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Edgar Ramirez ‘Front Runner’ To Be Star Trek Sequel Villain December 7, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

With Benicio Del Toro out of the running for the part of the villain in the Star Trek sequel, director JJ Abrams and team have been back on the hunt for a new bad guy. Now a report says that two actors are in the running, with Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez as the leading contender. More details (and potential spoilers) below.



Venezuelan Actor Edgar Ramirez front-runner for Star Trek villain

The latest Star Trek sequel villain casting news comes from Variety, with sources saying that Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez is the "front-runner," with Jordi Molla (Columbiana) "also in the mix. Both actors are expected to test for the role over the next two days and director JJ Abrams is reported to be interested in making a decision before the end of the week. It is noted that there may be some issue regarding scheduling with Ramirez, however Variety sources say "Abrams wouldn’t consider any actor if they were unavailable."

Regarding Ramirez, Variety notes the actor has been "pursued by the studios since his breakout turn as infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal in Olivier Assayas’ miniseries Carlos." The 34 year-old actor has also appeared in Domino, The Bourne Ultimatum and Vantage Point, and will soon be seen as Ares in Wrath of the Titans.

Edgar Ramirez in “Carlos” (L) and Jordi Molla in "Colombiana" (R) – both in the running
to be villain in 2013 "Star Trek" sequel

Over the last week there have been a couple of unconfirmed reports that the villain role for the Star Trek sequel will be Khan. Variety has no more details but does point out the obvious with regards to the actors being considered for the role:

The next question to be asked his what character Ramirez will play in the film if he gets the part. It was reported last week — before it was known del Toro was out — that the villain may be Khan, but Abrams and Paramount denied it.
Whether that denial was aimed at the role or just del Toro’s involvement wasn’t quite clear. But it should be noted that Abrams was still in need of an actor of Latin descent, the same ethnicity of Ricardo Montalban, who played Khan in the original series and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."

Production on the Star Trek sequel is still slated to start in mid January, which explains why Abrams is anxious to nail down his villain.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the latest news on the Star Trek sequel.


1. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 7, 2011

Well, maybe it is Khan.

2. Uncle Dave - December 7, 2011

OK. Either way I’m interested.

Many have said (myself included) “There is only one Captain Kirk, etc.” JJ + team proved us all wrong.

So hopefully it won’t be Khan, if it is, I look forward to reinterpreting him.

3. Vultan - December 7, 2011

Okay, now it’s obvious.
The villain will be… Pancho Villa.

4. Enterprisingguy - December 7, 2011

Let the Khan speculation begin anew!!

5. manörumreturn - December 7, 2011

I disregartmen with the choice of film can sequal. Why resentment of the timing of Spock realize he still? Eugenics and the 1990 notes doubleize reset the timeline on? No?

6. DG - December 7, 2011

If the whole point of “rebooting” the franchise via an alternate timeline was to provide the makers with the creative freedom of pursuing new ideas, then why the hell would they want to introduce Khan back into the franchise? I know it’s still pure speculation at this point, but it would be completely asinine to go down that road. New ideas (and new villains) please!

7. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 7, 2011

I don’t care if it’s Khan or not, just as long as they make a great film and feature Spock/Uhura. :-)

It’d be nice to see a new villain, though.

8. captain_neill - December 7, 2011

If Khan is the villain then my faith is totally gone, it is lazy writing and will be inferior to what has gone before.

9. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

He reminds me of a cross between Javiar Bardem and Del Toro.

Please release teaser trailer soon and counting down to opening day!

10. MJ - December 7, 2011

I hope they go with Jordi Molla instead of Edgar Ramirez for Khan. Molla has the over-the-top style that Khan needs — he was great in Bad Boys II, in fact his performance saved that movie. Ramirez doesn’t seem that interesting…blah, blah, blah artsy-fartsy roles.

Molla has the panache and screen prescence to carry off Khan — I am concerned that Ramierez is too much of thoughtful type of guy for this role.

Bob, please convey to JJ to go with Molla.

11. captain_neill - December 7, 2011


Be nice if they got back to proper Star Trek.

12. njdss4 - December 7, 2011

Everything points to Khan. I would be so disappointed if that was true. I want NEW Trek stories, not rehashing old TOS material that will never live up to the original.

13. Craiger - December 7, 2011

MJ I read the article at Collider again and it says that Ramirez might have scheduling conflicts and Abrams doesn’t like actors with scheduling conflicts. So he could choose Molia

14. MJ - December 7, 2011

@11. Exactly, like the Enterprise confronting Khan. Glad we are in agreement for once Captain Neill.

15. Craiger - December 7, 2011

Plus Molia co-starred with Saldana in Columbiana. I am thinking about renting that movie when it comes out on Dec. 20th.

16. Joel - December 7, 2011

Has anyone seen Carlos? It’s definitely Khan. Denials and speculation be damned. Not too pleased, but Ramirez was freaking awesome in Carlos and would own the role (in his own way).

Still, we’ll see what happens when an announcement is made.

17. Ahmed Abdo - December 7, 2011

What I really don’t understand is, why reboot TOS if at the end, you are going to repeat the same stories again ?

I don’t know about the rest but I just don’t like the idea of having Khan as the villain in the new movie.

18. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

Khan prolly will be Kirks best friend turning enemy and be a epic 2.5hr story about the need of the many outweighing the need of the one. Khan will prolly end up marooned on some planet :)

19. PEB - December 7, 2011

if it’s khan, it wouldnt be anything like wrath of khan but more like a theatrical version of space seed…with a twist, which i’d be all for. just remember, this is JJ & team, so it’s possible he’ll throw everybody for a loop and it wont be khan at all. it’s a 50/50 chance.

20. Craiger - December 7, 2011

#17 I kind of feel the same with retelling TOS its like been their done that. On the other hand would it be cool retelling TOS to a general audience and seeing Abrams and crew doing a different take on TOS episodes.

21. NuFan - December 7, 2011

You now see that ONLY hispanic actors are being considered for this part, and STILL you are pretending it might not be Khan? I am awarding 100,000 denial points this time.

I like both of them. They both look as mean as Del Toro.

22. Boozba - December 7, 2011

Best post i have seen in the last two years,i agree with you 100%.
Bravo Sir!

23. Craiger - December 7, 2011

#18 Wouldn’t that be like Lex being Clark’s best friend then turning on him?

24. morris - December 7, 2011

Jordi Molla

25. Bamasi - December 7, 2011

Khanfirmation of Khan is no longer needed.

26. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Jordi Molla over Ramirez. He looks more interesting.

27. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 7, 2011


As that’s what they’ve been doing, I’ll be glad to see more of it.

28. Logan - December 7, 2011

I’d say with the interest in Latino actors makes it pretty clear it’s Khan. (And when you parse out JJ’s denial that Del Toro would play Khan, it makes sense if his statement was basically saying, “No, Del Toro isn’t playing Khan, because Del Toro’s not going to be in the movie.”)

And perhaps Eve is playing Dr. Carol Marcus.

I really like Peter Weller, but in Gene Roddenberry’s universe there are no CEO’s in the 23rd century. (And money would be quite useless in a post-scarcity economy. And Trek has always been in a post-scarcity time, as evidenced by statements by Kirk, Picard, and others along with showing the use of replicators.)

I just hope the strange rumors about carnivorous Tribbles who took over the Klingon home world was just some kind of joke or foiler.

The JJ team should hopefully avoid jumping the shark.

29. The TREKMAN!!!! - December 7, 2011

If they’re going to have Khan, they should go with Gael García Bernal. I think he would make an excellent Khan.

So… Mr. Orci, If you’re reading this, you guys should really consider him as well. Thanks!

30. Viking - December 7, 2011

So, they’ve been looking at a Puerto Rican, a Spaniard, and an Argentinian for their lead villain. Naw, the bad guy ain’t gonna be Khan. He’s gonna be a drunk Irishman. :-)

31. Vultan - December 7, 2011


It would be nice to see new ideas (and new villains), but I suppose we can’t expect too much from the copy and paste generation of Hollywood mega-product. At the very least, we can hope for a dynamic, entertaining, well-acted… retread.

32. Craiger - December 7, 2011

What if they did a twist of Wrath of Khan. Dr. Carol Marcus on board the Enterprise to find of planet to test the Genesis Device and when Kirk, Spock, Chekov and Dr. Marcus beam down to Ceti Alpha V they find Khan and crew out of suspended animation. Then Khan and crew act friendly at first but then decide to take over the Enterprise to get back to Earth so they can rule again.

33. Chris - December 7, 2011

Don’t forget, the “reboot” only began from the point and day of Kirk’s birth so with Khan being cryofrozen since the 1990s (trek lore) and technically still on the botany bay at the point of time change, it wouldn’t necessarily affect his timeline until that point.

Besides, Kirk himself is a different person, his life since the timeline changed has been different, which makes for an all new encounter should it be Khan.

Give it time for the story to unfold before us over the coming weeks and months. I for one am happy for any new trek and this will be just that, even if an old adversary emerges one of the lead villians.

34. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 7, 2011

Edgar Ramirez is great … ok, I had a crush on him when he was opposite Keira Knightley in Domino … :-) :-)

35. MJ - December 7, 2011

@31 “It would be nice to see new ideas (and new villains), but I suppose we can’t expect too much from the copy and paste generation of Hollywood mega-product. At the very least, we can hope for a dynamic, entertaining, well-acted… retread.”

You mean like in 1982 when the beloved Nicolas Meyer reached back into TOS and did a re-tread movie base on Khan.

Meyer — you copy and past hack job guy — we love you!

36. Brian K - December 7, 2011

OK, did I miss something here? I thought Khan was of Indian descent, am I right? (as in the nation of India, not an American Indian, or to be PC, not a Native American) So why all the emphasis on finding an actor of Latin descent? Just because the original actor was of Latin descent? I believe the original Charlie Chan was a caucasian. Both Marlon Brando and Tony Randall infamously played Asian roles. These were all many years ago, when you could get away with that kind of shit. Have we not made any progress at all?

Not saying it is Khan, still not buying that.

BUT, if it is Khan, and they cast an actor of Latin descent just because it was done before (a piss-poor excuse) they have lost me. Before they even roll film on the first scene. I expect more from all involved. And frankly, I would expect more from Star Trek in the year 2012. This ain’t the 60’s anymore when that crap would pass.

37. Robogeek - December 7, 2011

I said it before, and I’ll say it again…

It’s the 21st century. You can’t cast a Latino as Khan Noonien Singh. That’s just patently ridiculous and offensive in this day and age.

If the villain is Khan, then they should cast Khan – Shah Rukh Khan, that is. He was born to play this role, and is a huge international star (yet likely more affordable than Benicio del Toro). Plus, by going in such a different direction, it will all but eliminate comparisons to (the great) Montalban.

Make it so, J.J.

38. MJ - December 7, 2011

@28 “I really like Peter Weller, but in Gene Roddenberry’s universe there are no CEO’s in the 23rd century.”

Come on, you really need to watch TOS again. There are countless episodes where it is obvious that corporations are alive in well….sure, you might say we didn’t actually see a CEO as a character, but obviously the commercial interests represented in those episodes would have to have a leader.

39. Brian K - December 7, 2011

@ #21-

” You now see that ONLY hispanic actors are being considered for this part, and STILL you are pretending it might not be Khan? ”

Do you even realize how ridiculous that logic (or lack of it) is?

40. MJ - December 7, 2011

@37. Dude, he’s a made up character in a made up future, and he was originally played by a Latino.

Get over it!

41. jas_montreal - December 7, 2011

Not bad. Like it.


42. Craiger - December 7, 2011

What about that TNG episode where they had those people from the 20th Century unfrozen from Cryonics? One was a CEO and asked for the Wall Street Journal and wondered if what his company stock was and crew didn’t seem to know what he was talking about. Unless in TOS’s time they had Corporations and in TNG’s time they didn’t?

43. Nony - December 7, 2011

They could be seeking Latino actors because they want Star Trek to make more money internationally than it always has, and there are lots of Spanish-speaking countries a Hispanic main actor could appeal to. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Khan.

…But yeah, it’s probably Khan.

44. MJ - December 7, 2011


So the mining company is The Devil in the Dark has no leader?

ANd the quadotritaclie farming operation in The Trouble with Tribbles was leaderless?

45. Nano - December 7, 2011

Well if this doesn’t reek “Khan Begins” and we waited how long for this?

This pisses me-off, no need to get excited about the comics now.


46. AJ - December 7, 2011

Maybe the role is Javier “Pancho” Khan, Khan Noonien-Singh’s goofy, but lovable twin brother, who never took world domination seriously, but made the best margaritas this side of Juarez.

Having stowed away on the “Botany Bay,” and seeing that his brother’s sleeper-chamber has malfunctioned, hilarious hi-jinx ensue when he is mistaken by Khan’s followers, and Kirk and Co. for the leader of this group of 20th century genetic supermen.

47. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - December 7, 2011

I guess this means he’s cheaper than del Toro.

48. John Trowbridge - December 7, 2011

Although Ricardo Montalban was Latino, the character he portrayed, Khan Noonian Singh, was of South Asian descent. If they are recasting Khan, it might make sense for them to recast the character with a South Asian actor. This would be consistent with the recasting decisions for Scotty and Chekov.

49. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

There should be a limit to the number of times a person can post in a given hour… really.

50. Vultan - December 7, 2011


But TWOK wasn’t a copy and paste job; it was the continuation—a sequel—of the story Space Seed started. And it ended. Khan dead. Big boom. Story over.

Move on.

51. MJ - December 7, 2011

@43. Yea, and we’ve seen this before — we had Persis Khambatta in TMP and Ricardo M. in Khan, and guess which role endures more in the international consciousness today? And Star Trek TMP didn’t even make $5M in India, when they had an Indian actress in a lead role?

Bollywood is not Hollywood.

52. MJ - December 7, 2011

@50. Agree Vultan — that was a weak response. What JJ and company are doing by reaching back into Trek is the same as what Nick Meyer and Harve Bennett did back in the early 80’s.

53. Brian K - December 7, 2011

@ # 40-

WOW! That’s all I can say….. Such “logic” leaves me speechless……

54. MJ - December 7, 2011

@49 “There should be a limit to the number of times a person can post in a given hour… really.”

And also a limit on meaningless posts!

55. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

BobOrci, is Naveen Andrews not available? We love that guy!

Khan need not be played by a latin actor as I’m sure you know.

Can you tell us if this casting suggestion has been made? Of course it is all moot if we are not talking Khan casting… Commodore Mendez perhaps?

56. Lt. Daniels - December 7, 2011

Great twisted on the Wrath of Khan. I like the idea of Space Speed and Wrath of Khan as one story and all happening at the same stardate.

57. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

54 – Yawn :) Always a good reminder why the scroll wheel was invented. Now where did i put that ignore button… it must be around here somewhere…

58. MJ - December 7, 2011

@53. A cute platitude in response to my post, but please, Mr. logic, tell me which part of my statement is incorrect:

(1) He’s a made up character — True of False ?

(2) The story takes place in a made up future — True or False ?

(3) He was originally played by a Latino — True of False ?

You can’t disprove via logic any of these statements, so your invoking logic to say that I was wrong is completely nonsensical.

Your clever one liner quips won’t work here with me, “my old friend.” :-)

59. Craiger - December 7, 2011

What if the main villian is a Romulan? Say they see the destruction of Vulcan to take advantage of the Federation?

60. Brian K - December 7, 2011


Again, such logic……

Yeah, India in 1979 i s the same as India in 2011….. yeah, ok.

61. CoolPT - December 7, 2011

Does Khan have to be the “Villian”? I have always wanted to see how Khan rose to power and was then exiled with his people in the Botany Bay. Maybe with this new time line, that time for them is now. He could be Earth’s villian and not necessarily a huge problem for the crew of the Enterprise. It is time for a ST movie that focuses more on the Earth problems and stay in the solar system and have a interesting story. maybe someone from the Enterprise crew was a double agent in Khan’s gang and now they have to come to the rescue to get them out and stop Khan from world domination. Now that I might want to see!

62. MJ - December 7, 2011

@57. I’ll give you this, that is pretty funny! Seriously! :-)

63. VOODOO - December 7, 2011

Wasn’t Khan from the middle east? There is no need to have a latino play Khan.

64. Odkin - December 7, 2011

I don’t want Khan, but not for the same reason as others.

Many have commented along the lines of “why re-do old stories?”

They AREN’T going to re-do old stories. They are going to steal a beloved character that someone else created and executed flawlessly, and use it as a marketing puppet in an all-new, much inferior, story.

65. Weerd1 - December 7, 2011

Two words:
Commodore Mendez.

No, not really but hey.

66. Nano - December 7, 2011

Star Trek
Episode 2 – A New Hope

A new 3D Space Opera, from Bad Robot!
Order now your Darth Khan action figure and Princess Eva

67. MJ - December 7, 2011

@60. Well, that is a start, Brian — you actually addressed my post instead of your usual platitudes — thanks for taking the time to address this one with a bit more detail than we are use to from you.

Brian, you have a point there, sure — I will admit that the Indian Box office generates a lot more cash today than in 1979 –but so does almost everywhere else, so I doubt the percentages as compared to overall worldwide box office (e.g. percentage of India verus rest of world box office $ per year) has changed all that much in terms of movies in general worldwide release.

68. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

62 – Thanks. I respect your Trek knowledge, in a different reality I could have called you ‘friend’ A truce is declared :)

69. Brian K - December 7, 2011

# 58


Just because something was done previously in an ignorant, racially intolerant era does not mean it should be done again. It would be ignorant, and illogical.

70. Nick - December 7, 2011

First impressions, if it is Khan, is a bit of dissapointment. Having said that if it is the case I am sure it will be a fresh take/situation in the balance of the story.

Another way of looking at it I suppose is that Khan is a key character in TOS, so maybe he belongs here as much as any other character. I can’t deny that I would want to see how this crew would deal with him.

At the end of the day we know very little right now. I’m just glad we’ll have a new Star Trek movie to see.

71. Craiger - December 7, 2011

MJ, Sheldon and Raj’s take on TMP.


72. MJ - December 7, 2011

@55 “BobOrci, is Naveen Andrews not available? We love that guy!”

Love Naveen Andrews. Not sure why he is not in the running given his history with Abrams and Damon?

73. Drew - December 7, 2011

Jordi Molla was a badass in Blow…seemed to have good physical and psychological hold on his character. Don’t know who Edgar Ramirez is, but now I guess I need to find a copy of Carlos. I am bit bothered we’re on the 3rd string Khans, but with good direction and writing this could be for the better…

74. Commodore Redshirt - December 7, 2011

No Question, the “new” villain will be Harry Mudd!

75. boborci - December 7, 2011

you guys think this actor would be a good klingon?


76. Vultan - December 7, 2011


Nope. They’re seeing what was the most successful (and more profitable) option and going with that. There may not be CEOs in the future, but there are plenty around today. $$$

77. MJ - December 7, 2011

@71. That is funny — thanks Craiger. ST-TMP is vastly superior to ST V in my opinion.

78. boborci - December 7, 2011

or a borg?

79. Odkin - December 7, 2011

Everybody knock it off with the damn politcally correct “you can’t cast a Latino for a Sikh!”

First, Sikh is a RELIGION not a RACE. Anyone can become a Sikh regardless of ethnicity. There is no good reason for racial-based casting for Khan, other than to mimic the general look and accent of Khan as famously portrayed by Montalban.

Remember when they cast that Brit to play a French Captain? Didn’t matter to you then, did it?

80. Anthony Thompson - December 7, 2011

This turn of events is really disappointing. Why a rehash? I guess I shouldn’t really be very surprised. I like what I’ve seen of Bob on this forum and elsewhere. He’s a regular guy. But he and his partner specialize in rebooting things, not creating new material (“strange new worlds”). I really wish that someone like Ellison had been brought in to the team to add some creative spark.

And why cast a Latino? There are plenty of great Indian actors out there. Sure, they wouldn’t be known to American audiences. But neither are Ramirez or Molla. Right?

81. Craiger - December 7, 2011

Columbiana trailer


82. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

75 – Nice! I will just sit back and enjoy this ride.

83. Commodore Redshirt - December 7, 2011

re boborci #75
yes he’d be a good Klingon, but he’d be a better KHAN!

84. Corinthian7 - December 7, 2011

If there is to be a retelling of Space Seed, I think Bob and Co will try and make it more personal between Kirk and Khan. Lets face it, as much as we all love Wrath of Khan, the original episode was fairly forgettable and Khan was just a villain of the week. There really was no justification for considering Khan to be Kirks arch nememesis.

I’m predicting a love triangle here with Carol Marcus substituting for Marla McGivers and possibly being marooned with Khan on Ceti Alpha V. I also found it a little odd that Ceti Alpha IV decided to inexplicably blow its self up in the original movie. Perhaps in the new universe Ceti Alpha IV could be the newly colonized Vulcan homeworld. It would provide another great opportunity for an appearance by Leonard Nimoy with the next time travelling psycho Romulan stranding Spock Prime on V so he’s close enough to see his new homeworld blown to smithereens ;)

85. MJ - December 7, 2011

@75. And Bob, here is the opening theme song for the movie:


86. Nano - December 7, 2011

A good as any Bob

87. Craiger - December 7, 2011

Bob kind of looks like Ray Ramano.

88. Commodore Redshirt - December 7, 2011

@78 Please Bob… no Borg. Casting Robo-cop is close enough!

89. MJ - December 7, 2011

@79 “First, Sikh is a RELIGION not a RACE. Anyone can become a Sikh regardless of ethnicity. There is no good reason for racial-based casting for Khan, other than to mimic the general look and accent of Khan as famously portrayed by Montalban.”

Well said !!!

90. Craiger - December 7, 2011

MJ too bad Khan can’t be a woman I got the perfect theme song for that.


91. Nano - December 7, 2011

Why not Gumby or Mr. Bill as a villain…

92. Peter Loader - December 7, 2011

CEO = Chief Engineering Officer

93. MJ - December 7, 2011

@68. Agreed rm10019. Best, MJ

94. boborci - December 7, 2011


Also considering him for some kinda role

95. Anthony Thompson - December 7, 2011

79. Odkin

Disagree. Have you ever been to India? I have. 3 times. I’ve spent several months there and am acquainted with Indians (including Sikhs) here in Minnesota. Yes, Sikhism is a religion. But it is also a recognizable ethnicity. As Spock pointed out in Space Seed, they are known as great warriors. They elite bodyguard service for the Indian PM is comprised almost entirely of Sikhs, for instance.

