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Book Review: Star Trek Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship October 23, 2012

by Robert Lyons , Filed under: Books,Review , trackback

Bickering leaders, an increasingly militarized border, back-room machinations… no, we’re not talking about anything in domestic or world politics here at TrekMovie, we’re talking about Una McCormack’s new novel, “Brinkmanship”. The TrekMovie review follows the cut.


by Una McCormack
Massmarket Paperback – 334 pages
Pocketbooks – September 2012 – $7.99

Oh boy… the Typhon Pact is at it again as Una McCormack moves the Typhon Pact storyline ahead with her new novel “Brinkmanship”. The story, centering around the supposed-militarization of bases on the borders that the Tzenkethi-leaning Venette Convention shares with various Khitomer Accord powers, begins mired in tension, and keeps that underlying sense alive and well until the final chapter.

As a Federation, Ferengi, and Cardassian contingent visit the Venette Convention to discuss the Tzenkethi use of Venette supply bases, one significant misstep after another leads the straightforward, direct Venette leadership ever deeper into the Tzenkethi fold. The Venette, already snubbed by the Federation in the wake of the Borg invasion, are easy targets for the Tzenkethi, who make a great show of being open and forthright with their newfound friends.

But, as in all things diplomatic, forthrightness rarely produces results. Espionage and covert operations have their place too, and McCormack skillfully weaves such cloak and dagger games into the diplomatic narrative of the storyline. The result is an amazingly engaging story, filled with plenty of dramatic tension, where one is totally unsure of how the situation will be resolved, right up to the very end.

While the story is driven by an ensemble cast, three particular individuals stand out as meriting express comment. First, McCormack’s treatment of a Neta Efhney throughout the book is superb, richly engaging, and filled with unexpected twists – even though a hint of the book’s conclusion is found in the opening pages of her narrative. She is easy to empathize with, a character you want to see protected, developed, and nurtured throughout. The author does an outstanding job with this as she sends Efhney through her work – both regular and irregular – and through her relationships with others on the Tzenkethi homeworld. In many ways, her story is the most solidly engaging storyline in the book… but it is not the best.

Ezri Dax, too, gets some extensive face time and significant development as she interacts with former classmate Peter Alden, a Starfleet Intelligence operative who knows an awful lot about the Tzenkethi. It is clear that Alden has issues, however, and Ezri struggles with her friendship, her counseling background, and her duty to the Federation throughout in her interactions with Alden. Ultimately, Dax’s conflicts in working with the intelligence operative provide an amazing growth and development opportunity for her character, one that is most welcome. And yet, there is a greater, more significant, and much more satisfying story to be found in “Brinkmanship”… that of Dr. Beverly Crusher.

Crusher, who – on thin justification – is sent into the diplomatic fracas in place of the ship’s contact specialist, truly shines forth as the bright light of McCormack’s pen. With a gentle style, she interacts with diplomats, admirals, and functionaries in ways that seem perfectly natural… no, that are perfectly natural for her! And yet, the whole time, something is brewing with her; something hard to identify, something beyond herself. McCormack brings Crusher into the focus during the most pivotal moments of the story with great success, and, in the process, plants the seeds for the further development, not simply of her marriage or family life, but of the sense of direction her life should, perhaps, take.

Little clues abound in the pages of “Brinkmanship”, as they have in the past several novels set aboard the Enterprise, about potential changes afoot aboard the iconic starship. Crusher’s experience is sure to factor into those clues and, who knows, David Mack’s upcoming Cold Equations trilogy may well begin to explore some of those issues in a much more straightforward manner. Needless to say, I think you can be assured that the current state of Trek literature remains ‘in flux’, though in a mostly positive way.

“Brinkmanship” was an outstanding story, and McCormack’s at-times poetic delivery, combined with the deep love she obviously has for the subjects of her plotting make for a most satisfying and engaging read. A perfect story, from cover to cover.


1. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay...) - October 23, 2012

Looks awesome

2. UKTrekkie - October 23, 2012

Another book review? And no coverage of Destination Star Trek London which was at the weekend?

Where the World Record for the most amount of Star Trek costumed fans was broken. Is this not news? Why hasn’t covered this?

3. Me - October 23, 2012

I remember when this used to be a good website, updated frequently with Star Trek and Sci Fi news, now it’s just hawking some guy’s kickstarter project and a hole to suck people in for advertising page hits

4. UKTREKKIE - October 23, 2012

I am a grumpy smegger.

