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TrekMovie/EPIX Online Star Trek Viewing Party Today at 3PM ET (Noon PT) June 9, 2010

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Today at 3 PM EST (noon Pacific) TrekMovie and EPIX HD are teaming up to host an online viewing event at Anyone in the USA can join in and watch a simultaneous stream of the 2009 Star Trek movie for free online, and chat with fellow fans during the event. Find out how you can participate below.


Star Trek viewing event Today at 3PM Eastern (Noon Pacifc)

Today at 3PM Eastern (noon Pacific), EPIX is holding a Star Trek viewing event at The EPIX Event Theatre, a special online interactive community experience where up to 2000 viewers can share, comment and react to the film together. Any EPIX subscriber or those with an invite code will be able to participate.


To watch Star Trek in the EPIX Event Theatre

  1. Request an Invite Code on the EPIX Invite Page: (The code will be sent to your email address)
  2. Copy the Invite Code and Click on the link in the email to get back to the EPIX site
  3.  Click Sign Up in the top right
  4. then click “Have an invite code?”
  5. Paste the code in there and fill out the form

 Once completed you can join the Star Trek event at the EPIX Event Theatre at 3pm ET TODAY!  (


And your invite code also entitles you to watch any EPIX movie for the next 7 days.



1. RM10019 - June 9, 2010

Sounds fun! Wish I didn’t have to work :)

2. jas_montreal - June 9, 2010

Time to get the PROXY turned on and tune in from Canada ;)

3. Duncan MacLeod - June 9, 2010

seriously, why 3pm ET? Not that i cannot put on my bluray whenever i want, but seriously?

4. Enterprisingguy - June 9, 2010

Good question #3. Why not at 8:00 PM when everyone’s not at work? I’ll be curious to hear how this comes off. I’m betting there will be lots of “Please wait….buffering” going on. No thanks, I’ll stick to my Bluray too!

5. Loskene - June 9, 2010

US proxy time I guess

6. Claystation - June 9, 2010

@ Enterprisingguy … totally agree.

It’s nice they’re doing stuff with Star Trek, but 3pm Eastern is noon my time. Not really convenient.

Heck, 3pm isn’t really convenient on a weekday.

I might do it but just have it minimized so I can listen to it while I’m working.

7. Starman - June 9, 2010

I have a digital copy on my iPhone and iPad. Streaming is cool but eats bandwidth I can’t use at work.

8. ster julie - June 9, 2010

It was such a fun experience chatting with other fans, commenting on the movie!

Did I see you there, Anthony?

9. Anthony Pascale - June 9, 2010

i was there, couldnt figure out how to change my icon, but i hopped from ‘row’ to ‘row’ and put up lots of inane chat triva and silly thoughts

10. Anthony Thompson - June 9, 2010

This event was apparently timed for those who don’t need to work.

11. Ampris - June 10, 2010

Aw, sounds like fun for everyone who made. I know the live viewing that TrekMovie did was a great time. (What ever happened to having more of those, by the way?) It’s not just the watching the movie, those who mentioned thye can just pop in a Blu-Ray, it’s watching it with a bunch of other fans and chatting and having conversation and discussing at the same time. I couldn’t watch this one, but they’re a lot of fun and maybe I’ll join in next time. :)

12. ster julie - June 10, 2010

#9. I couldn’t figure it out, either, but I had fun. We prolly exchanged lots of comments! I couldn’t figure out why some of the lil
boxes were jumping up and down and being annoying–until I figured out how to use the Sheer! button. Then I annoyed right along with the best.

Epix is cool. Finally caught Iron Man on it this morning.

We could arrange our own group screening for friends from here. I still have 6 days left on my trial subscription… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.