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Glenn Beck Uses Star Trek To Explain Good vs. Evil March 21, 2011

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Today saw another intersection between poltics and Star Trek. This time it was conservative commentator Glenn Beck who used the Star Trek episode "The Savage Curtain" to set up a discussion on good vs. evil. Check out the clip below.


Glenn Beck and the "lava rock guy"

FOX news host Glenn Beck talks Star Trek "The Savage Curtain".


It appears that Beck is a real Trek fan. In 2008 he devoted an entire hour to his old show on CNN to an interview with Shatner, here is the first part of that.



1. Reign1701A - March 21, 2011

Oh god why…

2. a - March 21, 2011

Don’t let him take Star Trek, too.

3. Andy - March 21, 2011

Comparing Canada to a crappy state? It’s a Country Glenn Beck! A COUNTRY! It’s land mass is larger than America’s you big schmuck!

4. TBK - March 21, 2011

It’s sad to me because I feel he doesn’t truly understand what Star Trek is about.

5. cd - March 21, 2011

You can tell he is a fake Star Trek fan because he stated the number of the episode, like in the ‘Get a Life’ sketch.

6. Green Blooded Bastard - March 21, 2011

Try to remember when we’re tearing him apart (as I suspect will happen at some point on this thread), that for every lunatic on a soapbox spewing their brand of insanity, there is a horde of people watching him or her intently and agreeing.

It’s not the one maniac that scares me, it’s the blind, sleeping masses that do.

7. njdss4 - March 22, 2011

I shuddered at the very title of this article. I hope he never references Star Trek again.

8. Ian K - March 22, 2011

Ugh… just from the comments so far, and the title, I don’t even want to watch the vids, Can’t he go ruin something else?

9. DeafPoet - March 22, 2011

Y’know, I frequent the TrekBBS. Everyone there, by definition, is a Trek fan. And yet every single political discussion contains a douche like Glenn Beck. I’m not surprised that Mr. Beck particularly is a Trek fan because I’ve been reading the ridiculous screeds of bigoted, short-sighted jerks like him for a decade on A TREK SITE.

That’s fine, I guess. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion as far as it goes. I just wonder what these people ever saw in Star Trek. No, Trek was not exclusively about liberal ideals, but it WAS about an optimistic vision of the future. The optimism that lay in the fact that we would still be around, more than anything else, really. So it’s funny to me that a dick like Glenn Beck and people like him would enjoy Trek when it’s in their best interests (and apparently wet dreams) that the world eats itself whole tomorrow.

10. Kirk's Flying Wig - March 22, 2011

“Looking back on this might explain my lack of childhood friends.” Or, you know, adulthood friends. But that has nothing to do with liking Star Trek.

11. Anthony Thompson - March 22, 2011

He trades in fear, hate and division. And has a pessimistic view of the future, to boot. So I don’t believe that he understands or is in sync with Star Trek at all!

12. - March 22, 2011

How ironic that America’s greatest actor is Canadian.

13. - March 22, 2011

Is the guy actually a loon? i don’t know who he is but whenever people comment by calling someone a lunatic or referring to someone as scary without actually ever addressing something he says i wonder if there is some brain dead group think going on, and by the accused or his fans.

If you cannot debate someone’s argument it is pretty lazy to just insult them, completely lets one off the hook of having to think through the opposing position or their own.

14. - March 22, 2011

And not by the accused or his fans, sorry.

15. Mystic Goat - March 22, 2011

I not saying it will happen folks but are you willing to stand by and let VULCANS teach their alien culture in the classrooms?
to let Andorians who were once terrorists now demand that their laws be enforced here, ON OUR Planet ?

Since Beck is a “Libertarian” surely the thought of a united FEDERATION of Planets would scare the hell out of him.

16. Max - March 22, 2011

“Oh, we’re all very good at conjuring up enough fear to justify whatever we want to do.” — Vedek Bareil.

17. Anthony Pascale - March 22, 2011

guys lets not get into flaming and name calling. it is just a silly trek thing. It is possible for people you dont agree with to also like Star Trek, and that is OK. And it is also OK for your fellow Trek fans to not agree with you on politics or which pundits they prefer…and that is OK too

18. Republican Trek Fan - March 22, 2011

Sounds like he had a few points to me. As Kirk’s son said, “Those were good words. That’s where ideas begin. Maybe you should listen.”

19. Max - March 22, 2011

How are Beck’s fans going to accept warp drive if they can’t even get behind high speed rail?

20. Jai - March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck: “As you can see from the diagram on my chalkboard, the United States of America and Earth as a whole are rapidly heading towards the Satanic nightmare of a single world government, with the quadruple socialist communist Nazi demons of free healthcare, free housing, free education and free food for all, led by a tyrannical African-American president who is suspiciously broad-minded about ‘foreign’ religions….Now that I’ve exposed this vast conspiracy, let’s discuss more pleasant matters like my favourite show Star Trek, based in a wonderful post-capitalist utopian future where Earth has a single world government, with free healthcare, free housing, free education and free food for all, including a charismatic African-American commander who is refreshingly broad-minded about ‘foreign’ religions.”

21. spock - March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck is great. It is a fun show to watch and learn. As he says don’t take his word for it, do your own research.

22. Anthony L. - March 22, 2011


At this time there is no real point in debating Beck. People have been “debating” him for years. It is more than clear and fairly well documented that this guy is merely a huckster. His views and opinions change to reflect whatever show he is on or whatever network he is working for.

I don’t care for the message he spouts or that people take him so seriously (that worries me) but I don’t consider him a news anchor, he’s more like a personality (almost a character) like a right wing Howard Stern and his purpose isn’t to be right it’s to stir up ratings and generate cash for both himself and his employer.

23. spock - March 22, 2011

#22, where is your proof??? Obviously you never watched his show. He has called quite a few things right. I do love how he gets under the skin of the left wing moonbats. They get all emotional, because they have no facts and fly off the handle.

24. Omi - March 22, 2011

Ugh Glen Beck is just crazy. I’d rather watch Jon Stewart impersonating him :).

25. Look In The Mirror - March 22, 2011

I love the utter lack of tolerance shown by comments in this thread. Since when is it allowed to call someone a “douche”?

People have a problem with the message… then explain that problem. Personal attacks and insults just show the utter lack of tolerance for another point of view that is exactly what Beck is criticized for. The irony is amazing…

26. leonel - March 22, 2011

umm.. wow..


Good vs. Evil.. doesn’t this depend on your perspective? I mean, come on! In TOS time did the Klingons and Romulans not think they were good and Kirk was evil?

27. trekologist - March 22, 2011

#25…. Well said.