5. UKTRKFAN - October 23, 2012

And.. where all 5 captains attended!

That said.. I enjoyed Destination Startrek London.. But was I the only one who found it a rip off!!

And no… you arent a grumpy smegger.

6. UKTrekkie - October 23, 2012

Don’t know who posted comment #4 – But it wasn’t me.

Why do people have to flame others? Hopefully the innappropriate comment will be removed.

I also found DSTL a bit of a rip off too. £95 for the Opening Ceremony which lasted just over an hour. I was smarting a bit after that one!

7. Trekboi - October 23, 2012

A Second Story!


8. Thor - October 23, 2012


9. jamesingeneva - October 23, 2012

Thanks Ryan, great review! Folks, stop bashing what articles we do get, at least there’s someone posting something lol

10. PaulB - October 23, 2012

#2 – “Where the World Record for the most amount of Star Trek costumed fans was broken. Is this not news? Why hasn’t covered this?”

No, that’s not news. It’s embarrassing and pathetic (at least to THIS Trekkie). The Destination event is news; the pointless costume gathering is not.

And when Trekmovie isn’t even covering the MOVIE, why would you expect them to cover anything else? This site has gone to seed, and the commenters have turned feral.

11. SciFiJunky - October 23, 2012

The Iron Man 3 trailer came out today. It opens two weeks prior to Star Trek Into Darkness. We need to have a trailer for Star Trek soon. Within two weeks. This is gettng ridiculous.

12. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

11. SciFiJunky

Relax. We already know when a trailer is coming out. Bob Orci told us that there would be a trailer during the Christmas season movies. The Hobbit in December would be the perfect place for the Trek movie trailer.

13. UKTrekkie - October 23, 2012

#12 – It was a more general comment as to why the event hasn’t been covered seeing as though all 5 TV Captains had attended!

To also say that something like that or the World Record attempt is pathetic and embarrassing is frankly insulting to true Star Trek fans.

I’m sure if the event or a similar attempt was in San Diego, LA or New York then we would have seen several articles about it on here!

14. UKTrekkie - October 23, 2012

Sorry this was directed toward comment #10

15. Jack - October 23, 2012

“I’m sure if the event or a similar attempt was in San Diego, LA or New York then we would have seen several articles about it on here!”

I’m not sure about that — this isn’t a general Trek news site anymore.

16. Hat Rick - October 23, 2012

Good to see another article posted so soon after the last one.

17. Remington Steele - October 23, 2012

In before people find something to complain about..

Oh wait, too late

18. Nick - October 23, 2012

Thanks for the review Robert!

19. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - October 23, 2012


I too attended. I and my fiancée left home on Wednesday and came back on the Sunday night. London is expensive full stop.

I refused to pay £95 for a opening ceremony ticket as well as £75 for me to have a pic on the Bridge with The Shat.

In total we probably ended up paying over £700 for everything. (train, hotel, travel, food, merchandise, pics & autographs). Yes it was enjoyable but hopefully next time (!) do it at the Birmingham NEC please.

20. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

17. Remington Steele

No matter what articles are posted here, no matter how much Trek news is in them, no matter if the site posts every day… people will find something to complain about. They either find there is not enough movie news or they don’t like the title or they are worried the movie will fail or they feel that JJ is going to beat this movie into the ground and stamp on it or they can’t read everything about the movie and see all the images and know the plot before the movie comes out.

I guess that is a fact of life here on Trekmovie and that people complain just to complain. :)

21. Simon - October 23, 2012

@#5 – If Chris Pine wasn’t there then it wasn’t complete.

There are SIX Captains!

22. TrekFan - October 23, 2012

21. Simon

5 TV Captains… 3 movie Captains.

23. TrekFan - October 23, 2012

They had all 5 TV Captains there. It was complete. ;)

24. Ralph Pinheiro - October 23, 2012

Kirk/Pine is the alternative timeline. He is another Kirk.

But I remember an interview of him and Zach during premiere of ST2009, where they said they had no intention of being in future conventions.

