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Star Trek Movie Universe Comic Series Coming In September – To Reenvision Classic TOS Episodes June 17, 2011

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Trek Franchise , trackback

Today brings exciting news for Trek comics fans and fans of the 2009 Star Trek movie. IDW has announced their first ongoing monthly Star Trek series and it will take place in the new movie universe with new twists on stories from the original Star Trek series. Details below.


New Star Trek movie comic series kicks off in September

IDW is once again working with Star Trek co-writer/producer Roberto Orci on Star Trek comics tied to the 2009 Star Trek movie, but this time they will be telling stories set after the movie. According to IDW the new Star Trek comic book series will "explore the vast implications of the alternate timeline created by the film in a new, monthly, ongoing comics series." 

In a release Orci said of the series:

Movies cost money. Lots and lots of money. But comics give us unlimited budgets to take the crew of the Enterprise farther than they’ve ever been. Join us!

The new ongoing "Star Trek" comic series promises to continue the adventures of the new USS Enterprise with the new crew as they "embark on missions that re-imagine the stories from the original television series, along with new threats and characters never seen before." Issue #1 due in September will kick things off with a new vision of the original Star Trek series second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

The new "Star Trek" series will be written by Mike Johnson (Star Trek: Countdown, Nero) who will be working under the creative direction of Roberto Orci. Artwork will be provided by Stephen Molnar and covers for issue #1 will be provided by Tim Bradstreet and David Messina.

Star Trek #1 cover (click to enlarge)

This new "Star Trek" series will be IDW’s first ongoing series for the license, as to date they have done mini-series, usually around four issues each. This will be the first ongoing Star Trek comic series since one published by Marvel  (under the Paramount
Comics) imprint 15 years ago.

And this series will also be the first extended universe stories from in the new movie universe after the events of the Star Trek film. While there have been comic and novel adaptations and a number of comic books and young adult novels tied to the new movie, those were all set during or before the film. As noted by IDW editor Scott Dunbier "Finally, new STAR TREK comics that showcase the new Enterprise crew. The only thing more fun than reading them is editing them!”

The debut issue will also feature a golden ticket promotion, with more details to come shortly from IDW. In addition to the two covers from Tim Bradstreet and David Messina, STAR TREK #1 will feature four rare photo covers and a super rare cover signed by Orci and Johnson. (IDW notes readers should talk to their local retailer about the photo and signed covers).

STAR TREK #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in September.


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1. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - June 17, 2011


2. Red Dead Ryan - June 17, 2011

Can’t wait for this!

3. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 17, 2011

GREAT!!! … YES, Bob Orci!!!!

:-) :-)

4. Hugh Hoyland - June 17, 2011

Now we’re talking!

Looking forward to this. :]

5. Sebastian S. - June 17, 2011

To boldy go… and do remakes of 45 year old TV series episodes.
Come on guys! New universe = new possibilities!

My only hope for these is that they are just creative and fresh enough to keep them interesting at least; otherwise they are comic book ‘re-runs.’

6. Chelsea - June 17, 2011

I will definitely be buying this! Wish my town had a comic book store though. I’d rather support them than order online. But I’ve never read a comic book before so I’m pretty excited about these Star Trek ones!

7. MoPo - June 17, 2011

This sh-t better be canon if I’m going to waste money on it.

8. Sunfell - June 17, 2011

I get to razz my comic shop guy- he’s not a Trek fan.

9. Hugh Hoyland - June 17, 2011

I totally like the premise of this, re-imagined stories and some totally new stuff added in.

This is what Bob promised from nu-Trek! I’m sold.

Good news for a change. :]

10. Tough Little Ship - June 17, 2011

Reenvision “The Trouble with Tribbles” and also feature the DS9 characters of the Abramsverse!

11. rm10019 - June 17, 2011


12. CmdrR - June 17, 2011

Kinda hard to remake Amok Time now, eh? Or Journey to Babel.

If it’s well done, I suppose anything can be accomplished. But, really… what’s the point? Why not focus on new stories?

13. scott morales - June 17, 2011

How can they do “Where no man has gone before?” Without Gary Mitchell? It’s a shame that they didn’t introduce him in the first movie. Now, they will have to shoehorn him in? Not saying that I am excited about a new series…just wondering how they will re-image it…

14. Red Dead Ryan - June 17, 2011


I think they’re going to do a mix of new stories and remakes. Most fans are curious about how events depicted in “The Original Series” will unfold in this new universe.

15. Boris - June 17, 2011

Bob Orci: could you make these canon like JMS canonized (or mostly canonized) the later B5 novels, having first provided outlines for them? Specifically, I mean that you would be bound not to contradict elements established here when scripting later movies, and that such elements can freely appear in those movies. It would be an interesting departure and easier to do, given the low rate of Abramsverse publishing and of course the lack of an ongoing TV show. If this is not possible, what are the main obstacles?

16. Phil - June 17, 2011

Christ…the word re-imagine just makes me cringe that the canon-istas will just be shreading these things when they hit the street. Just stick with new stories, guys, and you will save yourself a ton of grief….

17. Alientraveller - June 17, 2011

What a great idea! I remember Orci saying he was rewatching episodes and examining how they would unfold in the alternate reality. I’m glad more stuff is coming after the four novels were cancelled.

And in my view, as the AR is so new, its canon rules are slightly different for now. I mean, didn’t Orci and Kurtzman say they respected the novels so that’s why they used George and Winona as the names of Kirk’s parents? Everything’s canon IMO unless the films/shows contradict it.

18. DavidJ - June 17, 2011

Awesome news!

Hope the artwork is good though. It’s been very touch and go with the previous IDW Trek comics…

19. Mel - June 17, 2011

“creative direction of Roberto Orci”

So does this mean, that the comics won’t contradict future movies in any way? Or will they ignore what was written in the comics in the next movies, if it suits the movies?

Will the comics tell stand-alone stories or will it bridge the time between the last and the next movie with a longer story arc?

I am really curious about this.

20. Alientraveller - June 17, 2011

As Johnson works for Orci and Kurtzman, he’ll have insights about the story of the next film and know about things to steer clear of or things he can explore and expound upon.

21. LoneStranger - June 17, 2011

I just love the fact that Orci is involved. Like (19 ) above, I think it would reduce the chance of any kind of movie contradictions, and hey, maybe it’ll offer hints for the movies or have a link to the inevitable comic prequel story for the next movie.

22. Ralph F - June 17, 2011

“Why not focus on new stories”

Understood, but there’s the allure of the events of the TOS universe — and the things still out there, whether or not the ENTEPRISE encounters them, assuming they’re events that the alti-verse of ST’09 didn’t change.

Just to minorly scratch the surface: The Doomsday Machine is still on course. The Botany Bay is still floating in space — maybe never to be found. To look far ahead, V’Ger is still out there. And there’s that whole Mirror Universe.

23. Ralph F - June 17, 2011

I’m also hopeful that the second film will have some time behind it — that is, that maybe a few years have passed since the events with Nero. The comic could take care of that.

24. Jamie - June 17, 2011

Awesome, I loved some of the other mini-series they did so hopefully these will be just as good :D

25. Valenti - June 17, 2011


26. Daniel Shock - June 17, 2011

Very Cool! I’d like to see them include the animated series stories as well…

27. Aurore - June 17, 2011

16. Phil – June 17, 2011

“Christ…the word re-imagine just makes me cringe that the canon-istas will just be shreading these things when they hit the street.”

You and me both.

28. Lee - June 17, 2011

Well, I take it from this that Star Trek 2 won’t be dealing with the events of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

29. M_E - June 17, 2011

“And there’s that whole Mirror Universe.”

I never liked how they pictured the Terran Empire gaining a boost by putting their hands on a ship from the future of a parallel universe and 100 years later are still using the same ship desig and tech (of course, they had to respect TOS canon but still…)… =/

30. somethoughts - June 17, 2011

Sweet cant wait

31. ThisGuy - June 17, 2011


Exactly. Isnt this a big clue as to the villain/plot of the next movie? Wasnt it said that the villain would be either Trelane, Harry Mudd, the Horta, the Talosians or Gary Mitchell?

Am I imagining this?

32. rebecca - June 17, 2011

Sweet! I snapped up the Spock Reflections mini-series when it came out, and this sounds awesome. Too bad I don’t have a local comic book store – can’t quite picture shelling out to order comic books online.

33. Aurore - June 17, 2011

“Just stick with new stories, guys, and you will save yourself a ton of grief….”

I’m not sure writting new stories would spare them from criticism,either.
In my opinion, they would, then, be accused (by some) of not having respected “canon”…

34. KHAN 2.0 - June 17, 2011

cool – maybe we’ll get a Prime universe crossover at some point …and even latter trek stuff like Kruge, Sybok, borg, Q etc

will be buying these

35. Tori - June 17, 2011

This is a really exciting premise. My guess is that Amok Time and anything heavy Vulcan/Romulan will be the first episodes up for grabs by the writers – who could resist the chance to tell their version with Uhura fighting T’pring!