28. Crusade2267 - March 22, 2011

How interesting to bring up an episode which was about the fluidity of life and values in order to support a rigid political philosophy.

The first thing that both sides try is diplomacy. Surak attempts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict, because he absolutely refuses to kill. He knows that he will probably die, but he makes the attempt on the chance that he might find a compromise and protect his values. When that does not work, largely due to a lack of trust, then both sides resort to violence. The point is that at first, there is an attempt at talking things through, and trying to understand what the other side wants. Kind of a stark contrast with the Bush-era “with us or against us.”

Also, when that rigid philosophy fails, they reevaluate the situation and change their tactics.

Its actually kind of funny, this weekend my wife and I were talking about this episode. She’s a strong believer in civil rights and equality for gay people, partially because her mother is a lesbian. She was complaining about how so many people try to hide what and who they are, and I quoted to her Uhura’s line to Lincoln about how in the 23rd century, we will all learn to be delighted with who we are.

29. Schiefy - March 22, 2011

Anthony P., thank you for defending Mr. Beck’s (and my) right to hold a different viewpoint in the spirit of IDIC!

While I would not support everything Mr. Beck says (or has said) I do consider myself a thoughtful conservative libertarian–I have enjoyed Star Trek as much as my politically liberal friends because there are more common grounds (goal-wise just not always method-wise) that we share.

Star Trek is a great world of fiction about a universe we all would like to live in but we are a far cry from seeing that reality as long as common decency and respect for one another’s views continues to be debated (rather dismissed) in the tone that some posts have exhibited.

Even Mr. Shatner (who is clearly more “left” leaning politically) has shown that decency and disagreement can co-exist on his show, Raw Nerve, with his interviews of Rush Limbaugh and Jon Voight who are more “right” leaning than himself.

We all have our biases and so will naturally find reasons to agree/disagree with talking heads who are either like us or not like us. Unlike all of the media figures who are also trying to make money for their employers (while exercising their right to express their own beliefs in most cases) we can demonstrate more civility and reason in our discussions (even Kirk was actually reasonable when ranting!).

30. Nuallain - March 22, 2011

Beck’s cluelessness astounds. He shows a bit of The Savage Curtain. He actually goes on to *verbalize* the underlying message that if you use violence and the tools of hatred in the service of good then you’re not actually doing good at all.

Yet no doubt, minutes later he was back to his usual ‘anyone who doesn’t agree with me should be rounded up and shot’ style ranting.

#25. I think you’re labouring under a misapprehension. *Points of view* are not deserving of equal treatment and respect. Racist, homophobic, sectarian, xenophobic bigotry like Beck’s doesn’t get to be treated as equally valid as a simple disagreement between whether or not a particular sales tax should be applied, or what the minimum age for holding a driving licence should be.

There’s no parallel between Beck’s own rants that human rights should only be for *his* kind of people and screw everyone else; and people calling him out for talking such crap.

31. BeckisCrazy - March 22, 2011

enough said :)

32. falcon - March 22, 2011

#13 – You’re absolutely correct. People call others names without bothering to debate their actual beliefs. It’s the old “you don’t believe like I do, I don’t have any evidence of that, but you’re a bad person anyway so boo on you.”

#22 – Everybody has an opinion. Nobody’s opinion is right or wrong. People either believe what they believe based on facts, or on feelings. And those who can stir up those feelings usually wind up with listeners or viewers (except for those on MSNBC, apparently). It’s all a game.

#23 – While I am loathe to defend any left-wing “moonbat”, let’s remember that there are just as many right-wingers driven batty by talkers like Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews as there are left-wingers driven crazy by Hannity or O’Reilly or Beck. It’s all opinion.

33. Anonymous - March 22, 2011


34. pock speared - March 22, 2011

no babe, it’s not “opinion”.
beck is a self-inflicting wound on the psyche of our culture that is thriving on the worst aspects of humanity in an effort to demean the best aspects. beck is the spokesman for power-hungry extremists who are manipulating the victims of their own arrogance. beck is the scum that floated to the top of the jetsam formed in absence of rational thought. beck is a false messiah to a mob of racists who suffer from stockholm syndrome under bush.

left wing pundits are at best anti-bodies formed to attack the virus that is beck.

as a matter of fact, “the immunity syndrome” would be a more fitting episode explain beck’s presence in the universe.

was that political? sorry.

35. ajd - March 22, 2011

I don’t feel good about this….

36. Tanner Waterbury - March 22, 2011

I watch Glenn Beck, and to be honest as an avid Beck watcher, this was pretty neutral in political content. All he was doing was trying to show an example on how at times there is no difference between good or evil. Sheesh! its ridiculous seeing the instant flame wars to appear. And I am betting that one or a few will respond in some rude manner just because I stated I watch him, which I will simply state, I am not making this political and I would HOPE you won’t either. Anthony, thanks for putting this clip on.

37. Damian - March 22, 2011

If nothing else, this proves Star Trek is a great show in the sense that it has to ability people from all walks of life.

I think it is that positive sense of the future that is so attractive. I remember Counselor Troi telling Cochrane about the future in “Star Trek: First Contact”. That poverty, war and hunger would be gone by the next 50 years. I think all people aspire to that goal, we just may differ on how we get there.

I will say I don’t have much use for the likes of Glenn Beck or George Soros. Whether the far left or the far right, these types of people are extremely intolerant of the other sides view points. I prefer intelligent debate, something you don’t get on TV these days. Someone like Leonard Pitts on the left or George Will on the right. I don’t always agree with them but at least they quote facts in their opinions and don’t shout down the opposition. When you get into a debate with these guys, you better have your facts straight or they will eat you alive.

38. Niall Johnson - March 22, 2011

Wow! You lot really know how to get riled up!

Whatever happened to IDIC? Granted I rarely pay attention to Beck, however I’m a regular Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and Elder listener AND I’m still a diehard Trekkie and proud of both.

By the way, #19, Beck and his ilk are against high speed rail simply because it will cost a phenomenal amount of money that the US simply does not have. If we had a budget surplus, I would love a TGV spanning the country.

39. Look In The Mirror - March 22, 2011

@30 The irony is so thick in your post that I could cut it with a knife. You are basicly saying that YOU get to pick and choose what is an appropriate point of view. He has EVERY right to his own point of view.. just like I amd every other human have the right to decide if we agree with that point of view or not.

Again.. calling someone a “douche” on this forum because one doesn’t believe in his message is the antithesis of a free and open debate on ideas.

Intolerance is sad… no matter who demonstrates it… and there are plenty in this very forum who demonstrate it while cloaked in a shroud of self-righteous fury.

40. trekologist - March 22, 2011

#39…. Thank you.

41. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011

Canada is a “crappy state”?

