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Cumberbatch’s Mum Reveals Star Trek Sequel Villain Tidbit July 13, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The subject of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek sequel character continues to be the number one thing fans (and even some of the film’s stars) are talking about these days. So any little tidbit is worth reporting, even a comment from Cumberbatch’s mum. At an event in the UK Benedict’s mom made a little comment that is getting some buzz, find out what she had to say below (minor spoilers).


Benedict’s Mom Talks Star Trek Villain Leather

Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch did a reading a the Cheltenham Festival and while there our friends at CumberbatchWeb cought up with his mum, who gave them this little tidbit

So you can add that little nugget into the Star Trek villain speculatron.

Looking back at the pictures that leaked from location shooting, they did show Cumberbatch in what could be a leather trenchcoat, so this may be what his mum is talking about (see below). Or there could be some other "head to toe" leather outfit.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles



1. maspill - July 13, 2012

Mum knows best

2. zillabeast - July 13, 2012

So he’s Catwoman?

3. Mikey1091 - July 13, 2012

That little tidbit from his mom tells us…..wait for iiiitttttt…..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

BTW, I was kinda referencing Achmed the Dead Terrorist above, LOL!

4. Lensflare - July 13, 2012

He’s a Klingon….either kang or kor. See the Klingon costumes from st09.

5. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

He’s the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.

6. Lt. Bailey - July 13, 2012

I think he is going to reveil that he is Lukes father. The speculation is just too much at this stage of the game. Until JJ decides to grace us with a trailer for the film, all we can do is guess.

7. Bamasi - July 13, 2012

Is it Corinthian leather?

8. Elias Javalis - July 13, 2012

Leather? It could be worse: Spandex!!

9. LukasKetner - July 13, 2012

Anyone else thinking that he could possibly be Arne Darvin?

10. china - July 13, 2012

She actually said dressed head to toe in BLACK leather

11. Danpaine - July 13, 2012

Corinthian Leather. Excellent.

“You LIKE my car.”

12. china - July 13, 2012

The mother also said “everyone knows who he’s playing. Everyone who knows the history of Star Trek knows who he’s playing” so sayeth mum. ” So is that Khan or Gary Mitchell

13. Uberbot - July 13, 2012

Maybe he’s playing Krankor from Prince of Space. ;-)

14. Just Another German Trekker - July 13, 2012

OMG! He’s going to portray SHINZON!

15. Just Another German Trekker - July 13, 2012

@6 & 10: Ahhh, the comfort of soft Corinthian leather…

16. Mot - July 13, 2012

The Corinthian Leather comment was the best. Trek On Bamsi.

17. Phil - July 13, 2012

That clears it up, he’s playing 7 of 9.

18. NCC-73515 - July 13, 2012

Tolian Soran.

19. THX-1138 - July 13, 2012


20. THX-1138 - July 13, 2012


21. Sid - July 13, 2012

Corinthian leahter?!


22. I'm Dead Jim! - July 13, 2012

@9 There was talk of tribbles awhile back.

23. Vultan - July 13, 2012

And he rides a Harley!

24. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 13, 2012

Oh Mum… LOL

………..We need someone who say the NAME…. Gosh… ;-) :-)

25. RoobyDoo - July 13, 2012

Mum’s the word.

26. nutherchans - July 13, 2012

Christopher Nolan’s vision of Harry Mudd!!!!

27. Jeff & The Hamstrings - July 13, 2012

So……….. The villian is Barb Wire? Oh God i hope so…….

28. K-7 - July 13, 2012

Bucky, a couple of months back you really laid into MJ for daring to suggest that their was some misdirection and even some lying going on from the Star Trek 2013 team. Your posts on this topic were extermely severe and borderlned on personal abuse towards him.

Based on recent events, where we are now seeing what is surely organized misdirection and deliberate untruths (probably as some weired JJ-type of viral marketing campaign?), I think you should step up the plate, be a man, and apologize to MJ now.

Come on, Bucky, be a man and do what is right here. We all make mistakes.

29. Bobby - July 13, 2012

He’s playing …. Spock …. but from yet another alternate universe

30. bill - July 13, 2012


31. zillabeast - July 13, 2012



32. Newman - July 13, 2012

I still don’t believe he’s playing Gary Mitchell.

My money is on Khan.

33. NCC-73515 - July 13, 2012

I also read “I didn’t raise Star Trek-she mentioned it. Definitely an existing villain.” on that twitter page…

34. Chris Roberts - July 13, 2012

He works for Section 31 presumably.

