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Breaking: Star Trek Phase II Fan Series Recasts Their Kirk – Exclusive First Look & Details June 20, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

Tonight we have some late breaking news from Star Trek: Phase II, the most popular of the fan productions. Executive Producer James Cawley has decided to recast himself and brought in a new professional actor to play James T. Kirk. This new actor is currently filming the new episode "Bread and Savagery." More exclusive details and the first look at this new Kirk below.


New Kirk for Star Trek: Phase II – Cawley To Focus On Producing Series

James Cawley has sat in the captains chair of the popular fan series Star Trek: Phase II since it originally launched (under the name Star Trek: New Voyages) in 2004. Cawley has worn two hats, as both executive producer and star of the show, which has so far released seven "new" episodes emulating the original Star Trek. But this week that all changed with a brand new actor stepping into the role of Captain James T. Kirk.

Cawley tells TrekMovie that he has made the decision that he wants the cast to all be trained and experienced actors, including the role of Kirk which he has played for the last eight year. While Cawley has a successful performance career as an Elvis impersonator, he is not a professional actor. So he decided to focus on being the executive producer and earlier this year he began a search to find a new Kirk. The actor he chose was Brian Gross who is not only a big fan of Star Trek, but also has many screen credits to his name.

Brian Gross, the new James T. Kirk for Star Trek Phase II

Gross has been in a number of feature films, including a supporting role in George Lucas’ 2012 film Red Tails. The 33 year-old actor also has a long list of guest spots and recurring roles on network TV shows including NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: New York, Psych, Saving Grace, and Cold Case. Cawley tells TrekMovie "not only does he have the right look, resembling Shatner, but he has the balls to back it up."

And the recasting of Kirk is only part of what Cawley is calling a "relaunch" of the fan series. He is also planning some additional changes, to be announced later.

The Phase II crew is currently shooting "Bread and Savagery," which will be Gross’ first appearance as Kirk. It is a sequel to the original Star Trek episode "Bread and Circuses." Cawley tells TrekMovie that he usually doesn’t like to do sequels but he felt that the story (written by sci-fi novelist Rick Chambers) was so strong, they had to do it. The production (helmed by horror movie director Mark Burchett) is already on its fourth day and should wrap by the end of the month.

Brian Gross, the new James T. Kirk for Star Trek Phase II

Star Trek: Phase 2’s “Bread and Savagery” should be released online in 2013.

More details on Gross, the new episode, and the schedule for the remaining unreleased episodes starring Cawley that are still in post-production are forthcoming. Look for other updates on Phase II here at TrekMovie soon.

UPDATE: Brian Gross Showreel

Here is a 2008 show reel, featuring some of Brian Gross’ TV work up to that date.



1. MJ - June 20, 2012

This is unbelievable. I took so much flack from people here earlier this year when I humbly suggested that Cawley, who is the Gene Rodenberry of fan productions (I love the guy!), would be best served leading the production and recasting Kirk.


2. Glob - June 20, 2012

Kudos to Cawley on this move. There’s a lot of ego-perks to being the “star”. Most people wouldn’t have the self-awareness, or selflessness, to even consider that someone else might be a better fit in their very personal project..

Obviously I have no idea whether Gross really WILL be a better fit, but if Cawley believes so enough to step aside himself, then I am confident it’s the right move.

3. Trekprincess - June 20, 2012

He looks great let’s hope he does well portraying Captain Kirk

4. Denise Dion - June 20, 2012

OMG….I am sad to see him go…but happy they have someone in his place, that actually resembles Kirk….now they need to recast McCoy…not doing it for me…

5. njdss4 - June 20, 2012

Good move. I never liked Cawley’s Kirk. He’s a great guy who has made a great show, but I felt like his performance was a bit too amateurish. (of course I never brought it up before for fear of being ripped apart by the fans…)

6. Mark Anton - June 20, 2012

Very interesting. Maybe this move will result in more episodes. They are so few and far between, and I really look forward to seeing them. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate James Cawley for everything has done for Star Trek. I actually enjoyed his take on Kirk, but I am curious to see the new guy perform the role. Phase II is really great, and a real gift to fans of the original series.

7. Danielcraigismywookiebitch - June 20, 2012

I find the timing of the decison and the reveal to be a little telling lol, you know just following the recent press coverage and excitement and building buzz surrounding the Star Trek Continues series.

Ive given watching phase II plenty of chances, but never really could get into it. However the Continues series from the get go looks like its going to be top notch on the performance side as well as visually.

8. Neumann - June 20, 2012

With this and this “relaunch/reboot” talk I’m getting the feeling these two TOS “continuation” fanseries are in a hot war with each other. This should be interesting.

9. Patty Wright - June 21, 2012

I think I can safely speak for the cast and crew and say that we here at Phase II are heartbroken. James will always be Captain Kirk to us. But we know, sadly, this is for the best. With James back to work pretty much full time as Elvis it could be years before we’d be able to film a new episode with him in the Captain’s chair.

Thank God he showed the true leadership he has always had and went after and found a very good, experienced and well known actor to fill the role. Brian is an AMAZING young man….down to Earth, fun, and without a drop of that Kirk ego that is coming across in his frighteningly good performances.

It’s been hot as hell up here on our sets, but it’s been sheer heaven working with both James and Brian. Truly, the best of times!!!

10. Jeffrey S. Nelson - June 21, 2012

The KIrk hair could use a bit of tweaking. Too much of a part on the side of the head. And it needs more of a wave in the front! After watching Shatner’s hair for all these years, I can’t help commenting…

11. Jeffrey S. Nelson - June 21, 2012

He looks like a lot like the new Kirk in the Star Trek Continues fan-based series also just getting underway…

12. Basement Blogger - June 21, 2012

I’ve commented that the amatuer actors needed to step up their game. They needed acting lessons. That’s not an insult. If I were going to sing in public, I would certainly train for it. It’s great that James Cawley really cares about his product.

Right now with his production and the other fan Star Trek production, these are the only quasi-TV Star Trek shows in the game. I hope these shows are so successful that CBS may take notice. Best Wishes.

13. Bob Tompkin - June 21, 2012

I always appreciated the fact that this is James Cawley’s baby and that he could do as he pleased with it. I kept my mind open and went along for the ride. The production values always amazed me, the writing was usually very good, and I was happy just to get some Trekkin’ on a semi-regular basis. That James was willing to step aside for the improvement of the production is a class move- but I would continue to a fan of his under any circumstance.
Thank you Mr. Cawley for all that you do for fandom!

14. Toonloon - June 21, 2012

Good luck to them all. I look forward to seeing the new episode!

15. Marcelo Carvalho - June 21, 2012

Recast is never an easy task and recastin the lead role even less…!!
It’s a bold move from Cawley and a very smart one, as to say.
I know he has some other projects running in parallel so probably he can be much more sucessful just taking the role of producer and let the dream to continue…! ;)
Once I had a dream to do what he acomplished… So, I admire him and his sucess. He is now a man who is a fan and told the fans than some other dreams can come true…! And this is such a wonderful thing…!
I wish good luck to the guys on the “Phase II” project…!
May all dreams can come true…! And keep on trekking…!! ;)

16. Marcelo Carvalho - June 21, 2012

Recast is never an easy task and recasting the lead role even less…!!
It’s a bold move from Cawley and a very smart one, as to say.
I know he has some other projects running in parallel so probably he can be much more successful just taking the role of producer and let the dream to continue…! ;)
Once I had a dream to do what he accomplished… So, I admire him and his success. He is now a man who is a fan and told the fans than some other dreams can come true…! And this is such a wonderful thing…!
I wish good luck to the guys on the “Phase II” project and to the “new Kirk”…! May all dreams can keep coming true…! And keep on trekking…!! ;)

17. El Chup - June 21, 2012

Cawley was terrible as Kirk and his holding of the role was clearly nothing more than to self serve his own childhood fantasy. Credit to him for now deciding to put the piece before his own personal interest,

18. Mark Lynch - June 21, 2012

I actually enjoyed Cawley as Kirk. You got a sense of the passion he has for the character.

My feelings on this?

Sad, yet excited. If the new guy can act as good as he looks, Kirk-wise that is. It should be good.

That McCoy is pretty good.

19. Al - June 21, 2012

Here’s Brian’s showreel

20. Al - June 21, 2012

Oops – showreel

21. Mark Lynch - June 21, 2012

Strange that there is no mention of James’ decision to step down on either the Phase 2 web-site or forum…

22. Marcelo Carvalho - June 21, 2012

Captain’s Log – supplemental… I saw the show-reel for the “new Kirk”… It seems he got the looks… But his voice (and maybe the interpretation) is not “all that”… Just a sensation…

23. Ric - June 21, 2012

I believe this was a great move if it works out – and made for the best of the franchise you are developing – that took guts and a moment of self sacrifice… I think the productions are great.. it is like constantly looking at the site when the next available shows are online… see you are looking for funds to help out—would this speed up production at all? if so what about kickstarter and share there? that would get the word out…

love you guys and the sacrifices and all the work you are putting into this!

24. CmdrR - June 21, 2012

Elvis has left the bridge.

Still love you guys! Mark my words, controlled-budget online productions are on the rise, bigtime!!!

25. Phil123 - June 21, 2012

I always liked Crawley, but a cast of professional actors is a great idea. I mean this with no disrespect, but they also really need to recast scotty. the accent is beyond laughable (my parents are Scottish). dohans wasn’t perfect, but he was a great character and well acted.

be interesting to see if this or Continues turns out best…

26. AwesomeJohn22 - June 21, 2012

Lookin’ good so far, but I will be reserving final judgment. I’m a big fan of Cawley and how he’s handled the character so far.

27. AwesomeJohn22 - June 21, 2012

@25 I could not agree more. While I respect what this group has been doing, the Phase II version of Scotty is an insult.

28. crazdaystrom - June 21, 2012

Is it just me or does this new actor Gross looks a little like Gene Roddenberry Jr. to anybody else?

A little competition between the fan series could be very interested.

29. Dave Galanter - June 21, 2012

@21 Nearly everyone involved with Phase II is likely up at the shoot where internet is hard to come by easily and updates to the website are difficult while filming and/or exhausted from filming. :-) Cut them slack–they’re working hard to bring you Star Trek. (There’s no internet at the studio. It’s hard to come by internet in that whole town!)

30. Dave Galanter - June 21, 2012

@25 His name is Cawley, not Crawley. ;-)

@25 and @27 I quite like Charles Root’s Scotty.

31. New Horizon - June 21, 2012

> 30. Dave Galanter

I like Charles Root, but his performance and accent as Scotty are pretty shaky.

