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Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Terra Nova, Falling Skies, Torchwood, Fringe, Wonder Woman, Smallville, Supernatural + more January 16, 2011

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Sci-Fi , trackback

TrekMovie’s Sci-Fi updates are back after our Christmas hiatus with a log of updates on all your favorite genre TV shows. We have first looks at Terra Nova and Falling Skies, details on the future of Fringe, more hints for Smallville, good news for the future of Supernatural, and bad news for Stargate Universe. All that plus the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews.



New trailer for Spielberg’s TNT series Falling Skies + First Look at Terra Nova

TNT has released a new trailer for the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi series "Falling Skies" and it gives us our first look at the aliens in the show. Watch it below [YouTube]:

"Falling Skies" stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and Will Patton and will premiere this June on TNT. Another of Spielberg’s projects has also been previewed. The first images of the prehistoric time-travel series "Terra Nova" — of which ‘Trek’ vet Brannon Braga is an executive producer / showrunner — have been released and they give us our first glimpse at the cast (although we don’t see any of the dinosaurs) [FOX]:

Check out two more images here

The "family adventure-drama series", as its described by FOX, will preview during a special two-night event on Monday, May 23, 2011 (9-10PM) and Tuesday, May 24 (9-10PM) before the show joins its lineup in the fall.

Fringe returns this week: J.J. Abrams says it will be"unhinged"

"Fringe" returns this week on a new night: Friday, January 21 at 9PM and co-creator/producer J.J. Abrams says that fans are in for an "unbridled and "unhinged" version of the show [TVLine]:

“[FOX has] been amazingly and gloriously lenient in what were able to do,” Abrams reports. “It feels like unbridled, unhinged Fringe.”

“When we made the move and [executive producers] Joe [Chappelle] and Jeff [Pinker] started pitching stuff, we thought, ‘Well, this will probably get a little pushback,’” Abrams shares. “But they [at Fox] were like, ‘OK, sounds good!’”

J.J. didn’t want to spoil what’s to come during the back half of this season by detailing any of the especially “out there” fare. Instead, he vaguely spoke of “visual things” that “if I had done in a film, the PG-13 rating would have been taken from us.”

We’ll also be headed back to 1985 and to the "Over There" alt-universe for an upcoming episode of the show where we’ll discover the consequences of Walter’s kidnapping of Peter. Meanwhile, FOX continues to downplay the negative aspect of the show’s move to Friday nights, with FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly telling reporters at the Television Critics Association "not to write the eulogy prematurely":

“Friday is a troubled night. We are continually looking for a solution on the night. I was happy that Fringe turned up on a number of top-10 lists. We’re looking for it to go a little bit broader with ratings. I really hope fans go with it. Right now, we’re down to a core loyal audience."

For more of what’s to come on "Fringe", check out this TV Guide interview with stars Lance Reddick and Jasika Nicole. Here’s the synopsis for the midseason premiere "The Firefly":

In the midseason premiere, which kicks off a string of six all-new episodes of FRINGE, an Observer makes contact with the Fringe Team to help rectify a mistake. Meanwhile, Walter befriends Roscoe Joyce (guest star Lloyd), keyboardist for Walter’s favorite 1970s band, “Violet Sedan Chair.” Walter will learn the real reason the band broke up, and realize that the lives of these two men, who have never met before, overlap in strange and unexpected ways in the all-new “The Firefly” episode of FRINGE airing Friday, Jan. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-310) (TV-14 V)

Promotional stills for episode 3×10 – "The Firefly" (including a first look at guest star Christopher Lloyd) [more at SpoilerTV, (2)]

Promotional stills for episode 3×11 – "Reciprocity" [more at Daemon’s TV]

Promo for "The Firefly" [YouTube]

Featurette: Message of Hope [YouTube]

Networks pass on Wonder Woman, but project still alive

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, David E. Kelley took some time to discuss his "Wonder Woman" project. Recently it was reported that all the broadcast networks had passed on the project, but Kelley says he’s still optimistic it will eventually hit the TV screen and blamed bad timing for the networks’ decision to pass on it:

“The bottom line is I had a lot of fun writing it and we’re still optimistic that we’re going to do it. We’ve got a script that Warners and DC are very excited about.”

“It’s a huge project and we just sort of rolled it out last week, so it was a bit much to chew off for this next season.” Still, Kelley said, “I think everybody is confident that we’re gonna see it.”