35. It's Paramount - July 13, 2012

People Cumberbatch is playing Arne Darvin in the alternate timeline. The only thing different about this Klingon Darvin desguised to be a human is that he is also a super strengthed augment. I’ve been hinting around for months. Oh well!!!

36. DeflectorDishGuy - July 13, 2012

Section 31!!

37. Keachick - July 13, 2012

Corinthian leather: “The term was first used during the marketing campaign of the 1974 Imperial LeBaron, but the term is usually associated with the marketing campaign for the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba and that campaign’s celebrity spokesperson, *RICARDO MONTALBAN[4][6], who described the car’s seats as being covered with “soft Corinthian leather.”‘ – Wikipedia.

Hmmm? More misdirection? There seems to be some flip-flopping going on; just doesn’t feel quite as comfortable as the flip-flops I am wearing right now…

38. Thorny - July 13, 2012

If this is a retelling of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” then…

a) how will they explain this Delta Vega looking nothing like the Ice Planet orbiting the Black Hole formerly known as Vulcan?

b) We’ll get lots of Cumberbatch jokes about “Where Gary Lockwood Has Gone Before”.

Jokes aside, if it is Gary Mitchell, I’m interested. Cumberbatch is a vastly better fit for Mitchell than for Khan.

39. Chris Roberts - July 13, 2012

38. a) Delta Vega is a designation given to more than one Starfleet facility. The one near Vulcan clearly isn’t the same one many parsecs away at the edge of the galaxy.

b) They wouldn’t remake a TOS episode on the big screen. Seem to be getting that out of their system in comic books.

40. crazydaystrom - July 13, 2012

It’s all so clear to me now!


Cumberbatch’s character: LEONARD NIMOY!


41. Uberbot - July 13, 2012

Mum-berbatch didn’t reveal much…lol

42. Uberbot - July 13, 2012

It’s quite obvious he’s playing the doomsday machine!!! Only, a doomsday machine all decked out in leather!

43. Renee Wike - July 13, 2012

#28 I totally agree with you. This is definitely misdirection. I think these actors had to sign non-disclosure agreements if I’m not mistaken and that includes telling your Mom what’s happening in the script. There have been so many little slips here and there from actors it’s pretty obvious. JJ’s messing with us.

44. Alec - July 13, 2012

It’s not GM. I think it’s Khan. Further, he does wear leather.


45. TheAmorphousBlob - July 13, 2012

#13.. Bwaaahahaha… loved it!

46. DanSouth - July 13, 2012

He’s a Gimp!

47. No Khan - July 13, 2012

@44. He sure doesn’t look like the Khan we remember. Whu?

48. martin - July 13, 2012

I still say he is playing Dr. Sevrin.

Goin’ down to Eden. Hey Brother.

49. Bob Tompkins - July 13, 2012

Whomever Cumberbatch is portraying, he can obviously give Spock a run for his money physically; if it’s a known character, that in itself limits who it could be.
Gary Mitchell, Khan, Trelayne, Q, an altered Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan etc, Adonis, Ruk, a Borg,- but it really all comes back to Khan considering all the Latinos considered for the role.

50. Aurore - July 13, 2012

…So, not only will my villain be “scary” , “nuanced”, but, he’ll wear leather from head to toe, as well ?!


P.S. : I don’t know who Mr. Cumberbatch will be portraying, but, it won’t be Khan.


51. La Reyne d'Epee - July 13, 2012

I just keep picturing Alvin Stardust all the time now. (Brits will know what I’m on about)

52. Jose - July 13, 2012

Section 31 ??

53. John Bigbootee - July 13, 2012

#5 Hi-larious :)

“We are Fwwaaaming Dwagon!”

54. La Reyne d'Epee - July 13, 2012

41. Uberbot: Most excellent! Henceforth Wanda Ventham will always be Mumberbatch to me!

55. shpock - July 13, 2012

Gary Mitchell: awesome

year more of Ghostbusters logo: :-(

56. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

There is no Mitchell, only Zuul.

57. Craiger - July 13, 2012

#35 – The Augments have already been done in Enterprise why would Abrams base something on a Trek TV series that failed? I think he could be Mitchell as a rouge Starfleet agent that wants to incite a war between the Federation or Starfleet for some reason and he wont have GOD like powers.

58. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 13, 2012

Bob Orci is Mum on this.

59. Harry Ballz - July 13, 2012

So, he’s into leather, eh?

Sounds like he should be cast as the lead in Fifty Shades Of Gray!

