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Cumberbatch Talks Trek, Is “Bored of Denying it’s Khan” August 31, 2012

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Celebrity,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Benedict Cumberbatch, the new mystery villain in the upcoming Star Trek film, sat down with Shortlist to talk mostly about his role on Sherlock, but also spoke a bit about what it was like to play a villain in Trek. When asked about who his character is, he said (once again) that he could not talk about it and is “bored of denying it’s Khan now, because people keep saying it”. Hit the jump for more.


Once again, Cumberbatch was asked who he played in the new Star Trek film. And, once again, the actor was unable to give a straight answer.

Yep, it’s yet another thing I can’t talk about [laughs]. I’ll tell you this, it’s iconic and it’s exciting. I’m bored of denying that it’s Khan now, because people keep saying it.

Was it fun playing a villain?

Really, really good fun. It’s a great part and it’s really well written. I enjoyed the fights and the stunts, there’s lots of that and it really is proper action movie territory. I went off and did The Hobbit [doing motion-capture and voice work as dragon Smaug and the Necromancer] at the beginning of the job, so I literally came on set, established the look, did a day of filming and then f*cked off to New Zealand for two weeks before coming back. But it’s the stuff of dreams. I know it’s such a well-trodden, clichéd path, ‘Brit actor plays baddie in Hollywood’, but I channelled all of that and just really enjoyed it.

Read the full interview at Shortlist.



1. windelkin - August 31, 2012

Why can’t they just give us a title already? I’m pretty sick of waiting.

2. dscott - August 31, 2012

I dunno, I’m kind of glad this one is so secret – I’m to easily tempted to read spoilers and I hate myself for it :)

3. T'Leba - August 31, 2012

I’m ready for a trailer.

4. CmdrR - August 31, 2012

Believe it when I see it.

Dear JJ,
I’m BORED waiting to hear a title and some details.
One of your last fans

5. SoonerDave - August 31, 2012

LOL even the actors are getting tired of the double-secret charade. Alas.

6. braxus - August 31, 2012

I wonder how they are going to promote the film at all until release day, by keeping secret everything about the film?

7. Calastir - August 31, 2012

If you’re bored, simply stop denying it.

8. NFXstudios - August 31, 2012


I love the hyperbole on the internet. You are “one of your last fans” of one of the most successful producer/directors in Hollywood. You and about 20 million other people.

9. Legate Damar - August 31, 2012

It’s pretty clearly Khan at this point. They wouldn’t be keeping it such a secret if it were an original villain, like Nero, and TOS doesn’t really have that many great villains. If he’s not Khan, the only realistic choice is Gary Mitchell, which really seems unliikely. Otherwise, he’s either Harry Mudd, which would be awesome but stupid, or one of Star Trek’s many computers pretending to be God, which has kind of been done to death.

10. Dirty Harry - August 31, 2012

In my opinion, the reason we don’t have a title yet is because it’ll be called “Khan”.

I hope I’m wrong – I’d much rather see Gary Mitchell.

11. Emperor Mike of the Empire - August 31, 2012

Simple Cumberbatch. Just Admit it is Khan and no more pretending. Lol.

12. Matt Kelly - August 31, 2012

I was thinking…what if it is an amalgam of a few villains? Like, Gary Mitchell takes the shape of Kahn or something like that?

Either way, how fun would a super mash-up Star Trek movie be? While fighting a Gorn, Kirk has to blast through the Guardian of Forever to stop the formation of the Archons who are in a battle with Trelaine. Who comes to the rescue at the end? The Klingons…who are riding giant Tribbles.

13. Doug Haffner - August 31, 2012

There is an example I always try to remember when people get upset about directors like JJ Abrams wanting to hold on to secrets. It’s from Terminator 2- John Connor ends up in a hallway early in the film stuck between Arnold’s terminator and the t-1000. It’s designed to be dramatic and we’re not supposed to know which one is the good guy and which one is the bad guy or, in fact, if either of them are good. The problem? It had leaked that Arnold was a good guy and that this new terminator was really really bad. By the time I saw it in the theater, that scene was ok but had none of the punch it could have.
We all want to know what’s in the gift boxes on our birthdays or at holidays. Peeking never makes the gift seem better when we open it.
Besides, if you haven’t figured out that Cumberbatch is playing Balok, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

14. Dunsel Report - August 31, 2012




That’s the trailer. The poster will just show a little Starfleet insignia next to a release date, under an evocative image of Chris Pine in a Quaker necktie.

15. rm10019 - August 31, 2012

JJ and BobOrci know that Trekmovie wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for people posting about how mad they were at Anthony or bemoaning no new news, about the next movie. They are doing their part to keep this community alive by NOT revealing anything! ;)

16. Aurore - August 31, 2012

“I’m bored of denying that it’s Khan now, because people keep saying it.”

Mr. Cumberbatch, if I may….

You are so darn cute when you’re being…. “emotional”…..


17. r0bt3k - August 31, 2012

LOL denselreport

18. Patroclus - August 31, 2012

What if it’s a new take on Gary 7? Or has this already been discussed?

19. Jipeman - August 31, 2012

That mashup brings a hysterical image in my head. Poor Klingons forcibly tied to giant Tribbles as a form of some prolonged torture.

20. Jenna - August 31, 2012

Those of you telling Cumberbatch to just say it if he’s bored of hiding it must know that Abrams is not letting him, right? Not exactly his choice. As he said one of the first times someone asked him about it, he assumes he would never get another job in hollywood if he let it slip! (Which is precisely, btw, why there’s no way Urban would have been so stupid). I’m fine with waiting. I have zero doubts Cumberbatch is going to be fantastic in whatever the role is.

21. filmboy - August 31, 2012

I gotta say I agree with many of my fellow trek fans, this is getting alittle ridiculous. I understand we are quite a long ways from release on this film. But to not even have a title at this point is very odd. No teaser trailer yet, very little photos, and no idea who any of the newcomers are playing.

With JJ it is always a case of the mystery box being in full effect. But sometimes he can get alittle overzealous in his efforts to keep his films secret. I will be very surprised, and a tad dissapointed, if we do not have a title for the film by October. I am sure Paramount wants to start creating awareness of the film here soon, probably in the form of a teaser trailer and some promotional photos. So I doubt they will give JJ much more time.

WB already has put out a teaser trailer for Man of Steel. That movie comes out around the same time as Trek 2. Superman is a far easier sell than Star Trek and WB still opted to start to create awareness a full year in advance. Of course, they had Nolan’s name on it as producer so they wanted to run a trailer during Nolan’s swan song with Batman. But even still, there is little reason why JJ needs to keep everything under a tight lid at this point.

We shall see as time goes on. My hope is that Paramount and the Supreme Court have some really fun and interesting plans for the marketing of this film and will give us some truly great items, be it trailers, photos, that will increase the excitement on this film.

One last thing: Cumberbatch is Khan. Alice Eve is Carol Marcus. Take it to the bank, the Supreme Court is going to do some sort of reworking of Space Seed, with Marcus included.

22. MoPed - August 31, 2012

Maybe he’s Professor Moriarty locked in the Enterprise’s computer! Irony.

23. Captain Smirk - August 31, 2012



“I am only for D’Amato.”
“Lucky D’Amato…”


24. T'Leba - August 31, 2012

Garth of Izar.

25. Red Dead Ryan - August 31, 2012


26. Old Paramount Employee - August 31, 2012

I hate to interrupt and stray off subject here but listen up everyone. I think I have just discovered something that probably nobody knows about, even people who are affiliated working with Star Trek at Paramount these days. I was cruising youtube looking at old movies around 1970-71 and came across a 8 minute clip from a 1971 pilot movie for a new TV series that was never sold called ‘Escape’ starring Christopher George of ‘The Rat Patrol’ fame. I decided to watch and to my amazement……….well……the original Gorn from Arena shows up. Again, I bet nobody has ever seen this before. If Anthony wants, he can do a story on this.

Watch from the beginning but watch closely at 1:25 for a treat!

27. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 31, 2012

I’m bored reading the same thing too, Cumby!

OK. Not really.

28. sean - August 31, 2012

I have to admit, I do think we should have had a teaser trailer by now. Most summer tentpole films have a teaser out a year before release, and of course Star Trek had one nearly 18 months before release (not exactly on purpose, though). I like the fact that Abrams keeps things close to the vest, but I do think it’s a bit ridiculous that we don’t even have a title at this point.

That being said, there’s nothing in Cumberbatch’s quote that confirms he’s playing Khan, he just says he’s sick of the question. I think in all likelihood he is at this point, but that quote doesn’t necessarily confirm or deny it.

I also think it’s a shame they cast a non-Asian in the part, but maybe they can explain the change with wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

29. Jenna - August 31, 2012

Didn’t Bob Orci say a teaser was unlikely before September? Maybe I imagined that! Well, tomorrow is September anyway…

30. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 31, 2012

Ummmm… the Charming Villain… ;-) :-)

And Chris Pine is “Jack Ryan” in NYC…

31. Christopher - August 31, 2012

It’s not Khan. Never was. Isn’t going to be. They simply can’t change the universe THAT much can they? When exactly did this time line branch off anyway? (Never mind. Who cares?) Point is if it IS Khan then it will only be evidence that JJ is NOT the great visionary that some have made him out to be and instead be added to the case that he is just another guy behind a camera with an unhealthy love of lens flares with little to no original content in his tool box.

32. Tiberius Mudd - August 31, 2012

I’m following the filmmakers’ lead and forgetting about the movie altogether.

33. BulletInTheFace - August 31, 2012

#4: One of his last fans? LOL. You’re being ridiculous. Abrams remains one of the most popular and successful individuals in Hollywood.

34. Stargazer54 - August 31, 2012

@26 Not only does the Gorn make a cameo, William Windom is in the clip towards the end. Windom was a busy guy.

35. Gorn Born - August 31, 2012 has not done an update on the movie for awhile, so I just wanted to review what we know about the plot in case I’ve missed something.

*Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, and Christopher Pike are all confirmed as returning characters
*Klingons are likely involved in some capacity based on their appearance in J.J. Abrams’s video clip on the MTV Movie Awards
*Benedict Cumberbatch may or may not be playing Khan, but his character has a fight with Spock and Uhura at some point based on leaked photos
*There may or may not be some kind of volcano involved based on leaked photos
*Leonard Nimoy may or may not be making an appearance as Spock Prime based on rumors posted here
*The Abrams machine may or may not be driving us crazy with their secrecy and the lack of even a basic spoiler-free tease of what the movie is about.

36. Charley W - August 31, 2012

IF BC’s character is a previously established one (as seems to have been admitted earllier) the clues that we have are that he is human (or humanoid with minimal make-up), appears to be around the same age as Kirk, and in at least one scene is wearing one of those Starfleet tunics. The fight set may be a clue, also. (If it is Khan, I’d say the “Botany Bay” immediately.) These are saying to me: Finnegan, Garth, someone like that. It could be a minor character in TOS given a larger role and made a ‘villian’ (whatever THAT means) in this version, such as Capt Tracy, or Decker. Or an alien such as Trelaine or Q.

Also, BC was hired to fill the role, rather than it being written with him in mind, so it has to be something that they thought that he (AND Del Toro, was it?) was not just a good fit but excellent for the part.

I’m guessing that it’s going to be an original character (although the name may have been mentioned before) and is going to be yet another rogue Starship Captain.

37. Bobby - August 31, 2012

Does everybody here always whine this much? Isn’t this movie out next spring/summer?

What I got from this is that he’s sick of media asking, thinking they’ll get him to slip up and they’ll get an exclusive. Like they actually give a crap. Some of these news sites say Cumberbatch is ‘rumored to play Klingon villain Khan.”

38. Aurore - August 31, 2012

26. Old Paramount Employee – August 31, 2012

“Watch from the beginning …..”


Thank you for the link!

39. Andy - August 31, 2012

TrekWeb had reported this as being ‘The confirmation of Khan.’ To me it doesn’t really reveal anything. By the way he worded the statement, he could either be playing Khan or another iconic villain.

40. Tom - August 31, 2012

People say that Alice Eve is Carol Marcus if Cumberbatch is Khan. Um, isn’t it more likely that Eve is McGivers?

41. Gary S - August 31, 2012

#39 it should be noted that quite a few people at Trekweb didnt buy this as “confirmation”.

42. boborci - August 31, 2012

13 totally! have always hated that I knew Arnold was good.

43. Infinite Monkeys Typing - August 31, 2012

@ #18: “What if it’s a new take on Gary 7?”

For that matter, it could be an hew take on Gary Mitchell. Maybe the title is “Where no Man has Gone Before”, and features Gary Mitchell…

BUT maybe the story is NOT the same as the TV episode of the same name.

44. morz - August 31, 2012

ALL IN….it’s Finnegan (evil Finnegan gone wrong)

45. Infinite Monkeys Typing - August 31, 2012

…As for the secrecy:

The film won’t be out for another nine months or so. I really don’t expect to hear much about it yet. If they decide to give us some early information, then fine, However, I don’t think they need to do so this early in the game.

46. Mark Lynch - August 31, 2012

I don’t really mind the secrecy, but would it hurt to have a teaser poster and the title of the fracking film already?

47. Steve - August 31, 2012

Give the guys a break. I for one, would rather know absolutely nothing about the movie until I’m sitting in the theater and the lights go down. I mean, we’re all going to see it anyway, right? Are any spoilers ahead of time going to make us more or less likely to see it? The marketing needs to be targeted at the non-die-hard-Trek base anyway, continuing the successful efforts of the first film to finally get the masses interested in Trek.

I am definitely curious about the title though. Seems like an almost unsolvable problem. How do you keep the words “Star Trek” in the title without making it a long hyphen-ated, colon:ated mess? But if you go the “Dark Knight” route, and try to re-brand around another title, you have to come up with something REALLY smart. And I haven’t seen one good suggestion yet on this one.

48. Ralph Pinheiro - August 31, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci, have you already decided about the title of the movie?

49. SoonerDave - August 31, 2012


At this point, I think the next logical step in the Veil of Absolute Secrecy is for Abrams, Orci et al to deny that a movie is even being made. Maybe we’ll even get an “anti-trailer”…starting out “Not coming soon from Bad Robot…”


Gotta tell ya, that notion isn’t crazy in my book.

50. Ralph Pinheiro - August 31, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci, and Giacchino’s composition work to Star Trek XII? Did he finish?

51. Ralph Pinheiro - August 31, 2012

SoonerDave, I agree.

52. BulletInTheFace - August 31, 2012

Every single followup comment to the TrekWeb article noted that Gustavo got the headline wrong. Cumberbatch didn’t confirm anything; he said he’s tired of denying it, which is definitely not the same thing as a confirmation. So the TrekWeb headline is completely inaccurate, regardless of whether or not Cumberbatch is actually playing Khan. But for some reason, Gustavo refuses to change it, even though it’s patently obvious that the headline is wrong. Perhaps it’s a language-barrier issue; it could be that Gustavo simply doesn’t understand what it is that Cumberbatch said. His defense is that his sources tell him it’s Khan–but that’s irrelevant. Even if it IS Khan that he’s playing, it’s still true that Cumberbatch confirmed nothing in the article, rendering the headline entirely wrong.

53. Kevin - August 31, 2012

I get the feeling that the production won’t tell us the villian just to be a******s at this point.

54. bobby - August 31, 2012

It would be like seeing the buried Statue of Liberty in the poster for Planet of the Apes.

Please don’t buy these complaints that they’re dooming this film because spoilers somehow = building buzz. So what that there’s not a generic teaser trailer and a title at this point? Fine, fans are desperate for them. But your brother-in-law not being aware that a Trek sequel is due in 9 months is not yet a cause for panic. Stories that fans are dissapoointed with the villain and say it’s going to suck are probably a lot worse for buzz. And so are stories that would suggest that the sequel is so steeped in Trek lore that Joe Movielover won’t be able to watch. And both of those are possible if too much is leaked too early.

It’s been in the news plenty that a Star Trek sequel was filmed. Everytime the stars get interviewed they get asked about it. If Nything, the secrecy is a boost to interest and attention.

55. Trekmovie Classifieds - August 31, 2012

MISSING. Teaser poster with title.
Last seen at the corner of Melrose
and Van Ness. Answers to the name
“Trekkie 2.” Offering reward for return,
three dollars or yellow antenna ball
that says Paramount. Your choice.

56. Buzz Cagney - August 31, 2012

#42 But Connor didn’t know that Arnie was good. I got a vicarious rush out of that.

57. Dave - August 31, 2012

Here it is, the first line of movie leaked out….”brain, brain, brain what is brain”?

58. dmduncan - August 31, 2012

I’m bored of denying it’s Khan, too.

59. Gary Neumann - August 31, 2012

What this movie needs after they reveal whatever they want to reveal, its some publicity, specially outside the US. Although the last movie did great internationally compared with the other trek movies, it was quite crappy.

If a star trek movie can make the same gross internationally as in the US we are talking about half a billion in earnings! =)

And this publicity has to include people being aware a new star trek movie in coming and making people watch the 2009 film

60. mikephys - August 31, 2012

I’ll say it again: He’s the planet killer from The Doomsday Machine.

61. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 31, 2012

I can’t wait until May when the Cumberbitches finally arrive on this site in full force and begin an all-out assault on the pathetic canon nerds, who really, really did not want an all new, all different set of Khan canon.

It’s going to be highly entertaining.

62. n1701ncc - August 31, 2012

bob o…how about a contest here at trek movie to guess who the villian is. From the winners several can be selected as extras in the next star trek movie. What do you say bob make it happen ok?

63. WillH85 - August 31, 2012

I still hope it’s Gary Mitchell. So many cool things they could do with that. Khan’s been done on the big screen and doesn’t need to be revisited.

64. Sybok'sSecretBrother - August 31, 2012

Actually he will be playing Gary Busey, the newest threat to the Federation…

65. The Observer - August 31, 2012

Christopher – August 31, 2012
It’s not Khan. Never was. Isn’t going to be.

Christopher – August 31, 2012
if it IS Khan

Make up your mind. If you can’t even convince yourself, how will you ever convince us?

66. Sybok'sSecretBrother - August 31, 2012


67. RetroWarbird - August 31, 2012

Seriously, the others all being cool choices for villains or not, from a purely good casting basis, Ben Cumberbatch has the cheekbones, Shakespearean dramatics, mega-deep-voice and whatever else for Captain Garth. Plus, having had such a great example of a personal hero as Captain Pike, Kirk would be well-served now having to face one of his Starship Captain heroes who has gone the other side.

68. Uberbot - August 31, 2012

Hoping it’s Gary Mitchell, still!!

Kayla — you rock — thanks for keeping TrekMovie alive!! Everytine I see ya post a new article, I wanna KISS ya!!! LOL!! ;-)

Thanks for all you do!!

69. nemrod - August 31, 2012

Let the Khan out of the bag already!

70. girl 23 - August 31, 2012

I’m getting pretty sick of waiting just for a title, never mind a trailer.

I wasn’t hugely impressed with the last movie (I’m a hard-core TOS fan), but was willing to give this forthcoming movie the benefit of the doubt. However, the lack of info is dampening my enthusiasm…

71. I am not Herbert - August 31, 2012

STAR TREK: The Annoying Charade…

72. Mirror Jordan - August 31, 2012

I think the lack of info might end up hurting the movie. There’s no buzz beyond us Trekkies…

73. I am not Herbert - August 31, 2012

STAR TREK II: Rise of the 3D lens-flare!!…

…the Transformers 2 of Star Trek! YAY!!!

74. I am not Herbert - August 31, 2012

…there’s no buzz, ’cause the last one sucked balls… =(

…they’ve made “Star Trek” into a POS chick-flick! =(

75. VZX - August 31, 2012

72. They got plenty of time. Remember: the general public’s attention span is extremely short, so the buzz does not really need to start until like March.

76. Torn Shirt - August 31, 2012

Villain: Mr. Leslie
Title: Redshirts’ Revenge

77. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

The thing that bothers me with all this is not the secrecy… it’s that they are not riding on the momentum of the 2009 movie. Trek 2 should have come out this year.

VZX is right about one thing, the general public has a short attention span and they are already forgetting about the last movie.

If they were smart, they would have filmed the 2nd and 3rd one back to back. But I know that didn’t happen… they barely had the finish 2nd script before filming.

I like how they put out the whole “under construction” theme before the 2009 film. That started the ball rolling and built momentum into the movie. It was nice to have the teaser trailer showing nothing about the movie too!

I have no doubts that the sequel will be good. I am looking forward to it. But I still think it should have come out this year.

78. BulletInTheFace - August 31, 2012

Fan outrage: It’s always amusing to watch.

79. Daoud - August 31, 2012

It’s Garth. He shape changes into Khan, Mitchell, Gary 7, and the last Horta egg, just to throw everyone off.
Anyway, knowing Bob, he couldn’t be Khan. He’d be…
Makes for a cool, long title, too!

80. et - August 31, 2012

Obviously he’s Space Lincoln.

81. Son of Sarek - August 31, 2012

Perhaps no Khan to be seen but only referenced. Cumberbatch may be Joachim instead?

82. I am not Herbert - August 31, 2012


Space Lincoln would be AWESOME! =D

83. Craiger - August 31, 2012

I think he could be just a rouge Starfleet officer with some plan against the Klingons? Maybe he sees the Klingons as a threat to the Federation?

84. boborci - August 31, 2012

it wasnt always the case that movies started advertising so far ahead of release. i remember the first time i noted this trend when the original Keaton Batman had billboards out a year plus in advance.

85. I am not Herbert - August 31, 2012

Space Lincoln!!
Space Lincoln!!
Space Lincoln!!

86. I am not Herbert - August 31, 2012

…speaking of …

87. Hash - August 31, 2012

I hope he put on a few pounds if hes khan or maybe hes playing khans skeleton.

88. Charley W - August 31, 2012

Two ideas:

1) In a complete reimaging of the character, Dr Daystrom (TM) discovers a plot against the Federation (TM) by a rogue corporation sponsoring his research. He must go uncover and team up with Harry Mudd (special posthumous guest appearance by Orson Wells) and hijack the Enterprise to the Android Planet (TM) seen in I, Mudd (TM).
Extra special cameo by Brent Spiner as Data’s g-g grandpa!!!!

2) ‘Revenge of the Redshirts’. After an away mission goes terribly wrong, John Kong must go renegade to gather a special team to return to that OTHER planet in ‘Spock’s Brain’ (remember the planet that they WERE going to go to?) and rescue the imprisoned extra MIAs. Of course the Federation (TM) opposes his efforts as it would imperil the Secret War against the Indian planet and othe primitives.

Special Line: “I am .. (dramatic pause) KING KOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!”

(In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in a silly mood.)

89. The Last Vulcan - August 31, 2012

@84 Even though JJ has considerably more power in Hollywood than the Enterprise’s main phaser banks, it’s going to be the studio that makes the final determinations as to what to promote and when. Unless the title is completely non-committal a la “Star Trek – The Undiscovered Movie” then there is going to be some revelation of some sort as to the villain and plot. But then again you know and the rest of us can only be left to guess!

90. Radioactive Spock - August 31, 2012

We’ve been going over the list of TOS villains over and over, but this is a new timeline. Maybe the villain in the new movie wasn’t a villain in TOS. Maybe different circumstances have led a non-villain from TOS down a darker path this time around…

91. Bobby - August 31, 2012

77. VZX is right about one thing, the general public has a short attention span and they are already forgetting about the last movie.

How does anybody here know that, are you guys doing polls or something? ;).

Are we worried that Steve and Amy Averagemoviegoer will see trailers or TV commercials for this next one and go “Hmmm, Star Trek. Never heard of it.” ;)

If it’s super dependent on the plot of the last one, I can see your point, to a point (maybe folks won’t want to bother renting the 2009 movie to refresh their memories? Can you even rent movies anymore? Maybe ot’ll be back on Netflix in time for the next one). But haven’t they hinted that ir’s pretty stand-alone… ;)

Star Trek II is an example of a stand-alone movie — you didn’t need to watch The Motion Picture or the original TV show to get it.

I remember Star Trek V had posters out a year in advance — just a theatre seat with a seatbelt and something about thrills and excitement.

Those posters did not make it a better movie.

Me, I ain’t worried.

92. Whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - August 31, 2012

Frankly there are too many threads for me to read through, so I will say this:

I think Cumberbatch is either playing Gary Mitchell (denied by Mr. Orci) or Trelane.
It was the “it’s iconic” line from Cumberbatch, referring to the role, that has me on about Trelane.

93. Jim, London - August 31, 2012

Think its safe to say he’s not playing the silicon creature!

94. The Last Vulcan - August 31, 2012

@92 I never tire of reminding everyone: Cumby stepped into a role that was turned down at the last minute by Benicio Del Toro. Keep that in mind! That does NOT equate to Mitchell, Khan or even a Trelane/Q. Keep asking yourself, which role would Del Toro have fitted as well as Cumby… there aren’t many… :)

95. the dogfaced boy - August 31, 2012

He doesn’t look genetically superior to me. He looks like he might be able to beat up Pine but Shatner would kick his ass. Quick.

There is only one story that Gary Mitchell would be part of. The barrior and man becomes god. There’s no reason to tell the same story over again. With Kahn, once you get past him awakening in the 23rd century, the stories are limitless.

96. Rico - August 31, 2012

He’s playing a very mean tribble!

97. rose by any other name - August 31, 2012

I hope that Benedict Cumberbatch is getting sufficient remuneration for having to constantly blow off questions about who his Star Trek movie villain is.

As I have said before, it really does not make that much sense to advertise a movie so far ahead of its release date, especially when the movie is still in its post-production phase and not actually completed. When the movie is ready for release, then people who want to know, will find out about it and get themselves to a cinema. Even people who don’t want to know, will no doubt get to see, hear, read about it…

Anyway, JJ Abrams is not Christopher Nolan nor Kenneth Branagh nor… Each person has their different style, something that surely could be celebrated, rather than what I am seeing here. In spite of all the notions of “freedom of the individual” etc, what I so often see is this need and demand for conformity to a certain way of doing things from others. JJ Abrams has his way… sure it can be frustrating at times for some, but it is no worse or better than another director’s way of doing a movie, advertising it etc.

As Dee has noted here and on another thread, there is already a picture of Chris Pine as Jack Ryan riding a motorcycle. It seems that filming has already started for the new Jack Ryan movie. This is how it appears that Sir Kenneth Branagh wants to do things – his choice. Abrams makes other choices – so be it.

Give it a rest, media, people and give Ben and the other actors a rest as well.

To Bob Orci – I trust that you like how this Star Trek sequel is coming together, that it is how you and Alex imagined your ideas and story would look and sound. You are not going to please everyone, but I guess the big hope is that it will please the greatest majority of people who will eventually see this film.

98. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

94. The Last Vulcan

Ummm… so what if Del Toro was up for the role. Doesn’t mean he was being cast as Khan. Where did it say he was to play Khan? You are just guessing at that.

Del Toro could have been cast as Mitchell… or Trelane… or anyone really. Perhaps he was being cast as a Klingon. Fact is, we DON’T know.

We do know that there are clues in the comics… as stated by Bob Orci. I have been reading them. Not a single Khan clue anywhere. Buuuut… huge clue in the WNMHGB comic. That is why I am pretty sure that it’s going to be Mitchell.

I suggest that all the people thinking it will be Khan in the sequel, to read the comics and then see if you still think that way.

Sorry guys (and gals)… no Khan.

99. Charley W - August 31, 2012

#93- You may be onto something:

In a complete reboot of the entire damn concept of the original episode (so what ELSE is new?), the Silicon Creature is now The Silicon Squad, led by Gary Seven (BC)!!! In this pilot for a spin-off series, the Silicon Squad battle the evil Dr Simon bar-Mudd and his army of Space Lincoln-clones!!! See the fight aboard the USS Gerald Ford!!!
“Who’s the Underdog NOW???!!!!”

100. Sebastian S. - August 31, 2012

I’m with Cumberbatch; I’m bored of the whole Khan/not-Khan thing, too….

I’m also sick of these ‘no-news’ interviews the cast and crew are wasting our time with. When they’re all done having a good laugh at how gullible and silly we ST fans are, maybe we’ll hear something real.

So let us know when you have some REAL information, OK guys? ;-)
Otherwise, see you in May 2013…

101. K-7 - August 31, 2012

Here we go again — Kayla carrying Anthony’s fire.

Anthony, let’s make it official — please give Kayla the keys to this site.

102. Charley W - August 31, 2012

Hey, Serious Question for anyone who knows how these ‘non-disclosure’ clauses work:

If BC (or anyone else) gets caught off-guard or gets drunk and blows his mouth off with “I’m playing an evil George Kirk” and it’s NOT a joke, what kind of penalties can they hit him with? They aren’t likely change to the charcter’s name or edit him out, so what can they do? I assume that he incurs some sort of financial penalty or maybe even black-listing from future Adams or Paramount jobs.

Of course Pegg and Urban have ALREADY muddied the water so much that NOTHING that ANYONE says can really be taken seriously, and perhaps that WAS the intention in letting them do so…

103. MJ - August 31, 2012

@98. Montreal Paul, you are as in denial as a crack whore at a family intervention.

@100 “I’m also sick of these ‘no-news’ interviews the cast and crew are wasting our time with. When they’re all done having a good laugh at how gullible and silly we ST fans are, maybe we’ll hear something real.”

Agreed, Sebastian! It is nearing the point of condescension now.

104. Peter N - August 31, 2012

Will reread the ending of Star Trek Khangoing #2, which some claim leaves open a “loophole” by which Mitchell could return. He was killed in that issue, and thus – as we are supposed to take the comics as Khanon – should not be a Khandidate as the next movie’s villain. I am personally hoping that it is not Khan, but who knows… maybe they Khan’t find a better villain?

105. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

103. MJ

I can say the same about you, buddy.

106. The Last Vulcan - August 31, 2012

@98 Montreal Paul, you must have been paying too much attention to the upcoming nuptials of Charest and Marois to note that I have always stated that it’s NOT Khan. My best guess is Kor, Kang, or similar notorious TOS Klingon. Who would be crazy enough to cast Del Toro as Mitchell? That would be like casting Danny DeVito to play Thor! :)

107. MJ - August 31, 2012

@105. LOL. Either way dude, it is going to fun to really know the answer later this year.

Peace! :-)

108. MJ - August 31, 2012

@101 “Here we go again — Kayla carrying Anthony’s fire. Anthony, let’s make it official — please give Kayla the keys to this site.”

Well said. Kayla is single-handily keeping this site going now with Anthony MIA again. I’d like to see a revamped site here with Kayla leading the way.

109. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

106. The Last Vulcan

Exactly! That would be as crazy as casting Cumberbatch as Khan! And yes, been paying too much attention to the Quebec election. It’s a real s***storm up here.

110. Gorn Captain - August 31, 2012


Wow! Gorns turn up in the darnedest places. Great find!

As there were actually two costumes made for “Arena”, I’m amazed that the Gorn never turned up in some low budget movie.

111. the dogfaced boy - August 31, 2012

Maybe Mitchell gets his own starship and goes after the doomsday machine.

112. MJ - August 31, 2012

@110. Gorn Captain — love your tribute to Neil Armstrong — thanks!!!

113. Craiger - August 31, 2012

I wonder if too much secrecy would be a bad thing? When they finally announce who the bad guy is I wonder if anybody will really care because it would have taken too long to announce it? Especially if it ends up being Khan, Kor, Kang, Koloth or Mitchell.

114. Craiger - August 31, 2012

Then we would be yeh whatever.

115. No Khan - August 31, 2012

The reason there’s no title it would spoiler the Movie. The Return of Khan.

116. Dee - lvs moon' surface - August 31, 2012

#97. rose by any other name…

Chris Pine on the set of Jack Ryan this morning, August 31…

117. Chingatchkook - August 31, 2012

@55. Trekmovie Classifieds

Hahahahahaha, that’s awesome!

118. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - August 31, 2012

The villain is actually a ghost – the ghost of Khan. Being unbound by time, Khan’s ghost travels backwards from the alternate prime universe to take his revenge on a younger, less-experienced Kirk. Since he is a ghost, the film will be called

The Wraith of Khan

119. rose by any other name - August 31, 2012

While others obsess about the villain, we girls, Dee and me, pay attention to what is happening now with that fine “captain” who is no longer driving a starship, but riding a bike.

A picture from this set of pictures was posted on the Chris Pine IMDb message board earlier today (NZ time). I’ve had to bookmark the link here, Dee, as I am now on internet via dial-up.

Remember dial-up, guys?! My little girl has been sick with the ‘flu and when she’s feeling better, she sits here, wrapped up in blankets, cuddly rugs and a pink and white unicorn, watching youtube – “my little pony” games, how to make dalek cakes and various other items of interest for girls. Consequently, she has used up our monthly broadband allocation, so it’s dial-up for now. This means that everything takes ages, especially seeing all the photos posted with a link…

We can still hire DVDs and blu-rays out here, which is more acceptable to me than going on Netflix or whatever to see something. Besides, I can watch a DVD on my little TV while I am wrapped up in a warm bed on these cold winter nights that we have had here…

120. My Best Fiend - August 31, 2012

I still love the notion of Garth of Izar.

It’s so conventional to remake great antagonists like Khan or Mitchell, but takes REAL talent to take a substandard villain and add a new spin that makes it vital an new.

I’m not sure if this new production team has it in them, but if they MUST go the re-make route, base it on a less well-known property. Garth, The Salt Vampire, Colonel Green, Darvin, John Gill (who was just painfully misguided), Ron Tracey, etc. Hey, how about something REALLY freaky and pay off Harlan Ellison to throw Lieutenant Richard Beckwith in there. That’d be one crazy edgy flick…

121. Alex Altorfer - August 31, 2012

My bet is: Garth of Izar.

122. Hat Rick - August 31, 2012

Can we get some spoilers on the teaser, at least?

