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Star Trek Crew Turns Out To Celebrate Walter Koenig’s Hollywood Star [PIX & VID] September 11, 2012

by Albert L. Ortega , Filed under: Celebrity,TOS , trackback

On Monday Star Trek’s original Chekov became the final member of the TOS crew to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Walter’s Trek co-stars and other celebs came out to Hollywood to celebrate the event. See below for a full report and lots of photos of Walter’s big day.       


Koenig gets his star

Actor, writer, television icon Walter Koenig was honored Monday with the 2,479th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor or was first to play Pavel Chekov was the last remaining cast member from the original Star Trek series to be honored with a star.

On hand at the ceremony ware Koenig’s Star Trek co-stars George Takei (Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock).  Nimoy was one of the speakers at the event, praising Walter’s great talent and memorable role on television and the delight he had making Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home particularly directing him in uttering the words "Nuclear Wessels." Specifically on the role of Chekov Nimoy paid Walter the following compliment:

I remember when Walter came on board the Enterprise there were people that had reasons for bringing this character on board. At the time our major adversaries were the Russians and it was decided for the sake of showing a positive aspect of the future it would be a good thing to have a Russian on board. Also at the same time the Beatles were a big deal and they had these interesting hair cuts and someone said "maybe we will pick up a bit of the Beatles audience we should put a Beatle wig on him." So Walter came in with his excellent Russian accent and a Beatle wig and something interesting happened. It turned out that Walter was a good actor and he took these slim dimensions of a character that had been handed to him and he created a three dimensional flesh and blood person who made an enormous contribution to Star Trek over the years.

Leonard Nimoy praising Walter Koenig at his star event in Hollywood

Nimoy and Koenig joined by Nichelle Nichols and George Takei

J. Michael Straczynski also spoke about his and Walter’s days on Babylon 5 and how he created the role of baddie Bester the PsiCop. An unintended funny highlight from the event was when Walk of Fame CEO Leron Gubler presented Walter with a proclamation from the City of Los Angeles (for "Walter Koenig Day") only to have his name misspelled.

J. Michael Straczynski speaking for Koenig

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce CEO presents Walter with proclamation from City of LA

After Walter’s Star was unveiled he called for silence to mention that Rod Roddenberry had gave a substantial amount of money to help raise the funds needed to procure the Star with Rod at his side.
Other luminaries present were M.A.S.H.’s Jamie Farr, Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ and Garrett Wang, DS9’s favorite Dabo Girl Chase Masterson and original BSG Boomer Herb Jefferson. His wife Judy Levitt and daughter Danielle were also on hand at the ceremony.

Rod Roddenberry and Walter with the star Roddenberry helped fund

You can watch the entire ceremony at

And you can visit Walter’s star at 6679 Hollywood Boulevard which is in front of Board Walk Restaurant and near the George Takei’s star.

Walter’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

More photos from Walter’s Hollywood Star ceremony.

George Takei and Nichelle Nichols with Walter

Walter’s star is unveiled

Herbert Jefferson and Walter

Tim Russ

Garrett Wang and Koenig

All photos by Albert L. Ortega

Albert L. Ortega is a photojournalist and life-long Star Trek fan. You can find these and more of Al’s Photos at Getty Images. You can also visit Al on his Facebook page.


1. ProtoVulcan - September 11, 2012

Yay, Walter!

2. logicallyillogical - September 11, 2012

It’s about time! Congrats Walter, from a lifelong fan!

(If it hadn’t been for that Ceti Alpha ear eel scene that first captivated me when I was four, I probably wouldn’t have turned into a life long Trekkie.)

3. rm10019 - September 11, 2012

Very nice and well deserved!

4. William - September 11, 2012

George always looks dapper.

Congrats to Walter

5. Montreal_Paul - September 11, 2012

Congratulations Walter. It was about time!

6. NCM - September 11, 2012

Congratulations, Mr. Koenig.

Love the pictures, esp. the one with four of the original bridge crew. They’re all looking pretty darn good. I hope they all enjoyed the op. to connect.

7. Jamziz - September 11, 2012

Where’s Shatner? Snubbing another event?

8. Enterprisingguy - September 11, 2012

Congrats Walter! You may have always received the short end of the Star Trek stick acting-wise, but your fans who’v

e followed your career know you are capable of some great acting!

9. Gilberto - September 11, 2012


10. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 11, 2012

Congrats, Mr. Koenig!… Great photos!

11. njdss4 - September 11, 2012

Congratulations, Mr. Koenig!

12. NCM - September 11, 2012

Check this out: TM is mentioned…

13. Lisa L. - September 11, 2012

Congratulations Mr. Koenig. You are well-loved and an indispensable part of Star Trek, and you are so appreciated!

14. Herb Finn - September 11, 2012

Where was Shatner… oh, I forgot, it doesn’t care about his Trek co-stars (outside of Nimoy and Kelly) and only sees them as lesser actors….

15. Spike - September 11, 2012

So Cool !

16. George F. Won't - September 11, 2012

Listen, I know I don’t always speak English perfectly, but is it too much to ask to have someone proofread these posts before they go up onto a site that a lot of people read? It hurts your credibility when you let such a poorly written piece get posted unedited.

But aside from that, the pictures are nice. Congratulations, Walter.

17. Bill Peters - September 11, 2012

Cool, Congrats!

18. Not bored, but excited!! - September 11, 2012

Now, this is news. Makes me want to be a fan of my favorite show!!!…

19. John from Cincinnati - September 11, 2012

Where’s Shatner?

20. Austin Rhodes - September 11, 2012

I love Walter…but he should have corrected Leonard Nimoy…it was the DAVY JONES look they were going for…NOT the Beatles…who in 1967 were much older. RIP DJ…give the Monkees a little love Leonard!

21. Kev-1 - September 11, 2012

Congratulations to Walter Koenig. I actually thought he already had a star. Star Trek is more than the “Big Three”; it couldn’t have been what it was without Chekov. No Cold War on Enterprise. A bad accent alone could have sunk the series. Great character addition.

22. Captain Atkin - September 11, 2012

#20: The Monkees were created for TV because the network tried to capitalize on the Beatles popularity at that time. They were an imitation of the band. So what Nimoy says is true. Chekov was an evolution, and his roots started with the Beatles.

23. Andrew - September 11, 2012

I knew it. I knew within the first couple of posts there was going to be a comment about how William Shatner wasn’t there. I freakin knew it.

24. Astronut - September 11, 2012



He wasn’t, was he?

25. Andy Patterson - September 11, 2012

Wow. Nimoy’s looking young, hip and groovy.


Yeah, you’re right on that. Loved Davy.

@ 22 yeah, but he looked like Davy. That was part of the deal,….to get that demographic.

Good for Keonig. Always liked him/the character. Nice

26. stop whining already - September 11, 2012

23. Andrew

I knew it too. As soon as a post goes up, someone is whining about something. And on here… we get 3 complaining about Shatner. And none of them even had anything to say about congratulating Koenig or anything about the ceremony. I predict that people don’t read other posts either and we will also have more people bring it up as the post continues.

27. CmdrR - September 11, 2012

Long overdue, but sweetly deserved.
Congratulations, Walter.

28. NCM - September 11, 2012

Why would the Shat be there? This wasn’t about him: /

29. captain spock - September 11, 2012

congrats Mr.Koenig on finally getting your walk of fame star by darn time,
great to see at lease three of your co-stars to be at this event.

30. Jerry Modene - September 11, 2012

FWIW, Roddenberry did indeed have Davy Jones in mind when he first started asking the staff about creating a new character with a British accent for the show, mentioning in one memo “that little fellow who looks to be a hit”. Thank goodness they let him do the Russian accent instead.

Meanwhile, leave us not forget Walter’s writing skills. His narrative style, in particular, is excellent; I count “Chekov’s Enterprise”, his diary of the making of STTMP, as one of my favorite books.

31. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 11, 2012

28. NCM – Exactly. I like Bill, but has he ever shown up to something like this when he isn’t the center of attention? Perhaps he has, but I don’t remember it.

32. departmentQ - September 11, 2012

congrats to Mr. Koening on this honor.

…Is it me, or does Leonard Nimoy look like Iggy Pop in these photos?

33. Van Banoovong - September 11, 2012

Congratulations to Walter Koenig who becomes the last original Star Trek cast member to receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The original Star Trek cast are the only cast to get both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Mann’s Chinese Theater hand and footprints. The original Star Trek cast have now left their mark on this world. Leonard Nimoy looks awesome with long hair.

34. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay...) - September 11, 2012

God bless you Walter. Can’t wait to see you in Renegades!

35. John Bigbootee - September 11, 2012

Congrats Mr. Koenig! A fitting tribute to your talents.

36. Chasco - September 11, 2012

Congratulations, Walter, well deserved (and as JMS said, “about damn time!”)

I see from Nichelle Nichols’ tweets that Chris Doohan and Wende Doohan were there also –
“Nichelle Nichols ‏@RealNichelle
We really ARE family by now. Loved spending time w/ @GineokwKoenig @GeorgeTakei @TheRealNimoy @TheMrsScotty @ChrisDoohan @roddenberry “

37. Nano - September 11, 2012

Congrats Walter!!! C’mon Bill you need to be there regardless!

38. El Chup - September 11, 2012

For those slating Shatner for not showing up it’s worth remembering that Bill did film a part for the congratulatory video that was made in advance of the star ceremoney.

39. Gary Barclay - September 11, 2012

I Gary Barclay was at Walter Koenig’s star ceremony and I was portraying Spock in the blue uniform from Star Trek: TOS. It was an honor to be in Walter’s Inner Circle there. I will soon be posting the pictures from that event in my facebook picture area.

40. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - September 12, 2012

Gary Barclay, you are a celebrity in my world. LLAP.

41. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - September 12, 2012

Walter Koenig has had a star in my world for decades. Peace and long life to him. Good man.

42. Adam - September 12, 2012

25. This – Nimoy looks fantastic

43. Anthony Thompson - September 12, 2012

Congrats, Walter! And thanks to Rod for help making it happen!

44. Jilly Bone - September 12, 2012

I wouldn’t turn up if I was Shatner, either. These ungrateful sods have spent decades whinging about him being the star.

45. J.A.G.T. - September 12, 2012

@25 & 42:
Yeah, Nimoy does indeed look a decade younger with that haircut.

46. Marja - September 12, 2012


I had the good fortune of speaking with Mr Koenig at a convention in the early 1980s. My friends and I were in the bar enjoying some drinks and Walter was asking us about our lives, things we liked to do, &c. He was very nice “everyday people” and fun to talk with.

Plus he laughed when I told him my drink was a White Russian ;-D

PS Leonard Nimoy’s looking great! Love the hair.

47. Toonloon - September 12, 2012

Reading this article makes me feel happy to be alive. Well done and thank you to Walter for being such a wondeful human being, having precipitous highs and abyss-like lows and keeping us all entertained for the past 50 years. And what a legend Mr Nimoy is. Not only is he getting cooler but he’s pure class. If we’re honest, I think they’d why Shatner wasn’t in star trek 2009. Who wants to invite that type of energy to the party. Online the shat but come on Bill! You could have went to Walters party. Sigh.

48. CAPT KRUNCH - September 12, 2012

This is awesome..Congrats Walter!!…It’s always awesome to see “most” of the crew back together again. Yes it would have been nice to see SHAT with them, but I sure he would just say.. “I hardly knew him…”…Great to see Herbert “Boomer” Jefferson!! GO BSG!!

49. Adama - September 12, 2012

It would have been nice to see Shatner as well, but…
Congratulations, mister Koenig, well deserved for the hour of fine entertainment… A big hug from your fans in Spain.
Live long and prosper!

50. darendoc - September 12, 2012

And was Walter at Bill Shatner’s Star dedication? Doubt it. Why would Bill show up to a ceremony for someone who has openly displayed his dislike for him. All the badmouthing and name calling that has been displayed by the secondary TOS cast is unprofessional… Besides, Bill is busy with his career. And not sure that I am digging Nimoy’s new hairdo.

51. RJM - September 12, 2012

Good things happen to good people, BRAVO!, Walter.

52. Mel - September 12, 2012

“After Walter’s Star was unveiled he called for silence to mention that Rod Roddenberry had gave a substantial amount of money to help raise the funds needed to procure the Star with Rod at his side.”

People can buy their stars?

53. Sterjulie - September 12, 2012

About time!

54. Mark Lynch - September 12, 2012


Actually out of all the supporting cast members which have criticised Shatner over the years, Walter Koenig has never been vindictive. In fact if I am not mistaken, Walter has even appeared on William Shatners talk show Raw Nerve.

55. SoonerDave - September 12, 2012


All Hollywood Stars are purchased. To my knowledge, they always have been. I think *anyone* can buy a star for themselves, if you have the cash and the chutzpah.

When I found that out, it made the whole process a bit crass in my book.

56. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 12, 2012

Congrats, Walter!

Fantastic carreer!

57. bmar - September 12, 2012

Did anyone else find Walter’s demeanor a little strange in the video clip? Not sure whether he’s shy, embarrassed or perhaps angry that he’s the last one – but it seemed strange that he was looking off to the side when people were speaking…?

58. Toonloon - September 12, 2012

Ooh. My message disappeared. Anyway, it vaguely intimated that darendoc was being a little bit glib in his response to this thread.

59. KG - September 12, 2012

So now, not only does he have his own friends, keys, and credit cards; he also has his own star on the Walk of Fame! Good for Walter Koenig.

60. Ensign RedShirt - September 12, 2012

Congrats, Walter! Long overdue. Enjoy it!

I’m digging Leonard’s new haircut. He’s a cool cat.

As far as Bill goes – he could very well be working and was simply not available. As mentioned above, he did participate in the tribute video for Walter. We don’t know why he wasn’t there – perhaps we’ll find out.

61. Horatio - September 12, 2012

Wow, it only took 7 posts before the Bash Shat crowd arrived.

Nimoy looks great! I think The Shat finally turned him on to some of that rejuvenation juice.

62. - September 12, 2012

Good stuff. Congratulations WK.

63. astronut - September 12, 2012

“Wow, it only took 7 posts before the Bash Shat crowd arrived.”

Yeah, wow, maybe because William Shatner has behaved like a pompous, arrogant A-Hole toward others, off and on, for decades?? You think?

I love William Shatner’s work, especially as Captain Kirk… but I cannot STAND the real man behind the mythos. Other than being male and wealthy, he and Gene Simmons have one thing in common: they are both arrogant, self-absorbed douches.

Set aside your blind adoration for once and this will become apparent.

64. Robman007 - September 12, 2012

Shatner is a vampire, and he turned Nimoy into a Vampire, hence his new youthful appearance ;-)

It is kinda funny when you realize that folks bought their star on the walk of fame. Takes the fun out of it, and makes the celebrations really egotistical. Still, glad that he finally has a star.

@darendoc…can’t argue with any of that. Even if Walter kept the “spew” to a minimum, there are others in attendance who take every opporutnity to act unprofessional and bash the shat. I’m willing to bet that the certain individual will still make a comment or five about Shatners absence.

65. Horatio - September 12, 2012

63 – tell ya what, i’ll set aside the blind adoration if you set aside the venom.

66. Phil - September 12, 2012

Congrats, Mr. Koenig, a well deserved honor.

67. Phil - September 12, 2012

…and, yeah, a pox on Shatner for not showing up at an event that didn’t come with a check.

68. Paul B. - September 12, 2012

@14 – Only a matter of time before some numskull asked about Shatner and then took a shot. I thought it would be one of the 1st 10 posts. I was close.