96. Ahmed Abdo - December 7, 2011

@75 boborci,
actually, more like a Romulan ;)

97. boborci - December 7, 2011


No reason an alien can’t be a woman, too. How about her in some kinda role?

98. MJ - December 7, 2011

@73 “Jordi Molla was a badass in Blow…seemed to have good physical and psychological hold on his character. Don’t know who Edgar Ramirez is, but now I guess I need to find a copy of Carlos. I am bit bothered we’re on the 3rd string Khans, but with good direction and writing this could be for the better…”

Yea, he’d make and outstanding Khan. He is a bit over-the-top like Richardo M. and Shatner, and I think you need that type of personality to carry off Khan. This Ramierz dude just looks like too much of a nice, thoughtful type of guy to me.

99. rm10019 - December 7, 2011

97 – Colonel Natalie Green!

100. Brian K - December 7, 2011


“There is no good reason for racial-based casting for Khan, other than to mimic the general look and accent of Khan as famously portrayed by Montalban”.

In other words, laziness, loking backward, repeating what’s been done. Like you said, no good reason.

Khan Noonian Singh. Know any Hispanics or Latinos with a name like that? Didn’t think so…….. Religion has nothing to do with it.

101. MJ - December 7, 2011

@95. But his point was anyone can choose to study and become a Sickh, and that could explain how Khan in Trek could have a Latino while also being a Sickh.

102. MJ - December 7, 2011

@100 Renaming yourself within your newly adopted religion is commonplace. Come on Brian, you know better than that. Say hello to Cassius Clay for me, would you?

103. Odkin - December 7, 2011

Say “Hi” to Lou Alcindor, too, Brian.

Thanks MJ.

104. What is it with you anyway? - December 7, 2011

# 97 boborci


Maybe if you are good you’ll all make it to:


105. Dilithium doublebock - December 7, 2011

I don’t want khan. Could be khan but I still doubt it. I think that when they made their “khan or no khan and stick to their guns” decision, the decision was no khan and they would stick to their guns on not confirming or denying khan to build media buzz over the casting choice and generally just drive everyone nuts.

106. Sebastian S. - December 7, 2011

If it IS going to be Khan (and I sincerely hope it’s not), would it be so bad if they actually consider casting an Indian actor this time? There are plenty out there. If they cast an Hispanic actor in the hope of duplicating (the inimitable) Ricardo Mantalban’s performance, isn’t that just mimicry?

Personally, I’m still hoping that the Khan idea is just a rumor. The whole idea just reeks of rehash. Come on, guys; you created a new altered reality… full of potentially new possibilities. Don’t be so anchored to what came before. Chart your OWN course…

You’d think Khan and Klingons were the only perils in the Star Trek universe. I mean, the Trek Encyclopedia does go beyond the “K” section, guys…

107. Drew - December 7, 2011

#100 – Werd app.

I need to see Ramirez’s work, but Jordi Molla fits Khan like a glove… (a knuckleless black one, no less) He is definitely capable of bringing the intensity and making it believable… I think he would be better than Del Toro and maybe even Bardem.

108. What is it with you anyway? - December 7, 2011

# 97 boborci

But seriously…

I’m excited that you are doing Khan…Kirk, Spock, and he are destined to clash.

I was thinking about writing an article about your approach to writing these reboots after the next movie comes out.

It would be entitled…

“Why Shinzon should have laughed, or… Why the apple was so important.”

I’m sure you take my meaning, and I hope I can still write it in good faith after your next one comes out.

Shinzon should have laughed…just for us geeks…to show us the writers were like us.

109. MJ - December 7, 2011

My two choices, ranked:

#1 Jordi Mollah

#2 Naveen Andrews

110. Captain Peabody - December 7, 2011

Boborci, God bless you for the Bollywood reference. Seriously, if you cast Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan in your movie…I will love you forever.

Especially if there’s a bunch of random, five-minute song interludes sprinkled throughout the movie, Bollywood style. You know Uhura would look great in a Sari.

111. Jim - December 7, 2011

Hey Bob, how about this guy? And yes, he has two thumbs!


112. CaptainDonovin - December 7, 2011

@97 boborci

Can we still find a role for Rosario Dawson? I remember reading last year of her wanting in as a ‘sexy Vulcan’.

113. Craiger - December 7, 2011

How about making Khan be a woman and hire a good looking but physically fit Indian, or Latina Actress to play Khan? Then Khan could be Kirk’s love interest?

114. Jim - December 7, 2011

…two thumbs on one hand!

115. Brian K - December 7, 2011

Ok MJ, keep on building those sand castles of excuses in your mind. I’ll check back with you later.

#94 – Bob, you’re a genius! I see James Caan as Dr. Daystrom. A little dark makeup and he’d be perfect! I’m sure MJ would love it too!

116. Radioactive Spock - December 7, 2011

#6. It’s not like they’re retelling the same story from tos (i assume). Events can play out totally differently, which in my opinion would actually be more epic, as it opens of the possibility of destiny. It is destiny that these two were supposed to face each other, and though the circumstances may be different, a new story will unfold. I know it’s controversial here but it’s just my own opinion. :)

117. Craiger - December 7, 2011

Bob you got Scott Caan in Hawaii 5-0.

118. Thorny - December 7, 2011

I thought Bad Robot wanted a Big Name to bring in international audiences. These two may be very good actors, but are largely unknown.

Is this a sign Paramount has returned to its miserly budgets for Trek?

119. Wastedbeerz - December 7, 2011

Dude… I keep saying that if it must be Khan, it must be Oded Fehr. He could pull off the role, and I think he would nail Khan’s personality perfectly!

120. MJ - December 7, 2011

“Ok MJ, keep on building those sand castles of excuses in your mind. I’ll check back with you later.”

Universal Translator output: “I can’t really fault your logic, so I give up.” :-)

BTW, Scott Caan would a be cool in a Trek film — how about as Kirk’s brother, Sam?

121. AJ - December 7, 2011

With all these shenanigans, topped off my Lindelof’s tweet, it sounds like this is one secret that is so out of the bag, the Supreme Court should just let it go, and prepare itself to be lightly ass-whipped in perpetuity not only by us, but by the mainstream media.

The mass media entertainment press has issued a collective “Meh” to the thought of young Khan being reintroduced by another actor. And, unless JJ and Team want that “Meh” to echo in pre-release eternity, they will have to do early damage control. We can all speculate as to how they can utilize Khan in new and interesting ways, but a clarification by the SC early on may actually keep the sharks off the lawn.

122. MJ - December 7, 2011

@120. Well Variety said they will make the final decision by this weekend, so I expect we will know by Monday.

123. Clinton - December 7, 2011

I know other have mentioned this, but I just wanted to agree that it seems odd to cast another Latin type to play Khan, when I believe the character is supposed to be from India. (Could be wrong, but that is what I recall.)

124. Gordon Ramsey's knife - December 7, 2011

Its General Pancho Villa and its at the planet Alamo

125. Drew - December 7, 2011

As much as a love Naveen Andrews (Lost, Planet Terror, etc)….sometimes on Lost his “dramatic” lines made me chuckle…it wasn’t so much the writing as his acting. Jordi plays angry/hellbent/vindictive better, but Naveen isn’t too shabby either.

126. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Bob. Funny man! At least consider Farukh Khan for the role of Joaquim.

127. Annie - December 7, 2011

Can we move on to the real question?

Is William Shatner in as Kirk Prime? :p

128. Ahmed Abdo - December 7, 2011

@127. Annie, I will second Annie, I really that you guys will give Shatner a chance to be in this movie

129. Craiger - December 7, 2011

Why not choose both actors? One could play Khan the other could play Joaquim?

130. Robogeek - December 7, 2011

@boborci – You totally just made my day. Thank you.

131. Robogeek - December 7, 2011

@boborci – P.S.: And yes, he’d be magnificent.

132. Brian K - December 7, 2011

MJ, you’re starting to sound like the Jon Lovitz character from SNL. “Yeah, that’s the ticket…”

Just curious, since you seem to reply to everything I write, why the silence on my post #69 ? Seems I faulted your logic there.

Also, the story says someone will be cast (hopefully) by Friday, but for what role is anybody’s guess. Only Bob knows for sure, and he ain’t tellin…

133. Red Dead Ryan - December 7, 2011

Well, maybe Khan Singh was really Hispanic, but was born in India, given an Indian name, and grew up in the culture. Maybe he really is a Sikh, just not racially?

Another thing for the outraged fans to think about:

Sulu was originally played by a Japanese American, George Takei. From all accounts, Sulu is of Japanese descent. John Cho, the new Sulu, is of Korean descent. He’s now playing a Japanese character, with Takei in full support!

Where’s the outrage with that? And before you tell me that Koreans and Japanese are Asians from the same region of the world, they are totally different cultures.

134. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

Khan: Did I ever tell you how I got these scars?
Khan: When I was a little boy, my father would come home and beat my mother for adding too much steroids in my cereal.
Khan: Do you know what happened to my father?
Kirk: You ate him?
Khan: laughs

135. Charles E. Pratt, Jr. - December 7, 2011

I wasn’t hip to revisiting khan when this rumor broke a while back. I have since warmed to the idea somewhat.

I loved the 2009 reboot and I have faith that the current Trek powers will deliver us another exciting installment in 2013.

If Khan is to be the baddie here’s my list of wishes.

1.) Someone previously mentioned that he/she hoped Khan’s motivations for hating Kirk would be better developed. I agree with that!

2.) Please, under no circumstances WHATSOEVER let Chris Pine yell ‘KAHHHHHHHHHNNNNN!”

3.) In the original episode khan is eating dinner with the Capt. and Spock and so on and Spock is drilling Khan while Kirk observes. I really dug that scene-and Khan’s response to it. I hope we get a similar scene that showcases how Kirk and Spock really work so perfectly together. Spock does his thing and Kirk does his thing but it meshes together so well…

136. Red Dead Ryan - December 7, 2011

Remember too, that Khan was a genetically engineered superman. Maybe India was the best place to help enhance his physical and mental attributes? And Sikhism was determined to provide the best training and learning?

137. Maxwell Everett - December 7, 2011

Ramirez is too young by more than a decade. Montalban was 47 when he did “Space Seed”. Molla seems like a better fit both in appearance and in age (he’s 43).

138. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

Bob I just want one thing for xmas, for you to hire http://m.imdb.com/name/nm0005033/

Sammo Hung would be a great fighting choreographer, ty.

139. Bill Peters - December 7, 2011

I don’t think it will be Khan, I think that it maybe a Klingon we know well but doubt it is Khan. Glad Production is starting next month however.

140. Cygnus-X1 - December 7, 2011

boborci, your red herrings are highly suggestive that Khan is in your story. As are the two latino actors you’ve now considered. That’s one too many to attribute to random chance, especially with the dearth of feature-grade latino actors in Hollywood. Still, I find myself hoping it’s not true….

141. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

They are not casting around for an Indian actor because the character Khan is most likely not in the movie. However, some Hispanic men can look good as a TOS style Klingon. Benicio Del Toro had Klingon written all over him. I am not sure about the two actors they are considering now though, but I am sure that the one they choose will come through for them and play a good irritant for the young Captain Kirk – iem more than likely a Klingon!

I could be wrong, but then so could everybody else be wrong as well.

#75 Possibly.

142. Tom - December 7, 2011

Will you guys stop whining. It’s not rehashing to re-envision how Space Seed in an alternate universe might unfold.

When JJ created an offshoot of the Prime universe, it didn’t necessarily obliterate all elements of Prime.

I laugh. You feel like Khan has been overdone in 1 episode and 1 movie… But doing yet ANOTHER Klingon story is original.

Get unbent.

143. Anthony Thompson - December 7, 2011

Doing Khan again doesn’t make much sense for the new franchise because the Khan story began approx. 15 years before it was resolved. It took 15 years of seething for Khan to develop into the character we saw in TWOK. Will the sequel to Star Trek 2 be in 2028? I don’t think so!

144. Ivory - December 7, 2011

Very mixed emotions about having Khan be the villain…It is possible that they could pull off a big budget Khan film that expands upon the character, but I am a little disappointed that we aren’t getting something new or at least a TOS character that isn’t as well known and whose character arc isn’t complete.

The ST universe is so rich why go back and do something that has been done so well in the past?

145. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

It could still be Klingons, all of them can play th e leader of the klingons, kayless the scary latino that speaks slow and creepy

146. Brian K - December 7, 2011


My original opinion in this thread was that just because they’re looking to cast an Hispanic actor, eveyone jumps to the conclusion it MUST be Khan, which makes no sense, other than laziness and resting on the past. Why make up some convuleted backstory like you and others suppose as an easy way out? Let’s face it, none of these guys, including Del Toro, are box office gold, or even remotely household names. With equally talented actors out there of Indian descent, to cast an Hispanic as Khan would be bad casting. in my opinion.

147. Brian K - December 7, 2011


Totally agree. Besides, can you see Del Toro as some genetically engineered superman? The guy is skinny, 170 # soaking wet at best. That’s why I haven’t bought into the Khan rumors from the get go. A red herring from JJ. My guess is a Klingon.

148. cugel the clever - December 7, 2011

The villian absolutely will not be Khan. The new trek supreme court has 21st century sensibilities and would never cast a latino actor to play an asian role.

The villian will be a Klingon. Bet the farm on it. My guess is Chang (younger version) who was the primary villian in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, or possibly one of the other major Klingon adversaries such as Kang.

149. cugel the clever - December 7, 2011

In fact, Edgar Ramirez bears some resemblancer to Michael Ansara who played Kang.

150. Red Dead Ryan - December 7, 2011


Well, if you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever, which I doubt, you will then realize all of the media ruminations on which villain will be in the sequel happens to revolve around Khan.

This is kind of like the time before Latino pop singer Ricky Martin came out of the closet. All of the signs were there, but he never confirmed his gayness until recently, and at that point, it was no surprise at all.

Some things are just too much to either ignore, or dismiss.

151. Tom - December 7, 2011

If an Hispanic actor was chosen to play a European, how many of you would get angry as you are for an Hispanic playing an Indian?

Stop the double standard. Focus on talent, not on racial obsession.

152. Tom - December 7, 2011

PS … Obviously they’re casting an Hispanic in order to maintain credible continuity.

Casting Scotty required too much a suspension of disbelief as it is.

153. Basement Blogger - December 7, 2011

Hey Bob Orci,

I’m confused as to where you are leading us. I don’t know if you saw this video I left for you. But here is a video from J.J. ‘s favorite satirist, Stephen Colbert, on the KHANspiracies at the Denver International Airport. Enjoy Colbert’s interview of William Tapley’s interpretations of “symbols” in airport’s art. He also sings in the video!!! Fellow Trekkers check out the KHANspiracies in the video.


154. Just some speculation - December 7, 2011

Here is another thought…IF the story focuses on Klingons, would you HAVE to have an actor of Latin descent? Have not people of different ethnicities portrayed Klingons effectively? Makes me think that the idea of Khan as the villian is more plausible. HOWEVER…ALL OF THIS COULD JUST BE SMOKESCREEN TO KEEP US IN THE DARK UNTIL THE TIME COMES TO REVEAL THE STORYLINE. I would almost find it hard to believe that Bob Orci would be so bold as to actually mention the name Khan in his post (#75) if that was the villain for the movie. But then again…Bob could be so slick as to actually do it, thinking that we would rationalize it to not be true (as I am doing right now), thus still achieving the goal of keeping us guessing until the last minute. CONGRATS BOB…I AM MORE CONFUSED NOW THAN EVER! I’ll be honest, I have such faith in you guys, I know it will be great no matter what. Although you have to admit that Khan was a bad mutha!

155. Boozba - December 7, 2011

Hey Bob,i just hope khan’s little sister is in the movie…you know….what’s her name….oh yeah SHAKA!!!!!

156. boborci - December 7, 2011

153. Basement Blogger – December 7, 2011

We’ve been developing a movie about that very subject!

Weird stuff there.

157. cugel the clever - December 7, 2011


The reason for the “media ruminations” is that drooling fanboys have been filling the ether with Khan fantasies that have no basis in fact. It would make no sense whatsoever for the new writers to rewrite the story of the most iconic villian in trek history and risk producing a lesser story.

158. Just some speculation - December 7, 2011


159. Just some speculation - December 7, 2011

#157…That’s what you think!!

160. MJ - December 7, 2011

@146. Brian, if I had a $20 bill for every-time you assigned to the word “lazy” to people who just happen to have ad honest disagreement with you, I’d be a rich man!

161. MJ - December 7, 2011

@142 / Tom “I laugh. You feel like Khan has been overdone in 1 episode and 1 movie… But doing yet ANOTHER Klingon story is original.”


162. I'mJustSayin' - December 7, 2011

You folks keep forgetting that the timeline has been changed. Why keep debating about how you think it could not work because it doesn’t fit into the time that you think it should. WAKE UP!!!!! SMELL THE JAVA! GET OUT OF YOUR MOM’S BASEMENT!!! The change in timeline brought back Kirk, produced 2 Spocks (one of which was with that hottie Uhura), linked Kirk with Pike and destroyed Vulcan. WHY DO YOU INSIST THAT KHAN COULD NOT BE DONE DUE TO THE TIMELINE????!!!!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AT THIS POINT! Plus, NO ONE has done a movie or show around the Eugenics Wars….would that not give us some “fresh” story to build on??? Get with it guys…get over yourselves in thinking that you have such knowledge of Trek. That went out the window with the last movie.

163. Basement Blogger - December 7, 2011

@ 156

Bob, the artwork is weird. And the giant blue horse with red eyes? Who’s idea was to have that at an airport?

164. MJ - December 7, 2011

@141 “They are not casting around for an Indian actor because the character Khan is most likely not in the movie.”

What, Keachick. this is conjecture from YOU? We can’t have conjecture. Conjecture is bad. We are all tired of conjecture. We know nothing. No more conjecture, please Keachick. Please, stop all of your wild predictions and conjecture, we know absolutely nothing…you are making stuff up; stop the conjecture now…this is just awful….I can’t stand your conjecture any longer..KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN !!!!!


165. MJ - December 7, 2011

@162. Great summary! What is startling to me is that we even need to have your post here because what you said so well in your post should be completely obvious to everyone, but for some reason it is not? A lot of people have checked their brains at the door regarding this Khan topic.

166. Harry Ballz - December 7, 2011

The villain will be Juan Valdez with Peter Weller playing the CEO of Starbucks!

167. Red Dead Ryan - December 7, 2011


You’re just being ridiculous.

As for Klingons, I think there is a much stronger case to be made against seeing them in the sequel instead of getting uptight about a third appearance from Khan. The damned Klingons were featured in most of the previous movies, and even in the deleted scenes from the last one. Not to mention all of the series had featured numerous encounters with the Klingons. Khan, on the other hand, had only been seen twice before, with the last appearance almost THIRTY YEARS AGO!

168. boborci - December 7, 2011

163 How about the swastika runways? Or the fact that 2 billion was spen before “starting over” and building again on top of whatever the hell was really built there with 2 billion

169. Phil - December 7, 2011


Setting aside for the moment that my preference is for new characters, not recycled bad guys, Spock dies in TWOK. If you re-do TWOK, it will invite unflattering comparisons, and if you completely redo the story (Khan isn’t the bad guy, perhaps?), well, you invite unflattering comparisons. If you thought you guys caught flack about blowing up Vulcan, having Khan assume the presidency of the Federation will get you guys tarred and feathered…..

170. Give me TOS, or Give me Death! - December 7, 2011


171. Hijo De Rick - December 7, 2011

oiga Tio y cuantas peliculas de ST piensa hacer usted hasta que diga ya no mas ST para mi, ya no mas millones de ST para mi?

172. captain spock - December 7, 2011

Orci to play Khan yea come on bob….. who wants roberto orci as Khan

173. I'mJustSayin' - December 7, 2011

165…you weren’t being sarcastic were you???

174. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

156. boborci – December 7, 2011

153. Basement Blogger – December 7, 2011

We’ve been developing a movie about that very subject!


What!? I know somebody who can help you with that.

175. MJ - December 7, 2011

@168. LOL. Stick to Trek.

176. MJ - December 7, 2011

@173. No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I mean, what you said should be obvious to all, but it isn’t.

177. I'mJustSayin' - December 7, 2011

@176 Gotcha. I agree with you.

178. somethoughts - December 7, 2011

Sign them both up for kor and kang

179. Basement Blogger - December 7, 2011

How to cast Khan and get “Titanic” box office. .

1. Find the actor that will appeal to teenage girls and women who read romance novels.

2. Said actor for Khan must have a prodigious chest, bigger than Ricardo Montalban . Make sure that J.J. has him remove his shirt often. And by the way, on this website, women want to have Karl Urban (McCoy) also remove his shirt. If that gets more time for McCoy, then as a heterosexual man, I vote yes for more shirtless scenes with McCoy. I want more McCoy for the Kirk-Spock-McCoy troika . He always gets the best lines. .

3. Cast Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), IF THE FILM “SHAME” DOES WELL WITH WOMEN.. My understanding is that he lets it all hang out. in that movie. Survey the women who have seen “Shame” and if they are impressed with his talents, cast him as Khan. .

180. Hijo De Rick - December 7, 2011

Tio entonces si quiere que su pelicula ST 2 sea taquillera, en parte si me dio gusto que Benicio no aceptara

181. Geodesic - December 7, 2011

Please cast Ken Jeong as a Klingon.

182. Thomas Jensen - December 7, 2011

If it’s Khan, why does he have to be Latin? Or from India?

It’s another universe, Khan could be Norwegian.

They should make him a little green man from alpha centuri. That’ll throw everybody off.

183. MJ - December 7, 2011

If these runways are suppose to be a Nazi swastika, then this is the most piss-poor lame-ass attempt at engineering swastika that one could ever imagine:


British farmers who spend their nights doing really cool crop circles for “UFO entertainment” would laugh at this supposed attempt at a swastika.

184. Geodesic - December 7, 2011

Khan clearly had a Spanish nanny. I just hope that he fixes up Bud-gineering with some fine Corinthian leather.