123. BaronByng - August 31, 2012

Going to throw this out there – we have some sort of colony involved (with families etc). We have two British actors – born six years apart so not realistic to play father and daughter, but maybe husband and wife. There is some sort of spaceship crash (the fight on the wreckage) and something involving a volcano, and Peter Weller playing a CEO.

something about all of this says “The Conscience of the King,” but happening earlier than it should due to the altered timeline.

BC as Young Kodos, Alice Eve as Lenore’s never-seen mother? Corporate genetic experiments – maybe in a knowing nod Weller is the descendant of his Enterprise character, or even the same character, life-extended through artificial means – causing the blight that destroys the food supply or environment of a colony.

In this timeline, Kodos is in Starfleet (hence the undershirt) but breaks ranks to take action against the corporation, and thus sets in motion the conflict with Starfleet.

Maybe along the way he steals something from the corporation (Augment-style retroviruses?) and in an act of desperation uses it on himself, causing a massive boost in strength (enough to ward off a nerve pinch) but necessitating a heavy phaser stun from Uhura.

Now as to the volcano – who knows.

124. Xai - August 31, 2012

I had picked September 8 as the announcement of the title. If not…. then it’s December

125. Craiger - August 31, 2012

I looked up Garth and thought could the sequel be about the Federation/Klingon War and the Battle of Axenar? It looked the Federation/Klingon War started in 2250 but ST 2009 took place in 2258 but since the timeline got messed up could the Federation/Klingon War be set in the new timeline?

126. Craiger - August 31, 2012

I also looked up Pike and in the original timeline he took command of the Enterprise in 2250 after the Enterprise so that got messed up in the new timline also.

127. Craiger - August 31, 2012

Sorry I meant to add after the Enterprise got refitted after Captian April left.

128. miko - August 31, 2012

The Dark Khan Rises
Tag line: This isn’t a carrrrr errr Remake!

129. Daoud - August 31, 2012

I know Bob Wesley. He’s Wesley!
Seriously though, in ’09, I was pleading for it to be Garth. Garth was in command of something going on at the Laurentian System. Klingon attack or something? Garth is injured, given treatment on Antos, and the story picks up from there after Garth has gone crazy a la Apocalypse Now. Kirk and Spock are sent to “recover” and “relieve” him. Alice Eve is Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, the ex-wife of Dr. Leonard McCoy, and sent along as the fleet psychiatrist with the hope she can “treat” Garth. Sparks between McCoy and Dehner…. now the comic HAS set that one up.

130. Deambo - August 31, 2012

Things to consider: Why would they hire a super-white Brit to play an Indian Khan? Khan is also a quite muscular, genetic super-man. Cumby is a tall and lanky chap. Khan had deep dark eyes and long hair. Cumby has short brown hair and intense ice-blue eyes. If he’s playing Khan it’d be the craziest casting choice in ST history.

131. miko - August 31, 2012

Possibly won’t see anything till the new 007 movie.. that will have a whole mixed bag of movie goers and will be good to advertise a film such a Trek.
The teaser; black screen with only dialog saying; “They are still running with their shields down” fade in to a close up of Cumberbatch saying “Of course, we are one big happy fleet” Then loads of quick fire action shots, phasors, torpedos, explosions, people being flung across the screen… pan to Kirk shouting “WHO THE HELL ARE THEY” fade out to the delta shield.. and a small Roman numeral II.

132. Red Shirt Diaries - August 31, 2012

“Kayla is single-handily keeping this site going now with Anthony MIA again. I’d like to see a revamped site here with Kayla leading the way.”

Sounds good to me. Anthony has bailed again and doesn’t seem to care anymore about living up to his once great motto: THE source for everything new in Trek.

Kayla should get the site now — she cares and has been giving us stories everyday. I don’t know what in the hell happenned to Anthony, but these unexplained absences are happennig more oftern as time goes by, are are lasting longer as well. Engough is enough!

133. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

131. miko

Okay… let me break my ranks here for a sec since I do not believe it’s going to be Khan. I’ll play Devil’s Advocate… Say it is Khan… they would be doing a rehash of Space Seed first, NOT TWOK. Why? Because without Khan being marooned on a planet that turns into a wasteland and Khan’s wife dying… there is no “wrath” … know what I mean? In Space Seed, Khan was a power hungry madman… in TWOK, he wanted revenge. It was personal between him and Kirk. Without doing a Space Seed rehash, you wouldn’t have that history between them. No passion for revenge.

134. DeShonn Steinblatt - August 31, 2012

You know full well they’re not following Space Seed or TWOK. Why can’t people let go of the old canon and inhale the delicious freedom?

135. Charley W - August 31, 2012


I disagree to an extent with you. Khan had a streak of meaness in him in ‘Space Seed’- he was willing to kill EVERYONE, his own people included, to get his way (he was going to blow up the Enterprise, remember?). That’s what makes him a villian, rather than just an antagonist. One thing that I just did not like in WOK was the diminishing of Khan’s potential by killing off all but a dozen or so of his followers and having him dependant on a less powerful ship than the Enterprise.

136. BulletInTheFace - August 31, 2012

#123: There is a ZERO percent chance of it being Kodos.

137. Jonboc - August 31, 2012

#108. “@101 “Here we go again — Kayla carrying Anthony’s fire. Anthony, let’s make it official — please give Kayla the keys to this site.”

Well said. Kayla is single-handily keeping this site going now with Anthony MIA again. I’d like to see a revamped site here with Kayla leading the way.”

Yes, we know…you and about three other people. All, who have beat that dead horse to the point it’s become BEYOND tiresome.

To the scores of other visitors to this site, who post and usually ignore your, and a couple of other posters, repeated attempts to stir up a frenzy, the whole affair is a non-issue. I just enjoy pointing that out. :)

138. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

135. Charley W

The point is moot. It won’t be Khan anyway. :)

139. The Last Vulcan - August 31, 2012

@109 Montreal Paul, Vive le Quebec Libre and don’t forget to pay back 150 years of equalization payments before you bolt. With interest please. Bonne chance… :) As for Cumby, he will make a magnificent Klingon. Qapla’!

140. Tom - August 31, 2012

Did I say it’s Khan? Well, it is.

You heathens will one day be repentant.

141. Gilberto - August 31, 2012

It’s not Khan. It’s Gary Mitchel. No other choice.

142. Daniel Craig Is My wookie Bitch - August 31, 2012

I am still leaning towards him being a Klingon.
perhaps he is a young Chang, (i am only 1/4 joking)
Oooo oooo oooo i got it, he is playing Maltz
seriously though I think he is going to turn out to be Kang, Kor, or Koloth
and i think it would be great to see either of those three as the villian.

143. Daniel Craig Is My wookie Bitch - August 31, 2012

I just want to point out again that I got my replacement discs for the TNG blurays. That thread is locked for comments now, so just passing along.
all the audio issues have been fixed and they corrected the FX error on disc 5 as well.

I sent photos of the discs and the apology card included, to the tip line yesterday as well but so far no story.
so if you ordered replacement discs from paramount you should be getting them soon

144. MJ - August 31, 2012

Too bad I’m such a hateful little moron who thinks he knows everything.

145. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

144. MJ

Admitting it is a huge first step. ;)

146. The Last Vulcan - August 31, 2012

@142, that is my exact conclusion as well. I think that the original script that Benicio was cast for was Kor, and when he dropped out and Cumby came in they rewrote it to Kang. I can hardly wait to see the minimalist Chang-type prosthetics and how he pronounces Klingon!

147. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

139. The Last Vulcan

I’m not French. I just live here. And if the PQ get in… well, I may have to change my name to Ottawa_Paul.

148. miko - August 31, 2012



“At the corner of our galaxy lies KHUMBY”

149. miko - August 31, 2012

Trek 2 the Future

“Sulu we’re gonna have to get this baby up to warp factor 88″

Next year join the crew as they go back, forward, sideways through time to a mirror universe.. which is set within an alternative universe which is already mirrored on a prime universe which is … wait what..

Coming 2013..hopefully, maybe..who knows anymore.

150. The Last Vulcan - August 31, 2012

@147 I’d cross that Ontario border before the election in case the PQ erect the Ottawa Wall! I wouldn’t put anything past Pequistes as they live in an IQ-free zone. Anyway… back to Trek…

He really looks dang good as a (minimalist) Klingon!

It really DOES click with his mom’s statement that he’s in head to toe black leather….

Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

151. MJ - August 31, 2012

Montreal Paul, nice try pretending to be me in post 144 and then responding immediately. You might have waited a few posts at least — I mean, come on, how obvious of a set up is that to immediately respond in the next post. And so teenagerish as well. I at least thought you had some maturity, dude, but I guess not. :-(

(all, post 144 is not mine — by the looks of it here, Montreal Paul used my handle to make a post very critical of me, and then immediately posted a response “as himself” agreeing with “MJ”, which was really him).

152. MJ - August 31, 2012

@143 “That thread is locked for comments now, so just passing along.”

How sad for this site that Anthony doesn’t have enough time to post articles or current Trek news anymore, but yet he shuts down posting on that TNG article where tons of people were still reporting on quality control issues and delays and problems getting the replacement discs.

153. MJ - August 31, 2012

@137 “Well said. Kayla is single-handily keeping this site going now with Anthony MIA again. I’d like to see a revamped site here with Kayla leading the way.”

Well said, Jonboc. We are in agreement for once.

154. Montreal_Paul - August 31, 2012

151. MJ

Excuse me?? You are insinuating I pretended to be you? You are a bigger ass than I thought. Why don’t you ask the admin to check my IP address to that one. Yes, I will wait for my apology.

155. Jerry Modene - August 31, 2012

The first thing we need to do is figure out exactly how “iconic” is to be defined. Do they mean “iconic” in terms of Star Trek history? Or “iconic” in terms of movie history? Or “iconic” in terms of historical figures?

There really aren’t that many “iconic” villains in Star Trek – the only ones who appeared in more than one episode or movie were Mudd and Khan (Koloth was supposed to be a recurring baddy, but when the next Klingon episode came along, Campbell wasn’t available and they had to hire somebody else). The problem with most of the baddies, other than Khan (thanks to that movie) is that the general public has never heard of Kodos, Kang, Flint, Mitchell, Finnegan, or any of the others; they only know the generic terms – Klingons, Borg, etc.

Which makes me wonder… what about that old rumor that XII would somehow pit nuKirk against an early version of the Borg? Maybe Cumberbatch is playing the Borg King? (that would blow the heck out of my old theory that the Borg Queen is somehow tied to the Ilia/Vger/Decker combo created at the end of TMP)

If we’re talking about some sort of genre crossover with iconic characters, perhaps Cumberbatch is playing Holmes, who IIRC is suppoed to be an ancestor of Spock’s (ST VI).

At this point, I have no idea.

156. Neal - August 31, 2012

Learn some patience people. Plain and simple. Learn some patience.

157. StunKill - September 1, 2012

He is playing Gary Mitchell people, come on and you call yourselves trekkies.

158. MJ - September 1, 2012

154. Your full of shit. You pounce on a post IMMEDIATELY WITH THE NEXT POST where I supposedly say “I am a hateful moron.” Come on, you are stretching all believability here by not admitting that was you. Give me a fracking break. YOU IMMEDIATELY JUMP ON THE POST IN THE NEXT POST…and you have a history of making personal attacks against me….DUH!!!!!

159. StunKill - September 1, 2012

144- You are.

160. StunKill - September 1, 2012

144- You finally admitted it, next step is doing something about it. :)

161. LizardGirl - September 1, 2012

Why don’t they have BC play ALL the villains? When they catch him in the end just start pulling the masks off, Scooby-Do style. I will admit that I will not be expecting that! Actually, kidding aside that would be kind of neat, like in Mission Impossible.

Title Considerations



Star Trek: The Movie Is Unbelievably Awesome, Like Sooo Crazy Awesome We Can’t Even TELL You Right Now, You Will Literally. Die.

162. StunKill - September 1, 2012

“fracking” you are a moron. Your pathetic galactica is showing. Give me a fricking break, really? You are on a star trek website and you say “fracking?” UUUGGG you suck. I HATE that show, it sucks especially because of all the people that insist on using the word fracking, UUUGGGG that drives me up the fricken wall.

163. TheSisko - September 1, 2012

He’s Joachim! Yours is superior.

164. MJ - September 1, 2012

@159 @160

Too late, but nice try. :-)

165. MJ - September 1, 2012

@162. Yea whatever….tough to take you seriously, putts. LOL

166. LizardGirl - September 1, 2012

Someone is posting under stolen screen names to stir up trouble. Not me btw, but I am now on alert. I’ll be busy most of today, too busy to visit this site until afternoon-evening. Just a warning, if you see any posts by me after this one (within the next 10-15 hrs), then it’s probably not me!

167. StunKill - September 1, 2012

164- Um, not too late since it is posted right up their for all to see, you make me fricken crazy.

168. K-7 - September 1, 2012

Montreal Paul has a record on this site of name-calling, mean-spirited comments, and has exhibited anger management issues. And we all know that MJ has been a frequent target of his wrath.

169. K-7 - September 1, 2012

167 — You sound like you are drinking, self-pleasuring yourself, or both. My, what a drama queen!

170. MJ - September 1, 2012

Yea, I do get a little uncomfortable when someone, who I assume is male, starts pretty screaming that I make them crazy….”you make me fricking crazy” comes across a bit creepy when another guy is screaming that at me.

171. StunKill - September 1, 2012

167- thank you, I was actually quite good in drama class, thanks for the compliment. So what does that make you the drama pauper? Or are you just the giver to MJ’s recieving?

172. StunKill - September 1, 2012

Oh, now the inuendoes to sexual orintation, are you now going to imply that I’am gay? Oh this I would love to see. And how do you feel about that particular group of people? Please let us all know.

173. MJ - September 1, 2012

You are the one who is screaming “”you make me fricking crazy,” not me. I have notthing against anyone, but guys screaming “you make me fracking crazy” at me gives me the creeps.

174. StunKill - September 1, 2012

quit repeating yourself, why does it give you the creeps? Why not try and give me the creeps in return? And alot of your posts indicate that you do indeed have things against some people on here and I’am tired of you saying that you dont have anything against anyone when u clearly do. You come off as thinking that you know what is what and nobody else can. You just have to read your posts. Quit being a hipocrite. ( and yes I didnt spell that correctly).

175. MJ - September 1, 2012

“Why not try and give me the creeps in return?”

That is even creepier, dude.

176. StunKill - September 1, 2012

Your ignorance is now showing, you sound like a homophobe or something. Everything always comes back to one dude giving another dude the creeps. Cant you go beyond that? You sound like a parrot in a pet store.

177. K-7 - September 1, 2012

Stunkill, if you wouldn’t mind taking a break from your man-crush on MJ for a second, I am curious about something. Why would you want to spell a word wrong (hipocrite) , and then take pride in spelling it wrong. I am not getting the humor? It that like some cool-speak thing I don’t know about?

178. MJ - September 1, 2012

@176. I’m not taking your bait, dude. Nice try though! LOL

179. StunKill - September 1, 2012

177- I stated that I didnt spell it right just in case someone like you decided to comment on it, and sure enough you did. And I guess the bait is too much for you to chew on, okay I understand. Also 177 you seem to be demonstrating a man-crush for MJ always taking his side with everything. It seems to me that you delight in MJ. Just saying…

180. K-7 - September 1, 2012

MJ, you might want to consider that perhaps it was this nutjob, Stunkill, who was using your name in post #144, and not Montreal Paul. I know it looks bad that Montreal Paul immediately posted right after that post, but it seems like this Stunkill clown is type of overly-emotional clown who would more likely do something like that. In which case, you may owe Montreal Paul an apology.

181. StunKill - September 1, 2012

180- splitting hairs now, how predictable are you now?

182. K-7 - September 1, 2012

“I stated that I didnt spell it right just in case someone like you decided to comment on it, and sure enough you did.”


183. StunKill - September 1, 2012

I just hope some people are getting entertained by our banter back and forth, I dont care if you think I’am weird. And I have been on enough posts to know that their is always someone that has nothing to say except criticizing someone on their spelling, there is nothing weird about it, it is simply a fact. Just anticipating an ignorant moron.

184. K-7 - September 1, 2012

I don’t ever comment on peoples spelling within posts here, so don’t include me with those morons. But when someone deliberately mispells something and then provides a notation about they know it is misspelled, like they are proud of it or something, well I find that behavior rather bizarre.

185. StunKill - September 1, 2012

Well, I find your likening to MJ rather bizarre. And I already explained why I pointed out the mispelling of the word, your twisting of the fact not withcoming.

186. StunKill - September 1, 2012

But, alas Iam done with you two simple creatures, I’am going to go have a conversation with someone else. Goodbye

187. Patrick Betzin - September 1, 2012

First of all, maybe we should also take a closer look at the coming Game, maybe there are hints… (would be absolutely cool if they would reference some storybits of the game in the movie ala “I hope this time we don’t find some giant a** Lizards roaming around doing *Gamestory*).

And second…

A question for you users here…
WHAT is appeal in knowing the whole movie in advance?

