Star Trek Films Showing At Summer L.A. Film Fests – w/ guests Nimoy, Koenig, Takei, Meyer + more |
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Star Trek Films Showing At Summer L.A. Film Fests – w/ guests Nimoy, Koenig, Takei, Meyer + more May 7, 2010

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Star Trek fans in Los Angeles are in for a treat this summer with all of the original cast Trek feature films being shown on the big screen in two different film festivals, each with Star Trek celebrities, including Leonard Nimoy, Nicholas Meyer, George Takei, Walter Koenig and more. Get all the details below.



Meyer, Takei, Koenig + more to appear at Trek film series in 70mm

This summer Laemmle Theaters (in conjunction with Ledjer Film & Theater services and is running all six of the original crew Star Trek features in a series of midnight movies at the cavernous Royal Theatre in West L.A. The Simply 70(mm) STAR TREK Spectacular-Spectacular Saturdays will present each film in 70mm and 6-channel Stereo. Each film will also have a Q&A session with a Star Trek celebrity. The talks will be moderated by TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale (hey, that’s me!).

Here is the schedule:

Date Film Guest
(TOS: T’Pring)
June 19 STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN Nicholas Meyer
July 10 STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME Catherine Hicks
(Dr. Gillian Taylor)
(Pavel Chekov)
(Hikaru Sulu)

 * pending professional commitments.

Tickets for each film cost $10 for general admission and $45 for a six-film ticket package. You can buy tickets at the box office or online at Laemmle’s Royal Theatre is located at 11523 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025, (310) 478-3836

here is the promo trailer for the series


Nimoy to talk at LA Times screening of Star Trek IV

Also on Friday June 11th Star Trek IV will be shown as part of the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival at the Chinese theater in Hollywood. Each film in the Festival will include a Q&A and Leonard Nimoy will be appearing on Friday for STIV. On Saturday Christopher Nolan will appear with a double-feature of The Dark Knight and Insomnia, and on Sunday Ridley Scott will appear with a double feature of Alien and Blade Runner.

Tickets for the Star Trek IV Nimoy event are $29.75. The double-features with Nolan and Scott cost $43.50. More details and tickets at



1. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - May 7, 2010

Sounds cool.

Sadly Im in the UK..

2. Ensign RedShirt - May 7, 2010

Very cool…too bad I’m in New York!

Why is Arlene Martel attached to TMP? Bizarre choice. No one from the film is available?

3. B.C. - May 7, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love living in southern California now?

4. TerilynnS - May 7, 2010

DANG IT! I would love to see the UDC one with Takei – but I’ll be at SDCC. :( Rats, rats rats!

5. Areli - May 7, 2010

And this is why I love living by LAX. Only a stone’s throw to Santa Monica.

6. John - May 7, 2010

Are we sure that these are 70mm prints for all of the films? I was under the impression that TMP never 70mm prints made because of the time crunch involved with just getting the movie finished.

7. Polly - May 7, 2010

1&2. Guys were all in this together! I’m in Canada!

8. Crusade2267 - May 7, 2010

Really awesome!

Too bad I too am in New York…

9. Andy Patterson - May 7, 2010

Keonig’s getting out among the fans. Don’t know if I could do that after such a tragedy. Good for him. Hope it’s a good experience for him.

10. Polly - May 7, 2010

8. Join the club :)

11. Andy Patterson - May 7, 2010

And he has to preside over Trek V. Wow.

I’d like to meet Arlene Martel. Good to see she’s there too.

12. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 7, 2010

The funniest extra on the Star Trek V DVD is the press conference event where the cast is in costume on the bridge set. Shatner is introducing the cast one by one, and he forgets Walter’s name! He says, “The gentleman who plays Chekov.” Boy did Walter look irritated! Another gaffe occurs when someone behind the scenes starts blaring the Star Trek fanfare when Harve Bennett is trying to talk. Haha!

13. Adam Bomb 1701 - May 7, 2010

70 mm six track Dolby prints of “TMP” were shown here in New York City during the film’s first run, through February or March 1980. At least it was advertised as such. If not, and Paramount lied, I went out of my way for nothing, as I trucked into Manhattan from Staten Island to see the film at Loew’s State.
Arlene Martel sure sounds like a weird choice for “TMP.” Three of the film’s principal actors, and some of the crew, are now deceased. They couldn’t get Stephen Collins, or DP Richard Kline, or someone else who was actually there there during the shoot?

