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Flashback to 5/29/76 – Watch SNL’s “The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise” Skit May 29, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Humor,TOS , trackback

On May 29th, 1976 Saturday Night Live ran what is likely one of the first and possibly the best Star Trek parody sketches of all time. For a flashback from 34 years ago today, see "The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise" below.


SNL Flashback – The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise
Via HULU (USA only – sorry)

This skit was from the first season of Saturday Night Live in 1976, airing on NBC just seven years after the network cancelled Star Trek. It is possible SNL was taking a poke at the net, as Star Trek had become a rerun hit in the 1970s. The script was written by Michael O’Donoghue, who was reportedly a big fan of Star Trek. According books about the history of SNL, Jon Belushi was also a huge fan, and he was determined to get the role as Kirk ahead of Chevy Chase. Belushi went as far as shaving his sideburns to match Kirk’s.

For more info on the sketch and a transcript visit snltranscripts.jt.org




1. Tiberius Kirk - May 29, 2010

Loved this back in 75!

2. pacimage - May 29, 2010

This was the first time I saw anyone imitate the Shatner delivery (every. word. is. its. own. sentence).

3. Allen Williams - May 29, 2010

good skit.

Apparently the non intelligent networks have spread. UPN canceled enterprise for low ratings in spite of the fact that it had high ratings on DVRs. I can’t think of anything on UPN i would actually watch now. NBC is still unintelligent. They canceled conan when leno was the problem. I don’t watch NBC anymore either.

4. ShadwWulf - May 29, 2010

NBC = No brains channel

5. Captain Dunsel - May 29, 2010

@1 “Loved this back in 75″

Time Travel? It aired in ’76.

@4 “NBC = No brains channel”

And here I thought they manufactured cookies!

6. Tobias Richter - May 29, 2010

crap only for US folks…

7. Tobias Richter - May 29, 2010

I meant – only people in the US can watch this…

8. dep1701 - May 29, 2010

I remember my stepmother telling me about this skit the day after it aired. At the time I was 13, and apparently was already in bed for some reason. I wasn’t really interested in SNL at the time and wasn’t watching it . My stepmother described some of the skit, and said she and my Dad were tempted to wake me up to see it. I was heartbroken that they hadn’t, but I finally got to watch a videotaped copy of it a couple of years later, and I loved it. I now have that first season SNL set, just for that skit ( got it as part of a buy one get one free sale ).

You can definitely tell that O’Donoghue was a Trekkie…I mean, who else but a hrdcore trekker would have references to “the flying parasites of Ingraham B” ( “Operation Annihilate” ),”the vampire clouds of Argos 10 ( “Obsession” ) and “the sandbats of Manark IV” ( “The Empath” ). Great stuff.

You also have to love the extra effort put into the sound effects. Somebody obviously audiotaped “The Lights Of Zetar” and they created loops of bridge and computer sounds.

Also nostalgic are the Remco phaser gun toys. I had one of those big goofy beeping toys.

I wonder how many people now get the reference the ‘Promise Margarine’ commercials that Shatner did in the ’70s?

” George, Nichelle, let’s go…I’m gonna tie one on!” – LOVE it!

9. wickedjacob - May 29, 2010

3 — “I can’t think of anything on UPN i would actually watch now. ”

err, that might be because UPN folded in 2006.

10. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - May 29, 2010

Can’t watch it in UK….. boooo.

Frankly Captain I’m exhausted…

11. Jim Nightshade - May 29, 2010

yah that skit is a classic…some of belushis best work…and yah even back then you could tell they all liked star trek…It was probably easier for them to get the sound effex n stuff cuz they were also on nbc as was star trek–also one of the FEW snl sketches that blatantly said that the decision makers who cancelled trek were not very intelligent, insightful or right when it got cancelled….I also loved the way the two leads stayed in character the whole skit til the end. that was funny….like they didnt want to believe the reality and were trying to make their own reality….kinda deep for snl hahaha

Belushi was brilliant much of the time but I really loved his Kirk….my 2nd fave Belushi was when he imitated Joe Cocker….gawed that was funny to see Belushi next to Cocker doing his routine….incidentally Joe Cocker was on the American idol finale and was awesome….

12. AJ - May 29, 2010

SNL has had the two key “Trek” comedy sketches: This, and Shatner’s ‘Get a Life.’

