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BREAKING: Del Toro Out As Star Trek Sequel Villain + Role Spoilers December 5, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The casting news for the Star Trek sequel has taken an unexpected turn. It was just a couple of weeks ago that producer/director JJ Abrams was talking about his discussions with Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro for the villain in his new movie. However, a new report says that Del Toro is out. They also have some spoilers on the role.

Del Toro Out

According to a new report by the New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog, Benicio Del Toro will not be the villain in the 2013 Star Trek sequel. Sources tell Vulture that Toro’s "deal actually went asunder last Wednesday after parties couldn’t come to terms over monetary issues." With shooting set to begin in January, this puts the team on the clock to find a new bad guy soon.




It was just last Friday when JJ Abrams denied a report that Del Toro would be playing the role of Khan Noonien Singh, telling HitFix that report was "not true." With news that Del Toro is no longer in the running, Abrams denial could be read a different way. And in fact, Vulture is reporting from "a highly placed source" that Khan is indeed the villain in the Star Trek sequel. These reports have still not been confirmed and so should still be considered rumor.

Stay tuned for more news on the Star Trek sequel.



1. Craiger - December 5, 2011

Maybe they don’t want to announce its Khan until they have the actor signed?

2. tman - December 5, 2011

Really? How sad if it’s true. Wished for Klingons and less revisiting…

3. Gary A. Neumann - December 5, 2011


4. NuFan - December 5, 2011

Back to Khan again. We’re going in circles. Make it stop Bob Orci.

5. MartianRogue - December 5, 2011

No Del Toro and rumors of Khan persist. A bad news/bad news scenario.

6. I am not Herbert - December 5, 2011

don’t blame him one bit.

look at the villian role in the last movie: shyt

7. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 5, 2011

HMMMMM…. OMG!!!… :-) :-)

8. DarthDogg - December 5, 2011

Maybe this is whats needed, I mean, lets face it. They have been trying to make a new Khan with every villian since start trek II. Maybe now that they are doing Kaun himself, they can get it out of there system, they can stop with the villan of the week crap, and get back to exploration…i Hope.

9. MartianRogue - December 5, 2011

@I am not Herbert thats very true

10. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

I posted this in the other Del Toro thread, but it’s more appropriate for this one now.


Lol! The Collider guy sounds irritated that JJ won’t come clean about the villain’s identity.

Well, if it is Khan, I’m glad Del Toro dropped out. That leaves an opening for Jai’s recommendation of a genuine Indian actor Hrithik Roshan, if JJ is bold enough to consider that route, which I hope he is.

If he is not, I once again suggest Mark Strong as the alternative, who at least has more charisma than Del Toro.

11. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 5, 2011

Benicio would have done a fine job, but if he’s moving on, then I’m happy for him. I just want a good movie, so it doesn’t matter to me who they cast as the villain just so long as they do their job well and the material is of good substance.

I’m hoping to see the Klingons. Yes, I know they’ve been done a lot, but that’s because they are popular and provide for good stories to tell. That can happen with a new villain too, so I’m not worried if we don’t get to find out exactly how their appearace changed from what we saw in TOS to Worf in this series fo films. Could be a good story, though. :-)

12. saavik001 - December 5, 2011

If it is Khan just hire Naveen Andrews and be done with it.

13. Matt - December 5, 2011

Latino Review have it nailed. We’re getting Khan.

14. Quinn - December 5, 2011

I don’t want to see Khan, but I would have thought that Antonio Banderas would have been the obvious choice for that role.

15. Odkin - December 5, 2011

You always wonder who leaks these things to begin with.

Is it the actors’ agent trying to affect the negotiation by getting fans excited about their client, so producers feel pressured?

Or is it from the producers, using the fan reaction to convince the actor that this role will be his star-maker?

EVERY leak in a business deal is the result of someone trying to gain an advantage.

16. The Unknown Poster - December 5, 2011

I dont know what everyone’s problem is with Kahn. If you want a Trek movie for you specifically, write some Fan Fiction.

Were people burying Nolen for including The Joker in The Dark Knight? Come on…people waited for the day the Joker would return in Nolen’s Batman Universe as he was Batman’s most popular rival. Kahn could be looked at the same way.

I’m all for it. And I trust the movie will be fantastic.

I think if people really thought about it, they’d realise it’s not Kahn they dont want to see, it’s RM’s Kahn they dont want to see pushed to the back of Star Trek. People suggest remakes of The DoomsDay machine etc, but dont want Kahn. I think they DO want Kahn, but fear it wont be as good as RM or will over-shadow him too much.

17. kc - December 5, 2011

I actually think Khan could be great.

This isn’t wrath of Khan, it’s space seed… they’ll obviously have to change some of the back story but it would be cool to see a retelling of that story.

It makes a lot of sense seeing that actress they hired recently has to be genetically engineered… wow.

18. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Otherwise, give some unknown Indian actor a crack at it. Not Naveen Andrews, please.

19. Kev-1 - December 5, 2011

Hope it’s Khan plus something else. Also, I suspect anybody who wants a new Enterprise (in a possible III) will get their wish, because the (JJ-2) battle damage via CGI should be drastic. That said, this is the safest route they could take.

20. kc - December 5, 2011

@8 I don’t know if a 2 hour movie lends itself to exploration much… that’s what television does well though.

Essentially they spent TMP exploring but I don’t want to watch something like that again in the theaters. But a TV episode like the one Picard lives a full life in a matter of minutes is great.

21. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Here we go again. “Javier Bardem,” “Antonio Banderas,” “Wilmer Valderrama.” To play a Sikh.

You guys forgot to mention George Lopez, Cheech Marin, and Danny Trejo.

22. n1701ncc - December 5, 2011

Can we please move away from Khan. I still say its Gary Mitchell and Peter Weller is a Talosian. Come on trekies think about it. Khan belongs in the Prime world. Gary Mitchell would make a great villian. Maybe Del Toro did not want the part because it might become a re occuring role and he did not want to be type cast. Oh well his loss. Think about this you have Kirk trying to help his friend Gary who decides after his visit with the barrier to start a war with the Klingons. Pike who Kirk brings back to Talos IV realizes that only Talosians can stop Gary Mitchell. Meanwhile Pike , Vina and Tango [on Hawaii] enjoy being young again and Kirk finds out what it is like to get old. Enter William Shanter and his cameo and Kirk now understands that it is his destiny to stop the war with the Klingons and save the Alpha Quad. The only way to do it is Talosians must stop Gary Mitchell. This time will you please correctly get the tombstone for Kirk correct James T. Kirk not James R. Kirk.

It can work and we can leave the Gorn, Mudd, Trelene, Kang, Apollo, The Hippies, the Horta , Khan and Jack the Ripper all in the Prime time line.

What do you think Bob O …can I write for you guys?

Trekies what do you think?

23. Roobydoo - December 5, 2011

Kal Penn as Khan. You heard it here first.

Hikaru “Stoner” Sulu gets a bigger role this time around too.

24. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

Curiouser and curiouser.

25. navamske - December 5, 2011


The Klingons’ appearance changed in the Archer era, well before the timeline diverged as a result of Nero’s trip through time. So everything that happened in Trek canon up to that point should be the same in the alternative universe as it is in the “regular” universe.

Let’s see some Denobulans, or Old T’Pol or Old Soval. None of these have to figure majorly in the plot; just put them in as background.

26. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

Well. So much for that. Still think that Col. Green and Khan could both be in. But. When they say Khan will be in that may not just be a big role. Could be a very small role for Khan as they only show him aboard the S.S Botney Bay at the very end of the movie like I and a few others have posted many times on here.

27. Weerd1 - December 5, 2011

Khan could be great in this film, but I would prefer they go a different direction. If it is Khan, will I shun the film? Certainly not. Unless maybe if they signed Lady Gaga or someone to play him… Actually, that might be worth watching for the sheer train wreck.

28. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

At the end of the Star Trek Movie when all of the action is done. the Camra pans out to another sector of Space and we see the S.S Botney Bay adrift. The Camra goes into the ship and we see Khan asleep. But something happens and Khan begins to awake and the last we see is Khan’s eyes opening.

29. Odkin - December 5, 2011

@16 – For God’s sake it’s KHAN. K-H-A-N.

Stop comparing Khan to the Joker. The Joker has been around since Batman #1 in 1940 and has LONG been the “arch-villain” in the Batman canon. Where Batman is, the Joker is not far behind. The Joker is a simple serial villain. His story does not have a beginning or an end.

Khan was A villain on ONE episode out of 79, and ONE movie out of what, seven? His story is told. We saw how it started, we saw how it ended.

In addition, the Joker was NEVER done right in a movie or on TV. Nolan seized the opportunity to finally create the definitive version.

Khan has HAD his definitive version. There was NOTHING deficient about Montalbans portrayal. There is NO REASON to revisit it.

Like Liza Minelli wisely responds when asked to perform “Over the Rainbow”… “It’s been done”.

It’s never going to be done better or even as well as the original. These writers will just embarass themselves trying.

30. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

JJ Abrams, get your lazy butt up in here and read this sh*t! Cuz if you let us help you we will save you from making crazy decisions like having Gugu in a quandary over which WIRE TO CUT to defuse the explosive in that TV series that ain’t running no more, and like casting Del Toro as Khan!

Come ON, yo!

31. 750 Mang - December 5, 2011

Only now Khan sells carnivorous Tribbles to the Klingons. Nero’s arrival caused that too.

32. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

You got a CHANCE, JJ my homey. Del Toro quitting ain’t a BAD thing!

33. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 5, 2011

This guy’s played Khan already!!!

34. 16309A - December 5, 2011

Please no Khan.

35. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

Well. To Khan or not to Khan that is the question.

36. MartianRogue - December 5, 2011

I dont think any sane person has a problem with Khan. But the entire point of the reboot was to do something new and different. Besides that, Khans story has already been told perfectly before so why go back and do it again. There was a great episode and an amazing movie, lets move on and do something new. The only way Khan in a new movie could be interesting is if they did something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what we’ve seen.

37. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

Ok. I say get Bob Orci to play Khan! Would be perfect.

38. Craiger - December 5, 2011

I got it the Klingon try to locate the Botany Bay with Khan and his supersoldiers to awaken them to help the Klingons erridicate the Tribbles. Then Khan and his supersoldiers turn on the Klingons and the Klingons ask for the Federation help so they send in Kirk and the Enterprise.

39. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

I got it. With Bob Orci as Khan we seen him getting his people up and then asking them to help him write the next movie.
I Keeds I Keeds.

40. Vultan - December 5, 2011


Well put.

Despite there being volumes of Trek comic books over the years, it’s NOT a comic book universe! It’s first and foremost a science fiction television show from the 1960s that wanted to tell adult morality tales in fantastic, candy-colored settings.

Pure and (far from) simple.

41. Jonboc - December 5, 2011

Sucks, he’s a great actor with a great mug. Oh well, let some lesser known actor with great features and good acting chops get a chance to shine.

42. VOODOO - December 5, 2011

Reasons they shouldn’t go back to Khan

1/ The character has been done to perfection…They can’t make it any better.

2/ No actor will be as good Ricardo Montalban…Pine and Quinto were very good, but they aren’t Shatner and Nimoy.

3/ Why go into direct competition with the most widely respected ST film?

4/ With such a vast universe to explore why a re-thread?

This may work, but on the surface it seems like a boring route to go.

43. n1701ncc - December 5, 2011

I agree leave Khan in the Prime world. Mitchell or Mudd would be great for this movie. See my previous post on Mitchell. Mudd would be good too if we turned him into a evil Mudd Joker like … it can work.

Please leave Khan in the Prime time line. Next thing you know we will be asking for whales and nuclear wessles.

44. alec - December 5, 2011

Sorry to hear that Del Toro is out: he would have been good. But delighted, DELIGHTED, to hear that Khan is likely back. It’s a no-brainer. He’s the best villian by a country mile in England. He’s made only two appearances in the 40+ year history of Star Trek. He has mainstream appeal and can have more (essentially he’s a superman type figure and Kirk is his kryptonite).

Who can play him, though? Bardem is busy with Bond….

45. Adolescent Nightmare - December 5, 2011

They had me fooled but not anymore.


46. alec - December 5, 2011

I’m getting sick of hearing, leave Khan in the prime world; don’t redo Khan; etc.

These were the same people saying don’t reboot the franchise. I say, DO Khan; but do Khan WELL. This could be great. It’s risky; but risk is our business, gentlemen.

47. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

If Mr. Del Toro did in fact say what he is reported to have said about getting out while the getting is good, then in a sense some will believe that he is indeed the “villain” of the piece, after all. ;-)

Actors have to live, too. Some are accustomed to a certain lifestyle that requires a certain amount of dough.

While we’re on the subject, the question may be raised how many “A”-list stars the Trek franchise has attracted as compared to, let’s say, Star Wars (a cinematic franchise above all).

While not “A”-list, Christopher Plummer certainly has the actiing chops to qualify as a primo actor. Ricardo Montalban was well-known, but more as a TV star by the time he was cast as Khan, as I recall. Christopher Lloyd (Kruge) was also known for his TV appearances. Kirstie Alley was an ingenue. Alice Krige, the Borg Queen, was not very well known at the time she was cast as the villain in TNG:FC.

The prestige cast member in ST:TMP was clearly Dame Judith Anderson, who was very well known in her day (she was in her prime before the 1970’s).

Star Trek IV lacked a star comparable to Ms. Anderson or even Christopher Lloyd. Star Trek V, same thing. Star Trek VI — see Christopher Plummer.

Generations — Malcolm MacDowell was clearly a prestige choice, having had a portfolio of respect work at the time the movie was made. First Contact — see Alice Krige. Insurrection — two interesting choices, both of whom were well-known and respected: F. Murray Abraham, best know as Salieri in Amadeus, and Anthony Zerbe, a substantial actor.

Tom Hardy from Nemesis has become rather sought after, but at that time was a relative unknown, and Ron Perlman would be considered a television star.

All this is exclusive of considering the regular cast members’ reputations for the sake of this discussion.

Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood, and Simon Pegg were well-known movie actors and of the three, Bana would be considered an “A”-lister, I would think.

Star Trek (2013) would feature Peter Weller as the prestige guest star at this point and it would not be far off the mark to consider him, at least at some point, to have been an “A”-lister, despite his recently lack of publicity. He was, after all, the star of several Robocop movies and in that role would be equivalent in stardom to Schwarzenegger in the the latter’s Terminator movies.

The Star Wars movies have featured, among others, Alec Guiness, Liam Neeson, and Christopher Lee, each of whom were very well-known prior to their involvement in their respective SW roles.

Will the trend toward greater ST involvement with “A”-listers, past or present, continue?

I do realize that some consider “A”-listers to comprise a much smaller group, starting with Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, and similar stars, each of which could carry a movie through sheer name recognition (in theory) — and hence the origin of the show biz term, “star vehicle.”

48. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2011

Abrams knows nobody wants Khan as the villain, but his ego is proceeding with what HE wants, just to prove he can do it! Sad.

49. Uncle Dave - December 5, 2011

Hmmmm.. at first I was unsure about JJ + new cast. Even the new enterprise caused me moments of concern. The writers strike prevented them from making changes through the process…. It was a looming disaster to those of us on the outside if some gentlemen posting here were to be believed.

And yet it was a damn fine outing (well done gentlemen). Arguably holes in the plot line, however they do become interesting ‘major’ plot points in the Star Trek Online game…. (The Hobus mission will open your eyes )

I don’t care who they have as a villain. As long as he is compelling and is a contemporary threat greater than Kirk + team can handle (pls, no Borg enhanced spacecraft), he should be fine ;) Throw the audience a curve ball and make Khan a good guy.

50. DaiMonRon - December 5, 2011

@ Odkin #29

Thank you for the spelling correction for KHAN. I also strongly dislike when it is spelled wrong!!

Also, your view of the Joker being a constant part of the Batman lore could be used to justify Klingons in the ST sequel:

“Stop comparing Khan to the Joker. The Joker has been around since Batman #1 in 1940 and has LONG been the “arch-villain” in the Batman canon. Where Batman is, the Joker is not far behind. The Joker is a simple serial villain. His story does not have a beginning or an end.”

Substitute “Starfleet” for Batman and “Klingons” for the Joker, and we have similarities.

IMO, of course.

51. MartianRogue - December 5, 2011

i sincerely doubt its about ego of any kind

52. Weerd1 - December 5, 2011

If Khan, Nestor Carbonell. That’s my pick.

53. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

^^ Dear reader, please disregard all the typos in the above, as I was writing/typing rather quickly and multitasking at the time. (E.g., “know” instead of “known,” etc.).

54. MartianRogue - December 5, 2011

@DaiMonRon I always saw Starfleet as more of Justice League or Green Lantern Corp myself.

55. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 5, 2011

“deal actually went asunder last Wednesday after parties couldn’t come to terms over monetary issues.”

hmmm…then…. who is the guy who does not bring with him “monetary issues”?… Who will be Khan?… Khan??… really??

:-) :-)

56. Weerd1 - December 5, 2011

@48 Nobody, Harry? Awful lot of people here seem to want it.

57. Craiger - December 5, 2011

Harry could be that Abrams is going with the Trek bad guys the general audience knows like Khan, I think they even are familiar with the Borg, because of the classic line – “Resistance is Futile.” They also know about the Klingons. I don’t think they know Harry Mudd or Gary Mitchel or the Talosians.

58. Ralph - December 5, 2011

PLEASE get over re-doing Khan and move on to something NEW!!! New Timeline….New Adventures PLEASE!!!!

59. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2011

So many plotlines to choose from, TPTB Khan do better!

60. Harry Ballz - December 5, 2011


More like a lot of awful people here seem to want it!

61. Chain of Command - December 5, 2011

I was against Khan being in the next film, especially if it is a one-off.

However, if it’s going to be a trilogy of films and they’re not going to do something “Scientific” (Because, let’s face it, today’s audience, for the most part, isn’t into “Deep Thinking” type movies in this genre) then they might as well.

I just hope they can hold the camera still for a few frames. I’m sick of the big blockbuster Michael Bay Cam. I want to “SEE” what’s going on. LOL

62. John - December 5, 2011

if it is true about this i dont mind it i guess hope if they can do a third star trek movie it will be about the whales because that probe was lauched a long time ago so they could have something to tie it into the new star trek films

63. MC1 Doug - December 5, 2011

#43: “The prestige cast member in ST:TMP was clearly Dame Judith Anderson, who was very well known in her day (she was in her prime before the 1970’s).”

Not so fast!

Dame Judith Anderson did NOT have a role in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).”

She did, however. portray T’Lar, a Vulcan priestess, in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock )|(1984).”

64. Captain Karl - December 5, 2011

@21 ROFL MacheteKhan! Bring it on!

65. Drake1701 - December 5, 2011

Hopin no Khan myself. Like others here, looking forward to a Klingon based villian.

