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JJ Abrams: Star Trek Sequel 6 Months Behind [UPDATED: Would Be Jealous Of Other Director] June 15, 2011

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It turns out there is a new interview with JJ Abrams on his Super 8 tour where he talks about the Star Trek sequel, planned for June 29, 2012. On the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday Abrams got grilled on being spread thin and Abrams admitted the sequel was behind schedule. Read the full exchange below. [UPDATE: More from Abrams on release date and directing from MTV]


UPDATE: Abrams on status, release and possibly directing

A new video from MTV with JJ Abrams talking about Star Trek has just been published. It is brief but he covers the big points.

Abrams on status:

I’m working with Bob Orci, and Damon Lindelof and Alex Kurtzman on the script. They’ve go some amazing stuff and hopefully we’ll have something to talk about soon.

On returning as director

Part of me feels, even without knowing what the story is, part of me feels jealous of anyone who gets to work with those actors. It is such an amazing group of actors. But also want to make sure I know what I am being asked to direct before I do it. We are just working on the story and we are getting there, but I am very excited about what they have come up with so far.

Abrams on June 29, 2012 release date

It is not an impossibility for us to do it. I think the studio agrees that the most important thing is that the movie be good. No one wants to make something that makes its date, but isn’t worth your time. I wan to make sure that whatever we do, whenever it comes out, it is something people will have a great time watching.

Here is the video:

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original article

Abrams: Star Trek six months behind, admits "maybe" spread thin

Yesterday JJ Abrams was the guest on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio. After talking about his process, working with kids on Super8 and other stuff, Howard turned to the subject of the Star Trek sequel, where he and sidekick Robin Quivers grilled JJ. Here was the exchange:

Stern: Are you spreading yourself too thin? Because Super 8 took so long to make, you had to push off Star Trek 2, which you are the director of and everyone is waiting for. How far behind are you on Star Trek 2?

Abrams: We are probably six months behind.

Stern: What does that mean? Have you begun principle photography?

Quivers: Is the script done?

Abrams: No. I am not writing the script, but we are working on it.

Stern: Does the studio call you every day. Star Trek 2 is going to be a big money maker, big franchise, and say "listen, you are spread too thin." Listen to this. This guy has two new television series coming out this fall, CBS Person of Interest…Fox’s Alcatraz, you just finished Super 8.

Quivers: How much is he hands on with these TV shows?

Stern: Are you making a money grab or are you serious about your projects?

Abrams: Oh Howard! Those are not shows I created, those are shows Bad Robot, my company, is producing. We two people running the TV stuff and I have my producing partner [Bryan Burke]. So it is a bunch of us – these are two writers Liz Sarnoff worked on Lost and Jonah Nolan…

Stern: So you have nothing to do with those?

Abrams: Well, I helped give notes on the script, on the story. I helped giving notes on the pilots…

Abrams and Stern then went into talking about how he is keeping young by keeping his office full of toys, and Abrams said he does it because it is important for reminding him of the youthful optimism that "anything is possible." They then went off talking about Abrams learning the business with his producer father, working with Steven Spielberg and other stuff but eventually returned to the subject of Abrams workload and how it might have resulted in the cancellation of his recent NBC series Undercovers. Here is the exchange…

Abrams: The truth is when a TV show fails, and you do think "am I spreading myself way to thin?"

Stern: Undercovers failed.

Abrams: Big failure.

Stern: What happened

Abrams: I just f–ked up. I didn’t work on the script enough…

Stern: Were you spread too thin?

Abrams: I could say "maybe," because it didn’t work. If it had worked, I would have said "obviously not."

Stern: Are you a workaholic?

Abrams: I guess I am.

Stern: Do you spend any time with your children.

Abrams: I take them to school every day, make them lunches and put them to bed at night. And I don’t work on weekends, so I not absentee dad.

They went on to talk more about Spielberg, the hotness of Abrams wife, the ending of Lost (JJ said "ask Damon Lindelof") and more Stern type talk.

JJ Abrams visits Howard Stern, gets grilled on Star Trek and schedule (Photo: HowardStern.com)


1. StalwartUK - June 15, 2011

Can’t wait to see it in summer 2013!

2. KHAN 2.0 - June 15, 2011

could 6 months behind mean possibly Dec 2012???

3. Vultan - June 15, 2011

Can’t wait to see it in summer 2018…

4. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - June 15, 2011

Can’t wait to see it in 1982!

5. James - June 15, 2011

In neither of the exchanges does he answer the leading line “spread too thin” affirmatively.

6. njdss4 - June 15, 2011

Yikes. 6 months behind, and that sounded like a minimum estimate. There goes the last chance of this movie coming out in 2012. I’m very disappointed to hear this. I can only hope that they’re just delaying it as long as it takes to make it awesome, but every delay puts more pressure on them to deliver an even more amazing movie to make up for the extended wait.

7. Chadwick - June 15, 2011

It happens, I agree with JJ, would rather have a solid movie rather than something that is rushed.

8. Browncoat1984 - June 15, 2011

Its the new Duke Nukem Forever.

9. Jefferies Tuber - June 15, 2011

STAR TREK > Bad Robot, SUPER 8 and the entire television medium.

10. Vultan - June 15, 2011

Well, despite his being spread too thin, it’s refreshing to see Abrams man-up and admit it was his fault Undercovers failed.

Far too often when a TV show or movies fails we see these Hollywood bigshot “creatives” blame the network, the studio, the time slot, the release date, the government, global warming, [a writers strike]—anyone and anything but themselves.

Keep on trekkin’, Abrams. Just keep your eye on the ball—I mean, the lens flare.

11. Christopher Roberts - June 15, 2011

No pressure from coming this direction. Only curiosity.

12. Ron - June 15, 2011

I am glad he’s putting his family before his work when tempted to work weekends, all other available hours; I rather hear about a man who seeks balance with homelife and work, even if that means STAR TREK is delayed.

Work is essential to support the family; but without a stable home life, the work has no value and substance.

13. Jay - June 15, 2011

I’m pretty frustrated to hear that it’s 6 months behind because of Super 8. Especially after all the assurances they had given that everything was going fine. Even when questions were being raised about how long the script was taking.

Super 8 sounds like an ok movie, but certainly not something worthy of delaying Star Trek. I will be very disapointed if it is pushed to December 2012 or beyond. It’s too big a movie to be relegated to Christmas. Movies typically make less money during December than they do if they are released in the Summer when kids are flocking to movies every weekend. Less money could mean smaller budget, either for this one, or the next one. Same thing doomed Star Trek in the 90’s.

What resulted was glorified TV shows at the movie theater.