Belushi is one of the best Kirk imitators I’ve ever seen, and having three legends-to-be play the Big Three is amazing to watch.

This was during TOS’s big revival in syndication, too.

Gotta love the evasive action sequence.

13. Tony Whitehead - May 29, 2010

I remember seeing this live and eating up every line.

I have the original script from an old SNL book released around the same time. The love put into the script is evident. Great stuff. Thanks Anthony!

14. Jorg Sacul - May 29, 2010

That, my friends, was right up at the top of SNL’s greatest moments.

15. Hat Rick - May 29, 2010

Not just a network skit, but actually a very good fan-type production, in the best sense of the term.

SNL was so good in its prime.

16. Jesustrek - May 29, 2010

“Via HULU (USA only – sorry)”…..Blaaaaa,blaaaaa !Cabrones¡

17. richpit - May 29, 2010

I remember this from when it first aired. I was 12 and just getting into Trek in syndication. It’s classic! Absolutely hilarious stuff. John Belushi was a comic genius.

18. AJ - May 29, 2010

Aykroyd’s line:

“But we’re on five year mission to explore space! We’ve only been out here three years!” really resonates.

I’ve worked with Nielsen in several countries as a producer of Consumer Goods. Their methods were flawed, and they are LAZY. Their estimate of a given product’s sales volume was always around 50% of reality, so we always needed a secondary source of information. Problem is, shareholders recognize the ‘Nielsen’ brand as a large 3rd party auditor, as do advertisers.

Well, Trek won out in the end, didn’t it?

19. Dee - May 29, 2010

Sniff!!! ….I can’t see it!

20. maffc - May 29, 2010

#12,13 & 16.
Yeah US only – but they’ll still push their ads onto us before they tell us.

21. TJ - May 29, 2010

This is the first time I have seen this. I was in the Army, Over Seas when this aired. I didn’t even know about it. It is funny and poignant.

22. George - May 29, 2010

I appreciate Hulu letting us non-Americans watch their advertisement before denying access to the video. Ugh. This one IS a classic though!

23. Canadian Shane - May 29, 2010

You guys are so lucky, being in Canada we get to watch so few of these great clips. Awesome SNL amazing time of the whole “Star Trek Lives” period of Star Trek history.

24. Captain Conrad - May 29, 2010

John was so much funnier than Jim

25. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - May 29, 2010

I know it’s just for laughs, but Belushi was a pretty decent Kirk, and Chase, if he’d tried a little harder, kinda works for Spock…..

26. CmdrR - May 29, 2010

Just think how many times they could update that last joke.

Great stuff from a time when SNL didn’t take itself so seriously.

27. Arnie Dippet - May 29, 2010

Gene said it best when he first saw it — DELICIOUS!

28. Khan was Framed! - May 29, 2010

This was a classic!

Truly sums up the brilliant cheese of TOS & network stupidity all in one!

Now if Hulu would only make itself available to Canada, I could have enjoyed this once more.

29. Joel1245 - May 29, 2010

Wow, I was born five days before they aired this back in 1976.

30. Andy Patterson - May 29, 2010

This was funny but the skit with Lorne Michaels offering the Beatles something like 3500 dollars to reunite is something that really sticks in my mind. I remember hearing George, I believe, say he John and Paul were in NY watching that night and actually considered coming down to the studio. SNL seemed to be a little more relevant back then.

31. Jo Jo - May 29, 2010

What’s great here is that Belushi isn’t “doing Shatner” – he drops a few bits in but for the most part he’s actually playing the character – and he’s terrific! He could easily have had a dramatic acting career. He *owns* this part!

32. Gorn Captain - May 29, 2010

The guy playing Sulu would play him again when Shatner hosted a decade later!

33. Gary Evans - May 29, 2010

Well, it is obvious what Star Trek has over NBC.

Fans, fans in every corner of this globe upon which we live. Star Trek lives and Star Trek will live long beyond US Network Television’s days – WHICH are numbered.

One day soon there will be ONE deliver mechanism for entertainment in the home – a broadband delivery media with the capacity to deliver entertainment from myriad sources and producers NOT the select few.

Just examine the trend to diversified entertainment sources during the past 25 years! More producers, more channels, more cable channels, over-the-air, cable, satellite, DSL and 3G/4G systems.

Look at the diversity of cities and nations where US delivered entertainment now is created.

The entry barriers have been vastly altered and the costs dramatically lowered. Some web series draw larger audiences than any US network draws today.