69. darendoc - September 12, 2012

glib? yeah, ok, I was a little bit. But I was also being direct and truthful. Shatner has a lot of stuff going on… and everyone else who showed up, doesn’t, really.

70. No Khan - September 12, 2012

Why would Shat show at a place he’s not wanted? I guess he should have done it for publicity, right?

Sorry but the big three were all I needed for ST to work.

71. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2012


Agreed. I’ll bet Shatner phoned up Koenig in private and congratulated him.

As for paying for stars on the walk of fame, well, its Hollywood, and nothing is done for purely altruistic reasons down there. :-)

72. Chris Doohan - September 12, 2012


Yes, we were there and had a great time. Leonard, George, Walter and I hung out in a (not yet opened) margarita bar until the festivities began. Good times.

73. Andy Patterson - September 12, 2012

Yeah, I was going to say. He’s gearing up for his a tour of his one man show again. James Brown is gone….Shatner may very well be the hardest working man in showbiz these days. (Although I saw David Lee Roth in a club in Lubbock years ago. I was convinced he held that title that night. He worked very hard.)

74. 750 Mang - September 12, 2012

Got to see him at the Egyptian on Saturday before the Wrath of Khan screening. Funny guy. Glad he got his due.

75. n1701ncc - September 12, 2012

3 great Chekov moments in TOS

1. Mirror Mirror – when Chekov goes into the chamber after trying to kill Kirk

2. The Deadly Years – keptain he yells when he sees the dead person in the room … classic

3. The Tholian web – when Chekov loses it on the bridge .

anyone have any others. Please do not say the Apple because I really hated that episode

76. Lt. Bailey - September 12, 2012

Congrats Walter, the crew is now complete for their stars.

77. L4YERCAKE - September 12, 2012

Long, long, long overdue. What utter class. Congratulations, Mr. Koenig.

ps- Shatner deserves a big, big black mark for not showing up and missing an opportunity to prove he can celebrate Trek and not make it about him.

78. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 12, 2012

Glad to see an article was finally put up about what was a great ceremony on monday. would have been nice if a write up had been posted the morning of so those of you outside of L.A. could watch the ceremony streaming live on the Chambers website.

Once again who ever checks the tip emails didnt feel it was worthy enough i guess.

walked past the star this morning on my way to work and a couple were taking a photo with it at 8AM

31 He has been a guest and speaker at several non Trek related walk of fame ceremonies over the years.

79. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 12, 2012


80. Anthony Thompson - September 12, 2012

Gotta love it. The usual Shatner sycophants making the usual excuses for him. ; )

81. Just Sayin' - September 12, 2012

Walter is looking rough! Don’t get me wrong, I love Walter…but he looked the youngest on the show and now HE LOOKS THE OLDEST! My man needs to get the hook-up from Khan with some genetic engineering!

82. Thomas - September 12, 2012

Anyone else notice that Nimoy (who typically keeps his hair close-cropped these days) has let it grow out? Just saying.

83. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 12, 2012

82 what are you trying to imply about that

84. Daniel Craig is My wookie Bitch - September 12, 2012

81) Not really appropriate comment man.

Walter is a great guy, friendly and giving, what does it matter how old he looks? (or any one for that matter)

Let me just add as well the stress from the loss of ones Child, can have its effect on how fast we age.

so dont be to quick to chime in with your Just sayin dont get me wrong remarks.

85. ww - September 12, 2012

I wonder if the reason William Shatner didn’t attend is because if he had he would have gotten all the attention. It would have detracted from Walter Koenig’s well-deserved moment.

86. Anthony Thompson - September 12, 2012


Another sycophan / enablert. Shatner has never attended any of these events!

87. tom vinelli - September 12, 2012

It just would have been nice if Bill showed, is he really that vain???

88. porthoses bitch - September 12, 2012

Wouldn’t WS look like more of a publicity hound if he showed up at a event honoring someone who is oft quick to disparage the man himself? Congrat s Walter….

To this day I chuckle at a passage from Chekovs Enterprise where Walter recounts how he wasn’t allowed to go home for lunch wearing his STTMP uniform for fear of a thruway accident and photos of the bloodied uniform being leaked and thus casting a dark shadow on the production (and this was 35 years prior to JJ)

89. TDrake1701 - September 12, 2012

Congrats Mr Koenig! A great guy who I have had the pleasure of meeting and having conversation with!

90. PEB - September 12, 2012

Nice bit of news on Zachary Quinto :),0

91. psb2009 - September 12, 2012

I think Mr. Nimoy has grown his hair for a certain role in a movie coming out next May.

92. Basement Blogger - September 12, 2012

Congratulations Walter. Live long and prosper.

93. Andy Patterson - September 12, 2012

I don’t know if I’d consider myself a “sychopant”. Just saying,…he might be busy.

94. Bob Mack - September 12, 2012

Well earned and well deserved! Cheers, Walter!

Awesome outfit, by the way. Great picture with George and Nichelle! Kinda cool to see Herbert Jefferson as well.

95. Astronut - September 12, 2012

About Shatner not showing up because it might “out-stage” Walter during his big moment? ha, give it a rest.

Nimoy was there…

Shatner could have done the right thing and stood back and kept his mouth shut unless directly addressed… and THAT would have been classy.

But Shatner is not — judging by the hundreds of reports about his behavior over the years — he is not a classy person. He’s all about himself. Anyone who hasn’t ascertained that over the years isn’t paying attention. IMO

96. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 12, 2012

It doesn’t matter what Shatner does or doesn’t do. Someone is bound to bitch about it. This is supposed to be about Walter Koenig anyway.

Congratulations, Walter Koenig!

97. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 12, 2012

PEB – Thank you for posting the link about Zachary Quinto. Very good article.

I’ve seen pictures of Noah. Now I want to see pictures of Skunk as well. I hope the name Skunk is not because this dog has an odor problem… let me guess, Skunk comes from the animal shelter that Zach supports. Good for you, ZQ!

98. Gorn Captain - September 12, 2012

Well deserved, and long overdue!

Does Nimoy’s ear look pointy in that one photo, or am I just hallucinating?

99. Anthony Thompson - September 12, 2012

91. psb2009

I’ve got news for you, son. The sequel wrapped filming over 4 months ago.

100. Jack - September 12, 2012

60, 88 — agreed. Who knows why Shatner wasn’t there — but I’d guess from all the cast’s previous comments that he wasn’t particularly wanted. Or unless, they all doth protest too much and really want the guy to love them and are sad they’re not all buddies with Shat — a guy they exchanged a few lines with a day or two a week for three years nearly 50 years ago (and had a few days of bridge scenes with every few years throughout the 80s). A guy they’ve all said they really dislike. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Who cares?

And as for the age stuff – Google says Koenig turns 76 this week… and he’s no longer wearing the toupee (which is a good decision, in my opinion) or, apparently, dying his hair. How’s a 76-year-old supposed to look? I think he looks better. How would Shatner look without hair?

If I had a nickel for every time an actor in his or her 60s, 70s or 80s is said to be aging badly, well, I’d have plenty of nickels.

Whatever. Good for Koenig.

And, in a complete aside, I checked out Nichelle Nichols’ twitter feed this week — some really interesting stuff. She comes across as a smart lady who’s up on politics. We have a lot of misconceptions and prejudice about aging and the value of people as they age (Nichols is nearly 80) — and she has smart stuff to say about what’s happening right now. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but it’s easy to have that Norma Desmond view of older celebrities (and older people, generally) and assume they’re living in the past.

101. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 12, 2012

#97. Rose by any other name is Keachick

Noah and Skunk:

;-) :-)

102. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 12, 2012

#97. Rose by any other name is Keachick

classy and sexy Harold here:

;-) :-)

103. navamske - September 12, 2012

“Other luminaries present were M.A.S.H.’s Jamie Farr”

pon farr: the Vulcan urge to mate
jamie farr: the Vulcan urge to wear women’s clothing

104. Chris Miles - September 12, 2012



Thanks for the late night laugh.