Also: I deliciously hope for Abramsverse DS9 characters.

36. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 17, 2011

A lot can be done with the Comics. Doomsday machine can be a great read and the Thoilen Web and Who mourns for Adonis. But. Spocks Brain not so much. But. Would love to read. City on the Edge. That would be awesome. Tomorrow is Yesterday would be a riot as well.

37. ClassicTrek - June 17, 2011

I’m more interested in telling new stories in the Classic Trek/ Prime universe then retelling old stories in the Trek Nuverse.

38. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 17, 2011

Oh. Of course would want to read Mirror Mirror. Also. Would love it if Bob Orci could also write in the Comic that Capt Archer and Empress Sato found the U.S.S Defiant in the 22nd century.

39. Bucky - June 17, 2011

Guess this means Gary Mitchel isn’t the bad guy in the next movie then, eh? I’ll get this in trades, probably. Should be fun.

40. Anthony Thompson - June 17, 2011

This sounds VERY interesting! I’m on board!

41. KHAN 2.0 - June 17, 2011

i wonder how different the reimagining of the episodes will be? hopefully quite abit otherwise it’ll be just like comic adapations of TOS episodes (except with Pine and Cos likeness) which would be fairly boring

on a similar note itd have been fun if theyd done the comic adapation of ST09 with Shatner an Co’s likeness

42. KHAN 2.0 - June 17, 2011

39 – maybe they wont bother with trades for an ongoing series?

43. dmduncan - June 17, 2011

With Bob being involved, I suppose we can starting checking off the list which episodes the sequel will NOT mimic by observing which ones appear in these comics.

44. Ralph F - June 17, 2011

And how about this: the next movie is the fourth year of the five year mission; the comics will cover the first three years, which is about the time frame between ST’09 and ST’12 (or ’13). So the movie is the new universe’s “Season 4″.

45. somethoughts - June 17, 2011


I hope they save some of their good stuff for the movie, with the upcoming game and the comics, I just hope the comics or game isnt better than the movie.

All we know now is the sequel will deal with Trelane, Talosians, Mudd, Horta or Gary Mitchell.

They could use all 5, with the focus on Trelane, Gary and Talosians.

46. somethoughts - June 17, 2011

In terms of time line, they are still in the 60s tos era eh? The Tmp events etc are years in the future. I wouldnt be surprised if at the end of part 3 it shows v’ger approaching.

47. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 17, 2011

#45 Why focus on any of those five? It does not mean they can’t be there, but surely a focus on a *strange* new world with a different civilisation and lifeforms would be more truly TOS Trek, albeit in an alt-universe.

I have already given the writers a name and place. No doubt they have their own ideas as well. Fortunately, they are able (or should be) to bring their ideas to life. Honestly, that’s what I want to see.

48. somethoughts - June 17, 2011

Since the crew came together much sooner, perhaps use this new found time to create new adventures and dont even talk about anything that happened in the prime universe series or movies

49. Christopher Roberts - June 17, 2011

It’s great that those who came to Star Trek through the film, are getting continuing adventures and the rest of us are obviously curious what’ll happen next. Plus Pine, Quinto, Urban and the rest of the gang are the torch bearers right now – – so great to see their likenesses in comic form. I bet Pegg’s probably chuffed to bits.

50. cjc960 - June 17, 2011

How unoriginal.

51. somethoughts - June 17, 2011


It was confirmed a few months ago the new film will deal with one of those characters

52. Dr. Cheis - June 17, 2011

I bet this is Orci’s way of dealing with all the ideas he had for re-telling the old episodes when coming up with the movie plot, since he knew he’d get an unimaginable amount of criticism if he based the movie on an episode.

Will this come out in paperback? I don’t like running to the comic store every month. =\

53. Alientraveller - June 17, 2011

No, it was just a rumour, treat as such. This comic is confirmed to adapt the Gary Mitchell episode probably because he won’t be in the next film.

54. Anthony Pascale - June 17, 2011


Not sure what you mean by “confirmed” but TrekMovie never confirmed that rumor

55. somethoughts - June 17, 2011


My mistake, rumour of the sequel dealing with one of the mentioned characters.

56. Starbase Britain - June 17, 2011

Im interested in this concept. Does anyone know how many they are going to produce and at what cost? Id love to see follow ups on TOS episodes and think there is an untapped wealth of ideas to run with. As Mr Spock would say ‘fascinating’ and also ‘there are always possibilities.

Good work Mr Orci and co.

United Kingdom.

57. CanOpener1256 - June 17, 2011

I bow to the fat of their genetically enhanced intellect! If this does really well, it may generate enough interest to a well done animated (like Clone Wars) Star Trek series.

I am 54 and getting back into comics via the new comic book tool called an iPad! YES .. JERICHO LIVES! Now, new Star Treks.

I am there and will be pre-ordering!

58. NCC-73515 - June 17, 2011

The only thing I do not like at all is the disfigured logo…

59. nate - June 17, 2011

I was very excited by this news until the artist was announced. He isn’t all that good. Much rather see an upgrade there to be as strong as the concept. Someone like Adam Hughes, Gordon Purcell or Jerome Moore would be perfect and exciting!

60. captain_root - June 17, 2011

Remember those four postponed novels set in JJ-verse? Perhaps this is an indication that we’ll get them sooner than we think…

61. Jonboc - June 17, 2011

Nice. I’m ready to saddle up and join the new crew on new monthly adventures! it’ll be great fun to see how things unfold differently within those very familiar adventures, making them new and fresh all over again.

62. Zee - June 17, 2011

This is good news. Will definately take a look.

63. trekker 5 - June 17, 2011

Well,this makes me happy!!! :) Thank-you Bob Orci and everybody else who worked on the comics!! :) #33,Hi Aurore! :)

64. dmduncan - June 17, 2011

What about some Star Trek movie ready graphic novels? A legacy to the future, something that someone might want to make as a movie someday, using the graphic novel as a storyboard? Better yet if it’s a trilogy, each volume building off the previous.

There’s depth to the Star Trek story when you stop thinking of it in 1960’s TV mode as episodic. It can be Dune-like. Foundation-al.

65. dmduncan - June 17, 2011

Without going into detail, there IS a concept of TOS canon that is a really big idea of universal interest that can form the corpus of a major and epic science fiction tale, much bigger than a single movie can adequately tell.

66. dmduncan - June 17, 2011

err, I mean “graphic novel,” not “movie.”

67. Aurore - June 17, 2011

Hi, Olivia!


68. CaptainDonovin - June 17, 2011

Will the new comics include lens flare?! Can’t wait for these. I’ve never been a comic guy but the 2009 comics got me hooked.

69. Starseeker - June 17, 2011

I am looking forward to reading these comics when they come out. I think’s something new and original, and I’d like to see how far this new Trek can go as far as ideas and characters.

One of the taglines for the movie was the human adventure begins..well let this one move forward.

70. Michael Hall - June 17, 2011

Since I ultimately came to the regretful conclusion that Trek 2009 was just awful, I’m not sure why the idea of re-imagining TOS episodes in that film’s universe would intrigue me–but for some reason, it does.

71. Trekboi - June 17, 2011

This should have happened 2 years ago.
When they created the firts film they should have set the next movie at least 2 years after the first film to allow for comics, novels & or a cartoon series to keep fan interest (long since faded) between films.

It should have been part of the plan to reinvent the franchise.
wow they have dropped the bar & are starting fresh all over again- but at least it is happening.

72. trekker 5 - June 17, 2011

#67,Aurore,you know,this is the frist time I’ve seen news that has me in a good mood on here in a long time!! Almost seems sinful! :)

73. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 17, 2011

Great idea! I WILL buy if the art and stories are good.

74. Rico - June 17, 2011

Sounds intriguing.

75. CaptBrando - June 17, 2011

I’m actually interested…

76. Michael Hall - June 17, 2011

Any references to the Guardian of Forever, Edith Keeler, or possibly even the Great Depression had best be preceded by the signing of a juicy check. Word to the wise, Viacom.

77. Neumann - June 17, 2011

What I can imagine is that they take various elements and events of the original shows and twist them in new ways… I’m sure it’ll be the big obvious stuff like Trelane, the Gorn and so on, but I would love it if they instead focused on the forgotten, the silly, and the lame and found a fun new way to play with them. There’s really no sense in revisiting what went right the first time, is there?

78. Odkin - June 17, 2011

Hey, I’ve got some professional comics credits – anybody need an inker/consultant? :-)

79. J.R. LeMar - June 17, 2011

I’ll give it a shot.

80. mikephys - June 17, 2011

$3.99? I’m old enough to remember comic books for a quarter!

81. CarlG - June 17, 2011

This could be interesting, sort of like “What if?” stories in the new universe.

I wish they didn’t use that horrible blobby starfleet logo on the cover, though.
What? It’s a Trek thread on the internet. Gotta complain about something! ;)

82. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 17, 2011

#71 – “…novels & or a cartoon series to keep fan interest (long since faded) between films.”

What do you mean by “long since faded”? We’re here, aren’t we?

