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First Look: TNG-R sampler disc cover art September 27, 2011

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,TNG,TNG Remastered , trackback

Two weeks ago we reported on new details for the Star Trek: The Next Generation – Remastered project. Now comes the first look at the cover art for the upcoming sampler disc release. Full image over the jump.

Could TNG-R be officially announced tomorrow?

The Digital Bits’ Bill Hunt once again notes that CBS / Paramount may make the TNG Remastered project official tomorrow (September 28), which is the 24th anniversary of “Encounter at Farpoint”. The two-part series premiere is rumored to be included on the disc (in addition to “Sins of the Father” and “The Inner Light”).

TNG-R Blu-ray sampler disc cover art

Ahead of the possible announcement and/or preview trailer release, we also have our first look at what is likely the cover art [via TrekWeb] for the Blu-ray disc. The cover art was attached to a listing at for Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Next Level – A Taste of TNG in High-Definition. It’s not clear if this will be the cover art CBS / Paramount decides to go with for the US release. The listing also confirms the previously rumored episodes and lists a December 15 release date. The Digital Bits, however, says the sampler disc is expected to be released in early December in the US, "on or about 12/6".

TrekMovie will continue to track this project as further news is announced.


1. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2011

Oh, so they’re going to draw the TNG Blu Ray improvements? Guh-reat………

2. Jostin - September 27, 2011

What do you mean Mr. Ballz? I’m pretty excited for this in Blu-Ray! I’ll definitely pay the money hahahaha

3. ECHUSA - September 27, 2011

Why in the box art the NCC-1701D backwards on the saucer.

4. Bob Tompkins - September 27, 2011

The big question— if they could do TJ Hooker and Charlie’s Angels in 1.85×1 widescreen format, can they do TNG in the format? Were the original negatives widescreen or 4×3 and will they bother with the widescreen negatives if they are available?
It would be a huge selling point with many people…

5. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2011


I was hinting that they were going to hand draw the improvements of clarity for the TNG footage.

Yes, I too will pay for this new version.

6. DJT - September 27, 2011

yeah, baby!

7. Tom - September 27, 2011

Only if they remaster the external ship scenes like they did in the TOS remastered edition. But you don’t need Blu Ray to enjoy a remastered edition. 480p looks good even today.

I don’t think any of the shows can ever be in 1920 pixels wide except for Enterprise. Unless they were originally shot with widescreen cameras, which they weren’t.

A few years ago I read something about how TOS and Enterprise were the only shows capable of HD. TOS because it had been filmed with HD equivalent cameras, and Enterprise because they were digitally recorded and filmed in HD. TNG-VOG just used regular SD film. Not sure what this will look like but I’m guessing it’ll just be upscaled to 1080p.

8. Battle-scarred Sciatica - September 27, 2011


Bloody hell mate good eyes there!

Better than that hair grip that Geordie La Bored wore!



9. Battle-scarred Sciatica - September 27, 2011


Bloody hell mate good eyes there!

Better than that hair grip that Geordie La Bored wore!



10. Battle-scarred Sciatica - September 27, 2011

Ooooh I’ve cloned my comment.

Maybe one is wearing a little-bitty goatee beard!

Mirror Mini Me

11. Tomi_SI - September 27, 2011

@4 TNG was shot on 35mm film so widescreen is not a problem.

12. SPOCKBOY - September 27, 2011

Uh, there’s no such thing as “standard def film”
There’s 70mm, 35 mm (which is what TOS and TNG were shot on) super 16, 16mm, super 8, and 8mm.

35 mm film is 4k, so it is a much higher resolution than 1080p HD.
Here are some examples(courtesy of Doug Drexler)
(be sure to hit the zoom)

I guess film school finally paid off!


13. South African Dude - September 27, 2011

Can anyone confirm if the external/space scenes have been digitally redone? This would be selling point for me. I paid quite a lot of money for the TNG box sets a few years ago, It would have to be exceptional to justify the cost.

