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AUDIO: William Shatner Provides New Voiceover For Star Trek Shuttle Wakeup + Shatner Still Wants In To Trek Sequel March 7, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Science/Technology,Shatner,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

This morning William Shatner gave the crew of Shuttle Discovery a special surprise with a newly added voiceover to the Star Trek theme beamed up for their wakeup call. You can hear that below, plus the latest Shatner news (yes he still wants to be in the Star Trek sequel), plus he is hosting the Canadian Genie Awards on Thursday.



William Shatner gives crew of Shuttle Discovery a special wakeup call

Chosen by popular vote from a contest last year, the Star Trek theme was one of two winning selections to be one of two final wakeup calls for the last missions of the Shuttle program. This morning (March 7 at 3:23 am ET) the crew of mission STS-133 on Shuttle Discovery were woken up with a special version of the original theme to Star Trek, with a ‘surprise twist’. Watch and listen below.

The "surprise" NASA promised was adding a brand new voiceover for the Star Trek theme tailored for the final mission of Shuttle Discovery, and spoken by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. NASA used the original "Space, the final frontier…" but then added their own twist. The new Discovery-themed voiceover for the theme:

These have been the voyages of Space Shuttle Discovery. Her thirty year mission to seek out new science – to build new outposts – to bring nations together on the final frontier. To boldly go and do what no spacecraft has done before.     

A perfect way to cap off the final mission for Shuttle Discovery.

By the way, this is not the first time that Alexander Courage’s Star Trek theme has been used as a wakeup call in space. In 2009 the theme was one of the wakeup calls for mission STS-125 and the crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis

By the way: Shatner still wants to be in the Star Trek sequel

Here are a couple of new excerpts from interviews with Shatner regarding Star Trek.

From the Press Association:

[Shatner] would also be pleased to have a role in the sequel to the [2009 Star Trek] movie saying: "I’d be delighted".

He added that one of the main motivations for wanting to appear in the film, which is due out in 2012, was so he can feel larger than life next to JJ Abrams. He joked: "I’ve become acquainted with JJ Abrams and he’s smaller than I am. I like to find people I can stand next to that I can tower over."

From Seattle Times:

Q. How would you describe yourself?

A. I’m 6 feet, 2 inches, 180 pounds, wedge shaped, tapering down to a slim waist and muscular shoulders. … Why are you laughing?

Q. What are your thoughts on "Star Trek’s" legacy?

A. "Star Trek" was and is apparently a cultural phenomenon. I think it struck a nerve in its humanity, as well as its sense of adventure. Maybe the actors had something to do with it. … It was a joyful experience for me.

Q. Would you want to be in the next movie?

A. I’d like to be in it, but I think it’ll be difficult to rationalize how Capt. Kirk got to my age and looks like me, you know, being 6 feet 2 inches, muscular in the shoulders and 180 pounds.

Shatner hosting Genie Awards Thursday + Priceline behind the scenes vid

Bill will be turning 80 later this month but that isn’t slowing down The Shat. On Thursday, March 10 he will be hosting the 31st ANNUAL GENIE AWARDS. The Genie Awards celebrate "the year’s biggest achievements in Canadian movies". Tune in at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on the CBC. More info at

In a recent ShatWatch we showed you the latest Priceline commercials with Bill in various costumes. Now check out the behind the scenes.





1. David C. Roberson - March 7, 2011

I must admit that a part of me would love to see Shatner play Kirk again, but I’m not sure there’s any room for him in this new universe. I really loved the idea put forth the other day (I can’t remember who had said it) about the next two films involving the universe breaking down, but I would have people from other universes coming through to this one. In that way, Shatner could return as the greatest villain Jim Kirk ever faced: Emperor Tiberius of the Terran Empire. Yeah. I said it.

2. David C. Roberson - March 7, 2011

#1 if anyone visited the link in my name from the above post, it is not the right link. It has been fixed.

3. DJT - March 7, 2011

Shat’s gonna be 80? Wow. I’d never guess by the looks of that mariachi outfit.

4. CmdrR - March 7, 2011

Atlanta got a Shat Attack this morning at 4:40am.
I have such a nerd-on right now.

5. Soran - March 7, 2011

Nimoy passed the torch to the new cast in a dignified way. Seeing him once again was a treat for Trekkers. But it’s time to move on and let this new cast stand on their own without Shatner hovering over them. Squeezing Kirk Prime into the next film would be more about satisfying William Shatner’s ego than creating the best possible story.

And given how William Shatner seemed to avoid even watching the 2009 film for months, I think JJ Abrams owes him nothing.

6. Soran - March 7, 2011

*However*, having him do the voice-over for one of Discovery’s last wake-up calls was inspired – and even moving.

7. Alf, in pog form - March 7, 2011

I can see old Kirk in a new timeline where liposuction was never invented.

8. Alec - March 7, 2011

The new crew have to stand on their own feet, now. They have to establish themselves. In the first film, they merely introduced themselves. I’m a huge fan of Shatner; however, if we want new Trek, new fans, we know in what direction we must go: forwards not backwards. I’ll leave it to the Captain, Himself, to say it:

This is the final cruise of the Starship
Enterprise under my command. This
ship and her history will shortly
become the care of a new
generation. To them and their
posterity we will commit our
future. They will continue the
voyages we have begun, and journey
to all the undiscovered countries,
boldly going where no man….where
no one has gone before…

The cameo that was written for Shatner wouold have worked and been appropriate for the first film; but, apparently, Shatner turned it down. So, it’s really his own fault that he hasn’t been in a JJ film.

9. Soran - March 7, 2011

Well-remembered, Alec! And that was twenty years ago this year. Who’d have believed he’d still be angling for a return a generation later?

10. pilotfred - March 7, 2011

shatners kirk is dead long live the new kirk

i so would love to see him back however he is dead and to bring him back from that state it would have to be a big story i.e like spock just that would cut into the running time of the film

trust me i would love to see him play kirk again and i even come up with a tv programe in my head for him to do( so set of course in the prime timeline)

11. Skippy - March 7, 2011

Ok, hearing Shatner do the voiceover once again brought a tear to my eye.

12. Andy Patterson - March 7, 2011

Shatner still is and will always be the man to me.

13. Charla - March 7, 2011

Glad he did that for the Discovery crew. He is incredible and doesn’t look his age- or act it for that matter, and I mean that in a good way :)

14. AJ - March 7, 2011

80 years old with such an active and productive life. So far from drooling into a bucket, or even his fake old self in “The Deadly Years.”

15. ety3 - March 7, 2011

Can we enact a moratorium on “Shatner wants to be in STXII” or “Will Shatner be in STXII?” stories?


(Space Shuttle bit was cool, though.)

16. Hat Rick - March 7, 2011

If only we funded NASA so that there would be a reasonable chance that we could colonize the stars within a century.

17. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 7, 2011

Loved the Space Shuttle Bit. That was just Priceless. Would love to see Shat in the next film along with Nimoy for just one more theme. Long Live the Shat.

