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Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Jumping Into Star Trek Sequel With Little Prep August 12, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Much of the buzz around the new Star Trek sequel focuses on actor Benedict Cumberbatch. In a new interview the actor doesn’t reveal any spoilers, however he does talk about what it was like being thrown into Trek with little time to prepare for the role, and how his increased fame is changing his life. 


Cumberbatch talks taking on Trek

The UK’s Telegraph has an in-depth profile of Star Trek sequel actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Did he ever doubt he would be able to sustain an acting career, I ask. ‘It sounds really arrogant but I don’t think I did, no,’ he says. ‘I’m not someone who’s naturally confident, I just knew no matter what it held for me, I was going to pursue it.’ There are still moments, he says, when his confidence falters. The first day he stepped on set of the new Star Trek film, joining an illustrious line of British stars who have played the villain in a Hollywood blockbuster, he had a momentary feeling of being out of his depth. ‘I didn’t know what I was going to do and I had very little time to establish the character in that franchise,’ he says.

The reason behind Cumberbatch having little time is that he was cast only a few weeks before production started.  Apparently he worked through it as all the feedback from the production has been about how Cumberbatch’s performance has been very well received by the producer’s and the studio.

The article also covers how Cumberbatch’s life is being transformed by Star Trek and some other new big projects…

Cumberbatch is on his way to becoming a major player in the film industry. When we meet he has just returned from six months abroad, filming parts in both The Hobbit and J J Abrams’s Star Trek sequel – two films the sheer scale of which exceed anything he has been involved in before. By the time you read this article, he will be in New Orleans, starring as a 19th-century slave owner alongside Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender in Steve McQueen’s new film, Twelve Years a Slave. As Cumberbatch puts it, ‘It’s all gone a little bit vertiginous recently.

‘Fame is a weird one,’ he adds. ‘You need to distance yourself from it. People see a value in you that you don’t see yourself. So when I’m told of my sex-symbol status and all that nonsense I find it laughable, silly. I mean, look.’ He gestures towards his face. ‘I’m 36 and I’ve been looking at this same old mush all my life.’

Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall in "Parade’s End"

Cumberbatch in Parade’s End

The focus of the interview is the new mini-series Parade’s End, which is a BBC/HBO co-production which premieres in the UK on August 24th (no word on the HBO airing). It is based on four 1920s novels of Ford Maddox Ford. Here is the trailer.

Thanks to LJ for the tip


1. Enterprisingguy - August 12, 2012

Is it so much to ask for the powers that be to tell us what his character is? Sheesh!

2. Harry Ballz - August 12, 2012

Cumberbatch is a superb actor. I’m sure he’ll be great!

3. guest - August 12, 2012

One UK article says he is Khan. I tend to believe it. He series starts 24 August not 16th. From feedback I’ve received he is astounding in the role.

4. John Trumbull - August 12, 2012

…Steve McQueen has a new film 32 years after he died?

5. Caesar - August 12, 2012

I’ve liked the ‘batch in everything I’ve seen him do. For those that doubt his acting chops, check out the “Hawking” tv movie where he played the brilliant physicist at the onset of his disease.

6. El Chup - August 12, 2012

“Original British Drama”

Good to see us making an effort these days to churn out some good quality stuff.

7. El Chup - August 12, 2012


Please, don’t humiliate yourself with ignorance.

8. Elias Javalis - August 12, 2012

He will make the franchise richer, i am sure!

9. Red Dead Ryan - August 12, 2012


No, there is a director who happens to share the same name. C’mon, man, its not hard to figure that one out.

10. CAPTAIN BILL - August 12, 2012


11. Classy M - August 12, 2012

It’s always a treat when one of your favourite actors appears in one of your favourite franchises. I can’t wait to see what Benedict makes of his part in the new movie – whatever that part may be.

The clip of Parade’s End above is actually a BBC2 ‘coming dramas’ trailer. The Beeb released another last night which is Parade’s End specific. Here’s the link:

12. Dominic - August 12, 2012

“… I had very little time to establish the character in that franchise,’ he says.”

So, he didn’t have much background material to draw upon or he didn’t have much time to get into character? Either way, he’s capable of bringing a very powerful performance to the screen.

13. Shat-a-tat-tat - August 12, 2012

Everyone should calm down about the Steve McQueen line by #4… It was obviously a joke. The guy even knew how long McQueen had been dead.

My god, did you people wake up on the wrong side of bed or do you just enjoy trying to sound smart?

14. Jim, London - August 12, 2012

For the love of god when are they going to release a teaser trailer?!?!?!?

Is this punishment because of my one man campaign to have Tom Hanks cast as Commodore Decker??

15. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 12, 2012

“old mush”…. LOL… Oh Charming Villain!!! … ;-) :-)

16. CmdrR - August 12, 2012

It would be wonderful to know who he’s playing… and the title of the film he’s playing it in.
This level of secrecy is silly.

17. Anthony Thompson - August 12, 2012

“I had very little time to *establish* the character in that franchise”. The wording of that certainly indicates that he has created a new character.

18. No Khan - August 12, 2012

#17, I agree. Unless he means make Khan his own. Or the guy that kills Khan & takes over.

19. Charla - August 12, 2012

He seems genuinely appreciative and humble. I find that in itself charming by today’s standards. (and that is not only for celebrities.)

It says volumes of his talent to be able to juggle the demands of at least 2-3 major films and keep his sanity. I am looking forward to seeing more his work, I am enjoying Sherlock in the meantime. :)

20. Ben - August 12, 2012

@2… I don’t think they will tell us… I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but if his character is Khan then we will be in the dark until the last possible moment due to the filmmakers fear that if it’s released too soon, then the fandom will backlash and have enough time to fester to hurt the new movie’s overall performance.

One might argue that Abrams and his team are making this not just for the fans but for everyone. Star Trek 12, 2 , or whatever it’s called can’t survive without the millions of Trek fans coming to support it.

If we are as hotly divided over the issue as the studio thinks and Benedict is Khan, then get ready, because “the wait” won’t be over until weeks before the film. And yes, this does imply vague trailers about the movie’s contents.

My two cents… if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. I’m just glad we have new Trek coming soon and our beloved franchise is alive and well once again.

21. Ben - August 12, 2012

Correction on post #20 . . . My reply was directed at #1 and not at #2… sorry for the confusion.

22. William Kirk - August 12, 2012

I think he is Khan…

23. Red Dead Ryan - August 12, 2012

I’m sticking to my prediction of Khan until/unless it’s proven otherwise.

24. Charles Trotter - August 12, 2012

The man in that photo screams KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! to me.

25. TrekMadeMeFat - August 12, 2012

Please stop overestimating the “power” of the fans. It’s not helping our public image one bit.

26. Aurore - August 12, 2012

16. CmdrR – August 12, 2012
“It would be wonderful to know who he’s playing… and the title of the film he’s playing it in.
This level of secrecy is silly.”

What level of secrecy are you talking about?

All the… “evidence”, so far, points to Khan!

You have to be delusional or….Anthony Thompson to think otherwise!!!

Me? I think Anthony’s got a point…


27. RAO - August 12, 2012

It is getting pretty rediculous. Just tell us who it is already! Those who will complain that it’s Khan will have complained if BC was playing Redshirt Ensign #3. Since the studio/producers seemingly have no interest in promoting the film, let us work up the buzz! We’ve got no title, no footage, no villain, and no god damn first officer to replace him. Or, something like that. We’ve waited 3 1/2 years through delays, side projects, and rumors. Is it so much to ask for a morsel to get us excited again?