32. Dave Galanter - June 21, 2012

@31 I disagree about Root’s performance. I’ve come to quite like his Scott from his early days, and remember they’ve filmed a lot you’ve not seen yet. :)

33. Landru's cousin, Dandru - June 21, 2012

To be honest, I pretty much consider this non-news. These fan films are pretty weak in terms of writing, and basically come down to adults who can’t act playing dress-up. Plus, when you factor in the behind-the-scenes shenanigans (one group stealing sets from another, a writer claiming to own a script when she’s merely adapting someone else’s work and thus not actually writing anything new, etc.), my desire to watch these productions diminishes even more. The sets and costumes are impressive, sure, but that’s about it. Star Trek, in my opinion, is the movies, any future TV shows, and the licensed spinoff comics, novels and so forth. For me, this isn’t Star Trek–it’s amateurish cosplaying.

34. EM - June 21, 2012

I enjoy the Phase II shows. They have gotten much better, production value wise. They look more proffesional. And as far as writing and acting goes, there is none better in the fan film world.
Wihat I want to know is what ever happened to Mr. Cawleys “Buck Rogers” project?

35. Michael bednar - June 21, 2012

Ya know, old lies never die, they just keep being rehashed because folks believe everything they read on the internet.

FACT: No one stole sets from anybody. Ask those that are actually in the productions instead of someone with an axe to grind because they don’t like somebody.

James and the other Executive Producers have done some amazing work with Phase II. It is indeed a bold move to recast Kirk. I applaud him for the move.

This is not a contest to see who is better. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. We do this for ourselves. We share it because it is in our nature. Like it or leave it. I don’t care. Comments like Dandru’s are nothing more than self-serving to bring some attention to himself. Lame!

36. Al Hartman - June 21, 2012

I’ve always liked James Cawley as Kirk, and to echo Patty… I’m heartbroken he has chosen to step down from the role.

But, I trust James and if he has decided to pass the baton to Brian, then I’ll look forward to seeing what Brian is going to bring to the role.

I think Doc John IS McCoy. I can’t imagine anyone better for the role.

Charles Root does a good job as Scotty. He’s not doing a Jimmy Doohan imitation. He is doing his own interpretation of the character that I like.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Chris Doohan does with Scotty on Star Trek Continues. He would be the only other person that I would like to see in the role.

I think people are way to harsh about the acting. A lot of the TOS actors were pretty cheesy too…

I think this can put to rest all the false accusations that James is an ego maniac. He stepped aside for the good of the production. James is about entertaining, not about James. He is a very kind, down to earth person.

I’m looking forward to meeting the new Uhura, and to see what the other surprises the relaunch has in store for us.

37. Al Hartman - June 21, 2012

@Michael Bednar – I really wish people would stop pitting the various productions against each other.

I know that stuff has happened. We can’t go back and change them.

As someone else observed, this is not a “zero sum game.” STC does not take away from P2. It just means there will be more Trek.

I’ve always liked the Starship Farragut production, and was very happy that you got your new studio and built your own sets. And especially happy that you’re sharing them with STC.

This makes sense to me. And is good for the fan film genre.

I wish Farragut and STC the best of luck. Admittedly, I’m unhappy about certain things, but I’m going to follow your lead, and James Cawley’s lead and not be one of those attacking STC or Farragut.

That would be like biting ones nose off to spite ones face.

@7 – You’re right, the timing of the relaunch is not a coincidence as far as I can tell. Instead of badmouthing other productions, the Phase II team has decided to up their game in response.

I’m sure this will start a healthy competition between the two productions, the result of which will be the best Trek ever produced.

I applaud the high road that Phase II is taking. I’m 100% on board.

38. Dave Galanter - June 21, 2012

I’ve known James Cawley for some years now. If the man has one great flaw it’s that he doesn’t like to let people down. As flaws go, it’s probably the best one someone could have.

39. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 21, 2012

WOW! A real life, authentic, TOS KIRK!!!

Does he come bubble wrapped?

Best casting move I have seen in Trek since Picard.

40. star trackie - June 21, 2012

The series has always excelled as a fan production, but it had it’s limits…some, of which, made it hard to watch at time. This has the possibility to take this series to a whole new level. And I’m sure, for Cawley, it also is a chance to stir things up a bit and keep it interesting. Even playing Jim Kirk has to get old at some point. I haven’t tuned into an episode in a long while, but I’ll be their for the new launch. Very interesting that we also have the launch of that other series with a new Kirk and crew just around the corner. May the best Kirk win!

41. Phil - June 21, 2012

@33. Looks like you are todays designated whipping boy. Keep a stiff upper lip now….

42. falcon - June 21, 2012

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to put together a production like this for a network, let alone a fan-based production where all the money comes out of the pockets of one or two people. I have always held James Cawley in high esteem for not only the decision to do this production in the first place, but to keep improving and stretching the boundaries.

His decision to recast Kirk is another step in the maturation process as a producer. It’s always hard to let go of something like this – I know, I’m a video producer and a videographer, but I find myself having to do less and less videography, and it’s tough not to have that hands-on control. But sometimes in order to hold on you have to let go, and perhaps James felt the production would be better served by having someone else in the captain’s chair. This way he’ll be able to redirect his energies to, hopefully, putting out product more often and improving the quality of the acting.

But the main thing to remember is that this is James’ thing. It’s his labor of love. I can’t see how being as critical of his project as we are of, say, J. J. Abrams is productive in any way. Cawley could say tomorrow, you know what, screw you guys, I’m done. But this is obviously something he wants to do, and puts a lot of effort into. He’s not a network executive or a Hollywood producer – he’s a guy with some money and a dream.

I wish him the best in his endeavors, and hope Phase II continues on.

43. falcon - June 21, 2012

Having said that, though, I think they ought to part Gross’ hair on the other side. :-)

44. falcon - June 21, 2012

Never mind – just saw a promo still of the Shat as Kirk, and the hair is right.

45. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2012

This guy’s got the look, no question.

46. Adam Cohen - June 21, 2012

Cawley has done a lot in the furtherance of Star Trek. I didn’t embrace his performance as Kirk (not because he couldn’t act but because his whole presence didn’t match the character) but I do have the deepest respect for him and his crew. Best of luck.

47. - June 21, 2012

Smart move.

Some of the acting and writing has been not quite there and tightening those little things could give them a much better product.

48. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2012

Took a look at Gross’s show reel – wow. The guy’s got skills and substantial professional onscreen experience. Good and good.

49. NoKhanPlease - June 21, 2012

I think it’s great. But let’s not forget how much effort Cawley has put in.

My biggest complaint about Phase II is how long it takes for an episode to come out. It may be several years before we see this guy.

Of course, I get why. It’s not a TV show with a TV budget. These guys don’t make money off it, and do it on their own dime. So despite not liking the wait, I appreciate the effort tremendously.

50. Charles Root - June 21, 2012

My interaction with Brian was nothing but positive, what an incredibly nice guy, and talented actor. Especially give his introduction to the sets was at 100 degrees with 98% humidity, enough to make anyone want to turn and run to the nearest A/C unit!

As for Phase 2, we don’t compete with anyone. All Trek Fan Films have their positives and negatives. We wish nothing but the best for the folks at Star Trek Continues, or for that matter any group of people that want to take on the difficult task of recreating the adventures of the USS Enterprise. It’s a huge sandbox, Phase 2 doesn’t own it, there’s no real gain from producing these episodes other than the fun from doing them, therefor there’s no competition.

@25 & @27
I’m sorry you don’t like my Scotty, it is certainly not my intention to “Insult” you. I’m not trying to mimic James Doohan, nor do a perfect Scottish accent, as I’ll be the first to admit I can’t. If you look through the catalog of film, there are a lot of actors that do a lot of bad accents, it’s a tough thing to not only learn all your lines, and how to deliver them, but now put an accent on it. It’s a whole new layer that most actors don’t have to deal with. I take solace in knowing that James Doohan himself said he wasn’t going for a 100% authentic Scottish accent when he was playing Scotty.

@34 As one of the producers of “Buck Rogers Begins” there’s no secret behind why the production stopped, we ran out of money, and exceeded the production time of our license to the franchise. Hopefully someday we can get that all back on track, because there is some marvelous footage from it already shot and edited.

51. Landru's cousin, Dandru - June 21, 2012

#41: Whipping boy? I’m not following you.

52. Chris Doohan - June 21, 2012


You Rock, Charles. Keep up the good work

53. Captain Karl - June 21, 2012

Wow…revolving door for cast members…I’m sorry, but the lack of continuity in faces portraying characters from episode to episode just puts me off entirely. You invest time in following these productions, you like certain actors portraying them and they all become Darren Stevens in a red shirt.

54. Mark Lynch - June 21, 2012

“Cawley tells TrekMovie that he has made the decision he wants the cast to all be trained and experienced actors”

I find myself wondering what will be happening to Charles Root and John Kelley if Phase 2 go all out professional for all the characters?

I quite like them, CR has come on in leaps and bounds. JK has always been good.

55. Montreal_Paul - June 21, 2012

Had the opportunity recently to work on Phase II’s latest production, but was unable due to prior commitments. Hoping to do so next time. Good luck guys!

56. Decker - June 21, 2012

He looks more like Pike than Kirk.

57. anotherscott - June 21, 2012

#22, based on the showreel, I think he may come across as a bit more Chris Pine than William Shatner, but that’s okay. We’ll see.

I would have liked to have seen Chris Hemsworth, but post-Avengers, he’s way too big!

58. tdrake1701 - June 21, 2012

Hmm I had gotten used to Cawley….
Time will tell. The episodes have been pretty enjoyable overall.

59. Graham Laurie - June 21, 2012

Patty, I’ve been thinking, the new guy who is playing Doctor McCoy in Phase II looks like Deforest AND plays him well, better than John Kelley ever did. No harm to Charles Root, but I’ve never really taken to him as Scotty either. Don’t you feel that ‘Star Trek Continues’ have stolen a BIG march on you by securing Chris Doohan to play Scotty? Chris really DOES bear a strong resemblance to his dad, as do the actors they have to play Sulu, Uhura & Chekov as they also look like Takei, Nichols & Koenig.

60. Zooty Zoo-Zoot Suit - June 21, 2012

@59: Yeah, but does it really matter, when you come right down to it? This is amateur fan-fic, not professional productions. It’s the sci-fi equivalent of a school play. Having better actors may make them more enjoyable to watch, but that still won’t change the fact that these aren’t real Star Trek productions. For something like this, “stealing a big march” is pretty irrelevant; it’s kind of like being worried that a local little-league team will get more attention than another local little-league team because its pitcher resembles a short Nolan Ryan.

61. Stguy - June 21, 2012

At least the new Phase 2 guy is in his thirties, not 54 like Vic Mignogna of Star Trek Continues. In some photos Vic’s two face lifts don’t keep him from looking his age. Brian Gross not only looks the part, but has the acting chops to back it up.

