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Leonard Nimoy To Visit Star Trek Sequel Set January 26, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Nimoy,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Leonard Nimoy is headed back to the set of a Star Trek movie – but this time he is coming as a visitor. Today the original Spock actor tweeted about his plans for a trip to the set of JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel, currently in production. Details below.


Nimoy to return to the Star Trek set (for a visit)

Today Leonard Nimoy sent out the following tweet about visiting the set of the Star Trek movie.

This is actually not Nimoy’s first tweet about the film, last week he sent out the following after the official announcement of the production start.

It is certain the cast and crew will be delighted to see Mr. Nimoy again after working with him on the 2009 Star Trek movie where his Spock helped tie together the original "prime" universe with the new movie universe.

Leonard Nimoy in 2009 "Star Trek" – report says he and his fellow original series stars will not be seen in the sequel



Star Trek set popular spot for a visit

Even though JJ Abrams famously runs a tight ship to maintain secrecy, there still have been a good number of high profile set visits to his last Star Trek production. The 2009 Star Trek film saw set visits from Trek vets Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Majel Barrett Roddenberry and Jonathan Frakes. Before production started director JJ Abrams also had lunch with William Shatner and George Takei. Other Hollywood luminaries also dropped by the set, including Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg.



1. The Great Bird of the Galaxy lives! - January 26, 2012

Awesome- I hope he brings the ‘feel’ back to the set.

2. jas_montreal - January 26, 2012


Wink your eye if Khan is in the sequel.

3. BoltBait - January 26, 2012

Hope they sneak him into the background of a scene. :)

4. Craiger - January 26, 2012

That would be cool if Kirk did fight a Gorn and Michael Giacchino could do a updated Da, Da, Da Da, Da Da fight music.

5. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 26, 2012

Oh how I would love to see it ……

And the inevitable question …. will be invited Mr. Shatner, too?………

:-) ;-)

6. PEB - January 26, 2012

It’ll be nice to have him around to kinda give his blessing.

7. jesustrek - January 26, 2012

Yeahhhhhhh please return Spock Prime…Orci comfirm the appearance in the movie.

8. Anthony Pascale - January 26, 2012

RE: Nimoy in background

That would be a kind of funny easter egg. Maybe he could be a red shirt!

9. Soonerdew - January 26, 2012

@8 Priceless idea, Anthony

10. RoobyDoo - January 26, 2012

Also, Giacchino tweeted that he is going to visit the set today.

11. Moonwatcher - January 26, 2012

Just got the sad news of Dick Tufeld’s death. I know he was on a rival network and series at the time but as his human sidekick would say, “Oh the pain!”

12. Trek Lover - January 26, 2012

Do I smell “Cameo”??

13. Craiger - January 26, 2012

Will Spock’s father be in the sequel? Maybe old Spock could meet his Father in the sequel this time since his Father just caught a glimpse of him last time.

14. Capt Crash - January 26, 2012

It is nice that LN was invited to the set, but you know his presence will be blown all out of proportion with rumors and speculation that he is now in the movie!!!!!!

15. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - January 26, 2012

Perhaps, if they were filming a crowd for some reason, they could stick him in there. Or he could be one of the Vulcan elders.

Plz, Mr. Nimoy? \\//

16. Sebastian S. - January 26, 2012

I think it’d be great if he were in a background shot… even in full Spock makeup. The Spock-prime character still exists. I think it’d be a nice wink to the fans.

But of course, I certainly wouldn’t blame Nimoy for not wanting to endure the makeup for the sake of being a glorified extra…

17. Baroner - January 26, 2012

Put Shatner in this movie before he dies! Avoid the disgrace of rejuvenating Star Trek but leaving the legend out of it!

(I can’t help it)

18. USS Enterprise C - January 26, 2012

I agree, make Nimoy an easter egg in the movie! Bob, are you listening? Great opportunity here…

19. punkspocker - January 26, 2012

My easter egg wish- Shatner in drag!

20. Factchecker - January 26, 2012

I can only hope his ‘visit’ requires wardrobe and make-up…


21. In The Know - January 26, 2012

You know Spocks grandfather has never been addressed.