25. Damian - October 23, 2012

I am in the latter half of the book and I too find it a good read so far. I wasn’t sure about this book when it was first announced (being sort of a standalone Typhon Pact book) but it is interesting. I agree that the development of the characters is particularly good and the interactions of the Ferengi, Cardassians and Federation. It’s good to see a stronger Ezri too (she seemed a bit whiny in DS9, though there was some marginal improvement as season 7 went on). That’s not too suprising, though, since everyone grows in life.

I’m looking forward to the next 3 TNG books, then that looks like it’s it for the forseeable future as there are a number of TOS books on the horizon (likely because of the new film), though TOS books are always welcome.

I only wished Pocketbooks spaced the books out differently. Maybe a Voyager book, Titan book, Typhon Pact (or TNG & DS9) book mixed in with a TOS book about every other month and maybe one or two books on one of the spin-offs that take place during the series’ run. I also wouldn’t mind an Enterprise book now and again, though it seems Pocketbooks closed the book (pardon the pun) on Enterprise.

Which does leave me to my oft repeated request for something like a Tales of the Romulan War book (like the Dominion War version) to fill in some of the missing gaps from the formal novels.

26. I'm a trekkie NOT a trekker TOS=The ONLY Series (worth watching) - October 23, 2012

@13 I reckon I’m not a “true Star Trek fan” even tho’ I watched and enjoyed the ORIGINAL runs of the show.

27. Remington Steele - October 23, 2012


Oh ill add this each time a new article comes before invariably, and depressingly, people cry foul over nothing…

28. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

27. Remington Steele

I’m still waiting for the first comment on an article to be a complaint! LoL. But this one was close with the second comment being a complaint!

I feel bad for the contributors that work hard on their article or review and then they get bombarded with complaints. That being said……………… Thanks Robert Lyons for the review… I may have to pick up this book!

29. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 23, 2012

I just watch the world premiere of Skyfall in London live online … Please I want the premiere of “STID” like that! … boborci??… :-) ;-)

30. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

29. Dee – lvs moon’ surface

You saw the Skyfall premiere ONLINE? I wouldn’t want that, I want to see a movie on the big screen with full surround sound. I’ve tried to watch movies on my computer and I find the screen too small. But hey, to each their own! Good on ya!

31. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 23, 2012

#29 – Do you know if Benedict Cumberbatch attended the premier as one of his fans thought he might?

I thought a premier was a place where people could meet some of the actors, producers, writers and others, where people associated with making the films get interviewed, a place for photo opportunities, etc. Premiers are not just where people (many of them especially invited like film critics) get to see a fully completed movie for the first time.

32. Jack - October 23, 2012

BTW, I wasn’t complaining about the lack of daily Trek news here — but I didn’t think the site deliberately left out London (conventions there have been covered here in previous years, no?). It’s just not covering everything anymore.

And I agree with posters who aren’t thrilled that new articles are getting filled with comments complaining that the the article they’re commenting on shouldn’t be here, but instead there should be stories on _________.

Truth is, this isn’t site isn’t doing constant Trek news roundups anymore. There are other sites that do. And no matter what stories are here, we’ll just fill them with complaints…

33. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 23, 2012


I’m talking about the red carpet premiere… you know all the guys there… Daniel Craig, Javier Barden, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes…. SonyPicsUK live on youtube

replay here:

34. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 23, 2012

#31 Keachick…

I didn’t see Benedict Cumberbatch or Chris Pine… unfortunately just Prince Charles… with all my respect for the Prince… LOL

Well, it’s 007…

;-) :-)

35. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 23, 2012

Fair enough, Dee. After all, 007 did manage to bring the Queen (Prince Charles’ mummy) safely into the Olympics Stadium via parachutes. I should think, at the very least, the Prince should be there to shake 007’s hand…:)

36. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

33. Dee – lvs moon’ surface

I stand corrected! Makes more sense now. Thanks for the clarification!

37. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

36. Trekbooksstink

Speak for yourself… there are some great Trek books. If you haven’t read them all, you shouldn’t generalize.

38. Lostrod - October 23, 2012

Here’s a high quality image of the new Star Trek movie count down. Doesn’t look like Gary Mitchell anymore …


39. Amorican - October 23, 2012

Anybody mention that swedish couple having a Klingon wedding?

Seems fun and nerdy and all that, but jeeze, I guess the Swedes didn’t get the message about the inappropriateness of blackface!

