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New Images Of Karl Urban In “Dredd” February 7, 2012

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Before we see Karl Urban return to the big screen as Dr. McCoy in the 2013 Star Trek sequel, the actor will be taking on another iconic sci-fi role…Judge Dredd. Some new images for the film have been released, check them out below.


Judge Karl

Karl Urban stars as Judge Dredd in the comic book adaptation due in theaters September 21st, 2012. Here are the latest images (via @JDMN_updates and KarlUrbanWiki).

Karl Urban in "Dredd"

Karl Urban in "Dredd"

Olivia Thirlby and Karl Urban in "Dredd"




1. Scooter - February 7, 2012


2. Chris Doohan - February 7, 2012

Oh my.

3. rm10019 - February 7, 2012

I just don’t know…

4. Desstruxion - February 7, 2012

Looks cool. Didn’t see the Stallone “Dredd” flick. Just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ll probably see this one though.

5. FlyingWok - February 7, 2012

In the second photo, the helmet makes the rest of his body look incredibly tiny.

6. rm10019 - February 7, 2012

Urban is a very good actor, I just don’t know if he can assert his presence from under that helmet for the whole film.

Best thing about this film may be Urban doing the press junket in September so he can be asked Trek questions.

7. Deflector Dish Guy - February 7, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Stallone’s Dredd… it was a “terrible” movie, but there was just something about it I liked. A cult favorite, I suppose. But this… this looks BADASS!! #excite

8. Deflector Dish Guy - February 7, 2012

Can any of you imagine D. Kelley doing something like this during Trek’s downtime? lol. Something amusing to ponder today.

9. MONGO - February 7, 2012

Mongo want to know how Urban mans keep from going cross-eyed from look through helmet?

10. Caesar - February 7, 2012


*gasps for air*


*gasps for air*…

11. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 7, 2012

Hmmmm …. I want Bones…. WOW… Olivia Thirlby looks so different, too…

;-) :-)

12. AJ - February 7, 2012

How can we be SURE that’s Karl Urban?

His uniform reminds me of Leslie Nielsen covered by the condom in “Naked Gun.”

13. James - February 7, 2012

In the third pic he looks like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs.

14. Daoud - February 7, 2012

As long as Rob Schneider doesn’t turn up, it should work out well.
Someone said there’s a fan-‘edited’ version out there of Stallone’s Dredd that removed as much as possible of Schneider? I hear it makes a big improvement.

15. MJ - February 7, 2012


16. Hugh Hoyland - February 7, 2012

I must be one of the few that actually liked Stallones Judge, oh well. I’ll watch this one sometime. A because I like the script B because Urbans in it. And C it looks good.

17. DeBeckster - February 7, 2012

But does he get to say, “I am the law!”?

18. CJS - February 7, 2012

Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not the law. No, wait, I am the LAW!

19. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - February 7, 2012

It seems that no one here noticed what was written on the jacket in the first picture – KARLURBANKIWI. Nice one, Karl! You go make us kiwis here downunder proud!

I hope there is some great Bones/McCoy dialogue/action for Karl to do in the next Star Trek film.

Are you getting this, Bob?
Good man.

I don’t know if I wlll bother with Judge Dredd. Never been into those sorts of comics – looks too violent, dark and a little stupid as well. Don’t like the helmet and it seems almost sacrilege to cover Karl’s nice looking face like that. It is likely that I will hire it on DVD when released later just to satisfy my curiosity. Of course, I could be pleasantly surprised. You never know…

I liked the movie Red and Karl was really good in that.

20. Commodore Adams - February 7, 2012

I loved the original Judge Dredd movie as a kid but for the life of me, I just can’t watch it anymore, its terrible. I am hoping this new movie with Urban will deliver.

21. dmduncan - February 7, 2012

I think anyone would look ridiculous in that helmet.

22. Mee - February 7, 2012


He looks like Juggernaut from an X men cartoon.

Or maybe on of those lego people…. or wooden weebles.


And he looks so serious… HAHAHHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHHA

23. workforkirk - February 7, 2012

Honestly, I hate that MASSIVE Helmet!
I think Darth Helmet’s helmet was smaller!

I actually liked the stallone film, tragedy!

24. VERG - February 7, 2012


25. CmdrR - February 7, 2012

8 – You’re absolutely right. De waited until 1972 to come out with this jaw-droppingly goofy “horror” flick:

26. VulcanFilmCritic - February 7, 2012

To utilize Star Wars teminology, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

27. Mantastic - February 7, 2012

The first thing that came to mind looking at pic #3 was the box art to Megaman 1 on the NES. The helmet just looks wrong on his head.