It costs me about $100 to go to the movies with my wife and kids (tickets and snacks), so I can’t take them to see everything. We go to about 4 movies in a summer when they are out of school. Sometimes only 3. The rest have to wait until we rent them.

Therefore I have to pick and choose what we go see. Super 8 won’t make the cut because there are already 2 others they want to see (Transformers and Captain America)… i also would like to see the Planet of the Apes.

Given all that, it irks me some that a movie I won’t even see this summer is delaying my beloved Star Trek 6 months already.

14. BringBackKirkPrime - June 15, 2011

In a perfect world we would already have Star Trek 2 out plus a new Trek series that was decent. Now who knows how long it will be before the sequel, and probably no new t.v. series in sight. All this despite the first movie being a monster money maker.

15. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 15, 2011

Everyone here has pretty much said that Trek was behind. So no real surprise there. I think that it will be either Christmas of 12 of Summer of 13.

16. Jay - June 15, 2011

What really irritates me is that people have been asking questions since the script missed the December 2010 deadline. Then March comes and still no script… then April….May

And all we heard from the writers and JJ was that everything is fine. Still got plenty of time.

I can’t imagine that Paramount is all too thrilled abou this. Moving the movie to November/December 2012 means a certain amount of profit will be lost due to reduced attendance.

17. Joe - June 15, 2011

Well this is bad news about Star Trek but I guess we expected something like this. As for Super 8, it was released the week before Green Lantern and if I have to make a choice between the two I am choosing Green Lantern. Honestly there is nothing in the previews to Super 8 that makes me say, “I have to see that movie.”

18. roy - June 15, 2011


It took the King of all media, Howard Stern in getting JJ to man-up in his mistakes.

19. Trekprincess - June 15, 2011

Disappointed :(:(

20. Jay - June 15, 2011

I just hope this doesn’t mean a reduced budget for a holiday release.

The reason blockbuster movies in the summer make so much money is due to repeat viewers. Typically teenagers and young adults. Highschool and college kids out for the summer that go to movies every weekend to get a break from the heat and hang with their friends.

I know when I was in highschool and college (i live in Dallas) that was what me and my friends did. We saw every big movie that came out during the summer, and the good ones we saw 2 or 3 times.

In November and December you don’t have that effect. Kids are only out a week or two and don’t go see a movie 2 or 3 times in that short break. Attendance is down and so is the money.

Before this JJ could write his ticket because of how great Star Trek was and how much money it made. But if the studio looks at him now and sees a guy that can’t recognize when he’s taking on too much, and that causes them to move Start Trek 2 to December and lose potential profits, they may decide to pull on the purse strings a little tighter.

21. CmdrR - June 15, 2011

Jeez, stop treating this movie like a kidney transplant.

Make a good movie. You’ll make money.

Then, and be more realistic with labor and time for ST:3. We’d like it to come about two years after this next one. That means, COMMIT to it now. Don’t add in 34525 TV shows, 4524 movies, an online game, and sock puppet theatre.

22. Gibnerd - June 15, 2011

summer, winter… i don’t care. just as long as it comes out and it is good. but i do wish they could just throw us a bone here and tell us when the dang thing is coming REALLY or a little bit of info. who are the villians. what’s the title. i mean the upcoming third Batman did all that way before filming started. just a little bit of info, please.

23. Ensign RedShirt - June 15, 2011

I like JJ, but I’m glad Howard called him out. He seems to have way too much on his plate all the time. He starts projects and then abandons them quickly (i.e. Lost) for the next big thing.

That being said, I look forward to seeing Super 8 this weekend!

24. Jas_montreal - June 15, 2011

6 months behind = delay to winter 2012 (at least). I think jj just confirmed it.

25. Jay - June 15, 2011

#22 My worry is exactly that. The quality. There is a difference in terms of potential revenue a movie makes based on when it is released.

If they move it to winter, they will have a basic expectation it will make less than it would have in the summer. This may mean cuts to the budget to keep profits at a certain level.

If budget is cut, then there is an increased chance the movie won’t be as good. There is a reason so many of the previous Star Trek movies after Star Trek IV really started looking like the same thing rehashed. I mean they used some of the same stock footage in them to save money. Cheaper special effects. Fewer and fewer on location live shots.

The quality of those movies just got terrible. Star Trek 2009 was a huge improvement in that department and needs to stay at that level.

26. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - June 15, 2011

I’ve seen “Star Trek 2″ already …… *SPOILER ALERT*

Spock dies saving the ship from Khan…

27. Clyde Cash - June 15, 2011

#12 Best post I have ever read on TrekMovie.com…

28. Jay - June 15, 2011

I agree with #12’s sentiment. But that has nothing to do with why Star Trek 2 (or 12) is 6 months behind.

29. G - June 15, 2011

I hope we’ll get more than one Star Trek movie every 3.5 to 4 years in the future. This new, young cast won’t be that way for many more, if that’s the case.

30. MvRojo - June 15, 2011

I’m as big a fan as anyone (of Trek in general, Abrams’ Trek, Abrams’ other works, and Orci/Kurtzman) and saw Trek XI 11 times on the theaters, but I’m honestly losing a lot of interest in Trek XII. It’ll come back eventually once, and whenever, the film gets underway, but I really think there should have been something to keep interest going in the interim. The endless quotes/interviews saying they’re working on it are all we’ve generally gotten in the last 18 months. I obviously don’t expect or want them to reveal story details, but i feel like something could have broken that endless cacophony.

31. Jay - June 15, 2011

#29 I agree completely. The whole point of a young new cast was so they could go on all these new adventures together and be more believeable than 60 to 70 year old guys playing those parts.

4 years in between films is going to catch up. At that pace I would be surprised if they do more than 3 movies with this cast.

32. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

“Stern: Do you spend any time with your children.
Abrams: I take them to school every day, make them lunches and put them to bed at night. And I don’t work on weekends, so I not absentee dad.”

You go, JJ Abrams. I am glad that you have your priorities right – wife and kids should come first, otherwise there is not a lot of point in the hard work. Don’t spread yourself so thin and please, focus on Star Trek and Star Trek only from now on. From now there should be only two focuses in your life – Family and Star Trek. Don’t mean to be bossy or anything – just want what could/should be good for everyone.

I’m not exactly surprised to hear the admission of a delay. Of course, I am disappointed. It has already been a long wait for the sequel. A kiwi summer (December – March) blockbuster movie, Star Trek 2012, should be just fine…Make it so!

It costs us as whole family about NZ$100 to go to the movies, if you include overpriced snack foods and drinks, so generally only one adult goes and takes the most enthusiastic of the three kids to see the movie at the cinema and the rest of us wait until it comes out on DVD, which we first rent and then purchase maybe, if we like it enough.

