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Exclusive Interview: Roberto Orci Reveals Star Trek Sequel Character Details + Talks Title, Trailer & more July 14, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,Orci/Kurtzman,Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

There has been a lot of chatter in the last week so TrekMovie thought it was time again to check in with Star Trek co-writer/producer Roberto Orci who not only contradicted Karl Urban’s latest comments but also gave details on post-production and revealed some spoilers on the new characters in the film, talked titles and more…and this is only in the first part of the exclusive interview below.


Orci reveals Cumberbatch is canon character but not Mitchell + much more

TrekMovie.com: A couple of weeks ago you were on a radio show and you confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell in the sequel. Then last week Karl Urban says he is playing Gary Mitchell. Both can’t be true.

Roberto Orci: All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand…

TrekMovie.com: Nice callback, but are you sticking with your original comment and it isn’t Gary Mitchell.

Roberto Orci: I would say that I never lie. While Karl tests all those hypo spray props on himself [laughs]

TrekMovie.com: Another thing Karl is saying is there is some footage being released this weekend. Do you know anything about that?

Roberto Orci: No. I would love to see some.

TrekMovie.com: For the last movie your first full trailer with new footage was with Quantum of Solace which was in late October of 2008. So following that pattern should we expect the first sequel trailer sometime this fall?

Roberto Orci: Yeah. Marketing plans, especially for the second time around, get a little more clear. You know you want a certain amount of time for an audience to be aware of what is coming up. So certainly fall at the latest for starting to role this movie out.

TrekMovie.com: Have you guys picked a name for the movie.

Roberto Orci: No, but we are down to the final list.

TrekMovie.com: Is having "Star Trek" as part of the name a variable?

Roberto Orci: Only one or two of the titles on the list do not contain it. For the most part all the titles we are considering do have Star Trek in them, but just to get crazy we need to consider crazy things.

TrekMovie.com: So how long will we not know who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing? How long will you guys try to not talk about it?

Roberto Orci: For as long as we can because of our belief that one of the fun things about Star Trek that distinguishes it from other franchises is that the story turns. It isn’t just the spectacle of Star Trek, not just the explosions and the battles, it is the plot. That is why we are so protective of plot and character with this particular franchise. In others that isn’t the case but in this one we can preserve the experience for some people of not knowing exactly until we get there. Will we succeed in keeping it under wraps? Probably not, but we will try it.

TrekMovie.com: OK, I want to try and get something out of you that is actually new about the movie. Kind of like you did on the radio show but I will name a guest actor in the sequel and you will say if they are playing a new character you created or one from the original Star Trek canon.

Roberto Orci: OK, I’ll play.

TrekMovie.com: OK let’s start with Alice Eve. Canon or new?

Roberto Orci: Canon

TrekMovie.com: Noel Clarke?

Roberto Orci: New

TrekMovie.com: I assume that also goes for Nanzeen Contractor, who plays his wife?

Roberto Orci: Yes, new.

TrekMovie.com: Peter Weller

Roberto Orci: New.

TrekMovie.com: Joseph Gatt

Roberto Orci: New.

TrekMovie.com: OK and the big one, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Roberto Orci: Canon.

TrekMovie.com: Can you give me a status update on post-production. What is happening in July.

Roberto Orci: Trying to make each sequence and trying to make it work. We have two brilliant editors working simultaneously with JJ going back and forth. So get these sequences working internally and then we will string them together to see how they work as a whole. But first it is, don’t try to cut the whole movie, it here is a sequence so where does that start and where does it end? Do we have a little piece of the movie that is totally working. We attack it modularly.

TrekMovie.com: So music is still far off I know, but when does the sound work start,  does Ben Burtt, he’s back right? So is their work still in the future?

Roberto Orci: Still in the future. You don’t want them to waste their time for things that may not end up in the movie. So sound design, anything like that. But ILM is in there dropping FX in sequences as we go. There are things we knew would be in there since the beginning and they have had a nice long time.

TrekMovie.com: When do you think there will be the first rough cut?

Roberto Orci: Probably in a month.

TrekMovie.com: What has been the reaction from the studio so far?

Roberto Orci: It is always nice to hear nice things from the studio and they are over the moon. They were very complimentary when we wrapped and some said they thought it was better than the first one. But you know they want to encourage us.

TrekMovie.com: Sure, but this is their business so these are the kind of people who would let you know if they had problems, they would tell you it sucks if they thought it sucks right?

Roberto Orci: I think so. You don’t often get such well acted praise [laughs].

TrekMovie.com: What about you? What have been some of your reactions to the footage you have seen so far?

Roberto Orci: I am such a Star Trek fan that I’m not sure I would dislike anything we have shot so I’m not sure I’m a good source. I see them all in uniform on the ship and I’m like "Wow! This is great! New Star Trek!" But I’m the wrong guy to ask. But every few weeks during dailies I would see a new email chain go around with stuff like "Did you see that scene yesterday?" "Did you see Spock in that new close?" "Did you see Cumberbatch make it sound like poetry?" So to hear other people chattering about it is encouraging. And it’s big. It’s so big. It’s epic. We just really went for a bigger version than we did last time, because of the trust.


UPDATE: Check out part 2 of our exclusive interview with Orci where we discuss Star Trek on TV chatter, what is and isn’t canon, and his future with the franchise.


1. zillabeast - July 14, 2012

First footage tonight? Pretty please??

2. Ran - July 14, 2012

” It isn’t just the spectacle of Star Trek, not just the explosions and the battles, it is the plot”

Nice to see Mr. Orci mentioning a plot. Let’s hope it is a well written one.

3. James Cathcart - July 14, 2012

Very, very excited to hear the praise coming from the studio and crew. I am really looking forward to this. Thanks for the update Bob!

4. Ahmed - July 14, 2012

I just hope that we will get to see something, viral clips such as Prometheus TED2023 talk.

5. Devon - July 14, 2012

Cumberbatch’s character is canon.. or should we say “Khanon?”

6. Alec - July 14, 2012

This makes it more likely it’s Khan. And that Eve is Carol.

Everything shouts Khaaaaan about this film. The locations in Hawaii look like Genesis. All the lead actors (rumoured) look like Khan. The filmmakers all say Khan is their favourite and that film no 2 (12) is always about the villain….It has to be Khan. Excellent. Just, please, don’t ruin the legacy: don’t ruin the future. This film, the one with Khan, is destined to be spectacular. I hope its spectaculary good, not bad.

7. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

I’m thinking Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus.

Or perhaps she’s Kelinda and Benedict Cumberbatch is Rojan?


8. EM - July 14, 2012

Very cool! I love hearing little bits of behind the scenes. So long as there are no spoilers!

9. T'Leba - July 14, 2012

Garth of Izar.

10. Josh - July 14, 2012

If not Khan, I say Garth of Izar

11. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

Oh, and great work, Tony! And thanks for the update, Bob! :)

12. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

Garth would be good. I think it could still be gary Mitchell or even Gary Seven. Remember. Gary Seven was very strong and the Vulcan Neck pinch did not work.
For the Title. I hope Star Trek is in it. Just would not be right with out it.

13. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

I think Cumberbatch could be playing Gary Seven. But in this timeline. gary Seven did not make it to the 20th century. But. Just a wild guess on mt part.

14. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

Alice Eve could be playing Ruth.

15. mateo - July 14, 2012

Who is Joseph Gant?

This guy?


16. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

Cumberbactch possible characters.
1. Lord Garth.
2. Gary Mitchell.
3. Khan
4. Gary Seven.
5. Romulan Commander.

17. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. Any truth to the rumer that you will be playing your self in the new Trek Movie.

18. Valenti - July 14, 2012

…Harry Mudd and his android wives? ;)

19. CmdrR - July 14, 2012

Cumberbatch is the little gold guy on the right at the ambassadors’ brunch in Journey to Babel. Alice Eve is Tribble #337. OK?

20. Phil - July 14, 2012

Well, THAT clears things up……

21. NCC-73515 - July 14, 2012

So Karl lied… not only about the villain, which could be OK for secrecy and distraction reasons XD …but also about the new footage that we looked so much forward to. This is how you disappoint fans, by exciting them about something big – which then doesn’t happen.

22. Phil - July 14, 2012

I would say that I never lie….Roberto, are you sure you have never held public office?

23. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

Hey CmdrR. Sorry. Wrong Number Tribble. Alice is number 669.

24. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

#22. Now listen to this carefuly Phil.
I’m Lying!.

25. This is going to be a long year - July 14, 2012

Nice exclusive, I’m surprised Mr. Orci confirmed that Cumby and Eve are playing canon characters.

Khan’t wait for the first trailer!

26. Stephan Ur-Kel - July 14, 2012

From this, Khan or Joaquin/Joachim seems likely. I had been thinking a new Botany Bay survivor, but if the villain is canon…

Eve as Carol Marcus… I feel like we are right back where we started in speculation with Khan being most likely.

27. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

#25. Will only be a long year if you don’t have access to a Deloren!.

28. NCC-73515 - July 14, 2012

Hey if he’s lying about not lying, then that itself would be a lie and therefore it would still be true! :D

29. Captain Hackett - July 14, 2012

Thanks for a great interview!

30. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

#28. Ok. If Bob Orci is lying about telling the truth then he told the truth about lying. But if he told the truth about lying then he could not lie. Therefore he told a lie while telling the truth.
Ok. Everyone got that.

31. Darkthunder - July 14, 2012

I’d love an answer to this question:

To Lens Flare, or Not Lens Flare?

Either way, please tone the lens flares down for the sequel. That is all :)

32. Red Dead Ryan - July 14, 2012

YUP! I told y’all that Benedict Cumberbatch IS NOT playing Gary Mitchell!

I also said that there would be no footage revealed at Comic Con.

I figured that it wouldn’t be until August or September at the earliest before we see a trailer. The fact that the first cut of the film won’t be ready until a month from now backs up my prediction.

33. This is going to be a long year - July 14, 2012

#27. Know anyone who sells flux capacitors?

34. Red Dead Ryan - July 14, 2012


35. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

Read Dead Ryan Strikes again!.
Bob Orci. Get him into the next Trek Movie.

36. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 14, 2012

#33. Not sure about the Flux., But I hear the Libian’s have some Plutonium,

37. shpock - July 14, 2012

quadruple double-cross!


38. Seany-Wan - July 14, 2012

@boborci – When will beseeing any footage?

39. Red Dead Ryan - July 14, 2012


“Red Dead Ryan Strikes again!.
Bob Orci. Get him into the next Trek movie.”

Bob, you heard the Emperor. “Make it so!”


40. thandrahan - July 14, 2012

Gary Seven.

41. AJ - July 14, 2012

He is Gary Seven in drag in Isis’s full-body leather catsuit.

42. david - July 14, 2012

boborci, landru was beamed aboard the Enterprise in issue ten of the comic. Will it be playing a role in the film?

43. david - July 14, 2012

boborci, also will there be much emphasis on space exploration in the film?

44. Craiger - July 14, 2012

In a previous post I suggested that maybe Cumberbatch is playing a Klingon agent that infultrates Starfleet as Gary Mitchell. The Klingons kill Mitchell and Cumberbatch’s character assumes Mitchell’s name. Having Gary Mitchell’s name would pay homage to TOS again.

45. Dilithium-doublebock - July 14, 2012

Garth’s descent into madness. Epic.

46. No Khan - July 14, 2012

If it turns out to be Khan. I’ll be losing interest real fast. Even if BC knocks it out of the ballpark as khan. I’m done with JJ & team. It will be a sad day for Trek if they already need to recycle the ST movies because they have no imagination left. It will be proof ST is dead as far as Roddenberry’s vision goes. There is so much more to Trek than Khan what a joke!

47. Craiger - July 14, 2012

Kirk could also befriend Mitchell because Mitchell would be serving on the Enterprise and he wouldn’t have met Mitchell at the Academy.

48. somethoughts - July 14, 2012

Good Stuff Anthony!

Thanks boborci for keeping us in the loop and having a grand vision

49. Thorny - July 14, 2012

I’d like Alice Eve to be playing Carol Marcus, but I strongly suspect she’s paying Christine Chapel.

50. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 14, 2012

#39….Oh gosh… RDR confess please!… you’re into this already!… LOL

;-) :-)

51. Red Dead Ryan - July 14, 2012


Yeah, sure! We won’t miss you at all, then. :-)

52. Thorny - July 14, 2012

(uh, playing)

53. Phil - July 14, 2012

@43. Hell, no…..

54. star trekkin - July 14, 2012

perhaps bob could give us a tiny tiny spoiler like the name of the volcano planet or the red forest planet…

55. Hat Rick - July 14, 2012

I told you it wasn’t Gary Mitchell.


Forget what I said about Gary Lockwood.

Okay, so now it’s back to Khan.

I told you it was Khan.

Or, whatever.

Anyway, so now that we know it’s a canon character, that limits the possibilities.

Do you know who pops to mind?


From DS9.

56. Hat Rick - July 14, 2012

It makes sense for Sloan to be involved. In the 23d Century, intelligence services will have developed contingencies protecting against temporal invasions or, indeed, and disturbances of any kind.

Artificial intelligence will have predicted, Hari Seldon-like, the broad parameters of the future. A massive change in the timeline would stick out like a sore thumb.

Even if this movie doesn’t touch upon the weirdness the temporal change hath wrought, there are endless possibilities that have been opened for the involvement of Section 31, temporal investigators, and/or a combination of both.

The future is not only stranger than we know, imagine possibly can we than stranger is it.

57. Andy - July 14, 2012

Well I think it’s safe to say Benedict is most likely playing either Gary Mitchell or Khan. It’s really 50/50. Either way, we need some footage bob!

58. Bob Tompkins - July 14, 2012

55- Wrong timeline for it to be Sloan, although Section 31 has always been one of my favorite more recent developments in Star Trek. Section 31 popped up in the Return of the Archons arc in the comic book and I’d love to see it pop up in a big way in the new movie. Admiral Pike’s uncomfortable ties with 31 in the book would be a great starting point for a movie. Peter Weller just reeks of Section 31 sliminess.
Plus, it’d be so achingly easy to plug 31 into a Khan storyline. What CIA- like faction of the Federation would not be interested in a pre WW3 superman?

59. NCM - July 14, 2012

Finally, some not too ‘spoilery’ confirmations. Who is Alice Eve/BC? It’s getting more exciting. Thrilled to hear that we’ll be seeing something by fall.

Thanks for the interview, fellas.

60. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 14, 2012

@1. zillabeast

Trek news is coming out like a slow drip and you expect new footage?!

Delusions like three-p-o

61. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 14, 2012

Impossible that is is Khan. And rediculos, iMO,

Perhaps Riley.

What’s he been up to in this new Trek reality?

62. Phil - July 14, 2012

Intrigue I could understand for a plot. I’m also assuming that the Guardian exists in this universe, too, but I really hope that if the writers choose to go down the temporal road they stick with the Guardian. I really can’t see how this “temporal cold war” bulls**t that got tossed on us by Enterprise would be anything someone would spend 15 bucks and two hours of their life watching on the big screen….