14. CmdrR - May 7, 2010

Good to see Walter getting out.
It’d be worth sitting through TMP one more time in that company.

15. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 7, 2010

Nooooo!. Im in Austin and I can’t get there. Someone help me fix the Transporter. it’s out again!!!. Oh well. Looks like a lot of fun.

16. SirMartman - May 7, 2010

Bring it to New Zealand !!!

Gees i would love to see ST2 TWOK on the big screen again.

I wonder how long it will take for the “Genesis Device” to turn up in the new “Trek”


17. CAPT KRUNCH - May 7, 2010

Arlene Martel??? Was Barbara Luna not available…she stuck doing another New Voyages episode??…They should have got Stephen Collins…he and Catherine Hicks could relive that 7th Heaven show….

It’s awesome Walter Koenig is able to get out after his tragedy…

18. Dr. Image - May 7, 2010

TMP in 70mm. Wow.
Wonder if they struck new prints from any original negs or crappy dupes though…

19. Smiley - May 7, 2010

When do the events start? The ticket website lists the start time for each movie as 11:55 PM, which seems a little late for the celebrity guests to make an appearance.

20. Oregon Trek Geek - May 7, 2010

That trailer is just the most awesomest trailer ever made for any trek film. And it was perfect for their film festival.

21. Will_H - May 7, 2010

Wish I was in LA for that. I think it would be cool if they did a re-release of all of the first 10 films in theaters as a buildup to the next Star Trek movie, I think that would be cool and would be a good way to get the new fans to check out what Star Trek’s really about.

22. andy summers - May 7, 2010

I’ve already seen the Star Trek films in 70mm six-track Dolby stereo from
Star Trek II
Star Trek III
Star Trek IV
Star Trek V

Except for star Trek the motion picture where only a 35mm print was availably for the Star Trek day marathon Sunday October 8th 1989 for only £10.00 on the original 13KW JBL THX sound system at Empire Leicester Square.

The JBL13KW Dolby THX presentation enough to last a lifetime as I can still feel the uniform sub bass to bass and octave to octave crystal clear clarity even to this, very moment while I type this!

I saw Star Trek VI in 70mm Dolby THX a few years later on Friday February 14th 1992 at the Empire screen 1 of course!

It would be very interesting to get feedback on the conduction of the 70mm prints after so many years.
Any picture fading colour scratches and any lose to the magnetic tracks.

Also compare the qulaty of 70mm to bluray I think you’ll find that bluray isnt cut out to be what its suppose to be.

I’d also pay highest attention to the six-track Dolby stereo as well as the possible 35mm print Star Tek the motion picture as the 70mm print is very rare!

23. ww - May 7, 2010

Is Arlene Martel the best they can do for TMP? Why not Nichelle Nichols, Stephen Collins, Grace Lee Whitney, or, hey, William Shatner?

24. Anthony Thompson - May 7, 2010

Poor Walter! Shatner should be the one to have to go to V! : )

25. Anthony Thompson - May 7, 2010

I would KILL to go to that Alien / Blade Runner showing! Why is all the cool stuff in LA???!!! Damn!

26. Magic_Al - May 7, 2010

Is it too late to make the Walter Koenig event a double feature with his other (and better) sci-fi film of 1989? Of course I refer to Moontrap, in all seriousness a respectable low-budget space flick that if nothing else satisfies certain fetishes for seeing Space Shuttle and Apollo hardware used in sci-fi, and for respecting the reality of silence in a vacuum.

27. Bill - May 7, 2010

This is why I hate people in LA. Well I guess if you have to deal with the traffic, fires, mudslides, pollution and heat then you may deserve a bit of a treat.

28. ryanhuyton - May 7, 2010

Damn it! I so want to go. Oh well! Hopefully everyone who does go will have a good time!

29. Spock's Uncle - May 7, 2010

See you all at 11:30pm June 19. Bring your pointed ears.

30. - May 8, 2010

With all respect to the excellent job done by the current guys, Nicholas Meyer may be the best script writer Star Trek has ever had.

I would love to see him on board for the next project. Even if it was to go over the first draft script.

He would add another level of depth.

31. Captain Conrad - May 8, 2010

I won’t be able to make it!!!!!!!!


