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CBS Offering Free Replacement Blu-ray Discs To Fix Star Trek: TNG Surround Sound Problem July 30, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,DVD/Blu-ray,TNG,TNG Remastered , trackback

Since the release of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray last week there have been a number of fan complaints about audio issues related to the surround sound track on some of the episodes. Today CBS has officially acknowledged the issue and offered to provide replace discs free of charge. More info in the official statement from CBS below.



Official CBS Statement

Dear Star Trek Fans,

We have discovered an anomaly in the English 7.1 DTS Master Audio track in our Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-ray Box set. There are some episodes that inadvertently had their front channel designations incorrectly mapped, resulting in an undesired playback experience when listening to them in a 7.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound environment.

We are quickly working to remedy the situation. Replacement discs (Disc 1, 3 and 4) will be made available free of charge. Please email for details regarding the replacement program. You may also call 877-DELUXE6 (877-335-8936) between 8am to 6pm Pacific, Monday-Friday.

We strive to provide our fans the best Blu-ray experience possible and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

UPDATE  – August 27

We now also have contact information for Europe/UK sets :
E-mail OR call 01992 657 739 (UK)

The discs have been delayed for a couple of weeks according the Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits:

we’ve gotten word that shipments of CBS’s fixed Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One Blu-rays have been pushed into early September. The reason is that it seems one of the episodes on Disc Five was found to be missing a visual effect, so that’s being fixed as well.


1. ados - July 30, 2012

Proper response…

2. jon1701 - July 30, 2012

Anyone got any info for the UK? I’ll need R2 replacements. Glad to see they acknowledged the error. I thought I was going mad!

3. Elias Javalis - July 30, 2012

As long as there are no scratches on the discs, i ll pass.

4. Jeyl - July 30, 2012

Do we dare tell them that one of the episodes “Heart of Glory” is missing a phaser blast?

5. doubleofive - July 30, 2012

Hopefully they’ll replace the copies already out there, mark the new sets like they did the Back To The Future DVDs with their framing problems.

6. Anthony Pascale - July 30, 2012

I have inquired about International and will update the article when I get an answer. I have also asked how they will deal with future retail versions and if they will have some way to distinguish the ones with fixed discs. That being said I assume all the current inventory has the problem discs so if you buy a new set this week you will likely need to get the free discs.

7. Drij - July 30, 2012

A missing phaser blast in “Heart of Glory” ?

8. jcburns - July 30, 2012

“We have discovered an anomaly”…coincidentally, a popular line from ST:TNG.

9. Dr. Cheis - July 30, 2012

I’m curious if I wait to buy the Blu Ray set if it will contain the fixed version or the original.

10. trekkie1701d - July 30, 2012

#7, yes there’s a missing phaser shot

11. T'cal - July 30, 2012

Mr. LaForge, perform a level 5 diagnostic on the mass storage devices immediately. Number One, schedule a department heads meeting for 1400 hours so we can get to the bottom of this.

When will the discs on the shelf be right so I don’t have to wait for the fix?

12. TrekMD - July 30, 2012

Thanks for posting this information! I’ve sent them an e-mail already requesting details.

13. Johnny O - July 30, 2012

Did anyone also notice that the opening Spacedock shot in 11001011 is missing it’s flashing nav lights in it’s composite?

After going through mentioning all their hard work re-scanning elements, compositing them and making passes and elements blend nicely, it was surprising to see them forget that.

Strangely, they did a second version of the composite for the section of the special features where they discuss this actual shot that HAS the flashing lights! Did they then forgot to put it into the actual episode?

14. Johnny O - July 30, 2012

Kudos on Paramount/CBS to make this available so quickly though. Does the current email/phone number work for us in Canada too?

15. Dr. Cheis - July 30, 2012

@13: Not having seen this episode, it occurred to me that maybe it was intentional? Maybe that’s a thing they did that they thought would be neat, for starships to turn off their navigational lights while at Spacedock?

16. Genesis - July 30, 2012

Man that’s gotta suck having to now deal with hundreds of thousands of callers, and emails for this massive sound screw up..

Last time I had seen a sound issue on dvd/ or blu-ray was with my InnerSpace dvd from ten years ago.. In 5.1 you could hear a distinct crackle sound at diff points from scene to scene, but was never something that got dealt with haha.

Whoever handled sound quality control is probably now out of a job. That’s just inexcusable to mess up something like this on such a huge project..

17. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 30, 2012

I was planning on getting it. But think I will wait a couple of week’s. Good that C.B.S is taking action. No wonder they are the top network on T.V

18. Johnny O - July 30, 2012

@15 But it’s the Spacedock’s directional nav lights that are missing.

19. Thorny - July 30, 2012

The first few minutes of “Haven” had badly messed up sound on my set. I thought my player was just glitching out. I’ve only watched up through “Datalore” so far.

20. Ensign RedShirt - July 30, 2012

Nice work on the response. Accidents happen.

The set itself is fantastic, BTW. Worth every penny.

21. Genesis - July 30, 2012

I got through to their number.. All they do is have you read this really tiny number, on the backside of any of the blu-ray discs, they input it, take your name, address, phone # and email, and claim the replacement discs will be shipped out by August 10th..

So pretty much zero hassle involved. I was worried they were going to need you to mail them a copy of receipt or part of the case.

22. Thorny - July 30, 2012

20. Well, it is well worth $59. Sure wouldn’t have been worth $120 though.

23. MJ - July 30, 2012

Well I warned everyone not to buy these out of the gate — this is just another reason, in addition to the price. Wait two months, and not only will the price be down to $45, but you won’t have to worry about the hassle of getting replacement discs.

24. New Horizon - July 30, 2012

23. MJ – July 30, 2012

There doesn’t appear to be any hassle beyond picking up the phone. They’re apparently not even asking for the old disks to be mailed back.

I grew up in a far less technologically advanced time…it doesn’t get much more hassle free than this. lol

25. Bugs nixon - July 30, 2012

Since blurays are designed to go online… Why not offer revisions and fixes as downloads like games consoles.

26. Justin Olson - July 30, 2012

@ 3. Elias Javalis:

Why would you not want to participate in a free disc replacement program? You don’t even have to mail your current discs back.

The sound problems are quite real, I assure you.

27. Uberbot - July 30, 2012

Will there be a Total Recall of these sets from stores?

28. Justin Olson - July 30, 2012

@ 25 Bugs nixon:

Unfortunately, the problem can’t be fixed in that manner. Also, DTS-HD MA 7.1 tracks are quite large (about 1.5 GB per episode x 7).

29. MJ - July 30, 2012

@24. Still, it just adds another reason for folks that have not bought it yet to wait a few weeks and save an additional $15 as well.

When I buy a blu-ray set, I want both value and reliability. So I will wait and buy a set in two months for $45 that has discs that all work properly.

30. New Horizon - July 30, 2012

25. Bugs nixon – July 30, 2012

Uhm, how would that work exactly? The episodes are on discs…the bluray player isn’t capable of burning the corrected files onto the disc. The discs have to be recreated with the fixes. Totally different from video game consoles that store the installed game on your hard drive and can apply the fix to your installed game.

31. TJ Trek - July 30, 2012

I am rather disapointed to here this. I don’t mean this to say that I am pissed that these little things are showing up. What I am saying is that after all the work that the Okuda’s, and others, went too to make this really good, there is now problems.

There may have been some stylistic changes, which would account for the running lights not there, however I do hope that the phasor shot is not really as bad as it seems.

32. MJ - July 30, 2012

@31. Agreed. We heard so much from some posters on this site about why we should be willing to spend nearly $100 on this because of all of the hard work that went into it. And I do realize that a lot of hard work went into this, but obviously quality control was an issue. Well, I did try to warn folks not to buy this out of the gate. :-) Lesson learned!

33. Justin Olson - July 30, 2012

@ 29. MJ:

What makes you think S1 will be $45 in two months? It’s already gone back up to $80 at all the major retailers. The $59.99 price was just a week of release sale.

34. JP - July 30, 2012

Anthony, is this replacement program available in Canada as well? Thanks.

35. MJ - July 30, 2012

@33. We shall see. I just don’t think TNG Season 1 is all that marketable beyond its initial release to hardcore TNG fans. It was a pretty poor season of Trek. I think that there are a lot of casual fans like me of TNG (who preferred TOS or maybe DS9) who will not pay $60 to $80 for it, but if the price drops below $50, would go for it. Again, we shall see….

36. trekkie1701d - July 30, 2012 is reporting that details for non-US customers and forthcoming.

37. Genesis - July 30, 2012

Does anyone know what CBS and Paramount spent on this restoration?? It can’t be cheap guys, no way. You’re talking payroll for a project that’s probably going to take a full year to knock out all 7 seasons, the “added” digital effects shots they obviously had to spend money on as well..

Here’s my question though… if it’s become way more cost effective to do this, what’s the wait on fixing Star Trek 5?? So many shots that need fixing in that film, the shuttlecraft shots to be exact, and how the Enterprise isn’t even moving or looks like it’s lit on the approaching shots from Nimbus 3 to the ship…

38. Justin Olson - July 30, 2012

@ 36. Genesis:

9 Million for Season One.

39. Genesis - July 30, 2012

omg, 9 million bucks a season basically?!?! I’m REALLY surprised someone high up wanted to spend the money on this… Are they really going to earn it all back and make a profit??

Lastly, here’s a new review of season 1/Blu–

40. trekkie77 - July 30, 2012

I wont buy them on blu-ray, but I am happy that the problem gets solved so quickly…..

41. Guest - July 30, 2012

Is this ever going to be available in the iTunes Store? If so, then when?

42. MJ - July 30, 2012

@38. Justin, what is your source for that figure?

43. Shannon Nutt - July 30, 2012

The $9 million seems reasonable…the thinking at Paramount isn’t just Blu-ray sales…but making something that’s going to endure long-term, be able to show on TV, streaming, etc. Plus all the new fans they’re hoping to bring it, sell merchandise to in the future, etc. So investing roughly $60 to $70 million to restore the entire series (probably closer to $50 million, as costs will go down per season as they better streamline the process) seems like a good gamble. I have to say I’m SO impressed with Season 1, I’m actually willing to pay those $70 to $80 prices for the remaining seasons…even the BAD episodes are entertaining because you’re seeing details you NEVER saw before.

44. ECHUSA - July 30, 2012

Just got a hold of them. They will be shipped 5 business days after August 10th.

45. Justin Olson - July 30, 2012

@ 42. MJ:

It’s important to note that the rest of the seasons will cost less. S1 needed a lot of R&D and basic startup costs like shipping the negatives (2,500 cartons) across country. Also they are re-using a lot of assets remastered during S1 throughout the series.

46. MJ - July 30, 2012

Yea, no doubt a lot of sunk costs are included with season 1. If each season on average (including the sunk costs for Season 1) costs 5 million to make, then, assuming Paramount gets an average of $35 per set, that means that they have to sell 143,000 on average for each season. That sounds like it may be doable, but I doubt they are going to get rich on this. No doubt the real profits will come from expanding these new masters to iTunes and cable/satellite in the coming years. Over time, they’ll make a decent profit on this.