63. Justin Olson - July 14, 2012

Orci, et al’s reluctance to reveal the identity of the villain only makes sense if the crew of the Enterprise are also in the dark about what his true identity is… and it is revealed as the movie unfolds.

His claim that “Star Trek” is some kind of special franchise where protecting the identity of the villain is important to the experience of seeing and enjoying the movie doesn’t hold water.

For instance, we knew Heath Ledger was playing the Joker a full two years before “The Dark Knight” was released. It didn’t affect anyone’s enjoyment of seeing said film.

Or the box office.

64. Steven Hancock - July 14, 2012

Okay, now it’s just getting ridiculous. They just need to tell us who the name of the damn villain! If it’s not Khan, and not Gary Mitchell, then who the hell is Cumberbatch playing! Because from the photos, it is a man of superhuman strength. That leaves either Khan, or Mitchell after his transformation. And if they’re sticking with the first season storylines, then it narrows it down to one of those to. They need to just reveal the character name, and go ahead and clear that up.

65. Ahmed - July 14, 2012

The movie is coming out in just 10 months from today, so why not start the marketing now & begin to release more information instead of these little games of disinformation.

66. EM - July 14, 2012

Do not tell us the name of the damn villian!

67. boborci - July 14, 2012

correction. i lied once.

68. The Last Vulcan - July 14, 2012

Let’s try to reconstruct what we do know:

1) Alice Eve was definitely in a new gray Starfleet uni. That would be unlikely to make her Carol Marcus but more likely Yeoman Rand.
2) Cumby is canon in a role that could have been played by Benicio. Really tough one because there are few actors that are more totally opposite than Cumby and Benicio. So I still maintain it’s going to be under prosthetics (yes, those famous photos were put-ons… there… will… be…. no… TOS… unis… in… JJST2) where the face doesn’t matter as much as the GRAVITAS.
3) Weller is supposed to be on the USS Exeter NCC-1672 which is Capt. Tracey’s ship. (Let’s not confuse the issue with Tom Paris’ old ship) So according to boborci he’s not playing Tracey.

So… answers are few and far between. I guess it’s part of the fun. They don’t “need to tell us” a darn thing. Buy your ticket and find out! :)

69. The Last Vulcan - July 14, 2012

@ 67, boborci… there’s no point asking you which one you lied about… is there? But hey, keep it up as this guessing game is fun… it’s kinda like a game of 20 questions that lasts for a year and you never really get a yes or no! :)

70. Legate Damar - July 14, 2012

Well, I suppose that means that we can’t expect to see the return of John Frederick Paxton. Still, if Weller’s performance is half as good as it was in Enterprise then his role should be pretty amazing. I wonder who Alice Eve is playing. I don’t suppose that it’s hoping for too much to hope that she’s Nurse Chapel. Maybe she could break up that nonsensical Spock/Uhura relationship.

71. Tom - July 14, 2012

How about thr lonely Squire of Gothos? possible?

72. El Chup - July 14, 2012

It’s a shame that, having rebooted the franchise and wiped out all of the prime universe, canon characters are being recycled. It stinks of lack of originality. It’s a shame when TOS had no such background and did originality so well.

But, having said that, I will be cautiously optimistic if the plot has a Roddenberry style human examination and Cumberbatch is someone, anyone, other than Khan.

73. L4YERCAKE - July 14, 2012

Alice Eve wouldn’t be playing Lt. Marla McGivers by chance, would she…?

74. El Chup - July 14, 2012

Oh, and a quick word to those who say it has to be either Khan or Gary Micthell because he is seen fighting Spock, Cumberbatch could just as easily be a TOS design klingon (and thus any number of canon characters), a romulan altered to look human, or a character like Riley who has had something happen to him during the course of the storyline which has resulted in his extra strength.

Hell, he may not even be TOS canon at all!

I just can’t, CAN’T bring myself to think that the writers would be so lazy as to recyle Khan.

75. Gilberto - July 14, 2012

Orci DID NOT DENY. He played with his words, read again. IT IS Gary Mitchel. And probably Yoman Rand, the two canon characters.

76. Gilberto - July 14, 2012

“Boborci”, in Portuguese, means “foolish Orci”!! I know you guys don’t have to know that, but I laugh every time I read it!!

77. Qwerty - July 14, 2012

Why is everyone so set on carol marcus and khan? Two characters i definitely think would make the movie horrible!

78. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - July 14, 2012

67. Son of a…! I knew it! Orciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

79. Dave1119 - July 14, 2012

Anthony… great interview. Bob Orci… thanks for at least letting SOMETHING out of the bag. Interesting the Alice Eve and Cumby are both playing characters from canon.

Hey Bob… if you get to do a tv show, this one 40-year and humble fan would like to vote that you go ahead and do a complete re-boot with the original characters. Same characters, same ship, same Federation, same concept, but make it a vision of the future based on what we know now, rather than what we knew in the 1960’s. Now we have dark matter, dark energy, and an actual equation from a real physicist on how warp drive would work. All kinds of great things to work with. As long as it has Kirk, Spock, and McCoy played by competent actors, it will work.

2nd choice would be to continue with the current actors :)

80. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - July 14, 2012

It’s not Rand. Bob has already ruled her out, and since he never lies…

81. indranee - July 14, 2012

Roberto Orci: I would say that I never lie.

– How do we know that’s not a lie, Bob?

82. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 14, 2012

“Did you see Cumberbatch make it sound like poetry?”

So in this version of Star Trek, Hortas can talk? I’m not sure I like this kind of extreme messing with canon!!!

But seriously, folks. Anthony, good job on securing the exclusive. That’ll show the people who are always complaining about content here.

Thanks also to Bob for throwing us some bread crumbs. Hardly all that nourishing, really, but when somebody is starving, even crumbs fill an important need.

I still don’t buy his reasons for secrecy. A discerning fan thinks plot is important in any film. I honestly don’t think the suspense will help the movie, at least not for me. But then, spoilers have never spoiled a film for me. I can still lose myself in them and enjoy them. I don’t care if I know what they’re going to do, because what is most important to me is HOW they do it.

So I’m a freak.

83. MJ - July 14, 2012

Excellent interview Anthony — thanks!!!

With this interview the confidence-level on the “MJ Khan Prediction Meter” has shot back up by 30%, from its recent 60% level, to stand today at 90%.

It’s most likely Khan, just as I predicted way last fall based on minor clues, with most of you doubting me.

Memo to Karl Urban: Still love your portrayal of McCoy, but personally, I now consider you kind of an ass for messing with us like this. No, that was not funny, dude.

84. Vultan - July 14, 2012

Captain Kirk: Everything Bob tells you is a lie. Remember that. Everything Bob tells you is a lie.

Bob Orci: Now listen to this carefully, Trekkies. I am… lying.

Trekkies: You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie, then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because everything you say is a lie, but you lie… You tell the truth but you cannot for you lie… illogical! Illogical! Please explain! You are human. Only humans can explain their behavior! Please explain!

85. Thern of Andor - July 14, 2012

IDW’s comic suggested a previous romance between Drs Elizabeth Dehner and McCoy. The still of Alice Eve in uniform looks very Dehner. But Karl Urban referred to Cumberbatch as “his Gary Mitchell”, which might mean equivalent of Academy pal of Kirk in this timeline, but not Mitchell himself. Or I let IDW kill off Mitchell already. The other Easter egg would seem to be Sulu being groomed by Section 31.

86. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 14, 2012

84. Vultan – I smell smoke…

87. Vultan - July 14, 2012

And this is the part where smoke comes out of our ears.


88. Vultan - July 14, 2012


Ha ha! Beat me to it.

89. steve - July 14, 2012

Boborci, you guys are doing the right thing, in trying to keep it all under wraps for as long as possible!

90. dmduncan - July 14, 2012

Norman, coordinate!!!!

91. No Khan - July 14, 2012

Was there any hint of Khan in the comic book? I don’t think there was. I believe that to be significant clue.

There’s no need for Carol Marcus and even David if we are dealing with a Space Seed like beginning. Khan going crazy for Kirk would need to happen right away. Not in 15 years like TWOK.

92. dmduncan - July 14, 2012

Side note: Space Command just finished its campaign on Kickstarter. It raised $221,267. Not too shabby.

93. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 14, 2012

88. Vultan – Sorry! Wasn’t trying to steal a punchline.

94. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

I’m sticking with Karl Urban. He wouldn’t mess with the fans. Bob, i’m afraid, does and would. Bad Bob!
However, i am starting to wonder if Karl got his Gary’s confused. Too bad if its not Mitchell, he’d have been good. Gary Seven is a Doctor Who character to my way of looking at it.
A time traveller putting wrongs right? yawn. May as well call it Star Trek: Who Quantum Leaps.

95. Ben - July 14, 2012

thanks to both, Roberto Orci and Anthony

96. boborci - July 14, 2012

89. thanks

97. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

So, Bob, as you were saying yesterday before we were interrupted. Greg Cox? Whats that about?

98. Adolescent Nightmare - July 14, 2012

Uh-oh. Maybe you could all form a support group and hold hands.


99. Vultan - July 14, 2012


No worries.

100. sean - July 14, 2012

Even if Cumberbatch is playing Khan, why would we assume Eve is playing Carol Marcus? This would be Space Seed-era Khan, so if anything she’d probably be playing Marla McGivers. Or as someone else mentioned, possibly Chapel or Rand.

101. Browncoat1984 - July 14, 2012

I think Eve is playing Elizabeth Dehner. She was mentioned in the new universe version of Where No Man Has Gone Before but she wasn’t there.

102. sean - July 14, 2012

And I have to admit even as a big supporter of the new Trek team, I’m finding this misdirection from the actors/writers kind of irritating.

103. VZX - July 14, 2012

Like a rug

104. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#67 bad Bob! You are a naughty, naughty boy.
I’m glad you are keeping it a secret, but for the love of God will you just tell us the whole story, who the actors are playing and everytning that happens! Oh, I can wait, but only another 5 minutes or so!

105. Andy - July 14, 2012

This is the first movie that I’ve ever kept up with, so long before release. Typically, I know of a film’s production, but don’t read too much into it besides reviews/trailers. I bet that I’ve checked up on this new trek film almost every single day for at least a year and a half now. This is getting crazy. I think when I finally do see some footage for it, I’m going to pass out. And when I’m standing in line at the theatre next May, I’ll wet my pants. Thanks JJ, Orci and the like…. one things for sure, I’m desperately interested.

(New Trekkie here.)

106. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#102 ditto! Prefer them to say nothing. Or everything. I’ve woken feeling very conflicted on this today! :D

107. Phll - July 14, 2012

Bah, I think I’ll be ignoring all the men behind the curtins for now.

Somewhere, over the rainbow…..

108. Adolescent Nightmare - July 14, 2012

Never did bother to look up who Gary Seven, Gary Izar and all the other Garys are. If it’s someone I never heard of he won’t be the headline villain of a mainstream summer blockbuster.

109. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#105 Andy, they have a separate line for the Pant Wetters. Make sure you get in the right one buddy! And there is no half way house line. Slightly excited dribble? Get in the Pant Wetters line please.
And i won’t even get into why there is yet another line who don’t sit down to watch the movie! They just stand at the back with industrial fans blowing at them!

110. Dear Leader - July 14, 2012

Will someone please bring back Rick Berman…so tired of these JJ Abrams and Bob Orci people.

I don’t care about this new movie stuff anymore. I guess if I want some “new” Trek, I’m going to go to the used bookstore and grab some of the old pocket book novels and read those.

So sad.

111. Andy - July 14, 2012

@109 Thanks Buzz. I’m not too familiar with the customs of a Trek film on opening night (Trek 2013 will be my first). I’ll definitely head towards the pants wetter line. Might have to stand in the back by the industrial fans too…

112. MJ - July 14, 2012

@110. Good one, dude. You really had me going there for a minute.

Rick Berman…ha! ha! ha!

Very funny!!!

113. BeatleJWOL - July 14, 2012


Don’t let the warp core hit you on the way out.

114. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

108. Adolescent Nightmare

Fun fact: the majority of mainstream audiences haven’t heard of *any* specific Star Trek villains, except perhaps Khan and The Borg Queen. And we know Cumberbatch isn’t playing either of those.

Another fun fact: *nobody* heard of a Romulan named Nero before the previous film, yet there he was, the headline villain of a mainstream summer blockbuster.

115. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 14, 2012

110. Dear Leader – You DO know that this web site is named trekMOVIE, right? And since the new movies are being made by Abrams, Orci & co., that’s what we’re mostly going to be talking about, right?

Hey, I grew up with TOS. What’s done is done. I’d rather see new people do Trek than nobody at all, and I personally thought they did a pretty good job with their first attempt. If you’re so enamored of the past, and tired of the new guys, why would you come here?

Just wondering. Not trying to troll or chase you away or anything. I’m honestly curious as to your motivations.

116. Jason Spriggs - July 14, 2012

Isn’t it possible they find the botany bay whilst carol Marcus is aboard enterprise to find a home for the genesis device. Kirk and carol establish a relationship, meanwhile khan steals the Genesis data, hijacks a Klingon ship and then goes off on his tirade. Thus fusing space seed and wrath of khan into one story?

117. Jason Spriggs - July 14, 2012

Isn’t it possible they find the botany bay whilst carol Marcus is aboard enterprise to find a home for the genesis device. Kirk and carol establish a relationship, meanwhile khan steals the Genesis data, hijacks a Klingon ship and then goes off on his tirade. Thus fusing space seed and wrath of khan into one story?

118. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

116. Jason Spriggs

Possible, but unlikely. I’m pretty sure Abrams & Co. said it was an original story, not a rehash (or a mixture of rehashes).

119. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 14, 2012

116. Jason Spriggs – I sure hope not.

120. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#111 Well welcome to the gang, Andy. I very much hope you enjoy your first big screen Trek. ;))

121. Jason Spriggs - July 14, 2012

Hope you’re right. Just speculating on all the Khan BS since that chatter continues here…

122. PEB - July 14, 2012

ha…you’re asking for berman when he sunk his fangs into the neck of the franchise and almost drained it dry. yes, go read the books if you honestly think JJ & crew are so horrible.
on a side note, thanks karl for totally mind f@#king me. been getting tweets about the hobbit footage and man of steel and iron man footage that was all shown and i kept waiting for trek…ugh…dude not cool.

123. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012


Have any of the Cumberbatch character guesses made so far been correct? Here, I’ll round up the main ones for you:

1. Arne Darvin
2. Khan or Joachin
3. Garth of Izar
4. Gary Seven
5. Rojan

Yes or no, are any of these correct? Surely you can answer that! :D

124. Adam C - July 14, 2012

bugger the movie, gimme tv shoooo

125. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

P.S. to boborci — If you say ‘yes,’ I promise not to try and make you dwindle the list down further. :)

126. Peter Loader - July 14, 2012

Did you see Cumberbatch make it sound like poetry?

Khan Noonien Singh: He tasks me! He tasks me, and I shall have him! I’ll chase him round the Moons of Nibia, and round the Antares Maelstrom, and round Perdition’s flames before I give him up! Prepare to alter course!