14. 'Drew - September 27, 2011

If I remember right, while TNG was filmed on 35mm, but the digital effects were only added to the SD crop and the final composite was stored as video. So for TNG to be 1080p, they would have had to remaster every single effect shot. Whether you see alterations or improvements as in TOS is anybody’s guess, but the must have had to re create them for a widescreen aspect ratio.

15. ety3 - September 28, 2011

If the effects haven’t been redone, it’s a “no go” for me.

16. Christopher Roberts - September 28, 2011

It’s the 10th Anniversary of ENT this week. Howabout an announcement that I can own that on Blu ray too?

17. MJ - September 28, 2011

Thank goodness they finally released the cover art for this!

18. captain_neill - September 28, 2011


Sounds like they flipped the shot of the Enterprise.
Would love to see how TNG looks on HD.

But I have heard the effects aren’t being redone. TNG is one of my all time fav shows so like to try it.

19. Flake - September 28, 2011

Make it 16:9, crop stuff if you must! Purists be damned, if you want to see TNG how it was intended to be seen then watch the SD DVDs, TNG was edited on video tape and you can be sure that all kinds of flaws will be visible in HD because they knew at the time they where making this for SD & small TVs and would not have envisaged it being shown in HD! The original intention by the creative staff was for TNG to be viewed in 4:3 SD so they already have their pure version out there. Lets get it cropped a bit and 16:9 (whilst opening the frame up a little with new picture info from the negative) and make it better for the audience of today who demand widescreen and those stuck in the past purists can watch the DVDs :)

20. Shane - September 28, 2011

The “1701-D” is backwards on the Enterprise. I hope they fix this on the release, I’d be hesitant to spend money on some sloppy release where they miss stuff like that.

I read that they’ll be using the original model-based effects shots and I support that! The TOS CGI stands out too much from the 60s footage. Some of those shots of the Enterprise in TNG are downright beautiful in 480i and I imagine they’d still look great in remastered HD.

Who the heck chose the episodes to release?! Encounter at Farpoint is acceptable being the first episode but most people aren’t nuts about it or the first season in general. Why not Best of Both Worlds, Time’s Arrow, Dese

21. Shane - September 28, 2011

The “1701-D” is backwards on the Enterprise. I hope they fix this on the release, I’d be hesitant to spend money on some sloppy release where they miss stuff like that.

I read that they’ll be using the original model-based effects shots and I support that! The TOS CGI stands out too much from the 60s footage. Some of those shots of the Enterprise in TNG are downright beautiful in 480i and I imagine they’d still look great in remastered HD.

Who the heck chose the episodes to release?! Encounter at Farpoint is acceptable being the first episode but most people aren’t nuts about it or the first season in general. Why not Best of Both Worlds, Time’s Arrow, Tapestry, Measure of a Man; the good episodes?! I can enjoy just about any TNG but Inner Light is the only one in the selection that’s “good”.

22. CanadianShane - September 28, 2011

Don’t over think it #20, it’s just the release day, anniversary of TNG’s debut on T.V. in the states…most people would never remember the date those other episodes were released and then you would have them wait for those dates for release, not realistic for them to wait for for one of those dates, makes sense to coincide with the debut on T.V. But i agree the show took awhile to really find it’s legs.p.s- nice name:)

23. boing - September 28, 2011

amazon should send a free copy to everyone who has purchased at least a total of 7 seasons of the ST franchises…

24. Toonloon - September 28, 2011

FLAKE! Why don’t you just you just use the Zoom feature on your TV to fill the frame and stop trying to sabotage the release for those of us with more common sense?