Smallville: Another Clark in Superman costume tease + Rosenbaum to return after all?

At this point it seems highly unlikely we won’t see Clark in the full Superman costume by the end of "Smallville". Check out this poster for the show (if you’re not seeing it—look at the shadow) [The Source | DC Universe]:

Co-star Erica Durance, meanwhile, told Digital Spy that her character will be responsible for Clark Kent becoming Superman:

My character is very instrumental in propelling the mythology and bringing about, hopefully, seeing Superman do what everybody wants him to do," Comics Continuum quotes Durance as saying. "That’s pretty much all I can say about it.

You can check out two more season 10 posters here and here. In casting news, TVLine reported that producers were "at the very least cautiously optimistic" that Michael Rosenbaum will be back this season, but the actor shortly took to Twitter to debunk the report:

"Honestly don’t know where people get their information from,but i haven’t discussed Smallville with Producers or anyone in quite some time."

The same piece at TVLine also put the nix on any planned return for Lana (Kristen Kreuk). On the other hand, Serinda Swan, who twice appeared on the show as the character Zatanna, revealed to IGN that she would love to reprise the role and has actually had discussions with the producers:

"We were talking to them, actually, at the end of last year, about trying to make the schedules work," said Swan. "I think our scheduling might not work properly, but they definitely called and we’ve been talking and I love Zatanna and would love to get her back…Hopefully with schedule permitting, we’ll be able to do something!"

In other news, KryptonSite is reporting that Tom Welling will direct the Geoff Johns-scripted episode "Booster". The episode is expected to air in April. "Smallville" returns with new episodes on Friday, January 28 with the episode "Collateral".

Promotional stills for episode 10×12 – "Collateral" [more at SpoilerTV]

Seventh season of Supernatural likely

Nothing’s official yet, but CW boss Dawn Ostroff says she’d be "shocked" if "Supernatural" wasn’t renewed for a seventh season:

"We haven’t officially picked anything up yet, but [Supernatural] is creatively doing so well—and it’s doing better on Friday night than it was on Thursday night—so I can’t imagine we won’t pick it up…Our network team works with the Supernatural team very closely…We haven’t started talking about next year, but I’d be shocked if we didn’t pick it up."

Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby on the show, is also optimistic about a seventh season, sending out the following tweet to fans:

@anamb0715 We haven’t finished season 6 yet! If there’s a 7th (& I have no reason to doubt it), it’ll start filming in July.

And here’s an interesting twist. A late winter episode of the series will feature Sam and Dean in an alt-universe setting where they are actors named…Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. It gets better. The two star in a cult TV series called “Supernatural”. No joke. Padalecki’s real-life wife, Genevieve Cortese will also be featured in the episode as the character’s wife. “Supernatural” returns with new episodes on January 28 with the episode “Like a Virgin”.

Promotional stills for episode 6×12 – "Like a Virgin" [more at SpoilerTV]

New title for Torchwood S4: ‘Miracle Day’

Starz has announced a new title for the US-based fourth season of "Torchwood". The show will be called "Torchwood: Miracle Day" (it was previously titled ‘The New World’). Here’s how creator Russell T. Davies explains the storyline of the show:

"The premise is a miracle happens in the world,” Davies says. “One day, on Earth, no one dies. The next day, no one dies. The day after that, no one dies. The [people who are] dying, keep dying … but don’t actually die. The possibility of death ceases to exist. Which is great for some people. But it’s an instant overnight population boom. The earth relies on people dying … What is society going to do now? Some of the answers are beautiful and brave. Some of the reactions are terrifying.”

Since we’ve been away there have been a few casting announcements:

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" is expected to premiere on Starz this year although a recently announced date of July 1, 2011 has not been officially confirmed. July of this year. Filming for the show kicked off this past week in Los Angeles, California. Head on over to Doctor Who News Page to get a breakdown of week one filming developments. You can also follow @BBC_Torchwood on Twitter for the latest updates straight from BBC Marketing.