18. SonnyB. - March 7, 2011

The wake up call was done with a lot of class . . .

19. Aron - March 7, 2011

Its a shame shat was not present at the launch of the shuttle program, viz., Enterprise. My how things have changed.

20. lostrod - March 7, 2011


You said:

“The cameo that was written for Shatner wouold have worked and been appropriate for the first film; but, apparently, Shatner turned it down. So, it’s really his own fault that he hasn’t been in a JJ film.”

Where do you get your facts that Mr. Shatner turned it down? I believe it’s been discussed here that the scene was written but never offered to Mr. Shatner.

It’s getting tiresome seeing the actor being blamed for turning down a part that he was not even aware of. I guess the blame would go to the folks that chose to not offer him the role.


BTW – weather’s lovely here in Iraq.

21. captain_neill - March 7, 2011

That was an awesome surprise from Shatner, great reading.

22. John in Canada, eh? - March 7, 2011

Great wakeup call!
I’ll be attending the Genie Awards with Mr. Shatner as host on Thursday… I can’t wait!

23. Magic_Al - March 7, 2011

Will they get Patrick Stewart to do this for Endeavour and Leonard Nimoy for Atlantis (assuming Atlantis gets funded)?

24. Trek Fan - March 7, 2011

No Shatner in the sequel, please. Sorry. He was great in the Original Series but it would ruin this new reboot if he was in it. The purpose of Leonard Nimoy being in the first one was to help the reboot be accepted and not seen as competition or anything. I thought Nimoy did an excellent job being the connection between the two universes…if you bring Shatner into the picture then it just seems like the movie is an excuse to see how many of the originals can fit in the sequels. It’s a new mission, a new movie…so let the new actors take over. (And in my opinion they’re doing an excellent job…especially with JJ directing!)

25. andrew - March 7, 2011


Is it reasonable to assume that if you have assumed the name Soran, you probably don’t feel that Generations was a subpar ending for one of the central characters in all of Star Trek?

Yes, I know, the character lives on in Chris Pine, and yes, there is a need to tell the best possible story. But there are other reasons besides “Shatner’s ego” to consider this. There are a great many Star Trek fans who want to see Bill as Kirk one last time. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

26. "Check the Circuit!" - March 7, 2011

Ask The Shat if he’ll put in an appearance in Star Trek 2.0 for free as a “valentine” to the fans that helped make his career. Let’s see how bad he wants to be in the sequel.

27. - March 7, 2011

They should make a mini series for television set in the new universe.

Only well into the future when Kirk and Spock are old.

The fans would be all over it just knowing that current events meant that Kirk did not go through the fate of Generations.

It could a story of how these two must team up one last time and go out in a blaze of glory, a dignifies death if written well.

If it could be done well even recast bones and form the trio.

It would be money in the bank for tv execs.

Heal the wounds of Kirks past demise why there is still an opportunity.

Shatner?Kirk in the films it would be forced, in a six hour mini series it would be gold.

28. MJ - March 7, 2011

Shat, sorry, but I still don’t want you to be in sequel. I’ll be delighted if you are not in it. :-)

29. Jesustrek - March 7, 2011

Wooow Great wakeup ;)

30. dmduncan - March 7, 2011

Hey, if the movie is about illusions, getting an older Kirk in that context is a breeze, and without any CGI. Dave Bowman saw himself as an old man. Why not young Kirk?

The cool idea about doing a movie where illusions play a central role is that, like Inception, you could pretty much imagine and get away with anything.

31. trek09princess - March 7, 2011

Trek fan :) I love how you think about new trek it gives me comfort that it’s only the minority that don’t really like the movie

32. Phil - March 7, 2011

No Shat in the sequel. Or future TV for that matter, either. Time to move on.

Considering that WS was very vocal about how he preceived his character would need to be actively involved throughout the movie, yes, he turned down the role before it was ever offered.

33. Desstruxion - March 7, 2011

I just wanna know when Captain Harriman will get his own movie. It’s way overdue.

34. Tom - March 7, 2011

The cameo would have worked. They should offer it this time. If he turns it down then that would be that. At 80 Bill needs to realize that this would be his last chance to appear in a Trek film. Bob Orci said he was voted down. So we know that JJ didn’t want it the first time. Perhaps with some modification he would agree. The cameo dealt with friendship between Kirk and Spock. That would be relevant to most Start Trek stories dealing with those characters

35. Buzz Cagney - March 7, 2011

That was indeed special. Way to go Bill and Discovery and her crew.

36. John from Cincinnati - March 7, 2011

I’m taller than Captain Kirk, but I could never fill your boots Bill. :-)

37. Elvis Shatner - March 7, 2011

I’m so glad he didn’t wake them up with “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!” ;)

38. MJ - March 7, 2011

@37. “Discovery, you bloodsucker! I am still alive! Like a poor marksman you keep missing the target!”

39. dubb - March 7, 2011

I see 2 options for Shatner in the next movie:

1) Actually shoot the scene they wrote for his cameo in the last film. Put this scene at the beginning of the new film. This would serve as a way of tying the last film to the new film. It would be as if this was a sequence or perspective we (the audience) missed in the last film. But the scene would obviously need to have some significance for the movie as a whole.

2) Shatner not as Kirk, but as an alien or some other new character. I think fans would love this, especially if there are some scenes with Shatner and Pine, perhaps with Shatner’s character saying some sarky lines to Pine’s Kirk about how he pictured him looking much more handsome, or something that would be almost a joke between actors — that also fits the characters in the scene. I would enjoy that, anyway!

I personally would enjoy either of those options!

40. dubb - March 7, 2011

PS – If I had to vote, I would vote to have that “missing” scene shot for the beginning of the new film. It was such a touching moment and so incredibly well-written. Even on paper alone it’s a tear-jerker.

41. data476 - March 7, 2011

I think shatner kinda regrets leaving ‘trek on a low (generations). If the trek 12 team can come up with something worthwhile and great then i surpose he could get a chance. If not… I hope they dont force the issue – forget it.

42. GKB1701 - March 7, 2011

Ok, I teared up when I watched Discovery go up for the last time. And hearing the Shat give her such an incredibly appropriate send off brought on even more tears. God Speed to the good ship Discovery and her crew!

43. Anthony Thompson - March 7, 2011

Bill, the only folks who want you in the sequel are yourself and a handful of diehard fans on this board.

44. keachick - March 7, 2011

Just love that interview with William Shatner LOL. He is surely the Shat man.

I have mentioned a way a getting William Shatner into the sequel with a small part, which I don’t think would appear too contrived or forced. Let him play Pine/Kirk’s grandfather or older uncle. He would still be a Kirk and would have much in common with George Kirk (brother or nephew) and James Kirk. However, he would act as a safe familial presence and allow the next Kirk generation to go do his thing. In a way, that is perhaps how Shatner should act towards Chris Pine, in much the same way as Leonard Nimoy has been for Zachary Quinto. Maybe he is already doing that. Who knows?