This is a major lift for Phase 2. Acting has always been fans biggest complaint. And I hope they don’t ever replace John Kelly or Charles Root. Both have grown as actors over the years. Kelly’s McCoy has become very solid and his performance in “Kitumba” was excellent.

62. RobertMfromLI - June 21, 2012

#7 stop being an idiot. Besides knowing who you are (and thus your desires to bash) we’ve been talking about this bis surprise and the announcement for it for many months.

I don’t care what production you work for or like. Stop the incessant and childish bashing.

63. Stguy - June 21, 2012

@Graham Laurie Since no one but insiders have seen the Star Trek Continues footage, I assume you are part of the production, or at least a friend and so rather biased. Maybe reveal your affiliation since you are gushing all over them?

The guy who plays McCoy in STC has the goofiest look on his face in two of the three publicity stills I have seen. If that is his take on McCoy, a goof ball, I have low expectations. And he looks NOTHING like DeForrest Kelly.

And as Zooty says, this is a fan film, and taking it too seriously, is kind of pointless. It is all self indulgent.

64. Zooty Zoo-Zoot Suit - June 21, 2012

@7 wrote: “just following the recent press coverage and excitement and building buzz surrounding the Star Trek Continues series”

This, like all fan films, is just a bunch of adults in costumes, pretending to be famous actors. There’s really not much excitement and buzz outside of a few fan sites–and even on those sites, a lot of the buzz is negative. Let’s not blow this out of proportion.

65. Chris W - June 21, 2012

I think it sucks balls. I like JCs Kirk. IDK about this.

66. Sebastian S. - June 21, 2012

That was very brave (and big hearted) of Cawley to recognize the needs of the many (the production) outweighed the needs of the one (himself).

I sincerely love this series, and I can’t wait to see “Bread and Savagery” . And a sequel to “Bread and Circuses” is a VERY interesting idea; as I’m sure a widespread Christian uprising created a colossal s**t-storm on that planet…

And of course, I’m still chomping at the bit to see “Kitumba” too; I think this ‘alternate’ version of the Klingon empire (at least according to the original 1970s Phase II synopsis) sounds VERY intriguing. Sort of a Klingon “Last Emperor.” If anyone from the P2 team is reading this, is there an ETA for Kitumba yet? Really excited for it….

Live long and prosper, Phase II!!! ;-D

67. Christopher Miles - June 21, 2012

So I’m sticking with what I’ve said previously.

World Enough and Time was Phase II’s best work. Cawley had chemistry with the guest Star/love interest- and you actually gave a damn about what happened to her.

Good on Phase II for upping it’s game.

My light suggestions- yes, up the acting of all –

Lighter on the ST music please- one does not need to use every Star Trek cue on the album in every scene. Consider where.when the cues were used in the original, and please use more sparingly.

Some scenes in the more recent productions run too long, and the conflicts at times seemed forced.

Representative of this is the opening scene of The Child- where that glowing space sex thingie slowly…. slowly travels among the crew.

So with the changes in actors and perhaps a look toward tighter pacing & editing I think this Phase II thing will get another look from me.

Kudos to Cawley for these new moves.

I hope whatever rift exists between he and the Jack Marshall team gets settled one day. As it stands it seems they are dealing with one another with courtesy and professionalism.

68. Patty Wright - June 21, 2012

@59…um, yeah, NO. Speaking for myself (not to be confused with speaking for P2) I don’t think STCs Sulu or Chekov look anything like Takei or Koenig at all. I feel the same about their Spock and McCoy.

And presumptively speaking on behalf of all the Chekov fans in the universe (as “the foremost authority on Chekov” and the webmaster of the official Chekov site) they better get Wayne some brown contacts or we won’t buy him as Chekov. It is ridiculous. He looks far more like Yelchin than Koenig.

Kim is a great actress – she did an amazing job for us and her work for Kitumba is a shining moment for both her and Phase II. I am sure she will do the same for STC. This shouldn’t be a competition…it should just be more Trek for fans. Chris Doohan has long been a friend to Phase II and I congratulate him for getting the opportunity to do his father honor by stepping into his shoes. I am sure he will do great!

Again, as Patty and not as someone speaking for the production I don’t th,ink a “proposed” fan film can “steal the march” from one that has been in production since 2003 – 1997 if you start counting when the sets and costumes started being built – and one that has won the TV Guide Award, 2 Golden Icons, and was nominated for a Hugo and a Nebula.

And as far as the re-casting complaints that keep popping up: it’s ridiculous to think ANY fanfilm is going to run on a volunteer/donation basis for 9 continuous years and keep the same cast for every part. If only because actors could get too old to play their parts effectively any longer.

69. Al - June 21, 2012

Maybe put the link to the showreel in your item?

70. Anthony Thompson - June 21, 2012

I’ll miss the pompadour. ; )

71. Sebastian S. - June 21, 2012

# 70.

Me, too! LOL.

Always thought James Kirk should’ve had a bit of Elvis-like swagger about him….

“You ain’t nothin’ but a Star Trekker; Cryin’ all the time….” ;-D

72. John Broughton - June 21, 2012

Congrats to the cast & crew of Phase II – this is indeed a bold and good move. Brian Gross has the look and acting credentials to play the Captain.

Regarding the negative comments directed at Charles Root, I think it’s a bit harsh and unfair – I’m always fascinated how folks bash Star Trek fan film productions as if they purchased a ticket to watch them.

73. denny cranium - June 21, 2012

Currently working at phase 2 shoot.
Its been a great experience so far.
The cast and crew have been more than welcoming to me.
Everybody here works hard and in incredibly hot conditions to make the best product possible.
I’ve been lucky to be present on the bridge during shooting. The temperature approached 100 degrees. The actors worked late thru take after take to get it just right. It would have been easy to say “that’s good enough” and race for the air conditioning.
Brian Gross is fantastic as Kirk. I was lucky to be present during his first scenes. He is going to surprise a lot of people. Again we worked past midnight in incredibly hot conditions to get the scenes just right.
As far as the writing goes? This episode is going to be compared to phase 2s best outings.
I’m proud to be here. A great experience.

74. Magic_Al - June 21, 2012

With all the cast changes I’ve learned to consider each episode a reboot.

Brian Gross has a great look for this.

75. Bugs nixon - June 21, 2012

To me Cawley’s facial features looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

76. Dr. Cheis - June 21, 2012

An interesting decision. I gotta say, I kind of feel for Crawley. He wasn’t the greatest Kirk ever, but he did put the whole thing together so I felt like he deserved the spot.

And honestly, Kirk isn’t the first one I’d be jumping to recast. Scotty, and maybe McCoy and Spock would come first in my mind.

77. Paul S. - June 21, 2012

Bad writing?? Really?
Phase 2 has boasted writers FROM the original series, and I think they know Trek better than most of us…
PLUS a coupkle damn famous trek novelists…

Continues is starting off on the right foot with that as well… Jack Trevino!

Farragut had the unfortunate deal to use MY screenplay. LOL

The Writign on Phase 2 has been excellent, and so will the writing on Continues.

As far as Scotty goes, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mr. Doohan on Farragut animated, and Mr. Root on Phase 2… both a quality guys, and both do a great take on the character, without just doing an impression of the first guy who did the part.

As far as actors “looking” like the originals… who cares. They don’t have to ” look like” the iconic actors, they just have to give their own spin on the characters. A couple of Phase 2 guys “look” like the originals, a couple of Continues guys do the same, but the whole casts do not. Who cares!
BTW, for the record, Ms. Stinger is was more gorgeous than any other lady who EVER played Uhura.

But, I’ll tell ya… it is this kind of bashing that kept me from EVER wanting to play one of the original characters, and drove John Broughton and Farragut to create an entirely new ship, and new characters… which worked out pretty well too!!

So, here’s to more Farragut, Phase 2, Continues, Intrepid, and the rest!!!

and for those of you concerned… you WILL see Mr. Cawley on the screen again, as Jim West in Back to the Wild Wild West, ‘Night of the Golden Spikes”, with some other actor as Artemus Gordon, I forget his name.

Go for it guys! Love ya all.

78. Daniel Shock - June 21, 2012

I’ve always enjoyed the quality of the show. Mr. Cawley – thank you for all your effort.

79. IlSisko - June 21, 2012

I love almost all the fan series based upon Star Trek, especially Phase II.
I enjoy whatching this series and I’m really fond of Charles Root and John Kelly and obviously of James Cawley. He is the Captain and always shall be. :)
But I trust him and Gross has the look and the talent to do a great job too. So… look forward to seeing him in action.

Best of luck to all the fan productions! :D

80. Stan Winstone - June 21, 2012

Actually he’s more a dead ringer for Will Decker- especially in the second photo. But anyways- hats off to Cawley for putting the quality of his show above vanity. (Though personally I alway thought he captured the cheesy swagger of Shatner quite well.)

81. Jorg Sacul - June 21, 2012

My best to Phase II and all involved in their endeavors. Now, let’s see some teasers from these upcoming episodes!

82. Anthony Pascale - June 21, 2012

Firstly I want to ask that everyone maintain a civil tone, and also once again there is no need to try and pick fights between various fan productions. It isn’t really a competition where one wins and others lose. They can all succeed.

And a note to people representing fan films. Remember you don’t need to go after every critic. As they say in politics, never punch down. If you present something to the market, free or for a charge, it is fair game to critique it. Charging a fee isn’t required for criticism, nor do critics need to be making their own to qualify. In short, thick skins are a requirement if you want to be in the game of creating any production.

83. Dave in RI - June 21, 2012

With all this recent talk of Star Trek fan films, I have to ask about my favorite:

Exeter, where art thou?

84. Mike B - June 21, 2012

As a life long Trek fan I have to say Star Trek is back. With the rising costs of tv shows the internet is the wave of the future and Star Trek is leading the way like Gene Roddenberry did back in 1966. I wish everyone the best of luck and the human adventure continues..again.

85. Rick Shelton - June 21, 2012

No complaints here. The cast & crew of Phase II have done great work creating these episodes. I’m looking forward to more of both productions. Some friendly competition is fine (and probably fun) and it sounds like they’re very supportive of each other. Keep ’em coming. You’ve made this old trekker a happy camper. Looking forward to Wild Wild West too!

86. Montreal_Paul - June 21, 2012

@Patty… or whomever else that may know…

I know that the shooting just started, but what is the estimated completion and airing of the episode supposed to be? Looking forward to watching!

It’s too bad I wasn’t able to make it down to volunteer with the shoot… would have been a dream to combine my field with my love of Star Trek! Hopefully the next time I will be able to.

87. Sebastian S. - June 21, 2012

# 84 Mike B~

That is a VERY good point, Mike. ;-)

ST was revolutionary in the ’60s in many ways (spoke on a lot of then-taboo subjects). In the ’80s, it broke records for first run syndication and revolutionized it as well, paving the way for other successful first run non-network shows. And now it’s once again looking forward to the future with these internet fan films.