I mean, what do you want to do? Let’s say they reveal that Cumby plays a weird version of Trelaine and a teaser reveals that he wants to free “God” (his Father, Mentor or even Trelaine really thinking its God :P) from the center of the Galaxy (you know that a Trailer would contain such important bits otherwise it wouldn’t work) to usher in a new Era.

So… where’s the fun in knowing it more then half a year in advance?
In time you will sit there in the cinema, watching the movie, knowing the complete plot… where is the appeal here? Sit there and just wait for the characters do exactly what you know they will do?
I know it is hard to not know things and curiosity is killing you (and me of course).
But isn’t it better to be surprised in the end, sitting there in the cinema and actually feeling tense and sucked in?
Isn’t it more fun to keep speculating and discussing it with your fellow fans?

When we all know about it, what will you do here?
There would be no need to discuss, there would be no need to speculate… all we would have left to do would be just sitting here, acknowledging the facts and/or rip ourselves apart because the only thing left to do would be to whine about how “it is not Trek” as we have done so many times.

Keep the Spirit!
Keep Guessing!
Keep Discussing!

and most importantly…

Keep the Fun!

And please… STOP harassing the actors and the crew… they deserve better from you!

188. captain bill - September 1, 2012

we must be logical about everything we say, i believe this is what mr spock
could say in a situation like this.we have to be aware of how things might have change in this new vision of star trek.quoting something spock said
in the movie,because there has been a change in the normal time sequence
there is a radom factor to consider in this will be difficult to know how
new characters are going to be or interact in this new universe.i think it is more pertinent to consider what will the story be about, and in this manner
we can arrive at a better understanding of how the characters will be and perform.

189. Charla - September 1, 2012

# 161 Lizard Girl- I love this title! hahaha!

“Star Trek: The Movie Is Unbelievably Awesome, Like Sooo Crazy Awesome We Can’t Even TELL You Right Now, You Will Literally. Die.”

# 187 Patrick Betzin- agree with you!!

Keep the Spirit!
Keep Guessing!
Keep Discussing!

and most importantly…

Keep the Fun!

And please… STOP harassing the actors and the crew… they deserve better from you!”

“A question for you users here…
WHAT is appeal in knowing the whole movie in advance?”

I think it would be a great let down to know too much prior to seeing the movie. Sometimes even the movie trailers include so much heart of the film that the actual full movie seems like a let down.

I loved the teaser trailer for Star Trek ’09 where it is just a welder working on top of a certain Constitution class ship! Now that was intriguing. Then they showed more as the movie release drew closer. Good move imo.

190. The Professor - September 1, 2012

All of you…
Get a life!!!

191. Bored to tears - September 1, 2012

I’m just bored with the game they are playing. The whole thing turns me off, and I don’t care anymore who he is playing. Either tell me, or delete the freaking files. No one cares that much.

192. Craiger - September 1, 2012

Trekweb just posted this Chris Pine interview with Total Film Magazine.

“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal,” Pine said.

“There’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”

“The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!”

193. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

158. MJ

Listen, ass, if you want to know who did it… ask Admin to verify the IP address… You will see that it wasn’t me. If it was, I would be banned for life on here. You would be very happy to see me gone. So IF you feel that was me posting as you… go ahead… check it out. I have nothing to be worried about since it wasn’t me. You really are so full of yourself.

And K-7… you know what you can do with yourself. So stay out of this. It doesn’t concern you.

When you do ask Admin to check the IP… I want an apology from the both of you. I am really tired of your crap.

194. Aurore - September 1, 2012

“….. I can’t hype it enough!'”

Say no more, then.

My good sir, EVERYTHING you just said regarding the upcoming sequel is good enough for me!


195. Craiger - September 1, 2012

#193 – You’d probably get banned anyway for using vulgar language.

196. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

195. Craiger

I haven’t used any vulgar language.

197. Craiger - September 1, 2012

What about a** in your last post?

198. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

197. Craiger

How is that vulgar? The use of the word refers to an animal in that context.

199. Daoud - September 1, 2012

We have someone purposely spoofing regular users of the site. It’s happened before. It was happening on the game thread that we turned into a “long absence” thread.
I know normally AP’s been all over that. And I know that he or Kayla removed a number of posts where someone spoofed Anthony, and someone spoofed me. Whomever is doing (and doing it again on this thread) is simply stoking the fires trying to create flamewars. It’s more annoying than the flamewars themselves.
@Montreal_Paul (why not Abbotsford_Paul someday rather than Ottawa_Paul: BC is where it’s at!)… you’ve been spoofed and I understand having been in your shoes how angry it’ll make you. It’s exactly what someone’s trying to do. Just be patient, and Kayla or AP or someone at the site will look into it and fix it. I just hope they have enough tools to identify the TOOL who’s been doing it, and letting us know in a post who the faker is.

As an aside to you on the PQ issue…. those of us in Maine carry a raised eyebrow. Our longest border is with Quebec. But we’re ready to build a road with a new bridge over the St. Lawrence from Ontario to upstate New York, and building a four-lane over to Vermont, through NH, and across Maine to keep you guys someone connected to the Maritimes. But I think Ungava is the ace in the hole. If PQ ever were to cross the threshold, the First Nations in the north would immediately demand to secede from Quebec. Without the hydroelectric from the peninsula.. .not sure how Quebec makes it.
@Back on Star Trek….

I just wish JJ would allow Boborci and others… to talk about one or two of the minor characters! How about going ahead and giving us a window into Alice Eve’s character. Just who she’s portraying. Surely she’s not the title, or the lead villain, etc. That would give us something to chew on… oh wait… chewing on Alice Eve? Oops… Craiger might say I’m using vulgar language!

Seriously though… just a few Reese’s Pieces to lead us through the woods to next year would help!

200. Craiger - September 1, 2012

Sorry, I wasn’t sure if any cuss words were allowed on this site. Is this a PG-13 and above site?

201. Monttreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

199. Daoud

I agree 100%. In my opinion, having gone through two referendums, Quebec will never secede in my lifetime. But the threat will always be there and that is what causes the anglophone exodus and the economic upheaval here.

I don’t see Abbotsford_Paul happening though… too far from family and friends. Ottawa is just 200km away from here.

Nice to see that there are still some reasonable people on this site. Yes, I am sure AP or someone else in Admin will get to the bottom of this.

202. Tiberius Subprime - September 1, 2012

You know, Mr Orci, all this hush-hush tops secret stuff may just build momentum for the film, as you want. And I can see that can be a good thing.

But if the film is simply mediocre, it will have the opposite effect, and make a lot of people angry.

So, I hope you have a really super film in the can for us…

203. Red Shirt Diaries - September 1, 2012

MP, so you call MJ an as*hole now, and that is supposed to alleviate anyone’s concern then you set him up? I mean, look at that initial post where “MJ” pretty much confirms your feelings about him, and then see how your reactive post was the next post right after that one that agrees with those remarks; you have to admit, an objective person who knows the history of you two on these boards would be very suspicious of you.

You seem so outraged though here, that I am persuaded that you probably didn’t do it. But it certainly looks bad for you at first glance — I think you are smart enough to see that, right?

This should be a warning to anyone here. If there is someone that you have a history with, and they say something out of character, in a very self-depricating sort of way, it would behoove you not to jump in and take any shots against them that you think you may owe them for past perceived grievances, because then most everybody here is going to think you are the sock-puppet who made that false post in that person’s name; i.e. they will think that you “set them up” to settle a score with them.

204. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

203. Red Shirt Diaries

Listen, if you read my post.. I called him an ass, not an a**hole. There is a difference. And if you actually looked at the history… you would see that MJ was always an instigator and I was defending myself against him.

So please stop trolling RSD… I have never instigated anything with MJ. I have never passed myself off as anyone else. I have never had issues with anyone but MJ (and you to some extent). Although the two of you have some major history with many other posters here. You guys are like schoolyard bullies. And I would be surprised if the two of you are the same person… actually, I seem to remember reading that many times from other posters.

205. Adolescent Nightmare - September 1, 2012


Yes, I said poo on the internet.

Anyway, that does not really look like Cumby. It’s the lighting probably.

206. MJ - September 1, 2012

“144. MJ – August 31, 2012
Too bad I’m such a hateful little moron who thinks he knows everything.

145. Montreal_Paul – August 31, 2012
144. MJ
Admitting it is a huge first step. ;)”

I think the above speaks for itself.

However, if it was not you, Montreal Paul, then you were nevertheless a gleefull supporter and enabler of the slimeball jerk who pretended to be me — your immediatel response agreeing “that I am a hateful little moron” gave that imposter exactly what he wanted here.

207. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

206. MJ

Good God, MJ. I thought it was YOU posting that and I was just trying to have a little fun because of our “history”. I was being sarcastic… notice the little ;) smiley?

How would I know I was a “gleeful supporter” of an imposter when I didn’t know it was an imposter. You have a history of being sarcastic on here and I thought that was just you, being you.

208. Red Shirt Diaries - September 1, 2012

#203. You are the one here accused of posting as MJ, and now you try to say I am MJ? Wow, did I just really hear that? The best defense is a goof offense?m Turn the accused into the accuser to win the case?
Based on this, I have now changed my mind — I think you did post as MJ. You set him up.

209. MJ - September 1, 2012

@207. OK, fair enough. I apologize.

210. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

209. MJ

Thank you. I accept.

For the record, I would not take a cowardly way out of insulting anyone… posting an insult by pretending to be you is a coward way of putting your point across. At least I am man enough to use my own name if I am arguing with you.

RSD… whatever. I could care less what you think.

211. Anthony Lewis - September 1, 2012

It’s pretty obvious that it is Khan just based on his first quote alone.

I mean of course unless he is lying that his character is iconic,

So let’s assume he is telling the truth. Who was he giving the interview to? It wasn’t a Star Trek web site or anything directly tied to Trek.

I would guess that this interview was given to be read by the people at large and not just meant for hardcore Trek fans. To us there are a lot of iconic characters. To the general public though you’ve got Khan, Klingon’s, and The Borg.

So unless they add some massive CG on top of Benny in those leaked photos we’ve seen then I think it is pretty safe to say he isn’t a Klingon or Borg.

212. Craiger - September 1, 2012

The first Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer was out a year before the movie and now its 9 months till the sequel premiers, geez. Man Of Steel has already had its first teaser trailer.

213. MJ - September 1, 2012

@210. OK, thanks! I get it now.

214. Craiger - September 1, 2012

I was also thinking what Trek bad guy would appeal to the general movie going audience? Just because we Trek fans want it to be a certain bad guy doesn’t mean the one we want will get big box office numbers.

215. Vinny - September 1, 2012


216. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

214. Craiger

I have been thinking that as well. I know that Bob Orci stated that there were clues in the IDW ongoing series comics. I purchased them all and have been looking for clues. There isn’t even the briefest mention about Khan or anything Khan related. The ending to the Mitchell issue leaves it a little open, in my opinion. But in terms of major clues being dropped… not much yet. I still haven’t read the Tribble two parter… so perhaps there is something in there.

Who knows… maybe Cumberbatch is playing a Vulcan bend on revenge for the loss of his planet. Maybe he is Sybok. Maybe he is a Romulan spy?

I am guessing that we will find out in the next couple of months.

217. MJ - September 1, 2012

@208. I’m now convinced he didn’t do it, so back off please, Red Shirt, and let’s move onto a new topic.

218. MJ - September 1, 2012

@216. Sybock did not work out so well the last time, so I would be absolutely shocked if it was him in the movie.

219. Craiger - September 1, 2012

In his latest interview Pine says they face an even greater threat then Nero. Could the Klingons be a bigger threat than Nero? I also thought maybe Cumberbatch plays a Klingon agent in Starfleet but is disgused as a Human. His name could even be Kor, Klang or Koloth. One twist could be Kirk and crew befriending him and he would be an Enterprise crewmember

220. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

218. MJ

Oh, I agree too. just throwing out other characters that are strong enough to go toe to toe with Spock

I am hoping that he is playing a new character. Watch he turn out to be Garth!

221. Craiger - September 1, 2012

I forgot to add Klingons are known by the general movie going audience but I wonder if they would be been their done that unless they wonder if the Klingons have a new look in the new timeline?

222. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

When it was reported that Del Toro was up for the part… rumors were not only that he would be playing Khan, but also that he could be playing a Klingon instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cumberbatch was playing a Klingon agent like Craiger suggests.

223. MJ - September 1, 2012

@207. You many find this hard to believe, but I would prefer it be a new character and not Khan. A fresh story would be better!

We can disagree on what is evidence versus extrapolation, and clues versus off-hand statements, but my read on those is that it is Khan. And so I am prepared for that, and have accepted that, and am hoping for the best.

224. MJ - September 1, 2012

– meant to refer to @220

225. Red Dead Ryan - September 1, 2012

I think it was really StunKill who pretended to be MJ at #144.

StunKill has a history of being totally obnoxious on this site and acting like a total ass.


“144- You are.”


“144.- You finally admitted it, the next step is doing something about it.”

Those posts by StunKill were in response to #144.

“Too bad I’m such a hateful little moron who thinks he knows everything.”

Not to mention additional trollish/flaming posts directed at both MJ and K-7, including one where StunKill admits to a deliberately misspelled word, “hypocrite”, which he spelled as “hipocrite”. I think that choice was very ironic, as StunKill would be well-advised to look in the mirror before launching attacks against others.

226. Craiger - September 1, 2012

Pine just said one clue, in his latest interview, they will face an even bigger threat then before. Who could be bigger than, Nero and the Narada? Except maybe a new take on the Borg, which I hope they don’t do.

227. Sebastian S. - September 1, 2012

# 219


I was thinking along similar lines too (about Cumberbatch possibly playing a Klingon/human augment spy). That would be very interesting. I think BC would add a more cool, sinister and cerebral element to the Klingons, the likes of which we’ve not seen since Chang in STVI. He could even BE one of the classic Klingons (Kang or Koloth come to mind) surgically altered as a human/augment to infiltrate the Federation (hence the starfleet uniform).

I think the Khan rumor was a big, fat red herring put out by the studio…..

228. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

223. MJ

Oh I believe that. I think you have mentioned that a few times before. Afterall, the whole reason they rebooted and started off at the beginning was so that they wouldn’t be tied to anything in Trek history and could do new stories. If they are doing a Khan story… it wouldn’t be entirely new. It would be a kind of new take on it, but not an original idea or story.

I liked the 2009 movie and thought it was an interesting look at the origin. But if they did the reboot just to redo old episodes or movies, I will be completely disappointed. They have this blank slate where they can do new stories… new adventures… with the crew.

TWOK was a continuation of Space Seed… it worked well because you had that history between the characters because of the episode. So IF.. and I say IF… this is a Khan story… it would have to be a remake of Space Seed instead of TWOK. In my opinion.

But, please please please… be an original story with new characters.

229. Craiger - September 1, 2012

Can Klingon’s resist the Vulcan nerve pinch?

230. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

229. Craiger

I don’t see why not. Perhaps they can. But looking at those pictures, we can’t really say for certain that Spock was fully supplying the neck pinch. He could have started to apply it and Cumber-villain was able to get out of it before the affects were felt. The shots don’t tell the full story.

231. Sebastian S. - September 1, 2012


Couldn’t agree more, Montreal Paul. ;-)

I sincerely wish the villain were a new character as well. I not thrilled with the idea that one new movie and a whole rebooted universe later and they’re already relying on what (and who) has come before. A shame, really….

And no Khan, please.
Never thought he was Kirk’s “Joker” in the first place. He was only truly interesting when he was driven mad by revenge in TWOK. That wouldn’t happen if we saw him revived all over again; he’d just be the same bad-guy, chauvinistic tyrant we saw in “Space Seed” (albeit with bright blue eyes and very pale, English features), and yes I still think “Space Seed” is overrated (made even more so by the success of it’s sequel, TWOK; which actually WAS that good…. ). Current popular opinion of “SS” doesn’t change my feelings toward what was, IMO, an average episode of TOS.

In short, Khan would be a mistake.
End of mini-rant…. ;-D

232. Craiger - September 1, 2012

I remember reading one article about the sequel where JJ said one of his favorite TOS episodes was Kirk fighting the Gorn? Could Cumberbatch play a Gorn made to look like a Human?

233. Ahmed - September 1, 2012

@ 226. Craiger – September 1, 2012

“Pine just said one clue, in his latest interview, they will face an even bigger threat then before. Who could be bigger than, Nero and the Narada? Except maybe a new take on the Borg, which I hope they don’t do.”

Yeah, No Borg please. A new specie more powerful than the Borg would be nice, just make it an original, not a rehearse .

234. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

@ MJ

Even though I think we have unofficially done so a few posts above – how about we call an official truce. Let us just agree to disagree on things and leave it at that. Frankly, I am tired of the arguments and I am not even sure how this all started. We are both old enough to put aside this petty stuff.

What do you say? Truce?

235. Bucky - September 1, 2012

This is really simple, what is Paramount’s big movie in the fall? The trailer will be attached to that. Too lazy to look it up now but there’s your answer.