32. - May 8, 2010

Just adding to my thought that Nick Meyer needs to be involved on the next Star Trek Script i’ll quote Bones from the last movie.

“You know, back home we have a saying: “If you wanna ride in the Kentucky Derby, you don’t leave your prized stallion in the stable.”

33. naseweis - May 8, 2010

I think Mr. Koenig will enjoy Star Trek V. He can rant about William Shatner and tell funny stories. And he pretended to be the Captain of the Enterprise A in that movie. Go Chekov! :D

34. DJ Neelix - May 8, 2010

That trailer is a complete rip-off (or homage) of one used on the UK VHS releases in the 90’s. The speaker text is exactly same (up to 2010 part of course).

35. John - May 8, 2010

Will the Royal Theater be installing seat belts for the Star Trek V screening?

36. There is no 70mm TMP print - May 9, 2010

I have sincere doubts about TMP being shown in 70mm. Can anyone confirm this to be FACT? Unless this is a virgin print or studio master of some sort, I think this is the 35mm print /special longer version that I saw last year before last year’s JJ Abrams version came out.

As far as guests, I wish Doug Trumbull were hosting it. He would be a wealth of information as to the problems and how he approached the visual style that became what we have come to know.

37. Basilicious - May 10, 2010

Arlene Martel’s scene in TMP took place on Vulcan. Filmed, but cut for time; T’Pring’s moment came just prior to the Kolinahr sequence.

38. RM10019 - May 10, 2010

#37 – I did not know that!? What is your source for this info?

39. The Disinvited - May 11, 2010


I’m not sure what it is that you are doubting. You seem to be contending that 70mm prints that were run off for theater chains like CINERAMA in it’s initial run are so fragile that none could possibly survive to this day? If that is indeed what you are contending, that’s hogwash.

While principal photography was done on 35mm film just as 2009’s movie was, unlike the 2009 film where the entire master negatives were done on 35mm, TMP’s fx shots were all done on 65mm film and those 65mm masters were used for those segments of TMP on both the 70mm AND 35mm striking prints with its principal photography’s 35mm being blown up for the 70mm final product and the fx being shrunk down for the 35mm.

40. Basilicious - May 11, 2010

No one. I was there. You know who else got cut out? Susan Sullivan. And believe you me, she didn’t take it nearly as well! :(

41. There is no 70mm TMP print - May 12, 2010

39. I am merely stating the fact that there were no 70mm prints struck for TMP. They didn’t even have time to make one for the premiere in Washington DC. And even if they did, you would think that (I live in the DC area) they would’ve replaced the print they had with 70mm at least for this market.

As far as the DC Market and NYC, I happened to check the NY Times on microfiche, there were no ads for 70mm TMP prints in ’79, or ’80.

If there is indeed ONE 70mm print of TMP and it will be showing at the Laemmle, then I would be the first to admit I am wrong, but I am not. :)

42. Anthony Pascale - May 12, 2010

there are 70mm and that is what is being shown

come in June and see for yourself

and choose a new name because it is not a fact

43. The Disinvited - May 13, 2010


Well you aren’t the only one who has researched through newspaper advertisements of the era. But as that appears to be your research gold standard maybe you’ll take notice of this:

And note that on December 4, 1981 the San Diego, Mann Loma theater screened the “rare” (for the US), but very much in existence, 70mm STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

44. There is no 70mm TMP print (so far) :) - May 15, 2010

To think I almost booked a flight to LA. Here..from the horse’s mouth (Laemle Theaters, ITSELF) that as of 5-11-10, there IS NO 70mm print of TMP for this festival. If I can’t cut and paste, go to the theater site.

“(The latest word from Paramount as of May 11th is that a 70 mm print of Star Trek: The Motion Picture cannot be located. We have not yet given up hope of a 70 mm print being located for this series, but we will screen from a 35 mm print if the 70 mm print cannot be found)”

45. The Disinvited - May 19, 2010


But there were 70mm prints in the 1980s,,1702996

“Roddenberry is the first to concede that Captain Kirk and 430-member crew would not have been reunited on a 70mm screen if Luke Skywalker and darth Vader had not led the way with their laser swords.