Hurrah for the entertainment diversity!

34. Gary - May 29, 2010

ahhh…the good old days….when SNL was acually funny!

35. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 29, 2010

They couldn’t post in on you tube?

36. Montreal_Paul - May 29, 2010

only in the US?!?! WTF??? I’m seeing this more and more on this site and it’s getting annoying. Couldn’t you guys find this anywhere else for your fans in the rest of the world?

37. StarFuryG7 - May 29, 2010

For the people in the UK, try this Link and see if you have better luck . . .

IMDb Video Star Trek – The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise

38. StarFuryG7 - May 29, 2010

My friends loved ribbing me when I was a kid for being a Trek fan, and they felt that this SNL skit gave them ammunition for their sometimes relentless taunts. What they didn’t get though was that I thought it was a pretty damn funny skit myself, so my friends were only making idiots of themselves actually when they brought it up as though it was proof of something when it wasn’t proof of anything other than the SNL cast and writers knowing how to come up with a good skit and knowing how to perform it well. Belushi was actually a big Trek fan I believe –I’m pretty sure I saw him alluding to it in more than one interview way back then, and I wouldn’t have been surprised at the time if he actually served as the inspiration for their doing that skit.

39. andrew - May 29, 2010

Well, almost. George Harrison wasn’t there. You might be thinking of George’s later appearance where he was in a scene w/Lorne Michaels, or his duet with Paul Simon, which was outstanding.

But Paul and John were, amazingly, both in New York and saw the show, and almost came down. There were two factors: they were tired, but mainly, they hadn’t prepared anything and weren’t going on national television without rehearsal.

40. John Trumbull - May 30, 2010

One of THE classic SNL sketches. Michael O’Donoghue was a great writer, and Belushi’s Kirk is where all the other Shatner impressions sprung from.

41. Jim Nightshade - May 30, 2010

Right on about the beatles reunion details-it was just john n paul toogether watching that night-i think the amount offered was much lower than 3500 i think it was around 500 or maybe 1000 giving each beatle 250 heheh–that was another great snl moment–those were the days-really smething-despite many talented people the first snl is still the best-

42. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 30, 2010

That was from the time when SNL was funny? How bad is it now?

That was ok but it was summer camp skit night level.

43. daxmaryrussel - May 30, 2010

I’m SO TIRED of this USA only – have you heard of world wide web??
If it’s not visible to everyone – don’t put it here! Same crap with Bones, NCIS etc on Facebook!!!

44. P Technobabble - May 30, 2010

This was certainly one of the most memorable skits SNL ever did, and the “Belushi era” was, IMO, the best cast ever… although the “Eddie Murphy era” was pretty good, too.

As an aside for the Beatle folks, Eric Idle was behind the “well, we couldn’t get the Beatles, but we got the Rutles” skit, and the subsequent Rutles tv special. Word has it that the Beatles loved being made fun of by a Python-er, and Harrison was in it, to boot.

45. snoopytrek - May 30, 2010

does anyone recall that not only the shat’s “get a life” SNL but they also did this type sketch again AND the dude that played Sulu played him again? think it’s on youtube

i recall reading the SNL that Shatner hosted was one of the highest rated one’s up to that point

46. SPB - May 30, 2010

The sad thing is: Shatner was probably as big in Season Three as Belushi is in that skit!

47. MagicDan - May 30, 2010

Awesome skit, haven’t seen it in years. You can tell Belushi really liked the show. They put a lot into it!

48. Sarah S - May 30, 2010

LOL!! By the way, I still hope somebody from “The Supreme Court” has been reading these posts. I don’t know how much it would mean since I guess I’m the only one who’s said so (and I’m only one person out of how many thousands?), but I would still very much like to see Bill Murray have a role in the next movie.

49. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 30, 2010

Blows me away that this is considered funny by anyone. TV in the U.S must be pretty low level.

50. Rebecca - May 30, 2010

I would love to see the Jonas Brothers do a Star Trek parody on SNL one day. That would be fun and totally rock! Joe can be Kirk, Nick can be Spock, and Kevin can be Bones! What do you think? Can Joe pull off a Shatner impression?

51. StarFuryG7 - May 30, 2010

Uh, No — Shatner had put on a few pounds by the last season, but he wasn’t Belushi-Bad.