28. Canadianknight - February 7, 2012

I’m cautiously optimistic. It couldn’t be worse than the Stallone flick.

So long as Rob Schneider is MILES away from the set, I’ll likely see it.

29. Nony - February 7, 2012

Well, he’s got the scowl right.

And that’s probably about the size a helmet should be if it’s got some good protective padding, yeah? It ain’t a fascinator, people.

30. Trekker5 - February 7, 2012

Looks cool! Will I go see it…..?

31. Red Dead Ryan - February 7, 2012

This looks like a “G.I Joe” movie……if was directed by Uwe Boll in the ’80’s!


32. Red Dead Ryan - February 7, 2012

“Judge Dredd” will be the movie to “dread” in 2012!

33. Pensive's Wetness - February 7, 2012

I dunno… Stallone could have done a better ‘Judge Dread’ had better hands had been on the helm… and not retards, as the results of the movie. Plus no Anthrax music as the theme…

the pics that i see of this new movie? I dunno. Wait & see… when is this coming out?

34. Pensive's Wetness - February 7, 2012

though if they are pushing this for Sept then already they know it’s weak, Conan~weak… or am i looking at this wrong and Sept is considered sucky movie time in the Northern Hemisphere but good in the Southern Hemisphere (Karl being Kiwi after all)…?

35. Gary Makin - February 7, 2012

Dredd would love the NDAA bill.

36. NCM - February 7, 2012

Urban’s a fine actor and an ambulatory work of art–a shame to helmet that face. Maybe he’s a Dredd fan; I hope he didn’t agree to do this flick simply because he had he no better offers.

37. T'Cal - February 7, 2012

Much rather see pix of him as Bones.

38. Hat Rick - February 7, 2012

Helmet too large.

39. Ned Kelly - February 7, 2012

I think they should have remade it with Stallone, he just looks how I imagine Dread to look.

Loved Karl in ST09, hope this doesn’t hurt him, I think he is under-rated or lt least under-utilised.

40. Phil - February 7, 2012

Looks like a renter…..

41. Jack - February 7, 2012

36. Agreed.

Wasn’t thrilled with him in Priest either (he was alright, but it was a pretty unmemorable villain who could have been played by anybody) — I like the guy, and I guess I was hoping for terrific parts, not Ron-Silver-in-Timecop roles.

But, yeah, all I know of Dredd is the Stallone movie. So, maybe this will be, er, better than I fear.

Completely unrelated, but Thunderbirds (the Frakes one) was on tonight, and I’d never seen it. Did a quick wikipedia search and heard about all the pre-release fan outcry (a Ford rather than a Rolls Royce! etc.). Lately, I’ve been thinking about my (mild) frustrations with Trek ‘)9, and they didn’t have much to do with “Don’t they know that on TOS, former Gary Mitchell called Kirk a stack of books with le..” “Don’t they know that engineering wasn’t a brewery!” and more, I think, to do with what made scene within the world of the movie. But I get the purist (they shouldn’t change anything!) arguments.

Actually, it’s pretty related — about adapting a popular genre piece for film.

The Dark Knight and Trek II seem to examples of solid sequels — and I think what I like about both is that they exist on their own, they don’t keep one foot in the past/comics/series/previous movie(s).

Batman Begins was a good start, but it was tied to everything that came before (the Plot To Destroy Gotham, the Damsel in Distress) and was still a little campy/comicy — but The Dark Knight, even though it used Batman characters, it treated its world as real. So did Trek II. It wasn’t slavish to following the look and to referencing lines and situations from TOS “Hey! Remember that time…” even though it depended on a character from the past, and was largely about past choices and regrets — still, it wasn’t like a bunch of stoned middle aged guys going “Hey, remember that time we destroyed that planet killer thing, that was awesome.”

By Trek III, they were able to have a bit of fun with the nostalgia and play to the series’ roots, but, still, the best TOS movies stood on their own.

I’m really hoping this one (this is a story about Dredd, and I’m still obsessed about Trek) takes its world seriously, and that the stakes matter to the characters.

42. Shilliam Watner - February 7, 2012

I really like his buddy. Olivia Thirlby, huh? Darned purdy.

43. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 7, 2012

Oliva Thirlby was great opposite Chris Pine in Farragut North, cant wait to see her in this, hopefully its better than her last film Darkest Hour 3D.

44. Buzz Cagney - February 7, 2012

I really hope Karl did this for the money!

45. - February 7, 2012

This girl look much better than Rob Sneider as a sidekick.

