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Shatner Reveals ‘Captains’ Doc Details (Which Explains Bakula Meeting) + Talks Nimoy Retirement June 24, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Shatner,Trek Franchise , trackback

This weekend William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and many more Star Trek stars are headed to Vancouver for an official Star Trek convention. In a new interview promoting the con, Shatner talked about Nimoy’s retirement and discussed his new ‘Captains’ documentary. TrekMovie also has an update on the meeting with Shatner and Bakula.  


Shatner reveals more about ‘Captains’ documentary + Bakula meeting confirmed to be part of doc

Last week we reported that William Shatner was directing a new documentary about his life (or at least that is what it said in the press release). But in the a new interview with the Vancouver Sun promoting this weekend’s con, Shatner reveals that the doc is not just about him, but about all the captains from Star Trek.  Here is the excerpt from the article:

Star Trek wasn’t a huge success out of the box, but picked up fans in syndication and Shatner found himself back on the bridge of the Enterprise in 1979, starring in seven Star Trek movies before ceding control to other captains. Which, as it turns out, is the concept behind his forthcoming Star Trek documentary, The Captains.

“I’m talking to all the captains of Star Trek,” explains Shatner. “I’m hoping to find things out about them that even they themselves don’t know. And in the process find out about myself.”

Yesterday we reported Shatner was seen in meeting with Scott Bakula, formerly Captain Archer from Star Trek Enterprise. Shortly after that meeting, Shatner sent out a tweet stating (in part) "started filming my new project." Also, the Ventura County Star reports that Shatner was seen yesterday at the Chuy’s Mesquite Grill in Moorpark (as seen in the photo). The Star also confirms Shatner was at the restaurant to shoot scenes from “The Captains” documentary.

Shatner meeting with Bakula for "The Captains’ doc

Shatner & Nimoy headed to Vancouver this weekend – Bill talks Nimoy retirement

It has been widely reported that Leonard Nimoy has retired from acting, and after some more events in 2010, will retire from doing conventions as well. In the interview with the Vancouver Sun, Shatner gave his opinion of Nimoy’s retirement.

Nimoy keeps retiring…Every six months he tells me and everybody else ‘I’m retiring.’ And nobody takes him seriously anymore. But I don’t say that. I don’t know, I’m just going along. I’m just trying to make a living here.

Nimoy and Shatner are both headed to Vancouver for the Creation Star Trek Convention being held this Friday through Sunday at the Vancouver Wall Centre. Joining them will be a number of other big Trek stars, including Connor Trinneer, Armin Shimerman, Jeffrey Combs, Jacob Kogan (li’l Spock in Star Trek 2009), and many more. More info at



1. DavidCole - June 24, 2010

Oooh, can’t wait to see “The Captains”. Should be good. :)

2. bob - June 24, 2010

This is very cool. I have always viewed each of the captains as a reflection on the times that each series was produced.
For example
Picard=Reagan/Bush I
Archer= Bush II

3. T'Cal - June 24, 2010

“I’m hoping to find things out about them that even they themselves don’t know. And in the process find out about myself.”

You gotta love this guy. He’s so…consistent. It’s always been about HIM and it always will be. He’s basically saying, “Sure, I’ll ask these little people about themselves. And then I’ll make it really about me.” Outstanding. He’s truly incredible. He’s like a bad accident. You don’t want to watch but you can’t help yourself. He’s got me. I will always watch The Shat.

4. toasteroven - June 24, 2010

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain… why is he climbing a mountain?

5. Danpaine - June 24, 2010

…if it was on Amazon pre-order already, I’d sign up. Love it. Can’t wait.

6. MagicDan - June 24, 2010




7. Spectre7 - June 24, 2010

I agree with #3

no matter what Shat says, it’s always about him….

eager to see the captains again!

8. I am not Herbert - June 24, 2010

I find “li’l Spock” extremely annoying for some reason…

9. Uncle Joey - June 24, 2010

Someone ask about Star Trek 12

10. Toonloon - June 24, 2010

Oh, be nice!

11. dharmaworkman - June 24, 2010

I wonder if Chris Pine will be involved…

12. CmdrR - June 24, 2010

That poster must be from an early promo pic. Spock is smiling, has a crappy haircut, and is wearing his full turtleneck.

Not really sure what we’re supposed to learn about “The Captains” from this, but if Shat’s involved it’ll be fun to watch.

