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Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz Wants In On Star Trek Sequel May 29, 2010

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The film isn’t yet in pre-production, but there is already a big name actress who wants in on the Star Trek sequel. In an interview promoting her new film, Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz (Constant Gardener, The Mummy 1 & 2) expressed her love JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie and her desire to appear in the next Trek.


Weisz wants to Trek

In an interview with Collider promoting the Roman historical drama Agora, the subject moved on to if the actress would be interested in returning to the world of big effects movies, and she had one in mind. Here is an excerpt:

Weisz: Yeah. You know what? I loved Star Trek. I mean, I couldn’t even believe how great, I meant to write (Star Trek director) J.J. Abrams a letter. I haven’t written it yet, though. I just thought- Didn’t you think it was tremendous? … And I’m not a Trekkie. I mean, (Weisz’s longtime fiancé) Darren (Aronofsky) took me thinking, he says, “You’re gonna hate this.” Cause I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek. I mean, I, Dr. Spock, I mean, I vaguely know. But, I loved it. I absolutely—I thought the acting was just phenomenal. Really, really great. So, yeah! No, I’m totally open to doing a big, big blockbuster.

What about the sequel? is Weisz interested, the answer is yes:

Weisz: Me? I would LOVE to be in the Star Trek sequel! Yeah! I would love to! I better write that letter to J.J. ….I was really, wildly impressed by that. I thought it was an incredible piece of work. Yeah. It just had such a freshness and the acting was, the acting blew me away.

In the run up to the Star Trek movie a number of actors actively perused roles in the film, including Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban. Surely the Abrams team can find use for an Oscar-winning actress, who looks good in a catsuit (see below).

Go to Collider for more from Weisz and to listen to the audio.

Rachel Weisz wants to be in the Trek sequel – if they bring in the Borg, this photo shows she is ready


1. Rach - May 29, 2010

Nurse Chapel?

2. Mathias - May 29, 2010

I LOVE Rachel! She’s a great (and gorgeous) actress…..hopefully JJ will fit her in the movie!

3. Hugo Dart - May 29, 2010

“Doctor” Spock?
As a trekkie a moviegoer, I’d love to see Weisz in the sequel, but somebody needs to educate the woman.

4. dmduncan - May 29, 2010

Nice curves.

5. davidfuchs - May 29, 2010

She’s certainly a talented actress, so why not if there’s a role?

6. epyon - May 29, 2010

I agree with Rach. If she’s willing to commit to more than one film, Nurse Chapel would be a tremendous fit for her.

But only if she wears the catsuit.

7. Sebastian - May 29, 2010

How about a ‘revamped’ Number One? One wonders what happened to the ‘original’ crew of the Enterprise in the movie’s altered timeline.

I can’t imagine an Oscar winner like Rachel Wiesz signing on to be the ship’s nurse… unless she’s Doctor Chapel now (as the character was in ST-TMP). Or better yet, something altogether new for her would be best.

She’d make an elegant Vulcan.

8. Buzz Cagney - May 29, 2010

Carol Marcus?
Or failing that I wonder how she would feel about an all over green body paint? Luckily I’ve got a brush, and will be more than happy to apply as many coats as seems necessary.

9. Schultz - May 29, 2010

Oooooh… please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeease. She’s has wonderful screen presence. Weisz would be a *great* addition to the cast.

But maybe she could also play a villain. :)

10. Zanpher - May 29, 2010

@3, you mean you need to be educated? Do you not remember Doctor Spock?

11. The Bear - May 29, 2010

Resistance is Futile! I just love to listen to the girl talk, let alone gawk at her. Hire her JJ – there’s a role for her somewhere, and don’t mess up that beautiful face and bod by your fraking lens flares!!!!

12. Third Remata'Klan - May 29, 2010

Oscar cred is always good for Trek.

Oh, and so are good-looking women. ;-)

13. Alec - May 29, 2010

Excellent. Can anyone say ‘Borg Queen’? The whole point of using a Hollywood A-lister is to show him or her off. There’s no point hiring someone so famous and successful if you then hide them behind lots of makeup. So the prime candidates are Khan and The Borg Queen. The Borg Queen has the advantage of being quite fresh; after all, how many (important) villains in film or TV are female? How many female villains have there been in sci-fi?

Let’s make the sequel a darker, grittier film than the original. The Borg would be perfect. The Klingons, in contrast, with their appearance and infamous made-up language, are not nearly so scary; although, they could be… The Borg are relentless, emotionless, killing (or, rather, assimilating) machines. The great thing about the Borg is that they are closest of all to non-Trek sci-fi: they look like the terminator meets cybermen meets generic sci-fi robot. The great thing about this is that the audience will connect with them more than with, say, the Klingons.

The story is, as always, all-important. Get the rights to remake, with a few alterations, ‘Best of Both Worlds’ – if the persons involved don’t already have these rights. Add a little hint of ‘First Contact’ and some originality. And then JJ and co could create a sci-fi epic that would really resonate with the mainstream audience.

Resistance is futile!

14. Alec - May 29, 2010

There’s no way she’d play Nurse Chappell: the part is far too small. If she wants (as she will) serious screen-time, then she has to play a villain. Even No: one wouldn’t offer enough screen-time. Moreover, wouldn’t she just get in the way of Kirk-Spock-McCoy? These are the main characters, after all. And these characters need to be explored, not just introduced, in the sequel: we need the Triumvirate to form. Furthermore, no: one was in no small part a statement of progressive equality; but to put her in the crew so quickly and in this role, which is ultimately supporting, would be self-defeating or at least dubious.

So the best part for her to play, for all manner of reasons, is the Borg Queen. There’s a potential problem, though, in that she’s heavily rumoured to be playing the Bond Villain; so, might this be overkill for her and the screen were she to play both, presumably in close succession?

PS: I like the suggestion of Carol Marcus. This could be good, too: I’ve wanted Kirk to get a proper love interest in the films. But this role is unlikely to be as meaty as the lead Villain. I bet she’d prefer to be the villain than the damsel in distress or the standard love interest. Besides, perhaps Kirk has to do some maturing before he starts that kind of thing…

15. Yammer - May 29, 2010

The Borg are so TNG.