25. weyoun_9 - September 28, 2011

@20 – I suspect if they put all the fan favorites on the sampler that no one will shell out money for a full season. Besides, from what I’ve read the choices were actually very deliberate. “Encounter at Farpoint” is obvious because it’s the premiere, has a lot of effects, introduces Q, etc. “Sins of the Father” is an overall dark episode (in terms of lighting and scene composition) and I think the hope is to demonstrate how the HD upgrade brings out a lot of the hidden details of those sequences, plus it’s a popular episode and the start of the Klingon arc. “Inner Light” is almost the reverse…as the planet is dying, the light level increases and again it’s an opportunity to show what HD can do to the clarity of these sequences. It’s also a very popular episode, if not an action heavy storyline. I also like that they have included episodes that span the series, to some degree.

SO psyched about these! I just hope it’s not a big tease…

26. Bobby - September 28, 2011

22 – I wish.

I’ve bought 24 seasons of star trek so far. That’s everything but Enterprise.

(With TAS would that be 25 or 26?)

Remastered TNG is intriguing, I’ll probably at least pick up the sampler to see how it looks.

27. Guy from Berlin - September 28, 2011

I must laughing !!! 4 Years ago the most people say the new FX in TOS are a no go. And now about the new TNG remaster: “If the effects haven’t been redone, it’s a “no go” for me.”

Holy crap … THIS is a no go for me!

28. Tom - September 28, 2011

@3 et al.

Isn’t it obvious why the registry number is backwards? So you can read it correctly in your rear view mirror when you’re being pursued. :-)

29. Robert H. - September 28, 2011

Um, will they be airing it? That’s what I would like.

30. Cervantes - September 28, 2011

I sure hope you ‘Next Gen’ fans get a BETTER ‘remastering’ than was given to the Original Series ‘remastering, where effects are concerned! What an inconsistant, missed opportunity that was,overall.

I’m certainly interested to see how much effort they’ll put into these ‘Next Gen’ episodes eventually. Somehow, I get the feeling a lot of you are going to be underwhelmed.

31. rm10019 - September 28, 2011

28 – Unless they air/sell them as ‘specials’ CBS would need more episodes than this to sell into syndication. Even when they had whole seasons of TOS-R, the syndication package wasn’t shown at decent times in most markets.

32. VZX - September 28, 2011

Boo-yaaa! Getting closer and closer to DS9 on Blu-Ray!

33. Phil - September 28, 2011

RE: backward Enterprise. It’s probably backward to discourage counterfeiting. Of course, in Bejing that was probably released a year ago…

34. Shaun - September 28, 2011

#31: “Boo-yaaa! Getting closer and closer to DS9 on Blu-Ray!”

that would be nice, but i doubt it will ever happen. ds9 and enterprise are the only two “new trek” series i would purchase on blu-ray.

35. jerr - September 28, 2011

this is a 4×3 show (square) and not widescreen (16×9). This is the way it was designed by the directer for each episode (Just like TNG, DS9, TAS, VOY). I don’t want to have peoples heads and feet cut off to force a square image on a rectangle screen. Putting this in 1080p is not an issue because that’s the hight of the screen and not the width. I will look great in it’s intended 4×3 format just like TOS-R does. I just hope they don’t do CGI with the outside shots and re-compose the model shots.That would be way more work and would cost alot more.

36. Argelius - September 28, 2011

The quality of the existing TNG DVDs is pretty bad. Hope they are doing a remaster worthy of such a great series. If it’s just some sort of quick and dirty upscaling so they can call it BluRay, I’ll be sorely disappointed…

37. Kevin A Melbourne Australia - September 28, 2011

@18 FLAKE: I agree with you!.

I watch TOS Blu-Ray zoomed to 16:9. Most people I show it to don’t even know, All they see is a huge Enterprise on my 3 metre wide screen. And yes there is a bit cut off the top and bottom and that is the compromise but it looks great. I think I’ve watch nearly every STNG DVD cropped as well(al-be-it on smaller 16:9 TVs).

If they rescan all the original film elements including model footage for Next Gen and re-composite digitally with new effect overlays, converting to 16:9 won’t be a huge push. Also, when they are compositing they can vary the crop in each scene to reframe every shot quite easily.