40. Promo Boy - October 23, 2012

Just bought the book today- before reading your review. Now- really looking forward to it. (Thanks for not including spoilers) The Typhon books (and Trek novels in general) have been wildly inconsistent recently. Hoping this new author will turn things around.

41. Craiger - October 23, 2012

Anyone see Apple released the iPad mini today and it looks like TNG’s Padd.

42. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

Hey, I go away for a week and someone is using my nickname! That wasn’t me posting any of this today!! WTF!

43. Montreal_Paul - October 23, 2012

Where the heck are the moderators? I really wish that there would still be moderators checking things even when Anthony is not here. This site is starting to really p*ss me off.

44. Craiger - October 23, 2012

Paul I guess Anthony was the full time moderator? Now we can’t even tell if we have a fake Bob Orci in here.

45. Red Dead Ryan - October 23, 2012

Looks like Stunkill is up to his old tricks again, and Anthony is nowhere to be found, as usual.

46. Miles R. Seppelt - October 23, 2012

Any news on the new Star Trek movie? When will we see a trailer? Is there a count down clock (haven’t seen one yet…) Why is information on the new movie so hard to come by??????

47. Lostrod - October 23, 2012

So anywho …

That link to to a high rez image of the prequel comic book that I posted back in #39 seems to dispel a couple of items…

First, the main figure is Kirk, not Mitchell.

Secondly, what looked like the Doomsday Machine in earlier images was simply … lens flare.


48. Jack - October 23, 2012

There’s a timer on this site:

205 : 02 : 34 : 56
Day Hr Min Sec

Correct me if I’ve missed anything on the list coming up:

We’ve got the title, the release date, the main cast, a list of crew, the composer and cinrmatographer (same as last time), a few spy shots from during filming this past spring, plenty of media speculation as to who Cumberbatch is playing, the ongoing comic, an upcoming game, announcements of the novelization and prequel comic, oh, and three frames… and fairly constant, carefully unrevealing chatter from Bob on here (and there’s been more of it lately).

We don’t have, impossibly and thankfully, so far: script leaks, plot leaks, major spoilers.

Also, no teaser, synopsis, or list of our character names. I’m hoping these don’t come out at all — well, a teaser would be fine…

Also, no merchandise or product /toy designs yet. Which could be spoilers.

No stills or clips longer than three frames.

We also don’t have a trailer yet. If we get it by around Christmas, we’ll still have five months to go until the thing’s in the theatre.

Actually, is there a possibility that we.’ll just get a teaser by Christmas/January with the trailer coming a couple of months before release (like it did with Skyfall)?

Even 5 months before would still mean a long time to have a lot of footage — as one would see on a long trailer — out there.

49. Jack - October 23, 2012

And now I should read this book…

50. KO - October 23, 2012

Trek is doing a much better job anymore

51. Khan was Framed! - October 23, 2012

Any book that features Dax in a leading role is worth buying.

By far, my favourite DS9 character.

I’ll be picking this one up.

52. Ralph Pinheiro - October 24, 2012

what’s new since then? Nothing interesting. I’m sure Anthony will bring breaking news on Into Darkness, and that is really important.

53. BulletInTheFace - October 24, 2012

This should have been covered as well:

54. BulletInTheFace - October 24, 2012

36: You’ve tried to read a few… out of many HUNDREDS… and you feel qualified to say “All Star Trek books are bad.”

You, sir, are seriously over-generalizing, and have no clue whatsoever what you’re talking about.

55. Ralph Pinheiro - October 24, 2012

Remember, Anthony and others produce sites like this and have nothing to gain. No money. He does it for pleasure, because he is trekker like us. I know how difficult it is to have an updated website and personal problems to solve.

56. George Zip - October 24, 2012

The book series(es) got too convoluted for me after a while. I still pick up TOS era books (basically anything that’s set before the events of ST6) but have basically given up on everything TNG forward.

I *did* read the relaunch (starting with Death In Winter) and enjoyed several of them, but got tired of the “here’s the Borg again” theme that seemed to drive each book. Enjoyed the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy; and the post-Borgocalypse “Losing the Peace” was enjoyable.

But it just seems there’s so many crossovers and continuations. I know that’s where the money is, but I like the TOS single-story novels. To each his own, though.