22. T'Leba - January 26, 2012

So glad, Mr. Nimoy was invited! How wonderful! I’d be even happier if he was in the movie, even for a cameo.

23. Commdore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 26, 2012

I would not be surprised if Nimoy would do a brief scene in the new Trek as Prime Spock. I hope that happens. I know Bob Orci will never reveal that.

24. Commdore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 26, 2012

Hey Anthony Pascale . Heard anything from Bob Orci about using your name in the new Trek Movie.

25. Commdore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 26, 2012

Hey Anthony. last year on a thred bob Asked this.

An array? A dish? – Orci asks fans a deflector question

TrekMovie contacted Orci and asked if there is any feedback the team would like fan feedback on right now. Bob sent in the following query:

What would the general consensus be on the proper name for the main deflector dish?

That is an interesting question. The dish seen on all Starfleet ships through Star Trek history has been referred to by many names, including “navigational deflector”, “deflector dish”, “deflector array”, and “nav deflector”.

Here is the Link to that Thred.


26. Trekker5 - January 26, 2012

Awesome!! :) I agree that having Niomy in the background would be one of the best gifts ever for us in this movie!! :) Or a pic of Nimoy with some of the cast would be nice too,pretty please?!! :)

27. Tom - January 26, 2012

#17 Baroner

I agree with you 100%! Hopefully the will invite him to the set!!

28. VZX - January 26, 2012

12. No, that’s not what I smell.

29. VZX - January 26, 2012

Dang. Is it wrong to be jealous of Leonard Nimoy? I mean, the guy deserves it and all, but I’m still jealous.

I know any one of us would love to have an invitation like that.

30. Tom - January 26, 2012


Get Bill and Leonard together for an easter egg scene. Post credit scene or dvd special. How about the hologram scene?? Sure that can work too.
Especially if it is a known villian. Some dialogue could be added about the villian in the birthday message. Would have been one of the best scenes of the 2009 movie

31. VZX - January 26, 2012

24: They could easily use his name as the unit for pressure, since it already is Pascals. They could have someone say: “The pressure’s at 10 mega-Pascales!” or something.

You see what I did? The unit of pressure is spelled Pascal, but they could put that extra “e” on the end of the word in the script in honor of our very own Anthony Pascale! It’s a win-win!

32. Baroner - January 26, 2012

Tom – right on, brother. Come on Bob, Shatner is the originator of the greatest character ever conceived. No knock on Nimoy or Spock, but come on – we’re talking about JAMES T. KIRK here! How can we allow Star Trek to be reborn in such a sensationally fantastic way, and not include Shatner in it one more time before he croaks??? That’s just wrong, especially after Kirk’s absolutely LUDICROUS death in that movie that shall never again be mentioned by name. This is an injustice in the ST universe that must be righted, and you have the power to do so!

33. DeShonn Steinblatt - January 26, 2012


Do you have any idea how much that would cost?

34. I'm Dead Jim! - January 26, 2012

I hope someone tweets a photo of two of Nimoy’s set visit. Pleeeeeez!

35. Bringbacktrekagain! - January 26, 2012

They truly need to add the ‘lost scene’ from the previous movie, as a bonus feature…(The scene with Kirks message to Spock).

36. Bringbacktrekagain! - January 26, 2012

Oh almost forgot…in a ‘whimsical’ way they could have Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, and Kirk cameo as their aging selves, from that TOS episode where the commodore takes command and enter’s Romulan space…I forgot the name already…..

37. Commodore Adams - January 26, 2012

@18. USS Enterprise C

Ha! Your name just reminded me that I watched that episode tonight, “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Captain Garrett and the Enterprise C come into the future and change everything.

Its funny….how many similarities are taken from that episode and used in the 2009 movie.

A) A hole in space type phenomenon. (Same as the movie)
B) A ship comes through and everything instantly changes. (Same as the movie)
C) At first only one person is is aware of it Guinan (Spock in the movie)

I laugh when people complained about the new movie in 2009 when its like “Uh, they did it in Yesterday’s Enterprise.”

38. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - January 26, 2012

36 a retelling of “The Dying Years” has been suggested numerous times on these boards, in fact i was the first one that i know of on here to suggest that as a way to get shatner back for the new moviea few years back , even though kirk died in generataions.

39. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - January 26, 2012

oh my i must be more tired than I thought, I cant believe i said the Dying Years” i meant the Deadly Years

40. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 26, 2012

Oh JJ (as if you read this, but on the off chance…), when Mr. Nimoy comes, it would be nice to see if he’d agree to having some of his visit filmed as a part of the behind the scenes footage for the DVD extras. Even an interview with him and Zachary sitting down and asking each other questions about their experiences would be great. It could end with Nimoy giving Zachary any advice that comes to mind. Wouldn’t hurt if you were included in part of it too, like as the host of the behind the scenes. There really couldn’t be a better person. :-)

All the best.

41. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - January 27, 2012

Get Shatner in ST12 so we can kill him again to make up for Generations.


42. Khan was Framed! - January 27, 2012

My iphone autocorrected the word “enjoy” to “Nimoy” the other day.

Apparently, I’m such a geek that it’s more likely that I would text about Leonard Nimoy than enjoy anything.


Anyway, I think it’s great that he’s popping by the set. I met Mr. Nimoy 2 years ago at the Vancouver con, he was amazing.

If he’s doing a cameo, I vote for one of the computer voices. A nice tie in to Search for Spock.

And Bob, please tell me that Carol Marcus is in this.

43. BeatleJWOL - January 27, 2012


You are the MAN, man. I had the same thought about a month or so ago.

44. Basement Blogger - January 27, 2012

Hey, put Leonard in the movie. Some of us were upset with the destruction of Vulcan. So maybe they could write a scene where Spock meets up with Spock Prime on the new Vulcan colony. I always thought some of the best parts of the 2009 film were the Vulcan scenes.

45. Jack - January 27, 2012

33. Thank you. Whenever that gets suggested on here (or putting the scene in a theatrical re-release of Trek ’09, with the thinking that people will flock to theatres to see that scene), I think the same thing.

Nice sentiment, though.

46. Admiral_Bumblebee - January 27, 2012

Prime Spock cannot be in the movie. The new movie is (also) for those people whi have never seen a Star Trek movie before. So they would be confused to see two Spocks. Therefore Nimoy cannot play Prime Spock again.

47. beth - January 27, 2012

Typo time: Visitors included Majel Barrett Roddenberry? I mean, know this is science fiction, but really????

48. captain_neill - January 27, 2012

Well Nimoy is and always will be Spock to me. Quinto was good but to me Nimoy was Spock. Although it would be great to see the real Spock again, I do think the new movie needs to move on with its own cast. The new cast need their own, even though I will prefer the original version no matter what I can still enjoy watching these new ones, even if Pegg was not Scotty and maybe Saldana made Uhura a bit too bitchy in a few scenes.

Let’s also hope these guys don’t destroy any more iconic Trek planets this time, I also hated Vulcan being destroyed in the last movie but its a parallel universe that is separate from the Trek we grew up loving.

Also why is the Khan debate going on. I mean I thought with a british actor like Benedict Cumberbatch cat then it would dispel the Khan rumours once and for all.

At least i

49. Tom - January 27, 2012

@33 DeShonn Steinblatt

Don”t know what it would cost. Lets find out. You dont think they have the budget for it?

50. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 27, 2012

#47 Yes, Majel Barrett Roddenberry was the computer voice for the Star Trek 09 movie, so I guess she must have been one of the “visitors” to the set. She died on 18 December 2008. They had already finished filming the movie by then.

51. Aurore - January 27, 2012

“Even an interview with him and Zachary sitting down and asking each other questions about their experiences would be great.”


On a related note, you probably heard of the conversation Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy had at the Hammer Museum, several weeks ago .

If not, you can find it on You Tube, in 6 parts.