IMO internet based entertainment will nudge out TV slowly but surely IMO (maybe not so slowly, really….).

88. dmduncan - June 21, 2012

That decision took guts.

89. Genes Ghost - June 21, 2012

Good move James, that took balls.

90. Chris W - June 21, 2012

I fear change. If JC says its better than its better, but I sure as heck hope McCoy and Scotty dont change. All the spocks have been good, and I can’t pick a fav, same with Uhura. In fact the Checkovs are both good too……..good luck, I will be one of the first to watch when its out!

91. Alec Peters - June 21, 2012

I just met Brian Gross and he seems like a super guy.. I am excited to see him in the role of Kirk. I have told James since he first revealed his decision to me that it was a great move and I am proud of him for stepping down and recasting Kirk with a professional actor.

I think that this casting and the other things James and company have in the works will raise the bar yet again.

And I guess I agree with other posters, this is a fan film. It IS self-indulgent and we do it because we want to have fun playing Star Trek. NO ONE outside of Star Trek fandom cares. So don’t take yourself too seriously.

And I want to say THANKS to the entire Phase II crew for welcoming me back after my brief time working with Voldemort. It is good to be back where people care about others and not just themselves. The spirit of Phase II is fantastic and they are SO MANY good people here that contribute. Thank you all.

And good luck Brian Gross! We are all with you!


92. AJ - June 21, 2012

You guys should do a “crossover” episode, where “Continues” meets “Phase II.” There’s a fangasmic thought.

93. Tom - June 21, 2012

#38 Dave Galanter

If you are indeed author of Troublesome Minds novel, great job!! currently reading it in spare time.

94. John Broughton - June 21, 2012

@ Anthony – You’re absolutely right. Your comment applies to those that create fan films as well as those that run news and media outlets. Some do the respective industries better than others.

95. Phil - June 21, 2012

An observation on the announcement that Phase II has recast Kirk, and seems to be moving forward with professional actors – James Cawley (apologies if I am misspelling the name) deserves a big atta boy for making this decision, because if you are going to improve your product you need to address it’s deficiencies. That being said, I’d wish them, and STC well with their future ventures.

96. DWNicolo - June 21, 2012

May 100 Star Treks bloom.

97. Dave Galanter - June 21, 2012


Tom, I am indeed. And James and Phase II may be filming an adaptation of that story in the future. :-)

I thank you for the gracious, kind words.

98. Holger - June 21, 2012

Wow, this is breaking news. I have mixed feelings about this. The main cast of Phase II has really grown on me and has done a great job. Most of all, I have enjoyed John Kelley’s Bones, JC’s Kirk, Jeffery Quinn’s Spock and Charles Root’s Scotty. They are/were right on target. On the other hand, it was amateur acting for the most part (and this is NOT meant as a criticism of the show), so professional actors would probably add some production value. However, I always thought that JC’s Kirk was the most professional performance, due to his acting experience as Elvis impersonator. So it’s surprising that he’s the first one to go. On the other hand, he really did not resemble Kirk very much and he’s doubling as producer.
So let’s see what the future will bring.

99. Whalien - June 21, 2012

Well, it took me a while to gel with Cawley’s Kirk…but eventually, I did and came to take him for granted in this role. But, I can’t say enough good things about he has done for fan films and for keeping the spirit of ORIGINAL Trek alive. Excellent and ourstanding work across the board!!

Thrusters at full…steady as she goes, James Cawley!

100. Smike - June 21, 2012

It’s kinda sad to see they keep changing the actors all the time. I know it’s just a fan production but some consistency is vital to any incarnation of Trek or other stuff. Constant changes somewhat take away from the credibility of the production.

But I guess we will have the same development in real Star Trek pretty soon. They will recast the “official” reboot crew at some point. Star Trek is now a bit like 007 and Batman… there will be more Spocks and Kirks over the next decades…

101. WillH85 - June 21, 2012

Smart and professional move. I always thought of Cawley as a little too much of a fanboy, sitting in as Kirk and all, but I think this move shows that he’s ready to be a professional now and truly take this seriously. I think actors are key to making Phase II good. I saw a couple episodes a while back and sadly, what stuck out to me, was how it seemed like half of the cast at the time just weren’t that good at acting.

102. Captain_Conrad - June 21, 2012

Good for you Cawley! This will benefit Phase II in a big way. Now that you get to focus on what really matters in a series, I imagine the episodes are only going to get better and better.

103. Smike - June 21, 2012

BTW: I think the Brian Gross showreel is creepy… That guy really is a Chris Pine impersonator… there are even some scenes that could have been taken from ST09… scary… but cool…

104. Anthony Thompson - June 21, 2012

I wonder whatever became of his plans for a “Flash Gordon” series?

105. Michael - June 21, 2012

Phase II kinda sucks real bad (sorry for the language) because they recast on each new episodes, the storyline itself doesn’t continue with the Original series as they promised. I hope that Star Trek Continues will produce more better than Phase II and also the cast itself from Star Trek Continues matches more perfectly to the Original Series

106. Anthony Thompson - June 21, 2012


Correction: “Buck Rogers” (I’m getting old) !!! : )

107. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 21, 2012

Wow, so even Cawley finally, FINALLY realized that he sucked as Kirk. About time.

108. Quark - June 21, 2012

1. Why is there no air conditioning on the set?

2. Who pays these professional actors? Or are they working as volunteers?

109. Chrisw - June 21, 2012

Seriously 107, you are kind of an assbag.

110. Chris W - June 21, 2012

I just picked up on the fact that Brian Gross is from Iowa too………that can’t be bad for a guy playing Kirk

111. EM - June 21, 2012

104 and 106

Refer to 34 and 50.

112. Azrael - June 21, 2012

Why was I deleted? I did not use profanity, nor was I flaming, or trolling.

113. Michael Hall - June 21, 2012

@ 33–

“Plus, when you factor in the behind-the-scenes shenanigans (one group stealing sets from another, a writer claiming to own a script when she’s merely adapting someone else’s work and thus not actually writing anything new, etc.), my desire to watch these productions diminishes even more.”

None of which really should be relevant to your enjoyment of a particular show, even if true. If you think that everything was sweetness-and-light behind the scenes at TOS or any of the movies or spinoff series, you need to get out more. However and under whatever circumstances it gets produced, what matters in the end is the work, and only the work.

As for my own reaction, color me shocked. Long before I stepped onto those sets in upstate New York myself, for all of his verbal tics and quirks I’d gradually grown to accept and even enjoy Cawley’s interpretation of the role Bill Shatner made famous. Few of his critics ever bothered to give him even token credit for his enormous growth in the part, from the pompadour’d Elvis-on-the-Bridge in the absurd “Come What May” to the compassionate leader of the later shows who so embodied what I’d always admired about the character in the first place. He leaves some enormous shoes to fill, if not as an actor than as the definable center of the Phase 2 universe.

As a Trek fan, Mr. Cawley, I can only say thanks for your service. And as a former Phase 2 crew member, thanks also for those ten days in 2009 when I got to fulfill a lifelong dream by participating in the creation of something that, while not actually Star Trek, was certainly as close as I could reasonably expect to come in this lifetime. Mixed experience as it was, it’s something I’ll never forget. Peace.

114. Anthony Thompson - June 21, 2012


Thanks EM!

115. Shado - June 21, 2012

I wonder if Cawley is steping out of the acting role as he is working to bring back a fan based Wild Wild West with himself playing James West–

116. Sewanee - June 21, 2012

What ever happened to the planned episode “Origins”? Did they decide to do away with it?

And what about “Kitumba”?

117. Mattyb - June 21, 2012

Shame about Mr Cawley leaving the centre seat . People who call
His performance amatureish need to pipe down and remember its a fan made production for fun and a hobby for these guys (and me watching)

118. TreK_Fan - June 21, 2012

James Cawley did a lot to bring back the spirit of TOS to the small (computer) screen. The stories presented are very good, in particular the ones that featured George Takei in “World Enough and Time” and Walter Koenig in “To Serve All My Days.” Yet despite the increase in production levels the actors themselves lacked the ability to convince the audience that what they were watching was not fan made. I have no doubt everyone involved did this production as a labour of love, but now more than ever it needs what Cawley is doing, and that is trained and experienced actors to bring the level of the show another notch up. Bravo James for your gutsy direction and good luck.

119. Danielcraigismywookiebitch - June 21, 2012

Anothony your post number 82 sums it up perfectly!

120. BPS - June 21, 2012

I dunno guys, I think both shows are missing the mark.

No lens flares? PUHLEEEEAAAASE!!


121. Danielcraigismywookiebitch - June 21, 2012

cont from my post 119.
As I have always said, if your willing to get up infront of audience be in on video, film or on the stage. Whether you get paid or volunteer your services.
You put your self out there to your viewers opinons, movies, and theatre productions ask audiences for a short period of their valuable time, If someone gives you the time to watch, their is nothing wrong with saying both the pros and cons in a civil manner.

Film, Video, Theatre, music these things are all very subjective what one person loves another person might not like and there is nothing wrong with either persons point of view.

I have never been a part of any online productions, but i have been a stage actor a number of years, (not to the point where it can be my primary source of income mind you, but have won several awards from my regional theatre days, at this point some productions iam paid,and a number i volunteer my time, but i am far from the point where i can say its my career yet)
criticism can be a good thing, it helps you pick up on things that as a performer you might not see or pick up on otherwise.

So again thank you anthony for stating that in post 82, because entertainment all forms of it are really really subjective. And it shouldnt be taken personally when a viewer points out things that might not be agreeable with them as long as its in a civil manner.

122. Dr. Image - June 21, 2012

#50 Charles- Well said and keep up the good work.
To James- I always found your Kirk portrayal highly entertaining and enjoyable. Your concise knowledge and appreciation of Classic Trek is admirable- and something I can appreciate.
I sum up my feelings thusly: Thank you very much! ;)
Best of luck to you!

123. Simon - June 21, 2012

Now all they need to do is commission some new music, people have volunteered to provide it but the PHASE II team so far hasn’t taken anyone up on it.

Yes, the original series used stock music largely but they did have original pieces from time to time. Does anyone think AMOK TIME would have been as memorable without that new score made for that episode?

New scripts, new situations, new FX…why not some new music.

124. JP Saylor - June 21, 2012

Well he looks cool. I really didn’t mind Cawley as Kirk.

He combined two (of many) of my favorite people.

The King, and Kirk.

Oh well. :)

125. Xplodin_Nacelle - June 21, 2012

I’m kinda stunned at this news, but willing to give Brian a few episodes to see how he does at it.

126. John - June 21, 2012

Now will they cast better actors for the rest of the cast?

127. Magic_Al - June 21, 2012

^123. The stock music usage on TOS increased as the budget decreased. “Plato’s Stepchildren” was the final episode of TOS (68th of 80 produced) with an original score.