57. walrus punk - October 24, 2012

Star Trek Crucible series were awesome I totally recommend them

58. Banned - October 24, 2012

Deleted by admin

59. jamesingeneva - October 24, 2012

Mr. All Trek books are bad… Go read Destiny series by David Mack. I hate reading and that series had me hooked and couldn’t put them down until I finished.

60. T'Cal - October 24, 2012

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Boring!
We should have a teaser at least by now.

61. Irene - October 24, 2012

to #56 Ralph – You express exactly how it probably is !!

62. Emperor Mike of the Empire - October 24, 2012

Did you know that Time is a Fire! in which we Burn!.
Dr. Tolian Soran.

63. UKTrekkie - October 24, 2012

Post #60 was not posted by myself.

Obviously some immature boy finds it funny to try and mock and pretend to be genuine posters, he probably has nothing better to do though with his day as he has no job. That’s if he is actually a he!

I take pity on you, whoever you are, you should really grow up as your childish comments are not wanted or needed here.

But if you would like to make your comments directly to my face then that would be a different matter!

64. Craiger - October 24, 2012

UKTrekkie, another example of how this site has gone to the crapper. Normally chat would be moderated and copycat posters would be banned along with people like Billy Mays in post #59 vulgar language.

65. LongIslandTrekster - October 24, 2012

#66! You said all that needs to be said. END OF STORY!

66. Rush Limborg - October 24, 2012


Ezri’s best “book,” to be honest, since the Section 31: Abyss. Great growth–she is clearly a leader, yet you can still read her scenes and think, “THAT’s the Ezri I know and love!”

67. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 24, 2012

46 Red Dead Ryan

Quite possibly it was. It really pisses me off that this happens. I have been coming to this site for about 4 years now and since Anthony left, it has got really bad with fake Bob’s and people like stunkill and other fakes. Good to know no one was posting as me today! Let’s hope that when more news gets posted that will also mark the return of Anthony too.

68. MJ - October 24, 2012

@69. So you weren’t also posting as “Casual Poster” recently on the big discussion on the ratings of Revolution versus Hawaii Five-O?

69. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 24, 2012

70 MJ

No sir. I was away on a shoot in Northern Quebec for 5 days, I got back yesterday and saw someone was posting as me on a couple of articles – I heard there are more. I have no idea what the ratings for either show would be – I work in the production end of TV. I’m a Director and Technical Director for local Montreal productions. That is the only ratings I am concerned with to be honest. But both shows are pretty good though, well from the episodes I have watched. Hard to watch TV regularly with my schedule.

70. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 24, 2012

MJ, what article was this ratings discussion being held on? Wait. Do I want to know? Will it piss me off more than I already am?

71. MJ - October 24, 2012

Here is the link…yes you are going to be MAJOR pissed off when you see what the impostor did in your name, and how a number of us reacted…not knowing that it wasn’t really you:

72. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - October 24, 2012

I repeat, this site needs a login function with a unique password, like AICN. Or monitors. Or both. Unless we’re witnessing the death throes of the site, Anthony’s ugly red-headed stepchild.

PAUL– There were actually some intelligent posts under your name as well. It wasn’t all idiocy.

73. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay) - October 24, 2012

20. Montreal_Paul

“I guess that is a fact of life here on Trekmovie and that people complain just to complain. :)”

Naysayers gonna nay… always.

74. Banned - October 25, 2012

Deleted by admin

75. MJ - October 25, 2012

@76. Sir, I think you must have me mistaken with Mr. Harry Ballz.

76. (The Real) UKTrekkie - October 25, 2012

#76 Again not posted by me!

It astounds me how pathetic some people can be.

The sooner Anthony gets back the better. I can only see one way forward on this and that’s to have the comments section totally removed.

I can only apologise for this idiot MJ.

77. Thor - October 25, 2012

78. Damian - October 25, 2012

69–Agree. The last few weeks this site has not been maintained as it usually should. I keep coming back, hoping it’ll be back, because it was one of the best sites for up to the minute Star Trek news. At this point, the official website has more updated articles.

I try to keep in mind the people who post articles have lives outside of this site. But at the very least, someone should monitor comments because there are apparently a lot of fake posters here (esp. fake Bob Orci’s) which leads any tips by posts by Bob Orci are questionable.

79. James - October 25, 2012

I went to DSTL and had a good time. T’was a bit expensive mind – and stage B should have been a lot bigger. I paid to listen to the Shatner talk and he was excellent – as were Ron Moore and Ira Steven Behr whom I have great repect for.