Syfy cancels Stargate Universe; Brad Wright/MGM discussing other options

In not so surprising news, Syfy has announced that they will not be renewing "Stargate Universe" for a third season. The show had been struggling in the ratings and a cancellation has been rumored for some time. Comparing the first 10 weeks of season one to the first 10 weeks of season two, "SGU" was down 43% in viewers (from 1.90M to 1.08M) and 37% in A18-49 rating (from a 0.8 to a 0.5). The final 10 episodes of season two are scheduled to air this spring. Here’s the network’s statement on the cancellation:

"Syfy will end its original action-adventure series ‘Stargate Universe’ when the show returns with the final 10 episodes of its second season in the Spring of 2011. The Stargate franchise- consisting of ‘Stargate SG-1,’ ‘Stargate Atlantis’ and ‘Stargate Universe’–has aired on Syfy since 2002.

"Syfy has a slate of new sci-fi fantasy scripted projects lined up for 2011 including the series premiere of ‘Being Human’ on January 17, the recently green lit one-hour drama series ‘Alphas’ and the much anticipated ‘Battlestar Galactica’ prequel pilot movie, ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.’ ‘Warehouse 13,’ ‘Eureka’ and ‘Haven’ will also return with new seasons next year."

According to executive producer, Joseph Mallozzi, another casualty of the cancellation is the "Stargate: Atlantis" TV movie, which he says won’t happen:

"I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely…Contrary to what some may think, the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie."

Despite the cancellation, co-creator Brad Wright tells Show Patrol | Chicago Now that he hasn’t given up on the show and says there’s still a chance it could return:

Wright was on a trip when he heard about the cancellation, but since returning he has been exploring options for continuing the series in some form. He and officials at franchise owner MGM have been discussing several options, he said, and he’s thankful for fan support.

"It’s heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy’s cancellation of the show," he wrote, "but it’s important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget."

PREVIEW Videos & Images

Being Human (UK)

Season three cast images [more at SpoilerTV]

Seasn three trailer [YouTube]

Being Human (US)

Sneak peek [Syfy]

Watch another trailer here

What is Being Human? [Syfy]

What Would You Choose? [Syfy]

Check out bios for the show’s characters: Josh | Sally | Aidan

Trailer: "Edgy" [Syfy]

Watch two more trailers here and here


First look [Starz | YouTube]

The Cape

Promotional stills for episode 1×04 – "Scales on a Train" [more at SpoilerTV]

Featurette: Behind the Cape [YouTube | NBC]

Promo for episode 1×03 – "Kozmo" [YouTube]

Watch another promo here



Promo for episodes 4×11-4×12 – "Chuck vs. the Balcony" & "Chuck vs. the Gobbler" [YouTube]

Sneak peek at "Chuck vs. the Balcony" [YouTube]


"The Flaming C Returns" (Conan’s superhero alter ego created by DC animator Bruce Timm) [TBS]

Doctor Who

Season six teaser trailer [YouTube]

The Event

First look at new castmember Virginia Madsen [TruthSeeker 5314 | NBC]

Game of Thrones

Set images [Making Game of Thrones | HBO]

Ghost Hunters International

Clip from episode 3×03 – "Unfaithful Spirit: Germany" [Syfy]

Human Target

Promo for episode 2×11 – "Kill Bob" [YouTube]


Sneak peek at episode 3×02 – "The Tears of the Uther Pendragon Part 2" [Syfy]


First footage from Syfy’s Peter Pan miniseries [Sky Movies via HeyUGuys]

Promotional stills [Sky Movies via HeyUGuys]

No Ordinary Family

Promotional stills for episode 1×13 – "No Ordinary Detention" [more at Comic Book Movie]

Promotional stills for episode 1×14 – "No Ordinary Double Standard" [more at Comic Book Movie]

Promo for "No Ordinary Detention" [YouTube]


Season four promotional cast images [more at via Comic Book Movie]

Promo for episode 4×03 [YouTube]


Promotional stills for episode 2×04 – "Unholy Alliance" [more at SpoilerTV]

First look at guest star Oded Fehr as Eli Cohn (former Mossad agent / turned anti-alien insurgent) [IGN]

A look at the Visitors without their human skin [USA Today]

Promo for episode 2×03 – "Laid Bare" [YouTube]

Sneak peek at "Laid Bare" [YouTube]

Watch two more sneak peeks here and here


Various episode titles/descriptions/synopses:


SCI-FI RATINGS (Based on final national numbers unless otherwise noted) [@TravisYanan]

CHART (1/3/2011 to 1/9/2011)

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1. Frederick, the Trek Scrapbook Guy - January 16, 2011

If they put Clark in the costume on Smallville I might actually start watching this show.