The ‘logical’ choice… is… T’Pring

16. Phil - May 29, 2010

No Borg, no Khan, and definitely not “darker & grittier than the original.” They need to make a Star Trek film that’s true to the ideals of Trek, and not another rehash of “madman with a doomsday weapons bent on revenge/galactic domination.” I loved Trek XI as much as the next guy, but the sequel is J.J. & Co.’s chance to really go boldly (sorry… not really), and not where practically one out of every two Trek films have gone before. Trek XII needs to do two things: introduce the Klingons (so we can build to the Klingon/Romulan alliance in Trek XII, and the kickass Federation/Klingon/Romulan naval battle that I know Abrams has in him), and adapt ” For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky.” But that’s just my thought…

17. MagicDan - May 29, 2010

Oh yeah, can she say “I am for you, D’amato”

18. pacimage - May 29, 2010

and I’m sure Heidi Montag loved Star Trek as well, and will be making an audition tape for JJ!


19. P Technobabble - May 29, 2010

The Borg are Boring. IMO, of course. They are a one-dimensional villain who have overstayed their welcome in the Trek Universe. I think there is still a lot more to learn about Klingons and Romulans.

20. Harry Seldom - May 29, 2010

#15: “The ‘logical’ choice… is… T’Pring”

Hear, hear!

Given the diminshed Vulcan population, there could be a drive for re-population. T’Pring and Spock are already engaged. She might insist that he uphold his promise. Brings up issues of what happens to Pon Far without the planet Vulcan. And Zoe mentioned something about wanting to kick some serious butt…

– Harry

21. Nivenus - May 29, 2010

The suggestion for Marcus isn’t bad but gorgeous as she is, wouldn’t she be a bit too old? Kirk’s in his mid to late 20s in the new movies and Weisz will be over forty when the sequel comes out.

I think an original will probably work for her best, given how young the original characters would be in this new continuity.

22. MorbidGorn - May 29, 2010

As much as I love the Borg, I do NOT want to see them in any Trek movie at least for a while. The Federation does not meet the Borg until 100 years after the days of Kirk and Spock (in the prime universe).

And I think it would be too big a shake up from the prime universe (as if destroying Vulcan was not enough) to make feasible.

A story with Klingons and/or Romulans, hell yes.

How about making Weisz the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident” (aka Charvanek)?

Now THAT would be sweet! Thoughts?

23. Buzz Cagney - May 29, 2010

Borg? Good grief. They’ve been done to death and are so NOT relentless.
‘er, concentrate weapons on this spot’.
And we’re done.

24. Oh Bob.... - May 29, 2010

What does Roberto Orci think? ;-)

25. siphunclekaiju54 - May 29, 2010

Great actress, I’d love to see her in it!

26. Andy Patterson - May 29, 2010

I say let her in.

27. Newman - May 29, 2010

I love Rachel!!!!! Put her in the movie!!!!!!!!!

28. Joe Lazlo - May 29, 2010

#12 Oscar cred is okay.

didn’t help a whole lot with F.Murray Abraham in INS.

29. Jesustrek - May 29, 2010

Bob orci ,,,,seria genial contar con Rachel Weiz, Saludos.

30. Hat Rick - May 29, 2010

Rachel Weiz strikes me as among the top 10 most intelligent actors in Hollywood.

To me, that she loved Star Trek merely confirms that fact.

May she live long and prosper.

31. Hat Rick - May 29, 2010

^^Rachel Weisz. Sorry for the typo.

32. Alec - May 29, 2010

To 16. Phil – May 29, 2010

Just a few points:

1) You don’t want another rehash of ‘“madman with a doomsday weapons bent on revenge/galactic domination.”’ Yet you do want a ‘kickass Federation/Klingon/Romulan naval battle’; i.e., a big space battle. Well, that’s completely original: much more original than a revenge/galactic domination story!

2) I thought that Trek 2009, like all the films, was ‘true to the ideals of Trek’. So I’m not sure what you mean by, ‘They need to make a Star Trek film that’s true to the ideals of Trek’. They’re not going to make an episode-style Trek. After all, we’re now in the business of big budget blockbusters and a key mainstream audience.

3) If you don’t want the sequel to go ‘where practically one out of every two Trek films have gone before,’ then why do you want the Klingons in it!! I’m amazed that so many fans don’t see this. The Klingons featured in every TOS film bar TWOK and in too many episodes to count. Enough already! Khan featured in one film and one episode. The Borg have featured in one film and a dozen or so episodes. Second to Khan, the Borg are the most unused villains in Trek! (At least of the major villains).

33. Alec - May 29, 2010

15. Yammer – May 29, 2010

‘The Borg are so TNG.
The ‘logical’ choice… is… T’Pring’.

The Borg are to TNG what the Klingons are to TOS. But the mere fact of this doesn’t preclude our wanting or liking the Klingons in TNG. No series has an exclusive villain. As for the Borg in TOS, we know this didn’t happen – in the Prime Universe. But what we do know, of the Prime Universe, is that the Borg featured in the Enterprise episode ‘Regenration’. So the Borg are canon, already, in the new time-line: Enterprise, apparently, is still canon!

The ‘logical’ choice – I see what you did there. But I must disagree. To capture the mainstream, we need an iconic character. That’s why the ‘uninitiated’ went to see Trek: partly because they were interested in seeing the beginnings of two iconic characters: Kirk and Spock. But they won’t have heard of T’Pring; and the name won’t capture their imagination. But they will know of the Borg. And they will know of Khan. And with the Borg Queen, Rachel, or some other A-Lister, might want to take the role.

34. Mr.Scotty - May 29, 2010

No Borg. No Khan.

NEW ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35. Boozba - May 29, 2010

That girl was born to play Number One!!!

36. Cyberghost - May 29, 2010

Everyone wants to be in the movie, Dr Spock, give me a break.

37. Cyberghost - May 29, 2010

I have been watching ST TOS since the early 70’s, I don’t remember seeing a Borg. Even if I watch TOS another 200 times, I doubt I will.

