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EXCLUSIVE: Peter Weller Drops Hints About His Star Trek Sequel Character May 12, 2012

by Eric Shirey , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Much of the speculation and reporting about the Star Trek movie has focused on the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch (and yesterday we finally got around to talking about Alice Eve), but what about Peter Weller? We haven’t heard much about him, but TrekMovie has an exclusive with a red carpet moment where the actor actually let slip some intriguing details about his Star Trek sequel character. Details below, but beware potential spoilers.


Weller: I’ve got my own ship

Peter Weller is no stranger to the world of genre TV and film. Throughout his nearly 30 years as an actor he cemented himself in the annals of sci-fi history through his lead roles in RoboCop and Buckaroo Banzai along with appearances in Naked Lunch, Screamers, Fringe, and of course Star Trek: Enterprise. So he fit right in when cast in J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel, however very little has been reported about his role. We don’t even know if he is a good guy, a bad guy, or something in between.

The only bit of on the record information comes from Weller’s agent Todd Eisner who sated: “it’s a substantial role and… Peter is playing a C.E.O.” While working the red carpet at the “RoboCop” 25th Anniversary event for the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) recently, I took the opportunity to ask the actor if he could share anything new. At first Weller suck to the JJ-Abrams code of silence, saying:

“I can’t tell you. I’m sworn to secrecy. It’s something very cool"

Peter Weller at Dallas International Film Festival  (Photo: Cameron Warren)

I continued to ask Weller if he was going to play an alien like Christopher Plummer, Christopher Lloyd, and others who sometimes have been buried underneath prosthetics and makeup. And that’s when he let slip some actual details on his character, saying:

“No. do I look like an alien to you? No man. Let me put it this way. I have my own ship"

Weller then pulled out his cell phone and revealed a picture of his seven-month-old baby boy sitting in the Captain’s chair on the bridge of a starship – proudly dressed in a yellow captain’s shirt. With the small Blackberry screen, it was hard to see much. The chair was at least similar to the one from the USS Enterprise in the 2009 Star Trek movie. So I can’t say for certain if I was looking at his son on the Enterprise set, the set of a different ship or even a redressed version of the Enterprise set.

Peter Weller with his wife and new son on the red carpet at Dallas International Film Festival  (Photo: Cameron Warren)


Regardless of where his son was sitting in the photo, Weller’s comments are very intriguing. Firstly he implies pretty heavily that he is not playing an alien, so if human, he is likely at least a citizen of the Federation. However, it is hard to fuse the idea’s of him playing a C.E.O. and being the captain of a Starfleet starship. Of course not all ships are part of Starfleet, so Weller could be a private citizen and head of some company/organization that has its own ship, not unlike his character John Frederick Paxton from Star Trek: Enterprise, whose mining station was also a ship that flew from the Moon to Mars. And of course Kirk and crew had encountered other private traders who had their own ships on the original Star Trek series.

Peter Weller at Paxton in Star Trek: Enterprise and his Orpheus Mining Colony/Ship heading for Mars

Another possibility could be that Weller’s agent (who probably isn’t steeped in Starfleet lore) could have been trying to say that Weller’s character is a leader of some kind of group, region, facility, etc. In that case he could be part of the Federation, possibly a governor, head of a colony or station, etc. Such a character could also have their own ship. We don’t know if Weller’s character is new to the canon or not, but there are plenty of these types of characters from the original Star Trek series, such as Mr. Lurry (manager of station K-7), Kodos (governor of Tarsus IV), Mr. Hengist (chief administrator on Argelius II), Ferris (Galactic High Commissioner), and others.

Various officials (Clockwise from top L) Lurry, Kodos, Ferris, and Hengist

Another intriguing idea is that Weller’s agent could be confusing C.E.O and one of the higher ranks in Starfleet, like "Commodore." And of course Starfleet Commodores often have their own ships. Returning again to the original series canon, there are quite a few Commodores to chose from, such as Matt Decker, Robert Wesley, Jose Mendez and maybe even Robert April.

Commodores (Clockwise from top L) Mendez, Wesley, April and Decker

TrekMovie Editor Anthony Pascale contributed to this article – helping with the Star Trek speculation.

Dallas-based Eric Shirey is the founder and former editor of three-time Rondo Award nominated movie news websites MovieGeekFeed.com and TheSpectralRealm.com. His work is featured on Yahoo! , DC Comics, StarWars.com , and other entertainment websites. Eric has interviewed and worked with actors like Harrison Ford, Brooke Shields, Kenneth Branagh, William Shatner, Michelle Monaghan, Brendan Fraser, and many more. His official website is www.ersink.com. It covers everything from movies to comic books and more.


1. Ziggy Rot - May 12, 2012

He’s playing Carol Marcus.

2. claypool2011 - May 12, 2012

Nah, he’s playing Khan.

3. mac - May 12, 2012


4. MJ - May 12, 2012

OK, consider this. Think of a interstellar corporation with an overly ambitious leader, stumbling across the Botany Bay. They revive the crew and find out they are genetic superman. Weller’s character and Khan team up to take down Starfleet in some fashion (plot line here TBD), but to keep the identifies of Khan and his crew secret (so that they can infiltrate the Federation), their faces and looks are changed through Gene Therapy (thus, the “face melting” clue from Orci, which also explain how different Khan will look at played by BC). Then the Enterprise gets caught up in it and Enterprise versus Khan redux begins.

Perhaps look for Pike to be killed early on, which will make it really personal for Kirk.

5. Aurore - May 12, 2012

“No. do I look like an alien to you? No man. Let me put it this way. I have my own ship”

I like your style, sir.

6. FooseTV - May 12, 2012

C.E.O. Could stand for “Chief Executive Officier”. Weller and his agent could be just being coy with words.

7. crazydaystrom - May 12, 2012

#1 –
“He’s playing Carol Marcus.”

Don’t let his resemblance to Bibi Besch fool you, Ziggy. He could be playing Nurse Chapel. ;-)

8. Ziggy Rot - May 12, 2012

#7: Well, he DOES have the ankles for Nurse Chapel, that’s true.

9. NCM - May 12, 2012

Whoops! That’s a sizable ship, I mean slip! I feel bad for Weller, as I imagine he’s got to regret not sticking with his first effort to maintain silence.

10. Craiger - May 12, 2012

He’s the Commander of the Reliant.

11. Amish Electrician - May 12, 2012

Whats really cool is the guy has a 7 month old kid

12. J.A.G.T. - May 12, 2012

He’s playing Kang…or Kor… or Koloth

13. Khan 2.0 - May 12, 2012

hes playing Kirk Prime

14. MJ - May 12, 2012

Mr. Weller, JJ Abrahm’s wife just called and requests that you have your wife return JJ’s eyeglasses to him.

15. Of Bajor - May 12, 2012


16. Aurore - May 12, 2012

“Whats really cool is the guy has a 7 month old kid”

I thought the same.


17. Khan 2.0 - May 12, 2012

or maybe hes playing Paxton again? (hed be..what..about 130?)

18. Charles Trotter - May 12, 2012

He’s the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.

19. Craiger - May 12, 2012

Wouldn’t Paxton be really old by Kirk’s time? Also didn’t he have a disease that he was taking alien drugs for?

20. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 12, 2012

What first came to mind was Capt Garth. But. Maybe Commodore Wesley or Commodore Matt Decker. Will just have to wait and see.

21. MJ - May 12, 2012

You know, it’s funny, but as Weller get’s older and loses hair, he is looking more and more like Robocop when he takes the helmet off.

22. J.A.G.T. - May 12, 2012

Maybe he’s playing Alex Murphy, C.E.O. of OCP …

23. Aurore - May 12, 2012

“He’s the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.”

‘Can’t be; he’s not Hispanic.


24. AJ - May 12, 2012


Grammar nazi question:

“Eric has interviewed and worked with actors like Harrison Ford, Brooke Shields, Kenneth Branagh, William Shatner, Michelle Monaghan, Brendan Fraser, and many more.”

Sorry, but which actors were they in the end? Were they doppelgangers, or just vaguely similar in appearance and personality to those you mentioned?

If you worked with actors ‘such as’ those you enumerated in the list, the sentence clearly states that those actors have indeed had contact with you in some form, amongst others. If you worked with actors ‘like’ them, it means they were similar in some way, as in “this almond sauce tastes like chocolate.”

You can all kill me now, but I am disheartened daily by people who write loads on the Internet without the benefit of knowing how to write properly. This disease infects Huffpost, Gawker and associated sites, Wonkette, and gets worse as one approaches the geekier sites.

When my kids read screeds on genre sites about their favorite shows/franchises (Pokemon, Warriors, Harry Potter, Transformers, etc.), they should be properly written or edited, so the mistakes are not repeated in school writing exercises.

If you cannot write in English, buy E.B. White’s “Elements of Style” and read it straight through. Live it.

Or become a lawyer.

25. Basement Blogger - May 12, 2012

@ 24

AJ says, ” If you cannot write in English, buy E.B. White’s “Elements of Style” and read it straight through. Live it. Or become a lawyer.”


26. What is it with you? - May 12, 2012


Get a life – seriously – I hate grammar Nazis.

You are seeking proper writing from blogs and pseudo news sites. You seriously beg it from Gawker?

If you need it so badly go pay for it. Buy a New Yorker for Pete’s sake.

But don’t seek it on the internet. You are like someone going to Macdonald’s looking for fois gras and fillet minion!

Don’t lose your crap over one word. Seriously, get your expectations straight!

27. Basement Blogger - May 12, 2012

I’ve already thrown out the theory or guess that Weller reprises Paxton. And that his hatred for aliens fuels his desire to enlist Khan to drive them off Earth. And I will agree there are too many arguments against that estimation.

But I do have a feeling that Weller’s character will be the guy that defrosts Khan. They’re not remaking Space Seed. So somebody has to do it, if it’s not the Enterprise.

28. James M - May 12, 2012

if Khan is not one of the villains, why don’t they actually come out and say it officially.

29. What is it with you? - May 12, 2012

Yes, mignon was spelled improperly. Oops! I’ll go crucify myself now.

30. Montreal_Paul - May 12, 2012

24. AJ

Oh please. This is an internet site. Not War & Peace. The occasional spelling error or grammatical error is forgivable in my books. It’s really not that big of a deal. I think you are being a little harsh with comments like this…

” If you cannot write in English, buy E.B. White’s “Elements of Style” and read it straight through. Live it. Or become a lawyer.”

31. Basement Blogger - May 12, 2012

@ 26

Cut AJ some slack. I totally missed the point until he showed it to us. I think it’s great that he wants to raise the quality of our writing. Yeah, it was a little tough. But he did remind us of a great book on writing.

By the way, AJ regularly links articles from the New York Times. I’m guessing he would link articles from the New Yorker if it had more genre news.

32. Harry Ballz - May 12, 2012

Weller will be playing either Captain Decker, Tracy or Garth. Take your pick!

33. agentm31 - May 12, 2012

Grammar Nazis… I hate Grammar Nazis

34. What is it with you? - May 12, 2012


You are a gentleman, sir.

35. Anthony Pascale - May 12, 2012

Nice way to welcome Eric and his breaking news to TrekMovie AJ…or not

let’s not hijack this thread into Grammar Police Squad

36. CJS - May 12, 2012

He was never playing a CEO, that’s just his agent having no idea what Star Trek is about. He is playing a CO, Commanding Officer. Maybe like Sisko when he took over DS9, he isn’t quite at the rank of Captain. Maybe a smaller ship, scout or science vessel.

37. AJ - May 12, 2012


I always try to be tongue-in-cheek.

The first thing we were presented in writing class in 1981 was a legal brief which was absolutely incomprehensible. If you like to write and be read, you will inevitably confront people who are sticklers about language.

If you cannot write correctly in your own language, you should be edited by someone who can. Why does the Internet have to always dumb it all down? Anyone can open a site and say “I liek Star Trek bekaus its nice” and upload links but the best ones actually assume the readers are intelligent. This site does that, and I thought this one error was worth a note because it makes no sense in English. If your English teacher in Montreal caught you out on it, would you just tell him to “chillax because The Internet?”

For all I know, Mr. Shirey may make a note and say “Hmmm. I’ll remember that next time” and pick up that little book.

And I hope it’s not Paxton.

38. AJ - May 12, 2012

Sorry, Anthony.

Case closed.

39. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

#24/37 – AJ, I could nitpick YOUR grammatical errors–two (at least) in post 24–but that would be petty. Besides, you should be able to find them since you are perfect. Oh, and there’s at least one in post 37.

To say that using “like” instead of “such” is something that “makes no sense in English” is wrong. You knew what was meant from the context of the sentence, so even though the wrong word was used, it still made sense.

For example, in YOUR post #37, you wrote, “If you like to write and be read, you will inevitably confront people who are sticklers about language.”

Well, that’s grammatically incorrect. It should be “…you inevitably will confront” or “you will confront inevitably.” You essentially split the infinitive. (To be clear: The verb is “will confront,” which means the adverb “inevitably” must go before or after the verb, but not in the middle of it.

But guess what? IT STILL MADE SENSE. Why? Because I, as a reader and writer of English, know that context is as vital as grammar. I also understood it because, in casual speech, we say it the way you (and Eric) wrote it.

In fact, unless you can find at least two more errors in Eric’s article, YOU are guilty of more grammatically incorrect writing here than he is.

I think you owe him an apology.

40. Animan - May 12, 2012

Well, the most hackneyed, unoriginal and stereotypically Hollywood move would be to make him the head of an evil greedy corporation who ends up controlling/creating/warping Khan and/or his genetic supermen crew to his own selfish ends.

So, given the writing credits, I’d say the likelihood of that is high.

41. Montreal_Paul - May 12, 2012

37. AJ

Well, I work in the Entertainment industry in Canada and I also write. So far, the only things I have had published is poetry. My girlfriend is an ESL teacher. If I am reading a novel, a typo or grammatical error would definitely bother me. In an article here on a message board, not so much. Never to the point of creating a long winded speech regarding “how to write 101.” There’s nitpicking and then there is NITPICKING. Others can correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think anyone was confused by the error.
Anyway, I just found your comments to be a little harsh. They did not come across as “tongue in cheek” at all.

Eric Shirey, welcome aboard! Thanks for the breaking news!

42. Animan - May 12, 2012


You’re trying to polish a turd. I’ve seen more ill-conceived, nerdish, Aspergers’-affected ideas expressed in Trek Movie posts than in any other hobby forums. The quality of the typing (let’s not call forum posts “writing”) should be the least of your criticisms.