33. MikeTen - June 15, 2011

I like JJ Abrams and most of the shows he has made or been involved with. I just wish he would have given us a real engineering room instead of the brewery and I bet 80% of the complains against Trek 09 would be eliminated.

34. dmduncan - June 15, 2011

“Stern: Are you spreading yourself too thin? Because Super 8 took so long to make, you had to push off Star Trek 2, which you are the director of and everyone is waiting for. How far behind are you on Star Trek 2?”

Assuming the transcript left nothing out, JJ didn’t deny Stern’s statement that he was the director of the sequel.

If he turns out NOT to want to do it after expectations were raised, which he didn’t deny, that would be a huge vote of no confidence in the script.

35. meme - June 15, 2011

Good for JJ putting family first but it is bad for Trek considering he did multiple movies Star Trek is obviously not priority I hate to say

36. Kirk, James T. - June 15, 2011

I still think Star Trek will make it out in 2012, probably at the tail end of summer now, August 10th perhaps… But now that Super 8 is over with, It’s Star Trek all the way. Lets just hope it’s not rushed and they do the first movie proud by topping it.

37. trekker 5 - June 15, 2011

Ok,frist off,oh my God,I am ticked!! (thinks of happy things to try to make ticked off feeling go away). Alright,now,I knew it was behind,but this much?! *sigh* My night has just gone bad.

38. James T. West - June 15, 2011

I’m thrilled. Summer 2012 is way too crowded: TDKRises, Avengers, SpiderMan 4…
I’d rather see Trek 2 in holiday 2012, or spring 2013.

I have full confidence in JJ and his crew. They want to do right for the fans, and they themselves are fans, so Trek 2 will be great, no worries.

As far as JJ “spreading himself too thin”, the guy’s in demand…and he should take every opportunity that comes his way! Congrats JJ! Its the American dream, and you’re living it!

39. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

#35 Putting his family first is not bad for Star Trek. It is the fact that he has put so many other projects first that is bad for Star Trek.

As for the next Trek film receiving a smaller budget, well, JJ has proved that you can do a very good film with a lot less money than usual if you have to. Anyway, there is no reason to believe that the sequel won’t have a similar budget to the first Trek movie. I think, as I have said several times before, the real sticking point is the apparent push by Paramount to have the next Star Trek made in 3D, or worse still, have it converted to 3D. That issue has not come up but it is an important one for the studio and JJ Abrams, if he is to be the director.

Damn 3D! – I think we would know where we stood if it weren’t that irritating and complicating factor.

40. DIGINON - June 15, 2011

Let’s not forget that Super 8 is also a Paramount film. So it’s not like another studio is keeping JJ Abrams from doing Star Trek.
If anything Paramount has itself to blame. They wanted another movie from him. They got it, but may have to shift Star Trek because of that.

41. Jim Nightshade - June 15, 2011

As someone else already said-leave it to stern to git jj to admit hes behind on trek–but admit it–trek is NOT JJS main or even only franchise project-if it was hed get bored n lise interest–hope its not released later than early dec 2012 cuz after dec21 all of us on west coast will sink into ocean n miss seeing it! i will be sooo poed as the waves surround me–sigh

42. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

It should be borne in mind that Welcome to People is also a Paramount production, which is why Alex Kurtzman has not been around much lately to work on Star Trek. I realise that WTP is a personal project of Alex Kurtzman’s but it was the studio who could have said to Kurtzman – “We will do your movie but only after…”

Could this be another example of Paramount yet again stomping on its beautiful golden goose, ie Star Trek franchise?

Now I can’t get any information about WTP’s status and release date and my posting asking about this gets deleted…Where else can I find out anything, honestly, guys? Be fair.

43. Lt. Bailey - June 15, 2011

Lets hope Paramount still wants a movie…. If it gets put off enough, tehy may say to forget it. I would hate to see that happen, but putting it off for so long can hurt it.

44. Aurore - June 15, 2011

“I wan to make sure that whatever we do, whenever it comes out, it is something people will have a great time watching.”


45. Number 3 - June 15, 2011


wait for it…..

…..sometime in the 23rd century

all my best

46. captain_neill - June 15, 2011

Its a shame that the mainstream doesn’t seem to realise there already is a Star Trek 2, its The Wrath of Khan.

God I am wondering if the new generation will get to see all the classic movies we grew up with

47. Tom - June 15, 2011

I think it’s mostly the script. They can’t move forward without it and it has to be better than the first. Getting it just right can’t be rushed, but they’ll need it done by end of summer to meet shooting timeframe in Sept. Still plenty of time for next summer.

48. jezebel - June 15, 2011

Welcome To People is a Dreamworks production.

49. sean - June 15, 2011


It’s no different than when they called The Dark Knight ‘Batman 2′. It’s just an easy shorthand that people who aren’t major Trek fans can understand.

50. Bill Peters - June 15, 2011

NO I figure it will be out on time, even if they are six months behind, I think they can catch up :) I think they are tamping our hopes down.

51. DWNicolo - June 15, 2011

J.J., take your time and get it right. I’ll go see it whenever it comes out.

52. Bill Peters - June 15, 2011

NO I think it will be out in June to August of 2012, they can catch up, JJ has had a lot to do but I think they are just saying stuff that might get fans reved up and resless to sell it for the on time date

53. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

“Part of me feels … part of me feels jealous …” … is he serious? … because even I can make a statement less “teenage thing” than this … LOL…

I can only credit this to the fact that JJ Abrams does not want to open the secret… “the top secret thing”… “hopefully we ‘ll have something to say soon”… “soon” seems a long time for director JJ Abrams….

And I wish that Mr. Bob Orci could clarify this… “We are probably six months behind” … PLEASE!!!

:-) ;-)

54. Bill Peters - June 15, 2011

They can, do shooting and Post Production at once andI I don’t see Paramount backing off the First date with them now Advertising the 2012 Release date.

55. The Great Bird of the Galaxy - June 15, 2011

We already know the movie is delayed- facts are facts. He’s a great producer, well liked, extremely popular, but Star Trek is MUCH bigger. Too big for someone who has other projects on their plate. If he screws this up- which it seems he already has, it will ruin him.
Star Trek is being treated like a second rate franchise, and it’s pissing me off. Rick Berman, knew how to make it happen- he may have been overworked, and virtually drained of all creativity (Star Trek will do that to a person when they are immersed within it as he was) at least he could make it happen.
The franchise has lost the continuity that was consistently keeping it fresh. We went from having 2 shows running concurrently, set in the same time frame, and all we get now is dead space….. or a bunch a hype, and delays. Keep this up, and an entire generation will miss out on this beloved creation.

56. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

#51.- DWNicolo …

But it’s good he did not take long… because it will be difficult to convince the audience that Captain Kirk and crew of the Enterprise are still inexperienced … if the cast look so much older… but of course they can choose a different cast and take even more time… or write another script…. buamuamuabua … I’m crying a little…

:-) :-)

57. fan on the edge of forever - June 15, 2011

42. …Could this be another example of Paramount yet again stomping on its beautiful golden goose, ie Star Trek franchise…?

Of course it is.

Paramount has never understood what they had with TREK. I think it started with spending so much money on TMP and not seeing stratosphere-like results, and from that making the terrible mistake of treating TREK as a niche property–this leading to a string of made-for-TV brand movies, pigeoning the TREK movie series itself as less-than films, but worse, creating this prejudice in the minds of the movie-going public as well.

The tragedy is, I still don’t think they get it.

58. bradpitti - June 15, 2011

@ 30. thank you man, i feel exactly the same. seems jj has just come of super 8 creativity wise, realizing Ocri/Kurzmann/Lindelof havent really prepped up enough stuff for him to take over trek2 quickly… so they work it out 2gether – it will still take a lot of time –

dont get me wrong. in reality im also a huge fan of the writers!! and i know they are megageeks !!!:-( im ok with not rushing it – but jj and the gang come hopefully up with something really epic in scope which also interhumanconnect the charakters!

make it big by planning it big- hey u did it with lost.!you knew when the end was coming so start 2,3 episodes for the star trek crew. the adventure starts with the sequel !

it would be really nice to kick of the new film, with a complete absurd situation, where things just seem strange – just like one of the episodes where you had no clue what was going on STOS TNG etc.
you have the most gifted narrative style – you did it with lost – tell it different !!!

keep the mix and continue to play homage or have lil cameos (harry mud) from the very start – but generate also new characters – (the masks in st looked really cool)

and dont foget to feature Bruce Greenwood big!
i like that guy – cant wait to see the cast return – older and wiser !

the klingons have to be in it – a space battle – kirk fist fight etc… and resurect khan if necessary :-)

go guys !!!! you can do it :-)))

please make

59. Battle-scarred Sciatica - June 15, 2011

I do not particularly care if ST: The Search For a Director/Script is delayed.

It is a bummer having to wait but if that is what it takes to make a grand movie then Make it so!

Good luck to you JJ, BO, AK, et al.

I know it will be just as good if not better than the last Trek.

Just remember: Its Landing Party, not Away Team.

60. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

My consolation is that Paramount is promoting Star Trek 2 , 2012 (just working title) … if that can be a comfort … anyway there are people more powerful than me who also wants the film being released in 2012 … LOL

:-) :-)

61. PEB - June 15, 2011

it sucks having to wait, but i’ll wait. i want a good movie and not a crapfest that all of the haters, trolls or “purists” can bash with an ‘i told you so’ smile on their faces. let the man, and the team make a movie worthy of being a sequel. in case you missed that whole part, he’s a talented, and busy guy and he also has a family. this close to father’s day especially, its nice to see a big hollywood director actually taking time to be a family man in the middle of making big movies. we all know time flies, nuTrek will be here before you know it.

62. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 15, 2011

JJ makes it clear he’s not the only one at the helm of the Bad Robot projects, and so it’s not just his fault the movie is delayed 6 months. I think we’re all used to the idea that the next ST movie wasn’t going to come out on time. We may not be happy with it, but this is the cost of getting a world-class production team to work on the Star Trek film franchise.

63. jas_montreal - June 15, 2011

They will get a new director if JJ isn’t available.

64. Battle-scarred Sciatica - June 15, 2011


Surely no-one is more powerful than you Dee?


65. Phil - June 15, 2011

Six months behind….no s***!!

Wait a minute, JJ’s wife is hot……..

66. VZX - June 15, 2011

Star Trek 2 (12?): May 2013.

There it is. Live with it.

67. daniel h - June 15, 2011

they should release xmas 2012

68. Michael - June 15, 2011

Related to Abrams’ SUPER 8 that is on the Internet: “Paramount Pictures announced today that the studio has passed the $1 billion mark for the calendar year at the international box office, reaching the milestone on Friday with the debut of SUPER 8 — four days sooner than last year’s record-setting pace. It’s the fifth year in a row that Paramount Pictures International has topped $1 billion.”

69. Hugh Hoyland - June 15, 2011

#34 dmduncan

You have a good point there. Basically what Abrams is saying is that if this story and script is not so good hes out. Big time vote of no confidence.

And I have to say sorry to those on here who said these guys were spread to thin and might be behind on this project. I always maintained they were indeed doing a lot of different projects, but they also could meet the deadline. My bad lol.

I havent seen Super-8 yet, but Im hearing good things, so I look forward to seeing it. But from what I gather now I better enjoy it, because its a major reason why the Trek sequel is 6 freaking months behind. :]

P.S. could be wrong though

70. trekker 5 - June 15, 2011

Wow,watching that gave me some hope! Hello Aurore! I agree with both you and J.J..its just…..(and I hate to admit this) I’m not very good at waiting,which you would know by reading my posts in the past;but that doesn’t make me any more proud of the fact!

71. snoopytrek - June 15, 2011

First..don’t you love it. Wouldnt you hate to be someone like JJ A who is not an actor promoting his next project in an interview chair while he is talking bout his current promo…No, he has to be asked bout something totally different so someone can get a possible scoop…all he can offer or should even have to offer is what theyve been saying for the past couple of years. Which leads me to this…

Oh, dear Lord..where do i start? And, i know some of you like “Jay” or others are goin to bash me when i say this, but it has to be said. and, i cant believe i sat here and read everyone of the post above…anyways, here i go…

“Get a life! Will you people!” Dammit, Jim, it’s a freakin’ movie for cryin (which is what people are doing) out loud! It’s ironic that Chris Nolan’s Batman movies were mentioned and the best thing bout his productions so far is he didnt give a shit how long it took between sequels or even if there were going to be sequels and look what it has got we fans of The Dark Knight thus far..one of the highest groosing movies of all times, a freakin great (so far) 2 movies and shall we say “Oscar”.

JJ may not even end up directing the sequel if even there is a sequel..or lets stop calling it that and just say ‘next Trek project’. For one thing, Paramount may not let him have it after the low performance and not well received by critics response that ‘Super 8′ has had thus far. (some movies goers have posted ‘what the hell was that about?’ and ‘ok, Speilberg has lost his edge’)…

Please…sit back in your old comfy desk chair in front of your multi-wide screen monitors, gaming systems, broadband internet connections..take a deep breath and leave the man and his people alone and let them make their movie IF THEY WANT TO not what we the fans want! We have NO say so in this, but should appreciate the fact that anything with Star Trek on the title is being made.