127. Gary Makin - July 14, 2012

Bob – please try to get Star Trek 3 out for the 50th anniversary.

128. Jason Spriggs - July 14, 2012

As big a trekker as I am, who is Arne Darvin? Was he the Klingon facelift from the Tribble episode? If so, you really think he’s worthy of this flick?

Kahn or Jochim- talk amongst yourselves.

Garth of Izar- remind me why he would warrant a film.

Gary Seven- still would be a fun American answer to Dr. Who but I don’t think JJ and crew are gonna play around with time travel again this soon.

Rohan- again, gotta admit I don’t remember him, her, it.

And as for Gary Mitchell, as much of a cool, epic revamp that would be, and how a casual glimpse the casting might read in that direction, they already did it in the comics. So thats out.

Love the chatter though…

129. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#125 yes, somebody else will take over from Charles at that point lol

130. Adolescent Nightmare - July 14, 2012

Nero did not headline anything. Star Trek 1 was not about the villain.

Then what is he doing right there on your list? Join the support group.

131. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

130. Adolescent Nightmare

Point 1: I doubt the villain will be “headlining” this one, either. The vast majority of films, including summer blockbusters, are headlined by villains nobody has heard of before. Whether the villain is popular or not is irrelevant; if he looks to be a great villain, then audiences will see the film. Actually, considering it’s a highly-anticipated sequel to one of the biggest, most-acclaimed films of 2009, people will see it anyway, regardless of the villain.

Point 2: My bad, I should have said that it’s likely that he’s not playing Khan, not that we *know* he isn’t. That’s why I have him in the list.

132. raddestnerd - July 14, 2012

Found the Bible in Klingon

133. eowyn - July 14, 2012

This article gave me such an adrenaline rush I couldn’t sleep. Canon? BC is canon?!!!

134. Irish Trekker - July 14, 2012

Maybe BC is playing Finnegan?

135. A - July 14, 2012

I would be very pleased if it was Mitchell but his name is sooo lame for a villain

136. Spock Lives - July 14, 2012

You know Bob and the cast and crew have done a great job confusing us all!

Credit where credit’s due, I can’t remember another movie doing the same? The information will come out sooner or later, vouluntarily or not. As long as Trek 2 has heart and a good story I couldn’t care less which characters are in it

137. Charles Trotter - July 14, 2012

128. Jason Spriggs

Yes, Arne Darvin was the surgically-altered Klingon in ‘Trouble with Tribbles.’ He later turned up in ‘Trials and Tribble-ations.’ Whether or not he’s worthy depends on how the filmmakers decide to handle him. Personally, I doubt that’s who Cumberbatch is playing, but it’s a small possibility.

Garth of Izar is from the episodes ‘Whom Gods Destroy.’ He was a decorated Starfleet captain who was injured, given alien powers and went mad as a result. He took over the asylum he was staying at and tried to take over the ‘Enterprise.’ A former Starfleet officer who has turned traitor or gone insane could make a great villain, especially for young captain Kirk.

RE: Gary Seven — You never know. The temporal effects of the first movie could have caused serious issues in the future of this new alternate reality, prompting Seven’s interference.

Rojan was the leader of the Kelvan expedition in ‘By Any Other Name.’ They’re non-humanoid by nature but appeared to Kirk and crew in humanoid bodies. I was thinking they were stronger than humans, but now that I think about it, the episode may not have touched on their strength. So much the better. :)

138. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#135 how about we change it to Gary Khan? or Khan Noonien Mitchell? How about Gary Borg? Garth Mitchell? Gary V’ger? Gary Mudd?
Any of the above?

139. Buzz Cagney - July 14, 2012

#136 I duno, I was confused by the whole Nemesis thing. But that was after seeing the movie, not before!

140. Azrael - July 14, 2012

Well MJ I will say that, by my estimation, the chances of Khan are about 50 percent, chances of Gary Mitchell maybe 5 percent, chances of Gary 7 0 percent, Garth of Izar I put at 45-50 percent, Arne Darvin or Rojan 0 percent, and chances of Norman rising to 35 percent.

After all Norman fits most of the same clues that people point to for Khan. He was wearing a Starfleet uniform when first seen, he has superhuman strength (as do all androids), and as a machine he would be immune to a nerve pinch.

All just random thoughts and speculation of course, what do you think?

141. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 14, 2012

Why not Finnegan?

142. Jack - July 14, 2012

Good, keep it a secret for as long as possible. Damn, even telling us Cumberbatch is playing a canon character is too much for me,, but, wow. I wished it was all new, but I realize it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have access to all the keys… and leave the amazing collection of classics just sitting there where they were, with covers on.

But, yeah, I just hope no one in the production gets persuaded by the ‘how dare they not tell us’ ‘if they don’t tell us everything now, nobody will see the film’ guys here.

I’d be thrilled if you could keep the plot — and who’s playing whom — a secret as long as you can.

I really wish this site had more of a sense of humour .

143. eowyn - July 15, 2012

@135 How about CUMBERLORD?!

144. Dr.Kirk - July 15, 2012

Cumberbatch is B´lok. It´s clear! ;)

145. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 15, 2012

142. Jack – Anybody who threatens to not see this film because of its marketing tactics is lying. They’ll still be there, plopped in theater seats munching their popcorn. Abrams knows it. Orci knows it. They all know it. We’ve got them just where they want us.

146. Anthony Thompson - July 15, 2012

Bob’s “one lie” is that Cumby’s character is canon. We’ll be seeing a new villain. Lindelof said as much a while back.

147. La Reyne d'Epee - July 15, 2012

Bah! Benedict from canon! If that’s the case, the only TOS character I would remotely want would be Trelane, but I’m not seeing it.

Giving Khan a body-swerve, next feasible choice would be Arne Darvin/Gralmek. I think it’s high time for Klingons to put in an appearance anyway.

148. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - July 15, 2012

“I would say that I never lie.”

So, you really did come off of 22 hours of press when you did that radio interview? Those 22 hour flights and press cycles, boy, they’re somthin’… ;-)

@# 146 – A Thompson

Okay, but maybe he’s not the only villain. Hmm… ;-)

I have to say my favorite part is hearing that Spock gets a great close-up. My hope is that it’s shirtless, and for the good of the story, of course… ;-)

149. drkmater - July 15, 2012

I’m with #75, Orci is trying to be sly. ” I would say that I never lie.” What does that even mean? If he meant, I didn’t lie. He would have simply said so.
Then his response about Urban’s comment, he makes a joke.
He doesn’t say Urban lied, no instead he makes a lame joke.

I’m more sure than ever, it’s Gary Mitchell.

150. akane - July 15, 2012

Finnegan could be….. And what about Leila Kalomi for Eve?

151. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

68. The Last Vulcan

Boborci says Rand is not in the movie. Also, Eve was wearing a uniform we haven’t seen before, and it doesn’t have a Starfleet emblem on it, at least not on the chest. Yes, the fact that she and Spock both wear that same uniform suggests she’s in Starfleet, but that’s not necessarily the case. It’s also not impossible for Carol Marcus to have been in Starfleet, either in the original timeline or in the new one.

Also, I don’t recall anyone saying Peter Weller is play the captain of the Exeter, only that he’s playing a CO and that there is a reference to the Exeter in the film.

Lastly, it’s very unlikely that those set photos were “put-ons.” They could have been out-of-makeup rehearsal shots, but I doubt they would do that, either.

152. captainkirk - July 15, 2012

In this article:


boborci said that the villain most likely wasn’t from the first season. That rules out Khan and Gary Mitchell. And Chris Pine said recently that the villain is very intelligent which seems to rule out Garth, since he’s mad.

My theory is that he’s perhaps playing Colonel West. He was only in a cut scene from TUC, so they don’t need to adhere to canon as much as with other characters and he could be connected to Section 31. However this doesn’t really fit with his apparent super strength in the photos. So I’m probably wrong.

153. captainkirk - July 15, 2012

Oh, one other thing. It is definitely not Gary 7! To include him they would need time travel which the writers have said they won’t use again, and he was not a villain.

154. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

It’s all about Gary Mitchel (Cumby) and Elizabeth Dehner (Alice Eve)

155. Bugs Nixon - July 15, 2012

KYLE! It’s Kyle! He’s a Brit…

156. Aurore - July 15, 2012

67. boborci – July 14, 2012
“correction. i lied once.”

Was it when you said; “I would say that I never lie.” ?

……Hispanic actors….Mr. Abrams would never have considered them to play Khan Noonien Singh. Granted, I may be wrong. However, I strongly doubt it .

So again, let the speculation continue!….But, it won’t be Khan, as I said once; if he’s to be in the sequel, I’ll believe it when I see it…


157. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Maybe Gary Mitchell is Khans distant relative in this universe!?!? ^^ Or Cumby is some kind of klingon..

158. USS Enterprise B - July 15, 2012

Bob, thanks for giving us more little bites about the sequel. I love reading your interviews. I live for the little tidbits like these. Thanks for making my day :)

159. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“….Or Cumby is some kind of klingon..”

My fellow Star Trek fan, some are/were betting quatloos on it….


I personally have no idea who Benedict Cumberbatch will be portraying.
But, I don’t mind waiting in order to find out…Did I ever tell you that I was convinced that it would not be Khan?


160. Newman - July 15, 2012

I have so much respect and admiration for this man for the way he makes himself available to fans. I know that he is genuinely invested in Star Trek, not just as a movie but as a franchise. This is a man who is not just interested in making a name for himself by putting out a good movie, but by shaping the future of an entire franchise and it’s collective fandom for the better.

Keep up the good work, Bob Orci.

161. ironhyde - July 15, 2012

“I would say that I never lie.” is meaningless. It’s him saying what he would say. It doesn’t mean he never lies, it means he says he never lies. Which is true, because he DID say it.

Okay, so “correction. i lied once.” means it’s Gary Mitchell. He lied it wasn’t Gary Mitchell. It’s Gary Mitchell.

Yawn. I’m bored. Star Trek has actually become annoying. :(

162. captainkirk - July 15, 2012

This is who is really playing Khan in the movie:


163. CGren123 - July 15, 2012

My bet is Alice Eve is playing Chapel.

164. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“This is who is really playing Khan in the movie…”

Oh, yeah!…..Hispanic “actor “!!!!!


165. be flat - July 15, 2012

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Cumberbatch is NOT in the movie at all.

166. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

I bet in the third movie the timeline will be corrected by a timeline-supervisor (like seen in ENT) portrayed by William Shatner. This would be a real-inside-gag, wouldn’t it? ^^

167. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

I hope Orci didn’t lie about the “plot vs. SFX” thing

168. Douglas - July 15, 2012

MJ at 93, I agree.

169. Douglas - July 15, 2012

Sorry, I meant to type MJ at 83.

170. A - July 15, 2012

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Cumby is playing a character with a name starting with the letter “S” as well? So he’ll be Sherlock, Smaug, Sauron (aka Necromancer) and S___ from Star Trek? That would be dope!

171. Aurore - July 15, 2012

TrekMovie.com: OK let’s start with Alice Eve. Canon or new?

Roberto Orci: Canon.


Interesting. Very much so.

When Miss Eve was cast in the sequel, many sites reported that her character was “believed to be new to the canon”….

Now, we know for sure that it was a rumour. Nothing more.
She will be portraying a canon character. You said as much.

And, since you never lie…


172. JimJ - July 15, 2012

Ok, lots of comments, so I may have missed if someone guessed this. But, my guess is that “Cumby” is playing Khan (as much as I hoped and prayed it was Gary Mitchell instead) and Alice Eve is…..drumroll, please…….MARLA MCGIVERS!!!! (though I wish she was playing Gary Mitchell’s “walking freezer unit”).

Why do I get the feeling, though, that we MAY all be wrong and they are gonna pull a fast one over us and throw out characters from canon that very few of us have thought of???? Oh, well!

173. captainkirk - July 15, 2012

Oh, yeah!…..Hispanic “actor “!!!!!


They’ll dub Cumberbatch’s voice in. What Bob lied about was that he didn’t want to be in the movie. It all make perfect sense :)

174. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Another suggestion: Cumby portrays Sybok…Spocks brother, and Leila Kalomi is portrayed by Alice Eve. The story is about a new (tectonic active) vulcan colony (remember spock wearing the special space suit?). Timeline: the year 2258…

175. BaconBDC - July 15, 2012

I am convinced that Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell and Eve is playing Dehner. In this interview, Orci didn’t deny that Cumberbatch would be Gary Mitchell. Karl Urban’s comment seems too obscure and random for it to be some sort of trickery (and I don’t think they would screw with us like that anyway).

I also point to one of the leaked photos of Cumberbatch choking Spock–you can very clearly see him doing the eyes-half-closed thing that Mitchell did and it sort of looks like he’s wearing blue contacts. While this may just be an awkward shot of Cumberbatch during an unscheduled photograph I still present it as evidence of him trying to emulate the original Gary Mitchell.

Furthermore, Alice Eve looks much more like Dehner than she does Carol Markus or Nurse Chapel.

I think Gary Mitchell would be a much better choice than Khan. Furthermore, the image of Mitchell (glowing eyes, god-like stature) is something that I think would still look cool today and would probably attract casual movie goers.

Also in the leaked photos Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet uniform variant. While Khan did wear a uniform in Space Seed, I doubt J.J. would do that for him now. In Star Trek ’09 he got lots of characters to wear costumes other than their uniforms and I doubt he would give a non-Starfleet officer a Starfleet uniform.

Hope we get some footage soon!

176. Jonboc - July 15, 2012

I’m loving the way JJ and the cast is handling this. In 6 months time it will be anybody’s guess as to who the villain is… And that’s just the way ilike it. I never secretly opened my Xmas present under the tree…I don’t want to know. This was a great interview and a perfect way to give a little without spoiling things.

My sincere thanks to Bob and the gang for all the secrecy and misdirection…not to mention the entertainment factor of watching some of the fans go off the deep end! lol

177. Picard's Fish - July 15, 2012

Linelof confirms no footage to debut this weekend:


my guess is Urban told this as a deliberate lie so that his word is regarded as unreliable and anything he said RE Gary Mitchell is discredited

178. X - July 15, 2012

170 – Singh, Khan Noonien…

179. dalek - July 15, 2012

As suspected, bogus! Karl was just having a laugh.

Bob, will this be a course correction into canon or an entirely new canon with familiar characters?

180. shpock - July 15, 2012

bob is the one having the laugh.


181. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Well, at least the latest comic (Mitchell, apes) retells old stories. I hope the movie will be more innovative and justifies the creation of a whole new universe…

182. Jackson Lake - July 15, 2012

On a completely unrelated note, I had the thought that J.J. Abrams should direct “Guardians of the Galaxy” for Marvel.

183. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

175. BaconBDC

There’s one major flaw with that theory. The actors who were previously in talks for the role — Benicio Del Toro, Damian Bichir, Edgar Ramirez — are all non-Mitchell types. The role those three were close to grabbing eventually went to Cumberbatch. I don’t know why Urban said he was Gary Mitchell — maybe he was tired, maybe he misspoke, maybe he’s trying to trick us, I don’t know. But unless they decided to rewrite the script and change characters between casting negotiations (extremely unlikely), I’m fairly sure it’s not Mitchell.