66. Bob Dahlia - December 5, 2011

Hey JJ, please hire Nestor Carbonell to play Khan!

67. Vulcan Soul - December 5, 2011

Ha! So they are still pulling old rabbits from dusty hats to REHASH old Trek. In the first one it was the “fiendish villain death ray” cliche that actually goes back all the way to Flash Gordon and might be one of the most overused sci fi cliches (along with time travel, which they didn’t have… oh wait… d’uh!), and now they are simply reusing the second REAL Trek’s villain as their second REHASH Trek villain. How convenient. Eh.

68. MC1 Doug - December 5, 2011

#63: oops… the attributed quote was from #47, not $43.

My bad.

69. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

#43. You also forgot Alfree Woodward. First Contact. Pretty close to an A Lister. Also.

70. Josh - December 5, 2011

NO KHAN!!!!!! Need something new and fresh. Come on Bob, your team is more creative than that.

71. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 5, 2011

Tos Star Trek had some great guest Stars.
Here is a list I got off of Yahoo.

James Gregory (Lugar on Barney Miller)
Lloyd Haynes (Room 222)
Ian Wolfe (Hirsch on WKRP)
Frank Gorshin (Riddler on Batman)
Johnny Haymer (Zale on MASH)
Keye Luke (MASH)
William Windom (My World…)
Julie Newmar (the original Catwoman, Batman)
Sid Haig (Texas, Mary Hartman)
James Daly (Medical Center)
Elinor Donahue (Make Room for Daddy or Bachelor Father)
John Fielder (Bob Newhart Show)
Barbara Babcock (Hill Street Blues)
Diana Muldaur (Pulaski, TNG)
Marj Dusay (Mrs. Warner, Facts of Life)
Joan Collins (Alexis, Dynasty)
John Colicos (Baltar, Battlestar Galactica)
Vic Tayback (Mel, Alice)
Lee Bergere (Joseph, Dynasty)
Lee Meriwether (Miss America, Barnaby Jones)

72. Will - December 5, 2011

Why is everyone overlooking the obvious best choice to play Kahn:

Ben Affleck

73. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Okay, okay, check this out.

With rare exception, the suggestions people keep coming up with to play Khan are Latino actors. So far we’ve got:

1. Benicio Del Toro (even before he was sought he was suggested).
2. Wilmer Valderrama.
3. Javier Bardem.
4. Antonio Banderas.
5. Nestor Carbonell.

Now the question: WHY do so many Star Trek fans keep proposing a Latino to play the role of a Sikh made famous by a Latino, and one who was great in the role?

It’s not to do justice to Ricardo Montalban’s performance, because why shouldn’t anybody who is a good actor and who fits the part, but who is not Latino, be able to do it too? Mark Strong (Italian) could either equal or outperform any of those suggested actors in the role. So that’s not it.

And while some here will argue that it’s not necessary to put an Indian actor in the role, and while I would agree that it is not, we yet have the evidence right in front of us that having such an Indian actor — or at least one who could pass for an Indian actor — adds to the authenticity of the role, because it is the converse truth of the FACT that NOT having an Indian in the role — or one who is passable as one — DETRACTS from the authenticity of the role.

Because the reason so many people keep suggesting Latino actors for the role is that when they see Ricardo Montalban playing Khan, they do not see a Sikh, THEY SEE A LATINO.

74. jas_montreal - December 5, 2011

ah yes. I feel happy !


Love it.

Sadly, No Del Toro is not good, but whoever bob and the team find next will be awesome too.

75. N - December 5, 2011

They just won’t let Khan die. Bankrupt Idea’s! Sad.

76. CaptainGarth - December 5, 2011

Just got off the phone with a source. The main villain is….KODOS!!!!!! Alice Eve is Lenore Karidian , and Weller is that guy with the sock on his face.

77. Gary A. Neumann - December 5, 2011

Ricardo Montalban was the best!

Now… nestor carbonell has the looks… but does he have the punch?

78. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Fans want to replace a Latino actor WITH a Latino actor because THAT is what they see on screen.

This is evidence that the illusion has failed. In some cases it may not matter, but in the case of Ricardo Montalban, however much we loved his performance, he was not convincing as a Sikh. But he was very convincing as a Latino.

79. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

73 and 78. Does that make sense, Bob?

80. Robogeek - December 5, 2011

If the villain is indeed Khan (sigh…), then there’s really only one way to go casting-wise that could not only actually work, but be absolutely brilliant and inspired…


He would be _amazing_.

(Sorry, but casting a Latino Khan just doesn’t make any sense in this century.)

P.S.: Anyone who can’t be bothered to spell “Khan” correctly should be permanently banned from posting on I mean, come on, people. It’s just four letters. FOUR. LETTERS. Not that hard.

81. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

This is theory. You an comment on the theory and it isn’t an admission that the movie is actually about Khan.

82. Jason - December 5, 2011

What if Khan was a small role in the film and a brief remake of Space Seed was used as the opening for the film and resolved (with Khan being exiled or even killed) before we even see a title card. Then the rest of the film could be an original story with Klingons or the Borg with Alice Eve as the Borg Queen!

83. jas_montreal - December 5, 2011

Nestor Carbonell ?

how abut that bob ? He’d make a PERFECT khan.

84. drew - December 5, 2011

Could Weller be playing.. Garrovick, Decker… or maybe even Garth?

85. CaptainGarth - December 5, 2011

They want Sir Sean Connery as Kodos , they are trying to convince him it was a mistake to turn down Sybok. They also want Justin Bieber as Lt. Kevin Reilly

86. MJ - December 5, 2011


87. jas_montreal - December 5, 2011

@ 86

I just knew it because which idiot would pass the chance of doing khan.

Its like when they were making the Dark Knight. People were hesitant, but it turned out pretty amazing.

88. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Sorry. :-) Couldn’t control myself! Muy importante!

89. MJ - December 5, 2011

Memo to JJ: Bring in Naveen Andrews to play Khan — you know he can deliver based on how great he was as a conflicted and violent character on Lost.

90. mitch - December 5, 2011

Naveen Andrews? Bwahahahaha… Nooooooooooooooo

91. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 5, 2011

Well, now even Hitfix is backpedaling on their not Khan claim. So guess what?

It’s Khan.

92. the Quickening - December 5, 2011

So, if Abrams’ denial a few days ago, was in the context of Benicio Del Toro not playing Khan in the new movie because of negotiations breaking down, then he didn’t lie and, indeed, it looks like it really could be Khan. Pretty smart JJ, but you are gonna piss-off a lot of people here who don’t seem to want Khan. Personally, I don’t want him either, but if my only choices were the Klingons and Khan, I choose Khan. Aren’t you guys sick of Klingons? Really.

93. Radioactive Spock - December 5, 2011

If it is Khan don’t everyone get your undies in a bundle. In the altered timeline the circumstances of Botany Bay’s discovery could undoubtedly be different. What if it isn’t even the Enterprise that discovers it? What if he’s not even a villain for much or all of this movie? I’m actually quite excited at the idea of seeing how the Khan legacy might play out in the new timeline. I love that it’s getting to be daily production update time!!! Come on 2013!

94. Odkin - December 5, 2011

Go back to the drawing (typing) board.

No need to cast around for another villain actor if they used the Mirror Universe!

It’s at least as well known as Khan, contains infinite stories, and think of the money they’ll save!

95. Trekboi - December 5, 2011

If Khan is the Villan I will Vomit

Where are the New Life & New Civilisations?
Not some human from the 1990’s?

96. cdp - December 5, 2011

Well while we are at it I say Steven Seagal should be Khan.

97. Drew - December 5, 2011

First Javier Bardem out (rumored), now Benicio? Bring in the 3rd string Khan! He’s been warming the bench.

98. mitch - December 5, 2011

“Joe Manganiello”

99. Craiger - December 5, 2011

Kieffer Sutherland as Khan.

100. Drew - December 5, 2011

Danny Trejo is….. KHAAAAAAAAAAAN

101. jas_montreal - December 5, 2011

@ 98.

Are you saying that because you saw the news of a 24 Movie is starting production soon ? lol

102. Basement Blogger - December 5, 2011

Khan? Really? Why? It’s been done. And done magnificently in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I thought Nero was like Khan. Angry because his wife was killed by Hobus supernova and that Spock did not do enough to stop it. (See also Countdown.) Revenge. Sounds like Khan. Now there’s word that they really are bringing Khan back.

I don’t want to judge a movie before its made. But this is the deeper Star Trek that the Supreme Court is promising us. Trekboi is right on. (@ 95) This is the new life and new civilizations? Is this boldly going where no filmmaker has gone before? If it’s Khan, the answer is no. .

103. jas_montreal - December 5, 2011

@ 100

A new Story with khan doesn’t mean its a story of revenge or anything else. The circumstances are different. The story is different. The characters are the same.

If i use your argument technique, then well…. the Original Series has been done well before and why should we do it again? Why not start a new Crew.

I just don’t think its necessary to think that way when stories change. The Khan story in the trek sequel will probably be different and not a revenge story.

104. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

Suddenly I can wait for this film.

105. Vultan - December 5, 2011


“Why not start a new Crew.”

Sounds good to me.
How about a new TV show to go with it?!!!

106. ensign joe - December 5, 2011

Told you..

107. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

Oops, my bad about Dame Judith Anderson and Alfre Woodard. I defer to the collective wisdom of the commons, etc. :-)

Then who played the Vulcan priestess in TMP? I know it’s not Anderson because the characters are portrayed by different people. A quick Google search did not reveal the answer.

James Cromwell, ST:FC, was also a well-known actor, but probably not an “A”-lister at that time or at any time I can think of.

He’s probably still better known as the farmer from the Babe (the piglet) movies than as Cochrane, by the way.

Also, I remember that the last Babe movie seemed pretty depressing for some reason. (Off-topic.)

This is what I get for posting about abstruse ST show biz memes while watching TV and/or writing an academic paper on a totally unrelated topic. I’m getting too old to multitask! Argh…. Sorry…..

108. somethoughts - December 5, 2011

Just get Brad Pitt :)

109. MJ - December 5, 2011

@101 “A new Story with khan doesn’t mean its a story of revenge or anything else. The circumstances are different. The story is different. The characters are the same.”

Dude, I a give you a 99.9999% guarantee that by the end of Trek 2 Kirk and Khan will not be singing Kumbayah! :-)

Come on man, its Khan and Kirk….we are talking Lions versus Hyenas here!

110. the Quickening - December 5, 2011


I doubt revenge will be a factor at all–at least directly–in this film. As it has been pointed out, this will more than likely be a reworking of TOS episode SPACE SEED. The revenge aspect won’t happen ’til much later in the Khan saga… at least this is what I am hoping.

111. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

^^71, awesome list. Those are some great stars, though not “A”-listers.

Did you know that Sid Haig played the heavy in Jason of Star Command — also starring James Doohan?

Also another fun fact: I’ve always thought that Sally Kellerman was really hot in her day. She also was in the original cinematic M*A*S*H, a really excellent franchise in its day (movie and especially TV).

(Why do have have these random tidbits taking up valuable real estate in my brain, and is that why I keep on forgetting where I put my car keys?)

Also, check out Charlize Theron in the trailers for Snow White and the Huntsman. There were a few years after she played that horrible serial killer that I thought she might have permanently affected her looks, but she’s back with a passion and I think is better looking than ever. Her pulchritudinous aspects approach that of classic beauties such as Catherine Deneuve in her prime.

112. EM - December 5, 2011

48. Harry Ballz – December 5, 2011
“Abrams knows nobody wants Khan as the villain, but his ego is proceeding with what HE wants, just to prove he can do it! Sad.”

Really? It seems that a fair number of people here would love to see Khan. Myself included. In all his angry 3D glory! If this movie has Khan, all the nay sayers will end up grumbling, but going to see the movie a dozen times. Just like the last movie. Because it will be spectacular, just like the last movie.

113. Weerd1 - December 5, 2011

@60 Clever!

114. the Quickening - December 5, 2011

Sorry. Above meant for #102.

115. Basement Blogger - December 5, 2011

@ 101

jas says,

“If i use your argument technique, then well…. the Original Series has been done well before and why should we do it again? Why not start a new Crew.”

That’s not my argument. The story of Khan has been done before. The characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy can and probably had more adventures than the original series showed us. The writers on the Supreme Court are very creative and talented individuals. They can easily write a new story.

It’s messing with a classic that’s the problem. Why not remake Casablanca with younger actors? How about Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

116. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

I rather see Spock and Uhura marry.

117. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 5, 2011

Del Toro is out because of “monetary issues”. Like he probably wasn’t being offered x-number of millions of dollars – off to find a puke bowl.

There was never any mention of him being cast as Khan by TPTB and paparazzi news board are not the people any of us should be listening to, unless they are directly quoting a specific fact told to them by a credible source, like a producer/writer/director/actor/studio executive. They are rumour mongering machines for the most part, with suspect journalistic credibility.

People are just IMAGINING, WISHING, SPECULATING that these actors may be playing certain characters. MJ – stop telling people “I told you so” or something to that effect, because you have told us nothing. NOBODY has told us anything, least of all Bob Orci.

FACT – Benicio Del Toro was in negotiations with Bad Robot to play a villain found within Star Trek TOS. Those negotiations have fallen over and he will not now be in the Star Trek sequel.

118. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

Yeah, about why redo a classic and that whole debate: Thing is, you have to consider that certain dramatic productions are eminently remakeable, including plays by this guy named Shakespeare, whoever he is. ;-)

And before those little plays, various and sundry Greek tragedies (and comedies — let’s not forget those) that were extremely old even during The Bard’s day. Aristophanes’ light-hearted play, The Wasp, was adapted into a radio play as recently as 2005 (“Aristophanes,” Wikipedia.)

And yes, I do consider certain aspects of Trek comparable to Shakespeare. Call me a Trekkie if you must, but there it is.

119. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2011

Well, in response to those saying Khan can’t be recast because Ricardo Montalban played him magnificently and because its been too soon after his passing forget that J.J Abrams already recast the original characters (including two–Dr.McCoy and Scotty– who were originally portrayed by actors DeForrest Kelley and James Doohan who both had passed away just a few years prior) and seemed to succeed on most accounts.

Also, we aren’t likely to see the vengeful madman because Kirk hasn’t yet met Khan in this new universe, thus the plot device for Khan’s thirst for revenge hasn’t been conjured up yet.

And finally, I have to say that if its true that Khan will be in the movie, it will be the third time I’ve been right about things concerning the sequel. I accurately predicted the summer 2013 release date, the 3D version, and now Khan.

120. cd - December 5, 2011

Del Toro wanted more money? No way! >;>}
So now are we going to get the modern Latino equivalent of Lawrence Luckinbill to play Khan?
Khan was done well already, does not need a lame reboot. Of course, what am I saying, we didn’t need the lame reboot we got in 2009.

121. MJ - December 5, 2011

@117 “People are just IMAGINING, WISHING, SPECULATING that these actors may be playing certain characters. MJ – stop telling people “I told you so” or something to that effect, because you have told us nothing. NOBODY has told us anything, least of all Bob Orci.”

BULLSHIT! Watch the coming days news — you will see!!!

PS: This is just like last year, when you didn’t believe me when I said the movie would be delayed, and then you refused to give me credit for being right with that prediction as well

122. ster j - December 5, 2011

#85. CaptainGarth – December 5, 2011
They want Sir Sean Connery as Kodos , they are trying to convince him it was a mistake to turn down Sybok. They also want Justin Bieber as Lt. Kevin Reilly

One word–BRILLIANT!!! (Uh, not that last part. Srsly?

123. Slick - December 5, 2011

Going to be 4 freaking years and they come up with a Khan story… Wow how exciting.

124. MJ - December 5, 2011

RDR, agree completely — you have been dead-on on all your predictions here on the sequel.

125. Ivory - December 5, 2011

Not feeling Khan. Been there done that.

126. VZX - December 5, 2011

Come ONNNN!!!!!! I thought that Abrams confirmed that Khan was NOT the villain and I was like, cool! But, now, Abrams could have been just saying that Del Toro was not Khan meaning that he was not in the movie and that the villain is still Khan, maybe. And that SUCKS! For crying out loud, this sucks. Yeah, yeah, just a movie, whatevs…. I just don’t want Khan as the villain. Dang, I really don’t!!!!

127. Basement Blogger - December 5, 2011

Since Peter Weller is in the new movie, here’s my opinion or guess on what the new movie is about.

128. richpit - December 5, 2011

Maybe it’s Chaka Khan?

129. Will_H - December 5, 2011

Well I sure hope the rumor’s not true and Khan’s not the villan. How sad would that be to have all of the options that they have and to go with something that predictable?

130. Red Dead Ryan - December 5, 2011


Thanks, MJ! I really appreciate it!

Seems Keachick is still the Chamberlain though!

131. Phil - December 5, 2011

Ensign Khan gets sucked out an airlock somewhere. If Khan is indeed the heavy in the next flick I’m having a bit of trouble working up some enthusism for this development.

132. The Last Vulcan - December 5, 2011

As I said in the earlier thread: Manganiello. Best choice out there. Check out his pics. He doesn’t need latex pecs! And he can ACT. Bigtime.

133. rm10019 - December 5, 2011

127 – I will bet you $500 Peter Weller isn’t playing a character in any way related to his prior Trek appearance. Talk about obscure…

I just hope the guys find a great actor to fill this role vacated by Del Toro!

134. Michael Hall - December 5, 2011

“You guys forgot to mention George Lopez, Cheech Marin, and Danny Trejo.”

Personally I think Cheech would make a great Khan. “Kirk! I will pursue you beyond the Antares Maelstrom and the very bounds of hell before I geeve up! But first . . . pass that bag of Doritos. I’m hungry.”

135. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Suddenly I feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes screaming “It’s a maaaadhouse…a maaaadhoooooouse!”

136. Vultan - December 5, 2011


Kirk’s not here, maaan.

137. Michael Hall - December 5, 2011

Heston would make a great Shatner. (Or, vice versa.) But, I digress. . .

138. Keeper of the Katra - December 5, 2011

They are going with Khan. But, Spock does not die. Scotty does, and so does McCoy. 3rd installment, Data time travels from the prime reality and informs Kirk this never happened

139. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 5, 2011

@ #119, #121
#121 “PS: This is just like last year, when you didn’t believe me when I said the movie would be delayed, and then you refused to give me credit for being right with that prediction as well”

BULLSHIT. You are speculating now just as you did then. There is always a probability that someone’s prediction will turn out to be correct or that someone will have a wish granted. You actually have less evidence now than you did before. Just because you keep reading the name Khan after every second word and the fact that the papz media have picked up on the Khan frenzy/obsession does not necessarily make what they say true.