Borg = Bad idea

38. fax_ - May 29, 2010

@33. Alec

Don’t agree with (2), since the division between episodic Trek and movie Trek has historically been unclear with plenty of diffusion between, but I fully concur with (3) for the reasons you stated, and simply because as Star Trek wasn’t simply about the characters in its universe, but the business of that universe. This ‘sub-series’ of movies should not rely too heavily on past villains, and equally given the lack of a series should not try to create a new staple villain whose development will invariably be limited by short screen-time. Iconic characters are needed, not old-clones or forgettable Neros.

39. fax_ - May 29, 2010

Oh wait, I didn’t read that properly did I? I don’t fully concur with (3) if you thing Khan and the Borg remain viable.

40. Protovulcan - May 29, 2010

Number One.

41. BiggestTOSfanever - May 29, 2010

There are already enough movies with darkness. We need a sequel glowing with optimism, and confidence (to boldly go) not another Space=death film. The Borg are too dark for TOS, it should be the Gorn or the Klingons.
If T’Pring survived the destruction of Vulcan, there’s no way Spock would be all smoochy with Uhura, he would still be parted and never parted to T’Pring.

42. Dee - May 29, 2010

Yeah “Dr. Spock” the classic mistake……but she’s a great actress….and like T’Pring would be ok, I think!

43. red dead ryan huyton - May 29, 2010

I still say its going to be Khan for the sequel.

44. Trek Lady - May 29, 2010

What…are they supposed to write the movie around people who want to be in the film now that Trek 2009 was a “big blockbuster” but can’t be arsed to tell Mr. Spock from Dr. Spock?

If she is an Oscar winner, she may not be willing to take a bit part, and they already have more than enough main characters to explore.

45. red dead ryan huyton - May 29, 2010

I think they should go with actors who won’t take a huge piece of the budget. Rachel Weisz is a talented actress and she was great in “The Mummy” 1 and 2, but she may be “too big” of a name for “Star Trek”. I think they should go with people who are up-and-coming, so that they don’t overshadow the up-and-coming cast.

46. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - May 29, 2010

Rachel Weisz is certainly a great actress. I think she should be in a command role, not Nurse Chapel. Maybe she could be a Number One on another ship. I’m also not crazy about her being cast as Carol Marcus, because that would make her just a love interest for Kirk. Another thought is:as a villain.

47. Bucky - May 29, 2010

Number One! Someone has to cover the night shift on the Enterprise, right?

48. Brad - May 29, 2010

She’s Number One on the Constellation with Commodore Decker and the next movie is about the Doomsday Machine, except this time we don’t have a Starship to sacrifice so we go to the Guardian of Forever and venture into the future to get some more red matter and we encounter Admiral James T. Kirk (Shatner).

What do y’all think?

49. Brad - May 29, 2010

^ and Commodore Decker is played by Tom Hanks.

50. CarlG - May 29, 2010

@49: Hanks is a great actor, but I’ve never seen him play anything but decent fellows. He’d play a great starship captain but it’s hard to imagine him as twitchy, PTSD-angsty, Decker after the Constellation gets eaten.

And yes, Rachel Weisz would make a terriffic Number One.

51. JGG1701 - May 29, 2010

And yes, Rachel Weisz would make a terriffic Number One.
Yeah then she’ll want out of that too because of being afraid to be “type casted”

52. Alec - May 29, 2010

One of the Supreme Court, perhaps JJ, said that a first film is about introducing the characters; the second film is ‘all about the villain’. I.e., there must be a big, memorable, iconic villain who commands screen-time, and whose role is central to the plot and the main characters. The classic example, of which JJ will approve, is the Empire Strikes Back: Vader. Now, if the Trek sequel is ‘all about the villain’, which species is qualified to play the part? There are only four, really only three, options: a new villain; the Klingons; the Borg; Khan.

A New Villain
A new villain could be great. There’s freedom and scope to create a truly memorable villain. But such a villain would, by definition, not be established; and great villains invariably tend to be established, usually in the previous film. Again, think of Vader: A New Hope; then, The Empire Strikes Back. Now, contrast Vader with Nero! There would also be no connection with either the fanbase or the mainstream audience, at least initially, to a new villain. So there would be less buzz and interest.

The Klingons
The Klingons have the advantage of having a connection, and a very strong one, with the TOS era. And they are known to both the fanbase and mainstream audience. However, I think they’re the least favourable option; and here’s why. They have appeared in hundreds of episodes, in all 5 TV Shows, and in 8 of the 11 films. Consequently, a very, very great deal about them has already been written at length: their morality, their nature, their values, their history, their science, etc. JJ might be able to put a new spin on it. But it would still be walking on very worn ground. Let’s have something more original, please.

The Borg:
The Borg have only appeared in one film and a dozen or so episodes. So much of their backstory has not been written. And that is a great opportunity. There is a connection with the alternative time-line, as Bob has said that Enterprise is canon here; and the Borg appeared in ‘Regneration’. So the Borg DO belong in this time-line: they’re not to be dismissed as a TNG villain. Of course, the hugely important mainstream audience won’t care about these intricacies. They’ll like the Borg because: they’re well-know; they are similar in appearance to other sci-fi villains, e.g. the Terminator, the Cybermen, etc; and so the Borg are relatable to the mainstream audience. A huge advantage of the Borg is that they have a recognised leader and all the other drones are just that: characterless. So this is perfect territory for a Hollywood A-lister to play a lead role. Think of that all-important overseas Market. Furthermore, since the Borg have a Queen, there’s a great opportunity to have a female villain of some note. Note a nurse. Not a second-in-command. Not a love-interest. Just imagine a $200 million Borg film, heavily inspired by The Best of Both Worlds and First Contact. Wow. A disadvantage of a Borg film is that the story might be quite similar to Star Trek 2009. But, then, this might be forgotten by the time 2012 comes around. Besides, all the Trek film have this kind of Story (with TVH a noticeable exception).