Truth is, I can’t really fathom *who* it is. I can speculate, sure, but the casting process for the character has left me a bit bewildered. They went from talking to several Latin American actors to hiring a Brit, each with drastically different features (especially going from Del Toro to Cumberbatch). They were clearly going in one direction then went with another, but it seems fairly clear they weren’t looking for a Mitchell. Unless, as I said, they decided to change characters in the middle of the casting process. Again, very unlikely.

184. RedRaven - July 15, 2012

@152. Garth is still intelligent despite being mad. He would be able to take over an asylum if he didn’t think of a plan.

My money is on Garth. Pine and Orci kept saying Cumberbatch’s voice is amazing. Cumberbatch is known for doing great impressions. Ergo, he could be Garth who could shapeshift at will. But the super strength and immunity to vulcan nerve pinch makes me doubt it a little bit.
I don’t think it’s Mitchell. As people tirelessly point out, he was in the comics which was considered canon. He was dead in it. So stop saying it’s Mitchell!!!
I also don’t think it’s Khan. As someone pointed out, if we can’t immediately know who the villain is, probably the enterprise’s crew doesn’t also. Khan sticks out the moment he first enters the screen. So probably the villain is on a spy mission or something like that.(Another plus for Garth.) Plus he doesn’t even look like Khan. I don’t care if there are going to be prosthetics, I believe that the leaked video shows what Cumby realy looks like in the film(minus the head-to-toe leathers). And if the team wanted Khan they would cast an appropriate actor for it.

185. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

What leaked video!?!?!?

186. Andy Patterson - July 15, 2012

Been reading lots of sites. Unless I’m missing something we really didn’t learn much on any front from Comic Con.

187. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

Just based on the actors who were looked at before the role went to Cumberbatch, and the fact that the Klingons are involved in the film, I’m kinda thinking now that the could be KANG (“Day of the Dove”), altered to appear human. Just a guess like all the rest, of course, but I feel a bit stronger about this one.

Of course, while Klingons are fairly strong, they’re not as strong as Vulcans or even half-Vulcans. That would seem to go against my Kang theory. Has the Vulcan nerve pinch ever been tried on a Klingon, though? I don’t recall a time when it has. If there was, please refresh my memory.

188. Kev-1 - July 15, 2012


189. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Alice Eve as young “Agent Oh” ;-)

190. Teri - July 15, 2012

I can’t wait to see the movie! Everything looks so promissing so far. I’ve seen Star Trek 2009 countless times and I love it more and more each time. I love what this team (Orci. Kurzman, J.J. etc) did to Star Trek and the characters and can’t wait to see more of their input in this universe. I have no doudt that the movie will be brilliant.

191. eowyn - July 15, 2012

:O The Garth argument is making soo much sense. Plus, I remember the interview about the wide range/ variety of work JJ asks of Cumby during filming.

192. Marshall McMellon - July 15, 2012

I dunno. I’m beginning to consider the possibility of Arne Darvin. But, I can’t remember for the life of me- are TOS klingons susceptible to the Vulcan nerve pinch?

193. the Dogfaced Boy - July 15, 2012

ALec, Jason, Genesis is 20 years later. How could it be in this movie?

194. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Carol Marcus and Jim Kirk first meet each other et star fleet academy. She was a young laboratory technician.

195. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

185. trekmaster78

This leaked video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqa8LP5S7NA

196. Harry Seldom - July 15, 2012

I’m hoping one of the earlier posters was right, and they’ve pulled an obscure character from cannon. If not, I believe/hope that the story will be so new, we’ll need to specify which timeline for every post about him.

197. Planet Pandro - July 15, 2012

I’ll again put this one out there, crazy as it may be: if Cumberbatch = Garth, then because of the shape-shifting ability, he could “be” Khan at some point, “do an excellent Gary Mitchell” etc. It’s scary because he could be anyone at any time.

However that’s also alot of obscure ( to the moviegoing public, anyway) trek characters to cover, so probably not. But an interesting thought nonetheless.

198. This is going to be a long year - July 15, 2012

If Orci had said instead that Noel Clarke was canon then he could have been Dr. Daystrom and Cumby could be his new starfleet android creation gone rogue. Hence super strength and uniform.

On another note, did Mr. Orci or someone else ever say if they made changes to the villan role once DeToro passed on the role?

He is older than the other considered actors.

Maybe he was up for the role Peter Weller got?

199. IlSisko - July 15, 2012

Ok, let’s play with this a little bit. :D
Do you remember this news about the ongoing series? http://bit.ly/s6kzli

Mike Johnson said: “There might even be a tiny hint of a subplot in the first issue.”

What was he talking about? And at the end of the second issue you’ve seen Mitchell’s coffin shot in space… I rest my case. XD

But then… I’m listening to the song “Rise” (by Pil) at the moment… ^_^

200. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“….are TOS klingons susceptible to the Vulcan nerve pinch?”

Well…all I can say is that I remember what happened to the Klingon who once said that the Enterprise should be “hauled away as garbage” ,or something to that effect…..If Mr. Scott could do what he did, who knows what a Vulcan could do?…..


201. Daoud - July 15, 2012

@101 The “clue” Orci left in the comic books by having Dr. Dehner turn down going to the Enterprise because of McCoy being there is a very peculiar one. Of course, in the prime WNMHGB, Piper was there rather than McCoy.
Why have her set up in this manner, if you’re not going to use her in the next film? Alice Eve would make a great Elizabeth. We never got McCoy’s ex-wife’s name, anyway. Wouldn’t it be grand if Leonard’s ex was Elizabeth Dehner? Nothing rules that out in prime Trek canon…
Bob years ago talked about some of his favorite novels being the prequel ones like Final Frontier, Federation, etc. Strangers from the Sky does some really interesting things with Dehner and Kirk…. maybe there’s an echo of that in the sequel?

@number uncertain: If Bob truly said “not first season” at some point for the villain… then technically the “second pilot” isn’t in a production sense, “in” the first season. That puts Mitchell back in as a possible. In any event, I think that we’re looking at an Apocalypse Now type storyline, with a canon-named captain gone mad/taken over by energy being/impostor, with Kirk and Enterprise sent to stop him, after the failure and/or capture of Weller’s character’s ship. (What does a Demigod need with a starship? Ask Cumby.)

202. the Dogfaced Boy - July 15, 2012

194. trekmaster78 – July 15, 2012
“@’193 Carol Marcus and Jim Kirk first meet each other et star fleet academy. She was a young laboratory technician.”


And it was almost 20 years later before she came up with Genesis.

199. IlSisko – July 15, 2012
“But then… I’m listening to the song “Rise” (by Pil) at the moment… ^_^”

You may be wrong, you may be right.

203. the Dogfaced Boy - July 15, 2012

199. IlSisko – July 15, 2012
Or is it “the written word is a lie” line you’re refering to?

204. Trkboi - July 15, 2012

I think the “villan” centric stories are a cheap cop out & using Canon characters instead of creating their own is lame & a waist of the new universe.
I smell a “Revenge of the fallen” size disaster.
Hope I’m wrong.

205. Christopher Roberts - July 15, 2012

67. boborci – July 14, 2012 – “correction. i lied once”

Would be great if that was in relation to Peter Weller’s character being that from ENT.

Also a title suggestion, because it never hurts to try… ;)

T O   B O L D L Y   G O

206. Marshall McMellon - July 15, 2012

@ #200- LOL! You make an interesting point and a good argument. :) But then again, even humans have been known to perform amazing feats of strength when under the influence of an adrenaline rush accompanied with a distressing circumstance- and that Klingon WAS, afterall, talking smack about the Enterprise. What’s a chief engineer to do? ;)

@ #201- though I’ve never read the novels you’re talking about , I do also recall Bob Orci’s comment sometime back where he mentioned something to the effect that elements from some of the novels aren’t necessarily off limits. Hmmmmm.

207. hcmv007 - July 15, 2012

Gary Mitchell is NOT the villain. Orci helps oversee the monthly comic book, which issues 1 & 2 retold Where No Man Has Gone Before. Mitchell was in that & its been done. I dont think the new film will be a sequel to a retold episode.

Still, I am tired of the who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Bullshit coming from the producers. If its Khan, or Garth, or an altered Kruge, Kang, Kor or Koloth just tell us. Giving away a character name is not telling the story.

208. captainkirk - July 15, 2012

Here’s a completely crazy plot idea. Perhaps the “space barge” is the S.S. Valiant which didn’t actually self-destruct. Instead it crashed on a planet and now a Starfleet team finds it. One of the officers on it gets zapped with Galactic Barrier energy that was trapped on the ship and he mutates in the same way as Gary Mitchell. Or maybe Starfleet finds a way to recreate what happened to GM (not the car company) in a lab (remember there was that high tech location they filmed at). But these are all crazy ideas that have a 0.47%chance of being correct.

209. Christopher Roberts - July 15, 2012

207. I’m not so sure. He was. But his fate seemed to have been left a little more open-ended in the retelling.

If he is in the film, the only thing they’d need to do is recap those events in some way, because it would be foolish to assume anyone in the audience reads comic books.

210. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

207. hcmv007
“Giving away a character name is not telling the story.”

Depends on the character. If he’s supposed to appear to be someone else at first, telling us who he really is could spoil something.

211. Christopher Roberts - July 15, 2012

What I ask myself is, with a remake of “Where No Man…” off the table – how would it go down as the sequel’s pre-title sequence? Drop the audience in the middle of the Enterprise approaching the Great Barrier, condense the events that follow down to 10 minutes and Gary Mitchell ejected into space inside a photon torpedo, with the hint he’s still alive inside… Roll titles and then a few months later.

212. This is going to be a long year - July 15, 2012


Sometimes I miss the past when info was scarce until we get into the theater.

But now days we go in knowing quite a lot. Just look at movie trailers how much they give away.

I doubt they can keep the characters a secret until the movie release.

213. AJ - July 15, 2012

I think Spock effectively delivered the VNP to a Klingon in “Errand of Mercy.”

214. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

128. Jason Spriggs

Ignore my Gary Seven comment in comment 137. I think I was high when I wrote that part. :-P

215. Brock's Spain - July 15, 2012

Matt Decker

216. Tiberius Subprime - July 15, 2012

@ 72. El Chup

Dude, the prime universe still exists. JJ and co have said as much.

The time travel in ST09 did not erase the old timeline, just created a new one alongside it.

And I think BC is either Khan (likely given Benicio’s consideration of the role),

Gary Mitchell (possible, just because he died in the comics, doesn’t mean he’s really dead)

Garth of Izar (just because they would be cool and really kick ass),

Gary Seven (as an advanced being and a time traveller, the sudden creation of a new timeline would attract his attention and a desire to eliminate it. New timeline poses a threat????? Possible…)

We shall see.

217. The Sky's The Limit - July 15, 2012

Captain Garth may not be far fetched.

218. J.A.G.T. - July 15, 2012

Karl Urban, you sneaky person, you….

219. AJ - July 15, 2012

My only issue with Garth is that in “Whom Gods Destroy,” he is substantially older than Kirk, Kirk having studied him at the Academy. Cumby himself is still quite young for the role of one of Kirk’s heroes.

220. eowyn - July 15, 2012

Oh, oh! Maybe Urban was trying to save his supposed slip of tongue from “…his GARth is going to be exemplary” to “…GARy Mitchell”!!!

221. bmar - July 15, 2012

People, people. You’re falling for a simple homophone subterfuge cleverly crafted by Bob Orci.

When he says that Cumberbatch is playing someone who is “canon” – what he really means is that he’s playing legendary TV detective “Frank Cannon” (originally played by William Conrad – look it up, young’ns…) who has been miraculously transported through time into the future, to solve mysteries.

It’s either that or Dyan Cannon. Ditzy blonde…married to Carey Grant.

Bank on it, kiddies.

222. The Last Vulcan - July 15, 2012

@151 Charles Trotter, half the bridge crew has been seen in those gray unis with the color splash on the shoulder, yes, Weller and the Exeter have been connected only by hearsay, and boborci has admitted that he keeeeeeeeeeeeds a lot so who knows what is truth and what isn’t? :) As for the TOS unis in those photos I stick to my phasers… they were putons. That whole photo shoot was a purposeful fake and not any of those scenes will be in the film. We’ll see when it’s released! :)

223. T'Leba - July 15, 2012

@221 ROFL

224. No Khan - July 15, 2012

The Klingons haven’t even been introduced yet. So why would they confuse matters by having a Klingon altered to human. That makes no sense.

225. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

222. The Last Vulcan

That uniform is new to the ‘Star Trek’ universe. It was not featured in the first movie, as you can see here (http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Starfleet_uniform_%28alternate_reality_2250s%29). The only gray uniform in the movie were the Academy outfits, all of which had a Starfleet emblem, none of which had a color splash.

Also, it wasn’t a photo shoot, they were stills from leaked footage of filming (linked in 195 above). Indeed, though, we will have to wait to see what’s what until the film comes out. :)

226. No Khan - July 15, 2012

@205 No it wouldn’t. I’d hate to see some connection to the Enterprise show. Leave the Berman era out of the movies. I only want to see things that relate to TOS tv show & not even the TOS movies. All together I prefer something new & fresh.

227. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

224. No Khan

Depends on the story. They’ll probably introduce the Klingons before revealing Cumberbatch is actually a Klingon. Or, they may reveal he’s Klingon by showing what Klingons actually look like. Who knows.

228. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2012

Why people keep insisting that Gary Mitchell is the villain for the sequel is beyond me. Bob said he wasn’t. Plus he was already seen and killed in the comics. The writers have also said no villains from the comics would be seen in the sequel.

And really, if it is Mitchell, are they going to ignore the comics? Because that would contradict their earlier statements that in the new universe, the movies and comics are part of the same canon.

If they acknowledge the comics as canon, and Mitchell is in the movie, then obviously they’d have to do some sort of flashback sequence to get those who didn’t read the comics up to speed.

It would require a resurrection to bring back Mitchell from the dead.

I’m sticking with Khan here. They originally looked for Hispanic actors for the role. They said the villain would come from season one of TOS. They originally planned a post-credits scene for the first movie that would have depicted the Botany Bay floating in space. The writers have also said several times how much they loved Khan and the episode and movie he was in.

229. IlSisko - July 15, 2012

#203 …both. XD

#211 Why not? :)

My bet at this point is that some “section” may be involved in the plot… I mean, in the first issue of the ongoing series the Valiant was lost 200 years before the events of the movie (it should have happened almost 6 years before Cochrane’s first flight!) and it was a “Starfleet vessel” (not an old style ship)… so who really sent the Valiant there and why? And how much alternate is this new universe (even before Nero’s arrival)? There are always… possibilities… :)

We have just to wait to find out.

230. Romulus - July 15, 2012

great interview, my faith in TMN is restored.

231. AJ - July 15, 2012

The actual amount of villains from TOS we have to choose from is quite small.