Oh Glen… Your creating soo many enemies right and left. But at least I don’t need to see you in my “crappy state” of Canada.

You remind me of Admiral Satie from ‘the dreamhead'(TNG). Pure bigotry.

We need to remember people like Glen Beck, so we don’t forget the face of madness and stupidity.

42. Vultan - March 22, 2011

Wow, so much for IDIC.
The hypocrisy of some Trek “fans” never ceases to amaze.

I guess all viewpoints are equal in Trek… just some are more equal than others.

43. VOODOO - March 22, 2011

Politics aside this guy is a tool. How the hell does he have his own tv program?

44. Max - March 22, 2011

I love how Beck can call anybody he disagrees with a Nazi or the Antichrist, but if he’s called out on his hate speech — and it absolutely is hate speech — his fans suddenly fall over themselves to tell his detractors that a little tolerance is called for. No, sorry, not all opinions are equal.

#38 – Florida’s “brilliant” teaparty governor just turned down Federal funds for high speed rail that would have created thousands of jobs and run a surplus in it’s first year. It was exactly the kind of infrastructure job creating initiative this state needs and he tossed it away to play to his base. There was no logic in turning it down. Deficits are bad but a recession bordering on a depression is worse. Creating demand is a the priority, and endless corporate tax cuts won’t do that.

45. ACpilot - March 22, 2011

I’m a Canadian and I like Glenn Beck!

46. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


I think your using the wrong word. This isn’t hypocrisy.

Some trek fans here are really sick and tired of this man who spreads useless fear. Were not saying he shouldn’t be broadcasting. He has the damn right to broadcast whatever he wants too, but we also have the right to voice our opinions about what he says. This is what Star Trek is all about. Its not about certain viewpoints being equal or less equal to other view points. Freedom of speech and freedom of responses without resorting to violence. Obviously some fans here have been really angered by what he says, so they will say some horrible words, but i think its a “heat of the moment” exchange. Lets not get angry here everyone. we are UNITED star trek fans.

47. Vultan - March 22, 2011


“Hypocrisy” may be the wrong word… buuut when someone calls another a bigot for giving a non-bigoted opinion (unless evil is now a protected minority) and then go about talking about free speech and being united, it does send one reaching for synonyms.

48. Damian - March 22, 2011

44–Florida (and some other states) issues with high speed rail is that the states do not get off free here. Some states fear being left with part of the bill when high speed rail inevitably will run into cost overruns. It’s the same issue Gov Christie sited when he ended up cancelling a new tunnel from NJ to NYC. The federal government was unable to promise that NJ wouldn’t be left holding the bag if it went over budget and Christie stated he could not leave the state taxpayers holding the bag. (Don’t forget, government programs almost always go significantly over budgeted amounts, sometimes by a factor of 10 or more).

Re: Beck, I don’t remember him being quite as controversial when he worked for CNN. He has gotten more brazen in the last few years.

49. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 22, 2011

It is truly amazing how People like Glen Beck and Sara Palin get under the skin of the Libreals. I laugh every time i read post like these an hear the far left spew there hate. Truly funny.

50. Nuallain - March 22, 2011

#48. I don’t think anyone that *specific* statement was hypocritical. Indeed, it’s the hypocrisy (or, more probably, cluelessness) of Beck in making such a statement while remaining fully proud of his own, OTHER, past, present and future bigoted opinions that was so rank and so in need of being pointed out.

If this piece right here – about how Good must be careful not to use the tools of hate or else it simply becomes indistinguishable from Evil? If that was the only thing Beck had ever said in his life, or everything else he’d ever said had been consistent with it, then nobody would saying anything but great things about the guy, honestly.

51. Captain Ucklak - March 22, 2011

Please don’t ever mention Glenn Beck again on I feel soiled all over for even reading (and having to type) his name.

52. Damian - March 22, 2011

44–Also don’t mistake corporate tax cuts with income tax cuts for the wealthy. The USA has some of the highest CORPORATE taxes in the world, hence the reason a number of companies base their operations overseas. Corporate tax cuts can be used to generate investment by those same companies. They have more capital to invest in purchasing and hiring. Income taxes are a whole different animal and at the upper income brackets do not result in the kind of investment that corporate tax cuts do. I’m all for corporate tax cuts, not so much for income tax cuts for the wealthy for that very reason.

53. Max - March 22, 2011

52- er… I didn’t mistake corporate tax cut with income tax cuts for the wealthy, so I don’t know where that iea came from. I didn’t even mention income tax (in fact, I was speaking specifically of Florida, which has no income tax).

54. MC1 Doug - March 22, 2011

Mr. Beck, leave my “Star Trek” alone!!! You are not wanted here…

55. cdp - March 22, 2011

I am Glen Beck fan myself and like what the guy stands for. I am glad to hear he likes Star Trek and can use it to get his point across.

56. Vultan - March 22, 2011

Some of you here using heavy words like “bigot” and “racist” (and some vulgar expressions I won’t repeat) to criticize Beck do realize you’re using the exact same hyperbolic attacks which Beck is often known and criticized for, right?

Lower yourself to the level of who you perceive as a guttersnipe and—well, I shouldn’t have to tell you where you are at that point.

57. Thomas Jensen - March 22, 2011

I see no reason for personal insults here. Glenn Beck is informative and gives out his sources. All you have to do is check and use your brain to evaluate his conclusions.

In my experience, those who are threatened by information react automatically as if they are personally threatened. In actuality, the guy is imparting information that the general media won’t delve into.

He also, repeatly, tells his audience to go out and check his facts, which I can see from some of the comments here, is just too much of an intellectual exercise for some.

He’s free to go the direction he does and frankly its the liberal totaitarians he drives crazy and that alone is worth the price of admission.

58. Damian - March 22, 2011

53–I was just inferring from your comment about endless corporate tax cuts (because many people mistakenly equate corporation to wealthy). My bad there. But I still believe corporate tax cuts (as opposed to income tax cuts for the wealthy, at least on a national level) can directly stimulate the economy. Companies have more capital, they can do more things that directly help the economy.

Corporations are more than just the CEO’s who run them. It goes right down to the people cleaning the bathrooms. If companies have to pay more taxes, they draw that money from spending, whether it be from purchasing or hiring, or they raise prices, or a combination of all the above.

Anyway, I digress. Simply put, I’d rather see a corporate tax cut (at least nationally) then an income tax cut for the wealthy.

59. Damian - March 22, 2011

Well, at least we found someone some Star Trek fans hate more than Rick Berman :)

60. rogue_alice - March 22, 2011

BecK? Ah, did he use the example to point to his own evil???