185. AJ - December 7, 2011


Bob’s let the cat out of the bag.

Sounds more like a Gary Seven story to me.

186. Oktoberfest - December 7, 2011

OF COURSE we want Khan, and we want it (him) NOW. Six (or so) pros and cons:

Top 3 cons ———-

3. We want new stories! Stop rehashing and give us something original! There is a gold mine of untapped, unfilmed goodness! Besides, we already know the plot.

2. Spin the Complaint Wheel for this one: New Trek is dumbed down, Lens flares on the iBridge, Black holes don’t generate compression waves, Red matter in a syringe, etc.

1. Montalban was Legen….dary. The bar is in the freaking exosphere. This will be one hell of a challenge.

Top 3 pros ———-

3. Let’s say you’re 35. What’s the best case scenario for you over the next 45-50 years? Hopefully another three Trek series and at least ten films. How many of those will they throw ridiculous money at? Get it while the getting is good.

2. We’ll still have the originals. Space Seed and TWOK aren’t going anywhere. This is bonus material. Throw money at the best-of-the-best sure-fire Trek. *AND* let’s see any new stories on a weekly TV series!

1. Part One. This is a a hugely successful franchise reboot. JJ and the Court took ST to untold heights. Expanded audience equals greater market. I’m sorry if you don’t like lens flares, but the movie was better than “And the Children Shall Lead”.

1. Part Two. We’re living the dream, man. It took 50 years, but Trek is getting the $200M treatment. Here’s an example of what $199,700K more than a TOS episode gets you:

– Two hours of Space Seed
– Khan backstory, showing his armies and escape two hundred years earlier on the DY-100
– Alice Eve as Carol Marcus in a TWOK tie-in
– Exile on Ceti Alpha V
– Epilogue scene? Will we see NCC-1865 on approach 15 years later?

1. Part Three.

Extend that to the following. $200M for:

The Ultimate Computer
– Enterprise totally psycho, from orbital bombing to friendly fire (or both)
– Chiwetel Ejiofor chews the scenery as Daystrom
– great vehicle for four A-listers in the center seats of the Lexington, Potemkin, Hood, and Excalibur
– Tragic as the Big E shoots down Pike and crew

The Doomsday Machine
– Attack on the Constellation
– Decker beams crew to the third planet, which is whacked as he watches
– Christian Bale chews the scenery as Decker
– great vehicle for Scotty heroics

– Yeah, I said it
– The last of the Pine-Quinto series of five films premieres in 2032
– This sequel to ST2013 is a remake of the best-loved film in franchise history…on the 50th anniversary of TWOK

Hopefully the adventure is just beginning.

Dang it, STO timed out while I wrote this…

187. jas_montreal - December 7, 2011

@ 79 , 95

As a Sikh…. I honestly don’t care. I just love the fact that a SINGH is a iconic character in Star Trek :). I also don’t mind Ricardo or any other latin-american playing a Singh. Its all good with me. So no political correctness from me, lol.

188. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

No, it’s not a perfect swastika, but the runways do look like counterclockwise rotating arms. Not all swastikas rotate counterclockwise, but the Nazi ones do. Looks more like an homage to the design.

189. Geodesic - December 7, 2011

They can use Khan without telling the same story. First of all, what does he have to be angry about? Maybe the next movie is The Delight of Khan. Think about it. They are filming part of it in Hawaii right? What could go wrong in Hawaii? It’s clearly about beach parties and having a good time. But unfortunately it will rain during a volleyball game or something and Khan will get mad; this will set up the sequel as a remake of the Wrath of Khan

Personally, I’d be fascinated to see Khan as an anti-hero helping to defeat a larger adversary and then set him up to be a villain in a sequel; that would be a different way of reusing familiar elements.

190. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

I’ll tell you what, though. When you see that HORSE — Blucifer — standing guard at the entrance, your impression is WTF? Especially at night, because its eyes glow red, and it looks extremely pissed off. The reaction to that sculpture is pretty universal.

Almost looks like it’s intended to be an idol for worship in a post apocalyptic landscape. It’s freaky.

191. Buzz Cagney - December 7, 2011

its clear now isn’t it. They are looking for a Khan. Unless they are messing with us. Which is quite possible.

192. MJ - December 7, 2011

@190. Yea DM, I have driven past that horse — that freaking thing looks like something out of Ghostbusters that is just waiting for supreme being activation to occur.

193. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

Yes, I know, MJ. Conjecture is sort of catching, isn’t it? Damn it.

It is quite plausible that Kirk or someone else come across the Botany Bay in this timeline. However, what happened in TWOK occurred many years later in the other timeline.

To be honest, I think I have a negative knee-jerk reaction to seeing Khan again is because ever since the first movie was released, all I have read is about whether Khan, bloody Khan will be in the next movie or not. I am so Khannnned out! If Khan does happen to be in this sequel, I will still see the film, if only to see what they have done with the character this time round. If Bob & co. do a good job, no matter who the players are, then I’ll no doubt love it!

194. MJ - December 7, 2011

@188. Well, it is perhaps one of the best airport runway designs if you want to have a central terminal, with two east-west runways operating at once (one for takeoffs, one on the opposing side for landings), two north-south runways operating at once (one for takeoffs, one on the opposing side for landings), and the pieces of each runway where the plane either starts the takeoff from or ends the landing at is as close the terminals as possible — with the entire designing minimizing land footprint.

195. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

As if Blucifer weren’t enough: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xeywc1_statue-d-anubis-aeroport-de-denver_news

196. Captain Robert April - December 7, 2011

So, after all the effort to blow up the timeline and not be tied down to all that icky continuity….and they go with a rehash of “Space Seed/TWOK”.


197. MJ - December 7, 2011

DM, regarding that crazy horse at Denver Airport, check this out:

“Luis Jimenez or Luis Jiménez (July 30, 1940 – June 13, 2006) was an American sculptor of Mexican descent.[1] He was born in El Paso, Texas and died in New Mexico. He studied art and architecture at the University of Texas in Austin and El Paso, earning a bachelor’s degree in 1964. He became an accomplished artist and taught art at the University of Arizona and later the University of Houston.

Jiménez was known for his large polychromed fiberglass sculptures usually of Southwestern and Hispanic themes. His works were often controversial and eminently recognizable because of their themes and the bright, colorful undulating surfaces that Jiménez employed. In 1998 he received a Distinguished Alumni award from the University of Texas in recognition of his artwork.

He was killed in his studio on June 13, 2006 when a large section of Blue Mustang, intended for Denver International Airport, fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.”


198. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011


199. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Watch that video. DIA is inviting the controversy.

200. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Yeah, I know. We mentioned that on the other thread. The horse killed its maker!

201. dmduncan - December 7, 2011

Denver is an odd place.

202. cd - December 7, 2011


203. The Red Shirt Diaries - December 7, 2011

#18 (some thoughts): The word is “probably”, not “prolly” (no such word exists).

204. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 7, 2011

#196 The film makers have said nothing about doing a rehash of anything. It is everybody else who is saying that, including you or speculating that this is the case. They are looking for an actor to play a TOS villain – and how many of them were there?

205. MJ - December 7, 2011

Funny video regarding the Anubis statue, but it sounds like it was just a prop for the King Tut exhibit. It is probably already gone by now. Might have made a good idea for an episode of Stargate.

206. Harry Ballz - December 7, 2011

203. “The word is ‘probably’, not ‘prolly’ (no such word exists)”

Sure it does………we’ve all heard the phrase………”Prolly want a cracker?”

207. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 7, 2011

Like dmduncan’s earlier point about getting another Hispanic to play a Hispanic playing an Indian, or as Robert Downey Jr. once put it:, “I’m a dude playing a dude disquised as another dude.”

208. Andy Patterson - December 7, 2011

@ 3. Vultan – December 7, 2011
Okay, now it’s obvious.
The villain will be… Pancho Villa.

Ha. My favorite quote. And one that makes as much sense as anything about the thought processes going on here.

209. MJ - December 7, 2011

@207 Yea, and as I recall, the critics loved him in that role.

210. Andy Patterson - December 7, 2011

And if it is khan then it just goes to prove what I’ve come to think of Abrams and this whole production team.

211. MJ - December 7, 2011

@206. Good one Harry! BTW, anybody that posts here complaining about spelling or typos should just move on and not bother to spend time here….

212. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 7, 2011

Where is Bob Orci at. Shouldn’t he deny that he knows nothing but everything about Star Trek movie. Come on Bob. Don’t start another conspiracy.

213. Buzz Cagney - December 7, 2011

Having now read all the comments and seen Bob’s attempts at steering us away from the Khan conjecture I am totally convinced it is Khan. I’ve never seen Mr Orci try to lead us by the hand that way before!

214. Devon - December 7, 2011

“I want NEW Trek stories, not rehashing old TOS material that will never live up to the original.”

Who said it has to be a rehashing?

215. Dr. Cheis - December 7, 2011

Seems unusual that they would need a specific ethnicity for an actor unless they were planning to match him to an already existing character… then again maybe we’ll be spending time on an Earth city that isn’t located in North America or Europe and they wanted somebody to play a local?

216. somethoughts - December 7, 2011


Thanks MJ and Harry

217. Christopher Roberts - December 7, 2011

You KHAN’t be serious, man!

218. Yammer - December 7, 2011

Hey gang of trek nerds!

I am just gonna embrace it. (214) is implying that there is something wrong with rehashing. Consider hash, the breakfast food. It is delicious. The hashing means recooking the staple ingredients.

I GET what JJ and boborci are doing here, they are taking the Khan character as a well known Trek meme — I am sure we will see Hortas, Gorns, and flying jelly devices, madmen running futurist jails/labs, etc — and Abrahmsifying it, as he has done before, e.g. his take on Superman. Kicking it up a few notches.

So I am going to truss that they will get it right, which is easy to do because they did the first time. Star Trek is so vigourous, humourous, idea-packed, and gorgeously, athletically shot that it is my favourite movie, I think. Or seriously up consideration for Most Entertaining. Movie. Ever.

219. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 7, 2011

I dont know, i just dont think its khan. Just because they are talking to spanish actors doesnt mean it has to be Khan.

If it is though, there is no way it will live up to twok, which is why any attempt at khan should really be saved for a latter film, having him as the villan for the second of these new trek movies, is asking for to much comparison to star trek II

220. Chris_of_ODU - December 8, 2011

Abrams Trek: “Boldly going where television writers in the 1960s have gone before.”

Seems they went the “alternate universe” route less because they want to “do their own thing” and “not be bogged down with continuity” but because they wanted to have carte blanche on retelling stories that were told decades ago.

That kind of thing works with plays, comic books or stories that have been retold dozens or hundreds of times (oftentimes concurrently) but there is (or was) only one Trek. If they’re successful, do you really expect

Paramount not to simply “reboot” the TOS franchise every few years and rehash the stories again instead of doing something remotely interesting?

221. Chris M - December 8, 2011

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Khan will be the maine villain in Star Trek 3D!

We will be seeing a reimagining of “Space Seed” in 2013 and as long as they get it right then I have no issues with Khan being in the movie………….would be great if they could throw some Klingons in there as well though.

222. Basement Blogger - December 8, 2011

@ 195

Dmduncan, wow. What genius decided to put a gigantic statute of the Egyptian god of Death at the Denver Airport? Yeah, I know the report says it’s to celebrate an Egyptian museum exhibition. But the God of Death? Doesn’t give you much confidence of flying from that airport. unless, somebody’s a Lost fan.

223. Lore-ie - December 8, 2011

211- You’re prolly right! Who cares about proper spelling and diction these days. Society prolly shouldn’t care about such silly things when we’ve got movies and Khan to talk about!

224. Cheve - December 8, 2011

I can only hope Khan has nothing to do with this movie at all, and want to believe that, when JJ said Khan isn’t in the movie, it meant that Khan isn’t in the movie.

225. Yammer - December 8, 2011


nailed it, thank you

226. captain_neill - December 8, 2011

I have no faith anymore, all I can hope for now is a good film that will get back to good Trek. Doubtful given the current direction but would be nice.

Redoing Khan would just show how lazy the writers are going with the alternate universe. I thoughtit was to breakaway from canon and not do retellings of the good stuff.

If they do Khan it wil be weak compared to Space Seed And Wrath of Khan.

227. Devon - December 8, 2011

“Paramount not to simply “reboot” the TOS franchise every few years and rehash the stories”

Show us what story is being rehashed.

This is kind of a repeat of what happened before 2009, people posting things and not realizing what they are talking about.

228. Devon - December 8, 2011

“Redoing Khan would just show how lazy the writers are going with the alternate universe. I thoughtit was to breakaway from canon and not do retellings of the good stuff.”

What are they retelling?!?!? Some of you guys need to stop with these knee-jerk reaction posts just so you can hear yourselves talk. So are you implying that the second time that Q appeared on screen that they were automatically “retelling” the story of “Encounter at Farpoint?” Some of guys really need to learn that reusing a character does NOT mean reusing a story (and I’m sure some legalities also would prevent this too, but I don’t expect some of you to consider that amongst your knee-jerk reaction posts.)

229. MJ - December 8, 2011

Well said, Devon!

230. MJ - December 8, 2011

@226. Captain Neill, you are totally confusing us. You say you want to get back to basic Trek, but then you bitch about a Khan story. What could possibly be more basic about Trek than doing something new based on the great Trek characters in Space Seed and The Wrath of Khan?

“all I can hope for now is a good film that will get back to good Trek”

OK, so you want a back to the basics type of Trek story — we get that.

“Redoing Khan would just show how lazy the writers are going with the alternate universe. I though tit was to breakaway from canon and not do retelling of the good stuff”

Huh? Dude, you just said you want to get back to “good Trek” ???

Make up your mind — do you want basic Trek or do you not. Your own posts seem to point out that you are confused about what you really want???

231. MJ - December 8, 2011

@223 “211- You’re prolly right! Who cares about proper spelling and diction these days. Society prolly shouldn’t care about such silly things when we’ve got movies and Khan to talk about!”

This is an entertainment web site with anonymous posting, and no spell checker built into the site as well. It is what is is, so stop trying to pretend our posting here is journalism or official correspondence…its not. This is informal written communication. Yea, whoever said “prolly” goofed up — get over it.

232. J.A.G.T. - December 8, 2011

I just hope the next one won’t be a dumbed-down action movie… no matter if Khan or not…

233. Stephan - December 8, 2011


I was hoping for some well known actors to appear in the sequel. Instead two actors I have never heard of are being considered for the villain role. I hope there is still one more role to be filled because i do not like the idea that only unknown actors are part of the movie. Look at the dark knight rises. It is filled with stars. Why can’t Star Trek have one or two?


234. Stephan - December 8, 2011

PS: I still don’t believe in the Khan rumors. Still believe it is a diversionary tactic. But hey, it works and we don’t get spoilered. So I am not complaining. ;-)

235. Tarrax - December 8, 2011


Thank you for keeping us all guessing. Oh, and for the ongoing interaction too. ;)

236. VulcanFilmCritic - December 8, 2011

I truly hope that we are being led down some garden path regarding the potential villain and the casting thereof. Because if it is true that what we will be waiting a couple of years for is a somewhat altered re-make of ST II:TWOK, then I’ve got more interesting fish to fry.

As AJ points out in #121, it’s NOT what we think, it’s what the mainstream media think, and if it is a Khan re-tread with a Latino in the part, then the whole franchise is going to become a laughing stock, or even worse just ignored, because it’s boring and of interest only to the hardest core fans or the youngest fans who may not have seen TOS or TWOK.

I cannot for the life of me conceive of why The Powers That Be would be so
careless in casting and so apathetic about the story. They have a truly blank canvas upon which they could paint the most interesting stories. Call in the greatest living sci-fi writers for story ideas as Mr. Roddenberry did years ago, and give us something amazing.
Instead, as that tacky Star Trek “jewelry” a few threads ago shows, it’s just about making money.

Either that or Bad Robot really IS stretched TOO THIN. Too thin to come up with new story ideas, too thin to think outside the (idiot) box, too thin to even take a stab at being creative. That may not have been the case with the first movie, but I get a definite sense of profound idea-fatigue now.
It just doesn’t feel like fun anymore.

As for the illogical move of casting a Latino as Khan, as
#36, 100 Brian K
#37 Robogeek
#48 John Trowbridge
#123 Clinton
#133 Red Dead Ryan
have stated in various ways, this is just stupid.
As is the casting of a Latina as a woman from the United States of Africa or a Korean as a Japanese (and don’t give me any guff about a guy named Hikaru Sulu being of undefined Asian descent.)

At first I thought this too might just be a sign of laziness, naivete, or sheer ignorance on the part of the filmmakers, but this pattern is not mere sloth.
It bespeaks a PROFOUND discomfort with people of color. If they had any friends who were Japanese, or African, or Indian, they would KNOW just how offensive this kind of wacky casting is. Hollywood does not reflect even the world outside its gilded doors. This saddens me. It truly does because Gene Roddenberry was so forward thinking on the subject of race.

Star Trek used to inspire people. To do better in the future. A backward-looking action film isn’t going to inspire anybody.
I was reading an article about Nelson and Happy Rockefeller who were such Star Trek fans that they had the Nimoys flown by helicopter to the governor’s mansion. Add to this Ethel Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and any number of scientists, engineers, educators and others who were INSPIRED by the show over the years, and you have a LEGACY.

The legacy of Star Trek deserves more than just a thoughtless action movie. It is a fragile thing that can easily be destroyed. A lot is riding on this movie, and I will certainly be in line to see it, no matter what it looks like, but if it’s moronic or even just pedestrian, I certainly won’t be back for more.

237. Tiberius Subprime - December 8, 2011

The Prime Timeline of TOS might not be our timeline, either.
A rather simple explanation.

So no need to reboot the TOS timeline.

238. Tiberius Subprime - December 8, 2011

(as above)

This way, the TOS continuity is saved.

239. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - December 8, 2011


Not to get all factoid nerdy, but Khan would still be Khan. The altered universe happened after Khan would have come to pass. Just sayin’.

After JJ’s Trek in ’09, a friend and I discussed the possibility of “lost” events in the Trek universe — including the possibility that the Botany Bay could just continue to float endlessly through space. We even speculated about a Starfleet ship coming across the wreckage of the Bay, destroyed by an errant asteroid or something. Or perhaps it drifting into Romulan or Klingon space. Lots of story possibilities.

There was a lot of discussion, but i remember my big storyline was saying, “Y’know, the Doomsday Machine is still out there, making its way towards Federation space…”

Not to mention V’ger.

240. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - December 8, 2011

The thing is, though, the Khan ep was a major one, and considered by many to be one of the top 5 (or at least top 10) eps of the series.

TWOK always tops polls about the films.

Of course they would consider it, and strongly, as a possibility for the second film — it’s got fan appeal and broad appeal. Bring in a couple of A listers for guest spots and you’ve got another money maker, thus making the suits happy and ensuring yet another outing, making the fans and the cast/crew happy.

At least they’re giving it some time to mature, instead of running out and just doing it quick.

Give the IDW series a fair shake; I’ve only read the first story — “Where No Man Has Gone Before” — but with Orci & Co. giving the stories their blessing (and maybe more than just a little direction), we’ve got some of the TOS events unfolding in a canonical way.

241. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - December 8, 2011

One more thing; if they decide to do “Squire of Gothos” in any way — as a mention onscreen, or in the comic — I really hope they finally solidify the Q connection. Would be a nice nod and a good way to tie the generations together.

242. I'm Dead Jim! - December 8, 2011

I don’t know. Does Ramirez have the pecs for the role?

243. ST-One - December 8, 2011

Mhmm… perhaps they are casting for a young Commodore Jose Mendez…

244. P Technobabble - December 8, 2011

Did anyone mention Chaka Khan?

Shrodinger’s Cat. Until the movie comes out, Khan is both in the movie and not, simultaneously.

245. VZX - December 8, 2011

How about Kobra Khan…


246. Khan for next Movie - December 8, 2011

226. Captain Neill

I want Khan in the next movie!

247. chrisfawkes.com - December 8, 2011

I would rather see Borg. I like Klingons but they have appeared a lot in the movies also.

I would like to see Kirk face a problem that Picard faced and find a solution that was typically Kirk.

But most of all i would appreciate a straight out denial that Khan will appear in the film or the following one. Give 80% of us a collective sigh of relief and let us enjoy speculating again.

248. thebiggfrogg - December 8, 2011

It ain’t going to be Khan guys. It is Harcourt Fenton Mudd with a Latin twist.

249. thebiggfrogg - December 8, 2011

Is it me or does Jolla have the Edward James Olmos look going on? Maybe it is just the pic. Beyond that I have never seen the guy before.

250. Robert H. - December 8, 2011

Will you cut the Khan crap?

He looks like he would make a good Klingon.

251. P Technobabble - December 8, 2011

It’s just khan-founding how someone could not appreciate all the fun we’re having at Khan’s expense. Until we hear some kind of khan-firmation, or until the film comes out, we will khan-stantly be hearing about Khan, so may as well get a kick out of it. I’m sure Bob and JJ and the rest of the Court are khan-ferring right now how they can best keep us all guessing, unless one of them decides to khan-fide in us…

252. Moe - December 8, 2011

If they do a Kahn retread, I’m skipping this movie.

What about boldly going where no movie has gone before?

253. Al - December 8, 2011

B list actors after A list turn it down tells you something people

254. rm10019 - December 8, 2011

252 – Great at least I won’t have to sit next to you in the theater listening to you gripe while everyone else is enjoying it :)

255. Moe - December 8, 2011

254 – If I wanted to watch re-runs, I could stay at home and pull out my ST DVDs and save money and watch them in comfort.

256. Jerry Seward - December 8, 2011

I’m also hoping Khan is just a rumor because I’d like the villain to be KENICULUS!!

257. falcon - December 8, 2011

@boborci, “you are an excellent tactician. You let your posts mislead yet inform, while you sit and watch for insight.”

Five points if you can guess where this was paraphrased from. Ten points if you can guess who originally said it. Fifteen points and the game if you slip and reveal any spoilers. :-)

258. falcon - December 8, 2011

I sure wish this message board had a way for people to follow conversations besides checking back on the page periodically.

259. falcon - December 8, 2011

@249 – Heeeeyyyyyyy, that’s an intriguing idea. What if the new villain is one Commander William Adama?