The other way to get Shatner a cameo/small role would probably go down like a lead balloon in this age of literalism and materialism, where anything mentioned that may seem remotely “spiritual”, “esoteric” etc is scoffed at. However, from where I stand, I do not see my idea as being completely beyond the realms of possibility, especially when looking at what is deemed possible within the Star Trek universe. Oh well…

It is really up to Paramount (first off), the producers/writers and William Shatner himself. Shatner seems to be doing the same JJ Abrams flip-flop – (“maybe I’ll direct, maybe I won’t”) as in “I want to be in the next movie” then “maybe I won’t/don’t…” Oh dear.

45. somethoughts - March 7, 2011

There could be a scene where Pine returns from a away mission and has aged 60+ years, Shatner wakes up next to McCoy and McCoy says, “Good God, Jim!”

Shatner/Kirk has not only gained 60+years but also 60 years worth of memories, que time dilation/guardian/paradox/puzzle story where the age of the solar system and stars are much older than the universe and it’s up to the Enterprise to solve this galactic mystery. Enter Trelane and Talosians and Mudd/Horta with some Klingons and Botany Bay floating in the end credits.

46. MJ - March 7, 2011

@44. Why???

47. Daoud - March 7, 2011

Shatner can portray the other character he portrayed in the Immunity Syndrome: George Samuel Kirk, Jr. “Sam”, father of Peter Kirk. After all, he was an older brother: he had grey hair and a mustache! Of course, retlling the Deneva tale would be boring now: Spock-Prime could have told them how to prevent all that, so Sam lives to a much older age… at which time he attempts to travel back in time to prevent Jim Kirk from doing R, P, or S.
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock-Prime… fascinating.

48. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - March 7, 2011

I think if they put Shatner in ST12 as a Kirk Prime, there would be a bit too many Primes in there. Nimoy had a specific purpose in the last film, but like Trek Fan said, if they put Shatner in there, it would just look like they were trying to see how many people from TOS they could fit in.

Maybe they could have Shatner be someone else other than Kirk? Like the captain of a different ship or something of the sort. Even though I wouldn’t like to see him as Kirk Prime, I’d like to see him all the same.

Question: My dad says that Shatner vowed never to do a Trek film again. Is this true?

49. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - March 7, 2011


YES! Yes yes yes!

50. Michael Singer - March 7, 2011

Actually, Shatner as George Samuel Kirk, Jr. appeared in “Operation: Annihilate!”, not “The Immunity Syndrome”.

51. Christopher Roberts - March 7, 2011

A post mind-meld hallucination of the other Kirk’s life, as seen by Spock Prime?

52. Christopher Roberts - March 7, 2011

51. (cont) ^ It would probably take some de-aging special effects, to get Shatner back to his Star Trek VI or Generations look. But they did it before, a few years back for a TV advert didn’t they?

Of course, only if it was necessary to the story. Something Prime Kirk witnessed, the same threat or whatever the nu Enterprise encounters. Information that Prime Spock unintentionally passed on, while explaining where he came from.

53. Christopher Roberts - March 7, 2011

The other argument, of course, is that Star Trek 2009 was an exercise in getting all this convoluted two universes plot stuff out of the way.

So following up on the destruction of Vulcan, and whatever changes have come about because of what Spock and Nero did, is pretty important… but maybe not from a universe now closed off to them.

54. Red Dead Ryan - March 7, 2011

I wouldn’t mind a Shatner cameo. But anything bigger than that, the new cast will be overshadowed. The cameo has to fit in a way that isn’t fanboyish or contrived.

55. keachick - March 7, 2011

#46 Why??? Because it seems that there are so many fans who want to see Shatner back in the sequel. I am thinking of effective ways in which that might be achieved, without the eye colour problem, obvious contrivance etc. Frankly, I do not get how Shatner could possibly play Jim Kirk’s brother, Sam (who is not mentioned in Trek ’09, btw), who would not have been much older or younger than Jim himself, hence my idea of William Shatner playing an older Kirk. No de-aging stuff required. The older relative would be of similar age (possibly a bit younger) to that of the actor’s. I am sure that William Shatner would not mind playing a character a bit younger than himself.

I am not desperate to see Shatner in the new movie, but the movie is clearly just not about entertaining me. Though, it would be nice if Bob and co. did show and flesh out some of my ideas, in the next movie, especially the idea of Kirk having a lover, Jasmia or other gentle appropriate name, from the planet Menosia. Letting Kirk have a beagle puppy mascot could be cool as well. Anyway, fingers crossed, here’s hoping…

56. OtterVomit - March 7, 2011

Personally, I have never bought the idea that Kirk’s death in Generations required some long & drawn out story to explain his rescue. A throwaway line between Kirk & Spock about “that whole mess in the Nexus…” would be all that’s needed. No details, no explanation. Just hint that Spock pulled Kirk out of the Nexus somehow. Casual fans wouldn’t understand what they heard and would dismiss it, while hardcore fans would be intrigued and would fill in the story with their own speculation.

57. Captaingoesdownwiththeship - March 7, 2011

I would like to see William Shatner in the new Movie, but also don’t want to be cheesy either. I could see it as being a cameo type of story with Shatner, Nimoy and an aged Karl Urban as Mccoy. I think having it like a story where they are telling about a specific mission to a bunch of raw cadets with mission folding with the new crew. Or have them at the end of the movie talking about the mission doing a scene like the campfire scene.

58. pariahterra - March 7, 2011

Put Shatner in the film. Even a voice over at the start of the film, summing up Kirks career in Star fleet.

Give the man the respect he deserves. Without Shatner, no Star Trek, it’s that simple.

59. Richard Daystrom - March 7, 2011


“I must admit that a part of me would love to see Shatner play Kirk again, but I’m not sure there’s any room for him in this new universe. I really loved the idea put forth the other day (I can’t remember who had said it) about the next two films involving the universe breaking down, but I would have people from other universes coming through to this one. In that way, Shatner could return as the greatest villain Jim Kirk ever faced: Emperor Tiberius of the Terran Empire. Yeah. I said it.”

I too find this an exciting idea that somehow Nero and Spock coming back with Red Matter have somehow REALLY screwed up the balance of the universes. Can’t get no better than that as to the utimate destruction of everything. Not just Earth hangs in the balance but all other universes as well. And in the process of saving said universes, somehow end all travel between them so we are rid of the time travel story in the TREK universe forever.

60. garen - March 7, 2011

so is that newly recorded VO considered to be canon?? :)

61. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 7, 2011

I loved the voice over by Shatner it was a great tribute… I would like to see him in the new movie but i think it would take away from the new crew. Unless BoB and Alex and JJ can make it work but it would have to fit like a shoe on a foot.

62. Andrew - March 7, 2011

How about a flash foward as an elderly nu-kirk? No interaction w new crew but a cameo set 50 years after the events of the second film?

63. keachick - March 7, 2011

For me, it is a case of “maybe, if it is possible…” for having Shatner in the sequel. In the case of having Bruce Greenwood as Pike back in the sequel, it is “Yes, most definitely”, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s.