236. Sebastian S. - September 1, 2012

# 233


A new, more powerful enemy than the Borg… now that got my attention!


237. Commodore Adams - September 1, 2012

I am hoping we get a Star Trek trailer with Resident Evil or Judge Dredd in the upcoming weeks. If not with those it must be with 007 Skyfall in November. We are almost at the 8 month mark, I don’t think keeping it hush hush is going to help publicity outside of the trek community. I wish the Paramount execs were pushing a little more.

238. Paul - September 1, 2012

George Kirk is the villain.

239. Paul - September 1, 2012

Teaser Trailer most likely to come out with Skyfall.

240. Craiger - September 1, 2012

I wonder if JJ wants us to find out about who the villian is and the title with the first teaser trailer? Or since its been so long now maybe they will give us a full trailer?

241. Paul - September 1, 2012

Be nice to see some footage of villain prior to 12/31/12.

242. Dean R. - September 1, 2012

All those wishing for a trailer, here it is!

Oh, wait, it is a fan made trailer. But still professional looking. Very well made.

243. VulcanFilmCritic - September 1, 2012

@44 morz I would sooooooooo love it if the villain is Finnegan.

What a perfect nemesis for Kirk in this alternate universe!

This was THE antagonist who MOST deserved another guest appearance on TOS.

Oh, please, please, please make it Finnegan!

244. Craiger - September 1, 2012

Paul your kidding right? He died in ST 2009.

What about Cumberbatch as Kirk’s brother and he is the villian?

245. Phil - September 1, 2012

Admit it one day. Deny it another. Admit it one day….if every cast member did this JJ could be working on other parts of the Star Trek Mystery Tour.

246. MJ - September 1, 2012

@234. “Even though I think we have unofficially done so a few posts above – how about we call an official truce. Let us just agree to disagree on things and leave it at that. Frankly, I am tired of the arguments and I am not even sure how this all started. We are both old enough to put aside this petty stuff. What do you say? Truce?”

I agree. I was thinking the same thing. You and I are probably just two strong-minded guys, who, if we were in bar, would have a few beers together and be laughing at a lot of this stuff by the end of the night.

Sure, truce!!!

247. Craiger - September 1, 2012

Another Idea I had is Cumberbatch is Commodore Decker and the sequel based on The Doomsday Machine.

248. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 1, 2012


“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal,”…. said Chris Pine… ;-) :-)

249. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

246. MJ

LoL… Agreed! Have a good long weekend!

250. MJ - September 1, 2012

@225 “I think it was really StunKill who pretended to be MJ at #144. StunKill has a history of being totally obnoxious on this site and acting like a total ass.”

RDR, you are probably right. If that is the case though, then fostering anarchy and making the trouble he had hoped for by pretending to be me has in fact achieved the opposite of what he intended, as Montreal Paul and I have made peace.

So in summary, his (or whoever it was) improper actions have brought folks together instead of creating the chaos and self-entertainment that I would wage he was hoping for. That kind of sucks for him, which brings a smile to face. :-)

251. BulletInTheFace - September 1, 2012

#243: Finnegan? Really? Finnegan was a villain? He was a fellow Academy classmate who picked on a younger guy. He wasn’t a villain. And he certainly has no chance whatsoever of being the villain in this film, given that only die-hard fans would even know who the character is.

252. Vultan - September 1, 2012

“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.”

Hmm… what does Pine mean by that exactly? Seems to conflict with what the writers said some time back about going all Dark Knight with the sequel. From his “hype,” it sounds like a big action flick… and not much else.

Hope he’s just exaggerating.

253. Montreal_Paul - September 1, 2012

252. Vultan

The quote is out of context without the rest of the article. The reporter asked Pine if Trek 2 was going to be like all other sequels “The same as the first one, only darker.” To which Pine replies…
“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.”

There is a link in a post above somewhere… take a look at the whole article, makes more sense when in context.

254. Vultan - September 1, 2012


Ah, thanks for the clarification. So he was talking about the tone.

255. Daoud - September 1, 2012

As for clues from the IDW continuation comic…. the only one I see as a big hanging chad of a clue… is:
Dr. Elizabeth Dehner deciding not to leave the colony and get on Enterprise, due to Dr. McCoy being on board. That’s a weird shift due to the differences from WNMHGB in the prime universe with Dr. Piper rather than McCoy onboard.
Of course, I think she’s more likely Leila Kalomi or Carol….

256. K-7 - September 1, 2012

MJ and Montreal Paul have a truce? What’s next?

World Peace?

The Mayan End of the World happens this year still?

JJ releases one still shot from the sequel in September?

Anthony wakes up tomorrow and suddenly gives a shit about updating this site?


257. Red Shirt Diaries - September 1, 2012

K-7, you forgot one:

Stunkill apologizes for being such a dick. LOL

258. K-7 - September 1, 2012

Red Shirt Diaries,

But how can someone apologize if it is contradictory to their core values? ;-)

259. Red Dead Ryan - September 1, 2012


I’m going to assume the imposter was Stunkill, since after being bitch-slapped by you and K-7, he hasn’t been back. He’s gone silent, which says a lot.

260. Red Dead Ryan - September 1, 2012

Stunkill will only apologize if Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire throws him in the agony booth for a few hours. :-)

261. V'Ger - September 1, 2012

Stunkill is a child. I suggest you treat it as such.

262. Magnus - September 1, 2012

I still say Cumberbatch is playing Trelane.

263. ironhyde - September 1, 2012

#42 boborci – Darn. I now know Cumberbatch is bad!! The whole movie’s ruined!! :P haha..

So I think there’s a little bit we COULD know, like how the E will look? Maybe some set shots? Keeping it totally blacked out is truly kinda annoying. I’ve read the Hobbit and studied JRR Tolkien’s works through and through, and I’m STILL ultra excited about the movie in December and complete unsure of how it will look or feel, or even what will be in it. Where will they choose to end it?? I am just totally excited about the discovery that is to come. Plus, I’ve seen a few trailers and all of the on-set videos.

Maybe you guys need just a little more tact in revealing. I certainly don’t want the script or the twist ending laid out in front of me. Maybe just a picture of a phaser? Or a tricorder? Hm. Dunno. I’m kinda bored.

264. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 1, 2012

I am amused.

265. MJ - September 1, 2012

@263 “So I think there’s a little bit we COULD know, like how the E will look? Maybe some set shots? Keeping it totally blacked out is truly kinda annoying. I’ve read the Hobbit and studied JRR Tolkien’s works through and through, and I’m STILL ultra excited about the movie in December and complete unsure of how it will look or feel, or even what will be in it. Where will they choose to end it?? I am just totally excited about the discovery that is to come. Plus, I’ve seen a few trailers and all of the on-set videos.”

Agreed. The ultra-secrecy, which is much more that we had for the first movie, had moved from annoying to asinine.

266. Azrael - September 2, 2012

Found this, thought it should be shared.

Joseph Gatt talking about the sequel. (He is in it)


267. johnbijl - September 2, 2012

“KIRK: I agree there was a time when war was necessary, and you were our greatest warrior. I studied your victory at Axanar when I was a cadet. In fact it’s still required reading at the Academy.

GARTH: As well it should be.

KIRK: Very well. But my first visit to Axanar was as a new fledged cadet on a peace mission.

GARTH: Peace mission! Politicians and weaklings!

KIRK: They were humanitarians and statesmen, and they had a dream. A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars, a dream that made Mister Spock and me brothers.”

And there you have the premise of the new film.

268. VulcanFilmCritic - September 2, 2012

@ 251 BulletinTheFace. As morz states, an EVIL Finnegan. Like he needed a lot of pushing to become evil. I think like Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Finnegan was only one laboratory accident away from becoming a super-villain anyway.
And when ST II came out, the fans knew as much about Finnegan as Khan. It was the movies that elevated the status of Khan to near demi-god of villains. In any event, a pasty-face Englishman is not going to be playing a Sikh.
Besides, I’d looooove to see James T. Kirk bullied, whether by a fellow cadet Finnegan, or newly-minted midshipman Finnegan, or fellow crewman Finnegan, or crazy Starship commander Finnegan. From a dramatic standpoint, that would be so wonderfully humiliating, and the movie would score some social-interest points by glomming onto the audience’s painful memories of being bullied.

269. - September 2, 2012

Maybe he’s Doctor Who.

270. Jerry Modene - September 2, 2012

Well, that would be an “iconic” character. ;)

271. Aurore - September 2, 2012


“Gatt: Are you kidding? Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation where my faves. I lost interest in the movies after 4… But 2009 regained my interest! I am a very lucky person, and, because of the kind of work I’m doing, I’m also getting to meet some of my childhood heroes… and apart from my father, I don’t have too many.”

….I love that quote.
(Interesting interview with Mr. Gatt. Thanks.)


272. Daoud - September 2, 2012

@267 johnbijl: You nailed it. Exactly why I thought Garth was a perfect followup. He’d be quite upset about the Federation getting caught by Nero with their collective pants down. Use the same general “Apocalypse Now”/”Heart of Darkness” storyline with Garth as Kurtz. Kirk and the Enterprise are Willard…
@266 azrael: Perhaps *Gatt* is Khan? Perhaps a renegade Starfleet captain gets a hold of the Spock Prime Intelligence files…. goes ‘upriver’ to find the Botany Bay with the intent of waking Khan… Hmmm, that could work.

273. RenderedToast - September 2, 2012

It’s obviously Joachim, Khan’s little mate. Cumberbatch looks exactly like him. Gatt is Khan, gets killed off in the opening. Joachim gets a chance to run the group from the start. So it’s a riff on the Khan story, but not Khan.

274. Aurore - September 2, 2012

“Gatt is Khan, gets killed off in the opening.”

I don’t think so.

Joseph Gatt said that he would not be wearing any redshirt.
Which, in my opinion, might imply that his character is not easily expendable. Thus, I do not believe he would be killed off in the opening as Khan (either).

Besides, to my knowledge, he is not…Hispanic.
So, the man can’t possibly be portraying Khan Noonien Singh…..


275. Daoud - September 2, 2012

@274 Haha. ;) Wait, Khan’s from Mexico? Oh, rrrrrrrright…. ;) So, if he’s “defrosted incorrectly” from cryosleep on the Botany Bay…. Khan might come out a bit deformed… or hairless. Gatt is like a blank canvas, he can be painted up to appear as about anything.
@273 Cool, you see it too. I don’t think Khan would get killed off quite so quickly though…. as Gatt says he filmed for just a week. Cumby was there for all 3 months of shooting?

276. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

I’m officially getting bored (and a mite pi$$ed) with rumor, innuendo and half-baked theories. All of the denials, so-called ‘evidence’ to support one argument or another. It’s just a lot of crap. I’m feeling like a cat chasing the light from a laser pointer. Could we get a real SOLID fact or two, please? Other movies with similar release dates already have teaser trailers up and running.

The lack of any information or advance information (or ANYTHING) at Comic Con this year was bad enough; they had a panel back in 2007 before the movie was even fully cast (only Nimoy and Quinto), or a single frame of footage was shot (a full 2 years ahead of the release date). Now, we’re only eight months away, and I’m less excited and more irritated at this point.

At this point? I don’t care if Cumberbatch is playing Kirk’s evil orthodontist.

I’m tired of speculating just so the ‘powers-that-be’ can have a good chuckle at how wrong we all are. This perceived attitude of almost Soviet-style nondisclosure feels downright mocking on their part; especially considering Star Trek fans virtually invented online word of mouth.

There are a LOT of summer movies coming out in 2013. The time to start your marketing blitz was a month ago, guys….

277. Aurore - September 2, 2012

“After a week on set I felt like I’d made 3 movies with them.”

This to me does not mean that he only filmed “for just a week”.
I believed he was stating that getting along with the rest of the cast took him…only a week.

But, I could be wrong…

278. Aurore - September 2, 2012

…And, of course,I still think Mr. Abrams would not have considered Hispanic actors to portray Khan.


279. Magnus - September 2, 2012

All we know about Cumberbatch’s character:

*can go toe to toe with Spock, strength-wise

*wears a Starfleet uniform at some point

Cumberbatch himself is British, and therefore not a likely candidate for Khan. Nor for a Klingon. So…

…I put forward the notion that only three villains from TOS could match Spock’s strength, outside of aliens or androids:

*Charlie X
*Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell was used in the comics, which are allegedly canon. That leaves Charlie X and Trelane. Both of their stories could be utilized in new ways, (less so Charlie, IMO) so they are both candidates.

The remaining options are: a background character or an entirely new character. The notion that Cumberbatch’s villain could be one of Khan’s “Augments” would offer a nice twist on this new universe: Khan’s cryo pod could have been damaged, and he died in this universe. That leaves Cumberbatch’s character to fill the void. Or he’s playing Joaquim, which would be interesting as he would finally get fleshed out more than he did in TWOK.

As for an entirely new character, I think this is the least likely possibility. Seems to me Abrams and Co. want to re-imagine TOS with their own spin more than create new characters. I could be wrong, but that’s the feeling I get.

So, four possibilities: Trelane, Charlie X, one of Khan’s Botany Bay crew, or totally new character.

280. johnbijl - September 2, 2012


Nice breakdown.

To add:

If cellular metamorphosis allows you to heal faster, it’s quite believable it’ll make you a match for a Vulcan neck pinch as well.

281. BulletInTheFace - September 2, 2012

There are so many armchair marketing people here who have deluded themselves into thinking they know more than those actually in the industry about how to market a movie. There is nothing wrong with being secretive a year before a film’s release–it will IN NO WAY damage the film’s success.

282. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 2, 2012

281. BulletInTheFace – True what you say. There are really only a few people here clamoring and complaining, but because they do it so much and so often it seems like more, but the vast, vast majority of people are fine, and even those complaining will go to the movie.

Of course, I have complained a little myself in the past, but not on a regular basis. It was only because I was eager to see something, and mainly because I miss Star Trek being on TV and don’t only want a movie every four years. I want a live action show on cable.

But I don’t think in the least that Abrams, Orci and co. are hurting their film by indulging in their current practice of pathological secrecy. I remember a time before the internet that you went to a movie having only read a few articles it in magazines, and having maybe seen a couple of stories on Entertainment tonight. There certainly wasn’t anything like the glut of information you now get on many films.

But I understand that people have varying levels of patience, or should I say impatience? And with us now being so internet/information savvy, many of us expect something that we never did before the world wide web came into existence.

How quickly the world changes.

283. The Observer - September 2, 2012

276. Sebastian S. – September 2, 2012
I’m tired of speculating just so the ‘powers-that-be’ can have a good chuckle at how wrong we all are.

You are, in fact, choosing to be wrong. And for reasons you’ve made glaringly obvious. I don’t think it’s fair to blame that on the “powers that be”.

284. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 283 TO~

That’s why I’m done speculating. ;-)

But you don’t think it’s just a bit condescending (this ridiculous secrecy)? IMO, it’s breeding contempt or worse, indifference; not anticipation.

And sure I can blame the ‘powers-that-be'; they continually leak ‘non-news’ news stories or vague Twitter feeds just to dangle the carrot in front of the fans but with nothing substantial. The movie’s been wrapped for awhile (months ago, in fact); how hard would it be to put a teaser trailer together for gods’ sake? It’s going to premiere in 8 months; when will they start marketing? Month seven and a half?

This ‘let them eat cake’ attitude is tiresome and a bit insulting, IMO.

285. MJ - September 2, 2012

@276 ” All of the denials, so-called ‘evidence’ to support one argument or another. It’s just a lot of crap.”

So Anthony’s article on this site (which he has never retracted) confirming it was Khan based on his inside sources at Paramount is a load of crap?

286. MJ - September 2, 2012

@285 “This ‘let them eat cake’ attitude is tiresome and a bit insulting, IMO.”


287. LizardGirl - September 2, 2012

We know he’s playing a “villain” of sorts, no one has confirmed or NOT confirmed that it’s Khan, Bob said there wouldn’t be any rehashes. Really what more can be said about this topic?

“It’s Garth–it’s not Garth”
“It’s Trelane–it’s not Trelane”
“It’s Khan–it’s not Khan”
“It’s Joachim–maybe?”
“He’s a Klingon–maybe?”
“He’s from the future–maybe?”
“Doctor Who?!”

and on and on and on…

I don’t mind reading some of the reasonable theories, but…while it’s nice to speculate…we’ve covered all these areas before. There is nothing new under the sun with what we know about this movie. The longer it goes on, the more intricate, confusing, or down right ridiculous it gets. Sometimes the later are more entertaining to read, at this point, eerily echoing Benedict’s sentiments, I’m booored!! This can’t be all there is, there has to be more Star Trek topics we could discuss on a website dedicated to Star Trek!

288. Craiger - September 2, 2012

I got a new one for you LizardGirl – Commodore Decker and the Doomsday Machine.