83. Commodore KorTar - June 17, 2011

I think it’ll be interesting to see how the old episodes will unfold in the new universe, with his new timeline, yes many things are different , but I believe somethings will still happen it will just be in a different way. Consider the episode Doomsday Machine, that Planet Killer is out there gobbling up planets like m&m’s still. The possibilities are endless. Also with the doing new takes on the classic adventures in comics, that will open up Star Trek 2012-13? for an all new story. :)

84. Keeg - June 18, 2011

79 episodes at 4 bucks each? I’ll wait for the inevitable $50 compilation 10 years from now, after which the canon of the next 4 sequels will contradict everything that happened in the comics.

I’m just old fashioned. I can’t abide paying 4 bucks for something I can read in 10 minutes. I was really into comics back when the special double sized issues were a buck. Now half the book is adverts for other comics I have no interest in. Oooh. And concept art. And glossy pages! Wheeee! Maybe they’ll have a $1.00 PDF download option. Then I’m totally aboard.

85. son-of-shatner - June 18, 2011

Not content with making that travesty of a movie… now this?

You know, if the original series is sooo embarrasing to people why are they fans in the first place? Still if we wipe it out of existance then we can have new effects, actors etc etc…

Doctor Who has returned, and it embraces it’s past and dosn’t try to ‘apologise’ for it, while making NEW stories… while Trek just appears to want to go back and re-do the whole lot again.

Trek was never about effects… the characters, the stories, however these are irrelevant these days.. as long as we have plenty of explosions and in 3D then thats ‘cool’….

I’m off now to watch my 79 episodes and morn the passing of quality entertainment.

(Oh and I will most certainly NOT be buying these comics!!)

86. Basement Blogger - June 18, 2011

i liked the prequel “Countdown” better than Star Trek 2009. Why? The prequel felt more like Star Trek. You want to know why Nero is so mad? Read the graphic novel. There are ideas in it. And you gotta love Romulan Commander D’SPAL Va-va-va voom. She gives Nero the Borg technology to outfit his ship. But I digress.

I suggest they move away from reimagining TOS stories. Go for new stories guys. Regardless, this is great news. This and the game may keep us busy until the new movie comes out in 2013. .

87. njdss4 - June 18, 2011

Remind me again in September.

88. Holger - June 18, 2011

Classic episodes are (by definition) classic. Why would they need “reenvisioning”? No thanks!

89. Azrael - June 18, 2011

@ 85, Dude get out of your mom’s basement and go have a trivia contest with the energy being from that one Futurama episode. Seriously I have the Klingon emblem tattooed on my arm and have for many years now and I loved the 2009 movie. It had flaws yes but it was so much better than I hoped for that I am willing to forgive. Nobody is perfect and the original series was not really that good, when you really get down to it. It surely had its great moments, but these are moments the new incarnations should experience also. We wouldn’t want them as a movie as many have said but here is a way to let everyone see the characters go through some of these things, why is that bad?

Plus maybe they will sneak some previews of the next movie in. Like maybe those earlier rumors about Harry Mudd. Perhaps they do a Mudd’s Women issue, then an I, Mudd later, then Harry shows up in the film in an all new story. Hey its possible isnt it?

90. KHAN 2.0 - June 18, 2011

@84 – i cant see them doing EVERY episode (Spocks Brain? Way to Eden? The Apple?) they’ll prob just choose the fan favourites – bar COTEOF (else they’ll get ass sued off by Harlen) and the stuff they planning to use for the sequel(s)… i bet they dont do Space Seed!

The Cage was sort of re-imagined alittle in the Marvel ‘Early Voyages’ Pike series (which also had a cool 3 or 4 part alternate reality story which was alittle similar to Yesterdays Enterprise and ST09) and i think Balance of Terror was done by IDW

91. Hugh Hoyland - June 18, 2011

I disagree with those that think you cant put the original stories in a new unit of time.

In fact if they ever do a re-imagined TV series of TOS I would think thats the way to go.

Have many of the same adventures set in the new universe and also add some totally new stuff. sweet! :]

92. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 18, 2011

Bob can you do us all a favor and give Kirk Prime a cameo in the comic pls.
It might just quieten down the Shatnerites….

93. denny cranium - June 18, 2011

@85 Son of Shatner
Can’t wait to read your review of Spock’s Brain- Go enjoy your quaility entertainment.
If Trek 09 was a travesty why do you post here?
Looking forward to the comics

94. Aging Fangirl - June 18, 2011

This is great news! At least now we have a definite date to look forward to. Thanks for throwing us a bone!

@ 6 – Gotta love cross-pollenation! Comics are simply another means of telling a story. As such, they can either be very good, or very, very, … very bad. Hope this is a good intro for you!

@ 80 – Unfortunately I remember the trauma-inducing price increase from .20 to .25 cents. I could’ve bought a bag of chips with that extra nickle! :-) Comic book prices are out of control, which is partly why I went cold turkey a couple of years ago.

But I will be spending my money on this! Hope they’re done well.

95. "Check the Circuit!" - June 18, 2011

Does this mean the powers that be are going to let the nuTrek novels be released? Sounded like they had some good story ideas…like the one about spock prime being a target because of his knowledge of the future.

96. Dom - June 18, 2011

I’ll be fascinated to see what happens in these stories. Maybe Gary Mitchell survives. Maybe Uhura and Spock have to marry in order that he endures the Ponn’Farr. Maybe the Organians waste the Klingons. It could be a lot of fun; certainly more fun than Berman’s tedious, pompous, self-righteous drivel!

97. Sebastian S. - June 18, 2011


I was beginning to think I was the only one that felt that way.
There is simply no need to do this. I’d much rather see a whole
new series of adventures in the JJ Abrams’ timeline. You could
do new stories that have occasional stray elements from classic
stories, but don’t just do lazy remakes.

Let the classics be, IMO. They still work.

98. Christopher Roberts - June 18, 2011

97. It’s fairly obvious that’s why remakes are being tested out in comic book form. Being not canon to some, and probably not at all as far as the studio is concerned. Leaving the next film and subsequent ones (perhaps) to stay well away from being remakes. I take this as a good sign …with the potential explored here, for anyone curious and who isn’t?

99. Drew - June 18, 2011

Disregarding the token angry, can’t be pleased responses, I think most fans would support this. The entire draw of an ‘alternate universe’ is to see how things alternately happen. I am a little disappointed that this may indicate the second pilot is not the subject of the new movie. I really wanted to see Gary Mitchell in some way…and the rest of that episode’s plot, too. After watching TOS repeatedly, the Kirk/Spock chess scene stands out as a really memorable, iconic moment. So many “little things” in that episode that I think JJ’s team could spin in a very interesting way.

Heck, I think the Gary Mitchell getting more powerful plot could run parallel to another major plotline and intersect in a big way for a nice payoff in this new movie. I’m excited for the comic and new movie. Trek needs this new life to become a bigger part of the collective consciousness again. If Orci & co can keep meaningful messages, especially now that people were drawn in by the incredible action of the first movie, they can reintroduce some of Roddenberry’s ideas to the masses. What a great opportunity for them!

100. Brian Lackey - June 18, 2011

I’m hopeing for an Abramsverse Phase II Series where the Klingons and (if possible) the Romulans joins the Federation and such.

101. Joshua J. Slone - June 18, 2011

I’m interested. One of the things we were never going to see much of in live action was how similar or dissimilar the events of TOS might happen with all the changes introduced in the 2009 movie. This format allows that to be tackled at length, and at a fairly small scale.

Someone earlier said it would be kind of hard to do Amok Time. Sure, but that might actually be an interesting case. It wouldn’t play out at all the same, but Spock is still subject to Vulcan biology, and his bride-to-be may or may not have survived, so it allows the basic Pon Farr trouble to play out in a very different way.

102. dmduncan - June 18, 2011

Again, epic over episodic. Star Trek has always been the latter, but it has the potential to be the former.

103. KHAN 2.0 - June 18, 2011

i hope they do my all time fave ep – Spectre of the Gun.

thats the one i keep coming back to for its Twilight Zone type eerieness

104. Aging Fangirl - June 18, 2011

We have over one hundred posts and no one yet has had anything to say about the size of Uhura’s head on the cover in relation to McCoy’s.

This is unprecedented!

I was almost looking forward to the usual venomous tirade about the triumvirate. It’s tradition.

Speaking of covers, I guess those variants are still under wraps.

105. Red Dead Ryan - June 18, 2011


All that matters is that McCoy is on the cover. On the left of Kirk, while Spock and Uhura are on the right. Nice arrangement!

106. skyjedi - June 18, 2011

With this and the new game set in the JJVerse where are our novels?

Comic book redoes of classic episodes in the new universe sounds interesting, but i would like to see these as tv episodes even more with the cast of the last movie.

107. weyoun_9 - June 18, 2011

I like the idea (somewhat echoing 98) that they can revisit past Trek with a new spin in the comics, satisfying those who want to see characters like Trelane or Khan or Gary Mitchell again while still allowing the films to be their own entity. Besides. It’s hard to grasp the scope of the Enterprise travels in just a couple of films. This comic series could really be quite cool for a while. I’m kind of pumped.