…70mm screens (actually 70mm film, which allows for screen images of greater depth and clarity than does the more common 35mm)…” – ‘Star Trek’ OWES ITS SUCCESS TO THE POPULARITY OF ‘Star Wars’, Knight News Service, THE (Lakeland) LEDGER, Sunday January 6, 1980, P 6E

46. No 70mm...EVERRR! :) - May 20, 2010

The article ascribes to the wide screen format that is 70mm but that, in itself, is not conclusory evidence that there was 70mm TMP at that time.

The reason why I’m adamant about this is because I recall reading a Doug Trumbull interview about the superior clarity of the 70mm format and that it was his preference to use 65mm in his work. He makes mention of course of 2001, Close Encounters and Trek, but CE3K and Trek master prints were REDUCED to 35mm and that even if TMP’s rushed production schedule and release prohibited 70mm in timely way, its fx still are superior given its original source. The original 70mm Blade Runner release supposedly had its fx directly transferred to the master. No argument there, but it leads to my assertion that there never was 70mm TMP.

As far as the San Diego 12/81 showing, I want to see the actual newspaper ad, if it exists. I’m sure the 2001 film sharing the event was 70mm and not Trek.

47. The Disinvited - May 21, 2010


The author is quite clear: Kirk and Spock were reunited on the 70mm screen which he later defines as actually being 70mm film. I think you and are both in agreement that TMP used both 65mm and 35mm filmstock. There is no way that Kirk and Spock could reunite on 70mm film unless a 70mm blow up from the masters occurred.

I think what you have been hanging your hat on all these years is the fallacious logic that because the D.C. world premier was done with a 35mm print that somehow that prevents 70mm prints from being later made and distributed.

Allow me to demonstrate how that does not follow:

The actual world premier of 2009’s STAR TREK took place in Austin Texas with a 35mm print hot off Abrams’ master edit print which was also on 35mm film. That in no way prevented 70mm “blown up” prints of that film from being made later from the 35mm master and distributed.

48. There is no 70mm TMP print (still as of 5/20) :) - May 21, 2010


Your logic escapes me. If Paramount shipped literally wet prints (35mm) of TMP to make its 12/7 release, why would they go through the time and expense (weeks and $$$$$) to develop several 70mm prints for a later release (Jan or Feb ’80) as box office fell sharply in the continuing weeks after its release? As Spock would say, it is illogical. So my logic is hardly fallacious. It is sensible and probable as to what really happened and that there were no 70mm releases after its 12/7 opening.

IF they happen to get 70mm TMP for this festival within a week or so of the scheduled presentation, I’ll be on a plane from the east coast to celebrate this momentous occasion. As I’ve said before, I’m not holding my breath because I doubt they will find one.

In fact, with the Director Edition master, they should be able to make a print or at least DP version of that for THEATRICAL exhibition. But I do not like the dumbed down soundtrack they did for it. I think the DE producers castrated the more dramatic sound effect elements and made TMP more tv then movie screen watchable.

49. John - May 23, 2010

The reason why 70mm prints weren’t made is because there just wasn’t time. There was barely time to make the 35mm prints and they don’t take as long to make. The 70mm prints needed to be made first because of the magnetic sound, which takes time, which is something TMP didn’t have. As fans we’ve all heard the post-production horror stories.

50. The Disinvited - May 24, 2010

#48,. 49.

Your data is incomplete and faulty. Unlike some recent pictures TMP did not enjoy a simultaneous worldwide release. There was time for 70mm prints
especially for the non-US markets.

However, need I point out that 2009’s movie didn’t even play IMAX theaters until later after its official release?

If TMP’s fall-off was so dramatic, how did it grow from an opening day of blind bid (Which one report says was 50 million dollars of bids in Paramount’s coffers even before it was released.) committed 870 theaters to 1004 theaters in the US?

51. There is no 70mm TMP print (still as of 5/24) :) - May 24, 2010

#50. Star Trek (2009) did OPEN and PLAY in select IMAX venues on opening day because I saw it in IMAX, er IMAX-lite at AMC. They re-released it for a limited time, again, in fewer IMAX venues because of the ‘limited’ initial (lie)-MAX run of two or so weeks.

Yes, TMP and the succeeding Trek films, with the exception of 4 and last year’s movie, have been known to open BIG and then drop off dramatically in terms of box office.

“There was time for 70mm prints….”