289. Craiger - September 2, 2012

I also still wonder about the theory some have said that the Klingons find the Botany Bay before Kirk does. One way I just thought of is what if they hire Peter Weller’s character to find the Botany Bay first so they can us Khan and his people against the Federation. When Peter Weller’s character or his team attempt to revive Khan and his people Khan’s chamber’s malfunctions so does Jaquim’s but Cumberbach’s character survives along some of most of Khan’s people and Cumberbach’s uses his name whatever that is or takes Khan’s name for repsect.

290. MJ - September 2, 2012


Not true. From Trekmovie’s 30 April 2012 article:

“TrekMovie has also confirmed this with a number of sources so we no longer consider it to be a rumor. Khan is back in 2013, however sources indicate that the film is not a rehash of “Space Seed,” the original Star Trek episode where Kirk and crew first encounter the genetic superman from the past.”

Note above where Anthony says:



What part of this don’t some of you understand? Seriously, how much more clear does Trekmovie have to make it for you? I just don’t get why folks won’t accept this — MULTIPLE SOURCES CONFIRMED THIS.

291. No Khan - September 2, 2012

@290. Where does it say Khan is back in 2013?

292. LizardGirl - September 2, 2012


I get what your saying. What I am saying is this: JJ– come out and say it with your own lips. Or when Benedict is interviewed about what character he’s playing JUST SAY NO! OR YES! Not “uhh, no comment”. TREKMOVIE has confirmed, but BAD ROBOT has NOT confirmed.

There wouldn’t be any theories if they did this. But since they haven’t confirmed by their own admission, well, let’s roll out the conspiracies! Again, some intriguing, some entertaining, but they all add up to smoke in a bag.

293. LizardGirl - September 2, 2012

That’s an interesting one…throw it in the grinder! ;)

294. MJ - September 2, 2012

@291 see:

295. Magnus - September 2, 2012

I think Peter Weller is playing Commodore Decker. Might see the Doomsday Machine crossed with some other characters/stories from TOS?

Hmm…could Cumberbatch be an evil Will Decker?!

Making Alice Eve Ilia?

296. Ahmed - September 2, 2012

@ 295. Magnus – September 2, 2012

“I think Peter Weller is playing Commodore Decker. Might see the Doomsday Machine crossed with some other characters/stories from TOS?”

I can’t for the life of me, understand why the JJ & the writers rebooted Trek, and then use same characters/stories in the new movie.

What was the point in rebooting then ?

297. Craiger - September 2, 2012

Ahmed, I think you should just look at how they are doing the new timeline comics. I think that is how they will go with the movies, unless they go with all new villains.

298. Ahmed - September 2, 2012

@297. Craiger

I read the comics & really I will not be impressed if they are going to do the same thing with the sequel.

I don’t see how they will make it interesting, if same stories were retold again, even with new actors and new spin to the overall story ?

But again, until we see the trailer, there is no way to be sure which way they will go this time. Hopefully, they will come up with new & fresh stories.

299. Craiger - September 2, 2012

Chris Pine gave another new interview now says the way they set up the sequel it could tie into a third.

Trekweb is becoming better than Trekmovie with sequel news.

300. trek55678 - September 2, 2012

Bored of lying-what arrogance! Guarantee you that however bored he is, he’s not nearly as bored as the fans are as bored of being treated like garbage

301. MJ - September 2, 2012

@299. Not only that, why can’t we get that Roadkill T-Shirt ad on this site. Oh my! :-)

302. Craiger - September 2, 2012

MJ, its like Anthony fell off the planet. I wonder if or when he comes their wont be any explanation at all of why he has been absent all that time?

303. Jonboc - September 2, 2012

#302. ” I wonder if or when he comes their wont be any explanation at all of why he has been absent all that time?”

I certainly hope there isn’t. Anthony should just let the squeaky wheels squeak…all 3 or 4 of them. Let the mystery stay a mystery, that’s what JJ would do! :)

304. Charley W - September 2, 2012

#291: Remember that the same article also CONFIRMED that Nimoy was appearing as Spock Prime in the movie- an account that now appears to have been spurred by LN being invited to tour the set. Lesson: Just because Someone is seen on the set does not mean that they are appearing in a major (or even minor) role in said production.

As for various people not responding quickly and therefore having ‘dropped off the face of the Earth”; remember that this is a holiday weekend, and some people may just be enjoying the last weekend of Summer Vacation.

305. Craiger - September 2, 2012

#303 – Without us their wouldn’t be a Trekmovie. Didn’t Trekmovie allow Anthony to meet people involved with Trek and go to the conventions to meet Trek stars and go on Trek panels at the conventions? Before Trekmovie he didn’t have that right? I think that is another reason why he owes us about what’s going on the the site. If not he does need to take down “The Source For Everything New In Trek” because its not anymore.

306. Craiger - September 2, 2012

Don’t get me wrong I like that becuase of this site Anthony got to do that because it also got us to be able to interact with people involved with Trek since they post on this site but not that much anymore.

307. Craiger - September 2, 2012

#304 – Anthony has been out for a month now along with most of the staff.

308. K-7 - September 2, 2012

@303 “I certainly hope there isn’t. Anthony should just let the squeaky wheels squeak…all 3 or 4 of them. Let the mystery stay a mystery, that’s what JJ would do! :)”

Jonnboc, all you ever seem to post about anymore is anti-posts to those of us you disagree with. I recommend you mix in some original thoughts on Trek topics now and then just to keep up the facade that you are posting here for reasons beyond to just pick fights with people. You approaching Stunkill territory, and I know you are smarter and more thoughtful than that clown.

309. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 2, 2012

279 why would the fact that Cumberbatch is british not make him a canidate for being a Klingon.
You do realize that there have been British actors who have played Klingons before right?
David Warner ring any bells?

310. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 2, 2012

Wow its been about 4 days since I sent in the tip and photos that the Replacement TNG bluray discs have been shipped to people who bought the TNG season 1 bluray set.
And still no article on the site, you would think since the thread is now closed to comments,and its something that people on here would be interested in there would be some sort or mention of it.

311. Craiger - September 2, 2012

310 – They aren’t paying much attention to Trek news anymore not matter how small, thus they aren’t adhearing to their site’s motto. They might as well take this site down if its only going to be part-time.

312. MJ - September 2, 2012

@310 “And still no article on the site, you would think since the thread is now closed to comments,and its something that people on here would be interested in there would be some sort or mention of it.”

Why was that TNG Blu-Ray thread closed? One would think — that if Anthony had enough time to aid the cover-up for CBS of all of the fan problems worldwide with TNG blu-ray product by shutting down comments — one would think that he would then at least drop in to provide a new article or two on other topics here since this is THE source for everything new in Trek. ???

I mean sheesh, there were continuing issues still being brought up on that thread when all of a sudden the comments were closed. i would not be shocked if lCBS may have sent an email to Anthony to shut down the thread given all the issues that were being brought up with the problematic TNG Season 1 Blu-Ray release….perhaps “the Edsel” of Blu-Ray remastering efforts to date.

313. Craiger - September 2, 2012

MJ, One thing I like about this site is that it gather all the Trek news from around the web and post it here and chat with Trek fans about it. Now if all you want to know is what’s going on with the sequel you can just do a Google search on it. If Anthony’s not going to post all Trek news from around the web on this site what’s the point in keeping it anymore?

314. Vultan - September 2, 2012


If you go back a couple of pages, the comments are closed on every page. Maybe there’s a timer on them, I don’t know. If so—everyone, say what’s on your mind NOW. Hurry, hurry!!!

315. Craiger - September 2, 2012

New actor might be playing another villain in the sequel.

316. Craiger - September 2, 2012

I just thought of something maybe Anthony got together with JJ and JJ asked him not to post news articles about the sequel until JJ is ready to really promote the sequel, however Trekweb is still posting them.

317. LizardGirl - September 2, 2012

Okay I totally riffed most of this from but I am desperate!

Potential discussion topics:

1. Best first season.
2. Best star trek moment, in your opinion.
3. Worst Characters.
4. Most “human” Vulcan.
5. What Star Trek Alien Species Are You?
6. Best and Worst Qualities of each Captain.
7. Favorite episode from at least 3 different franchises.
8. Best and worst uniforms.
9. What Captain would you serve under? (doesn’t have to be your favorite)
10.Potential story arcs for a television series.
11. Which character would be your best friend? Which would be your enemy?
If you could date any Star Trek character who would it be? Describe the perfect date.
12. What Star Trek episode or character do you wish you could change or perfect. In what way?
13. What Star Trek technologies would you love to see in the 21st century?
14. Do you think it’s possible for humans to reach the ideals of Star Trek, or not? Explain.
15. Worst or stupidest character.

If anyone can think of some engaging topics, I’d love to hear them! We could always discuss this in Chat. I posted this comment there as well.

318. LizardGirl - September 2, 2012

Oops! forgot to number one of the topics! There are actually 16.

319. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 285 MJ~

“So Anthony’s article on this site (which he has never retracted) confirming it was Khan based on his inside sources at Paramount is a load of crap?”

Yes, it probably is.

And how many times have we gone on this tired old merry-go-round? ;-)
It was ONE anonymous source. The article did not say sources; it stated that one source said ‘it’s Khan.’ And THREE actual cast members have denied it (Cumberbatch, Pegg and Urban). Three sources to one anonymous source. Not that I believe ANY of them at this point (I think they’re all just screwing with us, frankly) but there’s no more concrete on-the-record evidence to support the Khan story than there is to support ANYONE’S wild guess. Anything more is just wishful thinking one way or the other…

Personally, I think they’re ALL just screwing with us, and anyone who believes any of these comments should really be more skeptical. They’re pulling our collective chains and having a good laugh… nice way to alienate your fanbase, by the way. ;-)

320. Red Shirt Diaries - September 2, 2012

Another day, another chance for Jonboc to bitch about others’ posts. That guy bitches more than my mother-in-law.

321. MJ - September 2, 2012

@319 “It was ONE anonymous source. The article did not say sources; it stated that one source said ‘it’s Khan.’ ”

Hmm? Here is the exact quote from the article:

“TrekMovie has also confirmed this with a number of sources so we no longer consider it to be a rumor. Khan is back in 2013, however sources indicate that the film is not a rehash of “Space Seed,” the original Star Trek episode where Kirk and crew first encounter the genetic superman from the past.”

Sebastian, how do you conclude that it was only one source? The article clearly used plural terms, and in fact implied to me that several sources (i.e. more than 2) confirmed it. We can debate how many, but there is no debate that it was more than one based on the quote above — it had to be at least two based on this quote.

322. Vultan - September 2, 2012


I agree, Sebastian. It’s all rumor at this point, though I have a gut feeling it will be or have something to do with Khan and/or the Klingons as reported.

In any event, I think it’s time we’re reminded how a reliable source can be somewhat unreliable once in awhile:

323. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 2, 2012

I suspect that its going to end up being Kang, Kor and Koloth,
with Cumberbatch, Gatt and one other Actor not yet revealed

If I had to guess I would say Cumberbatch was Kang, Gatt is Kor, that just leaves Koloth.

again these are just my guesses but if you look at photos of Kang from tos compared to cumberbatch and Kor from TOS compared to Gatt there is a pretty good resemblence for both especially with Gatt. (picture Kor’s hair on the bald Gatt,, and he looks pretty darn close to John Calicos as Kor)

324. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

#321 MJ

You missed the point.
Doesn’t matter if it’s one anonymous source or fifty; there’s nothing on the record, so it’s still potential bulls**t, really. It’s not convincing one way (the anonymous sources) or the other (the three on-the-record cast members). I’m not dismissing Anthony’s word, I’m just saying that he can have the wool pulled over his eyes just like you or anyone else.

325. Gary S - September 2, 2012

No Anthonys report isnt crap .
But it isnt proof either .
The only true proof is official word of the villains identity .
and that has not happened yet .

326. MJ - September 2, 2012

@324. I get the point that you are NOW making, but the point in your earlier post seemed to be claming that Anthony’s article only had one source…which was not the case.

On the point your are making NOW, yea, I suppose their could be some conspiracy of misdirection and to mess with us fans, but don’t recall seeing that done with other franchises in the past — especially the level of misdirection and messing with us here where we are only 9 months away from the release. But, its not impossible — I’ll grant you that.

Occam’s Razor: “When you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

So, are we to believe a deliberate conspiracy is at play right now from JJ, the crew, the actors, etc. — all working in an organized and secretly planned fashion — to cause misdirection among us fans in trying to determine who the sequel villain is? Or is it more likely to accept the limited evidence, including Trekmovie’s inside sources, Orci’s clue from last fall, limited information from the media, that it is most likely Khan?

The Khan as villain explanation obviously more appropriately fits with the guidelines of Occam’s Razor.

327. Red Dead Ryan - September 2, 2012


Dude, you’ve just contradicted your own statements.

“It was ONE anonymous source.” From #319.

Now you’re saying it doesn’t matter if it’s “one source or fifty”, after MJ proves it was more than one source?

In response to MJ’s post concerning the validity of the article, with the suggestion of you thinking it was a load of crap you wrote:

“Yes, it probably is.”

But then you proceeded to write in your next post:

“I’m not dismissing Anthony’s word, I’m just saying that he can have the wool pulled over his eyes just like you or anyone else.”

Seems contradictory. Your “Yes, it probably is.” statement is a clear dismissal of Anthony’s word.

Can’t have it both ways, man. This is how politicians talk. :-)

328. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 326 MJ

You believe whatever you like, but if you apply Occam’s Razor? Three on-the-record sources (on-the-set actors, no less) trumps Anthony’s vague, anonymous sources (who still refuse to go on the record). Khan is not the simplest explanation; just the first assumption. There is no more ‘evidence’ for it than there was before. There ARE three on-the-record denials to trump it, anyway. But again; this is all irrelevant. We’re being toyed with by the ‘powers that be’, that’s all.
No conspiracy; just being messed with…

They could’ve released a teaser trailer or something (for gods’ sake, the movie wrapped several months ago), but they shouldn’t keep screwing with the fanbase. It’s condescending, and a shabby way to reward fan loyalty. The movie’s only 8 months away and it’s facing some really tough competition. They should NEVER assume fan loyalty; look what happened to “Star Trek Nemesis.”

329. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 327


Who gives a damn? It’s about a movie; I’m not running for office…. relax.

330. MJ - September 2, 2012

We’ll well have to agree to disagree on your first paragraph above, but I am in full agreement with you on your second paragraph — it is definitely approaching condescension now in the way JJ, Orci and the actors are treating the fans. Contrast this to the way Peter Jackson treats his fans and it is like comparing Santa Claus to the Boggie Man.

331. Red Dead Ryan - September 2, 2012


All of the actors have flat out denied it was Khan because J.J Abrams ordered them not to reveal who the villain is. So your point is moot. Their statements don’t trump anything.

332. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 330

Agree to disagree then. Fair enough. ;-)

Frankly, my care level for this whole Khan/not-Khan thing has hit the floor. I don’t care if he’s playing Harry Mudd’s proctologist at this point. I’m only reading this thread right now because it’s a boring night. ;-)

And anyway, as Kirk would say, “We’re debating in a vacuum….”

333. MJ - September 2, 2012

@328. RDR, I think Sebastian, like a lot of others here, so desperately want it not to be Khan (which I get — I would prefer a “fresh story and villain” myself), then then, perhaps even unconsciously, have established a misconceived belief that is confusing their ability to objectively look at the information in front of them that is pointing towards Khan being the villain.

I get it and do not hold any ill will towards these fans who desperately want it not to be Khan. In fact, against all odds, I hope they end up being right. But if I had to be my life savings on this issues, my money would be on Khan.

334. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 331 RDR~

But how do you know that with such authority? You DON’T; anymore than I do. You have ZERO proof JJ ordered anything. Your speculation trumps nothing either….

We’re all in the dark, here. You know no more than I do.
It’s idle speculation.

335. Red Dead Ryan - September 2, 2012

I agree that their secrecy is ridiculous and condescending, though it might be as much Paramount’s decision as it is Abrams’. The studio might decide to delay the movie yet again since they’re going to release “GI: Joe: Retaliation” a few weeks before, plus May 2013 is going to be loaded with other blockbusters, such as “Iron Man 3″, and “Fast And Furious 6″.

I figure if no trailer is released by December, and they still don’t reveal the villain, then it will be clear that we’ll waiting a longer wait.

I’m still expecting to see the sequel in May 2013, but with these guys, you can’t really bet anything on it.

336. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 333

Hmmm… Thought we agreed to disagree, MJ?
As long as YOU get the last word on it, right? I’m delusional and you’re correct, of course; how silly of me… ;-D

You still think three actors’ on-the-record denials are no better than anonymous sources? Whatever you say, buddy….

337. MJ - September 2, 2012

@336. Well, I didn’t really mean it like that, dude. :-) I just meant that some of you want it NOT to be Khan so bad that perhaps you are not filtering the limited information we do have as objectively as you should?

Well, I guess that this explanation from me will probably not make your feel any better? :-))

338. Red Dead Ryan - September 2, 2012


J.J Abrams HAS indeed ordered secrecy. Various cast members have said how he won’t allow them to discuss the sequel. Zoe Saldana herself recently said how Abrams’ was pissed off about the photo leaks.