108. skyjedi - June 18, 2011

Oh and another thing, can they please not do any more photoshop covers, i want to see some handrawn or painted, not faked in a computer.

109. SON-OF-SHATNER - June 18, 2011

@93 If I don’t like 09 why am I here?????????? ITS A TREK SITE!!

BTW I actually think there is more pure Trek in ‘Spocks Brain’ than in the whole of JJ’s effort!

Seriously though, of course all the Trek shows have bad episodes, but I would rather watch the originals…

@89…also my wife and kids found your stereotypical comment about basements most amusing! I have been a fan of Trek since 1982.. alas Trek died around the same time!!!

If I could slingshot around the sun .. time warp and distroy CGI! Then we’d get somewhere….

110. Red Dead Ryan - June 18, 2011


“If I don’t like 09 why am I here?????????? ITS A TREK SITE!!”

It’s called “TrekMOVIE. Com”. It was named after the J.J Abrams film. Without J.J Abrams, this site WOULD NOT exist.

If you don’t like the direction Trek is taking under J.J Abrams, then just stay the hell off this site!

111. Red Dead Ryan - June 18, 2011

Err…I meant that for 109!


112. The Governator - June 18, 2011

Governator here. I haven’t posted in a while, but I felt compelled to in this case.

To those of you who think the classics should be left alone, I think you’re missing the point of this comic idea. Yes, the classics are great. I don’t think many feel different. Its not so much a case of fixing whats broken as it is just re-exploring old territory in a new way. Now that our characters are in a new universe, things are bound to unfold differently. Why not explore that? Its not like these comics will cancel out the old episodes. They’re just comics after all. I don’t see why its such a big deal. In fact, I think its a great idea and would certainly make for a great build up to the sequel.

113. Pensive's Wetness - June 18, 2011

@5, this is a oppertunity to see the results of the JJ-verse with the knowledge of old spock and the results (in a way, a chance to prevent the many disasters, lose of life and ships, as least as much as spock knew in his ‘youth’), so to speak. i look forward to this…

114. Christopher Arnold - June 18, 2011

I don’t know how long this series will last, but hopefully the re-envisioning in it will include that of “Star Trek: The Animated Series”. That way, we know that IDW will not ignore its place in Trek canon. Maybe in the next whatsoever years, depending on how well this sells, we can expect for this “Star Trek” comic series to span a sequel series focusing on Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and their starship crews, but of course in an Abramverse way.

115. VZX - June 18, 2011

Yep, I’m gonna get this. I’m a sucker for this sort of stuff.

116. Hermioni - June 18, 2011

Personally, i do feel very, very intrigued by this upcoming Star Trek project for a wide variety of reasons: To offer just a few examples, from my point of view, the new comic-book series might very well…

– develop into a further, leading example for the (it seems to me) increasingly popular narrational strategy to create story content based on the construction of multiple, parallel and/or forking-paths narratives. (What seems of particular interest to me here, is the prospect that the story lines will almost certainly reflect the crossing of a plethora of narrative barriers such as the change in format of presentation or the significant distance between production eras.)

– provide the opportunity for a continued in-depth examination of the thematic background concept regarding the impact of nature vs. nurture on the behaviour of our primary and secondary protagonists, as first tentatively introduced by the new film´s setting.

-further shape the audience´s understanding of the Abrams et al.-Verse as either a new addition to/incarnation of the traditional “shared world” narrational approach to Star Trek story-telling or as the first example of a new form of “signature” trek, which links narrative material authored by a particular creative team more closely to this groups´s other, non Star Trek related oeuvre than to a larger, unified body of Star Trek work bound together by its adherence to a specific narrative profile.

So, in the hopes that I am not getting unduly personal here, ;-) , for the reasons mentioned above and for a few more, may I say that the announcement of this project really makes me wish for a(n imaginary) chance to thoroughly pick Mr. Orci´s brain about the various conceptual considerations behind this new endeavour.

117. Holger - June 18, 2011

Re 108: I second that. For any comicbook.

118. Christopher Roberts - June 18, 2011

106. One or more of the novels that were due out, might clash with plot ideas for the new film and that could be why they’ve been put on hold.

119. Christopher Roberts - June 18, 2011

IIRC one book was going to deal with what the Vulcans end up doing next… A rather obvious and major concern that should be address onscreen, I would’ve thought.

120. Excelsior - June 18, 2011

Bad news: apparently, as a result of IDW/Paramount focussing more on the JJ-verse from this point on, we’re going to see a lot less classic Trek from them. :(

Haven’t heard anthing official from IDW, but John Byrne posted on his official site/forum that this series means he won’t be able to create any more TOS-based comics for the forseeable future – so no more ‘Crew’, ‘Romulans’, ‘Assignment: Earth’, ‘Frontier Doctor’, etc..

If true, that’s a real shame – Byrne’s stuff was by far the best Trek stuff IDW was putting out – ‘Crew’ in particular might be one of my favourite Trek comics ever. It’s bad enough that the new movies preclude any more live-action classic Trek being made, but now the spin-off media too?

121. Matt - June 18, 2011

i would love to see them do a piece of the action. that was one of the first episodes i ever saw back in the 1990s when i was kid and i gotta say i enjoyed it.

122. Graham Laurie - June 18, 2011

If it’s not Shatner & Nimoy comic-book Kirk & Spock, I’m not interested.

123. Lee - June 18, 2011

This is kind of what I was hoping they could do (albeit, in computer game form) if someone won the rights to the Vulcan Fury story (tell the new timeline version of those events).

124. Matt - June 18, 2011

I wish they would do A piece of the action in this alternate reality. that was one of the first Star Trek Episodes i ever saw when i was a kid in the 90’s.

125. dmduncan - June 18, 2011

I saw Green Lantern, which I did not particularly like. However, within two minutes of his appearance I could identify the red skinned character of Sinestro as played by Mark Strong, who was easily the strongest part of the movie. As usual the man turned in a strong and charismatic performance, and I am just a little sad that if a Star Trek story on Khan is ever done, it will not be done soon enough for Mark Strong to be a candidate for the part.

The guy exudes a power and intelligence in his roles that fits the character of Khan perfectly, and I think were he in that role he would surpass expectations.

126. M_E - June 18, 2011

Uhmm, given the logic (or lack of it) that explained the creation of the JJVerse timeline, if they revisited “The city on the edg of foreve” and the episode that introduces Gary7, the JJ crew might encounter the TOS crew… I mean, if the new timeline starts withNero´s arrival and the destruction of the Kelvin, we have this strange paradox where all the interactions of the TOS and TNG characters in the past prior to Nero´s arrival still are part of the JJVerse canon… Of course, they can choose to give it much less thought than we give and make stuff that will make us cringe in horror… :)

127. Alientraveller - June 18, 2011

I reckon Nero’s incursion would’ve wiped all the previous time travel events in the past. There’s some interesting articles that demonstrate how the AR would be unaffected by the removal of these (problematic) journeys into the Star Trek backstory:

128. Paul - June 18, 2011

I’d love to see a “Mirror, Mirror”-style story where prime universe and abramsverse crews change their places. “Captain, this is completely different Enterprise!”

129. Herb Finn - June 18, 2011

I hope they also adapt the animated episodes. :)

130. KHAN 2.0 - June 18, 2011

some eps that would be great for re-imagining: (time travel ones be good as simply change the time period they end up in for a new story)

-The City on the Edge of Forever (if they can use it – spin a whole new story – i.e. have Bones land in some other time period – maybe saving JFK or something?)
-Space Seed (if they arent planning to do anything with Khan for the movies – which would be a shame – have the BB discovered by another Fed ship or the klingons)
-Arena (maybe set on another planet to the Vasquez Rocks one)
-Tomorrow Is Yesterday (set present day)
-The Devil in the Dark (more ‘Alien’ like)
-The Alternative Factor (this ep gets alot of flack – but theres a great story about alternate univeres in there somewhere)
-The Deadly Years (great excuse to use curly haired ShatKirks likeness – along with the rest of the original actors as they age)
-Spectre of the Gun (maybe have another era taken from fragments of Kirks mind?)
-For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (great concept – poor ep imo – give it a Truman show/Matrix/DarkCity style make over)
-The Tholian Web (actually show Kirk in the 21st century Mirror universe? – maybe he had some sort of adventure there?…maybe make it more Event Horizon – which basically remade this ep)
-All Our Yesterdays (have them go to different time periods)

as for the other stories i wouldnt mind seeing a foray into the Prime universe (maybe meeting movie ShatKirk or Picard), a Star Trek Aliens type thing (ok i know it cant be Aliens but that kind of horror/nastiness), and maybe TNG stuff explored – a thing with the Borg like Q Who only with Kirk and Co, an encounter with the aliens of Conspiracy

131. Starbase Britain - June 18, 2011

#103 Khan

‘Spectre of the Gun’ is an absolute classic. agreed. :o)
I never tire of it. The only thing that episode lacks is an actual visual beam down sequence. They just appear in the mist already landed. I had hoped they might have added that when they remastered it. Having said that i LOVE it.