2. Frederick, the Trek Scrapbook Guy - January 16, 2011

However, i think it’s hysterically ironic that they are using Brandon Routh’s image (his first released promo shot) in the upside down Superman part of the poster.

3. Roddy - January 16, 2011

whoa V==Xenomorph?

4. Hugh Hoyland - January 16, 2011

First? second? third?

5. Hugh Hoyland - January 16, 2011

nope, fourth Well SGU may find life elsewhere, interesting.

6. Darkthunder - January 16, 2011

Whoa, nice seeing Bob Hoskins reprising the role of ‘Smee’ for SyFy’s “Neverland” series. Hadn’t even heard about the show until now, but just seeing him in the show, gives me a bit of interest in seeing it…

despite the stupidity of the SyFy execs for canning SGU (and the SG movies).

7. Vultan - January 16, 2011

So… judging from the skinned Visitor, I guess Sigourney Weaver will be appearing in V…?

8. Vultan - January 16, 2011

Someone has got to make Flaming C: The Movie!
Mmm-hmm, I smell an Oscar….


9. Kent Butabi - January 16, 2011

…agreed about the ROUTH/SINGER pics used for the promos. I’m assuming they don’t yet have a costume fitting for WELLING.


10. Agentm31 - January 16, 2011

Battlestar Galactica wasn’t canceled!!!

11. Red Dead Ryan - January 16, 2011

Looks like ABC wants to be sued by FOX for ripping off the Xenomorph! :-)

Apart from “Fringe” and “The Walking Dead” nothing looks interesting. To me anyway. Well maybe “Terra Nova”, but I smell a disaster in the making with that one. But we’ll see.

Savage Opress is the brother of the late Darth Maul. He has similar body art, but with yellow instead of red. Saw it in “Star Wars Insider”.

12. Jeff - January 16, 2011

Randall and Hopkirk was rebooted previously, in the UK. But it’s been ten years.

13. Red Dead Ryan - January 16, 2011

Oh how I can’t wait for Harry Ballz’ thoughts about “Smallville”! Or what he’ll do after the show is over! Can’t wait to find out!

Psssst……..Harry has a secret crush on Erica Durance……but you didn’t read it from me!

14. Capes - January 16, 2011

Hmmmmmm……the last time we had a weekly round up it was a week before Christmas. Will we have new post after this one before Valentines Day? Stay Tuned…….

15. drerythromycin - January 16, 2011

I hope they manage to find someone else to pick up SGU. I really liked SGU; I’m a SG1 and SGA fan, and I’ve got to say, even if it steals a lot from battlestar galactica, i love it…

16. Wes - January 16, 2011

I really can’t wait for Doctor Who to return. A show that started fantastic and just gets better and better as time goes on. :)

17. Browncoat1984 - January 16, 2011

Neverland looks like it might be decent. Also Camelot looks interesting, I LOVE Merlin – already watched season 3 and its quickly become one of my favorite shows on TV right now, can’t wait for season 4! Camelot that Stars is developing and the way they talk about it reminds me a little bit of what HBO is doing with Game of Thrones – I hope both shows can pull it off and do it well because I love good fantasy and aside Lord knows we need some good serious fantasy on TV, not this Legend of the Seeker or Hercules crap (Seeker was decent but had nowhere near the intensity of Goodkind’s novels).

18. MJ - January 16, 2011

Wow, father time has not been kind to Christopher Lloyd.

19. MJ - January 16, 2011

@ 2 “However, i think it’s hysterically ironic that they are using Brandon Routh’s image (his first released promo shot) in the upside down Superman part of the poster.”

Huh? All you can see in the poster is mirror upside down version of Superman’s legs up to only just past his knees? Don’t you think you are perhaps stretching it a bit to say they are using Brandon Routh’s image here.

20. MA00145 - January 16, 2011

Well i guess its just parts of SYFY’s master plan to not have any Scifi shows on their channel. more room for Smackdown…..i really hope SGU finds new life kinda hard to imagine a world with out a stargate in it :(

21. Harry Ballz - January 16, 2011

13. “Harry has a secret crush on Erica Durance”

Ryan, Ryan…….you misheard me. I said, “I want to crush Erica Durance!”