61. Spock - March 22, 2011

The idiocy abounds on this board, it is really comical. You know the same people who comment about IDIC are saying to hate Glenn Beck see a problem? The guy has done nothing wrong, except has a different viewpoint than some minds can wrap around, look, he is a bit over reactive, but has been right on a number of things. I deal with people who have differing viewpoints all the time, if they are educated about the subject and know why they believe what they believe than great. Beck is a smart guy with interesting positions, he is entertaining and even says to go look it up on your own. My question to you, is if you use words towards Beck or anyone else, be able to back them up with FACT, call him a racist, ok why are you doing that? But, most humans are illogical and cannot back up their info with facts but, passion.

62. C.S. Lewis - March 22, 2011

The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men [are], extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.

— The Gospel of St Luke, xviii-11

C.S. Lewis

63. John Gill Was Framed - March 22, 2011

Conservatives are from Ekos, Liberals from Zeon, and Beck is Melakon. There’s your Star Trek connection.

64. Schultz - March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck = tamed whitewashed ripoff of Alex Jones

Jones btw—although a Trek fan apparently—doesn’t give a damn about the UFP future of one world (plus other worlds) having come together in peace and equality etc. It’s utopia, totally unrealistic. And if you look at man, I tend to agree.

65. Jas_montreal - March 22, 2011

I find a lot of ppl are getting too crazy over the details. People are looking for a certain standard for other ppl to conform too, it’s a bit insane. Stop calling out the ppl who are “insulting” glen beck.

66. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

#57 Thomas Jensen–

Okay. In his show excoriating George Soros, Glen Beck stated that Soros’ financial manipulations had brought about the collapse of several governments (this claim punctuated by scary footage of tanks, folks rioting in the streets, etc.) What he didn’t manage to communicate to his followers was that the governments in question were all Communist dictatorships–exactly the state of affairs he accuses Soros (and anyone to the left of David Brooks, really) of wanting to see in the United States.

Care to justify that level of dishonesty from this truthteller, Mr. Jensen? And I’ve got many, many more examples where that one came from. But I’m glad that, for you, the fact that this man pisses off the right sorts of people is more than enough to justify whatever he does.

Mr. Pascale, I know you don’t care for political discussions on your site, and I try to be respectful of the rules of places where I’m a guest. In light of your preferences, though, may I suggest that it might not be the best idea to headline one of the most divisive figures in America, if you don’t want these threads degenerating into a free-for-all?

67. Daoud - March 22, 2011

Three cheers for Beck. He’s a Cassandra, a voice in the dark, a voice to make you think. He’s not demanding you agree with him, just that you listen and think. Why is thinking such a problem?

That he so riles some of you is a sign that you would make great Talosians. This is the problem I have with so many of you when it comes to politics. You exemplify the following quote:

“Wrong thinking is punishable. Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded. You will find it an effective combination.”

Socialism in a nutshell. Just add “with taxes” after “punishable”, and “with entitlements” after “rewarded”. You’re not “there” in life until you realize everyone has an opinion, is entitled to it, and if you believe in the American Bill of Rights point #1: they’re free to shout it in the night as they will.

@63: So in other words, you’re saying all conservatives are Nazis. Ever hear of Godwin’s Law? “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

Another common ploy of those who don’t want to listen. Just call ’em Nazis.

68. John from Cincinnati - March 22, 2011

“Don’t tell me, you don’t use money in the 23rd century” – Gillian
“well we don’t” – Kirk

“We’ve evolved past acquiring wealth as our sole purpose in life” – Capt. Jean-Luc Picard to Lilly

(All conservatives cringe in pain when they hear these awesome Trek quotes)

69. AdamTrek - March 22, 2011


I like you. I like you a lot.

How many on this board believe in personal responsibility for your own actions including economic, health, education, etc? That’s more of a conservative stance than a liberal one.
I’m down the middle when it comes to politics, but let’s be honest, liberals want more programs to help the poor, etc., while the conservatives want less. And or course the liberals get beat on for wanting bigger government while the conservatives get beat on for not caring about the little guy by wanting smaller gov’t. It’s a no win scenario, a political Kobiyashi Maru, as it were, and I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle, as does most things. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Everything we do in this country and throughout the world should be done with those three things constantly in mind. Star Trek, IMO, shows that well.

70. C.S. Lewis - March 22, 2011

Certain of the comments made above must not be allowed to stand unchallenged. This is directed particularly at those and those alone.

To those familiar with history and the precepts of International Socialism, your words are stark, even frightening.

To those whose Fathers literally invented America, over four centuries of “blood, sweat, toil, and tears”, it is a grievous defamation.

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless … immigrant.

Perhaps, given your express hatred for us Americans and our ways, you will follow the example of our Pilgrim Fathers and leave to create a more perfect, more just, more fair Paradise to call your own.

Please let us know how it goes for you.

C.S. Lewis

71. John Gill Was Framed - March 22, 2011

@#67 re: Godwin’s Law, bingo, you got it (except you didn’t)

72. Bren (Destructor!!!) - March 22, 2011

“It’s not the one maniac that scares me, it’s the blind, sleeping masses that do.”
– Green Blooded Bastard

Too right. Which is why I get a shiver down my spine any time I hear this creep’s name.

73. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

Mr. “C.S. Lewis”:

In the alternative, I would suggest that you hardy, self-reliant types who don’t believe in the commons (or any cause or commitment greater than yourselves, with the exception of making war) all move to Galt’s Gulch, where you can think your Great Thoughts and pick up your own trash.

Let us know how that all works out.

Michael Hall

74. Damian - March 22, 2011

68–This conservative does not cringe.

Not all conservatives are like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Not all conservatives believe you have to step on the little guy to get ahead. I love Star Trek because of the optimistic view of the future portrayed. A world without poverty, without war, even without nations appeals to me, even though I tend to be right of center. But one thing Star Trek also has is personal responsibility. People in Earth’s future do not sit around and bemoan what they can’t do or what government won’t do for them. They are doers. They find something they can do and do it.

I work in social services. Day in and day out I see people trying to game the system. It makes you wonder if we really are helping people by giving them handouts. The goal of all government programs should be to make people self sufficient so they don’t need the government anymore. I’d rather help give people the tools they need to work than give them handouts. I’d rather help pay for childcare so a parent can enter the work force then give them a check so they can sit at home. Many people I deal with have not given up looking for work. They were never looking in the first place.

75. dmduncan - March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck has come a looong way in a few short years. Alex Jones recently got mad at him for him (Beck) “stealing” his (Jones’) identity. Beck used to make fun of Alex Jones, but he doesn’t do that anymore. In fact, he’s sounding more and more just like Alex Jones all the time.

And there is absolutely no doubt about it. We are so far along the road to one world government that you are watching waaay too much entertainment TV if you don’t see it. It is so obvious that you have to spend effort to NOT see what’s happening.