Then, you eliminate low-possibility ones like Trelane, Harry Mudd, Kodos, Lazarus, Balok, Janice Lester, the bad guys groups (Eminians, Organians, Klingons, Romulans, Orions, etc.), entities and computers, and we’re left with nothing.

1. Not Khan, because someone said so
2. Not Mitchell, because someone said so

That leaves Garth, who’s too old (born before the Narada’s arrival), and the ‘good guys gone bad': Tracy (no super-strength), Finnegan (same), etc.

Then, THAT leaves someone from another incarnation of Trek.

232. shpock - July 15, 2012

bob said he lied.

bob said he wants to wind you up and string you along.

Urban slipped.


233. Maltz - July 15, 2012

Cumberbatch is Arex, and Alice Eve is M’ress.

234. crazydaystrom - July 15, 2012

If the game plan is to starve us of information until we’ll be satisfied with any morsel offered, they’ve succeeded. I’m quelled. For the time being.

Thanks Bob.

235. Vultan - July 15, 2012


Nice deduction there, AJ. I’m going to assume Cumberpumpkin is playing The Man With No Name.

Hey, he’s a canon character. Nobody said it had to be Star Trek canon, right? ;)

236. Nony - July 15, 2012

Karl’s video is up. And it is glorious. He trolled the entire internet.


Plus, there *is* Star Trek set footage at the end, just like he said there would be!

237. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

A post credits-sequence showing the botany bay in trek 2009!? Thats not the truth, they had no concept of trek 2 after the 1 was done.

How did you get this?

238. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

I don’t believe Cumberbatch is Arex from TAS, and I’m sure there’s no cat like being in this film. But there was a navigator in the “Nomad” episode called Arex.

239. Chris Roberts - July 15, 2012

@226. Spoilsport.

240. Jack - July 15, 2012

226. Amen, brother.

241. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2012


They considered a Botany Bay post-credits scene, but dropped the idea because they thought it was too presumptous. The writers didn’t want to paint themselves into a corner. It’s common knowledge.

242. Cat - July 15, 2012

Cumberbatch is Dr. Roger Corby, Alice Eve is Nurse C. Chapel. QED

243. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012



244. The Unknown Poster - July 15, 2012

@46 (and everyone else whining about how terrib le Khan would be and how they won’t watch) – dont watch. Plenty of other people will.

There is a difference between fact and opinion. Just because you believe something to be true does not make it so.

If you dont like the movie after you see it, you can give your opinion as to why. But this doom & gloom BS is just that – BS.

I for one want to see their take on Khan just as I wanted to see Nolan’s take on the Joker.

245. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Corby and Garth were much older than Cumberbatch. Not likely.

246. Chris Doohan - July 15, 2012

Looking forward to part 2

247. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2012


This site has reported it. I can’t remember the article, though. Hopefully someone can post it.

248. John from Cincinnati - July 15, 2012


Alice Eve is either Carol Marcus or Lt. McGivers

249. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

Ok, sorry if I missed it. At least it would explain why many people are so sure about Khan.

250. trekmaster78 - July 15, 2012

McGyvers had red hair. Alice Eve looks like Carol Marcus or Chapel and Cumberbatch wears starfleet outdoor clothes. So he portrays a starfleet officer that got in trouble with the rest of the fleet. He doesn’t look like the Khan we know

251. Dilithium-doublebock - July 15, 2012

@ 231 & 245
It may be Garth. Orci and the other writers are concerned about canon but only to a point. Their first concern is to write a good story.


252. Son of Sarek - July 15, 2012

I speculate Alice Eve is the Marta (canon) to Cumberbatch’s Garth (canon) for Star Trek – “Masters of the Universe”

253. Stephan Ur-Kel - July 15, 2012

236 – Nice link. Khan it is.

254. Well Of Souls - July 15, 2012

First of all, great job Anthony on part 1 of the interview, looking foreward to the second. And Bob, thank you for taking the time to do this interview and also occasionally dropping by, providing the true Trekies a sense of connection to this ongoing Star Trek world you, J.J., Damon, etc. have incredibly ressurrected. Been watching Trek ever since it first aired in the 60’s, luckly enough back then we were one of the first people to have a color tv. Any Trek that followed I faithfully watched, enjoying some incarnations better than others, but nonetheless it was all Star Trek in one form or another and I was just thankful to have the franchise expand.

Thank you Team J.J. for realizing you had big shoes to fill when you all decided to go back to the beginning of our beloved TOS Trek and create a vision that would rock our world. Not only was new life given to a dead frachise, it warped our way beyond anything that I could have imagined anyone would dare attempt. It’s obvious from reading the posts that not only have many Trekies remained engagingly faithful, many new Trekers have emerged with as much anticipation for the next outing as any. Perfect cast, great storytelling, awesome effects, it’s Star Trek.

P.S. Bob, in the interview pertaining to this quote: (Roberto Orci: “I would say that I never lie….”) You’re not actually saying you did not lie. You’re leaving that statement wide open for speculation, which you seem to do rather well IMO. Personally I thought “lie” was a harsh word in the first place. Keep up with your great spin on words & keep us all guessing while at the same time dropping a tidbit of info here and there is always welcome…

255. Tiberius Subprime - July 15, 2012

243. trekmaster78 –

The source for this is in the JJ and Supreme Court interviews for ST09 and I believe it is in the extras on the DVD.

So yes, they did consider a Botany Bay scene, post credit.

256. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“Thats not the truth, they had no concept of trek 2 after the 1 was done.”


In the DVD commentary of Star Trek 2009, Damon Lindelof stated that they had considered a post-credits scene showing the Botany Bay, Khan’s sleeper ship, but decided against it; “I’m glad we didn’t, because it would have tied our hands for the sequel.” (dixit Damon Lindelof. Alex Kurtzman agreed with him.).

Apparently, some took it to mean that the powers that be absolutely wanted Khan to be in the sequel. I personally didn’t.

Should you be interested in doing so, listen to the whole commentary for yourself ( in case you haven’t done so already), I would be interested in knowing what you think.

257. sean - July 15, 2012


It’s in the DVD commentary for the first film.

258. sean - July 15, 2012


I’m with you, I always interpreted that as Lindelof saying that if they’d done the scene the 2nd movie would have to be about Khan.

259. Troy - July 15, 2012

Quite. It’s actually toward the very end of the ST09 commentary on the DVD, where JJ and co. talk about their possible post-credits scene with the Botany Bay.

260. Elsdon Ward - July 15, 2012

Look I am sure that the next release will be at least as good as the last. Why do we wish to know about it before we sit in the seat? What good would it do the producers telling you anything?

The only thing they have is the mysticism of the story – and as you know this story will be evolved by the strong cast as much as anything.
Why should we care what this story is about as long as it hangs together

261. IlSisko - July 15, 2012

I remember that at the very end of the commentary… someone was talking about a secret word… I won’t tell you what it was… but I remember that I thought it was something regarding ST 2009 and ST II at the same time… but probably it was just a joke… or maybe not… XD

262. Azrael - July 15, 2012

@243. The feature commentary on the dvd. JJ, Bob, and Alex all talk about it.

263. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“I’m with you, I always interpreted that as Lindelof saying that if they’d done the scene the 2nd movie would have to be about Khan.”

Here is what I said:

” Apparently, some took it to mean that the powers that be absolutely wanted Khan to be in the sequel. I personally didn’t.”

What I meant was that, to me, what Damon Lindelof said sounded like an idea they tossed around ( probably one amongst many others they did not dwell upon in the commentary ), before dismissing it in order to have absolute narrative freedom for the sequel.

For, although post-credits scenes can be included to set up a possible sequel to a movie, they can be added for humour, as well.

When I listened to the commentary, I personally thought that the post-credits scene could have been a small reference to any TOS episode; an “easter egg”, or mere little wink to the fans, if you will. Nothing less. Nothing more…

Thus, I never imagined that some people would actually expect Khan to be in the sequel, after listening to Damon Lindelof.

264. Corvette King - July 15, 2012

These guys sure spend a lot of time playing to the minority as the majority of trek fans don’t bother with these websites nor the drama.

Personally, I’d like to see Benedict playing Kirks uncle out for revenge for wrecking the 65 vette. What a waste.

265. Kevin - July 15, 2012

What if Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Ben Finney?

266. AJ - July 15, 2012


Ben Finney didn’t have mega-strength. How about Hengist? We’ve run out.

Boy, would he make a good ‘Q,’ though, but you don’t have fist-fights with them.

267. AJ - July 15, 2012

Maybe he is playing Dr. Bashir, who hitched a ride on the Narada unseen by Nero and the boys.

268. Chief Engineer - July 15, 2012

Bob you didn’t answer directly but will Ben Burtt be involved in post? He did such a great job in the last movie and i’m hoping we’ll have continuity with the Sound FX between the two movies… Yay or Nay?

269. sean - July 15, 2012


Right, which is what I was agreeing with. Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough?

270. Anthony Pascale - July 15, 2012

I can answer that, yes Ben Burtt is back. I actually confirmed it with him a while ago.

271. JB - July 15, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is playing Gary Seven ?


272. Chief Engineer - July 15, 2012

270: Thank you AP i’m pleased about that.

273. Jonboc - July 15, 2012

Gary Seven was immune to the nerve pinch, but he could hardly be considered a villain. Although we are in an alternate timeline, so anything is possible!

274. Charla - July 15, 2012

Interesting thought about Gary Seven…

Great article and interview, Anthony and Bob!! Can’t wait for part 2~ :-D

275. ados - July 15, 2012

Alice could be nurse Chapel…thats canon

276. Ahmed - July 15, 2012

I hope that Bob in the second part of the interview will reveal something or give us timeline regarding the release of the trailer.

277. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough?”

I forgive you.


In all seriousness, though, I’m sorry. I thought you were saying that I was suggesting that if they had shot the “Khan post-credits scene”, they would have had to make the sequel about Khan. Since this was not what
I meant, I was trying to clarify my point.

278. Tomi_SI - July 15, 2012

Nice to see my idea of Benedict playing a Klingon i had weeks a go and posted it in seweral articles got some folowers :)

Remamber i wrot idea copyrighted to me or propably to boborci ;)

279. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2012

Again, why would Gary Seven be a villain in the new timeline when he was meant to be a good guy out for peace in TOS?

If they made Gary Seven a bad guy, with his cat he’d be compared to Bloefeld from James Bond, or the bad guy from the “Inspector Gadget” cartoon show.

The same people suggesting that Gary Seven is the villain are the same ones who say Benedict Cumberbatch can’t be Khan because he doesn’t look like Ricardo Montalban, nor an Indian Sikh. Well, guess what folks, Lucy Liu looks nothing like John Watson as played by either Martin Freeman or Jude Law, but that didn’t stop the producers from recasting a male role for a female actress. That is a much bigger stretch than a white actor playing a role previously played by a Hispanic WHITE-LOOKING actor.

280. Jim Kerr - July 15, 2012

Excellent interview! thanks to Bob Orci for his time! :)

281. Legate Damar - July 15, 2012

Why is everyone so against Cumberbatch’s character being Khan? There have been 11 Star Trek movies, and a grand total of one of them has features N established villain (two if you count the Duras sisters as the villain of Trek VII). Even Abrams last movie featured a new villain. Would it really be such a bad thing if just one of Abrams’ Trek movies featured a returning villain in an original story? Khan was a great villain in Space Seed and he was a great villain in Wrath of Khan, so I’m sure that he’ll be a great villain in Trek XIII, especially when played by as talented an actor as Benedict Cumberbatch.

282. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2012



The last time we saw Khan, it was THIRTY years ago! And before that he appeared in an episode fifteen years earlier. There’s a whole new generation who aren’t that familiar with the character.

Another thing I hate is the hypocrisy of folks saying how recasting Khan would be a slap in the face to Ricardo Montalban at the same time (conveniently, I might add) overlooking/ignoring/brushing off the fact that we already have new actors recast as the roles established (and played great, especially in regards to Kirk, Spock and McCoy) by the TOS cast.

283. sean - July 15, 2012


Okay on second thought, maybe we don’t agree. ;)

I interpreted Lindelof’s comment as meaning he was glad they didn’t do it because people would expect them to follow-up on it and they didn’t want to tie their hands in terms of story for the sequel. I agree they intended it as an Easter Egg, but I think he felt fans would take it more seriously, and as you mentioned before, they wanted complete narrative freedom for the sequel.

But maybe that is what you’re saying, and we just aren’t understanding each other. At this point, I’m not sure! :)

284. Marshall McMellon - July 15, 2012

@ #271- well now that’s interesting. My first thought was- Now wait a minute- Gary Seven’s character was a 20th century contemporary. Don’t recall anything in Assignment: Earth about him being a time traveler necessarily- but this IS Sci-Fi after all and, well, anything’s possible I suppose and a plot device could be found, if needed, to get him into the 23rd century one way or another.

Then I clicked on your link and read the section about the novels (yes, I know. The novels aren’t typically considered canon….) featuring Gary Seven and lo & behold- Gary Seven has a Khan connection.


285. sean - July 15, 2012


Personally, I dislike Cumberbatch as Khan because it seems questionable in light of Khan clearly being intended as an Indian character. But maybe they’ve come up with a reasonable explanation for that.

286. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough?”

Sean, I believe I should rephrase:

“Apparently, some took it to mean that the powers that be absolutely wanted Khan to be in the sequel. I personally didn’t.”

should have read :

Apparently, some took it to mean that the powers that be absolutely wanted Khan to be in the sequel. I personally didn’t believe that, to them, a “Khan post-credits scene” would have necessarily meant that the sequel would have had to be about Khan Noonien Singh.

287. The Last Vulcan - July 15, 2012

@225 Charles Trotter, yes, I’ve seen JJST1 at least 6 times so I’m well aware of the uni situation. Half the bridge crew shooting JJST2 has been seen in photos in the last few months with the gray unis with the color shoulder is what I meant. And I repeat so marketh the words of The Last Vulcan: That famous Quinto-Cumby fight was leaked on purpose to throw everyone off the trail and is 100% not in the movie. Cumby has prosthetics throughout JJST2 and those NBC-peacock-color unis are HISTORY. They will not be seen in JJST2, ESPECIALLY during a crucial fight sequence… maybe for a few scenes at the very beginning to form a bridge to the new gray and color shoulder unis. But not throughout. There are ALSO those completely different Soviet style unis which Pegg et al have been seen sporting and they seem like they’re some sort of formal assembly unis. But that’s it. :)

288. Paunch Show Greg - July 15, 2012

What difference does it make who the villain is? They recast the entire crew, why can’t they recast the other characters? These movies threw 40 years of Trek canon to the curb, so they are free to do whatever they want. The very idea that there MUST be villains is in itself anti-Trek. Almost no villain in TOS was completely so. The concept was that Kirk and crew could often reason with them. That won’t fly these days, because movie goers only want to see vicious violence, and film makers comply.