I’ve gone out of my way to watch some of BC’s work. The guy is off the charts amazing. While I thought Benecio Del Toro would’ve been the ideal pick for Khan due to his resemblance, there’s no doubt BC will be to this franchise what Ledger was to the Nolan Batman franchise. I believe in The ‘Batch! I would’ve loved (and who knows, it could happen) to see him play a young Chang. Am I the only one who could picture BC spinning in the command chair quoting Shakespeare?

28. Thomas - August 12, 2012

Way off-topic, but I thought everyone here would be interested. There’s a new article on featuring Leonard Nimoy’s appearance in a demonstration video for Magnavox Laserdisc players:

29. Sebastian S. - August 12, 2012

# 16. CmdrR~


The level of cloak and dagger secrecy is silly; and it’s making me a bit apathetic, to be honest. I won’t be giving a real, concrete damn until I hear something on the record, and no more of these coy rumors and misdirection. This attitude of secrecy is a bit condescending, IMO.

30. Driver - August 12, 2012

Leonard is the man! In the future, everyone will wear all white clothes. Magnavision was the model T of DVD. I owned two Laserdisc players and could not believe a movie could fit onto a CD sized disc.

31. Sebastian S. - August 12, 2012

# 28


Thanks for posting that! Takes me back about 30 years. ;-D
My family had laserdisc and even CED videodiscs. We had ALL the losing formats in those days (think we even had a couple of 8-track players back then as well).

That was a hilarious video. ;-)

32. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 12, 2012

So Cumberbatch is in this? Huh. Any word on who he might be playing?

33. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 12, 2012


34. This is going to be a long year - August 12, 2012

If we have to wait until the Bond movie for a teaser trailer this is going to be annoying. It would be nice to have the date of when the trailer will land.

But I have to give it to these guys. It has been a long time since a sci-fi movie had so few leaks. They must have wiped the minds of the cast and crew. Or they have very scary lawyers.

35. Craiger - August 12, 2012

What if Cumberbatch is Kang, Koloth or Kor?

36. CJS - August 12, 2012

At this point I don’t really care who Cumberbatch will be playing in the Star Trek movie. All the faux secrecy drama created by Abrahms and the rest of the supreme crap have left me apathetic about the whole project. I’ll probably wait to catch a Saturday matinee three weeks after the opening for $5.

37. Anthony Lewis - August 12, 2012

We’ve got to be getting a teaser soon. I mean Man of Steel has their teaser out and that comes out a month later than Trek does.

38. This is going to be a long year - August 12, 2012

Are they likely to release a teaser on the web first or in theaters?

Usually there is some buzz leading up to the trailer release.

I’m surprised Anthony hasn’t given us some hints on this.

39. This is going to be a long year - August 12, 2012

For these types of movies don’t the producers start dropping hints with the fan sites about what is around the corner to start up the viral marketing?

40. Punkspocker - August 12, 2012

He couldnt be more adorable. He’s both physical and cerebral. I’ve joined the ranks of Cumberbabes!

41. Commodore Adams - August 12, 2012

Wonderful actor, can’t wait to see him as a villain in Star Trek. Still wondering who he will be playing considering they were looking at Latin actors. I am also getting very antsy for a teaser trailer….9 months to go boys lets get her going.

42. Adolescent Nightmare - August 12, 2012

Maybe they are sad that so many people are going to end up saying Cumby was the better Khan. I’ve seen how they get when you don’t worship the same things they do.

43. CAPT KRUNCH - August 12, 2012

Khan, GaryMitchell, or Harry Mudd or somebody else…it will be a great performance…He is s superb actor and I know it will be great!

44. Jack - August 12, 2012

25. Amen.

37. Yes, but Man of Steel started filming a year ago, six months before Trek started filming. They were done a lot earlier. It’s only been just over two months since Trek finished filming.

Heck. We’re seeing Skyfall trailers now — three months before it hits theatres. The teaser came out in late May, just under 6 months before the release.

I predict: no teaser until at least mid-fall. I hope I’m wrong.

45. ProtoVulcan - August 12, 2012

It is time the production team took a moment to remember what it is like NOT being in in the production and let out some “spoilers” like guest character names.

It’s hard to get too excited about Alice Eve, Peter Weller, Benedict Cumberbatch, Noel Clarke, Nazneen Contractor, or Anjini Taneja Azhar or anyone else when you have NO IDEA who they are playing.

At least we know who Bruce Greenwood is, but these guys need to lighten up and let some info out.

‘Man of Steel’ already has a trailer and it comes out a month later.

Time to start generating buzz instead of killing interest with a total lockdown on information.

46. RAO - August 12, 2012

45. I always forget Weller is in this film as well, in an apparently major role. All the focus has been on who The Batch is playing, but it wouldn’t shock me if Weller steals the show. Could he be playing a Paxton decendent (or Paxton himself, say held in suspended animation) who uses Khan and the augments as the muscle to take over Earth and rid it of “inferior races”? Even if one is unfamiliar with Enterprise, his character and backstory wouldn’t be difficult to explain nor take much time.

47. Bill Peters - August 12, 2012

So looking Forward to the Character this man will play.

48. Ahmed - August 12, 2012

@45. ProtoVulcan – August 12, 2012

Totally agree with you there. It is becoming really ridiculous that they are holding basic information about the movie.

I don’t understand the wisdom of that.

49. Darth Doorchime - August 12, 2012

You people sound like you demand to know what is in the Christmas wrapping before you open your presents.

50. eowyn - August 12, 2012

I was actually convinced with that statement that he’s playing an original character.

51. A - August 12, 2012

Rebecca Hall is hawt!!! When will this show air in America?

52. Ahmed - August 12, 2012

@ 49. Darth Doorchime – August 12, 2012

“You people sound like you demand to know what is in the Christmas wrapping before you open your presents”

No, we don’t. We are asking for simple press release which include the very basic information about any new movie, the title, the plot, the main characters name.. etc.

We are not asking for the secret of the A bomb.

53. Jack - August 12, 2012

45. Man of Steel has just a teaser. Just like Trek did the first time sround. And, like I said above — Man of Steel filming started a year ago and waa over before Trek even started filming. So they’ve had a lot more time to get even those small snippets through post-production.

I get that people are excited and impatient, but all this ‘they’re dooming the movie’ the-sky-is-falling ‘ talk drives me nuts.

Me, I really dig that they’re taking the time not to reveal all this crap. It involves a lot of work by a bunch of people to keep something like this under wraps. And fans really don’t seem to appreciate it — they just blather on about Abrams’ crazy secrecy (as if the only reason there aren’t leaks is because JJ is really, really bossy and just wrote a really stern all-caps memo one day). This has to be a concerted effort.

54. Borj - August 12, 2012

It’s funny because the other site I frequent, also has an article with this interview and it’s about him playing Smaug. He’s got a lot of surprises in store for the pop culture world. Sherlock’s fake death, Smaug’s appearance, The Necromancer’s role and the worst kept secret in Hollywood- his Star Trek character.

55. Allan - August 12, 2012

I heard Parade’s End will complete HBO’s war series. Hope it’s as good as The Pacific, Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. Looking forward to the Stoppardian script.

56. Jack - August 12, 2012

“Time to start generating buzz instead of killing interest with a total lockdown on information.”

Heck, you’re here commenting. That certainly indicates interest.

Everyone who complains about the lack of information usually brings up the need to build buzz. How are a few meaningless names going to build buzz? And what does building buzz even mean. There’s been media interest all along, and there will be plenty by the time of press tours and the barrage of trailers and tv spots. If anything, the “who’s Cumberbatch” playing?” is pretty great publicity — going by the explosion of stories everytime an actor hints at who it might be. It’s a year away and the actors are getting asked constantly — so revealing the answer, with months still to go doesn’t seem like a particularly effective way to increase interest.