64. Canon Schmanon - March 7, 2011

To quote Bill: “I’d like to be in it, but I think it’ll be difficult to rationalize how Capt. Kirk got to my age and looks like me…”

Exactly. Leave it alone. The ONLY reason to put him in the movie is as some appeasement to hardcore Trek fans, and if there were enough of those, the series would still be on and the movies would have done better. Pandering to a small but vocal minority would make it look like they thought their film was weak, and they were trying something hokey to save it. The next one must stand on its own without help from the old guard.

Make it so.

65. Canon Schmanon - March 8, 2011

Oh, yeah, I’d love to see more Pike. Greenwood was great. Hell, I’d like to see a movie about HIS adventures. That should be the next Trek TV Series. Bruce Greenwood as Pike! They could even cast a new Spock, because there’s no way Quinto would do it on TV, I don’t think.

But would Greenwood be willing to do it? I think it really increase his fanbase, but maybe he’d fear typecasting. It certainly has been the bane of many Trek actors, but few of them were as well known as Greenwood when they did their roles.

The other bonus is that we get to see the Enterprise as well!

Dang, I like my idea. It’s probably already been proposed by somebody, but it’s new to me.

66. Recorder Marker - March 8, 2011

Well, Shatner is after all, the Priceline Negotiator. What he needs for backup to get in the next movie is that special friend and enforcer; a powerful man with dollars and sense on his hands, the indomitable sage from whose lips speak the immortal line: “Is it wise to allow a perishable item to spoil?”

The answer is an unequivocal – No! – because as we know, one cannot argue with The Big Deal.

Would love to see Priceline set an ad up with Paramount execs!

67. Jack2211 - March 8, 2011

Isn’t “Shatner Still Wants In To Trek Sequel” kind of implied for pretty much every story on this site?

68. - March 8, 2011

I do love Shatner but i don’t want to be hearing his voice when i wake up in the morning.

69. Iowagirl - March 8, 2011

LOL, I love Shatner’s sense of humor, love the wakeup call, love HIS Kirk… ah, WTH, I love SHATNER! :))

70. Cervantes - March 8, 2011

Ah, yet another ‘for and against’ sound-off opportunity for everyone here, where the inclusion of ‘The Shat’ is concerned.


One thing I really missed in the ‘TOS’-themed reboot was…hearing ‘Prime Kirk’s’ voice! Even if the makers/writers are willing to come up with a satisfactory ‘re-introduction’ for ‘Prime Kirk’ as he looks now…just hearing his character’s voice again in some relevant storyline capacity would be nice. Such a pity that potential ‘cameo’ scene for the first movie didn’t pan out.

While I prefer for a resolution that actually proves ‘Prime Kirk’ survived beyond the events of ‘Generations’ in some capacity, I’d equally be delighted to see some actual ‘Original Series’ or earlier TOS movie footage of Shatner’s character integrated in some way…even as a ‘recap’ or ‘flashback’ scene in some way. At least his voice could be heard again in this latest take on things. Oh well, I can but wish anyway. :)

71. Cervantes - March 8, 2011

Typo alert! Just to clarify, that should have read – …even if the makers/writers are UNwilling to come up with a satisfactory ‘re-introduction’ for ‘Prime Kirk’ as he looks now…

72. Phil - March 8, 2011

55. keachick – March 7, 2011

I’d argue that it’s only a tiny minority who what WS in the sequel. Several have also been vocal that the WS ship has sailed, and any effort to squeeze in a scene will make it look contrived – think CGI Arnold in the last Terminator movie. When he showed us there was a lot of laughter in the theater. What do you think the reaction will be when the Priceline guys pops up in the movie somewhere. A cameo just for the sake of having one ends up being comic relief, it it was intended to be or not.

73. andrew - March 8, 2011

There could be an offscreen cameo. End of movie, on the bridge, mission successful, there could be a line of dialogue like at the end of Space Seed speculating on something that Captain Kirk will remember/speculate on/appreciate for the rest of his life.

Cut to Enterprise sailing into the stars, you hear “Space, the final frontier” and it’s a new reading of the narration by William Shatner.

Problem solved. You’re welcome.

74. Basement Blogger - March 8, 2011

@ 44 Keachick
@ 72 Phil

On William Shatner …

I think it has to be organic if you’re going to put William Shatner in the next movie. But I agree with Keachick, the only way to do it is to make him a grandfather of the Chirs Pine. That doesn’t mean they should do it. I much prefer they bring back Leonard Nimoy and develop more Vulcan scenes. And they don’t need Nimoy to do that. As for it looking like a Priceline ad, well there’s your product placement! He could help Spock and Uhura get a room at discount prices.

You got to admit, at eighty, the Shat is all over the place. I just wish I would have his energy should I reach that age.

75. Daoud - March 8, 2011

Shatner should appear with an age-makeupped Scott Bakula as Admiral Archer (long-lived because of having borne Surak’s katra along with something Phlox did, just like Porthos with that alien organ) and Nimoy for a last supper of sorts.

Shatner of course would be “Chef”, bring Archer and Spock-Prime a meal, and sit down with him at a 3-D chess board…. (paralleling the first scene of WNMHGB with Kirk and Spock at the chess board!).

Then Chef could say “Spock, tell me what you know of the Nexus.”

76. dubb - March 8, 2011

Shatner is beloved by more than just Star Trek fans at this point. He’s like the male Betty White (haha)! Seriously, I think more than just a few “hardcore” Trek fans would appreciate seeing Shatner in the next film, regardless of whether that role is some form of Kirk. Even the generic film goers would get a kick out of seeing him in the film. But as everyone else has said… only if it helps the story.

77. Robert Bernardo - March 8, 2011

Yes, Bill Shatner in the next S.T. movie…

78. Buzz Cagney - March 8, 2011

Today i’m mostly thinking i’d like ro see Bill in the next movie. I’m nothing if not inconsistent.

79. keachick - March 8, 2011

It may seem like I am desperate to have Shatner in the next film. I am not, especially if his presence somehow undermines Chris Pine’s Kirk.

However, I have to point out that much has been made of Shatner’s Priceline commercial work. His Priceline commercials mean absolutely zero to me. we do not see them here in NZ (perhaps some may appear on Infomercials but I don’t watch them) and I suspect this applies to any country outside (North) America. So, for overseas audience outside the States, William Shatner would be recognised as the captain of the Enterprise, Kirk, who most overseas trekkies will know as having died in the movie Generations.

Thank you for agreeing with my idea. Actually many, many months ago someone else suggested that Bill Shatner play grandfather, Tiberius Kirk, George’s father. As Shatner looks pretty young, judging from the most recent photos, he might get away with playing George Kirk’s older brother, Pine/Kirk’s uncle. It comes down to the skill of the writers and the actor himself.

