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Pocket Books ‘Holding Off’ On Star Trek Movie Tie-ins – 4 Novels Pulled From Summer 2010 January 14, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Books,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

This Summer Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books was planning to release four new Star Trek novels set in the new timeline of the 2009 Star Trek movie. However, today Pocket Books has informed TrekMovie that the four novels were being removed from their schedule, they have also issued a statement explaining why.


The (Almost) Summer of Star Trek movie tie-in Books
Last summer Simon & Schuster announced four novels for the Summer of 2010 that would be tied into the 2009 Star Trek movie. Pocket announced titles and authors for each. All four were set in the new timeline after the events of the film, but were to be ‘stand-alone’ books that were not tied to each other. Last week we reported on summaries of those books from the S&S summer sales brochure, and all four have been available for pre-order at Amazon and other retailers for months.  The first of these books, "Star Trek: Refugees", written by Alan Dean Foster (who wrote the 2009 Star Trek movie novelization in 2009), was due to be released in May of this year. Here is the full list:

Placeholder cover for what was to be the first Star Trek movie tie-in novel

A spokesperson for Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books provided TrekMovie with the following statement explaining why the books were pulled:

With last summer’s blockbuster STAR TREK movie, JJ Abrams created a new vibrant, layered version of the Star Trek universe. After careful consideration, we decided to hold off on telling new stories while JJ and his team continue to develop his vision.

It is currently not known if and when they will be released. It is also not known if any other Star Trek books will replace the four movie tie-in novels, or if other books planned for the Fall will now move up into the Summer.

Apparently the four novels have mostly been written, but the decision does not appear to have anything to do with the books specifically, but the view that (for now) the team behind the movie should be the ones telling new stories for this new crew, especially stories set after the movie. That does not mean that stories cannot be told in the new movie universe. Comic Book publisher IDW has already released the "Star Trek Nero" comic series, which was primarily a new story set in the new movie universe, but it took place during the film (in the years between Nero’s arrival and when he captured Spock Prime). IDW are also kicking off a six-issue Star Trek movie adaptation next month. And of course last year IDW had a big success with Star Trek Countdown". A big difference between the IDW Star Trek tie-ins and the planned Pocket Books novels is that IDW has been working closely with the Star Trek writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The writing team
did work with Pocket and author Alan Dean Foster on the 2009 Star Trek movie adaptation, which became a New York Times bestseller, the first for Star Trek in a long time.

Cover for Star Trek Nero trade paperback, coming out this May

Another big difference between IDW and Pocket Books, is that all four of the planned novels were set after the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie. However, that is not without precedent. In the past Pocket Books released some Star Trek novels set after the most recent film. The Star Wars franchise also has seen novels released and set between movies (ironically a couple of which were written by Alan Dean Foster).

Orci and Kurtzman have yet to start penning the script for the Star Trek sequel, which was recently put on Paramount’s release schedule for June 29, 2012. The screenplay should be done by this summer. Hopefully after that is complete, they can work with Pocket Books on either tie-ins or stand alone novels tied into the new movie universe.

Look for TrekMovie updates on this developing story.


1. Federali Aundy - January 14, 2010


2. Stephen Whelan - January 14, 2010

This is annoying as was looking forward to these books…would they hold them over til before the next film? wonder what the writers would have to say about this.

3. Captain Rickover - January 14, 2010

That is a shame.

4. Imrahil - January 14, 2010

Good. More room for actual Trek.

5. Christine - January 14, 2010

What!!?? That is such a shame!!

I often prefer what’s on the page to what’s on the screen.

..Darnit! D:

6. Flake - January 14, 2010

Maybe they read the books and decided to use one of them as the next movie?

7. Joel - January 14, 2010

You’ve got to be kidding me.

8. jr - January 14, 2010

This does not sound like a move the publisher willing made.

9. Valenti - January 14, 2010

Such a shame…

10. Psiqueue - January 14, 2010



11. captain_neill - January 14, 2010

well at least there will still be books in the prime universe

12. Bryan - January 14, 2010

Why does Pocket want nothing to do with the JJ-verse?

May 09 would have been the perfect time to produce a load of tie-ins to go with the new movie – non-fiction books on the making of the movie and the art, along with the movie adaptation, and maybe even a novel version of Star Trek: Countdown as a prequel. What did we get? Almost nothing.

Now, with the wait for the new movie at 3 years, the timing would be great for a series of novels set in the new continuity, to keep the fans interested, and maybe attract a few people who, before last May, would never have considered picking up a Star Trek book. But, what does Pocket do? Walks away completely, leaving fans of the JJ-verse hanging.

Makes me wonder if the editors at Pocket are a bunch of haters.

13. DavidJ - January 14, 2010

Too bad. These probably would have been the first Trek novels I picked up in YEARS.

And it’s not like these novels have ever been official Trek canon anyway. They were coming out with TNG books while TNG was still airing, and many of those ended up contradicting later episodes, so I don’t really see the big issue there.

14. TrekMD - January 14, 2010

Well, that sucks. I had already preordered these on Amazon.

15. CmdrR - January 14, 2010

Great. Yet another timeline… studio-guy timeline versus novelist timeline versus JJVerse versus Roddentinuum. My head hurts.

16. The Notorious BUG - January 14, 2010

what a joke. I feel bad for the authors who now now have basically wasted their time working on these books.

17. spike - January 14, 2010

I was really looking forward to these …thanks for the let down ..

18. nscates - January 14, 2010

I wonder if Pocket knows something we don’t. Perhaps one of the books had a story line that was deemed to be too close to what Orci and Kurtzman are currently working on.

19. yamihoole - January 14, 2010

I fail to understand what difference it would be to the sequel to have these books come out now. Like its been said, the books arent considered canon anyway. I was looking forward to them. Are they afraid these novels will somehow influence the sequel? I would think since it’s not coming out for nearly 2 1/2 years releasing books would help keep the interest up. Not to mention its not fair to the writers who spent time writing these books. Kind of a lame excuse to pull them.

20. SerenityActual - January 14, 2010

This sucks. I was really looking forward to new adventures in the Alt Timeline. I really do not see any good reason not to do this.

21. Mikey1091 - January 14, 2010

Why do you think I stopped buying, or for that matter, RENTING books from Pocket Books at the library or at barnes and Noble? Pocket Books screwing over trek fans left and right is the reason. And now? Well pocket Books can kiss my fat ass because me buying any of their trek books past, future or present just took a huge jump into the doors of hell, and it ain’t coming back anytime soon. When Pocket Books stops screwing us over, I’ll start reading their books.

22. ix9000 - January 14, 2010

So are they going to announce any 24th century books for 2010? Looks like I’ll have to read “other books” or even Star Wars books I guess. Let’s hope they add more typhon pact books to the schedule.

23. Dom - January 14, 2010

The spin-off marketing of the new Trek film has seemed a real mess IMHO: the four novels should have been out by last Christmas at the latest with more on the way, a cartoon series should on its way to the air now, the ‘Art of . . .’ book should have been out within days of the film’s release and the ‘Making of . . .’ book weeks before. The comic books are the only things to have kept in operation and they might struggle on their own if they have another two years to get through!

Much as the new film did well, it isn’t as easy a fan-draw as a Star Wars film and, with a wait until 2012, they could well be on their way to losing the momentum the new film created. Far from building a sense of anticipation the lack of anything visibly new-Trek-related will simply make people relax into the malaise of being aware of the endless repeats of the 1980s-2000s TV faux-Treks, yet disinterested.

By 2012, the Star Trek ‘2’ might well have to start all the big-upping of the franchise again from scratch. Mainstream audiences are fickle and apt to forget enjoying Star Trek after a load of bigger blockbusters in between.