Basically, you guys are arguing — “Everybody’s dying to find out who the villain is, but if they don’t tell us in advance, and do it soon, we won’t want to see the movie, to find out who the villain is.”

57. Manyota - August 12, 2012

Well Ben, just take it. It’s a fact that many many women and also men do fancy you! They don’t do that because you’re ugly or untalented or without charisma.

58. LizardGirl - August 12, 2012

56 Jack
Me thinks you know what he means by “generating buzz”.

Trekkers are going to be interested regardless. But… will everyone else be?….About a sequel taking place 4 YEARS after the first movie? My friends have told me, honestly, that if I hadn’t mentioned there would be a Star Trek sequel, they wouldn’t have known about it. THAT’S your average audience. And not all of them have a handy dandy Trek buddie.

Now I get where you’re coming from to a degree, but you can’t blame people for being frustrated. But yes, of course we’ll go see the movie (and by “we” I mean fans, can’t speak for the general audience). Your last statement was an oversimplifying way of looking at those who want to see a measly 30 second teaser (just a bunch of vague images strung together–spiffy and official, but hardly spoiling a plot). To boil it down to that argument makes it sound like those who fall into that group are irrational. Not so at all. I kind of want to believe you were being a little humorous *shrug*. But everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

Not to be rude, but am I correct in guessing you’d call the knowledge of a title an unnecessary spoiler? Because that seems to be a major gripe as well. Whether you’re pro secrecy or not you have to admit that the official release of a title should’ve happened by now.

59. La Reyne d'Epee - August 13, 2012

I seem to recall there was a time when there was no internet and all the info you got about a film happened around the time of its release. Never stopped there being queues around the block for anything.

Or do we all suffer from a big attention deficit problem these days?

60. - August 13, 2012

No doubt he will be great as he is in everything he does.

I just want Christopher Nolan to take on the franchise once the current team decide it is time to move on.

61. RAO - August 13, 2012

“49. You people sound like you demand to know what is in the Christmas wrapping before you open your presents.”

When they’re asking me to buy the presents, I think I should at least know what color the wrapping paper is.

62. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 13, 2012

I think emotional would be a better term than delusional.

63. Aurore - August 13, 2012

“I think emotional would be a better term than delusional.”

No! NO! NO! NOooooooooooooOooooooooooooooO!

Not emotional . NOT EMOTIONAaaaaaaaaaaaL!!!!

Who the h*ll is emotional over here?! DELUSIONAL is the better term!




64. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 13, 2012

I cannont see Cumberbatch palying anyone but Gary Mitchell.

65. Aurore - August 13, 2012

“I cannont see Cumberbatch palying anyone but Gary Mitchell.”

Stop it, TrekMadeMeWonder….

It’s Khan. Think of the evidence. And, remember not to contradict me. Ever.


66. SoonerDave - August 13, 2012

I believe the powers that be know there is no practical way to disclose a trailer, title, character, or substantive story hint without disclosing a significant thematic element of the movie. That Cumberbatch was brought on late and in a hurry, not very long after negotiations with Benicio del Toro fell through, sure makes it hard to avoid speculation that Cumberbatch is doing a “re-imagined” Khan character, or one based perhaps on a Khan subordinate.

We all know what a Khan story would so here in terms of lighting the speculative fire, and I think Orci, Abrams, et al, just aren’t ready to spend the next year trying to control the spin. So they’re content to release nothing at all.

Disappointing for fans, to be sure, because it always seems that Trek as a franchise has variations on these odd little gremlins surrounding it in terms of publicity, but c’est la vie.. If I were running the show, I’d surely find a way to release *something*, but I’m not, so all I can do is wait, watch, and wish :)

67. Uberbot - August 13, 2012

I heard from an inside source The Batch is playing the Queen Tribble. You can roll your eyes and ignore this post, but mark my words…Queen Tribble…

A Shakespeare-quoting Queen Tribble!


68. Red Dead Ryan - August 13, 2012

You know, instead of releasing a traditional trailer which J.J Abrams doesn’t want to do right now, maybe they can produce a small, 5-10 minute movie that has nothing to do with the sequel itself and release it online. An “in-between” adventure perhaps. That would generate some buzz without spoiling anything.

69. The Last Vulcan - August 13, 2012

If Cumby is gonna play Dr. Who in Trek I’m gonna shoot myself… :)

70. Uberbot - August 13, 2012

#68 — How bout they just cut the shit and tell us who the damned villain is?! LOL!!!

71. SoonerDave - August 13, 2012

@69 That thought has crossed my mind more that once, and not with a chuckle, either. That would be a nuclear-caliber mistake.

72. This is going to be a long year - August 13, 2012

#68 I like your idea. Now you just need to convince Orci to get the gang together and shoot a short film :)

Could you imagine if after all this time all they did was issue a press release that says and the vilain is…

The only way to introduce the villain is with a proper and awesome trailer. Either they establish the villain in the public’s mind with a bang or they lose control of the message to the media and fans.

73. Gary Neumann - August 13, 2012

What about a trailer similar to the first dark knight trailer. Simple animation, no scenes, just voices! It was quite good.

74. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 13, 2012

I bow to Aurore forever more here on TM.

I’d adize youz’all to wise up, too!

75. The Last Vulcan - August 13, 2012

@71 When I saw that bizarre crossover comic and then the hints being dropped that there are some aspects of the comics that build up to the movie I started to get queasy. All we need is a damn phone booth in the transporter room and I’ll swear off Trek forever. Maybe they can go all the way and have Apollo land a Viper on the shuttledeck and then get a Sith Lord in a nice lightsaber battle with Dr. Zachary Smith on the bridge. YUCK! :(

76. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 13, 2012

Cumberbatch is a fast up and coming A List Actor and he is also a genuine guy who is humble. kind of reminds me of one Ricardo Montalban. I can’t wait to see what he does in Trek.
Speaking of up and coming A List. You can put Chris Pine and Zoe in that list as well. The Rest of the cast are strong B list.

77. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 13, 2012

Bob Orci is a strong B List as well. But if he make s agreat Trek. The he will be an A+++++ Writter. Lol.

78. RAO - August 13, 2012

76. Agreed, and many are already A-lost supporting actors. Pegg and Yelchin have already been main characters in major films, Urban’s Judge Dredd looks like it could be huge, and Cho was… Umm… Harold? The downside to the new cast being legit stars is that we are unlikely to get more then 3 films and no chance in hell of a TV show. It’s unfortunate from that perspective because they nailed the casting, even those who are nothing like their TOS counterparts are still great actors who bring much to the table.

79. silver - August 13, 2012

Zachary Quinto is A-List

in fact he didnt even need star trek as much as chirs pine did.

Zack played one of the most iconic villian of all time….SYLAR.

And even though Heroes season 2-4 sucked.

Zack’s polarity as Sylar throughout the entire series was still a fan and critic favorite.

80. RAO - August 13, 2012

80. How does one become an A-list TV actor?

81. JohnnieHF - August 13, 2012

Just a thought – but in the alternate universe, could Kahn have been killed when first found (or died in transport) and the villain is his second in command?

82. Captain hackett - August 13, 2012

10. Captain Bill

Don’t yell!

Anyways I concur with your posting.

83. Aurore - August 13, 2012

“I’d adize youz’all to wise up, too!”




I never thought it would be Khan. Still don’t.

I’m “emotional” like that !

84. Jeff - August 13, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch is really amazing, definitely check out his new film coming out on iTunes called “Third Star” too. He does a great job acting in that film, and it is an interesting, different role for him, although he is good at making us sad in his films! haha

85. SoonerDave - August 13, 2012

@75 – I’m right there with you – if JJ and crew were trying a stunt like that, I think that’d be finis for me. I can’t fathom they’d *actually* do something insane like that, so the rational side of my head dismisses the idea…..but the irrational part of me points out that it would make perfect sense why they couldn’t dare release any form of information about the plot, or the Cumberbatch character.

86. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 13, 2012

Hi Aurore. Tooo funny! LOL!

Although I am having real bad Trek-spasms right now after some of the recent timelord posts.

Although they did say they we’re having trouble titling this new Trek. If the Who-rumors are are correct the new title would simple be…



Alternately, the JJTrekuniverse has had trouble out of the gate with the dangers of tamering with the timeline. Maybe they will do such a hideous thing. Star Trek always has paid a certain admiral allegiance to the Brits.

I wonder what TrekMovie’s ‘ol “British Naval Dude” (RIP) would have had to say about that?

87. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 13, 2012

Oh my.

I just got the Transporter joke above @ 75. The Last Vulcan.

Funny!!! Very funny!

88. The Quickening - August 13, 2012


Your comparison isn’t fair because the producers of MAN OF STEEL at least revealed basic info about their movie way before a teaser trailer was released. With TREK ’13, we have zero info AND no teaser trailer, which is just silly.

89. Not as bad as I seem to some - August 13, 2012

Have I been banned?

90. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 13, 2012

Hellooo Anthony Pascale … Keachick/Rose is in “Trouble with TrekMovie”…

She said:

“I did reply to your post on but it did not go through. In fact, none of my posts have appeared on the board since Saturday (NZ time) and I am not sure why. I just hope Anthony hasn’t banned me because he finds me too controversial or something.

I see that you have been able to post, so could you do me a favour and mention on the latest thread to do with Benedict Cumberbatch [and yes, I love that comment he made about his “mush”…:)] the problems I am having so that perhaps the trekmovie staff might find out what is happening.”

I hope this helps!….. ;-) :-)

91. The Last Vulcan - August 13, 2012

@77, boborci a B-list? You’d have to be in one helluva not-so-parallel universe to not put him at the very top of the Hollywood A-list of hyphenates.
@85, although I don’t rationally think that they would do something so profoundly mad, I’ve been in enough script meetings that ran off the rails and all of a sudden something that should never have been seriously considered starts sounding pretty good to include in the plot and BANG! You’re either classed forever as a savant or an idiot. Fine line between genius and insanity, especially in Hollywood. A little backstory about V-Ger being found by the cybermen and modified by the Borg, and the Time Lord wanting to set everything straight after the Narada messed up the timeline, etc. etc. etc. I can only PRAY that this is not the case… But… if JJ & Co. did something so ludicrous AND they believed that it made for a great movie anyway they MIGHT JUST BE HOLDING BACK to keep the inevitable avalanche of catcalls from starting. They might be waiting for people to see the movie and walk out saying… I never thought Dr. Who and Trek could work together but they did…
@87, thank ya, thank ya…
@89, no, but I’ll be happy to recommend to Anthony that you be banned if you like. :)

92. Keachick - August 13, 2012

Hello, I am actually Keachick, that mountain parrot who has had to leave her wee fledglings to come and sort out why posts have not been going through.

Anthony – Is this site not recognizing some email addresses from some overseas ISP? Another poster asked the same question, after clearly having problems posting here.

I don’t have great reams of wisdom to impart or anything. I did like Benedict Cumberbatch’s reference to his “mush”…he seems to be a really cool guy.

Anyway here goes…

93. Red Dead Ryan - August 13, 2012


Heh heh! Look who’s come crawling back! Though a little late, but just as I predicted!


94. RAO - August 13, 2012

There’s absolutely no way in hell they’d do a Doctor Who crossover. Maybe I just have faith in the court. If I’m wrong… Well then, start speculation on who would be writing and directing the following movie. Assuming there would be a next movie.

95. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - August 13, 2012

Um…Aurore…? Never mind.

96. rose by any other name - August 13, 2012

Hahaha. Please, Red Dead Ryan, refrain from trying to be funny lest you do yourself an injury.

As I wrote, it would appear that this site does not recognize non-American ISP addresses, hence the need for Keachick to leave her family. I do not know if other non-US contributors to this site have experienced the same difficulties that I have had over the last few days. Given that this is on what is supposed to a worldwide web, then there may be a problem, possibly with it not being able to recognize posts coming from the Southern Hemisphere.

In case you had not realized, I happen to come as an old-fashioned rose, you know, the one that has a delicate fragrant perfume and petals and thorns to protect itself. Just the way it is. You know what they say – “c’est la vie”.

97. rose by any other name - August 13, 2012

If Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a villain, then he definitely will not be playing Dr Who. On the other hand, he could be The Master…

Anyway, I thought that was my idea for the Tardis to turn up in the transporter room of the USS Enterprise. Of course, that would mean that Matt Smith/Dr Who would be in the Star Trek sequel…Oh my giddiyo – no wonder JJ and co are keeping everything very secret. After all, they don’t want to spoil a little girl’s surprise on her 11th birthday (my daughter, Michelle). That definitely would NOT be *cricket*…:)!

Keep up the good work/secret, JJ Abrams and co.

98. LizardGirl - August 13, 2012


I seriously wondered where you were. I’ve too had issues with posting, but I live in the U.S. so I have no idea what’s going on. I also wondered if I was banned! I didn’t get a response or solution, sorry. My posts just started being accepted again like yours. That aside, it’s nice to see you again!

99. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 14, 2012

Honestly at this point i am more excited about STC, and the revamped Phase II, than I am about the new star trek film. Have a feeling that both of those will be truer to the spirt of what makes star trek great at this point. I am not saying I wont see,the new movie I am not saying i wont end up loving it. Just saying the secrecy B.S. is begining to wear thin. you can give little character details and the name of the villian without ruining the expereince of watching the movie.
to me the silence is deafening, and says much more about where i should set my expectations at than if they would just say the who character he is playing allready.

100. Aurore - August 14, 2012

95. moauvian waoul – aka: seymour hiney – August 13, 2012
“Um…Aurore…? Never mind.”



101. Aurore - August 14, 2012

86. TrekMadeMeWonder – August 13, 2012

“….Although I am having real bad Trek-spasms right now after some of the recent timelord posts.”

…..I, on the other hand, am LOVING it.
Do I think there will be such a “crossover”?!
………………Not. At. All.

But, what’s wrong with a little speculation?!

That’s called CREATIVITY, “homie”!


102. - August 14, 2012

I would prefer he were playing queen tribble than Khan.

A shakespear quoting queen tribble would just be icing.

103. Aurore - August 14, 2012

“A shakespear quoting queen tribble would just be icing.”

…Lieutenant Uhura could be rubbing the queen’s belly during all the Shakespeare quoting thing scenes…..

…Ay, there’s the rub….for it could be deemed too daring…..too creative…maybe…

104. No Khan - August 14, 2012

@ 76, “kind of reminds me of one Ricardo Montalban.” Wow talk about seeing what you want to see. What happens when it turns out he’s not playing Khan?

105. Frederick - August 14, 2012

I had the same thought cross my mind… Joachim! Khan is nipped in the bud by Old Spock’s tip, but they fail to reckon with the wrath of Joachim!

Could be… maybe we (but you said it first) have stumbled onto the truth and not even know it.

106. Frederick - August 14, 2012

This is for myself and JohhnieHF (post #81) who think that Benedict is playing Judson Scott’s character of Joachim instead of Khan. Perhaps Khan was stopped in advance by Old Spock’s foreknowledge, but Joachim steps in to fulfill the role his leader would have taken. Here is a side-by-side comparision of the two actors… TELL ME that they don’t resemble!

I’m for this theory.

107. Tony B - August 14, 2012

The Steve McQueen the article refers to is not a joke or error, and doesn’t refer to the American Icon. He’s a Black British Director – his most recent film is Shame with Michael Fassbender.