Khan is the freshest of all major villains: he’s only appeared in one episode and one film. Contrast this with almost any villain or species in Trek and Khan is almost undiscovered. Moreover, Khan is well-known, and favourably received, by both the fanbase and the mainstream audience. Consequently, a very great deal of buzz would be generated: ‘The return of Khaaaaan’, More importantly, Khan is perfect for a Hollywood A-lister: a big, meaty role, with minimal make-up. Many fans are opposed to reusing Khan. But that is principally because the filmmakers have much to live up to. If Kirk and Spock et al can be re-cast, so can Khan. The story would be more inspired by Space Seed than TWOK; but there could be much divergence. It could be great.

53. Khan was Framed! - May 29, 2010


If you don’t know the difference between a Vulcan & a half-wit child psychologist from the 50’s, you probably shouldn’t get the part.

Sorry Rachel, stick to whatever it is you do well. Not that i’ve seen you in anything.

& what’s all this Number One talk?
Number One is teaching at the academy by now, Pike’s in the chair!
Why would we see Number One in the sequel?

Number One is my favorite female character next to Jadzia Dax, I’d love them to have done something with her, but they missed the boat on that one.

Which is why John Byrne’s Crew series was so amazing!

They should do a Kelvin TV series & include a young Number One in the cast as a yeoman or ensign.

54. Troubled Tribble - May 29, 2010

She is an awful actress. I hope she is nowhere near the next film.

55. Buzz Cagney - May 29, 2010

52 sorry, but I don’t think ‘wow’ when you talk of the Borg. I think ‘yawn’. I accept you are enthusiastic about it, but it would be a retrograde step imo.
TOS has more than enough colour of its own without falling back on the Borg.

56. layman - May 29, 2010

I would love to see her play a Vulcan and be the main antagonist. The Vulcans are looking for a new home, remember? There should be some conflict between them.

No Klingons (or Borg) yet, please, and we have already had Romulans

57. Bucky - May 29, 2010

53 – We have no idea what Number One would be doing in the JJ-verse. She could be anywhere. Timeline = diverged.

58. philpot - May 29, 2010

52 – id actually prefer the borg to another full on klingon movie (even though theres really only been 3 films that heavily feature klingons – the rest are just cameos and Worf)…maybe we could have khan/klingons for Trek 2 and the borg in Trek 3 without the queen. – they were far more menacing in Q Who and BOBW 1 without a spokesperson

plus although the borg have been done on TNG (& VOY/ENT) and in a prior film they are firmly a TNG era villain and we have never seen Kirk and Co have anything to do with them (bar a comic in the Star Trek Manga series) – so while initially it would seem they are treading old ground itd would actually be fresh if it was Kirk and Spock vs a non Locutus/Lore/Queen led borg…. it would be interesting to see how a young Kirk faces up against a Ridley Scott style borg – kinda like Star Trek does Aliens mixed with Terminator – horror Sci Fi (what FC was)…plus fans would obviously be intrigued with how Kirk, Spock deal with the borg threat – almost a TOS vs TNG thing going down

also as you say, we havent seen the origin of the borg yet or the borg homeworld – so the origins could be explored abit via flashback or the like? (prob like Ridley Scott is gonna do with Alien 5) could V’ger even be involved? (Vger appears in the Nero comics and im sure there was a novel that ties Vger into the origin of the borg – Shatners The Return? if the borg were to be in a sequel id kinda like to see that element explored)

plus 1996 was the last borg movie – quite a while when you think about it – and it was one of the most succesful ST films….and there was a hint of the borg in the new film (Neros ship – ok that was just a reference in Countdown but the design of the interior and green hues of the stations certainly had me thinking ‘borg technology’) plus bob references BOBW on the last page of CD so it must be one his mind……

59. thebiggfrogg - May 29, 2010

Yes to Rachel Weisz.
No to Borg (this is TOS not TNG) and all the baggage they bring with them. The Borg are great villains, but the only reason to bring them into TOS is some fanboys wet dream. AND if they made hash of the TNG Federation what would they do to the TOS Federation.

No to another retread villain story. How about something creative for a change? War Trek is getting old (which is probably why Trek is better as TV than as a movie).

Please, no Khan. Khan was done perfectly in previous incarnations. Why crap on it (even if it is a “good crap”). Again, how about something original boys and girls? Doing Khan is like giving in to the current b.s. reboot mania in Trek. Hey guys, let’s make Casablanca! Why? Can we make it better? Add some fresh idea to the story? Hell no, just because we CAN!

60. jas_montreal - May 29, 2010

Nurse chappel ?

I definitely think it’ll work. She’ll definitely add some tension between the uhura and spock relationship.

61. Joel1245 - May 29, 2010

Meh. She only wants to be in it because of JJ Abrams and big name actors are in. If this were a film with Shatner, Nimoy and the rest of the actors, she’d be like, “No way!” I say pass.

62. Polly - May 29, 2010


She looks cool, and is a good actor, but she kinda talks like someone who’s….um…how do I put this….”not very intelligent” ? (seriously, not meaning to make anyone angry)

But anyway I think they could find a good role for her, so yeah. Great, get her in there! :)

63. Green Blooded Bastard - May 29, 2010

I don’t want to see her in a Trek film.

64. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 29, 2010

She has to be in black leather now. Hopefully doing some fight scenes.

65. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 29, 2010

She is 40, i would not have guessed that.

I actually think she sounds quite intelligent when you hear her speak.

66. G - May 29, 2010

She’s make a good Orion slave girl. Green, and naked.

67. Captain April - May 29, 2010

She is one of my favorite actresses , both beautiful and she can act. I could see her in a Starfleet uniform, possibly a Rival Captain to foil Young Captain Kirk. Or maybe a Romulan commander to get in between Spock and Uhura!

68. Hugh Hoyland - May 29, 2010

I wouldnt mind her being in the sequel, I liked her in the mummy movies. As far as the villians go, any of the main villians from Star Trek will work if they are well written and acted, including Klingons or Khan. My thought is if they want to get a little “abstract” they would make the villian a more obscure one, like the Gorn. But they are quite mindful what the general public knows about Star Trek and might be interested to see on the big screen, and the GP appears to know Khan quite well, and also the Klingons and actually, the Borg to. My bet would be either Khan or Borg.

69. SPB - May 29, 2010

If they ever remade “City on the Edge of Forever”…

…she’s a shoo-in for EDITH KEELER.

