Watch Doug Drexler Video Blog w/ Star Trek TNG & Enterprise Behind The Scenes & More

Veteran Star Trek designer Doug Drexler has another great video blog where he interviews classic TOS actor Michael Forest ("Who Mourns for Adonais"), shows off cool behind the scenes video of the team working on the USS Enterprise D model, plus a blooper reel from Enterprise, and more. Check it out below.


Drex talks to Apollo actor shows Enterprise D model team & more

Highlights from the latest video blog from Star Trek design vet Doug Drexler:

  • Interview with Michael Forest, Apollo in TOS episode "Who Mourns for Adonais"
  • Behind the scenes video of team handling TNG USS Enterprise D model
  • Behind the scenes video from Gary Hutzel, Okuda and team painting Enterprise D model
  • Blooper reel from Enterprise episode "Desert Crossing"
  • Behind the scenes shooting shuttlepod on Enterprise "planet hell" stage
  • Plus a couple of "Ships of the Line" animations

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Son of Sarek
October 29, 2010 6:24 pm

Remarkable animations for “Ships.” Enterprise refit is still my personal favorite!

Naver Drol
October 29, 2010 7:05 pm

Was that last segment supposed to be a Romulan scan of the NX-01 refit?

Jami !
October 29, 2010 7:37 pm

That was great !!

October 29, 2010 8:28 pm

Kudos to Doug Drexler – great feature man, LOVED the bit with Michael Forrest!

– 24thCRS

October 29, 2010 8:59 pm

That Doug Drexler video was truly awesome. It is so cool to hear all these stories and stuff from a guy who was there, all along — it’s great to hear they enjoyed making it as much as we enjoyed watching it.

He probably won’t read this but Doug, thankyou! That entire video was brilliant

Son of Sarek
October 29, 2010 9:08 pm

Doug – FYI The Enterprise blooper footage is from the episode “Desert Crossing”

October 29, 2010 9:13 pm

this should be on the tng blu ray if it ever comes out…

October 29, 2010 10:34 pm


October 29, 2010 10:39 pm

That NX shuttle was too small to have so many buttons in the interior!!!

Thank god it did not have a transporter in it too.

October 30, 2010 12:09 am

It’s good to see Michael Forest after all these years. He has a great attitude regarding his memories of star trek. The story of the fan who recognized him was priceless.

I hope Michael is living the good life and I salute him.

Michael Forest can also be seen in the twilight zone episode: “Black leather Jackets “

October 30, 2010 12:15 am

Thanks for the footage and animations, Doug. Excellent stuff.

Janeways Knickers
October 30, 2010 12:16 am

Oh my god how hard was it to listen to that guy go on and on?

Loved the animations, the behind the scenes and all the rest, but such a shame it was interspersed with some jumped up fool name dropping and talking about how he cut it all together.


October 30, 2010 5:54 am

Brilliant – especially the Romulan sensor scan. ;)

Rocket Scientist
October 30, 2010 7:38 am

It wasn’t hard to watch at all! The guy is obviously one of us. It’s very refreshing to see that the excitement of Trek doesn’t escape somebody who’s on the inside

October 30, 2010 9:13 am

#12 with a name like “Janeways Knickers” do you honestly expect people to take your criticisms with sincerity?

Excellent CGI and great features. Yes they should make the BluRays as extras whenever they decide to release some more.

niall Johnson
October 30, 2010 9:17 am

Damn! 6 guys to lift the Original (and most beautiful D!)!!!!

I shudder lifting my 18″ ertl model!

Captain Dunsel
October 30, 2010 9:20 am

Wow! Great video and great backgrounders. Too bloody bad for the “short attention span theatre” crowd who think DD talks too much.

And another “Wow! ” – I didn’t even know they still MADE Butch Wax!

Friday: “Well, just go ahead and chuckle away, mister. I don;t hear God laughing,.”
Streebeck: “You will, once he sees your haircut.”

Lord Garth, formerly of Izar
October 30, 2010 10:28 am

Good lord was that an UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUglyfugly ship!

October 30, 2010 11:48 am

“Who Mourns for Adonaiis?”

Anyhoo… great stuff, Doug! Thank you.

October 30, 2010 1:26 pm

Doug is not only one of the luckiest guys in the world…to be associated with Trek in so many ways over so many years…but he really gets what it is to be a true Trek fan…Thanks Doug!!!

(FYI: Doug wis right…Mike was grinning like a schoolboy while working on the Enterprise…very funny!)

Tony Hardy
October 30, 2010 1:38 pm

THANKS DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyrone Alfonso
October 30, 2010 1:44 pm

whats with the slowness of badwidthththth?

October 30, 2010 3:23 pm

Wow! Anyone else think that the Romulan scan would make a great screensaver?

Anyway, great stuff as always, Doug.

October 30, 2010 10:50 pm

@9: Ever see the conrtrol panels for the space shuttle? Or even your average passenger jet?

October 31, 2010 5:44 am

A really fun mish-mash of stuff.

October 31, 2010 10:25 am

Where are the season 2-7 blooper reels of TNG? Who is still sitting on these after all these years?

Dr. Image
October 31, 2010 1:10 pm

Excellent stuff Doug. Thanks!

October 31, 2010 4:50 pm

If any one is interested, I feel one of Michael Forest’s greatest performances was in the movie “The Message” or Mohammed: Messanger of God, you can check out the trailer here. Also Michael Ansara (Chang from Day of the Dove) also is in it and gives a great performance



October 31, 2010 4:59 pm

HEY I’ve never had an entire post abridged out of the line-up before! Was it ’cause I used the phrase “starship-p0rn”?

November 1, 2010 6:26 am

24. CarlG

Point made. It is a space ship.

The size of that shuttle always bothered me though – too small.

Today’s Trek needs to be portrayed in a more realistic fashion. Any space ship that could take off fro a planets surface should be much larger.

I think TOS’s shuttle was more realistic, or at least larger.

November 1, 2010 6:27 am

19. CmdrR

If no one else, I still mourn for Adonis.

Lt. Bailey
November 1, 2010 11:59 am

There should be more stuff like this out so all the fans can see!!!

November 2, 2010 10:59 am

Doug Drexler is a class guy and his blog is one of the best out there for Trek fans.

#18-Lord Garth

I have to totally disagree with you. I have always loved that ship design. I felt almost as bad when she got destroyed in Genrations as I did Kirk’s stupid death. BTW, the six footer is on display at the Seattle Sci-Fi museum. Totally cool.

And I have put in my 2 bits about there being a SotL animated DVD on DD’s blogsite. He said it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities but would just need to be economically feasible. I would buy it in a heart beat.

Red Dead Ryan
November 2, 2010 7:43 pm


I agree about the “Ships Of The Line” dvd idea. I’d buy it in half a heartbeat.
Two hours of just seeing various ships exploring space, leaving Spacedock and involved in space battles with Jerry Goldsmith music and I’d be in starship heaven!

January 27, 2011 6:07 am

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