108. Aurore - August 14, 2012

“….he is also a genuine guy who is humble. kind of reminds me of one Ricardo Montalban.”


I think Emperor Mike of the Empire was referring to Mr. Cumberbatch ‘s character ( personality ) rather than he was alluding to any physical resemblance to Ricardo Montalbán.

109. Uberbot - August 14, 2012

#106 — I said that a LONNNNNNG time ago…no one really responded at the time. LOL!!

110. RAO - August 14, 2012

106. It’s a cool idea but wouldn’t work for the movies. These are films made for mass audiences. If you’re basically doing the Khan story, but without a minor character and killing Khan off shortly into the story (or even before it) you’re going to turn away much of the audience. Imagine if The Joker died early in the Dark Knight and one of his henchmen is the villain for the rest of the flick. Or, more aptly in JJ’s case, you do a remake of Star Wars but kill Vader off in the first scene and have Luke saber fight the lead Stormtrooper in the climax. Not to mention Jachim would be what, 10-15 years old?

111. CoffeeProf - August 14, 2012

How bout you guys chill out and wait for the movie to come out. I, for one, am glad not to be spoiled about the movie.

112. Harry Ballz - August 14, 2012

Only a spoiled child would demand spoilers!

113. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 15, 2012

111, once more i will repeat, saying what character he is playing is not a spoiler, annoucning the title is NOT a spoiler.

And I will repeat my earlier comment, I am more excited about STC and the phase II revamp at this point than i am Star Wa… errrr Star Trek XII.

A big kudos to everyone involved in those productions, for a fraction of the budget, your teams have managed to get fans talking and excited and stay true to what makes great trek.

114. - August 15, 2012

“A big kudos to everyone involved in those productions, for a fraction of the budget, your teams have managed to get fans talking and excited and stay true to what makes great trek.”


No disrespect but if you’re suggesting most fans are more excited about phase 2 than the next movie you are completely wrong.

115. The Last Vulcan - August 15, 2012

The number of people who are going to watch Phase 2 vs. the ones who will watch JJST2 are similar… there’s just a tiny difference of adding SIX ZEROS! :)

116. T'Cal - August 15, 2012

I agree with those who are frustrated, angered, disappointed, and insulted by the unnecessary and extreme level of secrecy on such major details as the title of the film, the general plot, and the character that BC will be playing. This is absurd! I’m outta here until I read this info in a general news source like the Chicago Trib or Sun-Times. I can see it now. Four days before it opens at theaters, the papers will post an article with the headline, “Star Track 2 opens Friday; title & plot still unknown and no one cares.”

117. Uberbot - August 15, 2012

#111 — Exactly!!! Knowing who the villain is is not the same as knowing the plot and details! THAT would be spoiling it…

118. Robman007 - August 15, 2012

You guys better watch out…if you start talking about the lack of promotion on this film, you will be labeled “spoiled” and “entitled” and looked down upon in a very un star trek way.

Those folks seem to ignore that knowing that the film featured Bane/Selina Kyle, some minor plot details and having teasers released a year + before release did zero harm to The Dark Knight Rises.

Just beware.

119. Jack - August 15, 2012

And Bane/Selina Kyle weren’t really the villains in the piece — we weren’t told that Miranda Tate is the daughter of Ras Al Ghul and she’s pulling Bane’s strings, or that Wayne dies in the end, but doesn’t really, that he ends up with Kyle and that Joseph Gordon Levitt becomes the next Robin/Batman.

You guys are silly.

120. Jack - August 15, 2012

116. T’Cal, way to support Trek. By constantly whining and forecasting doom — all because you personally don’t know the details 9 months before a film hits theatres.

121. rose by any other name - August 15, 2012

Nine months away from release and everyone wants to know what a pee stick test is still unable to determine?…;)

Give it say another month, then the result will be definitive and most likely a one big fat POSITIVE. The last thing I need right is either a false negative or a false positive.

JJ Abrams and his team are not obliged to behave like other movie production teams and I find it presumptuous and rude of many of you to berate the Bad Robot team (along with Paramount Pictures) because they don’t do as other directors/studios do. Anyway, Paramount celebrated its 100th anniversary which means it must have been doing something right when it came to making movies and publicising them in order to have survived so long…Honestly, cut the crap!

122. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 15, 2012

Oh, Sarek! I hate this whole time travel idea!!!!

How the hell would Spock Prime even be in the ST09 movie with knowledge of the “future” if his universe’s TIMELINE was affected by the events of ST09?

It has to be a parallel universe. If that’s the case then how would Spock Prime even know about Khan. IT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!

As I am sure we will see as the plot unfolds in ST13. You cannot have the egg before the chicken or the Spock-Prime before the Alt-Khan.

123. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 15, 2012


I see it.

I meant to say:

“You cannot have the chicken before the egg.”

124. Colin - August 15, 2012

Steve McQueen is a director you idiots

125. Wipster - August 15, 2012

I wonder how long it will tke for an entire feature film to be all CGI, human (and Vulcan) characters included, so that new adventures using the original timelines and canon can be created, such as the end of the original 5-year mission, etc. It’s probably possible now, judging by the CGI of people seen in recent animated movies, such as “Puss n Boots.” Watching these on bluray on a 10 ft. screen with a good projector is nothing less than stunning and until they pan to the faces, it’s very difficult to tell the character is computer generated. I expect the same can be done for the voices as well. While it’s exciting in some ways, it’s somewhat scary in others, since it will be very hard to determine what is real (mostly) and what is Memorex (to borrow a line from an old commercial). I would bet that legal and licensing problems aare wht’s currently holding up. I give it five years before we either see a TV show or major motion picture that is completely CGI but indistinguishable from a real live performance.

Peace and Love for Ringo!

126. LizardGirl - August 15, 2012

@118 Robman007 Agreed and noted!

@119 I’m not sure where you’re coming from in this post, Jack. First, you seem to be against any knowledge of the Trek movie at this time (like a…title maybe?). But in this post you seem to have done a 180. Seemed to, I don’t know.

You’re right, we weren’t told all the little details of a nearly 3 hr movie (who expects that anyway?). What’s your point? What I mean is, what are you getting at? Are you just stating facts about the Dark Knight Rises or are you debating/ comparing something? I don’t want to jump to a wrong conclusion:

i.e. “Oh, Jack is saying that we should know something by now, like with the Batman movie. Even though we knew who the characters were it’s not like we really knew what role Bane or Selina Kyle played in the movie (hero, villain, anti-hero, etc), or that Levitt is the next Robin/Batman, etc. We knew the characters but it’s not like we’re spoiled on the plot!” And to be honest, if you read any Batman comics, especially the ones with Bane, then you kind of already knew some things, but that wouldn’t stop you from seeing it.

Which is where I stand, kind of. Actually, I couldn’t give a crap who the villain is anymore. I know Benedict will play the villain character and I’m more than okay with that. I don’t even care what the plot is because I know whatever it is, it’ll be good. I’m just tired of this movie being called the “Yet or Still Untitled Star Trek Movie” when I’m aware of movies coming out in 2014 that already have a title. That is irritating to me.

Also, there are A LOT of people posting here so I’m not sure who you’re calling silly and considering that you post here as well…?

127. rose by any other name - August 15, 2012

Interesting article about spoilers/teasers re the Dr Who franchise –

128. rose by any other name - August 15, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch is supposed to be playing a leading character in the next movie, presumably going up against the established characters, ie Kirk, Spock etc and the USS Enterprise. Clearly, it would appear that revealing Cumberbatch’s character would be giving too much away, hence we are told nothing.

Titles can mean very little and can be changed closer to a movie’s release date. Most are just working titles anyway, which aren’t set in stone.