And, to “The Great Bird…”, no Berman let it run too far AND too fast putting the movies out too soon and look what it got us..”Insurrection”? “Nemesis”?

It’s gonna be alright! Dorothy is gonna make it back to Kansas! If we get another Star Trek movie, let them take their sweet freakin’ time and give us something that will beat TDK or, hell, even a ‘Gone With The Wind’ with a really true epic movie experience. Not just because we want it NOWWW..We gotta have it NOWWWW!

And ya’ll cant tell me ive made some good points here…

72. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

#64- Battle-scarred Sciatica …

….LOL… If only! … boborci not even answer my questions… power is far from me … ++LOL

:-) :-)

73. VulcanFilmCritic - June 15, 2011

This whole Star Trek situation is morphing into a kind of “Barton Fink” scenario. I can just see the head of Paramount pictures calling the guys at Bad Robot onto the carpet and laying down the law:

“You think you’re the only writer[s] that can give me that [JJ Abrams] feeling?
I got 20 writers under contract I can ask for a [JJ Abrams]-type thing from!”

Come to think of it, JJ Abrams does bear a rather faint resemblance to Barton Fink.

On the other hand, Leonard Nimoy has remarked that in this business, they can hand you 120 blank pages and tell you, “Here, go make a movie.”

I don’t want to see that kind of scenario either. While I’m willing to wait another 6 months for a decent script, I think an additional 12 months is asking a lot of the fans. I guess Star Trek fan loyalty is now taken for granted. However, in 24 months, this property could become very stale. Or something else may come to occupy our feverish minds. Or a principle actor may become unavailable. Who knows?

There is this thing called “momentum.” With cash co…I mean, valuable property, like the Star Trek franchise, I would think some long-range planning is in order.
Why not write two or three sequential scripts at a time, rather than doing them piecemeal? This approach made sense for “The Lord of the Rings” and the “Harry Potter” franchise.

I think delaying Star Trek in favor of “Super 8″ is just bad business. Who exactly at Paramount is overseeing this thing?

74. BringBackKirkPrime - June 15, 2011

Paramount has blown a golden opportunity in waiting this long to get the next movie into high gear. Sure, they will have the loyal Trek fans, but in the first movie they went beyond that demographic. But the public has a short memory, and going from a 3 year gap to possibly four or more between movies can bring that momentum to a screeching halt. As far as spending time with family for JJ, that’s fantastic. But I wish it was Super 8 that was being delayed 6 months or more, and not the next Trek movie.

75. Ben - June 15, 2011

As much as I don’t want to think or even believe it, at this point I’m feeling like Star Trek “2” won’t hit theaters until Summer 2013. Reason being the first movie was finished and ready for it’s December 2008 release however the studio felt it to have been a “summer blockbuster” which it was. Therefore I don’t expect them to release the new film until the following summer. It will basically be a re-occurrence of what happened a few years ago… so sit back and enjoy another lull of a Trek-less year.

While I am a huge fan and supporter of Bob’s and Alex’s work, I must inquire about why is this 6 months behind… I realize they’ve had lots of other stuff going but it’s been two full years since the last movie premiered. The studio green lite the sequel before the 2009 movie.

76. dmduncan - June 15, 2011

Thanks for the update AP.

Well JJ has painted himself into a corner. If he tries to back out after all the buildup regarding himself as director, he’s basically going to be dissing the writers. I don’t think he’s going to do that. I think he’ll direct the sequel.

77. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

They are six months behind in getting the movie released on the due date of 29 June 2012 if they do it in 3D. Why is everyone forgetting an important aspect of this movie and very possibly a big sticking point?

Am I correct in believing that it takes longer to make a proper 3D movie, with post production, than it does to make the same movie in 2D? Does doing a film in the 3D medium change the way the script may be written, in terms of how things get filmed etc?

Does anyone know? Bob Orci? Anthony Pascale? It would be nice to get some answers and not leave people feeling frustrated, let down and guessing all the time.

78. Basement Blogger - June 15, 2011

Hold on. Howard Stern, the guy who has po_n stars asked J.J. Abrams tough questions. And get this on ending for Lost, Abrams punted the ball to Damon Lindelof. Well, J.J. season six of Lost was terrible. It made the whole series stink. You must have missed the finale where Jack’s father said of Sideways World, “This is a place that you all made together so you could find one another .” Contrived and sappy. But I digress.

So J.J. says the next Star Trek is six months behind. That puts the movie against Twilight, James Bond in Novemember and The Hobbit, Superman in December. Better amp up the Uhura-Spock thing, maybe add Kirk to the mix to get those teenagers and women to see the movie.

The amazing thing is that Stern asks the questions we wanted to ask. And he even asked if Abrams has stretched himself too thin.. Trekkers, look for a 2013 release date for Star Trek: The Search for More Money. (Sorry Mel Brooks.) Boy, I miss Rick Berman. I mean how much stuff was Berman involved with while he helmed Star Trek?

Release dates for upcoming films.

79. Raymond - June 15, 2011

#78 – Howard Stern has a long history of asking tough questions, grilling people, etc. He’s better at it than mainstream anchors like Chris Matthews or Bill O’Reilly but without being rude. You should hear him on his observations on such issues as politics and the media/entertainment industry – those are his strengths. He has a keen intelligence that picks up on issues very well; but mostly, unlike other interviewers, he doesn’t care if you don’t like it if he asks the tough questions. He doesn’t need anything from his guests, so there’s no fear.

80. FarStrider - June 15, 2011

@77 I subscribe to that theory, too. . .I really think that JJ does not want to make 3-D movies, and the later he signs on, and the later the script is done, the less likely that Paramount will have time to do a 3-D upconversion and make the June 29 date. With “Super 8″ JJ has proven that he can start rolling film in September and deliver a finished Sci-fi movie with effects and cgi monsters, etc. in June. Star Trek has been in soft production since March or April. It’s not going to take Bad Robot to get into full production mode. I’m betting that if Paramount wants Star Trek to be 3-D they will announce a new director, and the movie will be pushed back, but if they want Star Trek to be their summer tent pole, then JJ will be the director, and the film will be in front of cameras by September.


81. Red Dead Ryan - June 15, 2011

Paramount should just push back the release to summer 2013. There is no way the sequel will be ready for summer 2012 and fall 2012 is already stacked with heavyweights. Also, J.J Abrams is the ONLY director suitable for the sequel. If he says no, then Paramount should just shut the whole thing down. But I do think Abrams will return. He loves working with the writers and actors too much not to.