MASH reference lit up my Radar.

105. sean - September 12, 2012

Congrats to Walter!

RE: Shatner. It is hard not to notice that out of the 5 living cast members he is the only one not there. The last time I heard Walter speak of Bill publicly – at the screening for Final Frontier, I believe – he was actually pretty nice about him.

106. Buzz Cagney - September 12, 2012

Congratulations Walter. Well deserved recognition.

107. Jim Nightshade - September 13, 2012

Congrats Walter…great to see some much deserved attention n honors given to Walter…loved the photos thanx to rod for helping to make it happen finally…back in 2006 we attended a vegas trek con bfast with walter,george takei and grace lee whitney…walter hardly moved from the chair n hardly spoke or interacted…takei was his usual gregarious self even letting us take a pix with him when creation banned photos…grace lee said creation wouldnt let em….people at the table said that walter was not well but didnt give us any details…Walter was interviewed by shat…while being cicil walter clued shat in on how the main cast including himself felt shatner was not friendly to them..shat kinda looked incredulous and wounded n said he didnt remember any of that, was great n brave of both walter n shat to do…
to lose a son like walter did must have been a huge loss…glad he is hanging in there and getting some mych deserved recognition…ellen degeneres recently got a hollywood star she put a camera and tip jar on it and encouraged people to give her tips…maybe walter can do that too hah

108. Rose by any other name is Keachick - September 13, 2012

Thanks Dee for the photos of Zach’s pets. Love it. It seems that Noah is looking a bit old. What is the matter with his eye, I wonder? Then again, Noah must be pretty old for a dog by now. Good to see he is still hanging in there.

109. Joey - September 13, 2012

Hooray Walter! I still have the Trek DC comic he wrote.

110. Gary Neumann - September 13, 2012

Walter doesn’t seem to be very fond from mr Roddenberry Jr.

111. denny cranium - September 13, 2012

Shatner may not have been welcome to attend. I wouldn’t be surprised.
Well done, Walter and long overdue.
Thanks to Rod Roddenberry for his help in funding his star.

112. Crusade2267 - September 13, 2012

While I appreciate Chekov, I actually think Bester was a much better character, with a lot more depth. The kind of villain who has absolutely no idea that he is a villain, who can do monstrous things because he knows he is the hero, fighting for the good of his people. And Walter made it so you almost believe him. You get Bester. You don’t like him, but you get him. For that role, this star is very well deserved.

113. BulletInTheFace - September 13, 2012

#44: Ungrateful? Why should they be grateful to Shatner? He treated them like crap.

114. Anthony Thompson - September 13, 2012

110. Gary Neumann

Is English your second language? What are you trying to say???

115. Keachick (that Rose girl) - September 13, 2012

And they treated Shatner like crap. Even in George Takei’s autobiography, he admits that he and the other cast would gossip behind Shatner’s back about him, saying stuff that was mean and unfair. In his book, George Takei seemed to lack enough self-awareness even 30 years later to realize that some of what they did was really unkind. Shatner appeared not to notice, but I doubt William Shatner is that stupid or unaware. The only person who would never engage in this kind of horrid behaviour was DeForest Kelley, a true gentle-man. His defence was to ignore and to stay out of their way, if he could. It seems not a lot has changed.

I doubt that William Shatner has a very high opinion of people in general, because he may suspect that most tend to be very two-faced, whether they work colleagues, fans or others.

116. Azrael - September 13, 2012

Trektoday has announced Paramount’s confirmation of the Sequel title, or it was Trekweb, one of them anyways, ya’ll can check that for your self.

Peace and LLAP

117. looloolooloo - September 13, 2012

watching this made me cry. how amazing for this to finally happen. walter koenig is a class act. congrats

118. Anthony Thompson - September 13, 2012

115. Keachick

Shatner is THE epitome of being two-faced. He ingratiates himself with people (including fans) when he needs them for his latest project, but then ignores or derides them when they no longer serve his purposes.

119. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 13, 2012

Does anyone know if Mr. Shatner was invited to the party?

;-) :-)

120. VulcanFilmCritic - September 13, 2012

Gosh, they all look marvelous, especially Ms. Nichols. You think of Nimoy as being so much older than the rest, but they are all born within 6 years of each other:
Mr. Nimoy 1931
Ms. Nichols 1932
Mr. Koenig 1936
Mr. Takei 1937
Eighty really is the new sixty!

It’s about time Mr. Koenig got recognized. He is such an engaging speaker and his memoirs contain some real juicy tidbits of life on the sets of TOS and ST:TMP. My favorite anecdote was when he described how he was embarrassed by something “Spock” did to him. Nimoy once called him into his dressing room (in full Spock regalia of course) and chided him for “mugging for the camera.” Walter was chagrinned. Here was this actor (with as much experience as he) playing teacher. Wow! I think I would have decked him. Graciously Mr. Koenig took the advice (Nimoy was right) but he always felt intimidated by the Vulcan.

121. captain spock - September 13, 2012

trek night @ the ball game , the tampa bay rays are hosting a trek night on sep 20th game @ 7:10 pm where your trek outfits or they have t- shirt first come first serve . they are playing boston red sox

122. Startrekfan - September 13, 2012

Shatner was invited but was unable to attend. It was amazing to see the 4 of them together.

123. Buzz Cagney - September 13, 2012

#122 lets hope that puts and end to the puerile name calling.
You know none of us know these people (beyond a hello and autograph) so to engage in name calling etc only reflects badly on those doing it.
And they say Shatner isn’t very nice!

124. Nuallain - September 14, 2012

“The actor or was first to play Pavel Chekov”

Beg your pardon?

125. captain spock - September 14, 2012

today is walter keonig Birthday….9-14 2012

126. Lee Whiteside - September 14, 2012

It was good to see Walter finally gettng his star and that some recognition was made (via the appearance of Straczynski) of his other major scifi TV role on Babylon 5.

127. Adam Bomb 1701 - September 14, 2012

Well then, Happy Birthday, Walter, And congratulations.
Leonard Nimoy seems to have let his hair grow out. He wore a buzz cut for years. Is there a hirsute role in his future?
One of my favorite tidbits, taken from “Chekov’s Enterprise”, his memoirs of filming “TMP”, was that Robert Wise would get Groege Takei and Walter Koenig mixed up. IIRC, at least once, it worked to Walter’s advantage.

128. el capitan - September 14, 2012

Happy birthday to Walter Koenig

Congratulations on your Star on the walk of fame.

I always enjoyed his portrayal of Mr. Chekov

Thanks for the memories.

129. Greystoke47 - September 14, 2012

Re: Not “can” they buy their stars, SOP is that they must pay for their stars and the upkeep on them.

Unless you’re a superstar.

130. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 14, 2012

Happy B-Day Walter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

131. Xplodin_Nacelle - September 14, 2012

Congrats Walter!!!

132. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - September 14, 2012

If I buy my own star on the Walk of Fame, will people make fun of Shatner and Takei in that thread too?

133. Anthony Thompson - September 14, 2012

132. You have to be chosen for a star. Once you’re chosen, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce passes on the costs for the star and the ceremony. Very few stars pay it themselves. The studio does or other associates (such as Rod, in this case).

134. NCM - September 14, 2012

Zachary Quinto talks about playing Spock in new interview:

135. Praetor Tal - September 14, 2012

Listening to Jerry Goldsmith’s Romulan theme. If there are any Romulans in the new film, I hope Michael Giacchino will find a way to fit it in. And if there are Klingons, I hope he can fit in the Klingon theme, too. As stoked as I am about the sequel, I am 50 percent more excite about the soundtrack. Star Trek has always been blessed with exceptional music, from Fried to Goldsmith to Horner, and from Horner or Goldsmith to Giacchino.