Problem is there are still some groups competing like dogs over the meat, because even though they each think of human beings as herd animals that need to be controlled, each group wants to be the one in charge, and until these major groups are all on the same page and not fighting each other, we won’t have one world government — but yes, national sovereignty is being intentionally and systematically destroyed. The borders are being erased all in preparation for the walls to go up around your minds.

American drones over Mexico anyone???

76. dubb - March 22, 2011

Really? Is that goofball still on the air? Wow.

77. Phil - March 22, 2011

Mr. Beck could whip out a ST reference in support of motherhood, butterflies, and fluffy white clouds and a large majority of this audience would be on him like sharks on chum. I hear you, but I think that’s to much to ask….

78. fwise3 - March 22, 2011

I’m truly amazed at how many Star Trek fans so easily bash this.

79. Phil - March 22, 2011

Wow, just scrolled through the posts in a bit more detail, and amazed dosen’t do my reaction justice. Way to many folks embracing IDIC, and in the same breath wishing Mr. Beck a hot fast trip to hell for having the audacity for having a different political point of view. I continue to be amazed that some liberals embrace of “tolerance” does not extend beyond their own inner circle…

80. Bren (Destructor!!!) - March 22, 2011

I hadn’t read the discussion up to this point.

I have little problem with the Beck viewers who do follow his advice and look it up. Most such people who have posted here have themselves pointed out that Beck gets a little “Over-reactive” or “Hyperbolic”, and will have noticed certain inconsistencies in his rhetoric, beautifully summed up by the video linked somewhere above detailing the contradictory, biggoted, or otherwise insane views he sometimes expresses.

As I reference above, the scary aspect is that he panders to an audience who will take the phrase “Look it up” as sufficient assurance that what he says is true.

There are stupid people in the world. Noone can deny that. Most of us probably think that we are far smarter than the majority of the people we see, day to day – it’s human nature.

People that believe that Beck really is overcome with emotion when he cries about america, or that social welfare policies are akin to the president dousing them with gasoline. The same kind of people believe that Jon Stewart’s Daily show makes sense and communicates coherent messages, when in fact it’s complete drivel.

I find Jon Stewart just as annoying as Glenn Beck, but the fact that my politics are more in line with Stewart tinges that feeling more towards disappointment that he plays to the lowest common denominator with his capering.

People who hold differing political viewpoints believe, by default, that the opposition is wrong. The rightists here can’t tell me they don’t think the leftists are wrong. To pretend otherwise is just futile politeness. So let’s stop calling people names and talking about tolerance and debate it like adults, please!

To the people who don’t know about Beck and think that people are sounding off without knowledge, I think you can take it as read that a fair proportion of the population of this site are aware of him and have seen his show. To familiarise yourselves, I suggest a quick jaunt around Youtube search.

And to the people who are acting as if this article’s videos in isolation have provoked this argument:
It must be abundantly clear that we are discussing Beck the man, and being familiar with his character, his conduct. We are discussing Beck in general, his media personality in it’s most prominent guises over the last decade.

81. Don S - March 22, 2011

Since a few people have mentioned “Godwin’s Law” and “Nazis”, here are some publicly documented facts about Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck has openly promoted an extremely antisemitic and racist book written by Elizabeth Dilling in 1934, an American political activist who openly supported the Nazis. She even went to Nazi meetings in Europe and spoke at demonstrations organised by Nazi groups in the US. As part of her propaganda, Elizabeth Dilling blamed Jews for everything that had gone wrong in the world, claimed that “racial mixing” was a “Communist plot”, and described non-white non-Christians as “savages”.

It gets even worse: Beck has also confirmed that Elizabeth Dilling is one of his predecessors, referring to her as “people who were doing what we’re doing now”.

Something for Beck’s apologists and sympathisers to think about.

82. Phil - March 22, 2011

Oh, and how the hell did high speed traings get sucked into an illustration on good vs. evil? Are high speed trains good? Evil?

I know there is a rip roaring debate on them in CA right now, but that’s because the bankrupt state of CA cooked the books to get this project started, knowing is will be a fiscal black hole. Amtrak is bankrupt, so high speed rail makes no sense…in my voting opinion.

83. Bren (Destructor!!!) - March 22, 2011

Phil, this debate isn’t about good and evil. We’re not discussing the above video, which was near zero on meaningful content. We’re discussing Beck and his views, one of which, recently, was apparently something to do with high speed trains.

Not being American, I’m not up to date on these things.

84. Max - March 22, 2011

#58. It’s cool. I was genuinly confused as to why you were phrasing your response as a correction. No problem. I don’t agree with your conclusions, but that’s cool. (I didn’t come here to debate taxes, I just kind of stumbled into it.)

85. Phil - March 22, 2011

Well, the title of this thread says “Glenn Beck Uses Star Trek To Explain Good vs. Evil” AP has come on board to point this out, and if that is the case then this thread seems to have been hijacked.

If Mr. Beck is opposed to high speed trains, then he has a valid point of view. Passanger rail has been dead in this country for a long time now, kept alive by government subsidies we can no longer afford. High speed rail will not change that, and it should not be used as a “make work” political tool. My opinion.

86. Mike S - March 22, 2011

Hmmm, well, first, Beck didn’t explain Good v Evil, at least not in the bit that was shown above. Second, he kind of missed the point that the episode was trying to make (but badly) that it is difficult to distinguish good and evil, as they are a matter of perspective. I see Limbaugh, Beck and Rove as evil, but their supporters do not. They see Obama as evil, while I do not. The episode stumbles here because it actually does distinguish between good and evil. Good involves self sacrifice for the cause, while evil sacrifices others. How the lava guy did not pick up on this is beyond me.

87. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

“Passanger rail has been dead in this country for a long time now, kept alive by government subsidies we can no longer afford.”

Uh-huh. What exactly do you think your local roads, bridges, and interstate freeways are “kept alive by,” Phil?

(It’s a source of endless fascination to me that, in the presumed view of some posters on this thread as well as the majority of our “liberal” commentariat, we have the limitless resources to cover the back of the Libyan rebels but “can no longer afford” luxuries like decent public transportation and a livable wage for our teachers and firemen. Whatever you can say about Glenn Beck and the credulity of his viewership, it can’t be denied that he and his fellow hucksters have done their jobs, and done them well.)

88. Vultan - March 22, 2011


If engaging in an intelligent, civil debate (something Mr. Pascale has requested) instead of turning this into a pointless excercise in mud-slinging is conformity, then yes… please conform.

89. Kevin - March 22, 2011

Well that’s just great, Glenn Beck is a Star Trek fan. I am ashamed to count him among us. However, I am also ashamed to consider him among the same species.