(The same goes for the possibility of the movie being made in 3D. It was obvious that Paramount would have the final say on such matters, irrespective of how JJ Abrams personally felt about 3D.)

If it does turn out to be true, it still remains within the bounds of possible probability – nothing more. Perhaps you do keep your crystal balls shinier than mine, but that’s only because you are guys and quite likely have more spit to polish it with. I suspect that there are parts of those balls that will simply never shine up though.

“still the Chamberlain…” Yeah, right…

140. Hat Rick - December 5, 2011

Omigod now I’ve seen it all. Stoner Trek: The Next Degeneration.


141. Polly - December 5, 2011


142. Michael Hall - December 5, 2011

Don’t bogart that cordrazine.

143. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Khan was one of the leading bets for the sequel after the first movie, so it’s really not a surprise. But I wouldn’t assume it’s JUST about Khan, if that is in fact what it is about. These guys like to pack a lot of stuff in a movie, so I expect something unusual rather than just a movie about Khan. I think fans are thinking it’s going to be like Space Seed or TWOK, and I don’t think they are going to do that.

144. shawn - December 5, 2011

JJ and cie dont listen to them just make the best movie you can!

I want a nice family and friendship story , good sfx, and i want to be on the edge of my seat like the first movie,,, hope its even bigger, laugh like we are used to.

My wish for star trek si to have the best space battle ever made in hollywood. I know trek was never about that but, since we never had one.. as a fan i would love to see the enteprise batteling with todays sfx! And maybe back-up??6 We never saw starfleet only in ds9.

Even if it is khan … that dosent meen it will be the same storie… its a different time line and jj has always made good movie and shows! He knows the bussiness more then all of you!

IF you guys are reading this, im into movies too and it would a dream for me to be on set… as an extra or whatever!!! Just saying!


145. Hugh Hoyland - December 5, 2011

If it is Khan you can be sure it WON’T be the persona seen in the TROK.
More along the lines of the cunning, power hungry super human.
Sounds good to me!

146. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

Kea, give it up, you won’t win. Credit has already been taken. Here’s a quote last night. “It’s Khan, and Del Toro will be playing him.”
Sounds like about 50% right to me but I was never very good in math. But hey, just take all. The power of unresolved daddy issues, the need to prove oneself, even among strangers, can be hard to overcome, even in adulthood. Sad really.

147. tman - December 5, 2011

I think the successful Klingon encounters have been the Klingons interfering in what was going on and the Klingon becoming a direct threat only by the end, so Khan doesn’t mean no Klingons. I would actually suspect it is more likely to mean Klingons if you have Khan taking over a planet. I do think audiences would wonder how Khan would react if he was a pawn in a game of Klingon vs Federation.

148. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

Sorry about that. Should read: Just take it all. Not very good at english either.

149. Trekwebmaster - December 5, 2011

Well, let’s look at this from a physics point-of-view. Bob, I hope you can take the idea to see my perspective, so here goes:

“Back to ST: Movie ’09, when Spock melded with Kirk, and instantaneously “transmitted” or “gave Kirk the observer’s perspective,” on every event which had happened, (in Spock Prime’s Universe,” to save time and explanation. And so Kirk has fore-knowledge of what happened in Spock Prime’s universe. Does this mean if a timeline “is” observed, the act of observation destroys the observed?

Does this limit or free Kirk to do things which never happened in his current universe? Not this time? What does this mean for the new universe?

Just thinking aloud. Trying to wrap my head around “Temporal Mechanics,” and “Quantum Theory.”


150. Valenti - December 5, 2011

35. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Well. To Khan or not to Khan that is the question.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. :)

151. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

So they blew up the universe to give us Khan again. Awesome.

Yeah, yeah I know it’s still there…we just ain’t gonna be seeing it no more.

152. Trekwebmaster - December 5, 2011

Hey, I just had a “devilish” thought.

Go ahead and let them do Kahn, as the sequel, so Spock can get killed and Kirk and crew can go to Genesis or Exodus, and that ugly ship can be disabled and scuttled by Kirk to kill the Klingons, so they can rescue the newly-revived Spock and head to Earth to save it from the “whale probe,” and get a new ship. Solves having to see that ugly ship, then they can paint an “A” on the hull and redo the TOS/TMP NCC-1701 / 1701-A to one which looks very nice and modern, much like what we already are accustomed to and smaller?

In all suspicions, probably none of these above ideas, will be used due to being twice-used constitutes a “joke,” and “cliche.” Big “No No,” on major motion pictures.

I suppose we better get our popcorn, and get ready to “Buckle-up!”

I Dare You To Do Better!

153. Gorn Born - December 5, 2011

With Peter Weller now (hopefully) in the movie, it is clear that the best strategy would be to use someone from the pool of great actors who have previously been in some iteration of Trek.

Forget Del Toro.

Clint Howard should play Khan.

154. Odkin - December 5, 2011

I agree with 133, there is no way Weller will be playing the same character (that no one ever heard of) he played on “Enterprise”.

155. Captain Karl - December 5, 2011

@153 yeah, he could offer the crew some Tranya…;)

156. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

Cas Anvar looks like he might fit the role of Khan. He was on Neverland. I think he’s Iranian.

157. dmduncan - December 5, 2011


Anvar first came to popular attention through his Jutra-nominated role as the controversial Zak in Hunt Hoe’s dark, titillating feature film Seducing Maarya. His extensive list of credits include Redeemer, opposite Matthew Modine, The Incredible Adventures Of Marco Polo, with Jack Palance and Oliver Reed, and the CTV MOW Agent Of Influence opposite Christopher Plummer. Additionally he appeared in Richard Donner’s blockbuster Timeline and also in Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal opposite Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta Jones and Stanley Tucci.

An accomplished stage actor, Anvar has played numerous leading roles in Shakespeare’s most famous plays including the title role in Macbeth, Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet, and Prospero in The Tempest. He has also directed many of the Bard’s works. Outside of his company Repercussion Theatre, he has appeared on stage in Rahul Varma’s critically acclaimed Counter Offence and in Joe Maalouf’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

158. BitterTrekkie - December 5, 2011

Khan again? I wish I could say that I’m surprised, but I am not.
Nothing is sacred to these clowns.

159. dmduncan - December 5, 2011

So there ya go. Another option. He was in Transformers: ROTF, so Bob already knows of the guy.

160. Robman007 - December 5, 2011

Nestor carbonell as KHAN!!

161. Basement Blogger - December 5, 2011

@ 133, 154

Weller’s character can be explained in a few lines of dialogue. Just like they did in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan when Captain Terrell asked Chekov who Khan was. That was exposition for the ones that didn’t see “Space Seed.”

I’m using logic here. Paxton (Peter Weller) was part of a xenophobic terrorist organization which wanted to get rid of the aliens on earth. (Enterprise: “Terra Prime.” ) It’s logical that his champion would be a superhuman like Khan. By the way “Terra Prime” is beloved by ST: Enterprise fans and is considered to be the series finale.

Hey if you think it’s silly, let Peter Weller tell us what isn’t silly. :-)

162. Enterprise B - December 5, 2011

Let’s face the facts:

1. He does look like Khan
2. There are now conflicting reports about whether the villain is Khan or not
3. It was reported that at one point there was an idea to have a scene of the U.S.S. Botany Bay after the credits finished rolling for the first Star Trek film

I had lost all belief that Khan would be the villain for the sequel, but now I think it is more likely, based on the facts. But, I could be completely wrong.

163. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 5, 2011

#146 Except that Benicio Del Toro won’t be playing anybody. He’s out – remember. Once again, making rumour and supposition appear like it is the truth. So many bullshit liars around.

“The power of unresolved daddy issues, the need to prove oneself, even among strangers, can be hard to overcome, even in adulthood. Sad really.”

Funny, you should say that about me when it is MJ and RDR who are the ones telling people, “See, I told you so”, so much is their need to prove themselves right among strangers. But you know what they say – it takes one to know one.

164. Keeper of the Katra - December 5, 2011

Pacino as Khan. Say hello to my little friend…Think about it. Scarface as Khan!

165. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - December 5, 2011

Javier Bardim would be much better anyway

Paging Javier Bardim and a personal trainer

166. MJ - December 5, 2011

@139. Keachick, you just can’t stand it that I was right again (and to give similar credit to Red Dead Ryan) — that I decoded Bob’s clue, ignored his misdirection afterwards and stuck to my guns, and also realized that JJ’s comments did not mean what most thought its mean. Sorry, but I had this all right, and for whatever reason, that bothers you?

Here also is a video that applies to you:

167. Mel - December 5, 2011

I am glad about this. He looks so much like a cliche villain. Like an actor, who gets to play one bad guy after each other and practically never is the good guy in movies/series. If there is a typical villain role in the movie, I prefer someone less obvious evil looking in it.

Overall I don’t want a single villain again, who is at most backed up by some background characters, who are just there as decorations. We already had this with Khan, Sybok, Soran, Borg Queen, Shinzon and Nero in the movies. I prefer a whole race with numerous ships as the villain, or a race, which don’t use ships at all. Or no typical villain at all like in Star Trek 4. Maybe some strange space phenomena or the mirror universe.

I really don’t want a repeat of the last movie. It was overall good, but Nero was a cliche villain, whose background story was really stupid. It was just completely ridiculous, that his wife and the other Romulans on the planet died at all. A space faring race like the Romulans would have evacuated the planet, before it could blow up. A supernova can’t destroy the whole galaxy. It can only destroy things near it. Otherwise none of use would be alive with the amount of supernovas, which happened in the Milky Way galaxy in the past. So there were a lot of safe planets for the evacuation.

168. Keeper of the Katra - December 5, 2011

I got it, I got it…Charo as Khan. Koochi, Koochi

169. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 5, 2011

MJ – Now you are being an offensive, rude ass.

170. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

Kea, I wasn’t disagreeing with you. That’s not your quote.

171. Keeper of the Katra - December 5, 2011

Oh here’s Khan…Johny Depp

172. MJ - December 5, 2011

@169 “rude ass”

Huh??? I sent you a funny clip from the “Happy Days” tv show from the 70’s where Fonzie can’t say the word “wrong”. It is suppose to be funny.

Sheesh, you are uptight.

I feel like Kirk in Trek 09 here, saying to you: “I don’t think you like the fact that I beat your test.”

(and that quote from Kirk is suppose to be funny as well, so no need for you to let any additional 4-letter words fly at me please…take a chill pill)

173. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 5, 2011

You see Kea? And it continues…

174. MJ - December 6, 2011

@173 Please keep me out of your disagreement with Keachick.

175. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011


176. alt-Spock - December 6, 2011

So let’s say the rumors are true and they’re gonna do Khan again. Do they do a big-budget version of Space Seed, or go straight to WoK? How could that even make sense?

177. alt-Spock - December 6, 2011

…then again, the “reboot” didn’t make much sense to begin with.

178. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

176. It doesn’t.

179. MJ - December 6, 2011

Neither — it will be a much bigger story than either of those with lots of surprises.

180. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

I was thinking that they are not going to do “Space Seed” or “Wrath of Khan.” Remember it’s a parallel universe. I mean Khan is going to be still evil but the plot will be different. On the other hand they could make Khan, a ballet dancer.

181. MJ - December 6, 2011

@180 Exactly.

182. La Reyne d'Epee - December 6, 2011

122 – Justin Beiber has a tribble on his head, there must be a role in this for him somewhere

183. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

Hey remember that Paul Giamatti wanted to play a Klingon. And Bob Orci wanted him. Link below. Follow me on this one. Paul Giamatti for Khan!
I keed. I keed. Whoever plays Khan they’ve got to fill Ricardo Montalban’s huge chest.

184. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

As Rick Perry would say, “Oops. Sorry.” I forgot to post the link where Bob Orci says he wants Paul Giamatti. No, it’s not for Khan. At least I don’t think so.


185. TwilightTrek - December 6, 2011

I still think they’ll use the plot line where the Klingon’s gained some future technology when they interrogated Nero’s crew and it will shift the power to the Klingon’s and Kirk and the federation will take them on as underdogs. Who knows, maybe they’ll throw Khan in there who will for some cockeyed reason fight along side with Kirk against the Klingon’s only to turn on him. I just hope I’m totally wrong and the movie’s plot will be something totally fresh and new. I just hope it has some sort of meaning or message behind it rather than “get the bad guy.”

186. Keith Klein - December 6, 2011

I’m on board for Khan. If it were me, I’d have the Klingons wake him this time, and have him take over their ship. Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem sound good to me, too, except that Javier is the villain in the next 007. I can’t imagine the pressure you guys (writers) must be under, but you’ve got to make the movie you want to see, despite all the haters. All good art comes from that place. Be brave and go boldly, Alex, Bob and Damon.

187. Jamuga - December 6, 2011

Since we’re all throwing names in the pot for the Khan reboot role I want to play too!

Daniel Day Lewis would kill it.

Also, weren’t there rumors of the producers going after Russell Crowe for Nero back in ’08? They’ve got the number, why not give Crowe another buzz? They could tell him it’s pretty much the same role but with a nostalgic factor this time!

188. Beamer - December 6, 2011

@49 I must say Cryptic did a good job fitting the movie’s prime events with the timeline at the last minute.

189. =A= - December 6, 2011

yea, yea, yea, kick him out! i rather be klingons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

190. Porthos Jr. - December 6, 2011

Beam me up, Scotty!

191. Shamelord - December 6, 2011

I hoped they would do something new, something I had not seen before. But it doesn’t look like it will be the case. “familiar characters”… Pfffff. The crew and the starship are familiar enough. Let’s change the rest!

192. Sam - December 6, 2011

Maybe I missed something since I don’t follow production news very closely, but why does everyone think the villian will be Khan? Has the director or writing staff given hints that it will be khan or are people just speculating because khan was a popular villain? Personally I would like to see something completely different since the writers have the ability to go in any direction they want. However, if we do see a villain that’s been done before or more specifically Khan, then I hope the plot surrounding that villian will be completely different from what we have seen before.

In my opinion everything doesn’t have to be so black or white. A new timeline does offer new possibilities, but seeing a character we have seen before doesn’t necessarily mean a complete rehash of a preexisting story. I just hope the creative team finds a new actor they like for the role now that del toro is out.

193. Peter Loader - December 6, 2011

If they do Khan it will be a combined Space Seed and Wrath of Khan together, only this time Khan succeeds in taking control of the Enterprise and marooning Kirk and co on Ceti Alpha V. From then on it will be Kirk hunting Khan.

194. TrekTech - December 6, 2011

No Khan Do.

195. El Chup - December 6, 2011

If they must do Khan I would try and get Javier Bardem. One only needs to watch The Dancer Upstairs to know what emotional depth he is capable of.

All that said, revisting Khan is a disaster. Not only is it a cheesy repeat of TWOK, not only do I find it even harder to accept a recasting of the character than I did the TOS cast, but my hopes for a fresh morality play or social commentary seemed to have been dashed in favour of another villain of the week plot.

I hope I am wrong. But Khan in a villain of the week story would be enough to turn me off this movie before even seeing it….and I was not a major hater of the first JJ Trek effort.

196. Jim Nightshade - December 6, 2011

Well i am inclined to think if its khan it wont be wrath or space seed remakes….the borg technology in neros ship causes klingons to investigate inadvertenly triggering homing beacon—klingons also found khans ship revived him–he either rules klingons or allies with emsi u have khan n klingon n borg–triumphrate of evil—i remember someone here suggested this plot a year or two ago–doesnt sound far fetched to me–

197. Admiral_ Bumblebee - December 6, 2011

If it is true and Khan is the villain I have to question the “love for the fans” of Star Trek, Mr. Abrams, Mr. Orci and Co always tell they have.

Most of the fans didn’t want to see Khan in the movie and now they do it anyway? Great love for the fans.

Somehow I think they do certain things in the movies just to kick the fans in the balls. Messing with the timeline, blowing up Vulcan, making Kirk a pussy, no William Shatner as Prime Kirk, Khan as a villain…

This seems to be pattern with Mr. Abrams. I remember his script for a Superman-movie that messes around with every aspect of the character. Is this the sole purpose of this man? To destroy everything, fans love about a franchise?

I am angry and very disappointed.

198. Jay El Jay - December 6, 2011

While I would be disappointed to see Khan as the villain, because of the severe lack of original thinking… it makes sense, as they are starting the series from the start and tailoring towards a new audience (as well as the main fans)

My *personal* choice would be to have the Klingons as the bad guys, because EVERYONE knows that in Star Trek (TOS) the Klingons are the bad guys…. you don’t have to be a fan to know this, and it would make Trek relate to a wider audience.

Interestingly they appear (if the rumours are true) to be stepping away from the Klingons, in favour of James T Kirk’s biggest and most popular nemesis… KHAN!


Because they want to piss off the fans?? NO… becuase it might be genius.

You watch any popular film/tv show whatever and you will see a good guy and a bad guy… and a good guy may have many villains to fight off but there is always one a-hole that makes it personal…

James Bond has Blofeld
Dr Who has the Daleks
Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty
Luke Skywalker has Darth Vader
Batman has The Joker

James T Kirk has Khan…

Are we sick of all the villains mentioned above???


In the new James Bond movie “Skyfall”, it is widely rumoured that Blofeld will be the Villain in some shape or form… this guy has been in countless bond films in the past but fans of Bond are giddy at the thought of him being in the plot somehow…

Daleks are everywhere in Dr Who… they are a massive hit in the new series… are people bored? NO, Dr Who is getting more and more popular…

How awesome was Heath Ledger as The Joker in “The Dark Knight”… before the film were you honestly expecting him to be THAT good??? Neither was I, I personally thought… “Pfftt…the Joker?? really?? That’s Jack Nicholson’s role!”… I was blown away.

Moriarty is the bad guy in both the TV and new film adaptations of Sherlock Holmes… do we tire of this criminal mastermind?? NO… he is Holmes’s Nemesis, he should be the main villain…

Khan has only been in one episode and one movie (hardly overdone when you consider how many movies the Klingons have been the bad guys) – he is Kirks greatest nemesis, and if done right it could be as awesome as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’…

199. UMA Fan - December 6, 2011

They should go with Amitabh Baachan for Khan. The Box Office take for overseas would be INSANE. Most of the world knows who he is. Plus, he’s a fantastic actor and speaks English very well.

200. Doohania - December 6, 2011

Personally, I would prefer Klingons, but if it is Khan, here is an interesting actor and martial arts expert, and his wife is called Twinkle Khanna :-)

201. Tiberius Subprime - December 6, 2011

Although I would hate to see Khan done, it won’t be a remake of Space Seed or TWOK. How could it? It’s a new timeline, an alternate universe, so anything can happen.

Khan will still be a bad ass, but the story will certainly be different.

But I’m hoping for a new character.

Moreover, I believe Bob said it would be one of the following: Gary Mitchell, Talosians, Mudd, Horta.

(But I guess you can always throw in more than one bad guy.)