260. Bill Murray - December 8, 2011

Fascinating. I have no clue what is planned for this film. However the casting call of now 3 Latino actors is either for Khan or Abrams and co. are messing with all of us. They are laughing their arses off right now at all of the uber-fanboy rage/delight over the possiblity of Khan. Plus, it;s getting tons of buzz for a movie that’s not even in front of cameras yet. Well played Bad Robot!

Either way, I personally love Star Trek too much to ever say something like “If the writers include (enter your choice of character or plot device) the I’M DONE WITH TREK FOREVER!!” or some such foolishness. This is not logical.

261. Tiberius Subprime - December 8, 2011

Agreed, Bill.

262. Schiefy - December 8, 2011

If the villian is Kahn then I see no reason the Shat cannot be worked into the storyline this time! :)

Maybe we could have a convergence of alternate universes involving old Kirk and nuKirk and nuKahn (and use some stock film with old Kahn to get Ricardo in it too)?

The possibilities are limitless!! lol

263. Bill Murray - December 8, 2011

K-H-A-N. Trekkies are a smart group. We can do this. It’s spelled K-H-A-N. Read the plot synopsis to Space Seed. Look at the title of STII. If this isn’t enough go read Greg Cox’s wonderful books for repeated correct spellings of the name Khan. K-H-A-N. Khan.

264. Dennis Bailey - December 8, 2011

Hey, they did great with the first one in recasting Kirk and Spock and those guys and telling a new story – no reason they can’t recast Khan and tell a new story. :-)

265. chrisfawkes.com - December 8, 2011

Imagine if in three consecutive films you’ve had Shinzon, then Nero, Then Khan.

I can see 20 years from now, Orci, Kurtzman and Lindhoff sitting in some seedy back street bar, bitter and not having worked in years having to sit listening to Rick Berman for hours try to justify why killing Kirk the way he did was not only justified but a stroke of creative genius because he is the only guy on the planet who will listen to their story as to why they included Khan in the sequel and the ensuing wrath of the fans they have had to endure forever after.

The ranting of Berman or the unforgiving wrath of the fans, i would not wish one of those things upon anyone let alone both.

Please guys, don’t do it.

266. RAMA - December 8, 2011

Ack…not Kahn! Been there, done that!

267. VZX - December 8, 2011

@263: Bill Murray.

Yeah, that bothers me, too. I mean, the character of Khan has been around for over 40 years, and his name is even in the title of the best Star Trek movie, so why do Trekkies keep on spelling it wrong? K H A N!

Anyway, Bill, when is the next Ghostbusters coming out? Why are you holding out?

268. Odkin - December 8, 2011

I look forward to the day when Bad Robot decides (or is told) that it really isn’t very good at making movies and should pursue its’ true passion as a publicity company.

Seriouly. Hundreds of posts here about NOTHING. Watch Bad Robot puts into time-wasting “clues” and alternate reality games and viral marketing BS and Twitter crap. Bad Robot is a buzz machine. They really need to stop making movies and just go into PR, where their real talent is.

We’ll get all hyped up, then go see the movie and anyone who isn’t a complete sycophant will walk out slightly embarassed.

269. Odkin - December 8, 2011

Correcting above… “Watch the amount of time Bad Robot puts into time-wasting clues…”

270. Odkin - December 8, 2011

Speaking of Khan… does anyone here really think WoK was about Khan?

Beyond Montalbans’ transcendant portrayal, the reason “Wrath of Khan” was great.is THEME. It was about Kirk getting old and looking back on the life that might have been. Khan was just the dramatic device employed by the writers to show Kirk he hadn’t wasted his life.

But I hear the new movie will have lots of FIGHTING and RUNNING!

271. chrisfawkes.com - December 8, 2011

268, If they stopped they would have to call themselves good robot, or just robot.

272. Bill Murray - December 8, 2011

Just finished watching the first part of Carlos. I gotta say, the very first scene where Edgar Ramirez walks off the plane as Carlos gave me chills imagining him as Khan. I’m in boborci!

273. Jamziz - December 8, 2011

Its not about ethnic accuracy but encapsulating the performance of Ricardo M! Since they casted everyone else to embody the people they were reinterpreting why shouldn’t they do the same for Khan?

So much fussing!

274. PSB2009 - December 8, 2011

Wasn’t Khan a ruler in Asia and the Middle East, with a name that evokes an Indian ancestry? The role was filled by a Mexican (Montalban), probably due to ’60’s casting mores. If it is Khan, are they following that bit of somewhat erroneous casting? Why not go with someone of the proper geographical ancestry?

275. ripleyaeryn - December 8, 2011

For Spock sake, please No Khan! Don’t wanna live the same nightmare when I saw Spock dying!

276. John from Cincinnati - December 8, 2011

The villain will be Khan. It’s ironic that all the noobs who were so for the new movie and it’s timeline are now against the same supreme court that gave it to them. The original Star Trek will always be there, this new universe is just that, another different universe. Anything can happen but this new universe was predicated off the original so it makes sense a lot of the things from the original are still there. If you want to see different character, go watch Babylon 5.

277. Thomas Jensen - December 8, 2011

Anyone with a posting that is more then two inches long should not be listened to.

278. CaptainGarth - December 8, 2011

There goes my prediction that the villain is Tybo , the talking carrot from Lost In Space.

279. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011

IMO it wouldnt matter how they aproached the new movie, some of the fans wouldnt like it. Its the nature of the beast.
To me Khan makes the most sense, he is the most well known of the Star Trek movie villains as far as the general public goes (besides Klingons). I really couldnt see these guys doing something offbeat ,like the crew exploring an unkown planet with weird vegetation and populated with elfs with no tangible antagonist, I dont think it would track well with the larger audience.
Make no mistake movies are made to track (make $$$), thats why I wouldnt be suprised if Khan has a role in the sequel. IMO :]

280. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 8, 2011

I once said that Mr.Bob Orci should have fun when he comes here … but now I think he is having too much fun here… he’s exaggerating… or not …? ………………….. OK boborci, have fun!….. you Khan!…….LOL

:-) :-)

281. Horatio - December 8, 2011

boborci et al – Khan or no Khan – just don’t F it up. K?

282. Jim - December 8, 2011

A Den of Geek writer brought up some good points as to why this should NOT have Khan in it…

I particularly agree with the notion that a Kirk VS Khan scenario would not have the gravitas needed; the characters are much too young and inexperienced to encounter a villain so advanced, so threatening. It just would not hold the weight necessary to give it that EPIC vibe… Read this and tell me you don’t agree with most of what this guy is saying…


283. NuFan - December 8, 2011

I don’t agree with most of what this guy is saying.

284. Nomad - December 8, 2011

I can see Abrams being interviewed after the release: ” Why are you all so pissed off about KHAN being in the film? We thought it was this other guy KAHN you didn’t want to see!”

285. Chris Doohan - December 8, 2011


Hw about this guy. http://www.listal.com/steven-seagal

Well, maybe a redshirt

286. AJ - December 8, 2011

Could you imagine Chris Pine’s Kirk answering the question: “Have you ever read Milton, Captain?”

287. Christopher Roberts - December 8, 2011

282. My issue with that article, is that it was Harve Bennett NOT Nicholas Meyer who went through TOS episodes looking for a villain to appear in the sequel.

I was hoping the Supreme Court would’ve done something similar and come to an entirely different conclusion than Khan.

288. Shaun - December 8, 2011

if peter weller will indeed be playing a ceo, won’t he be the film’s true villain? hmm… that sounds topical to me. since corporations are viewed as evil orgainizations today (right?), it makes sense to have this belief presented through the lens of gene roddenberry’s utopian star trek universe.

as a free-market libertarian, i’ll go see this if it’s done well. but hopefully, we will see some positive example, no matter how small, that capitalism isn’t all bad.

289. Odkin - December 8, 2011

@288 – Don’t be naive. According to the massively powerful entertainment-media-news complex, all corporations are bad!

290. Jim - December 8, 2011


“My issue with that article, is that it was Harve Bennett NOT Nicholas Meyer who went through TOS episodes looking for a villain to appear in the sequel.”

TRUE. Good point, man.

But I do have to agree with the basic sentiment the guy had regarding why they should NOT do Khan.



Chakka Khan everybody, everybody Chakka Khan…

291. INFO - December 8, 2011

For those that are concerned about the ethnicity of the person who portrays Khan, remember that Khan was a genetically engineered superhuman. He was not simply Indian. His DNA was structured from various sources that made him who he was.

292. Captain Hackett - December 8, 2011


Edgar Ramirez is a great choice and so are Naveen Andrews and Jordi Molla.

I hope JJ, Damon, Alex and Bob will make a right decision to choose one of those fine actors.

293. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011


Read my posts again, I never once said casting Khan with a Latino is stupid. You really weren’t paying any attention, were you?

Also, Zoe Saldana IS of African descent, she was just born in the Dominican Republic, which, like Haiti and Jamaica, is populated with large numbers of black people descended from slaves brought over by the white settlers a few centuries ago.

294. sean - December 8, 2011

Here’s the bottom line on casting a Latino actor as Khan – the character was quite obviously conceived as a person of South Asian ancestry. Marla specifically refers to him being from India, and the name quite bluntly spells it out. Also, being genetically engineered doesn’t mean his ethnicity changed, that’s not really how genetic engineering works. The reality is that as far as 60s Hollywood was concerned, people of color were interchangeable. So it didn’t matter that Ricardo Montalban was Latino, he had brown skin, and in the eyes of the casting people at the time, that was close enough.

We can’t change that. It’s in the past, and contrary to the rules of the universe established in Star Trek, we can’t go back and fix it. However, it is no longer 1967, it is 2011. We know better. There’s simply no excuse for casting a Latino actor in an Asian part in the modern landscape.

I do see a difference here between this casting and having John Cho play Sulu. Sulu’s ancestry is never referenced in 79 episodes and 6 movies (he didn’t even get a first name until Star Trek VI). Takei has been telling the ‘Sulu represented all of Asia’ story since before John Cho was even cast, so I can accept that. Additionally, Sulu is a 23rd century character. He really could have such a mixed ancestry. Khan is a 20th century character, however, so the same reasoning just doesn’t hold water.

295. captain_neill - December 8, 2011


I want to get back to Trek but I want something original at the same time.

296. Carlos Teran - December 8, 2011

Honestly… why are they thinking?… please. :/

297. Decker - December 8, 2011

The villain will be… Zorro.

Or Puss in Boots?

298. Decker - December 8, 2011

Keith David as Captain Terrell.

299. jas_montreal - December 8, 2011

Captain Terrell got pwn3d in Wrath of Khan.

300. Vultan - December 8, 2011


Getting “back to Trek” is pretty simple, if you think about it. Look at the word “Trek.” It means to journey, to venture, to go out into the unknown. Or to put it more eloquently:

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Notice how they wrote NEW life and NEW civilizations.

Khan’s story was told. The Klingons have had more than their fifteen minutes of fame. I suppose if you want great box office, they can always dust off the whale probe. I wonder if Ramirez can do a decent squawking noise….

301. Kirk, James T. - December 8, 2011

Even if the big bad does indeed turn out to be Khan, I doubt it’ll be the Khan we know from the other universe.

The one thing that does concern me though is the lack of “big names” in the cast. Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg (to a lesser extent) are probably the ones that people recognise from their work since Star Trek (2009) but I still feel the cast (so far) lacks the umph of a major Hollywood name that’ll get the audiences interested.

Looking forward to it but I hope to hear of some big names being linked to it.

302. AJ - December 8, 2011

Ultimately, the fanboy explanation of the ethnicity issue is such that, if Khan in TOS/TWOK was played by a Latino, and the Botany Bay was launched before the timeline divergence caused by Nero, his appearance, mannerisms, and linguistic style all must be as close to the original’s (Montalban) as possible.

I never once blinked at the thought that a Sikh was being portrayed by a Latino actor during either performance, but if I am required to see Khan again, I want as near a facsimile as I can get.

303. Vultan - December 8, 2011


You’re in luck then. Since 2009, Abrams has been secretly growing a genetically superior Indian Sikh superman in his basement. Sure the growth hormones are working, but it’s taking him soooo long to learn his lines.

304. Alex Rosenzweig - December 8, 2011

“Many have said (myself included) “There is only one Captain Kirk, etc.” JJ + team proved us all wrong.”

Actually, “New Voyages”/”Phase II” did it first.

And they didn’t have to resort to a reboot ( = fail) to do it. ;)

305. Christopher Roberts - December 8, 2011

Working on the inescapable assumption – all these actors are being considered for Khan, could somebody explain to me HOW?

The universe in which these new films are set, shares the same past before Kirk was born, pre-Nero, as that mentioned in TOS (and others) does it not?

Now writers can try to keep it vague when Augments left Earth and when the Eugenics War happened – avoiding talk of a 1990s different from our own – Enterprise did it fine, BUT surely doing Khan presents a problem. Especially if you’re going to explore him as a character, with motivations and history records that the crew will look up.

It’s all very contradictory. The actors being considered, seem to lean toward making him the same person as Montalban’s version was in “Space Seed”… even down to the ethnicity of the recasting.

Boy, how I wish they were reinventing Mark Lenard’s Romulan Commander* (and explaining how Sarek looks like him) OR Kor, Kang, Koloth OR even the totally unexplored Colonel Green instead.

*Surely “Balance of Terror” is more iconic episode to reinvent, expand upon and give an entirely new spin-on. Or even “The Doomsday Machine”. Anything but “Space Seed”, which is only remembered in my view because The Wrath of Khan plucked it from obscurity?

306. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011


Sulu is Japanese. Gene Roddenberry said so. He wanted a Japanese character aboard the Enterprise as a way of showing how “today’s enemies can become tomorrow’s friends”. Roddenberry served in WW2, when the Japanese were the enemy.

John Cho, who is the new Sulu, is of Korean descent. Totally different from being Japanese, but I don’t hear anybody complain about that. In fact, a lot of people will think Asians are interchangeable, which in fact is extremely ignorant as there are many differences between different Asians. Japanese and Koreans are two totally different peoples. Two different races, even if they might share some similar facial features.

It is illogical to defend the casting of a Korean American to play a Japanese character, then to turn around and suggest that a Latino playing an Indian is heresy.


307. Factchecker - December 8, 2011

Orci and team are probably relishing the fact that Trekkies everywhere are feverishly obsessing over KHAN – like Bones McCoy and his talking white rabbit – and as they sit back and enjoy their Cuban cigars, they quietly celebrate the fact that nobody is talking about Latino KLINGONS.

308. Vultan - December 8, 2011


Well put.

309. Factchecker - December 8, 2011

If it turns out to actually be Khan….then the filmmakers should take heed, and beware THE WRATH OF COMIC-CON.

310. Vektor - December 8, 2011

Peter Weller as Gary Seven. Alice Eve as Roberta Lincoln.

What’s the connection with Khan? Bob Orci is a well-known fan of Trek literature. Read “The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh” Parts I and II by Greg Cox.

311. Factchecker - December 8, 2011

310 – I like that idea actually.

312. Captain Scokirk - December 8, 2011

I dont think the point of the reboot was to “take the franchise in new directions”…..necesarily. I think it was mainly a way of sort of ditching the burdens of canon. Tying it via the whole “Prime” universe was a bone for the fans and probably a device to get Nimoy on board. So they are probably going the way of Batman Begins/Dark Knight Returns/James Bond and “reimagining” Star Trek without having to be overly beholden to the original. Like how comic books have multiple universes and reboots but yet still maintain the main characters. So Khan in this view can be a legitimate and perfectly entertaining element, but rather than look at this as a remake of the Wrath of Khan- it would really be more of a remake of Space Seed.

313. Leo - December 8, 2011


If Khan is the villain and since this is a reboot then you guys don’t have to follow having an actor of Latin ethnicity. What about Alfred Molina? The guy is talented and can play a cool villain and again since this is an alternate timeline, why not? Good Luck with casting!

314. Temegen - December 8, 2011

Ricardo Montalban as a sikh makes perfect sense in a world where John Wayne has played Genghis Khan, if anything it is an improvement.

315. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011

Well, the sequel might only be a partial remake of “Space Seed”. Sure, the circumstances that resulted in Khan and his henchmen being sent into suspended animation on the Botany Bay would be consistent with what we know from the prime universe, but would Kirk and the Enterprise still be the ones to discover the Botany Bay floating through space? And how would the crew deal with Khan this time? Do they become allies to deal with a bigger threat? Do the Klingons figure prominintly in this one? And if so, how? And does this all involve more of Starfleet this time instead of just the Enterprise?

Lots of places where this could all go.

316. 76 Cordoba - December 8, 2011

Always thought Khan was suposed to be a composite of supermen- sort of like Serpentor from the old GI Joe cartoon. Afterall don’t Sikh have to grow beards?

317. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011



318. SciFiJunky - December 8, 2011

I really don’t want Khan Noonien Singh making an appearance in the new film. I just don’t think they could improve on the original story. If you can’t improve on something, it shouldn’t be redone.

If there is anything that can be improved upon, it is the Klingons. They were never done well in the movies (although, Christopher Lloyd was surprisingly good in ST:III). I want a return to the original style of Klingon. Updating their uniforms is OK as long as they are as similar to the originals as the gold/blue/red Starfleet uniforms were in the last movie. I want the Klingons golden-skinned and smooth foreheaded with the Genghis KHAAAAAAAAN! mustache and beard!

319. Vektor - December 8, 2011

Regarding the ethnicity of the actors being considered for the role of Khan (presumably), it seems perfectly clear to me that they would want to evoke similarities to Ricardo Montelban moreso than maintain the ethnic purity of the character. If ethnicity were the only thing that mattered then why did they even bother to re-cast most of the original crew with actors that physically resembled their predecessors?

Personally I would much rather have someone who reminds me of the Khan I remember than someone who is actually of Indian descent but bears little resemblance to him otherwise.

320. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotian, Thai are Asian. Khan was supposed to be Punjabi Indian – another race again. Ricardo Montalban (along with the actors they are considering now) are of Latino descent, which I thought belonged to the European race, not Indian.

With Gene Roddenberry being dead, the only person we can rely on when it comes to the casting of Sulu, is the person who played the original Sulu, George Takei. It has obviously been Takei’s impression that Sulu represented Asians. I do not believe that Sulu is even a Japanese name…

Actually George Takei is more *American* that John Cho, since Cho was born in South Korea.

321. SciFiJunky - December 8, 2011

# 288 & #289: Want to know what the top 2 worst corporations are?

2. Hollywood

1. The media-news complex

Both are full of the top 1% who side with those crying for the destruction of capitalism and the upper class while holding on to their piles and piles of cash rather than sharing it like they want everyone else to. Hypocrites.

322. Craiger - December 8, 2011

I got the perfect people to star in the sequel.


323. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011

I wouldn’t really believe everything that comes out of George Takei’s mouth. He has a big ego, and has shown a willingness to “bend” the truth a little, if it means more attention for him. Like whenever he slams William Shatner.

324. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

#236 – “As AJ points out in #121, it’s NOT what we think, it’s what the mainstream media think” Yes, it is also about what *we* think.

BTW, I have been the one saying from the start that all this rumour mongering about Khan being in the next movie is Star Trek fans getting in a frenzy (positive and negative) about the possibility of Khan returning and the paparazzi media picking up on it and further fueling the controversy.

325. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

#323 Yes, maybe, but not necessarily in all matters…

326. Vektor - December 8, 2011

Sulu was actually named for the Sulu Sea, which is in the southwestern area of the Phillipines. I believe Roddenberry was on record as stating that he chose the name as a very generic representation of Asia and its culture. The character of Sulu was actually born in San Francisco.

Regardless of all that, I have to say it never occurred to me that Ricardo Montelbahn was OBVIOUSLY not of Indian descent and therefore unqualified to play the role. I put the whole issue in the same category with Hollywood’s portrayal of virtually everyone who lived prior to the 19th century, regardless of where, speaking with a vaguely British accent. It’s just not a big deal to me.

327. boborci - December 8, 2011

321 — you talking about me?

328. Jim - December 8, 2011

I’m going to add one more thing. I’d like to get this off my chest.

I think the new film should center on — oh, I don’t know… maybe SEEKING OUT NEW WORLDS AND NEW CIVILIZATIONS AND GOING BOLDLY… ETC…

“Seeking out” another Khan scenario IMO is very lazy on the part of the writing/production team. I wouldn’t doubt that Paramount execs did a focus group study and determined that “this Khan character” resonates well with audiences and therefore the command was given to “do up” another Khan film. Ughhhhhh

To try to match, much less improve upon something as well done and as highly regarded as STII: TWOK??? Hahahaha!!! It’s like going to a gun fight with a knife. Good luck.

329. khwja - December 8, 2011

#75 BobOrci

Although you’re pulling our leg, I’ve seen a lot of Shah Rukh Khan and his finest performance was as a truly terrifying psycho who is obsessed in ‘Darr’ in 1994. He’s probably the only actor in India who really can act, and he’d actually make a brilliant villain. You can check that film out on Youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOlTZBop4No&feature=related (from another early 90’s film; wait till the end of clip)

But I’m sure you were just joking.

330. La Reyne d'Epee - December 8, 2011

I Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t take it any more…..

(actually if it is Khan, could you maybe work in a Bollywood number, pls, thx)

331. P Technobabble - December 8, 2011

Raise your hands… how many of you have seen the Star Trek sequel??

332. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 8, 2011

#293 Red Dead Ryan

Not that it matters, but she’s mixed race, and a good part of that mixing is from African blood more or less, kind of like Creole people. It gets tricky because I’ve heard some people call Latino/a a race, and some say it’s an ethnicity and the race doesn’t exist.

I have a Columbian friend that got upset when I called someone Mexican Latino because they weren’t from Latin America. He said that only people from Latin America are Latinos and people from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. are not. I know a Spaniard that got upset because he was called Latino because he speaks spanish, and he says he’s European and therefore White. There are Black American people that say Zoe’s not Black, only dark Latina, and some that call her Black Latina, so I don’t know… I wonder what she calls herself. Again, not that it matters. It’s just that these things can get so tricky.

So, I just try to call people what they want to be called and check first before assuming so as not to offend anyone now.

I’m just glad that we have a good crew for the Enterprise in the next movie, regardless of where they come from or what they’re called.