Unless, of course, there’s a TV show of some kind or a cartoon being planned in between films! Maybe the cancellation of the books means there’s another, bigger announcement on the way! ;)

24. JB - January 14, 2010

Very interesting. Since this move presumably comes at a cost to Pocket in terms of both foregone sales and whatever they owe the writers, could they have been pressured to pull these back? It seems odd that Pocket would make such a decision on their own this late in the process.

25. 1701 over Gotham City - January 14, 2010

Makes sense to me, really… I know monetarily now might be the time, but creatively? Not yet. Just not enough known about the new timeline to play around yet.

The reason these may have been pulled could be anything, but could be that what was written conflicted with story plans for the next film. Personally, I’d love to see Paramount get some canon books out there. If Wars can do it, so can Trek.

26. Anthony Thompson - January 14, 2010

Who is pulling the strings? THAT is the question!!!

27. sunspot - January 14, 2010

That is a big disappointment. I hope they are not being shelved indefinitely. I was very much looking forward to them.

28. Brandon - January 14, 2010

I’d prefer to see some Tech Manuals and Making of books. It’s time we get an updated Trek Encyclopedia too. Or Pocket Books could step aside and let DK Publishing do a Trek Cross Sections and Worlds of Trek books like they did for Star Wars! That would be awesome!

29. Fatman Bruno - January 14, 2010

Couldn’t agree more 25#, obviously JJ’s people have read the books and decided that their initial plans for the movie sequel have similiar lines of adventure for the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise

30. Matt - January 14, 2010

Well This sucks big time I was actually looking forward to reading these.

31. ryanhuyton - January 14, 2010

I’m not sure we’ll ever see these novels. I think it just comes down to economics. They had to layoff a lot of their staff recently and the next thing to do is start pulling back on new books. I would expect that some novels set in the prime timeline will be cancelled as well. Pocket Books will probably stick to TOS and TNG while the others get the axe. They don’t do Star Trek non-fiction anymore because it isn’t economically viable for them. Thats where Titan Books stepped in. They did “Star Trek”: The Art of The Film”, and while I’m not sure they publish fiction( I’m probably wrong) I suspect eventually they will end up with the rights to publishing stories set in the new timeline.

32. OneBuckFilms - January 14, 2010

I was looking forward to these books !!!

33. John Lewis, Jr. - January 14, 2010

It makes sense to me. With the screenplay to the sequel still not written, why would you want to run the chance of coming up with similar concepts? Why would you want to run the chance of taking something off the big screen?

If that happened, we’d all be bitching that there’s no way to even pretend “Book X” is in continuity. “Why didn’t Pocket and Paramount coordinate this better?”

34. ALLAN ROSE - January 14, 2010

JJ is a control freak.

35. ALLAN ROSE - January 14, 2010

Maybe when the novels ever do come out they will explain why engineering looks like a 21st century brewery.

36. VZX - January 14, 2010

I don’t read the Trek novels much but that really sucks for the fans and for the writers. I’d be really be pissed if I had the book mostly written and then they’d tell me that they are not going to publish it. Even if I got paid, I’d still feel upset over not letting my work get read by an audience.

37. Anthony L. - January 14, 2010

What do you think the over/under is that one of these novels had story ideas similar to what is being considered for the sequel and therefore all of the title had to be removed in order to prevent even the tiniest amount of spoilerage?

38. Marvin the Martian - January 14, 2010

My prediction is that “Seek A Newer World” is the closest story to what we’ll see in the new film. And in this timeline, Khan is a Klingon.

Just a wild guess.

39. Rus Wornom - January 14, 2010

I’m more tempted to think that the 2nd movie will take place immediately after the first — perhaps even days — thus rendering the four novels completely moot. I’ll bet they’re eventually published as “What IF?” novels, with an explanatory intro by the Pocket editor (at that time) or by Foster..

40. Ben - January 14, 2010

Paramount is really trying hard to screw over the new life that Star Trek has been given. First off their “grand” marketing plan was nothing more than a Super Bowl ad, cereal boxes, and a toy line that too was cancelled after the first wave.

Come on people… This movie did great so why are you starving us for more? 3 years to wait for the next movie then you go and pull these books before they got out.

Stop smoking your weed and give us some new material!! By the way, I have over 100 Star Trek books so I do have right to be angry over this. I enjoy Trek reading.

41. Jordan from UGO - January 14, 2010

This is awful.

I *loved* the movie, but I resent Team JJ making such sweeping decisions like this. No one person, or team, owns Star Trek.

And if I am not mistaken S&S was planning to go all in with those 4 titles. Now they have no new Trek books coming out any time soon, correct?


Like I said before, I think the movie was fantastic & JJ deserves all his praise – but the man is clearly a control freak.

42. Jordan from UGO - January 14, 2010

Wow. It felt good to rant like that.

43. MvRojo - January 14, 2010

That’s what I’m thinking. In any case, since they haven’t figured out what the timeframe for the next movie is, they shouldn’t be pumping out novels that could be totally negated. That’s one of the nice things about all the SW books being canon (though I’ve never read them or wanted to).

Example: Trek XII takes place a month after Trek XI ended and a major character is killed. One of the novels could take place a few months after and be heavily based on said character.

44. Captain Stark - January 14, 2010

#25 — I’m going to agree that there just isn’t enough known about the new timeline to start branching out indepedently just yet. When the other books came out following the other Trek movies, the boundaries were much more established. Now, not so much.

Guess we’ll just have to wait to see the new novels when Pocket Books deems it a good time to release them.

45. Ben - January 14, 2010

I’d like to hear words from boborci on if he and his team had something to do with this ridiculous move.

46. therock - January 14, 2010

well one of the books, I think it was the 3rd one, was where the Klingons are trying seek out the ship and the captain that defeated nero and the narada…they were smarting no doubt after the loss of I dunno 47 “warbirds”
the enterprise gets attacked etc by a whole bunch of klingon vessels in what looks to be Kirk’s first encounter with ’em….

hmmm…could the pulling of these books give a hint as to the plans of the Supreme Court..
If they are planning to include Klingons I’d imagine they’d want to show a story in which Kirk and the crew encounter them for the first time in the JJverse…they wouldnt want a book spoil that or to contradict what they were writing

47. Bill Williams - January 14, 2010

I first saw the bad news on David Mack’s Facebook page, and I feel really badly for him.

“Careful consideration”, my ass.

48. THX-1138-Wielding the Wave Motion Gun - January 14, 2010


Reports indicate that there is a whole, great big, wide, wonderful world of science fiction that is going to be published this year and will be brand new. Also, there is a whole bunch of published science fiction that has been released in the past and is still waiting for you to read it.

So fear not. Whatever Pocket Books does to screw up written Trek stories, you can spend the next few years cleansing your literary pallette with the works of Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven and many others.

It does suck royally for the authors who got screwed over.

49. toddk - January 14, 2010

This was expected concidering that all of trek 2012’s resources will be devoted to the re-imagining of TOS space seed. yes khan is coming!

50. Oregon Trek Geek - January 14, 2010

Off topic, but….

Why not put those expensive ST09 sets to use on a series? Set on a different ship with a different crew….but still in the JJverse.

And the occasional ST09 Enterprise crewmember can make the occasional guest spot…. there’s all kinds of possibilites.

I don’t think this would dilute the franchise too much, would it?

51. Buckies - January 14, 2010

Everything about this is awful. I highly, highly doubt the next Star Trek movie is going to contiune from the last frame when the Enterprise jumps to warp, so these could probably fit in there.

52. LordAdmiral - January 14, 2010

Business is the prime factor in all of this, of course. Keep in mind that Pocket Books/Simon & Schuester (sp?) is owned by CBS Corporation… one half of the lumbering giant that was CBS/Viacom. It also owns the TV side of the Star Trek brand name. The other half (the modern day Viacom) owns Paramount pictures. While these are technically separate companies, they are still tied closely together.

The companies were split a few years ago so that the more profitable areas… like Paramount and MTV… can rake in the cash… while the less profitable areas, like Simon & Schuester, tread water or slowly grow.