80. Phil - March 8, 2011

76. dubb – March 8, 2011

Betty White knows to stick to comedy. Bill, trying to do an action flick one more time would descend into self parody. Abrams and Company know this. Paramount knows this. And Shatner knows this. Shatner does not want a cameo, and has said so. So, no Trek for Bill. The guy is shrewed enough to know that he needs to keep his name out there to remain viable, so he continues to float his name for projects he knows he won’t ever read a script for.

81. Daoud - March 8, 2011

Nobody said Shatner has to portray Kirk as the Last Action Hero here. Jabba the Hutt didn’t move around much in Star Wars, after all.
Not that a large unmoving Shatner with a hookah, and a gold-lame’ed bikini’d Anne Hathaway on a chain wouldn’t be interesting to watch.

82. Phil - March 8, 2011

81. Daoud – March 8, 2011

Jabba only had ten minutes of screen time until GL started digitally inserting him everywhere. I suspect Shatner would want more screen time. Will concede the point that Anne Hathaway on a leash might be fun to watch, though…

83. Jack - March 8, 2011

81. Awesome. Deep Shatner/Jabba laugh — “ho, ho, ho, ho”

Wait, how’d Anne Hathaway get into this? Not that I’m complaining. How ’bout Betty White in the bikini?

But you know, generally, I still don’t buy the “they owe Shat” argument.

I get that a lot of folks would like to see him, but the not including him isn’t particularly disrespectful. And, most of the fan solutions are pretty unwieldy and complicated (“I know, he could be dressed as the Maytag repairman and complain that the turbolifts don’t need fixing like they used to!”).

Would anyone here boycott the film if Shatner ain’t in it?

Oh, yeah. Most importantly, no love interest for Pine. The Trek movies with love interests sucked (Carol Marcus doesn’t count).

In the Rick Berman interview, he talked about how the original draft for Insurrection was incredibly dark and Picard lost everything — Berman had said it wasn’t Trek, but wow, to me the idea sounded fantastic. Injustice can happen even in a sunny future, and it would be pretty great to see the characters struggle to rise above it. So, I’m kind of hoping we get some real conflict in this next one. Kirk doubting himself and struggling to be better was a key part of TOS.

84. Jack - March 8, 2011

ps. Dude always makes me laugh.

“A. I’d like to be in it, but I think it’ll be difficult to rationalize how Capt. Kirk got to my age and looks like me, you know, being 6 feet 2 inches, muscular in the shoulders and 180 pounds.”

85. Magic_Al - March 8, 2011

Shatner doesn’t look 80. At all. When I look at the picture of him standing next to his wax figure of himself 30 years younger (as 50-year-old Admiral Kirk who complained, unbelievably in hindsight, that he felt old and worn out), I don’t think he looks much older, he just looks much heavier. If he really wanted to be the transformed man, it would be a year of hard work but it could be possible. But is that how he wants to use his time? It’s his life. He’s entertained us for decades and decades, and he still is, and he can do it any way he wants.

86. keachick - March 8, 2011

#83 I do not recall there being any love interests for Kirk in the movies. Carol Marcus used to be a major love interest of Kirks way back before being captain of the Enterprise and she was something of a bitch.

Having a genuine love interest for Pine/Kirk would be a departure from what has been the norm for Kirk in the prime universe and this time she doesn’t die or take his child away from him. TMP – no one; STII Carol – ick; STIII, no one; STIV Gillian Hicks – hardly; STV no one; STVI no one; STVII no one. All in all – no real love interest or romance for James T Kirk.

In fact, I cannot understand where all this “ladies man” etc stuff comes from. Most of the time, in the movies and in TOS, he was a lonely horndog. Enough already! Not a healthy, normal, positive situation for any
human male or female to be in, especially when a lovely romance could be written into the story and it still be an exciting, thought provoking and uplifting movie. I really do hope that the writers do remedy this totally unacceptable situation. Thankfully, not everything has to happen exactly as it did in the prime universe. Kirk does have to become a father. There are some things that don’t change.

Please – Bob, Alex, Damon, JJ!

87. MJ - March 8, 2011

@55. keachick – March 7, 2011 ” #46 Why??? Because it seems that there are so many fans who want to see Shatner back in the sequel.”

Keachick, that is wishful thinking. Only a real small minority want him in the next movie, but they are a passionate and vocal minority, and all 7-10 of them post on these boards. :-)

Check out Phil’s post above (@72). Well said, Phil

I really don’t want an 81-year old 300 pound Kirk distracting from the new crew in the next movie. If that sounds harsh, so be it. And for the argument that they could use CGI and make him look younger and thinner, then I would argue that would be even more distracting and would become late night tv show joke fodder, embarrassing the shat and us Trek fans.

He needs to move on…as a lot of us have already done.

88. Jack - March 9, 2011

You’re right, no real Kirk love interest, but love generally (decker/ilia, troi/riker, Picard/anij, kirk/whale7thheaven lady… And Kirk/buxom Antonia kind of counts) just dragged the movies down. Romance certainly dragged the later series down, except for maybe ds9.

I think spock/Uhura worked okay because it was (a a wtf surprise and b) it didn’t affect the plot. But I don’t want to see An avatar-like sweeping live story. In raiders and bond, the interchangeable damsels in distress/and/or secret villainesses are part of the formula. We kind of know Kirk’s love stories are going to end with a goodbye.
But I’m all for sexual tension/chemistry.

89. Phobos - March 9, 2011

Outstanding voiceover!
The excitement I felt when hearing it is something that would also be felt if he were to appear in the next movie.

90. Phobos - March 9, 2011

@35 lol that would be so funny if at the end of the wake up Kirk prime shouted: “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN! *echo*”

91. dubb - March 9, 2011

@83, I also agree, I don’t believe Shatner is “owed” anything. I’m also not on board with #58’s ultimatum: “without Shatner, no Star Trek.” And I don’t think they necessarily need to “fix” what happened Generations.

I simply think it would be cool to see Shatner in the flick somehow. That’s all. Just the kid in me wanting to get the candy on the way out the door. If Papa Abrams says no, of course I’ll go see it anyway! And I’m sure I’ll love it! Rock on either way!

92. Daoud - March 9, 2011

Kirk definitely had a love interest in the movies: a lady named ENTERPRISE! :)
As to Anne Hathaway… one can dream no? I think seriously if they wanted a true love interest for Chris Pine, casting her would be plum perfect. Marlena Moreau? Helen Noel?

And if Lucas ever gets around to doing the 3-movie postquel (we all know he originally said a trilogy of trilogies, i.e. 9 movies), she’d be perfect as Leia Solo. Call it the _Princess Leia Diaries_ haha.

93. keachick - March 9, 2011

#88 – “In raiders and bond, the interchangeable damsels in distress/and/or secret villainesses are part of the formula. We kind of know Kirk’s love stories are going to end with a goodbye.”

I assume you mean “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and the James Bond movies.

On another Star Trek message board, one aspect that made TOS Kirk less likable to some of the posters there, was the interchangeable damsels stuff etc. They saw the character as being akin to some sort of male slut. Hence, another reason to give this James Kirk a decent (sexual) relationship where there is mutual love and appreciation.

