on the cake for longtime Trek fans – really a very powerful ending. I wish Abrams and company had gone for it. I suppose the fear was Shatner would be insulted that the part wasn’t big enough. But I think it could really have been a home run. I presume the quick scene of Spock arriving on the Bridge, and offering himself as first officer, would have followed it and then we’d get the “Space the Final Frontier” monologue at the very end as we do now. Ah well.

115. Spockanella - November 23, 2009

I’m actually a little teary-eyed….wow.

116. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

105 – dont think itd work in the sequel….

im betting the sequel will be a stand alone new crew adventure (like First Contact was for TNG) – no Nimoy or Shatner cameos

112 – agreed, the way its been written into the film with Shatner Kirk V/O connecting with whats going on with the new Kirk is perfect. its alot better than how it read a few months back when it was just the scene in general (not how it actually fits into the end)

Shatner missed a golden oppertunity there – if hed done it audiences the world over wouldve been coming out of theatres to the blasts of Alexander Courages TOS theme with the shats vocal tones still ringing in their ears going ‘oh man it was great when shatner appeared!!…i knew hed be in it somewhere! etc etc’ as thats the last thing theyd remember….

hed have been the cherry on top of a great movie…

117. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - November 23, 2009

I remember seeing a link on this site of Mr. Kurtzman and Mr. Orci being interviewed and speaking about this scene… As they finished unfolding this coda to the story that sadly never saw a frame of exposure, I remember the interviewer saying something to the effect of, “F*#king awesome! Why didn’t you guys do this!?!” Orci quickly turned to Kurtzman and said, “See!?! I told ya'” (or somethin’ somethin’ like that.)

Now… I mean no disrespect to Alex but the next time Bob says do it… DO IT, DAMMIT! The guy obviously knows Trek. I say this as someone who watched it in black and white in 1966… as someone who has enjoyed and supported Star Trek in all it iterations… understandably, some less than others ;-)

After first hearing you guys talk about it and then reading it today… It would have been the PERFECT ending to a near-perfect film. Moreover, for those of us who’ve been on the journey, it truly would have felt like home.

Lastly, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for what you both did for the franchise… for the fans… for me. You guys, Mr. Abrams, et al. made one damn fine piece of entertainment!

118. T'Pirk - November 23, 2009

That was outstandingly beautiful. Just reading the script brought tears to my eyes.

119. spockatatic - November 23, 2009

oh my god…
there is no way in hell they should have left his out. this would have been so perfect! the ending of the movie was great, but i did find it a little too fast paced there for a proper ending. this would have made it just… gah, just awesome. i really wish they had put it in there.

120. P Technobabble - November 23, 2009

Cool scene. It would’ve been too short, eh?

121. Lily - November 23, 2009

It should have ended up on the dvd as an alternate ending at least.

122. Tobias Richter - November 23, 2009

I agree, this could have worked extremely well…

123. lwr - November 23, 2009

holy crap!!

i was welling up just reading it?!

how in the jeck could they not put that in the film???!!!!
it WAS star trek. in very sense of the word.

to have that image and those words fade over the enterprise heading out and into Shatner starting the final frontier monolgue melding into pine completeing it would have been brathtaking.

an opportuntiy missed.

124. That Guy - November 23, 2009

Seen a million times but

perhaps some have never

seen it?


125. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

wonder if HoloShat wouldve been CGI de-aged to 1994 era like Patrick Stewart in X3, Arnie in T4, Pitt in Ben Button etc

guess so

126. CmdrR - November 23, 2009

Bill. It’s up to you, now.
We’re all hoping…

127. VOODOO - November 23, 2009

I enjoyed the final scene in the movie as it was shot. That said I think the scene written for Shatner would have added even more emotion to the mix and would have really given closure to that era of ST.

Just playing devil’s advocate for a minute…Maybe it was a good thing that Shatner wasn’t included in the film. The unused scene was well written and would have added to the film, but his character wouldn’t have been given a better ending.

He would have still endured the single worst end (do you know anyone who actually likes the characters ending?) of any major fictional character in history… Maybe in the sequel they could find a way to sneak Shatner into the film and give Kirk Prime a more dignified/happy ending than just falling off a bridge in a completely unnecessary manner. Why was Shatner/Kirk even in “Generation” except to kill him off?

How could Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner in a “Star Trek” film ever be a bad thing? The way Generations dispatched with the character in such a graceless manner just doesn’t feel right to this day and there are only a handful of people on the planet who can do anything about it : )

“There are always possibilities”

J.J. Abrams himself has said he is open to anything going forward.

quote – “It was a foregone conclusion we wanted him in the movie, It was this thing where it would have felt like a gimmick in order to get Shatner in the movie, which would have honestly, to me, been distracting.

In terms of moving forward, I am open to anything, I feel like the first movie did some of the heavy lifting that needed to be done in order to free us to continue going forward. Maybe there’s less of a burden and there’s going to be more opportunity to work with him (Shatner).”

128. Charla a long time STAR TREK FAN - November 23, 2009

Wow. I am feeling really awkward – I loved the ending of the movie AS IS. The above I am glad was left out. It was too sentimental and sweet. Don’t get me wrong… I love sentimental and sweet, just not so obvious. I love it when the actors speak with their actions and not so much with their words.

I just found this to be interesting because Bob and Alex wanted to appeal to everyone including women. These scenes I would think might appeal to women but not men because of the emotions in the dialogue. (I am a woman too- not a man woman LOL but a regular American woman, married, kids and job.)

To me, the current ending provided the crew dignity which was very fitting
for this film. Maybe in future films the crew could be more sentimental and get away with it now that friendships/relationships have been established.

I once heard someone say, “If it aint broke don’t fix it”. It is fun to see what Bob and Alex had in mind at one time for conversations sake, but I hope they realize the film is perfect in many ways.

129. Captain Otter - November 23, 2009

As a life-long Trekkie, I enjoyed reading that scene. I’m glad the text found its way on line.

I am equally glad that the scene was never shot. I prefer the Audie Murphy vibe of Kirk getting what amounts to a series of battlefield promotions.

The “old Kirk” ending would appeal to us fanboys, but it would have been a lesser artistic choice.

130. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

“For people like us the journey itself… is home.”

i have to say that is an instant classic star trek line – like ‘the needs of the many’…’i have been and always shall be…’, etc

its also Reminiscent of Kirks line around the campfire in V – ‘other people have families bones..not us’

im getting more and more disappointed the scene wasnt included!!

131. Selor Kiith - November 23, 2009

Oh man… that would have been cool and possibly a tear in the eye moment… sadly it never happens…

132. screaming satellite - November 23, 2009

actually, thinking about it they *could* do it in a sequel….just have Spock Prime send the thing to young spock….spock 2.0 watches it in his quarters…Kirk 2.0 comes in without knocking ‘hey spock whatcha doin? wanna go get a coffee or a ..er what the f**k is that?’ *spock fumbles around with the pendant thing trying to turn it off*
Kirk 2.0 – “is that me?! IS THAT ME?! gimme that thing you SOB!’

*They fight once again, Spock nerve pinches him again Kirk falls to the ground…Spock sighs….Spock puts in for a transfer to the Reliant finally unable to take anymore of Kirks abuse…- Spock and Kirk become mortal enemies and do battle in their respective ships*

133. DGill - November 23, 2009

Interesting, but I can see how that would have made the ending pretty bad. I always found it odd that Spock would go out of his way to convince his younger self to stay on the Enterprise by foreshadowing their future friendship, but the inclusion of that device with William Shatner’s speech on it would have been completely out of left field (since this is a parallel universe and therefore inconsequential) and very corny. I’m all for sentimentality, but I’m glad they didn’t go down that road.

134. dalek - November 23, 2009

I’ve posted my views on this scene in previous threads. But it was exceptionally well written.

Bob more than proved he can write for James T Kirk (the elder) and that he got the heart and soul of the original Star Trek nailed in this one scene: the deep feeling friendship between Kirk and Spock . The passion for exploration and one last adventure was a really nice touch. You had Kirk be Kirk. He was more alive in this one scene than he was the last couple of Trek movies he was in.

It was a crime you were outvoted on this and that Bill was never brought in on it. For this is much more than a cameo. As originally written it was the reason younger Spock decided to stay in Starfleet.

Get him in Trek 12!!!!!

135. Quatlo - November 23, 2009

No need at all for this to have been included in the story. Would have been overly sappy and redundant.

136. Fed Up - November 23, 2009

A fitting scene that should have been shot. But JJ would probably ruin it with galactic size lens flares. Hope someone else directs, like maybe Nimoy.

137. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

That was beautiful. It makes the movie, and the journey, complete.

138. OMA- 1701 - November 23, 2009

This is amazing, I am moved to tears. The scene is very good, but I completely understand why it was left out of the movie. I really hope Shatner is in the sequel in some way. A little scene like this would be perfect because the writers wouldn’t be copying what they did with Spock Prime in this movie. This was a great tribute to Trek in a lot of ways. Thanks for posting this!

139. RK - November 23, 2009

I am one of the heavy critics of the whole Shatnerama Thing….and i never wanted him in the film in first place….
WOW…that would have been really really great way of including Prime Kirk…it would have worked perfectly…lovely lovely writing very great
I say: Put it in the second one!!!!!!!!

140. Geoffers - November 23, 2009

Well.. I have not once, not once! critisised a thing about this movie… but Bob and team.. now I have something to lament over.

Damn it, this scene SHOULD have been in.. it would have made a fantastic film, perfect.

I have read, and re-read it, and everytime, I can picture it, and every time, I well up.

Pleassse guys.. if this isn’t how we had the last film end… please find a way to make it how the next one starts… this is something way too good to leave as is.. it has to make it’s way in.. some how…

You guys wrote a fantastic film, and in that scene a fantastic missed opportunity.. please.. you guys are clever enough to get it into the next movie.. do it…

141. SChaos1701 - November 23, 2009

Eh…I think the scene overall doesn’t do anything for me.

142. Gustavo Valente - November 23, 2009

Beautiful!!! Just plain beautiful scene…..I understand it was removed and I enjoy the actual ending….but this scene moved me. My eyes are a little..well…it’s a great scene…

Even being a cameo, this scene featuring The Shat would make a great ending, and we wouldn’t forget his participation…

But the powers didn’t thought so….I’m pleased with the movie and now the flame of Trek lives on and on

Live Long and Prosper
Greetings from Brazil

143. Blackout - November 23, 2009

Wow. Bob. Gotta say….

Loved the movie, but not incorporating this was a huge mistake. Not because I think you HAD to get Shatner in there (I supported the decision to leave him out), but because its just so emotionally satisfying. It would have really strengthened the ending. The pacing would have to be rearranged a buit, but it would have been worth it.

Maybe this holo-message can still end up in the next movie? Perhaps Spock Prime still left it somewhere for Spock.

144. NX01 - November 23, 2009

If William Shatner did not want to do the scene………..

They should have asked my most favorite Captain Kirk ever, James Cawley to do the scene.

William Shanter was never as cool to all of us as, James Cawley has been the last few Days


145. Shat - November 23, 2009

SHATNER – Please read this into your video blog so we can have the audio. Sometime in the future someone with future technology will hack it into the film.

146. Christine - November 23, 2009

I… I actually really would have loved to see that scene. That was really beautiful writing right there, and it would have been perfect. Besides, it completely sums up all that the Spock-Kirk friendship was!

147. ac - November 23, 2009

I think it’s a great scene and it would have played wonderfully. Of course, all’s well that ends well and maybe it will be in the sequel, or not. And if they find some way to in fact revive Kirk and bring him back, I am totally with that too, because the fact is sequels are hard no matter what, and I would be willing to ride with them on that because it would just be so cool.

148. Dan - November 23, 2009

This should of been the ending, the only ending!!!

149. Justice Boy - November 23, 2009

In 30 or 40 years we’ll get Pine to do that scene, edit it in for the anniversary release of the movie.

It will be in 3-D holoVision on Azure-Ray miniMicro cartridge.

150. Lou - November 23, 2009

That’s wonderful. I wish I hadn’t read it, now.

The scene that never was… but should have been. :'(

151. Darkowski - November 23, 2009

Wow, what a great ending that would be…

Reading Shatner’s lines…. got me chocked…. gave me goossebumps too… made me a little emotional inside :-)

Too bad it’s not in the film…

152. FlyingWok - November 23, 2009

That was a really lovely scene that I wish we could’ve gotten. I question the logic of giving Young Spock that — you can’t know too much about your own destiny or else you may end up thwarting it and all that jazz — but that was a more complete torch passing than the one we got in the actual film.

The central relationship of alternate reality Kirk and Spock explored in the new film with this incredibly warm and emotional hand off from Kirk and Spock Prime… that’s what I’d call a true “valentine” to the fans. A final, heartfelt acknowledgement of all that’s gone before as the pieces are set in place for this new timeline to go boldly forward.

It’d be interesting to see what Shatner would say once he learns of this scene. Would he realize he made a mistake in not reaching out a little further to JJ? Would JJ realize he made a mistake in not actually showing Shatner the scene they wrote for him?

Ahh missed opportunities.

I will say this though — I did take some issue with a few small nitpicky plot logic things (*cough* transwarp beaming across huge distances — why have ships then? *cough*) that Orci and Kurtzman wrote in the new movie, but they certainly understand the emotional core of the characters, and this scene proves it to me in spades.

153. BLFSisko - November 23, 2009

What a pity Mr. Shatner denied us (and himself) such a beautiful scene. It would have been fantastic.

154. hey star trek! - November 23, 2009

Can this be re-written to be a Shat voice over for the opening of the sequel? :)

155. somethoughts - November 23, 2009

This scene is still possible via a flash forward scene in the sequel, or before Spock decides to save Kirk against all odds and orders he views this pendent left for him by Spock in the sequel. Makes for the rescue attempt/insurrection more powerful. The logical officer succumbs to emotion and friendship to risk it all.

BTW beautifully written, should have used ILM’s magic to create a real holographic of Shatner and do some wicked voice over imitations to get this scene in lol

156. CarlG - November 23, 2009

When the movie was in development, and the news came that Shatner wasn’t going to be in it, I was actually a little relieved.
I was convinced that if he did show up, all of his scenes would be like the Mark Hamill scene in Jay and Silent Bob: “Hey, kids! It’s WILLIAM SHATNER!! (applause)”

This is me eating my words.

That scene would have been awesome in the classical sense of the term.

157. Montreal Paul - November 23, 2009

Bob and Alex… Wow. Wonderful scene. The script keeps with the Kirk/Spock friendship and it keeps with the spirit of Trek and Kirk. Well written and tasteful. I do wish this would have been shot and edited into the movie. I can’t think of a better way to have passed the torch.

158. WannaBeatle - November 23, 2009

I still don’t believe any of the so-called BS that JJ and crew were saying why they didn’t have Bill in the movie..blah blah blah Kirk being dead. IN THE VERY FIRST SCENE THE ENTIRE CANNON IS DISTRUPTED!!! So, there easily could have been a way for the pathetic way that Kirk was killed off to have been undone.

I don’t have much of a problem with a character dying, BUT, it has to be done well enough and not be just a quick and empty death…still waiting for the Lucas-esque special edition of Generations.

159. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - November 23, 2009

How sad…what a missed opportunity. That scene was so ‘right’ that I could hear and see Shatner doing doing it…I could actually visualize the whole thing playing out with no effort. It didnt feel forced at all. Even sadder is the fact that Shatner never even got to see the scene.
One of teh things that always bothered me about Kirk’s death is that when Spock died Kirk risked everything to try and find a way to bring him back. We’ve never seen a story that shows Spock reciprocating that sort of ‘there are always possibilities’ approach and axhausting all efforts especially given time travel, Nexus doubles, etc. Now obviously they arent going to focus a new movie on this but given the new penchant for canonizing comic books in to this new timeline will somebody throw us a bone and bring back Kirk prime. Generations was a travesty and THAT timeline needs to be corrected.

160. Lt. Bailey - November 23, 2009

While the 2009 film was good, that would have amde it better for me. Of course I speak for my love of TOS since I was a child gowing up in the 60s and wanting to be Kirk. The younger generation may not feel that way and they prefer not to have Shatner in the film, I am OK with that.

However, that was very well written and quite possibly the perfect way to have had Shatner in the film. After all, it Nero & Spock time travel created an altenate time line….fine, who’ s to say Kirk really died fighting Sorin. Maybe that never happened at all…

A job well done on the writing of this!

161. Nelson - November 23, 2009

Put me down as another plus 1 for the inclusion of this scene into the film.