60. Chingatchkook - July 13, 2012

That is a great picture….B.C. is one intense dude.

61. Captain Ransom - July 13, 2012

mad max WAY beyond thunderdome.


62. Anthony Thompson - July 13, 2012

I hope that JJ doesn’t demand that Cumby’s Mum be duct-taped.

63. Billiam - July 13, 2012

Could those be cargo containers Spock and Villain are fighting on? Marooned for all eternity on the surface of a dead planet? Wink wink.

64. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 13, 2012

#58. Harry Ballz … LOL… so WHAT??… is the villain Christian Grey?? +LOL

;-) :-)

65. Captain Ransom - July 13, 2012



66. redraven - July 13, 2012

LOL! Karl Urban only have masking tape. This info is so little it doesn’t deserve a duct tape. Sellotape maybe.

67. AJ - July 13, 2012

Wow, SDCC happening, and the top news on this site (so far) comes from Cheltenham UK.

Let’s hope Karl Urban’s predictions come true…

68. Craiger - July 13, 2012

AJ, Would Gary Mitchell bring in a general audience? They don’t even know who Gary Mitchell is. I also wonder if any new fans that ST 2009 got would even wonder if their is a sequel since so much time has past and they forgot about the first one?

69. Cygnus-X1 - July 13, 2012

Why must they wear such tight trousers?

They should know by now that they’re going to be doing a good deal of action, fighting, running about and so forth. So why not wear clothing more conducive to such activities?

70. Davexbit - July 13, 2012

I think you mean Khan’s fine Corinthian leather

71. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

65. Captain Ransom

No, I am the Keymaster. Well, actually, I’m a friend of his, he asked me to meet him here.

72. Jack - July 13, 2012

I really wish everyone involved in teh movie and anyone they know would shut up, no disrespect to Benny’s mum.

73. Sykes - July 13, 2012

Laughing at the desperation for info about the sequel.

74. Craiger - July 13, 2012

#73 – I wouldn’t look at it that way. Fans are wanting to know who the villain is because of the villain and story stink then you can kiss Star Trek goodby for a long time. I think everyone is hoping the villain and story are great because then we will get the third movie and then maybe a new Trek TV series

75. Thorny - July 13, 2012

68. Why would Mitchell have to? Did people only go see Trek 2009 to see Nero? I do like the sound of a movie titled “Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Casual fans and general audiences probably won’t know it has already been the title of two episodes (more or less) any more than “First Contact” had previously been a TNG episode title. They’ll know it from Kirk’s opening narration, and that will arouse interest all by itself.

I’d have preferred a completely original story with perhaps only a supporting role by a familiar character (say, Kor or Kang) and then move into Trek 2015 with Khan and the ambitious new retelling of Space Seed. But that’s just me. Give us a good movie, that’s all I ask. If its Gary Mitchell again, give us a good retelling/reimagining of WNMHGB.

76. Keachick - July 13, 2012

#69 – Really? You need to ask?…:) Well, I could venture an opinion as to why it is good that they wear tight trousers (actually they are not that tight) – something to do with the look…mmm and good support…:)

#74 – At this stage, knowing who the villain will make little or no difference to what the story being told is. It would just spoil the surprise or shock and fuel even more endless debate and bitching.

77. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 13, 2012

As I think it’s been mentioned, the photos of Cumby and Quinty (sorry) fighting could be from a rehearsal session, before he’s in costume, or at least full costume.

Speculation to the point of emotionality is, at this point, illogical.

78. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - July 13, 2012

Ugh, come ON people!! He’s playing Gary Mitchell, Karl Urban gave it away. The speculation should be over at this point.

79. Craiger - July 13, 2012

#75 – I think the general movie going audience was curious to see the updated version of Kirk and crew and the Enterprise because they know about them since they are pop culture icons.

80. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 13, 2012

Why must they wear such tight trousers?

Let me answer that with another question – Why does Uhura wear such a short skirt?

81. BRT - July 13, 2012

What if they didn’t revive khan, or he died and this is Joachim? Welcome to an alternate timeline.

82. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

81. BRT

I was kinda thinking along those lines, that it’s not Khan but one of his followers/fellow augments. It’s either that or a Klingon in disguise, perhaps Arne Darvin or even Kor, Kang or Koloth.

I’m pretty sure, though, that it’s not Khan or Mitchell. Cumberbatch is a poor match for Khan. As for the possibility of it being Mitchell, remember that two of the actors who were previously in talks for Cumberbatch’s role were Benicio Del Toro and Edgar Ramirez, neither of whom could possibly have played Mitchell.