I would have rather had a different character for the sequel myself, but I’m fine with them doing Khan. Christopher Nolan brought back the Joker, and that turned out great. Did not diminish Jack Nicholson’s version of the character in the least.

339. Sebastian S. - September 2, 2012

# 337

No, not really. ;-D

But honestly, nothing on this thread is worth getting one’s proverbial panties in a bunch over. It’s funny how you guys seem just as determined to BELIEVE it’s Khan than others of us wish it weren’t.

I call that wishful thinking on BOTH sides of the fence.

340. Red Dead Ryan - September 2, 2012

Yeah, well, some will be proven wrong, and some of us will be validated at the end of the day. :-)

341. MJ - September 2, 2012

Would it hurt for them to at least tell us what date the trailer is coming out. Is knowing that date a fuc*king secret too somehow?

It’s like JJ escaped Tora Bora and we are hoping to get news of him someday. ;-)

342. Magnus - September 2, 2012

Hey #309: because in the spy photos, Cumberbatch IS NOT WEARING KLINGON MAKE-UP.

I really didn’t think I’d have to explain that one…

343. Phil - September 3, 2012

What if JJ manages to annonce the movie is pushed back yet again. That would really be dumb right? But it could happen.

344. George Zip - September 3, 2012

Denial is proof! :-)

I’m still holding out for Gary Seven.

345. Craiger - September 3, 2012

#342 – The Klingons have been disguised as Human’s before, Arn Darvin in Trouble With Tribbles.

346. Sebastian S. - September 3, 2012

# 345


The season 4 arc in ENT even explained how they did it too, with the Klingon/augment human experiments…

347. Gary S. - September 3, 2012

I think that is a distinct possibility with the Klingons .

348. Craiger - September 3, 2012

#346 – Sorry I forgot to mention the Enterprise Augment storyline but I hope the sequel doesn’t do that since Enterprise did that already. Maybe a vague reference to that to explain how Cumberbatch looks Human if he is a Klingon.

349. Paul - September 3, 2012

Is there going to be a movie forum just like they had for the last movie which is a dedicated website for Star Trek 12 fan discussion?

350. Robert Paulson - September 3, 2012

Let’s be honest, Star Trek didn’t get the big boost it needed after JJA took over. And now, another rehash. Sorry, won’t even bother seeing this rubbish.

351. Paul - September 3, 2012

Fight Club Man-
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I found JJ Trek to very popular among a wide range of people. Please explain why you didn’t like Trek 09′.

352. Sebastian S. - September 3, 2012

# 350 RP~

It made $385 million worldwide (more than almost any other ST movie) and converted a lot of new fans into the franchise (several in my own circle of friends and family). The DVD/Blu ray is still selling very well, too.

How again is that not a big boost?

And (so far) we have no direct evidence that the sequel will be a rehash, unless you take rumor and misdirection as fact.

353. Montreal_Paul - September 3, 2012

Until someone actually confirms that it is Khan… then it is still a rumor. Anthony’s “source” is not a confirmation… it is still a rumor.

Let’s see, Anthony’s unknown source says it’s Khan.
Urban says it’s Mitchell. Who is more reliable? I would say Urban. But doesn’t mean he is telling the truth. Neither one is a confirmation.

I don’t care if Anthony didn’t retract his statement. Still doesn’t prove anything except that he will retract or confirm it when it is made official. I won’t retract my opinion on who it may be until I have SOLID proof either. Right now, all I see is circumstantial evidence.

354. The Last Vulcan - September 3, 2012

@315. That dude has got KLINGON written all over his face. If I needed any confirmation that the bad guys including Cumby are from Qo’noS, this is it. I may have been closer than I thought in my Photoshop mockup of Cumby as a Changian minimalist Klingon.

Remember the great words of Kahless: To those who are overly cautious, everything is impossible. :)

355. Craiger - September 3, 2012

I think JJ redoing the Klingons makes sense because they were mentioned in the first movie and had deleted scenes. JJ would probably like redesigning Qo’noS and the Klingons themselves. Also it would have more space battles with the Klingons. I said in a previous post that maybe its about the first Klingon/Federation war that happened in th 2250’s.

356. Craiger - September 3, 2012

I wonder if Anthony’s source could have been feeding him disinformation about who the villain or villains are?

357. The Last Vulcan - September 3, 2012

I think right now the probability of Klingons have effectively swept aside all other possibilities. With Cumby playing Kor or Kang, we’re set for one helluva barnburner… maybe even with the Genesis planet involved (Alice Eve as Carol???) As for misinformation, JJ would misdirect his own mother to preserve the movie’s impact so all is fair in Trek and War!

358. MJ - September 3, 2012

@353 “Until someone actually confirms that it is Khan… then it is still a rumor. Anthony’s “source” is not a confirmation… it is still a rumor.”

No, it is not a “rumor,” It is a news story that was verified by several anonymous sources. You don’t read the paper every day and see investigative journalism stories with insides sources, and conclude – “hey, interesting rumor’s there.”

It is a news story that has yet to be verified officially by public sources. That is a hell of lot more than some common rumor.

359. MJ - September 3, 2012

…and my above post is meant to be friendly…please don’t take it the wrong way, MP.

360. MJ - September 3, 2012

@ 351. Robert Paulson – September 3, 2012
Let’s be honest, Star Trek didn’t get the big boost it needed after JJA took over. And now, another rehash. Sorry, won’t even bother seeing this rubbish.

Dude, drop the Crack Pipe habit please. It made nearly $400M. Duh!!!!!

361. CarlG - September 3, 2012

@350: “…won’t even bother seeing this rubbish.”

But will still keep posting here to complain about it endlessly, no doubt.

Benedict, you cheeky bugger, you.

362. Montreal_Paul - September 3, 2012

359. MJ

I didn’t take it any other way. :)

But, the way I see it, is that it was an anonymous source spreading a rumor. Until it is confirmed by Paramount, Bad Robot, JJ, or Bob Orci. I feel it is still just a rumor. Until it is verified, it is not a confirmation.

You even wrote,
“It is a news story that has yet to be verified officially by public sources.”

That doesn’t not mean it is the truth nor does it confirm anything. The source could be misleading Anthony. The source could be wrong.

363. MJ - September 3, 2012

@362. He had more than one source, and they all confirmed it. So it is an news investigative story that has yet to confirmed as official by Paramount. That makes it more than a common rumor.

A “common rumo”r is that my neighbor tells me that he hears that the country Sheriff is sleeping with the Mayor of my town. An “unconfirmed news story” is that my local paper runs a story saying that several anonymous sources have reported that the Mayor is having and affair with the Sheriff, and they are concerned about the conflict of interest this might represent to the offices of both.

The is a BIG DIFFERENCE between and common rumor and an unconfirmed news story backed up my multiple inside sources.

364. Montreal_Paul - September 3, 2012

So how many sources does he have? 2? 3? 15? We don’t know. And as far as credible… we don’t know that either. And is Paramount or JJ or Orci say “no, it is not Khan.” Do we still go with this “source”? Fact is, it is hearsay until the official news comes out.

People seem to think that because it was from more than one inside source and that AP won’t retract his story, that it confirms it. Far from it.

An inside source on the production, namely an actor, says that it is Mitchell. So… is that also a news story that has yet to be verified officially by public sources?

Which holds more strength to it?

365. rose by any other is Keachick - September 3, 2012

I go onto the IMDb Jack Ryan movie message board and read the nasty bitching there about a movie that has only just started shooting – bitching about Chris Pine being boring, Sir Kenneth Branagh doing such a lame project, over the current working film – Jack Ryan (because that is who the film is about – Duh!) and so it goes on and on…

Then on Justjared Chris Pine, that has been taken over by a bunch of so-n-so’s going on about his girlfriend being his “beard”, or calling her a whore in not so many words etc. Maybe this is meant to be funny, humourous etc, but whatever humour there is perhaps, is lost on me. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Then I come here and it’s back to the same old stupid arguments. Ye gods!

Is there any place where there is intelligent and positive discourse, where the same old arguments don’t keep coming back over and over and over?

I don’t know what kind of lives people have when they are not flaming or whatever on the internet, but I doubt I have any worse or better life than others – as some things might be better for me and other things worse. However, I can understand how our own Jack feels. It is really depressing and quite idiotic.

I have lots to do, like having to take care of a mother who is elderly and unwell, as well as a home, children, animals etc. It’s OK but it can be tiring and sometimes rather monotonous, but it all has to be done. I come here for positive stimulation through discourse, even a hint of camaraderie, information about my favourite franchise and actors, but what do I get? I realise I expect too much, or do I?

Jack has quit on us. Can you blame him? What to do?

366. rose by any other is Keachick - September 3, 2012

edit: “…the current working film -…” should read “…the current working film TITLE…”

367. MJ - September 3, 2012

@365. This full page post of yours, bitching incessantly about some Chris Pine hurt feelings you got from some nasty web sites some of us would never go on, is uncalled for, and I. for one, resent the condescending and elitist tone of your post. Read your post again yourself — if you believe what you are saying, then your post shows that you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

You have a history to sending out very negative posts like this that are inflammatory towards others under the guise of why can’t we all behave like you want us too. You are not fooling me, and I am not going to stand by and be lectured by someone who will not behave by their own rules.

And Jack, though I loved the guy, was once of the bitchiest posters himself on this site over the years — always complaining about stuff.

368. MJ - September 3, 2012

@365 “People seem to think that because it was from more than one inside source and that AP won’t retract his story, that it confirms it.”

For me, yes, it does.

369. Red Shirt Diaries - September 3, 2012

Hold on, Keachick, and take a chill pill here. This is not a place where people make jokes about Chris Pine’s girlfriend or their sex life. I don’t get how that compares to to arguments about Khan or not Khan, or some minor flaming between posters here? That is an unfair comparison.

And the reason why we are all struggling for topics and intelligent discourse is because of this unprecedented news vacuum for a Trek movie. I have never seen anything like this, and some of us are feeling like JJ and company are deliberately messing with us now.

Also, we are not evil Chris Pine haters here, so please don’t group us with those posters who you flamed against on other sites. That has no relation to any of us here.

370. Vultan - September 3, 2012


In an earlier post, you mocked the rest of us for obsessing over villains. Well, given your constant, tiresome odes to a certain actor, you’re really the last person who should be criticizing anyone about obsession.

You want discourse, something interesting to talk about? Okay, go to post #317, pick a topic, and start the ball rolling.

371. Voice of Reason - September 3, 2012

Sick of Abrams, sick of Lindelof, sick of empty hype for months on end followed by less than mediocre material. But most of all I’m sick of the way this overprivileged Bel Air Prince and his coke freak minions just piss all over the rest of us with their arrogant and superior attitude. There’s a generation of Hollywood filmmakers who would have made nothing if they hadn’t been given stupid amounts of money from Daddy’s Hollywood mates. It’s just Bel Air welfare. So over it I won’t be giving them my money this time – first time in 12 ST films, 4 series and over 30yrs that’s ever happened.

This film will be rubbish and if its not I’ll eat my words and make a public apology right here – but I won’t need to. Best indication of that is using the same tired marketing tricks. They can’t show us anything because a turd spray painted gold is still a turd.

Lucy, Gene & Majel are probably spinning in their graves. They gave Star Trek life and it looks like Abrams will bury it.

Am I just another loudmouth making empty claims who should be asked if they could do a better job? I sure could. Hand over that much cash, I’ll be happy to show you.

372. Aurore - September 3, 2012

“So maybe TrekMovie and the other sites are all wrong and Khan is not in the film (and I admit this is entirely possible). I have also noted that reports of Khan are still officially rumors from Paramount’s point of view.”

Am I allowed to say that those words were once uttered?


373. MJ - September 3, 2012


Memo to Bob Orci:

This guy in post 371 is what a lot of us are going to turn into if you don’t get JJ to get us our “sequel news fix” sometime soon.

374. MJ - September 3, 2012

@373. Well, of course the studio is going to call them rumors. That would defeat the whole point on the secrecy thing on a movie if every time some website got some insider report on a hot topic, that the studio would all of a sudden give in and admit the sources were right — that is unlikely. So I don’t see anything new here Aurore to make me reconsider this.

375. Aurore - September 3, 2012

“So I don’t see anything new here Aurore to make me reconsider this.”

Of course.

My post in 372 wasn’t meant to make anyone reconsider anything…..

Can’t a Star Trek fan post quotes she likes peacefully, over here?


376. Craiger - September 3, 2012

MJ, Could that #371 post be right? Maybe the sequel stinks and they are trying to hide it and thus all the secrecy? Maybe the dallies weren’t all that great. However Pine says its great, unless he is hyping it also? Could Paramount be thinking we spent all this money on this? What are we going to do?

377. MJ - September 3, 2012

@375. Of course! Don’t go “all Keachick” on me, please! :-)

@376. Interesting, but I doubt it. I think they have just gone way overboard on JJ’s secrecy policy.

378. Ahmed - September 3, 2012

Most actors in any given movie, will say wonder about the movie they are making. It part of the marketing I think.

I don’t think that people should count what actors/directors say during the movie production, unless they are giving clear detailed opinion about the movie and not just the standard “the movie was amazing, we were all like a family, you gonna love it … etc”

Only a trailer will give you an idea & not even a complete one at that, about a new movie.

379. Gary S. - September 3, 2012

I dont have a link ,
But sadly, we lost Actor Michael Clarke Duncan today .
He is of course ,best known for his role as John Coffey from
“The Green Mile “.
He had a heart attack about two months ago and he never really recovered from it .
I know it isnt Trek related but I thought people here would like to know .
My Condolonces to his family and friends .
I shall miss you Michael.

380. Red Dead Ryan - September 3, 2012


That’s funny. You seem to do a lot of bitching here yourself. Plus you’re pretty obsessive about Chris Pine. Your hypocrisy has worn thin. Time for you to stop calling the kettle black.

With all that aside, if you don’t like reading what people post on TrekMovie.Com and IMDB, why do keep visiting these sites?


Terrible news. He was great in “The Green Mile”.

381. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 3, 2012

Michael Giacchino’s twitter(September 3):

“Summer is done – time to get back to work. JJ and Star Trek are waiting.”

Karl Urban says …. “it’s going to be AWESOME!!!”

Then……….. I think everything is OK!!!…… ;-) :-)

382. Cairo - September 3, 2012

People, there’s an awful lot of complaining here.. And I can agree with most of it. I want to know a title, I want spoilers. I want assurances that it will be good and it will be “StarTrek”. But….
How can anyone make a decision on the quality of a movie, or anything without seeing it? Being a fan of Trek is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t entitle you to demand anything. Or imply that the people creating the film are arrogant drug users or worse. Let’s have good debate and be grown up about it. Right, 371, “Voice of Reason”?

383. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 3, 2012


Michael Clarke Duncan was great in “The Green Mile”… amazing performance, I loved that movie… R.I.P.

384. Xai - September 3, 2012

382 should have been signed by Xai. My iPad decided to rename me…oops

385. Xai - September 3, 2012

@350 Robert …that a threat or a promise? No one here is going to make you go…or care if you don’t.

386. Boydan Frooling - September 3, 2012

“The Squire of Gothos”

387. rose by any other is Keachick - September 3, 2012

Holy Shit – people. Read my post again and this time – pay attention!

Where did I say that people bitched about or made crude comments about Chris Pine (and gf) or about other things the actor is doing on Where? Why would anyone here think I was accusing them of making nasty comments about Chris Pine or any other actor, because that is NOT what I wrote?

I was talking about a general flavour of postings everywhere and I gave the IMDB MESSAGE BOARD and the JUSTJARED sites as EXAMPLES. The IMDb Message board was about the new Jack Ryan movie that has just started filming and the comments I was referring to were not just about Chris Pine, but about Kenneth Branagh and the film as well.

On this thread, there was flaming, or shall we say heated discussion between MJ and Montreal Paul over a very old topic/argument.

I am not being elitist. I believe it was someone else who made the comment that they would never go to one of these sites that I occasionally go to. Why not? Are they not good enough for you? Have you personally had experience of reading the articles and comments that often follow?

It seems that some of you are a little obsessed over my supposed obsession with Chris Pine…

388. Azrael - September 3, 2012

@379. It is Trek related man, he did the voice over for the opening cinematic on Star Trek: Klingon Academy. RIP Michael

Here is a link for those who want the story.,0,1567203.story

389. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 3, 2012

I’ve gotta say, after coming back here to check on the comments, I can see why Anthony might not want to come back for long periods of time. I don’t blame him one bit. He must feel like a babysitter much of the time.

390. Montreal_Paul - September 3, 2012

387. rose by any other is Keachick
“On this thread, there was flaming, or shall we say heated discussion between MJ and Montreal Paul over a very old topic/argument.”

Actually, it had nothing to do with our “old topic/argument”.. it was completely off topic. But the outcome was a truce for our “old argument.”

391. Sebastian S. - September 3, 2012

# 389

Shilliam Watner~

Too true. ;-)

We’re all fighting and tripping over our own feet with unconfirmed, off-record rumors and innuendo. Ridiculous.

The ‘powers-that-be’ are making first class fools out of all of us….