13. Losira - June 24, 2010

I believe its a great idea to see and document all our trek captains. Mainly they are seen together at cons. Looking forward to see hear feedback on franchise,each other. Not to mention trek fandom in general. Good luck to all. You are all loved

14. Toothless Grishnar Cat - June 24, 2010

Out of curiosity, will he be talking with Chris Pine?

15. Buzz Cagney - June 24, 2010

#3 I disagree. I think he’s like a brilliant accident. He’s like the plane that crashes into the train which is running across a car that has broken down on a crossing. And then a meteorite slams into the resultant mess! Of course nobody is hurt. They all walk away brushing themselves down marvelling at how incredible it was. Thats Bill!

16. Buzz Cagney - June 24, 2010

#9 ok Uncle Joey, what about Star Trek 12? ;-)

17. Buzz Cagney - June 24, 2010

and #4 its cos he’s gona make love to it!

18. bobthebuilder - June 24, 2010

It’s all about the rug

19. Red Dead Ryan - June 24, 2010


I like “li’l Spock”! Who I found extremely annoying was “li’l Anikin”..but that is whole other can of worms…

“The Captains” appears to be must-see! No doubt we are going to find out a lot of fascinating details about the lives of the five actors.

20. Ben - June 24, 2010

#2: Sisko I see as someone who is comparable to Teddy Roosevelt. A natural born leader who wasn’t afraid to get on the horse and lead the troops.

21. Uncle Joey - June 24, 2010

16. LOL if he has a part… oh and ask him “Dill….Dill Weed” :)

22. TrekkieJan - June 24, 2010

Bill Shatner is still so handsome. :) I hope he remembers Spock was a Captain of the Enterprise for a time! :D

23. Danpaine - June 24, 2010

…not to start a debate with the “what-came-before vs. what-comes-next” crowd, but respectfully, why would Chris Pine be involved? His Kirk has been captain for about 3 minutes. And that’s being generous.

24. Balok - June 24, 2010

Wonder if this includes Captain Carmeron…

25. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - June 24, 2010


Gee Bill’s looking great in the above photo. According to the above photos, I don’t think he’s changed all that much.

26. njdss4 - June 24, 2010

“The Captains” looks very intriguing! I can’t wait to see it.

27. Rod of Rassilon - June 24, 2010

TV captains

so I doubt Pine will get interviewed.

Having said that, I’m all for Pine playing a starship captain on TV…. arn’t you? :)

28. grigori - June 24, 2010

#15 got that right–brilliant accident. :)
Comparing Trek Captains is apples and oranges, that’s what I love about it. That’s why this doc COULD be fabulous, handled correctly. Trek was never ever a re-hash of itself, and neither were the C.O.’s.

29. DJ Neelix - June 24, 2010

@2. bob
“This is very cool. I have always viewed each of the captains as a reflection on the times that each series was produced.
For example
Picard=Reagan/Bush I
Archer= Bush II”

I STRONGLY disagree. Kirk is nothing like Kennedy. While the first is very reactionary, the other was thoughtful and intelligent.

Seriously, how is Picard in anyway resemblant of Reagan/Bush Sr? To me, they are quite the opposite of each other.

Janeway/Clinton. Neither agree nor disagree here. I do know however that Janeway rarely took advantage of a golden opportunity ;-)

Archer and W? Sure, Archer did some stupid things from time to time, but that’s just mean :-)

30. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - June 24, 2010

DJ, Picard was Carter.

31. captain_neill - June 24, 2010

The Captains documentary be really good. Be great to se Bill chat with Patrick, Avery , Kate and Scott about playing the captains and their careers.

32. captain_neill - June 24, 2010


It is an early promo shot.

33. captain_neill - June 24, 2010


Spock was captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek II, then Kirk assumed command.

The events of Star Trek XI are all in a parallel universe and don’t count as prime canon.

34. Slingy 66 - June 24, 2010

Should be an interesting documentary. Too bad George never got his own series as the captain of the Excelsior. Then maybe Bill would HAVE to interview him.

35. Comeaution22 - June 24, 2010

I just completely disagree and don’t see how the Captains/President’s have any real logic. Star Trek as a whole was a mirror for the times, not the captains, they were completely unique and not really like any President’s……… Well Sisko is like Obama I guess, if we are going with the simple physical qualities you seem to be reaching for,

36. Bucky - June 24, 2010

Shatner needs to talk to Pine, if only the interview would be quite wacky. Personally, I think it’d feel incomplete without him.