Bottom line… it’s Viacom (Paramount) which drives the car on this one… it’s more profitable.

So it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that someone at Paramount slammed on the breaks until there is some creative direction on the 2012 movie. Indeed, given the (as noted eloquently in posts above) crappy merchandising of the 2009 movie… I bet Paramount is rethinking a whole new marketing scheme… and they don’t want anyone else going out and doing their own thing. This may also explain why only one lame video game tie-in has been developed so far with the 2009 property.

53. MacTrek - January 14, 2010

40. Ben – January 14, 2010
“Come on people… This movie did great so why are you starving us for more? 3 years to wait for the next movie then you go and pull these books before they got out.”


One of three reasons (or all the below):
(1) If they can get you to wait longer, you will appreciate it more when it arrives. It guarantees interest in these products. If you read the article again, everything hints to spoon feeding the public.

(2) J. J. just started his new version of “Star Trek”. Since there is almost nothing established at this point, there is really nothing to truly expand upon. Also, no one really knows which direction part two will take.

(3) Maybe Paramount did learn their lessons from overexposing the original “Star Trek”, and they are cautiously spoon feeding the franchise. If the second movie is not as successful, they can quickly move funding around to compensate for any loss. It would be considered a fluke. – If the second movie is another success, it would be a clear sign that they were able to build a fanbase. You will suddenly see a flooding of new merchandise.

54. Tox Uthat - January 14, 2010

It never made sense to me to release any novels in the Alt Universe. We know nothing of it. And whether one likes it or not, the Alt Universe is canon.

Orig Trek novels were written with at least 70 hours of television to dig into. ST2009 had some nice ideas but I agree that JJ’s vision needs to be in place before any novels can deal with ST 2009 fall out.

55. Paul B. - January 14, 2010

Maybe Pocket Books finally realized that these books sounded dreadful, with none of the fresh new Trek that JJ gave us. Add to that the horribly cheap-looking PhotoShop covers, and they realized only diehard Trekkies would even consider looking into these books.

OK, so it’s probably pressure from the film end of things, but I’d love to think that Pocket Books had people who finally looked at these synopses and said, “These sound horrible!” and stopped ’em there.

(Sigh) Quality, oh quality, where have you gone…?

56. NX01 - January 14, 2010

Cop Out , this is so a Cop Out.

If the say J.J. should be the only one telling stories for a while.

The existence of these books should never have seen the lite of day.

I totally get where they are coming from, but don’t get cold feet now.

They have been advertising these books for a little while now.

An any rate they phasered themselves in the foot.

I am sure someone will have a copy of at least one of the books up by the end of the summer.

Pocket books get a -2 for planning.

57. ryanhuyton - January 14, 2010

#53 Well, I actually agree with something you said! Well stated! :-)

58. VOODOO - January 14, 2010

This seems odd to me.

Why would Paramount care about these non canon books? With the exception of the book that dealt with Spock prime none of the storylines seem to be anyhting that couldn’t take place in the prime time line and are of little significance, at least on the surface.

The creative team behind the new films have to have a basic idea of what the next film will be about by this point… I wonder if that outline is similar to one of these stories? If this is the case it would seem logical that the Spock Prime storyline was too jucy for a book and may be used in the next movie.

Is it possible that the Spock story will be a major part of the next film? Abrams is on record as saying that he would like to have Mr Nimoy back in the second film… Granted I am most likely grasping at straws here, but I do find the entire situation odd.

I guess the more likely scenario is some type of business decision, but it makes me wonder.

59. MacTrek - January 14, 2010

@ 57. ryanhuyton – January 14, 2010

If you stand back and look at what I have been saying (in other posts), you will notice that I am not bashing the new movie. I am actually “critiquing” the movie based upon how much I have invested over the years. I have been trained to critique various forms of media, and they are an extension to what I do for a living. On the general surface, my critiques seem cold and harsh. Sure, some of the things I said are based upon an opinion; however, how would you feel if the rug was pulled out form under you? Especially after investing into the franchise for 25 years.

You would be pretty pissed. I will promise to tone it down a little, but don’t expect me to agree with everyone. Individualism is important to creativity, uniqueness, and a sense of self.


I actually applaud Pocket Book’s course of action. If they are able to hold their new merchandise back, the new fans will yearn for it a little bit longer. Its a great marketing tactic, which ensures the flow of funding, long-term success, and the control of canon. Everything feels as though the franchise is cautiously moving forward; thus, waiting to see if they can hit gold again.

Maybe the second movie will flesh out some of the movie’s potholes.

Time will only tell.

60. ryanhuyton - January 14, 2010


I do hope you change your mind about the new movie. I do have my criticisms of it, but for me it starts with the characters. The actors who took over the roles of these classic icons did a great job. The writing staff and J.J Abrams truly understood the characters.
It is a new take of a classic t.v show, not a replacement. I just hope you at least give the next movie a chance. Maybe give this one another chance. If you don’t change your mind, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. :-)

61. Praetor Kirk™ - January 14, 2010

That’s what I was thinking. Maybe they thought they one of the books was too similar, as far as story goes, to their new story for the next movie.
Either that or they didn’t wanting them to delve into the JJverse until after the next movie or right before it.

IMO I think ST books should do like Star Wars and have every book stick to canon and become part of the canon at the same time, but again that’s just me.

62. TD - January 14, 2010

I’ve been worried about the Trek line in general with Marco getting the boot first, then Margaret.
I feel their pain being laid off for some time too.

63. martin - January 14, 2010

Hmm. with the push to a 3 year release, this is interesting, you would think they would want to mine for a few more nuggets of gold. And books would do little to take away from the new movie. It might generate a little (very little) additional interest. Also the books have never been canon, so can they really mess anything up for JJ? I remember reading Star Wars novels between Eps 4&5 and 5&6 which made no sense in relation to the movies.

But here, I suppose is where it does matter: the relationships are not defined. What exactly is the Kirk/Spock relationship at this point? Further, they do not want to heat up/cool off the Uhura/Spock thing outside of the movies, and it is unlikely the authors would want to keep off that. Lastly, you have Spock Prime, which has to be handled just so.

64. ryanhuyton - January 14, 2010

It’s been a tough time in the publishing world. With the decline in newspapers, could books be next? With downloading on the rise, the book industry could face the same problems as the music industry.
Unfortuneatly, all signs point to a worsening economy in 2010 and possibly beyond.

65. Daoud - January 14, 2010

FWIW, how about TOS adaptations of Star Trek:New Voyages/Phase 2’s scripts. A full ADF adaptation of their Sulu episode, and a DC Fontana adaptation of the Chekov episode would rock.

Another “Shatnerverse” novel at the Academy could be interesting.

As others have said, I feel badly for the authors. I’m surprised that boborci and Alex wouldn’t find a way to throw them a bone of sorts, to give them an “out”. Then again, just adapt the stories to the prime TOSverse.

66. MacTrek - January 14, 2010

60. ryanhuyton – January 14, 2010
“… It is a new take of a classic t.v show, not a replacement…”

You made one statement that brings up two very important points. (1) We are talking about a movie based upon a classic television show; thus, its not the end of the world. (2) Nothing can truly replace the original series. If anything does come from these movies, it will only compliment what has been done before them.

I will also add that we are talking about science-fiction; thus, anything J.J. Abrams does can be easily fixed in a similar manner. If someone wanted to switch us back to the original “Star Trek” time line, they can easily explain it by coming up with something creative.

Thus, nothing is written in stone.

67. jonboc - January 14, 2010

Foolish. Instead of wisely riding the wave, Pocket isn’t even going to the beach. A real head scratcher. So much for striking while the iron is hot.