In a civilized society he would be treated for mental illness. In ours he’s put on television.

After all, Rupert Murdoch is nothing more than a modern day P.T. Barnum… parading around his freak show for money. In his day there was a sucker born every minute. With today’s population, I’d believer there were 2 or 3 born every minute.

90. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


This isn’t a “intelligent” debate. This is a rant board. I admit, I am part of the ranting, lol. I’m Ironic, thats the way i roll. This is one reason why i’m shying away from Online debates/conversations. Its never as good as the face to face debates.

91. Paul - March 22, 2011

I think its great that Mr. Beck shows his appreciation for Star Trek. And a sad indictment at how many people here jump on him right away with the kind of name calling they would also rip him to shreds over. I happen to be gay, Lutheran Christian, and voted Republican on the last ticket not because of John McCain, but because of Sarah Palin. I get so tired of hearing from my many liberal friends that I have to ‘join up’ and drink the Obama Kool-Aid. Yet many I know in the church would just as soon excommunicate me because I’m attracted to men. I happen to believe in a future where we don’t have to fit pre-conceived molds that a society wants to throw on us. “Ooooo… you’re a Republican? You must be hick with no teeth living in the country with no running water?’ “Oooo.. you’re a homosexual… you must have a million diseases and sleep with everyone you see.”

Star Trek is about getting around such ridiculousness… and just as Star Trek VI showed us as everyone was gathered around dinner, true change is sometimes hardest on those who believe they have already embraced the change the most.

92. Vultan - March 22, 2011


Really? I don’t agree with the policies of President Obama, but I am proud to “count him among us.” More the merrier, I say.


93. Damian - March 22, 2011

87–I think the point Phil was trying to make is that the government in the instance of high speed rail is trying the old “Build it and they will come” attitude. Amtrak has been in decline for years and if not for massive government bailouts would have been out of business years ago. There is no reason to believe that high speed rail will be any different.

94. Vultan - March 22, 2011


No, it’s not a rant board. Go back up to #17 and see for yourself.

95. DESSTRUXION - March 22, 2011

It’s quite obvious to me that none of us are really ready to get cramped up in a starship together and go Trekking about. Hate can come from both sides. Peace can too. On this thread it seems that hate is ahead and pulling away.

96. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011

@ 94

The Line Must be Drawn HERE!

97. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


Yea. Its nice watching Star Trek to get that optimistic utopia future view, but in this post 9/11 world, most of us have a lot of anger and fear. I do too ,sadly.

98. Vultan - March 22, 2011



“And I will make them PAY for what they’ve done!”

99. DESSTRUXION - March 22, 2011

Agreed. We’re all human and none of us will ever be perfect. I’m just glad that Trek provides that fun escape from reality.

100. Will_H - March 22, 2011


101. Vultan - March 22, 2011

Picard seemed very Yosemite Sam in that moment. All it took was some 21st century attitude to bring it out.


102. Basement Blogger - March 22, 2011

Okay, I’m going to try to avoid politics here but merely discuss what Glen Beck likes to do on his show. Glenn Beck see socialism everywhere. He uses the blackboard to paint a seven degrees of Kevin Bacon to link Obama to all kinds of socialists and communists. The term “social justice” is repugnant to him, so much that he angered the Catholic church for their efforts to make a better world. And how can we forget his argument that the art of New York city was a communist plot? (News article link and video of his story below.)

To be fair, I’ve linked Keith Olbermann story on NASA discovering that life can exist with arsenic as an element. Olbermann uses several Star Trek clips and gives the Vulcan salute. Don’t worry TrekMovie, it has no politics. It’s all about science and Star Trek.

1. Christian Science Monitor story on Beck’s story of communitst art in New York.

2. Keith Olbermann’s story about new NASA definitions of life. NO POLITICS just Star Trek and sci- fi clips.

103. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


lol, that line never gets old.


Yea, since i was 5-6 years old, watching a lot of Star Trek, It always told me to AIM for that utopian future. We might never have it, but we should always try to aim for it. I was over-the-top in my earlier posts on this board, as Vultan pointed out. I’ve also got into altercations with boborci a few months ago over the oil-spill sponge-bob post. I’ve noticed one thing, that my fear forces me to get anxious about a topic. I feel afraid of our political directions because 9/11 sorta told me that were living on the “edge of disaster” and we need to stay on “guard”. Its either a normal human reaction or maybe i’m just paranoid. I hope for the later, because its nice to know some people are out there who actually don’t let such events affect them the way it has affected me.

104. dmduncan - March 22, 2011

1. Attack the argument, not the person. At a bare minimum, you should attack the argument FIRST, and the person for being a bonehead SECOND.

When you attack the person rather than the argument, what you are really saying is that you have no hard hitting ammunition, so you are just going to use fowl or insulting language. And that makes YOU look like an imbecile incapable of high order responses.

2. If you are standing in a lunch line and Ghenghis Khan is behind you, and he says “Hey, you left $5 change on the counter,” you say “Oh, you are CORRECT,” not “I don’t like you, therefore I cannot agree with you that I left $5 on the counter.”

105. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

“Amtrak has been in decline for years and if not for massive government bailouts would have been out of business years ago. There is no reason to believe that high speed rail will be any different.”

Really? $4.00-plus-per-gallon gasoline prices don’t qualify as a reason? (Please, make my day and tell me that ANWR or any other component of the “drill, baby, drill program will make an appreciable difference in that.)

Dimwits of both political parties can posture in Congress by stating that the American lifestyle of conspicuous consumption is non-negotiable, but nature and the distribution of finite resources may very well rule otherwise.

106. Buzz Cagney - March 22, 2011

Now I’m in the UK so not really sure I should comment, but I’ve seen plenty of this guy- and he’s a dick head.

In the interests of balance i’m sure there are plent of dick heads on the other side too.
But Beck really is a mega knobhead.

107. Phil - March 22, 2011

87. Michael Hall – March 22, 2011

Please, I’ve very aware that taxes pay for the roads. I’m also aware they have lots of cars on them, meaning they work. Amtrak trains, on the other hand, are empty. Building nice, fast new trains does not solve the problem, if “decent” transportation means finding a seat on an empty train in Stockton or Modesto.

108. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


spot on.

109. DESSTRUXION - March 22, 2011

I never said that it didn’t affect me. Being on “guard” is a good thing I believe. I think we can all be paranoid from time to time and it’s in human nature to be so.

110. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

“2. If you are standing in a lunch line and Ghenghis Khan is behind you, and he says “Hey, you left $5 change on the counter,” you say “Oh, you are CORRECT,” not “I don’t like you, therefore I cannot agree with you that I left $5 on the counter.”