Should you be interested in watching it, here are parts 1& 2 :



52. Trekker5 - January 27, 2012

#51,Aurore,hi!! :) And thanks for posting this!! I will now go watch all 6 parts as my heart beats wildly in my chest for both Spocks!! :)

53. NoSeth - January 27, 2012

People would not be confused about Spock Prime. Anyone who is, is too dumb to cater to, and is not worth worry about. That said, a quick cameo by Spock Prime, even one that says he is returning to his own universe now that Vulcan is back on track, would be very welcome.

54. Andrews - January 27, 2012

Ew, keep Shatner’s unctuous, overinflated, gross ego out of my shiny, gorgeous new Star Trek. Insert old footage of him in via computer technology, if you must. That will have the added bonus of infuriating him.

But mostly, keep TOS, TOS, and AOS AOS, please.

55. Phil - January 27, 2012

@49. Probably 5 million just to get Shatner on the property. And that’s assuming he would do it….sheesh, can’t believe this conversation it’s ugly head…again.

56. Jason P Hunt - SciFi4Me.com - January 27, 2012

@37 – Except at the end of “Yesterday’s Enterprise” they put everything BACK the way it was. Which is not what happened in the dreck of JJTrek.

57. Buzz Cagney - January 27, 2012

How about they have a Older Self Day in the JJ verse like we have Mothers and Fathers days.
A perfect excuse for the two Spock’s to get together. I feel an opening scene coming on.
‘oh, how nice of me to call on me’
‘Oh, you know I wouldn’t forget me on Older Self Day’
‘Ah, I really am too kind. I even surprise myself at how thoughtful I can be’

58. Hat Rick - January 27, 2012

I certainly hope the production of the sequel meets with Mr. Nimoy’s approval, and it would be interesting to know what he thinks of his visit after the event.

Somehow, I feel confident that Abrams and the rest will do their best in this movie and I have every hope that it will deserve a place of high honor in the pantheon of Trek movies.

After about a half-century of Trek, there is no excuse for any form of mediocrity, as far as I’m concerned.

59. Sebastian S. - January 27, 2012


Personally? I was glad to see the reset button destroyed. One of the most dramatically frustrating things about post TOS Star Trek was the way it would set up terrific drama and conflict, only to have it be a dream, an illusion or alternate something-or-another that didn’t ‘really’ happen within the show. It was always ‘made right’ at the end of the hour for viewer protection…

No offense to any Vulcans reading this thread (hee hee), but I say LEAVE Vulcan destroyed. No more ‘reset button’ fake-outs, either. No need to make everything cozy and clean by the end of the hour anymore; these are movies, not episodes of Voyager.

IMO, Vulcan’s destruction was one of the most dramatically bold choices of the ST franchise and it’ll automatically make the surviving Vulcans that much more interesting in the new timeline, as they are now members of an endangered race…

As for Nimoy? A walk on would be nice, but in no way mandatory for the success of the new movie. Let the training wheels come off for good now. This is the new cast’s movie; let them shine!

60. Tony Whitehead - January 27, 2012

Too bad Shatner died in a Priceline bus. Last words. . .”It was. . .fun.”

61. Red Dead Ryan - January 27, 2012


Even in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, after the timeline was restored, some changes occured. Most notably, the alt-Tasha Yar giving birth to Sela after the Enterprise C went back in time.

One could argue, that at the end of the episode, the timeline was never truly fixed, and what we got was a new one, slightly different from the one that led up to the episode.

62. Commdore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 27, 2012

#61. Very True. Tasha Yar was taken prisoner and made a concubine and had a Daughter names Sela. Guinan also new that there was a change when she told Picard that he was the reason that Sela was Tasha’s Daughter and that he sent here there on the Enterprise C even though it was from another Timeline. .

63. Commdore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 27, 2012

From City on the Edge of Forever to Tomorrow is Testerday to Assignment Eath to Trek 4 the Voyage Home to Yesterday’s Enterprise to First Contact and others. Who is to know what the real timeline is like.

64. lostrod - January 27, 2012

#49 and #55

Once again, folks are making assumptions about what Mr. Shatner would or would not do. No one here knows what compensation the actor would want for a cameo.

The guy got flack for not doing the holygram cameo written for him in the last movie – even though Mr. Orci and others have stated it was never even offered to him.