46. Shinzon - February 7, 2012

Actually I like the “bad” first Dredd movie with Stallone. I like Karl and hope this is going to be a good movie. Fingers crossed.

47. - February 8, 2012

Ok i just did an image google search for Olivia Thirlby.

I didn’t see a single cigarette but she is smoking in every pic.

48. Remington Steele - February 8, 2012

Is it me or In all the pictures does it appear Urban is trying to scowl but it looks too forced…

49. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 8, 2012

I love Karl (not as much as my wife does!) but this film has some major delivering to do and I can’t help feeling it ain’t goin to deliver.

To be fair I said the same thing about ST 09 and I was majorly wrong about that!

@19 KC

I kind of hoped it actually was a badge on his jacket exclaiming KARLURBANKIWI. I was quite gutted that it was just laid out over the pic. Would have been too obvious, but hey!

Jive long and Foxtrot!


50. J.A.G.T. - February 8, 2012

Uhm sooo… compared to the Stallone flick this time they got the helmet quite right but totally changed the rest of the costume..? Now where’s the Sense in that?

51. pierre - February 8, 2012

hello, i am from france. my english is a little bit carzy, so please be nice when i do my mistake!

i like star trek very nice, and i am pleasured that they use the uniform in new film that was just like uniform in original star trek, that was so nice!

but in next film, can they please use same uniform, but all crew wear hat that has ‘star trek’ writeen on the front of hat?

greetings from france!

52. Danpaine - February 8, 2012

I’ll wait until this shows on one of the premium channels…then change the channel.

53. VZX - February 8, 2012

8. Wasn’t DeForest Kelley in a movie about battling giant rabbits? Yeah. Night of the Lepus was probably just as cheesey as this Judge Dredd.

54. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 8, 2012

Urban looks good as Dredge. Can’t wait to see it.

55. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - February 8, 2012

Fock yes.

56. palat - February 8, 2012

CGI: believe it or not, the helmets have been reduced with CGI already. Producers have said they were aware of this gigantism thang. . Unfortunately for our taste, they didn’t shrink them small enough. See this link to see a pic of their original size:

And while I’m at it, here’s another link for a cool army robot (with a normal helmet) from a new film coming out:

57. Phil - February 8, 2012

Everyone does it for the money…..

58. MONGO - February 8, 2012

Mongo think maybe Urban mans make mistake. Maybe Urban mans think he be in different movie remake.

Urban mans have gun. Urban mans dream of pretty actress with him. Urban mans wonder why nobody call him Judge Roy Bean.

59. AJ - February 8, 2012

He looks like a human vibrator.

Is this a joke/fan thing, or actually a real film?

60. Killamarshtrek - February 8, 2012

I was thinking the other day, and this has both reminded and confirmed my thinking – does hollywood make any films that aren’t based on comic books any more?!

61. Thomas - February 8, 2012

56. palat

Is that for real? If it is, thank God they did shrink them down; if they hadn’t, he would just end up looking like a Sontaran from Doctor Who:–4b23.jpg

62. Azrael - February 8, 2012

@59. It’s a real movie, saw the announcement quite a while ago on a completely different site. I also actually liked the Stallone Dread, though when I saw it the only Judge Dread comics I had read were the crossover with Dread and Batman, but the information I have seen indicates this will be a darker, more serious, version of Dread. I also feel Mr. Urban is a good choice based mostly on his performances in LOTR (as Eomer) and Red. I am also very interested in seeing John Cho in the Total Recall remake.

63. Greg2600 - February 8, 2012

I’m sorry but that movie is a joke.

64. AJ - February 8, 2012

Urban needs to branch out into dramatic films. He’s Eomer!, and the Russian Gangster! McCoy! The CIA guy! Dredd!

Or maybe not.

The first time I saw the X-Men films, I had never heard of Hugh Jackman. When I saw him host the Oscars, I almost stopped breathing. How much space is there really between Rockettes-style song & dance, and “Go f*ck yourself!” from ‘X-men First Class’?’ Apparently, not much.

65. Azrael - February 8, 2012

Wait a second AJ, Wolverine was in X-Men First Class, I did not know that (I haven’t seen the whole film yet), was it just a cameo or what?

66. TonyD - February 8, 2012

The original Judge Dredd movie would have been so much better if they’d just scaled back (or entirely cut out) Rob Schenider’s Fergie character; his endless wisecracks and attempts at comedy relief pretty much sabotaged every scene he was in and totally screwed up the tone of the film.

As for this new one, these images really don’t inspire much confidence. as they just look cheap.The costume looks bad and the backgrounds just seem like plain, undetailed rooms. Dredd from the comic wears an oversized helmet but what works on the page doesn’t necessarily work on film.