Hmm. Indeed, given his reputation I might wonder why Ghenghis was volunteering that information. But since the money is on the counter, his credibility in your example is not in question. Unlike that of Glenn Beck.

111. THX-1138 - March 22, 2011

OK, so Glenn Beck is entitled to his opinion. I guess I am too.

My opinion is that Beck is a caustic individual who likes to say inflammatory things in order to get attention. I don’t care whether he likes Trek or not. Trek is a TV show and all sorts of folks can choose to like it or choose not to. I watched Beck accuse the Obama administration of being dictatorial in their refusing to get rid of Homeland Security. This is when my opinion of him starts to lean more towards his being a flip- flopping pot-stirrer as Homeland Security was implemented by the Bush administration. Beck would apparently like to have his cake and eat it too. I don’t actually believe that he believes everything he says. He just wants to piss people off and get higher ratings for his show. So that he can make more money. If he was actually so passionate about making sure the country changed more to his liking he would run for office. But he won’t do that because to actually engage in a debate in which intelligent members of his opposition were allowed, he would be exposed as a fraud. Beck isn’t concerned for the country, he is concerned about his bank account.

And folks, IDIC is nice and all but let’s get real. Even Gene Roddenberry didn’t apply it to all facets of his life. He used it for the idealogical basis for a fictional TV show. If you are moaning about the lack of IDIC in these posts, you are actually not applying IDIC yourself.

112. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


I never implied that you said it didn’t affect you precisely, but yea, the generalization I made there is a bit problematic i can see. Perhaps it does affect us all, maybe it depends on how we deal with that affect.

113. ML31 - March 22, 2011

Just goes to show you… Star Trek is for EVERYODY!!

114. Bren (Destructor!!!) - March 22, 2011

Hey, Jas, Just want to applaud post 103, a dose of self-awareness we could all use from time to time. I know I could.

115. Jon - March 22, 2011

Without getting into this debate too much and also acknowledging that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, one of my “takeaway” messages from “The Savage Curtain” is that the “always pursue talking and peace” method does not always work.

I remember Kirk saying to Surak in this very episode (as Surak is explaining his intent to approach the bad guys with a message of peace) that that kind of logic simply would not work in the situation they were in (facing figures of pure evil who had no other motivations).

And ultimately, Kirk is proven correct as the bad guys just use Surak (and kill him) to try to entrap the rest of the good guys whilst obviously never having any intent whatsoever to even consider Surak’s gestures of peace in the slightest.

And even Lincoln states in this episode that there came a point in his Presidency that he had to pursue military options (“I gave orders that sent 100,000 men to their deaths at the hands of their brothers.”). Obviously a reference to the Civil War, but the message is the same: He had to do this as their was no other option to save the country. Granted, he then says that there is nothing good in war except its ending…but again, what choice did he have? Or on a similar note, what choice did the Allies have against Nazi Germany? There was certainly no reasoning with the Nazis and their nefarious leader.

Sometimes evil is just that and there is no reasoning with it…it is sad, but it is often to true (to paraphrase from “Amok Time”) :) .

FYI, I consider myself to be along the lines of libertarian/conservative (do what you want as long as you don’t harm others) and I vote as such…not for a party, but for whomever I think is the best (albeit almost always flawed) choice. I could not vote for Obama who was (IMHO) much too inexperienced and seemed to me to be full of even more empty rhetoric that the average politician (hope and change, but neither were ever explained much). And sadly, my fears about him have very much come to fruition…but that’s an entirely other debate.

And also for the record, I do watch and often enjoy Beck. Yes, he’s a little kooky (he freely admits he’s trying to use entertainment to make his points), but if you dig down to his message and what’s he trying to say, he is often on point. No, I don’t agree with him always, but he is smeared too often without actual facts involved which is unfortunate. But is he any worse that the kooky folks from the Left such as Keith Olberman or Rachel Maddow?

Bottom line: Everyone listens to whomever they wish to, but always be sure to do some research on your own if the issue(s) involved concern you and yours :) . Stay open-minded and maybe you may see something in a different light than before as you discover things about a given issue you did not realize previously.

Hey, I used to be a 100% Lefty liberal, but as I have gotten a bit older, my views have changed based on my experiences and my research. I agree with some things that I used to, but others not so much anymore. Who knows? Maybe your views will change, too, someday (in either direction)…

116. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

“Amtrak trains, on the other hand, are empty. Building nice, fast new trains does not solve the problem, if “decent” transportation means finding a seat on an empty train in Stockton or Modesto.”

Not being very knowledgeable on the subject of Amtrak ridership, I did a little futzing around with Teh Google and found the subject seems to be more complicated than you suggest–the number of users actually steadily (if modestly) increasing up through 2009, then experiencing a setback and recovery.

Even if this were not true, though, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t value in promoting a means of long-distance travel that is more environmentally and resource-friendly than cars and air travel. And I note that you didn’t address the issue of affordability at all.

117. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

“But is he any worse that the kooky folks from the Left such as Keith Olberman or Rachel Maddow?”

Good God, yes. Olbermann is a bit of a blowhard, but his commentary is articulate and intelligent. Maddow’s agenda–yes, she has one–is framed by her appeals to education and reasoned debate, not endless calls for fear and paranoia. Beck is a typical snake-oil salesman benefiting from a climate of uncertainty (caused in large measure by the same people who sign his paycheck), and nothing more.

118. Dr. Image - March 22, 2011

#115 Jon- I couldn’t agree more.
And I might add that those who espouse a liberal ideology should refrain from the hypocritical stance of spewing HATE and intolerance of viewpoints not their own. (IDIC indeed.)
Highly ironic, isn’t it?

119. Michael Hall - March 22, 2011

“Highly ironic, isn’t it?”

Not really, unless you really think that IDIC would be an operative policy in Beckworld. Actually, conservatives have long made it clear what they think of IDIC-type tolerance as some sort of cultural ideal, referring to it disparagingly as moral or cultural relativism. The whole notion that all cultural beliefs, not to mention all religions, should be equally respected is currently under considerable attack in the United States by the political Right.

As a Mormon, Beck should know better. But he is that stupid, not to mention dishonest.

120. Vultan - March 22, 2011


Excellent points, sir! But you were so civil and even-tempered in delivering your opinion… I thought I was on the wrong board for a moment! Try fitting in a “bigot” or “nutjob” remark next time, okay. You seemed to be going for that old-fashioned idea of respect for your fellow man!



121. Mystic Goat - March 22, 2011

When people who disagree with Glen Beck are labeled as Fringe, Far left UnAmerican, Unpatriotic, socialist, Communist its easy to see that Glenn has great done a job in stirring up fear and HATE along with others on the Fox News channel.
I know there are many in the center right that are reasonable people but with regards to the GOP and the right wing commentators, it appears that the lunatics have taken over the asylum and the sane people are scared to raise objections.