52. StarFuryG7 - May 30, 2010

“I would still very much like to see Bill Murray have a role in the next movie.”

BZZZZZzzzzt! Wrongo!! That’s just what a revival of ‘Star Trek’ needs –comedians like Bill Murray so that it’s taken even less seriously. That suggestion is almost as bad as when they wanted to cast Eddie Murphy in ST IV …and if anything that was an even better idea than Bill Murray in a Trek film!

53. StarFuryG7 - May 30, 2010

Perhaps you take Trek so seriously that you don’t even know how to get a laugh from it being spoofed.

I think they could have done a better job in that skit though for what it’s worth. The principals didn’t seem as prepared with their lines as they should have been, and the car on the main viewer was a bit cheesy, but for what they were doing, it also made a kind of wacky sense. I didn’t care for that aspect of it though when I first saw it back in the 70s; it seemed too silly to me even though ‘silly’ was the idea.

54. Balok - May 30, 2010

Ha, perfectly cast characters… whoda thought Shat would ending up looking like Belushi… Akyroyd as voice of Scotty was the best, bet even Chris Doohan got a kick out of that….

55. Sarah S - May 30, 2010

52: It’d be a serious role. Murray is great at churning up a good laugh but when he’s serious on screen, he can be a complete 180 from what people expect. There’s Oscar buzz about his role in “Get Low” (with Robert Duvall). He’s surprising a lot of people with how good an actor, he really is. That’s one reason why I’d like to see him in a Captain’s uniform. I know he could fill the role well, and memorably.

56. Pete359 - June 1, 2010

That’s bull. I understand that Hulu can’t show content in other countries because of licensing and copyright but why show me an American ad first and only after that 30 ad is over they say I can’t view the video.

So I’m allowed to watch American ads but not American TV.


57. BringBackTheShat - June 1, 2010

Amazingly great skit! I remember seeing this when I was 13 years old. One irony is that Trek had the key demographic in the ratings back then, but they didn’ t know that at the time.

58. StarFuryG7 - June 1, 2010

That’s not right –I provided a UK Link to IMDB, but I guess that didn’t work for people in the UK either, which means that they shouldn’t have even had the Kkit featured on that IMDB Page.

59. www.chrisfawkes.com - June 2, 2010

@53. Why would you even say something that silly?

I love comedy but that was just pretty ordinary and many are suggesting that this was when SNL was at it’s best. If that is the case then it doesn’t take much too amuse which you seem to agree with oddly enough given your opening remark.

60. Adam Bomb 1701 - June 2, 2010

Belushi did the best Shatner/Kirk impression ever, in the best “Trek” parody ever. He nailed the Shat’s timing, his inflections, the “Shatnerisms”. Another SNL sketch Belushi was hilarious in was “Dueling Brandos”, where he and Peter Boyle quoted Brando movie lines, in Brando’s mumbling acting style, with bars from “Dueling Banjos” playing in-between. Fabulously funny stuff. SNL stopped being funny when Aykroyd and Belushi left in 1980, to do the “Blues Brothers” movie. Which was great, but “SNL” suffered. I haven’t watched it since.

61. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - June 2, 2010


62. DGill - June 2, 2010

That was freakin’ classic. However, I still love Bill Shatner’s “Get a Life” skit.

63. BadderThanYou - June 2, 2010

A DAMN CLASSIC for sure. Now I digress to attack the current SNL – The show used to be funny – note the ACTING in this scene – not a bunch of idjits reading cue cards like today. However, just like the current SNL – Black actors are not well utilized in this scene. Every Black person who has ever been on SNL is relegated to playing subordinate characters or, when they do get a chance to lead a scene, ridiculous stereotypes. Here are a few other comedy sketch show takes on the Star Trek saga – with better casting:


64. Bones Rodriguez - June 3, 2010

This is actually pretty dull now, but it was one of the first sketches about Trek, so we gotta give it some slack.

65. Woulfe - June 3, 2010

Ah…. Yes…. This…. Is…. Where…. It…. All…. Started…..

And except for one television network
We have found intelligence, everywhere….

Some things never change, eh ?

– W –
* heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh *

66. S. John Ross - June 4, 2010

I’d forgotten how good the physical acting was in this … they’re making very creditable attempts at Shatner’s walk, Nimoy’s stance, etc. Nice.

67. S. John Ross - June 4, 2010

#52: This last one had Tyler Perry … he did no harm that I could see.

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