And another thing: There seems to be a sense of entitlement coming from Trek fans who are demanding that the sequel come out on time. These “fans” are also angry that the writers and director haven’t devoted ALL of their time and energy to the sequel.

Let me remind you all of this: These guys are WRITERS first, FANS second. They have a career to keep, and as such, it is in their own best interests for the sake of their careers to have as many projects as possibe going on. It also keeps their creative juices flowing. I doubt if they were only working on “Star Trek” we’d be further along. And even if the script were well ahead of where it is now, there is no guarantee that it would be any good. So having multiple projects in the works IS doing wonders for the Trek sequel.

Finally, these movies are no longer the exclusive domain of Trekkies. The mainstream has to be a vital part of the long-term survival of this franchise. The movie will be released a) when it’s ready, and b) when the mainstream audience is hungry. I don’t get the sense that the mainstream is in a rush to see the Trek sequel right now.

I’d rather have a great movie come out in the summer of 2013 or summer 2014 instead of a crap-on-a-stick flick rushed out just to appease a bunch of impatient fans.

82. Kokomo - June 15, 2011

Is there a chance they will rush the production to have it out by next summer???

83. sean - June 15, 2011


‘I miss Rick Berman’

I want you to think long and hard about that statement.

84. Green-Blooded-Bastard - June 15, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t care if it comes out late, so long as it comes out good.

Now, baby we can do it
Take the time, do it right
We can do it, baby
Do it tonight

85. Canon Schmanon - June 15, 2011

I’ve worried about the “spreading too thin” issue. I’ve never actually like any of Abrams’ TV shows. Alias was interesting for a while, but didn’t hold my interest.

Lost started out promising, but they “lost” me very early in the second season when they doubled the cast by finding the “others” and suddenly the show had too many stories to tell and didn’t tell any of them very well. And the plot became overburdened with too many mysteries and not enough resolutions. Really disappointing.

I haven’t really cared for J.J.’s films, either. Star Trek was the first thing Abrams did that impressed me. I hope he can do that again with the sequel, but he needs to step up and commit or turn it over to somebody else who has the passion for it. If he’s this ambivalent about it, that’s not a good sign. We don’t need an effort by a burned-out director.

86. Jim Nightshade - June 15, 2011

#57 fan…not sure i agree with ya all the way–paramount did spend a lotta money on tmp–because of factors like abel n assoc efx work was rejected so at the last min they had to hire trumball n dykstra n everybody possible working 24 hours a day to make the opening–they also added the costs of the proposed new tv series which they abandoned when they decided to make a movie instead–in one of the hollywood treasures shows on syfy they showed the molds and a cast of the new enterprise they were going to use for phase2–fascinating–given the money they spent n also rolled phase 2 dev costs it was amazing tmp DID MAKE MONEY-by todays stnds probably a lot of money–critics didnt like it-heck trek fans too–me i thought it was the only truly cosmic n scifi trek movie–for good n bad

87. Old Trekker - June 15, 2011

…and who will ask him about a new STAR TREK TV-series ???!!!

88. FarStrider - June 15, 2011

@81 Let me hep you to some jive: According to Box Office Mojo, in it’s first seven weeks of release, ST 2009 did not leave the top 10 movies, it stayed at number 11 for weeks 8 and 9, and didn’t leave the top 20 movies until 13 weeks after its release. . . by the time it was pulled from theaters October 1, after 21 weeks, it was still the number 50 movie in the country, even if it was only playing on 89 screens at the time. I said this just to point out that Star Trek can’t be afraid of other “So-called Big” movies coming out around it, Star Trek 09 had to compete against Wolverine (big Marvel comic book movie), Angels and Demons (big international star Tom Hanks, big director Ron Howard), Up (Pixar), Transformers 2 (giant robots) ST09 didn’t come out in a vacuum. . . unless the studio moves it to the Jan.-March or the Sept.-Oct. dumping ground of movies, there will always be big movies coming out. . .and with its box office performance, Star Trek 2009 proved itself to be in the same league as those Big movies. . .and by the way, ST: Nemesis wasn’t killed by Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. . . it was killed by “Maid in Manhattan”. . .


89. Basement Blogger - June 15, 2011

@ 83 Sean

I have thought long and hard about saying “I miss Rick Berman.”

Here’s what I’m thinking about.

Yesterday’s Enterprise. The Best of Both Worlds. The Nth Degree. The Inner Light. The Chase. Tapestry. Parallels. All Good Things… DS9’s The Visitor. Little Green Men. Voyager. The Cloud….. etc., etc., etc.

And I’m thinking about how J.J. Abrams felt about Star Trek at times. Abrams says on the 2009 movie, “We weren’t making a movie for fans of Star Trek. We were making a movie for fans of movies.” Entertainment Weekly 10-24-08, pg. 31, “I always thought it (Star Trek) was a little talky.” EW., 5-8-09, pg. 30. .

“I always thought it was a little talky”

We weren’t making a movie for fans of Star Trek….”

Here’s also a well written article defending Rick Berman.

90. 12YearOldTrekker - June 15, 2011

JJ Abrams films (Star Trek and Super 8, to be precise) are the only films I really have bothered to see twice in theaters. He’s downright excellent, and I have no doubt that XII will be great.

I just hope he takes his time, that’s all.

91. Chris M - June 15, 2011

#9 Couldn’t agree more!

As much as I would love for Star Trek XII (Don’t know about anybody else but it annoys me when it’s referred to as Star Trek 2!) to come out on time, I agree with JJ when he says it’s better to make a great movie than a movie that comes out on time. I can understand the frustration at the movie being delayed but JJ and the team are the best thing to happen to the franchise since Nicholas Meyer came on board and saved Star Trek with The Wrath Of Khan so if they need more time to get the movie made then I say we give them the time they need!

92. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

There is no reason why Star Trek should come out in the middle of 2013. If people find out something is good, they will go and see it no matter when. What it does not pick up in cinematic sales, it will pick up in DVD/blu-ray sales. I never saw Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law but the DVD now sits on my bookshelf because the ones who did see it, just once, liked it, hence the DVD sitting 3 feet away from me.

Too much crystal ball gazing. It’s all balls, balls and bollocks….

JJ – Tell Paramount it is going to be a 2D masterpiece. Suck on that.

93. boborci - June 16, 2011

88. Right on. Tasty analysis.

94. Charla - June 16, 2011

I agree Bob about #93 FarStriders comments!

FarStrider, your screen name is fitting to you and the topic, as I just had a image of Trek strutting it’s stuff along side and above the other “big” movies as I read your post – Trek did stride along with the big ones and went far!! Go TREK!!

95. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 16, 2011

Is JJ kidding?
only 6 months behind?, he’s gotta mean 12 !!
I hear Nick Meyer is available….