Here’s my questions, will Kirk and crew actually discover something? Maybe new species/civilizations? Technology? Will they have to make conflicting moral decisions, turning the “bad guys” to their side? That’s what Star Trek is about. Not CGI, fist fights, ship destroying ship, etc. And most of all, will they show actual emotion? Kirk, McCoy and even Spock were played by actors who could and were allowed to display strong emotions. Not simply anger, but compassion, grief, humor, sacrifice. Again that’s Star Trek, not Spock fighting a villain hand to hand, something Nimoy was against. Or Kirk drunk.

289. Aurore - July 15, 2012

“I agree they intended it as an Easter Egg, but I think he felt fans would take it more seriously, and as you mentioned before, they wanted complete narrative freedom for the sequel.”

I’ve just read your post in 283!

I personally think the reason why they avoided any “winks” to the fans is that they wanted to be free to not have to deal with them in the sequel.

They probably did not want to feel obligated to explain what had happened to the Botany Bay before actually telling the story they wanted to deliver, for instance.

Besides, even if they had opted for a Khan story, showing the sleeper ship at the end of the last movie could have, to some extent, limited their options to introduce the character in the sequel.

This is just my opinion, of course.

290. Azrael - July 15, 2012

@287. And until you have a signed, notarized, statement from JJ, Bob, or Alex that backs up that statement I say you are full of bovine fecal matter. Thus speaketh the great and powerful Azrael.

291. Orme - July 15, 2012

So, Cumberbatch is playing Charlie Evans from the episode “Charlie X.”

292. NCM - July 15, 2012

Interesting that people think Mitchell can’t resurrect, having died in the comic book. With at least two fine examples of mere (heroic, nonetheless) mortal resurrection in canon, let’s keep in mind that Gary was on his way to becoming a God!

I don’t know if BC is Gary, but it could make for a good story. I’m casting my guess ballot on Eve being Chapel. It’d be a fine tribute to the Roddenberrys to update and elevate that character.

293. Keachick - July 15, 2012

“Roberto Orci: All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand…”

WHAAT? Wow, 22 hours of doing press? No rest, food, drink, toilet breaks, etc for our Roberto Orci…You da man! LOL Then again, 22 hours was initially flying time, according to Karl Urban. However, as I noted, the most flying time would be about 14 hours, if a stop was made in Honolulu. Karl Urban has been quoted as saying that it takes 12 hours to get from Auckland to LA. So you guys are missing between 8 to 10 hours, but that’s not possible since you go back in time once you leave NZ and go to well, anywhere else on the planet and get to live that day over again.

(When I left Auckland, I arrived in Los Angeles BEFORE the time I left NZ)

More important – What, Roberto Orci, you were in Auckland and never looked me up? That is just “not cricket”. You have the means (Anthony – you have permission for non-imposters). I am but a stones throw away from AK Int’l Airport – no excuse…Just saying… Until next time…
Good man!

294. Keachick - July 15, 2012

The only aspect that surprised me with this interview (apart from my post above dealing with quote) is that Alice Eve is playing someone already known to TOS canon. Until now, what had been reported was that Alice Eve was playing a NEW character. What changed?

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character (whoever he is) was always known to come from canon, but I was not sure about Peter Weller’s character. Both Noel Clarke’s and Nanzeen Contractor’s characters were always known to me as NEW characters.

It is possible that Ben Cucumber-patch could be playing a Klingon. Klingon men are well known for their poetry, especially when they are trying to get the attentions of a lady Klingon while she proceeds to throw heavy objects at him…:)

295. Cygnus-X1 - July 15, 2012

I agree with Orci.

Keep things under wraps until the movie comes out.

And then….BAM!!

296. Rastaman - July 15, 2012

Personally I think it should be Kodos the Executioner. Rich character. Shakespearean actor in the role. At least, I think Cumberbatch could carry some heavy dialogue.

297. Rastaman - July 15, 2012

Sorry “could be” not “should be” … I’m open to all the possibilities.

298. Vultan - July 15, 2012

#279 Red Dead Ryan

“Again, why would Gary Seven be a villain in the new timeline when he was meant to be a good guy out for peace in TOS?”

In Assignment: Earth, Gary Seven comes into conflict with the Enterprise crew simply because they don’t trust him. As a mystery man with his own agenda, albeit a good one, there’s a variety of reasons he could cause some conflict in a new story.

Though I seriously doubt it will be him (probably Khan or someone else) it would be interesting to see a reversal of the old villain-out-to-destroy Earth storyline with someone out to SAVE Earth, perhaps through some questionable, draconian methods against a perceived threat.

Eh, maybe something for the next movie.

299. The Observer - July 15, 2012

From AICN:

“Numerous reliable non-Urban sources indicate that Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh, the role created by Ricardo Montalban in the Trek TV series and the second Trek movie.”

Not what some wanted to hear, I know, but the phrase “numerous reliable non-Urban sources” still has me rolling.

300. MJ - July 15, 2012

@299 ““Numerous reliable non-Urban sources indicate that Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh, the role created by Ricardo Montalban in the Trek TV series and the second Trek movie.”

Yep….just as as I predicted last fall based on the minor clues available then.

301. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - July 15, 2012

@# 70 Legate Damar

“…I don’t suppose that it’s hoping for too much to hope that she’s Nurse Chapel. Maybe she could break up that nonsensical Spock/Uhura relationship.”

Well, if she is playing Nurse Chapel, then I think she would be just lovely with MCCOY. They even look right for each other, and they’re both interested in medicine and could have other things in common… Besides, the poor guy probably needs someone in his life after his divorce and I’m sure Ms. Chapel would be fitting for that.

Personally, I don’t see Spock and Uhura as nonsensical, and I would be interested to find out why you do. I quite obviously think they are perfect for each other and the love that they have together is just beautiful.

302. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

237. trekmaster78

Yes, they did consider adding a scene with the Botany Bay after the end credits. They decided against it because they didn’t want to tie their hands with regards to the sequel. (Source: Star Trek 2009 DVD commentary) See the second-to-last item of the background info here: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/SS_Botany_Bay

303. Aurore - July 15, 2012

” From AICN:
“Numerous reliable non-Urban sources indicate that Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh, the role created by Ricardo Montalban in the Trek TV series and the second Trek movie.”

I’m going to wait for this site’s article on the “Numerous reliable non-Urban sources” indicating that Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh, the role created by Ricardo Montalban in the Trek TV series and the second Trek movie.

For, the last sentence of the AICN article says: “Find all of TrekMovie’s exclusive on the matter here”. ( when I clicked on the word “here”, here I was; on this very thread…).


304. Jane - July 15, 2012

I don’t understand why most of you dislike the idea of Khan as the villain on this new Star Trek. I believe by knowing the works of Benedict Cumberbatch he will do a great performance as Khan. Khan is all a character and he has a magnetism that helps him to control the Enterprise. BC has that power. I believe this is too much premature to jugde a work we have not yet seen.

Send to the hell all the prejudices about the appeareance of Khan, in fact, as I read a long time ago Khan was a super human, as aryan, you know, nazi. Therefore was meant to be like Indian or something and he was played by a hispanic actor, a white man (Mr. Montalvan was white, he didn’t look like Cheech Marin, did he?)

I am impatiently awaiting for this movie… first the trailer and I know it will be a great movie.

305. Charles Trotter - July 15, 2012

287. The Last Vulcan

Ahh, I see. Well, that sure is a lot of wasted money, work, energy and man hours for a scene intended to fool us. I don’t believe that’s the case, of course, but we shall see. :)

306. bmar - July 15, 2012

Ok, ok, I figured it out. Cumberbatch is not playing Frank Cannon. He IS playing Khan – as all the rumors have indicated.

Sheldon Khan. master tailor. Thus the flowing grey jacket we’ve seen him in.

As a member of the Jewish tribe, I’ve come across lots of my fellow Hebrews named Khan.

Sheldon Khan. Bank on it, kiddies.

307. shpock - July 15, 2012

it’s Mr. Rourke

with Deep Roy

think about it

308. Cugel The Clever - July 15, 2012

Here are some possibilities for Cumberbatch :

– Roger Korby (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)
– Khan (Space Seed)
– Sandoval (This Side Of Paradise)
– Decker (Doomsday Machine)
– Cochrane (Metamorphosis)
– Rojan (By Any Other Name)
– Gary Seven (Assignment Earth)
– Lord Garth (Whom Gods Destroy)
– Flint (Methuselah)

Given Eve’s physical appearance, I think it’s likely she’s one of:

– Rand
– Marcus
– Chapel
– Kelinda (Ny Any Other Name)
– Lincoln (Assignment Earth)
– Rayna (Methuselah)

Remember this is an alternate universe, so there’s no particular reson to think that Kirk and Marcus would even have a prior relationship, or that Chapel would know Korby.

Also, the writers have said that this film is bigger and more epic than the first one. This doesn’t necessarily exclude characters who were in “smaller” more character-driven episodes like Korby, Sandoval, Cochrane, Lord Garth, Flint. It’s possible that Kirk&company will encounter the alternate universe version of the character in a more “epic” storyline.

If this movie truly is just a remake of one of TOS “epic” stories, then I gues the likeliest characters are Khan, Decker, or Seven. But, I truly hope that the writers haven’t taken the easy way out and simply remade a TOS ep like Space Seed or Doomsday. Given the creative writing talent on the team, that would be a major cop-out.

309. cugel the clever - July 15, 2012

Just read Bob Orci’s comment that he “lied once”.

That puts Gary Mitchell back as the most likely character for Cumberbatch, with Dehner as a possibility for Eve. It all fits – slight similarity in the actors’ appearances and certainly potential for an “epic” story.

I don’t think its Khan. It’s too obvious and surely there are many good east asian actors who could play Khan instead of a white englishman.

310. Sybok'sSecretBrother - July 15, 2012

B.C. = Trelane

311. Ashley - July 15, 2012

Late to the game but I’m going to say Cumberbatch is playing Garth of Izar. Makes a lot more sense to me than either Khan or Gary Mitchell.

312. The Last Vulcan - July 15, 2012

@ 290 & 305: The proof of the pudding (or bovine fecal matter) is in the eating. I shall be more than happy to eat copious amounts of bovine matter (notice I didn’t specifically state fecal, so bovine would be nice in the form of a yummy porterhouse steak) should my greatness and power not trump Azrael’s greatness and power. I’m 100% convinced that it’s the way I’m seeing it and I’m waiting for the proof of pudding on the screen at my nearest cinema! :)

313. GG - July 15, 2012

Hmmmm.. I wonder if maybe it’s Sybok? Spock’s half-brother? He was also half-human. Vulcan was destroyed, so I guess we (eventually) need to find out if he survived? I don’t know. He said “Canon”, so I’m just trying to think of other possibilities. Although, Sybok was more of a lover, and not a fighter/killer, so probably not.

314. PaulB - July 15, 2012

#313 – Sybok wasn’t half human. His mom was a Vulcan princess.

315. Basement Blogger - July 15, 2012

More evidence of Khan. Alice Eve’s character is canon. Okay, since Bob eliminated Janice Rand, who could she be.

1. Blonde. Okay. Carol Marcus or Christine Chapel.

2. This website reported she watched all TOS episodes. She seemed to focus on Kirk. Why be so dedicated? She’s looking at a relationship with Kirk. That’ means Carol Marcus.

So why is this more evidence of Khan? Because Marcus was an iconic character from Wrath of Khan. Coupple that with the evidence showing it’s Khan (Search for Hispanic actor, superhuman strength, Anthony’s sources etc.) and it’s one more piece of evidence pointing to Khan.

316. Adolescent Nightmare - July 15, 2012

Continue to follow your personal emotions instead of the evidence! That’s what I would do!

317. Daoud - July 15, 2012

Interesting comment from a friend earlier tonight. If a character is “canon”, could they be from ENT, TNG, DS9, or VOY, too? We talked about it, and decided sure. AP, hope you can clarify with Bob on “part 3″ of the interview.
This opens up interesting ideas like Cumberbatch is one of the Soongs, a certain Douwd, an El-Aurian, or even a time-travelling younger Picard? Or… a Q.

318. Phil - July 15, 2012

I’ve decided a while ago to not read interviews by Roberto Orci because he never says the straight truth.

How would you explain one of the main actors slipping the tongue and revealing the wrong character.

Nice try. You simply annoy me Roberto.

319. Dr. Cheis - July 15, 2012

I’m guessing Karl Urban was planning that ComicCon would end, we would see nothing new, and that’s when we would know he was pulling our legs,

320. boborci - July 15, 2012

soon as the movie comes out I’ll tell you what my lie was.

321. Ahmed - July 15, 2012

@320. boborci – July 15, 2012

“soon as the movie comes out I’ll tell you what my lie was.”

Good to have you with us Bob, perhaps you can throw us a bone tonight !

322. MJ - July 15, 2012

@320 / boborci: “soon as the movie comes out I’ll tell you what my lie was.”

HEY BUCKY, now even Bob has admitted a lie. Apology accepted, Bucky!

323. Montreal_Paul - July 15, 2012

Okay, I know that Mitchell was covered in the comic. I read it. I also found the ending to be left… open. It wasn’t like in the TOS episode. I originally was guessing for a Gary Seven story. But after seeing the picture of Alice Eve in a Starfleet uniform, I think that she is playing Dr. Elizabeth Dehner to Cumberbatch’s Gary Mitchell. It makes sense to me, anyway.

324. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 16, 2012

320 BobORCI, is Alice Canon to the movies or Canon to TOS or Canon to both?

325. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 16, 2012

6 how does shooting in Hawaii, shout that Khan is the villian.
Wasn’t it allready implied that if there was a khan story it wouldn’t be a retread of TWOK, further more Genesis project let alone planet wouldnt have even been around at that point in any trek universe.

326. Azrael - July 16, 2012

If Alice’s character is Number One then both statements about her could be true, from a certain point of view.

To me the uniforms she and Quinto were wearing in the photo of them by the snack cart looked like almost the same uniforms as the Kelvin uniforms. This could imply that there is a flashback to Spock’s time at Starfleet Academy, or to the time of his first posting. This would be some time before Kirk joined Starfleet (the deleted scene of Spock’s birth from the 2009 movie includes a stardate, which is before the Kelvin’s encounter with the Narada) as Spock is older than Kirk.

The changing of Starfleet uniforms over time is a well established precedent, and was well represented by the Kelvin’s crew. So perhaps there is a scene with Spock, Pike, and Number One on a mission from several years earlier that ties in to the current situation.

Just a few thoughts,

327. Keachick - July 16, 2012

There was no filming done in Hawaii. Filming was done in California and Iceland.

Please, Anthony or Bob Orci, that quote above does not make sense but neither of you have commented. It is nonsense and make all three of you seem a little disingenuous or just stupid – ie Anthony Pascale, Bob Orci and Karl Urban. A comment/correction would be appreciated. Thank you.

328. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 16, 2012

326, are you implying perhaps something involving Talos IV?

329. Jack - July 16, 2012

Blogger, you and I have very different definitions for the word evidence.

PS. Howdy, Bob. Here’s a question to not answer. Who’s the toughest Trek character to write dialogue for?

330. Azrael - July 16, 2012

Not specifically, though it could happen, perhaps the disastrous mission shortly before that (mentioned by Pike in The Cage). or something from another point in that period, say after the Talos IV mission. All the talk about Alice being Nurse Chapel is what set that off, because after all Chapel and Number One were both Majel, so if Alice fits Chapel she fits Number One also IMO.