70. Hugh Hoyland - May 29, 2010

And I agree with a previous post, no Borg Queen, the zombie borg will do very well, and be creepy as hell to.

71. Daniel - May 29, 2010

She could play an evil Romulan Commander who steals Spock away from Uhura. In the end Spock comes to his senses but Uhura can’t forgive him, so she dumps him.

72. Hateya - May 29, 2010

Yes to Weisz. Bring her on!!

No to her having anything to do with Uhura and Spock. The last thing I want to see is two intelligent women fighting it out over some man. Give me a break.

If she does become T’Pring, I hope she dumps Spock again. T’Pring was my first fangirl crush because she had the audacity to NOT want Spock because he wouldn’t be around to do the husband-chores.

73. Emerson - May 29, 2010

Do you really think that Trek fans will want to see a classic like TWOK remade? Do you really think a writing such as JJ’s will want to simply rehash another already successful story?
Personally I have no problem with the Klingons or the Romulans but if they’re looking to expand the audiences experience of the Star Trek universe it’s fairly obvious that 2 romulan villans in a row are not best. There is no shortage of villains or alien races in TOS, many could be used or adapted to a greater role in the next movie!
I really think the Orion syndicate is vastly under explored in the Trek universe, there are lost races of robots, Renegade humans (Harry Mudd?) and heaps of other ideas. Let’s not focus on what’s already been done but what could be, it’s far more exciting!

74. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - May 29, 2010

Husband chores?

Is that being a female chauvinist?

T’Pring just wanted Spock’s land and money. She only wanted Stonn for his Anwoon….

In any case, make her a Romulan non villain. Who says ST12 has to have a villain? ST IV didn’t.

To quote Kirk to “Dr.” Spock: “Aren’t you dead?” May 2, 1903 – March 15, 1998


75. red dead ryan huyton - May 29, 2010

If they ever feature the Borg, they need to have the Queen. Although the role would be tough to cast. The only actress who I think could pull it off would be Cate Blanchett. But that would go against my earlier post stating that I would prefer to see an up-and-coming actress/actor over an established big name. That is why I don’t think we’ll see the Borg just yet. Third movie, maybe, but I think the second one belongs to Khan and/or the Klingons.

And I just don’t see J.J Abrams casting Rachel Weisz. Its more likely he’d go with Jennifer Garner, Kerri Russell, or another actress he worked with in the past. Anna Torv could be a great Nurse Chapel.

76. M_E - May 29, 2010

“If she does become T’Pring, I hope she dumps Spock again.”

Or just keeps him around enough to generate an offspring and THEN dumps him… :D

Bring in the Talosians; Rachel could be Vina who would have some reasonable screen time and could appear in many forms, including the most wanted green slave girl… :D

Or, and this might be fitting in this new universe: remember that comic, “Judgement of Capt. Kirk”, I think, where Kirk is given a protocol officer to watch his actions after some line crossing? Despite saving the Earth and whatnot, many people complain about how “unrealistic” Kirk´s promotion to captain was; this might solve the “problem”… :D

77. jcjlrchat - May 29, 2010

I think Rachel could represent the Enterprise’s first contact with the Deltan race….distracting the male (Human) members of the crew due to the overpowering pheromones….even for comedic effect….Just a thought for Mr. Orci.

78. StarFuryG7 - May 29, 2010

You always know you’re speaking to a person with little-to-No Trek exposure when they refer to the character as “Dr. Spock”. And she made that slip even after seeing ST09 and loving it.

Still, I think it would be great to find a way to get her into the sequel. If she’s willing to do it, she might also help to bring in other big name actors that may no longer feel shy about wanting in on the action. But she would need a part in the film worthy of her career and stature obviously.

79. StarFuryG7 - May 29, 2010

And by the way, NO to Nurse Chapel for Rachel, and definitely NOT as a Borg either for God sake!

80. Nivenus - May 29, 2010

32. Dominion.

Dominion beat the Borg as most underused villain. Borg had Voyager all to themselves plus a movie plus several episodes of TNG. It’s true that they’re not as ubiquitous as the Klingons, but the Dominion beats them by a longshot.

81. DJT - May 29, 2010

Nice costume er…um..uniform.

82. NuKirk - May 29, 2010

YES!!! #80!!! The Dominion!! And Rachel Weisz could play the Female Changeling!:) And they could have Odo discovered by Starfleet instead of Dr. Mora and have alternaOdo become the Enterprise’s Chief of Security! ANd get Rob Pattinson to play Weyoun! LOL!!!

But on the Borg note I must side with the people in favor of, because if you ppl remember some of the concept art for First Contact, some of that was absolutely terrifying and could easily be used in the 2012 film to reinvent the Borg as kinda Terminators-meets-Alien films…as for the darkness of The Borg, thats exactly why they would work so well…to properly show the optimism of TOS they need a terrifying villian to contrast it…but Rachel Weisz is a bad choice to play the Borg Queen… Anne Hathaway on the other hand… ;) or maybe (and please dont throw me to the Collective on this one…MILEY CYRUS… once she hits 18 she’s gonna be OOZING with sexuality and already, as per her new video, has the neoGoth image down, and it’d be the breakout role of the century if she nailed it!

Additionally, Miley’s first hit WAS The Best Of Both Worlds, and Disney has become a psuedo-Collective minus the cybernetic implants, hence why shes breaking from it, so it could work LOL

Im not a Miley fan, but in theory it could succeed, if approached right…and the only acting talent she’d need would be that which she uses in her music career…her sexuality…

83. John Trumbull - May 29, 2010

YES, absolutely, get her in the movie! She’s staggeringly gorgeous & a phenominal actress. Trek would be lucky to have her.

84. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 30, 2010

I think she would be ideal for Khan’s love interest in the next film.

Think of Star Trek 12 as a prequel to The Wrath Of Khan.

It is not a Remake of The wrath of khan, But a re-telling of Space seed.

2012: The 30th anniversary of 1982’s Wrath Of Khan.

Trek fans know khan.

I would like to see antonio banderas as khan. Banderas would bring women in to see the film.