136. Right - September 14, 2012

ST09 had a pretty poor soundtrack. A couple of nice cues, but most of it was disappointing.

137. Anthony Thompson - September 15, 2012


Agreed! Giacchino’s soundtrack from 09 was exceptional! I’m looking forward to his theme for the new film as well as the further development of the “character” themes. His music has an epic / majestic feel that really fits with JJ’s larger vision for the new series of films.

138. TREKWEBMASTER - September 15, 2012

Congratulations, Walter!

I am very happy for you sir! You’ve deserved this star for decades! Thank goodness you have finally gotten it, well-done!

139. LizardGirl - September 15, 2012

They all look good, especially Nimoy! You rock, Walter!

140. Kev - September 15, 2012

Sorry to perpetuate this but have you guys ever sort of read into the backstory here, it sounds like well outside of Nimoy Shatner never really clicked with the others and probably just tried to keep his distance to be respectful.

and well the other flipside is we dont know any of these people personally, only way to know would be to ask him and personally I like all of them and I thought TOS and TMP had a great cast, so enough of this infighting perpeutated inadvertantly by the fans please.

forgive and forget, please, after all they arent getting any younger and we’ve lost two of them already.

so lets just stop dragging Walters day of glory through the mud with the lets shit on shat thing huh and act like adults please.

141. Bob Tompkins - September 15, 2012

Looks like the site’s down again.

142. Bob Tompkins - September 15, 2012

Spoiler free- I reveal nothing we don’t all already know.
I watched the pilot for ‘Revolution’ online.
Apparently electricity is the only thing holding our country [actually, the whole world] together.
Our country survived- thrived- before electricity. I’d like to think we are better than that.

143. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - September 15, 2012

if the site’s down, how’d you post?

Just axing.

144. Jonboc - September 15, 2012

“RE: Shatner. It is hard not to notice that out of the 5 living cast members he is the only one not there”

It’s also not hard to notice Shatner is the only cast member that is still actively, and more importantly, regularly, working…all the time. He’s in the middle of a his one-man show that’s touring the country, he’s knee deep in prepping his Get A Life documentary, not to mention he’s back on board as the Priceline negotiator. With all this and God only knows what else the man is working on, you know, it’s just possible his schedule didn’t allow him to hop a plane to Hollywood for a few hours. Not quite as scandalous as some would like, but more likely the scenario as far as I’m concerned.

145. Anthony Thompson - September 15, 2012

144. Jonboc

Another insipid apologist. Again…WHY has Shatner never attended ANY of these events (unless it was for him personally)???

146. Keachick (that Rose girl) - September 16, 2012

How the hell do any of us know, Anthony Thompson? This thread is not about having yet another Shatner bitch-fest. Nobody is apologizing for anything. Jonboc is just pointing all the possible reasons why Shatner may not be able to attend this function. The fact is nobody knows for sure and this includes you, Anthony Thompson. Now cut the crap.

I doubt that any of those who attended the celebrations, especially Walter Koenig, give a toss either way.

147. Gary S. - September 16, 2012

I heard recently that that Bill went to a Xena convention and that was going to be his next documentary .
So, perhaps he was putting the finishing touches on that project ,you never know .

148. borg - September 16, 2012

149. John - September 16, 2012

Re Nimoy’s hair. Fringe is filming season 5.

150. Mac - September 16, 2012

No Science Saturday?

151. joeyjojojrshabado - September 16, 2012

Wow. Nimoys hair looks like bill shatners toupee circa season three of TOS.

Speaking of toupees, I’m digging koenigs au natural look!

152. Lostrod - September 16, 2012

#146 – Keachick

Right on!


153. Ancient Trekkerina - September 16, 2012

Congratulations, and so well-deserved. Walter, you were and are WONDERFUL as Chekov in Star Trek(s), and absolutely BRILLIANT and SCARY as Bester (B5). You’ll always have a fan-base here in Alabama (Montgomery area)!!! We love ya!

154. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 16, 2012

I heard Bill recorded a message for this event, so that settles the issue for me. He’s a busy guy but he recognized the honor. Besides, after his interview with Walter on Raw Nerve I thought they had settled any differences.

Anyway, congratulations, Mr. Koenig! I loved you in Star Trek and loved you in Babylon 5!

155. Anthony Thompson - September 16, 2012

Trekmovie, why no mention of this “recorded message” from Shatner in the article??? Does it really exist?

154. Shilliam Watner

Where exactly did you “hear” about the recording? I’ll be waiting for your answer.

156. Rose (that Keachick) - September 16, 2012

All we know is that William Shatner was not there on that day to share in the celebrations. Everything else is speculation and irrelevant. Give it a rest.

157. Elelith - September 17, 2012

I haven’t missed Shatner – not the slightest.
Just been blown away by Leonard Nimoy’s youth. He is indeed a (groovy) Vulcan ;)

And congrats Mr Koenig!

158. Charlie - September 17, 2012

’bout time he got his “props”.

159. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - September 17, 2012

In his recorded statement, Bill stated that he doesn’t give two rat fraks what you all think about him. He elaborated, saying, “What do I…….. care? I’ve got…… seventy kajillion horses a hot wife and thirty-seven jobs. Not……. bad for this economy, eh?”

The man of the hour, Walter Koenig, acted as if nothing was amiss and enjoyed the day and the company of those who did show up in person.

George Takei said “Oh, My!” and flashed the Vulcan salute like it was something he personally invented.

Nichelle Nichols was elegant as always, though she did tell her Martin Luther King story several times.

And Leonard Nimoy extended his right middle finger in the direction of aging, saying, “Live long and…. I sure m***** f****** will!”

That’s what really went down at the star site. Prepare, all…. another day or two goes by without a new post and the “the end is near for Trekmovie” posters will migrate to this thread.

160. No-Name in a Red Shirt - September 17, 2012


161. LizardGirl - September 17, 2012

Very true, very true.

162. CanOpener1256 - September 17, 2012

Hello .. anybody out there from the supreme trio ? or whatever u call yourselves …. We would like some movie information. Will somebody official actually give a damn and release some freaking photos of the cast!

163. porthoses bitch - September 17, 2012

You gotta pay attention….. surfing is Mr. Shatners life now…I wonder if he does it english saddle style ..?.

I would have loved to see priceline do a big resurrection of his character. Just as a “this is how you do it !” To paramount.

164. Romulus - September 17, 2012

No Science updates?
Anthony left the site again?

do the math and lets see if this post is published

165. Romulus - September 17, 2012

@160. No-Name in a Red Shirt


I suspect that the site owner has too many issues

166. GarySeven - September 17, 2012

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, while we are waiting throughout another unexplained and frustrating website disappearances,
I think that
“I will render Kathleen, one MORE TIME!”
I’ll take you home, Kathleen……”

167. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - September 17, 2012

155. Anthony Thompson – I’ll do better than tell you where I “heard” it. I watched it here:

Shatner’s message comes at around the 16 minute mark, right after Nimoy.

168. Romulus - September 17, 2012

where’s MJ?

169. Bob Tompkins - September 17, 2012

I deleted this site from my startup sites. Seems a complete waste of bandwidth right now. May I suggest Trek Today to anyone tired of all the downtime here?
Updates every day with most everything that ends up here….

170. jamesingeneva - September 18, 2012

Thanks Bob for the tip. You weren’t kidding, they got all kinds of news updates over there.

171. MC1 Doug - September 18, 2012

Congratulations, Walter!!

172. Thor - September 18, 2012 is full of updates, including one with Abrams and Urban regarding the movie this morning

173. porthoses bitch - September 18, 2012

Back in the days of ST09 this story (on this site) would have generated about 40 responses. Love ya Walter but if you’ d held out (on STTMP) you would have been replaced by a lamp.