I don’t understand why the need to make comparisons with what other film makers are doing. Gosh, ye of little faith…

129. rose by any other name - August 15, 2012

“Since JJ Abrams is probably considered one of the big *cheeses* in Hollywood at the moment” said my better half, I thought this link could be appropriate, given what is constantly being discussed by people:

130. The Last Vulcan - August 15, 2012

@128: “Clearly, it would appear that revealing Cumberbatch’s character would be giving too much away, hence we are told nothing.” Exactly. And that’s what scares the beejeezus outta me. If we didn’t know that Cavill’s Supes is going up against Zod and were told absolutely nothing about the characters, we might start to wonder whether the villain is going to be Mr. Mxyzptlk or Jon Peters’ damned mechanical spider. Now I don’t put past JJ that HE could pull off one of those (although Zack Snyder certainly couldn’t), so there may be a certain bravado to do something so completely off the wall that it WOULD satisfy audiences but would have to be left until the last minute to reveal to keep the inevitable catcalls from cascading down. Can you imagine if Cumby was playing Harry Mudd or Mugatu? Or one of the crossovers a la Dr. Who such as a member of the X-Men or the Legion of Super Heroes? Or help me out with this… what 80s sitcom dream sequence had Worf guiding some silly kid around the Ent-D?

131. Jack - August 16, 2012

Lizard Girl, I’ve said it before ad nauseum — if someone is annoyed by the lack of news and details, fair enough. I’m anxious too. I can’t argue with that. What bugs me is predicting doom for Trek and making all sorts of comparisons to other films like TDKR and Man of Steel and then saying how lousy this team is etc. because they haven’t matched that schedule. That’s what bugs me. Yep, Bane and Selina Kyle were known in advance, that gets mentioned constantly on this site. With tge suggestion that because Nolan made these revelations, therefore JJ’s secrecy is unnecessary. My only point is that this comparison is faulty because A LOT of other stuff was kept secret in The Dark Knight Rises — Nolan wouldn’t confirm that Ras Al Ghul was in it.

I’m anxious for details too. But note that the campaigns for plenty of other movies (the Avengers, Skyfall) were/are much more guarded than a lot of us here seem to think.

For months — daily and repeatedly, before they even started filming there’ve been the exact same complaints about secrecy and the constant refrain of “Chris Nolan told us Bane and Catwoman were in his movie and it didn’t hurt it, why can’t these guys tell us what’s going to be in Trek”

At no point have I ever said that fans are wrong to want details or a teaser trailer — but there’s a difference between wanting and whining, complaining and saying that the film will bomb because these guys have waited too long and no buzz was built.

I really am done here. After years of mostly intelligent, thoughtful interactions (with a few disagreements) with folks like MJ and plenty of others — I don’t have the energy left for posters like you. Thanks for dumbing things down.

132. Ralph Pinheiro - August 16, 2012

Star Trek sequel costs $185 million. Source: Los Angeles Times

133. LizardGirl - August 16, 2012

@133 You’re absolutely welcome!

But in case you come back, here’s my apology. I actually posted something like this on the other article.

I pushed too hard and hurt you. I’m sorry. That was not my intention. I was debating, you weren’t in a debating mood. I didn’t know that. I truly am sorry. Please forgive?

134. LizardGirl - August 16, 2012

CORRECTION: post 133 directed to post 131.

135. Harry Ballz - August 16, 2012

I wonder how much Benedict Cumberbatch got paid for doing the sequel.

Guesses, anyone?

He’s not a BIG star just yet, so maybe 3 million plus a percentage?

136. The Last Vulcan - August 16, 2012

@135 Yeah, I think you’re pretty close, but if he got a % it’s the typical Hollywood joke where NO movie EVER makes money when it comes to determining profit. I don’t know how the heck the IRS lets them get away with it but they’ve been doing the same thing for a century.

137. rose by any other name - August 16, 2012

#135 – I believe that $3 million (plus percentage) is what Chris Pine is supposed to be getting this time round. What he was receiving for this sequel was revealed when the SDB Agency filed a lawsuit against Chris Pine with the Los Angeles Supreme Court earlier this year. So I doubt that Benedict Cumberbatch will be getting as much.

Thankfully, the problems between the SDB Agency and Chris Pine were settled out of court and Chris is now signed with another agency.

It seems that one of my posts got deleted. Maybe Bob Orci or someone got offended. I did not mean offense – just thought it was amusing, although I could see how some posters here could use it to do some more mud slinging against Abrams and co. Don’t know what goes on; just don’t get it sometimes; perhaps it’s just as well…oh well…sigh.

138. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - August 16, 2012

114 No i wasnt suggesting that, I was saying I am at this point actually more excited about the two fan projects than i am the official movie sequel. I went on to congratulate them on to say that they have done a great job at getting fans excited for stories that look to stay true to the True ideals and core of what made TOS so great.

119, any one with even just a slight knowledge of Batman knew that Catwoman isnt really a villian, more of anti hero/foil for Wayne/Batman.

And while BANE might not be the big bad of the movie, that doesnt mean he wasnt villian. I mean thats like saying Darth Vader wasnt the villian of ESB, or ROTJ, or that Darh Maul wasnt the Villian of Phantom Meanace. Cause its the emperor pulling all the strings.

Bye Bye JACK :)
though i suspect like the others on here who say I am gone, You’ll be back

139. CJS - August 16, 2012

Avengers sequel to open on May 1, 2015. I already know that Thanos will be the villain.

140. Harry Ballz - August 16, 2012


rose, I think Cumberbatch is at LEAST as well-known (worldwide) as Chris Pine.

141. Red Dead Ryan - August 16, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch’s rise to worldwide fame has come faster than Chris Pine’s, who needed several big movies over the past five years to get to where he stands in Hollywood today. Word of mouth spread about Cumberbatch’s performance as Sherlock Holmes and also his role in “Tinker, Tinker, Soldier, Spy”.

Both are damn good actors.


I watched “Jaws” on Blu Ray a couple of nights ago, and it looked stunning. Steven Spielberg and co. did an great job remastering the movie.

142. rose by any other name - August 16, 2012

You could be right about that, Harry. I guess I was looking at what pay he might get in relation to whether he plays a main character and how much screen time he has. Presumably the more screen time you have, the more work you have to do…

I am aware, of course, that some other A-List actors can get a lot for very little in the way of screen time simply because they are a well-known name, but I am not sure that either Chris Pine or Benedict Cumberbatch would be in that category.

I am not sure I like that method of remuneration. I think that people should get paid for what they actually do on any one project, not simply because of who they are. This seems to be a much fairer way of doing things.`

On the other hand, Bruce Greenwood did not get nearly as much screen time as the other main players, but what he did bring to the overall feel and look of Star Trek in terms of gravitas is undeniable. This does raise the question of just how much remuneration should this actor get, playing the Pike character in the way that he did…

143. BulletInTheFace - August 16, 2012

I like this thread. It’s excitin’!

144. Harry Ballz - August 16, 2012


rose, you bring up some good points. Greenwood probably didn’t get paid what he’s worth for what he brought to the last Trek film. Go figure.

145. Jerry Seward - August 17, 2012


146. Uberbot - August 17, 2012

I done told ya he’s playing the CumberTribble — the Tribble queen!!! :-)~

147. The Last Vulcan - August 17, 2012

Completely off topic but I feel for Anthony. It can’t be easy operating a site named trekmovie when there is a gag order in place that not even the Justice Department could match. So it’s like: “let’s spend the next year discussing… well… nothing at all, really…” :)

148. TrekmadeMeWonder - August 17, 2012

Come on, The LastVulcan. There have been plenty of leaks already.