2012: The film opens with the Paramount logo followed by the words:

“For Ricardo”

fall 2012: retail stores nationwide begin selling the blu-ray 4 disc double feature:

Star Trek 2012 and Star Trek 2 The wrath of Khan.

Each film’s second disc is packed with bonus materials..

For you guys who want klingons? I predict that Trek 2012 will open with a huge battle with the klingons.

That is my pipedream.

85. Cheve - May 30, 2010

I honestly hope Khan isn’t at all in ST XII unless it is a “pre-credits” sequence in the bond Style finishing “Space Seed”, and then the credits arrive, the music ends, ant the movie itself doesn’t have anything to do with revamping old episodes at all.

86. Steve - May 30, 2010

Rachael Weisz as Saavik, anyone?

87. Zebonka - May 30, 2010

I was hoping there’d be an attractive woman in the sequel! Sign her up!

88. Hateya - May 30, 2010

@ Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer – May 29, 2010

“Husband chores? Is that being a female chauvinist? T’Pring just wanted Spock’s land and money. She only wanted Stonn for his Anwoon….”

And exactly what is wrong with this? :D Hey, it’s a sexist universe. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Creds to Stonn for making is Anwoon available because I can’t think of anything worse than being a “single wife.” Either the man must put out or he needs to get out.

Anyho… new female villain is the best option for Rachel. T’Pring wasn’t a villain. She was a plot device and I heard someone wrote a book that killed off Stonn before he gave T’Pring the big “O!” That is so wrong!!!


89. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 30, 2010

Rachel Weisz for Carol Marcus!

90. NuKirk - May 30, 2010


For Carol Marcus, or, to keep up with the times, Caroline Marcus as she would likely be renamed, I would think Alexz Johnson… she played in the Canadian series Instant Star and had a guest-role on Smallville as one of The Legion of Superheroes in Season 8; or perhaps her costar from that series, who played Kara (Supergirl) in Smallville and also stars in the ‘V’ remake, Laura Vandervoort…

91. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 30, 2010

I think the only stipulation we put on this is that she is wearing black leather.

Make her any character you want but anything other than a black leather outfit is not an option.

92. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - May 30, 2010

Rachel Weisz is fantastic in Agora


93. Peacekeeper - May 30, 2010

Ok so how is this…since the Vulcan race is almost extinct she could play T’Pring (Spock’s fiance from the original continuity) and he must mate with her to continue the Vulcan race. You get the conflict from the Spock/Uhura relationship as well as Spock’s conflicting loyalties to his girlfriend and his race. There could also be a sub-plot of a group of Vulcans who want to keep the Vulcan bloodline pure. It could be almost an Amok Time Redux.

It is just an idea….

94. T.'. - May 30, 2010


First of all, thanks and good luck Ms. Weisz on pursuing this. Some notes on where fan feelings (and my theories) go regarding future directions for ST:

1. Villains: The most likely plot line will involve a sharply defined antagonist (Khan, Klingons, etc.) up against the Enterprise. Given the comments of the writers, that is what we can expect under most circumstances. My money is, right now,on the Klingons, but a Space Seed redux is a very real possibility.
2. Exploration: Star Trek, being a unique hybrid of hard Science Fiction and Space Opera, has at times ventured into the realms of Arthur C. Clarke, Harlan Ellison, etc., with stories that dealt as much with concepts as conflict. (City on the Edge of Forever, The Inner Light, etc.) But, despite fan wishes to the contrary, this is not a likely line of plotting for any Star Trek film to pursue, given previous experience (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) and corporate standards for summer movie fare.
3. Fanwank: More an unnecessary additive than (hopefully) the dominant them of the sequel, this kind of stuff can get out of hand real fast. Please keep the humor based on the characters, and not dropping “cool” references into the script.


95. Rusty0918 - May 30, 2010

How about the Enterprise’s new chief of security? (New character, NOT Chapel or Rand. And no miniskirt for her, have her in the trousers. Security officers and that kind of garb do not mix. You fans don’t like my suggestion, well you can still drool and masturbate over Zoe Saldana!)

96. Imrahil - May 30, 2010

Sweet! Can JJ Be de-involved?

97. dmduncan - May 30, 2010

She’d make a great Nurse Chapel. An even greater T’Pring.

But if Majel Barrett hadn’t been GRs gf, we wouldn’t have a Nurse Chapel character at all, and the miniscule role she played in TOS reflected the ad hoc nature of her presence in the series. So the character is dispensable really.

Carol Marcus probably makes the most sense since that would probably give her the biggest role. Or an entirely new character.

Or here’s an interesting idea: She could play T’pring who becomes a love interest of Kirk before he discovers that she’s Spock’s wife.

And of course, due to the destruction of Vulcan and the imperative to survive, the reproductive clocks amongst the Vulcans are reset, and Spock finds himself entering Ponn Farr much sooner than scheduled.

98. SteevCreeper - May 30, 2010

Heh, I’d like to see a Weisz-T’Pring/ Zaldana-Uhura Challenge for Spock. Who thinks Stonn actually survived the destruction of Vulcan? And she may feel an enormous pressure from either family, or in the logic of upholding the traditions of an endangered race. Spock may be all she has left… I don’t know that it would be full sequel material, but what a great story for a third movie, or subplot…

99. Trek Lady - May 30, 2010

Oh lord… fanboys apparently want the next one to be a soap opera…with a hot chick in leather involved in a cat fight with Uhura…


100. Sarah S - May 30, 2010

Nurse Chapel?

101. dmduncan - May 30, 2010

Speaking for myself, I certainly don’t want to see soap opera Star Trek. As I remember the moving finale of Lost, I think that series itself an excellent example of how to handle complex relationships without descending into the cheap and easy drama-sans-emotion that soap operas broadcast.

I do hope that we can now get more depth for the whole bridge crew family, and not just Kirk-Spock-McCoy.

102. Marvin the Martian - May 30, 2010

Add my vote for a new Number One.

With martial arts moves. Seriously, there’s a reason why Number One was Number One.

103. moauvian waoul - May 30, 2010

Number one. An interesting character we should know more about, familiar yet new. The age difference between her and Kirk should be about right.