47. Greg - July 30, 2012

Is there a chance amazon will lower the price again to 60?

48. Anthony Pascale - July 30, 2012

Contrary to what some people seem to be saying, Blu-ray prices tend to fluctuate up and down. It was a mistake for people to see the Amazon price go from 80 to 60 and think the next step was 50, and then 40. The price for TNG S1 is now back up to 70 At Amazon and Best Buy is back up to 80.

Season 1 of TOS Blu-ray (which was released four years ago) is currently selling at Amazon for $71. The price has ranged from $55 to $77 in the last year except for a brief Black Friday sale of $45.50.

Its possible TNG S1 will be at $60 or less for brief sale periods in the next year but it is likely the price will hover at $70 or higher for most of the time.

49. cpelc - July 30, 2012

I sent an email to the address provided this afternoon and have not recieved a reply. It appears that calling may be the better route.

50. Bob Tompkins - July 30, 2012

The Superman 1998- 2006 DVD box had similar problems with the Superman 3 disc and with the audio track on another. I sent for the replacement discs- the only option was to send the defective discs to the company for the exchange- and I never received the corrected discs and lost the discs I had.
This was Warners not Paramount and it was a contracted fulfillment company not Paramount, but just be wary.

51. Bob Tompkins - July 30, 2012

45- My bet is that the price of $119.95 [?] per season MSRP will be the standard for all 7 seasons to spread those expenses over the entire set, with deep discounts at the ‘usual suspect’ outlets.

52. Commodore Adams - July 30, 2012

Yup I am on disc 5 and had noticed this on a few episodes. Some episodes the sound is problematic throughout the whole episodes some it’s just the first chapter. Just watched the Binar episode and the sound is terrible throughout the whole episode.

53. LongIslandTrekster - July 30, 2012

Did anyone notice the fly on the bridge to the left (Patrick Stewart’s right) on episode #3 on disc #2?

54. Jason - July 30, 2012

Can i just email them or do i have to call?

55. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - July 30, 2012

MJ please quit spreading mis information.
Seriously all you do is spread misinformation when it comes to the TNG Blurays and you havent even bought the set.

the first week prices were on par with the first week prices of the TOS R blurays when they were released. the msrp is very close if not cheaper as well.

the price wont be sub 45 dollars in 2 months. maybe around december when season 2 comes out they might lower it back down to a slightly lower price, but that will most likely be the week of release for season 2 or durring black friday.

Its just as agravting reading your claims that 1080p sourced from a bluray disc cant look good on a giant screen,when it can and does look great on even the widest movie theatre screen in the country.

As for the sound CBS is correcting the the issue with the sound, in a great manner, so even purchasing the set now, CBS is going to ensure you get is super fast. the same that WB did when they screwed up a few years ago on the blade runner bluray set, and Uni with the correction on the Halloween II disc. CBS is actually moving even faster resolving this than those two studios did.

56. Khan was Framed! - July 30, 2012


Let me know when they offer replacement discs to fix the 1987 aspect ratio issue!

i hate to hold out, but these look like crap in the original ratio, I wish they’d popped it into widescreen; it’s not hard…i can do it on any iMac.

57. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - July 30, 2012

48) Thank you for posting that, Its annoying seeing a certain poster keep trying to imply that their was some other factor beyond first week release sale pricing as to why the set was at 55.99 to59.99 last week.
the TNG set is following the same pricing patern as all the seasons of the TOS R blurays.

thank you

58. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - July 30, 2012

56) first and formost OAR is very important. Original Artistic intent is Paramount in ANY restoration.
further more there is even a full on explination on the disc as to why alterting to a 1.78:1 aspect ratio was NOT feasable. the featurette on the disc even provides visual confirmation as to why this wasnt possible.

59. Schultz - July 30, 2012

Damn, they’re gonna fry that technician.

60. BeatleJWOL - July 30, 2012

Where’s an agonizer when you need one?

61. Jim Nightshade - July 31, 2012

doubleofive wht was the problem with bluray back to the future..

62. Cervantes - July 31, 2012

While it’s frustrating that such a mess was made of the audio side on this release considering the overall efforts, it’s good to see a speedy response.

At least the powers-that-be didn’t claim it was a ‘deliberate creative decision’, unlike what fans were told about the dreadful audio problems of the ‘A New Hope’ disc on the 2004 Star Wars dvd boxset!

And anyone bothered about that single phaser flaw on the Next Gen set should count themselves lucky, considering there were a heap of dodgy ones left untouched in the TOS:Remastered episodes…

63. GazzyInTazzy - July 31, 2012

I’m in Australia and had the blu ray set pre-ordered (released today)… Went to pick it up today and it had arrived – but the store wouldn’t let me take it because they have to send it back.. So, after waiting so long.. I have to wait till the end of August for the fixed set to come in..


64. Frank169 - July 31, 2012

@ 58 It’s still somewhat odd, that you get the edutainment program AFTER you purchased the “Full Frame” “1080p” Season One on Blu-ray.

To me it seems they were deliberately unclear on the issue, hoping the HD quality would amaze unsuspecting buyers making the format issue irrelevant.
For the sake of the remastering project, let’s hope this strategy works because the least thing they want are customers who feel that they’ve been cheated.

65. DJ Neelix - July 31, 2012

I just read on the swedish retailer, that the release of the box set has been pushed back from august 1st, to “as soon as possible”, due to the audio problems:–TNG–S-auml;song-1/311762/ (in Swedish)

I’m guessing that this is applicable on all the european releases, since they all contain the same R2 discs.

66. trekboi - July 31, 2012

I’m in Australia and had the same problem, I called to see if the discs had arrived, it had– but they have to send them back.

I was told 3 or 4 weeks :(

67. Driver - July 31, 2012

Did I have to keep my sales receipt?

68. New Horizon - July 31, 2012

>56. Khan was Framed! – July 30, 2012
>i hate to hold out, but these look like crap in the original ratio, I wish they’d >popped it into widescreen; it’s not hard…i can do it on any iMac.

No, they don’t look like crap. They look just fine. If you can crop them on any iMac, then go ahead and do it for yourself. If I feel like watching them in widescreen, I too can just adjust the settings either on my bluray player or directly on my TV.

69. New Horizon - July 31, 2012

>48. Anthony Pascale – July 30, 2012
>Contrary to what some people seem to be saying, Blu-ray prices tend to >fluctuate up and down. It was a mistake for people to see the Amazon >price go from 80 to 60 and think the next step was 50, and then 40. The >price for TNG S1 is now back up to 70 At Amazon and Best Buy is back up >to 80.

Phew, glad I ordered mine before the prices went back up.

70. guest - July 31, 2012

I didnt notice it at all

71. Shannon Nutt - July 31, 2012

Has anyone who sent an email gotten a reply yet? Sent one yesterday morning and nothing yet. Might have to pick up the phone.

72. captain_neill - July 31, 2012

I sent an email to them to enquire about replacements discs for the uk copies. still awaiting a reply my end.

Anyone from uk hear anything?

73. Mark - July 31, 2012

I guess the company doesn’t actually watch and listen to its products before releasing them. Probably in too much of a rush to get it out for sale.

74. jerr - July 31, 2012

glad I bough it when it was on sale. Thank goodness for this site on the heads up sale price and now the recall. thanx Anthony

75. Jon1701 - July 31, 2012

#72 No, i emailed them from UK too and heard nothing.

Somebody mentioned about Star having the details above but I cant see anything

76. MJ - July 31, 2012

@55. We’ll see….

77. jimj - July 31, 2012

They don’t open until 9 a.m. pacific, btw. Also, I have now been on hold for 25 minutes listening to a “thank you for your patience….” message over and over and over and over……………..

78. CmdrBond - July 31, 2012

What number have people been calling? The number I call just gets me a phone directory.

79. jimj - July 31, 2012

After 35 minutes, they took care of it in a matter of 3 minutes. Same info as everyone else has said: 5 business days after August 10th. Thank God for speaker phones so I could do other things while waiting.

80. jimj - July 31, 2012


81. jimj - July 31, 2012

Now I am not tryng to cause trouble, but on one of my players and TV’s….disc 2 sounds weird two times during “Where No One Has Gone Before”. The Captain’s log at the beginning and towards the very end when Picard gets Wesley on the bridge and starts talking to him. It’s very short, though, on that last part, maybe 5-10 seconds and I don’t hear it on my other player/TV. WEIRD funky blurays you have there, CBS!!!

82. jimj - July 31, 2012

Ughhh-same thing on “Lonely Among Us” for the captain’s long. Sounds like he’s in a deep hole during the Captain’s log. Gonna try that on the other player and TV too. Someone really needs to look into this. Perhaps they need to replace the whole set. I honestly feel badly for them. They try to do the right thing and someone screws it all up for them I wonder if the sound guy is a Star Wars fan? lol-just a little joke, don’t pull out your light sabers!

83. captain_neill - July 31, 2012

The only episodes it is most distracting in are Haven and 11001001, on these two I had to switch to original audio to just enjoy them.

Slight tinnyness to a few of the other ones mentioned but only in certain parts.

Still awaiting reply from email as telephone number be too expensive for me.

84. KOOOORRRRR! - July 31, 2012

What about the UK??

85. Gatortrek - July 31, 2012

Other than the hold time that was relatively harmless procedure. replacements should arrive by August 10th.

86. MJ - July 31, 2012

@77 t@78 @79

Thanks for validating my decision to wait for the lower price (which is my prediction), and also not have to deal with this major inconvenience due to the poor quality control on the first blu-ray production run of Season 1.

87. MJ - July 31, 2012

@84 @75 @66 @65

Wow, I feel bad for you international buyers. Here’s wishing you the best of luck that CBS finds a way to get your disc replacements to you soon. What a mess!

88. New Horizon - July 31, 2012

I got a reply to my email this afternoon.

What’s this complaining about ‘major’ inconvenience? How is it a major inconvenience? Having grown up in a time before personal computers and the internet…I barely even see this as mildly annoying. We don’t even have to return the discs, so we can watch them until the new copies arrive.

Keep it in perspective folks.

89. FriendofSonic - July 31, 2012

Yeah, the fact they’re not requiring discs to be sent in is really a step up from how a company should be “required” to handle this. Really fantastic what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it.

I’ll go ahead and spam the number for posterity:

90. captain_neill - July 31, 2012


This is great, really hope they do the same approach when the international replacements are announced.

91. DavidRaid - July 31, 2012

Also emailed from UK. No response. Might try calling the number, but I’m worried about the cost of doing so.

92. captain_neill - July 31, 2012

Saw this reply on trekcore’s FB page

Regarding European replacements – I have been in contact with CBS who inform me that they are still working out a European replacement programme and details will be released as soon as it is finalised.