But it came down to whether William Shatner was being serious that he never does cameos. I think he was just joking to see if he could get a bigger part in the movie.

As written, it would have been a very sweet and nice conclusion for us long time fans of TOS and a nice hand-off. But at the same, hopefully not upstaging the new cast like the Enterprise finale did.

162. Nelson - November 23, 2009

Opps, and perhaps the thinking is that the fans expected to see a living Kirk.

163. Lonzo5 - November 23, 2009

I remember being very disappointed at the cookie-cutter ending, and this would have given the movie that final note of closure I was looking for. I understand why it was omitted, and it was a great (not the best) Trek, but I think all of the deleted scenes should’ve been included. I love the Rura Penthe scene and the one where he apologizes to the wrong Orion chick.

164. Brett Campbell - November 23, 2009

Pretty good.

Too bad Shatner never got a chance to read it. Too bad JJ and Co. assumed that he wouldn’t have wanted to do it. Too bad they didn’t let him make up his own mind.

165. Chris M - November 23, 2009

WOW what a beautifully written scene, would have been amazing to see it in the movie! Thanks for posting that Anthony, was awesome to read how the scene would have played out!!

Ultimately I think they made the right decision in leaving the scene out of the movie. By the end of the movie Chris Pine had earned the title of Captain Kirk so bringing Shatner into the movie so late would have unfair to him. I thought the way the movie ended was spot on, the new crew had earned their stripes and they were off to start the adventure! :)

166. Dom - November 23, 2009

I like the scene. Maybe it could be used as an overture before the the next movie begins? ;)

It would have been fun (though completely impossible, given Shatner’s no cameo stance) to have seen Spock Prime board the shuttle for the Vulcan colony after his conversation with Spock 2.0.

As Spock 2.0 walks away, he briefly turns back and sees Spock Prime being helped aboard by . . . Shatner’s Kirk. No explanations will ever be required. We don’t know how Kirk Prime came to be there. We don’t care. We just see Kirk Prime alive and well and a mystery that will remain unsolved!

167. nscates - November 23, 2009

That was really wonderful. It’s a shame they never filmed it. I wonder if Shatner had gotten a chance to read it, would he have been on board? As others have observed, for a cameo it’s pretty high impact.

Anyhow, nice job, Bob & Alex. Looking forward to the next one!

168. Lancelot Narayan - November 23, 2009

It’s late. I’m tired. I read that and it tipped me over the edge. I cried my eyes out.

169. Dom - November 23, 2009

Actually: ‘You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destiny… if that’s true, then yours and Bones’ is to be by my side’ would be better still!

Might have been even better. People always seem forget how important McCoy is to Star Trek. He’s top tier, not supporting cast!

170. Cervantes - November 23, 2009

Gotta say….if that particular sequence and voice-over HAD ended up in the movie, then it would have gone a long way in taking away the bitter taste of all the new Production Design ‘choices’ that J.J. okayed…

This was great way to fit Prime Kirk into the proceedings it turns out, and the fact that it didn’t make it into the movie has proved to be a real missed opportunity….

171. 1701 over Gotham City - November 23, 2009

If Shatner had realized how this scene would basically have imparted the heart to the film, as small as it is, he might have been interested in doing it. The scene was a great bit of writing, I feel, and would have been a great moment… I could feel Kirk prime missing from this venture, especially towards the end.

I don’t think Shatner would have overshadowed Pine at all, quite the contrary… I think it would have been support to Pine, just as Nimoy did to Quinto. I think it only would have made it stronger.

As a die-hard TOS fan, I can say I LOVED this film… but I willALWAYS sorely miss that this scene (or something similar) was not in the film.

Oh, and always hate the transporter scene between Uhura and Spock.

172. NoRez - November 23, 2009

That really was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us; I think I’ll always see it in my mind when I watch the movie.

173. JohnnyB807 - November 23, 2009

@ Dom (#169) … I completely agree. I loved the movie, but It really annoys me to see all the marketing saying “Featuring Kirk & Spock” as if McCoy was just some nothing character. TOS was always about the “Tri-umverate” or “3-some” of McCoy (the emotional human), Spock (the logical vulcan & Kirk (often a combination of the two). It’s really irritating to see McCoy get left out of that whole aspect. I saw a comment today where Karl Urban basically said the sequel needs to bring that 3-some mentality back and I definately agree

174. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

I said it before, but I like to repeat myself.

Somehow, someway, get Harry Potter to wave his magic wand if you have to, but get that scene shot and re-release the movie with that ending. It’s a superior ending.

I love the movie, yes, but it has an open wound without that beautiful ending.

Not only does it close the movie, but it anticipates a popular fan objection that Kirk was promoted too quickly:

I look around at the new cadets now and
can’t help thinking… has it really been
so long? Wasn’t it only yesterday we
stepped onto the Enterprise as boys?
That I had to prove to the crew I
deserved command… and their respect?

That last line cleverly addresses the Kirk-was-promoted-too-early complaint by drawing on your memories of Kirk’s extraordinary exploits and leadership and reminds you that this young Kirk is THAT Kirk-to-be, and by remembering who this young guy really is—instead of being confined in your judgment of his fitness for command by what you’ve seen him do in the movie—you also realize that he IS fit for command RIGHT NOW.

And it also shows that the promoted-too-early criticism didn’t blindside Bob and Alex. They anticipated and tried to preempt it in the scene that they wrote.

But it’s not too late.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Star Wars, Episodes 4, 5, and 6.

All re-released with added and/or improved material.

ST.09 can do the same thing. It at LEAST has to be presented to Mr. Shatner. I mean, really, somebody HAS to ask. Right? You can’t just write something as good as that and then just forget about it? I mean that would be like editing all the supernatural stuff out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It might still be a good action movie, but you’d really feel something important was missing.

175. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

I’ve never READ anything that made my eyes water, as far as I can remember, but this scene did that to me.

And this, THIS!:

Who’s to say we can’t go one more round?
By the last tally, only twenty five
percent of the galaxy’s been chartered…
I’d call that negligent. Criminal even —
an invitation. You once said being a
starship captain was my first, best
destiny… if that’s true, then yours is
to be by my side. If there’s any true
logic to the universe… we’ll end up on
that bridge again someday.

YES! That’s EXACTLY how I imagine the old crew going. KIRK dying in a ravine???

Did they actually cut someone a check for that scene? Because I can’t believe it.

But what Bob and Alex have Kirk saying here is exactly how I will always think Kirk went out, not in some stupid ravine, but as Tennyson’s Ulysses, because that is who Kirk is, Odysseus, Odysseus with his crew, a crew that cannot die of old age in a home for retired Starfleet officers:

I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough
Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!
As though to breathe were life. Life piled on life
Were all too little, and of one to me
Little remains: but every hour is saved
From that eternal silence, something more,
A bringer of new things; and vile it were
For some three suns to store and hoard myself,
And this grey spirit yearning in desire
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

176. Magic_Al - November 23, 2009

That’s a beautiful speech and it would have been great in the movie.

177. SciFiMetalGirl - November 23, 2009

That was beautiful, and a much more satisfying ending.

Damn you Shatner for not wanting to play ball! That also could have been a perfect way to get worked moreso into the next movie!

178. crazydaystrom - November 23, 2009

Wonderfully written and woulda been great in the film, I concur. But I trust Bob Alex (and Damon,is it?) to NOT put ShatKirk in the next film UNLESS he’s totally and thoroughly organic to the story. Anything less would be distracting and reek of gimmick! I’m a Shat fan but I don’t want nostalgia, I want to go boldly into the future. Call me crazy.

179. montgomery - November 23, 2009

This scene is good and really should have been in the movie.

But now that the opportunity’s passed we can forget this scene for the next movie. I mean, the next one can actually use a scene from the past in the alternate timeline. Spock and Kirk together again on screen for real. Facing a daring situation — then match to our new timeline, them both younger, facing it the again. But differently. Might be a nice thing to see. Don’t know why if they want to write something nonlinear they have to be so confided about it. Go ahead and bounce around realities while you’re at it guys!

180. Ralph F - November 23, 2009

“The journey itself is home…”

Beautiful, and very sorry this wasn’t worked in. It would have been a grand passing of the torch.

181. Christopher Seeley - November 23, 2009

I wish he would have done it. It wouldn’t be the Enterprise without a Sulu at the helm. It wouldn’t be a Star Trek movie without Kirk in the center seat! I hope he’s in the sequel.

182. Xai - November 23, 2009

Fellow Trek Movie users… read it in your mind, but “hear” it the way Shatner would have given it. It works every well.

Well Done Bob

183. Jim Nightshade - November 23, 2009

That scene was beautifully written and almost makes the fan in me cry–we fans have a lotta emotions invested in those two characters for so many years,been thru like and death and rebirth with em–however-thus is a biggie-im glad the scene did not happen–its too fanboy/emotional and yes even too man lovey–we know kirk n spock did love n care about each other that much but would they ever be that mushy? you have been and always shall be my friend already said it all-bob and alex having Spock prime repeating that declaration was smart and savvy and really all we needed to know-i also agree-the added scene would take away from nukirk and nuspocks voyage of discovering themselves-lastly new trek viewers would not have been affected by the scene as they do not have the emotional baggage us fans do–nope bob and alex did it perfect the way it was-

184. JKP - November 23, 2009

Nice scene. Would have loved to have seen it.

185. Check the Circuit! - November 23, 2009

The scene plays out much better than some of the earlier “shorthand” descriptions we heard about. It would have been a really nice touch on an already entertaining film.

Too bad Shatner is just too important for cameos. (BTW, did he create that position just for Star Trek 09? Seems to me he’samde a few cameos before. ‘Fanboys’ ring a bell? And it was a BEAUT!)

186. Tom - November 23, 2009

Well Bob it seems the masses have spoken. This was excellent. This would go great in the sequel. Something where the young kirk and spock are questioning whether they made the correct choice of career. Some challenges that are making them frustrated. This would bring the message that the voyage is what counts so enjoy the moment. Of course a bit more could be added to entice Bill and Leonard. JJ has been open to criticism of the movie. Well I think he may have left out something that would have worked. Reading over the comments I think most agree. Lesson to be learned for the sequel

187. Happy Russia - November 23, 2009

That was the single greatest-written line in the whole script. Okay, for Kirk–those words were TOTALLY right and in-character for him. So…how could you write Spock Prime so…BADLY? This scene would’ve salvaged the whole of the film for me, and would’ve given it that emotional tether that was greatly needed. Seeing NuKirk in the gold wasn’t enough…I wasn’t looking at Kirk.

188. fwise3 - November 23, 2009

Before I read this, I totally agreed that Shatner shouldn’t be in the film. However, now that I’ve read the scene, I totally love it and think it would’ve been awesome!

189. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

William Shatner will do commercials but not cameos?

Come on.

And is this a cameo? Really? Cameos are trivial, but this, this is important. It’s the final inch of hoop that turns a broken link into a ring of steel.

190. 1701fav - November 23, 2009

Oh my God… this would’ve been great for us original fans. But I can see it confusing new and non-fans.

If Bob/Orci can make Shatner’s cameo/scenes powerful as this script without taking anything away from the new crew in ST XII, and Shat cooperates then I’m all for it. I really think Shatner should only get and agree to cameo appearance so new stars can shine.

191. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

@185: Yes, Shatner actually DID do a cameo in Fanboys. A silly one. I can’t imagine he’d refuse to do something as meaningful as this. It makes no sense. The logic here is not adding up.

192. Bucky - November 23, 2009

The script has been online for months, why did Trekmovie just post it now?

193. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

“It was a foregone conclusion we wanted him in the movie, It was this thing where it would have felt like a gimmick in order to get Shatner in the movie, which would have honestly, to me, been distracting.”

If JJ Abrams said that about THIS scene, then somebody hand that man an oxygen mask, because the O2 isn’t getting all the way to his head. Love the guy and what he did, but I can’t see anyway of looking at this scene so that it looks gimmicky.

None at all.

I’m sorry, but I think JJ had a brainfart on this scene if that’s what he said about it. Sometimes even movie directors ought to rethink their position on when so many people are saying the opposite.

I mean come on. No NEWcomer to the franchise is going to say it’s too gimmicky, and the reaction among fans here has been extremely positive.

194. Paul Belfi - November 23, 2009

As amazing as the new Star Trek film was, this scene would have been – glorious. Touching. Beautiful. Sad. Amazing. Powerful.

And… absolutely perfect.

There is no doubt in my mind that the team that put this movie together absolutely ‘gets it’.

Star Trek is in good hands.

Thank you for sharing this scene… perhaps there is a way for Mr. Shatner to have a proper farewell in the next movie.

And the adventure continues…

195. Bryan with pointy nacelles and a big disk - November 23, 2009

Another case of not listening to the heart of the fans who sontered all the 40 plus years. As good a Nimoy was in the movie, it still lacked heart. period. Spock without Kirk or Kirk without Spock always falls flat. Look at the episodes/movies where they didn’t have each other to play off. They need each other, at least the writers knew that when they paired Pine and Quinto. Only trouble is they didn’t get the originals.
I guess such a reunion of Shatner/Nimoy will never happen on the big screen. What a pitiful shame.
Frankly I found the movie quite ordinary and a bastardization to move it forward for clearly another generation. Too many gimmicks for kids who grew up on video games and computers.

196. Joel1245 - November 23, 2009

Shatner can’t even make the time to watch the movie. Why would I want him in a sequel?

197. James Johnson - November 23, 2009

If they had included that in the movie….I think I would’ve loved that ending so much more. That would have been the perfect bookend to it.

198. FSL - November 23, 2009

Would have been a good ending. One emotional scene in an otherwise emotionally-lacking movie. Also makes more sense why Spock didn’t try to correct the timeline. Vulcan’s lost, but Kirk would be alive in the future.

199. JimmyMac - November 23, 2009

What a lost opportunity. That would have worked and would have been perfect, considering the story line. Now if Shatner is in the sequel, it realllllllllly has to work.

200. Nata - November 23, 2009

Beautiful scene!
I’m sad it wasn’t included.

But on the other hand, I’m with VOODOO here in that it leaves a possibility for bringing Kirk!Prime back for real in the sequel, and giving him better ending than in Generations.

Spock!Prime was terribly beaten in this movie, what with his Unification dream destroyed in both universes., and losing both worlds so dear to him.
I think he deserves a bit of a break – let him and Kirk!Prime to somehow end on that bridge for real. It’s sci-fi, anything is possible.

And please, please let his Unification work to bear at least some fruit. Star Trek is supposed to be hopeful about our future and what kind of message this mutual Romulan/Vulcan destruction brings us I shudder to think…

201. Shatoupee - November 23, 2009

Personally, I’m glad they gave Shatner the shaft.

202. Paul Fitz - November 23, 2009

Very well written, but I think STAR TREK just did not need it.

203. Wow. - November 23, 2009

To Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman –

Thank you. Put simply, you captured the true essence of the Kirk/Spock relationship.

My Goodness, that was powerful.

204. Wow. - November 23, 2009

Btw, for those complaining about the writing style, I’d like to see you post something better.

Don’t complain unless you can out-do that scene.

205. Jim - November 23, 2009

My god! They should have put this in! It would have been the icing on the cake. The perfect frame for a perfect picture. The emotional punch this would have added would have knocked this movie way out of the park.
It was already a very good emotional ride but this would have been extra special.

Too bad it couldn’t have been in the movie. He might be in the next one but to end the first one this way there wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house. A nice surprise at the end. Oh well It was still a great movie! I just kept expecting Mr. Shatner to show up ( surprise! ) somewhere.

206. TomBot3000 - November 23, 2009

Next movie: Kirk Prime turns up to set things right, and push a Klingon into the Lava… I kid. This whole scene is moot. Why is this surfacing now?

207. Ty - November 23, 2009

This does feel like a gimmick and I prefer the filmed version. (The only change I would have made to the ending is having Chris Pine/Kirk recite the “Space, the final frontier” rather than Spock Prime.)

However, this is a perfectly written line for Kirk:

“For people like us, the journey itself… is home.”

Well done. Thank you for sharing an alternate reality’s alternate reality!

208. CJ - November 23, 2009

That’s a beautiful scene.

209. T'Cal - November 23, 2009

It might have worked. Maybe.

About the only change I would’ve made to the final version of the film is that Kirk not get promoted to captain from cadet. Awarding him a medal for original thinking while commissioning him as a lieutenant would’ve been a bit more plausible of an ending. Then in the next film he could’ve been promoted to LT. CMDR. early on and captain at the end just in time for the third film.