132. Drew - June 18, 2011

What do you guys think about this:

They did lead-in comics for Star Trek, showing what happened leading up to the beginning of the movie…

Perhaps these comics will go over the “missing time/events” that will directly lead into the time the new movie will take place… maybe they will be a year into the journey, for example, when the new movie comes out. THESE comics will span the events between the ending of Star Trek (the movie) and JJ’s 2nd Trek.

I like this line of thinking, but as I said above, bummed it would imply Gary Mitchell/WNMHGB was done and over when the next film comes out.

133. captain_neill - June 18, 2011

Wow it looks like IDW are doing what I feared Orci and Kurtzman were going to do. Rehash new spins on the TOS episodes.

Why do I get the feeling that if George Lucas was about he would try and replace Shatner, Nimoy et all the likeness of Pine and Quino et all? I’d hate that.

If done well though I would be interested but I like new stories not new spins on episodes which are classics in their own rights and also in the new movie for some strange reason the 5 year mission starts 6 years earlier than in the prime universe.

If the new movie had desstroyed the orignal timeline I would not be happy but accepting it as a parallel universe allows me to enjoy more as a separate entity. Part of the legacy of Trek but not part of established canon.

I can say its not canon but still say its a cool film.

134. captain_neill - June 18, 2011

New stories not rehashes.

135. captain_neill - June 18, 2011


Is it confirmed they are focusing solely on the Abrams movie now?

That is a shame as I love the prime universe still getting stories as well.

136. Excelsior - June 18, 2011


John Byrne posted this earlier on his forum, as a response to a thread about the new series:

“And so, after biting my tongue all these months, you finally know why you won’t be seeing any more TREK work from me any time soon”.

and then replied to another post that the news effectively:

“…denies me further access to STAR TREK for the foreseeable future”.

So yeah – it seems that TPTB have decided to turn their focus away from TOS-based comics in favour of the new timeline. It’s the ‘denying access’ bit that implies an editorial fiat, rather than Byrne just declining to do any further Trek work (indeed, IIRC, he had ideas for a possible follow-up to ‘Assignment: Earth’).

137. Iva - June 18, 2011

Oh, my. And who is supposed to be into Abramsverse comics? Mainstream?

138. Jonboc - June 18, 2011

#120 “Haven’t heard anthing official from IDW, but John Byrne posted on his official site/forum that this series means he won’t be able to create any more TOS-based comics for the forseeable future – so no more ‘Crew’, ‘Romulans’, ‘Assignment: Earth’, ‘Frontier Doctor’, etc..”

This is unsettling news. I’m all for the new stories based on the movie…but not at the expense of the original. Mothballing the original crew comics is bad move paramount…there is no reason this has to be an either-or situation. I count on my iPad comics and novels to get my fix of new TOS…I hope the TOS based novels aren’t put out to pasture as well.

139. Red Dead Ryan - June 18, 2011

We’ll have the nu-universe Trek comics for awhile……until sales plummet like they did with the other Trek comics and IDW pulls the plug on the whole thing, leaving us without any Trek comics.

Enjoy ’em while you can, folks. The end is nigh.

140. Ivory - June 18, 2011

Sounds kind of boring putting new twists on old stories. Why not do something new?

141. Lee - June 18, 2011

This begs another questions: Will they also be doing new timeline versions of stories from the animated series?

142. Red Dead Ryan - June 18, 2011

What they should do is an alternate version of “Generations” where Shat-Kirk does not die.

143. DeShonn Steinblatt - June 18, 2011

One can hardly criticize a for profit company for wanting to publish something that will make a profit.

144. Charla - June 18, 2011

I would love to see this happen!! I haven’t read a comic book since “Space 1999″- and I will have a great time going into the comic book store with my kids to buy these! Now I will start my own collection! :D

145. captain_neill - June 19, 2011

I have no problems with comics in the new movie universe as great stories could be told in the new universe.

But at the same time I still like to see stories in the prime universe.

Also going back to the new movie universe as I said earlier I do think new stories is the way to go rather than retelling the classics in a new way.

146. Trekprincess - June 19, 2011

Why does it seem to me that Captain Neill goes on and on too much we all got that you prefer the prime over the nu universe :):) just saying

147. Dom - June 19, 2011

To be honest, the Prime Universe is done. We should refer to it as the ‘Old Universe’, let it stand as it is and accept the new movie’s universe as the real ‘Prime Universe.’

It might sound harsh, but for the first time since something like 1997, we have the chance for spin-off books to come up with their own ideas and allow us to explore the universe free from endless continuity baggage.

The new Prime Universe (let’s start calling it that from herein) is the active one and common sense says that’s where all the licenced spinoffs should be aiming!

So when I hear Old Universe material is being jettisoned in favour of new Prime Universe stuff, I have no issue with it whatsoever. Time to move on, folks.

148. captain_neill - June 19, 2011


Why can’t we have stories in both universes.

Why must one be jettisoned for the other? We can have ‘new’ stories in the new uiverse and we can still have new stories in the prime universe.

I never said we must prefer the prime universe, I was saying that I would prefer new stories in the new universe rather than remaking all the TOS episodes in the new universe setting.

I am in favour of stories in both universes but I just don’t want prime universe stories to be jettisoned either.

149. dmduncan - June 19, 2011

I find it disturbing that fans are now arguing about how to think of homogenizing canon in the comic book worlds of Star Trek. Anyone else think just tell stories?

150. dmduncan - June 19, 2011

With MWI established in canon, every damned new comic series can be understood as a new universe with new stories having it’s own canon. Don’t let Star Trek stagnate in the comics too.

151. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2011

The Prime Universe comics are done because nobody was buying them. Even though most of those stories were done well. People want to see more of the Nu-Trek, and who can blame them? We’ve all fallen in love with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, etc. and since we might only get three movies in total with these fine folks, it makes sense to do comics set in the NuUniverse. Plus you can do things with the NuUniverse crew that you can’t do with the prime TOS crew because of the greater amount of freedom provided by the last movie. For instance, there was no way the Borg would be able to be used in a Prime Universe story simply because canon would be contradicted, but in the new timeline, things have changed alot, including the fact that there was Borg technology present in the hull of the Narada which the Borg could have detected if they had ships as close as let’s say, 10,000 light years away.

152. Khan was Framed! - June 19, 2011

Sounds Terrible; the best thing about IDW to date was that they draw the ship & crew as they appear in TOS.

This totally ruins it.

It will be the first round of their Trek books that I won’t buy other than the movie adaptation.

153. Jonboc - June 19, 2011

#151 “People want to see more of the Nu-Trek, and who can blame them? ”

really? while the movie was a huge success, the spin-off merchandising of the movie tanked. I look forward to reading the comic book adventures of the new crew, but based on the lukewarm reaction to other nu-trek merchandise, the cancellation of the pocket book releases and the cancelation of the new Enterprise model…I wouldn’t be surprised if the series folds inside of a year. people love the movie and will flock to the sequel…but they aren’t investing time and money in this new universe…maybe we do need a continuing series to sustain the masses’ interest, I don’t know…but right now, as far as enough interest to sustain comic book run goes, I ain’t feeling it. Hope I’m wrong.

154. boborci - June 19, 2011


155. Jonboc - June 19, 2011

Hey Bob…hope the comics work, really do. Last regular series I read were the excellent Early Voyages, of Pike done by Marvel. It was great…kind of petered out in the end, but 90% of the work was fantastic. like the series you guys are doing, it was a great look at “what if”.

Bob, i think I read somewhere where you have a iPad. Ever read Trek comics on the IPad? it’s pretty sweet…I think it’s going to give comics a much needed boost. . You can get the DVD compilation of every Trek comic ever put out ( to a point) and load up whatever PDFs you wanna read with dropbox and enjoy them on the iPad. pretty handy. And, of course, the Trek comic app is awesome…especially when it’s 120 degrees outside like it is today…good day to sit by the warm cool glow of the iPad and read…inside!

156. boborci - June 19, 2011

155. Love reading comics on my ipad

157. captain_neill - June 19, 2011

151 and 153

I am happy for new stuff to come out for the new universe but at the same time I do want prime universe stuff to continue.

I thought the Abrams movie was to open the door to new fans to see the other Treks.

158. Jonboc - June 19, 2011

…yeah, ain’t technology great. Just one bit of wishful thinking on my part..while I have your ear, .in fact I think I ‘ve mentioned this before…but forget the brewery nonsense…I don’t care if you build an engineering room out of Lincoln logs ( assuming they still make those)…what I want to see is Spock staring down into that familiar blue light. When you get a chance, please put a bug in the set designer’s ear, or write a few lines where Spock ” gazes down into the blue light of his viewer”. Spock just isn’t Spock without that sensor viewer….it’s the little

159. boborci - June 19, 2011

158. I can probably get you the viewer, butt JJ loves the brewery.

160. Basement Blogger - June 19, 2011

Hey Bob Orci, (@ 156)

Your film, “Cowboys and Aliens” is coming out . It was filmed in 2D. I want to give you a heads up. SOME MOVIE THEATERS ARE SHOWING 2D MOVIES WITH 3D LENSES. The reason they won’t change the lens is because of the costs. Again, thanks for the info Jonboc.