122. Vultan - March 22, 2011


Really? You yearn for the appropriate use of IDIC and then call another person stupid and dishonest… who *ahem* just happens to have a viewpoint differing from your own.

Ah, the irony train keeps on rolling… chug-a, chug-a… Hear that whistle?
Vitri-oool… vitri-ooooool-ooooool…

123. Jon - March 22, 2011


In full “Spock” mode:

Fascinating. We seem to have two completely contrary viewpoints on these 2 individuals.

You have made one of my points for me:

You consider Olberman and Maddow to be generally reasonable folks who use facts and educated viewpoints (presumably based on your research) while my opinion of each commentator is quite the opposite (which is based on my research of course).

IDIC in action. ;)

124. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011

I think more or less, our opinions about this music video are about the same.

125. Terran_Guy - March 22, 2011

# 6

“Try to remember when we’re tearing him apart (as I suspect will happen at some point on this thread), that for every lunatic on a soapbox spewing their brand of insanity, there is a horde of people watching him or her intently and agreeing.

It’s not the one maniac that scares me, it’s the blind, sleeping masses that do.”

That’s how I think of Obama :)

126. Cygnus-X1 - March 22, 2011

I’m boycotting this clip.

I refuse to expose myself to what will unquestionably be unmitigated idiocy.

127. Jon - March 22, 2011

You’re as evil as the bad guys from Savage Curtain for making us listen to that :) .

Truly it is sad how far the popular music scene has fallen these days. When I was that age, I was listening to Pink Floyd, the Beatles, the Stones, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin…such a better bevy of choices we had back then for so called “popular” music. Good lyrics, layers of musical sounds and styles…I just don’t see it in 99% of today’s offerings.

I’m going to the new Phil Ochs biography film tonight as a matter of fact. I may not agree with all of his positions now, but I can certainly recognize that he created some amazing music. And he wasn’t that much older than this girl when he did what he did…

Of course, I don’t think Ms. Black had any significant aspirations to become a full-blown music figure given that this was a gift from her parents as I understand it (to make her own music video through a company that offers this service to anyone who ponies up the money). So attacks on her as a person are completely unwarranted…

Yes, the “song” is beyond awful, but it will be forgotten quickly, too…(I hope :) ).

128. Mystic Goat - March 22, 2011

@ 125. Terran_Guy

believe me the Obama supporters are frustrated with the guy that offered so much and did so little.
He promised to work for the little guy, he hasn’t even turned up to work yet.
He offered change, pfft theres more troops in the theater of war now than ever before, he didnt want the Bush tax cuts to continue, now its extended, he said he would not be controlled by corporations and yet the health care industry and oil companies have him strung up.

tbh I’m surprised that Beck, Rush , Hannity and O’Reilly arnt calling for his canonization

129. frank1701a - March 22, 2011

Reading what was written here is the first time I have been embarrased to be part of the TREK community. I am a fan of both BECK and all forms of trek. If you saw the REST of this episode of Beck, he played a 10 minute clip of Louis Farrakand, calling us names I won’t repeat here, for being white Americans.
If anyone here can disprove ANYTHING Beck says, I challenge you to do so. As he says, do you homework, don’t take anything he says as fact until you do so. If the White House can’t prove anything he says as untrue, I doubt anyone on this board can either.
IDIC, my A**

130. trekologist - March 22, 2011

I’ve just gone back through all 126 post (at time of typing) and its remarkable the level of vitriol that is coming from the “left / democrat / liberal” point of view here. What’s even more remarkable is that these are Star Trek fans no less. What causes that? Why is it that if someone does not subscribe to the aforementioned point of view here that its a free for all to attack and marginalize said someone?

131. Dr. Cheis - March 22, 2011

IMO Glenn Beck is nuts, but in this clip he almost doesn’t show it. (But what happened to his chair? Did a Gorn take a bite out of it?)

But then he skipped the conclusion of the story that was being told in that episode!

The lava rock guy goes (and I’m paraphrasing, please don’t bother correcting my quotations)

“You have failed to demonstrate any difference between your concepts of Good and Evil. They use the same methods, and achieve the same results.”

But he cuts out Kirk’s response!
“You offered them power. You offered me [dramatic pause] the lives of my crew.”

The point was kinda supposed to be that Good only acts Evil when threatened, to protect its own life, while Evil acts that way because it feels like it.

I’ve never watched his show, I’ve only heard the clips that are played over the “liberal media.” But taking a pretty nifty moral argument and cutting out the conclusion so he can draw his own conclusion to support whatever agenda/product he’s peddling sound pretty typical.

132. Bren (Destructor!!!) - March 22, 2011

I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. It’s heart crushing. It’s actually giving me indigestion.

Answer me this:
Beck fans/defenders – how do you feel about the future? Just in general.

Also: What does GOP stand for? I’ve searched the internet, and I can’t find anything more than “GOP is the American Republican Party”.

133. Bren (Destructor!!!) - March 22, 2011

… and, please be honest. Don’t posture to try to disarm the lefties.

134. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


I might not have the exact reason as to why theirs that level of vitriol, but Can we agree that its risen to very high high levels post-9/11 ? If you agree on that point, then one must ask themselves ‘whats the connection?’. I know that this type of discourse has become popular in Canada too after 9/11.

135. Kokolo - March 22, 2011

Shouldn’t he hate Star Trek and everything it stands for?

136. jas_montreal - March 22, 2011


I would make that assumption too based on his past history and comments. It surprised me. But lets not forget that he makes irrational connections between religion and pop-culture icons. The conspiracy theories he’s created are insane. Check youtube and you’ll see some of the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

137. Michael - March 22, 2011

Gross. And the comments make me sad.

Fun article fail.

138. Jon - March 22, 2011


I can tackle your questions a little bit in the waning minutes of my work day :) .

Future outlook: Always positive and I have a 21 month old at home now who I cannot wait to live the future with! He already loves TOS :) .

With that said, I do want some changes around these parts that I believe will benefit us all in the form of much less government interference in our lives (from regulations on what we eat, what we drive, what we use to light out homes, etc., etc.) that seems to create and foster dependence through adulthood, and more emphasis on achievement through perseverance and hard work by the individual.

That’s how I was brought up and I still live by this philosophy in general.

There are other things I’d like to see, but no time to expound on them just now…plus this really isn’t the right place anyway…this is a Star Trek board after all :) .

Question #2: GOP stands for “Grand Old Party” which is a nickname given to the Republican Party.

Hope that helps. :)

139. Anthony Pascale - March 22, 2011

OK clearly this is getting out of hand and i dont have time to moderate this fight so comments closed is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.