I really liked how they handled Jim Gordon’s rise to Commissioner in Batman Begins and TDK and wanted something similar.

210. LorenLA - November 23, 2009

Yeah, nearly cried just *glossing over that*, reading it word-for-word I think I may have bawled. Sorely missed opportunity here. Ah, well. Can’t change the past, now can we? ;)

211. Edwin - November 23, 2009

Beautiful…. just beautiful…..

And Shatner would have got the last word ;)

212. Rach - November 23, 2009

I just started sobbing… I’m a very emotional person in the first place, but I just lost it.

213. Anonymous Coward - November 23, 2009

This was a terrible ending as it stood in the film, made worse by trying to shoehorn Kirk Prime in to the proceedings. Honestly, Shatner’s better off.
I’m already a little embarassed for Nimoy, agreeing to this flash-cut mess of incomprehensibility (whose roll here was little more than a cameo).
From the very first scene, this movie was clearly not a continuation/time-loop-back of anything we have ever seen before.
I felt let down by the movie. I feel even worse for being lied to by the producers.

I was a little disappointed that Generations involved Kirk. When the cast literally signed-off at the end of VI, I was very happy letting Undiscovered Country be their swan-song.

214. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - November 23, 2009

Mr. Orci:

The writing is very powerful. I too, could hear Shatner’s voice as I read it. Thank you for sharing this with Trekmovie.com and thank you Anthony for posting it.

Mr. Ocri, you and al linvolved did a GREAT job with this movie. Thanks for bringing Trek back and to an even bigger audience.

I am looking forward to 2011, and the sequel.

Live Long and Prosper and Boldly Go!

215. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 23, 2009

I’m with the minority in that I dislike sentimentality for its own sake, I guess…

216. simon - November 23, 2009

I’m sure Shatner would’ve done it with a little prodding from Nimoy! C’mon! Shatner doesn’t do cameo’s? He did a direct TV commerical in the full kirk get-up … while that isn’t a cameo, it certainly lacks the emotional gravitas of this scene. I bet he would’ve loved to read those words.

217. Nathan - November 23, 2009

That…was very good. And exactly what the film needed; more meaningful character, in addition to the lens flare and high-caliber effects.

Ah, well…there’s always next time. :)

218. boborci - November 23, 2009

214. Mr. “There are always possibilities” – November 23, 2009

Thank you, sincerely.

And thanks to all who post here! You have been invaluable to Star Trek.

219. Lousy Canadian - November 23, 2009

Wow… That actually brought a tear to my eye. I wish Shatner would’ve agreed to do this, because it seems much too late now. :(

220. Anthony Pascale - November 23, 2009

Hey BobOrci

I have an idea, you and Alex talk about how you are kind of like Kirk and Spock. Why dont you guys act out the above scene and put it on YouTube! it would go viral for sure.

221. boborci - November 23, 2009

You can imagine how the debate raged among the Supreme Court. tough decision, right?

222. Katie Kay Holmes - November 23, 2009

Sentimentality for its own sake is fine, but Star Trek HAS moved on, and needs to keep moving on. We may have been wanting more Shat after Generations but really, HE didn’t want it anymore. Let the man grow up in peace. Nimoy and Spock are allowed to be timeless because of the un-human nature, but Shat and Kirk need to be allowed to RIP (as far as Trek is concerned), there will always be Shat on TV in some form or another. The scene itself sounds great but yeah, it’s a no-go; save it for a game :)
Katie Kay Holmes.

223. boborci - November 23, 2009

214. Mr. “There are always possibilities” – November 23, 2009

Ha! Not a terrible idea. But I am reminded of Roman elder who once said, “I’d rather people ask why there are no statues of me than why there are…”

Screenwriters are meant to be heard and not seen!

224. Zebonka - November 23, 2009

Oh FFS!!!!!! Get him on the phone and make a Special Edition DVD!!!

That would’ve been the sweetest way to end the movie dagnabbit. I’m crushed. :/

225. AndrewW - November 23, 2009

Hearing Shatner read that in my head sends chills down my spine. Such a great scene, I understand why it wasn’t shot but MAN that would’ve been a really great ending.

226. Anthony Pascale - November 23, 2009


Are court transcripts to be made public? Would like to see the vote.

How many votes does JJ get?

227. Syn4Ever - November 23, 2009

Damn. If I’ve ever read a scene flawlessly written, that was it! I can see why they left it out though, it would have laid a trail into the next movie and if Nimoy doesn’t wish to do it that would be a problem. Also, they didn’t really want to connect this new movie to another so that got rid of the problem there.

But me personally, I would have loved to have seen it

228. Graumans Chinese Theatre Announcer. - November 23, 2009

Wow that would have been amazing to see in the final cut of the film.
It would have sidestepped the kirks death issue.
I really think if they had brought Shatner in sat him down and said here,is our idea for a way to include you in the film, we are aware you dont do cameos,but we feel this would come across so as so much more than a cameo and would really give you a great send off.

I bet you he would have done it, the scene is very well written and not to mention emotional and a very propper fitting send off and goodbye for shatner Kirk.

the other thing in that script that really would have been cool to see is Kirk getting his commendation for original thinking. (why wasnt that left in?)

In any case there is still a great way to get shatner (not to mention Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols,George Takei,and perhaps Nimoy if he is game ) in the next movie have the sequal be a new take on the Deadly years. think of it you could have the surving members of the original series play the older versions after they contract the virus.

i could picture a very suspensful and creepy updated version of this tos episode.

229. Rach - November 23, 2009


I think this would be a really good scene to do in the last movie… it’s pretty… final.

Kind of like “this is the end of Star Trek… for now. At least with Shatner and Nimoy, the two staple characters who brought it to life. Here’s this little bit to hang onto for the rest of forever, loyal trek fans”

p.s. you are inspirational in every sense of the word

230. FlyRick - November 23, 2009

Great scene. Maybe Shatner will read this and we can find some way to film it and put it in a new cut of the film.

As for Shatner not doing cameos, what did he do in Dodgeball? That was most definitely a cameo and a great one. This one would’ve been better.

231. Rastaman - November 23, 2009

That is a fine piece of writing! While I was opposed to having Shatner in the film because I wanted Pine room to shine, I would have loved to hear this voice-over. Perfectly sentimental.

I guess deep down, I still want to see Spock-prime and Kirk-prime together one more time. But then, to keep them apart only makes the fondness for these two actors, their characters, and their relationship all the more vivid. Maybe some other time. Looking forward to Star Trek XII more than ever!

232. dmduncan - November 23, 2009

Bob, you should point JJ to this board to read this.

And same as others here, I can just hear William Shatner’s voice saying all that. It’s just so powerful, ending the movie the way it began, with tears.

Having now looked at the blueray and seen all the things you guys didn’t do, having seen all the decisions you made regarding design, and what to cut out, I agree with just about all of it, and any differences I have left are too slight to matter.

But this is one scene I won’t change my mind about. That scene feels SO crucial to me. I mean, I felt that something was missing at the end of the movie, but I really didn’t know what. Now that I’ve read that scene, I know what it is.

And it’s NOT Shatner just popping in because fans want to see him and he is William Shatner—it’s so much more than that. It’s Kirk saluting this new crew and perhaps being the decisive factor in Spock deciding to get back aboard the Enterprise and begin a new future, a future, perhaps, where one day an aged Chris Pine-Kirk WILL sail off into the galaxy with his aged crew, “To follow knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost bound of human thought.”

And it’s also about YOU two writers—Bob and Alex—saving Kirk from the memory of a terribly unsatisfying ending, and giving us a future worthy of the past.

Thank you, sir. VERY well done.

233. dalek - November 23, 2009

It’s one of the most beautifully written scenes in the history of the Kirk/Spock friendship.

It was a crime that the supreme court’s verdict wasn’t a unanimous yes!

234. thomoz - November 23, 2009

Absolutely stunning dialog and structure. They should have used it.

235. Dunsel Report - November 23, 2009

I’m going to have to disagree. This was just as wise a cut as the deleted subplot with Nero’s moleskin notebook of Spock-ology turning up in the hands of the Klingons. It’s a nice piece of dialogue but it reminds me of the sentimental framing device in the last episode of “Enterprise,” in which Captain Archer and his crew suffered the indignity of being reduced to a vehicle for one last look at Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

The Spock stuff in the movie was just right. It was just light and cool enough, and didn’t feel like another in the long line of endless farewells going back to the crew signatures at the end of Nick Meyer’s last Trek. I love Shatner too, but we’ve been saying these goodbyes to him since 1991.

Nothing is going to touch Captain Kirk’s farewell from The Tholian Web, when they think he’s dead. I’d like to see Chris Pine reprise that.

Also, in your next movie, could we please see Chris Pine’s Kirk mistakenly assumed dead, and leave a smarmy last-will-and-testament vid for Quinto and Urban, like in “The Tholian

236. 1701A2E - November 23, 2009

With writing like this, I think Paramount/JJ or whomever in charge of the final content should include another section in the DVD/BD for Star Trek XII: “deleted scripts”. This piece of art is more precious to fans then many of the deleted scenes and would no doubt treasure it!

237. Ashley - November 23, 2009

“we’ll end up on that bridge again someday.”

I almost cried when I read that.. ;(

238. Trekenstein - November 23, 2009

The scene is beautifully written and obviously heart-felt. But the movie IS COMPLETE as it is. This scene would have only gotten in the way in what was an already triumphant and upbeat ending. Many of the fans would have teared up, but as a movie for any audience, JJ did the right thing. Throttling the film into a slow-paced reflective epilogue would have left the non-fans restless and dissipated some of the exuberance the film had been dishing out up to that point. Good job JJ, for sticking to your guns and delivering the movie you knew in your heart was right, no matter what anybody else says.

239. Caitlin - November 23, 2009

Well Written and also pretty moving.

… but unnecessary for the story they were trying to present to the audience. This screams love letter to fans. (At least they shared with us the script. :) )

240. Trekenstein - November 23, 2009

#235. “Nothing is going to touch Captain Kirk’s farewell from The Tholian Web, when they think he’s dead. I’d like to see Chris Pine reprise that.”

Dunsel Report – HA! That is brilliant. I forget that is an integral part of the episode, ever since In A Mirror Darkly, I see it more about the ship and the inter dimensional rift. Who knows … perhaps if they re-do that story, William Shatner will come back through the rift at the end.

241. The Riddler - November 23, 2009

Not bad, a physical appearance by shatner would be nicer though.

242. MG - November 23, 2009

Sorry I do not have time to completely read all of the above comments, but because of the changes that Nero made it completely changes the entire time line of the crew, which means that Kirk does not have to die at all in this new time line. There is no reason what so ever that Kirk cannot still be alive, on top of that Prime/Spock is alive now is the new present day which means that he can warn Kirk or Quinto Spock or both and then Kirk can cheat his original death.

243. Charla a long time STAR TREK FAN - November 23, 2009

Just a FYI, I don’t think William Shatner was aware of this scripting here because of the following from the above article:

“TrekMovie received the scene below from one of our trusted sources and it has been verified to be the scene written for Shatner (but never shown to Shatner).”

Just wanted to point this out so no one thinks ill of Mr. Shatner- He is great-

244. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 23, 2009

There’s never before been a thread here where so many people confessed to getting teary eyed. And that’s just from reading! Definitely should have been in the movie.

245. Dan - November 23, 2009

I’m sticking with the Shat. He hasn’t seen this movie, I won’t buy it out of protest for him. But if JJ puts that ending on the film I’ll buy it on Blu-Ray.

246. TheMightyBruce - November 23, 2009

That would have been an awesome ending- I felt the movie opened to such a powerful scene with Kirk’s father that it overshadowed the rest of the movie but if this ending had been filmed it would have topped that.

Mr. Orci, congrats- you are an excellent writer for Trek- I am more confident than ever that the next movie will be as good or even better than this one.

247. Dan - November 23, 2009

#246 TheMightyBruce the sequel will be as good as his writing on Transformers 2.

248. Quatlo - November 23, 2009

The scene is eloquently written and probably is the best possible concept for including Kirk Prime.

Just don’t see this scene blending well with a fast paced movie which makes you think to figure out many things that happened which were not shown. It would have been overkill in context with the rest of the film.

Also, glad that Bob O is reading Sir Arthur C. Clarke for inspiration. “Childhood’s End” remains one of the best ever.

249. Trekluver - November 23, 2009

Oh my word! This sceene would have been the greatest sceene! I hate JJ for this! If The Shat had done this it would have been one of his greatest on screen moments, EVER! Kirk as a captian’s best movie was ST: V even though the movie wasn’t that good, as an admiral ST: II by far! Now if this had made it this would have been like him getting a Golden Globe for Boston Legal all over again! I lament the fact that JJ didn’t do it! Bob Orci is such a genius, I bet he wrote this sceene by himself! It’s not too late to rework this sceene for ST 2 guys so you all might think about it! I now see Directors Edition soon…I love CGI!

250. Admiral_BlackCat - November 23, 2009

Very well written. But would have taken away from the Nimoy & Quinto scene and Pine’s moment at the ceremony in the end.

251. Trekluver - November 23, 2009


No it would have slowed the pace down so we could appriciate more that the new crew was now ready “To Boldly Go, Where No Man Has Gone Before…”
I think the only reason they didn’t do it was so Leonard had something to say at the end! He still could have done it and also have Kirk Prime do parts of it, just like the Enterprise season finalle!

252. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 23, 2009

When Shatner says he “doesn’t do cameos,” I think it’s implied that he doesn’t do them for Star Trek. The counterexamples put forth in this thread are all for non-Star Trek or non-canon appearances as Kirk.

#222 – I’m glad some people on this board are of the same mind.

O, and, sweet jesus! nice pix…

253. Trekluver - November 23, 2009

@223 boborci

Hi Mr. Orci, I have one question, is there any idea if Kirk Prime has a chance in Star Trek 2? I mean this was a great sceene, I can’t believe JJ didn’t go with this one! And now that I know it was written so well that it CAN be done again if you all tried. Even if it doesn’t get used, any way it could be written just for the fans to read, like this one? Thank You guys for a great movie!

254. Trekenstein - November 23, 2009

#223. “After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one.” – Cato the Elder

HA! I think this applies to Shatner in the alternate universe as well.

And as long as we’re quoting MPC, this one clearly explains why you keep turning up here:

“Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise.”


255. Jim Nightshade - November 23, 2009

Bob Orci-thank you for thanking all us posters-this discussion is a perfect example that proves bob and alex and jj got it all right making the movie-thank you also to anthony and all his great staff who run this site-this scene proves that these writers know trek as we fans realize how genuine our love of treks characters are-i dont know of other franchises with fans that care like we do-Bob realizes how valid our opinions and feelings are and that our input will help shape our franchises future cuz bob an jj care about us-big thanks again to bob orci,anthony and trekmovie.com staff-you all rock! and the site is always entertaining to read–

256. somethoughts - November 23, 2009

Really gives you that emotional lump in the throat would have been a perfect ending to a great film, people would have been debating what was more intense the first 10mins or the final 10mins of the film. This scene would have been up there with TWOK ending (Spock saving the Enterprise and Kirk talking to his friend for the “final” time.

257. Zebonka - November 23, 2009


It’s vitally different from the Frakes/Sirtis scenes in the last Enterprise episode, the key factor being that this scene was well written and Shatner/Nimoy are better actors.

One can argue that it doesn’t ‘belong’ but I vote otherwise … it is very sentimental but so was the whole Genesis thing I guess!

258. McCoy's Gall Bladder - November 23, 2009

Dear Mr Orci

I watched the DVD, I listened to your comentary. I understand that you had FUN making the movie.

Now that you dont have to worry if you have the job, can you concentrate on making a smart, well thought out, and accurate movie?

The science was wrong. Your representation of the military was wrong. Only fanboys care about R2D2.

I know you’re pandering to the lowest common denominator for the money. BUT YOU’RE RICH. You should be above that by now.

Case in point: The Wrath of Khan is a classic because it is well thought out. It was written and executed in the old style of making movies, before Star Wars. There is a reason that AMC exists. There is a reason people still watch Cary Grant movies.

Forget Lucas. Stop pandering to him. He’s never had an original idea in his life. Be greater than Lucas.

I suggest getting Neil deGrasse Tyson as your next science adviser. Read some Larry Niven short stories. Niven has great ideas for Star Trek, just call him up and ask him. Niven was born rich, and he’s always written like he never needed the money, because he never has. He’s fearless and doesn’t pander.