43. jesustrek - May 12, 2012

Mmmm maybe Robert April :)

44. AJ - May 12, 2012


This is not German, and “you will confront inevitably” sounds like Borat or Thanos speaking. Go read about those split infinitives again. Everything I wrote was grammatically sound.

I’m sorry to have brought it up, and I’ll take your advice and say “Sorry, Eric” because this is the article I was waiting to read, and I would like him to feel welcome to get us some more insight into our mysterious new film.

45. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

44 – I teach writing at a university. I’ve been writing and editing for more than 20 years. My last post was correct. You are incorrect.

When you pull the grammar-Nazi routine while being wrong yourself, you look pompous and foolish. You should admit to being wrong since, well, you are.

Oh, well. I should know better than to engage in arguments with wannabe grammar experts or Trekkies, and here I am doing both at once. Shame on me!

46. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 12, 2012

#35. Hey Anthony. New movie coming out.
Grammer Police Squad.
Starring Harry Ballz as Sgt Ball. Commodore Mike as Draw and Anthony Pascale as The Grammer.
(Don’t let them catch you making a mistake.) Or Else!.

47. L4YERCAKE - May 12, 2012


Yeah, why not Captain April…?? They made a mention to Captain Archer and his beagle in the last one, and I know they’ve turned to the animated series for inspiration, which is where April was first mentioned, isn’t that correct? It’d surprise me if they just ignore April in continuity because they love that stuff just like the rest of us. Maybe he, instead of Pike, was captured by the Talosians, only this time the Klingons show up and then Khan… okay I give up.

48. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 12, 2012

Hey AJ. How dare you put down the poor lawyer’s. So not nice. For that. i WIll maKe Lot’ss of MistakeS. loL.
I Keed’s I Keed’s.

49. VZX - May 12, 2012

I’m just going to say that I agree with AJ. My teacher-vision is always on.

Back to topic: Weller’s character is probably an original one. It also does not make sense that a CEO would have a starship. So, my guess is that Weller is probably a Commodore and the agent is just dumb.

50. John from Cincinnati - May 12, 2012

Ahhh…isn’t speculating fun?

51. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 12, 2012

I would not be surprised if he played Capt April. But I more suspect he will play Capt Garth. Or Lord Garth. He very well may start out as Captian Garth. What they may do is Show Captian Garth’s Victory at Axanar which helped preserve the Federstion and his Accident that caused him to go insane. Then we see him on the planet Antos IV and how he learned his power. Then later as Lord Garth and his ability to transform he find’s Khan and they team up to take over.

52. Nony - May 12, 2012

I wish my dad was starring in Star Trek!

53. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

Oh, for f*ck sakes, let’s not get all obsessive/compulsive over a couple of grammatical errors/typos. It’s not the end of the world. I thought Eric did a good job, and I thank him very much.

And let’s drop the “Nazi” labelling. That term should be reserved for……you got it….Nazis.

54. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

#52 – Amen to every word, RDR!

55. chrisfawkes.com - May 12, 2012

Surely he is reprising his role of John Frederick Paxton.

56. This is going to be a long year - May 12, 2012

We get a sliver of a rumor on the sequel, and this starts a debate on…grammar.

I kid, I kid.

So Anthony any exclusive interviews planned?

57. MJ - May 12, 2012

@53 “Oh, for f*ck sakes, let’s not get all obsessive/compulsive over a couple of grammatical errors/typos. It’s not the end of the world. I thought Eric did a good job, and I thank him very much.”

I agree completely, RDR. I type super fast and make a few errors myself…big deal! That should not be fodder for people who have weak arguments…i.e, well I can’t win the war of ideas against this guy, so I’ll be a grammar policeman instead. That is lame and cowardly.

58. MJ - May 12, 2012

Eric Shirey, thanks for the breaking news! Welcome to our “little group,” warts and all! :-)

59. Johnny - May 12, 2012

Uh oh… he’s gonna be in BIG, BIG trouble. J.J. will NOT be happy.

Why can’t a CEO have his own ship, though? It would stand to reason that a wealthy CEO in charge of a large corporation would have a ship of some sort, yes?

60. Craiger - May 12, 2012

I wonder if he does genetically enhanced human expirements on his ship and Khan finds it?

61. AJ - May 12, 2012


DiscoSpock: This is my last word on the subject.

I placed out of university-level English due to a 5 on the AP for English writing, so I was able to go on with a major in Russian with a concentration in linguistics and French at Georgetown after graduating with honors in English from high school. Do me a favor: Come onto Facebook, and ‘The Transporter Room” and let’s get to know each other. I’d like to have a healthy, friendly debate. I need to take this forward outside of this forum. And I still have trouble with semi-colons.

Sorry I spoiled the thread. Back to RoboCop, please!

62. MJ - May 12, 2012

@40 “Well, the most hackneyed, unoriginal and stereotypically Hollywood move would be to make him the head of an evil greedy corporation who ends up controlling/creating/warping Khan and/or his genetic supermen crew to his own selfish ends.”

I love that plot idea, actually! There is not reason that this could be done in a rather brilliant and original way for the sequel. I categorically reject you statement here.

63. MJ - May 12, 2012

@61 “I placed out of university-level English due to a 5 on the AP for English writing, so I was able to go on with a major in Russian with a concentration in linguistics and French at Georgetown after graduating with honors in English from high school.”


64. Hat Rick - May 12, 2012

Welcome, Eric! :-)

65. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

Just a suggestion: For everybody who posts statements laden with typos, just post another with the correct grammar/spelling with “DAMN TYPOS” written underneath.

That’s what I do! ;-)

66. Kaleb - May 12, 2012

I don’t like the idea of a CEO in the 23rd century.

67. MJ - May 12, 2012

@66. Well just wait until you get to the 24th century and meet Ferrengis!

68. Christopher Roberts - May 12, 2012

I’m also going to say, not Paxton.

Not because it wouldn’t be great. Not because it’s impossible… this is science fiction. A line of dialogue could be written easily and then filmed, (and probably cut from the final print)… something about the alien Rigellan gene therapy extending his life. Then on with the more important stuff.

BUT because less than 1% of anybody in the cinema would have even seen “Demons” or “Terra Prime” at the end of Enterprise’s run. That’s kinda sad, and personally I’d rate those episodes highly – among the best of any that Star Trek produced. Those shows had a great message about xenophobia, and extremists who fall short of their own idealogy.

However it’s far more likely he’s playing a brand new character. Just unfortunate for an ENT fan like me, he’s apparently a human and will look like John Frederick Paxton. It’s a problem I’ll get over. Just look at the Original Series and the guy who played both Dr. Van Gelder and Captain Ron Tracey.

69. Craiger - May 12, 2012

I thought in Star Trek’s time their weren’t any companies and no cash either? That humanity worked to better itself and that was the reward?

70. Chingatchkook - May 12, 2012

With those glasses, he looks a little like the Federation President from ST6 The Undiscovered Country.

71. Christopher Roberts - May 12, 2012

69. It’s a grey area. Aliens use currency. Bounty Hunters don’t work for nothing. Starship Captains talk to their engineers about “earning their pay for the week”… even if it’s only a hold-over expression, passed down the generations.

72. Trekker5 - May 12, 2012

Jim,this man is a Klingon!

73. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012


Yeah, the whole John Paxon storyline would fit in well with the Augments/Khan plotline. Paxon was a “human supremacist” and the Augments would have fit into his plans for Earth supremacy over non-humans. Add to that a conflict with the human-looking Klingons….

74. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

I would like to see a Trek version of Boba Fett. That would be cool.

75. Craiger - May 12, 2012

RDR, most of the general movie going audience probably has never heard or seen Enterprise so why would JJ want to have the audience wonder who Paxton is?

76. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012


I agree. It isn’t going to happen. It was just fun to speculate.

It could be done in such a way that people who are unfamiliar with Paxton could still understand what’s going on. But seeing as how Peter Weller has a fairly large role in the sequel, I can’t see him reprising the role of Paxton as well as playing a new character.

77. Johnny - May 12, 2012

Yeah, I’d pretty much guarantee that Weller is NOT playing his character from Enterprise. It’s one thing re-introducting characters from the Original Series… but re-introducing one from Enterprise (a lesser known property) would be overkill. My bet is he’s an original villain.

78. Craiger - May 12, 2012

RDR, I forgot about them mentioning Admiral Archer’s dog in ST 2009 if they explain Paxton like they did Admiral Archer becuase non Trek fan’s didn’t know who Archer was but knew who Kirk and Spock were.

79. Charles Trotter - May 12, 2012

He’s playing Gary Seven.

Source: His cat.

80. porthoses bitch - May 12, 2012

Who cares ?

I wanna know more about the Robocop anniversafry… 25 years and hes still not stopping for doughnuts. Now theres a reboot Ive no desire to see. Hopefully Weller has a role if only for the paycheck.

81. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

I just watched a 30 second preview of “The Dictator”. Sasha Baron Cohen still thinks he’s funny. I never found him funny. He’s just rude and crude.

I tried watching the “Da Ali G” show, but found his style to be rude, crude, and unfunny.

A couple of months ago he threw an urnful of ashes on Ryan Seacrest. Not a fan of Seacrest myself, but he didn’t deserve that! Sheesh, what an obnoxious SOB!

How the hell does he still land roles in Hollywood?

82. MJ - May 12, 2012

I remember when John Paxon made some key 3-pointers for the Bulls back in the Michael Jordan era.

83. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012


Yeah, I remember that. That was a good time for basketball.

84. Daoud - May 12, 2012

That agent… anyone have him on tape? “C. O.” and “C.E.O.” read fast sound very very similar. “He’s a C.O.” would explain him being the commanding officer of a ship. We never saw Nogura on screen… so there’s another possible Commodore. Ron Tracey, or Garth still make most sense. We know they each had an ‘evil streak’ waiting ot happen.

@AJ: “semi-colon”? That’s a really half-assed word, eh?

85. Daoud - May 12, 2012

For the caption to Shirley’s picture… Peter Weller’s wife’s name is Sheri Stowe Weller, and their seven months old son is Teddy.

86. VZX - May 12, 2012

50: Yeah, speculating is fun! That’s why the Internet was invented!

87. VZX - May 12, 2012

59: Yeah, I guess a rich CEO could have his own ship. Cyrano Jones and Harry Mudd had their own ships.

88. Peter Loader - May 12, 2012

CEO could also be Chief Engineering Officer.

89. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

CEO= Cyborg Enforcement Officer.

90. Vultan - May 12, 2012

Where’s Ronny Cox? Only he can play an evil CEO/Captain!
“Get it done!”

91. NCM - May 12, 2012

AJ and DiscoSpock;

You’re both obviously light years beyond me in terms of your grammar and syntax credentials, but I do love the English language (outrageously difficult as it is), am uncertain I can find my way to AJ’s Transporter Room, and, as much as we’d all like to put this baby to rest, I can’t help wondering…

“If you like to write and be read, you will inevitably confront people who are sticklers about language.”

We read people by observing body language, yes, but I don’t think that’s what you meant, AJ–and you let this ambiguity (right term?) slide, DiscoSpock? AJ, I believe you’d express your thoughts more clearly by saying, “If you like to write and to have your work read…” Although, even that approach is awkward–as passive voice usually is. There’s another issue with your sentence, but this isn’t a grammar/syntax blog.

“If you cannot write correctly in your own language, you should be edited by someone who can.”

Similar issue, here. We don’t edit people: We edit their written works.

This being an informal forum, rather like email, I’m going to leave my sentence fragment in place.

I like “Elements of Style.” The problem is, it’s out of style–if only language and writing rules wouldn’t evolve… Visit 5 online university writing labs, bring along “Chicago Manual of Style” and “Elements…,” and you’re not likely to find any two sources with uniform agreement on the use of commas, semi-colons, n-dashes, m-dashes, etc…

May I still come to the Transporter Room if I can find my way?:)

92. Hat Rick - May 12, 2012

I rather think that it’s possible to edit people — if you’re a cosmetic surgeon.


93. Phil - May 12, 2012

Aw, man, I smell bulls**t technobabble….

94. dmduncan - May 12, 2012

Welkum Erik. Pay know attenschun to dees frakking Trackies who don’t no SQUAT! about gramma.

95. Xavier - May 12, 2012

I have mixed feelings when it comes to a Kahn redux. I.M.H.O Ricardo Montalbán’s shoes are pretty big. He was a good a vilin as William Shatner was to Kirk. They could really pay a price by getting this wrong as far as fan base goes and that’s A LOT of viewers and bad word of mouth. I would also compare getting a replacement for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. You need the right kind of person.

I think they will go with the Kahn deal but it will be a different person (obviously). This is BEFORE the time split so events could change the circumstances they will meet can change with it. it will be interesting to see because they really can do anything with it. I realize that i have to view the current timeline as new.

96. jello cutter - May 12, 2012

Its an archaeoligy based story,

97. Aaron - May 12, 2012

oh oh oh I know…. [spoiler alert!]

khan (Cumberbatch) gets hold of a doomsday machine and uses his super ego to figure out how to control it. He goes and after destroying the Fesarius (sp?) he sets course for Vulcan… alas upon realizing Vulcan is no more he gets mad. Thats when Commodore Decker, player by Weller, comes into the picture. Decker joins Kirk and co in an effort to stop Khan in his Doomsday Machine from destroying the new and stable Genesis planet which in this universe works because Spock Prime breaks all sorts of temporal rules and gives a young Carol Marcus the formula. Of coarse Marcus (Eve) is in this universe a fighter pilot for the new Battlestar Galactica type carrier that starfleet has designed. So no only is Carol Marcus a smart sexy chic with the potential in planetary terraforming science locked away in her head… she is also Kara Thrace (starbuck) from BSG. Anyways the Genesis world is to be the new home for the Vulcans so we MUST STOP KHAN AND HIS DOOMSDAY MACHINE FROM DESTROYING THE NEW VULCAN HOME. Well that’s where the device in the case comes in. Spock much lower the case into the maw of the doomsday machine to destroy it. After all Richard Daystrom says it will work so it will. In the end Spock (Quinto) sacrifices himself to save both the Genesis world and the enterprise and the constellation. Both of with are badly damaged in the fight. In the end its okay though because Spock Prime is there and steps into the younger Spocks shoes and joins the young crew of the Enterprise. Good thing too because they are going to need his knowledge!!! In the last scene we see a huge Borg cube on the main veiwscreen.