174. Anthony Thompson - September 18, 2012


Another post by Trekmovie’s resident troll.

175. Robman007 - September 18, 2012

Here is a bit of Trek news for ya

The Star Trek: TOS 15 Disc Soundtrack Set will cost you

Approx $260


176. Frederick - September 18, 2012

#175… steep, but worth it! This is all I want for Christmas.

177. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 18, 2012

Meanwhile … CP is “Jack Ryan” in Liverpool … with KEIRA …

;-) :-)

178. porthoses bitch - September 18, 2012

@174 why ?.

179. porthoses bitch - September 18, 2012

I wii admit Ive always been puzzled about walters exclusion from sttas, The “too many actors” and “we let him write a script” and the “retlaw” plant always struck me as corporate bs…Instead we were given M’hress and Arex…Obivious Doohan could’ve voiced chekov…..

180. boborci - September 18, 2012


181. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - September 18, 2012


Could have? yes.
Would have? I doubt it.

How dare you! It’s positivity like this that ruins these boards :P

182. porthoses bitch - September 18, 2012

Somewhere I still have the vhs of the tomorrow show (probaly on u tube) De kelly, walter and Jimmy….theres love in the room…and plenty of cigarette smoke

183. ralph pinheiro - September 18, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,

is Trek a verb in Star Trek Into Darkness?

184. alphaquad20 - September 18, 2012

Hi boborci!

Any hints about when we might see some official marketing material for Star Trek Into Darkness?

185. boborci - September 18, 2012

183. sure seems like it!!!!

186. boborci - September 19, 2012

184. soon! x-mas or shortly thereafter!

187. Steve J. - September 19, 2012

Here’s an interesting article about a subject near and dear to us all:

188. killamarshtrek - September 19, 2012

Hi boborci.

As there’s been nothing on here for over a week (again). Have you any little snippets of info you can tease us with to relieve the boredom?!

189. gov - September 19, 2012

“xmas or shortly thereafter” is not soon. it’s all relative, i suppose. :)

190. alphaquad20 - September 19, 2012

186. Thanks – looking forward to it! I was a fan of the visual identity for the first movie, and I’m excited to see the concept for this one! (and excited for some kind of teaser/trailer, of course.)

191. Anthony Thompson - September 19, 2012

186. boborci

Over 3 months from now is “soon”? I take it that means no trailer attached to the Bond film. : (

192. AJ - September 19, 2012

3 months is “Hobbit” territory.

This is what they released today, and it looks great:

193. Craiger - September 19, 2012

I guess this means Trekmovie wont have any news for 3 months. LOL.

On the other hand I wonder what happens once their isn’t any news to report on the old Trek stars anymore because they all retired? Then what’s left to report? I guess just Trek products?

194. jamesingeneva - September 19, 2012


195. rm10019 - September 19, 2012


196. rm10019 - September 19, 2012

193, there are multiple iterations of Trek, all will stars, and guest stars and projects going on. Should Anthony like to keep on reporting on all things Trek, there will be decades of news yet to come.

Or he could leave the site up just so people can post that there aren’t enough updates and as often as they like.

197. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 19, 2012

#183 – I am hoping this is the real Bob Orci – the quieter, more cryptic individual (although I guess even the quieter ones have their moments, as in little “b” becomes a big “B”?)

Anyway, if “trek” were a verb, shouldn’t it be “Stars trek into darkness”…Aw dear…I, for one, would not be amused if any of them lost their way or got hurt…just saying, boborci.

Of course, while we patiently, or not so patiently, wait for even one StID still photo of a character, Chris Pine/Jack Ryan fans have seen over 100 photos of the actors in and making of the next Jack Ryan movie already. They’ve only been filming for three weeks. They are all the open air action shots. They can be found on the Chris Pine Network and they don’t just show CP, but Kenneth Branagh playing the main villain and is also the director, and others.

Different strokes…I guess.

boborci – what are the chances of the STID trailer being first shown before the screening of the Rise of the Guardians (release date November 2012)?
For some reason, I keep thinking that a sprite has a high pitched voice of a boy, yet it seems that RotG Jack Frost (CP) will have a deeper, smooth baritone quality to its voice in this movie…hmmm. I wonder – were/are sprites (originally from Nordic folklore) meant to be androgynous?

198. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 19, 2012

I doubt there is anything to stop us from reporting what we find elsewhere that might be relevant to Star Trek or about the actors and others who are helping to make these present film iterations of Star Trek.

We are all meant to be adults. Do we really need or want to be moderated all the time? I know some moderator involvement is necessary sometimes, but people coming here should be able to behave OK, surely?

Goodwill and imagination…

199. Craiger - September 19, 2012

I think the way to treat Trekmovie now is like alot of the part-time web sites that are out their and not maintained alot.

200. NCM - September 19, 2012

197. Rose (as in Keachick) – September 19, 2012:

“Anyway, if “trek” were a verb, shouldn’t it be “Stars trek into darkness”?

As a title, “Star Trek into Darkness” works. It can suggest one/many taking a star trek (trek through the stars) into darkness. If it helps, consider: ‘Nature walk through forest.”

Damn this dry spell!

201. Amorican - September 19, 2012

Ice Skate Into Lockout

202. porthoses bitch - September 19, 2012


Might the trailer be “reached” by 12/21 ?

203. tom - September 19, 2012

Have the people behind this site forgotten how to run a site? The fact that this is a recurring thing is just pathetic…. and never any explanation or apology.

It’s like watching grass grow. And not for nothing, I get more activity from my grass.

204. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 19, 2012

NCM – In the phrase “Nature walk through forest”, *walk* is not a verb – it is a noun as the/a nature walk. In the English language, in order for *walk* to be a verb, you would need to say, “Nature walkS through forest”.

the/a walk as opposed to “To walk” – I walk, you walk, he/she/it walks, we walk, you (pl.) walk, they walk. This is the conjugation of the verb – “To Walk”.

It helps that I learned a little Latin and German in high school because they both give a better understanding of how English works. German and English are Teutonic languages and they both share some foundation in Classical Latin and Greek, especially in conjugation of verbs and declining of nouns. In Latin, verbs get conjugated (as above, like English and German) and nouns get declined…

205. Craiger - September 19, 2012

Yes they have Tom.

206. Craiger - September 19, 2012

I am deleting it from my bookmarks and just checking in on it to see if its still around. Trekmovie stinks now.

207. Wayne Lacina - September 19, 2012

Congratulations, Walter!!!
A truly well deserved honor.
I first met you at the very first Star Trek convention in San Diego way back when. It was you and David Gerrold. What a treat.
Take care and…May God stand between you and all the empty places…

208. Lostrod - September 19, 2012

Here’s a great article:


209. StevenPDX - September 19, 2012

@208 Lostrod: Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed this article.

His points are very well taken and illustrate the movement of Trek from a thoughtful TV series to it’s current once-every-four-years formulaic action flick. As I’ve said a zillion times on this site, I’ll take anything Paramount is willing to offer into this world devoid of TV Trek. But the points that were made in the article were valid and defensible from a fan’s perspective–something that I feel got lost with the reboot.

While the movie gave a nod to us Trek fans, it gave a deep bow to mainstream audiences and their pocketbooks. I don’t blame Paramount for wanting to cash in on the franchise. I just wish the movie had some more of the thoughtfulness and intellect that dear Gene Roddenberry had blessed it with.

One man’s opinion…

210. CanOpener1256 - September 19, 2012

@208 Lostrod : great link. A great article that faithfully holds up the old Star Trek, while showing the sloppiness of the new. Now, I enjoyed the new as a sci-fi action movie. But the huge plot holes and beer factories really ruined it for me. Also, Delta Vega. That was a huge WTF for me all the way around.

I expect more of the same for Star Trek Into Retreads (I mean Darkness). I am sure I will enjoy myself … but it won’t be old Star Trek. However, I hope I am wrong and have to eat my hat.