Concentrate on making a movie that people are going to want to watch 25 and even 50 years from now, not something disposable like a Marvel Comics movie. Jack Black as Harry Mudd? Really? Just how many times have you seen “Year One” personally? How many times have you watched Blade Runner? Based on the commentary of the movie, I’m guessing you’ve seen it more times than you’ve seen “The Pick of Destiny”, non? Oui.

Make the next Trek better than Blade Runner. You can do it.

Stop Pandering.

259. Sailor83 - November 23, 2009

Sorry but it would have come across as Cheesy. Shatner hasn’t done sentimenal well since ST II.

260. Zebonka - November 23, 2009

@235 having said that, I quite agree about the signatures at the end of VI. The original concept of it being the Crew signing off instead of the Actors signing the credits was much nicer.

261. Trekluver - November 23, 2009


It makes you wonder how many times Spock Prime played that message over and over knowing his friend is dead and he will never see him again; it must have been a hard thing for Spock. Probably a reason for the amount of emotion he develops between ST:VI and ST.

262. Predator's left nut - November 23, 2009

It’s such an easy fix now. I’ve been meaning to get in touch with Robert and J.J. about this. For the sequel, you can easily include him. After all… the future is now rewritten… anything goes.


263. somethoughts - November 24, 2009


Yes, that’s the beauty of this incarnation the slate is clean and anything is possible. Spock Prime to Pine, btw stay away from vger, botany bay, his brother, one eye’d klingons, pink ribbons in space and helping a bald guy on a horse.

264. Ralph - November 24, 2009

Wow, very good stuff. Pity to see that they didn’t put it into the movie. Absolute pity. Would have been a perfect having both Nimoy and Shatner present to pass the torch. On the other hand now, let’s just let this lie, not think about it again and focus on making an original sequel, without any cameos and/or references to the original timeline.

265. somethoughts - November 24, 2009

*you will also need some whales from 1986

266. Rick James - November 24, 2009

An interesting alternate way to end the movie. I’m glad it was left out of Star Trek 09. ST09 was made not just for fans but for the general audience as well. Spock Prime being in ST09 was the concession made to the old school fans. Otherwise ST09 made it very clear the old Trek Prime TOS stuff has been thrown out using such images as the USS Kelvin being blown up and the 1960s Corvette being run off a cliff. If fans want more old school Trek Prime TOS, there are always the Pocket Books novels and of course comic books. Paramount only cares about doing new Abramsverse Trek. This is why all the Trek Prime Pocket Books novels and comic books are licensed through CBS Consumer Products and NOT Paramount.

267. Buzz Cagney - November 24, 2009

Oh wow, that gave me goosebumps. Nice writing guys. I wish Bill would have done that.

268. macmikey - November 24, 2009

I haven’t taken time to read all posts, so if this has been mentioned, my apologies for being redundant.

The notion of trying to put OG Kirk back into the Nexus ribbon (or pretending “part” of him is still there) just because Guinan’s has a ghost still in residence does not hold water. Guinan was FORCED out of the nexus in transport aboard Enterprise-B. She did NOT WANT TO GO. Kirk, on the other hand, left that world behind willingly.

There is no Kirk in the nexus.

269. AJ - November 24, 2009

I just can not get my head around the desire of many fans to see Kirk and Spock die of old age in each other’s arms with hearts floating above their heads.

Also, while well-written for those who enjoy that sort of thing, Kirk’s voice-over is a complete dis of the McCoy character who is 33 1/3 percent of that legendary “trinity.” Messrs. Orci and Kurtzmann often show their love for TWOK, and, while Kirk and Spock certainly had their moments, McCoy’s relationships with Kirk, and with Kirk/Spock were just as vital to the both of them. Just look at how Spock and McCoy each approach Jim’s mid-life crisis, and then how all three later effortlessly fall into the debate about Genesis.

ST09 gives McCoy a fighting chance, essentially making him into the Gary Mitchell role at the Academy. But, Spock Prime emphasizes the relationship between the two only. Karl Urban, as a fan, is right in hoping he’ll be part of it as well.

270. Ken1w - November 24, 2009

Nice scene. The only problem is, although Quinto looks very convincing as young Nimoy, Pine looks nothing like Shatner. It would have taken me out of the moment to see Shatner as the older Pine. Even if we actually only saw him for a moment and rest was voice-over, it would have been too much. So the way it worked out was for the best.

Interestingly, the actor who played George Kirk look much more like young Shatner than Pine. And that is fine, as long as Shatner is not in the movie playing Kirk Prime. However, I think William Shatner could have a role (small but perhaps more than cameo) playing Tiberius Kirk, Neo Kirk’s grandfather. Then, the closer physical resemblance to his “son” George Kirk would even make sense.

271. Jim Smith - November 24, 2009

Thanks for allowing us to see this Boborci.

That’s a very pretty, characterful piece of writing. Made me smile. A lot.

I still hope to see Mr Shatner as Kirk again before he travels off into the undiscovered country himself; I’m sure if there’s enough good will on all sides (Bill, bless him, certainly seems to be far from blameless here, lets face it) it can be achieved next time.

Or not. Sometimes things don’t turn out how you want – and that’s no one’s fault.

Thanks again.

272. Green-Blooded-Bastard - November 24, 2009

This should have been in the picture. It simply should have. This was so much more than some cutesy walk-on or cameo…this is what could have bound the entire film together. Not that the movie wasn’t complete or nothing less than incredible to watch (a few times), but with as good an actor as Quinto using nothing but his ability to express emotion with his facial expressions, it could have made for an extremely moving scene and the polish on what was a brass ring of a film.

I’m certain at this point is was more than just continuity issues and imaginary “non-cameo” clauses dreamed up in our heads, it was simply William Shatners ego getting in the way of being a part of film history. His inability to be no less than the star of anything prevented him from contributing to this amazing picture.

Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams are just being gentlemen in stating that they simply couldn’t make it happen. they wanted it just as much as we did, and Shatner was just being difficult.

Deny it…

273. James - November 24, 2009

That would have been AWESOME.


274. darrksan - November 24, 2009

Dear JJ, Bob and Alex,
This scene should have been and it is sad that it was cut. Cutting this scene was a big error in a film with many errors. I’m not writing about trek-canon errors, but plot holes, story-telling errors and not counting science errors.
McCoy’s Gall Bladder (number 258) says the truth about you guys and this film. I would take the comments that he wrote to heart before writing the next film. If you guys do not, you may not have a third film and Star Trek may really be dead this time.
Bob and Alex, you two may think you unstoppable, but you have wrote many bad films and in time your going to face the end of the great times. On imdb is written: STOP GIVING WRITING JOBS TO THESE GUYS!
Bob and Alex, you have the hate-club that you both talked about wanting. Now, why are you two not growing up and seeing what the future may been?

275. Trekboi - November 24, 2009

That worked Beautifully- i hate shatner for not even considering it- he actually expected them to write half the film about him coming back- jeez.

they could have filmed scenes of him recording the message in pre generations days & not just used voice over only- it would have been nice- maybe they can get him & quinto to do the scene for an alternate ending for the next hologram blue disk gizmo thingy edition- lol

276. Dr. Cheis - November 24, 2009

The singing alone was reason to cut the scene. ;)

I know it’s supposed to be sweet, but I cannot honestly picture Shatner singing happy birthday, without making the ending feel really really weird.

Aside from that, it’s a beautiful scene, and would have been great to see/hear it. Probably would have been an even better ending to the movie. I think it’s a shame he said he wouldn’t do a cameo. Patrick Stewart did one for the Wolverine movie, and it certainly made that movie’s ending better.

277. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - November 24, 2009

I am actually IMPRESSED!!!! That scene would have had tears on everyones faces… WHY WAS IT NOT ADDED!?!?!?!?! Big mistake in not adding it in.

278. HotStove - November 24, 2009

I, for one, am the tiniest bit choked-up reading this alternate scene. Would’ve/could’ve been wonderful – but I understand why it wasn’t in there. The new “crew” has to take over. Be careful, I don’t know if these kids can steer… but I’ll have fun finding out.

279. Jim Smith - November 24, 2009

@258 @273 Guys like you are why people who are actually doing these jobs get p***ed off with or even scared of the internet. Just saying.

280. Vardonir - November 24, 2009

That scene would have made the film a much more… “hand the franchise to these new guys” feel.
The “it’s their turn now” line is my proof.

The finalized ending was just… Okay, crisis over, cast (no, wait. It was just Kirk) gets promoted then that’s IT. Which was, IMO, ridiculous.

PS: @#265: Yeees. Whales. :D

281. Trekkie626 - November 24, 2009

Using the Doctor Brown method of explaining the time stream couldn’t a future Kirk played by Shatner be brought back in time from the future of this alternate reality?

He could have some sort of dilemma in the future that doesn’t exist in the prime universe because Kirk prime stopped it when he was younger. Maybe the Planet Killer, Nomad, V’Ger, or the Whale Probe. And Kirk knows of this because Spock Prime has told him – Vulcans having long life-spans Spock still exists in the future of the alternate reality.

282. zanzibar - November 24, 2009

Sorry, I know I’m bucking rear guard here but my verdict is: THAT’S REALLY MILKING IT FOLKS.

Moo. Baaaa &;>

283. somethoughts - November 24, 2009

Which music piece from soundtrack would you have played with this scene?

Hella Bar Talk? or Labour of love?

284. Mitch - November 24, 2009

I don’t know–I think the idea of Kirk Prime and Spock Prime teaming with their younger counterparts to save Vulcan is incredible. Even if that story happened, you still have a different timeline with many differences (notably no George Kirk), and the crew comes together, but a little differently. To let the deaths of BILLIONS of Vulcans stand is actually kind of a downer.

Sounds like Orci was the lone Shatner supporter in the Superme Court. What a shame.

285. Iowagirl - November 24, 2009

Sure – what else?

Although it is wonderfully written I’m glad the scene wasn’t included. It wouldn’t have done Shatner/Kirk justice. Put The Man back into ST, not only his voice.

286. daftpunk - November 24, 2009

No disrespect to anyone, but this would probably have been the best scene in the whole movie, bar none…

it’s a real shame it wasn’t made, let alone included.

287. Lando - November 24, 2009

It’s funny. The new Kirk and Spock are only hollow copies of the originals, so hollow that they need one of the originals tell them they need to be friends. No development on their own. They are just friends because someone told them they would be.

288. Holger - November 24, 2009

An aged Kirk handing over the ship to a younger generation in a voice over…
We already had that. It was the end of ST:TUC. And back then it even made sense because the torch was handed over to the next generation.
But when the torch is handed to a younger counterpart of yourself living in some parallel reboot universe it doesn’t make much sense. The epic feel of it is just meaningless pretense. I find the scene terrible.

289. star trackie - November 24, 2009

Very classy. If Shatner had read it, and knew it how it played out within the context of the entire script, he would have done it. That idea behind this makes it soar above the average “walk-on”. The message of their friendship is what makes the scene work. Could have been awesome. Bad call JJ. LOVE your movie, but this would have been icing on the cake.

290. Ran - November 24, 2009

@ 258

Better than Blade Runner? These guys should write for Sesame Street.

291. Casey4147 - November 24, 2009

…He doesn’t do cameos but he’ll do DirecTV commercials? Someone didn’t try hard enough on this one. I agree that the friendship seems a bit forced in this version – shouldn’t be telling them that they need to be friends but that they should try each other out better. Second chances and all. I think it’s a shame they missed their chance with it.

292. Senator Vreenak Will Never Die!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 24, 2009

The scene should have been done.

Now, the Shat Man is reduced to voicing-over Sarah Palin’s tweets.

Say it ain’t so.

Sorry kids, but reading this last script told me that it won’t be Trek again until the One and Only Shat Man finds his way back to the Chair.

293. Oz - November 24, 2009

From a film making perspective, this must have been the mother of all debates. To include, or not to include. I can see strong, valid arguments for both. Thanks to Anthony and the ‘trusted source’ for giving us a chance to read the scene.

If nothing else, this shows Bob and Alex have the writing chops to pull off something like this scene with power and grace. They’re giving TrekMovie readers watery eyes, probably no small acheivement.

294. Brad - November 24, 2009

Exclusive my BUTT!! This was posted EVERYWHERE on the internet BEFORE Trekmovie.com

295. Mitch - November 24, 2009

What this shows is that Orci CAN write for Kirk Prime. If only given the chance in Trek 12, it would be incredible.

296. Mr. Anonymous - November 24, 2009

Hmm. I prefer it the way it was shot; this would’ve just been a pandering for the fans, no offense. So, good thing things worked out the way they did.

297. jayson - November 24, 2009

A damn fine piece of writing

298. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 24, 2009

Wow. I have to say I was moved by reading that. Come on Bob. Get that scene in the next Movie. Have it be the very First Scene of the next Movie ok. Get Nimoy and the Shat together. As Kirk said once. It sounds like fun!!!

299. John in Canada, eh? - November 24, 2009

Well — I’m bookmarking this page!

A wonderful piece of script – glad it’s out in the wild. It may have worked in the film, but I’m sure many people would have said “too little, too late”.

Nimoy’s presence in the film is integral to it; this Shatner appearance was not. We see Nimoy (or a holographic version of him) within the first 5 minutes of the film, and he has several pivotal scenes. Bringing Shatner in at the final moments would have felt cheap, even if his appearance was perfectly scripted — which, reading above, it was.

Forget about the Kobayashi Maru scenes – this was the true no-win scenario for the filmmakers.

300. screaming satellite - November 24, 2009

no wonder trekkies get a bad rap

the amount of apparent blubbering this scene has provoked is concering -and it wasnt even filmed! – maybe its for the best it wasnt included else thered have been legions of fans bawling full on like babies at the end…

reminds me of some of the embarressing comments about the trailer where Kirk takes the captains seat – people were going ‘i started to cry’ etc….jesus get a f***ing grip! (that scene in question wasnt much of a big deal in the actual film anyway)

i hope when people type stuff like ‘brought me to tears’…’it made me cry’ etc are just expressing that its a powerful and emotional scene…and that they arrent actually sobbing into their computers as bemused office drones look on…

301. Buzz Cagney - November 24, 2009

#51 Who? Don’t know them.

302. screaming satellite - November 24, 2009

if it had been filmed i wonder if theyd have managed to keep it under wraps…so it came as a total surprise (at least for those who saw it first – everyone else would be no doubt spoiled unless they managed to stay off line, avoided early reviews etc)

303. Gallifrey1983 - November 24, 2009


I would have liked that. Though limited in time, and not undoing Generations in the Prime timeline, it would have been a nice moment.

It would be nice to see Shatner in the sequel if there is a place to put him in that fits with the story.

304. Simon - November 24, 2009


“I don’t do cameos.” What would you call your scene in Dodgeball???

The man can’t keep a story straight. Sorry bub, you lost your chance. You were great in your time but stop complaining that it’s over.

305. Ran - November 24, 2009

@ 296

There are many 12 years old kids posting here…. or maybe they are getting paid by J.J. & Co.

306. Andy Patterson - November 24, 2009

Shatner scene or no that’s a different Kirk. My Kirk. And didn’t belong in this movie. And this wasn’t my movie.

307. Captain Kathryn - November 24, 2009

Gosh, at least they should have given Shat the option of ‘yea or nay’ to the scene. JJ didn’t even do that. That would have been an awesome finale to a movie that has a void in it. Wouldn’t it be great if they did the scene and released it blu ray or dvd prior to the sequel of the next Star Trek movie. What a great alternative lead-in. ARE YOU LISTENING , JJ?

308. screaming satellite - November 24, 2009

300 – im guessing he’ll have wanted the same deal as Nimoy – screen time and $ – both Shatner and Nimoy have a clause in the Trek contracts where one must get what the other gets…

could be totally wrong though

309. Check the Circuit! - November 24, 2009

For those of you blaming JJ for deciding NOT to include this scene, read the details again and in other posts on the subject. JJ may have been trying to protect Shatner’s reputation by claiming the idea was gimmicky and HE made the decision not to put it in the film. Now that the script has been revealed, it’s pretty clear that’s not the case. So the real issue must have been Shatner’s unwillness to do a cameo in a movie called “Star Trek.”

It’s sad to recognize that my childhood fictional hero is really just a selfish, narcissist with feet of clay. He hosed the fans with this attitude, just like he did by refusing to appear on Enterprise over his payday. WE gave him his career and millions. He should have done it for free.

What a colassal disappointment.

310. The scene that could have been: Shatner in STAR TREK « The Nerd Nerve - November 24, 2009

[…] [TrekMovie] […]

311. UAB Blazer - November 24, 2009

I think Check the Circuit has it dead on. I loved the scene and wished they had done it but…the Shat has one heck of an ego and this was probably too much cameo for his ego.