Sounds like a completely new movie not a rehash at all.

98. Aaron - May 12, 2012

previous post was a goofy rant not serious discussion or spoilerly…

disclaimer made

99. Dave1119 - May 12, 2012

I think tying the Peter Weller character in with Paxton makes a lot of sense. Maybe it is his son or grandson? One thing to keep in mind… if Khan is indeed in the movie, then he is obviously discovered sooner in the new timeline. Something about Nero’s incursion must make that happen. Maybe lots of Vulcans are settling on Earth, and that fires up the isolationists. Khan would be a natural ally. I’m guessing the Peter Weller character actively looks for Khan and finds him. Maybe the isolationists are what is left of the eugenics movement, and Khan is their hero.

Fun to speculate…

100. Sebastian S. - May 12, 2012

He’s playing Yeoman Rand…. ;-D

Naw, kidding.
I still maintain his company (he IS playing a CEO) finds the Botany Bay on a deep space salvage and plans to exploit the genetically engineered inhabitants of the vessel (he may also be a descendant of his ENT character, Paxton). My guess is he also changes Khan’s appearance in order for him not to be fingered by Starfleet (as what happened in “Space Seed” via the ships’ computer system).

I like Weller’s recent guest starring role in “Dexter” a few years ago as well….

101. Spacecadet - May 12, 2012

We will see his character for 45 seconds. After calling for help and getting response by the nearby but too far away Enterprise, his ship will explode. Okay, I also don´t know.

102. Gary Neumann - May 12, 2012

Me gusta Star Trek because its very fino!

103. Buzz Cagney - May 12, 2012

#55 but nobody but a few desperate hangers-on would know who Paxton is.

104. Ryan Riddle - May 12, 2012

The agent could’ve meant CO rather than CEO.

105. lodownX - May 12, 2012

I’ve said it once… I’ll say it again…
Garth of Izar.

106. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 12, 2012

24 AJ, get over yourself, this is not a legal docterine. Its a fun website to update fans on the newest trek movie.

Go take your red pen somewhere else.

Thank you Eric for the story, nice to see some words about Weller’s character. I have been hoping it would turn out to be related to paxton some how but, something about this leads me to think thats less likely now, but still would be cool if it turns out it was related to paxton.

107. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 12, 2012

103 Orci and Kurtzman would do a pretty good job in reintroducing the character, though I suspect it would more likely be a desendent of paxton.

108. Peter Loader - May 12, 2012

Here’s my tip folks.

Cumberbatch’s character is the younger version of Peter Weller’s.

And those new uniforms have something to do with the alternative Star Trek crew in a Red Matter Universe.

109. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 12, 2012

I do have to say though I would be less annoyed with Khan being rebooted, if it did indeed turn out to be that weller was playing a desendent of John F Paxton

110. Shilliam Watner - May 12, 2012

37. AJ – I have been a professional editor and copywriter for a scholarly publisher, and I had to intimately know the Chicago Manual of Style. I notice mistakes all the time and it doesn’t bother me. The fact is, not everybody can have the same mastery of words, but it often isn’t the mechanics of the idea that matter, but the content. I think great ideas expressed poorly are better than stupid ideas expressed eloquently.

In fact, I’m about to indulge in that myself. I’m about to write in incomplete sentences. It’s not because I can’t be a rigorous writer, because I can. But I don’t want to be rigorous. Screw that crap. I like expressing myself in a conversational manner sometimes, so it sounds like I’m talking to people and not writing to them.

As for the speculation around Weller’s role, I was really entertained by it all. You guys are hilarious, and I only mean that affectionately. It was fun. Weller says one little thing and you guys extrapolate the hell out of it. Very creative!

But nobody guessed Harry Mudd! He could be the CEO of his own sexbot company in this alternate timeline. He could be filthy rich and have his own ship.

HEY ERIC! Welcome to the site! Thank for putting in the effort to keep us informed.

111. AB - May 12, 2012

@ 99 & 100

I think you guys are both hitting close to how Weller’s character could fit into a Khan story. I’d actually be pretty happy if it went that way. I think it could be done in a way that would make it interesting and keep it from being cliche.

112. Tiberius Subprime - May 12, 2012

Face melting????

Garth did that.

But he could still be someone else completely.

113. MJ - May 12, 2012

@112. FYI — I hit on this potential plot way back in post #4 here; again”

“OK, consider this. Think of a interstellar corporation with an overly ambitious leader, stumbling across the Botany Bay. They revive the crew and find out they are genetic superman. Weller’s character and Khan team up to take down Starfleet in some fashion (plot line here TBD), but to keep the identifies of Khan and his crew secret (so that they can infiltrate the Federation), their faces and looks are changed through Gene Therapy (thus, the “face melting” clue from Orci, which also explain how different Khan will look at played by BC). Then the Enterprise gets caught up in it and Enterprise versus Khan redux begins. Perhaps look for Pike to be killed early on, which will make it really personal for Kirk.”

The only think I have not considered yet here is the role of the Klingons.

114. MJ - May 12, 2012

Meant to be responding to AB in Post @111 above.

115. Harry Ballz - May 13, 2012

Klingons, for the most part, are boring as a species.

116. Cygnus-X1 - May 13, 2012


KHAN: Robocop…you’re still alive, my old friend…

ROBOCOP: You have the right to remain silent.

KHAN: I’ve done far worse than kill you; I’ve hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you.

ROBOCOP: You have the right to an attorney.

KHAN: I shall leave you as you left me…as you left her…marooned for all eternity in the cent…

ROBOCOP: Anything you say can be used against you.

117. Martok - May 13, 2012

“Peter Weller is no stranger to the world of genre TV and film. Throughout his nearly 30 years as an actor he cemented himself in the annals of sci-fi history through his lead roles in RoboCop and Buckaroo Banzai along with appearances in Naked Lunch, Screamers, Fringe, and of course Star Trek: Enterprise. So he fit right in when cast in J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel”

Eric didn’t right his homework beacuse he clearly not mentoined Odyssey 5, Manny Coto’s cult sci-fi series, with Peter in lead role.

118. AB - May 13, 2012

@ 113/114

Ah. Yep, sounds very workable. I seem to remember there being some mention somewhere that just physically altering Khan wouldn’t really hold up because surely the technology of the day (transporters for example) would be able to instantly identify him by his DNA, but I could also imagine that skilled criminals/terrorists would plausibly find ways around that kind of thing. Much the way criminals today constantly find new ways to thwart law enforcement. So it might not seem like such a futile idea to try to alter Khan’s appearance.

Weller could indeed be a new character, but I agree that keeping Weller either a very old Paxton or one of Paxton’s descendants could work nicely also.

And yeah, I haven’t given much thought either to how the Klingons might fit into all of that.

All very interesting possibilities!

119. Shilliam Watner - May 13, 2012

Definitely not sounding rehash-y!

120. Stokiespock - May 13, 2012

He’s a starfleet captain or commodore who’s wants revenge !!!

121. captain_neill - May 13, 2012

Excited about this. Peter Weller is cool and wil be great.

RoboCop is one of my top favourite films of all time an loved Weller in the film and he was great in Enterprise. And Buckaroo Banzai is a film that is great fun.

In fact there have been many references to Banzai in Trek, even the Oscillation Overthruster device has been used as a prop on Trek as the Okudas are big fans.

122. captain_neill - May 13, 2012

I am really looking forwar to this film now.

The fact that Orci has said not a remake or rehash has restored faith.

123. Peter Loader - May 13, 2012

IMDB again has Cumberbatch listed as Khan.

124. Peter Loader - May 13, 2012

Interesting actor stats:

Benedict Cumberbatch
6′ 0½” (1.84 m)
Bold blue eyes
Rich, deep, baritone voice

Peter Weller
6′ (1.83 m)
Steely blue eyes
Deep almost metallic voice

125. William Kirk - May 13, 2012

Well, looks like the first possible reason for me, why to watch this movie…

126. spooky - May 13, 2012

He’s probably be playing Paxton again, the character did have connections all over so I wouldn’t be surprised. He could prove to be a likely foil for nuSpock since Paxton did not like aliens and humans mixing. NuTrek writers did acknowledge the last TV series with mentions of Archer and his dog. ;)

127. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

After reading all of your ideas for this Trek film (Paxton’s descendent, Khan with gene therapy, etc.), I can say only this: I am really glad that none of you are writing this movie.

Anthony: I know you don’t like grammar cops and such, but could you at least ban all the people who cannot even spell KHAN correctly? ;) (I almost jest.)

128. Poliander - May 13, 2012

Paxton… after a gene therapy?! Nice idea. Could fit in well. Anyway, I really love the fact that Peter Weller is in the next ST movie. That is one good move.

129. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012

Disco Spock:
The phrase “will confront” is not an infinitive. Therefore, your comment…

“For example, in YOUR post #37, you wrote, ‘If you like to write and be read, you will inevitably confront people who are sticklers about language.’ Well, that’s grammatically incorrect. It should be ‘…you inevitably will confront” or ‘you will confront inevitably.’ You essentially split the infinitive.”

…is incorrect. I personally don’t care, but since you’re making a big deal of it, I felt I should point out that (a) “will confront” isn’t an infinitive that can be split and (2) “will inevitably confront” is completely fine. And I say that as a college university prfessor.

130. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012

Disco Spock:
The phrase “will confront” is not an infinitive. Therefore, your comment…

“For example, in YOUR post #37, you wrote, ‘If you like to write and be read, you will inevitably confront people who are sticklers about language.’ Well, that’s grammatically incorrect. It should be ‘…you inevitably will confront” or ‘you will confront inevitably.’ You essentially split the infinitive.”

…is incorrect. I personally don’t care, but since you’re making a big deal of it, I felt I should point out that (a) “will confront” isn’t an infinitive that can be split and (2) “will inevitably confront” is completely fine. And I say that as a college English professor.

131. Jay El Jay - May 13, 2012

Hope its not April…he was English, not American!

132. Christopher Roberts - May 13, 2012

123. I make it a rule never to believe information posted on IMDb.

If Khan were to appear, I think it might be a cameo, and played by this guy…


133. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

130 Ziggy: First off, I did not say that “will confront” is an infinitive. I said that, by splitting the verb phrase, AJ had “essentially split the infinitive.” That is, the essence of both mistakes is the same. This is correct.

For example, as Trekkies all know, “to go” is an infinitive (“the marker ‘to’ plus the plain form of a verb”, as Little, Brown Handbook says). Thus, “to boldly go” is a split infinitive, which is (technically) a grammatical error.

Likewise, “will confront” should not be split because, like an infinitive, it is considered a single unit. It’s a verb phrase, consisting of a helping verb and a main verb. In English, we are not supposed to split verb phrases, meaning that adverbs such as “inevitably” should not be put in the middle of the verb phrase. However, that’s another “rule” that’s breakable based on readability and clarity.

Yes, I should have written, “You split the verb phrase,” but I was writing to Trekkie readers, so I figured the split infinitive was already familiar through the “to boldly go” stuff, which made it a quicker way to illustrate my point than if I stopped to explain verb phrases and why they shouldn’t be split…much as I’ve had to do here.

Thus, I said, “You essentially split the infinitive.” That is correct: The two errors are essentially the same in that both involved splitting a main verb from its introductory word, which is technically incorrect but is actually completely okay. If someone knows what splitting an infinitive is, they’ll understand how that concept/rule applies to a verb phrase.

Yes, “will inevitably confront” is 100% acceptable. So is “to boldly go.” And it’s okay to start sentences with conjunctions (though sparingly).


He said that Eric’s use of “like” instead of “such” made “no sense” at all, and he made a big deal about people not writing English well. Thus, I only nitpicked AJ to show that he was guilty of more errors than Eric and to point out that we all use constructions that are “technically” incorrect but are absolutely acceptable. I pointed out to AJ that we can understand what people are saying because of context as much as grammar, using his errors to demonstrate that in relation to splitting “will confront.”

So, no, I was not incorrect.

134. Killamarshtrek - May 13, 2012

Come on guys. Let’s not OVER analyse this. By ‘Some kind of CEO’ his agent obviously ment ‘the guy in charge’. Well now we know he’s ‘the guy in charge of a ship’ that’s all!

135. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012

I think those of you focusing on Paxton are missing the boat. He’s a MINOR footnote in Trek history, from the least-watched of the various TV shows. The vast majority of fans have no idea who he is, I’m sure. He’s playing someone else–that much is clear.

136. Planet Pandro - May 13, 2012


If Capt. April was ever shown on-screen, I always envisioned him (based largely on Diane Carey’s novel Final Frontier, and some from the Animated episode Counter-Clock Incident) as being played by Gary Oldman, or Kenneth Branaugh. Maybe David Thewlis.

Come to think of it, Final Frontier would have been good source material for a backstory-type movie.

137. denny cranium - May 13, 2012

Thanks Eric for a great post.
I have to admit I’m a bit of a spelling Nazi at times.
My writing instructor has informed us all that grammar rules have been relaxed when writing fiction.
Kudos to AJ for apologising in a subsequent post.

138. Phil - May 13, 2012

A thought…if Wellers character is a CEO, why are we assuming he’s evil? He could be a Bill Gates type character using his wealth to be trying to do some good in the galaxy, and ends up getting involved in the events of the movie. Maybe he sees Khan as the disease he is and is bring his resources to bear to shed light on the situation…

Sorry, just felt like thinking outside the box this morning….

139. wells5150 - May 13, 2012

Flint ….?????

140. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

# 113 MJ


My thoughts EXACTLY (see my post # 100).

141. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

# 123

Not that Cumberbatch isn’t indeed playing Khan, but imdb has been wrong MANY times before (especially with films that are a year away from actual release).

But yes, I’m starting to get the ‘Khan’ vibe off this one now. Although I think having Khan having his appearance genetically altered somehow (by the Peter Weller character perhaps) would be very beneficial both to the actor and the story, as it both explains the great physical disparity and it gives the actor ‘elbow room’ to make the character his own. And Cumberbatch is indeed a fine actor (his “Sherlock” series is amazing…).

142. NCM - May 13, 2012

Yes, kudos to AJ. He’s taking more criticism than his comments warranted. I’m enjoying the grammar lessons, though. They’re refreshing, even if a little stuffy, given all the Khan talk.

RE: “…people not writing English well.”

I don’t think the aim is to ‘write “English” well': I think it’s to write well in English–such an imprecise language (and should that colon be inside the quotation, nutty as that would seem, since I’m from the U.S.?).