As for THIS website:

211. Doug - September 19, 2012

#208 Great article!

212. xai - September 19, 2012

Trekmovie into Darkness.
This is a shame to build up loyal readers and then to abandon them. At it’s finest, a great Trek site. But now, I tire of checking in just to see if someone gave a care enough to post ANY story, trivial as it may be. That might get me a ban, but at this point…

213. Montreal_Paul - September 19, 2012


I was at the Montreal Comiccon this past weekend. Patrick Stewart said that he had heard that you guys shot the second and third movie back to back… any truth to that rumor?

214. Craiger - September 19, 2012

Just thought of something could it be that Anthony has grown tired of reporting Trek news just like Gustavo over Trekweb said he is and he might not report it anymore after the sequel premiers?

215. Montreal_Paul - September 19, 2012

214. Craiger

I hope that’s not the case. But, luckily, there are other Trek sites out there like Trek Today & Trek Pulse. I have tried to register for Trekweb but always get an error before the process is done.

216. jamesingeneva - September 19, 2012

let’s not forget guys that before they started filming the writers went on strike or something so they couldn’t make edits. I’m sure a lot of the holes were partly due to that issue. all in all, i find no value in being so nitpicky because if they made fams for just us superfans, they’d never make any more and we would be stuck considering ST:Renegades… Not dissing them intentionally just saying they’re a far cry apart from eachother

217. NCM - September 19, 2012

204. Rose (as in Keachick) – September 19, 2012

I was suggesting the title works if you think of “Star Trek” as the title has typically been used; in which case “Trek” isn’t a verb (“Stars Trek” would have been rather misleading). Obviously, titles aren’t expected to necessarily be in sentence form.

I love language–also studied German, Spanish, Latin, Polish, and, of course, English.

218. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 19, 2012

#208 – I have read all these objections before and most have been answered by people who clearly know a lot more about the Star Trek franchise than the writer of this article.

Much of it is clicheed nitpicking. The only bit of new information is the bit about the supernova being 500 light years away. I don’t recall that being mentioned in the film so I assume that comes from the Countdown comic.

As for the comment about “fate”, in that everybody and the events within the movie are all somehow connected – the author of the article dismisses it as a cliche. However, another notion could be ideas of Karma; Synchronicity and the like. Just because the writer has not the wits to think in those terms does not mean that such descriptions are not within the realm of life experiences.

219. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 20, 2012

NCM – Yeah, I see what you mean. I guess it comes down to what a person puts before the word Star… If they think a/the Star… then “trek” is a noun, however, if they think, we or they Star Trek…, then “trek” becomes a verb.

It is so beautifully ambiguous!

220. Rose (as in Keachick) - September 20, 2012

‘I don’t know about the entire galaxy, but the star Betelgeuse is nearly close enough to wipe out life on Earth with its gamma burst when it goes supernova. And it’s 640 light years away.”

Interesting comment I found on another site, which was discussing the supernova of Star Trek 09. Of course, we were not shown just gamma bursts. We were shown the actual fireball gobbling up Romulus. Indeed, it would have probably been more scientifically accurate just to show a massive burst of gamma radiation wiping out all life on Romulus. The results would be the same.

221. Nick - September 20, 2012

Thought that ‘’ article was pedantic. A full on attack is not balanced, as the film certainly has many strong points.

I remember pre-2009 thinking if this new movie is a stinker it could be the end for sometime for Star Trek. I am grateful this was not the case.

Anyway, I have been a long-term lurker here on Trekmovie and am saddened to see everyone’s frustration. I don’t post very often but very much enjoy the community & the discussions of both regulars & irregulars.

Ya know, I’m sure things will ramp up shortly with the promotion of the new movie …

Don’t forget to see Karl Urban as Judge Dredd!

222. boborci - September 20, 2012

213. nope!

223. boborci - September 20, 2012

208. been covered through hundreds of posts. writer of article does not understand favored interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Should we have dumbed it down more?

224. boborci - September 20, 2012

197 Rose.

the sentence implies the silent “you” we all learned about in English class.

as in:

(You) Star Trek Into Darkness

or another rephrase (You) Trek through the Stars into Darkness.

225. Ralph Pinheiro - September 20, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci this title with “Trek” as verb is complicate to translate english to portugues.
Would it be easier to understand after watching the film?

226. Ralph Pinheiro - September 20, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,

How do you say this title in spanish?

227. Captain Ransom's back - September 20, 2012

223. boborci

Dumb down… as in how Transformers is? ;) I keeeeeeeed.

228. Tiberius Subprime - September 20, 2012

Teaser !!!! When do we get a theatriccal teaser??????

I want it NOW!

229. Emperor Mike of the Empire - September 20, 2012

Question. What does Trekmovie and the new Star Trek Movie have in Common.

Answer. They have both gone. Into Darkness.

230. Steve - September 20, 2012

Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me? =) Where did the site go? No updates for 10 days almost. I’m in withdrawals! =)

231. Sarcastic Garak - September 20, 2012

I heard Anthony say that the site would be updated with new articles soon… meaning sometime in the next three or four months.

Can’t help but wonder if the unofficial “Star Trek Into Darkness” leak was a trial balloon to gauge reaction, while still giving Paramount room to change the title if needed before an official announcement.

232. rm10019 - September 20, 2012

Bob Orci, if there was one new action figure from the movie you would want to see made, and have, what would it be? e.g. Spock in Volcano Suit? :)

Remember ESB has Han in Carbonite!

233. jamesingeneva - September 20, 2012

Thank you bob for always popping on just in time to keep us trolls happy!

Out of curiousity, do you ever run the scripts by independent nit pickers like the folks on this board (signed to non-disclosure clauses of course lol)?

I know you guys know how to make trek cool, but thought it would be really awesome if #3 goes out with a bang by keeping the non-fans and the tiranical die-hards uber happy :)

234. NuFan - September 20, 2012

Xmas or thereafter. Pay attention!

235. Montreal_Paul - September 20, 2012

222. boborci

Thanks for answering that question. I appreciate that. Looking forward to seeing the final product in May.

236. Bob Tompkins - September 20, 2012

Will the voiceover announcer have instructions on the trailer as such:
“Staaar Trek [pregnant pause] [menacingly] Into Darkness
Coming this May to a theater near you.”
thus vocally inserting the colon that is absent in the printed version of the name?

237. st381 - September 20, 2012

The space shuttle Endeavor flew over my town for the last time today atop of a 747 headed for California. I was both happy and sad. Happy for the privilege to see a historical object that evoked my national pride and sad to think that there is no program to replace the shuttle program thanks to our current administration. Americans are hitching rides into space with Russians…aaaggggghhhhh!

238. Andrew - September 20, 2012

223 boborci it is frightening to think it could have been dumbed down anymore than it already was. I guess that is typical of the tripe being put out by Hollywood these days.

Thank heavens that real cinema is still being made in Europe.

239. PEB - September 20, 2012

The new issue of Star Trek ongoing is AMAZING. If you havn’t picked it up, I’d pretty much say it’s a must read. They could have taken a red shirt story and turned it into something comical or put a wink and a nod into it but they didn’t and it really takes the story and the whole red shirt issue into something much cooler than I ever thought it could be. This issue made me excited about what’s to come next with more original stories. Hope there’s a review on this site soon.

240. Chris Miles - September 20, 2012


I was equally excited to see all the shuttle related adventures here on the East Coast. Ent and Discovery facing each other at Dulles, the flyovers of DC and NYC, etc- each was a great ending to an honorable, but troubled launch system.

But again with the “We’re behind!” meme/trope?

As for depending on the Russians- IF you are a True trek fan, and understand the spirit of the thing, then you’ll remember that the ISS is international and it’s sort of cool that we’re working with them peacefully.