Phase II is better with original music and I’d think there would be a number of competent musicians who are fans or would do it for the exposure.

128. denny cranium - June 21, 2012

@126- I’ve been present on set for most of the filming.
I’m not a drama critic but I can find nothing wrong with the acting

129. denny cranium - June 21, 2012

I think its safe to say you’ll NEVER see any lens flares on phase 2

130. MJ - June 21, 2012

Apology accepted from all of you who laid into me when I suggested that Cawly do this several months ago. You know who you are — I forgive you. No problem!

131. Landru's cousin, Dandru - June 21, 2012

#128: When you say “most of the filming,” do you mean for this particular episode, or for all of the episodes?

I ask because if you’re saying that with regard to all of the episodes, then we have to take your opinion with a grain of salt. :)

132. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 21, 2012

I’ve tried watching the fan films, but they really aren’t my cup of tronya. Still, I really admire all the work and passion they put into their productions. James Cawley and many others have taken a lot of mean-spirited criticism from people here, when constructive criticism would have sufficed.

Cawley especially has taken it all very graciously. I didn’t care much for his interpretation of Kirk, but he seems to me to be a very likable person, and there’s just no way in the world I could find it in my heart to attack him, or any others who put so much hard work into these things for no money. I have nothing but praise for their efforts, even if those efforts didn’t result in something that interested me.

I’ll check out the new Kirk and see what’s going on. Whether I like what I see or not, I’m not about to come back here and shred their efforts. I might offer constructive criticism, but I don’t see the use of savagery. An attack is not a critique.

Too bad so many people post anonymously here. I bet they’d be a lot more civil if their identity was readily available.

Cheers, everybody!

133. Red Dead Ryan - June 21, 2012


I don’t get it….you call yourself the “TOS purist” but trash James Cawley and his production?

Oh wait, I think I answered my own question. You’re a Trek Fundamentalist.

I suggest you remain in your cave/compound with your fellow Talifans where you can keep each other company being miserable.

In the meantime, the rest of us will continue to enjoy all the new forms of Trek, whether they are novels, comics, movies, fan productions, etc.

134. Browncoat1984 - June 21, 2012

Why do the two series need to be competing against each other? Look at Sherlock Holmes. You have the Robert Downy Jr. series, a period setting with a more Hollywood/action take on the character, and you have the Benedict Cumberbatch series with a modern setting and more intellectual take on the character. Both the movie series and the BBC series are great and now you have a third series, CBS’ Elementary coming out, and to quote Benedict “there’s room for two” (in regards to there being two modern Sherlock series), though I think the CBS won’t be as good as Sherlock.

I see no reason why both fan series can’t exist and serve to do honor to their legacy, the Original Star Trek, anymore why there can’t be multiple Sherlock Holmes series that do honor to the original stories. In my opinion, I think both shows will turn out to be different. New Voyages/Phase II seems to be closer to The Motion Picture time frame, and tying it more to that, while the Star Trek Continues series looks to be a direct continuation of the series.

I will say I won’t miss Cawley as Kirk. I’m sure he’s a decent person, but the thing that bugged me is his hair color. That, and his overall way of playing the character just didn’t capture me, not the way William Shatner’s portrayal of Kirk or Chris Pine’s portrayal of Kirk did. He just seemed to lack the kind of bravado that Pine and Shatner both have.

Here’s hoping that both Phase II and ST: Continues get it right with their new Kirks finally and that both continue to be a success. Because in a world with no new weekly Star Trek episode, when its years in between movies and our only other recourse is books or comic books (yeah, there’s an occasional game released but they’re usually mediocre at best) I think its great that we have these productions attempting to provide quality contributions that fans can enjoy. I mean, Phase II isn’t perfect but at least their heart is in the right place. And its FAR more watchable than some older productions, like New Frontiers – seriously, I tried watching that show but couldn’t get past season 2 because the acting and the stories were so bad.

Here’s a question though, how long before we see people start to do fan remakes of Star Trek:TNG?

135. ME!! - June 21, 2012

Hope he does a great job. Very pleased to see Cawley recast the role. He’s great as executive producer and has done a marvelous job recreating the classic look and feel of Trek, but he was, in my opinion, a terrible Kirk. Cawley’s acting in the role seemed more a caricature of Shatner’s Kirk than a real continuation of the character.

I’m absolutely ecstatic that Cawley wants to have REAL actors in the roles. That will be the final thing that pushes Phase II over the edge and makes it a real continuation of the Original Series rather than simply an online fan film series.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

136. Al Hartman - June 21, 2012


1. Money mostly. The cost to air condition a building as old, drafty and large as the one that currently serves as the studio would be enormous. Especially because when they turn the big lights on to shoot a scene, they heat the place up in no time flat.

2. For those actors who must be paid due to union rules, the production raises money to pay them. Most of the other actors are volunteers and not only pay their own travel, lodging, and food… they pitch in building sets, making costumes, or anything else that’s needed.

When they need extras for a scene, they grab everyone who can stand up. I was surprised to be used twice as an extra in Kitumba. Something I never expected, and that I’ll be forever grateful for. Even if I never get seen on screen.

137. Tom - June 21, 2012

#97 Dave Galanter

That would be a great choice for Phase 2. Praise is well deserved as you have really captured the “voice” of these beloved characters.

138. MJ - June 21, 2012

@135 “Hope he does a great job. Very pleased to see Cawley recast the role. He’s great as executive producer and has done a marvelous job recreating the classic look and feel of Trek, but he was, in my opinion, a terrible Kirk. Cawley’s acting in the role seemed more a caricature of Shatner’s Kirk than a real continuation of the character.”

Exactly. Cawley is GREAT as the creator and leader of this. He doesn’t need to be Kirk — we all know he is the genius behind this!!! That should be enough for for both him and us. I applaud him for having the nads to make this much needed change that a number of us repeat financial donors have been urging him to consider.

139. Azrael - June 21, 2012

@132. Hey Shilliam, just noticed a small typo I thought I would let you know about, namely the “official” spelling for the drink you referenced is Tranya. No big deal or anything, just thought you might maybe want to know, Cheers!

140. Azrael - June 21, 2012

@134. If I had anything like the proper funding I would do a TNG era fan production in a heartbeat, I would not however use ANY established characters and would probably set it on the USS Hood (the ship I always commanded in Role Playing Games).

141. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 21, 2012

139. Azrael – Ach! I should have googled it first! I wondered if I was spelling it right, but was too lazy to look it up, and now I’ve paid the price. I’m generally a serious stickler for spelling, grammar and punctuation but I let myself get a little lazy here.

Thanks for the copyediting!

142. Josh - June 21, 2012

I haven’t finished catching up the comments, so pardon me if anything I’m saying is already said.

I’ve been with P2 for a while now, and one of the things I tell people who ask about why I joined is the story of how I was reading the article about them in The Advocate and saw some stills and a clip and mistook them for shots of the actual series. No matter what anyone says about how ‘amateur’ anyone is here, or how it’s just adults playing at fanfic or ‘cosplay’, the product started out good and has only ever gotten amazing.

Being part of the production, I have seen episodes yet to be released. I have watched AMAZING actors bring out hard-wrought talent to fulfill the scripts provided, and I have fallen in love with every single person on the sets. I have friends in both P2 and Continues, and I love them equally and don’t think anyone on EITHER set is (or should, if I am wrong) holding animosity toward the other. Personally, I don’t see why anyone would. Someone commented that this is a big sandbox, and I’ve heard James himself say that and agree. We can all play and even if we do have issues, there is plenty of sand to play with.

I don’t represent anyone but myself, but I will say that when Brian walked in the door with a lot of scruff, and hair that was longer than needed (because he had to grow it all out to be able to get the right look in the end, I assume,) I had my doubts, which mostly were sadness that it wouldn’t be James. I was excited that he is my own age, which is the same age of Kirk, who was the ‘youngest captain in starfleet,’ but I still held back feeling that James had Kirk just right.

When Brian walked through the door the next day, with his hair actually parted the wrong way, I was still floored. It was like looking at KIRK for real. Not Shatner, but KIRK. He just filled the role in appearance the way that James never could due to his other commitments. (And yes, James, it’s also because Brian is hot – but that’s just part of the Kirk aspect: even straight men should be looking at Kirk and thinking, “Damn.”)

We got him on the bridge in dress and fixed his hair part and he MATCHES the original images of Shatner as Kirk in so many ways it’s uncanny. My heart was beating and I am in love – professionally, of course.

I love James’s Kirk because he took just enough Shatner, but enough James mixed in to make him exceptional, but having been there for the first shots we took of Brian as Kirk – DAMN. Trust me when I say, no one will be disappointed.

And to anyone making comments about the other actors changing, please remember this is a fan production that requires a lot of personal time and our own money to make, and the actors have to move on if they find their careers or paying gigs. If we were a studio making these episodes every week, there would not be casting changes, but we are people who are ‘playing’ at Trek with all of our personal time and money and allowing you all to see it at our expense. Have the decency to not be rude about things that are well out of anyone’s control. Respect each other, and us, the way that Gene’s vision of the future showed we as humans would eventually be. If you are a genuine fan of Gene’s work, show it.

143. Michael Hall - June 21, 2012

“I’m absolutely ecstatic that Cawley wants to have REAL actors in the roles. That will be the final thing that pushes Phase II over the edge and makes it a real continuation of the Original Series rather than simply an online fan film series.”

Aside from the films featuring the original cast there never will be a “real” continuation of TOS. That ship sailed in 1969, sorry. But as the Abrams film proved (it was good for that much anyway), different artists, including new actors, can revisit this material and make it work. So instead of trying to shoehorn these efforts into the box of being a continuation of a long-defunct NBC-TV series, it might be preferable to see them as a chance to do what fans have always wanted: tell new stories using these characters and situations, and taking them for what they’re worth. In the case of something like “World Enough and Time,” that’s plenty.

144. Anti-Matter - June 21, 2012

Well done, Cawley. You did the right thing.

145. Jonboc - June 21, 2012

I wish these guys would take a cue from Exeter and deliver a whole new crew. Since the first episode it always seemed like I was watching imposters. When you recreate something so brilliantly…and so absolutely….in terms of production….sets….music….costumes…then drop complete strangers into the roles it’s such a bizzare awkward feeling watching it. . Looks like Trek, sounds like Trek…but who are you people walking on the bridge and what have you done with the Eeterprise crew? The new faces seem so out of place I just can’t get into the story. I would like either an original take on Kirk and the crew….with different sets, costumes, etc….not unlike JJ’s approach…or the exact same universe as TOS, but on another ship. and that’s purely my own selfish reasoning, so I can tune into these adventures and get lost in the story. Having said that, I’ll tune in and hope for the best.

146. John from Cincinnati - June 21, 2012

Brain Gross actually looks like Jeff Hunter in the second photo. He may have been better cast as Christopher Pike.