333. Factchecker - December 8, 2011

Pine should wear the 80s Shatner toupee….

The Toupee was at its peak in The Voyage Home.

334. Christopher Roberts - December 8, 2011

^ The Human Adventure is just beginning… and once we’re out there, the definition of human won’t be as narrow either.

335. Factchecker - December 8, 2011

The villain is NOT KHAN.


336. Christopher Roberts - December 8, 2011

334. in response to 332.

337. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 8, 2011

@#336 – Christopher Roberts

Very true. :-)

338. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 8, 2011

Hey Bob Orci. Get BND. Del Trame in the Movie. You can do what ever you want.

339. Mikey1091 - December 8, 2011

I honestly don’t know what everyone is complaining about. IT IS A NEW TIMELINE! What, pray tell, does that mean? It means that NOTHING will happen the way things did in the original timeline! I honestly have no issue with a new take on Khan. I say go for it, I’m there! JJ and his team did a great job with the first one, they’ll do an even better job this time, so stop worrying about: OMG TREK IS SCREWED!” It’s not, trust me! It’s been around 40+ years, I don’t think JJ and team are gonna want to screw that up, and they wont!

340. Phil - December 8, 2011

@331. Well, if they are remaking Trek 2, then yes, I’ve seen Trek 12, then.

341. Hijo de Rick - December 8, 2011

Tio y cuantos millones le deja la pelicula? cuanto tiempo piensa estar con la franquicia de ST?
Va a ser una pelicula de calidad? etc, etc

342. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

Well, I posted a small segment of a story outline I had written, where the crew of the Enterprise did actually encounter a whole new planet and lifeforms (so far as I am aware of) and I was told by a poster or two here to shut the “f” up and at one point to “get the f*ck of this board”. I guess people aren’t ready to discover anything that might be considered new, different, not what they are used to…

Instead, we get the “Khan – will he? won’t he?” debate. Yeah, I guess it will be Star Trek “going where everyone has been before”, because that is what I actually think that most people have voted for.

(Excuse my sour grapes. I am hoping that at least someone might understand why).

343. AJ - December 8, 2011

Central and South America have their share of indigenous populations, more akin to Native American types, with darker skintones and hair. The Spanish and Portuguese spoken come from the obvious European colonizations centuries ago. Both languages are Romance languages, based on Latin (English is not), hence “Latin America.”

In that same vein, Francophone Canada (known as Quebec) also speaks a Latin-based language, French. So, they are also ‘Latin’ Americans by strict definition, but are not referred to as such.

People from Spain (Castilian/Catalan/Basque), France, Portugal, Andorra, Romania/Moldova, Italy and parts of Switzerland (French, Italian) all speak languages based on Latin, but they are not referred to as “Latin” countries.

Here endeth the lesson…..

344. Hat Rick - December 8, 2011

321, blastoff! I mean, 321 (SciFiJunky), given the choice between a rapacious Wall Street that takes without giving, and an allegedly rapacious entertainment industry that at least gives you a few moments of joy once in a while, I know which of the two is slightly better. And it ain’t that street that runs the gamut of financial evildoers in the city whose name is synonymous with a giant fruit, said fruit being an apple, whose core is indeed in my view, quite suspect.

In H’wood, beneath the tinsel is no more than yet more tinsel. Illusion. On Wall Street, dear reader, beneath the appearance of evil is reality — the actuality of evil, since judging from what is produced (nothing), what is taken is taken for exactly nothing.

People bag on Hollywood as though Hollywood is the reason for all the world’s problems. But it ain’t. Without the urging of monied interests, Hollywood would be just the long-forgotten name of a suburban development in Los Angeles.

Now, as always, to discern the origins of good and evil, you need only do one thing: Follow the money. The real money. And follow it to its core.

345. CaptainGarth - December 8, 2011

I just finished watching “Carlos”. The movie was OK and Mr.Ramirez was adequate in a role not too much unlike Khan If the villain is indeed Khan , which seems very likely at this point , do I think based on this performance that Mr.Ramirez would come anywhere close to Ricardo Montalban? No.

346. boborci - December 8, 2011

341. No se cuanto tiempo estare en Trek. Si, va ser una pelicula de calidad.

347. boborci - December 8, 2011

344 yup

348. Hat Rick - December 8, 2011

Sometimes good films do in fact make money, lo and behold, Lord willing and the crick don’t rise.

349. Andy Patterson - December 8, 2011

310. Vektor – December 8, 2011

“Peter Weller as Gary Seven. Alice Eve as Roberta Lincoln.

What’s the connection with Khan? Bob Orci is a well-known fan of Trek literature. Read “The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh” Parts I and II by Greg Cox.”

That’s what I said. Just have them use my music and pay me for it.

350. SciFiJunky - December 8, 2011

#327 – boborci

I have actually never heard a peep about your politics, so you are exempt at this point!!!!

And you are a writer; which my limited understanding of how the entertainment industry works says is like being a drummer in a rock band. You do all the hard work and get no respect for it.

351. Shaun - December 8, 2011


it’s going to be an “evil” corporation, am i right? it’s topical, like old school trek.

352. Aurore - December 8, 2011

“I wonder what she calls herself.”

The lady in her own words:

“Yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman.”) [They go,] “Oh, no, tú eres trigueñita.” (“Oh no, you are ‘dark skinned'”) I’m like, “No! Let’s get it straight, yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman.”)


353. P Technobabble - December 8, 2011

PS: RIP Mr. Lennon

354. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 8, 2011


And to take it a step further, I knew 2 Brazilian twins growing up, and they never referred to themselves as Latina at all. Both sisters just said that their origin was from Brazil.

I wonder, do you have any ideas as to why Quebec and those other European countries are not referred to as Latin? I’ve asked different people that call themselves Latin/Latino what Latin/o means, and it’s different to different people, much like anything else is I guess.

355. Vultan - December 8, 2011


That would be a good point… except many of the same evil-doers—the mega corporations—that wheel and deal on Wall Street are also heavily involved in financing those wonderful studios in Hollywood where dreams and sunshine and happiness come leaping off the silver screen to enchant the hungry, unfortunate masses.

The only difference between the two is that Wall Street doesn’t really cover up their motives—they’re there to make profit, nothing more, and sometimes—many times, in fact—at the expense of human decency. Hollywood on the other hand is smarter going about their profit making, covering it up with this beautiful golden statue emblematic in the quest for art and truth and beauty, blah, blah, blah…. “How much was the weekend take?”

356. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 8, 2011

@#352 – Aurore

Thank you for posting the link and the quotes. :-)

357. Geodesic - December 8, 2011


If Sybok survived the destruction of Vulcan, there is some potential for a good emotional, Vulcan revenge story or something.

358. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

What corporations are heavily involved in financing Hollywood studios, other than various banks? But then, a bank’s mission statement is to take care of people’s money (for a price), to lend money, provide interest on people’s savings and to invest savings in order to get a greater return. That has been the problem with the banks in that some got greedy and invested unwisely in high risk, high return ventures, except that some of these risky ventures fell through, leaving the banks and their customers (small and large) out of pocket…at least that is my basic understanding of events.

Greed, Hatred and Delusion…mix two or more these together and you are ultimately screwed. Thing is that people are doing it all the time, but often see their motivations through very tinted, thick rimmed glass lenses.

359. tom vinelli - December 8, 2011

Why in the world after so many years of Star trek would anybody want Khan for the next movie. I just don’t get it . It will suck to spend all that money on a rehash of something that was already done and done well. Paramount would be just plain stupid to go along with a Star trek with Khan!!

360. Aurore - December 8, 2011

“Thank you for posting the link and the quotes. :-)”

Es un placer.


361. Vultan - December 8, 2011



Conglomerates own most, if not all, the movie studios. Even in old Hollywood, the money men from Wall Street were involved in various ways. Magic doesn’t come cheap.

362. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 8, 2011

Mr. Lindelof is having fun, too…on his twitter …. ……we deserve it!……LOL

@DamonLindelofDamon Lindelof

For those of you clamoring for TREK, here’s something to tide you over.


:-) :-)

363. Jesse - December 8, 2011


364. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 8, 2011

How Khan they do this????


I hope that Bob Orci is sitting in front of our computer laughing at our frustration, saying to himself, “Ha ha, I can’t believe they think we’re going to bring Khan back in.”

Hoping. Just hoping.

365. Odkin - December 8, 2011

I don’t hold boborci exempt at all fron this debate about Hollywood vs Capitalism.

Hollywood since the 1960’s has done more to splinter, degrade and poison America than every other industry.

You can always find egregious behaviors by individuals in a population. Take corporations as a whole, and you will find people who just want to provide goods and services at a profit.

Take the Hollywood creative community as a whole, and you will find a tiny Union elite, fighing to keep outsiders out of their club, struggling to maintain complete control of the cultural narrative. People who DESPISE capitalism but revel in their entitlement to riches being the dreams of working people. Sometimes they feel guilty about it and lecture us about how corrupt and unfair society is.

Hollywood deserves the respect that used to be awarded to circus clowns, organ grinders, and burlesque strippers, all of whom knew their place at the BOTTOM of respectability, not the top.

366. Factchecker - December 8, 2011

364, You make a good point. See also #307

367. captain_neill - December 8, 2011

To quote Picard from Insurrection “Does anyone remember when we use to be explorers?’

368. dmduncan - December 8, 2011

365: “You can always find egregious behaviors by individuals in a population. Take corporations as a whole, and you will find people who just want to provide goods and services at a profit.”

The corporation IS a population, a population of people obedient to something called company policy which is the individual excuse that makes sociopathic corporate behavior possible. A bad corporation isn’t usually called bad because of a few bad individuals — it is called bad because it has many normally good individuals who are executing a bad company policy in their function as company drones.

369. dmduncan - December 8, 2011

THIS is what corporation really is:


370. Punkspocker - December 8, 2011

I’m really hoping the writers have enough ego to want to WRITE a great story and not rehash old stories. No way it’s gonna be khan, no way!

371. boborci - December 8, 2011

365 happy to answer any specific charges

372. boborci - December 8, 2011

364. I would never laugh at anyone’s frustration.

373. The Unknown Poster - December 8, 2011

I like how the vocal minority on a website for hardcore trekkies assume that their desires represent what the “majority” want.

The wider audience will absolutely be into Khan. No doubt. And the majority of Trekkies will be too.

Many of us feel a sense of emotional investment with the franchise but we have to take off our “what I would do if I was in charge” hat and realise these guys aren’t making a Star Trek movie for each of us as individuals.

There a million potential stories to tell. I dont see using Khan as “going back” or a retread. By that same arguement, let’s get rid of Kirk and Spock and go with a new crew on a new ship. Let’s not even call it Star Trek.

Come on… Khan is a part of the fabric of Star Trek. I for one am incredibly excited about a new spin on the character and how the “new” timeline impacts his future history.

374. NuFan - December 8, 2011

I can’t believe how selfish the old-timey fans are.

My Star Trek!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

375. John from Cincinnati - December 8, 2011

ramirez and Molla are more menacing to me than Del Toro. This could end up working well!!!

376. John from Cincinnati - December 8, 2011

I think if there is something that can be improved upon by retelling Space Seed would be showing the backstory of the Eugenics wars and Khan’s time on Earth. I’ve always wanted to see that!

377. John from Cincinnati - December 8, 2011

“I was a prince…with power over millions!” – Khan Noonien Singh

378. VulcanFilmCritic - December 8, 2011

As for “hardcore Trekkies” not making a difference to the bottom line of this picture, I saw “Star Trek” eight times in the theater. Repeat viewings are VERY important to the box office of a film franchise like this.
And unless it’s a blockbuster and/or gets great reviews, the general public is likely to be rather apathetic towards yet another re-incarnation of Star Trek.
The fans still matter.

379. UMA Fan - December 8, 2011

Bob Orci and co if you are reading this: can you please please please consider an indian actor for Khan? There are some talented and distinguished ones in Bollywood. Khan IS an Indian character after all. Shah rukh Khan, Amitabh Baachan….

380. Lore-ie - December 8, 2011

Who cares, really. The fact that ST is alive and well after almost 50 years is amazing. Khan or no Khan, Star Trek lives far beyond anything ever in entertainment. Enjoy the ride and shut up. We are so lucky to even have these discussions so long after it premiered almost 50 years ago. Get over trying to dictate its direction already. We are so lucky to have it still vital in the 21st century!

381. Craiger - December 8, 2011

They needed to open up Trek to the general audience. I think the general audience preceives Trek as too nerdy and intellectual to warrant any viewing of it because they find that boring. One reason I don’t understand is why TNG was a hit more than TOS because it alot of technobable in it. I couldn’t even understand that technobable. Even though I liked TNG. Abrams I think said in an interview that Trek didn’t have enough action in it and the crew just spent alot of time discussing what to do and not doing it.

382. SciFiJunky - December 8, 2011

#344 Hat Rick. I don’t disagree with you about the corruption on Wall Street, but #355 (Vultan) and #365 (Odkin) make extremely valid points. It is my experience after living on this Earth for almost 42 years that greed is the cornerstone of human evolution. If there were only two human beings left in existence on the planet, one would invariably (quite literally and figuratively) try to screw the other one. It is sad, but true. I try to live my life differently; having chosen to leave a well paying IT job to pursue a career in selfless service to others that comes with a very low pay grade. I am definitely one of the 99.559% in the United States. The thing is, that makes me one of the 1% from a global perspective. For that I am grateful for this country and the principles on which it was founded and built.

383. MJ - December 8, 2011

@358 “What corporations are heavily involved in financing Hollywood studios, other than various banks? But then, a bank’s mission statement is to take care of people’s money (for a price), to lend money, provide interest on people’s savings and to invest savings in order to get a greater return. That has been the problem with the banks in that some got greedy and invested unwisely in high risk, high return ventures, except that some of these risky ventures fell through, leaving the banks and their customers (small and large) out of pocket…at least that is my basic understanding of events.Greed, Hatred and Delusion…mix two or more these together and you are ultimately screwed. Thing is that people are doing it all the time, but often see their motivations through very tinted, thick rimmed glass lenses.”

Got, it must suck to be you! What a singular depressing and unforgiving outlook on life.

384. cugel the clever - December 8, 2011

The last two movies (with Shinzon and Nero), although very different in quality, both focused on mentally disturbed egomaniacal villians relentlessly obsessed with destroying the UFP. Please let’s not have three movies in a row featuring an egomaniacal, derranged, obsessed villian. Surely there are more complex and interesting storylines that don’t have to rely on a simplistic good guys versus bad guys story. Consider “Balance of Terror”, “The Visitor”, “City on the Edge of Forever”, “Trouble With Tribbles”, “In The Pale Moonlight”, “The Inner Light”, “Mirror, Mirror”…… all great stories.

Please. Let Khan rest in peace.

385. Pensive's Wetness - December 8, 2011

what about Mudd?

386. MJ - December 8, 2011

@365 “You can always find egregious behaviors by individuals in a population. Take corporations as a whole, and you will find people who just want to provide goods and services at a profit. Take the Hollywood creative community as a whole, and you will find a tiny Union elite, fighing to keep outsiders out of their club, struggling to maintain complete control of the cultural narrative. People who DESPISE capitalism but revel in their entitlement to riches being the dreams of working people. Sometimes they feel guilty about it and lecture us about how corrupt and unfair society is.”

Agreed. Corporations, unions, experiments in social collectivity — all of these can be either good or bad based on the integrity of their leadership in the regulatory/enforcement environment they function in. There is nothing inherently bad or goo about any of these entities. It is always about the people in charge — always has been, always will be, and to to debate that would be absurd.

387. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

#383 Perhaps I need to explain myself better. Being greedy, hateful and delusional is part of the human condition, but so is being generous, loving and clear minded also part of the human condition.

The fact that a lot of people continue to do awful things to one another and to the planet demonstrates the power of greed, hatred and delusion. However, there are also demonstrations of the opposite – generosity, loving kindness and clear headed thinking.

It is a matter of not letting too much of the negative take over, because, ultimately, that is what screws things up.

We are all prone to wander around wearing tinted, thick rimmed glass lenses. It takes self-awareness to realise this and courage to take them off and step to see what might be really going on, whether personally or on a more collective basis. At this point we need to consider what can be changed, what can’t be changed and having the wisdom to know the difference.

I am not saying anything new or original here, just attempting to say it in my own words.

388. Craiger - December 8, 2011

Since when did this thread turn into talking about those so called evil corporations? I guess are people in this thread saying that Paramount is an evil corporation and isn’t allowed to make money off of Star Trek?

389. Khan was Framed! - December 8, 2011

And if this guy craps out on the role…who’s next?

Wilmer Valderama, please stand by….you may be Khan.

390. MJ - December 8, 2011

@387. OK, I get that.

391. MJ - December 8, 2011

@388. Well, there are several people who have continually posted here for years about evil corporations, so it is a recurring theme. I use to let it get to me, but realized that trying to educate them otherwise was a pointless endeavor.

392. Trek Lady - December 8, 2011

Well, personally I will be disappointed if they go the Khan route. I mean – they have a whole universe to explore! Literally! Why rehash something that has already been done…and done very well, at that. There is so much potential to try something new! It just seems like an unwillingness to take a risk and stretch their creativity – choosing rather to go with something that already has a proven track record. I suppose it makes good “business” sense, and that is what drives Hollywood these days.

If they do Khan, they may well it in a way that is engaging and exciting – but there are so many stories that have NOT been told. I really wanted to see something new – a new adventure. Thousands of potential planets and cultures to explore… why Khan?

393. Craiger - December 8, 2011

They are retelling TOS episodes in the new comic book series. I wonder if that should tell you how the sequels are going to do? Maybe Paramount came to the decision to redo TOS on the big screen because they thought it would be cheaper than rebooting Trek on TV?

394. saavik001 - December 8, 2011

#365 You rock… EXACTLY. That group of people should not be held in high regard. Hypocritics…

395. MJ - December 8, 2011

@394. Not only that, Orci is an great example of today’s capitalism and American ideals — born in Mexico, moves to Canda and U.S. for eduction and jobs, and makes it big in Hollywood, marries American girl, and now bitches about the gov’t, U.S. corportations, political conspiracies, etc. etc.

Seriously, that is why this country is so great! We not only tolerate dissent, we import it, we fiance it, and we relish it.

396. MJ - December 8, 2011

“fiance it” was not a Freudian slip…meant to say “finance it” :-)

397. Vultan - December 8, 2011


“we relish it.”

Like a hotdog!


398. Vultan - December 8, 2011

Oh, for that joke I think I deserve one of these:


399. T'Cal - December 8, 2011

I miss TNG…

400. Gary Neumann - December 8, 2011



Gary Neumann

401. boborci - December 8, 2011

395 “… and now bitches about the gov’t, U.S. corportations, political conspiracies, etc. etc.”

yeah, you know, like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and a few other guys you mighta’ heard of.

402. boborci - December 8, 2011

and JFK.

403. boborci - December 8, 2011

here you go — JFK bitching about secret societies and political conspiracies.


404. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011

Bob, I went to the Barber today. He told me they just activated FEMA camps around the nation (possibly in the past few days).
Have you read anything about this yet?

405. Craiger - December 8, 2011

#404, The Aliens, are coming!!!, the Aliens are coming!!!

406. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 8, 2011

Just thought of something if its Khan, Edgar Ramirez is about 13 years younger than Khans age in space seed. unless they are going to retcon the TOS backstory of Khan, he was in his 40s when he placed himself in suspended animation on the bottany bay

407. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011

Anybody who considers Hollywood to be run by evil dictators really need to find something else to do. I mean, for f#ck sakes, “Star Trek” is 100% Hollywood. The vast majority of movies are funded and made by Hollywood. Same goes for television shows. If you hate Hollywood, stop being a hypocrite and do something else instead of paying for movies and shows.

I don’t know about most other studios, but the Walt Disney Company actually has its own charity foundations, including one for preserving wildlife around the world. A lot of actors/producers/directors do charity work as well. So I think that there is a lot more good being done by Hollywood than in any other sector, including government and Wall Street.

I think that Hollywood, and the people who work there, do a lot more good things for the world than it gets credit for. It goes beyond simply entertainment. Because more and more of the big name actors and actresses have realized how privilaged they are that they can do something they love and get paid a lot of money for it when most of the rest of us struggle everyday doing things we hate for little money.

408. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011

Coming??? Their already here! :]

409. VZX - December 8, 2011

Well, according to Fox News, Hollywood is run by a bunch of liberal extremists who even try to force anti-capitialist ideals towards our children via movies like The Muppets.

410. Craiger - December 8, 2011

Or they are preparing for Dec. 21st 2012? :)

411. Craiger - December 8, 2011

#409 Hollywood is mostly liberal.

412. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011


How can you call yourself a Trek fan if you hate Hollywood that much? Star Trek is a Hollywood product.

You’re a hypocrite, and your political rants wore thin a long time ago!

413. Craiger - December 8, 2011

I wish Hollywood would be more fair and balanced.

414. Craiger - December 8, 2011

#412 Paramount is also a corporation. Would Trek some Trek fans consider them evil? They make great movies for the masses to enjoy.

415. boborci - December 8, 2011

404. I have heard that. Yikes!

416. SciFiJunky - December 8, 2011

#403 (boborci): Goes with what I said in my last post. Since there have been at least two free thinking humans on this planet one has schemed against the other. Sad, but true.

However, just as #387 (Keachick) said, “there are also demonstrations of the opposite – generosity, loving kindness and clear headed thinking.” I always try to keep my actions well within the realm of this camp.

417. AJ - December 8, 2011

FOX News just realizes that the Hollywood establishment doesn’t watch FOX News.

I prefer to look at real-life Hollywood as an endless interactive episode of ‘Entourage.’

Compare that to Newt Gingrich. I’ll take my fantasy Hollywood.

418. boborci - December 8, 2011


nytimes is not exactly a fringe paper, right?

419. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

And here I thought Hollywood was the bastion of capitalism and this just comes from the stuff I have read here. Go figure. So confusing, I tell ya.

Liberal? Conservative? Hollywood has been called both, with vehemence. Once again, so confusing, I tell ya.

420. Vultan - December 8, 2011

Oh boy, here we go again.
From Khan to CONspiracies in 400 posts.