We won’t need their launch services too long. Space X, ESA and JASA each fly advanced automated resupply missions now.

Additionally, we are only depending on the Russians for human transport until 2015-2017 when we’ll have a Space X Dragon or Boeing CST 100 human rated launch vehicle. This will be a commercial vehicle, which will reduce the costs of access to space and be a benefit to taxpayers.

We also (thanks to the Senate … (for better or worse)) have the SLS zombie version of the very expensive and behind schedule Aries program.

So there is a big hulking backup should Space X, Boeing or Sierra Nevada fail.

Keep in mind that even Ares planners knew about a launch gap, and planned a premature splash of the ISS after only a few years of productive research.

Be realistic-

We can’t go to Mars without further research in shielding and propulsion, and I’m not sure a moonshot makes sense other than some “fear of the Chinese” nonsense.

We need to push Vasimr and like technologies, not just expect the same old chemical designs from the same old bloated Military/Industrial contractors.

As for GOP VS Dems in Space

Keep in mind which party started the Apollo effort, and remember which party stopped the existing moon program in the early 70’s in the first place, and opted instead for a hybrid shuttle that neither the Air Force nor NASA really preferred.

And to address the “launch gap” non- issue – in the 70’s we had a Launch gap (From ’75 -81) and we seemed to have survived that with our pride intact!

For goodness sakes! This is a Trek Site not a politics site.

Please go yell on Fox News .com or whatever.

But learn your Space history first.

241. st381 - September 20, 2012


Geez ——- I feel your star trek spirit —- I will tuck my tail until 2017.

242. Chain of Command - September 20, 2012

I miss the original cast so much. Just love those guys.

243. Sleepyhead - September 20, 2012

Zzzzzzz….somebody wake up Anthony!!!

244. Rafael Santos - September 20, 2012

@ 225
Mr. Bob Orci this title with “Trek” as verb is complicate to translate english to portugues.
Would it be easier to understand after watching the film?

Mr Bob Orci, Ralph triggered a major issue for those who live outside the Anglo Saxon market.

I live in Portugal. Some questions for those who live far from the United States, please.
How the title was thought to markets that have no tradition of Star Trek?
And how this title will attract to the theaters people that do not like science fiction, like in Portugal?
The Portuguese are not enamored by the Trek movie 2009? Why?
What is missing in JJ’s formula?

245. Anthony Thompson - September 20, 2012

WOW – 245 posts to congratulate Walter! Well done, guys! ; )

246. Anthony Thompson - September 20, 2012


C’mon, girlfriend, you stepped in before when Anthony P. went AWOL. Why not again?

247. Sleepyhead - September 20, 2012

Yes, Kayla to the rescue!! :-)

248. Red Dead Ryan - September 20, 2012

Kayla Secura was executed on Felucia by her own Clone Troopers after Order 66 was enacted by Chancellor Palpatine. :-)

249. Bob Tompkins - September 20, 2012

Hey, anyone to the rescue!!!!- or did everyone get ill or take a vacation at the same time?

250. Craiger - September 20, 2012

I just don’t understand why Anthony just doesn’t come right out and say he doesn’t care about running Trekmovie anymore because he has other things on his plate better than running this site?

251. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - September 20, 2012

i am still baffled that people get surprised Anthony’s gone MIA… the first two or three times, yeah, but now?

252. Evil Kirk - September 20, 2012

There just apears to be nothing going on in the world of star trek. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

253. Commodore Redshirt - September 20, 2012

From the desk of Anthony:

RE: updates of TREKMOVIE.COM

“I am not programed to respond in that area.”

254. captainkirk - September 21, 2012

A question for boborci:
Is the villain someone who appeared in one of the first six movies?

Of course I know he won’t answer, but without any other news it doesn’t hurt to try.

255. Ralph Pinheiro - September 21, 2012

post 244. Rafael Santos

Yes, Rafael, I don´t know if it will be a problema, but there will be dificultty to tranlation in others countries.

O título pode ficar complicado para outras localidades como França, Alemanha, Espanha. Como traduzir exatamente da maneira que os produtores desejam?

256. rafael santos - September 21, 2012

@ 255

Sim, porque em inglês o título é no fundo uma frase. Até que ponto será possível jogar com as palavras e traduzir o título ao mesmo tempo. Em Portugal, das duas, uma, ou não traduzem o nome do filme e ele fica em inglês – o que não irá atrair muita gente, porque o marketing é sempre péssimo -, ou inventam um nome tipo Star Trek: A Escuridão ou Star Trek: No Caminho da Escuridão.

257. Ralph Pinheiro - September 21, 2012

post 256

Verdade, Rafael, o mesmo ocorre no Brasil.

258. porthoses bitch - September 21, 2012

It would be very cool is Anthoney absense were explained by the fact that he is webmaster of and he has a no compete clause. Paramount thinks enought of Anthonys connection withthefans thathe played a major role in the st films in thier blu ray release. If so good luck AP!

259. Obsidian - September 21, 2012

I wish Koenig and the Shat would bury the hatchet.

I also wish that trekmovie would switch to Disqus.

260. Terence T - September 21, 2012

It was nice seeing Nichelle Nichols at the podium presentation after the shuttle Endeavour’s landing here in Los Angeles.

261. Mac - September 22, 2012

Still no science Saturday. Sheeesh.

262. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 22, 2012

Would be nice to see an article about Endeavours flight through L.A.
And Nichelle Nichols Emceeing the arrival ceremony at L.A.X.

seriously what the point of this site if they are going to wait days or sometimes weeks to report on things like this.

Was very cool seeing Endeavor fly over Hollywood Blvd and the Hollywood sign. Got some great pictures yesterday.

263. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 22, 2012

259 they allready have. And Walter and Shatner had a great sit down interview on shatners raw nerve a few years back.

264. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - September 22, 2012

JJ Trek might be bigger at the box office than The TOS and TNG films.
but JJ and CO will never inspire a generation of future scientist the way that TOS, TNG and even DS9 and yes to a lesser degree even Voyager and Enterprise did,

265. Bob Tompkins - September 23, 2012

Mr. Nimoy joined George Takei backstage at his play ‘Allegiance’ as followers of Mr. Takei’s Facebook page may be aware. He just posted a great picture of the two together.
Glad that Mr. Nimoy makes time for his former castmates’ projects and honors.

266. Bob Tompkins - September 23, 2012

I don’t see anything that is inspirational insofar as future tech in the new movie. Watching the original series gave us cell phones, medical imaging, and PCs- just off the top of my head. Watching Rick Berman’s iterations of Trek gave us touchscreens and tablet computers.
The new series is derivative, not groundbreaking.
Quite a shame that they give short shrift to what might come.

267. Kevin Riley - September 24, 2012

Somebody wake up Anthony!! He’s asleep at the helm and the ship is plummeting into the atmosphere of Psi 2000!!!


268. shatner's hair piece - September 24, 2012

Where was Shatner?

Too busy having a career, I guess…

269. Kevin Riley - September 24, 2012

The Shat was hitting the fan.

270. Kevin Riley - September 24, 2012

Then again, maybe The Shat was with Anthony…on a Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet or Risa…:-)

271. Dennis - September 24, 2012

Dick Cheney looks happy wth his star.

272. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 25, 2012

“Nichelle Nichols vamps by singing Star Trek at Endeavor Ceremony”

;-) :-)

273. Dee - lvs moon' surface - September 25, 2012

 “Karl Urban: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Will Be ‘Epic’, ‘Emotional’ ”

;-) :-)

274. Simon Tarses - September 26, 2012


Please tell the rest of us what technology would YOU have made from Star Trek that now occurs in real life. Otherwise, please keep your mouth closed and ‘quit yer bellyachin’, as Ann Landers used to say.

275. Anthony Thompson - September 27, 2012

266. Bob Tompkins

Tablets were present in Kubrick’s “2001”, which predated TNG by two decades. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.