We already know Klingons will be in the movie, and augments are still a possibility. So, I’m betting Cumberbatch is either playing an augment other than Khan or a Klingon in disguise.

83. RetroWarbird - July 13, 2012

He certainly looks human, but stronger than Spock and full of the rage do seem to narrow the options. No natural human is stronger than a Vulcan. So you try some detective work; eugenics/augmented human. Just because he’s not Khan doesn’t mean he’s not an Augment. That said, we’d never gotten a clear idea on how strong an Augment is. There’s a plenty-good chance that a Vulcan is still stronger than a genetically engineered superman. TNG-era shows indicated that a Klingon is pretty strong, physically, but it was never clear to me; they seemed not quite as strong as Vulcans.

Weird alien super-power gifts seem more likely. I still want to say Captain Garth, just because Captain Garth gives the dual thrill of an enemy with god-like powers who has lost his mind … as well as the prospect of Kirk facing against that most classic of tropes; the corrupted Starfleet Captain.

Plus a war-hero from out in the frontier is always a good way to bring the Klingons into the conflict. Mitchell would be a pretty epic example of subterfuge, what with the comic tie-ins.

84. FullCircleShadow - July 13, 2012

Uh guys you might want to read this. Sorry I can not reveal my source…

Actor Peter Weller is playing Gary 7 (a space-time ‘watchdog’ agent from the classic series episode Assignment : Earth. Nero’s disruption of the time-line prompts Gary 7 to take action).

Benedict Cumberbatch is likely…

A younger Chang ( in the ‘prime’ universe this Klingon was played by Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country) – In the new film Chang is a young Klingon operative. He has been surgically altered to infilitrate the UFP / Starfleet. The Klingon Empire wants the secrets to ‘Red Matter’ from the 2009 film. Chang manages to infilitrate a Federation research team. Their facility is located deep in the magma chambers of a strange new world. A young Carol Marcus is a member of this research team. Chang sparks a full-scale war between the UFP and Klingon Empire. The new film ends on a cliff-hanger ending.

Oh and on a more dramatic interpersonal level…

Spock and Uhura are married on the New Vulcan colony. Uhura is pregnant. Kirk finds himself doing what his father did for him and his mother. Kirk decides to save Uhura, Spock and their child. Kirk’s death may find resolution via Organian interference…

85. Harry Ballz - July 13, 2012

I’m sad to hear that Klingons play a role in the next movie.

They’re one-dimensional and boring to watch. They’ve been done to death!

I wish the story involved a more engaging species.

86. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 13, 2012

83. RetroWarbird – Considering that Kirk originally put the beat-down on Khan by using a hollow plastic tube, I’d say the Augments aren’t all that much stronger :-)

87. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

83. RetroWarbird

Garth of Izar is also a very strong possibility. In fact, it’s possible that the weary, jet-lagged Urban misspoke, saying Gary Mitchell instead of Garth of Izar or Garth [last name here]. It would certainly account for his looking so human and being able to fend off Spock. Also, remember that set photos show Cumberbatch wearing a black Starfleet tunic. So it may be that he’s a renegade Starfleet officer who gains god-like abilities and takes on the Enterprise crew. In other words — Garth. :)

88. Anthony Thompson - July 13, 2012

84. FullCircleShadow

What you wrote contradicts what several key players (including Lindelof) have said about the sequel: that it WON’T have a cliff-hanger ending but rather will be a self-contained story with a resolved ending.

89. Giez - July 13, 2012

Really? Still all this speculation?? It’s blown, BC is Mitchell… Let’s go where no man has gone before! (obviously no Kardashians present :))

If Weller is Seven I coud dig that, but…. they said NO to time Jumps in this. Weller is probably a Toip Dog on either side. Mitchell is great, and I think they may have spun it more towards Spock than Kirk…

90. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

88. Anthony Thompson & 89. Giez

Ignore FullCircleShadow, he’s a troll.

89. Giez

Not quite. Bob Orci already said Mitchell isn’t in the movie, and the actors previously up for Cumberbatch’s role (Del Toro, Ramirez) could not have played Mitchell. It seems likely Urban misspoke, was fed false info or is just pulling our leg.

Let the speculation continue! :-P

91. Buzz Cagney - July 13, 2012

Emma Peel? :-D

92. Harry Ballz - July 13, 2012


Diana Rigg, Buzz?

Can’t stop drooling!

93. Bucky - July 13, 2012

He’s the Gimp from Pulp Fiction!

94. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 13, 2012

85. Harry Ballz – Sad to see Klingons? To me, that’s like saying I’m tired of seeing humans in Star Trek. I think they’re an integral part of Trek, and I’m curious to see what Abrams does with them. Klingons are ubiquitous. In the future, they are among us, they are everywhere. Not having them would seem weird to me.

As I’ve said many times, just give us a good, well-written story with great acting, thought-provoking incidents and fabulous action, and I won’t care who or what is in the movie ;-)

95. Bucky - July 13, 2012

28 – you’re certainly reading a hell of a lot into a quote. From an actor’s mom. I’m glad this topic means so much to you.

96. Anthony Pascale - July 13, 2012


This site cannot be used to spread false rumors


97. Harry Ballz - July 13, 2012


Shilliam, you’re right when you say “Klingons are ubiquitous”.

In other words, commonplace.

Let them be in the background as window-dressing, or as some minor factor, but NOT as a main plot point.

Having them play a pivotal role in the movie is going to be the kiss of death.

98. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

97. Harry Ballz

We don’t know if they’re going to play a pivotal role, only that they’re somehow involved. In any case, having them play a pivotal role certainly wasn’t the kiss of death for ‘Star Trek VI’ or even ‘Star Trek III,’ I doubt it’s going to spell doom for this one.

99. Buzz Cagney - July 13, 2012

#92 she was rather naughty wasn’t she, Harry. ;))

100. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 13, 2012

Assuming it will be the “kiss of death” merely reflects how much you don’t want Klingons, rather than being a fact. I maintain that if written well, anything or anybody can be a good antagonist.

That’s how I feel about it. Not worth arguing any further. I’m not interested in swaying anybody’s feeling or opinion. I respect your feelings about the issue.


101. A - July 13, 2012

Hahaha!!! Is Mumberbatch also into this viral marketing scheme? Wanda Ventham is a respected TV star in the UK. She also appeared in UFO and classic Dr. Who.

102. Harry Ballz - July 13, 2012


gentlemen, I don’t want to argue, either. I hate arguing.

It’s simply fun to have a lively debate. I appreciate and enjoy your point of view.

103. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 13, 2012

Likewise! I guess I still like Klingons and think they have potential. But I don’t get the feeling they’ll be the only threat. And I’m like way way way psychic ;-)

104. Charles Trotter - July 13, 2012

Same here. :)

And I also don’t think they will be the only threat, or even the central threat. Just a major one. :)

105. Buzz Cagney - July 13, 2012

If Klingons are the pre-credit only baddies then no problem.
You know, Kirk is humping some green alien women in a snug wooden hut atop a snowy mountain and his communicator beeps. Its trouble…..
‘sorry my green beauty, but I must leave you’……’but I don’t even know your name’….
pulling on rucksack Jim replies…’Its Kirk, James Kirk’
….’Will I ever see you again Kirk James Kirk?’ comes the ever so slightly frustrated reply.
‘Who knows’ comes the ever so slightly cocky reply.
‘But I need you…..’
‘So does Starfleet…..’
He exits stage left.
Anyway, there is more to this scene but I don’t want to give anything away. Suffice to say lots of Klingons die and Kirk escapes by skiing off a mountain and, to opening strains of the Trek score, he opens a parachute with the words USS ENTERPRISE NCC1701 emblazoned across it.
Any similarity to anything you may have seen before can be covered with the word ‘homage’.
I’d pay to see that. ;)

106. Harry Ballz - July 14, 2012


Oh, a Roger Moore fan, eh?

107. MJ - July 14, 2012

@28 “Based on recent events, where we are now seeing what is surely organized misdirection and deliberate untruths (probably as some weired JJ-type of viral marketing campaign?), I think you should step up the plate, be a man, and apologize to MJ now. Come on, Bucky, be a man and do what is right here. We all make mistakes.”

Thanks K-7. I agree 100%, but let’s be clear — Bucky is running for cover now that it has been made clear that I was right all along on this topic. Look at Bucky’s post 95 — now Bucky is using misdirection himself/herself to avoid the issue. Kind of fits the situation, doesn’t it. LOL

108. Commodore Adams - July 14, 2012

85. Harry Ballz

I beg to differ. Klingons are synonymous with Star Trek. Personally my favourite alien culture in Star Trek. They may have been done to death but many of those times were pathetic and did no do the Klingons justice. Let take the movies alone. TMP barely saw them. Trek III was the first big appearance. Star Trek V Klingons, pathetic and not really a main feature, was poorly done. Star Trek VI was really the only Klingon centric movie. Have Klingons been over done….maybe only in DS9. You only saw them 4 or 5 times in the original series, two dozen times in TNG, DS9 dominion was big for Klingons, VOY not except for the Klingons in the Delta, B’elanna’s afterlife and the final episode, ENT maybe 8 episodes.