421. Vultan - December 8, 2011


Well, it’s both in a way. Liberal with its politics, conservative with business decisions, i.e. going with the safe bet of remakes, brand recognition, etc.

422. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

Is this what you are talking about in reference to Fema?


423. dmduncan - December 8, 2011

McGeorge Bundy didn’t have anything against secret societies. Neither did Averell Harriman.

But check out something I find interesting. Watch this video and makes sure you watch it full screen or as large as you can so that you can see GHW Bush’s face very clearly. Happens at around the :17 sec mark.


Why does he chuckle at the mention of a lone gunman? I would be laughing at the conspiracy theory part he mentions next, if — IF — that’s what I thought was bogus. I wouldn’t chuckle at the part I thought was TRUE. I would chuckle at the part I thought was FALSE which other people thought was true.

Understand? Am I making myself clear? I would chuckle at the lone gunman mention IF I thought it was bogus and other people thought it was true.

That chuckle is also an involuntary reaction. So whatever it is, it’s an honest response to some private knowledge which causes it.

424. sean - December 8, 2011

Here’s a conspiracy that’s not a theory: the National Defense Authorization Act just passed the senate this week, and it’s an incredibly ugly piece of business. It has provisions overturning the ban on torture, and would allow American citizens to be detained without trial or access to legal counsel. Believe it or not, only 7 senators had the guts to say no to this. Who needs conspiracy theories when your elected representatives are actively taking away your rights in full public view?

425. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise I-XI - December 8, 2011

@408. Hugh Hoyland

“Coming??? Their already here! :]”

Thought of this song when I read that:


426. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011

423 dmduncan

Damn, does that guy remind me of Emperor Palpatine!

427. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011

422 Keachick

I dont know if thats it or not, but I got the impression it was of a much more extensive nature. Like a big drill or God knows what else.

428. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011


Lol, cool!

429. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011


That’s why people need to do their homework and pay attention to politicians’ actions and behaviours BEFORE they go out and vote in an election.

But the problem is, most voters vote for the same politicians/political parties out of blind loyalty, distrust of other parties/politicians, or just don’t put much thought behind their decisions. Instead of just staying home.

Up here in Canada, I’ve never voted in my life because I can’t stand politicians. Every time, there’s one party that screws everything up, or is involved in scandals and conflicts of interest, while the other parties are too incompetent to actually stand up and hold the ruling party accountable.

The thing is, whenever one votes for a political party, they are ENDORSING said party’s agendas, whatever they might be. This whole nonsense regarding “a vote for one party is really a vote against the other” is pure crap, and is just an excuse made up by voters to avoid taking responsibility for their decision.

430. Cygnus-X1 - December 8, 2011

403. boborci – December 8, 2011

Those were great words from JFK advising the press to help in “scrutinizing” and “informing the public” about the President and his administration. I can only imagine JFK figuring that, by showing respect to the press, they would return the favor and not “scrutinize” or “inform the public” about his extra-marital activities. It certainly was a different time.

431. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011


Yep, and it just keeps going on and on. They wont be happy until they have a full fledged police state going. What a shame.

432. MJ - December 8, 2011

@ ” yeah, you know, like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and a few other guys you mighta’ heard of.”

I agree completely! Your living their dream, Bob!

433. MJ - December 8, 2011

@419 “And here I thought Hollywood was the bastion of capitalism and this just comes from the stuff I have read here. Go figure. So confusing, I tell ya. Liberal? Conservative? Hollywood has been called both, with vehemence. Once again, so confusing, I tell ya.”

Remember, a lot of the Hollywood supposed liberal types have multiple homes and travel so much that it would take 50 of us normal pukes to equate the global warming carbon footprint that one of them has in a lifetime. Hollywood is full of lip servicing liberals whose own personal wealth practices would make some Wall Street types jealous.

434. MJ - December 8, 2011

@430 “I can only imagine JFK figuring that, by showing respect to the press, they would return the favor and not “scrutinize” or “inform the public” about his extra-marital activities.”

Yea, there is that! LOL

435. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011


I agree that there are hypocrites in Hollywood. But there are guys like Ed Begley Jr.,–who by the way appeared on a “Voyager” two-parter–who are actually putting their money where their mouths are by being environmentally concious and energy effecient. I believe he has installed solar panels on his home, and relies no longer on electricity.

436. dmduncan - December 8, 2011

426: “Damn, does that guy remind me of Emperor Palpatine!”

Palpatine used the Hegelian dialectic! Lucas got that right. And that is exactly what happens today. No, it isn’t “normal” or “just the way things are” when you vote for one man, and he gets in office and ends up being pretty much like the guy you voted against.

People are being hornswoggled.

437. boborci - December 8, 2011

now we’re talking being green? It’s only hypocritical to fly all over the place if you believe anthropogenic climate disruption is substantial enough to be a danger;)

438. MJ - December 8, 2011

@435. I commend him. Actually, to add to my early post on the Hollywood elite, I want to make is clear that I wasn’t talking about Orci there. It is clear to me that Bob’s views, whether I like them or not, are genuine.

439. Red Dead Ryan - December 8, 2011

Bob has been pretty consistent on everything he’s stated.

As for Bush Sr. seemingly like Emperor Palpatine, I never thought about that, even though his voice is similar to the “Star Wars” super-villain. Though Bush never resorted to any of the actions Palpatine did, fortunately.

And wasn’t Bush Sr. in Dallas on the morning JFK was shot dead?

I know he was chilling out with the Bin Laden family on the morning of 9/11.

Not saying he was connected in anyway, its just an interesting set of events.

440. dmduncan - December 8, 2011

GHW Bush is not a schizophrenic megalomaniac like Palpatine, he’s a true believer. He’s sort of like the assassin in Serenity — the one who only wanted to “build a better world.”

441. VZX - December 8, 2011


Yeah, there’s enough human activity to affect the climate to be a danger. Not believing that is like when people used to think it was OK to smoke and not get cancer.

442. chrisfawkes.com - December 8, 2011

I think the idea that hollywood A listers put bums on seats is somewhat of a myth.

I’m sure some do but i think the term A lister has been broadened enough to include talented actors who have no actual pulling power.

A worn out character like Khan on the other hand might well keep people away in droves. Especially when people feel Nemesis was a Wrath of Khan remake and the last Trek had more than similar tones.

443. Hugh Hoyland - December 8, 2011

440 dmduncan

Those are usually the more dangerous types IMO.

444. VZX - December 8, 2011

Here is a good’un on the more immediate dangers of climate change: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-2796.2011.02415.x/full

445. chrisfawkes.com - December 8, 2011

@441 The world has not warmed in ten years despite much more carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere.

The whole man made global warming hoax is falling apart and cheap lines from those who believe it still like calling anyone who disagrees a flat earther, a (holocaust) denier, etc is evidence of a lack of substance to back up the fairy tale.

We’ve just had climategate 2. 1 should have been enough to convince anyone that this has been one massive con.

446. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 8, 2011

@372 boborci:

would you smile a little? ;)

447. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011

“I have a Columbian friend that got upset when I called someone Mexican Latino because they weren’t from Latin America. He said that only people from Latin America are Latinos and people from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. are not.”

Boy is he going to be diasappointed. Sorry but you’re friend is an idiot.

448. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011


449. VZX - December 8, 2011

@445 Whatevs. I’m making a powerpoint on global warming that should be finished by next week since I am teaching it then. I’ll put it up online and link to it when done.

Haters gonna hate. Right, Kayla?

450. MJ - December 8, 2011

@440 “GHW Bush is not a schizophrenic megalomaniac like Palpatine, he’s a true believer. He’s sort of like the assassin in Serenity — the one who only wanted to “build a better world.” ”

I agree — great analogy! And we’ve got another one of those in the White House now. Ah, where are Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan when you need em?

451. The Original Spock's Brain - December 8, 2011

@100. Brian K – “Khan Noonian Singh. Know any Hispanics or Latinos with a name like that? Didn’t think so…….. Religion has nothing to do with it.”

Now you’re going to tell me that George Romney, Anthony Quinn, and Bob Orci, can’t possibly be Mexican because of their names.

452. MJ - December 8, 2011

@451. That’s like 350 posts ago. We’ve moved onto other topics, dude. Get a life! :-)

453. chrisfawkes.net - December 8, 2011

449. Hater? your prove my point. You have no argument.

454. boborci - December 8, 2011

anyone read this the other day?


455. chrisfawkes.net - December 8, 2011

Hmm, links are not posting for me for some reason.

456. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

#441 Except that not everyone who smokes gets cancer. If only it were that simple. Of course, a lot do but why doesn’t everyone who smokes a lot get cancer?

What about all flying on test missions and exercises done by the Military, not to mention the ones done for real in war zones?

The fact is that a great many of very wealthy individuals can use up more of the world’s resources than a poor couple with 6 kids living in some ghetto in Rio de Janiero or wherever. Could be quite a giggle if it weren’t so sad.

457. MJ - December 8, 2011

@456 “The fact is that a great many of very wealthy individuals can use up more of the world’s resources than a poor couple with 6 kids living in some ghetto in Rio de Janiero or wherever. Could be quite a giggle if it weren’t so sad.”

Exactly, and is this country, Wall Street and Hollywood are at least the most visible abusers of resources. Think of crack junkies and apply it to money, and that defines a lot of Hollywood and Wall Street types.

458. sean - December 8, 2011


Bob, you realize that article was written by a guy that works for The Heartland Institute? They aren’t exactly impartial in these matters.

459. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011

“Khan was supposed to be Punjabi Indian – another race again. Ricardo Montalban (along with the actors they are considering now) are of Latino descent, which I thought belonged to the European race, not Indian.”

Not exactly. Latino or Hispanic are not a race but a culture. They range from Native Americans, who were there before Columbus, to White or European, descendents of those who conquered the region and mostly speak Spanish or Portuguese. Most people have some mixture of the two. Africans are also found in some countries, mostly in the Caribbean and Brazil. Mexico for example has zero to no Africans.  There is also a significant Japanese community in Brazil and Chinese in Cuba. Because of the history it does get confusing.

460. boborci - December 8, 2011

456. War is the most egregious user of resources. I could ride my bike for the rest of my life and not off set even a single day of war.

461. chrisfawkes.net - December 8, 2011

Why not simply address what the article Bob links to says. Again you make weak attacks at individuals and it’s a substitute for having something to actually validate you belief.

You’re providing child’s arguments.

462. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011

And though I wished they did cast someone who was Japanese to play Sulu, Japanese and Koreans and not different races. They’re different nationalities.

463. boborci - December 8, 2011


This is just Iraq

464. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

#453 That is really good news – to know that the climate may not be as badly affected by humanity’s carbon dioxide emissions as once thought.

There is still a lot of pollution and waste though that need solutions. It just means that the carbon dioxide emissions that humanity is producing by its activities is not as big a factor when it comes to the earth experiencing various weather anomalies. One less thing to worry about – sort of. The weather is the weather, just as it has always been.

465. boborci - December 8, 2011

458. sean – December 8, 2011

Having trouble finding impartiality on either side. Which is why I am open to the debate.

466. sean - December 8, 2011


Uh, is that directed at me? If so, you seem to have missed the point. The article is written by a non-scientist who works for an advocacy group that counts the oil industry among its biggest contributors. He repeatedly uses the word ‘alarmist’ to preface the opinions of people who disagree with him. He is not an impartial source of information. Note that the article appears under the ‘business’ section, not the ‘science’ section. And again, just to be extra clear about it, he is *not* a scientist. He is a self-described ‘policy expert’, which in reality translates to PR guy. He has been called out time and time again for misrepresenting data.

As for the substance of the link, he points toward *one* study that indicates the retention of heat is not as high as some had predicted. That is not a ‘gaping hole’ in currently accepted climate theory. The entire ‘article’ is nothing but a study in carefully crafted hyperbole written by a lobbyist who is good at his job.

467. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011

Aw what do scientists know anyway?

468. Hijo de Rick - December 8, 2011

No sabia muy bien que mi tio bob comentaba por aca y menos que algunos twitteros como dmduncan2010 la reynadeepee y otros mas sean de aca. Lo que si sabia era que se reunia con los trekkies Me paseare mas seguido por aca,

469. sean - December 8, 2011


Bob, didn’t mean to imply it’s not worth addressing flaws on both sides, only that The Heartland Institute is not a reliable source of information.

I actually tend to side with one of my favorite scientists (who had a shout out in the TNG episode with Scotty) Freeman Dyson, who accepts anthropogenic global warming, but also dislikes the fact that those who might question aspects of it are branded heretics.

470. Hijo de Rick - December 8, 2011

Tio y alex porque casi no hace publicidad a ST? o bueno no que yo sepa, como que usted es la imagen de K/O

471. MJ - December 8, 2011

Nothing like bringing “WAR” up to redirect the discussion away from Hollywood and Wall Street. LOL Well played!

472. boborci - December 8, 2011


no worries!

473. Richard C. - December 8, 2011

Any of these actors is a great choice, I’m getting more excited with every update! :D

474. MJ - December 8, 2011

Hijjo de Rick,

Although my Spanish is a bit out of practice, I see that you are saying that Bob Orci is your uncle?

Bob, is Hijjo de Rick your nephew?

475. boborci - December 8, 2011


No. Don’t know who it is or why they call themselves that.

476. MJ - December 8, 2011

Bob, that NASA global warming article you referenced is very interesting. Thanks

477. Hijo de Rick - December 8, 2011

@475 Expliquele un poco mas a MJ el porque me pongo Hijo de Rick, porque si sabe de que se trata usted, solo que no le dice

478. MJ - December 8, 2011

@477. Enough with your riddles. You obviously understand English or you would not have responded to the above. Nice try, but you a really not all that amusing.

479. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 8, 2011

If it is khan then hopefully they dont redesign the Bottany Bay.
You know what might be kind of cool is what if Khan didnt survive the reanimation process this time and one of the other sleepers go up against kirk and spock this time.

480. Eclectrek - December 8, 2011

Let’s take Khan in a whole new direction:

Danny Trejo

481. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011

Hijo is son, not nephew.

482. La Reyne d'Epee - December 8, 2011

It’s all a KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANspiracy. :}

483. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 8, 2011

Bob, I don’t know if you care to answer this question in such a public forum, or anywhere for that matter but, is there any part of the first film you wish you would have done differently or was done but wound up on the edit room floor? Are there any common complaints here that may have changed you mind since you first wrote them?

484. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 8, 2011

So global warming is still happening, is it? and it is still caused mainly by high levels of carbon dioxide emissions produced by humanity’s activities?

I do think that the air pollution of all types can’t not be doing some damage to the environment in obvious ways and some not so obvious as of now. However, the weather/climate has only really been measured and studied within the last 100 years and that is only a small fraction of time, given the age of earth. Apparently, a period of global warming occurred around the time of the time of the Middle Ages and Renaissance period in Europe. What caused that? It can’t have been all the carbon emissions that are only now being released into the atmosphere.

I don’t like it when someone refers to people as being called “alarmist” because some evidence gathered seems to point to our activities possibly causing grave damage to our planet’s climate and eco-systems. So much of the planet’s eco-systems have been destroyed because of deforestation and pollution already, so it is hardly that alarmist to wonder what other damage could be happening.

I don’t think we have all the information yet on climate change and whether any global warming is a permanent or temporary condition. Earth’s climate has always been pretty volatile.

485. Odkin - December 8, 2011

Many of you seem to have trouble differentiating the BUSINESS of Hollywood from the CREATIVE elite in Hollywood.

I don’t have anything against the Hollywood business. hey employ a lot of people, take risks, and hopefully make money. They do seem to enjoy a lot more bookkeeping creativity, with far less scrutiny, than other industries.

All the nonsense in Hollywood comes out of the self-employed or union-employed CREATIVE types who don’t understand a damn thing about the real world except how to act superior to everyone else in it.

That’s why arguments about the liberal media have to be made carefully. Liberals call it “the corporate media” and scoff at it being liberal because it’s all corporate. But the suits don’t select, write, film, edit and produce the content wherein all the bias lies. The suits at corporate do not exercise control of our cultural narrative, and the people that do are nearly 100% leftist.

486. Odkin - December 8, 2011

BTW, the Earth may be warming, but insignificantly, and likely the result of natural long cycles.

The AGW alarmism industry has become a corrupt religion that wants to silence heretics and apostates.

AGW is a handy tool for asserting government control of commerce, performing social engineering (i.e. forcing people into carpool lanes) and transferring wealth from efficient countries to inefficient ones.

487. Tom - December 8, 2011

All you naysayers who are behaving like spoiled bitches will be there on Day One.

Most of the reasons for opposing a Khan that have been expressed above are rooted in infantile thinking.

It’s not a rehashing. It’s not contrary to JJ’s resetting of the timeline. And Khan is NOT overdone in Trek history. Not even close.

488. Chasco - December 9, 2011

What #6 said.

489. MJ - December 9, 2011

@497 “If it is khan then hopefully they dont redesign the Bottany Bay.”

I can see it now, the Botany Bay engine room scenes…filmed at the state of the art Pyramid Microbrewery in Seattle! :-0

490. MJ - December 9, 2011

Air and water pollution are a major future problem that we need to work on. However, we don’t need a fake pseudoscience like global warming to make us realize that and take action.

491. Brevard - December 9, 2011

Khan was actually supposed to be of Indian descent. It was the 60’s, though, so actors often played characters of other ethnic backgrounds. Montalban was great as Khan and nobody questioned the fact that he was actually Hispanic and not Indian.

Doesn’t anyone find it odd that if they are indeed going to use Khan as a character that they are still looking for an Hispanic actor and not an Indian one?

I think JJ and the producers/writers may be pulling a fast one on us and they have no intention of having Khan as a character. It’s called publicity folks. All this speculation is good publicity.

Please, god, I really, really hope it’s not Khan. It’s an alternate timeline. Wasn’t that the point of the reboot and changing the timeline: to have the freedom to do NEW stories?

492. MJ - December 9, 2011

“Please, god, I really, really hope it’s not Khan”

Dude, seriously, lighten up!

493. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

I think some are confusing business interests and politics with science. You question scientific motives but not the money-making interest of corporations. They exist for only one reason: to make money – it’s what they do.  So remind me what these scientists’ end game really is, and tell me if you still believe cigarettes don’t cause cancer.  Even if climate change didn’t exist, would you actually prefer dirty water and polluted air?  

494. boborci - December 9, 2011

483. Wish shatner had been in it.

495. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

#485 What is your problem and what’s with all the generalisations?

496. MJ - December 9, 2011

@494. Oh Bob, it’s like you are trying to make my brain implode here tonight.

497. MJ - December 9, 2011

@493 “They exist for only one reason: to make money – it’s what they do.”

LOL How quaint!

498. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Oh Bob, you don’t play fair.

499. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

And Rick does not mean Bob in Spanish. Rick is Richard or Dick. Bob is Rob, or Robert. You are welcome.

500. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

#494 Is there any chance of having that wish of yours come about in the next movie?

#493 – I agree with you. Whether there is global warming or not, there is still polluted air and water. Lack of fresh, clean water is a big problem in a lot of areas in the world. Millions of people go hungry and yet farmers in wealthy nations are paid NOT to produce food.

And yes, long term smoking of cigarettes significantly increases a person’s chances of getting cancer and I believe it is even higher for women. The other aspect is that a lot of scientists and doctors often liked nothing better than to light up, whenever they got the chance, but I don’t think this is the case now for most. They know better.

However, ask any executive of any large tobacco company if he smokes and the answer is invariably NO.

501. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

500. Right on. Then you have those who realize it’s true but still argue because they resent the idea of scientists being right. In other words they oppose it based on principle, …or lack thereof. Very sophisticated these guys.

502. yrch - December 9, 2011

@37. Robogeek

And what about Chaka Khan? A really bold choice. lol

503. somethoughts - December 9, 2011


Yea, I guess having Shatner in the first one would have been wonderful. Your hologram tribute was a nice touch, too bad it wasn’t filmed and included in the special blu ray edition at least. Pity Kirk was killed in Generations, you could have had Kirk and Spock come back in time before Generations happened and returned back to their time in time to have Generations happen in the prime universe.

Well if Lucas can go back and keep adding things to the original trilogy…

504. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Bob, that scene would have been something. Oh well. Hope we see more drama like those first ten minutes.

505. La Reyne d'Epee - December 9, 2011

#occupyorci Let’s all set up tents in Bob’s garden!

506. Peter Loader - December 9, 2011

Well the cats out of the bag according to a SF Newsletter I just received. It says that Ricardo Montalban (the original actor who played Khan is/was the uncle of Benicio Del Toro. If that’s true then there’s only one conclusion I can draw from that as to why they wanted Del Toro.

507. MJ - December 9, 2011

@506. Kinda points out to me that this Trek deal for Del Toro was all about the money for him…if he gave a shit about his uncles history in this role he would have told his agent to make this happen.

508. MJ - December 9, 2011

@499, Hey malfeasance hiney turd or whatever, he had refereed to “Uncle Bob” in one of his earlier posts.

509. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

And to be clear Bob, my comment @499 is in no way directed at you. :)

510. Aurore - December 9, 2011

335. Factchecker – December 8, 2011
The villain is NOT KHAN.

Thank you.

This gives me a better understanding of what another poster stated, earlier:

“We’ll get all hyped up, then go see the movie and anyone who isn’t a complete sycophant will walk out slightly embarassed.”

….A re-imagining of Star Trek V : The Final Frontier . Positively brilliant.
Only this time, God will need a 3D starship. This is truly promising .

As a complete sycophant, I Khan’t wait for that no-o-o-no-no-no Khan do!!!!


511. Christopher Roberts - December 9, 2011

NY Hotel Maid: (shakes fist) “Dominique Strauss-KAHN!”

512. SciFiGuy - December 9, 2011

Yes, with the Latino actors…it’s going to be Khan. Or Kahn for those who can’t spell. Or Cahn…as in actor JAMES Cahn…hahaha!! Retards. LOL!!

All levity aside…

I don’t know if I’ll see this or not. I may sit it out and see what you people say about it before I decide to shell out the money to see it in 3D. Again, doing Khan again is just lazy and again — just to rewrite him to where he’s nearly unrecognizeable, why not just create your own damned character Orci, Lindelhof?!

Rebooting the main characters, I was fine with that but I was fine with it on the assumption we’d be seeing NEW stories and situations!!!