68. Spock's Uncle - January 14, 2010

I think the decision was made to ensure the “purity” of JJ-verse Trek when movie #2 opens. JJ depended on a clean slate to redefine and redevelop the franchise, so I suspect that Paramount wants to maintain the purity of vision. I doubt JJ had much input into the publishing schedule, but Paramount likely did. Starve ’em a little, and they’ll spend more money to see #2–prevailing wisdom in the Paramount front office me thinks.

69. TrekkieJan - January 14, 2010

Disappointing news! I was looking forward to these.
I wonder if it isn’t just due to the sequel’s being pushed back to 2012? Maybe they figure the market isn’t hot enough right now.
I do hope these novels see the light of day soon, though. With the sequel so far away, I was rather hoping the have the books to tide me over too, even if they were non-canon.

70. devon - January 14, 2010

I have no real problem with this delay as I am far behind in my reading anyway, but I do agree that they are missing the boat on the merchandising front in every dept., books, novels, toys,etc. The delays or cancellations of so many NewTrek products is very disappointing, and I believe that it is a mistake not to strike while the iron is hot! But perhaps the marketing execs will come up with a bold new merchandising approach that will blow the nacelles off with the release of the next film? Who knows?, but I am still pissed as Hell over not getting Wave 2 of Playmates figures, especially the beautifully sculpted 12″ versions of Nero,Uhura & Scotty! Don’t mind as much with the smaller figures, except only wished they had released all major characters in their Starfleet uniforms & provided ample consoles with the Bridge playset… had they done this from the get go, we wouldn’t even require a Wave 2 at all!

71. Arnie Dippet - January 14, 2010

First of All:

Even if these Four Novels were being marketed and released as the best SF since Jules Verne by S&S, let’s face it Folks, they would STILL be regarded as non-canon by JJ and Company when all is said and done. Sure, these stories could have been an immense source of ENTERTAINMENT and Kept Us Happy until ’12, but the events and locations of these stories, like the novels set in the “Primeline”, were most likely not meant to be referenced through visual Easter Eggs or Throwaway Lines in any continuation, no matter how cute or clever they could have been. Unlike Lucasfilm’s “Clone Wars” publishing initiative in between “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith”, keep in mind that JJ’s version of Trek has a new continuity, backstory, and character relationship whose dynamics NEED to be developed further by its Producer before any Third Sources are permitted to add their ideas. And it is the very topic of The Clone Wars which leads Me to…


If Par/CBS REALLY wishes to develop these characters and keep any story elements they introduce “In Play”…Why haven’t they approached JJ with the idea of allowing a good studio to present New Trek stories with an ANIMATED SERIES with the same QUALITY and FUN as Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars show? Let’s face facts: At the rate the films will be produced, We’re probably going to have AT BEST five movies with this cast before they start aging themselves and move on. And as You can imagine, This Enterprise will never appear in a live action episodic show. An animated series will not only enhance the experience between the new films, but its presence will keep the Brand active with Fans, Civilians…and Kids! As Prime Kirk might say, “Better for You, Better for Them, Better for Everyone”. Think About That.

72. Trekkie - January 14, 2010

well this sucks.

Pocket thinks that JJ should be allowed to tell the story. Well than how come tons of other movies and videogames have had novelized follow-ups. Now that leaves the summer months almost completely devoid of Trek. how depressing…

However, if they move some of the fall releases to the summer(Typhon Pact), I would be very happy.

But Pocket, don’t cancel these books!

73. Ironhyde - January 14, 2010

This is the right decision. I applaud Pocket Books for their wisdom. The honest truth is that we do not know this parallel universe yet, and that it’s ridiculous arrogance for authors to believe they’ve figured it out to the degree that they could presume to write adventures here. Really great decision.

But I also have to wonder whether a few threatening letters from a big film distributor with a P in its name made might have had more to do with it than wisdom…

74. Phasers On Stun - January 14, 2010

JJ and the studio could be concerned with over saturating the market. Especially with so much already out there (even if its related to classic trek, TNG, etc). Now that they have alot riding on a July holiday launch for the sequel perhaps they are taking measures to ensure they have full control of the content, message, building momentum etc. Just a thought.

75. I'm Dead Jim - January 14, 2010

WTF? I have a sinking feeling that all Star Trek 09 merchandising is going to stop cold until 2012. Is there any word on if we are still going to even see model kits this year or have those been cancelled too? C’mon folks! Way to kill the momentum!

76. Buckies - January 14, 2010

I don’t get this “hold it back and more people will see the sequel logic.” The only people who would really buy these books are people who would go and see the sequel anyway. What do they gain by holding it back from an audience that was a guaranteed ticket buyer in the first place?

77. S. John Ross - January 14, 2010

It’s hard to guess at what the real story is, but two possibilities among many: (A) Difficulties with Paramount approvals department seen as not worth the hassle by the publisher and (B) The publisher simply doesn’t think they’ll sell enough copies, based on pre-orders or other indicators (although in that case, it seems like they’d just make them e-book-only releases or somesuch). The notion (C) that they actually care about who tells what story is simply hogwash; they could have come up with a more convincing cover story, honestly.

Either way: huh.

78. S. John Ross - January 14, 2010

#68: “I suspect that Paramount wants to maintain the purity of vision.”

Hah. If there’s anyone at Paramount that cares about vision (pure or otherwise) I guarantee you that his job is delivering mail or making coffee for the people who make the actual decisions.

79. Charlie - January 14, 2010

Not surprised by this at all – and probably a good decision. While I enjoy novels by these authors, I don’t think the new continuity is established enough for uncoordinated efforts between the authors and the movie team.

80. Captain Sisko - January 14, 2010

I think its a good idea. Novels tend to muddy the continuity water and contradict the source material way too much. I think it’s important that they establish an identity for this alternate universe. For example they wanted to tell a story where Spock Prime is being pressed by Star Fleet for secrets. There was no indication that he had been revealed to anyone at Starfleet. He was in the shadows. I think that Paramount is trying to prevent what has happened to Star Wars which is a rampant inconsistency in the non canon universe. The comics are NON CANON.
I appreciate this. You didnt see any Battlestar novels did you? The new reality is fertile ground that needs to be explored in the film and not twisted by authors.

81. Captain Sisko - January 14, 2010

No Spock prime centered stories in the next film. What was the point of the reboot if you are going to throw Nimoy in the next film. Come on Son.
I think the new film has to establish its own identity. Paramount wants a franchise that kicks ass. What hurt the next gen films with the exception of first contact was all that damn star trek already on tv. I could have saw home for three of those films. I think they are doing the right thing if they want to be successful screw the fanboys.

82. ryanhuyton - January 14, 2010

If they ever do indeed release these novels (which I don’t think they will) then hopefully they’ll do better covers. The ones pictured were atrocious.
I know you can’t really judge a book by its cover, but I mean c’mon, put some thought into it. Make the covers colourful.

83. Newman - January 14, 2010

Very disappointing!

84. Red Skirt - January 14, 2010

#77, Isn’t it obvious? The novels were better written than the current movie’s script and better written than the story they have been developing since last March (but have been publicly denying). So they pulled the books until they either A) figure out if they can fix the script, or B) use one of the books’ better stories. LOL

85. Red Skirt - January 14, 2010

Or C) can re-write the novels so they don’t outclass the film story! Ha Ha

86. Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers" - January 14, 2010

Surely these novels were at or near completion, and it surely doesn’t work in Pocket’s interest to pull the plug at this point.

That *has* to mean studio pressure.

If true, then one has to ask why the studio would NOT want these books published? Even though Trek books have never been considered canon for the franchise, the only thing I can theorize that even begins to make sense is that something the studio *already* knows about the next film’s story makes the stories of this book series impossible to support. At best, though, that doesn’t make sense, either.

What really occurred to me was whether there were some last-minute legal issues pertaining to the rights to produce Trek novels has arisen. Could it be that JJ is invoking some sort of contractual privilege over control of other Trek derivative works licensed by Paramount? The more optimistic view could be that the novels are going to be repurposed as source material for another Trek venture given the two-year wait until the next movie.