I had to see Super 8 twice because the first movie theater wouldn’t change the lens. The first showing with 3D lenses was too dark. Saw it with correct lens, and it was crisp and clear. I’ve complained to management. They did not deny the practice. Anyway film Boston Globe film critic has already done an investigative piece. Link.

Sorry, to repeat myself to fellow Trekkers. But it’s a big problem happening in the U.S. I’m in Cincinnati. I hope other filmmakers know about the problem. Looking forward to seeing Cowboys and Aliens with the right lens.

161. boborci - June 19, 2011

160. Interesting. Was not aware.

162. Dom - June 19, 2011

148. captain_neill: ‘Why can’t we have stories in both universes. Why must one be jettisoned for the other? We can have ‘new’ stories in the new uiverse and we can still have new stories in the prime universe.’

Because, realistically, the old universe is finished. The story really ended with Voyager and Nemesis. The Voyager Crew got home, the TNG crew went their separate ways, the series showed a future timeline where the communists/fascists that run the future Federation are controlling the timelines and history is locked down. There’s really nothing more to be said for the old universe except for nostalgia trips that can’t shake things up too much.

Now, I’m lucky: I’m old enough to remember the pre-TNG era when Kirk, Spock and McCoy’s Star Trek was the only (and still is) real Star Trek. At that stage, the spin-off literature could do whatever it liked. We had classics such as Final Frontier and Strangers From the Sky. The comics were an event, the movie novelisations were massive expansions of the movie plots and loads of details about the characters’ backgrounds and the universe were added. For example, Harry Morrow was one of Kirk’s early commanders, in TSFS, and in TWOK there were Galaxy-Class starships exploring the Andromeda Galaxy.

By the time Gene Roddenberry and his lawyers, along with Rick Berman later on, got their hands on Trek in 1987, the series became about what you couldn’t do in the Star Trek universe rather than being daring, because it contradicted Gene’s lunatic Californian cultist concept of some kind of global utopia!

The concept of the ‘Prime Universe’ is flawed anyway, as Roddenberry was perfectly happy to contradict TOS and the TOS films in TNG. It’s better to perceive TNG as being as much a separate universe from TOS as TNG is from that of the new movie. As far as I’m concerned, the Spock Prime of the new film ws the guy from Star Trek VI and has nothing to do with the bloke from Unification. Equally, the Kirk from Generations was the Kirk from TNG history and isn’t the guy who commanded the Enterprise in STVI!

163. Jonboc - June 19, 2011

Hey basement blogger, you’re more than welcome man, people pay a lot for a movie these days…it’s a disservice to the patrons and to the hard work of the people who craft the films like JJ and Bob. Films deserve to be seen as intended without theater chains cutting-corners at the expense of the picture quality,tarnishing the whole movie- going experience.

Thanks for spreading the word…if the cost of people demanding refunds, because of a lousy image, outweighs the cost of management to swap out attachments, maybe the practice will stop.

And Bob, thanks In advance for the viewer. Yeah, brewery-schmewery…it didnt bother me…I say let the cast shoot there and enjoy the benefits! Cheers!

164. RenderedToast - June 19, 2011


Could you tell JJ that he’s completely wrong then?

165. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2011


IDW cancelled the remaining line of Prime Universe stories because of low sales. The Nu-Universe is where its at. At least for now. Although that will probably be cancelled at some point. Trekkies have a habit of complainiing about lack of merchandise, yet when something cool comes out, they ignore it.


“I can probably get you the viewer, butt JJ loves the brewery.”

At least get Scotty to open up a bar in engineering. It should help keep Keenser out of trouble!

Also, butt=BUT. You’re welcome!

166. Frederick - June 19, 2011

This might be the closest we can get to a new TV series with the new stars in the alternate reality. I think it’s a good idea, if the writing is good enough. It oculd fill the gaps between the movies nicely.. the only thing that would be better is a new regular animated series set in the new universe. Come on, Paramount! Do that, at least!

167. dmduncan - June 19, 2011

I dunno. Maybe Star Trek just doesn’t translate well into comics when it’s redoing old stories or just telling a cheesy comic story. Think of it as The Watchmen. Star Trek already has great characters. Now give them a great story in comic or graphic novel form with a great artist storyboarding the project, and it might sell by word of mouth as something really cool. But I think it has to pick up with the story, with telling a story that you’d WANT to see on a movie screen someday vs. something you whipped up in an afternoon for the comics. I don’t think you can expect the reward without putting in the love on a thing like Star Trek.

168. dmduncan - June 19, 2011

What about those oddball standing stations port and starboard of the captain’s chair? What are those? Are they really necessary?

When Matt Jefferies designed the original bridge every station had a defined purpose. Those things just seem to be obstacles.

169. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2011

Well, maybe instead of 12 issues per year made up of 32 page comics minus 7 or 8 pages for advertising, they ought to do one or two 100 page graphic novels per year. This way, stories can be much more epic, continous, and not interrupted by ads. There’d also be more time to be able to develop the story properly, as well as allowing for some truly spectactular artwork.

170. dmduncan - June 19, 2011

Exactly. Star Trek just doesn’t rush well.

171. dmduncan - June 19, 2011

And I would LOVE to see the brewery reproduced in painstaking detail in every issue.

172. Red Dead Ryan - June 19, 2011

I’d say the same about “Star Wars” as well. I think 12 standalone issues work well for superheroes, since it is what DC and Marvel have always done from the start, but properties like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” need something bigger.

173. Erik Parrent - June 19, 2011

#162 – Agree totally about Kirk and Spock.

174. DeShonn Steinblatt - June 19, 2011

157. I thought the Abrams movie was to open the door to new fans to see the other Treks

Too risky. What if it’s Voyager or Enterprise they innocently put in their netflix queue. They might become so traumatized they never return to Star Trek again.

175. Jack - June 20, 2011

And then an animated web minisode series — if successful? Or, heck, TV, a la the Clone Wars.

176. captain_neill - June 20, 2011


I was also referrignto stories told within the time frames of the shows.

IDW did some cool stories set in the TOS timeframe which would have been cool to get more from.

177. Devon - June 20, 2011

#109 – “”@93 If I don’t like 09 why am I here?????????? ITS A TREK SITE!!

BTW I actually think there is more pure Trek in ‘Spocks Brain’ than in the whole of JJ’s effort!”””

Now you’re just trying too hard.

178. Bob - June 20, 2011

I LOVE this idea. I bought and read the other Trek movie themed comics and found them not only very entertaining, but they brought a further depth to the events that happened on screen in the 2009 film. I especially loved “Countdown” as it showed the Prime universe, the events that lead into the film – giving such gems as WHY the Romulans have those tatoos on them, showing some TNG characters and most importantly shows the Enterprise in the Prime universe continuing on AFTER both Nero and Spock enter the singularity that sends them to the parallel universe, thus ending any and all arguments that the Prime universe had to end in order to have the parallel universe come into being. These issues WERE to be considered as “canon” as directed by the creators of the movie. Very much looking forward to seeing what they offer and how much they will foreshadow what’s to come in the new film…

179. Captain Ucklak - June 20, 2011

I’m very excited about this idea. It’s something I have thought about from time to time in the context of a new TV series. The “fanboy” in me would love to see the classic adventures re-imagined on the small screen, but comics (or an animated series) is the next best thing.

I’m on board and will buy every monthly issue; I hope sales are good enough to warrant all 79 episodes (or at least the “best” eps).

180. The Governator - June 20, 2011

As much as I do love this idea and hope they can do as many episodes possible (along with new stories), theres no way they will even come close to doing 79 episodes. While a new issue every month seems frequent to the inattentive ear, it would take nearly 7 years for them to do all 79 episodes, and thats not counting the new stories they plan on doing.

I’d love to see if this comic series becomes just a lead in for the sequel or extends beyond that. Right now it seems like it will just be a lead in for the next movie, which would mean there could be anywhere from 10-22 issues depending on the release date. I guess it’ll ultimately come to how well it sells.

181. Sisko! - June 20, 2011

Does this mean Sisko and Co. will still show up in the Tribbles episode? :)

182. Alex Rosenzweig - June 20, 2011

#135, 136, 138…

If that’s true, it absolutely guarantees that I won’t be spending a thin dime on this new series.

Bad enough that this whole alternate-universe-cum-reboot has effectively ended any further development of the Trek Primeverse on film–at least, on film from CBS/Paramount–for the foreseeable future, but if it’s also pushing aside Primeverse storytelling in other media as well… Well, the only thing that I, as a consumer, can do to express my displeasure is not support it financially.

(It’s one thing to introduce alternate ‘verses in such a way that they’re not designed to supplant the original. This one is not such a thing, which is why I see it diffrently than, say, the Mirrorverse.)