143. NCM - May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms! Breakfast in bed was perfect this morning. Even so, I kinda miss the stone cold pancakes of years past.

144. AB - May 13, 2012

@ 140

I agree. If the villain is Khan then as you said it would be beneficial to both the story and BC.

I’m also still open to the idea that perhaps the intention is to reawaken Khan, but he dies in the process and Joaquin/Joachim is awoken instead and assumes Khan’s name or adopts “Khan” as a title.

Of course I’m ALSO still open to the whole Khan rumor being smoke and mirrors!

145. Greg2600 - May 13, 2012

Weller was very good on Enterprise.

146. Craiger - May 13, 2012

#144 – That could fit into what Weller said about his character having his own ship. Maybe he discovers the Botany Bay?

147. Lancelot Narayan - May 13, 2012

He’s playing Zeph!

148. Craiger - May 13, 2012

I remembered this ship in ST: III maybe this ship would still be in this new timeline and Weller plays the Captain of this ship? Remember the Captain of this ship was helping Kruge’s lover get Kruge the data on the Genesis Device? Not saying the Genesis Device would be in the sequel.


149. AB - May 13, 2012

@ 146

Yes that’s what MJ (#4) and Sebastian S. (#100) were suggesting, which I think could be a possibility. And really all Weller said was that he has his own ship. That could mean a few things, as many different people have suggested: That Weller is actually a commanding officer (a C.O. and not a C.E.O.) of a ship (such as another Starfleet vessel for example), that he is a C.E.O. and the ship is a company ship, or that he is a C.E.O and very wealthy and the ship is simply a small personal ship.

150. Red Dead Ryan - May 13, 2012

Maybe Weller plays a guy who hijacks a Federation starship?

151. Basement Blogger - May 13, 2012

@ 68, 132

Christopher Roberts

On the probability of Paxton. First, I thought Demons and Terra Prime were great Enterprise episodes. Emotional. Roddenberrryesque. I was just speculating that it was Paxton. Looking at the speed at which Weller was cast if it was fast. Heck, I don’t know. There is no evidence that it’s him. Just having fun.

That being said, Paxton can be explained in a few lines of dialogue. I know you’ve argued that no one knows about him. But he’s easy to explain for newbies and you don’t have to watch the shows. For example you can have a scene where he’s being released from prison and an off screen character either a news reporter or maybe a guard describe him. Done. Paxton seems to be a good choice to find Khan and defrost him. He hates aliens. Khan thinks he is the height of human evolution. Khan’s first task for Paxton. . Get rid of aliens on earth..

Of course it could be a whole new character. Robocop?

152. Jack - May 13, 2012

143. Wait, are you a mom too? Why do I assume everybody on here is a guy? People like me are keeping the Trekkian 23rd century from becoming a reality :)…

PS. I’m hoping for new character. No offense to Scott Bakula, but I like to pretend that Enterprise never happened.

Frankly, I’m hoping for new characters and new ships all around. Although, if I was these guys, it would be tough to resist playing around with the existing pieces (say somebody turns out to be, say, that freighter captain from Trek III, or a jerky Lt. Styles, but a big deal is not made of it).

153. Jack - May 13, 2012

Since we’re throwing out random guesses, I say Decker Sr.

154. cugel the clever - May 13, 2012

The “CEO” (Chief Executive Officer) of a starship is the Captain. I think Weller is playing the captain of a federation starship. His personal photo of his son with a yellow command shirt sitting in the captain’s chair is even more evidence. I think his agent was simply messing with the interviewer when he said Weller is a “CEO” – trying to lead us all to an incorrect assumption.

Weller will probably play a role similar to that played by the captain of the Kelvin – Weller’s ship will be the first federation ship to encounter the new bad guy (Cumberbatch) and Weller and crew will be the first casualities in the new struggle which the Enterprise and Kirk will later join.

Bet the farm on it.

155. Christopher Roberts - May 13, 2012

@151. Basement Blogger – Good thinking! Could be, I suppose…

Khan, is a product of eugenics – the targeting of the best & brightest for their genetic material, for selective breeding (something that’s in the news right now: http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16226561)

Khan would obviously find Paxton inferior… but ally himself with the former Terra Prime leader, until he’s no longer useful.

While it’s still more likely he’s following fellow Robocop co-star, Kurtwood Smith and playing an entirely different character – there is a built-in way for John Frederick Paxton to still be around 100 years later. Paxton wasn’t true to his ideals of being a pure human. He was born with one of the diseases Colonel Green used as an excuse to exterminate WWIII survivors. Paxton would get the shakes, and was revealed to be prolonging his life with Rigellian gene therapy. He could be called a C.E.O., since he was head of a business that did off-world mining, while ‘moonlighting’ as the leader of a xenophobic underground movement.

Like Archer’s mixing blood with those Klingons, infected in a way that removed their ridges… You have to wonder what the side effects of swapping chromosomes actually are. With few exceptions (Kes), most of the races in Star Trek seem to live more than twice our current lifespan. Even Klingons, who you would expect to live fast and die young, seem to go on and on, like Kang/Kor/Koloth, if they’re great warriors who keep surviving.

One thing does occur to me in all this. Paxton had this hero worship for a different TOS supervillain didn’t he? It was Colonel Green.

Green’s agenda was more to maintain the status quo and ensure no genetically deformed humans walked the Earth. Whether diseased through nuclear fallout or left over Augments perhaps? He was interested in keeping humanity pure after World War III. If Green were around, he would probably consider Khan an impure, mutant human and want him killed.

Khan and Green do have similar aims BUT are *perhaps* at opposite ends of the extreme. Khan is almost far right-wing (a moustache twirling villain you recognise as an evil conquerer and Empire builder). Colonel Green is on the far left… Probably called himself a humanitarian, committing unspeakable crimes because he thought it was for own good.

Whichever category Paxton falls into… it’s thought-provoking stuff at any rate.

156. Phil - May 13, 2012

It’s amazing how easy it is to hijack Federation starships – everyone seems to do it….

157. SuperBat - May 13, 2012

Here’s my guess: He’s Commodore Robert April.

Goes aboard the Enterprise for an inspection, gets kidnapped by Khan, gets injured.

Kirk saves the day, is promoted to Commodore, leading into Star Trek 3: The Search for Avoiding The Mistakes The Original Kirk Made In The Other Timeline, or Star Trek: ATMTOKMITOT.

158. MJ - May 13, 2012

@146 “#144 – That could fit into what Weller said about his character having his own ship. Maybe he discovers the Botany Bay?”

Please see my Post #4. I believe I was the first to come up with this, as well as the first one here to decipher that Orci’s “face-melting” clue meant some sort a major genetic alteration of Khan once Weller’s ship picks him up.

159. MJ - May 13, 2012

@156. I don’t think there was an April. Wether the animated series is canon or not is a grey area that has been debated numerous times of these boards, with no decisive outcome eihter way. A lot of people think it is canon, but Rodenberry seemed to have said it wasn’t.

160. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012

#157: Naah. People have been discussing the possibility of the Botany Bay for a while now.

161. MJ - May 13, 2012

@159 Nope, not in the way I outlined in post 4, with Weller discovering and alterning Khan, based on Orci’s “face melting” clue. If you disagree, then please cite the article are post numbr here on this site where you or others deduced this earlier???

162. Phil - May 13, 2012

What’s that? Oh, it’s the technobabble stench again….smells like franchise death to me.

163. Basement Blogger - May 13, 2012

@ 154

Thanks for reminding of how old Paxton would be in the 23RD Century. But how does that make Admiral Archer and his beagle? I’m guessing that people lived longer in the future. Remember McCoy in TNG’s “Encounter to Farpooint?” I just hope they don’t look as frail.

164. MJ - May 13, 2012

@162. Easy solution — he’s Paxton’s son.

165. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

160 – You’re hanging a lot on Orci’s “face-melting” comment. I think you’re reading way, way, way too much into that. He didn’t say there would be face melting in the movie. He said it would be face melting, as in, “This will melt your face!” (As is, “This will excite the crap out of you!”)

I could be wrong…but I still think you’re beating that red herring to death.

166. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

# 163.

100 years after ENT, he could even be his grandson.

And to those who said they won’t follow up any plots/characters from ENT? Well, what about Admiral Archer’s prized beagle? ;-)

167. MJ - May 13, 2012

@164. Remember, I am one of the few his deduced his Khan clue way last fall. I have a proven track record of coming up with this stuff correctly. This one, I feel about 60/40 on that face melting refers to Khan’s altered appearance. I was a bit more certain on Khan being the villain.

We shall see…

168. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

On the “face-melting” thing: Folks, what Orci posted was:
“Ill tell you what you are in for… A face melting mind blowing huge effing star trek. Biggest one EVER!”

Why harp on the face melting as a “clue” to the movie? What about the mind blowing and huge effing parts? OMG, there’s going to be huge effing in the movie!??! What, space whales having sex? Galaxies humping each other?

And what about the “mind blowing” part? Does he means there’s a brain drifting in the wind like a tumbleweed? Must be a remake of “Spock’s Brain!” Or does he mean mind “blowing” as in something more sexual? Ooh, then it’s about pon farr and it MUST be a remake of “Amok Time.”

And he said “biggest one ever!” Oh my! He MUST be talking about the size of the shuttlebay on the new Enterprise…or maybe it means they’ll actual print the film on GIANT filmstock in canisters 1,000 feet high!!!!

OR…just maybe…hear me out, now…

Maybe all he meant was that the Trek sequel will be a “face melting mind blowing huge effing star trek. Biggest one EVER!”

169. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

166 — And there’s still no proof that it’s Khan, so you’re not proven right on that guess. Time will tell.

170. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012

#160: No, it was definitely discussed, but I don’t see much of a reason to look it up and cite it–it’s just not that important. This isn’t AICN, where the whole “FIRST” stupidity seems matter. :)

171. Christopher Roberts - May 13, 2012

I’m not sure they would really want to go the “Bad guys hijack a Federation starship” route myself. It would probably invite one too many comparisons with Wrath of Khan. Or even Shatner’s Final Frontier.

Weller showing off a pic of his son in the Captain’s chair, is a perk of being one of the stars really. Incredibly kind of him to show that off though.

172. MJ - May 13, 2012

@169. My, how “CONVENIENT for you to first challenge my claim here, then when I ask you to provide a simple citation as to where that was discussed previously, you feign it as unnecessary. I tell you really why you can’t produce this reference — that is because it never happened — there is not a previous post like mine in #4 that pulled all of this together before within posts on this. site. You know that, but now, when challenged, you are pretending other reasons as to why you cannot back up your false claim.

You should really go into politics…that is the best place for snake-oil salesmen, my friend. And if you ever care to provide some information that actually backs up your earlier statements, I’ll be hear with “all ears.”

173. MJ - May 13, 2012

@167. We’ll see. Based on the information I have, which includes the unusual (and I believe intentional) “face melting” remark by Orci, and considering my track record on predicting other facts correctly on the sequel, I am predicting and altered appearance for Khan in the movie due to either genetic or other advance technologies, and I am predicting that Weller is going to play a role in this. See my Post #4. That is what I am going with.

Consider that “Mind blowing” and “huge effects” are common things one would say about a movie, whereas “face melting” is definitely not a way you hear a person describe a movie.

Chose what you want to believe, I am sticking with my prediction here.

174. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

172 – If you’ve never heard “melt your face” about a movie, or some other exciting event, then you’ve been living in a cave. It’s not unusual at all. Just because YOU are unaware of it doesn’t make it unusual.

The phrase “melt your face” has almost 2 million hits on Google. It’s a very common phrase for “will excite you incredibly” or “will blow your socks off” or however you want to say that something is amazingly exciting.

I wish Bob Orci would say whether that was a clue or not, but either answer might imply spoilers, so I doubt he’ll wade into this.

On a side note, I’m asking you to tone down your ego a bit. Stop harping on how genius you are for predicting things that haven’t been proven true. Stop begging us to re-read post #4 when we’ve already read it, and it’s received its due attention. Stop sniping at other people to provide evidence of posts disputing you when YOU claimed in another thread that Orci had used the “face-melting” clue at least twice, although there’s only one instance that I’ve ever seen or been able to find in repeated Google and Yahoo searches.

It makes it very difficult to remain cordial with you.

175. MJ - May 13, 2012

@173. I’m sticking by the connection to the face melting remark to the sequel. Again, you are welcome to disagree. We will find out either through the trailer or when the movie opens up next year.

Please spare me please your pop psychology lecture. You disagree with me, and maybe you don’t like me….fine, I get that…move on…no reason to make this personal.

176. MJ - May 13, 2012

And by the way, the fact that you would have to look up the number of hits on face melting on Google exactly proves my point. No one would have to look up the number of hits for “mind blowing,” now would we…i.e. because we all use that term in everyday language.

177. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

175 – I looked up the number of hits to provide you with evidence, MJ. Duh.

Drop it. Enjoy that healthy, healthy ego!

178. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012


Wow. Dude. Really? You realize this is just a Star Trek message board, right? You are taking this WAAAAAAAYYYY too seriously.

Being or not being the first to bring up a topic here is not some kind of badge of honor, and it’s not a matter of convenience that I’m uninterested in looking it up–it’s just not important enough for me to wade through thousands of comments strewn across multiple articles on this site, given that there’s no easy search function for me to do so. Anyone who would be willing to do that, in fact, is crazy. And if you’d be willing to do that, then you’d be crazy, too.

The bottom line is this: When I read your point in post #4, my first thought was, “Yeah, I’ve seen people suggest this before, and I still don’t buy it. Weller said that HE has a ship, not that SOMEONE ELSE has one. The Botany Bay is Khan’s, not his, and even if Khan allied with Weller, that wouldn’t change the fact that Khan would not be subservient to someone else.” I wouldn’t have thought any of that if I had not, in fact, already read that theory. That wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Plus, you’re completely misunderstanding Orci’s “face-melting” comment, which referred to what OUR audience reaction would be to the film. It was not a reference to the film’s plot points.

Sometimes, this board reminds me of why Star Trek fans have such a negative reputation.

179. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

For me? That ‘face-melting’ remark may or may not have been a clue. But I also believe that if Cumberbatch truly is Khan (as the still unconfirmed consensus would indicate), then it seems only logical that his rescuer (possibly CEO character played by Weller) would want to alter his appearance.