96. Devon - June 16, 2011

#89 – That’s rehashing old stuff. We’re way past that.

97. pilotfred - June 16, 2011

six month behind well no one saw that comming lol

well i do agree that is should not be rushed however they started the outline for the movie before 09 open up

it will be 2013 four years between films now thats a gap in tv terms three season 66 episodes

please start it and start getting some pocket books out and make them offical so we can add weight to this universe

98. Janice - June 16, 2011


Absolutely—-get Bruce Greenwood in there and feature him big-time!!
He’s the one I want to see the most!

More PIKE!

99. Jay - June 16, 2011

#92… I’m sorry but you are wrong. It very much matters when it is release. It is just a fact of the movie buisness. Releasing a movie, especially an action/sci-fi type movie in November/December guarantees it will make less money than if you release it during the summer.

There is a reason all the big budget “block buster” movies are released in the summer, because that is when the vast majority of the movie production companies make almost all of their money for the year.

This fact can not be ignored. If the movie is moved to the November/December holiday season, that is a bad bad sign. It will mean a smaller budget, if not for this movie, then the next one because it simply will not make as much money.

Remember the drilling platform scene in ST09? Now imagine if they had decided to save money and film that in a studio instead of outside. It costs alot more money to build the set outside and film that scene outside. You have to wait for the right lighting that you want, clear weather, etc. It takes longer. Costs more. Those are the kind of decisions that are made when the budget gets squeezed. That’s why so many scenes in many of the previous ST movies were filmed in studio in front of green screens. It’s cheaper. and the end result is a cheaper looking product. The reason ST09 was so amazingly great visually was becuase they took the time and spent the money to do it right. If they had filmed that platform scene in a studio it would have ruined the realism.

That’s what I’m afraid of if this gets moved to Nov/Dec. It will begin the decline of the franchise again, just when it seemed to be taking off.

100. Simon - June 16, 2011

If you guys want to get really technical: when I saw ST:II it was STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN. There was no “II” in the title, just on the movie poster.
It wasn’t until it came out on home video did I see a “II” in the main title.

So calling the new film “Star Trek 2″ would not violate canon so to speak!

101. Simon - June 16, 2011

PS: The new Trek movie will come out Friday Dec 21, 2012. I will have to catch an early show so I can see it before the world ends. At least I’ll be happy! :)

102. Leonard McCoy - June 16, 2011

Good god damnit Jim, no matter when this movie is going to be released there is only one thing that is certan. Everyone complaining right now and wanting to have it earlier is gonna watch it anyway so why rush? I hate to say it but that green blooded son of a bitch knows what he’s doing and I really trust in his ability to save the ship!

103. Pensive's Wetness - June 16, 2011

@12. POINT. Very well put sir. and indeed i would not be shocked that the movie itself comes out in 2013. that gives you plenty of time prep/make the film right… im in no hurry, honestly :)

104. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

101. Ooh. How about 20th December 2012 as a release date?

20.12 2012.

It’s a Thursday.

105. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

US does dates the wrong way around! ;) :-}

_STAR TREK__________
| T O B O L D LY G O … |

Coming to a Theatre Near You


106. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


Perfect! See the new movie and the world goes KABLAM the next day!

I was going to say, “I can live with that”, but that’s not really the case, is it?

107. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

So I went to see the new Star Trek movie and er, well you could really feel every phaser blast and explosion.

Turns out, we left the cinema and the world outside had boldly gone!

108. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

Only problem with December is the other movies out then…

Superman reboot, Man of Steel
Spielberg’s Lincoln
Disney’s Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp
The Hobbit Part One

Perhaps they could budge up? Bond 23 is hopefully still November.

I think Summer 2013 is going to be just as much of a problem.

Maybe the prospect of Star Trek will make other studios shift their movies a week after or before?

109. Daoud - June 16, 2011

Just get’er done and do it. 8/10/12.

110. Will_H - June 16, 2011

I don’t see how the delays are JJ’s fault if the script isn’t even done yet. Well, I guess as producer he could get on their asses about it, which seems like he probably should. I know its not good to rush a script, but this is just kinda insane. We know they can do a solid script in not a lot of time from the last movie’s production time line. Seems like by now they should have the first draft done and be working out the details for the shooting script. Star Trek needs to be a summer film, to, so that means it’ll probably pushed back a full year.

111. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 16, 2011

#88- FarStrider …

Yes… I tried to use this argument once with RDR = # 81… but you did better than me, definitely… but, RDR keep going in his “crusade” to Summer 2013…

:-) :-)

112. Hugh Hoyland - June 16, 2011

If Im not mistaken the original date would put it up against Amazing Spider-man. Thats rough but I think Trek can hold its own there.

But I will say after watching 500 days of summer, Spider-Man may turn out pretty good actually.

113. Rola - June 16, 2011

#102 – LOL and exactly.

Enough with “the sky is falling” whining. Either the movie will be good or it won’t. if it is good, people will see it. If it sucks, it will tank. I, for one, want a good ST movie. Please take the time to get it right.

114. MC1701B - June 16, 2011

13. “It’s too big a movie to be relegated to Christmas.”

Avatar and Titanic were both Christmas releases.

115. snoopytrek - June 16, 2011

…someone mentioned trying to get the movie in before the alledged end of the world date..i just had to ask this, any of u guys seen the moive “2012”? Ive seen it lke five times and it keeps gettin’ funnier every time i see it!

116. p'trick - June 16, 2011

sounds like Paramount Pictures has traded off the TREK-franchise to secure the talented JJ among their studio-talent.

obviously they consider JJ the important asset here. although TREK has obviously been a relatively successful franchise when handled by others (Roddenberry, Nimoy, Bennett, Berman, etc), Paramount must feel TREK can be forfeited if it keeps Abrams on board.

nevertheless, i have nothing but good wishes toward JJ, his career & his family. and i optimistically expect a fantastic TREK2009-sequel. that is, when it finally reaches theaters in 2015.

117. captain spock - June 16, 2011

orci & the others are working on other projects along with star trek, so give them a break hopefully it will be out before xmas next year

118. Basement Blogger - June 16, 2011

@ 96 Devon

First, I was responding to Sean who questioned my “missing Rick Berman.” If I repeat myself it’s because what I do for a living, it’s important to cite the evidence to support an argument. For that matter it’s important to cite any evidence if you can when you make an argument. So I listed a few episodes of Star Trek that Rick Berman has produced that are classic. There are much more.