Have the Klingons been overdone in the grand scheme of Star Trek…looking at ever episode and every movie they appear less than 30% of the time, that might be generous.

I am soooo happy the Klingons are in the new movie, I am ecstatic to see how JJ n crew present them to us, and get the bad ass credit they deserve minus the damned poofy hair.

109. P Technobabble - July 14, 2012

Maybe he’s playing the Fonz after too many shots of Tequila.

110. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#106 a Bond fan, Harry, first and foremost. But yes, I am rather fond of Sir Roger.
I’ve found a recent appreciation for Connery too that I never had before. I found his outings rather too ‘old fashioned’ looking and the pacing too slow. But now i’m well into middle age I find I kind of like the look of the 1960’s. The clothes were smart and life in general seemed more pleasant. God I miss the Cold War!
And one of these days i’m going to treat myself to a 1960’s Omega Seamaster. Just such a stylish slice of that time.
Do you have a favourite Bond, Harry? I’m guessing Connery?

111. Jack - July 14, 2012

I love me a good conspiracy theory, but I really don’t think this is part of a plan.

112. captainkirk - July 14, 2012

Didn’t Section 31 have black leather uniforms?

113. Ahmed - July 14, 2012

@112 captainkirk – July 14, 2012

“Didn’t Section 31 have black leather uniforms?”

Good point, I miss Section 31, someone should make a series about these guys.

114. shpock - July 14, 2012

it’s a triple double-cross!!!

115. Bugs Nixon - July 14, 2012

His mum, Wanda Ventham was a smoking hot actress back in the day. She probably still is.

116. The Last Vulcan - July 14, 2012

I just got an email from my top-placed source at Paramount: Head to toe leather Cumby is playing a character named Bertha The Dominatrix and the movie will be entitled BDSM Trek: The Fetish Frontier.

Note to Anthony: That was a joke, not a false rumor. Please let me stay! :)

117. trekprincess - July 14, 2012

Look why can’t they release a damn trailer honestly do we have to wait early next year to see one :/

118. a1071ccn - July 14, 2012

@117. I am fed up of waiting now as well. As i have said in previous posts, I think we will have something by the end of the weekend. Thats if TPTB at Paramount/Bad Robot are going to follow The Man of Steel advertising campaigne

119. Aurore - July 14, 2012

“It seems likely Urban misspoke, was fed false info or is just pulling our leg.”

Respectfully, he was in the movie; he knows who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, therefore him being fed false info is unlikely, in my opinion.
Could he possibly have no idea who the villain is?

Either he “misspoke” or he is just “pulling our leg”.

At any rate, yeah; let the speculation continue!


120. CaptainOtter - July 14, 2012

Full Circle’s fake spoilers were almost believable until he got to the marriage and pregnancy bit. Hoaxsters of the world, learn your lesson: less is more.

121. Aurore - July 14, 2012

“Full Circle’s fake spoilers were almost believable until he got to the marriage and pregnancy bit. Hoaxsters of the world, learn your lesson: less is more.”

I personally did not believe him ( her ?).

I thought he was joking to tell the truth; nothing of what he ( or she ) wrote seemed believable to me…

122. Aurore - July 14, 2012

….The more I think about it, the less I think he misspoke.
Which does not mean that he is not pulling our leg………..

123. fascinating - July 14, 2012

I thought full circle’s plot sounded fun. Could we maybe have a post where people are allowed to post fake plots? It would be interesting to see who gets the closest…

124. Red Dead Ryan - July 14, 2012


Kirk bedding a woman, beating up the Klingons, and alPine skiing off a cliff?

“The Captain Who Loved Me”. Featuring the song “Nobody Does It Better”.

Oh, and a box of Kleenix for Keachick, who’ll be bound to get teary-eyed during some segments of the movie. :-)

125. The Last Vulcan - July 14, 2012

#123: You want a guaranteed box office smash? The Enterprise crew is held captive by Darkseid on Apokalips and is rescued by the JLA and Avengers. Throw in a vampire and you’ve got the movie that will outgross Avatar (as well as outgross me!)

126. Harry Ballz - July 14, 2012


Buzz, being 57, I’m a Connery fan. However, I did grow up watching The Persuaders starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis, so I’m fond of Moore as well. It was funny seeing Moore acting on TV as Lord Brett Sinclair and then having him swing over to playing Bond (short hair and all) in Live And Let Die. Quite the transition.

127. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

Harry, Roger has a very nice website and forum. He fields questions from fans about his work on a regular basis. A very nice, genuine guy it seems. And of course a tireless campaigner for UNICEF.

Roger was reunited not that long ago with his car from The Persuaders..

still able to draw a crowd too. :))

128. La Reyne d'Epee - July 14, 2012

Loved watching The Persuaders as a kid. I also reckon they got the idea for the theme tune in the new Sherlock series from The Persuaders’ theme.

129. La Reyne d'Epee - July 14, 2012

I’ll bet Ben’s mum was in it at least once…she did all those 60s and 70s tv shows.

130. Azrael - July 14, 2012

@113, Respectfully Ahmed, Section 31 is the one thing created during Berman’s tenure that in and of itself convinced me that he should have been booted off the franchise at least a decade sooner than he was. I would be perfectly happy if no future Trek production ever made reference to them again.

@125. I would read that as a comic book, no problems. if written by Peter David, with artwork by Perez, it would be epic.

131. La Reyne d'Epee - July 14, 2012


132. La Reyne d'Epee - July 14, 2012

Oops, it’s The Saint she was in. Close!

133. T'Cal - July 14, 2012

I would love to have the Klingons in the next film and have them portrayed as an intelligent, brutal, and honorable race like those in TSFS and TUC. While they have sometimes been written as one-dimensional, here’s an opportunity to do them right. Nero was pretty flat IMHO and one of the things that dragged the movie down from 4-stars to 3-stars on the T’Cal rating system with 4 being the top.

134. Harry Ballz - July 14, 2012


Yes, Buzz, I’ve been to that forum board before to read the questions and answers, but thanks for pointing it out. A few months ago I watched the video where Roger meets up with his Aston Martin again. Cool.


Yes, I love the Sherlock show and thought the same thing about the musical theme. Amazing that we had the same thought. Cheers!

135. Jack - July 14, 2012

130. I agree about section 31.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and was looking up lists of the best and worst TNG, Voyager, DS8 and Enterprise episodes and was struck at how mediocre some of the best episodes were. I always felt mildly dissappointed after watching any of those shows, even the best ones and always rationalized it with lines like, “well, at least it was better than (the naked now/ than it used to be)” or “well, at least there’s Trek on TV” but I look at the bulk of TOS episodes and remember that I never felt that way about them… there was always something great about most of them.

136. David C - July 14, 2012

“Cumberbatch’s mum”? That’s Wanda freaking Ventham you’re talking about, guys. :p

137. The Last Vulcan - July 14, 2012

@128, Azrael, pitch it around Hollywood and let’s make some MONEY. I’m sure that DC/Warner, Marvel/Disney, and Paramount won’t mind as they’re very open minded when it comes to someone appropriating their franchises. :D

138. Red Shirt Diaries - July 14, 2012

Agree with the multiple posts by several people referencing Bucky being proven dead wrong on Bucky’s earlier angry and over-the-top insistence that the the Trek movie guys would never deliberately provide us misdirection and fibs. That view has been discredited now.

Bucky, how do you like your crow served?

139. Azrael - July 14, 2012

@137. Lol, its not all that far fetched really. The Enterprise E crew met the X-Men already (one of the covers was Wolverine’s claws crossed with Worf’s Bat’leth). The TOS crew recently met the Legion of Super Heroes as well so Star Trek has touched both the DCU and the MU already. DC and Marvel also own a whole group of characters jointly so there are actually close ties between the two companies. As a comic its probably well within the real of possibility, as a movie, not so much IMO. Mostly due to DC being idiots with their handling of their movie franchises (Batman, and possibly the next Superman being exceptions).

On a more somber note, since Stallone has been getting some mention around here lately, and since he has done some (marginally) SF movies. Sylvester Stallone’s son was found dead last night. Sly, you are in my thoughts, be well.

140. Craiger - July 14, 2012

#84 That sounds like a Trek fanboy’s dream. I doubt that type of story would be geared for a general audience. Also time travel wasn’t going to be in the sequel since the first one had it.

141. Craiger - July 14, 2012

Also Spock’s ship with the Red Matter was destroyed.

142. Craiger - July 14, 2012

Just thought of something what if Cumberbatch is an undercover Klingon agent in Starfleet named Gary Mitchell? That could be more paying homage to TOS. What if the Klingons have Gary Mitchell killed and that is how Cumberbatch’s Klingon character infultrates Starfleet?