Getting the film like resolution into the picture will be sensational. With today’s technology (remember its 5 years or so since they started the TOS HD-DVD conversion) it could be easier to do remastering then some might think.
I know I’ll have my order in to Amazon as soon as the link is set!

38. Kevin A Melbourne Australia - September 28, 2011

PS Anthony What’s happenned to the Polls?

How about a few on Next Gen Blu-Ray?
Suggestion, “If it can be done would you prefer Next Gen 16:9 or 4:3?”

Mike Okuda addressed a number of issues along the way when people complained about shots in the early episodes of TOS-HD. Maybe we could get our thoughts to the NG HD team thru TREK MOVIE again.

39. Horatio - September 28, 2011

Hey, this is totally off topic but i’ve not been to for a while but can anyone clue me in to WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON WITH THE MOVIE?

Thank you and apologies to the TNG Blu-ray crowd.

40. Dr. Image - September 28, 2011

#38 YEAH!! Really.
As for TNG-R, please KEEP the original aspect ratio.
Re-scanning all those model fx elements? They’ll probably re-create them digitally- and that could suck worse.
(Just as long as they get those damn nacelle caps right….;)

41. Chris H. - September 28, 2011

Gad zooks, I can’t believe how many people want something like this CROPPED.

What is WRONG with you people? Do black bars bother you SO much that you think the answer is to CHOP OUT PARTS OF THE VIDEO FRAME?

I cannot wrap my head around that line of thinking; I honestly cannot.

42. Bilal Chohan - September 28, 2011

Trailer is up at

43. Daniel Shock - September 28, 2011

What little is shown looks GREAT!

44. King Chung Huang - September 28, 2011

Agreed! That little bit looked great. Interesting that Picard’s scene was in 4:3 ratio, but the Enterprise warping away was in 16:9. I wonder what aspect ratio the actual episodes will be delivered in?

45. JIM - September 28, 2011

new effects AND widescreen!

46. JIM - September 28, 2011


47. jp - September 28, 2011

“CBS is, in fact, returning to the original film negatives, a mother lode of material encompassing 25,000-plus reels of footage, and editing the episodes together precisely as they were when they originally aired between 1987 and 1994. Visual effects will not be upconverted from videotape, but instead will be recompositioned. The freshly cut film will ultimately be transferred to high definition with 7.1 DTS Master Audio. And all of the work is being done in conjunction with respected, longtime Star Trekfigures Denise and Michael Okuda, who are on board as consultants.”

48. jp - September 28, 2011

Good news all around. The fact that this isn’t going to be a simple uprez, and that Denise and Michael are involved is enough for a buy in from me. Kudos to CBS for doing this the right way!

49. Pablo - September 28, 2011

I literally almost have tears streaming down my face I’m so excited. I’ll skip the sampler, but will preorder Season One.

50. Ivory - September 28, 2011

I love Blu-ray, but to collect this entire series again isn’t worth the money to me.

51. Paulaner - September 28, 2011

This… is… awesome!

52. Daniel Shock - September 28, 2011

I’m excited enough about the huge upgrade to pq… but I also really hope that they find deleted scenes and include them on the season releases…

53. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - September 28, 2011

If they actualy re do the FX that would be the thing that would get me to buy the entire season on Bluray. I will get the sampler to sample. Lol.

54. Danner - September 28, 2011
The trailer is up now.

55. Z3R0B4NG - September 28, 2011

I will accept nothing below this quality:

if you do it, do it right or don’t even bother!

56. Prometheus - September 28, 2011

Ok can somebody please put the trailer on youtube? It took 30 minutes to load 4 seconds of video on that stupid flowplayer. Thank youuu.

57. Trek Core - September 28, 2011

Already up –

58. Kevin - September 28, 2011

Yes it’s great that this has been “updated for the next generation” but why do they put the trailer up in a way that it stuh… stuh… stuh..streams like it’s 1996?