Second, there are times that I question whether J.J. Abrams gets what Star Trek is about. His views on Star Trek are the evidence I use to support my argument. If it’s older, so be it. Until he really demonstrates his knowledge of the subject, say in an interview talk about the lessons from “The Devil in the Dark”, “The Doomsday Machine” etc, and stop making comments about Trek being a kind of buddy picture, I’ll have my doubts. Link. Plus not everybody who reads the comments are not regulars. If you don’t like repeated evidence, don’t read it.

Third, I do think Abrams is a fine director. My point is that Berman who ran Star Trek was devoted to Star Trek. Yeah, he wasn’t perfect. Neither is Abrams. Could use less camera gymnastics and more exposition, J.J. I just want people at the helm to love Star Trek. Yes, we do know Bob Orci loves Star Trek. But Harve Bennett knew very little of Star Trek and watched every TOS episdode. He got it.

Link. Abrams “baggage” comment and Trek is about family.

119. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 16, 2011

So why is OK for other big budget movies like the Hobbit to be released in November/December/US Holidays and not Star Trek? No matter when it gets released, it will still be up against other movies (many also having big budgets which are also looking to get as many bums on seats as possible)? Why doesn’t somebody insist that the Hobbit get moved to another release time slot (perhaps some are – don’t know)? Frankly, these arguments against Star Trek being an around Christmas time release make no sense.

As I said, down hereaways, it will be summer blockbuster anyway, not a winter film as Trek 09 was (released 7 May – a NZ winter). I know we’s only 4.2 million people, but we still manage to have Sir Peter Jackson and co, along with Weta Digital, Workshops etc… not that I am boasting/gloating or anything…heaven forbid…:)

Seriously, I really do think that the Star Trek makers could do a lot worse than team up with Weta at some point. Perhaps some of the movies could be filmed here – lots of great scenery and variety.

(I really should invoice the NZ Tourist Board for my blatant advertising of this little spot called New Zealand. Oh well…:))

120. Odkin - June 16, 2011

I said before that we’d be lucky to get 3 movies out of this team, now I think we’ll be lucky to get two.

I would bet that the agonizing slowness of these prima donna “artistes” will make one or more of the original cast UNAVAILABLE even for this second film.

At which point the odds of a 3rd movie decrease by 50%.

121. Red Dead Ryan - June 16, 2011

I think the “Star Trek” sequel will earn the most money if it is released in summer 2013. Sure it will make a ton if it’s good should it be released next summer, but movies like “The Avengers”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and “The Dark Knight Rises” will inevitably draw away siginificant numbers, both in terms of the audience and revenue. But releasing it the next year will more likely increase its revenue, with less heavyweights in the way.

But on the other hand, I’d really love to be proven wrong! :-)


But not about the quality…….I have no doubt that it will be GREAT!

122. Thorny - June 16, 2011

108… I’ll believe Spielberg’s “Lincoln” when I see it in theaters. That movie seems like it has been in development since the 1990s. And even if it finally is made, it will probably be a modest hit like “Catch Me If You Can” or “The Terminal”. The book it is based on “Team of Rivals” doesn’t exactly scream ‘blockbuster’.

123. Christopher Roberts - June 17, 2011

122. Well, there’s the gap in the schedule then. Plus JJ Abrams could always just ask how far along the bio-pic is. After their successful work together on Super 8, maybe Steven Spielberg is more likely to switch. February in time for Lincoln’s birthday?

Wow. Screenplay by John Logan. *sigh* Nemesis was just a blip in that fella’s career.

124. Dom - June 17, 2011

I’ll happily wait years for an Abrams Trek rather than get Berman’s churned out same-old same-old thrown up on my screen every year. Trek’s moved on. I would very much like to see an animated series in the meantime, though.

125. Thorny - June 17, 2011

124… I really don’t blame that much of “Nemesis” on Mr. Berman. I think he was stuck having to cowtow to Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner to get them to be in the movie, and their script demands, well, they blew chunks. Logan clearly is a good screenwriter when left alone, and there wasn’t anything really wrong with Nemesis’s production values (the effects and sets were fine for the budget they were given… Paramount was not going to do a big budget Trek movie at that time, period.) I blame Stewart and Spiner ego-stroking for Nemesis. Not that I want Berman back in charge of Trek, he should have resigned after Voyager and let fresh minds take over for Enterprise, but sometimes I do think the Berman bashing is a bit unfair.

126. Flake - June 17, 2011

Put it at Christmas. Who cares about the Hobbit. Sherlock Holmes and The fecking Chipmunks both did over $200 million dollars at the box office whilst Avatar was making $760 million!

127. p'trick - June 17, 2011

125. refreshing to read someone putting some of the blame for Nemesis on it’s “stars”. i’ve felt this way about the TNG-movies in general.

128. skyjedi - June 18, 2011

To me it sounds like the writers are behind and not JJ.

Who has too many projects, it is not JJ but the writers who have their hands in too many things.

So Super8 could have been part of the delay, but notice how no one is talking about Hawaii five 0, or Cowboys and Aliens, or Transformers Prime.

129. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 18, 2011

I think they all admitted they may been stretched too thin.

Also, the three writers said that they could start filming by September, if not earlier, but that it was up to JJ Abrams and when, if he is ready to do it. JJ was busy on doing Super 8, so has not had a proper chance to read the script in much detail and get a complete idea of what would be involved as director in order to make the script they already come to life. Enough of what is essential and important for the script has already been written and is waiting…

Hawaii Five 0 was produced by Orci and Kurtzman, but it was actually JJ Orci who was one of its main writers (Bob Orci’s brother). I don’t think they have anything to do with Transformers Prime.

130. Jack - June 19, 2011

127. Agreed. Although the phrase “the studio wanted” gets used a lot when those involved talk about those movies (or, at least, the ones that didn’t do so well) and, heck, it’s also true for the pre-Abrams Trek movies in general (it seems like Abrams and co. had a little more autonomy, based on what they’ve said, but maybe that’s not the case).

For me, some of the later Berman-era frustration wasn’t about the guy himself, but just about the tiredness/sameness — which was likely inevitable when the same people are involved for so long… It was feeling like a franchise (which it was) and a lot of the later stories didn’t feel like they needed to be told, there was that comfort/consistency that you get at, say, Applebee’s… “we gotta give the people what they expect.” I wonder if the same would have happened to TOS if, say, it had been wildly successful during its first season (and, actually, that kind of happened with TMP, after TOS had become popular in syndication). Or maybe it was also the trying to break down what made something work (combined with a little “they love us!” overconfidence after a success) and repeat it for the next one, which led to the even/odd movie curse…

131. ME!! - June 21, 2011

Stern’s an ass.

132. Garry - June 22, 2011

I liked the UnderCovers myself and don’t mind wating.For a better Star Track2 instead of something put together at the last minute.

133. Miguel razo - July 18, 2011

I have a crazy idea fir a original new film

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