Regardless, great movie and glad to see TOS is back.

312. Robert Zellers - November 24, 2009

Hey, they remade Superman II to eventually get it right. Who’s to say they couldn’t shoot this scene some day… to get it done right. There can be be question that Shatner belonged in that movie somewhere, and I think that script was perfect. In each movie we seem to ALMOST get the closure those two characters DESERVE. That would have gone a long way to providing that.

313. Gary - November 24, 2009

This scene would not have worked because todays older Shatner looks quite different then he did when he died in Generations. The hologram would have had to show him as he was. Perhaps with the use of alot of CGI.

314. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 24, 2009

#309 … Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. No one would have cared about that.

315. sensor ghost - November 24, 2009

I saw the movie eight times. If they’d included that in the movie I would have seen it eighteen.

316. 1701A2E - November 24, 2009

#310: oh yes people will. He needs to loose some serious pounds if he wants to play an active captain..

317. Kirk's Kid - November 24, 2009

I heard about this scene and actually used it in a story I am writing that brings back Kirk Prime so he can be reunited with Spock Prime and go off exploring together. I hope they do that as part of the next movie. That would definitely make me a fan of the new cast and crew.

318. Bob - November 24, 2009

It would of been a good scene but it is best that is nevered happened. If Shatner would of been advertised in the previews of this film and Shatner himself ranting on about being in the new Star Trek movie before it came out could of hurt the chances of the new films, reboot, success. Star Trek needed a fresh start, bringing in Shatner, Shatner’s ego, and Shatner’s acting skills could of turned off people who were not normally fans of him or the original Star Trek. Plus they killed Kirk in the original or prime time line and Spock Prime still lived passed the TNG era. Let it be. A new Captain Kirk is back, younger, more athletic and more talented actpr Chris Prim\ne is in charge now. Shatner had 40 years as Kirk time to put him in retirement once and for all.

319. Boborci - November 24, 2009

258 McCoy galbladder

I would be more than happy to clarify any of the theoretical physics we relied on that confused you.

320. Shatner and Star Trek 2.0 « Trivial Pursuit of Culture blog! - November 24, 2009

[…] Exclusive: Read The Star Trek 2009 Scene Written For William Shatner [TrekMovie] […]

321. ensign joe - November 24, 2009

@315 Oy!

322. Deleted Kirk Scene! « Drunken Trekkies - November 24, 2009

[…] Douchey Spock’s face. Trying really hard to not look like Sylar. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Where One Man Has Gone BeforeA 40 Question MemeOne […]

323. Dr. Image - November 24, 2009

Totally appropriate scene. Would’ve been great. Shat should have done it, cameo or not.
(Though they would have had do do some digital Direct TV commercial type magic with his image.)

324. Fik - November 24, 2009

THAT is the way it sould have been.
Damn Danny Crane and his “no cameos” policy.

325. Peter N - November 24, 2009


Here we go again….

Beautiful scene, I could visualize it while I was reading it. I think the emotional impact would have been tremendous! (at least for old fans… talk about passing the torch!) But, of course, wishing for a thing does not make it so – and whether or not Shatner would have agreed to shoot this scene is probably the biggest question. Let’s see what he says.

326. Michael - November 24, 2009

Very beautiful stuff. I’m not sure how I would have felt if it was in the movie, since I think the movie already was superb.

Thank you, everyone who helped make this movie a reality. It was a very nice thing to see!

327. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 24, 2009


I have to agree with you. A powerful piece that does much to make the movie feel complete as a Trek movie.

But I think JJ has made it clear that he’s not going to touch the finished product much as we agree that the movie should have it. It seems if this marvelous piece is going to be salvaged then it is going to have to fit into some sequel film in some way.

Perhaps, the best way to do that is to go back to the first Shatner pilot. It establishes that ships facing eminent destruction squirt out a signal buoy preserving the ship’s log. Just have the buoy the Squid’s computer squirts out when Spock confirms the course of eminent self-destruction also preserve some personal effects tagged with Spock’s id in addition to the log.

Have the portable holo-emitter unrecognizable to the Federation scanners as anything other than Vulcan jewelry that they erroneously believe Quinto’s Spock had with him when he “hot-wired” the Squid. If the writers want to have fun with the log they can have Starfleet comment that the ship’s log is “encoded” in scheme that will take them 129 years to decrypt. I’m assuming the writers will go with a plot that involves both Spocks deciding it is best to minimize the current civilization’s foreknowledge but they can go wherever they want with it and drop the fun. The only other thing is for them to best determine when it would be the best fit to have Spock figure out how to get the Kirk mesage to play or have it accidentally do so.

But I agree with you they really should return it to this year’s film.

As for how to pitch it to Shatner so he’d do it: I think if they assure him of how important the piece is by agreeing to sound edit his dialogue so that it is more prominent than anything else going on auditorially on screen, they could sell him.

328. Captain Kirk’s missing scene from JJ’s Star Trek - November 24, 2009

[…] over to TrekMovie.com to read the script excerpt from the removed scene. Just make sure to include dramatic pauses like […]

329. John N - November 24, 2009

Wow… that was beautifully written. That actually choked me up…

330. Pat Payne - November 24, 2009

Bob, Alex — it is a gorgeous scene, and I’m sorry that you guys couldn;t come to a meeting of the minds with The Shat to make it come about.

I would say one thing though (if y’all don’t mind a bit of fan kibitzing) — I almost think those last two lines in Kirk Prime’s monologue should have come in the Enterprise sequence just after the commendation — the first as young Kirk’s entering the bridge (talking of his desire to go and explore more of the galaxy), and then the last line (“Admit it Spock… the journey is home”) right after Spock throws his hat (ears?) in the ring for First Officer and Kirk accepting. Right there, it would have been the perfect stinger and summation of the friendship between the two — one in its twilight (with Kirk’s death and Spock’s disappearance), the other one just having been started.

331. William Shatner’s Excluded Star Trek Scene - November 24, 2009

[…] at TrekMovie, they’ve gotten their hands on a script page that features the scene that Shatner was […]

332. Simon - November 24, 2009

#312: oh yes people will. He needs to loose some serious pounds if he wants to play an active captain..

How come nobody can spell “lose” anymore?

333. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 24, 2009


I agree. Spock’s motivation for not wanting to fix things timewise in this universe becomes clear in this piece. It would also explain why he isn’t highly motivated to jump back to universe Prime.

Also, brings around the price of resurrection theme established in ST III. For Kirk, he got his best friend resurrected at the price of his son’s life. For Spock, it’s his mother, his planet and his best friend’s father. Although, oddly enough, Spock Prime did resurrect his dead father, Sarek too which I suppose could be spun to explain why to Spock Prime’s resurrection(s) costs are so much higher?

334. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 24, 2009


I chalk it up to this millennium’s faith in plastic surgery. Cutting it “loose” comes to their minds long before any thinking about “losing” bad habits.

335. StormSigma - November 24, 2009

Personally, I’m glad they left it out. I am really tired of Trek fans’ insistence that their hallowed original actors need to be in every new iteration. It was that mindset that resulted in the trash that was the Generations movie, as well as ST6. Haven’t we had enough goodbyes and passing of the torch from the original cast? I wasn’t that happy to see Leonard Nimoy in it, to be perfectly candid. It felt forced, and it definitely gave the writers extra baggage, as they now had to find a way to explain this whole alternate timeline garbage.

But who am I kidding? That schlock is what Trek fans want to see, right?

Shatner wasn’t in this movie, because he didn’t belong in the movie. The right call was made.

And yes, I am posting this knowing I’m probably going to get responses of “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” and “How moving! It should have been in there!” All I can ask is you is: “Why?” Shatner has ridden the coattails of the Kirk character for what, forty years now? He “passed the torch” to Picard in Generations, do we really need him “passing the torch” to another actor and cast hired to play the same part that he, and several others played decades ago?

The answer, incidentally, is no.

336. Dahlia Xat - November 24, 2009

Can you believe how many people commented on this. The majority would have liked this in the film…Hell i believe i would have too. I guess Bill wanted more than just that little piece but what a gem it was. Still to have them both together eye to eye in some miraculous way would be even better. Who is to say it won’t happen. Just hurry up guys on the next film. I hear it may not come out till 2012. Hopefully not, Shatner and Nimoy will be well past 80. They won’t live forever and if something heaven forbid happens someone is gonna be kicking themselves in the pants for that missed opportunity. Good Luck for the next trek and maybe are old and dear friends will get to say the proper goodbye that they were meant too. Peace…

337. Arthur Simone - BR - November 24, 2009

There´s a problem for a sequel: Bill is 79 now… by the time he’ll be 80, 81… just think about it…

338. Y. A. - November 24, 2009

As far as I’m concerned, Spock makes a journey to the Guardian of Forever and sets the timeline right so that the debacle that was Enterprise and this godsawful reboot don’t happen.

339. Biggles12 - November 24, 2009


340. twilightsol - November 24, 2009

This is very similar to something I wrote about this movie. That this wasnt written for me it was written for the cadets (aka my son) But to hear Shatner say it would have been beyond belief. I am in tears now.

341. Syd Hughes - November 24, 2009

That would’ve been the perfect wrapup to the movie. I can’t believe they didn’t go with it.

342. devon - November 24, 2009

Very touching scene,,, probably as a fan would have loved it, but it is probably for the best that it wasn’t included, as this movie’s goal/focus was to establish this new generation of our old favorites and have them stand on their own! Mission accomplished, and Nimoy was a great bridge between young &old! Can’t wait for next movie, and it should be original in concept and should continue to expand these younger versions of our Old Faves in new & exciting ways with only minimal connections to the Original. The Original was great the 1st time around, how many things get a 2nd chance at being bigger & better than before? With unlimited budget, better special effects, a more epic feel, and young, vibrant actors the sky really is the limit for the future of Trek! We can have Trek be what it always aspired to be but couldn’t for various reasons such as budgetary restraints, lack of network/movie division support that it rightfully deserved but never received, broader fan base with a mass appeal, better promotion, and a more liberal era which can tackle even bigger issues than was possible during Trek’s heyday! New-Trek can easily become a worthy successor to the Original if handled properly, and can move from a Sci-Fi Niche following to an all -encompassing love affair for the masses in general. Long live NewTrek!!!

343. Sam in LV - November 24, 2009

I am a huge fan of the original Star Trek series and of William Shatner. If you think he was good in ST, check him out in Boston Legal re-runs! He is responsible for some of the best tv ever.

Having said all that … this Star Trek movie was better without a visit from “old Captn Kirk”. It was fresher without him and a great movie. He passed the torch already, we’re all excited about the new movie(s).

Long live space westerns!

344. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 24, 2009

Definitely something to include in the extras of the next video edition if only in script form.

345. ElrondL - November 24, 2009

Bob, this is beautifully written — I completely choked up and could hear Shatner’s voice! God, we Trekkies would have been bawling. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this, Anthony.

As for 340+ comments and another Shat debate, it feels right to paraphrase Bones’ great line above:

“Same site, different day.”

346. NTH - November 24, 2009

It is a great pity that the holograph scenes were not pitched to Bill Shatner.If he had said no then that would have been that however the absence of an offer to Bill and the releasing of this scene only adds for to a sense of dissapointment for me in the handling of this situation .It could have been both a poignant and touching scene that amplified the relationship between Spock prime,Kirk prime and possibly have an influencing effect on the new Spock.This could also have effected the destiny of the older KIrk in this alternate timeline and could have been explored in the next movie.Is there still hope that this matter can be resolved in the next movie?

347. Moeskido - November 24, 2009

Thank you for posting this excerpt. It reads like a heartfelt and genuine tribute. I suspect Mr. Shatner might have wanted it simplified a bit, though.

While the symmetry of having older counterparts for both leads each contributing their part of this plot appeals to me, I can’t help thinking that this last greeting card moment would have made the movie drag with multiple endings, which is something Return of the King got afflicted with. Great for the purists, but potentially deadly boring for general audiences. I wish it had been filmed so I could see it in the DVD extras, not for what it would do to a Trek movie designed to appeal to non-Trek fans.

Incidentally, I’m hoping the next movie isn’t a remake of anything I’ve already seen dozens of times. I’d like something new, please. It’s Star Trek, for heaven’s sake. Let’s go someplace new, where nobody has a familiar name.

348. Dom - November 24, 2009

335. StormSigma: ‘Personally, I’m glad they left it out. I am really tired of Trek fans’ insistence that their hallowed original actors need to be in every new iteration. It was that mindset that resulted in the trash that was the Generations movie’

The fans didn’t really want Kirk in Generations. Most old-school Star Trek fans were dreading the TNG gang taking over. Killing Kirk off was a two-fingered ‘p*ss off you old f**ts!’ to most of us. Not only was Kirk killed off unnecessarily, but he was killed off badly and pointlessly after Star Trek VI tied things up in a nice bow.

The people who wanted a TNG/Star Trek crossover were marketing men. Star Trek VI had already nicely passed over the baton to the TNG team: Worf’s grandfather had shown up and Jim did that nice little speech at the end of the film. All sorted. Then the marketing men and Rick and his crew messed things up. They simply shouldn’t have allowed any of the TNG TV writers and producers anywhere near Generations.

The best bet would have been to hire Leonard Nimoy and Denny Martin Flynn (poor Nick Meyer would have been unavailable at the time!) to oversee the film and take a year or so to turn TNG and its characters into a viable movie franchise rather rush an ill-thought-out screenplay, disliked even by the cast, into production three weeks after ‘All Good Things . . .’ wrapped!


As someone who was an enthusiastic supporter of this new Trek film from the outset and was more than happy to see a complete reboot if the team wanted it, I would have liked to see the Kirk scene in the film. If you’re going to have the original Spock in the film (as I’ve said elsewhere, it was a neat idea, but ultimately unnecessary because the new cast was so very good) you might as well throw Kirk in there as well. A CGI Deforest Kelly would have been overdoing it, but I hope McCoy gets back more into the frame next time.

Anyway, regardless of what’s said, I still think Jim’s in the Nexus. So what if he ‘chose’ to leave the Nexus?? Since when do pieces of interstellar tinsel operate off people choosing to do anything? :p

349. jeff rubin - November 24, 2009

Those guys went to an enormous amount of trouble to try to come up with a scene that would be satisfying, consistent with canon and worthy of the movie. looks like they succeeded. too bad shatner couldn’t throw one to the fans who have given him a career, and a creative life, over these long decades. would it have been “slumming” for him to play along, read some well-scripted dialogue and be part of the rebirth of a franchise to which he owes so much?

no wonder i always liked nimoy better.

350. dmduncan - November 24, 2009

Question for BOB: I’m assuming that if you guys shot this scene that it would not have been the literal, absolute, end of the movie, that we still would’ve seen Kirk slap McCoy on the shoulder and say “Buckle up!” and we still would’ve seen Spock ask for permission to come aboard—because Spock’s arrival on the bridge is crucial to making Shatner’s message to Spock pay off. Is that assumption correct?

To the criticism that this would have slowed down the movie:

Yeah, we don’t want to slow down the movie after the climax, in the last three minutes. The narcoleptics in the audience might fall asleep.

And comparing this SHORT scene’s length to the 15 minutes or so of anticlimactic action in Return of the King? That’s weak.

AJ: “I just can not get my head around the desire of many fans to see Kirk and Spock die of old age in each others arms with hearts floating above their heads.”

Nauseating. Are you reading an alternate universe Trekmovie blog? I didn’t see that scene anywhere, nor an expressed desire to see that scene anywhere.

And as far as the “sentimental” claim. No. Nothing excessive or exaggerated about this scene at all. It wasn’t sentimental, it was both appropriately sad and appropriately hopeful at the same time—which makes it both poignant and uplifting.

I think some are missing the depth of this short scene. Just because it’s short, doesn’t mean it’s shallow.

And one of the things I have learned to like about Bob and Alex’s writing here is that they touch on deep things just enough to make me think about them in a way that isn’t confrontational to the viewer.

Like many people after my first viewing, Kirk’s promotion seemed way too fast. It now seems to me that they were aware of this possible objection at some level. After I saw the movie again I realized that they did provide the logic for it in the story, but the details were by the end too far away for me to recall at the moment of Kirk’s promotion, so like so many others, when I saw him being promoted, I was puzzled by the rapidity of it all.

But Shatner’s VO as Kirk anticipates that objection at the moment it arises—during the promotion itself—and puts a tighter fitting lid on that complaint, so it doesn’t seem like we missed something important.