Up-side for me, I guess, is that I’ll be saving money for other things. Sorry, IDW, but them’s the breaks. Let me know when you’re ready to do Star Trek (as in, no reboots or alternate universes) again; I’ll be waiting.

183. Kamdan - June 20, 2011

This will be a very interesting project. I thought the feature film served well as a pilot for an ongoing series, but not a film series. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of reinventing old episodes of the series and it looks like this will be the best opportunity for that idea.

184. Desstruxion - June 20, 2011

I’ll read it.

Sure wish someone would do an Earth/Romulan war series in comic form as a 5th season for Enterprise with the refitted version of the NX-01.

185. Christopher Roberts - June 20, 2011

184. Maybe that’ll figure into nu “Balance of Terror” as a flashback.

I’ll take it in comic-form, as indeed I’ve done so in novel. But really, it ought to be the next Star Trek television series.

186. Victor Hugo - June 20, 2011

Stop using the word “re-imagining”, it feels like a punch in the stomach.

187. Aurore - June 20, 2011


188. MJ - June 20, 2011

Can someone (Bob Orci?) explain to me why they are allowing this, but they won’t allow the new novels to be published. In fact, Alan Dean Foster and two other novelist’s ST new universe novels have been in the hopper for 2 years due to JJ’s putting a hold on them (that is my understanding — maybe Anthony or Bob Orci can address this?).

189. Ron Tracey - June 20, 2011

It will be interesting to see how they handle such episodes involving Lazarus, Apollo, Ron Tracey, Garth Of Izar, the conflict involving Stratos City, and Lokai and Bele among others.

Including and up to the events of Triskelion, Tribbles, the Melkots, the Gorn, the Kelvan, Kang and Mara, and the Organians.

190. Jack - June 20, 2011

Good art, please.

191. captain_neill - June 21, 2011

Why are people more interested in seeing TOS episodes reevisioned rather than brand new stories told in this new universe?

The novels that MJ mentioned were to be brand new stories. Isn’t that more creative.

The Myriad Universes novels had created a new take on the events but the story was new but this one does sound like tweaks to an already classic story.

192. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 21, 2011

#192 Perhaps it is because one of those brand new stories is the basis for the plot of the sequel and/or they don’t want the stories in the novels to conflict canon-wise with what may be covered in the sequel. Who knows what these guys are up to. I just wish they would just get it done already.

193. captain_neill - June 21, 2011


Reading the synopsis of some of those planned novels, they would make a good idea for Star Trek XII and keep within the Trek vibe.


194. captain_neill - June 21, 2011


That’s a good point. Those new novels were new and I felt they were strong for Trek and establish the new universe as a new separate entity.

Folks I am sorry I have been a bit repetitive in the past and I will try and not do it again.

You all know what my preferences are but I have to say I would def be open for new stories continuing the feel of the new universe. But I just feel what if alternatives of the classics is just a bit of a wasted opportunity.

To me the new universe was just that, a new universe where new stories can happen that frees them from canon of the prime universe.

Also this is just a comment I am asking out of curiosity but thas the fact the 5 year mission starts 6 years earlier ever been addressed as this means all the events happen 6 years earlier than they should if this comic series is doing reenvisons.

195. NuFan - June 21, 2011

They will be new to me. I haven’t seen that many of the episodes.

196. boborci - June 21, 2011

188. I guess same reason you dont see a lot of Adam West Batman products, or Keaton. Not the current continuity.

197. Hugh Hoyland - June 21, 2011

Bob I know you may not be able to answer this question but here goes (slightly off topic to).

Would would you be willing to produce a live action series using the same idea as you are here with the comics?

Not forgetting your other TV series of course lol.

198. captain_neill - June 21, 2011


A fair point.

However, every so often we still get collectables from those eras. I just ordered myself a Keaton Batman figurine. He’s my fav so couldn’t resist.

199. Alex Rosenzweig - June 21, 2011

#196 – Hi, Bob! The comic book universes abandoned the idea of consistency long ago, of course. About the time I got old enough to understand what they’d done and how it impacted me as a reader, I stopped supporting them, too.

I was, like, “Wait a minute… In one book, Superman can do this, this, and this. In another boook, he can only do this. In one show, Batman’s background involves X. In another, it was Y. Why should I care about any of this?”

Star Trek lasted 44 years before somebody decided that “the current continuity” should be abandoned. But for me, my love of Trek isn’t just about a couple of guys named Kirk and Spock. (I’ve written a couple of million words of Trek Universe fanfic, and very few of them have anything to do with Kirk and Spock. ;) ) It’s all about that world. So, tell me, why should I care about a new one?

All that said, I do have to admit to a bit of curiosity about which episodes might be chosen for “reimagination”. A few obviously won’t work at all, like “Obsession”, but others have some potential. Like many folks, though, i just don’t really see the point of retreading old stories.

Still and all, the one scene in the new ‘verse I want to see is the note from Spock Prime to nuSpock, letting the latter know that the former has found his way home. If anyone could do it, it’d be Spock.

200. Red Dead Ryan - June 21, 2011

The same people crying foul at the prospects of reimagining classic stories are the same people who, after reading an original comic, would think to themselves “Hmmm……after reading this, I’d like to see a nu-timeline version of “Space Seed”!”

201. Red Dead Ryan - June 21, 2011

Also, people need to understand that the nu-timeline is where its at. This is where the new stories will occur, except for the novels that Pocket Books will continue to publish. Any new television series, and future post-J.J Abrams movies, will take place in the new universe. If you want to go back to the prime timeline, just go revisit your dvds, comics, novels etc.

The sooner everybody realizes this, the better off you will be, the better off I will be, and the better off Trek fandom in general will be.

202. Bucky - June 21, 2011

Why are people bagging on an re-adaptation of Spock’s Brain? That would be amazing!

Do I hope that every single arc in this series will be based on classic TOS episodes? Eh, not really, I wouldn’t mind seeing a new story here and there sprinkled in. (And, yes, this will 100% be collected in a trade, like every IDW comic ever was) But a Spock’s Brain adaptation could be gold. Like, the original ep is cheesy gold but do it again and you could really go super-meta-texual all over it and have it point out how incredibly stupid the whole thing is.

If I had my vote, i’d wish #1 arc #1 was a Spock’s Brain redux, but that’s just me.

203. dmduncan - June 21, 2011

202: “Why are people bagging on an re-adaptation of Spock’s Brain? That would be amazing!”

Given the new Spock/Uhura relationship, “Spock’s Other Brain” might be the better title.

204. Bucky - June 21, 2011

Or you could just flat-out call it “Spock’s Wang”. But that might be more of a slashfic.

205. Greg2600 - June 21, 2011


Don’t rewrite the original stories.

206. Alex Rosenzweig - June 21, 2011

#201: “Also, people need to understand that the nu-timeline is where its at. This is where the new stories will occur, except for the novels that Pocket Books will continue to publish. Any new television series, and future post-J.J Abrams movies, will take place in the new universe. If you want to go back to the prime timeline, just go revisit your dvds, comics, novels etc.”

Now, see, just about 20 years ago, people were saying the same thing about the TNG era. The 24th Century is where it’ at. All new series will be set then, or even later. The original characters? Gone. Done. Sayonara. Bye-bye. Flash-forward a couple of decades, and except for the print media, it’s the TNG era that–at the moment–seems unlikely to be seen again. And along the way, we got a prequel series and the original characters had a huge resurgence of interest, so much so that a new movie starring them…well, okay, not really them, but a bunch of other characters who happen to have the same names and vaguely resemble the originals…got made.

So, will I just blindly make the assumption that one particular approach to Trek is all we’ll ever see again? Nope. I’d likely be proven wrong. For example, after Mr. Abrams and his team have finished up, some new producer who grew up on TNG, rather than TOS, could well pitch a TNG-derived concept, and people will remember that TNG was a huge hit for a while, and things might shift again.

All we an say for sure is that, right now, JJ, Bob, Damon, Alex K., and the others are telling the stories they want to tell. Meanwhile, the Primeverse lives in books, in fan films, in STO, and so forth.

“The sooner everybody realizes this, the better off you will be, the better off I will be, and the better off Trek fandom in general will be.”

Perhaps you will be better off. I daresay I won’t be. And I somehow doubt I could make that claim for Trek fandom in general, either. But in any event, I’ll just settle for saying that’s an opinion I don’t share.

207. Red Dead Ryan - June 21, 2011


Anything new related to TNG, if Paramount or CBS wish to bring those characters back, would happen in the new timeline. There’s not much more that can be done with the characters in the Prime Timeline. But, as much as I love TNG, its done for good. From now on, its TOS characters on the big screen and a totally new cast of characters on the small screen.

208. boborci - June 21, 2011

True. Which is why i conied the term “supreme court” which implies our reign and our temporaryness.

209. boborci - June 21, 2011


210. gingerly - June 21, 2011

I wish people would stop making sweeping condemnations of elements of this particular direction. I mean it’s a fandom for gawdsakes.

A nerdy one, at that!