104. red dead ryan huyton - May 30, 2010

If they do have a “Number One” in the sequel, I hope they don’t give her a name. A little bit of mystery works well in my opinion. I kinda wish Uhura was not given a first name. Took a bit away from the character, I think.

105. Rusty0918 - May 30, 2010

I still stick with my security chief idea that I mentioned in post #95. Yeah it could shake up the ensemble, but hey, if they can blast Vulcan up, why not?

As much as I hate to say it, I think chances are that the sequel WILL be a Khan story. I’m not saying it can’t work, you’d have to take Khan on a new angle, and not have him be bent on revenge. Keep in mind that TWOK doesn’t have the prestige that movies like “The Empire Strikes Back” or “The Dark Knight” does.

The one thing I would hate is if the sequel ended up like “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” which Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman share some of the blame with that one. Though I could easily see it happen.

106. BRT - May 30, 2010

Miley Cyrus???? SWEET NIBLETS!!!!!!!!

107. Chadwick - May 30, 2010

I would say Khan’s love Marla McGivers due to all this “space seed” remake talk.

108. Will - May 31, 2010

I think the Vulcans are going to become the enemy in #2. J.J. seems to like characters who seem to be allies but then turn out to be out for themselves. Maybe some Vulcans decide that Earth should be the new Vulcan.

109. Ken1w - May 31, 2010

Who else could play Number One? JJ’s first Trek movie was a bit male-centric, so the Number One character (with a real name) in a prominent role would be a good addition. Non-Trekkies will just see her as a new character, but long-time fans will know and appreciate the addition as the original “Number One.” Rachel Weisz in the role would be perfect.

110. M_E - May 31, 2010

“I kinda wish Uhura was not given a first name. Took a bit away from the character, I think.”

LOL! Uhura has a first name for decades now… and in movie it was said twice in the space of a minute. How exactly did it take away from the character? :-)

111. Bill Murray - May 31, 2010

Am I the only one who has thought of the fact that she is married to Darren Aronofsky? If J.J. Abrams opts out of the director’s chair then I would love to see Aronofsky get a big bidget sandbox to play in.

112. Bill Murray - May 31, 2010

doh! i mean BUDGET

113. Captain Otter - May 31, 2010

Two words: Kilngon Wargoddess.

114. dmduncan - May 31, 2010

@111: I’m not a huge fan of Aronofsky’s work so far. JJ is such a natural fit because his Steven Spielberg-like attitude and talent fits the Star Trek franchise. He’s the first director of a ST film that lined up all the cylinders to make something that was big, fun, fast, and smart.

I would like to see what Gore Verbinski or Guillermo Del Toro could do.

115. Thorn - May 31, 2010


I second this notion, from a different angle though. I would rather like to see the Vulcans bent on making Romulus the new Vulcan, considering who blew their planet up in the first place. Remember the barbaric side of the TOS Vulcans- I can imagine that very well, also under the light of Spock’s “reunification”-motive and movement from the past. Or, future, in this case.

I thing she’d make an excellent counterpart to Spock Prime’s principles, as a kind of angry Vulcan leader. But on the other hand, it seems like Leonard Nimoy won’t play the part anymore (again), so that idea may be completely useless.

116. Bill Murray - May 31, 2010

Agreed that Del Toro could be a brilliant pick. Especially now that he’s left The Hobbit.

117. StarFuryG7 - May 31, 2010

I wasn’t a fan of “Hellboy II” and admittedly I haven’t seen “Pan’s Labyrinth,” but Del Toro shouldn’t be let anywhere near a Trek film unless you want a very strange, weird looking Trek movie, which frankly, I don’t.

118. Daoud - May 31, 2010

Number One. Always wondered if she was Pike’s first wife, and it didn’t work out. ;)

So, Rachel Weisz as Number One works well. Also as the Romulan Commander works. And Marla McGivers, too. So…. all the great Boborci has to do is determine which story they’re telling and go from there. :)

Remember, the fleet was gathering at the Laurentian System… presumably with Fleet CaptainGarth. They’ve got to defend against the Klingon Armada. Fleet Admiral Komack won’t accept Kirk commanding Enterprise and “Will-Decker”s him, placing Number One in command of Enterprise, with Kirk as her First Officer, and Spock as her Chief Science Officer.

Or, the Romulans have encountered Khan, and you get the Commander or McGivers. I think Jennifer Garner is more likely the Romulan, so that leaves McGivers. (Then again Jenn would be a great Klingon, a la Mara!)

Forget Rachel as Carol Marcus. That’s Keri Russell’s role 100%.

119. dmduncan - May 31, 2010

@116: Del Toro’s films have some great humor and he knows how to create emotionally powerful scenes. Those would be a big plus for Trek, and I think he would understand how to treat the franchise. I would also love to see what Joss Whedon could do. The man is so talented, but given that his recent material hasn’t been ragingly successful (however fine it still is), I doubt we’d get to see Whedon follow JJ. But given that the kind of “meaningful” story he’s been telling lately matches what TOS used to do, I think he’d make a good choice.

120. Hugh Hoyland - May 31, 2010

Del Toro could add a unique spin to the sequel. After watching Pans Labrynth and some of his other work I think he is a very talented and imaginative director/writter. It just stinks big time that he had to leave The Hobbit. Heres hoping that Jackson will take the bull by the horns and direct these movies himself.

121. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 31, 2010

about carol marcus. If canon is followed. The romance between carol marcus Kirk would already had taken place. I base this on kirk’s son’s age in Wrath of Khan. David appears to be at least 20 years old in TWOK.

Mcoy: When it rains, It Pours…

Kirk: You of all people should know that dangers of re-opening old wounds..

Mcoy: Sorry.

122. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 31, 2010

Plus Rachel Weisz is close to the age that Carol Marcus was in TWOK.

Tarantino would be great to have involved with trek. The guy is right when he calls himself a student of film.

He would really be able to nail things that are familiar yet taken to a level demanded by an a grade film.

Could you imagine Tarantino redoing the fight scene between Kirk and the Gorne Commander?

The scene would be full of tension and yet when Kirk emerged the victor you would have a sense of his commanding presence and being the great warrior that we know he is but have had to fill in the blanks with our own imaginations thus far.