Hopefully it won’t be too long a wait.

93. S - July 31, 2012

Sent email yesterday. Haven’t heard back yet.

94. MJ - July 31, 2012

@91 @92 @93

Sheesh, you think they could at lest provide an internet link for you international buyers to get your replacement discs. I feel for you guys! Good luck to you, and let’s hope for the best.

95. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch. - July 31, 2012

94 please quit spread false info, they have said they will let international buyers as soon as they have a plan inplace for them.

Just to be clear, I enjoy reading a good deal of your posts but these ones where you continue to spread false info are not helping anyone.

We get it you dont want to buy them at this price point, but its the same price point that the TOS R blurays have been at, and they have never dipped down as low as you claim this will.

And dont get me started yet again on your misinformation about how 1080P sourced via Bluray on a giant screen looks.

furthermore CBS jumped on the wagon super fast in resolving this, much faster than equally high profile gaffs on bluray releases from WB, Universal, Disney, and even PARAMOUNT themselves. so give them a break, they arent even making people who bought them return the replacement discs, most studios like Universal and Paramount require you return the defective disc FIRST before shipping out replacements on a MAJOR release like TNG.

96. MJ - July 31, 2012

@95. You are still bringing up old arguments like the 1080P thing — I am not talking abou that here. Like I said, I am hoping they move more quickly here for the numerous international customers who are not getting email replies or information yet. Not sure what is the big deal with me saying that, but apparently you are hyper-sensitive to anyone bringing up this topic?

97. MJ - July 31, 2012

@92 “Regarding European replacements – I have been in contact with CBS who inform me that they are still working out a European replacement programme and details will be released as soon as it is finalised.”

There we go — cool, it is in the works!

98. Simon - July 31, 2012

@ Johnny O – Not only that, there’s another error by the HD team in “11001001”:

In the original (SD) episode, when Geordi and Data beam off the Enterprise into the Starbase control room, there’s a panel in front of them in the shot that Commander is using. In the SD version, there’s a subtle reflection of the transporter effect where Geordi beams in. In the HD version, they did not add the reflected transporter effect, and as a result you can see LeVar’s reflection in the panel before he beams in (look for his red sleeve)!

99. Guest - July 31, 2012

Has anyone else noticed how Benedict Cumberbatch resembles Crewman Green from The Man Trap?:

100. Simon - July 31, 2012

I’m hoping CBS switches to Dolby TrueHD for Season 2 and beyond. Less headaches. “Speaker mapping error”…DTS strikes again.

101. matthew - July 31, 2012

i still haven’t had a reply to my e-mail yet. :-/

102. Red Dead Ryan - July 31, 2012

European and Canadian (me) customers will probably be forced to pay $20+ in taxes and shipping and handling just to get the new discs.


I really expect to see season two have the correct sound. I forgive them this time as they clearly put in a lot of work, but next time I’ll forget about buying the season box set.

What I don’t understand is, don’t they test-view the discs before they pack them for retail?

103. MJ - July 31, 2012

@101. Well that is disappointing!

104. MJ - July 31, 2012

@102. “European and Canadian (me) customers will probably be forced to pay $20+ in taxes and shipping and handling just to get the new discs…What I don’t understand is, don’t they test-view the discs before they pack them for retail?”

Good points, RDR. Given they supposedly spent $9M on this, one would have thought they could have at least paid someone minimum wage to just watch and listen to each episode with a 5.1 stereo setup as part of a very basic quality control program. This should never have happened to an A-list expensive Blu-Ray season release like this. It is really surprising, unfortunate, and does not help to convince those of us who see the pricing as too high to begin with that we should pay a premium price for this.

105. Red Dead Ryan - July 31, 2012


The thing is, the visuals are spectacular. They went all-out in that regard. I can’t figure out how they screwed up the sound on a couple of episodes. And I found it was ONLY the dialogue that sounded tinny. The music and sound effects were fine. Which is weird. I assume that they had isolated the music, sound effects, and dialogue from each other when they were working on this and re-tracked them onto the upgraded film when they were finished.

Even TOS Remastered had some inconsistencies. Overall, they did a great job, but in some episodes, it looked like they forgot/neglected to remaster some shots.

106. BeatleJWOL - July 31, 2012

I sent my email Monday, July 30, 2012 11:33 AM and got a reply back Tuesday, July 31, 2012 3:32 PM

Emails are being answered, apparently, but who knows what tags somebody to get answered. :p

107. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - July 31, 2012

97 MJ, CBS stated as much yesterday on the 30th of July.

108. Vultan - July 31, 2012


Pay someone minimum wage to watch every episode of Season 1 of TNG? We have laws against cruelty in this country, sir.


Well, there are a few good ones, but I have a great amount of sympathy for the poor guys who had to sit through Code of Honor while working on this project. Terrible episode….

109. New Horizon - August 1, 2012

>102. Red Dead Ryan – July 31, 2012

Has that been stated anywhere? I’ve already paid for the discs like everyone else, including taxes and shipping, there should be no further penalties ‘on me’ for the replacements.

110. Trekboi - August 1, 2012

This is really a disaster.

Evereything is so badly managed, CBS & JJ & Paramount are killing trek again.

They do an uneven job of TOS Remastered, not fixing the main issues, comic phaser blasts, no warp speed jump & even screw up the audio on “Space , The final fronteir…”
Then they promote the remastering of TNG & blurays but f*ck up recreating the effects shots, the sound & have to recall everything, this will kill sales & they will blame us & say there was no interest.

JJ gets people interested in Trek again with a decent film then delays the film so long it loses all momentum so the series needs to be reboted again & they can’t even get a Real guest star- It will bomb so bad.

I just give up.

111. New Horizon - August 1, 2012

110. Trekboi – August 1, 2012

I think you’re blowing things WAY out of proportion.

The number of effects shots missed have been miniscule considering the scale of this project. Keep it in perspective man.

112. Johnny O - August 1, 2012

@98 Simon – Really? Gotta check that one out.

I just found the opening spacedock shot really weird because… A) It’s the very first shot of the episode and B) There is an example of a properly composited spacedock shot in HD in the disc 1 extra features and C) They talk about this shot and the compositor shows you all the different passes and layers of the composite.

And then in the episode they got it wrong. I just thought it was really funny.

113. Michael - August 1, 2012

Glad I scored this from Amazon partner first week, for $53.00 and no tax, and only
$2.98 shipping!

114. Trekboi - August 1, 2012

BTW Australian Fans JB Hi-Fi has the new release date as;
“Available 05-09-2012″

115. MJ - August 1, 2012

@110 “They do an uneven job of TOS Remastered, not fixing the main issues, comic phaser blasts, no warp speed jump & even screw up the audio on “Space , The final fronteir…Then they promote the remastering of TNG & blurays but f*ck up recreating the effects shots, the sound & have to recall everything, this will kill sales & they will blame us & say there was no interest.”

Perhaps you exaggerate the negative side of this a bit here, but you also make some good points. The quality control certainly could be improved for the upcoming seasons — agreed! With the problems many are discovering, the price point on Season 1 is not fair. CBS would do well to immediately lower the price to $39.95 before the bad publicity of all of these problems effects fans views of TNG Blu-Ray remastering effort.

116. Trekboi - August 1, 2012

None should have been missed at all-
will we need a special edition of this later? or do we have to live with it like the monologue in season one TOS Remastered?

117. Xplodin_Nacelle - August 1, 2012

I hope that CBS/Paramount runs this replacement offer for years, so that when I buy a used copy on Amazon some day, they will still oblige

118. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 1, 2012

115 they are resolving the problem at zero cost to people who have bought it. They jumped on it as soon as it became known.

things like this happen, how a studio reacts to it is whats important, and they have reacted in a great manner.

Keep wishing all you want, it will be a very long time before you get this brand new for 39.95.

119. MJ - August 1, 2012

@118. I was simply responding to Post @111’s comment. Dude, you are way too preoccupied with my posts, and you seem to feel the urge to “tit for tat” me every time I post here. Seriously, I am flattered with all the attention, but perhaps you should lose the obsession with me???

Big deal, so I disagree with you on some stuff — live with it and let it go, my friend! My posts here cannot really be all that important in your daily life, right???

120. Matthew - August 1, 2012

finally got an e-mail back from customer support, after e-mailing them almost as soon as the information was sent out.

also, i can forgive issues with the discs, especially since we don’t have to pay for replacements. mistakes happen, things get missed (we are all human, after all), and i hope this helps up the quality control on the remaining 6 seasons.

as for the “missing” special effects, honestly, i would never, ever have noticed most of them (but i think i did notice the missing phaser effect) – missing transporter shimmers in a console reflection, lights on the starbase, etc. kinda nitpicky, i feel (but then again, they should rightly be there as they were in the original).

either way, the remastering looks stellar and perhaps i’m too blown away by the fantastic look of the show to notice the “little things.” :)

121. MJ - August 1, 2012

@120 “(but then again, they should rightly be there as they were in the original).”

Yep! Again, this sounds like a really nice remastering project where they just didn’t go the extra mile that they should have gone on the quality control reviews. That is unfortunate, but let’s hope for the best with Season 2 now that their team has had a chance to see the user issues with Season 1. In fact, I expect them to do better on Season 2.

122. captain_neill - August 1, 2012

Got email but still need to know about uk?

123. Stargazer Sweden - August 1, 2012


Stargazer from Sweden here
Just got of the phone with them and No Problemos
they will send out my replacement discs within 5 days
after August 10th (very nice girl i talked with :-) )

124. K-7 - August 1, 2012

Does anyone know if they are going to be providing replacement discs at some point that will fix the botched transporter and phaser effects that I am seeing on multiple episodes as I am making my way through Season 1?

125. Chuck - August 1, 2012

Called just now, no problems other than having to read the near invisible/microscopic letters & numbers on the back ring of the disc!

126. Justin Olson - August 1, 2012

@124 K-7:

Not likely. They’d have to issue replacement discs… for replacement discs!

In fact, I can virtually guarantee you that they will continue to overlook certain VFX elements every once in a while over the course of the next three years and six season sets.

The only way they can avoid that is if they are willing to double, maybe even triple-check the episodes before they are considered “finished’ and ready for Blu-ray authoring… or even give the fans access to the episodes pre-release (lower-res and heavily watermarked of course) on CBS Digital’s website.

127. New Horizon - August 1, 2012

>116. Trekboi – August 1, 2012 None should have been missed at all-

That’s just not realistic. While perfectionism is a nice ideal, nothing is ever perfect. The original SD version of the show wasn’t perfect either. There are always going to be some mistakes creep through. The best we can hope is that they’ll be minor and that anything major is caught long before the sets are released.

128. MJ - August 1, 2012

@126 “The only way they can avoid that is if they are willing to double, maybe even triple-check the episodes before they are considered “finished’ and ready for Blu-ray authoring.”