202. The Red Shirt Diaries - December 6, 2011

Javier Bardem can’t do it, he is busy filming the new Bond. His doppelganger, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, might make a good Khan.

203. VulcanFilmCritic - December 6, 2011


I wish Mr. Del Toro well in whatever he choses to do in the future, but I’m glad he’s not going to be Khan (nor any other Latino actor). This is not an homage to Mr. Montalban; it’s Star Trek. Yes it’s fantasy, but great fantasy must be based in reality. That is what gives it power.

Otherwise we don’t watch the movie for itself. We simply compare it to the old TV show. And if that is what this franchise is to become, than it is no better than those fan-based productions done in someone’s garage. (Actually the fan-based productions might be better because at least they have heart.)


As Jai, and I,
@10,73,78 dmduncan and
@80 Robogeek

have pleaded, please consider an Indian actor for Khan. Whether Hrithik Roshan or Shahrukh Khan, I can’t say. I am not familiar with Indian cinema.
But please aim for authenticity, not waxwork-type re-enactment.

204. captain_neill - December 6, 2011

I they rehash Khan my faith in this team is lost.

205. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2011

Joe Manganiello and his Botany Bay crew are discovered by the Klingon Peter Weller who allies himself with the genetically engineered humans to take over the Earth and Starfleet Command. Now we got us a movie, folks! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

206. Christopher Roberts - December 6, 2011

Does the moves like Jagger…

♫ You Khan’t always get what you want
You Khan’t always get what you want
You Khan’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need ♪

207. - December 6, 2011

Kahn is not Kirk’s version of The Joker.

As a character he was ok in space seed and more interesting given the context for his rage in WOK.

Remove the rage and he is no longer interesting, keep it and we have Nero revisited for the second film.

Khan would not just be a bad move it would almost guarantee boredom at a nemesis level.

Please someone come out and clarify that Khan is not on the agenda for the next movie.

208. - December 6, 2011

But seriously, comparing Kahn to villains like the joker, the daleks etc is simply ridiculous. Khan is just not that interesting.

As a villain he appeared in one episode and one movie and no recurring history other than that.

And consider how this will look to the movie going public beyond the diehard fans. Iron Man 2 was the same story as Iron Man 1, very bad move.

Creating something new could be good.

209. Christopher Roberts - December 6, 2011

Dear Bob Orci,

Want The Original Series to gift the sequel movie with a villain that can trump Khan?

Fate unknown. It’s science fiction and evil always survives.
History wide open to debate.
Character wide open to however you want to write him.
Few canon elements to adhere to… possibly behind the red eagled banners seen in “the Supreme Court” room in TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”. Known as the Optimum according to extended media like books.
Few episodes to pay minutes worth of attention to… TOS “The Savage Curtain”, ENT “Demons” & “Terra Prime” (you guys will be familar with those and Peter Weller’s performance). Maybe a little bit of TNG’s first episode.

210. section9 - December 6, 2011

Do you people realize what ST’s take in the Subcontinent and the Far East might be with a major Bollywood star as Khan?

Maybe JJ and the Producers are starting to get this, as well.

211. cpelc - December 6, 2011

Damon lindelof tweeted vuuuuullllllttttrrrrrreeee!!!!!!!

212. Weerd1 - December 6, 2011

@209 I have to admit it would be pretty cool to have Weller reprising his role from ENT, even in flashback. I’d also like to see undercover agent Trip Tucker as well, but I’m a sucker for Enterprise…

213. Ac - December 6, 2011

Come on guys. If they are going to do Khan they need to cast a charismatic Indian for the role, not Spanish or Hispanic. I can understand why this was the case in old hollywood but it’s 2012 now. Regardless of what happened before, it’s 2012 and they should cast the correct person. It’s really ridiculous.

This is all reminiscent of when they cast David carradine as a half Chinese in the kung fu tv series when he wasn’t even 1% Chinese. That was then, this is now.

214. The Last Vulcan - December 6, 2011

#211. Well, that’s your Khan confirmation. No doubt about that.

215. Jack - December 6, 2011

Viggo Mortenson. Amazing as Freud in that Cronenberg flick.

216. 3D is 3 times as DUMB - December 6, 2011

A Star Trek movie with Khan, and it’s in 3D? I’ll stay home.

217. Jack - December 6, 2011

50. Khan was not the arch-villain of Starfleet.

So, yeah, get Viggo, Adam Beach…

Heck, the entire casts of Cronenberg’s last couple of movies (Fassbender, Kiera Knightly, Naomi Watts…) were great, and any of whom would be terrific inTrek at some point.

Oddly, I always wanted to see Bill Paxton in Trek (years ago), along with Kevin Costner and Harrison Ford (again, this iwas 15+ years ago). I could see any of them as Starfleet captains gone bad.

In my very lame opinion.

218. The Snob - December 6, 2011

A year ago, everybody was screaming KHHHHAAAANNN…! when the next film’s villain was discussed…

Now that it is most likely Khan, everybody is bitchin’ about it. It seems that one stereotype is, in the very end, true….

Trekkies are impossible to please…….

219. Zip - December 6, 2011

A Star Trek Movie, with Khan, I’ll go, 3D or not. Khan was/is a Great charactor. In fact, I’ll go more than once, maybe once a week until it’s replaced by another at the local cinima.
Bottom line, the better the numbers at the box office, the more likely there will be a future in Trek. I’m in my 50’s so I “need” another 30 or 40 years of Trek, :)
thanks for the updates.

220. jonboc - December 6, 2011

…wow…an awful lot of tension and angst here over a “he said-she said” uncomfirmed rumor from an un-named source. what we DO know, is Peter Weller is joining the cast, and that’s pretty fan-dam-tastic!

221. ripleyaeryn - December 6, 2011

Sad that Del Toro left and disappointed that Khan is the villain.

222. Ivory - December 6, 2011

I’m not in favor of having Khan be the villian. That said I don’t think Del Torro was the best choice for the role.

223. Bernd Schneider - December 6, 2011

If it’s Khan I’m out.

224. Christopher Roberts - December 6, 2011

This just in…

Kirk’s other arch villains are *a bit miffed* by this favouritism…

…and are each out for vengeance.

Fancy that.

225. njdss4 - December 6, 2011

I don’t think anyone will be able to do Khan as well as Montalban did, and that will hurt the movie if they’re really going with a Khan story. I hope that these rumors are wrong.

226. Just Sayin' - December 6, 2011

#14…I TOTALLY AGREE! Good call!

227. 3D is 3 times as DUMB - December 6, 2011

I’m not in favor of Khan NOT because I’m afraid Montalban’s acting was pitch perfect for the role and no one could do better. That would be silly considering we’re watching new actors play Spock and Kirk and company and they are all doing a fine job. I don’t want Khan because I want a New story, not a reboot/retelling/re-imagining of Space Speed.

Also, I hate 3D. Gives me a migraine. And it feels Kitschy to me. Yes, even Avatar felt that way.

With that said, when Holodecks replace 3D I’ll be the first in line.

228. Andy Patterson - December 6, 2011

Maybe Peter weller will be:

Captain Ronald Tracy ( I still think Kirk’s greatest villain)

Maybe Weller will be crazed professor, and leader of the space hippies, Dr. Sevrin

Maybe..he’ll be,…Gary Seven. (I can see that now that I think about it)

229. Captain Rickover - December 6, 2011

# 197 Admiral Bumbelbee
You’re wrong. Kirk’s archenemies were the Klingons. Khan was just a one-time enemy that became universal popular because of TWOK (and that story just worked because of the WRATH and seek for revenge by Khan).

If it’s really Khan, then I would be very dissapointed. Because it proofs again, that Hollywood can’t come up with NEW ideas only with remakes and “re-imaginations”.

If it’s true, I have to say someone doesn’t trust the audience and want to adapt the sucess and fame of Star Trek II to it’s own work. I really hope this is a rumor and NOTHING MORE.

230. Eclectrek - December 6, 2011

Three words:

Edward. James. Olmos.

231. - December 6, 2011

@ 218 (Snob), i’m sure you’re just trolling for a bit of desperately craved attention but if you were being serious Trekies were not screaming for Khan a year ago, some were.

The same ones still are and those who said then they did not want Khan still are.

232. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2011

I hope the guys make a great movie… just that…………….:-) :-)

233. Shaun - December 6, 2011

so…if the main villain is indeed khan, why not go with naveen andrews or irrfan khan? if the material is good, let it make a “star” instead of trying to find an existing one for the role.

234. Jannek - December 6, 2011

Banderas would be great as khan. Saw him in “La piel que habito“ only yesterday – great performance and even a little similar role!

235. Doug - December 6, 2011

Khan is as much a part of the new universe as is Archer, the Xindi, the Borg and the attack on earth, ect… meh, as long as it’s a good movie (and we have a 2D alternative).

236. Jim - December 6, 2011

Don’t want a Khan story. We already got a super high quality Khan story on TV and film.

I would rather they EXPLORE NEW WORLDS and NEW CIVILIZATIONS. I want them to go BOLDLY. All that.

If they *** MUST *** do Khan again, I think Nestor Carbonell, the mayor of Gotham City in Nolan’s Batman films, would be a superb choice. He just has that look.

237. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

Way to split the fan base, “Supreme Court”!! Doing Khan again shows a complete lack of imagination and just makes you guys look like hacks. You have a whole new universe to play in and you SQUANDER this opportunity by dredging up old ideas that will no doubt will have been done BETTER in the past when all is said and done!

This is sad news. I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll see it or not.

I’m really tired of Star Trek with mustache-twirling “villains”.

Way to take the intellectual and creative “high ground” guys…NOT!!!

Don’t worry though…I’m sure the Trekkies here who just eat up anything with the Trek name on it (as well as the non-fan casual moviegoer) will still see it three times at least. If its just about the money…I’m sure you’ll make that.

I was hoping for better.

238. ensign joe - December 6, 2011

If Khan is indeed in the next movie, well, its been fun Star Trek.. I will miss you.. but you won’t get any more of my money..

239. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

I agree, Joe!!!

240. "Check the Circuit!" - December 6, 2011

Couple of thoughts:

Del Toro not signing on? Meh. He was a big deal 10 years ago. He doesn’t bring anymore cache to Star Trek than F. Murray Abraham did for Insurrection…and we all remember how that turned out.

Khan as the villain? Personally, I’m disappointed and I agree that it’s already been done. BUT, think about it. That was 45 and 30 years ago respecitively. My guess is that the average age of people visiting this site is around 45 years old. So we care. But Paramount and JJ Abrams can’t possibly deliver a financially viable movie targeted just at us. Star Trek in the 21st needs to be more inclusive. And, for what likely will be the bulk the ticket-buying audience, they weren’t even born when TWOK was originally in theaters. JJ and team have earned the right to make the decisions about the Star Trek sequel. Most of us here have only earned the right to bitch.

Irrespective of Khan’s presence in the new movie, we should all feel pretty confident this creative team is going to deliver a great film.

If Khan is in the movie, you know who would make a great Khan if they can make him look different enough? Faran Tahir. Yep. The actor who played Captain Robau. He is bad ass.

And lastly, we can all probably stop lobbying for Khan or no Khan. That decision has already been made and the script that got JJ and Paramount to agree to another movie is nearly done. It is what it is, as they say. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

241. Nony - December 6, 2011

Did Nolan doing the Joker and Two-Face in ‘The Dark Knight’ make him an unimaginative hack, and TDK derivative?

Khan is the closest thing Trek has to an iconic recurring villain (besides, perhaps, the Borg Queen). I’m talking individuals, not entire species.

I think some people are getting worked up because they’re predicting an exact retread of the original Khan storyline, but I *highly* doubt the writers would do that. Who’s to say the Enterprise finds the Botany Bay first? How do we know someone didn’t wake Khan up twenty years earlier and he’s already become king of an entire planet by now? How do we know he hasn’t allied with the Romulans or the Klingons, a valuable rogue human they think can be used as a weapon against Earth? How do we know the rest of his crew didn’t die and he isn’t a lone space traveller? How do we know there wasn’t a stasis pod malfunction and he doesn’t have amnesia?

Like the circumstances of nuKirk’s life have made him different from originalKirk, nuKhan’s story can be different, too.

242. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

Space Seed and Wrath of Khan are both available on DVD — standard and Bluray!! “Young audiences” can go rent or buy those.

What’s needed is new Star Trek…or at least take something that’s lesser-known from TOS and redo THAT…that’s the only kind of rehash I can support at this point.

My preference is a return to the exploration stories that results in a crisis for one or more of the characters…and let the drama unfold from that!

I’m tired of the “villain of the week” stories!!!

Though flawed in execution, Star Trek The Motion Picture remains one of the films truest to TOS. Hell, even STIV and V are!!!

I loved TWOK but I don’t think every film that comes out should be like that!

243. CaptainGarth - December 6, 2011

The villain is….The Fruit and Veggie Guys from Lost in Space!!

244. TheTREKMAN - December 6, 2011

How do we really know this is really true?

I mean, what if JJ was telling the truth that Khan being the villian was not true. If that’s the case, then this article would be wrong about Khan and if it’s wrong about that, maybe it’s wrong about Del Toro dropping out.

245. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#243 — HAHAHA!!! As portrayed by the late and great Stanley Adams — who also played Cyrano Jones in Trouble With Tribbles! He also co-wrote the TOS episode “The Mark of Gideon”! :-)

246. Doohania - December 6, 2011

@230. Eclectrek – December 6, 2011

So say we all! Well me anyway. But I would like him as a Klingon, not Khan.

247. T'Cal - December 6, 2011

I want this movie to succeed and, because of that, I want to believe that there is a plan for this and the next one (or two). If Khan is the antagonist, that’s fine. If they have a good story for him, I’m good with it. It would likely be a redo of Space Seed, though, and not TWOK based on when this story would occur in the timeline.

Being a long time fan of both Trek and Batman in all their iterations, I can’t help but look for similarities. With Batman Begins and Star Trek, I see such similarities in that both are origin films that give us not only the backdrop of the main characters, but the films also positions them for their sequels. I was concerned that Christopher Nolan had chosen the Joker for The Dark Knight but BB was so good and Heath Ledger was a solid enough actor that I waited. And I was rewarded for my patience; TDK is one of my all time favorite films due to the writing, directing, acting, pacing, etc. Nolan has been quoted as saying that he has had a plan for a trilogy from the beginning and judging by what is known about The Dark Knight Rises, the story will come full circle and include some elements of Batman Begins. I don’t get that sense from JJA and his approach to Star Trek. There doesn’t seem to be a plan. The way it comes across to me is that he will deal with each sequel separately when he finds the time. I really hope I’m wrong.

I won’t be so arrogant as to say that JJA and his staff should listen to us and include or not include this specific character or that certain race; that’s their decision to make and their job to make it work. But JJA seems to be distracted by so many other projects that this one has no focus on this one. Again, I hope I’m wrong as I want this next film to blow me away.

What I think would be great is if he filmed this next ST film at the same time as its sequel so that STXII comes out in 2013 and STXIII comes out a year later. The stories could be directly related with a cliff hanger ending STXII that would culminate in STXIII. Then in 2016, another sequel could be released as a 50th anniversary tribute perhaps bringing the characters into the TOS Movie era. STXIV could be the redo of TWOK!

248. Jay - December 6, 2011

#242 While I agree with you that I want something new – ie. not Khan – I disagree with you about the type of Star Trek movie that should be made. There should be a villain.

The type of Star Trek you want, the type that Gene tried to make with TMP, is best for TV. Not for movies.

People don’t want to wait 4 years and spend good money to go see an action adventure/sci fi movie that revolves around intellectual excercises that you are describing. They go expecting to see adventure, excitement, drama, action, etc. If you don’t give them that, then you will kill the franchise.

You can do those kind of explorer “let’s contemplate the cloud’s intent” type stories on TV because you put out a new story every week. You can build on story arcs over the course of a season. People will keep coming back.

But as TMP demonstrated, that formulat doesn’t work very well when you go to the big screen. There are different expectations. You can’t suddently turn Star Trek movies from action/adventure/sci fi into serious drama’s reflecting on human morality, etc.

249. Phil Smith - December 6, 2011

Never understood the Klingon fetish. It’s like a planet of KISS bands. Maybe let’s come up with another villain – perhaps a human who has a serious attitude problem and, picking up a contemporary theme, lashes out at the stagnant, tired, bloated bureaucracy. A rebellion, for instance. Lots of potential conflict between loyalty, friendship, ethics, and so on.

I like the Khan story arc, but I’m done with that. It’s bad enough that Star Trek is a re-imagined retro reboot resequel. Might as well think outside the box when it comes to an actual story.

250. Jay - December 6, 2011

#247 I agree with your sentiment. I get the impression that JJ isn’t looking at this the way I would like – which is to say as a 3 or 4 part arc. Not necessary the same “bad guy” but an arc of the main characters.

It’s unlikely that this cast and crew will do 5, 6 or 7 Star Trek movies. The way the movie buisness is these days, and the fact that these actors are not so type cast in these roles. They are becoming big stars outside of Star Trek. So I expect 3, maybe 4 movies tops and then a gap before someone else comes along to “redo” Star Trek again.

In that case, JJ should have planned more for that. Should have planned an overall story arc, etc. to set “his” Star Trek in being that someday that is how it will be referred to. The JJ Abrams Star Trek series of movies.

Anyway, since it has been 30 years, and since they would likely do a remake of Space Seed or some story around that time frame, instead of TWOK, I can see how Khan could be done successfully.

BUT…. and to me this is a big BUT… I believe if you are going to do Khan, the actor has to be a well known and respected star. You can’t throw anyone in that role. It has to be someone that will make people take notice and want to see the film just because he is in it.

251. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#248 — A thought provoking story doesn’t preclude “action”. That’s why I say the execution of TMP was the problem — not the premise/story itself. I guarantee you I could take that same plot, rewrite it and give you all those things you mention above.

TMPs problem was the ponderous pacing and a lack of an exciting finish.

But, I’m not against a villain per se…there was, technically, a “villain” in every episode of Trek; it’s just a question of the nature of it and the execution in the writing. You can’t have drama or conflict without a “threat” of something or someone…

252. Jay - December 6, 2011

TMP was done exactly the way Gene wanted it to be done. Just like his original pilot for Star Trek. And just like when the studios told him to redo the pilot and put more action in it, make it more like a western, TMP should have been redone before it was ever made.

TMP’s problems go way beyond just execution.

It’s very hard to have any action and adventure when the “villain” is a giant cloud slowly moving through space. The premise was just a bad one for a sci fi/action/adventure movie. Especially one that came on the heels of Star Wars.

It would be just as bad an idea today.

253. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011


“You can’t have drama or conflict without a “threat” of something or someone..>”

Sure you can. You can have intense drama over the decision between two equally, but morally questionable, alternatives. No villain. You can have drama between two conflicting sides on an issue, where neither side is clearly right nor wrong. I think ol David Gerrold pointed that issue out in the old “World of Star Trek” book, and pointed out the racism episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” wherein he panned Kirk’s solution of “shoving (them) out an airlock” in contrast to forcing them both in a locked room, and require them to settle their differences – whatever they ended up being. No villain.

Look at “A Few Good Men.” Nothing sci-fi about it, but it drew attention to the notion of following orders in a military chain of command versus exercising moral compunction. Granted, Col. Jessup was the “bad guy,” but his actions were incidental to the dramatic question at hand.

Good drama does not imply a “villian.” It merely implies conflict, a fork in the road, an unclear choice between two favorable, or perhaps unfavorable, alternatives.

254. Jay - December 6, 2011

#253 Again, those were good tv shows. Not movies.

“A Few Good Men” was not an sci fi/action adventure movie. Completely different audience and completely different expectations.

If you gave people “A Few Good Men” when they are expecting to go see Star Trek (ie sci fi/action adventure) then it would be a disaster.

Just like if people going to see MI: IV show up and get a court room drama about moral delimas in following orders. It would be a disaster.

There is a place for those kind of stories. For Star Trek, the TV is much better for exploring morality issues as the main theme. In the movies, you can still explore morality issues, and 2009 Star Trek did to a certain point. But if you try to make the whole movie about that, it will not work. There needs to be a bad guy. The threat can’t be some natural event, or some vague unknown.

Obviously they are doing a villain, so they understand the audiences expectations and they understand history has proven if they try to make this a thought provoking drama about morality with no bad guy, then it will be a disaster.

255. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#252 — The writing is part of the execution. I agree it wasn’t well written. But what I’m saying is, you can take that same story and re-write it to where it’s not so ponderous. TMP wasn’t so much about the cloud as it was was IN the cloud. I still think it could have been as action oriented as anything else — if, as you say, it had at least another re-write.

I do agree Roddenberry was the problem with TMP.

#253 — I stand corrected. But the kind of drama you describe is based in execution as well…to much “talkiness” would not make for good cinematic Trek and I’m not advocating that. I think that formula works better on TV.

256. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011

@254 We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

As a matter of literary fact, drama doesn’t require a villain. Great writing explores this. And it sells current writers short to suggest its impossible to create a great Trek story on that basis. To say that TMP is the example that proves the rule and thus sentences Trek from here on out to nothing more than TV episodes of “bad-guy-does-bad-stuff-until-six-minutes-before-the-credits-when-Kirk-does-something-heroic’ is IMHO exhaustingly shortsighted. We have that franchise already. It’s called “Star Wars.”

To each their own, I guess.

257. "Check the Circuit!" - December 6, 2011

I thought Measure of a Man and The Drumhead were excellent “courtroom drama” episodes….but I wouldn’t pay $12 to see them in a theater. Great TV though.

258. boborci - December 6, 2011

249. Lol. Have made the KISS comparison myself!

259. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

I agree, #256. The key is how it’s wrapped and presented. I think that kind of drama can still be presented with action and all the “bells and whistles”. What I’m saying is that a film that uses talk as the method of resolving the conflict won’t work. It didn’t work for TMP — nor did it work for early episodes of TNG where the same approach was taken…

That’s not just my opinion but that of many other fans as well…

260. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011

@254 Clarification…

The examples of “A Few Good Men” et al weren’t given as a suggested template for a Star Trek movie. They were offered as counterexamples to the notion that conflict/drama inherently requires villainy.

The point remains, however, that a great Trek movie without a villain is possible. It isn’t easy, but its possible. The difficulty lies in creating conflict in which the audience is willing to become invested, and given Trek’s ongoing difficulty in keeping a broad audience invested in the core characters, I will grant that creating that audience-invested conflict is very, very difficult without a bubble-gum villain to “hiss” when he appears on screen and cues the Evil Piano Music.

261. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011


I agree that TMP was too ponderous and overtold, but keep in mind it was a heavily adapted TV episode script, which was merely one of the multiple eight-balls behind which the entire TMP production was stuck.

Perhaps more than anything else in this discussion we see how Trek was really designed for a TV environment rather than a movie series, and how much more difficult is the task of writing it for the latter than the former.

262. Kevin - December 6, 2011

Hey I loved Star Trek but can’t they get their own sequel? TWoK was the best Star Trek movie of the OS and TNG why not let that thing alone…. JJ makes good stuff but please please don’t mess with the best of Trek…. as much as it would pain me I would rather see the Borg get a fair treatment than him to mess with Khan…

Please, JJ, PLEASE don’t steal this beloved classic movie from me!! I’ll never be able to watch it the same again if you remake it. Please.


263. Stephan - December 6, 2011


Hey bob, is there still a possibility for a “real” A-lister to appear in the movie? I am asking because I am still waiting for that one that shoud pull us Europeans into the cinema. Especially here in Germany someone is needed to catch attention!



264. Vultan - December 6, 2011

An enormous space cloud didn’t work so well, but strangely enough, an enormous whale-chatting space cigar did.

“Voyage Home” was a hit with critics and audiences, and while the whale probe served as an antagonist to a certain extent, it was far from the typical movie villain.

Trek can do better than the baddie of the week. It already has. And while I don’t have anything against the occasional mustache-twister showing up and ruining everyone’s day, the last six Trek movies—SIX MOVIES!—have had that in one way or another. Time for a change.

265. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#261 — Yep! I agree wholeheartedly!! But you know, they did some pretty darned good action stuff in the TV format — DS9, particularly!

266. Jai - December 6, 2011

Well, since some people on this thread are suggesting Indian actors from Bollywood, I guess I’ll add my own 5 cents for the benefit of those who haven’t seen the previous thread about Del Toro. I have a few further suggestions too.

My top Indian choice for the role of Khan is definitely Hrithik Roshan. He’s one of the world’s top Bollywood superstars, and has won awards in India and overseas for his performances. Hrithik’s most famous awardwinning role was for playing the historical Indian emperor Akbar, who was the most powerful ruler on Earth at the time and was the archetypal “benevolent autocrat”. Hrithik also won an award for his role in a Hollywood-style action thriller where he was the villain/anti-hero, and was so charismatic that he ended up stealing the film. Both roles obviously have similarities to our friend Khan. Hrithik’s performances in both movies were also pretty much identical to the “two sides” of Ricardo Montalban’s performance as Khan in Space Seed.

Another Indian actor called Arjun Rampal may be a good alternative. He’s underrated, but he’s won acting awards and is quite a big star. Arjun also has a suave, deep-voiced speaking style which would be very appropriate for Khan.

Both Hrithik and Arjun are over 6 foot tall and very heavily muscled, so they have the right physical presence for Khan too. (Hrithik’s height is estimated as between 6’ 2” and 6’ 4”).

If Khan is going to be much older in the sequel, the most obvious choices would be Amitabh Bachchan or Kabir Bedi.

Amitabh Bachchan is a veteran Indian actor and the biggest Bollywood superstar of all time. Kabir Bedi has appeared in Indian films less often, but he does have a lot more experience of starring in Western movies. Both Amitabh and Kabir are well over 6 foot tall and both of them have very, very distinctive baritone voices.

I’ll provide a few photos and video clips for people who aren’t familiar with Indian cinema. I’ll have to spread these out over a couple of separate comments otherwise it’ll irritate Trekmovie’s filter, so bear with me.

267. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#264 — I agree!! That’s a perfect example of a “no villain” Trek story! That one worked extremely well!!

268. Jai - December 6, 2011

Hrithik Roshan:


Interview in English on Britain’s Sky News: (the possibility of Hrithik breaking into Hollywood is discussed towards the end of the interview).

269. Jai - December 6, 2011

Hrithik Roshan on stage:

Khan-like swaggering on the catwalk at a fashion show:

Live stage performance during a major Indian awards show: (It’s the first three minutes you need to watch, showing Hrithik’s arrival on stage in Indian period costume as the emperor Akbar followed by a short “sword-dance”).

270. Jai - December 6, 2011

Arjun Rampal:


Interview in English at a movie premiere in London:

271. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

“Time for a change.” Good luck with that.

272. Jai - December 6, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan:


Interview in English on an Indian chat show:

273. Jai - December 6, 2011

Kabir Bedi:


Interview in English on ex-CNN anchor Riz Khan’s show on Al Jazeera:

274. Jai - December 6, 2011

(My suggestions for possible Indian actors for the role of Khan all continue from #266, if you’re reading this thread from the bottom upwards).

All of these are friendly suggestions, and it obviously all comes down to the preferences and priorities of JJ, Bob Orci and Damon along with the studio execs. If they’d rather go with an established Hollywood name then there are suitable actors for that scenario too; I actually agree that Antonio Banderas could be a good choice as Khan, and Edward James Olmos would be great if this is going to be an “older Khan”.

However, if JJ & co are open to also considering an Indian actor for a character who is actually Indian, they do have some options. Ricardo Montalban in literal “brownface” may have been fine for the 60s, but times have moved on.

There’s definitely an argument for casting an established Hollywood star instead, but there are also precedents for major Hollywood movies casting a foreign actor who is (broadly) from the same background as the character of the main antagonist and who wasn’t previously well-known in American cinema. Remember the Syrian actor Ghassan Massoud’s charismatic performance as Saladin in Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven; the guy was absolutely fantastic in that key role. Christoph Waltz as the main Nazi villain in Inglorious Basterds is another example (he actually won an Oscar for it).

Anyway, like I said, these are just suggestions, so it ultimately depends on whatever JJ & co want to do. Star Trek is their project, so they have every right to make this decision based on whatever ideas they already have in mind. Their previous casting choices for Star Trek have actually been superb, so I’m sure they’ll make the right decision for the sequel regardless of who they pick in the end.

275. Jamziz - December 6, 2011

All I have to say is which ever actor they slot in to play Khan (I’m going to subscribe to the belief that Khan is in fact going to be the villain, from a profit stand point it makes the most sense) better be someone who has the acting capability to play the part.

Eric Bana is extremely talented but I think a combination of poor character writing (with respect to his background, his motivation, his dialogue, etc) and him not being the best choice to play a villian prevented the last movie from having a memorable bad guy.

I’ll be the first to point out that directors like nolan (dark knight) and Mary Harron (American Psycho) took their chances on actors who did not traditionally play those kinds of roles to fill the part of villainous characters (Ledger, Bale).

However, to make a judgement call like that comes down to a variety of factors, including the Director / Casting Crew ability to pick out that talent. I just don’t think JJ and his posse have it. (Prove me wrong!)

Also there’s seems to be a few people who are protesting over the choice of Latino actors to play Khan, as his characters background is Sikh. I think the impression left on the audience by Ricardo Montalban is one that a studio needs to emulate in order to guarantee financial success. That means you need an actor that will remind you of that iconic performance, a prominent actor who can bring in the cash money.

If you look at how they casted in the previous film, it was all about finding actors that could embody, encapsulate and remind you of the characters they were reinterpreting. I believe that is exactly the same formula that will be used for casting a villain in the next enstalment.

I hope they’re offering their prospective villains enough cash to play the role, especially if these actors are oscar material… Would be a shame if we lost some unreal acting talent because the studio is trying to pinch some pennies.

276. ML31 - December 6, 2011

Please… No Khan. Been there. Done that.

277. Vultan - December 6, 2011


And good luck with keeping audiences convinced that remaking every movie and rehashing every overpriced stereoscopic gimmick from the past fifty years is a good thing.

Sooner or later, the bubble will burst.
Hopefully sooner.

278. Shannon Nutt - December 6, 2011

I can’t believe JJ would want to do Khan…why would you want to do something that has already been done perfectly before? Don’t you want your movie to stand on it’s own. I would have no problem with a Kahn “cameo”, but as the main villian…I hope these guys didn’t spend all that script time on THAT!

279. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2011

“@DamonLindelofDamon Lindelof

Mr. Lindelof on his twitter ……………. What???

Did Mr. Bob Orci can explain this? …. if he can of course!…. :-) :-)

280. Christopher Roberts - December 6, 2011

I have to believe Khan is a requirement from Paramount… like insisting on Generations being about “passing the torch” or Insurrection being “lighter and more comedic”.

I can’t imagine any other reason why any writer worth their salt, wouldn’t otherwise prefer to create their own character, or at least take someone less well-known and be remembered as having made them great.

281. BitterTrekkie - December 6, 2011

Eventually someone else would have touched Khan again sooner or later. Abrams or not.
Doesn’t mean I have to like it, though

282. The Unknown Poster - December 6, 2011

#28 – thats exactly what I stated in a previous thread.

283. VulcanFilmCritic - December 6, 2011

As someone said earlier, maybe it’s not just about Khan. We have been clamoring for a TV series about the earlier years in the Star Trek universe, specifically the Romulan Wars. Enterprise didn’t do it for us, but perhaps we can go back even further (through flashback and exposition.)

I for one would certainly like to see what happened on Earth during the Eugenics Wars, and how a race of supermen came to dominate the planet.
Isn’t that what we are going through now? A small group of super-rich individuals control this planet, not by force but by control of the money supply, interest rates and the Federal Reserve Bank. And they are plunging the entire world into chaos: food riots in the Third World, widespread destruction of the environment, global economic collapse here in the Western World, etc. It’s an apt analogy.

But on an action adventure level, wouldn’t it be cool to see, presumably in 3D, a race of genetically engineered supermen laying waste to our planet?
How did we conquer them, and how did we manage to imprison them in the SS Botany Bay?

These are some scary individuals, but like all great villains Khan must have some backstory. I’m sure in his mind he was doing what he thought would save the planet. Maybe he grew up in an environment that produced extreme aggression. Maybe his parents were plucked from the streets of the worst slums in India. Maybe he was trained like a pit bull. Maybe he was given genes from the most aggressive individuals. Who knows?

The tragedy of Khan is that he is out of step with the times. His type of personality might have done well in Earth’s ancient past, but he’s really a fish out of water in the 21st Century and even more so in the 23rd. I think the more pathos you give a villain, the better he is. This Khan might be even more scary than classic Khan because we can understand him.
(Like we came to “understand” Darth Vader.)

284. Jim - December 6, 2011

Maybe the “VULTURE!!!” comment was his way of cross-referencing the Del Toro fiasco with what happened back when Sam Raimi was preparing to do Spider-Man 4… when John Malkovich was picked to play the Vulture and then the project got derailed……? Maybe?



Can’t think of anything else.

285. Nick Cook - December 6, 2011

Disappointed to see Del Toro out, I would have enjoyed seeing him in Trek.

I’d prefer not to see Khan, but if we must retread that path can we at least cast someone who actually is a Sikh? It’s the 21st Century for crying out loud!

286. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011


It looks like the suits won the 3D war because of overseas appeal, not domestic demand. US interest in 3D material seems to have already peaked, and people (such as yours truly) simply are declining to pay the premium for it. It does, however, apparently hold additional appeal overseas, and despite its domestic take, Trek 09 didn’t fare nearly as well outside the U.S. So the suits figure the 3D gimmick will fix that, I guess.

Now if they do an IMAX release, that’s another question, for another day :)

I think at this point its nearly impossible to get around the idea that Khan is the baddie. Disappointing, hoped we’d have a fresh story to tell, but they obviously didn’t ask me. C’est la vie.

287. Do You Wanna Dance - December 6, 2011

For those complaining about trying to match up the ethnicity of Khan as an Indian character, remember that Zoe Saldana, who plays the African-American Uhura, is actually Puerto Rican/Dominican.

288. Jeff Bond - December 6, 2011

Whatever the case, they need big name and a good actor. I don’t want this to take the route of Trek V and Abrams Trek 1 where you basically “settle” for someone who’s more of a B-list (or D-list in the case of Trek V) guy after initially going after someone great. TOS always had terrific guest stars–Peter Weller is nice but it’s not like he’s an A-list star. Neither is Del Toro but we need someone who’s at least of that caliber.

289. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011

I know, we’ll get Julia Roberts to play the part of Rozalinda, queen of the planet Rozniak inhabited exclusively by three-breasted women….

…and if you never watched the great ol’ sitcom “Frasier,” you’ll never get that reference…

290. Stephan - December 6, 2011

Hello folks,

what about the possibility that lindelof and bob and jj are very happy everyone is speculating about Khan just to distract us from guessing real plot points? Maybe there is no truth in this Khan story but we are too busy to think about anything else. And everyone involved is laughing because we are on a wrong track?

Ever thought about that?


291. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 6, 2011

I didnt think he would be good in star trek anyways so good that he is not involved

292. n1701ncc - December 6, 2011

Why does mostly everyone say that Khan was Kirk greatest enemy? That is just untrue. Just because Khan was in an eposide of TOS and Star Trek 2 does not qualify Khan as the greatest of Kirk’s villians. In fact I would argue that Kirk’s greatest test was his friend Gary Mitchell. How hard is it for that of a man to decide to kill his one time best friend. Other note worthy enemies from TOS are

the Klingon Captain from the Tribbles
Dr. Daystrom [wow now that could be a great movie Kirk meets the Terminators]
The female Romulan Commander from the Enterprise Incident
Charlie X
Harry Mudd
Im sure I left out a few but really is Khan that great a villian that we have to have him recast again in the new time line.

Come on JJ and Bob leave Khan in the Prime time line and use a different character

293. steve - December 6, 2011

I for one am hoping that JJ and crew don’t listen to the Trek fans who want to see rehashings of everything they’ve seen before. Do what you did the first time and just make a great mainstream movie. I’ve been a hardcore Trek fan since the 60’s, and I want to see something NEW.

294. Dennis - December 6, 2011


295. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 6, 2011

still think a khan story for the second of these new star trek movies is a recipe for disaster. Have no problem with Kahn turning up in the 3rd of these new movies but having him the villian in the second one is asking for comparisons to a movie that is considered the best trek film ever made.
it wont live up to twok. And here i was all excited from yesterdays peter weller announcement

296. trekker 5 - December 6, 2011

Well,back to square one. God I hope it’s not Khan!!! If it turns out to be Khan,you know I’m scream.

297. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011


As an individual, personal enemy, there was no greater single antagonist than Khan. In the “classic” timeline, he spanned fifteen years of Kirk’s life, reintroduced him to his son, killed off Spock, and put some really creepy bugs in Chekov’s ear, blew up Kirk’s pet Genesis project prematurely, which ended up costing him the Enterprise.

All that said, such an argument about other villains is pointless, n1701ncc. The story is written, and that decision has long since passed the point of no return.

298. Vultan - December 6, 2011

#288 SoonerDave

Noel Shempsky would approve!

299. Gary Makin - December 6, 2011

I’ve had leaflets through the letterbox from two different takeaway restaurants today…both from “KHAN’S” – could this be a sign?