59. MajorEzytarget - September 28, 2011

Ouch, $21.99 for (4) episodes.

and yes, that video is loaded extremely slowly. Paramount is so friggin cheap.

60. MajorEzytarget - September 28, 2011

and while the trailer is sort of interesting people should know it shows nothing in terms of new effects. Course have we even gotten confirmation of that actually being done?

61. Croesus - September 28, 2011

It looks like the model shots have been kept the same and done using the physical model but this time with updated post production effects. Could work out to be better and cheaper than redoing all of the FX shots from scratch in CG. Count me in!

62. rm10019 - September 28, 2011

Gee, I think I said that like 2 weeks ago! Really looking forward to this.

63. Danner - September 28, 2011

The trailer at is slow because everyone on the planet is trying to watch it at the same time. it’s the web… what can ya do eh? I downloaded it :) .

64. ScottN - September 28, 2011

Anyone else notice the crew members clearly walking around in the Conference Room just before the ship goes to warp?

65. Dr. Cheis - September 28, 2011

@63 I love seeing that. But it’s annoying when they use that same shot for other moments and the windows are all blue. Guess this will be getting fixed in Blu-ray.

66. Craiger - September 28, 2011

Why bother upgrading old shows to 1080p if they would still be in the 4×3 format? Would it be expensive to have all old TV shows and movies to 16×9 1080p HD and without the black bars? That is the way TNG should be done.

67. Magic_Al - September 28, 2011

The Enterprise shot in the trailer is the original ILM film of the six-foot model with the observation window action re-composited into the model’s bluescreen window. The starfield looks new. It’s truly the original effect in HD. Looks fantastic.

68. ECHUSA - September 28, 2011

I watched the trailer by downloading it with real player. Yes it was darn slow..The CGI Enterprise and space shots are in 16×9 but looks like the series film will be like TOS in 4×3 which is fine. Hopefully they will clean up the picture and color and make some small tweaks like they did with TOS. The 7.1 audio is the interesting part.
Also the video shows a correct Enterprise shot of the box. So dunno why the pictures are backwards.
I am thinking about converting the video to a H.264 copy.

69. T'Cal - September 28, 2011

I have all of TNG (TOS, DS9, TAS, and some of VOY and ENT) on DVD. About the only way I’d be tempted to buy TNG-R is if they redid all of the FX like they did in TOS-R. I would want it in widescreen as well. I’m amazed at how wonderful the 1701 looks in TOS-R. It looks better than it ever has and they are capable of redoing all of the exterior FX shots for TNG. If they don’t redo the FX shots and make, among other things, the D-Ship look its best, I’ll wait for Netflix to air TNG-R.

70. Shannon Nutt - September 28, 2011

The trailer is now on YouTube for those who don’t want to wait forever to see it on the Star Trek site.

The “big” news today wasn’t that the sampler was coming, but that the entire Season 1 was coming in 2012…didn’t expect that! I figured Paramount would wait to see how the sampler sold, so hearing that they’re committed to releasing all 7 seasons was great news!

Now let’s just hope they don’t charge $100 a season!

71. DavidJ - September 28, 2011

Awesome news!! And another vote for 16X9 (or at least the option to view it both ways).

I mean, we’re not talking about a Stanley Kubrick movie here, where every shot is carefully composed by a true artist and you actually NEED to see the entire frame. TNG was shot in the typically dull, static way most TV shows were back then, and anything they can do to make it look a little more exciting and dynamic is fine with me.

72. Craiger - September 28, 2011

Paramount officially announces TNG on BluRay!

Your first real look at the project is coming on 1/31/12, with the release of the Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level Blu-ray sampler disc (SRP $21.99 – we posted the cover art yesterday). [Note that we’re still unsure of the originally reported U.K. date – which was in early December – still holds there.] As expected, the sampler disc will include Encounter at Farpoint, Sins of the Father and The Inner Light. Here’s more from the official announcement on Star

“Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released in high-definition Blu-ray, starting in January with a sampler of several popular episodes, followed by a season-one set to be released later on in 2012, and subsequent seasons beaming down after that. Each of the 178 episodes spanning The Next Generation’s seven seasons will be transferred to true high-definition 1080p for release in the Blu-ray format and, eventually, for runs on television and digital platforms in the U.S. and across the world. Star Trek: The Next Generation will, as fans know, be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012.