…Which means, we should be used to folks’ derision and therefore be more likely to come together for something like this, regardless of which element is or isn’t our favorite. …At least in my idealistic mind, I would think.

Everything is still there. Old school and new. You can have all aspects in various media, be that fan-created and/or canon, and not worry about anything actually being “destroyed” as some have said.

Just enjoy what you want and don’t rain on other iterations of Trek.

I can’t wait to see the comics. :)

211. Dom - June 22, 2011

176. captain_neill:

‘I was also referrignto stories told within the time frames of the shows. IDW did some cool stories set in the TOS timeframe which would have been cool to get more from.’

They did. But Star Trek got a relaunch, as opposed to a pseudo-sequel/spin-off as in the 1980s.

Telling alt-universe versions of TOS tales is a fun way of appealing to a lot of us old-school Trek fans (who doesn’t love a good ‘What if . . .’ story?) and still tells good stories for new fans who haven’t seen TOS (I guess for them, TOS is the alt-universe!)

New stories are all well and good, but the alt-universe probably needs another, non-timeline-ripping story to establish itself before too many other writers risk muddying the waters.

I’m a massive TOS fan, but I am perfectly happy to draw a line under it now: 40-plus years of spin-off is more than enough to keep most people happy for a lifetime! ;)

212. Alex Rosenzweig - June 22, 2011

#207 – “Anything new related to TNG, if Paramount or CBS wish to bring those characters back, would happen in the new timeline.”

Simply repeating yourself does not an argument make. As I said, the same sort of blanket assertion was made in the ’80s, and it proved utterly incorrect.

Mind you, I have no clue what might happen. But I know enough not to make absolute claims of any sort. ;)

“There’s not much more that can be done with the characters in the Prime Timeline.”

That’s certainly untrue. Even for TOS, it’s not true, and those characters have been delved into much more deeply than any of the spinoff groups. For example, the TOS characters never got an “origin story” on film. (Well, okay, James Cawley turned around after the ’09 movie and decided to give them one, but even still…) Nor is there a tale on film of the end of the 5-year mission.

(Back when I actually thought that Abrams and co. intended to respect and embrace continuity, I thought it’d be awfully cool to have a movie trilogy chronicle the first mission of Kirk’s initial command, something occuring roughly in the middle, and then the last mission. Then take the next trilogy post-TMP, etc. Infinitely more cool than some reboot. Oh, well…)

“But, as much as I love TNG, its done for good.”

I suspect you’re probably right. OTOH, I’ve been wrong before, so who knows?

“From now on, its TOS characters on the big screen and a totally new cast of characters on the small screen.”

Again, an assumption, and we can’t be sure that’ll be the case. Personally, I’d really like to see a series with a whole new cast of characters again, because my love of Trek isn’t about one set or other of characters. It is, however, about Trek’s world, like I said up-thread, so new characters or old, if it isn’t part of that vast, painstakingly developed world, there’s just really no point to it for me.

(FWIW, my current favorite Trek series is ST: Vanguard, which proves just how little need there was for a whole alternate universe. )

213. Alex Rosenzweig - June 22, 2011

#208 – Bob understands what I’m talking about. Whoever does Trek when he and Alex K. and JJ and Damon L. are done may have something entirely different in mind. ;)

I should note, in all fairness, that as long as exploring this new, parallel continuum isn’t preventing the further exploration of the original, I think it’s all well and good. My main reaction was to the implication–from John Byrne, at least–that IDW was treating it as an either-or proposition. And if that’s true, then I have an issue with it. If it’s not, they still have a shot at some of my money. ;)

214. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 22, 2011

I, for one, am glad that Bob and co decided to go with the alt-universe idea. It means that what happened or didn’t happen with the TOS characters does not have to be the same here. Although many people don’t like it, we now have the opportunity to see how a Spock/Uhura relationship might play out, something I doubt could have been done if the prime timeline had been followed, but who knows? One thing for sure, it would have caused even more controversy and derision.

In this alt-universe, Kirk may not even meet the awful Carol Marcus (or somebody like her), let alone get her banged up so she could tell him “I wanted him (David) in my world” and then lie to THEIR son…

The technology does not necessarily have to follow along exactly the same lines as it did in the TOS series and movies, nor do they necessarily have to meet or interact with the same aliens as they did in the prime universe and so on…(but that, of course, does not mean that they can’t)

What is relevant is that the main characters (Kirk/Spock/McCoy, along with Pike and Scotty…), are the same as they were in TOS (same DNA/genetic make up) and only one of them, Kirk, having a bit of a different upbringing from that of the prime timeline. So we get to see pretty much the same people having different adventures, have different relationships etc from what we saw of them in the prime timeline. For me, that is interesting and exciting!

215. Dom - June 23, 2011

The best thing about the alt-universe (as the destruction of Vulcan and death of Amanda proved) is that the fates of these characters is now unknowable: we don’t have the prequel ‘safety valve’ of knowing everyone will survive. As I’ve said before, I’m really hoping at least one of the regular cast gets killed off in the next film (not Kirk, Spock or McCoy obviously!) I’d kind of like to see the misery continue to be heaped on Spock – how much can a man so desperately trying to control his emotions take? So, let’s say we kill off Uhura and give Sarek the same disease that killed off the TNG version. ;)

Travelling in space is very dangerous and in a film-only alt-TOS I think the writers can dare to be a bit more ruthless with the lives and deaths of the characters than in a weekly TV show. The alt-universe also allows for the characters to be a bit at variance physically and genetically, so we can have a Sulu who is a good 15 years older than Chekov, for example. For me, Star Trek has always been essentially the story of the friendship of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Pretty stoked for the future opportunities actually! Roll on a cartoon series too!

216. Adolescent Nightmare - June 23, 2011

Yes, to a CGI series! I want to see this crew in between movies!

217. MvRojo - June 23, 2011

@boborci – I was wondering if you had any plans or thoughts on how much of this series will be original stories, and how much will be re-imagining TOS stories?

218. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 23, 2011

#215 – “I’d kind of like to see the misery continue to be heaped on Spock – how much can a man so desperately trying to control his emotions take? So, let’s say we kill off Uhura and give Sarek the same disease that killed off the TNG version. ;)”

Wow, what have you got against Spock? So you want his girlfriend killed and his father to die early from a disease. One or the other maybe, but not both. Grief. I know that in real life people can have some real shit happen to them, one thing after another, but this is fiction. People often have enough bad stuff to deal with in real life, without having to witness a lot of really bad crap happen to their favourite characters. People need to see good/happy outcomes in fiction at least, even if it does always translate into real life for some.

Sometimes seeing a favourite character go through hell can be cathartic for people going through similar, but if there is no positive outcome, then that may only add to the real life person’s distress – as in more of the same shit, whether it be real or fictional.

219. Dom - June 24, 2011

218. Keachick (rose pinenut)

Nothing against Spock, but even as far back as TOS and in DC Fontana’s Vulcan’s Glory, for example, the misery was heaped on Spock. Realistically, you can’t have a conflicted character that tries to bury his emotions without piling on the pain to get a reaction out of him! Pain and sadness are part of the core of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trinity. They’ve all lost so much in their lives and their only constant is each other!

220. Marianna - June 24, 2011

This sounds very interesting. All the IDW comics I bought so far (coundtown, Nero, Alien Spotlights, TOS, TNG, DS9) are excellent and can’t wait for more stories. However I’m hoping that we get more new stories, new enemies and new races instead of revisiting the same old things. I’m fine with the re-imagination of some classic episodes to see how they fit in the new timeline but I hope this doesn’t end up being a reboot of the whole TOS (which I love endlessly). The new timeline provides coundless opportunities for new, untold stories. I hope they get them.

221. Alex Rosenzweig - June 24, 2011

#220 – Realistically, there’s no way it could just be a retelling of all of TOS. A number of TOS episodes simply cannot happen in the alternate ‘verse as we saw them in TOS (story-wise, that is), so that any attempt to retell those tales would have to be so different as to essentially be new stories anyway. Examples include, off the top of my head:

“Journey to Babel”
“Balance of Terror”

222. Marianna - June 24, 2011

# 221

Excellent point, but what I meant is that I hope they introduce new enemies (individuals) and new races (enemies or allies). I love the Klingons (my favorite race), Romulans, Kahn etc but I hope along with these stories they will ad previously unseen alien races. I just think it will be cool to explore new territories and take the characters in to different directions (remaining of course true to the spirit of the original series). Anyway as I said I can’t wait for the comics. I hope the artwork is great as well.

223. Mirror Jordan - July 1, 2011

Balance of Terror could have a whole new layer of complexity added to it. Coming off the Nero incidents, the Romulans and Federation can’t be on the best of the terms, even though it was a future Romulan that caused all the mayhem.

224. J.T - July 6, 2011

Great news! I can’t wait for this. I hope the artwork will be as great as it’s been in the Nero comics and Countdown. Best news in a while.

225. Kate - July 8, 2011

Finally! I loved Countdown and Nero and an ongoing series is the best news I could hear. Especially if it’s set in the new timeline

226. Bob - July 15, 2011

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