When Kirk’s Shatner says, as we look at young Kirk:

Wasn’t it only yesterday we
stepped onto the Enterprise as boys?
That I had to prove to the crew I
deserved command… and their respect?

The words remind us of The Great Captain, and when you think of Pine as THAT Kirk, something that seems missing is suddenly there, just that fast.

By speaking of young Kirk having to PROVE to the crew that he deserved command, he is ALSO talking to the AUDIENCE, to those in the audience, like me, who had their doubts.

We know you have doubts about this young Kirk’s fitness for command, the writers seem to be telling us, but just wait. We’ll show you he deserves it.

And we already know he does. We’ve seen the future already, and this scene reminds us of it.

That’s just one of the things this small scene does.

351. pat - November 24, 2009

Kirk’s scene could STILL fit into the sequel, with a few tweeks. Fingers crossed Buill says YES!

352. somethoughts - November 24, 2009

Hi boborci,

Why is it that sometimes you spell your name on these forums with a lower b, boborci and sometimes with a capital B, Boborci. Is it based on your mood or is one a imposter?

353. J.J. Abrams' Star Trek XI etc - Page 3 - Final Fantasy Republic Forums - November 24, 2009

[…] […]

354. lostrod - November 24, 2009


Why are you slamming Mr. Shatner for not doing this scene when apparently it wasn’t even offered to him?

Yes, I agree they the writers went to a lot of effort and wrote and great scene – but not enough effort to pitch it to Mr. Shatner.

Sheesh. Too bad you can’t get your facts straight, Jeff.

355. Brian Kirsch - November 24, 2009

Uh, reality check time.

First, the scene was beautifully written. Well done guys!

But unfortunately, impossible, unless by voice-over only.

Our final image of Kirk/Shatner was from 15 years ago. He died. Yes, believe it or not, HE DIED! Thus, any holographic message would be from that Kirk. Use any CGI effects you like. Any attempt to make the current Shat look like he did then would be obviously, CGI.

The problem here seems to be Shatner’s demands/requirements for his involvment. And the assumption by JJ and his team that The Shat would not be interested in their idea. Would The Shat have agreed to a voice-over only, after he declined a cameo? Guess we’ll never know.

356. lostrod - November 24, 2009

For those of you blaming JJ for deciding NOT to include this scene, read the details again and in other posts on the subject. JJ may have been trying to protect Shatner’s reputation by claiming the idea was gimmicky and HE made the decision not to put it in the film. Now that the script has been revealed, it’s pretty clear that’s not the case. So the real issue must have been Shatner’s unwillness to do a cameo in a movie called “Star Trek.”


How the hell does revealing this scene PROVE that Mr. Shatner was unwilling to do it? Hasn’t it already been stated that Mr. Shatner wasn’t even offered the scene?

Yea, it’s “pretty clear” – that you have some personal beef with Mr. Shatner.

357. Thorny - November 24, 2009

I’m baffled by those claiming Mr. Shatner wouldn’t have done it because he said he “doesn’t do cameos”. Come on, this is William Shatner we’re talking about, he who notoriously warbled out “Strawberry Fields Forever” to make a few bucks. He who embarrasses himself nightly in Priceline commercials. The fact is plain that there is little Mr. Shatner won’t do on screen if the price is right. Mr. Shatner’s “I don’t do cameos” is Shat-speak for “They’d better offer me a lot of money.”

358. dmduncan - November 24, 2009

355: “Our final image of Kirk/Shatner was from 15 years ago. He died. Yes, believe it or not, HE DIED! Thus, any holographic message would be from that Kirk. Use any CGI effects you like. Any attempt to make the current Shat look like he did then would be obviously, CGI.”

I don’t think so.

If they wanted to use CGI to take the years off Shatner they could probably do it. In fact, it’s already been done, to spectacular effect, aging the other way:

“Until I spoke to the film’s Character Supervisor – Digital Domain’s Steve Preeg – I had no idea that after a small piece at the beginning, the entire first section of the film had zero real Brad. That’s 0.0% percent real Pitt for an incredible 52 minutes. No Pitt in makeup, no 2D compositing of real footage. All computer generated performance while Pitt’s Benjamin Button character appears to be in his 80s, 70s and 60s.”

“After I’d realized I’d been tricked by Button’s digital performance, I spoke to a number of other working visual effects people and almost all of them were fooled, too. The ones that weren’t fooled personally knew people who’d worked on the production, so they went into the movie knowing the trick they were seeing. ”

That’s from here:


Here’s a Vanity Fair piece about it:


Although going to a younger Kirk from an older one might pose some unique problems—probably none that can’t be overcome, and if the resolution of the holographic projection were as equally spotty as the one Nero had of Spock, that would make it even easier to do.

359. dmduncan - November 24, 2009

I had no idea I was watching a CGI Brad Pitt for almost an hour. Didn’t even cross my mind.

360. Trek Nerd Central - November 24, 2009

Lovely scene — gave me chills — but I see why it got canned. It’s inorganic, and yeah, it would have felt wedged in.

It is beautiful, though. And I would have thrilled to hear Shat’s voice in the movie.

361. dmduncan - November 24, 2009

Out of 741 votes in the poll on this issue, 64% voted this scene should’ve been in the film, against 36 % saying otherwise.

If this were a presidential election, that would be a mandate.

362. Greg2600 - November 24, 2009

I wasn’t thrilled with Spock’s cameo, but this holo-message from Kirk sounded lousy when I first heard about it. Still does now. In fact, this cameo would have been lousier to see than Generations. At least in that movie, Shatner was allowed to act and be involved. To me, this scene would have been barely better than the DirecTV commercial.

I didn’t want to see Shatner or Nimoy for a small part of the film, I want to see them in most of the film. I don’t care if they’re very old and out of shape. I love those guys. It just keeps gnawing at me that I don’t get J.J.’s insistance at maintaining canon, only the movie throws the old canon aside and starts a new one? This scene would have only aggravated me further.

363. Trekenstein - November 24, 2009

JJ Abrams made the film he wanted to make. It doesn’t NEED anything else. Everything one needs to understand the movie and enjoy it as presented is there. Let’s stop criticizing the film to add things it doesn’t need and is never going to get. The film works the way JJ Abrams wanted it to. He has made that perfectly and abundantly clear. If this scene truly were necessary, after Paramount saw a significantly completed portion of it and decided to push it back to Summer 2009, they would have given JJ additional money to shoot the scenes. The writer’s strike was over and he had already been given a 4 month extension in post. They knew they had a winner on their hands and ordered a sequel script before the film was even released. It could have been easily orchestrated if it were truly of any value. The only thing this scene serves is a sentimental pre-existing fan base which is desperately clutching at the past instead of embracing the future. There has not been one article or casual observation that I am aware, which criticized the film’s ending. The only people I see criticizing it are sentimental Star Trek fans. The scene does not improve the movie, only panders to the fans.

364. Nina - November 24, 2009

I agree with Trekenstein. Putting Old Spock in the movie in order to make the transgression – ok. But what’s the use of endless cameos and references and guest starring? I for once want to see the new team develop.

That said I have to admit that if we never see Shatner as Kirk again, it’ll be too soon. That man (Shatner) killed Kirk for me years ago with his overinflated ego and his endless stabbing at other former Trek actors.

365. dmduncan - November 24, 2009

363: “If this scene truly were necessary, after Paramount saw a significantly completed portion of it and decided to push it back to Summer 2009, they would have given JJ additional money to shoot the scenes.”

I don’t think the bankrollers are best suited to decide what the best artistic decisions are. Besides that, Bob has already said they experienced no interference from the studio and were allowed to make the film they wanted to make, which doesn’t answer the question of who among the Supreme Court was for or against this scene besides JJ, or if it was unanimous. Which isn’t going to change my mind about it whatever the count.

And when something is judged necessary it necessary FOR something else. I’ve pointed out what that is, and I could probably go on about other things in a full scale essay.

One thing this scene is NOT is sentimental. It’s poignant. Nor has this scene anything to do with “desperately clutching at the past.” Shatner isn’t in this scene to say goodbye. That’s not what this is. Among other things (it could be an essay) Shatner is here to influence Spock into rejoining the Enterprise, instead of having his elder self do it. (Talk about “oddly self serving.) Ha! Shatner is here to be the final thing that gets the crew together, being perhaps the pivotal moment that let’s Spock see a worthwhile NEW future ahead of him despite what has happened to him and his world. And though the film may be “complete,” it could’ve been completer.

Some people seem unable to distinguish between long scenes that are shallow and short scenes that are deep, and simply prefer sheer duration over the quality of moments. This scene is far bigger than its time on screen consumes.

And I’m sorry not everyone sees in this scene what I do—and I’m most sorry that JJ didn’t see it.

But such is the nature of life. If we all agreed on everything, we’d be robots.

366. VZX - November 24, 2009

319: boborci:

Nah, physics in movies is over-rated.

367. Robert Gillis - November 24, 2009

“Spock, do yourself a favor: put aside logic, do what feels right.” Spock Prime said to Young Spock.

The younger Vulcan nodded, but added, “It is still… Difficult… to comprehend that James Kirk and I will become friends.”

Spock Prime reached into his pocket and retrieved a small disk, “I believe the correct human response would be, ‘Don’t take my word for it…’” And with that, a holographic image of an older James T. Kirk came into being.

“This death tape is being brought to you by PriceLine dot com. Bones, Spock. Since you are playing this tape, we will assume that I am dead.”

“What is a TAPE?” the younger Spock asked.

The hologram continued, “I probably died heroically, saving billions of lives in spectacular fashion, phasers blasting away on the Enterprise, and not alone on some backwater planet falling off a rusty bridge or something. Anyway, back to the reason you’re watching this. I assume that the tactical situation is critical and both of you are locked in mortal combat, debating canon. It means, Spock that you have control of the ship and are probably making the most difficult decisions of your career. ”

Kirk continued, “I can offer only one small piece of advice for whatever it’s worth: You can use every scrap of logic and knowledge you have to save the ship, but honestly, what did that ever do for you? Look, just temper your judgment by asking yourself, ‘What would Jim Kirk do?’ If you forget that, these attractive “WWJKD?” bracelets are available at William Shatner dot com.”

Spock-Prime sighed heavily.

Kirk went on, “If you can’t do this, seek out McCoy. Ask his advice, and, if you find it sound, take it. But if he starts the “Space is disease and danger” speech it’s best just to leave him alone, otherwise he’s likely to start jabbing you with a hypo, and that’s annoying as hell. Bones, you’ve heard what I just told Spock. Help him if you can, but remember he is the captain, his decisions must be followed, without question.

“Humph! I almost kept a straight face there. No, seriously Bones, do what you always do, badger the captain, especially in front of the crew. It’s not like you’re gonna do otherwise. Finally, if either of you ever travel back in time, please tell Picard to exit the Nexus a few days earlier and arrest Soren in ten-forward rather than timing it to the last freaking second, then maybe I… Well, it looks like my time is up, be sure to watch an all new season of Raw Nerve in the fall, and take care.”

As the hologram faded, Spock Prime said, “Forgive me. My logic is uncertain, where my friends are concerned.” He gave the Vulcan salute and added, “Since my customary farewell would seem oddly self-serving, I will only say, if you ever see a ship named “Botany Bay,” fire all phasers and destroy it immediately. Good Luck, Spock.”

368. The Original Spock's Brain - November 24, 2009

I’m for sentimentality.

369. Trekenstein - November 24, 2009

If one starts pulling at the threads that make JJ Abrams’ vision of Star Trek complete, then just like an expensive garment, it will begin to unravel – the extent of which no one can predict, no matter how well made.

Until the writers go on record that they disagreed with JJ Abrams to exclude the scene from the film, then I will assume that all parties ultimately agreed it was completely unnecessary. Paramount could have easily remained hands-off the decision making, but could have been persuaded to open up their pocket books had the “Supreme Court” felt the scene was necessary to complete the film, given the additional time they were granted to complete it. Despite this, ultimately no one felt it was necessary, including apparently he writers, except 65% of the “hard-core” Star Trek fans who happen to visit this website.

370. Quatlo - November 24, 2009

@ 367

Good one.

371. dmduncan - November 25, 2009

369: To hell with the auteur stuff. This franchise has so many mothers and fathers that it doesn’t make sense to pin it all on one person and say it was “his” vision. That’s just not the reality of it. And we’re not going to see public disagreement or a vote count. They made the film as a team, and I suspect that’s how they’ll stand behind it. But in their heart of hearts, do they wonder if they made the right decision and if it could’ve been better?

And as a writer or an artist you are always revising things, changing your decisions, realizing that what you thought was good last year was not as good as what you think now.

And if there is a change of heart, it CAN be fixed. It was done with Close Encounters, and with three Star Wars films. It isn’t impossible, and if that’s what they WANT to do, they can—and there’s a financial gain to doing it as well, because a re-release with a new ending would draw most of us back in, probably more than once.

This scene was not gimmicky and it was not sentimental, and it fixed several problems the ending we got had, and it did it poignantly and quickly, so it’s not pulling at threads to mend the hole.

You want gimmicky, go see Shatner’s cameo in Fanboys.

372. Jack - November 25, 2009

@ 367

That’s funny, probably because it hits pretty close to home. I agree with many here that the scene is lovely but would (along with the sheer force of Shatner’s Shatner act) really have pulled us out of the movie. How ’bout a holo of Kirk’s eulogy from II? I also like the idea of the friendship growing a bit more naturally (even with Spock’s comments to both on how important it is), bumps and all, rather than ‘we’ve just met, but our future selves insist we’re made for each other’

I still would have liked to have heard Pine give the ‘these are the voyages” speech at the end…

373. Sag member since 1986 - November 25, 2009

“Brought a tear to me eye”

374. BlahM - November 25, 2009

I was kinda hoping the writers would have made Kirk work for it more to get the Enterprise. Him getting the Enterprise at the end still feels a bit cheap. I’d rather the writers put him in command of a smaller ship and on the way out of space dock eye the Enterprise on the main screen and in the sequel he gets promoted.

375. ryanhuyton - November 25, 2009

I would like to see William Shatner in the next movie after reading this.
I initially didn’t have a problem with his death in “Generations” but now I think it was a terrible move by the studio. I did enjoy the scenes he shared with Patrick Stewart though and would like to see him in a cameo in the next movie. Perhaps to send Kirk back to the 23rd century, after we find out he was ressurrected by Section 31 experimenting by Borg technology. Captains Kirk and Picard realizing that Shatner-Kirk belongs in the 23rd century and not the 24th. Of course, I don’t know how this would be able to work because of the new timeline, but it is an idea I hope Bob Orci reads. And of course it is one thing to come up with an idea and another to film it and fit it into the story. That is why it must be tough to be a writer, especially ones who have to deal with all of the canon created by previous writers with various Star Trek movies and series. It is easy to sit here and say how the planned cameo by William Shatner should have been in the film, but there are many hurdles that must be taken into account, including pacing and whether it adds to a scene or is a distraction.

376. Bully - November 25, 2009

Okay, let’s go back in time, change history, and convince Shatner to do this.

(Then we’ll have THREE timelines to keep track of! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

377. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 25, 2009

@361 – Fortunately, art is most often not decided on by committee, ’cause if it were, it would all be pap.

378. starbase63 - November 25, 2009

“JJ Abrams has often noted that dealing with Kirk’s death was one of the hindrances of including him in the new Star Trek.”

Well duh, didn’t anyone bother to tell JJ (Bob Orci, that’s you) that Kirk could have been shown as described in the article…at any point prior to him boarding the Enterprise-B in ST:Generations?

I think the scene would have been the icing on the cake. I was firmly against the movie until they finally admitted it was an alternate timeline (which some people STILL don’t get the need for with the CBS-Paramount split), I saw it and enjoyed it, and this scene may have even made me love it. It would have been, along with Spock Prime’s presence, solid acknowledgement of the prime timeline, and after dissing the fans during the film’s production, it was something the fans deserved.

Hopefully they can add it to the sequel somehow.

379. Dom - November 25, 2009

Star Trek: Generations reminded me of the start of season four of Airwolf!

380. somethoughts - November 25, 2009


That is why Shatner was upset and will not see the film, he knows if they really wanted him in there in some way/shape or form they would have found a way. Bob and Alex found a way and I am not sure what happened next, was it the Supreme court who ruled against it or was it Shatner refusing to do it. The final monologue should have been a fade between Shatner and Pine, “Space the final frontier…” The passing of the torch.