“Fans have been clamoring for a high-definition release of Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Ken Ross, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. “Transferring the series to high-definition presented difficult technical challenges, but our team has come up with a process to create true 1080p HD masters with true HD visual effects. We can’t wait to show fans how pristine the series looks and sounds with our upcoming Blu-ray releases.”

CBS is, in fact, returning to the original film negatives, a mother lode of material encompassing 25,000-plus reels of footage, and editing the episodes together precisely as they were when they originally aired between 1987 and 1994. Visual effects will not be upconverted from videotape, but instead will be recompositioned. The freshly cut film will ultimately be transferred to high definition with 7.1 DTS Master Audio. And all of the work is being done in conjunction with respected, longtime Star Trek figures Denise and Michael Okuda, who are on board as consultants.”

Very, very cool! Boy, it’s nice to have some official word on all this finally. Can’t wait to see how good this show looks in 1080p! That recomposited shot of the NCC-1701-D in HD sure does look sweet. And as you can see by the announcement, it sure looks and sounds like they’re doing this thing right. By the way, we’re told that the show’s original 1.33:1 aspect ratio will be preserved (and that’s what you’ll get on Blu-ray), but 1.78:1 versions may be created for use in certain distribution venues. We’ll post more as it’s available.

Back this afternoon with other news. Stay tuned!

73. Byron D. - September 28, 2011

Okay. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CROP TO 16:9? It’s not what it was originally in, it’s cutting out image out of the frame, and it will look ridiculous! The only reason we get MOVIES in 16:9 is because that’s what movies were originally shot in! (in widescreen at least, not all films are 16:9) TNG was shot in 4:3, I ABSOLUTELY do not want to watch it in anything but that. You can add effects or whatever, but the moment you obscure to adapt I get pissed.

74. Craiger - September 28, 2011

BluRay as it its best in 1:78:1

75. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - September 28, 2011

It will be great to see Best of Both Worlds and Yesterdays Enterprise and Cause and Effect in HD with Remastered Fx. That will be the best.

76. Tom - September 28, 2011

@63, you can see that in the original SD version too.

Don’t see how they will make it 16:9 from 35 mm, without cropping. So basically like TOS Remastered. Probably no new cgi externals. If you bought TOS remastered and enjoyed it this will be like that.

Maybe they can remove the shadow from Picard’s head in “Encounter…” at 27:11-29:42

77. Devlin - September 28, 2011

TNG cropped to 16:9 works fantastic imho. I always crop my DVDs.

78. Magic_Al - September 28, 2011

@64 I wonder if they will fix the blue windows every time that model element is used. Would they use the same window element with the same movement every time or maybe flip it or something? It gets into the revision question. Will they change the one episode when phasers fire from the torpedo tube?

79. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - September 28, 2011

Are they going to digitally enhance the terribly bland personalities besides Dorn and Stewart?

80. Factchecker - September 28, 2011

The Trailer has arrived:!

81. Bobowing - September 28, 2011

Anthony is not here anymore

82. CsMisi - September 28, 2011

Man, you can see people moving on the bridge. It’s amazing

83. Ryann86 - September 28, 2011

From the way the press release is written, It doesn’t sound like they are going to redo the effects in CGI (like they did with TOS), but rather that are going to recomposite all the original FX elements (most of which) were shot on film. The announcement is intentionally vague, right?

84. Simon - September 28, 2011

@#66- They also did a big fix on that shot.