To compare the character makeup of Kirk to that of James Bond was/is a mistake. James Bond is a trained assassin, who is a spy, dealing in subtefuge etc. Characters like James Bond are taught to develop rather unhealthy facets, even despicable and are certainly not above using their sex, as well as emotional manipulation to get what they want. This is not the case with James T Kirk, either in the prime universe or in the alternate universe. Sometimes Kirk in the TOS series appeared (sexually) manipulative, but when it came to women, he always appeared guilty and somewhat apologetic. Bond does not have the same conscience or appreciation and a lot of the time he is dealing with women like himself, or thinks he is.

94. Jack - March 9, 2011

you assumed right. and my point wasn’t that they were comparable to trek or that Bond and Indy (you can assume I mean Indiana Jones) are anything like Kirk. It was that love interests are part of their respective formulas (spy flicks and adventure serials) but Trek doesn’t need romance to work — especially a romance that drives the plot. it was just an example. that’s it. and hollywood tends to shoehorn in a love interest in every genre flick. Trek doesn’t need romance to work. Add a relationship, whether just physical or something more complex, to show he’s a mature, complex, normal adult, sure. But to make the love story the point of the film, and to make love Kirk’s motivator, well, it’s just not needed. the whole “do I choose the girl or starfleet thing has been done. I’m a guy, so we’re likely not going to agree on this.

95. Dee - March 9, 2011

# 44 – keachick

Does Mr. Shatner would accept being the grandfather of Kirk? … hmmmm … I do not believe in chance! LOL! … but it would be funny, yeah! :-) :-)

96. MJ - March 9, 2011

@95. The Grandfather gig would be problematic. It would be so distracting to be so into the movie and then have this scene come up where all my mind can think about is: “There is William Shatner who used to play Kirk playing Kirk’s father”….and I’d be thinking this over and over….thus completely disrupting that part of the movie for me. To a lesser extend Nimoy did that in the last movie, but Nimoy is not so pervasively out there in the media as Shat, so it was less bothersome for me.

97. MJ - March 9, 2011

#93. What’s wrong with the Captain of the Enterprise, who is single, playing the field and getting a little action now and then?

98. keachick - March 9, 2011

I have no idea what Shatner would be happy doing. I was just trying to be creative, make suggestions, work out compromises that the studio, Shatner, Shatner fans and ordinary (trekkie) movie goers might find acceptable, good, fun etc. Clearly it is not up to me, anyway.

I did not say that a Kirk romance should be the driving force of the plot either.Call it a sub-plot, which is what any love interests, romances would be anyway, even the Spock/Uhura one. The Spock/Uhura relationship was not central to the main plot nor would a Kirk romance be central either, although if the story were good enough, who knows…

In previous Trek outings, there was either nothing at all, although for some reason, some people thought there was – Antonia, Gillian – really? or she ended up dying or dying or being an android and ended up dying (TOS)…or she telling him “I want him in my world” (translation – “Screw you. He is my son and I am going to lie to him about the identity and whereabouts of his father.”) David from TWOK was told that his father was dead. Kirk says to Carol in TWOK, “I did as you asked. I stayed away.”

This time round, Kirk deserves a lot better and I do not see why it could not happen. I do not have a problem with Kirk being captain of the Enterprise, single, playing the field and getting some action now and then. Why should Kirk have to choose between a girl or Starfleet? Who says it needs to be an either/or situation? Are there no other options? Needs must. Life finds a way. Kirk is one individual who will find a way if there is one to be found, or will make his own unique way!!!

99. Gene L. Coon was a U.S. Marine. Stand at ease. - March 9, 2011

@97 Nothing!

Kirk and Bond are products of the era in which they were created, the 50s and 60s. I would say the last thing ST needs is a Kirk in a committed relationship. As I have posted here before, Chris Pine is a big heartthrob with the teenage girl demographic. ST doesn’t do well with teenage girls, historically (as in “absolute zero”). It is good business to give Pine an onscreen kiss or two (see; Titanic).

As to the whole Shatner issue, I have become more and more in favor of squeezing him into the next movie (no pun intended). Please do it before he dies. I don’t buy the whole “the new cast needs to stand on their own” malarkey. The reality is that the new crew might (might!) appear in three films all together. They are not going to do a TV series together. They are temporary caretakers. Both they,and JJ are custodians of something bigger than themselves, and owe SHATNER some respect and deference, not the other way around. To paraphrase the Shat, he was out saving the galaxy, and making ST movies when they were all in diapers. Shatner didn’t see JJ’s little movie for a few months? Tough. Who is JJ compared to Shatner?

And, since I am a little cranky, I will say this about ST09. It has only been about two years, and it isn’t aging gracefully. I still enjoy it, but its flaws are becoming more noticeable than the fun. Its single greatest, and undeniable, accomplishment was taking the “eyeroll” factor out of Star Trek. You know the eyeroll. Prior to JJ’s Trek, when Star Trek came up in polite company, the non-fan would roll his/her eyes. Star Trek was undeniably uncool. JJ put it back into the “cool” column, and for that alone, he deserves permanent accolades. I love Trek, and it is nice to have new fans enjoy the characters. But the film is flawed. For instance, and despite Nimoy’s endorsement, Quinto is a flawed Spock. Nimoy is being incredibly, overly, gracious in his praise of Quinto. But he is the single weakest new cast member for me. The more I watch him in the role, the more glaringly he is miscast. He LOOKS like Spock, no doubt about it. But he doesn’t SOUND like Spock. Spock is inextricably linked to Nimoy’s authoritative baritone. His voice is as much a part of the character as the ears, eyebrows, haircut, and hands behind the back. Quinto’s near sibilant squeak is grating.

The TMP viewing the other day actually solidified this opinion the other day (of all things!) I honestly don’t even think JJ Trek is as well written as TMP. It feels rushed, and cobbled together. I am not trying to insult bob or JJ, but it is my opinion. I have no doubt the next one will be cool! But it would be nice to see Shatner in it.

100. Gene L. Coon was a U.S. Marine. Stand at ease. - March 9, 2011

I feel better now.

Oh. I don’t like the JJprise either. TMPprise is way better.


101. MJ - March 9, 2011

@99. GLCWAUSMSAE, I will agree that Nimoy will never be topped. But I already think Pine is a better Kirk than Shatner. No doubt I am going to get killed here for saying that, but I find his performance more nuanced and more realistic. Shatner is a great showman in the traditional sense, but I think Pine brings more credible acting to the role.

In watching TMP last week, my reaction was here is a movie that had all the elements to be GREAT, but they blew it with a poor screenplay and a bad choice for the director’s chair.

I guess I’ll go for the triefecta here and disagree with you as well (which surprises me, because I usually agree with your posts) about Trek 09 not aging well. I have not noticed that. TNG movies though are really looking aged these days. However, TMP and the original Trek movies are holding up pretty well still.

102. MJ - March 9, 2011

@100. Well, I am back to agreeing with you for that comment. No starship will ever be as grand as the original movie Enterprise.