Again, Khan fled Earth a wanted war criminal. If (and this is only conjecture) Weller’s character were to find him and the Botany Bay, and for some purpose, want to ally himself with Khan, he’d have to change his appearance. It’d also be a boon to Cumberbatch (obviously, he’d avoid the physical disparity between he and Montalban, and it’d give him some elbow room for his new interpretation of the Khan character).

As to whether the ‘face melt’ statement was a clue? I’m not sure. But I do believe that to have Cumberbatch play Khan? The facial/genetic alteration theory fits very well. It wouldn’t be too different from a few Nazi war criminals who also changed their appearances when they fled to South America after WW2….

180. MJ - May 13, 2012

@175 No problemo, dude! Again, we will find out one way or the other either through trail trailer, spoilers, or when the movie is released.

I will be the first to admit, then yes, my ego is bloated….but I also think I’m right here, and I am certainly on a roll in being right so far on other aspects of the sequel.


181. MJ - May 13, 2012

@177. Ziggy, it kills me that you have now spent at least 30 minutes I would say in trying to respond to me. One would think that in that amount to time, you could have easily search back and found these previous posts that provide what I said in Post #4???

Of course, if those posts are non-existent, then I guess I can see why you wouldn’t be spending the time finding them….ah, could that be the reason??? :-)

Again, and this does not require another 2-page response from you — simply provide a link to the article and posts that support this on this site???

182. Andy Patterson - May 13, 2012

Maybe he’s Captain Ron Tracy. My vote for all time best villain.

183. Ziggy Rot - May 13, 2012

180: Thank you for proving my point about Star Trek fans. Your brand of smarm is what is exactly wrong with this fandom.

And my comment to you only took five minutes to write, not 30. You may be a slow typist, but I write for a living, and am thus very fast at it.

184. Keeg - May 13, 2012

He’s Khan. The leader’s pod was programmed to open first. And he just hung around for a while before defrosting everyone else and got old. And Cumby is Joachim; they have that similar long-faced look.


185. MJ - May 13, 2012

@178 “As to whether the ‘face melt’ statement was a clue? I’m not sure. But I do believe that to have Cumberbatch play Khan? The facial/genetic alteration theory fits very well. It wouldn’t be too different from a few Nazi war criminals who also changed their appearances when they fled to South America after WW2….”

Good points, Sebastian. I would add that Orci feigns like he has real-quick posts here of single sentences or less to give us the impression that he is just rapid-firing stuff at us, but I have become convinced over time that much of what he says is deliberate, with some providing indirect clues, and even certain typos (and DM Duncan has pointed out) providing clues.

So logically the storyline you and I have hear makes sense, and in the context you have Orci’s “face-melting” remark, which to me is an indirect clue that only validated this sort of story.

And if Orci comes on here and denies the face-melting remark meant anything towards the sequel, well, that will be a big “cha-ching” for me that it is in fact a valid clue, because he has to deny it given the secrecy, etc. that JJ has put on the crew here.

186. Vultan - May 13, 2012

I have no idea who Weller is playing, but that picture of Decker makes me want to watch Doomsday Machine again. William Windom was awesome that that!

187. MJ - May 13, 2012

@182. Again, more time spent arguing with me while being lazy about supporting your arguments with any real information. Plus insults to me as well. Must be my luck day I guess?

But I ran into these same kind of doubters when I predicted it was Khan last November, and we all saw how that turned out.

188. Vultan - May 13, 2012

Correction: “in that”
“that that”—I seemed to have developed a stutter.

189. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

185 “And if Orci comes on here and denies the face-melting remark meant anything towards the sequel, well, that will be a big “cha-ching” for me that it is in fact a valid clue, because he has to deny it given the secrecy, etc. that JJ has put on the crew here.”

So if he admits it, you’re right, and if he denies it, you’re right. What a convenient way to set up your predictions. An insane way to do so, but convenient.

Gee, it must be swell to live in your world, MJ.

190. Craiger - May 13, 2012

MJ, is one of your ideas is if Weller’s character does discover the Botany Bay he accidently kills Khan when trying to revive him so the next person he is successfull in waking Cumberbatch’s character? Cumberbatch’s character decides to become Khan in honor of him? Wouldn’t Cumberbatch’s character hold Weller responsible for killing Khan?

191. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 13, 2012

I don’t see the fact that Paxton may not be known to wider audiences as a problem. Most will see the Paxton character (from Enterprise or more likely his like-minded descendant) as being new. If Paxton Snr or Jnr is in the sequel, it is really a question of how well written the character and his story is and how well he is played by the actor (we are assuming it to be Peter Weller). Then again, we don’t actually know that Peter Weller is playing a Paxton, any more than we definitively know that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan.

MJ – Rumour (however good the source may seem) and fact are NOT synonymous. No actual verification has ever been given by those who can LEGITIMATELY give it. AICN and other media don’t count. Rumour is only ever just that – rumour. Then again, I am supposed to be “in denial”…LOL

MJ – I see that I am often the first person to make an observation or whatever, find my post being completely ignored, then later reading what I had written posted by someone else and everyone here thinking that second post is the best thing since sliced bread. It takes a while for some ideas to sink in sometimes…It’s happened to me before a few times way back some years ago on completely different sites – nothing to do with Star Trek. Frustrating really, but what can you do?

192. Craiger - May 13, 2012

Adding something else to my post I could see Cumberbatch’s character killing Weller’s character for killing Khan and that’s why Cumberbatch’s character taking Khan’s name in honor of him then reviving the rest of people on the Botany Bay. Or Cumberbatch’s character is the only to survive so he trys to rebuild his own genetically engineered race of super humans. He could go to the Klingons to get information on that who did their own expirements during Enterprise’s time.

193. MJ - May 13, 2012

@189. You are missing the point — the fact that we would choose to address it at all would be confirmation. It is not about some system where I get to be right all the time to win arguments here — its about reading Orci’s indirect clues and noting his statements, then putting that in context with the little bit of info we do get, and then piecing together what it means as to the plot of the sequel. And yet, I happen to think I am pretty good at doing this — time will tell though if I am right or if I am wrong on this prediction.

Bring on all the criticism you want. I survived it all on my Khan prediction and came out smelling like a rose.

194. MJ - May 13, 2012

argh…first sentence should be: .”..the fact that he (Orci) would choose…”

195. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

193 — If Bob Orci says, “All I meant by face-melting was that it’s going to be an amazing movie,” you won’t accept that as a denial? Just addressing

“the fact that he would choose to address it at all would be confirmation.”

Um, no. That’s a nonsensical assertion, MJ. Simply addressing something doesn’t confirm anything about it. That’s simply NOT true, no matter what you say. It’s not logically true, it’s not philosophically true–it’s just plain WRONG.

If I say, “I’ve never seen a Bigfoot,” that doesn’t confirm that there’s Bigfoot, nor that I’ve seen one. But according to you, it would because, by addressing it, I’m confirming it.

That’s insane, MJ. As in “detached from reality” insane.

196. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

195, pt 2 (Sorry about the extra “Just addressing” in the second line. Didn’t proofread carefully.)

197. boborci - May 13, 2012

Face melting not a clue. Just prefer it to mind blowing.

198. boborci - May 13, 2012

Unless of course my subconscious is doing something.

199. Landru's cousin, Dandru - May 13, 2012

“Face-melting” is a common phrase, guys. It’s frequently used in reviews and as hyperbole to hype new films, plays, video games, etc. Why someone would say that “mind-blowing” is a common phrase but “face-melting” isn’t is beyond me. This clearly wasn’t a clue to the story on Bob Orci’s part–it was just a comment meant to describe what he expects the audience reaction to me. Sometimes, a pencil is just a pencil.

200. Landru's cousin, Dandru - May 13, 2012

For the record: I have never been abducted and anal-probed by aliens.

Clearly, then, I have. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have addressed it.

201. MJ - May 13, 2012

@195. His claimed his Khan clue last fall (after I deciphered it) was a typo, and then we got Khan as the Villan, which fit the other information we were getting. Orci ignores 99% of the posts on this site, so the fact that he would choose to come in here and specifically address this would mean to me that clue is probably legit. Remember, the crew is under tremendous pressure to keep a lid on the plot, so he can’t really be straight with us outside of his having fun with his buried clues and indirect references…that is how he rolls…he has fun with us in this way.

202. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012


Diabolical, man. You’re truly diabolical.

203. MJ - May 13, 2012

@199. We’ll see!

204. MJ - May 13, 2012

@197. Ah, see, the denial is right on schedule. And look @198 — is that fracking awesome or what?

Khan will have his face modified in the new movie, with Weller’s character involved — I am sticking with this prediction.

Bob! Bubbie! I am your White Knight.


205. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

#200 Dear MJ,

Khan. Has. Not. Been. Confirmed. As. The. Villain.
Khan has not been confirmed as the villain.
Khan hasn’t been confirmed as the bad guy.
Khan done ain’t been ‘firmed as ‘nuthin’.

Addressing a rumor does not confirm the rumor.
(sigh) It’s worse than talking to a brick wall. A brick wall has better random scribblings from less-deranged minds.

206. MJ - May 13, 2012

@204. Ah, Disco Spock, “how quaint!”

207. Craiger - May 13, 2012

I still don’t get how not telling us the synopsis is spoiling the movie? We already have synopsis for the new Superman, Batman and Spiderman movies are those synopsis’ spoiling those movies?

208. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

So, Bob Orci denied that “face melting” means anything, which (according to MJ) confirms it. But a confirmation is the opposite of a denial, so by denying it, Orci is confirming it, which is a denial. Of course, a denial is just a confirmation, which is…

Ok, my mind is blown AND my face is melting! :)

Wait, I get it, MJ! A confirmation is just a denial with its face melted so we don’t recognize it!

I feel better now.

209. boborci - May 13, 2012

207 remember terminator 2? I always hated that i knew going into the movie that Schwarzy was the good guy. If you watch the movie, you can see that the first act was constructed for maximum effect if you didnt know that. My face wouldve melted if i had been sitting there watching J Connor being surrounded bu two terminators only to find Schawrzy had been turned. Movie making and storytelling and magic all have an element of misdirection that is pivotal to getting the full effect, IMHO.

210. MJ - May 13, 2012

@208. Whatever dude. We’ll see…we’ll see!

211. MJ - May 13, 2012

@209. Yea! That is why I am getting sick of each successive bit of Prometheus footage on TV and the internet giving away more of the plot.

212. Amish Electrician - May 13, 2012

209..So u knew Arnold was a good guy by leaks or promos?

213. boborci - May 13, 2012


214. MJ - May 13, 2012

@212 It was made clear in the media before it was released, plus the trailer gave it away.

215. Amish Electrician - May 13, 2012

Ahh..sorry guess i’m showing my younger age

216. Ahmed - May 13, 2012

@211. MJ – May 13, 2012

“@209. Yea! That is why I am getting sick of each successive bit of Prometheus footage on TV and the internet giving away more of the plot.”

I stopped watching any new Prometheus videos, just to keep myself surprised when I go & see it.

A bad trailer will spoil any surprises in the movie, case in point, the trailer for The Thing (2011) that gave away lot of twists


217. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

209 “My face wouldve melted if i had been sitting there watching J Connor being surrounded bu two terminators only to find Schawrzy had been turned.”

Based on your face-melting comment, I assume there are two Terminators in the next Star Trek movie? Cumberbatch and Weller play Terminators sent to kill the alternate-universe Khan, who is actually played by Alice Eve! But one of them turns good and saves Eve/Khan from the evil terminator. She falls in love with him, but Kirk is already in love with her, so he has to kill the good terminator, who turns evil because he’s patterned after Paxton’s brainwaves. In the end, Spock saves the ship the same way he did in TWOK–by sticking his face into a warp-engine “thermos thingie” that (wait for it)…

…melts his face!

I’m pretty sure I’m right about all of this. It’s right there in post #209, hidden in Orci’s tricky code.

218. Craiger - May 13, 2012

Yeh, but Bob If we knew it was Khan I don’t think that would still spoil it because as Spock said in ST 2009 that all their lives have changed. So we still wouldn’t know what Khan was up to since this is a totally new Trek universe you guys created to play around in. I was thinking if they redo old Trek bad guys in the new movies its been their done that. However I keep forgetting about the alternate reality.

219. jello cutter - May 13, 2012

There is no khan deal with it and move on, Your like a bunch of hippies reminicsing about woodstock The carnval is over, young mindes fresh ideas.

220. Craiger - May 13, 2012

#219, I wouldn’t care if it was Khan or not. I think just letting us know who the bad guy is could start us speculating on the plot and also lead to more hype about the movie.

221. dmduncan - May 13, 2012

Yeah, compare Prometheus promos to original Alien promos. Somebody should help put Ridley back on his rocker.

Tell you what T2 also failed on was to deliver the ending we were led to expect was coming. Like a typical Cameron film, he wusses out and gets all mushy. Making a T3 inevitable. (T4 I have no explanation for.)

222. Captain Karl - May 13, 2012

Didn’t Kirk & Co. battle Grammar Nazis on Patterns of Force?

223. MJ - May 13, 2012

@217. Wow, I guess I really made an impression on you. You seem to need post after post of self-aggrandizing humor to “try” to respond to me. I am flattered, dude!

And I’ll say this for you, you are quite the self-entertainer! :-)

224. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

223 – I was trying to lighten up. You should do the same.

And your ego’s showing again, MJ. You aren’t the only one around here who over-speculates, so I wasn’t just poking fun at you.

Even Shatner would say, “MJ, get–your massive ego–under–control.”

225. Basement Blogger - May 13, 2012

@ 221

I do remember the Alien egg trailer. That was an original and intriguing trailer.

I’m still going to see Prometheus even if I can tell what the story is about from the trailer. I want to see what Ridley Scott does with 3D. He filmed it in 3D so I hope it’s going to be special.

226. MJ - May 13, 2012

@224. ” I was trying to lighten up.”

So was I. I think it would be funny to be able to hear you laugh at your own jokes. :-))


227. MJ - May 13, 2012

@225 “In Space, No One Can Hear you Scream”…one of the most awesome promotional lines in movie history.

228. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

227 – You’re right. Of course, it’s followed closely by “In space, no one can hear you cha-cha-cha.”

229. Red Dead Ryan - May 13, 2012


There is a Khan, deal with it and move on. Sheesh, despite all the mounting evidence of Khan being the villain in the sequel, there sure are a lot of folks here still in denial.

I suppose it’s not so surprising. Former U.N boss Kofi Annan still believes Bashar al-Asad is NOT a mass murderer, despite the ever-mounting evidence to the contrary.