143. Keachick - July 14, 2012

#124 – Oh how thoughtful of you…:)

144. Craiger - July 14, 2012

Also Mitchell would become Kirk’s friend that he would meet on the Enterprise and not at the Academy.

145. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - July 14, 2012

He’s playing Quisp, of cereal box fame. Well that’s what I heard.

146. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#138 reading the latest q&a with Bob and Anthony i’m not sure if thats true. Bob tells us he’s lied once. Thats misdirection, whichever way you care to look at it.
Beyond that i’m not getting drawn into this playground argument!

147. Bucky - July 15, 2012

@138 Uh, I don’t care. Because you took your rambling very personally and are creating internet sock-puppets to back up your argument. So, basically, go away.

148. Bucky - July 15, 2012

Also @28 & @138, stop cyber-stalking me through Trekmovie talkbacks. It’s really creepy.

149. Bucky - July 15, 2012

Also nobody involved in the production has actively actually “lied”, as MJ put it simply, so he’s still a crazy rambler who rambles nonsense. Also, stop making up fake names to attack me. Weirdo.

150. Azrael - July 15, 2012

Dude, K-7 and Red Shirt Diaries are not sockpuppets. I am not joining the argument but they are not MJ by another name. Both have been around for quite some time.

151. SpockRocks - July 15, 2012

This makes me think that he could possibly be an original series Kilngon! That would explain the leather and the freakish strength. Although I’m not sure if the original Klingons ever exhibited the ability to overpower Spock.

152. Al - July 15, 2012

Considering the MOM in question is British SF icon Wanda Ventham of UFO fame, who also has a stack of Doctor Who and Prisoner guest appearances under her belt, I’m surprised no one thought to actually name-drop her.

153. Jack - July 15, 2012

152. I’d had no idea until somebody mentioned it here in the comments. The article made me think of some dotty, naive mom who didn’t know what she was saying to a reporter. But no.

154. Jack - July 15, 2012

28. “where we are now seeing what is surely organized misdirection and deliberate untruths (probably as some weired JJ-type of viral marketing campaign?), I think you should step up the plate, be a man, and apologize to MJ now.”

I really don’t think that’s what’s happening here. The trouble with most conspiracy theories is that they assume all plans go flawlessly according to plan. What we are seeing here, I’d wager, is people who’ve been told to shut up and who are doing a lousy, lousy job of it (making dumb jokes, giving lame hints, telling others who are dropping hints to show they’re in the know) because it’s hard to stay shut up when you know something that everybody else (or at least the internet) seems to really wants to know.

155. Keachick - July 15, 2012

I now recall see Wanda Ventham in Dr Who after I found these pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch’s actress mum. She has made guest appearances in many other English TV series, many of which I grew up watching here.

Cumberbatch’s father is also an actor, who has also appeared in many British TV series that I also grew up watching…who knew?


156. Keachick - July 15, 2012

Sorry about that. Hopefully this is the right link –

157. Garth of Izar - July 16, 2012

He’s playing Captain Garth , the finest military strategist in Star Fleet. Garth teams with Klingons for revenge after being thrown under the bus by a kinder, gentler Federation. But surely Alice Eve is not Marta?……

158. Jack - July 16, 2012

157. From the “this is just me?” department. Not sure why, but both Ron Tracey (sp?) and Garth really irritated me. This was back when I was a kid. Even then it seemed a little obvious to have the once-great guy go bad — maybe because it had been done on so many other shows I’d seen by then. I always thought the Garth bit was silly — especially that he could somehow shape change without changing clothes (I was very literal as a kid) and that he could just learn how to do this. I guess it could hav ebeen telepathic, but (I can’t remember if tricorders and viewscreens could be fooled too). The prison/funny farm bit was good and weird — but, otherwise, I really wasn’t that intrigued by the character, or the actor. So I really don’t get the appeal.

Other characters — Lockwood as Mitchell, Decker, the Romulan Commander — I was intrigued by. But not those two.

159. - July 23, 2012

Anne Hathaway in leather is as good as it gets.

Cumberbatch in leather, er, no thanks.

160. Beatlephil - July 27, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing Charlie Evans from “Charlie X” in the sequel. An older version obviously but he likely has the power to alter his appearance to look older in this version. Remember in the original series Charlie was supposed found in the wreckage of his parents’ spaceship that had crashed when he was a small child. If I’m right he’ll revert back to that child by the end of the movie and be returned to the alien race that gave him the powers to survive. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.