331. Jack - July 16, 2012

PPS: Is the lie in this interview with Anthony?

So somebody you said is playing canon isn’t, or someone you said isn’t actually is, or… the studio hates it… Or your name’s not Bob.

Tangled web, Bob. Tangled web.

You guys started on Spider-Man yet? TAS is a pretty great movie — be good to the franchise.

332. La Reyne d'Epee - July 16, 2012

320. Oh don’t bother, bored with the whole thing as it is…

333. Aurore - July 16, 2012

320. boborci – July 15, 2012
“soon as the movie comes out I’ll tell you what my lie was.”

Oh, man….

You are so going to be banned; this site cannot be used to spread falsehood(s)!!!!!!!!!


334. Aurore - July 16, 2012

“I’m going to wait for this site’s article on the “Numerous reliable non-Urban sources” indicating that Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh, the role created by Ricardo Montalban in the Trek TV series and the second Trek movie.”

There you go…


335. dscott - July 16, 2012

Anthony and Bob, thanks so much for your time here. Much appreciated!

Now, this line from the interview: “Did you see Cumberbatch make it sound like poetry”…

…hmmm, sounds interesting. Veeery interesting :)

336. Richie - July 16, 2012

I don’t normally comment on these things, but I was wondering: has anyone ever considered Cumberbatch might be portraying Kevin Riley? What we know of the character kind of fits. Cumberbatch is playing someone canon; someone Kirk knows; he wants revenge/is seeking revenge; the plot has to do with a Guantanamo Bay type facility and ethics in the 23’rd century. What we know of Kevin Riley is that he was raised on the Tarsus IV colony where the governor Kodos instituted a eugenics program in which four thousand people were murdered. Kodos was subsequently removed from power. Among those killed were Riley’s parents (perhaps a few of the non-canon characters, his father, mother, sister?). In TOS Riley attempted to kill an aged Kodos who was part of an acting troop, so he clearly still harbored anger. I don’t believe TOS ever stated explicitly that Kirk knew Riley as a child (that fact was in novelizations) or why or how Riley was spared Kodos’ eugenics program. Just a thought. Also, do we know for sure Cumberbatch and Benecio Del Toro were considered for the same role? Or that we know all the roles that were cast? There was a lot more to the 2009 cast (Romulans, etc) than we are aware of in the sequel. Del Toro may have been looked at for Kodos or some other role of which we are not aware of at this time.

337. PaulB - July 16, 2012

#335 “he wants revenge/is seeking revenge; the plot has to do with a Guantanamo Bay type facility and ethics in the 23′rd century.”

This is the first that I’ve heard of these two ideas. Are these actually confirmed anywhere? I haven’t seen anything confirming any plot details, so I think you’re just sharing rumors here.

338. Jack - July 16, 2012

335. Careful, they get very touchy about speculation and original ideas here. It dossn’t take much to get accused of spreading rumours (which you’re not doing) and being banned.

339. PaulB - July 16, 2012

#337 – So, is there confirmation of what #335 said? I’d just like to know, since I’ve heard nothing like what he’s says we “know” about Cumberbatch’s character.

Banning people for rumors seems a bit draconian, but I don’t think asking for backing for claims of “knowing” something is out of line. I’d just like to know if there’s actual evidence of what 335 said since I’d not heard those facts/rumors/ideas before.

340. Jack - July 16, 2012

“Cumberbatch is playing someone canon; someone Kirk knows; he wants revenge/is seeking revenge; the plot has to do with a Guantanamo Bay type facility and ethics in the 23′rd century.”

338. Sorry, I thought that was all speculative, but you’re right — it’s written like those things (everything after ‘canon’) are established. I’ve never heard any of that, either officially or as a rumor.

341. n1701ncc - July 16, 2012

Maybe cumberbatch is Charlie X with Alice as Janice Rand??? Now thats a thought

342. Marsh1081 - July 16, 2012

Trust me I honestly don’t think it is khan at this point, Khan’s character had much more ethnicity to it than I think Cumberbatch is capable of, Khan is supposed to be from the middle east or somewhere in Asia

As for Alice Eve, I firmly believe that she is Christine Chapel enough to bet on, Carol Marcus just doesn’t make sense you can tell a Khan story but it doesn’t have to be identical to TWOK

Alice Eve = Christine Chapel for sure though

343. Marsh1081 - July 16, 2012

Has anyone tossed around Cumby as Ben Finney yet

Kirk and him were supposedly close in the original enough so that Finney’s daughter was named for Kirk

344. Richie - July 16, 2012

Thank you Jack. I don’t normally post stuff on forums and I don’t think I’ve ever posted on this site at all. I will definitely be more careful.

345. Sebastian S. - July 16, 2012

Reading this interview, I’m reminded of McCoy’s comment about Zefram Cochrane in “Metamorphosis”:

“Hm. Talks a lot but he doesn’t say much.” ;-D

Just came back from Comic Con and ST 2013 was conspicuous in it’s absence. The invisible elephant in the room….

346. PaulB - July 16, 2012

#344 – I’m still curious about your information. I’m not harping on it, just curious because there’s so little confirmed about the plot, I’m hanging on each tidbit. Is there another story with those tidbits you mentioned, or something supporting them? If so, that’s intriguing stuff.

347. Galileo Gary Seven - July 16, 2012

Cumberbatch is Matt Decker. They are re-imagining ‘The Doomsday Machine’.

You read it here first

348. AJ - July 16, 2012


Can you tell us if there is a ‘5-year mission’ for the new crew in store? It’s just a device, but part of the lore.

349. RJ Macready - July 16, 2012

I think the Bad Robot guys want the ‘Khan effect’.
Not literally Khan. Hence all the intentional misdirection.

The ‘Khan effect’ being, resurrecting an old TOS baddie that becomes a great villain for a new generation.

Garth seems to fit the bill. And I think it could be cool. Although I don’t remember Garth that well, I am only going on his entry at Memory Alpha.

350. La Reyne d'Epee - July 16, 2012

341. Love the Charlie X story, one of my favourites…Ben’s too old though. Charlie X was a teenager unable to control his impulses. And a very specific story, not much you could revise or alter in a worthwhile manner.

Loved that episode and Robert Walker Jr in it.

351. Keachick - July 16, 2012

We have been told NOTHING about the plot.

I understood Richie’s post #336 to just be another speculation on who Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing in the sequel. I do not recall seeing this idea before but it does sound good and quite original. An interesting story could be woven round such an idea. Kevin Riley had a strongish *Irish* brogue. I am not sure that Cumberbatch could or would want to do that, but who knows…

It would mean a bit of a rewrite of the “Conscience of the King”, but this is the alternate universe, so anything is possible.

352. RJ Macready - July 16, 2012

To clarify, what I mean is – the Benecio Del Toro (et. al) rumors were planted in the media to make us think ‘Khan’.

When the truth is, none of those guys were seriously considered.
It’s good pub for them, I’m sure they didn’t mind. And before you say it seems ‘too elaborate’…you don’t know Abrams very well.

353. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 16, 2012

330, my original hope before all the khan talk started was that we would see a big screen version of Talosian’s and Talos IV. I hope its something that if not in Trek XII, perhaps gets explored in Trek XIII.

354. Montreal_Paul - July 16, 2012

@352. RJ Macready

I agree with you. But only for the other actors… I don’t believe there was anything official, just rumours. I believe they were looking at Del Toro… but probably for a Klingon…

355. Basement Blogger - July 16, 2012

@ 329

Jack, I deal with evidence all the time. And yeah I could be wrong about Khan. I admit I was wrong about guessing that Weller was Paxton from Enterprise. I’ve always said the Paxton thing was a guess without evidence. But let’s hear your conclusions. I’m not rooting for Khan. Been there, done that. I’m just looking at the evidence and where it points to.

Let’s look at the evidence of the villain. .

A. Evidence pointing to Khan

1. Search for Hispanic actor for villain.
2. Cumberbatch’s character has superhuman strength.
3. Cumberbatch worked out for the part so not playing Sir Issac Newton.
4. Character is not Vulcan but human looking. Probably not alien but human.
5, Cumberbatch dyed hair black. Some say this shows villain, which is kind of silly. Can’t believe that J.J. Abrams would do such a simplistic plot device. I say it’s continuity with Ricardo Montalban.
6. DVD commentary talked about teaser with a scene featuring the Botany Bay.
7. Anthony Pascale’s sources that say it’s Khan. TrekMovie has not retracted its story.

My conclusion that it’s Khan. And if I’m wrong, here’s my statement. “I was wrong.” And if it’s not Khan, Anthony better chew out his sources.

B. Evidence that say it’s not Khan

1. Actors Simon Pegg and Karl Urban say it’s not Khan.
2. Cumberbatch has pointed sideburns. Members of Starfleet had pointed sideburns.
3. Cumberbatch wears Starfleet undershirt.

C. Evidence that goes both ways.

Cumberbatch plays someone who is canon.

Let’s look at evidence for Alice Eve’s character.

1. She’s canon.
2. Bob Orci has denied Janice Rand’s in the movie.
3. Blonde. I love blondes by the way.
4. A short page boy blonde hair style. That’s from the pictures. Could be Lady Godiva long; don’t know.
5. Pictures had her in Starfleet outerwear. Starffleet?
6. Eve watched all TOS episodes to prepare for the part. But she seemed to focus on Kirk.

Eve could be three blondes from Star Trek. I’ll admit the evidence of Alice Eve’s character is weak. It would not meet the burden for any standard of evidence. Still it’s fun to look at this stuff and try to reach a conclusion.

Elizabeth Dehner. Can’t see this one. Plus Bob has denied Gary Mitchell is in the movie.

Christine Chapel. Quite possible. It would be a fitting tribute to Majel Barrett Roddenberry to have Chapel’s character in the movie.

Carol Marcus. Eve watched all TOS episodes and seemed to focus on Kirk. I view this as a search for motivation. The motivation here would be a love affair.

Look, I’m trying to look at the evidence and make the best guess possible. I’ve laid out the facts. It’s your turn.

356. dmduncan - July 16, 2012

Rand is off the list of characters, right? So Eve is probably Chapel or Marcus. I’m going to say she’s Marcus, because Kirk is THE hero and Marcus gives Kirk a romantic interest, in which case we are probably looking at a Khan or Joaquim story.

357. Jack - July 16, 2012

344. Not trying to silence you — just seems like a good idea, alas, to be clear that it’s speculation. That’s my unsolicited advice. :) That guantanamo bit — interesting — had you heard that rumour somewhere else or was that your idea?

I always really liked Riley. Both the character and the actor. I wish he’d stayed on.

And Riley reminds me of this: I’ve watched Court Martial and Space Seed on TV over the last week or so — and I’m pretty thrilled with how much they tried to represent people from all over the Earth (I’ll get MJ and Ryan pissed off over this, but it always bugged me that TNG and onwards was so America-focused, Picard and Reed aside… down to the names of most Starfleet vessels). Even Uhura being from Africa and not the States was, I ‘d guess, unusual for the time — although I’m not sure. Sure, Scotty says the Botany Bay passengers include Oriental(s) among other places — which isn’t so PC these days, but still — they stressed that the supermen were from all over the planet (not blond and blue-eyed Aryans like in TWOK — an idea [that they bred actual superbeings and they, yes, are Aryan just like Hitler wanted] that’s actually really, really icky)

358. Pauln6 - July 16, 2012

If I have to guess I’d go for Garth and Dehner. There have been a few teasers in the comics that could hint at these two. They previously said that Eve was playing a character new to canon so that could be the lie referred to by Mr Orci. Maybe Garth is part of the new version of Section 31and is a bit p[otty like his TOS version, that would give neat way to involve Denher, a psychiatrist (although she was recast as a psychologist in the comic).

I can live in hope that Eve is playing Rand and the lie was when they said that Rand doesn’t appear but I suspect that will only lead to disappointment. It’s a shame because I still think that bringing in Rand is the best way to introduce an action heroine – much as I like the gals, Uhura is essentially a desk-bound technician, while Chapel and Dehner are in the stereotypical ‘caring’ professions. Delivering coffee and bending from the waist might have been Rand’s primary role in the sixties but she’s more like security personnel in the ongoing comic.

Chapel will at least be getting a cameo and more if Eve is playing her and it also looks like Uhura might be getting off the ship too. This will be a good thing so maybe Janice wont be needed much as I’d like to see her.

359. Sith Lord From Tasmania - July 16, 2012

What if…the movie is sequel to where no man has gone before? like Wrath Of Khan is to space seed, Gary Mitchell coming back for revenge after being “killed” so our hero’s think……It would set up the comic as a true prequel, plus all they would have to do is make reference’s that Kirk marooned his best friend Star Trek fan’s will know why and the back story while everyone else will find out through the movie why kirk had to do it so a win, win for everyone!

How did I do Bob?
And Bob why hasnt there been any Australian seen in Star Trek…you guys could be the first! and dont say Eric Bana he was playing a Romulan!

360. Aurore - July 16, 2012

“Roberto Orci: I would say that I never lie…. [laughs]”

I personally hope that’s where you lied, sir….


361. Keachick - July 16, 2012

#356 – “(not blond and blue-eyed Aryans like in TWOK — an idea [that they bred actual superbeings and they, yes, are Aryan just like Hitler wanted] that’s actually really, really icky)”

The only one who would be considered Aryan was Khan himself, coming from Northern India originally. Blond and blue-eyed people are not of Aryan descent, but of Scandinavian descent. Hitler was full of bullshit and of a very smelly, diseased kind at that.

362. Keachick - July 16, 2012

Jack – According to my more knowledgeable better half, apparently the East European gypsies were of mainly Aryan descent. Gypsies were either of Aryan (Northern India) or of Egyptian descent. Most Gypsies who lived in East Europe and ended up in Nazi concentration/death camps were Romany (people who roam), migrated from Northern India and were the one of the true Aryan races.

This is how badly Hitler and his dumbass cohorts got it wrong. The reason Hitler wanted the Gypsies out of the way was because they were living proof that his notions and theories of racial superiority were complete and utter bollocks. It would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so tragic.

363. Chris Roberts - July 16, 2012

Ah, that old jetlag trick, in lieu of results from a lie detector test…

All this must be beginning to feel like special rendition to Bob Orci by now!

364.  moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - July 16, 2012

361. Right on Kea. What you say is true.

I don’t think it was ever confirmed, and perhaps it was all speculation based on Bob’s comments, but Ii do remember something about the plot being relevant to current events and maybe tied to terrorism.

365. Sebastian S. - July 16, 2012

Still maintain that the ‘evidence’ for Khan is meager at best. And besides, as I’ve said before, the character would be an ill match for both the talents and the physicality of Benedict Cumberbatch. Gary Mitchell (while also possibly just a rumor) is a better fit, but I’m not sure.