Whatever the reasoning, its very, very strange.

87. VOODOO - January 14, 2010

This decision has nothing to do with the “purity” of the franchise. We have seen enough of this alt universe for non canon books to emerge. Abrams and Co. would simply avoid everything that would be in these books and write their own story.

There is something else at play here… Most likely some type of business decision or the fact that one of these stories hits too close to home for the sequel.

Could this book synopsis have elements of the sequel in it?

Star Trek: The Hazards of Concealing:
by Greg Cox

“The events of the recent movie have left one important loose end: the elder Spock from the 24th century. His knowledge of both technology and future events makes him one of the most important strategic assets in the galaxy. Starfleet Command wants Ambassador Spock to rejoin Starfleet and share that information with them, but Spock is reluctant to interfere with the unfolding of the new timeline. Will he be able to escape a sinister plan wrought by the enemies of the Federation, or will their quest to exploit Spock’s wisdom succeed, with disastrous consequences?”

This sounds like a logical and interesting part of what the sequel could be about.

Maybe Spock prime is too dangerous for the alt universe and the film is partially about getting him back to the prime universe?

Again, this is all guess work on my part and It’s most likely that this is a simply some type of business decision, but this plot could serve as part of an interesting way to have Mr Nimoy involved and possibly send Spock Prime back to where he belongs.

88. Buzz Cagney - January 14, 2010

I think thats a sensible decision.

89. Bucky - January 14, 2010


Maybe it’s a legal thing between Bad Robot and Paramount, but I can’t see how what Bad Robot productions created in the new Trek movie would conflict with what Paramount owns (Star Trek). There has been comics and a novel adaptation and a game. But, once again, Star Trek DAC was developed with Bad Robot productions (called “Bad Robot Interactive”) and you would assume the comics (Nero, Countdown & the forthcomming movie adapation) would have gone through their offices. But I don’t know what Bad Robot would own (maybe nothing) and what Paramount/Simon & Schuster would have the rights to.

Odd. But I think a legal thing between Bad Robot and whoevertheheck does Trek books may be to blame. There is NO WAY they’d can 4 separate books if it had to do with “purity of vision” or whatever it was they said.

90. Bucky - January 14, 2010

It could just be that the books weren’t any good, but all 4? By established Trek writers to boot? No way.

91. Jim Nightshade - January 14, 2010

This is most strange-Was pocket books doing something not approves? Does their right hand know what their left is doing- i have a feeling the real reason why the books are being delayed-canceled-maybe economically unsound at this time–jj trek calenders are at all the stores no one bought em-i cant find a ships of the line calender-also seeing jjverse toys at clearance too-yes movie was great but perhaps merchandise not doing so great?souns in line with all the cuts in pocket books trek section as well–

92. Smittmaestro - January 14, 2010

@4 Foxtrot yankee

Golf foxtrot yankee

Sierra tango foxtrot uniform


93. Jack - January 14, 2010

54, 55, 80 etc. I agree. I remember some pretty dodgy just-post-TMP and very early TNG novels where authors were filling in the blanks kind of willy nilly. They weren’t great reads, as I recall (been a long time since I was 14).

Maybe someone doesn’t want lackluster novel sales/reviews to sully the “new” brand.

94. Hat Rick - January 15, 2010

Something doesn’t seem quite right about the official explanation, at least to me. Literary Trek is not canon, so the proffered justification that the books might limit the Trek movies makes no sense. If anything, it’s Trek movies and television shows that limit literary Trek, not the other way around.

I am suspicious by nature, and therefore I wonder whether it’s simply a matter of financial prudence, or at least a sense of it, that is at play here. The rapidly shrinking bookshelf of Trek books at the major book retailers that I’ve seen, not to mention what I recall to be the recent separation of Trek literary staff, seem to indicate a loss of confidence in literary Trek, and this is not a good sign at all.

95. Ronald Held - January 15, 2010

I won’t miss them, but what books fills in those months?

96. Star Trek Romane (engl.) 2010 - SciFi-Forum - January 15, 2010

[…] […]

97. Adam - January 15, 2010

This is very disappointing. There needs to be more communication between pocket books and orci/kurtzman. As soon as the writing team have a reasonable idea of where they are going – it could be made to work.
Oh well, saved me some money.

98. Ian B - January 15, 2010


“Starfleet Command wants Ambassador Spock to rejoin Starfleet and share that information with them, but Spock is reluctant to interfere with the unfolding of the new timeline.”

That Spock wouldn’t divulge the information he has is ridiculous, and it is one major problem (if the writers don’t just quietly forget about Spock’s knowledge, which I guess they probably will). There are significant threats out there which Spock knows about, and he can save untold numbers of lives by warning Starfleet- the Planet Killer, the Kelvans, the giant space Amoeba, those neural parasite things that infected a whole heap of planets including Deneva (he’s hardly going to forget them is he?), Jack The Ripper, not to mention V’Ger and that stupid whale probe thing in the movie nadir that was STIV.

He has an enormous moral duty to save the lives that will be lost to those threats by remaining silent. How would he morally justify a few billion deaths when the Planet Killer starts its planet killing rampage?

The new timeline is on its own. Divulging what he knows isn’t “messing up the future” in a paradoxy kind of a way. The only logical course for Spock would be to go to Starfleet and brief them on all he knows.

99. Allyn Gibson - January 15, 2010

@72 – “But Pocket, don’t cancel these books!”

Whatever makes you think the cancellations were Pocket’s decision? At this point, they’ve sunk a lot of time and money into the production of these books. And in these economic times, no business wants to just throw money down a hole. It is not in Pocket’s interest to cancel the books, especially not at this late date.

No, Pocket’s statement has all the hallmarks of taking the fall for someone else’s decision.

My guess is that Bad Robot changed their minds. That in the spring and summer they were open to novels. And now, perhaps because they’ve seen the first manuscripts come through for approval, they’re not. And thus, they had Paramount Licensing pull the plug on the quartet.

That’s just a guess as to what happened. I don’t know the particulars well enough to hazard a guess as to why it happened.

I’m curious what Pocket will put into the four-month gap. Letting the summer months go without a mass-market would likely be a damaging blow to the line. Pulling the Typhon Pact books forward is unlikely. They may have to go with reprints. I’d suggest reprinting Slings & Arrows in a two-volume mass-market set, and then go with anthology reprints on either side.

100. stef - January 15, 2010

First they pulled the sequels to Shatner’s Star Trek Academy book which was a really great read IMO and now this :-(

101. screaming satellite - January 15, 2010

87 – yeah i thought that too…if theres one book that might have connections to the sequel thatd be the one..(and the one i was planning to buy!!)…not neccesarily the whole plot but it could be part of it along with Khan or Klingons etc (and would make a whole chunk of sense that everyone would want to get hold of Spock prime for his knowledge – like the klingons interrogating Nero when they found out he was from the future)

and they wouldnt really be able to pull just that one book as then everyone would be like ‘oh right thats the plot of the sequel then’ so theyd have to pull all 4….

i hope it is the plot for the sequel – I want more Nimoy!! (and if you think about it he probably wouldnt have to be in the film any more than he was in Trek09)

102. Jorg Sacul - January 15, 2010

This is all Shatner’s doing! He’s to blame!!

(sorry, I just wanted to get that insane suggestion out before anyone else) :-)

103. trekboi - January 15, 2010

star trek had a chance to comeback but with a 3years too long wait & no tie in material it will be forgotten b4 the sequel goes into production- they/we had a chance at seeing star trek live again but they have squandered that opportunity…

104. Joel1245 - January 15, 2010

I personally can see why they decided to hold off. Why begin telling stories about JJ’s universe when he hasn’t even begun to tell chapter 2. The novels may go in a direction that Abram’s doesn’t intend to go. Although I would like to read novels in the movie universe, I respect Pocket Books for deciding to hold off until Abrams continues telling his story. Then they would be in a much better position to say that this story takes place between this movie and that movie.