You people are lame.

513. Chris Pike - December 9, 2011

The team have invented a whole new timeline to TOS based on this:
In TOS and films the crew to go back in time to way before Kirk’s birth and may well have influenced that timeline to create Eugenics war etc etc…In the JJ timeline, Kirk may well not go back in time and butterfly effect create TOS alternate history…maybe the JJ timeline is as ours is now??? Just saying…thinking out loud..!

514. Aurore - December 9, 2011

“NY Hotel Maid: (shakes fist) ‘Dominique Strauss-KAHN!'”

Christopher, Christopher, Christopher….

515. Aurore - December 9, 2011

@ Aurore. 510.

C’est ça, c’est ça.

It won’t be Khan Noonien Singh. I said it first. Remember that…


516. Aurore - December 9, 2011

Seriously, though, Khan?


I’m obviously in the minority who firmly believes that Mr. Abrams would not be interested in revisiting that character…

So, there’s me, apparently Factchecker and… and…


517. Hugh Hoyland - December 9, 2011

The evidence points to Khan having some role in this, Is it a fact? no.

Reading some of Bob and Alex’s scripts and also JJ’s Abrams “Superman: Flyby” I know for sure we’ll have an action packed, clever story that will be fun. No matter who’s the bad guy (Khan ;]).

Although I still think my “Borg/Klingon and Proto Borg” story would have made zillions…of laughs.

518. chrisfawkes.net - December 9, 2011

What do scientist know? That question has become the sanctuary of every lemming when cornered on the man made global warming debate. They throw it out like it was the ace up their sleeve oblivious to what it really betrays.

Carbon Dioxide is of course not a pollutant. it’s plant food.

519. T'Cal - December 9, 2011

Nolan apparently has his sh*t together about the Batman trilogy. I don’t get that vibe from JJA about Trek. Hmmmm…

520. Danpaine - December 9, 2011

494. boborci – December 9, 2011
483. Wish shatner had been in it.

Thank you for that. Really. And I said at the time the hologram scene was posted here – wonderfully written.

521. Commodore Adams - December 9, 2011

Holly hell 2 days and already over 500 posts, get a life people! Do other things lol. Now thats out of the way.

I would much prefer Jordi Molla, ramirez looks like a pussy, a f-ing pretty boy. I know im calling the kettle black but still, cant stand pretty boys in movies. Ramirez looks too young. Benicio or Jordi would be perfect.

Pisses me off that Benicio’s problem was a money problem.

Seems redundant now to comment on something early posters said, not gonna read all the comments but some of you need to chill the F out. Writers have COMPLETE authority to “mess” with what has come before. Its an alternate universe, I really don’t care if its Klingons, Khan, or a f-ing jellybean monster…..as long as it is a solid story and a solid movie. Been a fan since I was 4, I wear a 1940’s bomber jacket with a delta shield, don’t tell me my faith wavers. There are certain elements which make Star Trek, Star Trek. Outside of that, writers can do whatever the hell they want with it. Gene Roddenberry said so, so na na na boo boo.

JJ did for Star Trek what Nolan did for Batman. The Nolan Batmans are a prequel and he didnt mess with it, he gave it new life, just like some of you need to do.

522. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

“Carbon Dioxide is of course not a pollutant. it’s plant food.”

So is cow sh*t. But it still poisons rivers.

523. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

508. Testy testy. Let me guess, only child?

524. tman - December 9, 2011

Just a thought.

Trying to google on Latino’s and Trek I pulled up an article from an LA newspaper in 2009 bemoaning the lack of Latino’s in JJ Abrahm’s view of the future (writers aside). I wonder if there was a conscious attempt to rectify that in the casting. This would be especially true if they cast a non-Latino to replace Montelban in the sequel. How credible is it for one of these (great) younger actors (Ramirez) to be the guy who ruled 1/4 of the Earth’s surface? Maybe Weller’s CEO is Khan, JJ’s denial is accurate, and the younger villain (Joaquim? Klingon?) has the meaty role.

525. SciFiGuy - December 9, 2011

#521 — Yes, yes, we know there are fans like you who will take anything with the Trek name on it.

I’m not one of those. I’m a little more particular and discriminating with my Trek. So are some others here — and that’s a good thing. Those of us criticizing are just trying to keep TPTB honest and hopefully…HOPEFULLY influence these people to keep some kind of creative integrity.

I realize the decision has been made already, but they need to know that those of us who object may not buy a ticket. ;-)

526. Aurore - December 9, 2011

“The evidence points to Khan having some role in this”

I may be mistaken, but, apparently, by evidence some posters refer( not solely, but essentially) to the fact that “Latino actors” are being considered for the villain role .

This does not constitute evidence to me.

Casting Benicio Del Toro, Edgar Ramirez, Jordi Molla because a long time ago, Ricardo Montalbán played Khan Noonien Singh would not be clever…in my opinion.

And, I happen to believe that Mr. Abrams is a clever man…


527. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

“Holly hell 2 days and already over 500 posts, get a life people! Do other things lol.”

Then there’s this:

” I wear a 1940’s bomber jacket with a delta shield…”

528. Odkin - December 9, 2011

@517 “Reading some of Bob and Alex’s scripts and also JJ’s Abrams “Superman: Flyby””

It’s horrible. Kung Fu Kryptonians. Gay Jimmy Olsen. Kryptonian Luthor.

Just an abortion from top to bottom.

529. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

If you don’t think Carbon Dioxide is a poison, go put a bag over your head.

530. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 9, 2011

506 thats not true, Del Torro is not related to Ricardo Montalban.

531. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - December 9, 2011

524, There was a Latino actor in a suporting role in Trek 09, Clifton Collins Jr. what L.A. paper did you read that in, i dont remember reading any stories like that in the papers out here back in 09.

532. Chris Doohan - December 9, 2011

Why the sudden need?


533. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 9, 2011

528. Odkin

It’s getting near time to walk away from Trek. It’s just not Trek anymore.

534. Jefferies Tuber - December 9, 2011

Strange that nobody mentioned BDT is like 20 years older than Chris Pine, so he would have been an inappropriately old Khan.

535. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

Trees suck up the carbon dioxide that humans and animals give out. Trees put out oxygen which we suck up. Problem – with so much of the world being deforested and it is still going on, along with various areas of the oceans being seriously polluted, there is probably a build up of too much carbon dioxide and less oxygen. The balance is being slowly messed up.

Possibly earth’s biggest enemy – the chainsaw.

536. sean - December 9, 2011

Yeah, I wish these scientists would get out of here and keep their specialized knowledge to themselves. I understand the world just fine, Mr College! It snowed yesterday, which is enough proof for me that global warming is a scam. I still can’t see Russia from my house though, so the jury is out whether that exists or not.

537. somethoughts - December 9, 2011


No humans are the earth’s biggest enemy :) humans are foreign to earth and is a introduced species.

As Agent Smith said in the Matrix,

“I’d like to share a revelation I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we … are the cure.”

538. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

#534 I’m not sure age is a that big a factor.

Edgar Ramirez – born 25 March 1977 – Venezuela
Jordi Molla – 1 July 1968 – Spain

I just don’t believe that any of these guys are being sought to play Khan (young or older). More likely a Klingon. The problem is that the only clue is that this person plays a villain from the Star Trek TOS series. Perhaps this is a red herring. It may be that the character is a new character, as is the character’s older mentor played by Peter Weller.

Why can’t the Bad Robot team just say who they are casting for, or more to the point, just saying who they are NOT casting for. That is not giving away any of the story, but would certainly end all this silly, obsessive speculation.

And yes, I’ve become someone a bit obsessed. I have half a mind to just walk away and not read any of the rumours and a lot of the bitchiness that often occurs when people are left pretty much in the dark and are being strung along.

539. MJ - December 9, 2011

@512 “Again, doing Khan again is just lazy and again — just to rewrite him to where he’s nearly unrecognizable….”

Isn’t repeating your previous points (you say “again” twice here) lazy?

“You people are lame.”

YOU PEOPLE? What is that suppose to mean?

540. MJ - December 9, 2011

@521 “I would much prefer Jordi Molla, ramirez looks like a pussy, a f-ing pretty boy. I know im calling the kettle black but still, cant stand pretty boys in movies. Ramirez looks too young. Benicio or Jordi would be perfect.”

Agreed. Hopefully we find out by Monday that it’s Jordi Molla.

541. MJ - December 9, 2011

@523 “Testy testy. Let me guess, only child?”

No, but I have a state of the art bullshit filter, and it gets a lot of use from processing your posts. :-)

542. MJ - December 9, 2011

@529. “If you don’t think Carbon Dioxide is a poison, go put a bag over your head.”

Try breathing 100% pure oxygen and see how long you live.

WHOOPS, I guess oxygen is a poison then too, eh?

543. Red Dead Ryan - December 9, 2011

I wonder what liberals did to make Odkin so angry? He reminds me of the nutjob Ann Coulter!

Could they be related? Could they be…..gasp!….the same person??

544. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 9, 2011


Does it matter whether the actor playing Sulu is Korean or Japanese? I thought Sulu was just supposed to represent the entire Asian race, whatever nationality he was.

545. Peter Loader - December 9, 2011


13 Years older.

546. Jefferies Tuber - December 9, 2011

538. That was always my take on BDT, that he looks more like one of the Mongolian-influenced Klingons from OS, Kruge and 09. I say bring back the Manchu moustaches.

My take on Khan is that he’s only interesting if he is not intercepted by the Enterprise or otherwise caught before it’s too late. Bring us Khan in a later movie, when he’s had a year or so to be who he always dreamt of being. Give us the proof of concept on “Yours is superior.”

By the way, has it been established that JJ actually intended to use those absurdly twee Klingon voices in the deleted footage? Are they really going with the ‘primitive Universal Translator’ theory that made OS Klingons sound like theater actors?

547. Jefferies Tuber - December 9, 2011

545 I can tell you that I often saw BDT with a head full of grey hair between 2000-2003. Any suggestion that BDT was an acceptable genetically engineered Sikh superman, let alone politically charismatic, is absurd.

548. somethoughts - December 9, 2011


Beats retarded sounding viking klingons which became a joke and parody for fans at conventions.

549. MJ - December 9, 2011

@543. Well I do like Odkin in that he offsets Orci and some of the other far left wingers in this crowd. Being an independent free thinker myself, I like to see a range to ideas from all sides.

550. Cervantes - December 9, 2011

So it seems by this news that the ‘Khan’ casting thing is still a distinct possibility then…

Jeez, at this point I’d even be grateful for either of these actors to be cast as a ‘Klingon’ of some sort. Sure a ‘Klingon’ storyline would be lazy alternative for this ‘rebooted timeline’ at this point, but at least it might involve a whole antagonistic race for Kirk and co. to deal with, rather than another single individual with a ‘grudge’.

Heck, unless any ‘Khan’ storyline involves some decent planetary ‘exploration’ in this rebooted timeline, then I’d even rather a ‘Harry Mudd’ storyline for some belly laughs instead! Give us something new, dammit! …or at least something that wasn’t done perfectly well already…

551. Phil Smith - December 9, 2011

Khan, Klingons, yadda, yadda = Boring.

There is a dearth of imagination out there, it seems.

552. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

What far left wingers in this crowd?

Everyone likes to think that they are an independent free thinker. Nobody likes being called a sheep…However, I was actually told by a couple of people that I am a free spirit, whatever that means. I take it as a compliment.

553. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

#551 No, only amongst a good many people posting to this and other boards. As far as the Star Trek sequel writing/producing team is concerned, that still remains to be seen.

554. Jefferies Tuber - December 9, 2011

Another thing about that deleted footage of Klingons speaking very quickly, like San Fernando Valley Shakespeareans, is that it reminded me of how quickly JJ made Nimoy speak in this movie. Nimoy’s sped-up cadence is the worst thing, perhaps the only thing I dislike from ST09.

555. Commissioner Ferris - December 9, 2011

1)Khan… Noonien Singh? -> JJTOS – “Space Seed”
2)Khan… Genghis?! XD -> JJTOS – “The Savage Curtain”
3)Kahn… Zor? -> JJTOS – “All our yesterdays”

In the 3th case Weller could be Mr. Atoz and Eve could be Zarabeth! XD

556. MJ - December 9, 2011

@552. Wow, you responded immediately to that comment by me. :-)

557. MJ - December 9, 2011

Pehaps I was too hasty in khanfiding with you all my believe on who khanceived to be the villain w in the movie. Khanfidentially, I am really only about 95% khanvinced that he will KNS will in the movie — it is khanceivable that is the Supreme Court could be witholding the identity unti their are ready to khanfirm the identity to a future khanclavation with the medial. khancealing the true villan’s identity. However, despite that Oric’s khantradictory clues and JJ’e khanments do show khantrast, I still think Orci did give us a khancealed clue, even if he did it in a khan-man sort of way.

Let me now khanfide that I didn’t mean to show khantemp or khandescension here for those who had an opinion khantractory to mine. I think further news media reports will proivde Khantent on who will be in the khantrary character in the upcoming Khantinuation of the Trek movie series.

558. Jack - December 9, 2011

I could see this guys writing a role requiring a Latino actor primarily to get fans all worked up about It being Khan. Oh, yeah, that and the fact that Trek is still too darned white and American.

Also, fans here, do there have to be only two hispanic men inthe entire Trek ‘verse — why does this have to be Khan or Mendoza?

559. P Technobabble - December 9, 2011

And now for something completely different–

Interviewer: Good evening. Tonight I have with me Mr. Norman St. John Polevaulter who, for the last few years, has been contradicting people. St. John Polevaulter, why do you contradict people?
Polevaulter: I don’t!
Interviewer: But… You told me that you did.
Polevaulter: I most certainly did not!
Interviewer: [comprehending] Oh! I see. I’ll start again.
Polevaulter: No, you won’t.

alright, now you can go back to Khan…

560. The Great Bird of the Galaxy lives! - December 9, 2011

What concerns me regarding this report is the potential for further delays- or the possibility that the role will be filled hastily due to time restraints.

561. Brett Campbell - December 9, 2011

551 – A dearth and a death.

562. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 9, 2011

#558 There are only two Mendoza’s that I found have been connected with Star Trek. The first Mendoza is a character from a Star Trek novel and is therefore not canon.


and one from TNG (24th century)


There was a character called Mendez from Star Trek TOS but he was hardly a bad guy.


563. MJ - December 9, 2011

@559. I think you meant to say: “khantradict”

564. MJ - December 9, 2011

How about this. Cheech Martin plays Khan, and in the alternate Trek universe he is a hippie pothead. The movie plot would involved him trying to smuggle pot across the neutral zone in a spaceship made from pot, called the Botany Bay?

565. ripleyaeryn - December 9, 2011

Please! No Khan! Don’t you think that Spock haven’t suffered enough after Vulcan’s destruction ? I highly suspect the remake of Spock’s death in the next movie. It was much more heartbreaking for me to see Spock dying, even if I know it’s science fiction and that he was back in The Search for Spock.

I don’t wanna live that again. Never Again (Magneto’s X-Men : First Class quote)!

My optimism for this movie decreased when Khan was “announced” and of course, when Benicio Del Toro dropped out. Now, I’m more and more worry for Peter Weller’s part in the movie. Don’t want to see Khan2013 with a clone of it! No way! Peter Weller as John Paxton’s Enterprise rocks!

566. ripleyaeryn - December 9, 2011

And I forgot one another thing : No.More.SpUhura….Yes, SpUhura sucked in Star Trek XI!

567. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

515. Aurore – December 9, 2011

It won’t be Khan Noonien Singh. I said it first. Remember that…



And I will point out how correct you were when everyone else was wrong.

568. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

494. boborci – December 9, 2011

483. Wish shatner had been in it.


Seriously. I have a mind to shoot it myself using the cheapest Shatner look-alike I can find on Craigslist.

569. Hijo de Rick - December 9, 2011

dmduncan ya no twiteaste halla lo que te twittee

570. AJ - December 9, 2011

ripleyaeryn 565:

“Never Again” may have been uttered by Magneto in ‘X-Men-FC’, but it is a quote generally attributed to those who had their lives irreversibly changed, or families destroyed by the Holocaust in WWII, and hence, is often used in the aftermath of other genocides around the world by survivors and their descendents.

Magneto, whose character is a survivor of Auschwitz, co-opts the saying for his group of mutants, but the saying is very much from the real world.

571. Hijo de Rick - December 9, 2011

Bob, Khan podria ser Joaquin Cosio??
Y porque Alex Kurtzman no hace promocion a la pelicula en twitter, o en otras partes?
Bueno que yo sepa de Alex no he visto mucho como imagen publica de K/O, a lo que me refiero es que mire por ejemplo cuando fue el sunset on the Beach SOTB, yo no vi ningun video de el en el festival solo usted. ¿Es usted la imagen promocional de marketing de K/O ?

572. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

485: “The suits at corporate do not exercise control of our cultural narrative, and the people that do are nearly 100% leftist.”

Oh sure they do. They’re making money from it. If they don’t interfere it’s because what the artists are doing is making money for them. But you want to hate the artists and love those who enjoy the profits of what the art brings in? At least be consistent and hate everybody! ;-)

536: “I still can’t see Russia from my house though”

FYI: Sarah Palin never said that. Tina Fey said that as a parody of Sarah Palin, and now probably 9 out of 10 people think Sarah Palin said that. That’s how false knowledge about many many things gets spread.

573. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

541. Shhh, the adults are talking now. Go play in the corner. ;)

574. AJ - December 9, 2011


Palin’s quote:

“They’re our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

Not far off.

575. MJ - December 9, 2011

@573. That is the best response you could come up with??? ;-)

576. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

You mean I have blown your bs filter up yet? I’ll just have to try harder.

577. MJ - December 9, 2011

Posters here now having a Sarah Palin debate…snore….and we thought my posts critical of Shat were boring!

578. MJ - December 9, 2011

@576. LOL, seriously.

579. Hijo de Rick - December 9, 2011

moauvian waoul – aka: seymour hiney

580. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Yeah well look who I’m speaking with.

581. MJ - December 9, 2011

Well I must give kudos where kudos is due — good job on the wacky Hijo de Rick farce.

582. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

574: “They’re our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

Yeah but far enough that it had to be translated into something else for it to be funny, and then people just remember the joke as if that was the reality.

583. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Poor Ms Palin, so often maligned. She actually thought she had foreign policy experience because she was Governor of Alaska. 

584. MJ - December 9, 2011

@583. Hey, doesn’t monitoring a 1000 mile dangerous border with the Yukon province of Canada count for foreign policy? There are illegal moose and Elk immigrants crossing into Alaska from the Yukon every day.

585. Richard C. - December 9, 2011

Godzilla in space?

586. NCM - December 9, 2011

582. dmduncan – December 9, 2011

574: “They’re our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

Yeah but far enough that it had to be translated into something else for it to be funny, and then people just remember the joke as if that was the reality.

Anyone who actually watched that interview couldn’t have an empathetic fiber and not feel embarrassed for Palin. It was painful. She answered for her foreign policy credentials with a claim that one could see Russia from Alaska. It would be difficult to make a far off parody of her response.

587. AJ - December 9, 2011

Well, this thread needs an enema. It’s supposed to be about somebody named “Edgar Ramirez” and we are discussing Sarah Palin (we are doing so in LIVE CHAT now as well).

This happens when vital discussion threads are followed up by local mattress ads, New Mexico Lottery news, and Michael Dorn’s birthday.

Wait… Who the hell is Edgar Ramirez?

588. NCM - December 9, 2011

75. boborci – December 7, 2011

“you guys think this actor would be a good klingon?


Maybe so. Heard him on NPR talking about “My Life as Khan,” which, I believe, was well reviewed. He was noticeably charming and intelligent, and according to Wikipedia:

“Globally, Khan is considered to be one of the biggest movie stars,[5] with a fan following numbering in the billions.[9] In 2008, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world.[5]”

Since India ‘only’ accounts for 1.2 billion people, he must have mass appeal beyond her borders.

589. NCM - December 9, 2011

Sorry, AJ, but how much more Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan screaming khaaaaaaaaaaaaan we do? After a while, the only thing interesting left to discuss is the politics.

Thanks, btw, for your answer re: BND.

590. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

586. NCM – December 9, 2011

I would rather these news folk stop trying to embarrass candidates and simply investigate them and report their findings. I always prefer genuine information over infotainment.

Regarding Palin at the time of the Gibson interview — she was not an idiot. Inexperienced, especially with the national news media, surely, but stupid? No. Even Perry is smarter than he looks on TV. Palin had no foreign policy experience, and she knew it.

Charlie Gibson was the one who asked her what she learned from how close to Russia she was. Gibson brought up the entire proximity to Russia idea, and she incorporated the notion of proximity in her answer.

GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

GIBSON: What insight does that give you into what they’re doing in Georgia?

PALIN: Well, I’m giving you that perspective of how small our world is and how important it is that we work with our allies to keep good relation with all of these countries, especially Russia. We will not repeat a Cold War. We must have good relationship with our allies, pressuring, also, helping us to remind Russia that it’s in their benefit, also, a mutually beneficial relationship for us all to be getting along.

And then Tina Fey makes the joke and now that’s ALL anyone remembers. Even the context is forgotten and the fact that the proximity idea was raised by Gibson, and the fact that she does elaborate more on what she meant in that last paragraph — none of that matters. Thus do humna beings get reduced to a few simple black or white qualities, and thus do others divide themselves over alliances pro and con Palin.

I was never a fan or supporter of Sarah Palin, and neither was I terrified of her.

I think letting yourself get swept away in these groupfeel tides of emotion is really really dangerous, and not at all democratic. If you act like a herd you’ll be driven like one.

And Perry’s already got his boots on.

591. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

humna = human

592. Red Dead Ryan - December 9, 2011


I seem to recall that, on a couple of previous threads, you telling Odkin to knock it off with the politicking.

And now you happen to appreciate his rants, I see.

I find that really interesting. Also, I wouldn’t be so sure that Bob is a “far left winger”. It’s all too easy to label someone as such, when in fact, one can be a centrist or a moderate right winger with similar beliefs.

As for Sarah Palin, she really hasn’t been in the news now for quite awhile. TrekMovie.Com., the last place expected to be about Palin, seems to be a sprouting field for Palin comments. Ah well!