Whenever the Enterprise went to warp (the slingshot effect) the lights went out because the move was done in camera at ILM, it was too difficult and time consuming to do multiple passes on the model for that effect. It wasn’t until they did GENERATIONS that the 1701-D could warp with the lights on: and it was because all those shots used a CG 1701-D. Same with the USS Voyager: a CG ship was used in place of the model to warp with the lights on.

The trailer preview has the ship with the lights on. So they did a fix while recompositing.

85. John - September 28, 2011

Is this only a couple of episodes on this blu-ray set? Aren’t they going to release all 7 seasons on Blu-ray? This has me a bit worried that they won’t be releasing all 7 seasons, but just a HD set containing selected episode.

86. Trekboi - September 28, 2011

Love TNG redone for High Definition but I hate the box art- all the box art- especially the TNG art is aweful- generic generated space scenes with no images from the shows- ugh

87. AJ - September 28, 2011


This is just a sampler-pack to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of TNG, and ultimately ‘test the waters’ of demand for the show on BR. Perhaps, the budget for upgrading all TNG episodes + further series will depend on how this set sells.

88. JP - September 28, 2011

@ 84: Read the links that have been posted. They are releasing all 7 seasons after this sampler. Research people, research. Takes all of 2 minutes.

89. RAMA - September 28, 2011

86. Season 1 WILL be released in 2012 according to CBS.

90. RAMA - September 28, 2011

Remember when Trekmovie used to scoop all the other sites?

91. RAMA - September 28, 2011

84. I think its a classy cover…don’t know what you’re looking at.

92. barrydancer - September 28, 2011

Enterprise looks beautiful. I can’t wait to watch this. Hopefully they fix some of the FX shots, such as the glaringly bad scaling issues in the first season that have Stargazer the same size as Enterprise on screen.

93. doubleofive - September 28, 2011

I put together this comparison between the original Enterprise shot and the HD one:

For those wondering, it is exactly the original intro shot, with new glow effects and lights on the two-foot model as it stretches away. The static stars farthest away are the same as the original. This is incredible work.

94. ST:EXP - September 28, 2011

Hey look! Cover art that is actually not stolen from Tobias Richter!

95. Platitude - September 28, 2011

I just hope that the Blu Rays are priced comparitively to other Blu Ray boxed sets, unlike the DVD’s which always have been sold at a high premium compared to other DVD’s. Other than that, super stoked!

96. Mikey1091 - September 28, 2011

My problem with this is the same I have with Star Wars: The Complete Saga released a bit ago. IT’S BLU-RAY ONLY!!!! Why in the name of GOD are standard DVD’s getting the shaft again?!?! First LA, now this? Give us a bone here, for christ’s sake!

97. Guy from Berlin ... - September 28, 2011

They fix the 4:3 / 16:9 Problem … the answer is Vistavision

There is more content left and right in the original 35 mm material … and this is what i prefer to see …

98. JP - September 28, 2011

The problem with converting the image to 16×9 is that, even if they wre filmed that way and then cropped to 4:3 for tv, the framing of the shots were meant for the 4:3 frame. Thus a 16:9 picture would have all the actors staged in the middle of the frame with a lot of background on the sides. You see the problem with the non-north american dvd releases of Buffy season 3 and onwards and season 2 of Angel in region 1 where the show was filmed on film (hence 16:9) but was framed, staged and broadcast at 4:3. hence when the dvd’s came out in widescreen they looked strange because the characters would all crowd around each other to squeeze into the 4:3 “box” with scenery to the left and right. Hence not taking full advantage of the widescreen frame. So by blowing it up widescreen you’re distorting the intended framing of the shots and things look… funky…

99. JP - September 28, 2011

@95: 2002 called. They want their revolutionary technology back.

Just teasing. But seriously, DVD is dying a rapidly increasing death. And why bother watching an hd transfer on SD dvd? You’re getting almost none of the benefit. Just stick with the original dvd’s. This is called an HD project for a reason.