I’ll keep hoping for the best but what’s been shown so far, not to mention the nebulous release dates and the fact that this will be another quickie 3D post-conversion just points to a quickie cash-grab. Hope I’m wrong.

67. AJ - February 8, 2012


LOL, Azrael. Go watch it all the way through. There’s a montage-scene thing when young Xavier and Magneto are recruiting mutants for Xavier’s new academy.

They’re all ‘hip and European-ish’, and walk into what looks like a smoky dive bar in Canada, and walk up behind Wolverine, who is drinking at the bar. After they introduce themselves, he simply says “Go F*** Yourself.” Worth the price of admission.

68. Red Dead Ryan - February 8, 2012

Karl Urban also played an assassin hired to kill Jason Bourne in “The Bourne Supremecy”.

69. MJ - February 8, 2012

His big brother Keith has certainly made a name for himself in the music world.

70. Red Dead Ryan - February 8, 2012


Keith Urban is Australian, and is now best known as Mr. Nicole Kidman.

Keith Urban’s “music” stinks, as does Nicole Kidman’s “acting”.

71. Harry Ballz - February 8, 2012

It’s both sad and amazing to see what good actors will do to make a buck!

72. Red Dead Ryan - February 8, 2012


Yes, it is quite dreadful, or in this case, “Dredd-ful”!

73. Red Dead Ryan - February 8, 2012

One day, Karl Urban will truly “Dredd” this choice!

74. Vultan - February 8, 2012

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd?
What, was Rick Moranis unavailable?

75. Sebastian S. - February 8, 2012

This will be very average. No offense to Karl Urban, a VERY talented actor, but the movie is based on a fragile, mindless action movie frame. The original was dumb (“Iyamthelaw!”), the comic book wasn’t all that great, either.

It’d be a HUGE surprise to me if this one is any good at all (just hope it doesn’t hurt Urban’s rising star; he deserves better. Liked him in “Red” too).

76. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - February 8, 2012

Keith Urban was originally from New Zealand. Karl and Keith are not related in any way, just happen to have the same surname and born in the same country.

Keith Urban moved to Australia to further his musical career. I am not sure if Karl has ever worked in Australia (don’t recall seeing or hearing about him being in anything Australian). Karl just hopped the big ditch eastward for work, after he got known for being Eomer in LOTR. Karl Urban still resides here in Auckland with his wife and two sons, but works overseas.

Speaking of Karl Urban, I think I just saw him on TV news here just 20 minutes ago, live at the Halberg Awards for NZ Sporting Achievements. I can’t be certain, but the person in the background really did look like Karl Urban. If it was him (the Awards presentations start within the next hour here in Auckland), why is Dr Bones McCoy at a 2012 sporting awards evening? Hmmmmmm…

Bob Orci – where is Dr Karl Urban McCoy? Enough of this JJ Abrams conspiracy of secrets!

Billy Connolly arrived in NZ today to play a role on the Hobbit film – another news item on public television…

77. Andrew - February 9, 2012

Watching Chris Pine on Jay Leno and it is remarkable to me how much he kinda resembles William Shatner. Maybe it is because he’s older now or put on some more muscle this time around, but I think he looks more like Shatner now than in ST09. I also notice his lighter hair because I’m pretty sure his natural hair is darker, so that’s another sign that he’s playing Kirk right now. I think it’s cool to see the actors about right now and to know that they’re filming the next Star Trek movie right now that we’ll all get to see in a little over a year!

78. VulcanFilmCritic - February 9, 2012

@77 I was surprised too. I was watching some of the older first season TOS episodes and it is amazing how much Chris Pine captures the young William Shatner.
Now if he can just work on the voice…

79. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 9, 2012

#77… Yes .. it is great to see Kirk / Pine again … and Zachary Quinto was also seen the other day with Spock’s hair …

;-) :-)

80. palat - February 9, 2012

RE: 61.

Wow Thomas, you did find something bigger than the original Dredd “unCGI-ed” version! Nice one!

81. Spockchick - February 10, 2012

Well, I’m relying on some folks here to go to this movie before me, so’s I know if the helmet comes off. If it is on his lovely face the whole time I may give this a miss. Shallow, i know :-)

82. EVOXSNES - February 10, 2012

This looks like SHIT

83. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - February 10, 2012

He looks like Hugo Weaving in the first picture. I can’t see how he looks like anything with the helmet on but he does.

And forgive me for my ignorance, but I have no idea what this is…and I’m not sure if I want to find out…

84. D - February 15, 2012

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