22. Red Dead Ryan - January 16, 2011


Forget the Hulk! Surrender to the dark side of the Force and I’ll teach you powers far beyond your imagination………powers that will make you the most dangerous Sith Lord in the Toronto area (and possibly Ontario, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) and my new apprentice. One day, you’ll have the power to electrocute subordinate subordinates with “Force Lightening”. The power is quite shocking to many victims. Or if you choose, you can “Force Choke” your enemies. It’s very gripping!

“You failed me for the last time Erica!”

(Sound of Force rippling)

Erica Durance falls to floor.

23. Trekkie626 - January 16, 2011

Christopher Lloyd looks like Iggy Pop’s long lost twin.

24. Harry Ballz - January 17, 2011


I can only assume she bounced!

25. MJ - January 17, 2011

@24. Yes, and it was similar to a bungee cord effect….

26. Vultan - January 17, 2011

Easy on Christopher Lloyd, guys. We should all be so lucky to still be getting jobs at 72 years old!

27. cd - January 17, 2011

19, 2 – It is pretty obvious it is from the Brandon Routh Superman Returns image. Here is a link for comparison:

28. Jim Nightshade - January 17, 2011

plus it looks like it could be some makeup too ya know for the character hes playin maybe…

29. MJ - January 17, 2011

@27. Ah, OK, you have me convinced that is the image. Still though, it is a bit of a stretch to be saying it is BR’s likeness given that they just photo-shopped his two legs in up to just his thighs.

30. MJ - January 17, 2011

@26 @28

Or perhaps he is practicing the “Keith Richards method” of over 40 skin care.

(I know there must be a good Phyllis Diller joke in here somewhere…)

31. Red Dead Ryan - January 17, 2011


“I can only assume she bounced!”

She bounced alright…….right out of a window. And when Han Solo realized it wasn’t laser blasts hitting the Millenium Falcon, it turned out that it was indeed asteroids bouncing off the ship. Those asteroids……were Erica Durance’s boulders!

32. LookHere - January 17, 2011

33. Iva - January 17, 2011

Can’t wait for game of thrones, I hope they do no not censor anything.

34. I'm Dead Jim! - January 17, 2011

@10 Larry King must have written that copy about Galactica being cancelled.
(Like when he asked Jerry Seinfeld if his show was cancelled.)

35. Derf - January 17, 2011

Maybe now Syfy will have some time slots open for their new “Space Wrastlin'” project.

Not real interested in watching “Being As We Need To Figure Out How To Keep Milking This Twilight Thing”.

Hope I can get my hands on one of those things with bound paper and words on them still, guess that’s all us old farts have left.

We are well on our way:

And yes, we would like fries with that.

36. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

Does anyone on here think we can get this Scify sunday up to 1800 post like the last Scifi Update. Very Excited about Smallville. I think that what they should do is have all of the Stargate Actors from all the Series film the last 2 or 3 Eps of SGU for a Big Send off.

37. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

Hey Harry. I feel for you. Erica being responsable for Clark becoming Superman. Which would you chose Harry. 24 hours in the Agonose Booth or 24 Hours with Erica on an Island.

38. spocko - January 17, 2011


39. Adam C - January 17, 2011

Woot!! missed u sci-fi updates!!

Not too sure about Battlestar Galactica’s: Blood and Chrome. I think the franchise is very similar to Babylon 5’s and that subsequent series/movies just wont hit it. Example Caprica.

The Cape huh? More like The Crape.
The Event still not cancelled? Come on next show plz.
Smallville lost it for me.

Interested in Torchwood not so much Doctor who, dw got predictable and boring.

40. Harry Ballz - January 17, 2011


and with those asteroids being made out of silicon, lucky it didn’t pnetrate the hull!

37. Booth, hands down!

41. Captain Hackett - January 17, 2011

It is truly great to see Diana return to V!

42. AJ - January 17, 2011

Why people still talk about Superboy films? Hulk crush faggy Superboy!

Hulk want see Superboy when he is in tights. Make Hulk happy! make my purple pants tight! Hulk also want see Krypto. Maybe Superboy poon Krypto in sweeps week. Many fans like Hulk want to see Superboy and Krypto in sexytime actions.

Harry Ballz say many sexy-times in bottled city. Hulk peed in bottle once, but Harry was angry…Hulk want to smash Harry sometimes!

43. Hicks1969uk - January 17, 2011

Alexander Siddig (Bashir) is now on Primeval (Season 3) and according to his website…he has been cast in the new season coming next year with a major part.