Only way to find out if Mr. Shatner would do and how much (if any) he would charge is to actually make him an offer.


65. Lt. Bailey - January 27, 2012

Perhaps he will get in the film at some point with his visit. It would be nice to see the others stars get a chance to “visit” the set as well, yes, including Shanter.

66. Aashlee - January 27, 2012

Folks, let the characters of the ST2009 universe make *their* own adventures. The AOS ship has left the TOS port, thrusters on full, for crying out loud!

No Kahn. No Shatner cameo. No Nimoy cameo. It’s time for the franchise to grow up. Let this fledgling leave the nest! Let it “explore news worlds and new civilizations” and “go where no one has gone before.”

Thank you.

[Stepping off my soapbox.]

Returning to the original topic of this thread: It’s nice of Mr. Nimoy to pay the AOS crew a visit. I’m sure that they appreciate his support. :-)

67. Aashlee - January 27, 2012

Uh, not “news worlds” but “new worlds” (strange or not).

We now return to our regular programming.

68. Hat Rick - January 27, 2012

60, technically, it was only the Priceline Negotiator who died.

So there’s still hope.


69. Jack - January 27, 2012

59. Yes! Exactly.

What’s the point of any story if it can all be returned back to the way it was before it started, with no repercussions, in the end?

People point to City on the Edge of Forever as a model, but that episode wasn’t about the fixing of the timeline, ultimately, it was about having to make a horrible sacrifice for the greater good…

And people say Star Trek isn’t fantasy — but they want tales where everyone lives happily ever after.

70. Greenberg - January 27, 2012

It’ll be weird for him and Benedict, being the only actual actors on set.

71. Greenberg - January 27, 2012

The only reason I was wary about them blowing up Vulcan is that it really isn’t just another planet you can blow up without repercussions. Vulcans are supposed to be somewhat psychic and into mysticism and spirituality (of a very logical bent, mind you) and with their planet gone, there goes their galactic compass.
At least, that’s what’ll happen if the writers pay the least attention to Star Trek lore. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t cop out, ie. it’s okay, Tuvok just had to visit the Holodeck to solve his Vulcan Problem…

72. Jack - January 27, 2012

44. We’re supposed to feel upset about the destruction of Vulcan.

It’s genocide. It’s supposed to be upsetting, to say the least.

I worry that the film dealt a little too lightly with it – as in, yeah, it’s shitty, but let’s have a feel-good-resolution and a brand new adventure! Would newKirk have let Kirkprime deal with the refugees while nk goes off on a new enterprise adventure if Earth had been destroyed? I dunno.

71. There goes whose galactic compass? The remaining Vulcans’, or the federation’s?

73. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 27, 2012

@#51 Aurore

Thank you. I heard about it, didn’t have the time to watch it, and then forgot about it :-/, but I’ll see it now that you’ve posted the link. :-)

74. AJ - January 27, 2012



I take the ‘Immunity Syndrome’ view of Vulcan’s destruction,i.e. Spock Prime’s view from DV was a psychic phenomenon related to 6b Vulcan katras simply winking out. The weight is clearly visible as Nimoy acts it.

Don’t forget, Nero was off to destroy Earth, so the film had to shift focus quickly and get to that point where Kirk and Spock create their bond.

The story of the rebuilding of the Vulcan race is certainly a by-product of ST09 which is rich in its potential for more good Star Trek. The Klingons have an axe to grind, and those 23rd century Romulans may have a role to play as well.

75. Tom - January 27, 2012

#64 lostrod

They should have asked last time. It is not going to happen. But what are they waiting for??

76. Tom - January 27, 2012

#55 Phil

Sorry to bring it up again but for me it beats brewery talk

77. captain_neill - January 27, 2012


As far as I am concerned the Abrams movie is entirely a new universe.

78. captain_neill - January 27, 2012


It was a brave choice but it was a choice that I was not happy that they did.

But the film is separate canon from the rest of Trek.

79. Jack - January 27, 2012

74. Yeah, I mostly agree — i guess I wanted a shot where the momentum stops, just for a second and we see our crew in shock. They’ve seen it all, sure (or will see it all) but the death of billions and the loss of a world?