230. This is going to be a long year - May 13, 2012


Excellent point Bob.

So can you tell us something non-spoilery that we can discuss?

Maybe some new info on the film shoot completely unrelated to the story?

231. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

@229 – I’m still betting that Khan is not the villain. Might be a long shot, but with the amount of non-confirmation we’ve received, I’m going with that long shot. We’ll see…

@230 – Best screenname I’ve seen lately! Boy, are you right. This year is gonna last a lifetime!

232. Red Dead Ryan - May 13, 2012

Well, “Terminator 2″ is considered one of the greatest sci-fi classics of all time. It was even better than the first, which is a classic itself. One of my all-time favorites.

233. MJ - May 13, 2012

@229 “There is a Khan, deal with it and move on. Sheesh, despite all the mounting evidence of Khan being the villain in the sequel, there sure are a lot of folks here still in denial.”

Yea…I just had a “Duh” moment here looking at the doubters posts. Wishful thinking is not going to change the fact that it is Khan. Heck, even IMDB now lists BC as playing Khan. How much further spelling it out do people need here…for Christ’s sake…move on folks!

234. MJ - May 13, 2012

@232. Teminator 2 was the Avatar and Star Wars of its day, a sf movie “game changer.”

235. Red Dead Ryan - May 13, 2012


Yeah, what I don’t get is how Bob doesn’t like either T2 or “The Dark Knight”. Kind of weird.

But, I guess it all comes down to taste. I’m not a fan of the “Godfather” movies, but I do appreciate how well done they were. They just don’t speak to me the way “Goodfellas” does.

236. Craiger - May 13, 2012

MJ, isn’t IMDB know for not being reliable source for casting news? Can’t anybody edit a person’s IMDB page? Also why wont JJ and Bob confirm its Khan?

237. Vultan - May 13, 2012


Agreed! I think the Godfather movies are okay, but GoodFellas ranks much higher for me.

Where did Bob say he doesn’t like T2? I thought he was going on about spoilers in promos.

238. Craiger - May 13, 2012

RDR I don’t think BOB doesn’t like T2 its just that he didn’t like knowing Arnold was going to be the good guy before the movie premiered but the trailers showed he was the good guy. Maybe Bob is saying we wont know who the bad guy is until the first trailer premiers?

239. MJ - May 13, 2012

@236. IMDB is not perfect, of course.

240. MJ - May 13, 2012

@237. Never go against the family, Vultan. Never go against the family!

241. Phil - May 13, 2012

I can neither confirm or deny events I did not personally witnessed. With enough commentary that Khan, remade or rehashed, is a colossally bad idea, I’d prefer to think that the production team knows better. When they confirm or deny it, then it’s time to move on.

242. Anthony Pascale - May 13, 2012

TrekMovie has reported before that IMDB is no better than a wiki when it comes to information on a film before anything official is released from the studio. IMDB does not have sources. They do not “report” anything. They only post publicly available information.

Someone went in and edited the page and IMDB accepted the edit. That is all. They are probably using TrekMovie.com as their source.

As I have said many times before. There are things that TrekMovie no longer considers rumors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t *officially* rumors from the studio point of view.

As of now NOTHING about characters/plot has been confirmed by Paramount/Bad Robot/JJ/Bob/anyone official. Nothing should be read into them not denying or confirming because they have a blanket policy to neither confirm nor deny anything…at least until they chose to say something official. The soonest that will happen is Comic Con but i doubt they will even confirm anything big at that time.

243. Red Dead Ryan - May 13, 2012

Again, just because the writers have chosen to go with Khan doesn’t mean the sequel is going to be a “rehash” or “remake”. The new timeline was created to allow for new stories to be told featuring the old TOS characters, Khan included. It would be no different if they had chosen Harry Mudd, Trelane, Doomsday machine, etc.

Also, the people crying out for new and original villains never seen before are the same folks who, after watching the sequel, would be whining about how the writers didn’t acknowledge the existence of familiar foes in the new timeline.

They’d be like “Geez, yet another previously unencountered race/villain! Where are the Klingons? I want Klingons, you bastards!”

244. dmduncan - May 13, 2012

I liked about half of T2. Seems I feel that way about all of Cameron’s movies, except Aliens, which I liked all of.

And I think The Godfather movies are way better than any of Scorcese’s gangster/violence movies. A whole rung above them. In my opinion, Age of Innocence is Scorcese’s masterpiece. For me, Scorcese does his best work when he’s not making “typical” Scorcese films, i.e., the violence packed ones.

245. MJ - May 13, 2012

@242. Anthony, your post here has me wondering if you are backing off what you said on April 30th:

“Spoiler 2: Cumberbatch is playing Khan. TrekMovie was first in reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch had joined the Star Trek sequel cast, to play a villain (originally a role offered to Benecio del Toro). A few outlets have also reported (including today’s AICN) that this villain was Trek’s most famous bad guy – the exiled Eugenics War leader Khan Noonien Singh (originally played by Ricardo Montalban). TrekMovie has also confirmed this with a number of sources so we no longer consider it to be a rumor. Khan is back in 2013…”

Anthony, do still still stand by this? Yes or no?

Respectfully, MJ

246. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

Someone already expressed it perfectly on one of these threads before. To paraphrase: If the villain IS Khan, I’m certain the movie will be an exciting and satisfying epic–after Trek09, I trust the filmmakers–but I’ll still feel a little disappointed that it wasn’t something/someone completely new–again, because I trust the filmmakers after how they delivered with Trek09.

That’s all–a little disappointed if it’s Khan. But I still think it might not be Khan, or such a twist that we all say, “WOW, I didn’t see THAT coming!”

247. George Zip - May 13, 2012

I still think Tom Hanks would be a great Commodore Decker.

248. Landru's cousin, Dandru - May 13, 2012

#205: I think you’re confused. I’m #200, and I’m not MJ. In fact, my post at #200 was making the same point you just made.

249. MJ - May 13, 2012

@247. Yea, and I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Hanks and Orci would inevitably go at each other on the Kennedy Assassination. :-)

250. Montreal_Paul - May 13, 2012

OMG!! MJ, do you not see it?!?! Bob Orci gave another clue when he was talking about Terminator!! Arnie is going to be in the movie! It’s a clue!

Oh, and the “face melting” IS a clue… it’s an Indiana Jones reference! It means Harrison Ford is going to be in the movie too!! Didn’t Bob say he was hanging with Harrison Ford??

Just kidding… had to get in on all the crazy speculation too! LoL ;)

251. Azrael - May 13, 2012

@241. Just looking at the various threads on this site is enough to prove you wrong, it is very obvious that the majority are just fine with a Khan movie, in fact most of those making negative statements turn out to be sockpuppeting trolls, like JTD, or the other phil, I find no logic in any of your arguments.

252. MJ - May 13, 2012

@248. Maybe he is getting you mixed up with Landru?

253. MJ - May 13, 2012

@250. LOL..very funny! :-))

254. Montreal_Paul - May 13, 2012

251. Azrael

Ummm… please don’t speak for everyone. The majority are not fine with Khan. I would say it is about even. I, for one, am not fine with Khan. I have given my opinion as to why I don’t feel it is Khan and I am not a sockpuppeting troll. Please watch how you throw your comments around in here.

255. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

248 – Yeah, I’m pretty sure I meant 204, not 200. Sorry.

256. Phil - May 13, 2012

@245. What does it matter, MJ? Your crystal ball has already determined this to be true, right?

257. Anthony Pascale - May 13, 2012

I stand by every article on this site, until time comes to update them. So if there is ever new info i can report, i will do that.

258. VZX - May 13, 2012

Huh. Well, to each his own. I like how Bob mentioned magic. I bet that’s JJ and his Mystery Box influence. I know some magic tricks and misdirection is always key. I never thought that storytelling is like magic. That’s very interesting…..

259. Lostrod - May 13, 2012

#204 – MJ

“Bob! Bubbie! I am your White Knight.”

Great Die Hard reference.

Ironic since Patrick Stewart is starring in the latest Die Hard installment.


260. Ahmed - May 13, 2012

@259. Lostrod – May 13, 2012

“#204 – MJ
“Bob! Bubbie! I am your White Knight.”
Great Die Hard reference.
Ironic since Patrick Stewart is starring in the latest Die Hard installment.”

I don’t think it is confirmed yet that Sir Patrick Stewart in Die Hard 5, not that I mind seeing him in any movie ;)

I guess that we will keep mulling over whether Khan in the sequel or not, until Comic Con !!

261. MJ - May 13, 2012

@257. Thanks Anthony. “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

@259. Lostrod, you win a Gold Star for getting that reference. COOL!

262. VZX - May 13, 2012

I do have to say that I do appreciate the lengths that JJ and company go to maintain secrecy. They want to make sure that the audience enjoys the movie-going experience as it was meant to be: with the story unfolding as the movie plays.

I get it.

Like Bob’s story about T2, it always bothered me that I knew the true identity of Luke’s dad before I saw Empire. BUT: I got to live vicariously through my children as they experienced it. I never told them about it beforehand, and when the moment came they were blown away. It was awesome to watch them watch and experience what I never had.

That said, with today’s information age, it’s hard to avoid spoilers. I will still come to this site, but I trust that nothing major will be released. I doubt that Anthony Pascale would post the entire script if he acquired it somehow.

263. MJ - May 13, 2012

@256. Phil, I am just a guy who is able to put disparate bits of information and clues together to “draw the big picture,’ and then make some corresponding predictions — all for the sole entertainment of your and others here.

And if I happen to end up being right most of the time, well that is just “gravy,” my old friend. :-)

264. Azrael - May 13, 2012

No offense meant Paul, perhaps I should have said the majority seem to be fine with it, or at least willing to give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt until viewing the movie. This is indeed the overall impression that I have gotten here, in my personal life (friends, co-workers and so forth), and other places. I had even felt, based on the comments of yours that I had read, that you were in the “benefit of the doubt” camp, if I am mistaken in that impression I apologize. I also am not calling you a troll, or a sockpuppet, but there have been many, and a few really bad ones lately, including the guy pretending to be Mr. Orci. Perhaps I also let my irritation at some peoples attitudes get the better of me, which I am prone to being guilty of (its an issue I am aware of, and not nearly as bad as it was 20 years ago). I have made a big effort to self-moderate in the past few months, starting after my feud with MJ, which I am not looking to repeat with anyone else, but I am not accusing others of trashing me because of my opinions, nor am I making repeated posts stating the same point over and over again using all caps to “shout down” opposition, nor many other things I see around here. (Note: I am not talking about you right now Paul.)

So maybe I let my passion for all forms of Trek get the better of me, many others have done that as well. Really though, without a passion for Trek, what are we even doing here?

265. Vultan - May 13, 2012


That was a great reference.
You should change your handle to “Ellis.”

266. Basement Blogger - May 13, 2012

@ 254

Montreal Paul

Um… should I comment on Anthony’s comment on what Paramount consider to be rumor and what TrekMovie considers to be rumor.

“As I have said many times before. There are things that TrekMovie no longer considers rumors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t *officially* rumors from the studio point of view.” @ 242

I’m just having some fun with you since we had a massive debate with this topic on another thread. By the way, I’m confident it is Khan and one of those who’s’ not rooting for Khan. We’ve been there and done that.. Khan has one motivation. Rule. Rule earth. Rule the universe. That being said, I’ll keep an open mind with the new movie. Could be simple minded. Could be great. We’ll see in 2013.

267. MJ - May 13, 2012

@263. Good post. No hard feelings, Azrael!

268. MJ - May 13, 2012

@254. LOL, Vultan. Touche!

269. Vultan - May 13, 2012


In the middle of watching “Die Hard With A Vengeance” right now.
So glad they’re making another—“A Good Day to Die Hard.”

Those titles are so over the top. Gotta love ’em.

270. Montreal_Paul - May 13, 2012

263. Azrael

Thank you for that. I just get annoyed when posters start saying that they are talking for everyone.

265. Basement Blogger

Not going there again. But… here is something for you. My “Khan” speculation.

Peter Weller is playing Khan. He was “thawed” out about 25 years earlier (this would explain Weller’s age compared to Montelban’s in Space Seed) either by accident or intentionally. He patiently and calmly accumulated wealth and power over the years. He secretly genetically enhances his own army with Cumberbatch playing his second in command. His intention is to take over the Federation. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

271. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

Personally? I’m not fully convinced of ANYTHING just yet; including Cumberbatch as Khan rumors (still not officially confirmed by Orci or Paramount).

But for my two cents? If it IS Khan? I just think there is a right way to do it, that’s all (to explain the obvious disparity between his and the late Ricardo Montalban’s appearances). See post # 100….

But at any rate? IMDB is not gospel, and Khan may or may NOT be the villain (or even be in this movie at ALL). That’s all I’m going on at the moment: Benedict Cumberbatch is in the movie, he may/may not be Khan, he battles Spock (apparently), Peter Weller is also in the movie as a ‘CEO’.
Those are the only ‘facts’ I’ve personally gleaned so far.

Anything else (even all of my own pet theories about Khan’s augmented facial appearance, Weller’s salvage of the Botany Bay, etc) are all just conjecture as far as I can tell.

That’s all I’m going with until I hear more…

272. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 13, 2012

233 once upon a time IMDB had Leonard Nimoy listed as appearing in Star Trek Generations and we saw how accurate that was.

IMDB is not the end all be all to accurate cast lists, Its just a step above wikipeadia.

273. MJ - May 13, 2012

@271 @272

Anthony said that IMDB is likely using Trekmovie.com as its source here, and Anthony is still standing by his report that is based on his special sources that Khan is the villain in Trek 2012.

Please see posts 245 and 257 — Anthony is not retreating from his story and sources.

So you can go with wishful thinking and live in a in dreamwold where they are doing something completely new in the next movie, or you can just accept the nearly proven fact, as Anthony himself said, that “we no longer consider it to be a rumor. Khan is back in 2013″.

274. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 13, 2012

273 did I say he wasn’t playing Khan in that post? NO I DID NOT, I said IMDB is not always right and I gave a great example of how they have been wrong in regards to Trek casting before.
And then went on to say they are only a step above wikipedia in terms of accuracy.

There was no wishful thinking aspect on my post, I even said in a much earlier post in this thread, I would be less disapointed in Khan turning out to be villian if it turned out that Weller was playing a descendent of Paxson.

implying I realize that alot of these items point to khan being the villian.

275. MJ - May 13, 2012

@274. OK, no problem.

