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TrekInk: Review of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #2 July 6, 2012

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Comics,Review,TNG , trackback

Borg, Cybermen, The Doctor and his companions arrived in the first issue. Now it’s time to meet the crew of the Enterprise in the second issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who – Assimilation2 from IDW Publishing. Spoilers after the break.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #2 (of 8)
written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton with Tony Lee, art by J.K. Woodward, lettering by Shawn Lee, edited by Denton J. Tipton


Picard and the crew of the Enterprise arrive at Naia VII on a routine inspection and must deal with the tragic consequences of the mining facility’s serious safety problems. When the crisis is over, some of the crewmembers take time to check out the latest Dixon Hill holoadventure where they encounter a telephone box and three unexpected guests. While everyone is trying to sort out the confusion, a distress call from Delta IV arrives. The Enterprise responds immediately, with the Doctor and friends in tow, finding the planet besieged by Borg and Cybermen ships.

Just another day in Data’s brain.

This issue delivers the flip side of the Tipton brothers’ introduction to Assimilation2. In the first issue the stage is set with an invasion of Delta IV and a glimpse of how the Doctor and his companions handle themselves under pressure. Now we learn how the Enterprise crew behaves under stress and then return to Delta IV. I’m guessing that some readers will feel that the story is moving at a maddeningly glacial pace, but I think there is method in the Tiptons’ madness. In these first two issues of the eight-issue mini-series, we’ve been treated to a pair of one-shot tales that introduce each universe to fans of both franchises. Readers who are already familiar with Star Trek and Doctor Who may not need this introduction, but the Tiptons are clearly aiming to bring in a broader audience. The Next Generation story presented here rings clear and true, just like the Who tale in issue #1. Now that the preliminaries are concluded, bring on the Doctor and the Enterprise together.

Where’s Chong?


I was very impressed with J.K. Woodward’s painted art in the first issue. As unlikely as it may sound, he’s done an even better job in this issue. Maybe that’s just my inner Trekkie speaking. Nevertheless, Picard and crew felt absolutely right in Woodward’s painted universe. An outstanding job. Can he maintain this quality for six more issues? We’ll see. I don’t know if the likeness is intentional, but Captain Ochoa is a dead ringer for actor Cheech Marin. The Next Generation crew are a loquacious lot and Shawn Lee handled all the lettering very nicely.


Assimilation2 #2 comes with two regular covers and two retailer incentive covers. Star Trek and Doctor Who fans will all find Woodward’s Borg/Cybermen artwork chilling. Mark Buckinham’s Dixon Hill meets Doctor Who art is amusing. One of the retailer incentive covers is another wraparound photo cover featuring Enterprise and TARDIS crew. Joe Corroney provides a flip side presentation of the Enterprise crew in the TARDIS. Riker looks a bit odd, but he is odd. Why did he turn down all those opportunities for his own command?


Cover A: Art by J.K. Woodward, Cover B: Art by Mark Buckingham, colors by Charlie Kirchoff

Cover RI A: Wraparound photo cover

Cover RI B: Art by Joe Corroney

The bottom line

TARDIS? Check. The Doctor? Check. Companions? Check. The Enterprise? Check. Captain Picard? Check. The crew of the Enterprise? Check. Borg? Check. Cybermen? Check. Engage!

Available now

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1 is available at your local comic shop. A trade paperback collection of the first four issues will be published October 2012 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon. IDW Star Trek comics can also be purchased online at TFAW.

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Star Trek: TNG
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(2nd Ptg)

(2nd Ptg)



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1. CmdrR - July 6, 2012

Funny. The insets look like a rotoscope of shots from the series, not including Cheech. But, the cover looks like… hell, I dunno what that looks like.

And maybe that is Cheech. Maybe he’s taken over the Enterprise… with convert it into a low-rider… and turn Data into a bong.

2. SherlockFangirl - July 6, 2012

Not to be a bastard, but it’s always spelt TARDIS. :p

*waves patriotic British flag*

3. SherlockFangirl - July 6, 2012

And why can’t I save an enlarged version of the Dixon Hill/Doctor cover? :(

4. Mark Martinez - July 6, 2012

@SherlockFangirl – Repaired the TARDIS. Thanks. If you can’t grab the cover you want here (must be a WordPress thing), you’ll find all the covers here too:

5. SherlockFangirl - July 6, 2012

^ You sir, are a gentleman. :D

I’d like to read these, but is it best if I just wait for them all to be collected in one volume?

6. Craiger - July 6, 2012

I wonder if we will see a preview page showing the crew meeting the Doctor, Amy and Rory and their reaction to the bridge?

7. Disinvited - July 6, 2012

That reminds me didn’t God or the actor that was a reasonable facsimile of a faux version of him in ST:V die recently?:

George Murdock, R.I.P.

8. Mark Martinez - July 6, 2012

@SherlockFangirl – The mini-series will be reprinted in two trade paperback collections and probably all in one hardcover later on. I like to read comics as they come out, but a lot of people wait for the collections. You can also read digital versions, which are published same day as print at the same price. Unlike print, the digital price drops after several weeks.

9. Craig Henry - July 6, 2012

Speaking of comics, what ever happened to the Outer Light? I Googled it and it looks like it’s still being produced. I guess the trekmovie audience just really really didn’t like it very much.

10. Romulus - July 7, 2012

I read part 2 yesterday and the writers have gotten the characters spot on.
Even the massive amounts of techno babble that the Ent D crew spout.

11. Teddy Salad - July 7, 2012

I like Amy Pond well enough, and Rory is a tremendously likable character whom you can’t help but root for, but it would have been interesting to also see the Doctor’s newest companion — Annie Desmond — who will be replacing Amy and Rory, and will be introduced in the upcoming Dr. Who Christmas episode.

12. Craiger - July 7, 2012

What do Amy and Rory think of the Enterprise and her crew?

13. Nick Cook - July 7, 2012

I’ve enjoyed this very much so far. The writing is spot on, and I really like the artwork.

14. David C - July 7, 2012

#11, The actress is Jenna-Louise Coleman, and her character is rumoured to be called Clara but this is unconfirmed. Annie Desmond is the name of the character Coleman played in the recent ‘Titanic’ miniseries.

15. Teddy Salad - July 8, 2012

14 —

Ooops — my fault. Thanks.

16. pilotfred - July 9, 2012

i am loving the comics keep up the good work

17. Romulus - July 9, 2012

@ 12. Craiger

The first comic was an introduction to the Doctor and the second an introduction of TNG, it’s only really at the end of issue 2 that they finally meet, but i believe that there is another 5 issues to go.

The Doctor is amazed with Cmdr Data and even tries to remove his head for a closer look at his posotronic networks.

18. The Mentalist - July 9, 2012

I’m becoming a Star Trek fan…just because of the artwork :)

19. Desstruxion - July 10, 2012

Good story so far. Looking forward to number 3. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.