103. Gene L. Coon was a U.S. Marine. Stand at ease. - March 9, 2011

MJ No problem! I tend to agree with you, too. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I guess.

Pine did a fine job as Kirk. Notice I didn’t criticize him in my post. I actually think he is the strongest new cast member. But better than Shatner? Go back and watch first season Shatner. Some good old Coon episodes! We tend to only think of the modern comic Shatner, but he had many moments as Kirk. Nuance is overrated by the way. I want my Commanding Officers to kick ass and take names! I still think the “I need my pain” monologue in V is one of the top 5 Kirk moments.

I agree with you about the TNG movies. But, then again, it is not fair for me to pick on them because I was never a TNG fan. That’s not my Trek.

I agree that TMP was a disappointment, but it has actually improved with age. Perhaps nostalgia colors that view. It is striking that it was filmed less than ten years after the series was cancelled. They still look quite a bit like their series selves.

Don’t get me wrong about Trek 09; I still enjoy it. Just saying it is flawed. And it will never have that added warm feeling you get of visiting old friends like the other original cast movies do.

Th original movie Enterprise was built and filmed better than any other screen vessel, ever. ILM could’t even get it right. JJprise has the saucer right, but everything else wrong.

104. Gene L. Coon was a U.S. Marine. Stand at ease. - March 9, 2011

“GLCWAUSMSAE” is kind of silly, when you look at it. I might need another name. Abbreviate me at your discretion! Indulge yourselves.

105. David P - March 9, 2011

shat in the sequel is a MUST!! KhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!

106. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

75. Daoud – “Shatner should appear with an age-makeupped Scott Bakula as Admiral Archer (long-lived because of having borne Surak’s katra along with something Phlox did, just like Porthos with that alien organ) and Nimoy for a last supper of sorts.

Shatner of course would be “Chef”, bring Archer and Spock-Prime a meal, and sit down with him at a 3-D chess board…. (paralleling the first scene of WNMHGB with Kirk and Spock at the chess board!).

Then Chef could say “Spock, tell me what you know of the Nexus.””

While you’re simply having fun there, I’ve been back and forth in my mind about that Admiral Archer reference in the last film. Now I know in Alan Dean Foster’s novel old Jonny is very much alive, but lately I’m wondering how likely that is.

I think it was the intent of Mike Sussman (one of the writer’s on ENT, particularly “In a Mirror, Darkly”) for Archer to die the day after seeing the launch of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2245. It’s a different universe now, but still…

Maybe Scotty just experimented on long dead Porthos, who had been stuffed (taxidermy) and been put on display at the Academy museum. The first dog in deep space or whatever. It’s almost the kind of frat prank he’d been goaded into doing by fellow classmates.

107. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

106 (cont) Here we go:

“Archer died peacefully in his home in upstate New York the year 2245, exactly one day after attending the christening ceremony of the first Federation Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701″

Otherwise, I guess he just hung on to life longer in the Neroverse, waiting for another Enterprise to show up, before promptly popping his clogs.

108. Daoud - March 10, 2011

Archer’s not dead any more than Tripp Tucker is. ;)
Porthos has that alien organ: he’s an immortal beagle. :)

109. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

108. :)

“He’s really dead… as long as we remember him.”

Oh wait. Wrong century. Wrong sacrificial Enterprise crew member.


I see TrekWeb is under the erroneous impression that William Shatner has given the game away about whether J.J. Abrams is directing or not.

110. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011


109. “He’s NOT really dead”

I could really use the ability to edit my posts.

111. keachick - March 10, 2011

Darn it. Why do these writers “kill” off important characters like Kirk, Archer? It makes it difficult to see them again, even in cameos. I did not know Archer was dead. How can he come aboard the Enterprise to retrieve his prized (pregnant) beagle now from the clutches of transporter mayhem? How can Archer offer Kirk (even Spock perhaps) one of the beagle’s puppies as a mascot…? A sweet little story stuffed up by some writer?

“Archer died peacefully in his home in upstate New York the year 2245, exactly one day after attending the christening ceremony of the first Federation Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701″. Is this actual canon? If not, then there may be a way…

112. keachick - March 10, 2011

I posted this to the wrong thread, but it is still valid –

On the 6.00pm TV news last night (NZ time 10 March), they showed the discovery shuttle and played all of the Shatner voice-over (with the Courage music) made for the Discovery crew. It was so cool to hear him say it on television.

113. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

111. “Is this actual canon? If not, then there may be a way…”

In the episode “In A Mirror, Darkly Part II”, Mirror versions of Archer and Hoshi are onboard the U.S.S. Defiant (the one from Original Series’ “The Tholian Web”). Hoshi is looking at the computer screen and taunts Archer with, “It even says here how you die”. Presumably that’s the file she’s looking at… although we can’t see the writing clear enough screen, not on the DVD. Canon (there’s that word again…) rather depends on what it looks like in HD.

Of course, it can be fudged. I mean Scotty thought Kirk was alive in “Relics”, when he was recovered from a transporter in the 24th Century. Then Generations contradicted that.

In the Prime Universe, it could be that something during the launch of the U.S.S. Enterprise hastened his death. No Enterprise ready on time in 2245. No death. In the Nero/Divergent/Abrams universe, he was still around in the 2250’s at least.

Or not. Maybe only the dog was. Sort of. An idea I mentioned earlier… and it can still refered to as Admiral Archer’s prized beagle. It sort of makes sense. Scotty testing long range transportation on something he thought wouldn’t matter, since it wasn’t alive.

114. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

113. It’s a grotesque thought and not something I approve of. But museums do have some pretty weird exhibts and owners sometimes don’t want to part with their pets.

It would explain why Kirk knows about the dog, more than the owner. Why Scotty was very apologetic but you know, not *that* sorry. Why he’d even involve a living creature in an untested procedure. He basically didn’t.

115. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

At no point does Scotty say, Archer was directly responsible for his ongoing punishment – reassignment to Delta Vega. Just that the loss of the Admiral’s prized Beagle was his fault.

116. Jack - March 10, 2011

@99 I agree about Quinto. but he was playing 20something emo Spock, so I’d hoped it was intentional. I wondered how much of the not sounding like Spock was in the writing? Some of the words didn’t sound so Spocky — “no, not really.”

For me, the flaws were similar to those of batman begins or any story focused on origin — there wasn’t much there there, other than setting out the pieces, at least as much as I would have wanted. Star Wars is an example of a film that worked as a stand alone story. In Trek 09, Nero, and everything he caused, existed pretty much solely as a plot device.

But still, they got the tone right though, and even improved on it (early TOS was pretty solemn at times).

117. Christopher Roberts - March 10, 2011

113. Oh wait. No, hang on… I’ve got that the wrong way round.

It’s Archer who looks at Hoshi’s file in the Defiant’s computer and taunts her with the fact, he knows when her counterpart dies.

But by the same token, these are 23rd Century historical records of Archer and Hoshi, the fates of two ENT characters, hidden onscreen. Or else they just went to the trouble of making production graphics and you can’t see anything.