300. VZX - December 6, 2011

How about no villains? Maybe the movie could be about current topics like corporate greed or global warming. Or maybe about exploring new dimensions, discovery on the unknown.

How will the characters grow? Will Chekov still be an ensign? Will Spock still be a couple? Will Scotty get a towel?

301. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 6, 2011

at this point if they bring back kahn, then you might as well have them bring back Brent Spiner as Aric Soong

302. section9 - December 6, 2011

I’m convinced the Suits will prevail on JJ to go Bollywood. Why? That’s where the numbers are.

IMAGINE how much money STXIII will make overseas with major Bollywood talent.

303. VZX - December 6, 2011

I meant “Will Spock and Uhuru still be a couple?”, but whatevs, it was a stupid comment anyway.

304. Gary Makin - December 6, 2011

Del Toro and $- is Paramount being stingy again?

305. Randy H. - December 6, 2011

Please . . . not Khan.

306. ham on - December 6, 2011

I hear the movie is silent, in 3D, and Kirk mouthing KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN… the sh*T…..

307. AJ - December 6, 2011

With New York Magazine being as far away from a Fan Movie mag as possible, and having referred to the Latino Review & Hitflix rumors and denials, I now believe the villain is Khan. The only issue left to discuss is what will the writers do with him?

308. rm10019 - December 6, 2011

More likely Lindelof is exclaiming Vulture (the site that supposedly confirmed Khan’s presence in Trek ’13) as Kirk exclaimed Khan’s name in anger and frustration. Seems pretty obvious.

309. Danpaine - December 6, 2011

Doing Khan again, really. If that’s the case…

…totally uninspired. Very disappointing.

310. Toby - December 6, 2011

if they made the red shirts out of that red matter those guys wouldnt get killed as much.

311. Shatner_Fan_Prime - December 6, 2011

It is interesting to note that what happened with Del Toro is sort of a tradition with regards to Trek. The original choices for quite a few movie characters have not panned out. Eddie Murphy was considered for Star Trek IV. In addition, producers wanted:

Sean Connery as Sybok

Jack Palance as Chancellor Gorkon

Marlon Brando as Doctor Soran

Russell Crowe as Nero

312. n1701ncc - December 6, 2011

@297 Khan was only allowed to be re introduced and expaned because it was made into a movie. I dont agree that Khan reboot is what JJ and Bob are doing. I think there are so many better areas to explore that a 3rd go around with Khan will not excite TOS fans. I for one want to see other areas of Star Trek further explored and expanded. Khan is a rehash and how much more evil can you make him. Since he did the following as you said

“reintroduced him to his son, killed off Spock, and put some really creepy bugs in Chekov’s ear, blew up Kirk’s pet Genesis project prematurely, which ended up costing him the Enterprise”

is there anything more he can do? It will bore even the most casual trek fan if this is just a rehash of TWOK or the Space Seed eposide.

313. Decker - December 6, 2011

Harry Mudd was the original Han Solo, so they should just get Harrison Ford.

314. n1701ncc - December 6, 2011

@311 Brando …lol… Now if they were re making a Piece of the Action and Brando was alive he would be perfect in the role as a mobster.

Ok JJ and Bob I guess you can redo the Piece of the Action and get Pacino and Di Nero to star in the movie version. Maybe James Caan can make a cameo along with Talia Shire. Stick Stalone in the movie as well and you will have a great movie version.

or use the actors from Broadwalk Empire

Leave the phaser take the canollies

315. Decker - December 6, 2011

Edward James Olmos as the Horta.

John DiMaggio as NOMAD.

Burt Reynolds as Kodos the Executioner.

316. AJ - December 6, 2011

Bob Orci once mentioned here his desire to see Javier Bardem play the role of Khan, if Khan was indeed slated as a character in the sequel.

Bardem is bad-ass for sure. So is Danny Trejo, especially considering his physique. Funnily enough, Montalban was as far from bad-ass as you could get back in1982 in his white tux on Fantasy Island, and a history as a romantic Latin ladies’ man.

Regardless, the task is to find an Hispanic male actor to play a megalomaniacal Sikh genetic superman within the next 30 days or so, days which include the Christmas and New Year holidays. Good luck, guys!

317. dalek - December 6, 2011

Somewhere deep in the Abram’s offices the team are giggling with glee over this blatent and obvious misdirection that the fans are pointlessly debating over.

Who is this “highly placed source”. Is it the same one who said Shatner was going to be in the last movie?

It’s not Khan, and Bob JJ Alex and Lindeloff are enjoying these games very much!

318. SoonerDave - December 6, 2011

I seriously doubt that a Khan story would be a reboot. It’s going to have to be some new story within in the timeframe starting immediately after his court martial in Space Seed, I’d think.

319. I am not Herbert - December 6, 2011

FYI: GWAR kicks KISS’ asses!

…in similarity to Klingons, and in every other respect.

RE-WRITE: new villians: GWAR!!!

Make it so, puny human writers!!

320. VZX - December 6, 2011

You know I couldn’t believe it when the fansites told me who the villain is.
– Who is it, Captain Pike?
– Your father’s Trek’s Khan.
Can I get another one?
For my dissatisfaction I was surprised with that choice.
Something I admired about TOS, it didn’t believe in no-win scenarios.
Sure learned its lesson.
Well that depends on how you define winning.
– It’s still here, isn’t it?
– Thanks.
You know that instinct to create new concepts, that was TOS’s nature too…
and in my opinion it’s something Abram’s Trek sequel has lost.
Why are you talking to me man?
Because I looked up Abrams’ file while you were drooling on the floor.
His other productions are very original, so what is it?
He likes being the only genius level repeat-offender of Trek in Hollywood?
Maybe he loves it.
So your TNG era dies, you can settle for a less than an ordinary villain with Khan in the new sequel.
Or do you feel that the Star Trek sequel was meant for something better? Something special?
– Create a new villain in Star Trek.
– Create?
You guys must be way down on your recruiting quarter for the month.
If you’re half the Trek producer your predecessor was JJ, Star Trek could use you.
You can have an amazing movie in 2 years, you can have your own franchise in 4.
You understand what Star Trek is, don’t you? It’s important,
It’s a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada.
We done?
I’m done.
Riverside shipyard. Shuttle for new recruits leaves May 17th, 2013.
The original Trek was a great show of only 3 seasons.
It spawned over 800 hours of other Star Trek, including yours.
I dare you to do better.

321. WarHammer - December 6, 2011

317 Agreed

Don’t you people remember a while back when it was confirmed that the villain or plot or whatever would not be from TOS? Wasn’t this confirmed by Orci or JJ?

322. Khantroversy - December 6, 2011

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: How about exploring strange, NEW worlds, seeking out NEW life and civilizations. How about boldly going where we haven’t gone before?

323. dalek - December 6, 2011

News just in, surprised that Trekmovie hasn’t reported it yet:

Richard Dean Anderson cast in Star Trek 2 as love interested for villain. He will be playing Lieutenant McGuivers.

This from a highly placed source!

324. n1701ncc - December 6, 2011

@ 322 very radical indeed for this forum

325. Commissioner Ferris - December 6, 2011

Hey gang! What the hell is all this “Khan Khan”? XD

326. NuFan - December 6, 2011



327. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - December 6, 2011

“Bad Reboot”?


Have a little faith.

328. Sunny nine - December 6, 2011

Ridiculous to do Khan again! People who see the movie now will not know about Space Seed in TOS. Star Trek II was great and to try and remake it is stupid. Rebooting is one thing and creating new scenarios but this…. And remember-Khan was Asian-Indian not Latino. Just because Ricardo Montalban played him doesn’t mean they need to get another Latino. Has JJ Abrams run out of ideas already!

329. tman - December 6, 2011

Khan is at the end of the day a product of superior genetic engineering. I do like the view that if you take Indians and genetically engineer them you end up with Latino supermen with machismo. It’s quite a hopeful vision of the future : )

Rather than venting in Trekmovie, Indians should really try to get some coverage of this rumor in the Times of India and get a general uproar throughout India that makes Mahatma Gandhi’s work look like amateur hour. I fear the consequences as most of the Bollywood actors being bandied would be lousy in the role (I think Bollywood actors just need 3 distinct clearly recognizable facial expressions to be successful.– 4 if they want to be considered “great actors.”

Casting a Pakistani-American as the Cuban Captain Robau presents an ethnically diverse view of the future,… which still doens’t explain type-casting Latinos for the role…. I think the problem they have is that there aren’t enough American actors of Indian-descent with star power: “How bout Kal Penn?” “No.” “How bout Faran Tahir?” “Oh Crap, We Just Used Him.” and after Nasuradin Shah’s performance in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen you have to question whether “accuracy” is really worth the attempt.

330. Jim - December 6, 2011



331. I, Mugsy - December 6, 2011

If Khan is indeed the villain, I will officially kiss goodbye to this new movie – do something new already. REALLY new! No bloody Klingons, Romulans, Ferenghi (!)…. anything! Create something NEW! This is sci-fi for heaven’s sakes! Trek IV was the second most successful Trek movie to date (correct me if I’m wrong), and there was NO villain… Please don’t turn Trek into the Villain of the week (or every 3 years, in this case!) action/fantasy … I still hope/pray rumours about Khan are JUST that…

Khan CAN’T be in it….. I really don’t believe it. That would be the height of lazyness, a blatent cash grab, especially after all this time to come up with new ideas for this NEW crew…

I also hope the whole issue of ‘Vulcan 2′ isn’t lightly brushed off with a casual, “New Vulcan reports population settling in nicely, Captain”, aside too. This needs some quality screen time.

I for one fancy seeing some Strange, NEW worlds and NEW civilisations… I want this film to boldly take us where no man has gone before. With today’s FX (done correctly) this could really satisfy both the sci-fi crowd, AND the multi-plex-ers with 3 second attention spans. Lets treat the audience as intelligent with this film fellas…

Keeping ’em crossed!

332. Vultan - December 6, 2011


I second that emotion!

333. I, Mugsy - December 6, 2011

@ 322 – darn you get there first :p

Seriously, though, I just do not see the point of effectively rebooting the franchise, restarting the timeline (fair enough, it’s a different timeline), only to rehash villains/scenarios which have already been done and done VERY well. I pray we really will have something NEW and fresh for this film. The last one didn’t feel like true Trek to me…

Reboot = fresh start. FRESH…

334. CJS - December 6, 2011

My guess, if it is Khan, is that the character will die in the opening credits and Peter Weller will emerge as the main villain of the film. That’s why Del Toro backed down, he didn’t want to just do what amounted to a cameo, and Paramount didn’t want to pay him more than a certain amount to appear in the film for only 5 minutes. Oh, they’ll play up the Khan angle in the marketing, and then shock everyone by killing him off at the start.

335. Jim - December 6, 2011

Speaking of “new life and new civilizations, boldly going, etc”

How MIND-RIPPING would it be if they discovered a new dimension with like, creepy, SCARY-ASS ** NEW ** life forms? I mean, they could do so much with that.

I’m thinking scary like Ridley Scott did with ALIEN. Something unknown, frightening. Not the whole film, but at some point, a build-up to EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN. THE UNKNOWN = FASCINATING AND SCARY STUFF!

I would LOVE to see that happen for Trek on the big screen. Such a missed opportunity if no one explores this. It really has not been done!!

336. Jim - December 6, 2011


I sort of “get” what your saying there with the idea but on the other hand, why would they show us Khan only to kill him that quickly. It would create a shit-storm in the Trek community. It would not be worth it. Two words: NO. WAY.

337. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

Khan was not Kirk’s biggest nemesis. The Klingons became that because of the number of times Kirk had to deal with them. Khan became a thorn in his side in TWOK, however whatever anger and frustration he had would have mostly dissipated when Khan was killed by the genesis effect. He had lost his closest friend due to the actions of Khan and that would have stuck in his craw for a time. Miraculously, Spock returned. With Spock’s return and Khan’s demise, Kirk had no reason to consider Khan a real enemy or nemesis. Khan was gone. Good riddance.

However, the Klingons continued to be an enemy (they certainly saw Kirk as their enemy) and Kirk’s dislike/distrust of them, shared by much of Starfleet and the Federation, became hatred when Klingon Kruge and his operative murdered his son, David. The subsequent Star Trek movies reiterated this, especially in the Undiscovered Country.

Khan became “somebody” for a while, but just as quickly, became a “nobody” again. Not so, the Klingons.

338. the Quickening - December 6, 2011

#207 wrote-
…Remove the rage and he is no longer interesting, keep it and we have Nero revisited for the second film. Khan would not just be a bad move it would almost guarantee boredom at a nemesis level…

Man, do I disagree, and I would even say you are wrong. Revenge is boring in films today, especially TREK, because it’s been done to death. In SPACE SEED, Khan and his crew were supermen… Caesars… Napoleons, ready to be unleashed on the universe. The possibilities of that scenario alone is ripe with unbelievable story potenial.

339. Caan - December 6, 2011

I’m laughing at your superior intellect.

340. Dennis Bailey - December 6, 2011

Khan is the closest thing Trek has to the Joker.

Of course they have to do Khan. Bring ‘im on! LOL

341. boborci - December 6, 2011

What was Del Trames full name and correct spelling?

342. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

Perhaps Del Toro turned out, after doing auditions, that he was just OK for the part he was to play but he held out for more money than was warranted and they said, “No”. It may be that Del Toro couldn’t get a proper handle on the part anyway. Anything is possible – JJ Abrams said “monetary issues” because he knows that is what the bottom line is for most people – money.

343. AJ - December 6, 2011



Delbert Joseph Trame

344. Dennis Bailey - December 6, 2011

The Klingons don’t matter. People who know Trek only in passing joke about Klingons. The Klingons are *furniture,* they’re continuity props like spaceships and ray-guns.

345. boborci - December 6, 2011

Thanks, AJ.

346. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2011

That is cool of you to do Bob.

And I remember you saying I may be in there somewhere. If so, I am still holding out hope that it is some kind of disease …perhaps something that Scotty contracts while on shore leave

I tell you what you got yourself there Scotty. Pascale Syndrome…really nasty…here take this very painful shot to avoid the worst of the symptoms

347. Alice - December 6, 2011

Oh dear God they want to REHASH Khan??? Talk about out of ideas!

If STXII is Khan…then no thanks!!!! What was the point of the last film if they want to rehash the first 6 movies. Let me guess STXIII: The Search For Spock….AGAIN!

If the writers are reading this, if you chose Khan to be in this movie then you are just wasting everyone’s time and you are not real writers.

348. boborci - December 6, 2011

346. Will do my best to immortalize your name with a disease!

349. AJ - December 6, 2011


Del’s family would be thrilled, and a dedicated group of fans here would be eternally grateful to see a reference to Del in the new film. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

350. Anthony Pascale - December 6, 2011

RE: Bob

Oh sh*t i was kind of kidding with that. I look forward to the awkward emails from my (large) Italian opinionated extended family

351. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

316: “Regardless, the task is to find an Hispanic male actor to play a megalomaniacal Sikh genetic superman within the next 30 days or so, days which include the Christmas and New Year holidays. Good luck, guys!”

LOL! Why is the task to find a Latino who could play a Sikh? I know this is a battle that Jai and I will lose, but that just cracks me up! Now we HAVE to find a LATINO replacement?

352. uhohtheygamemearedshirt - December 6, 2011

My pick for Khan: Giancarlo Esposito. AKA Gus Fring on Breaking Bad.

353. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

350. Anthony Pascale – December 6, 2011

Pascale Syndrome. Aah yes. Characterized by a sudden comatose-like period of hibernation from which the sufferer cannot be roused, wearing off at equally sudden and unpredictable moments.

354. MC1 Doug - December 6, 2011

Question: What is the most popular pie served aboard the Enterprise? Kirk’s too?

Pe-KHAN echoing: Khan Khan Khan)!!!

355. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

OMG Yes, that was it – what Kirk contracted on Menosia that almost killed him – Pascale syndrome. It wasn’t the bruising, the one or two fractures and the concussion – it was this Pascale syndrome. Menosian doctor/healer Suranai did mumble something about some Pascale disease.

Anthony, I think you may have been holding out on us a bit here…:)

356. N - December 6, 2011

Why did they lie and say no Khan & now its Khan. I just don’t want to revisit this story yet again.

357. Greg2600 - December 6, 2011

Might have afforded Del Toro if the CGI budget wasn’t astronomical.

358. NuFan - December 6, 2011

How come Khan is a rehash and Kor is not a rehash? I’m not following trekkie logic here.

359. Pascale Syndrome - December 6, 2011

Kirk, Spock and Bones embark on their new mission only to encounter remnants of “strange, uncoiled, advanced technology” swarming local ships and planets they are traversing by. They come across a seemingly untouched beautiful planet and beam down to explore, Avatar-style, eventually encountering Khan, who, in an effort to further his eugenic agenda, has acquired some of this sprawling and unwieldy advanced tech in order to see how it can be manipulated for the better use of “his superior race’ We discover that this tech derives from beings called ‘The Borg,’ who were transported here through the red matter-black hole here along with Nero’s ship a year prior. When Kirk and crew explore the ‘Genesis’ planet, full of natural resources and created merely with one advanced hybrid device, they meet Khan, who, in a fit of frustration after no sentient contact for many years, traps the main crew as prisoners and forces them to divulge Starfleet secrets about where their technological ‘hubs’ lie. Think OWS protestors and you have a cultural parallel to what Khan and his followers are frustrated with on universe-scale terms. In the midst of a battle and last-minute sacrifice, Uhura dies saving Spock (a nice twist). Spock, in agony, retreats and disappears in a shuttle, away from the Enterprise. After a personal struggle with Kirk, Khan, refusing aid or prison, goes crazy and melds himself with experimental ‘Borg’ tech, in effect becoming a powerful cyborg, but still in control of his own functions. Kirk and Bones physically take him on but are overpowered easily, and attach an explosive device which they hope will stop Khan. The device goes off, and Kirk and Bones escape, but Khan, albeit damaged and even more Terminator-like, still lives. Khan is left to die on his barren and damaged planet, vowing revenge on the captain. As the Enterprise, damaged in both structure (from a space battle with Khan’s followers) and spirit (the loss of their science officer and friend, and psychological feeling of defeat), departs the atmosphere, we hear Khan’s screams…”KIIIIRRRRRRK” “KIIIIRRRKK” Bones comforts Kirk, who has lost not only Uhura, but his good friend and colleague, Spock. A moment of hope is offered as we cut to Spock, who ‘hears’ Uhura calling his name, but is too distraught to let it change his singular journey into the depths of space. Unbeknownst to the crew, a piece of Borg technology has latched itself onto the Enterprise and is beginning to meld with the mechanisms, a teaser for Film 3.

BobOrci: “I dare you to do better.” ;-)

360. Dennis Bailey - December 6, 2011

How come Khan is a rehash and Kor is not a rehash? I’m not following trekkie logic here.