105. BiggestTOSfanever - January 15, 2010

I think I’ll die now.

106. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - January 15, 2010

@90 Possible, but keep in mind that things like that are usually known well before the project gets anywhere near as far as these had gotten – and in this case, that meant pre-orders were being taken. That almost certainly means that you have inventory in the pipeline, or darned close to it.

I’m going to make the unsubstantiated guess that Pocket has a boatload of these books sitting in a warehouse somewhere…

More I think about it, the more I realize the *content* of the books certainly has almost nothing to do with the termination of their sales. Their seemingly altruistic notion to let JJ’s team direct the franchise is nice, but rather disingenuous, because the authorship of the film and these books has probably been known for quite some time now. Cancelling the sales of these books means money lost for Pocket, plain and simple.

It almost *has* to be some sort of legal/licensing wrangling, with the explanation from Pocket merely for public consumption. In honesty, we’ll probably never know the reason in entirety.

107. captain_neill - January 15, 2010

I guess we a lumped with it as JJ Abrams’ Star Trek rather than just Star Trek.

108. Jeyl - January 15, 2010

So the answer to a new Trek boom? Less Trek. Great strategy.

109. John Tenuto - January 15, 2010

After thinking about the marketing of the film, especially after the film’s release, I am of the opinion that the films themselves are in good hands with Bad Robot, but that the franchise itself is not.

110. Kirk, James T. - January 15, 2010

what CBS and Paramount along with Bad Robot should be doing now is developing an animated tie in series for the kids so’s that they keep engaged with Star Trek until the new movie, a development of a large console game with someone like EA Games or Rockstar and basically keep Star Trek in the global public eye. Yet everything seems to be on hold or canned.

111. boborci - January 15, 2010

45. Ben – January 14, 2010
I’d like to hear words from boborci on if he and his team had something to do with this ridiculous move.


Nothing to do with it. Would’ve liked to read the novels myself, but I may have had to resist!

112. boborci - January 15, 2010

84. Red Skirt – January 14, 2010


113. star trackie - January 15, 2010

This sucks. I was looking forward to further adventures in the new timeline. 3 years is a LONG wait. for the next movie. Oh well. Guess my adventures with Kirk and the gang will have to be TOS based until those boneheads at Pocket get with the program.

114. Daoud - January 15, 2010

@111,112 Status update, maybe boborci? How’s the K/O team doing on their little post-ST’09 project? :)

115. John from Cincinnati - January 15, 2010

This decision makes perfect sense. A while ago Orci and Kurtzman came out and said they recognized the novels as canon. Second, Paramount invested a lot of money to re-invigorate the franchise. Books can not be written until they have a point of reference, after the next sequel. Simon & Schuster can then have two points of reference ST09 and ST12, and then know what they can and can’t do. If the books are allowed to come out, Abrams and crew will now be hamstrung story wise on what THEY can or can’t do. Isn’t that exactly what they were trying to avoid by setting the movie in a new alternate timeline?

116. Anthony Thompson - January 15, 2010

Well, Bob has discredited the JJ Conspiracy Theory. So what is the real reason?

117. david - January 15, 2010

I can see 2 possible reasons behind this, both equally valid:

1) Pocket realise that it is not known how far down the line the next movie will be set – in other words, what rank will everyone be etc, so decided not to pursue books that will become very suddenly ‘corrected’ by a new movie.

More likely, and which casts an interesting view on the next movie’s plans as it currently stands:

2) Pocket have been informed that the next movie will take place ver shortly after the previous, therefore any books can’t be ‘slotted in’ between them.

This would suggest the sequel will be an almost direct continuation, presumably on their first mission as a crew.


118. Anthony Pascale - January 15, 2010

I certainly hope that there will be new stories told in this universe before (and after) June 29, 2012…in comic, novel and game format.

Being able to experience the ‘expanded universe’ of something is part of becoming an engaged fan.

Star Trek’s new Supreme Court have often noted that Star Trek can learn something from Star Wars, and the new movie showed that. But the lessons of Star Wars go beyond the film. One thing that Star Wars has done well is invite people into their expanded universe. Fans of the recent prequel trilogy have had a myriad of tie-ins to enjoy in various media.

119. I am not Herbert - January 15, 2010

They probably saw the *poor* performance of the *toys*, and figured they better preemptively cut their losses.

Also, reading probably does not appeal to the same people that ST09 did.

This *rebooted* *franchise* holds no interest beyond the initial *entertainment*.

I suspect we will continue to see ST09 marketing shrinking…

120. TrekkieJan - January 15, 2010

Again, I suspect the real reason is the economy and Pocketbooks thinking New Trek isn’t hot enough for them at this time. Poor us, though!
(Good to see BobOrci here, still clearing up rumors!)

121. nuSpock - January 15, 2010


122. Alex Rosenzweig - January 15, 2010

#80 – “You didnt see any Battlestar novels did you?”

Actually, yes. A couple of them, in fact. I didn’t *buy* them, but I saw them.

I’ve bought a number of BSG:TOS novels, but felt no desire to do so for nuBSG.

As it is, the decision regarding these four books opens the door to Pocket Books actually not taking a four-month break from getting money from me. ;)

123. spock - January 15, 2010

it’s probably because in the next movie everything will change.
don’t believe it when they say they haven’t decided on what’s coming next!!

124. Ben - January 15, 2010

45. Ben – January 14, 2010
I’d like to hear words from boborci on if he and his team had something to do with this ridiculous move.


Nothing to do with it. Would’ve liked to read the novels myself, but I may have had to resist!

That’s the perfect example of a class act right there. Thank you to Bob for his input and willingness to respond. I’m very glad that people like you, alex, and jj are leading the franchise now.

The question still remains though… why did Pocket do such a crazy thing? I still think it’s a ridiculous move for a company not to capitalize on the reborn franchise.

125. Craiger - January 15, 2010

Anthony, for the sequel have Trek crossover with Wars. :)

126. nerdinpink - January 15, 2010

There is nothing I can say that isn’t completely covered by the first comment.

127. screaming satellite - January 15, 2010

hmmm….maybe Paramount or Pocket looked to what happened with the Splinter of the Minds Eye novel which came after the 1977 SW and (i think) had Luke and Leia in a full blown relationship..

so maybe they wanted to hold off any potential embarrassing canon violations (like Spock prime returning to his own time or Spock 2 and Uhura having a kid whatever) until the film series is more established??

128. Chris H - January 15, 2010

Ha hah!

129. Steven T. in NY - January 15, 2010

WTF!!! This is riduculous. I mean bad enough we have to wait until 2012 to see the next movie.. now we can’t even have novels written.. till when-2014??? They need to keep Star Trek in the forefront of peoples minds while they make this next movie of theirs so why not at least give us novels? I’m not interested in some poorly drawn comic book adaptation, or even more comic book stories from the time period of the movie. The last shot in that movie was the big E warping off into the unknown, so lets see whats out there…. Thataway!!!

130. MC1 Doug - January 15, 2010

Comment 1: but I thought the novels were not canon, so why worry if they conflict with the movies (except for maybe a case mirroring my point number 4 below)?

Comment 2: Chill, folks. It’s a TV/Movie/Book series. This new release from Pocket Books, while somewhat scant in details, says nothing about cancelling the books. Granted it gives no publication schedule either.

Frankly, with just one movie in the new universe, what details do we have for an author to establish a new view of TREK? I agree that maybe Paramtount and JJ’s crew should provide some direction first to avoid some costly mis-fires.

We will still have original TREK novels to read that take place in the universe we have grown up with. So, it’s not like we’re being cut off from new adventures. So, again you addicts, chill out a bit.

Comment 3: Is there really a sizable segment of TREK fans that want another animated series?