Get Tarantino on board to add to the dimension already given by the new team.

123. moauvian waoul - May 31, 2010

Facinating. I hope Bob Orci is reading this thread.

124. StarFuryG7 - May 31, 2010

Rachel Weisz is too old to play Carol Marcus, and there’s no reason to believe Kirk would ever meet her anyway after the change in the timeline. There’s no indication from the last movie that he ever even ran into either her or Gary Mitchell.

125. John from Cincinnati - June 1, 2010

Dr. Spock?

Cry Havoc!!!

126. Nanobot - June 1, 2010

I firmly believe any villain is fine if the story is worth telling. But I also believe JJ & Company will fall hard if the story is mediocre and the villains are rehashed. So I’m expecting something new and grand not another reboot or re-imaging of charters and stories. My advice, go-where no story tellers have gone before. Sorry.

127. John from Cincinnati - June 1, 2010

The franchise has already treaded new ground with old characters. There’s absolutely no reason they can’t tell new stories with familiar villains/characters.

128. M_E - June 1, 2010

“There’s no indication from the last movie that he ever even ran into either her or Gary Mitchell.”

Well, of course not, all his academy time in the movie limited to a talk with McCoy, going to bed with a green girl, the KM test and his trial; we have no idea of what happened or who he met in the previous three years.

129. StarFuryG7 - June 1, 2010

Right, but as I said, Rachel is a bit too old to be playing an Academy girlfriend of Kirk’s. I think she would be good for the sequel, but not in that particular role, and I don’t think she’d fit as Nurse Chapel or Savvik either. For her to be given a substantive role in the new movie I think it would be best if she was cast as a completely new character never seen before.

130. moauvian waoul - June 1, 2010

New stories would be nice. And crew cameos are nods to the long time fans, so welcomed. Retreading old villians seems like a bad idea to this long time fan.

131. Hat Rick - June 1, 2010

Rachel Weisz would be good as practically any role, but here are some suggestions:

1. Unorthodox Starfleet captain a la Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

2. Unorthodox Starfleet operative a la Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

3. Privateer who bails out a young Kirk a la Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, and for whom Kirk develops a deep and abiding crush.

4. Mysterious woman who manipulates the Federation into an alliance with an even more mysterious alien race.

5. McCoy’s new girlfriend.

6. Etc., etc., etc.!

The possibilities are endless.

132. dmduncan - June 1, 2010

131: “4. Mysterious woman who manipulates the Federation into an alliance with an even more mysterious alien race.”

Actually, I would love to see an “enemy” something like the Honored Matres from Frank Herbert’s “Chapterhouse: Dune.” That would be quite a force for the Federation to handle given the tricks they have.

133. Hat Trick - June 1, 2010

Frank Herbert and Trek. It was meant to be. But please — leave Kyle Maclachlan out of it.

134. Kuffdog - June 1, 2010

number one sounds like a good idea but also khans wife would be fun to see
my first thought was carol Marcus but she may very well be to old for the part . My first choice would be Number one or khans wife

135. I'm dead Jim - June 2, 2010

I’d “Riker” that!

136. Shaun - June 2, 2010

132: “Actually, I would love to see an “enemy” something like the Honored Matres from Frank Herbert’s “Chapterhouse: Dune.” That would be quite a force for the Federation to handle given the tricks they have.”

that is an excellent idea! i would love to see what would happen to the enterprise crew when confronted with this type of threat.

137. John from Cincinnati - June 2, 2010

Jim Carrey as Trelane
Dakota Fanning as Miri

138. Zebonka - June 3, 2010

As long as she’s wearing hooker boots, I don’t care what her character is.

139. luvtrek - June 3, 2010

she looks great in leather. She could play the [love/enterprise historian/traitor] of khan’s from TOS. Remember khan has no wife they are on a nuke powered star ship from the 90’s ???? (looks like a rewrite) in suspended animation. Anyway who needs her, stay young and fresh since this is a new begining, A restart of an old show. Why does the next film have to have any of the TOS bad crowd in it? Can’t the core group with a few minor rolelies from TOS carry the day against a new problem/issue/bad guy or guys etc. The great idea of trek OS was using the current issues of the day like race, cold war, poverty etc and incorporating them into the a story set in the future. We have environ issues like oil spills/ new science like cern. Have the crew save a “primitive” planet from trying to run a cern like experiment that endanger’s themself and a nearby federation planet (Prime directive issue!) but an advance race is behind egging the backward num nuts on. Something like that. Anyway something new and no rebooted TOS shows incorporated into the next film. It is not needed. Maybe in the 3rd or 4th movie, to play to the base again, if the cry babies yell foul. Which they most likely will.

140. CRB - June 11, 2010

This is my first time to the site and I’ve spent some time reading this and other threads. It’s interesting that everyone is so interested in the villain for the next movie. It’s unfortunate that we are talking about villains that have been overplayed. (Yes, even the Borg.)

I think it would be interesting (and don’t be TOO mean in the responses) to see her as a female “Q”. And yes, I realize “Encounter at Farpoint” was the first interaction with the Q, but with the changed timeline…. When a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China… The Q (collective?) ability to basically do whatever they want could really open up some doors. Maybe the Q detected the disruption in the timeline (ST 09) and came to see what the hubub was about. At that point, anything is possible. Maybe they even are able to sense both timelines and realize the current one is “not right” and will lead to their destruction – and they are here to make some changes. Or it can lead to all kinds of other plot possibilities

Then there’s always the Dominion or the Kardassians. (OK, the last three won’t be that popular, but Q definitely gives the most possibilities) .

Maybe we might even get a cameo of our friends the Tribbles or see a nice retro-Roman World from TOS. HAHA just kidding. But seriously, let’s see a new villain.

If they work in Khan it should be as a precursor to a future movie (maybe the opening sequence finds Kirk and Co dropping him and his followers off on the doomed planet only to get an immedite call and they leave.)

They have an oppottunity for something unique and shouldn’t waste it on re-cycled, re-used, worn-out or otherwise repeat ideas.

141. Cassondra Yochum - July 10, 2011

I also believe therefore, perfectly pent post!

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