Triple-checking the new masters would seem like a necessary and obvious quality control step in a $9M remastering program — one would think! Duh!!! :-)

129. captain_neill - August 2, 2012

I got an email last night as I emailed them to enquire about any news about the UK replacements.

I just got the statement about what to do but dont know whether to get them from states or hold off four UK and I don’t think there are any region codes on CBS/Paramount blu ray discs.

Email said not starting till 10th August.

130. Trekboi - August 2, 2012

There should be no F*cked up or incomplete effects shots at all!

This is totally Unnaceptable.

It’s bad enough they are not updating the effects just upgrading them but It’s so embarassing to know the general public will be watching TNG with dodgy-er effects.

131. David - August 2, 2012

Aside from the audio issue’s I found the set to be amazing. I didn’t even really notice any technical FX problems aside from continuity problems carried over from the original, like the phaser firing from an odd place in “Arsenal of Freedom”

132. Anonymous - August 2, 2012

I’m eh Canadian costumer and I called the 1-877-335-8936. They took my information and will be sending me the replacement discs. So the program seems to work for Canadians as well.

133. K-7 - August 2, 2012

Justin and MJ,

Yes, triple-checking, by simply having three different staff members on the team watch the episodes before they go to final mastering, seems like a perfectly reasonable quality control function on your nine-million dollar investment. Of course you would want to triple-check these with viewers.

You can bet that they will be triple-checking on Season 2.

134. Matthew476 - August 2, 2012

It is a disgrace if this set does indeed contain dodgy unfinished effects! It’s bad enough that the audio is messed up already. If CBS want £51 or more for this. Then surely I should expect a top quality product. I was wanting this set but shall wait much longer now before I consider these. Im going to wait until at least season four is released and see what CBS do with those. Unbelievable.

135. New Horizon - August 2, 2012

>130. Trekboi – August 2, 2012
>There should be no F*cked up or incomplete effects shots at all!
>This is totally Unnaceptable.

It’s called reality, deal with it. It’s impossible for ‘nothing’ to be missed. Anything missed so far seems extremely minor.

That they have been able to pull all of this footage and effects work out of storage, and reassemble the show from the bottom up is pretty amazing. If they screw something major up, that’s different…but minor stuff will just have to be understood. Disappointing that it can’t be perfect of course, but that’s life.

136. MJ - August 2, 2012

@134 @135

I don’t think this is as big a mess as Matthew is saying, but I also disagree with New Horizon that these are just minor things that we should just mentally sweep under the rug and pretend they don’t exist.

Again, when you are going to charge a PREMIUM fee for one season of a TV series like this — currently priced at $80 — then fans are going to expect a PREMIUM product.

If the price point on this was $45 like most TV series, than I don’t think many fans would be getting nearly as upset about this. Fan’s were expecting a Lexus, but they got a Toyota. Nothing wrong with a Toyota, but it’s not a Lexus….and they fans paid Lexus prices here.

137. Jon - August 2, 2012

Question for all: Has everyone had these audio problems with all of the sets? I was listening to mine last night on the episodes that are supposed to have the problems but I’m not sure if I was hearing anything wrong? I have a surround sound setup for 6.1 so I was using the 7.1 audio track (downgraded by my system to a mere 6.1 :) ).

Again, are these audio issues being found on all of the sets or just some?

138. Matthew - August 2, 2012

aren’t most series on blu-ray around this price? Game of Thrones certainly is, and it’s far fewer episodes. When lost came out originally, I recall the price being similar, as well.

139. Justin Olson - August 2, 2012

@ 137 Jon:

Put your ear up to the front left and right speakers on “Encounter at Farpoint”, “Hide and Q”, “Haven”, “The Big Goodbye”, Datalore”, “11001001” or “Too Short a Season”.

You should hear dialogue there (in addition to the center channel) which is wrong. And in the case of “Farpoint”, you’ll hear dialogue in the center and right only.

And if you hook your blu-ray player directly to your HDTV, you’ll hear a bad echo on “11001001” and during most of “Haven” on the TV’s stereo speakers using the 7.1 track.

140. Red Dead Ryan - August 2, 2012

I know for me at least, “Haven” and “11001001” had the worst audio. Only the dialogue sounded tinny. The sound effects and music sounded fine.

As for the problems people experienced while watching disc 6, I didn’t find any myself. That disc worked fine. No issues.

Some people, though, mentioned the sound being out of sync.

141. Azrael - August 2, 2012

@110. Dude Cumberbach is one of the biggest stars in the UK right now, certainly far, far, more well known than any other member of the cast, except possibly Saldana (due to the overrated Avatar). Cumberbach is also becoming very well known in other areas of the world thanks to several internationally released movies, like War Horse, and the american pickup of his BBC show Sherlock, h-ll he has a play that was toured across the US a few months ago, and his skill and popularity are such that it packed theatres for people to watch a recording of a play. Not a real guest star my hairy a$$.

142. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - August 2, 2012

141, All NTL streamed performances sell out, it doesnt matter what show it is or who is staring in it. This played at the chinese in Hollywood several times in 2011 before anyone really knew who cumberbatch was and every show sold out, just as every show with the alternate lead actor sold out as well.
I cant think of a single NTL play that hasnt sold out when streamed in theatres around the country.
Just sayin.

143. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - August 2, 2012

136 besides you who doesnt even own it, who else is getting upset. CBS has rushed to get this fixed for those of who bought it so quit trying to spread dis information

144. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - August 2, 2012

119 MJ not always, but i am going to call you (or anyone) out when your giving out wrong info. like i said the majority of the posts you make are great. but some of them especially when you havent even sampled the product, just trigger a response. lol

145. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - August 2, 2012

110 Trekboy I think your over exagerating a little bit there buddy.

oh and MJ ok i do see two or three other people on here with complaints but no where as many as your post would seem to indicate.

146. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - August 2, 2012

117 I am sure they will, the replacement offer Paramount has for the Saving Private Ryan , and the Braveheart Blurays are still in effect.
unlike TNG though Paramount requires those discs from you first(since day one)

147. Azrael - August 2, 2012

@142. Ok if you say so, I personally can’t imagine ever going to see a recording of a stage play, mostly because I don’t like stage plays. That is just my personal preference of course, if such streamed recordings often perform that well then good for them, but it does not diminish one bit how impressed I am by Cumberbatch (thanks for correcting my spelling btw). I started watching Sherlock well before the announcement that he would be in the next Trek, and thanks to my parents love of “Britcoms” (British comedy sitcoms) I had in fact seen both of his parents in multiple things over the years. I will admit to being unfamiliar with his mother’s work on Dr. Who, but I am not familiar with anyone’s work on Dr. Who, never having watched it.

My point being that Cumberbatch is HUGE in the UK (as evidenced by his recent selection to open the Olympics for the BBC, and his long standing position as an advertising personality for Jaguar), and his popularity in the US is growing rapidly, his star status in the rest of Europe is also self-evident, and given Star Trek’s continued underperformance in other countries, he is probably one of the best people they could have cast. I would expect at least 20 percent higher Box Office numbers in Europe, and 30 to 40 percent better in the UK. Unless of course the story stinks, in which case all bets are off.

But hey I could be wrong, it dose happen, after all I am only human. I just think #110 was being intentionally insulting for no good reason, and has obviously ignored all the information presented here and elsewhere about just how popular Cumberbatch actually is. Just sayin ;)

148. daniel craig is my wookie bitch - August 3, 2012

147 Azreal, I was merely pointing out that all NT Live streamed productions draw a big crowd, i wasnt trying to downplay cumberbatch at all.
I have no doubt in my mind that he is on the cusp of becoming a huge A List international star.

And I know he will rock as the villian in Trek 2013, I actually like the fact that JJ has cast someone who is not yet an A List International Movie star. Sci Fi and Horror and other Genre fare used to be the proving ground for up and coming actors, I miss that, to often now days the studios, producers etc are to quick to want to cast a star in roles that used to be the roles that would launch break out careers. Its nice to see to someone who while they are very popular on the television in the UK,but not yet 100 percent known and mainstream internationally given a shot at a big film role.

149. captain_neill - August 3, 2012

Anyone in UK getting the replacement discs from the US or are you just holding off for the International Replacement programme?

I have been assured that a European one is being worked out and like to wait for this but have also emailed them back to ask if UK and Europena are eligible for the current programme.

In the end of the day I am not in any rush but I just want to make sure that I do get the replacement discs in the end given the price of the set.

150. zzagg74 - August 3, 2012

i phoned and gave disc no. and was told they will be sent after aug 10th,i made it clear i was in the uk so fingers crossed

151. captain_neill - August 3, 2012

Also wanted to check if the discs are region free and I have been told that they are not region free.

152. Anonymous - August 3, 2012

From what I have read here:
The discs are region free but the artwork on the discs in the UK are different from the US discs. The replacement discs have the US artwork.

153. New Horizon - August 3, 2012

Got my season 1 set in the mail this morning. :) Going to watch some tonight and phone in for my replacements. Hopefully the next 6 seasons will go much more smoothly, and they will take their time to get everything ‘right’ both in terms of sounds and effects.

154. MJ - August 3, 2012

@136 “136 besides you who doesnt even own it, who else is getting upset. CBS has rushed to get this fixed for those of who bought it so quit trying to spread dis information.”

Where is the disinformation in my post @136? In fact, I commented that Matthew was going too far with his negative comments? So what did I say in post @136 that was disinformation???

155. MJ - August 3, 2012

@152 “The discs are region free but the artwork on the discs in the UK are different from the US discs. The replacement discs have the US artwork.”

Well that is a shame. You pay PREMIUM price to have this really cool bly-ray boxed set, and you end up with non-matching artwork on the discs.

@153 “Hopefully the next 6 seasons will go much more smoothly, and they will take their time to get everything ‘right’ both in terms of sounds and effects.”

Yea, you can be bet that they will be “triple-checking” the discs before going final from here on our on the remaining seasons.

156. Chris Roberts - August 3, 2012

There is no artwork on the disc in the UK… They’re clear silver, apart from the text.

What do they look like over there?

157. New Horizon - August 3, 2012

> 156. Chris Roberts – August 3, 2012

My discs are a light blue I think, although I didn’t get a lot of time to look at them before leaving for work.

158. Chris Roberts - August 3, 2012

@157. Cheers, New Horizon. That’s okay.

I thought I’d missed out on collectable artwork by buying UK one, and not importing from the US.

Happens sometimes. Differences in packaging. Not so much content these days.

159. captain_neill - August 3, 2012


Are you getting American replacements or holding out for UK European replacement programme?

160. Chris Roberts - August 3, 2012

158. I’m still waiting for an announcement about the UK.

A few more days and I might just send it back to Amazon as faulty.

I’ll rebuy it, when Season 2 comes out and hope there’s been a turnover in stock by then. Christmas maybe?

161. captain_neill - August 3, 2012


I was considering giving my details but talked with the guy at trekcore and he has informed to me that CBS have assured him that they are working on the UK European replacement programme.

Also concerned once I give details to Amrican programme that I wil be unable to use European one.