Now that they have done a Spock Prime visiting Quinto, would be pretty cool to see a Pre Enterprise B Shatner find Pine, “who are you?” “I am you” “you are me?” Prime timeline and altnerative reality intersect, and both captains must work together….nah been done eh? I think we should just enjoy our lovely new crew/actors and let the past rest in peace.

There’s lots of questions though with this new timeline/reality, when will Nero be born and when he is born if he hasn’t been already, in this new reality/timeline, the star will go super nova 100+years into the future. The super nova will either be prevented via new technology or Romulus evacuated, so Nero won’t go bi polar schizo and blame Spock/Federation. Would be pretty cool to see this realities version of Nero do some good, perhaps the Enterprise encounters a pre modified version of the Narada but instead of launching torpedoes they shoot beams of love, the problem with only Star Trek movies is you only have 2hrs to tell a story, novels/tv series could do all these cool stuff. JJ and team give us a TV series and you can do a movie every 2-3 years! There is so much you can do now, and the movies itself will not be enough to satisfy the hunger out there for Star Trek in this new timeline/reality.

381. JimJames - November 25, 2009

That ending would have been amazing!! You guys should have shot that scene and kept it a secret from the public. The theatres would have gone insane!

Still a fantastic movie tho!!

382. Rich - November 25, 2009

Yeah, nice tribute. Too bad it didn’t make it in.

As for Shatner… won’t do cameos, but will do commercials hawking Priceline, attorneys, etc. So much for any “artistic principles” that might have been in play.

But, as was pointed out, he was never shown this script and wasn’t asked. There was never anything for him to turn down.

Sure he would have pushed for a bigger role. His ego wouldn’t have let him accept a minor role quietly. But here’s the thing… Shatner has a sense of humor. Unlike a lot of actors, I am confident he knows he has a huge ego. He’s been willing to poke fun at himself in recent years, even. I think it’s just possible that he would have done it if it had been handled correctly. I think he would have liked the chance to close out the original Kirk legend in a way that would never be topped, ever. The wording wasn’t right for Shatner’s Kirk, but something like it would have worked.

But, we have a more-or-less clean break with the past. Let’s hope the new custodians of the Star Trek legend can do something with it.

383. starbase63 - November 25, 2009

@380 – somethoughts –

Think of the Trek timeline shaped like a tuning fork. The handle is the timeline up to 2233. The point where Nero affects history is where the fok splits to it’s two tines, one being the prime timeline, the other being the new one. The only thing unclear to me is if the new timeline is completely new and being created as it goes along (ie right now it only exists as far as the end of the movie) or if a complete duplicate of the prime timeline was created but is being overwritten by the new events.

As far as TV, I’ve heard rumor Orci would be interested in heading up a new series, but with someone like Manny Coto as the actual showrunner. I think that team could do good things with new TV Trek.

384. somethoughts - November 25, 2009


Yea, I was referring to the Nero in this new timeline that has or hasn’t been born yet. I am sure this alternate reality Nero will be different than the one that came back in time angry and looking for vengence.

Yea, I don’t want to see a Star Trek series after TNG or before TOS, I am jonesing for TOS adventures done in this new style, even if they had the lens flare on tv, I would still watch it lol They should just drop Lost and Fringe and do Star Trek on tv and give us movies every 2-3years, Xmas present!

385. woolf2k - November 25, 2009

I would have loved to have seen this scene in the movie.
But I did see it in my mind. Abrams did an amazing job with the ending.
you see that in spock prime last scene.
and the look in the young spock.
it’s all there.

386. TrekGurl - November 25, 2009

…I have mixed feelings about this almost-included scene. It would’ve been cool, yes, but for me, it would’ve made the ending eternally sad. One, it would’ve brought up the fact in the fans’ minds that yes, Kirk is dead. And I, for one, want to avoid thinking about that movie as little as possible. Two, it could very well have been overkill. Spock Prime’s dialogue in the cave was enough to convince my non-trekkie friends that Spock and Kirk were friends in the ‘first’ reality or whatever.
Of course, I don’t know what Spock Prime’s role is going to be in the next movie, but that’s whole ‘nother can of worms. I could imagine a whole slew of ways to use this clip in the sequel, but they’d all end up cheesy and bad. So… *raises a glass in a toast* to the writers! May they do as well in the sequel as they did in movie XI!

387. Heron - November 25, 2009

Case in point…that an opportunity *missed* can have as profound an effect on us, as the opportunity taken….


388. Trek Fan In Iowa - November 25, 2009

Wow… that made me cry a little.

389. BLASTINHEADS - November 25, 2009

About not doing cameos i beg to differ he was on the movie ,FAN BOYS.

390. Bobby - November 25, 2009

All the comments on the page are positive, with people expressing their belief that it “would have worked” etc. But I’m really glad they didn’t do it. Shatner is just nothing like Chris Pine (although Spock’s stilted mannerisms and Nimoy’s extreme age make the Quinto/Nimoy matchup seem plausible). And anyway it’s badly written and shmaltzy and not necessary. The movie as it stands is perfect anyway.

391. Holger - November 25, 2009

390: Well, not *all* the comments. The majority.

392. Bobby - November 25, 2009

(eyes rolling)

393. David P - November 25, 2009

Too bad all the naysayers are nitpicking, but they need to realize the power of the SHAT to truly launch this reboot into orbit…..let’s hope the producers don’t make the same mistake twice

394. What could have been « Not So Fast - November 25, 2009

[…] November 25, 2009 · Leave a Comment The Shatner scene that wasn’t. […]

395. Pete359 - November 25, 2009

That was brilliant.

“Same ship different day”…. oh Bones. Hahaha.

396. dmduncan - November 25, 2009

386. TrekGurl – November 25, 2009

…I have mixed feelings about this almost-included scene. It would’ve been cool, yes, but for me, it would’ve made the ending eternally sad. One, it would’ve brought up the fact in the fans’ minds that yes, Kirk is dead. And I, for one, want to avoid thinking about that movie as little as possible.


Kirk isn’t dead, TrekGurl.

It’s the mythos of a reborn universe that Bob and Alex gave us.

Kirk lives again. And so does Dr. McCoy.

397. McCoy's Gall Bladder (love The Pred's left one) - November 25, 2009

319. Boborci – November 24, 2009

258 McCoy galbladder

I would be more than happy to clarify any of the theoretical physics we relied on that confused you.

Mr Orci.

It’s not that. It’s two other things. The Supernova and the way you handled the Warp Drive. Back to the Future and Tim Burton’s Apes are clear examples of Alternate timelines caused by a slight shift in QM. Plus there are scores of very good stories exploring the same thing.

First the Supernova. I was in the camp against a Supernova doing what it did in the movie, in favor of a Gamma Ray Burst. Until recently. Niven and Lerner just put out Destroyer of Worlds and go into details of the Core Explosion and the sterilization of Pakhome. So I’ll give you that.

The Warp Drive:
Dr. Michio Kaku solves warp drive by tying it gravity. Einstein said, “Space is warped.” Dr. Kaku says the warp drive operates by warping space in the same way that a man standing on a rug moves the other end of a rug to him with a hook. (A bad paraphrase, I know) BUT: the point being that gravity is artificially increased to greater than that of a star. Long story short, Warp Drive cannot be used in a system, especially near Earth (yikes!) The singularity of the star, Sol, warps local space, and the warp drive itself warps space even more, hence it’s use outside of systems. That, and the radiation would sterilize Earth. YES I’ve over simplified it. Dr Kaku has 3 books on the subject. He treats it as a serious subject because he, like Dr Hawking, believes Humanity must move beyond Earth.

Red Matter I can believe in. Scrith makes up the Ringworld floor. Stasis fields make sense. Perhaps if you had named it, “Unobtainium” others could have accepted it also.

398. Chingatchkook - November 25, 2009

That really was an awesome scene, it is truly a pity that it didn’t come about. Really Mr Shatner, you should have done it. If you are splitting hairs about what constitutes a cameo and what doesn’t, then you end up completely overlooking what a masterful job of writing that this is. The greatness that constitutes your Kirk would have solidified in the eyes fans like me. Wow.

399. Susan - November 25, 2009

it’s too bad Bill couldn’t have been in one last Star Trek Movie. He’s been in it since day one. I havn’t seen the movie yet but guess I will. it won’t be the same without Capt James Tiberius Kirk.

400. Canon Schmanon - November 25, 2009

Many of you don’t get it – Star Trek has a new cast. We don’t need to keep going back to the well for old water. Leonard Nimoy gracefully handed it over to the new kids. I’ve been watching him and Shatner since they first began in Trek, but I never ever have to see Bill as Kirk again. I don’t want to. I wish we could just put it to rest. It’s certainly my least favorite, and the most wearily overdone, subject when it comes to Star Trek.

So I leave.

401. J Hughes - November 25, 2009

I hope they film this scene for a special directors cut in the near future leading up to the shat being trek 2? It was a well written scene and the shat was mad for not doing it. Come to your senses and film it for promotional marketing for the sequel !!

402. just a thought - November 25, 2009

The best opportunity to use this in the next film, and in all subsequent movies, is to show that Nu!Spock has a pendant. There’s no need to do anything more. Maybe in the 3rd movie someone can inquire about the pendant, and he can say it was a gift from himself and say nothing more. That’s all that is needed because this script is now out there. All that needs to be done to make it real is show the pendant and say it was given to him by Prime. It’s subtle. Casual people won’t understand it but it won’t hurt the film in anyway, but other people will get it and it can be explained in a dvd extra not with footage but in discussion with the writers.

403. just a thought - November 25, 2009

but but but I meant to proof that!

404. dubb - November 25, 2009

Wow… that is such a cool scene. I really wish they would have given it a try.

405. ryanhuyton - November 25, 2009

Another possibility would be a comic or an animated DVD explaining how Shatner-Kirk would exist in the new timeline in the next movie. A bridge between his death in Generations and the sequel.

406. RumAndTrek - November 25, 2009

Too bad it didnt end with this.

I’m just thankful it didn’t end with commander riker saying “computer end program” with him and counselor troi walking off the holodeck…

407. somethoughts - November 25, 2009


We have a awesome actor in Chris Pine to fill the void, it’s like going back in time and grabbing Shatner in his 20’s-30’s and having him play Kirk all over again

408. mateo - November 26, 2009

That dialogue definitely could use some work, but it would have been a nice touch. I’m sorry, but Orzi & Kurtzman just don’t float my literary boat…they’re a bit low-brow and obvious.

409. Jack - November 26, 2009

if only the power of the bring-Misery-er-I-mean-Shat-back-alive movement could be harnessed to fight global warming or racism or crime.

in a total aside, i just finally saw the deleted scenes. Good call keeping ’em out, I think… although I did like the Klingon scene.

410. Yadda - November 26, 2009

That totally should have been in the movie. It would have added a sh!t-ton of awesome to the movie.

411. OLLEY OLLEY OLEY - November 26, 2009

The Shatner of 2009 is a bloated monster when compared to the 1994 Shat.

I don’t see how the producers could have bridged that gap, voice only perhaps? but it’s a holo-emitter.

412. The Great Geek Manual » Geek Media Round-Up: November 25, 2009 - November 26, 2009

[…] Read The Star Trek 2009 Scene Written For William Shatner over at Trek Movie. […]

413. DesiluTrek - November 26, 2009

I wish I had the comic/illustrating talent to put some visuals to this.

@402 … nice idea

414. M G B - November 26, 2009

Comics these days are CGI programs that automatically draw little “manga” characters that kids can color in photoshop.

People dont really draw comics with pencils anymore.

In any case, I agree that the Shat should be included in comic book form. In my youth, I had Star Trek movie adaptation comics with “extra” scenes in them.

I love the Shat the same way gays love Judy Garland, but even they worship the “young” Judy, not the old & bloated Judy

415. VOODOO - November 26, 2009

415 posts and counting.

More proof that Shatner is the #1 flashpoint in Star Trek. I say get him into the next film for the simple reason that it would be fun.

416. Trekenstein - November 26, 2009

#396. “Prime” Kirk IS dead. And he died in a stupid and pointless way. I am reminded of the empty death of Tasha Yar in TNG, which as a series had an opportunity to bring her back and give her a fitting death for her fans. Film don;t have that luxury, and the momentum sucked out of the franchise with TSFS I think underscores that.

Kirk and McCoy may live again, but they are “Alternate” Kirk and McCoy. Not the same at all.

TrekGurl is right. Prime Kirk is dead and bringing him back in the rebirth of Star Trek, serves only as a grim reminder that he suffered an ignominious death. Shatner is not Pine and Pine is not Shatner and neither are playing the exact same character. Saddling Pine with the legacy of Shatner is unfair to Pine and an cumbersome to a new audience. It only serves the same sort of pandering sentimentalism that brought us so many tedious storylines. Over the last 30 years.

417. dmduncan - November 26, 2009

416: “Prime” Kirk IS dead. And he died in a stupid and pointless way.

I won’t disagree with the second part of your sentence—it was the worst death scene for such a worthy character ever—but nope, Kirk lives! He’s been rescued, pulled out of the ravine some stink butt writing put him in. He’s back again to have another go at it. The plot of ST.09 is a mythic rebirth story ingeniously surrounded with the language and equipment of science fiction.

Yet another one of those levels the movie has. And I LOVE how the writers here stare directly at the memory of Kirk’s pointless death without flinching, and smile as they breathe new life into the franchise in general, and Captain Kirk in particular.

It’s a brilliant piece of writing. It’s courageous. And it works.

418. dmduncan - November 26, 2009


419. dmduncan - November 26, 2009

@377: What do you think movies are? One guy with a vision enforcing his will on people in chains who actually make it for him? At last count, the supreme court consists of 4 people. JJ is the chief justice, not Moses. So that there would be no back and forth between all the members, which causes shifting opinions on this or that point, seems unimaginable.

420. Greg2600 - November 26, 2009

Well, actually, and this is just my opinion, Kirk was resurrected in Shatner’s “The Return” book. Had Paramount simply decided to make that “canon,” old Kirk could have been used in this movie, although as I said, the movie was about the new cast. Generations was more like 65/35 new/old, a passing of the torch. The direction of this movie was not passing a torch, it’s a total rebirth and complete decapitation of 40 years of previous stories.

As for this scene, this whole holo-greeting card idea has been done before. Anyone remember the disaster of Enterprise’s finale? It’s window dressing, same as Nimoy’s cameo. He was there to give a little push on Kirk and Spock to somewhat keep the time line going. It wasn’t the kind of role, IMO, that Nimoy or Shatner should have in a Star Trek production. I want to see them as top billing, or not at all.

I also don’t see how Shatner could be in the next or any sequel. He’s very old, and it just wouldn’t make any sense. As much as I was upset he wasn’t included for quite some time, after seeing the movie and the dramatic departure from canon, I’m probably glad he wasn’t. Frankly, that they chose to destroy the Romulan people and maroon Spock out of the old canon, ruffled my feathers.

As I’ve said, I don’t see how J.J., as an artist, can make more movies where they’re using TOS stories but just shuffle the deck around. They should do new things. Sure you use the Klingons, but once you choose to break off from the old canon, it should be a clean break.

421. Jack - November 26, 2009

@ 399

Misery Chastaine, er, I mean, James Tiberius Kirk is in the movie quite a bit — it’s kind of about him.

Generally, I find “I haven’t seen the movie but I think…” postings, on sites about those movies or after movie reviews, kind of frustrating. After you’ve seen the movie I’d be interested in knowing what you think of it.

Shatner’s Kirk has said goodbye twice now, in 91 and 94. Sure, they brought Spock back after a screen death but, arguably, they kind of needed to, just to keep the darned series going. But turn the thing into Days of our Lives (or Voyager) and bring everyone back, say goodbye to any drama. Look at Nemesis, with it’s built in Data/B4 reboot. And the thing is, Kirk isn’t actually dead in this movie — he’s alive and 20-something and has decades of stories ahead of him… he’s just not being played by William Shatner.

Wow, I guess I’m trying to argue away people’s feelings about Shat not being in it, rather than just sharing my own. You’re entitled to miss Shatner and be pissed off about it.

422. MG - November 26, 2009

Sorry I do not have time to completely read all of the above comments, but because of the changes that Nero made it completely changes the entire time line of the crew, which means that Kirk does not have to die at all in this new time line. There is no reason what so ever that Kirk cannot still be alive, on top of that Prime/Spock is alive now in the new present day which means that he can warn Kirk or Quinto Spock or both and then Kirk can cheat his original death

*****Why does everyone keep bring up Kirk’s Death and the Nexus in Generations????? who cares about all that now, its a brand new time line and Kirk no longer has to die or even be a part of even being on board the NCC-1701-B, the new time line means that history can change it self or as I have said before Prime Spock can warn young Spock or young Kirk so as to avoid the Nexus/Generations Death all together.