But yeah, I agree with you about Spock feelng it in some non-Force-like way — although it’s mostly speculative here and isn’t onscreen (other than the view of Vulcan from Delta Vega [2?] which they said later was a representation) Nimoy played it well. I just didn’t get the sense that anyone else (other than the few Vulcans) was horrified by the loss (heck, look at the reaction worldwide to 9/11) and terrified for Earth. Yep, they had a job to do, but I’m talkin’ one lousy reaction shot ;). Maybe they’re cliches but, heck, it’s armageddon. The story went the way it did because that’s how they needed the film to work (Kirk is the only person who questions the orders not to try to stop Nero). I wouldn’t have minded even a few Superman-style shots of what was happening on Vulcan as the craziness happened.

Instead, it felt like there was the log entry and not much else.

Neil, were you unhappy with the way it was done or just that they messed with the status quo, eliminating Vulcan from future movies?

80. Charla - January 27, 2012

Classy!! I love how JJ and team welcome the veterans for a visit to the set. What a honor for all involved! : )

81. NCM - January 27, 2012

Like so many others, I love LN, but if he were to appear again, it would undermine the power of his presence in the send off film, and possibly that of the actors sailing this ship into the future. Thrusters on full, indeed, and without the beloved old Samsonites.

82. dmduncan - January 28, 2012

64. lostrod – January 27, 2012

Bingo. You seriously look at your budget and what you can afford to pay the man, and then you go into a negotiation with Shatner with your top number in mind, and then you…NEGOTIATE to see if you can get him for that price!

You make sure he understands that, iconic figure of not, if he prices himself out side of what you are willing to pay, then his final chance of being in a Star Trek movie is probably gone.

If it doesn’t work, so be it, but now at least you can say you TRIED!!!

And you can playfully toss stuff at him like, “Bill, do you really want your last Star trek appearance to be the crappy way you died in Generations? Do you realize how poorly you fans regard your send off in that movie?”

Something like that. There have to be other reasons for Shatner to d it other than money, and looky looky, we don’t see Shatner all over the place because he’s getting paid billions for every miniscule comedic instance where he shows his face, so it obviously ISN’T all about the money to him. He WANTS to be seen, he WANTS to get out there. Those are things he wants too, not just the money.

83. dmduncan - January 28, 2012

I mean, the man is RICH. You have to have other reasons to do the things Shatner is doing than merely to ring the cash register. The man is a PERFORMER, and I daresay that given all the money he already has, the experience of still working at his age is probably extremely important to him.

84. Hat Rick - January 28, 2012

I think it would be hoot to have both LN and WS appear in the next Star Trek movie, but not in character. As themselves, somehow.

Remember — in this timeline, things are different. There could be actors who are dead ringers for Kirk Prime and Spock Prime. They could play Kirk Prime and Spock Prime as a matter of subterfuge to convince nuKirk or nuSpock that they’ve stumbled upon the old timeline once again.

Picture this: A Romulan agent desires the foreknowledge that Spock Prime has already conveyed to nuKirk. NuKirk encounters, apparently by chance, “Kirk Prime,” who tells him that he’s on a mission to save the universe once again by restoring the old timeline. “Spock Prime” coincidentally appears, recognizing his old friend, and the two strike up a conversation designed to extract information from nuKirk.

LN as an actor playing the part of Spock Prime. WS as an actor playing the part of Kirk Prime. Within the logic of the movie itself.

It’s be brilliant.

Expensive, but brilliant.

85. Iva - January 28, 2012

Damn, Rick, you take an idea and run away with it…. :D

86. Ziro - January 28, 2012

any pictures of those set visits on the first film? Anna Torv also visited

87. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 28, 2012

No point me being on the Star Trek set right now as the fine Pine/Kirk is supposed to be in London now promoting This Means War. I would love to visit London again…

I am uncertain as to whether This Means War movie still has a MPAA rating of R or whether the MPAA have given the movie a PG-13 rating yet. Apparently the R rating has to do with some explicit and lewd sex jokes told by *Chelsea Handler’s character and it seems that if Fox delete those pieces of dialogue, then the film may receive a PG-13 rating. I don’t know how bad the jokes, but some people who have seen the movie through test screenings don’t think they are that bad – she uses the word ‘d*ck’ a couple of times or something.