Also contacted to find out if anyone has mentioned it there, as Amazon have the product under review and people believe they will out replacements. I was enquirying if revised sets came to would those with the discs with messed audio be entitled to get exchange if it is after 30 days. No point for excnage at moment as be the same thing on discs.

I am in no rush as until I get them I can watch Haven and 11001001 in origianl audio but I dont want to miss out on the programe.

162. Red Dead Ryan - August 3, 2012

I find it lame how CBS/Paramount gives us generic labeling on the Trek dvd/Blu Ray discs. For instance, on the TOS and DS9 dvds, there was artwork. Now the recent releases come with only blue or grey labeling.

Not that its a big deal of course, as I enjoy watching what’s on the discs, but it used to be a treat to see artwork on the discs.

163. MJ - August 3, 2012

@162. Yea, especially given the PREMIUM pricing — one would certainly expect artwork on the discs give the price point.

164. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 3, 2012

162, unfortunately Paramount uses that generic lableing on ALL of their Blurays now. could be worse though it could be like the recent Disney BD’s that are a plane blue label with a giant Bluray logo at the top and then the title so much smaller that it almost looks like an after thought. or like the recent WB titles that are plain not even colored with just the title laser printed on and looking very cheap.

165. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 3, 2012

MJ not even the horrible upconverted Blurays of the Highlander were at that low of a price point.

166. Red Dead Ryan - August 3, 2012


I had no idea “Highlander: The Series” was on Blu Ray.

167. Elias Javalis - August 4, 2012


After reading more, you re right Mr Olson! I ll change em alright. Earlier, i wasnt pretending to be a smart, i paid 60 euros for it, and i feel a bit awkward about the disc problems! 2 weeks for em to get here and a another 2 weeks to get the replacement discs…sigh!!

168. Paul - August 4, 2012

UK fans – I would advise waitiing for the official statement from CBS before panic ordering the US replacements. Patience is whats required in this issue.

169. captain_neill - August 4, 2012


That is why I have not went on and given my details to the email when I was enquiring about what was happening with the UK discs. I want to wait for the UK statement.

As tempted as I was to reply to it I do feel it is better to wait and get the correct discs. I have been told that CBS are working on the UK European replacement programme. I am in no rush, the only thing I care about is getting them in the end as for the price I paid want to make sure all is perfect.

170. Magic_Al - August 4, 2012

^62. The Star Wars flipped channels thing being a mistake is still denied.

171. MJ - August 4, 2012

@165. Not sure what you are talking about?? Most blu-ray seasons of sf/fantasy/action cost less, some much less, than $50:

Any season of Lost: $35 to $45

Once Upon a Time Season 1: $26

Any season of Heroes: $19 to $25

Any season of Fringe: $31 to $40

Person of Interest Season 1: $49

24 Season 8: $28.

Case closed…

172. MJ - August 4, 2012

@169. Captain Neill, sorry to hear that you UK buyers have still been left hanging by CBS. Here’s hoping that they get a solution ready for you this coming week!.

173. MJ - August 4, 2012

@165 “MJ not even the horrible upconverted Blurays of the Highlander were at that low of a price point.”

Available new for $49 right now on Ebay. Also available used from multiple parties for less than $25.


174. New Horizon - August 4, 2012

What was the listed ‘release’ price of Highlander? That was their point. I’m pretty sure that those highlander blues were released close to two years ago… they were simply upconversions. I watched the first two discs of TNG last night. Whatever issues crept through, the quality of the product is still through the roof. I’m beyond pleased with the purchase and with the fast turn around of CBS to correct the sound issue. The show simply looks incredible.

175. MJ - August 4, 2012

@174. Who cares what its listed price was. Nobody that I know bought it. It is crap HD with a bloated list price. If I wanted it, I would pick up used today for $22 on Ebay.

176. Azrael - August 4, 2012

@175. You know one person who would buy it, whether it is an upconversion or not, namely ME. I love the Highlander series, and the movies (except 2 and 5), and if I had a blueray machine I would be all over that. After all I have never had a full set of that show, not even on vhs. I just hope Summit doesn’t do to Highlander what they did to vampires (Twilight… sorry threw up a little). Just sayin.

177. MJ - August 4, 2012

@176. Well you in luck then — you can get it for $22 used on Ebay.

178. K-7 - August 4, 2012

@171. MJ, agreed. Don’t know what D. Craig Wookie is referring to, but most individual season series on Blu-Ray are below $50. And very few are upwards of $80 — that is just highway robbery of the already captured market of fans. They know that many of us as just dumb enough to pay that price. So really, it is our fault in the end for paying those sorts of prices in version after version of each series.

A suspicious person might even conclude that they are deliberately leaving in some unfinished special effects and not doing great quality control, so that they can then try to sell an “Ultimate Edition” boxed set of all seven seasons a couple of years from now, in which they have fixed and improved the episodes further, plus will include more retread bonus interviews, etc. And you know what, fans like D. Craig Wookie will probably be fooled again and will pony up $250 more cash to by that “Ultimate Edition” boxed set.

“Just like yesterday
And I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again”

— The Who

179. Brandon - August 4, 2012

Hey, hey, guys, I need help, please. Would this sound thing affect the actual ability of the player to PLAY THE DISC? Or would it just play and not give you the full surround sound experience?

Help please.

180. Justin Olson - August 4, 2012

@ 171 MJ:

And how many of those shows you listed were made 25 years ago and need to be re-scanned and rebuilt shot by shot? The answer is, of course, zero.

Those shows were (or are currently) in production when their respective seasons were released… and HD masters and special feature content already existed and they were Blu-ray ready, hence the low list price.

181. Justin Olson - August 4, 2012

@ 179 Brandon:

No problem in playing the disc. Read my post #139.

182. Thomas Jensen - August 4, 2012

#178 Well, if they go back an redo the Klingon ship from the original Star Trek Remastered, then I’d buy a set again. That ship wasn’t done accurately or with much effort to original series window model detail. Otherwise the CGI wasn’t all bad, not all good, either.

I’m only in for the second season onward with TNG.

183. Matthew - August 4, 2012

@MJ: all of those shows you are talking about have been out on Blu-ray for at least over a year and you posted their current price, not what they went for originally. They are discounted now, yes, as they have been out forever.

So yes, Lost may be $35-$45…but they were *not* that inexpensive when they first came out on blu-ray. you are making such a false comparison, it’s not even funny.

For example, from what I can gather, Lost’s first season on blu-ray was retailing for at least $69.99 when it first came out, and since it was shot in HD already, they didn’t need to do as much work as is needed with any older show.

So, no, the case “isn’t closed” — and furthermore, there is no need to be a jackass. I don’t know what it is about people going online feeling the need to be holier than thou and just plain rude.

to quote wil wheaton: “don’t be a d**k.”

184. Matthew - August 4, 2012

i take it back, when lost came out, it retailed for $124.99 a season (not $69.99)

185. Red Dead Ryan - August 4, 2012

In Canada, at least, the “Twilight Zone” Blu Ray season sets are being sold between $80-100.

186. MJ - August 4, 2012

@183 I bought each season of Lost when they came out on Blu-Ray on amazon for between $45 and $50.

Person of Interest – Season 1, was just released, and it is $49. It has not been out for long, with the price dropping.

I”ll make you a deal — you can call me a Jackass or a d*ick the day that you start getting your facts straight. :-) But seriously dude, there is no reason why you should be taking this to a personal level — that shows a lack of maturity.

Nice Try!

187. MJ - August 4, 2012

@178 “A suspicious person might even conclude that they are deliberately leaving in some unfinished special effects and not doing great quality control, so that they can then try to sell an “Ultimate Edition” boxed set of all seven seasons a couple of years from now, in which they have fixed and improved the episodes further, plus will include more retread bonus interviews, etc. And you know what, fans like D. Craig Wookie will probably be fooled again and will pony up $250 more cash to by that “Ultimate Edition” boxed set.”

Good point!

188. MJ - August 4, 2012

@180. “And how many of those shows you listed were made 25 years ago and need to be re-scanned and rebuilt shot by shot? The answer is, of course, zero.”

But contrary to this, how many recent shows have gone through twenty-five years of multiple format releases already with the profits racking up on each different format release….VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, syndication reruns, etc. etc. etc. You need to add that to your calculus, Justin, if you are going to make a fair comparison here.

189. Justin Olson - August 4, 2012

@ 188 MJ

CBS didn’t own the show then. This is their very first TNG release!

190. Justin Olson - August 4, 2012

^ Let me amend that by saying CBS did technically release the TNG complete series set in 2007, but they just re-pressed the old DVDs that Paramount Home Video put out in 2002. They also put out a few “best of” releases between 2006-2009.

But you can’t really include VHS and Laserdisc sales.

191. Red Dead Ryan - August 4, 2012

#$@%! #$@%! #$@%!


192. MJ - August 4, 2012

@189. That is not related to the point I was making. You want to compare TNG remastered to new shows in terms of costs of producing the remastering, then you don’t get a “free lunch” of ignoring all the previous formats TNG has already earned profits on, irrespective of who owned the property. I have no problem with your comparison provided you don’t get a free pass to ingore the triple/quadruple-dipping that TNG series has already earned money on.

You can’t have it both ways!

193. K-7 - August 4, 2012

Justin and MJ,

If you want to attempt to compare a recent show going to Blu-Ray with TNG remastered going to Blu-ray, while ignoring history of TNG (as Justin suggests — treat this as a new property), then simply compare the production costs of each. For example Hawaii Five-O costs $8M to produce per year, with the Blu-Ray release of each season being priced at about $45. TNG-Remastered will probably average about $6M per season for CBS to produce, with the Blu-Ray release of each season let’s say averaging about $70 (i.e. $60 to $80 range).

Therefore, by treating CBS’s remastered version of TNG as a new product, as Justin suggests, any objective person would conclude that it is significantly overpriced in comparison to current shows without about the same production budget.

194. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 4, 2012

188 MJ the misinformation begins, yet again.
MJ any show from the 80s or 90s that has been released on BLuray so far and they are very very few, have merely been upconverted they have not had the full restoration that TNG has seen.

Star Trek TOS and Twilight zone have also been given amazing restorations,and even those the work was quite a bit easier than TNG and didnt require going back and reassembling raw footage and every thing else involved.

Mike Okuda if you are still reading these threads, can you please step in and correct MJ on his severe misinformation he is spewing. maybe if he heard it from you he would finally realize this.

195. MJ - August 4, 2012

@194. You are the one spouting the misinformation. Please stop saying I am providing misinformation unless you care to specifically call out exactly what I am misinformed on? Your platitudes of constantly just saying I am providing misinformation without getting into specifically what information I am providing is wrong is not serving your arguments very well.

196. MJ - August 4, 2012

@194 “MJ any show from the 80s or 90s that has been released on BLuray so far and they are very very few, have merely been upconverted they have not had the full restoration that TNG has seen.”