37. MorbidGorn - June 24, 2010

I know its a tad premature but…

bring on the DVD!!!


38. ChristopherPike - June 24, 2010

I still think Shatner shouldn’t have turned down that ENT episode personally.

Better him as Chef, than what subsequently happened. It was going to be funny show, with Bill playing Kirk’s ancestor and through some time travel be called on to fake being his desecendant. I suppose it might’ve come across as too much like Quantum Leap, with the roles reversed and the older man out of his depth asking Archer for advice.

39. Magic_Al - June 24, 2010

Not a bad idea of a documentary. Can anyone pry Sean Connery out of retirement to do a similar program interviewing all the James Bonds?

40. Bones Rodriguez - June 24, 2010

That would be cool- I’ll look forward to seeing it!

41. The Gorn Identity - June 24, 2010

Sounds great. I really do hope Chris Pine will be included. A meeting of the two Kirks would be a total geek freakout for me.

42. bill hiro - June 24, 2010

I actually find Picard a lot like President Obama. Lots of talk and supremely eloquent speakers but pretty unconvincing in the ass-kicking department. Which is weird since Picard predated Obama, at least in the public consciousness.

But, please, brind on the Shatner doc. I’m all for it.

43. bill hiro - June 24, 2010

Or ‘bring’ even.

44. Thorny - June 24, 2010

2…. The Captains really aren’t representative of the presidents of their eras, but one can see other Presidents in some of the Captains. Kirk would actually be LBJ, not Kennedy, but he is not much like either. Kirk is probably closest to Teddy Roosevelt. Picard, as others have noted, is a polar opposite of Reagan. Sisko is actually surprisingly like Bush 43, who took office 18 months after DS9 ended. Bush led the US into two wars (Sisko fought both the Klingons and the Dominion) and Bush curtailed certain liberties (so did Sisko in “Homefront”/”Paradise Lost”.) But Sisko is a little like Reagan in using illegal methods to try and achieve his goals (Reagan with Iran/Contra, Sisko in “In The Pale Moonlight”.) Archer is closer to Bush 41, in that both served through a period of transition from one era to another and created alliances (Bush over the end of the Cold War and the Desert Storm alliance, Archer over Earth’s moving out into the galaxy and the beginnings of the Federation.) Janeway had no backbone, so I suppose that makes her Carter, an intelligent but completely ineffective leader.

45. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 24, 2010

@ 44. Thorny

If Janeaway is Clinton, then where the hell did that Cigar disappear to ??

46. Joel1245 - June 24, 2010

“I’m talking to all the captains of Star Trek. I’m hoping to find things out about them that even they themselves don’t know. And in the process find out about myself.”

What? Bill, sometimes a role is just a role.

47. skyjedi - June 24, 2010

I hope the Captain’s is better than Star Trek V.

48. Red Dead Ryan - June 24, 2010


With William Shatner directing, don’t count on it!

Just kiddin’! :-)

I don’t think comparisons can be made between the five main Trek captains and the presidents. They just don’t share that many similarities.
Though I do think that Captain Sisko and Winston Churchill are quite alike in that both stood up against forces of evil when others wanted to take the easier route and deal with the devil, ie Hitler, Dominion.

49. Jim Nightshade - June 24, 2010

hah i was right bout the meeting being for shats doc–interesting—

50. Buzz Cagney - June 24, 2010

I’m still wondering if Kirk called the mountain back the next day? He was notorious for ‘planting his flag’, as it were, then high-tailing it out of there. And I bet he didn’t even stay for breakfast.

51. Buzz Cagney - June 24, 2010

In fact, thinking about it, no wonder Kirk looked so startled when Spock Rocket-Booted up behind him in V. He was just attempting to get a good hold on the mountain ready for a final push over the top.
And, true to form, as soon as he’d had his fun he was off that mountain faster than you could say ‘dinner Saturday?’.
What a dog.

52. nuSpock - June 24, 2010

#2=since DS9 was heavy into prophecy and religion, i would have to say Sisko was a prophetic allusion to Obama…first African American leader, psuedoMuslim ‘Emissary’, willing to do whatever it took to fix things and get the job done that no one else could, but there wasnt really an allusion to a real person OF THE TIMES in Sisko…that I know of…

53. Red Dead Ryan - June 24, 2010


Sisko and Obama are nothing alike,apart from being family men. Sisko was able to rebuild Bajor, win a brutal two-year war, become a decorated hero (and prophet). Obama on the other hand, has done nothing constructive, and in fact, has contributed to America’s slow downfall, ie Gulf oil disaster, waffling on the “War On Terror” and bankrupting America by bailing out the aristocrats on Wall Street.