147. Anthony Pascale - June 21, 2012

A reminder…posting under multiple names is an instaban offense…which someone above has just learned

148. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - June 21, 2012

HEY ANTHONY! Speaking of posting, I figure it’s your intention, but in case it isn’t, this site isn’t remembering my name and other information any longer. Just so you know.

149. denny cranium - June 21, 2012

Well said my friend.

150. Bender Bending Rodriguez - June 21, 2012

I have to say that I’ll miss Mr. Cawley as Kirk. He brought a unique charm to the role. It never mattered to me that the acting was amateur; that was part of the fun. After all it is an amateur fan production done by fans.

Of course I’ll watch with this new actor. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the role.

However, thanks, Mr. Cawley for pulling double duty all these years. Keep up the good work! May the wind be at your back.

151. Jamziz - June 21, 2012

Can’t say I’m upset to see him go. My inability to enjoy any of Phase II was a result of Cawley’s acting. I took a lot of flack for it. Too bad it took an official move on his part for people to see the merit in this decision.

Won’t hold my breath, but I’ll definitely tune in to see if this guy has what it takes.

152. danielcraigismywookiebitch - June 22, 2012

134 the cbs series is absolute garbage, I saw the pilot and ep 2 at a test screening and it was sooooo horrible. Downey jr’s movies and the bbc tv production are masterpiece theatre compared to the first 2 episodes of the new cbs series.

153. danielcraigismywookiebitch - June 22, 2012

I will say this while Cawley’s skills as an actor, left a bit to be desired, I respect and thank him and his team for giving us classic trek characcters in a very timely manner. Again as i said before I wasnt always able to get or appreciate his teams take on these Iconic characters, I cant help but feel that if not for him and his team we wouldnt be seeing a star trek 12 anytime soon.
Bob orci you should name a character in honor of Mr Cawley
in a upcoming trek film.
and may both fan series live to infinty and beyond!!!

154. Jack - June 22, 2012

I have a question that’s not meant to be insulting. Are the sets smaller than the TOS sets, or is it the cameras? I find phase 2 to really lack the visual depth that the best TOS episodes had, especislly the early seasons. If the sets are the same size, I’m just curious how TOS got that — I’m not a film guy…

155. Jack - June 22, 2012

Ps. Cawley’s acting is on par with Shatner’s third season acting. And he’s better looking. ;)

156. Andy Patterson - June 22, 2012

‘New Kirk’. I thought Richard Dawson played that character.

157. Montreal_Paul - June 22, 2012

156. Andy Patterson

LoL … Love the Hogan’s Heroes reference!

158. Burger King Bacon Sundae is not that good to me, too salty - June 22, 2012

I think that a good fan film phase 2 should do is when they are thrown into the future to save the older kirk from soran and thus restore the timeline. That way it may give closer to people whom want to see Shats kirk brought back to life. Would be a cool fan film and probably would be viewed a bunch. Just an opinion.

159. Sebastian S. - June 22, 2012

Funny…. after seeing the reel of his work, the new captain reminds me a lot of Chris Pine.

As Shatner says in Airplane 2: “I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes…. ”


160. Magellan - June 22, 2012

I am super excited about this news. I can’t wait to see his performance.

161. Pony Horton - June 22, 2012

@154, No the Phase II sets are generally the exact same sizes and dimensions as the actual TOS sets.

What is likely causing the “smaller” effect you’re perceiving is due to the fact that P2 is not shot the same as TOS.

P2 shoots on modern, small, digital video cameras.

TOS was shot on 35mm Mitchell cameras which weight over 100 lbs each, not counting the huge dollies and camera cranes required. As well, the lenses used in 35mm film shot nearly 50 years ago had a much shallower depth-of-field.

Combine that with the slow ASA speed of Eastman color reversal film stocks used in TV filming in those days (around 50, if that) and as a result scenes on the Bridge, even shot with fairly wide lenses, tend to show a softer depth-of-field (which creates the effect of greater depth in a set by using more selective focus, ie, Kirk in a CU or Medium Shot, and the BG is soft behind him) than would scenes shot on digital video today, if the DP chose not to slavishly duplicate the visual look of TOS.

Another factor in this issue is also that of the film size/sensor size/ to lens size ratio.

Simply put, 35mm film cameras expose a larger area to light than most prosumer digital video cameras, whose sensor size (which determines lens size to a point) is often less than half that of 35mm. This also affects depth-of-field, making it deeper.

Another example: if we shot he set on two camers from the same angle, side-by-side, one of them 35mm movies, and the other 16mm movies, the 35mm would be softer, or shallower DOF than the 16mm.

Same for video cameras. The RED cameras, or the Canon 5D DSLR’s, do take 35mm camera lenses, and can give a look much closer to 35mm film, than many of the Sony or Panasonic digital video cameras, whose sensor size is smaller than that of a RED or a DSLR, and whose lenses provide a deeper DOF.

162. dmduncan - June 22, 2012

161. Pony Horton – June 22, 2012

TOS was shot on 35mm Mitchell cameras which weight over 100 lbs each, not counting the huge dollies and camera cranes required. As well, the lenses used in 35mm film shot nearly 50 years ago had a much shallower depth-of-field.


Pony, do you know what lenses they were using on those Mitchells back then?

163. Tony Todd's Tears - June 22, 2012

Good Move, he’s trying to stay ahead of Star Trek Continues.

164. Pony Horton - June 22, 2012

#162, that depends on a number of factors. Desilu was not a financially rich studio, so they may have been using lower-priced lenses than, say, Paramount.

I can only guess, but the most commonly used lenses in Hollywood at that time for Mitchell’s were Cooke and Zeiss. They may have even used old Kodak lenses, I don’t know.

Lenses for B&W filming can be of lower quality and uncoated, compared to color lenses which require coating for proper color rendition. As such, there were a newer generation of 35mm lenses that started being made in the early 1960’s for color filming.
During that time, a lot of 35mm lenses were sized not by MM’s such as a 50mm lens, or a 28mm wide-angle lens, but rather by inches. Finnermann might have called for, say, a 2-inch lens to shoot medium-close-ups of Kirk, for example.

On hand-held shots, they likely used the new Arriflex hand-held cameras, many of which had their own Arri lenses.

Of the ones I listed, Zeiss are generally considered the best, but Cooke’s ain’t bad either.

I’m sure they were NOT using Panavision cameras on STAR TREK TOS, but if they could have, the Panavision lenses would have been superb.

Those old Mitchells were tanks, they were workhorses. They were rock-steady in the film movement which was great for held-take matte shots. They could also function as a projector for making mattes and roto by mounting an optional lamp house behind the film gate.

My friend, the late Domenic R. Palmer, Jr. was the DP on M*A*S*H during it’s last five seasons, and he still mainly used those big Mitchell BNCR cameras on the show, and that was 1982.

By 1988 I was shooting matte shots for Roger Corman’s films on one of their old Mitchell BNCR’s.

165. Pony Horton - June 22, 2012

I can’t believe I forgot to mention Bell & Howell and Bausch & Lomb Baltar lenses, which were also among the most commonly-used lenses in Hollywood at the time.

Too much drugs!

166. Sebastian S. - June 22, 2012

# 161, # 164


That was a two-post film school. Seriously, that was massively informative. Thanks!


167. Phil - June 22, 2012

@166. Agreed!! Very informative. I do a little star gazing, and I struggle with the lenses on the scope all the time…. :-)

168. La Reyne d'Epee - June 22, 2012

It’ll always be interesting to see what these people come up with to carry on the series, however either group choose to do it.

Given that the reboot films will only ever be few in number and there’s no concrete signs of an official TV reboot any time soon, it’s always interesting to have something new to add to the mythology.

I certainly wouldn’t knock either for the considerable effort they put into these endeavours.

169. dmduncan - June 22, 2012

164: “Those old Mitchells were tanks, they were workhorses. They were rock-steady in the film movement which was great for held-take matte shots. They could also function as a projector for making mattes and roto by mounting an optional lamp house behind the film gate.”

Oh that is interesting. I didn’t know that about Mitchells. Was the projector option a feature of their 16mm cameras as well or just the 35mm?

Do you know who is still alive from those days who would directly know about Desilu’s equipment list? DPs or directors? Herb Solow ought to know. I would think, anyway.

I was kind of wondering if they were using Cookes. But even Zeiss from that time were not as sharp as they are today.

170. Pony Horton - June 22, 2012

#169, I don’t think I could tell you any names, I don’t really know.

My suggestion would be to contact the American Society of Cinematographers. Maybe they have old lists.

I would think a lot of those old-timers would be gone by now.

I also couldn’t tell you if the Mitchell 16’s had projection features, as I was only familiar with either Super-8 gear, or professional 35mm gear. Kind of extremes, I know.

I’m sorry, I do wish I had more info for you.

I’m also very happy that several of you liked the info I imparted. I love camera systems. I even had an old optical/contact printer in my living room that I had restored, and I currently own two old Simplex 35mm motion picture theater projectors. Hope someday to build a man-cave around them!

171. MJ - June 22, 2012

@151 “Jamziz – June 21, 2012
Can’t say I’m upset to see him go. My inability to enjoy any of Phase II was a result of Cawley’s acting. I took a lot of flack for it. Too bad it took an official move on his part for people to see the merit in this decision”

Jamziz, I hear you, my friend!!! It would be nice if it at least one fracking person from that crowd (they know who they are) — who severely attacked you and I several months back for urging the great creator of Phase II, James Cawley, to recast Kirk to improve the product — it would be nice if one of this crowd has the integrity to apologize to you and I here now???

172. denny cranium - June 22, 2012

Just watched an incredible scene being filmed.
Classic Star Trek moment. It was electric.
For those of you who like P2 you will love this episode
For those of you who don’t like P2 so much you’ll be a convert. The writing for this episode is top shelf.
What an incredible experience to be here to see the magic.

173. chrispikeswheelchair - June 22, 2012

JAMES! Say it isn’t so!

I am impressed at your ability to let go and move to your own Phase II. I’ve followed you all since the beginning 8 years ago, rarely posting but waiting for each release with excitement. Watching your team/family all grow in expertise and sophistication has been very enjoyable. Can’t wait to see Mr. Gross take the center chair and kick a*s. Please do us the flavor of ocationally playing some character in the next set of productions- don’t be camera shy, perhaps Elvis could make an appearance! Abe Lincoln can be a vampire hunter, why not Elvis as a 23rd century out of statis rock star!! All the best, dang I wish my wife and kids would let me blow vacation to help you all film an epi some day. All the best, CPW, Naples FLA.

174. Mark Anton - June 22, 2012

Does anyone know why Kim Stinger literally jumped ship and is playing Uhura for Continues instead of Phase II? I am curious.

175. MJ - June 22, 2012

@174. Interdimensional transfer.