Wrong! Space 1999: Season 1, which was remastered and present in 5.1 sound, is spectacular to watch, and I just looked at my Amazon account, and I spent exactly $41.99 for it during it’s initial release. So, VERY REASONABLE pricing for a stunning remastering of and old space sf show. More info on this at:


197. K-7 - August 4, 2012

Guys, “The Prisoner” series remastered Blu-Ray is also under $50. So there is yet another example that points to the TNG Season 1 as being severely overpriced.

198. Justin Olson - August 4, 2012

^ Both The Prisoner and Space 1999 had intact, cut negatives. That’s a simple scan, color grade and encode for blu-ray. Completely different than TNG.

199. Justin Olson - August 4, 2012

@ 193. K-7:

Why are you comparing Hawaii Five-O to TNG? That’s an on-location police procedural. TNG was a primarily soundstage-bound, VFX-heavy show. But that’s sort of beside the point. You should be comparing blu-ray budget to blu-ray budget, not production budget to blu-ray budget.

200. Matt - August 5, 2012

What about R2/Australian bds? They got a replcaement program yet? Anyone know?

This is the only reason I’m not buying them yet.

201. New Horizon - August 5, 2012

Guys…forget about it, the guy just doesn’t get it. I paid $60 for the new TNG season one….more than reasonable considering the work.

202. Curious Cadet - August 5, 2012


Exactly. Moreover, unlike TOS (and of course this is subjective so let’s not have another argument about it), the VFX on Space 1999 did not need to be re-done. They were state of the art for even the late 1980s … Having developed for TV the essentials for Star Wars, much like Rodenberry did for Trek in the 60s. I would put them head-to-head against TNG anyday.

I personally don’t have an issue with the actual sales price of the TNG set. Yes it’s higher than most, but CBS is outlaying a huge amount of cash to make this happen. They will not likely recoup their costs through these sales, this is an investment for the future. At least with the Blu ray, you can see the money on the screen, unlike the simple transfers by Paramount from one medium to another. You can’t hold the sins of Paramount against CBS. At the time CBS took over Trek, the bulk of DVDs had been sold already. And who can blame them for trying to get a cash infusion immediately. Moreover, Paramount’s DVD division had the exclusive right to distribute the Products, just as CBS had exclusive rights to distribute Paramount’s films for TV syndication. So CBS had to split the profits with Paramount anyway. And I’m seeing comparisons to The BluRay cost of Person of Interest. POI is a complete show, finished in HD and ready for conversion to BluRay!! And there’s 3 fewer episodes! To compare this series to TNG BluRay is absolutely ridiculous. I would feel absolutely raped if paid $50 for a series they had to put no work into to sell on BluRay, and one for which all the costs have already been covered by the network license fee. And keep in mind the DVD edition is MORE expensive. So why is this series sold relatively for much less? Because 1) Blu Ray is not being adopted as fast as they hoped. 2) POI is a current series on CBS and they are trying to build an audience for it by making the entire series available to catch prospective viewers up and build a prospective audience for a new season.

So why not do this for TNG? Because they basically had to produce a brand new show from a post production standpoint. It’s like spending half the money to produce a big budget network series, without any of the network licensing fees coming in to pay for it. And there’s a built-in fan base who will buy it, so there’s no reason to discount it beyond a certain point. And they already have discounted it substantially based on the strength of the sales, or you can bet it wouldn’t be this low. In effect the fans are paying for this project, we ARE the network, and that is why CBS took the gamble.

So for all practical purposes, this is CBS’ first release of TNG, in which they are holding the financial bag entirely by themselves. Moreover, the cost per episode based on Amazon’s retail price is a little over $3/episode. For the work and quality I’m seeing I can’t see any reason to complain at all. ITunes has already conditioned me to expect the value of an individual TV show is $2.99. So if I watched an entire season one episode at a time, I’d already be paying that.

Honestly, I understand the complaint, but once the situation is explained, I just think the vitriol is misplaced.

203. Adam - August 5, 2012

Here in the uk, our biggest high street retailer is still selling TNG series one on DVD at £80!!! Well over $100 for oldest DVD box set version, so count yourselves lucky- the bluray boxsets are £55 here. That’s $90!

I wasnt overly bothered about the recall, but totally annoyed I’d have to wait til 2015 to get all 7 seasons… Expected these to be released every couple of months. Doubt I’ll bother with seasons 2-7, might wait til 2015 anyway then get prior seasons in one fell swoop.

204. Matthew - August 5, 2012

@183 I bought each season of Lost when they came out on Blu-Ray on amazon for between $45 and $50.

Person of Interest – Season 1, was just released, and it is $49. It has not been out for long, with the price dropping.

I”ll make you a deal — you can call me a Jackass or a d*ick the day that you start getting your facts straight. :-) But seriously dude, there is no reason why you should be taking this to a personal level — that shows a lack of maturity.

Nice Try!

excuse me? i linked an article showing you the retail price of Lost Season 3 on Blu-ray when it came out. Just because *you* didn’t pay retail, MJ, doesn’t mean that the retail price wasn’t the same/slightly higher than TNG Season 1 is now.

it’s not personal, it’s you being a complete punk, trashing anything/everyone on the boards and it’s just unpleasant.

it’s not about what you paid, it’s about retail price. that is up to the individual stores, not Paramount, not CBS, not the distributor — the merchant.

so, at the end of the day, the retail price of LOST and TNG was the same. end of story. just the facts, ma’am.

205. MJ - August 5, 2012

@204. Hey Einstein, NEARLY NOBODY pays retail for any of these boxed DVD and Blu-Ray sets. What are you talking about??? Do you think ANYBODY paid $129.99 for TNG Season 1 — I guarantee you that 99% of the sells of this to date have been less than $100.

Your argument is a dead end. Anyone paying full retail either doesn’t know any better or is rich. What a moronic argument. What is your point???

206. matthew - August 5, 2012


it’d not a dead end, you are just clearly not able to comprehend.

the point is clearly that the makers of the blu-rays set the exact same price point for the sets (i.e. retail of $125) meaning that it costs the stores that sell them the same amount to purchase them from the distributors.

therefore, if the sets cost a different amount, it is not CBS’ fault, or Fox’s or any other producer of the set (provided the retail cost they suggest is the same). it’s, wal-mart, target, or whomever that decides what to sell the set for, whether it’s full retail or not.

so, if CBS sets star trek at $125 retail and Fox sets Lost at $125 retail and amazon decides to set Lost at $50 and Star Trek at $80, that is in no way the “fault” of CBS or Fox. it’s up to amazon what to charge, after they pay whatever retailers pay to get the set (obviously, a lower amount than retail price).

no one, including i, stated that anyone *pay* retail price — you posit a straw man argument to suggest others (as you always do). BUT the only CORRECT comparison is the retail price, as that is the ONLY price set by the makers of the blu-rays sets. anything other than retail price is up to the discretion of the store itself, and thus, is not comparable.

207. Matthew - August 5, 2012

ultimately, the grand point, which is not even debatable, is that Trek is of a comparable price, given the price the studio has suggested for retailers (NOT what the retailers actually charge) to other shows coming out on Blu-ray (Game of Thrones, Lost, etc). to suggest otherwise is ignorance and a clear misinterpretation of simple, straightforward facts.

Are some sets cheaper? Of course. Are some more expensive? Of course. Are some the same price as Trek. Yes, indeed many of them are.

With that said, I am done contributing to this conversation and discussing further with MJ (which seems to be the trend of many posters here).

208. captain_neill - August 5, 2012

I am not concerned about the price.

Only thing I am concerned about in this matter is CBS’ announcement on the UK European Disc replacement programme.

209. Cervantes - August 5, 2012

#170 Magic Al –

Yeah, but despite their original claims, I seem to remember that the French release audio had NO problems at the time!

However, it doesn’t matter how badly they continue to mess things up on these movies, as I’ll only ever bother watching Adywan’s amazing versions in future now. And his audio efforts on those sound as good as his visual enhancements.

210. K-7 - August 5, 2012


None of what you are saying bears any reality to what CBS or others actually will charge Amazon, Best Buy and other distributors for the series. The retail price is really immaterial. Market demand for the product, combined with the massive buying/distribution power is what determines the price that Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Deep Discount DVD, Costco, etc, would negotiate with CBS for the middleman distribution price they would pay. Retail Prices are not really a factor; you really do have a non-starter of a position here by focusing on the retail prices. I have worked in this industry, and I can assure you that the retail price point is largely gamesmanship by the studios; very few people really ever pay retail for these types of products.

So in the end it is really our fault as Trek fans that the price is way up there at $80, because time and time again, we have shown that a fool and his money are soon parted. Fans of Lost and other shows simply aren’t as big a suckers as we Trek fans are, and so they pay lower prices, because their demand is more controlled and they are more responsible and realistic in terms of what they will pay for their sf media products than we Trek fans are. We overvalue our product, and the studios and distributors know this, and hence they charge us more. It is as simple as that. We are suckers, and they know it!

211. Red Shirt Diaries - August 5, 2012

Agree with the general point above that retail prices for media products are pretty much meaningless in today’s marketplace.

212. MJ - August 5, 2012

@210 @211

Thanks to both of you for validating my comments on why retail price points don’t have much utility in this market.

@207 “With that said, I am done contributing to this conversation and discussing further with MJ”

What, no more name calling? Don’t you want to throw out “d*ck” or “jackass” at me one last time before you start you sophomore year in high school? :-) LOL

213. Curious Cadet - August 5, 2012

Matthew, I too echo k-7 …

Retail price is not wholesale. Amazon pays an amount per unit that has no relationship to the so-called retail price. It’s like the sticker price of a car, in which CBS charges a minimum amount less than retail and suggests the dealer charge a certain amount. Then the dealer has so much room to negotiate a profit. In the case of Amazon and Best Buy, they negotiate a wholesale amount based on volume, and then charge a retail price accordingly. They then take a loss, or increase their profit based on supply and demand. In the case of Star Trek, CBS is almost certainly not charging the same negotiated wholesale price to Amazon and Best Buy as they are for Person of Interest. So Amazon, et al charge a percentage above what they paid to customers. So despite the MSRP, Trek most likely does cost the retailers more than any of the other BD mentioned above. And Trek stays higher because the retailers know it will eventually sell. I doubt many retailers ever take a loss on Trek.

That is not to say it isn’t worth it. I’ve already weighed in on that and considering the work that has gone into TOS & TNG compared to the minimal effort that went into LOST or POI, the price is more than justified. It’s apples and oranges and trying to compare Trek to other current TV series as a basis of setting retail price, with all due respect, is foolish by all involved in the discussion, especially without taking in any of the actual variables and operating solely on the idea that CBS is a greedy entity hoping on the Trek gravy train.

214. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 5, 2012

195 MJ I have multiple times pointed out in numerous threads the misinformation you are say. And you either dont respond for several days or you claim it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. if you do a search you will find many examples of this

196 You are correct that Space 1999 was released on bluray a few years ago, and yes it was not just a upconversion however it didnt have to undergo the extensive re editing and recutting of all the raw footage togeather again and have its postproduction work redone. because unlike TNG space1999 was produced back in the 70s in same manner as TOS and the twilight Zone so again the work put into to get ready for BD was no where near what was done for TNG, also unlike TOSR even, Space 1999 didnt have its visual effects worked on either.

this title cause it was released on the same day in 2010 as TNG was in 2012

I also just want to point out the audience for Space 1999 is much smaller than the audience of Star Trek and infact most other series out there as well and it lasted all of two seasons, and youll notice season2 has yet to be released. And hasnt even been announced.

So take it for what you will in anycase, MJ hope you have had a great weekend. I might disagree with your posts and state it but, just want to say have nothing but respect for you. (couldnt help but notice the other poster you have been going back and fourth with)

215. sailor83 - August 5, 2012

I’m in the UK and bought my set through I have contacted amazon and they have advised me to return the set for a full refund which I have done. As I have watched them all I’m not too bothered about waiting for the re-issue which I will re-order later. (Probably at a much lower price!)

216. MJ - August 5, 2012

@214 “MJ hope you have had a great weekend. I might disagree with your posts and state it but, just want to say have nothing but respect for you.”

The feeling is mutual. This discussion is frankly getting pretty boring to be honest, my friend. Hopefully Anthony will get us some real news soon on the sequel. :-)

217. Jon - August 5, 2012

Without going too much into the price debate, I’m happy to shell out $60 for something that was clearly made with a HUGE amount of effort. Sure, there were some hiccups at the release with the sound problems, but CBS quickly addressed the problem with the replacement discs.

I remember back in the late 1980s when they began to release TOS on VHS, each tape was around $12-$15 per episode! So if you wanted all 79 episodes back then, the cost was quite a bit more than $60/season. And they took up quite a bit more room on the shelves :) .

And I’m sure the amount of work to transfer the shows to VHS was significantly less than for the Blu-Rays….


218. sailor83 - August 5, 2012

@217 – Yes Jon, but you have to admit those VHS tapes did look magnificent all lined up on the shelf didn’t they?? I used to enjoy running my fingers along the spines….Ooooh

219. captain_neill - August 6, 2012


Any word yet from CBS in regard to UK and European replacements?

220. Dave in RI - August 6, 2012

I still watch my VHS tapes of TNG, which I taped off the first run of the show on TV. It’s perfect for my low-res CRT television.

….Someday I will join the rest of you lot in the 21st Century.

221. Curious Cadet - August 6, 2012

@ 220

Ah, glorious NTSC!

222. captain_neill - August 6, 2012

Should I refund my set or be more patient in waiting for CBS announcement in regard to UK?European replacement programme.

223. Justin Olson - August 6, 2012

So, sales figures are out:

95,435 units sold for a total of 5.7 million in sales.

Pretty solid sales figures… considering S1 is one of the least liked. I’d say they’re well on their way to recouping that $9 million they put into it, even subtracting the cost of the disc replacement program (if every single consumer participated, it would cost them about $2 per disc, so about $572,610). But I doubt everyone is even aware of the problem.

Here’s hoping they recognize that pricing the sets below $60 will make them more money in the long run.

224. MJ - August 6, 2012

@223. I am not sure I agree with you. MI-IV has been out for 15 weeks, and still easily beat TNG Season 1 by 15,000 units sold.

15 Freaking Weeks!!!!!

225. Justin Olson - August 6, 2012

@ 224. MJ:

You’re comparing a 2011 movie that dropped to $10 in mid-July to a six-disc set of a 25 year-old TV show that cost $60-$80 — of course it sold more units!

TNG still had the biggest haul in dollars of the top 10.

226. MJ - August 7, 2012

@225. It has been out 15 Freaking Weeks, dude. 15 Freaking Weeks!

Enough said….

227. Justin Olson - August 7, 2012

@ 226. MJ:

15 weeks? Batman Begins was #1 and it’s been out for 354 weeks! Why aren’t you crowing about that?

Again, MI:4 is a popular recent movie that just dropped to ten bucks — which explains it’s position on the list this past week. $10 is an impulse buy… 14,598 more units is only 13% more sales than TNG, yet it cost 6-8 times less. Notice also, it made 4.5 times less than TNG did.

Based on your reactions, I’m guessing you don’t know how rare it is for catalogue TV shows to place in the top 10. Do you know how many TV shows are in the Top 50 for 2012 so far? Three. And they’re all recent shows, not 25 years-old!

228. MJ - August 7, 2012

@227. Well let’s see where TNG ranks after 15 weeks then.

229. Red Shirt Diaries - August 7, 2012


Did you notice that that site you are quoting for TNG Blu-Ray sales gave TNG Season 1 Blu-Ray boxed set a pretty lousy review, and recommended against buying it? Please see:

Plus the reviewer makes an interesting observation that MJ and others have hit on here:

“There are so many fanatics out there that the merchandise is priced higher that other shows, because the studio knows there are enough people willing to pay.”

230. captain_neill - August 8, 2012

For those in UK

Dear Neill,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We have discovered an anomaly in the English 7.1 DTS Master Audio track in our Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-ray Box set. There are some episodes that inadvertently had their front channel designations incorrectly mapped, resulting in an undesired playback experience when listening to them in a 7.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound environment. In addition, we have taken this opportunity to correct a few minor issues that were found on other episodes.

We are quickly working to remedy the situation by recalling affected product and replacing it. Corrected versions can be identified by the appearance of a red Delta on the spine and will contain barcode no: 5051368241838 for ease of identification. If you purchased the box set prior to the recall, this will be replaced and will be made available free of charge. Please email for details regarding the replacement program. You may also call 01992 657 739 Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

We strive to provide our fans the best Blu-ray experience possible and sincerely apologise for this inconvenience.

Lisa Moyes | Senior Brand Manager
Paramount Home Entertainment (UK)

T: 0203 184 2478 | M: 07747 765 484

231. MJ - August 8, 2012

@230. Finally!!! Thanks for keeping on top of this, Captain Neill. Sorry for you guys in the UK that this has been dragging out so long. Best of Luck to get your replacement discs soon!!!

232. captain_neill - August 8, 2012

Seem to get progress when I called paramount UK direct.

233. Justin Olson - August 8, 2012

@ 229. Red Shirt Diaries:

I think you read that review wrong. He DID recommend buying it. He wrote in the last paragraph, “it is still worth picking up.”

At the top of his review he writes, “The answer to the first question is no.” He is answering his own question, “But did [the show] get off to a strong start?” He is NOT answering the second question, “And is the leap to high definition worth the price?” He answers that at the end with the aforementioned, “it is still worth picking up.”

Also, he is wrong about the list price. He states that it is $140. That’s incorrect… it’s always been $118. I also don’t agree with him when he states that the price per minute is high. Really? 5 cents per minute is high? That’s only $2.25 per episode.

“Game of Thrones” was $5.50 per episode on release day. This same reviewer (C.S.Strowbridge) wrote in his review of that show that he felt it was, “an absolutely excellent price.”

234. MJ - August 8, 2012

Justin, you can’t compare Game of Thrones to ST:TNG. It is apples and oranges. Game of Thrones has theatrical production qualities and budgets to match. Star Trek TNG is not in the same class as Game of Thrones, whatsoever — period — exclamation point!

235. K-7 - August 8, 2012

#234. Agreed. Comparing TNG to Game of Thrones is like comparing Murder She Wrote to The Sopranos. The production values are much, much hire, and an additional level of gravitas is involved. And TNG is not iconic like TOS was.

236. Justin Olson - August 8, 2012

@ 234. MJ:

Wait a minute. I can’t compare a big budget TV show from 2011 to a big budget TV show from 1987… but it’s perfectly fine for you to compare the sales performance of a $60, 25 year-old TV show to an 8 month-old $145 million dollar blockbuster that recently went on sale for $10?

But let’s go ahead and compare the budgets of TNG and GoT:

TNG’s budget was and average of $1.3 million per episode in 1987. That would be $66.9 million today for the first season, adjusted for inflation.

GoT’s total budget for its first season has been estimated at $50–60 million.

So, as you can plainly see, the budgets are entirely comparable. In fact, TNG actually cost $7 million more in today’s dollars. The Stardate Revisited documentary on the S1 set even admits they went over budget!

237. MJ - August 8, 2012

@239. Oh, so now you decide NOT to go with the per episode comparison THIS TIME. I.e, GoT cost $6M per episode….

In some of your arguments you go to the “per episode” comparison, and in others, it is per season….whichever is more CONVENIENT to prove your point. Case in point, you rejected my “per season” comparison between Person of Interest to the TNG Remastered cost of Season 1.

Sheesh, like I said, there is no comparison here. There is a reason why each episode of GoT looks and is acted far superior to TNG — it is becuase it is done wiht mega-quality planning, writing and production values.


238. K-7 - August 8, 2012

#237. Yea, 24 episodes of Game of Thrones would cost about $150M.

But even if we allow the season-to-season comparison, then why is Game of Thrones Season 1 and 2 both in the low $50 range, while TNG is at $80. Justin probably doesn’t want to heart that though. ;-0

239. Red Shirt Diaries - August 8, 2012

Game of Thrones and ST-TNG are not in the same league, guys.

240. Justin Olson - August 8, 2012

@ 237. MJ:

“Person of Interest” is a crime procedural (not sword and sorcery fantasy or space exploration sci-fi) produced today, not 25-years ago. They already make a 1080p HD master as part of their post-production process, so it was valid for me to reject it for a price comparison to TNG S1 on Blu-ray.

Yes, GoT’s cost per episode is 1.5-1.8 times that of TNG (adjusted for inflation). But I was *specifically* refuting the reviewer’s claim that TNG S1’s price per minute is too high while Game of Thrones’ price per minute was apparently exactly right. One can easily show that this doesn’t make a lick of sense with some basic, rudimentary math:

GoT S1 is 561 minutes long. The retail price was approx. $55. That’s $.10 per minute. The cost was approx. $90,000-$107,000 per minute to produce the show.

TNG S1 is 1,184 minutes long. The retail price was approx $60. That’s $.05 per minute. The cost (adjusted for inflation) was approx. $57,000 per minute to produce the show.

So, as I said before, “Game of Thrones” cost 1.5-1.8 times as much per minute of content to produce than TNG… and lo and behold it also costs roughly twice as much to buy on blu-ray ($.10 per minute vs. $.05) based on the number of minutes each season runs.

My question remains: Why did the reviewer single out TNG as having a cost that was too high per minute — and why on Earth would you agree with him? If GoT had had a 26-episode season instead of a 10-episode season, it would cost roughly $145! How many of you who think TNG S1 costs too much would have bought that?

Lastly, it’s perfectly valid to compare the budgets of entire seasons. That’s how they make them and that’s how we buy them. We don’t buy these shows on Blu-ray on a per episode basis, we buy them in season sets!