593. Lostrod - December 9, 2011


“Poor Ms Palin, so often maligned. She actually thought she had foreign policy experience because she was Governor of Alaska. ”

Hmm … And why did Obama think he had foreign policy experience? Because he was a freshman senator from Illinois? Why wasn’t he maligned?

Just wondering …

More Star Trek news PLEASE … :)

Regards …

594. chrisfawkes.net - December 9, 2011

How cool is this http://www.remss.com/data/msu/monthly_time_series/RSS_Monthly_MSU_AMSU_Channel_TLT_Anomalies_Land_and_Ocean_v03_3.txt

If you still believe in man made global warming.

595. NCM - December 9, 2011

590. dmduncan – December 9, 2011

I don’t think she’s stupid, but I do believe that anyone seeking such high office needs to demonstrate a tremendous scope of knowledge and understanding of the world within and beyond our borders. What interviews and debates have demonstrated with respect to many candidates over the past few decades, at least, is a lack of such capacity or preparedness.

I’d apologize for non-Trek content, but in nearly 600 posts, few stand up to purity standards:)

596. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Hey do remember the time you thought that Orci had personally text clues about the villain and if you took the first letters of those words and superimposed them then you might figure them out? Do you remember that one? And then you claimed you knew it all along.

597. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

584. It promotes Palin to the rank of field marshal, at least. We owe her so much; putting it all on the line for those two years.

598. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Pure oxygen is poisonous, at least to us. That is why it kills. Get it? Carbon Dioxide at high levels can be as well, just because plants like it, unless of course you’re a vegetable. :) At much lower levels it can still affect weather patterns, if you believe in silly weather patterns, but sure the trees will love it.

599. NCM - December 9, 2011

@596: Not sure who you’re addressing – guessing… MJ?

600. Red Dead Ryan - December 9, 2011

The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Everything has gotten progressively worse.

601. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

595: “I’d apologize for non-Trek content,”

Don’t apologize for that! Trek itself is famous for having non-Trek content.

602. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

Well I’ve known the secret for a long time now. Yeah. Using a string of Bob’s posts I’ve been able to decipher a code: Every 3rd letter per 52 character string, alternating with every 4th letter per next 105 character string. You put the letters together from that alternating pattern and Bob tells you what the whole freakin movie is about. So far I’ve got this: Krzvd sl mnwo so qwerty uiop am palin sarah klernmp.

603. dmduncan - December 9, 2011

Oops. Forgot to preface that with “spoiler alert!!!”

604. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

599 NCM. Yes, you are correct. Just havIng a little fun. Everyone else was, so I just wanted to play along I guess. I’ll be good from here.

602. Now dmducan, that I can believe.

600. Right on Ryan. Right on.

601 “Don’t apologize for that! Trek itself is famous for having non-Trek content.”

And this time Anthony can’t get too angry because Bob started it.

605. Spock/Uhura Fan - December 9, 2011


Spock/Uhura were great, and I hope they return in full effect next movie.

606. MJ - December 9, 2011

@599. NCM – December 9, 2011 “@596: Not sure who you’re addressing – guessing… MJ?”

I guess so? He seems to have a real bee in his bonnet for me the past couple of days. He even made up an imaginary character to post here called “Hijo de Rick” to mess with me.

I guess I’ve got a groupie here now. Too bad its a guy named Seymour instead of girl named Bambi! LOL

607. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 9, 2011

Ooh getting kinky.

608. K-7 - December 10, 2011

Hey Moauvian Waoul, I would like to have a groupie as well. I am anticipating that you would be an easy score once I get you a few shots of JD down you and a couple of hits off my bong?

609. Gert Waterink - December 10, 2011

Star Trek used to be a bit more than ‘James Bond in outer space’. Where’s the intelligence, the politics, that are mirrored to today’s environment here on Earth?

I miss that. I hope J.J. Abrahms knows that if you create a new timeline, in which Vulcan is destroyed and where Vulcans are endangered species, you automatically create a new story around this fact. What happened to Spock (by Leonard Nimoy)? Will the political balance in the quadrants change now the Federation’s biggest ally, the Vulcans, has been destroyed?

I think this is where Star Trek 2 should be about. Not just another reboot, another villain and a new version of Khan please. It’s too damn easy.

And let’s be frank. Star Trek is not Batman or Bond. Star Trek is Star Trek: A leading, original sci-fi franchise that answers important political questions.

610. somethoughts - December 10, 2011


ZzzzzZZzz Your movie idea is horrible, if you want to make Star Trek bankrupt this would do it, don’t want another Boring Berman style Trek.

Nobody wants to watch a 2hr movie about space refugees and the challenges that come with being homeless.

People want to see the continual development of the crew and how they become the legends they did in the prime universe with lots of mind blowing sequences, dialogue and special effects.

Star Trek isn’t just about politics, it’s about cops in space doing the right thing and discovering themselves, new worlds and civs.

611. somethoughts - December 10, 2011

Climate change is real, the technology given to us in exchange for DNA is designed to destroy the ozone layers, make earth inhospitable. The Dracos that inhabit human bodies through soul transfers try to make you think that climate change is not happening and that all will be fine, when it is not, the end is near :)

This harkens back to the great war between the gods, angels and demons.

Underground bases, bunkers, 2012, aliens, it’s all real, apocalypse is before us. Just kidding, would make for a pretty neat sci fi story eh?

612. P Technobabble - December 10, 2011

563. MJ

You got me! I kahn’t take it anymore! argghhhh!

613. Jerry - December 10, 2011

No, no, let Ramirez play KENICULUS!… with Weller as Paxton!!

614. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

Too bad they have to cast average actors simply because they’re well known in some countries.

615. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 10, 2011

I didn’t think that Star Trek was about cops in space. I thought it was about intrepid explorers going just a bit further than those who had gone before them. Sometimes the captain and the Enterprise did end up doing a kind of policing, fighting and diplomacy but that was meant to be subordinate to the primary mission. The only real diplomacy (and possibly defensive fighting) should be in relation to meeting new lifeforms and civilizations and possible misunderstandings that could arise from such first encounters. Hence the need for and importance of Lt Uhura and her skills.

At this time in Star Trek, the other big force/power was the Klingon Empire who were looking to expand their empire. Like the Federation, they were also exploring to look for raw materials etc to sustain their civilization and lifestyle. However, the methods in obtaining these materials often differed somewhat.

The Federation, or at least the Enterprise, was interested in exploration and discovery for their own sakes and making friends of strangers, if possible, whether or not these alien strangers had anything of material value to offer or not. I am not sure that was ever the aim of the Klingon Empire though.

616. richpit - December 10, 2011

If they’re just going to retread TOS stories, they should do the Doomsday Machine. “Casting” that would be much less complicated.

Or…wait…Spock’s Brain! Yep, the new movie should be a 90-minute redo of Spock’s Brain.

617. K-7 - December 10, 2011

@614. It’s Star Trek, not Citizen Kane.

618. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

So, you’d rather pay to see an average performance, as compared to a great one?

619. K-7 - December 10, 2011

I don’t recall any of the TOS actors ever being considered great actors beyond our Trek fanbase. Ramirez or Mulla fit right in with the typical guest main actor you get in a Trek movie — better than average actors, but not great actors. Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood — they are right in that class. So I think your expectations are unrealistic.

Besides, I recall that when they tried to bring an Oscar-winning actor on board last week (Del Toro), you were complaining about that as well…can you make up your mind please?

620. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

Oh, I have made up my mind. Just because someone wins an Oscar, doesn’t mean they’re a great actor.

Case in point:

Whoopi Goldberg for Ghost. Art Carney for Harry and Tonto. Disgraceful!

p.s. the year Carney won, he beat out Jack Nicholson in Chinatown!!



621. NCM - December 10, 2011

615. Keachick – rose pinenut – December 10, 2011

“I didn’t think that Star Trek was about cops in space.”

No, but close – cowboys in space. If I’m not mistaken, after the pilot, the studio (banking on the popularity of westerns, at the time) told Roddenberry to make it more like a western in space. I remember seeing that correlation even before hearing about the studio’s directive.

622. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - December 10, 2011

I think you got it backwards since you’ve found me, but sure K7, the more the merrier.

623. K-7 - December 10, 2011

@620. OK, I guess what you are saying is that we should all defer to your subjective opinion then on who is a good actor and who is not, as I’m not really sure how you are making these determinations other than just your own personal opinion, and I assume you are not a professional actor or director? So it seems like If an actor doesn’t past the “Ballz acting judgment call”, he’s ruled as either average or subpar?

And although I am not a huge fan of Del Toro either, I do acknowledge that his peers and many film experts and critics judge him as an A-list talent. And by being an A-lister, he would have brought more buzz to the movie then Ramirez or Molla.

624. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

K-7, no need to have such a nasty tone. We’re simply having a friendly debate/discussion. To each their own. Sheesh!

My main point, posted a while back here, was that, no, I don’t think much of Del Toro as an actor and I thought it was HILARIOUS that negotiations with him came to a halt over MONEY! I always think it’s friggin’ funny when some average actor wants more money than they’re worth. Paramount offered Del Toro a part in one of their tentpole franchise movies? That idiot should have BEGGED for the part and not priced himself out of the running!

625. K-7 - December 10, 2011

OK, no problem. Didn’t realize I was coming across nasty. Sorry

626. K-7 - December 10, 2011

Ballz, let’s say it is Khan as the villain. Who would you cast? And it has to be someone realistic who would take the part for not an astronomical salary.

627. Aurore - December 10, 2011

614. Harry Ballz – December 10, 2011
Too bad they have to cast average actors simply because they’re well known in some countries.

If you believe that this is what is really happening, then, perhaps you have the answer to a question you asked, recently :

811. Harry Ballz – November 12, 2011
Just trying to stimulate a dialogue, BGTF. I’d be interested to see what others here think would be good casting to attract foreign box-office. Any thoughts yourself?


PS : Yours was a very important question, in my opinion . Hence my remembering it.

628. NCM - December 10, 2011

@624: Harry, let’s hope you’re right, and that Del Toro comes to regret forsaking the opportunity!!

I thought the 2009 actors did a fantastic job, and was impressed that there were no weak players. Are they of the absolute highest caliber? Maybe not (neither were those we’ve loved best). But maybe Streep and Pacino couldn’t commit to three movies (and take themselves too seriously to play in a Trek film), and to keep this rebooted ship sailing, the crew had to sign people for multiple movies – so, they needed to sign actors who weren’t already in huge demand: considering this, I think the casting was exceptional.

Now, since Quinto and Pine are the ‘stars’ of the film series, I’m not sure what the ramifications would be of hiring a guest star and paying him significantly more than the guys who really bring the audience – Kirk and Spock.

Finally, I don’t want to see a face I’ve seen in a dozen films over a few decades. Nicholson’s a fine actor, but he’s Jack Nicholson (IMO) in everything he does. If he’s ever played a sound, sane, well adjusted person, I haven’t seen the film. Sure, he’d make a fine villain, but many of us wouldn’t get past viewing his scenes as Nicholson playing villain.

629. K-7 - December 10, 2011

NCM, I agree with everything you just said.

630. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

That’s okay, K-7! We’re all friends here! Good question about casting Khan. Let me mull that one over.

Aurore, come clean, you forget NOTHING! :>)

631. somethoughts - December 10, 2011



632. MJ - December 10, 2011

Semour Hiney and K-Y…whoops, I mean K-7…sounds like a great combination…throw in a six-pack and some Khandoms, and their all set! :-)) LOL

633. somethoughts - December 10, 2011


De Niro and Pachino would make excellent space gangsters.

If it was up to me, I would cast Donnie Yen to play Khan and have Jet Li and Tony Leung to play his body guards. Sammo Hung and Yuen Wo Ping to choreograph the martial art fight sequences in space, ala kill bill, matrix and ipman meets star wars/trek in glorious 3D.

634. somethoughts - December 10, 2011

Post-production took over 10 months in order to create the fight scenes in 3D, done painstakingly layer by layer, frame by frame by Menfond Electronic Art and over 100 digital artists. Yuen Wo Ping says that to shoot the 3D action scenes, two cameras had to be set up, and he tried to devise moves that aren’t too fanciful, such that the action could be seen distinctly, for maximum 3D visual impact.


635. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 10, 2011

I think Gene Roddenberry described Star Trek as being more like a “wagon train to the stars”. The network wanted Star Trek to be more like your average “cowboys and indians” style western, except that it all happens in outer space. That was in the early 60s. Perhaps, this time, we might get to actually see Star Trek’s original mission come to fruition – “…to seek out new life, new civilizations, to go boldly where no human has gone before!”

One can hope…

636. somethoughts - December 10, 2011

This but with a sci fi star trek twist


637. MJ - December 10, 2011

Bob Orci, if you are paying attention, I really hope you guys go the extra mile with the 3D and use the new 48FPS 3D that Peter Jackson in currently pioneering on the Hobbit movies. Theaters will have to install the upgrades to show this 3D by December of next year for the Hobbit films, so nearly all 3D theaters will be able to support this by the time Trek comes out in May 2013. Reference:


638. somethoughts - December 10, 2011


I agree, if we are to wait till May 2013 please use the latest and greatest. This is your chance to go down in cinema history as one of the bests.

639. somethoughts - December 10, 2011

One more :)


640. NCM - December 10, 2011

635. Keachick – rose pinenut – December 10, 2011

“…One can hope…”

Agreed. But I think Trek was always looking to be a bit of both – and that’s “my Trek:” Sometime adventure/action story with tense battle sequences; other times, a crew challenged to think their way out of an unusual box, or to re-evaluate their perspectives.

Roddenberry claimed to begrudgingly provide fight scenes, but ripped-shirt-bloodied-Kirk-going-Kato was as common as the phaser quick-draw, even if firing a phaser was an episode budget buster.

641. dmduncan - December 10, 2011

Bob, if you are reading this — a question I believe you actually CAN answer if you happen to know what it is: Is JJ’s mind is to shoot the sequel on video or film?

He shot RED on some shots in Super 8 but it appears to be primarily Kodak film. Like Spielberg, he seems to prefer film. Is that so?

642. somethoughts - December 10, 2011

re watched the 2009 Star Trek trailer, gets you pumped, screams epic.

Waiting for the day to quote, “The wait is over!” for the sequel

643. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

Here is my suggestion to play Khan. How about Mark Strong? He played the villain, Lord Blackwood, in the last Sherlock Holmes movie. He’s got great acting chops and has a formidable presence. He’s 47, the exact age Ricardo Montalban was in Space Seed.

644. dmduncan - December 10, 2011

643. Harry Ballz – December 10, 201l

Mark Strong was also my suggestion for the non Indian alternative. He’s a wonderful actor and nails every role I’ve seen him in.

And he could also play a Latino if that is an essential requirement. He was great as Blackwood, and the best thing about The Green Lantern was his charismatic portrayal of Sinestro.

645. boborci - December 10, 2011


646. MJ - December 10, 2011

With Strong playing another bad guy in the upcoming John Carter movie, one issue I have with him is the overexposure factor — “here is Mark Strong playing a baddie again.” Plus, like Ramierez, he seems too “thoughtful” for my tastes. I prefer a bit of the over-the-top quality that Ricardo M. brought to the table as the original Khan, and in my opinion, Del Toro and Molla provide that quality, whereas Ramirez and Strong are too cerebral for the role of Khan.

647. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 10, 2011

Of course, Ramirez might be great as the Trek villain because he may not be playing Khan… They say that Ramirez has scheduling problems so it might be Molla who gets the part after all. Someone said that it won’t be until Monday until a definitive answer by the director is given. Monday is only 4 hours away where I am, but I am going to have to wait another 24 hours or something until you guys in the north catch up…forever waiting for stragglers. Such is my life…sigh…;)

648. Harry Ballz - December 10, 2011

Khan, shman……I just want to see Mark Strong play a villain in a Star Trek movie!

649. Janice - December 11, 2011

And I just want to see Bruce Greenwood back as Pike in the ST sequel.

650. dmduncan - December 11, 2011

650. Harry Ballz – December 10, 2011

dmduncan, I didn’t know you had suggested Strong as well. Huh!

I knew we thought alike! :>)


Geez, Harry, you missed the 20 or so times I mentioned Mark Strong over the past year?

First off, I’m not convinced Khan is the villain here, but it really doesn’t matter with regard to Mark Strong. He CAN play Khan if they really don’t want to go the Indian actor route, and because he’s actually ITALIAN (Mark Strong is not his given name) he can also play a Latin if that is what they seem to be looking for, as it appears they are.

But if he WAS playing Khan then he would be playing Khan before the deterioration of his mental state in TWOK. He would be playing Khan at the top of his game, who was not nuts, but well composed, and charismatic.

There is nobody else I’ve seen yet who time after time does such a good job playing villains with such powerful presence. His performances make me believe the roles he is playing.

From from feeling oversaturated with Mark Strong as a villain, I am interested to see the new twist he gives to the next bad guy he plays. I want to see more Mark Strong villains, not less!

651. dmduncan - December 11, 2011

652. Keachick – rose pinenut – December 10, 2011

Ha! Oh I understand Bob’s answer. He knows the answer to the technical question and if he felt he could say, he would have. So even that is still secret.

652. dmduncan - December 11, 2011

from from = far from

653. somethoughts - December 11, 2011

I would like to see Anthony Hopkins as the Klingon Ruler, sorta like his performance in Silence of the Lambs mixed with his performance in Thor.

654. MJ - December 11, 2011

Mel Gibson would make a great Commodore Decker

655. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 11, 2011

#664 He would?

Now Anthony Hopkins could be good to get for any Star Trek movie. I suspect he would be able to nail any role he was given and he is an A-List actor.

656. MJ - December 11, 2011

@665. You should go back and watch Doomsday Machine again. An aging conflicted Commodore who loses it and has an obsessive dark side.

657. Basement Blogger - December 11, 2011

@ 664

Mel Gibson has the acting chops. But all those hateful comments about Jews, and blacks might hurt the box office.

By the way congratulations on being Mr. 666. Should we call an exorcist. I keed. I keed.

658. MJ - December 11, 2011

Yea, Gibson has some baggage, that is for sure.

659. MJ - December 11, 2011

How about Mark Strong playing V’ger?

660. dmduncan - December 11, 2011

Commodore Decker? David Morse fits.

661. MJ - December 11, 2011

Love David Morse.

662. dmduncan - December 11, 2011

Bruce Boxleitner would make a good Decker, as well.

663. Harry Ballz - December 11, 2011

David Morse is a fine actor. Call me nostalgic, but Tom Hanks (being a Trekkie) would be an interesting choice.

664. MJ - December 11, 2011

Tom Hanks would make a good Harry Mudd.

665. Borgminister - December 12, 2011

Not sure Tom Hanks would want to serve as comic relief for a Star Trek movie though…

666. flywithsean - December 12, 2011

I have said it once I will say it a thousand times. They burned the best possible actor for Khan when they cast him as Captain Robau. Faran Tahir is a perfect bad ass for the character of Khan, and oh yeah he is Indian like he is supposed to be. Just because a person of latin descent played him in the 60s because they couldnt get an Indian actor, doesn’t mean in this day and age there aren’t plenty of real Indian actors available. It would almost be as bad as having a Scottish man with a Scottish accent playing a Russian sub captain. I mean who would do that? Oh wait. I still love that movie. Shit, what was my point then. Well at least Scotty is a true Scot now.

667. MJ - December 12, 2011

@677. Good point regarding Robau as a good choice for Khan. Don’t agree though that whoever plays Khan has to be Indian. It’s a made up character in a made up future…it’s NOT like needing and Indian actor to play Gandhi here…come on. :-)

668. Red Dead Ryan - December 12, 2011

I think if a movie is based on a real person, especially if that person is black, Indian, Native American, non-white etc., then the producers SHOULD absolutely cast someone who fits the ethnic discription. I think the multi-racial talent pool is expanding, and Hollywood should acknowledge that.

And yeah, I know Ben Kingsley, white actor, played Ghandi. But that was like a thousand years ago. I’d like to think things have changed alot since then. :-)

On the other hand, Khan is an entirely fictional character from an entirely fictional source. In that case, it should be about finding the best actor available who has the physique and mannerisms of the character.

Anyway, speaking of Simon Pegg, I watched “Paul” yesterday for the third time. Charming film with lots of heart. Pegg was good in it. There were references to the TOS episode “Arena” which was played on a tv at the convention during the beginning of the movie, and Pegg’s character had a Gorn mask, which he wore when play-fighting with his friend at Vasquez Rocks.

There was also a Deep Space Nine model sitting in the comic shop seen later in the film.

669. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 12, 2011

I cant wait till they finish and i get to watch another moive 10 times in theaters!!

670. NCM - December 12, 2011

Agh! I do not care to see Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, or Heaven help us, Maladjusted Gibson in a Trek movie. These guys have been in so many films, with many fine results, no doubt, but Gods! Thought people wanted something NEW in this Trek.

671. dmduncan - December 12, 2011

Well, there’s a good reason why Ben Kingsley fit the role of Ghandi. Apart from the resemblance, Kingsley was born Krishna Pandit Bhanji. Don’t be fooled by the names people end up with!

672. Anthony Pascale - December 13, 2011


A reminder that spoofing another persons name is an instaban offense

673. dmduncan - December 13, 2011

671. Anthony Pascale – December 13, 2011

As it should be.

674. Total_Trekkie2 - December 13, 2011

I’m praying to the Prophets! No Khaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

675. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 13, 2011

#669 This is in response to some people thinking that the producers need to get A-List actors to be in the sequel, to attract more film goers, especially among international audiences.

As far as I am concerned, this Star Trek film series already has a star or two, called Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

676. Bob Tompkins - December 13, 2011

I guess Javier Bardem must not be available… he would be the perfect choice for Khan…

677. Bob Tompkins - December 13, 2011

Don’t suppose they wanted an Hispanic Harry Mudd, now do you?LOL ;)

678. Bob Tompkins - December 14, 2011

No Javier Bardem- he’s James Bond’s nemesis in Skyfall, filming at the same time for an OCTOBER 2012 release.

679. Friend or Foe - December 18, 2011

Casting a Latino for Kahn is just as worse as casting an White-American for Uhuru.

Get with the times.

680. lulzwut - December 20, 2011

Klingon.Commander Kor?

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