176. Renee Wike - June 22, 2012

This truly makes me sad! I know he has received criticism over the years but I have always enjoyed Mr. Cawley’s portrayal of Captain Kirk. I could tell it came from a place of great love and affection for the Star Trek series. I think his acting abilities matured over the years. I also felt the same way when I heard Mr. John Broughton, who portrayed Captain Jack Carter, was stepping down as captain on the “Starship Farragut” fan series. Both of these gentlemen poured blood, sweat and tears into their creations and received undue criticisms for their acting chops, unfairly so IMHO. To them I say “Live Long and Prosper” gentlemen, you most certainly deserve to do so.

177. Jack - June 22, 2012

166. Agreed. Thanks, Pony — really neat.

178. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 22, 2012

Y’know. I watched “In Harms Way” the other night. Pretty damned good.

179. Tom Delgado - June 22, 2012

I liked all the actors that have played in Phase II, they have done a good job keeping Trek alive and helped in some way bring about Trek’09. I have met Cawley and thought he was awesome and I wish him and Phase II the best of luck

180. Phil - June 22, 2012

@174. Pay raise, or evil twin….

181. Sebastian S. - June 22, 2012

# 178

That was my first introduction to the P2 films as well. Have to admit I was less impressed with their pilot “Come What May” (the story was pretty bad; but you gotta break a few eggs before you make an omelette, right?). But luckily, I saw it after I’d seen “In Harm’s Way” (which I loved), so I knew better than to judge it on that first primitive effort.

But my all-time favorite is “World Enough and Time”; I think George Takei gives his BEST performance as Hikaru Sulu in that episode. That one is really moving. The actress playing Sulu’s daughter was very memorable…

As for Cawley? I think it was very mature of him to step down (and I really doubt it was because of the ‘pressure’ of asinine online jabs from fanboys; sounds like it was his own decision, and I respect it). But I have to admit, I’m going to actually miss his interpretation of Kirk. He was getting progressively more interesting with each new episode IMO. But since he is the driving force of the P2 productions (he even works on costumes, I understand), it’d be interesting to see just what his increased efforts behind the camera yield as well…. ;-)

And the Elvis hair never bothered me; no more than it’d bother me to hear a man read a woman’s role in a ST audio book. It’s suspension of disbelief. Cawley has a day job. This is his ‘labor-of-love’ hobby, not a full time occupation. Besides, with ST09, it’s been proven that ST’s iconic characters CAN be recast without destroying the franchise. Just like James Bond, or Sherlock Holmes…..

182. Phil - June 22, 2012

@171. You aren’t holding your breath, in 50,000 words or more…are you?

183. Jack - June 22, 2012

If I was Cawley, I wouldn’t give a darn what critics say — he got to be Captain Kirk, which has to be bloody incredible. If I was pouring money, time and my heart and soul into a fan production, I’d want to be Kirk too.

184. dmduncan - June 22, 2012

170. Pony Horton – June 22, 2012

I’ve been looking at a 16mm Fastax high speed camera as a good candidate to convert to a 48 – 120 fps high framerate PROJECTOR. I’ll keep an eye on eBay to see if the Mitchells are an option as well though I expect they will be much more expensive than any Fastax which you can get for a few hundred dollars.

And no fair! You have TWO old Simplex carbon arc projectors, and I have none! Those things are cool. If I can ever find one locally at a good price I’m going to snatch it up.

185. TheShadowKnows - June 22, 2012

James Cawley’s New Voyages paved the way for virtually every fan series thst followed it’s launch. Securing the talents of established actors, writers and effects artists from television and film added an unexpected level professionalism to a fan series. And how many producers of fan films can say that they earned a walk-on in a Star Trek feature film as a nod to their efforts?

Everyone involved with Phase II should be commended for their efforts and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they bring us next.

186. Buzz Cagney - June 22, 2012

Most people could see James wasn’t a great actor. That we didn’t come one here and bleat about it (unlike some who, for some reason, seem to think they are owed an apology! Whats that about?!) doesn’t mean we didn’t recognise his shortcomings in the role. It just meant that we recognised that it was his bat and ball- and his money. Therefore he got to play and have fun.

Good for him. I hope he had a blast. I know that many of us enjoyed what he and his team achieved. Long may he continue to produce these shows.

187. Sebastian S. - June 22, 2012

# 183


Cawley was ‘living the dream’ for all of us ST fans. And he paved the way for a new level of quality in fan films; no more Youtube handheld stuff on all greenscreen ‘sets'; his P2 productions (especially later episodes) have a really polished (if deliberately ‘retro’) look. Cawley has been a pioneer in pointing the way to the future of web-based internet production (which will eventually phase out or simply absorb the television medium sooner or later). One can deny it, one can protest it, or one can simply hate it, but like it or not; the two mediums are merging. In many households already, TV and the internet are pretty much inseparable.

Just the other night, my wife and I bought a pay-per-view on and watched it on our LCD TV right then and there, and all I could think was that this is how it’s ALL going to be sooner or later. Like when you visit the ST:P2 website and download an episode of your choice? That’s how all of our favorite shows’ availability will be. No more ‘appointment’ TV or ‘missing’ a show (even with a DVR). You’ll see it as soon as it’s available for download and whenever you want.

Netfix (for example) is, IMO, a clunkier prototypical model for how future television ‘networks’ will operate. There will be a lot of resistance to this, but eventually it’ll just happen and we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. If television survives at all, it will be very much sidelined; like AM radio today (mainly used just for traffic and weather on the road these days, as opposed to it being the ONLY live entertainment medium in American households 70 years ago).

As the Borg say, “resistance is futile….” ;-D

188. MJ - June 22, 2012

@183 “If I was Cawley, I wouldn’t give a darn what critics say — he got to be Captain Kirk, which has to be bloody incredible. If I was pouring money, time and my heart and soul into a fan production, I’d want to be Kirk too.”

I’m glad you are not Cawley then. :-)

@185 “Everyone involved with Phase II should be commended for their efforts and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they bring us next.”

Here! Here! Exactly!!!

189. MJ - June 22, 2012

@187 DirecTV and pay cable are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact DirecTV keeps adding subscribers every year and is now moving into Latin America in a big way.

Yea, its kind of trendy and cool to anecdotally talk about TV networks going away, but it is not going to happen in our lifetime.

190. Patty Wright - June 23, 2012

@174 – Kim didn’t “jump ship”.. She has been working for a couple years in jobs that prevented her from attending our long shoots which also involve a lot of travel…causing her to have to bow out of a few altogether or extremely limit her appearances in others if the stars align. Last we spoke, she is still open to appearing in future episodes. At the same time, STC’s shoot was taking place near one of her homes and was a short shoot: so she was available…”and I love playing the role, so why would I turn down a chance to do so?”. A classy lady.

191. RL Seward - June 23, 2012

If Charles Root and John Kelley want to stay on, I hope that they are allowed to. They have a great feel for their characters. My favorite Checkov was the one in To Serve All My Days. The guy who played De Salle took an originally flat character and made him interesting.

Two Question Does anyone know what happened to the last chapter of that USS Exeter Trassaurian story?

Have you ever considered making an episode from one of the books?

192. Sebastian S. - June 23, 2012

# 189

It’s not trendy; it’s obvious.
I see it all the time. For the last two years television ownership is down (for the 1st time in the history of the medium). Network TV figures are in the mud. Even ‘hit’ shows are getting a lot viewers these days than a hit show of say ten years ago.

It’s not a ‘fad’ (anymore than the internet is). It’s evolution.

193. Sebastian S. - June 23, 2012

# 191

I enjoyed Kelley’s McCoy as well (both John and DeForest! ;-D).
JK had the irascibility down cold. Yet his warmth and humanity came through as well. Still love his line from In Harm’s Way, “This was a lot easier when I was on cordrazine…”.

If you see their most current episodes and then watch their ‘proof-of-concept’ pilot “Come What May” (which is admittedly, kind of a mess), it’s dramatic how far they’ve evolved; both as a show and an acting troupe.

Here’s to many more P2s. They’re a lot of fun! ;-)

194. "The Captain"s Neck Is Broken" - June 23, 2012

We don’t need Hollywood to keep Star Trek alive. Live long and prosper.

195. J.C. England - June 23, 2012

The Exeter team (as far as what I’ve been
told) is trying its best to complete their last
webisode… but no time & date are available.
Keep your fingers crossed, many fans including
myself, are chomping at the bit to see it.
Hopefully soon!

Ajax Co-Producer

196. Herb Finn - June 23, 2012

Could James wanting all professional actors in the roles just another step in finally getting licencing for the series to become “official”?

I always through that CBS Consumer Products have so far missed an opportunity make these “official” – Licencing a web series should be seen as no different than licencing the video game,publishing and comic rights – it’s just another form of media.

I’ll miss James as Kirk – but I look forward to him as James West in his version of THE WILD WILD WEST!

197. K-7 - June 23, 2012

#192. It depends on how you define “network”. If you define DirectV as a television delivery network, then you certainly aren’t seeing this downward trend you mention. Directv raise prices and offers more channels every year, yet is still growing at genormus rates, and is a stock market favorite.

198. Sebastian S. - June 23, 2012

# 197


Good point, but I see DirectTV (and my own Dish service) as a means to deliver other networks; not as networks unto themselves. But that’s probably just interpretive on my part, really. But satellite services don’t really provide original programming of their own, however (other than their INFO channels)…

199. Bender Bending Rodriguez - June 23, 2012

I’m going to defend Mr. Cawley a little more here.

The man brought us more TOS, for which I am grateful.

As for the acting: haven’t any of the critics ever been to a high school play or community theatre? It’s not academy award winning, but what matters is the heart. I don’t know Mr. Cawley, but I can tell he loves and respects that character. He poured his soul into playing the part: that always came through loud and clear.You can tell he cares and wants to do the best job possible. To me that’s what mattered.

And, yeah, maybe the acting is a bit amatuer, but I’ve seen my share of community productions that were a lot less enjoyable than ST:P2. Plus, ST:P2 actually IS ENJOYABLE. After the dissapointment of ST: Nemesis, and while we wait for the next Paramount movie, to have ST:P2 is a treat! To Serve All My Days and World Enough and Time are great. To see Walter Koenig and George Takei on the Enterprise again (I wish they would post here) was wonderful. To have Denise Crosby, DC Fontana, and he other ST vets too numerous to name here in the mix again is fabulous. While I enoy some episodes more than others, I absolutely love almost all of them, and wait in anticipation for new releases.

So thanks, Mr. Cawley, for bringing us some more TOS, and for playing Kirk. It was fun watching your interpretation fo the character and I appreciate the love you show for Kirk and TOS.

It wil be interesting to see the new actor, and I fully intend to keep watching!