118. The Vulcanista }:-) - March 10, 2011

I do love Shatner’s sense of humor! Always have.

And in other news, JJ Abrams is still awaiting the new Star Trek script.

Peace. Live long and prosper.

119. keachick - March 10, 2011

Porthos was not mentioned in the movie, only “Archer’s prized beagle”. I think that people have assumed that it was referring to Porthos. Even I did, until I listened to the dialogue again. Kirk looked a bit shocked and surprised, saying “I know that dog. What happened to it?” I can’t imagine Kirk would be referring to a stuffed dog?

120. Christopher Roberts - March 11, 2011

119. Yeah, you’re right… I need to stop going around in circles. Afterall, it’s just a throwaway line.

121. Jim - March 11, 2011

Yep, the old man has still got it.

122. ***SPOILER ALERT*** - March 11, 2011

HERE IS HOW WILLIAM SHATNER WILL REPRISE HIS ROLE AS CAPTAIN KIRK……(Still in the very early stages and subject to change).

In the new universe, the crew of the USS Enterprise will come in contact with the Nexus. (This is one of the many changes to the altered timeline). The Enterprise is destroyed by the nexus, sending its’ crew into the realm of the Nexus. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy soon figure out things are not what they seem, and before long the three of them discover the aged Captain Kirk (William Shatner). Once McCoy confirmes the identity of the elder Kirk, the foursome discovers (with the aid of Spock), that they are trapped in a temporal distortion (the Nexus). The four attempt to leave the Nexus together leaving just before the Enterprise is pulled too far into the Nexus to escape. Once back on board, the elder Kirk is brought up to speed on the changes to the timeline, and communicates with the elder Spock via subspace message. From there, they enconter an original TOS enemy….The elder Kirk will play a role for the younger Kirk, melding with Spock, so the younger Kirk has the elder Kirks memories, (which include those of their father). This will serve as the genesis for the younger Kirk to defeat the TOS enemy at the end of the movie. From there, you’ll just have to see the movie to see how things unfold, but none of you will be disappointed.

123. Thomas - March 11, 2011

122. ***SPOILER ALERT***

That sounds exactly like some fanboy explanation for how to get Shatner in the next movie, as well as satisfying his demand for a sizable role as per the last film. In other words, the sort of movie JJ and co. wouldn’t make, and as such, you haven’t spoiled anything.

124. djeewhy - March 12, 2011


The Question is not to put Shatner in the role of Kirk again, but just to put somethig in this role again! Sense for example? Thanks.

125. Christopher Roberts - March 12, 2011

122. I think it’s fair to assume that Bob, Alex & Damon already have an idea for Star Trek 2… which doesn’t rely this heavily on an appearance by Shatner-Kirk.

But okay, the fact your plot denies the younger Kirk from defeating “an original TOS enemy” through his own intelligence and cunning, and instead from details passed to him, from his older self – with Spock acting as middleman – is poor. Sorry. But it is.

Surpringingly, I have no problem with Kirk, Spock, McCoy meeting an echo of the older Kirk, still within the Nexus. But I should point out that Guinan had an echo inside, because she was a) an alien – El Aurian and b) she was temporarily there, when her ship exploded and was snatched back by transporter. Soran probably has a similar echo within. But Kirk has no such loophole. He was pulled out into space, when the Enterprise-B deflector control-room was hit… He went in, came out in the 24th Century and then died for real.

126. Christopher Roberts - March 12, 2011

122. Okay. I’m crazy. Say I gave you the benefit of the doubt about working on the script for Star Trek 2012. Say you emailed me the plot and script so far, after first getting me an official document to sign, where lawyers could end up taking me for every penny I own, if I ever disclose specific details about the film. I’ll then nit-pick it death and summarise what’s wrong with it. Good for you? LOL! :}

127. Christopher Roberts - March 12, 2011

126. EDIT – “I’ll then nit-pick it TO death and summarise what’s wrong with it.”

128. Nobias - March 12, 2011

Hey here is a Thought.

If the time line changed and split off an alternate universe in Star Trek 2009, Did the Mirror universe get changed too? Or was it unaffected? So the original cast can still survive somewhere.

In TOS of Star Trek The enterprise in ‘Mirror-Mirror” set a chain of events going in the Mirror Universe. However apparently this will not happen in the New Universe so WTF happens? Is there still only One Mirror Universe? And can they travel from he new Universe to the Old by going threw the Mirror Universe. Now THAT’S never happened before.

Go Figure!

129. Seriously??? - March 13, 2011

I think it is a bit shameful that some fans don’t think Kirk can still be in the Nexus. The future has been changed, so it is quite possible that events of Generations will never happen, or will turn out completely different. If that is the case, Kirk can leave the Nexus anytime he chooses to.

130. Steve Crowley - March 13, 2011

The fact that he may never go into the Nexus, or never leaft to help Picard becasue the future has changed isn’t the greatest explanation, however it is still enough to explain how Shatner-Kirk can still be alive and in the next movie.

131. Max Sullivan - March 13, 2011

Shatner will not ever appear in another Trek movie. JJ and Paramount is far too arrogant, while JJ and his massive “I know better than you” ego will never allow Shatner in another Trek film. If Shatner did return one last time as Kirk, it would probably generate the highest interest ever in a Trek film, but again Paramount and JJ don’t care. They will use whatever excuses they can to keep Shatner out of Trek, even if it means disappointing fans and losing money with another sub-par film.

132. Christopher Roberts - March 13, 2011

128. Say the Mirror Universe is the only one, running parallel to the one Nero created and in 2258, maybe you’ve basically got Kirk having just assassinated Pike, as mentioned in that TOS episode. The universe also has a TOS-movie era future, in which there’s probably an older Kirk leading a breakway group of Terrans, opposed to Spock peace reforms. Reforms we know lead to the Terran Empire falling prey to the Cardassian-Klingon alliance.

133. Christopher Roberts - March 13, 2011

^ All too complex and continuity laiden to use in a film, I’d imagine.

There was a rumour going around in 2005 or 06, that the eleven film was to feature Shatner as Mirror Kirk, leading an invasion force into the main universe. The hook was to involve three Enterprise Captains – Shatner, Stewart and Bakula. How on earth that was supposed to work I don’t know. But clearly Shatner was to be the scenery chewing villain, like a Wild Bunch William Holden. Past his prime, and turning up again to kick butt in the 24th Century, before going out with a bang.

134. Jamie - March 13, 2011

Do a followup of the JJ Abrams Star Trek with the book Countdown right before Nero was sucked into the Black Hole. If the Universe is about to collapse…perhaps an old ally can help because, it involves him too–Q and Tyrone of the Q collective and Data, Captain of the Enterprise E

135. john jager - April 6, 2011

william shatner would be great in the new movie and would bring alot of older fans to see the movie, he could be himself if they timewarped 40 years ahead of time,or he could play grandfather kirk.

136. Emanuel Campfield - September 11, 2011

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