423. Neville A. Ross - November 27, 2009

@McCoy’s Gall Bladder:

It’s obvious you hate the new film, so please make like a tree and get-your ‘suggestions’ are just nothing but a lot of hater nonsense and wishful thinking. The franchise needed now blood and a reboot, and it got one. You can either accept this, or just stick to the other versions of Star Trek now on home video.

@417 & 416: Sometimes, death is senseless. People die in car accidents all of the time, are hit by trucks, get bit by poison spiders. James T. Kirk died a hero, stopping a madman from destroying a civilization for no good reason-that death was not senseless. It was a good and heroic death, and now you want to cheapen it by having him come back on screen so that you can jizz yourselves silly? Thanks, but no thanks. I like Kirk’s death the way it is-if you can’t take that, go to Waldenbooks and pick up a copy of the Shatnerverse books-you’ll both get plenty of satisfaction in its pages.

424. Hat Rick - November 27, 2009

Reading the scene, I can see how it might appeal to people who’ve always liked Trek. But the inclusion of Bill Shatner’s Kirk still risks the novelty of this new Trek and it could have diluted its appeal to new audiences. I think the decision to leave it out was the right one, but the thought that it could have been included is nevertheless hauntingly seductive.

425. Hat Rick - November 27, 2009

A bit more: I also agree that it would have made the movie more depressing. It’s already kind of depressing to think of the fact that Vulcan is gone; you really don’t want to think about that too long. Reminding people, as someone upthread noted, that Kirk Prime is dead would be rubbing salt in the wound.

And about Kirk’s death: Yes, sometimes death is senseless. But this is Star Trek. It’s not reality. I watch Star Trek not to see reality, but to see what reality could evolve into in our dreams and fantasies. It is a shared vision that goes beyond real life concerns; it is escapism, albeit with a point. And while the darkness of life does exist, we need a bright light of optimism to shine in this, what is for some of us our favorite entertainment franchise. And as far as that light goes, flares or no flares, it’s something the world needs a lot more of.

426. “Lost” William Shatner Scene In Latest ‘Star Trek’ Film - November 27, 2009

[…] If you go here, you can read all about the fan reactions to the lost Shatner scene, as well as watch a video where writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman speak about the scene and why it was not shot.  To read the scene itself, click here. […]

427. dmduncan - November 27, 2009

423: “I like Kirk’s death the way it is-if you can’t take that, go to Waldenbooks and pick up a copy of the Shatnerverse books-you’ll both get plenty of satisfaction in its pages.”

Good for you, Sparky. I don’t. And if it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll keep my preference instead of substituting it with yours; nor do I feel moved by your command.

I don’t read Star Trek fiction. Never have. Never will.

428. captainedd - November 27, 2009

Didn’t need a “holomessage”, a voice over would have been more touching, i think

429. dpitt - November 27, 2009

this probable montage would be very cool and emotional in the film. let alone spock prime’s “space the final frontier…” speech at the end was goood enough, if this scene would be in film, I would cry openly…
Young Spock shouldnt see his “will be” best friends grown old, talking about past times etc… Because that would make him uncomfortable in the future about Kirk… spock vs spock prime scene was enough on that case…

430. Jonathan Spencer - November 27, 2009

That would have made the film much better!

431. Gbrcairns - November 27, 2009

So glad that it didn’t make it in. Shatner never seem to “die” even after generations he revived himself in books, would have ruined it!

432. Hat Rick - November 28, 2009

Maybe parts of the Shatnerverse could be incorporated into a fan film. Just a suggestion.

433. karanadon - November 28, 2009

That. Scene. Is. Amazing. Brilliant writing!

If only they could have won Shatner round…such a shame!

434. vorta23492392932939230 - November 28, 2009

Trip! Yes!

If you can’t save Kirk’s terrible death, at least you can save Trips! Maybe act as if the Pocket novels storyline was canon and show an aged/genetically altered Trip tucker on a secret Romulan mission….


435. Jefferies Tuber - November 28, 2009

It’s a great piece of dialog, but the exclusion had everything to do with Shatner and it’s only Hollywood honor that keeps the Supreme Court from saying so. Shatner wanted millions, but Paramount would only pay him a large appearance fee [for one day’s work]. Face the truth.

The KO dialog is great, but the CG could have been distractingly awful, considering Shatner’s become a bit of a squinty pumpkinhead.

The real shame is that horrible animation over the end credits, with Giacchino’s sarcastic use of the Courage fanfare. It’s kind of a race to hit STOP at the end of the movie, so I don’t have to hear that bastardization of what is nearly perfect music.

436. ster j - November 28, 2009


Can you include it in the Director’s Cut? Pretty please? It’s an AWEsome scene!

437. Cygnus-X1 - November 28, 2009

I like the device they came up with to get Shatner in the film—i.e. the birthday pendant—but, the dialogue they had in mind for Shatner was saccharine, trite and pretty much meaningless.

It would’ve been a much better scene if they’d had Shatner say something meaningful and somewhat unexpected, some revelation to Spock (and perhaps it would only have been revelatory to the audience, with Spock assumed to have known it about his old friend, already).

But, even with the trite dialogue that they wrote, I think the scene would’ve worked alright. It would’ve placated the Shatner devotees and not caused any major problems for anyone else (apart from the Shatner-haters, but who cares about them, anyway).

Oh, well. Maybe in the next one….

438. mtnmedic - November 29, 2009

I particularly liked the first scene mentioned. Something emotionally sincere. It would have been a powerful punctuation to the older Spock’s advice to the younger Spock. It also would have given us a clear handing-over-the-torch moment and would have given us a moment of the original Kirk in the film, which many lament didn’t happen. I played out that scene in my mind to great effect. I think it would have been appropriate to have included this in the film.

The rest of it just seemed like it was dying gasps of the character in a vain attempt to stay alive.

Just leave it at the message. Simple, touching and profound. Star Trek’s greatness is based on moments. This would have been one of the best.

439. Merlyn - November 29, 2009

The original article notest that the filmakers could “not violate the canon that Kirk was killed in Generations.” Of course, upon reflection, one would note that time travel and its paradoxes do away with all canons. In the new timeline, time travel is still possible, and the old Kirk could be intercepted at some juncture, and transported to see his Mark 2 self, as the two Spock’s met. The overwhelming challenge of the who time travel plot device, is that it is easily abused, and eliminates all sense of real drama. There is always the chance for a “do over”. Even if Spock screwed up the first “do over” when he went back to try to stop the super nova that is the priciple plot driver of this film, why could there not have been countless do overs till the mining ship was stopped before it did its damage to the Kelvin, or to stop Kirks death in “Generations” for that matter.

But this line of reasoning only serves to diminish the enjoyment engendered by the gleeful “suspension of disbelief” we employ whenever we cross the magic threshold and walk into a theater playing the next Trek epic.

With that in mind, we should all ask, “Why ask why?”

Just sit back and enjoy the ride. The less consistency we demand, especially in the impossibly convoluted illogic og time travel at its paradoxes, the more enjoyment we will have.

440. Merlyn - November 29, 2009

BTW, as a confirmed sentimentalist who grew up watching the original trek on TV when it was brand new, I vote for inclusion of the cut scene. As Sean Connery said, “never say never” when he went back and filmed another Bond romp. Maybe Shatner will get over himself, like most of us do as we age gracefully, and realize that the cameo is not “about him.” It would be about the fans.

Shatner has done enough outside of the Trek universe that he doesn’t have to be insecure about his talent, or his accomplisments.

441. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 29, 2009


Your time paradox musings caused me to ponder: “The Nexus is timeless but what if it’s also transdimensional and Picard in GENERATIONS got the “wrong” Kirk for his universe?”

442. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

441, that was discussed in another recent thread, as well.

443. starbase63 - November 30, 2009

@416 Trekenstein…Kirk died in a “stupid and pointless way”???

As I’ve said many times over at startrek.com:

Kirk died doing what he did all his life…

He did his duty as a Starfleet officer…

He saved billions of lives…

He protected the safety of the Federation…

He saved the crews of TWO Starships Enterprise…neither of which were his…

What was so wrong about that?

James T. Kirk died a hero.

444. Obsidianbean - November 30, 2009

I really liked this scene. It would have been a nice way of helping fans like me (if there are any more) along. To be more specific, I liked the movie but felt like it was kind of a backhanded compliment by J.J. Abrams because he rejected so much of the prior Star Trek world/timeline/characters’ traits. This scene would’ve helped me roll with it a lot more easily. “The journey is home”=Don’t get so attached to the previous storylines, characters, etc., that you can’t enjoy this too.

445. Matches Malone - December 1, 2009

It would be easy to put this scene, or something similar, into the next Trek film. Shatner/Kirk Lives!!!

446. bigbonedp - December 2, 2009

I can imagine William Shatner doing this seen and it would have been great in my opinion – a nice bit of writing that.

Trek lives.

447. victor ciad - December 2, 2009

That scene would have saved the movie from being crap. No shatner = no star trek.

448. Lancer - December 2, 2009

PLEASE tell me you shot the footage for this scene anyway! And that it would be relatively easy to splice in Shatner’s voiceover!

I say voiceover only, because, let’s be honest, Shatner today looks nothing like Shatner of 1994 (when he was the age Kirk would have been when the recording was supposed to have been made).

I am hoping — nay praying — that a Special Edition will be made whenever Shatner comes around!

449. Podcast # 256 – “Dagger of the Mind” – 0912.06 : TREKS in SCI-FI - December 6, 2009

[…] Trek right now, but you can read that movie scene they were thinking of doing with William Shatner HERE.  It’s an interesting read and nice scene, but ultimately not probably really needed for the […]

450. Hawaiowa - December 10, 2009

Star Trek 2012: The Search for Kirk

451. Hawaiowa - December 10, 2009

And another thing….why didn’t they film an alternate ending with Shat for the DVD, like some of the slasher films do? It would have spiked the DVD sales and give the Trekkans their cherished Kirk/Spock reunion. This was only chance for a finale between the two TOS vets in their roles, and it didn’t happen. For a few million Trekkans…that’s a crime.

452. J. Parker - December 12, 2009

If the literate Meyer or the late Gene L. Coon had written this scene, surely there would be a quote from Ulysses:

… Come, my friends,
‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
It may be that the gulfs will wash us down;
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. (56–64)


453. SpockSiren - January 6, 2010

I am a convention goer, and huge fan of the TOS…however, having read the above scene- I have to concede, it was a wise decision to leave the scene out. It really would have seemed hokey. Many fans seem to have wanted a tear-jerking Kirk and Spock (Prime) “riding off into the sunset together”. I think the way the movie ended leaves doors wide open (using time travel, alternate realities) for endless future possibilities, “resurrections”, whatever! And although Leonard Nimoy is still HOT, I also look forward to seeing him and Kirk have adventures as their younger selves through this new venture. Way to go writers, and JJ!

454. Since the 60s' follower but not a trekkie - January 7, 2010

It would have been perfect, a minute or two for those fans going back a while and for the bond we have embraced between them both. The film just took a huge step back for me – a void if you will… Maybe in #12 or CD release, for us that’ve been there since the start of it all… Come on Bill, for us that kept you in your Capts. chairs for 4 decades +…

455. Elmtree - January 8, 2010

What an outstanding scene. I think it would have worked really well in the movie, and made a better end.

456. Commodore Redshirt - January 23, 2010

That scene would have made me cry…

457. rose - February 12, 2010

This was really awesome. Very, very touching. It’s a pity it wasn’t in the film. I would totally love to see it performed. Oh, well–they still have the next movie.

458. Enterprise4ever - February 15, 2010

I thought of an option to get Bill Shatner into the next ST film. Ask him to play Tiberous Kirk in a short recording made for George Kirk’s graduation from Star Fleet Academy, which is given to Jim Kirk by his mother. This way there is no hint of a cameo and Bill is still in the film. I must admit I liked the idea of the Kirk holo recording for the first ST movie, but not all of the old Kirk dialogue.

459. T D - March 4, 2010

Damn! That would have been a GREAT hand-off from Shatner and Nimoy to the reboot cast of Star Trek. That would have been a fantastic ending to the movie! With two of the most famous TV and Movie icons that pioneered those characters, you just can’t imagine Star Trek without them.

460. Codee - December 7, 2010

That is so beautiful!!!
If that would have been in the movie I would have cried my heart out.

A great way to pass the torch to the new young crew.

May they live long and prosper together!!

461. Kangaroo - March 19, 2011

I’ve read it three times already, and I have tears streaming down my face every time. This would have made the movie so much more beautiful and amazing!

462. Phil - April 8, 2011

First time I’ve read it. Nice, but I don’t think Shatner would have bit. Too small of a part.

463. Joel1245 - April 8, 2011

No Shatner in any of the others. This is not a reunion. The only reason Nimoy worked is because it tied it all to the Prime universe, to the original series. This also gave the new set of movies a blessing. However, like I said, I would hate it if they started putting in any other original cast members. It would be cheap IMO and be sort of self-serving. Let’s move on. Shatner’s chance would have been the 2009 film if at all. That’s been made, let’s move on with original stories that don’t involve time-travel.

464. Terry Rand - April 23, 2011

shatner, of course he should have done it. oh well. It’s a geat movie and I’m happy there will be more. Trek watcher since 1966.

465. Phantom Dennis. - June 19, 2011

Obviously Bill was upset that Abrams didn’t consider “The Return” and other Shatner novels canon. Something set before “Generations” has the obvious flaw that Shatner has obviously aged a great deal since that movie. This enrages some people for some reason but at this point I feel obliged to point out that Kirk is still in the Nexus, which being by nature a Nexus is probably in more than one timeline. We could get KIrk and WHoopi A plot where the BORG attempt to use the Nexus in another attempt to alter the timeline would be interesting especially if they brought along some STNG & DS9 Players who seem to have been forgotten in the new continuity.. THis might work better for movie 3 though, One problem the STNG movies had was that the idea needs to be BIG to justify a big-budget feature film, unlike television where you can get by doing some episodes that are high on characterization and low-key drama and low on more spectacular fireworks.

466. Jon Spencer - June 19, 2011

THIS SCENE WOULD HAVE MADE THE MOVIE 10932% better! I so wish.

467. Roulette - July 14, 2011

That is really fascinating, You are an excessively professional blogger. I’ve joined your feed and sit up for in quest of extra of your great post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

468. MAURICE LAMARCHE - July 22, 2011

If William Shatner had been shown this script, I’m convinced he would have done the film. This is the OPPOSITE of a cameo! This is the culmination of the entire Star Trek Canon! This is the sendoff that Shatner’s James T. Kirk deserved! This! Not that almost laughable, “Oh, my…” death scene in “ST: Generations”. Are you kidding? This was a chance to resurrect Kirk and have him put a lump in our throats and a tear in our eye one last time. JJ Abrams, or whomever advised him not to show it to Shatner, really blew it on this one.
For the record, I am one of those who walked out of ST 2009 downright angry, feeling as though Abrams and company had just crapped on my entire childhood (“Where No Man Has Gone Before” was the very first TV show of any kind I ever watched “in color” from my sickbed when I was 8 years old recovering from surgery, and I was hooked), saying, “This is not your father’s (meaning mine) Star Trek anymore”. This ending would have *honored* the original series, not flushed it away! And, more important, it would have brought home the depth of the Kirk/Spock relationship in a way so wholly unforgettable, and so moving, grown men would have been weeping in their theater seats; instead, we got and ending that felt like the filmmakers were dashing that friendship to bits, and resetting it, as though it had never happened. I know I’d have gone back, like, 3 times, even before buying it on DVD/Blu-ray.
God, it felt good to get that off my chest. I’ve been sitting on that resentment for 2 years….

469. Mr. X - August 11, 2011

With today’s technology, they can still film this and put it onto the Director’s Cut or a Special Edition DVD.

470. Steven - August 11, 2011

Talk about a moving, beautiful scene. Alot of things happening at once which would have surly capped off an alreay excellt movie. It’s just confusing to me WHY Shatner wasen’t even asked to do the cameo. What can be the worst thing to happen? He says no thank you???????

In my humble opinion, he should have been at least aksed. And although JJ stated he dropped the scene because he feels it just didn’t fit, the scene would have convinced the young Spock beyond any doubt that his soon to be friendship with Kirk was indeed real.

471. Karrie Hornbeak - August 16, 2011

certain about my difficulty. You are amazing! Thanks!

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