:- /

392. MJ - September 3, 2012

@387 “Where did I say that people bitched about or made crude comments about Chris Pine (and gf)”

How about right here: “Then on Justjared Chris Pine, that has been taken over by a bunch of so-n-so’s going on about his girlfriend being his “beard”, or calling her a whore in not so many words etc.”

“On this thread, there was flaming, or shall we say heated discussion between MJ and Montreal Paul over a very old topic/argument.”

And if you have bothered to read or posts before you came out with “guns blazing” at all of his with your rant, you would have noticed that we came to a truce — which is “supposedly” the type of positive behavior that you want to see here, right???

“Holy Shit – people. Read my post again and this time – pay attention!”

Agreed — but applied to you.

393. Red Dead Ryan - September 3, 2012

Yeah, Keachick really needs to look in the mirror before she starts pointing fingers at the rest of us. And at the same time, she should decide on what her screen name is going to be once and for all.

394. Jerry Modene - September 3, 2012

Of course, if the powers that be would release a little tidbit from time to time, people wouldn’t have to gnash and snap over speculation like this…

BTW, from earlier in the thread (I’m not going to scroll all the way back and see what # it was) I rather like the idea of the villain being Kirk’s evil orthodontist. ;)

395. Jerry Modene - September 3, 2012


I finally figured out who Cumberbatch is playing.

An iconic character from ST, perfectly capable of standing up to Spock (although he wasn’t able to stand up to Sisko, who punched him out).

Yes, Cumberbatch is playing Q. Just look at his face in that picture at the top of the article. Doesn’t that grin just shout out “Q”?

And it will turn out that Q had a role in all this, perhaps even creating that impossibly-large supernova that started this whole mess in the first place.

One can only hope that when ST2013 is over, that Q will snap his fingers and put the Universe back in its proper place. ;-)

396. Jai - September 4, 2012

At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious that the mystery surrounding the real identity of Cumberbatch’s villain is actually a major aspect of the sequel’s storyline. That’s the strong impression I get anyway.

Speculation is fun, up to a certain point, but beyond that it can end up just rehashing the same suggestions that have already been made many times. And if the real identity of the villain is supposed to be a mystery for the audience as well as Kirk & co, with the audience finally discovering “the truth” at exactly the same time that it hits Kirk etc, knowing in advance really could ruin the audience’s experience of seeing the movie. Bob Orci has already said as much, and it also explains the stubborn silence from the various actors.

Better to just enjoy the ride when the movie is finally released, especially if the inevitable “big reveal” is intended to be a major part of the storyline and the audience’s own cinematic experience.

397. Jai - September 4, 2012

^^Or to put it another way:

“The fruits of patience are very sweet”, to quote an old Indian saying.

In fact, if you hear Cumberbatch-in-disguise using that proverb at any point in the movie, the cat is out of the bag ;)

398. Trek Nerd Central - September 4, 2012

#395 – Jerry Modene –

Right from the start, I thought it was Q. . . because Q was always a twist on Trelane. And he *is* iconic — a really juicy, flamboyant villain.

Also: the guy looks like him. I hate to state obvious, but there ain’t no physical resemblance to Khan, people. . .

399. Daoud - September 4, 2012

Trelane liked to play war games, as did Q.
Could we see Trelane force a battle between Kirk and Khan, but he damages Khan in the process of waking him (thus allowing Gatt to play Khan)? Kirk and Spock could throw Khan in a volcano (Gothos is pretty nasty… you’d need a volcano suit) figuratively speaking, and then Trelane “not fair, not fair” decides to take (super-)human form and confront Kirk and Spock mortally? “To the pain”? I could watch that.
Of course, that’s lifting Squire, Hide ‘n’ Q, A Private Little War, Savage Curtain, and many other episodes… but why not. TMP was The Changeling Redux, and Wrath of Khan was a pastiche in ways of Obsession (self-sacrifice attempt: Spock rather than Kirk), Ultimate Computer (ship battles), Doomsday Machine (Genesis), and Space Seed (Khan). There are only a few real stories anyway… it’s all in the telling.

400. Daoud - September 4, 2012

Happy 400! Oh, and I should add… to the lifting… lift from The Princess Bride and have some action that’s actually intelligent! It shouldn’t be inconceivable!
Also, this means that great picture of Cumberbatch… that none of the lighters are real flames. They look like flames, they have the appearance of flames, but they provide no heat, no fire. ;)

401. Craiger - September 4, 2012

If Anthony’s not careful one day if or when he posts news again no one will be here to read it.

402. Sebastian S. - September 4, 2012

# 364 MP~

Any rumor from an anonymous source (or sources) is hearsay at this point; it means absolutely nothing until it is confirmed by an open, on-the-record source.

And while Karl Urban’s ‘Gary Mitchell’ remark was on the record (and it’d be a more interesting alternative to Khan IMO), it struck me as a joke or a deliberate mislead. That was too big a cat to let leap out of the bag so easily…

403. Gary S. - September 4, 2012

# 388 Yeah, I found that on IMDB after my original post .
But I couldnt find any Klingon Academy samples with his voice included .

404. BulletInTheFace - September 4, 2012

#350: That’s a ridiculous statement. The 2009 film was the most successful one to date. To say it didn’t give Trek a boost is absurd, regardless of whether or not you enjoyed it. It was HUGELY successful. That’s indisputable.

405. Red Dead Ryan - September 4, 2012

Why would the villain be Q? The writers have said that the villain would from season one of TOS. Plus the omnipotent antagonist has already been played time and again. It’s boring. I don’t want to see Trelane either. He was really annoying.

406. The Last Vulcan - September 4, 2012

The Last Vulcan channels the wisdom of Kahless once again:

Do not let thine human minds be misdirected by the illogical photo battles showing Cumby without prosthetics which were created exclusively to mislead thee! Kor/Kang shall battle the humans to preserve and uphold the honor of the Empire once again in 2013! :)

407. CJS - September 4, 2012

Khan (and possibly the Klingons and the Borg if you count whole races) is the only Star Trek villain that registers significantly on the mainstream consciousness. Almost no one outside of the fans have any idea who Gary Mitchell or Trelane or Ron Tracey or Garth of Izar are. JJ and company are not making these films for the fans, they are making them for a mass audience and the reaction of the mass audience is the only one that counts to them. Revealing the name of any of these lesser villains would have no impact on the mass audience, and revealing the name of a new villain (with no frame of reference) would also have no meaning. Therefore, by refusing to even name this villain, they have confirmed that it is indeed Khan.

408. gingerly - September 4, 2012

Oh, Cumberbatch, the plebes will continue to ask, regardless of denials and pasty England complexion.

That said , if they had rebooted Khan, the guy who played Robau would’ve been a good one.

*moonwalks outta here*

409. gingerly - September 4, 2012

*shufflebots back in*

Also, digging the photo choice, because it’s true, many would love to light his cigar. ;)

410. Craiger - September 4, 2012

CJS, I have been saying that also, JJ will have a villain that the general movie going audience knows, but please no Borg that was done too much with Voyager. Not sure the general movie going audience knows about the Borg, unless they do because of the “Resistance is Futile” phrase. Is that a pop culture reference?.

411. Vultan - September 4, 2012

Though I’d rather see an original character, I wouldn’t mind seeing Trelane being the baddie the movie. His spoiled god child act would be a nice departure from the many alien (or superhuman) baddies out to destroy planets or conquer the Feds. That has become boring.

Oh, and though not a true villain, Gary Seven would also be nice. Any number of situations could see him at odds with Kirk and crew.

But… [sigh]… it will probably be Khan, Kirk’s Joker, who showed up every other episode. POW! BAM! MINT! Same Trek time, same Trek channel.

412. Vultan - September 4, 2012

Correction: “Trelane being the baddie IN the movie.”

413. gingerly - September 4, 2012


You do know the second (rebooted) film is already in the can, don’t you?
That said, I’m sticking with my “one of Khan compadres” theory.

414. Azrael - September 4, 2012

@403. This article.

415. AJ - September 4, 2012

The crap argued about here is pathetic..

Just like “Day of the Dove,” we have a malignant being in our midst who is forcing us to go for each others’ throats, and it is called “Star Trek 2.” Absurdly enough, a 2013 summer tentpole film is absolutely invisible as we go into autumn. We’ve had a fully realized ‘Hobbit’ trailer since January with a second on the way, and promises of seeing the “Iron Man 3″ trailer this year, but nothing from “Trek.” Not even a title.

At least we know it cost $185m to produce. It’s worrying to know that such a huge investment has absolutely no discernible marketing or promotion behind it 9 months out, and as they skipped SDCC and Las Vegas, they will probably skip doing a trailer for the holidays as well.

I am honestly ready for JJ Abrams to hand the franchise over. Serviceable director, but a super-crap marketeer.

And, I’ll eat my shorts if he proves me wrong.

416. Craiger - September 4, 2012

AJ, I am torn between knowing too much like the first reboot and the sequel. I don’t think they should over promote it like the first one I kind of think we saw the first half of the first movie when they first promoted it. I think for is just knowing who the villain is, title and trailer just enough for now and then maybe go quite for awhile again?

417. Craiger - September 4, 2012

Also are we sure its JJ or Paramount wanting the secrecy and doing the crap marketing?

418. Phil - September 4, 2012

@405. If the villian is Q, or anyone who’s seeming omnipotent, the movie is a renter for me. Sorry, but that concept had been beat like a rented mule…

419. Craiger - September 4, 2012

Does the general movie going audience know about Q? Or any of the God like characters in TOS?

420. LizardGirl - September 4, 2012

@415 AJ
Your analogy is spot on. We’re cooped up with one another. Opposing ideas and arguments, with the lack of any reasonable information about this much anticipated movie. Doubts and anger multiplying (I have my doubts, trust me). I think that is what’s causing the pain spasms in the fanbase.

The question is: Is it too soon or too late to start marketing? Also, should Star Trek be marketed the same was as other movies? I’ve read some posts saying that they shouldn’t really marketing the movie until about 4 months from opening night. Hmmm. Whenever they start, Trekkers will be aware of it, but that’s not really a mystery. This franchise was made to bring in fresh blood, widen the demographic pool. It’s those people I worry about. This is a…very looong awaited sequel.

We really aren’t sure, are we? All there is to go on is that JJ has been scarce on interviews and that he was upset with the only spoilers of the movie we’ve got: less than a handful of shoddy pics early this year. Are we being punished for those? I was being dramatic there. (SIDE THOUGHT) I was always against those pictures. I feel that any release of information should always be official! (END SIDE THOUGHT)

But, he is the true Captain of the ship. I’d expect he’d have some say in how it is to be marketed. Maybe there are some internal, technical issues we are unaware of? Anyway, I believe he’s a really good director, but…again…doubts, not about his talent but about the procession of this movie. Maybe this is the “darkest hour before the dawn” period. And when we see it, we’ll just be speechless. The vibe could be very different around here come next…May?

I just don’t want a repeat of last year. Hopefully, the slight delays and push backs won’t occur again. I remember being very patient around this time last year, fully expecting to be watching ST2 by May of 2012. When no information was present I still sat and waited passively…until January, I think, when I found out that I would be waiting almost a year and a half more. Even then I wasn’t raving mad about it. But as of mid to late summer of this year, without even the basics? Harrumph! Hopefully sometime in fall we’ll have a title released (even a working one!) if nothing else.

421. LizardGirl - September 4, 2012

Hey what just happened to my post! It was there at 420, then when I refreshed, it disappeared!

422. LizardGirl - September 4, 2012


423. LizardGirl - September 4, 2012

Okay, since I posted those topic questions at 317, I should answer one, right?

11. Which character would be your best friend? Which would be your enemy?
(friends) Dianna Troi—caring female friend, Kevin Riley—a little mischief is fun!, Geordi—down to earth guy, Reginald Barclay—the guy with the wonderful imagination, Q—he’s a riot

(enemies) Odo–if I’m hanging out with Kevin that day, Spock—I love him but I think he’d drive me up a wall if I were around him, Q—the only one who could comfortably sit in both categories, and Felix’s cooking–it should be a character of its own.

16. Worst or stupidest character.—Space Hippies (The Way to Eden)

424. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 4, 2012

415. AJ

Just wait.

I am sure you are justified with your opinions, but this is the sequel that took 5 years to make.

Seems like JJ and co. like to do one thing at a time, And do it right.
And that’s fine. The next Trek will be awesome. And if they can resolve to avoid any of the stretchy plot points of the first, then we will be all the better.

Now. Does that make you feel a wee bit better, laddie?

I for one, will be patient for a couple more months.

425. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 4, 2012

408. gingerly

Good call!

426. rose by any other is Keachick - September 4, 2012

Where has my last post gone?

So it is OK to leave posts here that repeatedly accuse me of something I did not do, yet mine is removed? WTH?

427. rose by any other is Keachick - September 4, 2012

Delete above post – apologies – my post is here…

428. Stunkill - September 4, 2012

I can’t believe it took you losers here two days of infighting to realize I was posing as MJ? You all suck, and you will be bowing to me once you see that Gary Mitchell is being played by BC. F all of you!

429. Red Dead Ryan - September 4, 2012


Hey, I figured it was you when I read your post, and then posted #225 the next morning. It was obvious it was you. When it comes to obnoxious behaviour on this site, you take the cake!

And Keachick hit the wrong target with her condescending posts toward MJ and Montreal Paul. It was Stunkill who was the troll.

430. Stunkill - September 4, 2012

Okay, I apologize. It was an obnoxious thing to do. I was being a child and a troll, whatever you wanna call me. I understand how frustrating it can be when someone puts words in your mouth or pretends to be you.

Forgive me, MJ and Montreal Paul. It won’t happen again.

431. TREK FANS READ THIS - September 4, 2012


432. johnbijl - September 5, 2012


The last film played in the year 2258. In TOS, Charlie Evans is 17 when he is picked up in 2266.

If the new film skips three years (as much as the time between the sequels in real time), Charlie is 15 in the new film. Benedict is a very good actor, but I don’t think he can pull of a 15-year old.

433. Jonathan - September 5, 2012

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434. Christian - September 5, 2012

Both Cumberbatch & Alice Eve have already been confirmed as playing characters that are cannon, so here’s my thinking. Since Karl Urban got his legs slapped for saying that Cumberbatch’s part was “Gary Mitchell” well as an actor who is not a Trek Fan, maybe when asked about the “Gary Mitchell” thing, Karl got it wrong & really just knew the Character was called “Gary” & Presumed his last name was “Mitchell”

Benedict Cumberbatch is Gary Seven
Alice Eve is Roberta Lincoln

Also, When does Gary Seven Turn Up in the original series? When there’s a Timeline problem. Any timeline problem’s in this revamp of trek?

One last thing why I don’t think it’s Gary Mitchell, in IDW’s ongoing comic series (over looked by Roberto Orci) they are going to tie in the stories right up to the new film. Anyway, they have already done a story with Gary Mitchell and the artist drew the Gary Lockwood version of Mitchell, if it’s been over looked by Orci, why would he let this slip by???

Maybe I’m Looking too much into this, Only time will tell really.

435. Phil - September 5, 2012

@431. Really? Does he undress Uhura with his mind powers? Is that sensational enough, or just exploitive?

436. Phil - September 5, 2012

Actually, the villian is a cross between Guinan and Darth Vader…not that you could tell the two apart to begin with….

437. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 5, 2012

Maybe he plays V’ger

438. spoilers cannot hurt me - September 7, 2012

new guy here –
since Khan is already out there -if the time line is correct
doesn’t Kirk know this from the mind meld and not be surprised
if they accidently stumble on him -and know how to handle it –
they should concentrate on making sure there are some humpback whales around because that thing is coming and Vger is coming –
and perhaps all those involved in genesis do not exist since Nero destoyed so many people in the new timeline attacks

think cumberbach might be Soran!?

439. I want to be surprised - September 7, 2012

Ok, iconic villain in the Star Trek universe. You people are thinking entirely too small here. In the previous film, it was established that the timeline had changed, they’re in an alternate reality of the one we know.
I would be thinking of villains who could possibly change it back to the way things were. The Q Continuum, The Borg, The Sphere Builders, The Future Federation. JJ has a plethora of Star Trek Universe Villains to turn to, with stories and lore that we all know and love, and most of you are stuck on TOS villains, why? There was only 1 TOS villain that made it to the movies, and the rest of them were one or two off tv villains that didn’t really have much of the ‘ICONIC’ status that you are attributing to them.

440. Christian - September 7, 2012

Regarding my Last post #434 and IDW’s Comic Book – tie In clues. I have been reading these comic books from cover to cover to see if I can “Pick Up” on anything yet, nothing stands out, apart from the front cover to issue #4 . A phaser among what looks like skeletal remains at the site of an Archaeological dig. All the other front covers to this series of comics, portray what is happening inside in the strip itself. But issue #4 front cover has no relevance to any part of the story inside????

is this the remains of a Starfleet officer, that should not have been present in the past? Hence, a timeline problem & Hence, Gary Seven?

441. USS Arkansas - September 10, 2012

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