And might I add, right now, it is the true logical responsibility for any Trekkie to post whatever they know about the new Trek here at

149. Ciaran - August 17, 2012

“So it’s like: “let’s spend the next year discussing… well… nothing at all, really…” :)”

Hahaha, feels like that most of the time!! LMAO!

150. NuFan - August 17, 2012


The worst kept secret in Hollywood is only a secret on fan sites. The rest of the world does not consider it a secret anymore.

151. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 17, 2012

How about a short article titled, “Fans respond with Star Trek movie leaks!”?

152. BulletInTheFace - August 17, 2012

#150: The rest of the world has no idea what’s going on with this movie. It’s ONLY fan sites that are discussing it.

153. rose by any other name - August 17, 2012

Well, what is known is that principal photography has been done. One of the actors (I think it was Simon Pegg) said that the first six months of this year will be taken up, to a greater or lesser extent, with working on the movie. That seems to have happened – what with Benedict Cumberbatch apparently hanging around the US and only just returning home to Britain and with Chris Pine hanging around California with his girlfriend (apart from when he went to Cannes – no doubt scheduled well in advance and then spending a week or so in Italy…). I don’t know about the other main actors, but I suspect they have hung around as well, as per JJ’s instructions. This would be in case of needing to reshoot some scenes or add in scene(s).

If the news about the Untitled Jack Ryan Movie is correct, filming will start in September at Pinewood Studios, England, so JJ Abrams and co. will only have Chris Pine easily available for another two weeks!

Post-production is well underway – right on schedule and no doubt the team are looking at putting together a teaser/trailer as I write. Nobody needs to know anything. Wait till Christmas/New Year – I think it’s too early to be seeing trailers.

154. The Last Vulcan - August 18, 2012

@148: The only leaks we have so far are:
1) Photos in the old unis which I continue to maintain was completely faked by JJ and does not reflect any footage in the movie
2) A few photos in two new unis (the “Soviet” and the “Gray with color shoulder”)
3) … that’s about it
So we have not an iota of information about the plot, new characters, etc.

@149: Good point, but at least at this point prior to the last movie there was some information leaking out about the presence of Nimoy, who Bana was playing, etc. This time around, zilch.

So yeah, all of these ruminations about JJST2 are really much ado about nothing. Some may find it frustrating while others prefer to get the plot points when they’ve paid their ticket and munching on popcorn. Still puts Anthony and the site between a dilithium crystal and a Horta. :)

155. The Last Vulcan - August 18, 2012

Just to add to the above: JJ is an expert in misinformation seeding to get people off the track. I have maintained all along that the photos in the old unis are deliberately planted to avoid divulging that the movie will be set in the new Grays (with the Soviet being possibly a dress uniform for some Starfleet special assembly) AND that Urban’s Mitchell comment was also a deliberate misdirection. I think that other than the new uni photos to go on the only real revelation to date was Cumby’s mother with her “black leather from head to toe” comment. As SHEER extrapolation, I also continue to maintain that Cumby will be working under some level of prosthetics so both Mitchell and even Khan are OUT as possible characters. My best bet to date remains Klingons. After all, what characters could Del Toro AND Cumby play equally well? Certainly not Mitchell or Khan!

156. Aurore - August 18, 2012

T. R. E. K. : Los Hijos De Kronos

You heard it here first, DamOn!!!


157. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 18, 2012

150. Indeed

158. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 18, 2012

The Last Vulcan. What about the Spock on a rope images and the fight shots too.
That’s a good bit.

159. The Last Vulcan - August 18, 2012

@158, Spock on a rope was most likely legit since there was no view of any unis or pretty well anything else. So Spock is in a spacesuit near a volcano… doesn’t really say anything about the plot. The fight shots are 100% fakes. I am completely convinced that those images will not be in the movie, not a single one of them. IF the first movie TOS unis are in the movie at all, they’ll be only at the very beginning and then the rest of the time they will be the Grays with the color shoulder. The fight with Cumby would likely only happen near the end so zero chance that it happened. I have maintained all along that Cumby wears prosthetics and this was just JJ’s way of getting everyone off the trail. The fight was sooooooooooooooooo fake with really over the top bad acting and awkward staging that there is no way on Earth or any other planet that JJ hasn’t blown up yet that it was ever intended to be in the movie. A masterful JJ fakeout is a total certainty. If I had to bet a buck, I’d say that the most likely character is Kang. They would have changed it from Kor when Del Toro bowed out. I mean if you wanted the ultimate Kor, it would be Benicio, and Cumby could play a very convincing Michael Ansara.

160. Harry Ballz - August 18, 2012

If they hide Cumberbatch’s very expressive face, an actor’s key tool, under a lot of Klingon make-up, I’m going to be royally pissed!

161. Aurore - August 19, 2012

“……..I’m going to be royally pissed!”

Of course you would….. grumpy!

So, what?

162. Aurore - August 19, 2012

As far as I’m concerned, what could really p*ssed me off, as it were, would be to watch a very average sequel.

Since Mr. Cumberbatch himself “promised” a “blindingly brillant” film.

That is exactly what I expect to see.

163. Aurore - August 19, 2012

p*ssed = p*ss


164. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2012


I’d rather be grumpy than frumpy!

165. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

#164 – I’ve been accused of being both…oops, did I say that?…;)

166. Robert McDougal - August 19, 2012


Haha that was the funniest thing ever, but there’s a black director named Steve McQueen.

167. The Last Vulcan - August 19, 2012

@160: Remember Christopher Plummer’s prosthetics were little more than a few forehead wrinkles! I’m sure JJ wouldn’t bury Cumby under a Worf-like forehead and nose. But we’ll see. The question is, if it’s Kang will we see Curzon Dax?:)

168. Aurore - August 19, 2012

“I’d rather be grumpy than frumpy!”


Sir, with all due respect, you are so prejudiced !

I perfectly understand though; for you are lucky enough to be extremely gorgeous and dapper.

Still, have you ever tried being frumpy? Do you realise what you could gain, yes sir, I did say “gain”, by being frumpy?

How do you know you wouldn’t like it?

…..I know, I know, time for you to yawn now……
….Seriously, you beautiful and fashionable people can be so arrogant, sometimes…….


169. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2012

168. Aurore “you are lucky enough to be extremely gorgeous and dapper”

……..and your point is????


Personally, I don’t expect perfection, just a damn sight less imperfection!

170. Aurore - August 19, 2012

“Personally, I don’t expect perfection, just a damn sight less imperfection!”

…Listen to me, beauty queen, your…”handicap”…is your arrogance.

“……..and your point is????”

Aren’t you tired of being objectified by women…and….men?!

Being gorgeous…(and dapper) is sooooooooooooo overrated….

Come on, be reasonable, come to the frumpy side…..


171. Negotiator - August 19, 2012

When is JJ going to throw us a bone?
Is a picture or two from the new movie really going to “spoil” anybody’s enjoyment of the new film?

172. rose by any other name - August 19, 2012

I would describe hobbits as being a bit on the frumpy side, but hey, they are the good guys and know how to enjoy life…Just saying…:)

173. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2012

170. Aurore “come to the frumpy side”

Go on, just say it………..”Luke, I am your hoarder!”

174. Aurore - August 19, 2012

“Go on, just say it………..’Luke, I am your hoarder!’ ”

…..If I were to make any declarations, it would be to Han….grumpy.

175. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2012






Hang rumpy

Who the hell is rumpy?

176. Aurore - August 19, 2012

“Who the hell is rumpy?”

Why do you want to know?

177. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2012

Colour me curious.

178. Aurore - August 20, 2012

“Colour me curious”

Colour me private.


179. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 20, 2012

171. Negotiator

“When is JJ going to throw us a bone?”