“Trekkie logic” is an oxymoron in this regard.

361. the Quickening - December 6, 2011


Relax. We really don’t know if it’s Khan, and even if it is, it could still be a B-plot or minor footnote in the film.

362. MONGO - December 6, 2011

Mongo miss BND. Mongo would smile in theater if hear his name at Star Trek movie.

Mongo know what Pascale syndrome disease be: It when you mysteriously disappear for many week with no explanation.

“Ensign Hernandez turned up in one of the Jeffries tubes 2 weeks after we passed through the Bilorian Nebula. Seems he was infected by the irradiated particles in the Nebula and went out of phase with the rest of the ship. Worst case of Pascale syndrome we had seen.”

363. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

Who lied? Who says that Khan will be in the next movie? It is just speculation or wishful thinking on the part of some people. Speculation, wishful thinking, conjecture are not FACTS. What is a known FACT – Benicio Del Toro was being considered to play a villain known from Star Trek TOS canon, who could be any number of people. Del Toro is not now going to play that character, whoever he was.

This is just so frustrating, when people constantly confuse fact with mere speculation. What makes it even worse is that now some people here and on other boards are being insulting to the writers/director about something they know nothing about. What the hell has happened to basic literary and comprehension skills? This is just so incredibly dumb and rude as well.

Hey Bob, there is no reason not to give genuine info out, or perhaps there is. Being dumb never stopped anyone from being a nasty a-hole unfortunately. Actually, more like, it is par for the course, really.

364. ME!! - December 6, 2011

Javier Bardem = Khan.

End of discussion.

365. Adolescent Nightmare - December 6, 2011

So jealous of Anthony. I want to be a Star Trek disease!

366. MC1 Doug - December 6, 2011

#107: “Then who played the Vulcan priestess in TMP? I know it’s not Anderson because the characters are portrayed by different people. A quick Google search did not reveal the answer.”

The Vulcan priestess who was overseeing Mr. Spock’s indoctrination into kolinahr was actress Edna Glover.

367. MC1 Doug - December 6, 2011

Anthony, I really wish we had the ability to give a ‘thumbs up/thumbs down on individual comments on your pages

Some of the truly witty, hilarious and thought provoking comments in here are deserving of that! A good example is Christopher Robert’s message (#206). That was rare! Loved it… you made my day, Chris!!!

And then there are the ones that are prime candidates for the “thumbs down.” I would hope that might save us from some of the flame wars (but I doubt it).

368. MC1 Doug - December 6, 2011

#251: TMPs problem was the ponderous pacing and a lack of an exciting finish.”

I agree and I don’t agree.

Ponderous pacing, yes.

The V’ger cloud and V’ger flyover could have been pared down and not hurt the mystery and awe one little bit.

Exciting ending, no.

I thought the conclusion was very exciting!!!

I am a huge fan of the 1979 film. I still hold that film in high esteem…. without it, who knows if TREK would have ever returned to the big screen… or the small screen.

On an unrelated subject. I REALLY do not want to see a Khan remake/reboot! I want to see TREK boldly going somewhere else! I want a thought-provoking tale, one fraught with mystery, marvel, awe and yes, excitement, but re-telling 40 year old stories is not that.

We were led to believe last year that the sequel was to be about “something.” Something relevant to today’s world. Needless to say, I am a bit disappointed that we may going down a path where we have already been.

That said, I am willing to be open-minded that Orci, Kurtzman, Lindleof and JJ can pull off something worthy of our attention, BUT only if they are more cognizant of what makes TREK tick. I don’t want to see another Star (Wars) Trek.

369. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 6, 2011

#363. Keachick…

Well, probably someone is giving genuine info out … otherwise how do we know about del Toro in and del Toro out. … Alice Eve in, Peter Weller in … so… maybe Khan in, too … LOL

:-) :-)

370. ensign joe - December 6, 2011


ensign joes man concurs..

371. MJ - December 6, 2011

Keachick, the clue was there for those clever enought to see it. And for those of us clever enough to see through this misdirection aftwerwards, the clue reamins valid. It is Khan.

With all due respect, you still seem overly obsessed and very angry with those of us who have figured this all out, even to the point of being belligerant in regards to recognizing a select few of us who have ben right on this an past predictions/information — and you keep inserting this angst into most of your recent posts. Why the obession???

Perhaps you should move onto another topic?

No hard feelings, MJ

372. NCM - December 6, 2011

What’s the story of Delbert Joseph Trame?

373. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

@ 362

We have a Mongo sighting! How’s our favorite pawn in the game of life doing? Say hello to Sheriff Bart. And try to get the Johnsons to date outside of the clan.

374. Shilliam Watner - December 6, 2011

I’m impressed with how how fervent and passionate some people here are about the whole Khan issue. I personally don’t care either way. I would have no problem with Khan in the film, however, as long as it is done well. That is all that matters to me. But let me post my defense as to why, and then you can tell me what an idiot I am and that I should go away.

First of all, let’s remember we’re not remaking Wrath of Khan here. We’re talking Space Seed, and while it was a really fine episode of the original series, it lacks in dramatic impact by today’s standards, as well as my own, and production values are well, it was the 60s.

Secondly, Montalban’s performance was magnificent, even by today’s standards. His presence overwhelmed the other actors, he was the perfect formidable villain. That’s why the extremely anticlimactic fight between Kirk and Khan is such a wet towel on the whole story. Maybe it was a good fight for the 60s, but watching it today, I feel bad for Montalban. He must have felt like Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet, having to play second banana to Van WIlliams. There’s just no way Kirk’s defeat of Khan was believable. William Shatner looked like a rag doll bouncing off a brick wall. And they never even occupied the same ship in Wrath of Khan! So, by my reasoning, we are owed a really kick-ass fight between Kirk and Khan.

And after getting his butt kicked all over the place in the last Trek Film, I think Chris Pine is owed a really, really good fight, where Pike doesn’t have to rescue him, where Sulu doesn’t have to rescue him, where Sarak doesn’t have to rescue him, where Pike doesn’t have to rescue him…

I think you get it. Shatner’s Kirk never required so much damn rescuing. Pine’s Kirk needs a great moment of self-definition. Khan could provide that quite adequately.

Thirdly, just think of the opportunities the story would give us to see more of the ship! Assuming they kept the action on the ship for Khan’s story. I doubt they would, but hey, I’m trying. Maybe Khan and Kirk could go battling through the brewery with swords, slicing through pipes of beer, soaking themselves in a frothy Guinness.

As to Khan’s race, it’s funny that people keep mentioning actors who remind us of Montalban. I would think they’d want to steer clear of that anyway. I’m not against another Hispanic in the role, though Khan’s origin is clearly more Middle Eastern. Again, I’m just concerned that the actor does the role well. Although it would be great to get a great unknown Middle Eastern actor who could chew up the role.

Please, don’t cast somebody like the Rock. I don’t think they would. Abrams and company are pretty good with their casting in Star Trek.

Sorry to blather on like that. Now you can tell me I’m full of it and berate me for being an idiot, or not truly understanding Star Trek.

But I AM the Wat, and the Wat knows what.

375. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

@ 372

Go over to Live Chat and check out the dedication to Delbert Joseph Trame aka British Naval Dude. . Read Spockanella’s letter to his mother., @ 10. He passed away one year ago. He made us laugh. He brought many of the Trekkers together. He had a blog which featured Trekkers from this website.

I regret that I started to hang out in Anthony’s virtual universe late last year. I didn’t get to know him. Because if I did, I would have found out that he lives in my neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. it would have been a blast to hang out with a TrekMovie legend. Anyway, British Naval Dude, here I go….


376. MJ - December 6, 2011

RIP British Naval Dude – you are missed, my friend!

377. Odkin - December 6, 2011

@360 Khan is a rehash because Khan is not simply a character – Khan is a story. He had an origin, a rule, an exile, a discovery, a scheme, another exile, an attempt at revenge, and a death.

Kor would NOT be a rehash because he was a generic Klingon character filling a spot in a script – a script that had it’s own plot that didn’t revolve around him and his life. They could have used the same script with a Klingon named Kor or Kodos or Kang or Kal-el and it would’ve told the same story. In addition, Kor himself could have been plugged into any other Klingon-featured TOS episode without anyone noticing.

378. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

Shame on you. You all left out the candidacies of Olivier Martinez and Andy Garcia. They will be crushed.

(Actually, out of all the Latino actors mentioned, Garcia would have fit best if he were younger today. He’s one of my favorite actors. Fantastic.)

379. Khan was Framed! - December 6, 2011

So Del Toro is out. Javier Bardem is presumably out, as it was previously mentioned that he is committed to other projects.

Antonio Banderas can’t act, so hopefully he won’t tapped.


If I were Mario Lopez , I’d be glued to my phone right now. :)

“From Hell’s heart I stab at thee…Preppie!”

@352 Giancarlo Esposito is black. Khan isn’t black. That doesn’t work.

Maybe we could actually cast an Indian actor to play Khan, as he’s is from that area.

I bet John Cho could convince Kal Penn to do it: “The Wrath of Harold & Khan”


Rest assured; this movie will be aweful no matter who they cast.

380. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

1. All reboots are rehashes.
2. Star Trek is a reboot.
3. Therefore, Star Trek is a rehash.

No more rehashes = no more Star Trek.

you know what Spock would say if he found out some of you wanted more Star trek but no more rehashes?

“Highly illogical.”

381. UncleMarsellus - December 6, 2011

All the anti-Khan sentiment is hilarious. The predominant question after the first movie was when they would do Khan, and now there’s backlash that there’s some kind of possible confirmation that he’s the villain. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HAHA! Oh to be an irrational fanboy.

The Supreme Court has handled the franchise with great care in their short time in custody. They’ve been working on, and breaking, this script for a long time. I’m confident they have a new, fun, and interesting take.

382. unimpressed - December 6, 2011

Discussion at Abrams headquarters:

“We rebooted Star Trek! Look at all the awesome new stories we can tell unencumbered by 40+ years of history!?”

“What should we do first?”

“How about Khan?”


383. Dilithium doublebock - December 6, 2011

I don’t believe the villain is khan. But with some of the comments I’ve read, there are some people who had better rub beads, bang gongs, sacrifice a chicken and pray to the movie gods that it will be khan, ’cause if not they’re gonna be eating some serious crow.
BTW MJ, you got Orci’s code wrong. It’s not cOn as in khan, it’s cOn as in cone. They’re casting for Beldar and Prymaat Conehead.

384. Khan was Framed! - December 6, 2011

@359 Pascale Syndrome – I dare to do worse, your “plot” & I use the term very lightly, sound worse than the Matrix Reloaded.

I will say it again; if the Borg appear in any of these films, then Star Trek is over.

There are some things that the hokey, lazy “alternate timeline” plot device can excuse & there are some that would be unforgiveable.

385. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#353 — That’s freakin hilarious!!! I spewed my drink when I read that! LOL!!!

386. SciFiGuy - December 6, 2011

#368 — Compared to what was storyboarded, the ending for TMP was somewhat subdued. I would have liked to have seen that Klingon ending they storyboarded. It would have made a great “bookend” for the film. The films starts with Klingons and ends with Klingons…would have been cool! But, yes…so much of the cloud sequence and the V’ger flyover could have been cut and it would not have hurt the film at all.

387. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

Hey Bob Orci,

How about a quick break from all this KHANtroversy.? Last night Stephen Colbert, J.J.’s favorite satirist did a piece on a KHANspiracy at the Denver International Airport. Yes, we know you love KHANspiracies. Anyway, the piece features William Tapley who sees a “particular” symbol in the artwork. I think you’ll find it amusing. Video below.—2012-end-of-times

388. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

277. Vultan. “And good luck with keeping audiences convinced that remaking every movie and rehashing every overpriced stereoscopic gimmick from the past fifty years is a good thing.
Sooner or later, the bubble will burst.
Hopefully sooner.”

Hopefully Vultan. Hope-ful-ly.

389. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

387. Basement Blogger – December 6, 2011

It is worth a trip outside DIA, if you are passing through Denver, to see BLUCIFER in person, preferably at night, at the entrance to the airport. It is the craziest piece of art I have ever seen. Nightmarish.

390. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

385. SciFiGuy – December 6, 2011

#353 — That’s freakin hilarious!!! I spewed my drink when I read that! LOL!!!


Aah, thank you sir!

391. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

@ 389

You’re talking about the statue of the large blue horse with red eyes. I think of it as just a salute to the Denver Broncos. I hope. ;-)

392. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

391. Basement Blogger – December 6, 2011

Dude, you need to SEE it. It’s HUGE, it’s eyes glow RED like it’s a demon horse. Full effect at night. Looks like it’s readying for the apocalypse.

393. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

Also, it KILLED the artist who made it when it fell on and crushed him.

394. dmduncan - December 6, 2011

That Colbert piece is hilarious! Is that Tapley guy for real???

395. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

“How come Khan is a rehash and Kor is not a rehash? I’m not following trekkie logic here.”

Allow me to explain. Too long. Allow me to summerize:
What is Kor? A Kingon commander. His story can be anything. Khan is Khan. His story IS his identity. You can’t change that. Sure you can mix it up, but he is who he is or he’s not Khan. Besides Kor hasn’t been the subject of a full length motion picture. It’s over exposure.

dmduncan. Yes, you’ll most likely lose your campaign to have an Indian play an Indian, but you and Jai are not alone. I was dismissed as being “politically correct” for saying as much. Others here have also called for the same. I rather have no one play Khan, but if someone has to… Keep the faith dmducan. You never know.

396. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

Bob. Nice of you to remember BND. You’re a good man. I knew I couldn’t stay mad at you for long. Now dump Khan.

397. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

No, dmduncan, you are not alone. I would rather see an Indian actor play Khan as well, if he’s got to be in the film at all. However in my story, the actor would not have that big a part. Now, where is my Khan-swatter?

398. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

I love that horse. I’m at Denver International Airport everyday between mid December and mid April.

399. Harry Ballz - December 6, 2011

Del Toro wanted too much money?


(wipes tear from eye)


400. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

Bob Orci – Is BND or (part of) his real name the name of the new state-of-the-art deflector dish that has just been recently fitted onto the Enterprise? Just asking, although I don’t really expect an answer, but I keep trying. I mean, you never know… Yes/No

401. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

Hello Kea.

402. Basement Blogger - December 6, 2011

@ 393, 394

Dmduncan, the big blue horse fell on the artist and killed him? Yikes. Seriously, that’s freaky. Hey this could be an idea for a horror movie. Yeah, I think that religious yahoo Tapley is real. Go to YouTube and type in William Tapley.

403. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

So Kea, you know I was agreeing with you yesterday, not disagreeing with you, right?

404. Hugh Hoyland - December 6, 2011

I had read about the alternate end to TMP. It would have been better IMO. Wasn’t it something along the lines of after V’ger dissipates, the Klingons emerge and attack the Enterprise leaving off with a cliffhanger?

405. - December 6, 2011

Is somebody at Paramount ever going to get around to suing the wiggles for stealing starfleet uniforms?

406. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

#403 Yes, I see now what you meant. I misunderstood your post.
Thank you.

407. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 6, 2011

#405 LOL

408. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 6, 2011

406. No problem. I should have been more clear.

409. MJ - December 6, 2011

The perfect actor of Indian descent to play Khan is somebody that JJ and Lindolof would be real comfortable with — Naveen Andrews from lost. He would make and outstanding Khan — he can play intense, conflicted, and violent, plus have style. Don’t be too surprised is all of a sudden he is cast as Khan (no, I am not predicting this, I’m just saying it is a possibility).

410. MJ - December 6, 2011


411. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

Just get Brad Pitt to act like Del Toro acting as Khan, get a A class super star for once :)

Brad Pitt has a huge range and can pull it off, pay him whatever he wants and get on with it. Or just get Donnie Yen to play Khan and he can kick Spock and Kirks ass in martial arts.

412. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

You want to make money around the world? Hire Donnie Yen

413. assimilator47 - December 7, 2011

I sincerely hope that this new franchise is not remaking ‘old Trek’ with ‘old villains’.
Ireally think that Spock Prime was a great way to depart from all former movies and series and think that it is time for entirely new adventures with this alternate cast.
Heck: it’s alternate, so even the universe could be different (see: Voyager -Year of Hell).

Please, make new adventures, create new dangers and villains, and keep Kirk an active fighter like in TOS. Great hand-to-hand combat like we’ve seen before.

Maybe here and there a cameo for a former cast member from one of the old series or movies, but please: keep this new franchise ‘fresh’, with new stories and certainly new villains.

414. sonarman - December 7, 2011

Another potential choice although he’s maybe a bit too old would be Jimmy Smits who proved he’d make a good villan in his recent turn as Ramon Parado on Dexter.

415. On Vacation With Landru - December 7, 2011

Ugh. I will be disappointed if this proves to truly be mostly about Khan. I liked the last movie and hoped it would lead to revisiting stories that were largely forgotten rather than going with characters and aliens that we’ve seen since TOS. Meh.

416. John from Cincinnati - December 7, 2011

Why do they keep casting Hispanics for an iconic middle eastern role if in fact Khan is indeed the villain?

There are plenty of other good candidates to play Khan Noonien Singh.

417. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

Chris Hemsworth as Khan :)

418. somethoughts - December 7, 2011


That’s because Khan became non Indian in TWOK hehe

419. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 7, 2011

I think all this talk about Khan would make BND a Little cray.
Arrrrrrrr. Mes think this is to much. Arrrrrrrrrrr

Thanks Bob for trying to get our friend into the Trek Movie.

420. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 7, 2011

Hey Bob Orci. Here is one of Del Trames. British Naval Dude. BND post. You will love this.