How do you know this for a fact? They didn’t even have a completed soundtrack for the 35mm version in time for the 12/7 release. So, how do you think they had even time for a 6-track one to accompany a 70mm release?? That’s why there is a Director’s Edition in 2001 with a ‘completed soundtrack.’

You are not operating on all thrusters.

52. The Disinvited - May 25, 2010


Your the one with misadjusted thrusters. AMC’s “IMAX-lite” theaters have digital and not 70mm film projectors which you are more than well aware is what we are discussing.

Your turn, show me an ad for 2009’s STAR TREK in 70mm for the time in question.

I was an adult during TMP’s original release. I recall very specifically TMP’s 70mm Cinerama theater chain run on the west coast – but I don’t expect you to take my word for it. I also know that at the time Paramount rolled it out in different regions around the globe one at a time in sequential order and did release to the following region until they had judged that a film had “played” out in its current region. Also, outside the U.S. was generally a better market for 70mm films so there was plenty of incentive to produce those prints regardless of whether they were available for a U.S. premier run. You might think of it as Paramount’s first experience in double-dipping the hard-core U.S. fans.

Box Office Mojo’s lists TMP first 3 weekend takes as

$11,926,421 (USA) (9 December 1979)
$7,215,484 (USA) (16 December 1979)
$12,075,000 (USA) (23 December 1979)

A 40% drop which is normal followed by an abnormal 65% gain which one would think would encourage Paramount to forge a head?

53. John - May 26, 2010

#52, Star Trek opened last year in 138 IMAX theaters. It set records. Link here:

There’s never been any evidence that TMP played in 70mm. There were plans for it sure, but the time crunch at the end made it impossible. And now Paramount isn’t able to find a print. There’s a good reason for that. It doesn’t exist.

54. The Disinvited - May 29, 2010


The evidential standard was set at ads for 70mm in #41.

My point was to show that even though I know that ST 2009 was released in 70mm that that standard of evidence, ads, are faulty to build such a conclusion that TMP had no 70mm prints made.

In Google, there are no 70mm ads for ST 2009 for its first weeks of release. Do I believe that it conclusively proves that my ridiculous contention that there were no 70mm prints available for the first week of 2009’s release is true? No, but neither does the lack of #41’s finding 70mm ads for TMP do likewise for your contention.

Since playing in an IMAX theater, with no ad to corroborate a 70mm print was played, is now being touted as the new standard of proof then the fact that TMP played in the CINERAMA theater chain of the 1980s by the same logic proves that TMP had 70mm prints too.

55. The Disinvited - June 1, 2010

FWIW The Associated Press on January 17, 1980 reported that after one month of release TMP earned $67.5 million worldwide and that its first foreign exhibitions started in late December of 1979. Also the number of domestic theaters hit a max of 1005.,3086730

On March 28, 1980 reporter Skip Sheffield notes “the long running” STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE is still in theaters.

56. There is no 70mm TMP print (still as of 6/5) Last Word - June 5, 2010

Sadly, Laehmle Theaters is stating that TMP will be showing in 35mm. Bummer. I was hoping they would find one in a vault somewhere.

John, you’ve gone way off on a tangent here. I don’t know how or why JJ’s Trek movie got into here but there was no 70mm commercial release of that. Yes, there was a blow up made for the IMAX/IMAX Digital theaters.

With other studios making NEW prints of older classics like 2001 (for the 2K1 anniversary), West Side Story (reportedly with a newly found original 6-track sound mix), etc..why can’t Paramount put up some dough for a new TMP print.

My guess for the Laehmle print showing next week is that they will show the one I saw at Landmark last year, which had the overture cut off. It was the Extended version, not the Director’s edition, as again, there isn’t a commercial print of that. Since the DE master exists on computer, how difficult would it be to make a DP version of it??

57. Disinvited - June 6, 2010


And lets be frank, it is not as if original Paramount (Now called CBS which actually owns STAR TREK) was ever noted for its expert archiving. Just look at the trails it took to get the two original TV pilots back in shape. It really isn’t that shocking that nuParamount can’t find things. They probably need access to old Paramount’s (CBS) vaults which is probably like pulling teeth given the animosity between the two. NuParamount creating EPIX and dumping SHOWTIME probably isn’t helping, either.

58. skyjedi - June 14, 2010

If there is a surviving 70mm print, or master in europe i hope it is found.

What about the original 65mm opticals are those still available?

I know they did not rescan those for the blu ray. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.