44. The Bear - January 17, 2011

The SyFylus Channel hits a new low with the cancellation of SG:Universe. I guess they needed the slot for another wrastling show. Fraktards. :(

45. Alex Hansen - January 17, 2011

Battlestar Galactica was not canceled.

46. PropperTrekkieUk - January 17, 2011

@39 Doctor Who predictable??? How very dare you! Doctor Who is easily the best genre show on TV at the moment. Fringe and Doctor Who are it, there is nothing else good SciFi wise on anymore!

47. Dr. Image - January 17, 2011

Doing an American version of the brilliant Being Human is a joke. So is SyFy for even attempting it. It makes me sick that they’re promoting it to death. I REALLY hope it fails miserably.
#43 Agree totally.

48. Imrahil - January 17, 2011

SyFy Being Human looks AWFUL. It’s not like the original was a masterpiece or anything, but…gah. My wife is still planning to watch it tonight, so I’ll probably see.

Lukewarm on Doctor Who trailer; I really hate River Song.

Game of Thrones, however, will be enormous. Wait and see, that’s going to be a massive hit.

49. Polly - January 17, 2011

no Hobbit news?

50. Pierss - January 17, 2011

I’m not surprised tho, that production is incredibly slow

51. - January 17, 2011

Anyone know when Fringe is to return on Sky1 in the uk

52. rogue_alice - January 17, 2011

Love “The Flaming C”

53. Phil - January 17, 2011

Completely off topic here…CNN did a commerical for Piers Morgans new show where thay asked about his first show. They flashed a pic of the interview-ee, and my first thought was “Gary Coleman”….oh, wait, that’s Oprah. Am I the only person who noticed?

Had to have been the most unflattering pic of OW I’ve ever seen….

54. Battle-scarred Sciatica - January 17, 2011

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh look at all the pretty people and their ridiculous pop poster postures on Terra Nova! Bleeeeeurrgh!

Come Smallville, let us have some SuperAction.

Fingers crossed!

55. Matthew - January 17, 2011

Smallville is still on the air?! Cancel that crap already.

56. Rosario T. Calabria - January 17, 2011

49. Polly

Hobbit news will be part of this week’s Sci-Fi Movies. And yes, there is news to report. Lots of it in fact.

57. Trekkie - January 17, 2011

Fringe = quality

nuff said. :)

58. Dr. Image - January 17, 2011

Tennant = Hobbit elf!

59. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

#55. Matthew. For that Comment you get 48 Hours in the Agoniser Booth. Smallville is a Great Show. Even Harry likes it. Except for Erica Durrance. Can’t wait to see Clark in the Suit. I hope they have him put it on in the next to last Ep and in the Finale 2 Hour Series End and make it like a Movie and Let Superman Fly and would love to have the Superman Theme playing as well. Also. At the End with Clark as Superman have him fly like Chris reves did at the end of the Series in Space with the Superman Theme playing and at the last Have Clark Smile at us as he passes. That would be the greates Homage to Chris Reevs.

60. Victor Hugo - January 18, 2011

54. I agree! Since when beautiful fashion people have technical skills??
There´s no single hardworker in that bunch!

61. Eddie - January 18, 2011

I’m sorry but the amount of changes that are being done to The Event I’m afraid that series is finished and won’t be renewed.

V has improved alot since its debut last year. Would like to see more of Diana’s roll in the series though.

62. VZX - January 18, 2011

I watched the American version of Being Human last night. It wasn’t that bad, really. Sure, the British one has much better acting, but I was pleasantly surprised by the American one. The production values and effects were better in the American verson.

Oh, the tralier for season three of Being Human was genius. It’s definitely my favorite show on right now.

63. SWADWFan - January 18, 2011

I’m surprised Braga still has a show runner job after Enterprise, let alone FlashFoward

64. Red Dead Ryan - January 18, 2011


It’s called “cronyism”. It’s not what you know anymore, it’s who you know. In this case, Steven Spielberg.

Not saying Brannon Braga was a terrible writer, he wrote and co-wrote some dandies, but there were better writers, like Ron Moore and Michael Pillar.

65. T'Cal - January 18, 2011

•Producers for the proposed “Battlestar Galactica” prequel pilot ‘Blood & Chrome’ have begun casting its three lead characters. The show will be set in the 10th year of the first Cylon war and centers around rookie pilot William Adama (who was played by Edward James Olmos in the canceled 2004-2009 series). ”

CANCELED??? Epic fail.