Hi everybody! How be tricks, me hearties????
The Enterprize, Voyager, and Excelsior are entering the No-Toll Zone, somewhere around the Jersey Turnpike…
CAPTAIN SPOCK: Helmsman, adjust course to…
WILLIAM SHATNER: (jumping out from turbo-lift) Belay that… I’m here to take command.
CAPTAIN SPOCK: Where have you been, Bill?
WILLIAM SHATNER: Oh, AJ had me mixed up in all that K/S action again. Took some time.
CAPTAIN SPOCK: But Bill, I – and my pointiness- have been here all along.
WILLIAM SHATNER: Oh, I traded you up, Spock. I’m with Zachie Quincy… Quinty… whatever… I’m with young Spock now.
>>> ZACH QUINTO: (curled in ball, drooling, wide eyed in a dark corridor with blood shot eyes) The girdle… the girdle… the girdle…
JAMES SPADER: There you are, Denny. You do wander off these days. Hey, do I smell a young sci-fi actor on you? This could be grounds for divorce, Denny.
WILLIAM SHATNER: You know I’m in that new Star Wars film by J.J. Afroes… it’s a big… surprise! I sing… Hair! Give me down to there hair
Shoulder length or longer Here baby, there mama Everywhere daddy daddy Flow it, show it Long as God can grow it – My hair…
JAMES SPADER: Of course, Denny. Whatever you say. Now then… let’s go help Murphy Brown with her sexy sinews.
CHEKOV: Under attack, Keptain! Looks like them bolshivek blighters known as… prequel? I tink it iz Archer. Bah- Russians inwented prequel with famous Russian nowel “The Embryos Karamowoz.”
… On Archer’s ship
CAPTAIN ARCHER: Golly, I’m sick of folks saying we were so bad. Gee whiz… my only alternative is to erase all other Star Trek from memory. Hold on a minute… (plunges his overflowing captain’s chair) Trip! I told you I can crap like a big boy… where aren’t the large pipes installed yet?
TRIP: Well, sir… I kind of lost all those large sized plumbing pipes… Right after I greased them up real good…
>>> T’POW: (alone in her cabin, handling several long, wide sections of plumbing) Oh, Trippy Boy, the pipes! The pipes are calling!
REED: (looking unhappy and angry) We could use our secret weapon to eradicate them, sir.
CAPTAIN ARCHER: Good thinking, English Guy. Fire the Xindi what’s-it we found in season three when no one was watching.
… on Enterprize
CHEKOV: What in Great Peter’s Ghost is that?! Hold on for impact. Ladies, sheild your wulwas.
(The Enterprize is struck by a massive destructive force and begins to burn in space)
CAPTAIN SPOCK: Report. Why are we drifting?
BND: (knocked down on bridge floor with controls jutting in him) Oh, I got tha’ bleedin’ bilge boppin’ control console stuck in me! Awwwk! Get it oot! Chekov’ll haveta’ reach in me bellybutton ta’ fire a photon torpy-do!
CAPTAIN SPOCK: We’ll use auxilarry controls. Mr. Chekov, remove them from my trousers.
CHEKOV: Aye, sir. (gets out Wii joystick) Now, do we wenture to starboard when I weer my buttocks to the left… Why are the instructions in Russian? Can anyone here read Russian? Wodka swilling no-goodniks…
…On Excelsior
CAPTAIN SULU: Quick, we need to destroy that primitive yet more advanced looking Starfleet vessel with Scott Bakula.
CHRISTIAN SLATER: Sir, as ugly as our ship is, theirs is just uglier. If we let them be, we can at least say our ship is sexier than Captain Quantum Leap.
CAPTAIN SULU: I’m… too sexy for my ship. So mister, like I tell my expensive yet reliant Chippendale dancers- Fire anyway! Double the yeild!
CHRISTIAN SLATER: Very well… arming the Excelsior’s plating penetration phazors… (mugs like Jack Nicholsen) Wait’ll they get the loads from me.
…On Archer’s ship
CAPTAIN ARCHER: What the heck is that?
REED: It’s something we’ve never seen before… (looks at Archer) none of us… not at all… It’s a load of EDITED coming (so to speak) straight at us.
CAPTAIN ARCHER: My Gosh… everyone… put on your raincoats! Someone cover Porthos’ eyes!
>>> T’ POW: (in quarters with large plumbing pipes) Sweeeeeeeet mystery of liiiiiiiiife! At last I found you…
(Archer’s ship explodes, Spock’s Enterprize begins warpcore breach due to shockwave from Trip’s peanut-oil deep-fryer blowing up real-nice)
… On Voyager
CAPTAIN JANEWAY: Let’s see… should I try to help the survivors… they’d be dead anyway… what would Starfleet think? Killed by the legendary Archer? It would change our vision of him… Maybe he never existed? We should not interfere.
CHAKOTAY: Dammit, you senseless twit! We should try to help survivors!
CAPTAIN JANEWAY: Very well, Commander. Keep your pants off, though.
CHAKOTAY: When have I ever worn the pants around here??!!!
… On Enterprize
CAPTAIN SPOCK: Transporter room, beam out survivers to the Excelsior and that useless Voyager vessel. All hands, abandon ship! Transporter room? Respond!
UHURU: Sir, it seems that Ensign Steve the Lesbos Warrior was manning that post when some tom-foolery with the transporter got him sent to the mirror universe. He’s currently being seduced by evil Kira and her horse.
>>> LESBOS WARRIOR STEVE: (on mirror DS9… which would be DS6 maybe?) She keeps calling “Wiiiiiiiiiiildfire!” Oh, mighty Zeus, save me from hoof-in-mouth disease!
>>> EVIL KIRA: I just love a man in a red Starfleet toga. Help me with the rise and fall and rise again of the Empire!
>>> LESBOS WARRIOR STEVE: What the hades… At least she ain’t evil Janeway.
(Shatner, Spock, Uhuru, and Chekov all beam aboard the Excelsior and watch as the Enterprize blows up real good-like)
WILLIAM SHATNER: Maybe converting to hydrogen fuel cells was… A… bad idea. Oh, no! I left Zachie Quantas on-board! Spock- he’ll never… hop again!
CAPTAIN SPOCK: Sigh… I will have to go back in time to save myself. And perhaps… I too will then trade-up.
>>>CHRIS PINE: (years ago, at an academy lecture on green gynecology, starts to sweat and winces) Yikes. Feels like I need to watch out for something…
… On Voyager
BND: (appearing in sickbay after being transported off Enterprize) Oh… red jelly bean buttons makin’ me pancreas puke… Help me, O-Bob- Picardo, yer’ me only hope!
THE DOCTOR: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
BND: I gots this console stuck in me lower g.i. tract, ye’ wanky buggeroo g-string nose grinder! Canna ye’ see that?!!! Arrrrrg!
BE’LANA TORRES: We need a new occipital tachyon magriffion pe-nissalter relay buttdress re-fillherlater… Hey, that guy has just what I need in his gut.
BND: Oh, no… doomed forever ta’ be part of Voy-her-ger! Noooooo! Is this tha’ end o’ BND?????
Whilst sailin’ ‘cross tha’ ocean
Whilst sailin’ ‘cross tha’ sea
I dream o’ handsome Molly
Oh, Molly, come be wit’ me…
Dunna ye’ remember, Molly?
Ye’ gave me yer’ right hand
I gots in me satchel
Next ta’ me swiss and ham
I wish I were in London or some other sea port land
Where I could meet wit’ Molly
Perhaps re-attach her hand
Said once say that iffa she marry
That I would be tha’ man
Now she’s gone and left me
Go on wit’ who she please
Gone on cuz I’ve a plasma conduit
Wherein I used ta’ pee
Me poor heart is breakin’
As Voy-Her-Ger takes me ta’ tha’ lost sea…
CAPTAIN JANEWAY: Console! Quit singing!
BND: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… and mayhaps some Esssssssssss…

421. Jai - December 7, 2011

People, Khan Singh is Indian (or South Asian in a broader sense). He’s not Middle Eastern, and India isn’t in the Middle East either.

422. Jai - December 7, 2011

DMDuncan, Moauvian Waoul, Keachick:

Someone (no, it’s not me) has just written a polite open letter to JJ Abrams recommending that Khan should be played by an Indian actor. They’ve posted the letter online today.

It’s actually a good article. It also has some suggestions for who could be suitable to play the part; Hrithik Roshan is one of them, along with a few other famous Bollywood superstars.

Take a look:

It’s interesting to think that there have been two major characters in Star Trek who were supposed to be South Asian (Khan and DS9’s Bashir), and neither of them were actually played by South Asian actors.

The show “The Good Wife” seems to be ahead of the curve. Archie Panjabi is actually from an Indian Punjabi background just like her character Kalinda Sharma. Archie ended up winning an Emmy for the role.

423. Jai - December 7, 2011

If Khan is going to be in the sequel (or sequels) – and that’s still a very big “if” – there are a few things that everyone needs to remember:

The actor has to bear at least some resemblance to Ricardo Montalban, even if it’s a younger or older version of him. The movie takes place in an alternate universe; it’s not a BSG-style total reboot.

The actor has to be believable as a former emperor who ruled a quarter of Earth and was the most powerful man on the planet; a commanding, charismatic leader who ruled over billions and was a latter-day version of Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar.

The actor also has to be believable as a genetically-engineered superhuman.

Khan is supposed to be the Alpha Male of all Alpha Males, in every aspect.

Everyone really needs to keep all of that in mind. It’s not just a matter of throwing random Latino or South Asian names around.

424. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

I’m not sure what race Dr Bashir was supposed to be. However, the actor who played the character was Alexander Siddig – full name – Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi
November 21, 1965 in Sudan.

425. Jai - December 7, 2011

Dr Bashir was written as a British-born South Asian of Pakistani or Indian descent.

426. AJ - December 7, 2011

I would venture that, if Khan shows up in the new film, it will be with a revised backstory commensurate with our current real world history.

We have had no Eugenics Wars, and are, as yet, incapable of the technologies used aboard the Botany Bay.

So the writers can either punt the event 30 years into the future again, or re-write the ‘1996’ storyline into something completely different.

427. Dave S - December 7, 2011

Antonio Banderas for Khan 2012! lol … j/k of course, but it was a funny idea. To me, anyway. :)

428. Red Dead Ryan - December 7, 2011


I don’t think his background was specified. It was all left up in the air, though his parents were played by actors of (I think) Iranian descent.

Also, the new actor doesn’t have to look like Ricardo Montalban. Chris Pine doesn’t look like William Shatner. At least, not yet! :-)

Yeah, it would be nice to see an Indian actor play Khan. Naveen Andrews would be great. But it isn’t imperative, seeing as how Khan didn’t look Indian at all in TWOK, with the whole idea of him being Sikh totallly ignored.

I think J.J Abrams is most likely going to hire who he thinks is the best actor for the part, regardless of race. So it’s probably NOT going to be an actor of Indian descent.

429. Greg H - December 7, 2011

If the egotistical and arrogant jj abrams wanted a blank slate to do Star Trek his way, then he should use that slate to create new worlds and boldly go where no non-prime universe has gone before… not to recycle and rehash already-told-tales.

Make up your own characters you lazy, non-creative, uninformed excuse for directing talent!!!

430. MJ - December 7, 2011

Jai, for some reason that I cannot figure out, you keep ignoring my suggestion of Naveen Andrews, who is of Indian descent — his parents are from India. No, he’s not a Bollywood guy, but he is of Indian/South Asian race, as he has a history working with JJ and Damon.

Are you saying that your Khan has to both be Indian and from a Bollywood studio? That approach seems a bit too dictatorial to my tastes.

431. Jai - December 7, 2011

MJ, re: #430:

I don’t think Naveen Andrews would be suitable for the role of Khan. You can extrapolate my reasons based on what I wrote in #423.

432. boborci - December 7, 2011

429. Why are you blaming him? We r the writers.

433. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 7, 2011


Mr. Orci, asking that question is unfortunately pointless.

I have found that there are some, and I’m not necessarily talking about the poster you are addressing, that have claimed things about the movie that didn’t happen, claimed certain things cannot happen even though they did – like saying that Starfleet personnel couldn’t have a spouse on the ship when it the 2009 movie that was the case not even 5 minutes in, say that others have said things that they very plainly and clearly didn’t say or even imply, etc.

So, JJ is responsible for everything bad in the world, anyone that likes characters to have something that resembles anything close to full lives wants a soap opera, and Khan is %1000 surely going to be the next villain in a Star Trek remake of Transformers 2.

At this point, I’m not sure that there is any unconvincing some of this.

434. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

Naveen Andrews looks interesting. I did not watch much of Lost – could not get into it, so I don’t know how the actor fared in that programme or whether he has the makings of a Khan. Looks wise though, I could see him being another Khan. The same goes for Hrithik Roshan actually – I can only go by the pictures shown of him which is even less than with Naveen Andrews.

#429 The writers write. The studio says Yay or Nay to what has been written. If Yay, the director directs. The director can have some input, but, if I am correct, it is ultimately up to the writers and Paramount, in the case of Star Trek, as to what story we get to see on screen. Leave off the nasty insults.

435. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

Bob, many posters here who haven’t worked in the industry really don’t understand how films are made, or the roles that the participants play.

Unfortunately the writers usually don’t get the credit for a great job they deserve, like you guys did on the first film. And in this case, disgruntled people just see JJ’s name as the ‘director’ and assume he had everything to do with the film from the moment of creation.

Thanks again for the hard work bringing this next film into being.


436. Hugh Hoyland - December 7, 2011

JJ is a very good director IMO. You won’t get a half hearted effort that’s for sure. His movies have a lot of energy in them, they start off fast and don’t leave you guessing.
I think a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised with the sequel. :)

437. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

I have read another rumour that Bruce Greenwood will NOT be in the next movie.

Bob Orci – could you please, at least, verify if this is correct or not, even if the answer is something some of us may not want to hear. Surely, there must be a definite answer to this question by now.

Thank you.

438. MJ - December 7, 2011

@431. Jai, that is kind of a cop out. Whatever.

439. MONGO - December 7, 2011

Mongo look forward to BND (Del Trame) be in Star Trek movies.

440. MJ - December 7, 2011

@437. I think Greenwood would have been locked in by now if they wanted him in the movie. Sorry Keachick, but I don’t think we’ll see him, other than perhaps a “continuity cameo” if they decide to do that later during filming.

441. AJ - December 7, 2011


Likewise, Mongo

442. MONGO - December 7, 2011

Mongo smile at AJ mans.

443. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

#440 A *cameo is better than nothing, I guess. The only people we are *sure* are locked into doing this movie are the seven main characters/cast, Peter Weller and Alice Eve.

Bob Orci – Am I correct in this? Yes/No.

* Besides, Admirals Pike and Archer (Scott Bakula) need to give Captain Kirk his beagle mascot…:)!

444. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Okay, I was gone a little longer than I expected. I figured if Tebowing didn’t work, surely Santeria would. Plus, I was hungry for chicken tonight, so it all works out.

I think the only way I’m gonna keep my sanity with the casting here is if the movie is not about Khan but about Joaquim instead. In other words, Khan dies and instead we get a story about one of the other supermen.

Remember, the world was divided into localities. The only way I can see an absolute NECESSITY for a Latino actor here is if one of the other supermen ruling one of the other localities was a Latino, which could be Joaquim. This could be someone who ruled the United States as a president, or the South American locality. And if the movie is about him, that explains a lot. It explains why they are looking for a Latino actor, it explains why JJ said what he did in denying Del Toro was cast as Khan. And it explains why Bob said that if — IF — JJ said what they said he said, then he was NOT lying.

445. Jai - December 7, 2011

Keachick, re: #434:

“I could see him being another Khan. The same goes for Hrithik Roshan actually – I can only go by the pictures shown of him”

I also supplied a few videos of Hrithik in #268 and #269 earlier on this thread, including quite a long clip of Hrithik being interviewed on Britain’s Sky News.

446. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

I think JJ was just commenting on Del Toro playing the villain not denying the villain role itself.

Not sure how they will approach it, there could be so many twists, 15min montage like in TF3 about what happened and how the Botany Bay got into space, another Starship finding the Botany Bay or just have the enterprise find it ala Kobayashi Maru style rescue.

The primary fleet being in the Laurentian System in Star Trek 2009 could have been the result of Khan being awoken by a Klingon Bird of Prey or Warship and it being taken over by Khan and the start of conflict between Starfleets primary fleet and the Klingons/Khan situation. Khan is rescued and integrated into Starfleet the same time Kirk was battling Nero. Khan replaces Decker or Gary Mitchell in this new timeline with more twists.

447. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Experiencing RPD (Random Post Deletion).

448. Jai - December 7, 2011


“I just think it’s funny that some people think they HAVE to find a Latino to play a Sikh. As if there’s no other option. Not even an actual South Asian.”

I guess “funny” is one way to politely describe it ;)

“I don’t like Naveen Andrews for the role either. But I’ll bet there are Indian actors waiting for a first shot, who COULD handle the role, and who by being fresh faces do not allow us to bring our preconceptions into the movie theater based on past work of theirs that we’ve seen.”

Absolutely. And it’s not like there aren’t any recent precedents for this. Heck, there are actually two superstars from India involved in major roles in Hollywood blockbusters right now: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and the next Spiderman film.

Anyway, I obviously think Hrithik is by far the best match for the persona of Khan, but I also suggested a few alternatives in #266, with photos and videos supplied in #270, #272 and #273, so check those out too.

449. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

448. Jai – December 7, 2011

The sense I get from the pace of these developing stories is that they want someone NOW since Del Toro said no.

And it really may NOT be about Khan. If it’s about one of the other supermen then I could see why there would be a Khan rumor, but Bob said JJ was not lying. And I believe Bob.

450. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

#445 I am only just able to watch videos etc again as we are now back on broadband again. Too long to explain and not really anybody else’s business anyway. I will check out the videos you posted.

451. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 7, 2011

Jai, thank you, as always.

452. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 7, 2011

Keep fighting the good fight.

453. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 7, 2011

Like dmduncan’s earlier point about getting another Hispanic to play a Hispanic playing an Indian. As Robert Downey Jr. once said, “I’m a dude playing a dude disquised as another dude.”

454. dalek - December 8, 2011

Amazed the amount of people who don’t want Khan in the movie, but insist he should be played by a certain actor!

“I totally raise my objection to Khan in the movie, Abrams has destroyed the franchise. But if you must have him he must be played by Janeen-Hussain the 3rd (Obscure bollywood actor with gravitas). Oh and I will see it on opening day.”

455. Hat Rick - December 8, 2011

Someone upthread made a joke about “bad reboot,” an allusion to “Bad Robot.”

I, for one, would like to know the backstory behind the 5-second movie right before Star Trek (2009) wherein the Bad Robot scampers around the movie screen and then freezes to become the icon of its eponymous production company.

For example, what kind of robot, exactly, is he? And, of course, what’s his motivation?

Furthermore, it appears that the bad robot itself or himself is in fact sentient. How does that work, exactly?

456. Greg H - December 13, 2011

432. When I blame abrams I am including the orci/kurtzman writing partnership as well. Pointing out jj is no different than blaming a football coach when the team performs poorly over time. Somone has to be accountable.

All I can ask for is consistency. If you want to do trek your way then be creative. Be informed. Star Trek fans are deeply entrenched in canon. If you’re going to go against it at least do it intelligently.

Time travel is a crutch. Challenge yourself to write without it.

Even in the 23rd century it takes time to travel across galaxies. Use that as dramatic focal point, instead of whisking us around with the snap of your fingers. It makes outer space seem more believable, more vast, more remote and more eerie. Within that lies drama.

Now put your characters into that drama and feature them. Let them drive the show, not techno babble or special effects. Star Trek isn’t a cultural phenomenon because of 60’s special effects. It’s people and respectable acting and universal themes that have so enthralled us. Rod Serling once captivated us with black and white set, a few shadows and something he called “stories well told.” It’s an amazing formula that is timeless… and it works. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.