I cannot say that excites me a great deal (though I did like the the TOS Animated series).

Comment 4: Luke and Leia in a relationship? Wow! I had forgotten about that… ewww. L-D

Comment 5: I’d rather the books be put out in a more warm economic climate. We (and TREK) don’t need a failure during these hard times. That mindset could snowball on us.

Comment 6: It’s great seeing Mr. Orci still coming in here to see what we’re up to and we, in turn, get some scant details what they are up to as well. Thanks, Bob (he still loves us)!

Comment 7: I asked this in another recent thread and ask again. Is there any news of what’s going on with the proposed TREK technical manual?


131. MC1 Doug - January 15, 2010

Interesting note: I think a lot of people who feel its their right to write snippy derogatory remarks about Mr. Orci, Mr. Kurtzman and many other members of the production crew have forgotten that these same people are fans of Star Trek too.

It seems, to me, a bit demeaning to treat our own in such a rude fashion.

I think Mr. Orci is incredibly gracious to read through some of these remarks, some rather pointed, and not respond in kind… or worse for us all, just not come in here anymore. I greatly enjoy his remarks.

132. Dom - January 15, 2010

130. MC1 Doug: ‘Is there really a sizable segment of TREK fans that want another animated series?’

Is there really a sizeable segment of TREK fans that **doesn’t** want another animated series? ;)

I think a cartoon could be fun. I mean, the Ghostbusters cartoons haven’t hurt the Ghostbusters film series. The Clone Wars cartoons, particularly the first batch by the Samurai Jack team, have done good business.

Once a cartoon hits the various niche networks, they play in a loop for years, meaning kids too young to see ST09 could be drawn in by the time of Star Trek ‘2’. It’s a good, solid, low-level way of keeping up brand awareness.

Heck, they could even rework the voice recordings from the original animated show and base the designs on the new Trek – that would be a real head-f*ck, wouldn’t it? Characters looking like Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldana et al, voiced by the Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley and Nichols!! ;)

133. lonemagpie - January 15, 2010

It doesn’t make economic sense for Pocket to have done this – they’ll lose money, not save it – and Bob Orci says it’s not the creators of the movie’s choice, which means basically it’s down to some nameless marketing chimp at either CBS or Bad Robot.

Cos let’s face it, the marketing chimps pretty much run publishers and studios now.

Why? Dunno, unless it’s something to do with the timescale – weren’t the books originally slated to be in the gap year between movies, with the second film in 2011. Maybe with the movie in 2012, some nameless marketing chimp decided to hold the books back to nearer the time.

134. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - January 15, 2010

Many thanks to Bob Orci for his input here!

The only thing I can think of, then, is that the preorders for the books weren’t what Pocket was expecting, and they extrapolated that to a possible poor general retail showing. That’s about the only explanation left, unless there remains a licensing issue purely at the “higher levels” of Paramount and Pocket….

135. I am not Herbert - January 15, 2010

I want a new Star Trek Animated series!! PIXAR style!!! TOS era!!!

…and I’ve already suggested using the existing TAS voice work… ;-)

136. I am not Herbert - January 15, 2010

ST09 technical manual?

The designs are too weak to be presented Tech Manual style.

Maybe an opportunity to flesh them out / re-imagine them a little?

137. "Check the Circuit!" - January 15, 2010

Bummer. Was looking forward to those books as a bridge to the next movie. I really hope it wasn’t JJ’s team that caused this.

Talk about lousy planning. This decision should have been made long before any of the authors started pecking away at their keyboards. I hope they get paid for their work.

The plot summations sounded fantastic! Especially the Spock Prime story.

This is total BS!

Politics suck!

Whoever the catalyst was….? Shame on you!

138. Bucky - January 15, 2010

I think there’s only one real, logical solution to all this:

“In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.”

139. Allyn Gibson - January 15, 2010

@134: “The only thing I can think of, then, is that the preorders for the books weren’t what Pocket was expecting…”

Consider that Pocket just put out their summer sales catalog, pre-orders weren’t even going to be in yet, and they would have no basis on which to judge whether the sales were soft or not.

No, I have to agree with Lonemagpie (#133) here. It’s financially stupid for Pocket to scuttle the books at this late stage. And this is a late stage for a May book. They’ve invested money and time. You don’t recoup your investment by throwing money down a hole, and that’s what this amounts to.

This has all the hallmarks of Pocket taking the fall for someone else’s decision and, being the good licensee, they’re taking the bullet, gritting their teeth, and losing the blood. This isn’t a self-inflicted wound. Besides the loss of money, there’s also a loss of prestige for the publishing line, there’s a loss of confidence from bookstores (assuming that Pocket isn’t able to adequately cover the hole). Canceling the books is not a decision that Pocket would have made themselves.

140. mike - January 15, 2010

I may be in the minority, but I am glad these were postponed. It’s way to early to have any real idea what path this Trek will follow, and all of those books would most likely have been contradicted by the next film. Does anyone remember the Next Gen or DS9 books that came out first? The characters were not written correctly and the stories didn’t fit the mold of what the series later developed.
It’s better to wait for an idea of where the writers take these new films before attempting to incorporate novels into the mix.

141. Trekkie - January 15, 2010

@ 99, good point, and that’s really too bad for pocket, these books probably would’ve been well received since the new movie had good reviews and was very popular.

It’s disappointing that some of these decisions might very well be made by someone else, I wonder whose idea it was to kill off Admiral Janeway…

if pocket doesn’t move any current projects into that summer block, I too wonder what they’ll use to fill that slot.

142. JR McCain - January 15, 2010

I agree with Allyns comments about these novels Pocket and S&S are taking a fall.

143. SpockLikesCats - January 15, 2010

Most unfortunate. I had looked forward to reading the four books over the summer. It would be wise for Paramount to continue piquing fan interest. Perhaps some books could be written featuring Pike, Spock, Number One and some First Class Starfleet Academy cadets on “semester cruise,” which would not conflict with the events of STXI or STXII.

Dear Bob Orci, Don’t let the knuckleheads get you down. You and Alex Kurtzmann wrote such a fine script for XI. I encourage you in your efforts re: XII and hope it will be as exciting, emotional, and referential as your first ST effort. Many of us were touched heart-wise and humor-wise.

144. S. John Ross - January 16, 2010

#119 sez “[…] reading probably does not appeal to the same people that ST09 did.”

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen so much truth crammed into one sentence.

145. Micromos - January 16, 2010

I smell a 3D Star Trek movie in 2012. Save your dorky glasses!

146. LCDR Arch - January 16, 2010

Smart idea!! Don’t mess up the cannon any more my going in directions that might not work with the second movie….the next movie could start 10mins after the last one as far as we know!!!

147. Alan Dean Foster - January 16, 2010

My take:
1) CBS wants to make sure that nothing comes out before the follow-up film that might contradict or work against anything Bob & Alex concoct for the next script. Once they peruse and green-light the next screenplay, additional material that does not do this can then be released.
2) Such books needn’t work as new canon…but CBS would prefer they did rather than not.
3) CBS is infinitely more concerned about protecting potential revenue from the next film than they are about any piddling ancillary income to be had from licensing spin-offs of any kind, and thus over-caution on their part is to be expected.
4) It’s all a Klingon plot.

148. David Stoeckel - January 16, 2010

I would much rather see a Expanded Edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and some of the Tech Manuals. Also, a Straight-to-DVD Project might tide people over.

149. Maltz - January 16, 2010

#127 — Splinter of the Mind’s Eye had Darth Vader exclaiming something that would have been considered incestuous given the order of things as they eventually played out.

I see why they might not want to jump the gun here, especially in light of a “Splinter” type inconsistency. Let the prime team write the future for a while….

150. Anthony Pascale - January 16, 2010

words of wisdom from Alan Dean Foster!