200. Sebastian S. - June 23, 2012

# 199 BBR~

Well said. Great post. ;-)

201. MJ - June 23, 2012

@199. That being said, Cawley had the nads to take the quality of Phase II a step furher, and heeded the recommendations of a number of his repeat finanical donors, like myself, and recast Kirk.

I admire the guy now more than ever!!!

202. Andy Patterson - June 23, 2012


” I look forward to him as James West in his version of THE WILD WILD WEST!”

Yeah, I’m looking forward to that too.

203. Mark Anton - June 23, 2012

I don’t really care much for Wild Wild West, but if James Cawley is doing it, you can count on me to watch it. The man puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He did it for Star Trek, and no doubt for everything else. James Cawley will always be a part of the Jim Kirk legacy!

204. MJ - June 23, 2012

@202 @203

Agreed. Now that role that Robert Conrad with his trademark smirk made famous is perfect for Cawley, who has a genuine natural smirk to match Conrad’s.

I just hope they are still moving forward with this — it seemed awhile back like it might be on hold?

205. MikeB - June 24, 2012

I for one am sad to see James Cawley step down as Kirk. I enjoyed his performance which only improved with time.
As for working with only professional actors now, it sounds great, but professional actors get jobs and may not be as impassioned for Trek. I would hate having to get used to a different Kirk for every episode.

206. denny cranium - June 24, 2012

Yes James Cawley is living the dream. He gets to play in the best sandbox in the world.
The coolest thing about him is he let’s us fans live the dream with him.

207. dmduncan - June 24, 2012

205: “As for working with only professional actors now, it sounds great, but professional actors get jobs and may not be as impassioned for Trek. I would hate having to get used to a different Kirk for every episode.”

Well if they have other work lined up but they are PROFESSIONAL, then at least they won’t leave in the middle of a shoot so you have to get used to two different Kirks WITHIN the same episode.

208. wtriker1701 - June 24, 2012

Nothing but KUDOS to James Cawley for what he has done in the past, the efforts he has put in this labour-of-love (there is NOTHING wrong with Amateur Productions, as the word “amateur” doesn’t mean, something’s bad, just that you haven’t gotten professional education or money for that “thing” you do – it can be excellent, though!), and the energy he is putting into all of this. It must be really exhausting (and hopefully equally rewarding) to make one’s dream come true.

When you do outings you must be willing to anticipate criticism along with congratulations. As long as critics (and their word) are constructive, not destructive… that’s how you should be prepared to face the response to you going public with what you do.

Mr. Cawley created something very beautiful amongst the Fan Film community. And he hasn’t pulled back at anything. It’s continuing to grow better and better. And his crew is willing to give their best. Kudos to everyone involved! It won’t be to everyone’s liking, ever… but that#s where sometimes even tastes beg to differ…

From my (you know, “taste”) production value point of view I think (“taste” again) “World Enough And Time” has been the best so far. Acting, SFX, Score, Guest Stars, Pacing – and, of course, Script – have been so close to a professional (or semi-professinal) production, that it produced goosebumps all over. That was the proverbial Lightning In The Bottle (for me)!

Overall, Phase2 has established, that Fan Productions cannot only entertain the producers themselves but manage to enlargen an audience, willing professional actors to out themselves in those kind of productions – Hell, those guys and gals have created something that is kind of milestone. A Big Milestone!

So James Cawley has created this entity, has created his own Jim Kirk and is now willing to hand over his life-long dream to Mr. Gross. And that’s another Big Step. A Big Step to semi-professionalism.

Mr. Cawley, I nothing but wish the best for all further productions you have in mind (and are willing to share with us). If I criticized (constructively) your acting for the last shown episode – I maybe just have spoken out (written), what you already had in mind for yourself. Am I doing too much simultaneously? Where’s my preference? What can I do best?

You stepped up your game – you are living your dream on!
You’ll give your best!

And I’ll be happy to watch!

Thanks for being Jim Kirk for all those years!

209. MJ - June 24, 2012

@208 “So James Cawley has created this entity, has created his own Jim Kirk and is now willing to hand over his life-long dream to Mr. Gross. And that’s another Big Step. A Big Step to semi-professionalism.”

Well said! Outstanding post dude — I agree with all of it!

210. Chris Russo - June 24, 2012

When I first heard about p2, I figured I’d give it a shot. Wasn’t thrilled but the sets were cool. So I watched another… Eh. But, it was the closest thing to new Trek episodes out there. I checked out some of the other sites and realized that p2 had superior production values. So I “suspended disbelief” and enjoyed the episodes for what they were. Some of the episodes are better than others and Elvis as Kirk took a bit to get used to. Once they started bringing in bigger and bigger industry names (Takei! Koenig!), Wow!
So I donated to the site, volunteered to help on the sets, but that didn’t work out.
In summary, all I can say is thanks for the entertainment and whatever happens with the cast, you have a dedicated viewer here!

211. MikeB - June 24, 2012

Kudos to Cawley for accomplishing so much, but he leads the cast in poor acting. The acting for me has been hit or miss and is the biggest problem I’ve had with Phase 2. Great sets, stories and effects just sub-par acting with him usually being the worst of the lot. I hope this guy can do a better job with the part. He certainly looks the part, but that doesn’t mean anything.

212. Ron Albanese - June 24, 2012

Cawley’s definitely cool, but yeah, his acting required viewer’s tolerance.

I’m glad he/they found a way for James to step aside … it’s a good move.

I LOVE Phase II, in any … phase!

213. Son of Captain Garth - June 25, 2012

I might check out the new Kirk, but I’m more interested in the new Farragut episode and the conclusion to Exeter’s most recent effort.

Both are free of the Enterprise’s big shadow, yet clearly fit in the same universe. Farragut has also been willing to do vignettes, which is like an amuse-bouche for our Trek pallette.

Furthermore, the Farragut people are dedicated not only to their production, but to their fans as well. Whenever these people put in a convention, etc. appearance, they give away free DVDs, buttons and other premiums–all out of their own pockets. They’ve also helped some poor bastard with an independent filmmaker’s forum, travelling over a thousand miles to do so. The Farragut folks carry on the Trek tradition by exemplifying some of what we all love about it–service and respect for others.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

214. ZeroBANG - June 25, 2012

ooooh… just when i got used to his face playing Kirk

oh well.. let’s reboot Phase 2

215. Dom - June 25, 2012

133. Red Dead Ryan

Ooh! Please don’t use the term ‘Talifan.’ That’s an expression used by a hack writer who has genuinely messed up a great literary science fiction series.

216. Gary Seven of Nine - June 25, 2012

Re: #151 & #171

Jamziz and MJ,

I would like to apologize for my previous animosity towards you in making recommendations several months back that James Cawley should replace himself as Kirk to improve the series.

You, and few others as well were right on this, and a sizable group of us treated you poorly for what has turned out to be the correct view. You few were right while most of us were wrong.

On behalf of those of us who unnecessarily jumped on you, sorry!

217. Captain Dunsel - June 25, 2012

As with MJ and Jamziz, I also was dragged through the mud because I dared suggest the portrayal of Kirk was beyond Mr. Cawley’s capabilities. It is why I haven’t posted and have not even been to this site much. I have three teenagers–I get flamed enough at home without getting it online.

I am very hopeful that this new fellow will work out and take STP2 to a much higher plane.

In the mean time, it might be a good idea for those of you who feel the only way to make your point is to tear and snipe at those offering a different point of view to re-examine your methodology.

Just sayin…

218. MJ - June 25, 2012

@216. Thanks dude, I really appreciate it that someone has finally apologized to me/us on this issue.

@217. Hang in there, Captain Dunsel. I agree with you completely! Those of us with unpopular opinions are often chastised severely on these boards. Adopt my “thick skin” approach and refuse put up with it — that works for me. I find that if f you give the bully back twice what he gives you, the bully will eventually lose interest and go away.

If I had $100 for every-time I took criticism on these boards for an unpopular opinion, but which ended up being correct view in the end, I’d have a nice $10K vacation fund in the bank right now. :-)

219. Obsidian - June 25, 2012

A courageous and admirable decision on Cawley’s part to put the show ahead of himself. As much as I admire and like Cawley, I’ve always been underwhelmed by his Kirk. The least of which was having to keep his Elvis hair so as not to disrupt his day job as Elvis. His acting was stilted, and his facial expressions… odd.

Excellent choice, James, and I hope you don’t take my criticism personally. I love your show, and my respect for you has just doubled!

I hope that the new guy’s acting is as good as his resemblance to Kirk!

220. RetroWarbird - June 25, 2012

He looks the part for sure. Right on.

221. Phil - June 25, 2012

@218. Imagine how much more you’d be worh here if you had that Hugo award…..

222. MJ - June 25, 2012

@221. Yea, there is that, Phil. :-)

223. Harry Wayne - June 26, 2012

James sometimes reminded me of Jack Lord for some reason.

224. MC1 Doug - June 27, 2012

I will miss Mr. Cawley, but not he, nor any of his community group of actors, was the main reason I have been a faithful fan of Phase II. I’ve enjoyed the series because they all got to go where no fan has gone before.

They all deserve kudos! The fan-based “Star Treks” are to what was the 70s and 80s fanzines for today’s audiences.

Thank you, James, you have helped keep “Star Trek” alive for us fans. When I was stationed in Afghanistan in 2008 and 09, Mr. Cawley personally invited me to come see the sets–something I have yet had the chance to do…. someday I will take him up on his kind offer!

The main reason I have enjoyed the Phase II (and other web productions) is because they are doing this all for the love of TREK and the craft. I thank each of you every time I visit your webisodes!

225. MC1 Doug - June 27, 2012

Lastly, I think the actors who have portrayed the cast have done a very credible job of playing the iconic roles.

If it means anything, I can close my eyes and hear the original cast in these new productions. I think this says something to the caliber of writing, the production values and the skill of the actors. They may not be perfect, but really, they have helped keep TREK alive.

226. OldDood - July 13, 2012

Wow! I was kinda shocked to hear this.

(I am new to this format of Star Trek. In short I did NOT know these were out there until recently.
I have been a true fan of Start Trek since the 1st run of the Original Series in the 1960’s)
First of all I was quite comfortable with Mr. Crawley as Kirk.
However, I see the reason he made this change.
This speaks VOLUMES for James Crawley’s character and professionalism.

I have been so impressed with just about everything this series brings to people.
The sets, scripts, characters, and even the CGI. The ships actually MOVE like they were intended.

Now there will be a person that ‘looks like’ the Kirk people are use to seeing all these years.
This does NOT take away one molecule of James Crawley’s performance of James T Kirk one bit.
He showed the ‘Spirit’ of Kirk in every scene.
I hope that Brian Gross can do the same.
Knowing how well James Crawley has lead this production I am sure that Brian Gross will fill the bill quite nicely.

I am looking forward to seeing more episodes down the line.
THANK YOU for all your hard work and sharing these with us…

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