I even like the idea of Gary Seven. The Greg Cox Eugenics Wars books even had Khan studying under Gary Seven in kind of an mentor-pupil relationship until Khan rebelled (ala Anakin Skywalker). The character (as seen in the ‘leaked’ photos) looked NOTHING like Khan; he’s wearing Starfleet clothes and he has Starfleet sideburns, not to mention he’s also very pale and has bright blue eyes). He looks about as ‘Sikh’ as Lindsay Lohan…

It’s NOT Khan. That (and possibly Gary Mitchell) are just misdirection to throw us ST bloodhounds off the scent….

366. MJ - July 16, 2012

@365. It is Khan for the very reasons you bring up — the minor clues that a small handful of us were able to deduce earl on, confirmed later by Anthony’s inside sources, are precisely why we are getting all the misdirection now — to cover up those initial clues and Anthony’s article confirming it is Khan.

I am now 95% sure it it Khan. The Urban bullcrap was the last time I will let this purposeful misdirection sow doubts in my convictions on this.

Memo to JJ/Orci/Urban/Damon, etc: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

It’s Khan — take it to the bank!

367. Harry Ballz - July 16, 2012

320. boborci “soon as the movie comes out I’ll tell you what my lie was”

That sounds about as sincere as, “don’t worry, I’ll pull out!”

368. MJ - July 16, 2012

@367. LOL

369. AJ - July 16, 2012


TNG forward was “America-focused.”

The first ship we meet after Farpoint is the science vessel USS Tsiolkovsky, with the hull sporting Cyrillic lettering.

Also, don’t forget who the main audience was, and where the advertising revenue was supposed to come from. It was also an era when The world was entertained by US TV series and films, for better or worse.

Within canon, it is explainable that “Federation Standard” is the common tongue, so all ships should reflect that. I do recall there being a ship called the “Surak” at one point, and the second Galaxy Class ship was called the “Yamato.” And the “Pasteur,” though the reality there is debatable.

As for the Aryan Nation clap-trap, I think Keachick is spot on, and Hitler simply bastardized what was essentially historical linguistic tribal grouping nomenclature (including Persians, Slavs, Indians, Greeks, etc), and appropriated it for his highly unsavory devices.

370. MJ - July 16, 2012

Seriously Harry, remember when Bucky and Anthony were both so irate and offended that I dared to suggest that Bob was perhaps providing a minor lie to us (given some contradictory information from Damon). Well, guess who was right all along on that issue as well!

It it tough being right so often around here, but it is a burden I will indeed persevere in carrying…for the good of all Trek fans who seek the truth about our franchise everywhere.

371. DiscoSpock - July 16, 2012

Come on, we all know the lie is that Peter Weller’s character is non canon. He’s canon–Cyrano Jones, the trader from “Trouble With Tribbles.” Cumberbatch isn’t playing Khan, nor is he playing the human-looking Klingon Arne Darvin.

He’s playing a Tribble, using motion capture. A Tribble augment, of course, developed as a weapon against the Romulans (like all the other tech changes because of Nero’s intrusion in time). Of course, if you skin a Tribble and properly treat the hide, you get leather–thus, his mom’s comment about Cumby being in leather from head to toe (so to speak).

And it’s obvious why Spock’s nerve pinch doesn’t work on Cumberbatch’s character. Tribbles don’t have necks.

See? It’s so easy to piece it all together. And if I’m right…I’m very, very sorry for jinxing us.

372. MJ - July 16, 2012

@357 “…but it always bugged me that TNG and onwards was so America-focused.”

Huh? Maybe the Jimmy Carter Administration???

TOS — now that was more America based, even going so far as to have an episode where Kirk cited the Declaration of Independence.

TNG was more like some UN group, talk, talk, talk, lecture, lecture, lecture…at least until the Borg finally showed up.

373. Montreal_Paul - July 16, 2012

366. MJ
“It’s Khan — take it to the bank!”

You would be overdrawn… I respectfully disagree, old friend. Other than the casting rumor about Benecio Del Toro, there is no evidence to support it. Sorry, I don’t see it. But we are both entitled to our own opinions on it. ;)

374. Harry Ballz - July 16, 2012

370. MJ “It is tough being right so often around here”

MJ, I’m not always right, but I’m NEVER wrong! :>)

375. Basement Blogger - July 16, 2012

@ 367

:-) :-) :-)

Harry Ballz,

I left you a Sarah Silverman (Star Trek: Voyager) story on Live Chat. And I forget to say this over there. She’s got great legs.

376. Danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 16, 2012

MJ, sorry still dont think its Khan.
If they were interested in casting Benicio as Khan because he was a talented hispanic actor to keep with the continuity of his apperance TOS, there are many many many just as talented hispanic actors, they could have auditioned, instead of casting someone who doesnt look even remotely hispanic. And lets not forget Del Torro is quite a bit older than Montalban was when he first played Khan in space seed.

You conviently keep forgeting the Botany Bay,was launched long before Nero arrived in the 23rd century, so Khan would still be the same as he was when the Botany Bay launched.

377. Sebastian S. - July 16, 2012

I’m thinking bob’s ‘lie’ might be that the character was canon to TOS ST.

But at this point? I’m starting to not give a s**t anymore. The argument is officially tiresome to me now. If it’s Khan? Congratulations. That means they’ve screwed a perfectly good opportunity to do something against expectation for a change. Frankly, I find Gary Mitchell a far more interesting character than Khan, really (and it’d be a nice opportunity to learn more about Kirk and his time at the academy, as we only saw three days of his academy career in ST09). Oh well….

But I’m still not at all convinced it’s Khan, anyway. Despite MJ’s insistence, there is NO real proof! Inference is not proof. Cumberbatch is wearing Starfleet clothes, has Starfleet sideburns and is (VERY) pale and blue eyed. Seriously. Wish away my friend, but it’s NOT Khan….

As Picard might say, ‘to wish for something does not make it so.’

378. MJ - July 16, 2012

@376. The mistake in your logic is that you pre-suppose that JJ and company would care more about matching TOS/STII Khan’s age and race then BC nailing the performance for the part.

Like it or not we are going to get a different interpretation of Khan, and you should prepare yourself for different Klingons as well.

379. MJ - July 16, 2012

@377 “But I’m still not at all convinced it’s Khan, anyway. Despite MJ’s insistence, there is NO real proof! Inference is not proof. Cumberbatch is wearing Starfleet clothes, has Starfleet sideburns and is (VERY) pale and blue eyed. Seriously. Wish away my friend, but it’s NOT Khan….”

We shall see! ;-)

380. Basement Blogger - July 16, 2012

@ 377, 379

I’m not rooting for Khan. I agree that Khan isn’t that interesting. Khan’s motivation is rule the earth; in Space Seed, it becomes rule the universe. Montalban was great in the episode. And I always thought remaking “The Doomsday Machine” would have been better.

But MJ, RDR and myself are looking at the evidence. (Search for Hispanic actor, superhuman strength, DVD commentary about Botany Bay, Anthony’s sources etc.) We think it points to Khan. Again TrekMovie has not retracted its story.

I’m not afraid to say I was wrong. I was wrong when I guessed Weller was playing Paxton. But that was a guess without much evidence. In a court of law you can make inferences or conclusions from the proof. Putting all the facts we have listed can lead one to a conclusion. Sometimes the conclusion is not substantiated by the facts. For example, I think Alice Eve is Carol Marcus. I concede this is pretty weak for the lowest burden of proof which would be a preponderance of the evidence. I’m just guessing on that one. But I say its Khan based on the facts we know. See post 355. .

There’s a classic argument that lawyers make about circumstantial evidence. If you fall asleep tonight on a clear evening and get up in the morning, you might find snow on the ground outside. You pick it up. It is snow. You didn’ t actually see it snow. But based on the facts you have, you can make the conclusion that it snowed last night. . That ‘s how circumstanial evidence works in a court.

381. Jack - July 17, 2012

369. “Also, don’t forget who the main audience was, and where the advertising revenue was supposed to come from. It was also an era when The world was entertained by US TV series and films, for better or worse.”

So they wouldn’t watch a show where teh bulk of characters didn’t have Wasp names and weren’t white?

That’s not true, actually — as far as US TV series and films being the only or even the main source of entertainment for foreign markets. Then or now.

But, that’s not the point, all you’re saying was the case (or at least the accepted belief) — even moreso — when Roddenberry created Trek.

And still Trek, intended then solely for the US market, strove to depict an international crew, even among extras. Maybe that was more commonplace in the 60s than I realize (I wasn’t there) and, sure, there were shows about spies and Cold War intrigue… but Trek, at its best, never had to say anything, other than a couple of references to a United Earth, about the end of nationalism — it showed it.

Yep, the Tsiolkovsky, the Yamato, a few other examples — but increasingly, especially as the Berman years wore on, more names were borrowed from U.S. military vessels than weren’t. A lot of main characters were American (I’m talking about names — I don’t need them to show funny accents but more human characters had white waspy names than didn’t) and white. Yes, obviously it’s an American show — about a future where people weren’t just from all over the globe, but were from different planets as well — I just wish they’d tried as hard, or harder, as trey did during the Roddenberry years to show some of that. And, arguably, by that point (TNG), Trek was indeed an international phenomenon.

And still, even America isn’t as white or WASPy as the Berman era Treks. Yes, tehre were (I hate this word) token characters, but… it showed us a world where most of the Earth and humans we saw were America and Americans. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy — but maybe just lazy writing and casting. All I’m saying is that Roddenberry’s Trek did it better than Berman’s, 20-30-years later.

382. Danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 17, 2012

378, further more we know Klingons play a role in the new movie, YET not one word of casting about who is playing a klingon in the new movie.
Cumberbatch looks more in line with being a TOS era undercover Klingon officer than that of Khan.

so that leads me to
@boborci are any of the Klingon characters cannon to TOS?

383. Danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 17, 2012

“But MJ, RDR and myself are looking at the evidence. (Search for HISPANIC ACTOR, superhuman strength, DVD commentary about Botany Bay, Anthony’s sources etc.) We think it points to Khan. Again TrekMovie has not retracted its story.” As i said above if you cared enough about Khan to match up with how he looked in TOS, then why suddenly give up on finding a hispanic actor, i will repeat what i said earlier there are many many fantastic spanish actors both on stage and screen that they could have gone to that are just as great of an actor as cumberbatch. as for the DVD commentary they said they didnt do that because they didnt want to lock themselves into having the next movie be about khan.

384. Randall Williams - July 17, 2012

Guys and Gals, I do notice that Cumberbatch has a strong resemblance
to the actor who played “Gary Seven” in the TOS episode, “Assignment: Earth.” Do a comparison. While Alice Eve does not resemble the same character as portrayed by Terry Garr that could indeed be her role in the film, the bimbo-lipped secretary who figures out Gary Seven.

The comparison should be profile angles rather than head-on.


385. Sebastian S. - July 17, 2012

Personally? I’m getting a bit tired of the “Khan/not-Khan” merry-go-round.
I want off now….


386. Vultan - July 17, 2012


I didn’t know Geordi LaForge or Deanna Troi were WASP names. But Worf was straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, I’ll give you that.

387. MJ - July 17, 2012

@383 ” As i said above, if you cared enough about Khan to match up with how he looked in TOS…”

Exactly, they didn’t care enough, at least not under the pressure to cast the role after Del Toro proved unaffordable and BC nailed the audtion. That is the point you are missing — the flaw in your logic here.

388. Pauln6 - July 17, 2012

I do think Khan will be referenced in the movie. I don’t think he’s the main villain. I’m expecting a cameo, possibly in the teaser at the end of the movie…

389. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 17, 2012

Sorry but now more than ever I dont think its khan, and you can take THAT to the bank

390. Basement Blogger - July 17, 2012

@ 383

You don’t really grasp the fact that they were looking for a Hispanic actor. You don’t ask the question “Why?” Think about it logically. In the TOS world, think of a Hispanic actor who played a villain. Ricardo Montalban aka Khan.

It is possible that they changed the script and left Khan. But that would require a total script rewrite in one month. Not likely since pre-production had already started. Plus you have to account for Anthony’s source. TrekMovie has not retracted its story that it’s Khan.

Of course, the search for a Hispanic actor could mean something other than Khan. Maybe Bob and Alex wanted another go at Zorro. Since this is a parallel universe, maybe evil Zorro tries to steal Spock’s lady.

391. Keachick - July 17, 2012

Frankly, I’m taking nothing to the bank, nor am I withdrawing anything, not until 17 May 2013. I am used to seeing minus signs against money amounts in my bank account and when it comes to this sequel, I doubt I could afford such an overdraft if I added or took anything away.

I guess you could call me conservative or prudent, but that is how I have managed to keep my head above water most of the time.

392. DeShonn Steinblatt - July 17, 2012


Peter Weller is playing the Klingon Captain.

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan.

393. Chuckunit - July 17, 2012

Glad to have some others see merit in the idea.


Tell me “Star Trek: The Ashes of Axanar” doesn’t just hemorrhage awesome sauce!

394. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 17, 2012

392, who said that Peter Weller is playing the Klingon Captain?

395. Christopher Roberts - July 18, 2012

@392/394. He’s not. He’ll be playing a human, given what we learned so far.

396. gingerly - July 18, 2012

Alice Eve = either Nurse Chapel or Dr. Carol Marcus

Cumberbatch is not Khan.

I could forgive/see a swarthy Caucasian, in the role, but that man makes school paste look pale.

He’s not Khan.

One more time, he’s not Khan.

397. gingerly - July 18, 2012

…But you know what?

Something just occurred to me.

Khan was accompanied by other enhanced humans. Perhaps, in this new timeline someone else took over.

That’s who Cumberbatch could be playing.

398. T'Cal - July 18, 2012

That’s been bandied about here as well. All I know is apparently if they tell us even the smallest detail of the film, like the title, it will result in some type of end-of-the-world/apocalypse event. So….shhhh. Say nothing more!

399. Azrael - July 18, 2012

@396. If Alice could play Nurse Chapel then she could play Number One as well since Number One was also played by Majel Barett Roddenberry JUST LIKE Nurse Chapel.

400. Trekker5 - July 18, 2012

Fall. I hope so,I’ve been waiting seemly forever for this! :)

401. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 18, 2012

395 Exactly thats why i was asking him who said that cause of the exact reason you said.

402. dmduncan - July 18, 2012

397. gingerly – July 18, 2012

Yeah, we’ve been considering that. The leading candidate is Joaquim.

403. dmduncan - July 18, 2012

Cumberbatch could pass for Latino. Only with much squinting (or extra shady 3D glasses) can he pass for Khan.

404. danielcraigismywookiebitch - July 20, 2012

The funny thing is JJ has said Khan is out there in this universe, and something to the effect that certain people are destined to meet and face off in any universe. yet if khan’s life support chamber breaks, and khan doesnt ever awaken, and cumberbatch is Joaquim or someone else. Than Kirk isnt really facing Khan and would be counter to what jj has said in the past.
So either he is Khan or he is not, and I am leaning towards is not.
He is another villian and Iam betting he’s a TOS era undercover Klingon

405. bringbacktrekagain! - July 20, 2012

Okay so the trailer should just be a head shot of Chris Pine screaming ‘ Khhhhaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it.

406. Christopher Roberts - July 23, 2012


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