I am going with Klingon Plot

151. Jim Nightshade - January 17, 2010

Say alan dean foster-can u tell us what happened to Admiral Archers dog once it re-appeared on the big E? Did it get stuck in the water pipes, or maybe materialized into one of the beer vats in the engine room? That would be one happy dog-

152. Alan Dean Foster - January 17, 2010

Probably was in a hurry to recycle something.

153. Weerd1 - January 17, 2010

Frankly, I have been, and continue to be, appalled by how the studio has treated this remarkably successful film in its merchandising. From the simply awful work Playmates did on the main toy line, and the Hot Wheels Enterprise being all but a no -show. The novelization by the esteemed Mr. Foster not hitting shelves until after the movie release (nearly unheard of). “The Art of” book not hitting shelves for MONTHS after the release. The collector cards not hitting regular retailers in much of the country. Now this.

Though a few naysayers still exist, the box office and majority fan reaction shows this was a successful rebirth of my beloved Trek. I am DYING to give them money for related products, and I can’t find any! Paramount, CBS, whoever…. what’s the Frelling problem?

154. nero - January 17, 2010

I agree with number 53. but they do not know what gene may if wanted

155. Colorado_Gamer - January 18, 2010

#147. ADF, love everything you do and it was nice to meet you in Denver a couple of years back at Mile Hi Con. Thanks.

#153. It is simple… Hot Wheels and playmates need to produce ALL of the ships from the NEW movie. DUH!!!

156. Dom - January 18, 2010

135. I am not Herbert: ‘…and I’ve already suggested using the existing TAS voice work… ;-)’

Um . . . dude! They’ve been talking about potentially using the TAS voice work for years! I’ve talked about it at length ever since this site opened!

An CGI ‘Star Trek: Reanimated’ would be a great companion to Star Trek: Remastered! They could even chuck in some extra guest voices to add some variety, since James Doohan and Majel Barret had to voice just about everyone outside the main cast!

157. I am not Herbert - January 18, 2010

Well great minds think alike! ;-) just adding my voice to the chorus!

Sorry if I gave the impression it was MY idea, but it WOULD be GREAT!

I like your “Re-animated” title too! Let’s hope they do it!!!

158. Dom - January 19, 2010

157. I am not Herbert

Amen brother! :)

159. snakespeare - January 19, 2010

Who ruined the Xena/Hercules storylines? Same people who have the nerve to alter Gene Roddenberry’s characters. One big selling movie, satifying hollywood’s bottom line, in no excuse to dismantle a franchise and hand it over to these guys. Sam Raimi made that mistake. With these guys at the helm, you can kiss Star Trek goodbye.

What? Star Trek has done the slingshot move again and again! You can’t just inherit a franchise and say, oh, our classic move? It’s unscientific. Well, duh, there is no time travel, people. It’s all unscientific. Now Kirk’s a jerk and Spock has sex with Uhuru. Well, it was fun while it lasted, and so was Xena.

Can you really stomach Xena Season Six? Because that’s who these guys are!

160. Alan Dean Foster - January 19, 2010

Remember that, like it or not, the triple-S of large-scale science-fiction filmmaking usually rules (2001 and a few others excepted):

Shot Supercedes Science.

161. michael - January 20, 2010


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162. The0ne - January 21, 2010

Disappointment here too as I enjoyed the movie.

163. Captain Robert April - January 21, 2010

I suspect that the pre-orders were rather anemic, so rather than be forced to remainder the lot, just hold off and see if the mood towards the merchandising changes.

A quick trip to a local Toys R Us, and seeing the mountain of Trek09 toys on clearance would be enough to give anyone considering a tie-in with this thing a reason to hesitate.

I do feel bad for the authors in question, but I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised.

164. Phat Tribble - March 1, 2010

I like how #1 summed it up: : “Crap!” Very succinct.

I was SO looking forward to the books too.

Dang it, dammit, crap, darn, rats, etc…

165. Meredith - March 27, 2010

I also was looking forward to these. I know they may be contradicted by later movies. It doesn’t stop me enjoying the movies or books.

I guess the thinking is they shouldn’t inundate the new ‘verse with probably contradictory stories, to differentiate it from the hundreds of novels produced before Pocket made a much more continguous universe around 2000. But while I may enjoy the novels a little more if they’re tied in to both the first and second of the new movies, I’d much rather read what the generally excellent writers were cooking up just based on the first movie.

I don’t think ticket or DVD sales for movie 2 would be at all hurt by a few standalone books.

Reads #147. What Alan Dean Foster said. :)

166. J'onn Jonzz - April 8, 2010

This sucks!

Just when the Star Trek universe got interesting again!

We were planning on enjoying all these books and new stories in anticipation of the new movie.

What? Are Orci and Kurtzman and JJ afraid these four established Trek writers are going to out-write them? There’s no point. Novels are primarily “non-canon” and serve to keep up interest.

3 Years between movies? And no new stories in that universe? Lame.

Kill freakin’ LOST and bring the new crew to TV for a bi-weekly Star Trek show with double-budget per episode and make worthwhile stories again that embrace many writers’ visions.

Wow. Talk about picking up the ball, and dropping it again 5 seconds later. Shame on the new Trek over lords. And it all seemed so promising with a great new movie.

Oh well.

167. Red Sonja - April 8, 2010

Dude I dont know. My brain doesn’t work right now.


168. Whill - April 8, 2010

The books will still come out eventually in some form or another eventually. I’m sure that they just wanted to make sure they don’t contradict the direction the movie series will take with the next film. After Paramount has a script, someone there will review the novels and propose edits if needed. Then we will get the new novels. Remember, the publishing universe is an extension of the movies and TV series. It really annoys me when the Star Wars expanded universe contradicts the films, so I’m glad that a greater effort is being made to corroborate the publishing here. This delay can only make the books better. I suggest having patience.

169. Any Container With Food Or Beverage Is A 'Single Serve' - April 18, 2010

Whill – I suggest you allow everyone to be Impatient. Everyone should be allowed to have everything they want NOW.

Waiting = bad.

Who knows when some crazy no-goodnick will come screaming out of the future with a big lazer, punch a whole in the Earth’s crust and drop Jolly-Green Giant-sized reverse-enema tablet into the bowels of the planet and turning us all into a black hole.

And then no one will have read these four great books because “Paramount and the ‘Creators’ where afraid it might contradict their ‘creative’ vision” Now who’s whining!


Make you sick like a poison pill.

170. Any Container With Food Or Beverage Is A 'Single Serve' - April 18, 2010

Yes, yes meant ‘hole’ not ‘whole’

Like one ‘w’ will matter when we’re all throwing a zombie-rave with the crew of the USS Cygnus where Paris used to be.

Babies in rectangles, apes with sticks. Gimme’ more new trek.


For example, a 3 liter Pepsi, single serve.
10lb Family-Value ground beef, single serve.
Loaf of Bread, single serve.

On topic.

171. GENO LEDET - June 4, 2010


172. Todd - July 17, 2010

I find that this is a mess, I heard the announcement after I’d written 112 pages of a ST: Voyager book. I can’t even publish it even if I finish it, unless another publisher takes it upon them selves to release them.

173. Healz - January 15, 2011

Perhaps they were waiting until they could design a new logo for the new JJ Trek because let’s face it, it isn’t the pure good Star Trek of TOS, it isn’t TNG, DS9 or Voyager.

It is a universe that was created in a way that didn’t fit with Startrek. It was created to a market that already has plenty of competition from better sources. I will never willingly buy JJ Trek Books first-hand because they aren’t worth the price in my opinion. It was just like Stargate Universe, a bold move that was made without really considering its fan-base. Personally I would have loved the new Star Trek to flesh out areas such as the Borg Wars, the Dominion Wars or the Romulan Wars… These would all have provided interesting stories and could have been done with a different crew than the Enterprise…

174. Florencio Demuzio - April 21, 2011

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175. portable air conditioner reviews - April 21, 2011

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