276. Chancellor Gowron - May 13, 2012

I suppose it’s probably hoping too much to assume that he’s reprising his role as Paxton. Humans do live longer in Star Trek’s future, and Paxton is probably closer to being a CEO than commodores or governers are. Ehh, he’s probably a new character.

277. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 13, 2012

And let me add this, I will be even more disapointed, if they use the old “PLastic surgery” gimmick as a way to gloss over the fact that khan now looks and sounds british.

I might be disapointed seeing a caucasian british actor playing khan, but i would be far more disapointed in a storyline, that tries to hide the fact they couldnt cast someone of similar looks and ethnicity as Montalban, by implying or showing that he has has had facial reconstructive surgery.

I give Orci and crews talent and writing ability alot more credit than that, and i wouldnt imagine they would resort to something so silly as facial reconstruction

278. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 13, 2012

275 thank you

279. captain_neill - May 14, 2012

I wonder if the production team knows he has been in Trek before. lol

280. Azrael - May 14, 2012

@279. Well since Bob posts here and Weller’s Trek history has been mentioned here a whole lot I would say the answer is yes.

281. Aurore - May 14, 2012

Obviously, I happen to be in the minority who does not think that Mr. Abrams would hire Hispanic actors to play an Indian Sikh character, without even attempting to give Indian actors a chance during the casting process.

Although the portrayal of Sikh characters seems to be a delicate issue, even in India( check comments section as well. Link if authorized here ;
http://thelangarhall.com/general/bollywoods-heroes-more-sikh-characters-on-the-big-screen/ ) , casting Hispanic actors to play Khan Noonien Singh, would seem odd….Or, at least, it would…to me, since I would find it to be in stark contrast to his initial concerns over the choice of a Korean-American actor cast to play a japanese character, a few years back.

As I’ve stated, in the past, I am not fine with Khan being in the next Star Trek. If indeed he is, which I still doubt.

I am, however, more than fine with the kind of movie Bryan Burk , and, Mr. Orci promised. Namely, an original, unique and “different ” Star Trek movie.

Damon Lindelof *, being in love with Raiders of The Lost Ark, we might get to see melting villains or…good guys ( Pike? ). In any case, I expect surprises, and, believe that some major event(s) will occur. This opinion of mine is based on statements made by different members of “the powers that be”, over the months, such as the following, by Damon Lindelof :

“It’s tough. JJ is really good at secrecy and really good at playing the game because ultimately people want to know but they don’t want to have stuff spoiled for them. … We are working on Trek 2 now and there is such an expectation that it is top secret, because everything we do is top secret. And with that expectation comes this idea that “they are going to do something that is totally mind-blowing that is going to friggin’ fry our brains!” Because we are keeping it such a secret. As opposed to the fact that we are just keeping it a secret because we don’t want the audience to know too much going in. The fact that people went to go to see Trek and they didn’t know we were going to blow up Vulcan. They might have known that time travel was involved and they knew that Nimoy was in the movie, but they didn’t understand how it all worked so when you get to that point in the movie it’s cool because you get to emotionally experience it without being primed for it. It requires a tremendous amount of – there are only so many people you can include in your circle of trust.”


In fact, I believe the film could end up being a spectacular “face melter ” in the sense that some decisions, creative choices etc… might truly confuse and unsettle many (fans). Myself included. In that respect, I say; BRIIIIIIING IT, gentlemen!!!

* DamOn wrote a love letter to that movie, it is available online.
The man was always passionate….

282. Sebastian S. - May 14, 2012

# 273


But even the Trekmovie sources are NOT confirmed (by Orci or Paramount). I won’t say that Khan is not likely the villain (as he most likely IS), but there may be a twist to it, or something else. If IMDB is sourcing this site, and even this site’s rumors aren’t being officially confirmed? Then as far as I’m concerned, it’s like trying to building a solid foundation upon a layer of shaving cream…..

I have my own pet theories (if it IS Khan), as I’ve said back in post # 100. So either way, I’m choosing to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude. No point in speculating any further on unconfirmed rumors, IMO. ;-)

283. Landru's cousin, Dandru - May 14, 2012

I think it’s clear that the majority ARE fine with having Khan in the film. It’s only a small but vocal minority who are expressing outrage–and in any case, the online fan community is pretty insignificant compared to the general moviegoing audience, most of whom will have no problem with it if that turns out to be the case.

284. Jim, London - May 14, 2012

No cant be Matt Decker – Thats Tom Hanks’ role….

285. VZX - May 14, 2012

@281. That’s interesting about Damon, I never knew that. It does explain a lot. Ever since I read how Gary Kurtz felt about Raiders changed my views on it. I now look at Raiders as just a hollow action movie. No substance. I guess that’s the kind of movie Damon likes. Bummer.

286. Daoud - May 14, 2012

I’ll be fine with seeing Khan, but ‘not as we know him’. The Khansicle version, just dried out, the way he was for the first fifteen minutes of Space Seed, is acceptable. But he shouldn’t be the fifteen *years* of anger overlaid Khan at all. He shouldn’t have spent his howling windblown nights by dim light reading Moby Dick and Dante’s Inferno lamenting the loss of McGivers and his new “empire” on Ceti Alpha.
He hasn’t been through that. He has no animus against Kirk.
Unless…. hey, what’s Winona Kirk been up to since 2242 (around when Jimmy crashed his dad’s car to keep it out of Frank’s hands)? What if the ship she was on discovered Khan somewhere… and Alice Eve… is Kirk’s half-sister!? Kidding.

287. Daoud - May 14, 2012

As to Peter Weller though… as a senior Captain in Starfleet, he’d be exactly the person sent in 2259 by Prime Spock and a special Starfleet task force for the mission “Find Botany Bay”.
And if it’s at-the-time well-regarded Captain Ron Tracey of the USS Exeter (major clue note, The Boborci previously said the Exeter gets a mention!!!) and Tracey, rather than going ape-shit crazy when finding an apparent Fountain of Youth on Yang-Kohm-World….. finds Khan…. oh yeah.

288. Sebastian S. - May 14, 2012

# 287

I could very easily see Weller as Capt. Tracy. Good call… ;-)

289. Aurore - May 14, 2012

@ 285.

“I guess that’s the kind of movie Damon likes. Bummer.”

Hi, VZX !

Stop whining !


Should you be interested in knowing more about DamOn’s favourite movies, this is for you.


290. VZX - May 14, 2012

HI Aurore.

I’m not whining…ok, maybe I am. Sorry. Thanks for the link. I commented on that article back then, but I completely forgot about it.

I think Daoud may be on to something about Captain Tracy. Like someone said, maybe Weller is not a CEO but a CO and the agent got it wrong. Weller said he has his own ship and Bob said the Exeter is in the film. But, was it confirmed that Weller is playing an original character? If not, then I’m going to go along with the Captain Tracy theory.

291. Aurore - May 14, 2012

” Like someone said, maybe Weller is not a CEO but a CO and the agent got it wrong.”

A few people seemed to agree with that someone. They said as much sometime ago.


I have no idea who Peter Weller might be, though. That said, I would not mind seeing an original character.

In any case, I do believe he’ll be one hell of a bad*ss dude!

292. VZX - May 14, 2012

By the way, with Damon’s love of Raiders and Bob Orci’s continual use of the phrase “it will melt your faces!” AND Spock’s volcano descent, I wonder if there is indeed some actual face melting on screen in this movie. If so, I called it first!! Red Dead Ryan, put me on a new list!

293. DiscoSpock - May 14, 2012

Melt your face? The Simpsons already did it!


294. Daoud - May 14, 2012

In case someone forgets… Bob’s post #93 in this thread:

295. NuFan - May 14, 2012

There are things I no longer consider rumor, also.

296. Tony Todd's Tears - May 14, 2012

He’s playing Robocop

297. Factchecker - May 14, 2012

Bring on Star Trek 2.2: The Wrath of Mr. Hengist

298. Daoud - May 14, 2012

@272. The original script for Generations had Kirk, Spock and McCoy on Harriman’s Enterprise B launch. When Nimoy and Kelley had no interest, it was rewritten for Scott and Chekov, since Doohan and Koenig were willing, interestingly. You’ll see echoes of Spock and McCoy in the lines that the two of them have. So, IMDB wasn’t wrong early on….
@297. Hahahahahahah…. Redjac redjac redjac…..

299. n1701ncc - May 14, 2012

Bob O… I dont think this question would spoil anything if you answered it …Are we going to get Chris Pine doing the Star Trek credo… Space the Final Frontier…that would be a nice gesture to tell us but only if JJ will allow it.

300. VZX - May 14, 2012

@272 and 298: was IMDB even in existence in 1994?

301. Harry Ballz - May 14, 2012

300 posts so far and we know……NUTHIN’!!

302. Jai - May 14, 2012

Sebastian S, re: #179:

“Again, Khan fled Earth a wanted war criminal.”

Unless I’m missing some canonical reference to that, as far as I know Khan wasn’t a “war criminal”. The dinner scene in Space Seed includes brief references to Khan only waging war in self-defence (after he was attacked first), along with there being no massacres under his rule etc. Kirk even says he admires Khan.

Khan ended up overthrown on Earth, but that’s no different to what happened to Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great, who were both “benevolent autocrats” with huge egos and were eventually excessively powerful in some people’s eyes. Khan’s character and place in the fictional history of Star Trek is closest to those two historical figures, although he obviously ended up having to flee the planet rather than prematurely dying like Caesar or Alexander.

Hitler he ain’t, and neither is he a genocidal war criminal (Colonel Greene is the guy who fits that description). If he was, you can’t imagine Kirk admiring someone like that or being so understanding at the end of Space Seed.

However, it’s true that Khan would still be one of the most recognisable figures in Earth’s history from the perspective of 23rd Century humans, so he would obviously want to go undercover if he was defrosted. Khan wouldn’t be satisfied unless he was in some leadership position of extreme power (neither would Caesar or Alexander in the same situation), so the only way he could conceivably regain that kind of power would be if he was in disguise.

303. Jai - May 14, 2012

Actually the real mystery in Star Trek is exactly how James T Kirk ends up living in Frasier Crane’s apartment, and exactly how that apartment was transported from New York to the west coast from the original owner, Don Draper ;)

304. Desstruxion - May 14, 2012


305. Vultan - May 14, 2012


Interesting you brought up Colonel Green. Remember, Paxton professed an admiration for him while watching a recording of one of his speeches.

Could these inside sources from the movie have confused Khan with Green? Doubtful. But still an interesting connection in this puzzle.

306. David Burnett - May 14, 2012

@299. that’s honestly a big question for me too. I’d like to know as little about the actual plot and characters as possible, but I would love to know if we’re going to get the opening words spoken by our new Kirk. I’m also hoping for new Captain’s Log entries, I missed those in the last movie.

307. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 14, 2012

300 yes IMDB celebrated its 20th anniversary 2 years ago.
298 it added him on , even after nimoy said he wasnt coming back. and they never listed De Kelley as being involved.

308. Phil - May 14, 2012

@310. Come on Harry, if we chat this up enough perhaps the SHEAR WILL of our combined karma will force Paramount to cough up some details….nah!!

309. Vultan - May 14, 2012

Off topic:

FYI, Disney has released the first episode of the animated Tron: Uprising.
Could an animated Star Trek work (again)? Yes, I think so.


310. Phil - May 14, 2012

@309. Yeah, I think it could work, but the older fan base is going to have to come to grips with the audience it’s aimed at. The Clone Wars exists for one reason only, to introduce young fans to the franchise….okay, maybe two reasons. To make money, too…..okay, maybe three reasons…to sell toys….

311. Basement Blogger - May 14, 2012

@ 305

Remember the leaked video. It showed Cumberbatch beating the daylights out of Spock. He later chokes Spock with one hand. I’ve see nothing to indicate that Col. Green had supertrength. The hunt of a Hispainc actorala Montalban) and the superstrength points to Khan. On the other hand, Motreal Paul has pointed out that Gary Seven had superstrength. However Cumberbatch is playing a v8lain so that might take Seven out of the picture. Plus there’s the search for a Hispanic actor thing.

312. rocketdave - May 14, 2012

Carter Winston from TAS?

313. Harry Ballz - May 14, 2012

308. “SHEAR WILL”???

My, Phil, what a cutting remark!

314. Vultan - May 14, 2012


Was it ever made clear that Colonel Green was an Augment or not? Or was he just a regular human who wanted genetic purity?

In any event, I’d rather see Green or Gary Seven than Khan—been there, done that.

315. Vultan - May 14, 2012


I agree, Phil, but after having watched animated Tron, it didn’t feel nearly as kiddie and market-driven as Clone Wars. Despite some of the herky-jerky animation, it felt like a real movie, actually.

316. L4YERCAKE - May 14, 2012

He’s playing Captain Tracey. Of course! It makes perfect sense and Weller looks just like him…

Good call, Daoud.

317. Basement Blogger - May 14, 2012

@ 314

Yes. We’ve been there and done that. The problem with Khan is that we know what he’s all about. Unless, they use the parallel universe to make him into a manager for an Indian Restaurant. Like I said, they might make great Trek or they might make something very conventional. Bad guy tries to rule universe. The crew of the Enterprise must stop them. By the way, that was the motivation of Khan in Space Seed. Rule.

But I’ll still go out and see it. Willing to keep an open mind even if we know what Khan wants. Who knows? Abrams Trek might be better than TWOK.

318. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 14, 2012

#306 – I agree. Those words are part of what made TOS Star Trek different, unique, special. I would love to hear the alternate universe younger captain Kirk (Chris Pine) introduce the movie with those eloquent words, along with usual Captain’s Log.

Chris should say them better than he did for the Gag Reel, although perhaps his way of saying them was likely part of the gag anyway.

319. Will - May 14, 2012

Seeing that picture of Commodore Decker, it hit me – must be related to Capt. Phil Harris from Deadliest Catch, RIP…

320. Sebastian S. - May 14, 2012

# 302


Actually, the line after “there were no massacres under his rule” in Space Seed was followed by “No wars until he was attacked” (when that happened? No doubt some atrocities followed). And when Terrell asked Chekov who Khan was, Chekov’s response was “Criminal, Keptin. A product of late 20th century (LOL!) genetic engineering.” So, in my head, I guess I put those ideas together.

But at any rate, I still stand by my point; if Khan were awakened by a sympathetic party in the 23rd century (a mysterious benefactor perhaps), he might want to consider changing his appearance to prevent easy ID (as what happened in Space Seed with the computer system of the Enterprise). And yes, I agree with you; it’d be easier for him to get back ‘on top of the power pyramid’ if he weren’t so instantly recognizable….