Sisko fixed things, Obama has smashed everything.

54. Jerry Modene - June 25, 2010

Sisko might be comparable to Harry Truman, in that he took a job that he was reluctant to tank and yet did a good job. Also, he was very protective and solicitious of his child, as was Harry with his.

55. oby - June 25, 2010

#2 – Comparing Starfleet captains to U.S. presidents is just silly. Comparing presidents to Ferengi would make more sense.

56. Magic_Al - June 25, 2010

Star Trek captains represented the leadership IDEALS of the times the shows were made, NOT the leaders we actually had then. Kirk was Kennedyesque, but Kennedy was dead. Johnson was president, and then Nixon.

Picard, if anything, represented strength in the areas Reagan and Bush were lacking. Sisko and Janeway are in the same cultural timeframe so they do not represent very different ideals than Picard but different personalities and demographic representations of those ideas.

The next real shift is Archer, who is a deliberate reversion to the Kirk/Kennedy-type leader, but a bit more cynical and pragmatic, and played by Scott Bakula who slightly resembles George W. Bush in appearance. Viewers’ impressions of Archer may be somewhat colored by the fact the show debuted immediately post-9/11, in September 2001, when Bush was the new War President and had a 90% approval rating, which in hindsight had little to do with Bush’s actual ability but rather great need to hope he had ability.

57. JohnnyF - June 25, 2010

What about Captain Sulu? You think he will be in it?

58. Phobos - June 25, 2010

@57 lol What a great question. Takei has never truly liked Shatner, and has blamed him for taking all the spot light. But technically, Sulu was a captain n ST VI.

59. Phobos - June 25, 2010

As for retirement, the whole concept is archaic. No one today should ever even state they are retiring. As a person gets older they should reduce work strain and do only what they can do, but life is a series of cycles, today you feel one way and next month you don’t.

The term retirement made more sense post-war when people had life time jobs with a single company then were legally forced to stop at 65.

All these actors are in the arts and age does not have the same bearing.

60. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - June 25, 2010

I think he meant “Captain of the Enterprise.”

61. JohnnyF - June 25, 2010

What about what’s her name that was captain of the Enterprise C?

62. Phobos - June 25, 2010

The Enterprise C, is that the one in TNG with ep. about a hole punch in time/space, where the Federation is losing to the Klingons and Ltn Yar is still alive?

63. JohnnyF - June 25, 2010

That’s the one.

64. Anthony Thompson - June 25, 2010


Archer = Dubya? Archer was no dummy!


Kirk was “very reactionary”? Huh? He wasn’t reactionary until TUC.


Where does it say that the doc. is limited to the TV captains? Pine should be in it. But if I were him I wouldn’t cooperate due to the snubbing he received from Shatner.

65. Orb of the Emissary - June 25, 2010

I live next to Moorpark and have been to that Chuy’s!! Why didn’t I choose to eat there the day that Archer and Kirk were there?!?!?!

66. Byron D. - June 25, 2010

I really hope they’ll be able to get Avery Brooks. That’s a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. I really wonder if these men will ever stop talking about Star Trek, or if it’s forever until they die…. haha.

67. Andy Patterson - June 25, 2010

I’ll look forward to watching this. Even back in his days with wife number two, or three in the banana section on Tattle Tales with Bert Convey…when he had no career and was real vulnerable, very empty looking, very disappointingly un-Kirkish to me, bad rug and all…… I still love Shatner. There, I said it.

68. Andy Patterson - June 25, 2010

And I loved Tattle Tales for that matter. Bert Convey was pleasant and fun theme song.

69. moauvian waoul - June 25, 2010

53. You’re talkin crazy

70. moauvian waoul - June 25, 2010

I know nemesis was bad, but did it put you asleep for eight years?

71. Enterprisingguy - June 25, 2010

69. moauvian waoul – June 25, 2010

” 53. You’re talkin crazy”

Sorry 69. But 53 got it just right!

Ask Obama how much oil his administration has stopped from reaching the shores. If you can reach him on the golf course, that is.