The UK Classifications Board (Act of Parliament, like here in NZ) have given the movie, as is without jokes being deleted, a 12A rating, which is slightly more restrictive than a PG-13. I suspect that the movie in NZ will receive a M-rating, mostly because of its violence and for some of the lewd language. This Means War is still PBC on the NZ cinemas’ websites, ie no classifications rating given yet.

* In one of the trailers, Chris Pine’s characters refers to Chelsea’s character as an “old woman”…:) It seems that she is an “old woman” who not only has a loud mouth, but a smutty one as well.

88. Hat Rick - January 29, 2012

85 (Iva), that’s me all right. I’m a regular world-class sprinter when it comes to that! ;-)

89. Irving Schlitz - January 29, 2012

#61 Red Dead Ryan ……….You sound like Sheldon from ” The Big Bang Theory “

90. Baroner - January 29, 2012

Get Shatner in this movie somehow.

91. Hermioni - January 29, 2012

Yet another attempt to get this “post of doom” through the website´s all too capricious filters, ;-) :

What i find most intriguing about the Abrams-team approach to their version of Star Trek is how strongly and on how many different levels they rely on the various concepts of Transmedia Storytelling Theory. Indeed, I feel tempted to read the whole endeavor as a textbook example of those principles and as a field study on their validity and viability.
For example, one of the most basic formulas of Transmedia Storytelling revolves around a narrational strategy that transports substantial, often closely related, but not directly inter-dependent portions of one story over a variety of different media formats. Therefore, the approach to create a separate, but closely linked, narrative space of existence for the Prime versions of the TOS characters, for example in the form of a “companion” movie/short-form piece co-released on DVD/Blu-ray or over some HULU/NETFLIX-like Internet delivery platform, does seem feasible, at least theoretically.

Such a project would certainly represent an interesting continuation/expansion of what has already been accomplished with regard to the first new film in the form of the various comic books (Countdown, When Worlds Collide, Nero, Spock: Reflections) that carry supplemental story-lines for the movie´s main narrative. Of course, the realization of this idea would require the allocation of a substantial amount of manpower and financial resources (provided by the new feature´s marketing budget perhaps?) and might therefore not be considered viable. But on a purely narrational level, i do see some very interesting possibilities.

One intriguing aspect of storytelling in such a space could be the chance to preserve a crucial element of character building that sets apart Star Trek from many other US TV- and movie narratives. Due probably more to circumstance rather than to deliberate planning, the TOS characters, over time, have been allowed not only to grow and mature, but to truly age as well. Placing these long established, old(er) protagonists continuously at the center of the narrative, rather than reducing them to supporting mentor figures, or replacing them altogether by other, younger characters, has introduced a rather unique temporal dimension into the fictional world of Star Trek. This story trait represents a distinct feature of the TOS portion of the franchise and remains missing from most of the other prominent American pop-cultural narratives whose hero characters often do exist, and quite deliberately so, in an almost perpetual state of a nondescript here and now.

The narrational space created by an adjunct movie could also be used by the new team of writers to explore how their personal version of a more traditional form of Star Trek storytelling might look like, i.ex. with regard to a slower paced narrative, a less streamlined plot, or the usage of metaphorical story motives and trademark tropes, such as the non-villainous adversary. Of course, I cannot simply infer any interest on the part of Mr. Abrams et al. to truly revisit those elements of the Prime-verse, but if I interpret Mr. Orci´s and Mr. Kurtzman´s audio commentary analysis of the STAR TREK IV narrative correctly, they are indeed completely aware of the inner workings of the previously practiced methods of Star Trek storytelling, and they also seem to show a certain amount of appreciation for them.

92. captain conners enterprise B - January 30, 2012

Remember also the final episode of star trek voyager. in which captain janeway’s future self an admiral came to meet her younger self and change history.

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