# 303 Jai (again!)

ROTFLMAO! Loved the Don Draper reference…. bazinga! ;-D

321. YouPressedTheResetButtonWhyTellTheSameStoriesAgain - May 14, 2012

All of this execessive secrecy being maintained by Abrams & Co. is not making this fan any more or less likely to see the next Star Trek film. Way back in early 1994, I bought a draft of the script that eventually became the screenplay for Star Trek: Generations, and if anything, I was even more curious to see the film after having read the script than I would have been without having read it, to see (among other things) how the words on the page would translate to the stage. Same thing in early ’96 – given a script for First Contact, which I read months before the film, and the script was so awesome that I wanted to see the movie that much more. Was given the script for Star Trek: Insurrection months in advance too…. only saw the movie once, would only have seen it once without having read the script.

How many hardcore fans, if given just a few details about the movie now, would NOT see the movie, whereas they otherwise would had those details been kept secret from them? Please.

And as far as non-Trek fans being exposed to some of these details, they really don’t care all that much, or the details will not mean all that much to them.

Secrecy for secrecy’s sake costs money. How much did the wall that was built around the set cost? $2 million? To think what other thing that could have been spent on!

322. MJ - May 14, 2012

@283 “I think it’s clear that the majority ARE fine with having Khan in the film. It’s only a small but vocal minority who are expressing outrage–and in any case, the online fan community is pretty insignificant compared to the general moviegoing audience, most of whom will have no problem with it if that turns out to be the case.”

Well said, Dandrau!

323. Daoud - May 15, 2012

@316 L4yercake…. Ron Tracey makes a lot of sense, especially considering the fun The Boborci’s having directing the IDW continuation comic, and its revisiting of a number of TOS storylines and having twists on those known and unknown characters.

If we go with the idea of Weller as Tracey, with him sent to recover Botany Bay, and a Starfleet psychologist or biogeneticist is sent along with the crew of the USS Exeter to investigate… it makes perfect sense that Alice Eve is either Dr. Dehner, or Carol Marcus. If it’s Dehner, she’s McCoy’s ex-wife. (Which nothing in prime canon would create any issues either!) Which would make it even more interesting if this younger, former Mrs. McCoy, becomes a romantic interest for Jim Kirk…. until…. Yeah, this is interesting to think about.

@283/322 Dandru/MJ…. I agree, having Khan would put butts in seats. It’s the perfect McGuffin for The Boborci, Alex & Damon to have chosen. Khan draws them in… he’s the “Bearded Lady”. And then when you get them in, you tell them a story that’ll melt your face off! Expect a deeply layered story, that references ST09 in ways that don’t require having seen it, and makes oodles of references to ENT, TOS, and details from novels that you won’t have to have read to enjoy… but if you’re a fan….

Anyway, seeing Bob’s excitement anytime he’s been around lately… I get the sense that if we remember how he was displeased with not being able to tweak ST09 due to the writers’ strike… he seems very very pleased, in a non-Berman very pleased, sort of way. Dare I say he seems almost… pleasured?

@307 Wookiie Monster: No one said Kelley was listed. I was talking about the original script for Generations, not what IMDb did or didn’t list.

324. BringbackTrekagain! - May 15, 2012

He’s Commodore Decker!

325. Montreal_Paul - May 15, 2012

Khan brought people into th etheatres in the 80s because the fans of TOS knew who Khan was and they went to see it. Flash forward to 2013 – new audiences to Trek have no idea who Khan is. The only “butts in seats” they will get is the people that watched TOS & TWOK and know who Khan is.

You people are looking at it as if everyone knows who Khan is. I’m 45, I watched Trek since I was a kid… I know all the characters. My girlfriend asked me what I was reading yesterday (it was the article of Cumberbatch’s in new Trek body). When I told her, she said, “Who is Khan?”

The only characters that people outside of Trek fandom know are Spock, Kirk & Scotty. So, no. Khan will not put butts in seats.

326. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 325

I too, am your age and I can tell you that Khan will not draw newer audiences into the fold. The fact that it’s a sequel to the most successful Trek yet will do that (as will the ST brand name). TWoK was a success at the time (hardly a record breaker, but good), but based on box office criteria alone, TMP or TVH were bigger (ST09 was the biggest!). So, using that logic, they’d be bringing in humpback whales for this sequel…. ;-D

I’ll admit, I’ll still less-than-thrilled about the (possible, unconfirmed) decision to fall back on a proven villain (ST was not always just about black hat heavies), but my hope is that if they DO use the Khan character, then they at least use him in a new, creative way that we’ve not seen before (and I’m also hoping Cumberbatch’s face will be explained through some cosmetic/genetic surgery to avoid capture). The Peter Weller role may prove critical to this point. Hope so. Both Weller and Cumberbatch are terrific actors….

But Montreal Paul is right. Khan alone will not put butts in movie seats; a good cast and a fun, well-told adventure story will do that (Khan or no Khan)….

327. Montreal_Paul - May 15, 2012

326. Sebastian S.

I am glad someone agrees with me! I am still not convinced it is Khan. I’ll wait until it’s confirmed… I never fall into rumor (official or not! btw – what is the difference between an official rumor and an unofficial rumor? they are both rumors!)

You are right, Weller & Cumberbatch are great actors – I can’t wait to see the way everything plays out. I actually like that no actual spoilers for the movie are out yet. I like going into a movie and being surprised. I find that movie trailers these days give away too much of the movie.

328. MONGO - May 15, 2012

Mongo say Weller mans play Robocop in movie.

Maybe somebody else say that too. Mongo not read all comment.

Too much bad grammar and typo.

329. D-Rock - May 15, 2012

325 & 326

I agree with you too. Khan doesn’t have the universal profile like say Darth Vader, Joker or Hannibal Lecter. He’s like a General Zod.

BTW, i do hope it is Khan Cumberbatch is playing!

330. Peter Loader - May 15, 2012

Here’s a wildcard: Ron Tracey, Captain of the Exeter.

331. Phil - May 15, 2012

@283. Outrage is probably not the right word, perhaps dismay or disbelief. And it’s not so much because everyone hates the character, but because this production teams on going position about wanting to invigorate the franchise that the use of this character and the possibility of this being a remake/rehash (or whatever term you want to use) just has so much more potential for failure then success. Trek 2009 was a commerical and critical success, to take that context and try to shoehorn TWOK into it just seems like a really bad idea. But as I’ve said before, the story is written, and the film is in the can. It is what it is, and all I can do now is cross my fingers and hope for the best.

332. RJ Macready - May 15, 2012

CEO is casting code for an important “Leader” with all the qualities it entails.

333. punchatz - May 15, 2012

Wild guess…

Weller= CEO of company that genetically engineered Kahn…

Cumberbatch and Weller look a bit like each other, maybe he is Kahn’s genetic “father”.

I tried to corner Weller and pump him for trek info at the 25th anniversary but I only chatted with him for a second before the screening and I missed my chance..I worked on the film and its sequels, Weller is a cool cat.

334. L4YERCAKE - May 15, 2012

@323. Daoud: I’m pretty firmly convinced that Weller is playing Ronald Tracey at this point, I’m kinda shocked more folks aren’t picking up on it and discussing it here. I think a major theme of the next film will be: in the TOS these various characters had a choice and went bad (Khan, Tracey, the Klingons, etc.) does this mean they’re destined to do so in this timeline as well? Is it fate? Or do they/we have control over our own destinies to be how/whomever we choose? I’d really like to see the Talosians begging this question, it’s one of the reasons why I don’t think we’ve seen them yet in the comics series, but I could be wrong. I think this movie is gonna have everything, all in and the kitchen sink too…

Speaking of, I’m really disappointed to say that the ongoing comic at IDW is shaping up to be really, really bad, a real stinker. And I’m bummed because I thought ‘Nero’ and ‘Countdown’ were amazing, but… they’ve really botched some retellings of great episodes, really uninteresting designs, super boring art, I mean, the space amoeba booger things from Operation: Annihiliate… really??? One of my favorite episodes as a kid, scared the crap out of me. Almost every shot is clearly somebody tracing Chris Pine’s face from a poster or the DVD on pause, I mean, come on now. And speaking of tracing, don’t get me started on those covers. They actually pay that guy to do those…???

335. L4YERCAKE - May 15, 2012

On a different note, did anybody else think Joss Whedon used the 2009 Star Trek as a template for The Avengers (in a good way)? Seemed like it had all the same story beats, and I know he’s a huge fan of the movie…

336. MJ - May 15, 2012

@335. You mean that The Avengers wasn’t a rehash of Top Gun?

(wink to Michael Hall)


337. MJ - May 15, 2012

@325 “My girlfriend asked me what I was reading yesterday (it was the article of Cumberbatch’s in new Trek body). When I told her, she said, “Who is Khan?” ”

She’d better be really hot then! LOL

338. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 335.

I can see that, L4yercake.

They were paced and plotted kind of the same; heroes who don’t like/trust each other bonding together to take on a powerful villain who possesses a singular awesome power (red matter, the Tesseract). The heroes get to know/trust each other along the journey and the result is that each of their talents pay off at the end in a big, explosive finale. The humor was kind of similar, too; although I’m not entirely sure who influenced whom, really. Joss Whedon is no stranger to working with large, colorful ensemble casts and creating dialogue laced with wonderfully sarcastic wit. He managed both very well during his years of making Buffy, Angel and culminating with his masterpiece, Firefly.

So I wouldn’t say Whedon used it as a template for Avengers per se, but yes; superficially at least, the Avengers and ST09 ‘feel’ somewhat similar to each other (and IMO, that is not at all a bad thing….).


339. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 327.

Montreal Paul~

“btw – what is the difference between an official rumor and an unofficial rumor? they are both rumors!”

Too true! LOL.
But I’d say the difference is that one is leaked by someone on the inside who actually knows something about the production (the official variety), and the other is just meaningless windage blowing out of fanboy exhaust pipes (the unofficial variety).

That’s MY definition, anyway….. ;-)

340. L4YERCAKE - May 15, 2012

@338. Sebastian S.:

I see what you’re saying but I think I mean it differently, although I’m trying not to site specific examples… well, okay.

(spoiler alert)

1. The opening reveal of the Avengers logo felt just like how they’d done it with Star Trek after the action open, although I think the music was really lacking (unlike Star Trek).

2. After Coulson died and they’d all gotten pretty kicked around and they’re moping on the helicarrier it seemed just like after Vulcan was destroyed, especially since Cap was wearing what looked like a Captain America undershirt, kind of like Kirk did before he took over. And Fury’s fib about the cards seemed like Kirk’s ploy to trick Spock into getting him out of the command chair.

3. When Iron Man got shot out of the hole in the sky at the end, it felt exactly like the Enterprise escaping from the Narada black hole, even with the same ‘silent beat’ before the action that Ben Burtt did so well.

I could go on but I’ll spare ya’, I’m sure you get the idea. :)

341. Red Dead Ryan - May 15, 2012

There is absolutely NO reason why anybody (at least in the first world) should not know who Khan is.

342. Harry Ballz - May 15, 2012

Peter Weller??

I’ll say……it’s Captain Tracy with the phaser in the U.S.S. Exeter!

Did I win?


343. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 342 Harry Ballz

It was Colonel Green with a spear on the planet Excalbia. ;-D

344. Harry Ballz - May 15, 2012

Sebastian, what, no candlestick?

Maybe Mr. Atoz had them cornered in the library with the rolling table!

345. MJ - May 15, 2012

@341 “There is absolutely NO reason why anybody (at least in the first world) should not know who Khan is.”

Agreed. But if Montreal Paul’s girlfriend look like Gisele Bundchen, then I think we give him a free pass. ;-)

Yea, if I was single, my girlfreind would have to have “special attributes” to offset a piss-poor unforgivable lack of knowledge about Trek like in this case. :-)

346. Montreal_Paul - May 16, 2012

341. Red Dead Ryan

If you aren’t a Star Trek fan, you wouldn’t know who Khan is. Walk down the street and ask people… see how many people know.

345. MJ

She does. :)

347. Christopher Roberts - May 16, 2012

And the top answer in our survey says…

Dominique Strauss KAHN

Same level of meglomania and voracious appetite for women, especially maids working in NY hotels.

348. Christopher Roberts - May 16, 2012

347. (continued) erm… *alledgedly*

349. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 346


If you walked down any street in my city and asked if anyone ever heard of Khan Noonian Singh, they’d have NO CLUE who you were talking about. And some would probably think you were talking about an Al-Qaeda suspect. Khan only has ‘brand name’ recognition within the ST community and film buffs who know of “Wrath of Khan.”
He is not Darth Vader….

# 344


Atoz with the rolling table in the library…. perfect! ;-D
We need to market this: “Clue: The Star Trek Edition!” LOL ….

350. Montreal_Paul - May 16, 2012

349. Sebastian S

Ummm… that’s what I said.

351. Harry Ballz - May 16, 2012


I can hear the ad slogan for the game now………….

“When it comes to STAR TREK, do you even have a CLUE?”

352. Azrael - May 16, 2012

@347. Who? Never heard of her.

353. Basement Blogger - May 16, 2012

Where’s Bob Orci when you need him? ;-)

Bob Orci loves UFO talk. Saw this on the Huffington Post. Call be former miltary officer for amnesty for UFO witnesses in the armed services. Check out the video interview of Air Force officer Torres who actually had a a lock on an aircraft carrier size ship. It flew off at a speed estimated at Mach 10. Torres calls them aliens. Fascinating.


354. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 351

I was reaffirming, not disagreeing… ;-)

355. D-Rock - May 16, 2012

@ 341

Wow. I think you’re living in a bubble.

356. boborci - May 16, 2012

353. nice!

357. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 351 HB–

LOL! That is PERFECT!! ;-D

Chris Lloyd could lend his image to that one too (as he was in both STIII and the Clue movie)…

“It was Commander Kruge, with a disruptor, in the transporter bay…” :-)

358. Harry Ballz - May 16, 2012


Yes, it is! What can I say other than “thank me, thank me very much!”


359. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

# 358

You could add, “I’m welcome….” ;-D

360. Harry Ballz - May 16, 2012

I’m my own biggest fan!

C’mon, everybody, group hug!

361. Phil - May 19, 2012

@349. Doesn’t he own the 7-11 down at 5th and Main?

362. rangerone314 - May 25, 2012

I can see Peter Weller as Gary Seven.

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