When JJ and Co. figure out how to charge us all for the Leaks.

Perhaps a pay-per-view is on the way.

180. Scott - August 20, 2012

He looks about kirk’s age…Could he be playing Finney?

181. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2012

178. Aurore “Colour me private”

Ah, I see, speaking in “Popeye” code as in “blow me down”………and i can see you meant to say, “colour me privates!”

Okay, now where did I put that make-up bag?


182. Phil - August 20, 2012

Rumpy…isn’t that the stage name of the guy in Canada who was chopping up people and throwing them in the mail?

183. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2012

Yes, but he sent them by first class mail so that took some of the sting out of it!

184. Aurore - August 20, 2012

@181. Mr. Ballz.

“Okay, now where did I put that make-up bag?”

…..”I… your hoarderrrrrrrrr…….”


185. Jeffro - August 20, 2012

IMDB has Cumberbatch as Khan. I’d show a link, but the comment filters won’t let me.

186. Phil - August 20, 2012

@185. They have for a while now. Someone puts it in, someone else takes it out.

187. rose by any other name - August 20, 2012

The Cumberbatch fans (“Cumberbitches” – I hate that name – so gross) are convinced that he is playing Khan. I am not sure why though, but there it is.

188. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 20, 2012

Perhaps JJ is say’in Cumberbatch is the perfect human?

189. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2012

184. Aurore ‘I… your hoarderrrrrrrrr”

Gee, I’m sure glad you added the “derrrrrrrrr” part to that particular word!

190. robotmonster - August 20, 2012

Really? Kahn? I don’t see how a pasty Englishman…No offense, mind you I love the “batch,” is going to play a swarthy Latin man playing an Indian(from India). Besides I haven’t heard him sing Volare yet. At any rate it just doesn’t seem like the right casting for him. I really hope it’s not Kahn.

191. Harry Ballz - August 21, 2012

First of all, Bruce Willis was right all those years ago…..

….on a movie set, the crew is mostly made up of teamsters, people who are grossly overpaid for the “job” they perform. These are usually overweight people who sit around in their saggy dirty jeans, drinking coffee and doing nothing while the movie is being made. There are many of them on a movie set, thus the swollen budgets to crank out a film. These people wouldn’t know an honest day’s work if they tripped over it.

The movie wraps after four months. Everyone goes their separate ways…..

Since then not one of these human “lumps” has gotten drunk in a bar and started blabbing about what the storyline of the movie is, which then would promptly be reported online??

Hard to believe! Loyalty and laziness don’t usually go together! Surely one of them must need some quick cash for their latest bad habit?

192. Aurore - August 21, 2012

“Gee, I’m sure glad you added the ‘derrrrrrrrr’ part to that particular word!”

I know what I’m doing.

Not adding it would have been too controversial.

Besides, giving you a reason to play the client….ahem…. I mean….the …the…”victim”… was positively out of the question…..I did not want you to feel disrespected… vulnerable. I respect you too much.True story.


….If you’re happy, then I’m happy too….

193. Aurore - August 21, 2012

“…….Hard to believe! Loyalty and laziness don’t usually go together! Surely one of them must need some quick cash for their latest bad habit?”

….Even Bruce Willis can be wrong, at times. No?

But, in all seriousness, both AJ and dmduncan had interesting opinions to share on the matter the last time you asked a very similar question.

194. Jefferies Tuber - August 21, 2012

Screw Khan. The new enemy of Trek fans is:


195. Picard's Fish - August 21, 2012

Cumberbatch is talking a bit more about Trek here discussing how shooting Star Trek was different from plays/TV

“Oh yeah. Everything kind of scales up. Your hours are more weird… you’re working harder to an extent. Star Trek was an action movie as well as a drama, so it involved a lot of training and I put weight on – I went up four suit sizes at one point.

“It was hard work, but you’re paid to scale. The money with films is what directors get to play with, that’s what you really notice. [As an actor] you can get paid more for doing TV work than you can for films.

“I could have made much more money if I’d stuck around doing plays than if I was in Star Trek. But you just get to play with bigger toys that no other schedule or budget would allow in a TV structure.”

196. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 21, 2012

195. Picard’s Fish

…”I went up four suit sizes at one point.”

Oh, no.

We’ll see. I am open to any new Trek at this point. 09’s was very entertaining.

197. The Last Vulcan - August 21, 2012

Gary Mitchell would not require bulking up. I’m still firm on a Klingon character.

198. Chris Rod - August 21, 2012

Skully!! in “Parade’s End.. did anyone else catch her?

199. Greg from DC - August 21, 2012

Sorry to post it here, but I’m having trouble with the tip line.

I saw in the Wash Post today (8/21/12) obits that William Windom passed away recently. RIP Commodore Decker…

200. Uberbot - August 22, 2012

Saw that about Windom a few days ago. Too bad. He was a fine character actor and his role of Commodore Decker will forever be remembered as one of Trek’s finest moments.

RIP, Mr. Windom…and thanks for the memories!

201. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 22, 2012

Thankfully, we we’re all able to enjoy one more great performance via the New Voyages crew. Thank you Cawley and Co.!

God Speed, Mr. Windom!

202. rose by any other name - August 22, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch – “[As an actor] you can get paid more for doing TV work than you can for films.”

Interesting. I am hoping that when he was told what his Trek character would be and of the story, this was something he could not pass up because of the very real acting challenge that playing the character gave him!

203. gingerly - August 22, 2012

Just came for the Cumberbatchiness.
Also, he’s not Khan.

204. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 22, 2012

Perhaps Cumberbatch means he will be a major player in a relaunched Trek series?

205. Chris Roberts - August 23, 2012

Harry Hill says you’ve got to have a system…

Stalactites. Stalagmites.

Hmmm. Hmmm.

(waggles fingers downwards) = Richard Hatch

(upwards) = Cumberbatch

That’s how he remembers them.

206. hcmv007 - August 26, 2012

I figured out who Cumberbatch is playing-and it IS NOT KHAN OR GARY MITCELL!!!!!

It’s Gary Seven! Alice Eve is playing Roberta Lincoln! My guess is Gary Seven is going to try to ‘restore order to the timeline’ and attempt to wipe out the universe, and only Kirk and co. can save the day.

207. Craiger - August 26, 2012

#206 – They said no time travel involved in the sequel. Nice theory though. I like that idea.

208. Weerd1 - August 26, 2012

Roll this around for a moment: Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Jean Luc Picard. That is all.

209. Harry Ballz - August 26, 2012


So, you’re saying Gary Seven steps up to save the universe?

That means the title for the sequel will be:

Star Trek: Seven Up


210. Phil - August 28, 2012

@Post #14

I agree, they are way behind in terms of promotion compared to the last movie.

Trek ’09 got it’s first teaser trailer on January 18, 2008; That’s almost a year and a half before. Granted they hadn’t yet pushed back the movie release.

And I don’t care what anybody says, and Roberto “I loved being an ass about knowing more information than the public” Orci can’t cover this one up. Karl Urban’s slip of the tongue is the real deal.

211. gingerly - August 28, 2012

Why is everyone so certain Batch is a “Gary”?
Can’t he be a Bob or Max or Tom?

212. Jenna - August 29, 2012

Since people still seem to be commenting here, I’ll add this enw article where Benedict mentions his role. Nothing interesting, really, but just FYI

213. Gary S. - August 29, 2012

I think there might be another “Gar” there on the suspect list.
Garth of Izar .

214. Aurore - August 29, 2012

“Yep, it’s yet another thing I can’t talk about [laughs]. I’ll tell you this, it’s iconic and it’s exciting. I’m bored of denying that it’s Khan now, because people keep saying it.”

….Yep…I know how you feel….
………Welcome to the “club”………

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