66. Mark Lynch - January 19, 2011

Just thought I would drop in the following, just seen an image of the new spider-baby in the re-designed costume. My mind screamed blechhhhh!

You have a perfect design and for no reason whatsoever it gets changed…. Sheeeesh.

67. roy - January 19, 2011


As the American version of Being Human begins it’s tv debut, the version that is being transmitted for BBC 3 in the United Kingdom begins airing a third series in a couple of days. As for the future, I hope the beep renews the show for an unprecedented fourth serial. In turn, I just hope the American version of Being Human that airs on SyFy has a successful tv run as much as the version that is being transmitted on BBC 3.

68. keachick - January 19, 2011

Do you guys ever see any British shows, just as they are? Or does everything Britain makes get some Americanised treatment – except for perhaps, thankfully, the Dr Who and Torchwood series?

69. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - January 19, 2011

Great pice. could we get some news on the Hobbit?

70. roy - January 20, 2011


Tv shows that are being produced in Britain are generally made for the UK audience. It just happens to be that certain shows over the decades have transcended beyond the local audience and have become international sensations. The same conjecture can be applied for American tv shows that are mainly aimed at the home grown audience, but some become successful with international audiences.

71. keachick - January 20, 2011

I think that Britain makes TV shows to be viewed by as many people as possible, whether they be within the UK or outside. Ever since NZ started broadcasting on its one television channel in monochrome in 1960, it has sourced a lot of television material from the UK, from the BBC and ITV/Thames(?) Television. The long running British soap Coronation Street is also one of the longest running and still one of the most popular programmes here. I think we saw the first Coronation St episode in about 1962; the first show was screened in Britain in 1960. We saw Dr Who and other British series like Dr Finlay’s Casebook; most of them I can’t remember or don’t know about, but I have been told by older family members that there has always been a plethora of British television productions screened here – comedies, dramas, music shows, current affairs, documentaries etc.

We have also seen a number of US programmes since the 1960s, one of them, of course, being Star Trek (TOS). William Shatner visited Auckland in 1968 and was interviewed on television about Star Trek. The other shows were Lost in Space, various cartoons, The Fugitive, High Chaparel, Bonanza, Mission Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, The Lucy Show and others that I can’t quite recall.

We also made our own programmes, the longest running being Country Calendar (first screened in the 60s). It is still being made. It is a half hour current affairs type programme about farming mostly, but it also deals with horticulture, viticulture etc.

Many of those British shows like Dr Who and many others have always had an audience outside Britain. They are screened as is. What we don’t like is what the BBC has done with the modern Dr Who and its format. It was a half hour programme, as in 30 minutes actual viewing time. Then they changed it to an hour (ie an actual 60 min. viewing time) FINE. Now they are for some reason conforming to the US format of presenting a programme which is apparently one hour in length, but has actually has 45-50 minutes viewing time, in order to allow for the needs of the F**king advertisers and other (US) commercial interests. The BEEB have sold out, goddamm them. It is my 17 year old son who is really pissed off about this. It has a different feel…

A US network has bought the rights to make a programme based on a NZ television production called Outrageous Fortune. Why can’t the networks just buy and screen the programmes as they have been made? Why are so many of you ordinary Americans apparently denied the opportunity to see the programmes other (English speaking) countries make, whether they come from the UK, NZ, or Australia? I don’t know what happens with Canadian shows. Would it hurt you to see a 5 sec. shot of a kiwi man’s bare arse or hear some English/Maori being spoken? or how about some Glaswegian Scots? Ever seen the Scottish programme Taggart with Ian McManus (dec.)? Ever seen All Creatures Great and Small? The Blackadder series? Sharpe? or the UK version of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May? Totally hilarious. Ever seen the UK version of The Office? (Don’t really like either US or UK versions but that is just me). Why can’t you just watch the British Being Human, without copying it, just like everything else? I could go on and on…

Sorry for the rant. It’s just that I can’t believe what I found out not so long ago. I always thought you guys saw what we saw from Britain (especially) and maybe more even, but I find out that the English shows that I was brought up on, you guys know nothing or very little about. A lot of these British programmes were/are top rating shows in the UK.

72. Vultan - January 21, 2011


Yes, we do see the original Brit programs in America, on BBC-America. SyFy just likes to remake things… usually for the worse.

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