100. Judd Sandage - September 28, 2011

@tom #4 all but ENT were filmed on 35mm film… there is no such thing as SD Film, the hardest part would be going back to all the original film elements scanning them in and then re-editing them to make an episode as the final episodes were finished on tape and not film like TOS, but it seems that they have been able to make it cheaper and easier to do, maybe DS9 might get the same treatment if its cheap enough per episode.

and for all those that want it in 16×9 or nothing else is worth it… how about oh I don’t know…. the wizard of oz? its got to be done in 16×9 cause that’s just what it needs to be for today, or how about Casablanca? or how about Bambi? all filmed in 4×3 as that was the standard at the time, the studios they only went to 16×9 to give a reason to go to theaters over watching movies at home… quit your whining, give us the original 4×3 and be done with it…. just cause you cant stand black bars on the sides doesn’t mean it has to be ruined for the rest of us.

101. Magic_Al - September 28, 2011

@92 that’s a great comparison, and it’s noteworthy that the ship seems to have been shot in widescreen and cropped for TV all these years. The HD version adds picture rather than cropping it. I assume only the ILM effects were shot that way.

102. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 28, 2011

LOOKS AWSOME will there be any never before seen behind the sceens stuff?

103. RAMA - September 28, 2011

95. Because DVDs are not a native HD format….they can be uprezzed to 1080i, but blurays are a native 1080p.

104. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - September 28, 2011

95 you have the original series on DVD allready, if you want the increased resolution fork out the 50-85 bucks a new bluray player costs and quit complaining about it being bluray only.
seriously in this day and age when a good hd tv can be had for less than 300 bucks and a bluray player for 50-85 there is no reason why you shouldnt just upgrade your set up especially when places like kmart and walmart let you put them on lay away if money is an issue.

105. Simon - September 28, 2011

#99 – ENTERPRISE was also shot 35MM for its first 3 seasons. To save money they switched to HD video for the 4th (and final) season.

#100 – That’s why they’re doing ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT first. That show was almost completely done by ILM. It will be the easiest to do because they just need to recomposite everything from the original VistaVison elements with some digital touchups here and there.

106. Jim Nightshade - September 28, 2011

just got the star wars bluray–my first quick look at new hope–disappointing–its a little bit clearer but not worth getting for the slight bit of extra clarity-my sec edition from a few years ago is so well done already just playing on a bluray 1080 upscaling etc it looks almost as good as the bluray–i have the ones lucas released with the original edits too they sucked cuz they are in normal widescreen so on 16.9 wide tvs the whole screen is little and in the middle–my copies of the abyss have same prob–brainstorm too–and evita i think—i hate when im stuck with only that

107. Gorn Captain - September 29, 2011

@105 Brainstorm was remastered in 16:9 a couple years ago. You might want to pick up the new DVD.

Some Blu Ray players can also zoom an old widescreen image. My Panasonic does this.

108. Chingatchkook - September 29, 2011

Not sure if I will pay for a new version, but It does look cool.

109. RAMA - September 29, 2011

107. The difference is big enough…why not just buy the sampler and compare at home? Likely $15.99 with a discount on Amazon.

110. Jim Nightshade - September 29, 2011

thanks gorn capt–yah my vizio only expands to full or panoramic-full only slightly bigger pan is bigger but squishes the pix too much–found the brainstorm remaster–saw it on cable n the brainscan moments are wide screen normal scenes not–they are doing what trumball wanted to do with his showscan process when he made the movie-

111. Simon - September 30, 2011


If the Ferengi made TVs they would be branded VIZIO.

112. Drakar - October 1, 2011

I’m all for 16×9 if it opens up cropping – as opposed to cropping a bit off the top and bottom – i mean, it’s either “additional backgrounds that weren’t meant to be there” or “black bars on the sides of the TV”, and as long as nothing is lost, I’m not against it. I mean, lots of TV shows shot in widescreen are shot “4×3 friendly” anyway, so it’s not like it should be super distracting. Of course, I’m all for a 4×3 presentation if there would be any cropping required for 16×9.

113. error - October 28, 2011

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