72. Oregon Trek Geek - June 25, 2010

29 DJ, hey remember no political opinions on this site? Oh wait, I forgot, you are spouting the “correct” opinions so it will be overlooked.

73. Bucky - June 25, 2010

Yeah, I think actors for Harriman and Garret should do like a quick duo 20 questions rapid-fire session with Shatner.

74. moauvian waoul - June 25, 2010

71 I see. You guys must be from the mirror universe where Bush was left with a deficit and he didn’t squander a surplus by giving tax breaks to the rich. He didn’t invade the wrong country and 9/11 didn’t happen under his watch. An alternate timeline were he didn’t pursue policies of deregulation that led the economic meltdown and energy companies didn’t make policy and police themselves, leading to the worst gulf spill in US history. An anti-matter universe where North Korea didn’t develop nuclear weapons and Osama was brought to justice and income actually went up natiowide. A place were he became the very first Republican to balance the budget. And the Army Corp of Engineers saved New Orleans and our GI’s got the best care in the world and those who were for the war wanted to pay for it. And history began January 20, 2008…in a vacuum. I’ve heard of such a place. Greetings to all lifeforms from Bazzaro World. We come in peace…kind’a

75. Red Dead Ryan - June 25, 2010


I’m quite aware of George W. Bush’s policies. But its not like Obama is showing real leadership either. I would argue that Bill Clinton didn’t live up to the hype as well. I was telling it like it is.

And who was it that scaled back offshore drilling regulations? Obama.
Who was Obama’s biggest campaign contributer? British Petroleum.
See what I’m getting at?

Obama is just like every other politician, not just in the U.S, but the rest of the world as well. No better and no worse. Just another politician.

Anyway, the five main captains are best compared to famous explorers.
James T. Kirk=James Cook for instance.

76. Captain Kathryn - June 26, 2010

Janeway – Clinton? Please, he was a horn dog of a president. The only connection I see between the two is “I feel your pain”. But Janeway really did feel someone’s pain. That is what her character was to do, feel another’s pain, but still have the integrity and backbone not to give in to popular demand. She was tough, but gentle. She was respected. Clinton was never respected. He was a sleaze dog snake in the grass.

77. Captain Kathryn - June 26, 2010

I would compare Janeway to the great Amelia Earnhardt. After all in one episode where Janeway does find Earndardt, she tells her she was her hero.
As far as Kirk goes, Roddenberry made it clear that he pattern Kirk’s character after Horatio Hornblower series.

I see Picard’s character patterned after Winston Churchill, the great statesman or Abraham LIncoln.

Archer’s character as Christopher Columbus. He had to convince the Vulcans and Starfleet to allow them to start exploring space, just as Columbus did with Isabella.

78. Doug Skywalker - June 26, 2010

Funny how no one’s mentioned Bruce Greenwood’s Captain Pike…

79. moauvian waoul - June 26, 2010

75. Right on Ryan. Well see in 6 or so years. But I hope you’re wrong, for our sake.

80. Enterprisingguy - June 26, 2010

79…..You forgot to tell us how Bush made Obama keep his hands in his pockets while the oil came ashore. How exactly did Bush make him stop from using the 200 skimmer boats we have? I suppose it was really Bush’s genius reasoning that they shouldn’t be redeployed in the event that we HAVE AN OIL SPILL?

Stop pointing to other people’s behavior to excuse actions, or lack of, taken purely by Obama.

81. moauvian waoul - June 26, 2010

75 though I have to remind you that no regulations were scaled back. The moritorium was lifted, which would not have affected any drill in operation.

82. moauvian waoul - June 26, 2010

80 oooh. The facts don’t lie. And don’t put words in my mouth. No one said Obama was perfect. But suddenly our standards are so high. Curious. Were have you been the last decade? We could have used such bravado.

83. moauvian waoul - June 26, 2010

Republicans told us it was safe. Drilling was easy. There were new technologies. We didn’t understand them. This wasn’t the seventies. And they assured us that they could handle any eventuality. Remember. No you say. How bout this. DRILL BABY DRILL! Not sure where I heard that before.

84. JohnnieF - June 26, 2010

Why does this have to devolve into political battles? Nothing said here is going to change anyone’s political views and this isn’t a politically based blog. Quite taking “pot-shots” and stick to Trek stuff!

85. Anthony Pascale - June 26, 2010

apparently some people dont know how to have a discussion without the usual partisan bs is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.