Further, the only time I made a “per episode” comparison before was when I added up how much an episode of GoT and TNG costs based on the “cost per minute” claim of the reviewer.

That is also perfectly valid, and hardly “convenient” or disingenuous maneuvering on my part.

241. MJ - August 8, 2012

@240 “Lastly, it’s perfectly valid to compare the budgets of entire seasons. That’s how they make them and that’s how we buy them. We don’t buy these shows on Blu-ray on a per episode basis, we buy them in season sets!”

OK, then — so once again, why is TNG blu-ray set for Season 1 so much higher in price than other shows like Game of Thrones Season 1 based on the budgets of entire seasons then?

You yourself would not give profit credit for the VHS, LaserDisc and DVD sales of TNG previously — you basically inferred that CBS should get a “fresh start” given they have the property now, and so we shouldn’t consider those revenue for all those years. But yet here you are bring up 1987 production costs?

You want to count “the cost” of TNG in terms of its original production costs, and the new blu-ray restoration costs, but you would like to ingore the previous format revenues. That does not make any sense.

242. Red Dead Ryan - August 8, 2012

TNG ended 17 years before “Game Of Thrones” began. The production values are obviously better on GOT because, well, production techniques have improved immensely in the time frame between the shows. Also, TNG was set aboard a starship, with fantastical sets and costumes. GOT is filmed on many locations, and features sets and costumes and weapons based on medieval versions.

I don’t think an accurate comparison can be made. One is one thing, and the other is another. Apples and oranges.

And yes, while TOS is still the most iconic, TNG is iconic in its own right.

DS9 is a show that should be iconic, but is criminally underrated and underappreciated.

243. Justin Olson - August 8, 2012

@ 241. MJ:

I only brought up the 1987 production costs of TNG because you claimed Game of Thrones had, “theatrical production qualities and budgets to match. Star Trek TNG is not in the same class as Game of Thrones, whatsoever — period — exclamation point!”

I agree that GoT has a high budget for a TV show, but to compare it to a 2011/2012 theatrical motion picture (for instance, each Hobbit film cost about $150 million) is being hyperbolic.

The pilot reportedly cost HBO between $5 and $10 million and was 63 minutes long. If you throw another 53 minute episode in there (for a total of 116 minutes), you’d only have a production budget of $10-16 million. Go ahead and throw yet another episode in just for fun (for a total of roughly 170 minutes) and the budget would be around $15-22 million — that’s hardly LotR territory, or even the average budget of a Hollywood film.

The average production budget of a major studio movie was about $65 million when the MPAA stopped tracking the number in 2006 and has risen since then. It’s likely over $100 million now.

The budget of TNG S1 adjusted for inflation is actually, believe it or not, a more apt comparison. The per-episode budget actually rose to about $1.5 million by the end of the season, so my estimate of $66.9 million adjusted was actually conservative.

If you go back and look at GoT S1, you’ll realize that a great deal of the scenes (and GoT has some, admittedly great, long talking scenes) are on constructed sets. The show has a greater appearance of scope due to the wonderful 2nd Unit location photography in places like Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco, etc.

244. MJ - August 8, 2012

@242. Yea, DS9 is the 2nd best Trek series, next to TOS. And it is a bit of a drop off from DS9 to TNG, but I will say that the TNG is still pretty decent.

245. MJ - August 8, 2012

@243. Some good points, Justin. I should have said, “near-theatrical production budgets and costs” for GoT.

It still comes down to though my assessment that TNG Season 1 is way too expensive at $80, and your view that it is not. We can obviously both make credible cases, with data to support each of our views, so I am not sure we are ever going to see eye-to-eye on this. When it comes right down to it, the marketing guys at CBS know Trek fans are dumb enough to pay $80 or more, so that is what they are going to charge….i.e. it really has nothing much to do really with these other arguments that you or I are trying to make here. It is our fault as fans for accepting such high prices in format after format, decade after decade.

246. Red Dead Ryan - August 8, 2012

TNG Remastered should have been priced around $60. That would have been more fair. Anyway, I still bought the Blu Ray and enjoyed it. Over two hours of new bonus features plus the original dvd featurettes.

I’m really hoping these sell well enough that DS9 gets the same treatment. CBS can help its own cause by dropping the cost by $20. A discount by that much would result in higher sales.

247. Justin Olson - August 8, 2012

@ 245. MJ:

Actually, I agree with you that TNG S1 is too expensive at $80! I bought it when it was $60 during the first week (I actually got it for $40 with tax thanks to a $25 Best Buy gift card I had left over from Christmas).

If you go back and look at the sales figures, take the $5,725,123 it made and divide by the number of units sold, 95,435.

I’ll leave you in suspense while you check the average retail cost of the set based on those numbers. :)

248. Simon Hanson - August 9, 2012

I just got off the phone with them now they told me that those that Baught the box set from amazon in the UK would automatically be sent out the replacement stock once they get in stock around the 23rd of August.

249. Simon Hanson - August 9, 2012

So it sounds like those that Baught the set from Amazon won’t need to do anything they will send out The discs once they have them.

250. FredFromFrance - August 9, 2012

long time lurker. Just to let European customers know that I received the following message from the site where I bought the TNG set,

“We are writing in regards to an order that you placed with us recently for Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 1 Box Set (6 Discs)

We have just been informed by Paramount that during the manufacturing process of this item a fault with the sound on some discs has been discovered. Paramount are currently producing replacement discs that we will then be able to send out to you. A replacement copy of this item will be sent to you as soon as the new stock is received in our warehouse. Due to the nature of this issue please allow 28 days for the replacement to arrive. Once the replacement item arrives please dispose of the faulty item, there is no need on this occasion for the faulty item to be returned to us.”

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused in this matter and we would like to thank you for shopping with”

so I guess the replacement discs will indeed be distributed in Europe (I ordered from France)

251. JP - August 9, 2012

MJ, we get it, you aren’t buying it. You don’t need to say the same thing 40 different ways to get your point across. We get it. Surely there must be some other article you can troll?

252. MJ - August 9, 2012

@251. “You are a little late to the party, pal.” We’ve wrapped up this discussion. You will have to get your back at me for whatever perceived past issues you have on me in some other future series of posts. ;-)

It is flattering though that you are paying attention to my posts so much though, JP — thanks!

253. rasmus - August 10, 2012

Just received this from today

Since you ordered this product, the manufacturer has confirmed that they have discovered technical issues with Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 1 on Blu-ray. There is an anomaly in the English 7.1 DTS Master Audio track, resulting in an undesired playback experience when listening to some episodes in a 7.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound environment. In addition, the manufacturer is taking this opportunity to correct a few minor issues that were found on other episodes.

A corrected version of this product will soon be available and we are working to ensure that you receive a replacement copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 1 on Blu-ray as soon as possible.

Your complimentary replacement will be dispatched to the same delivery address as that used for your original order.

No action is needed from you and there will be no charge for this replacement.

The replacement will be sent out as soon as new stock of this item is received from our supplier. We’ll send you an e-mail to confirm when your replacement has been sent, and you will be able to view the status of this order via Your Account at the top of any page on our website or use the following link:

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you again soon.

Warmest regards,

Customer Service Department

254. Toneman - August 11, 2012

Eh, I emailed them. They got back with me requesting the information they needed, but never confirmed it was valid, that the discs were gonna be sent to me, etc.

255. Spidercooch - August 12, 2012

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed in “Heart of Glory” or not, but when the away team beams to the Batris, there’s a missing communicator chirp when LaForge calls the Enterprise.

256. Jim O - August 13, 2012

There’s another issue with disc 2, episode 9 (Justice). At time index 09:10-09:15. You’ll hear this persons voice echo behind you when it shouldn’t. Has anyone else heard this? I’ve tried to get Paramount to respond via email and phone, but I’ve heard nothing. Anyone??

257. MJ - August 15, 2012


OH MY GOD, more discs with problems that are not being covered in the current replacement program? This is getting unreal and unnacceptable. They should just recall the entire boxed set until they have a legitimate replacement box set, and also given everyone who bought this a coupon to get Season 2 for free.

Memo to CBS — Fracking pay three people minimium wage to just take two stinking weeks of time to watch and listen to the epiodes for problems (i.e. a quality control “triple check” of each episode.). This is Quality Control 101. Thisa is unacceptable CBS…this is a joke! And you continue to charge $80 for the mess?


258. Chris - August 20, 2012


It’s not in the original SD version of the episode either…


Could it not be intentional, since they are in a large room that’s roughly empty, could it not be a legitimate echo…

259. tuvoktheman - August 23, 2012

This is insane. Not only did CBS fail with quality control but their replacement program is just as defective. When they announced the replacement discs I called and went through the painless process of ordering the discs. I was told they would ship out replacements Aug 10th. see this email confirmation quote from them.

“Replacement discs will be available beginning August 10th. We will ship out within 5 days of this date.”

I still have not received them so I emailed them asking about the status of my replacements. I received this back from them.

“Replacement discs will begin shipping August 24th.
Thank you for your patience. ”

The delay is not as big an issue as saying we will ship on the 10th now its the 24th
false expectations and obviously poor PR. Ill bootleg the remaining seasons…I wont be purchasing. Glad I have a blu ray burner

260. MJ - August 23, 2012


They should add this tagline to the end of the each problematic episode:

“The TNG Blu-Ray Misadventure is Just Beginning….”

261. Amy - August 25, 2012

@259 I’m glad you made the inquiry. I was just checking back on this thread to see if anyone had gotten the replacements yet as I was wondering if I should email them.

262. Clandestine - August 25, 2012

I really thought my blu ray player / amp / speakers were acting up, the audio is really terrible on the affected episodes, this will make the third time I’ve bough TNG (VHS and DVD previously). I’m not entirely sure what that says about me :)

I’m waiting to hear back from for a UK replacement, will keep you posted.


263. pick44 - August 26, 2012

It’s been 3 weeks since I emailed them and still no response, anyone know what’s going on?

264. Nero - August 26, 2012

Well the replacements discs were suppose to be shipped the 15th and yet no discs have been received … I think CBS were BS’ing us so we would not return the disc sets to the store. This way the stats on the sales are not damaged anymore than neccessary. The middle management weasels get to keep their jobs …. Maybe a class action law suit is in order. Perhaps a boycott ????

265. KamenRider - August 27, 2012

According to The Digital Bits, CBS delayed shipping the replacement discs to early September, because now they’re going to fix the missing Phaser effect from “Heart of Glory.”

266. StarFleetVeteran - August 27, 2012

Sure would be nice if they responded to my emails to let me know this, so I didn’t have to come hunt this article to find out from you awesome people. Thanks for the info!

267. Aqua - August 27, 2012

A month after I received reply I would get the replacement disks, still no disks

268. Henrik - August 29, 2012

recieved email today from
A corrected version of this product has now been sent as a replacement to you. Your complimentary replacement has been dispatched to the same delivery address as that used for your original order

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