Trek out my FlickR pics:

I really liked this site – so much so that if whoever runs it needs ‘retro-reviews’ or something to keep the content fresh then I’d happily write them as I rewatch TNG in HD!

80. rm10019 - October 25, 2012

I am waiting for the announcement that Anthony will be running the official Trek Into Darkness board, and has been busy with preparations on that! :)

81. George Zip - October 25, 2012

January’s IDW Comic offerings to include Countdown to Darkness #1, first in a four-issue series meant to be the lead-in to May’s STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS:

82. George Zip - October 25, 2012

So is it going to be pronounced “Star Trek (pause) Into Darkness” or “Star Trek into Darkness” (like a sentence)? I’m hearing people put a pause between “Star” and “Trek” without the presence of the all-important colon.

83. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 25, 2012

73 MJ

Yup. Pissed but more in shock. I have become more disillusioned with this site now. Anthony should really think about revamping this site when he gets back and have a “log in” if you want to comment. I have seen other sites that allow you to read everything and browse the site, but when you want to comment, you have to use a log in password. That would definitely cut down on fakes here. Thanks for posting that link.

84. Banned - October 25, 2012

deleted by admin

85. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 25, 2012

86 MJ

I think I am checking out of here from commenting for awhile. Or at least until there is some Movie news. I’ll be back to read the articles (when they come up) and make sure someone isn’t posting as me again. I am now in post-production from my shoot and will have little time to come here regularly. Which, in light of what I have seen, isn’t a bad thing. Catch ya later.

86. The Last Vulcan - October 25, 2012

Yeah, this whole impostor BS thing has now really gone far too far. Anthony has had YEARS to upgrade from this useless commenter format where anyone can type in any name with no restrictions and onto an industry standard forum with secure logins and he’s shown no inclination to do so. Combined with his prolonged and now almost constant vacations where news bits that should be covered on this site are left to others, even long time supporters of this site like me are getting royally pissed off.

87. Red Dead Ryan - October 25, 2012

Yeah, Anthony had been saying for the past couple of years how he was going to upgrade this site.

But instead, he keeps taking vacations.

88. Jack - October 25, 2012

It was pretty obvious that these posts were from impostors — I’m not thrilled that it turned into statements like ‘Montreal Paul has never existed’ etc. because MP has a recognizable voice, isn’t a troll (despite disagreeing with Bernie) and well, we’ve all been impersonated by this person.

I’m off here too for awhile — if there’s a big announcement or a trailer, I’ll be back.

89. Charla - October 25, 2012

Sadly, I too think I will check on occassion, but am curbing it until the site gets back up to par with its former self. I agree we need a log in to verify whose who.

Between the fake posters, and the constant bickering…. we should all do what TM is doing, and back off for a while. We (the real posters) need to stop posting until some life is breathed back into this site.

Hope to see the real everyones on the other side!

90. Eminiar7 - October 25, 2012

J.J. Abrams appears in the latest video episode of “Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles” and confirms that there will be a trailer out by the end of the year.

91. MJ - October 25, 2012

@92 Wow, that is a huge excslusive that AICN got with JJ actually doing a short video for them announcing the trailer was coming out.

This site is no longer getting the exclusives.

Anthony, dude, this is what happens when you don’t care enough to keep your site iconic. This is now a B-list site and the Trek inside information you use to get exclusives on is now getting on other sites instead. You did it to yourself, my friend, but basically abandoning this once great site. You’ve let us all down, dude.

A sad day indeed in history.

92. The Last Vulcan - October 25, 2012

Yeah, fully agreed. This is a scoop that should have been HERE! Very sad.

93. rm10019 - October 25, 2012

Guys, it’s not ‘sad’…. sheesh. I will never understand the insistence on making this a personal thing, with chiding Anthony and harping on this or that that the site currently does or doesn’t do.

Its like you have more invested in the site, than in Star Trek as a show, property or franchise. We all appreciate the site and have grown fond of Anthony and Bob and what they do to make and promote Star Trek but it’s not ‘personal’ with each and every bit of info on the publicity, release and content of the new Trek film?

94. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 25, 2012

As I have been reminded, Bob Orci already noted here on this site that the first teaser/trailer will be out around Christmas, so it is not new news. JJ Abrams was just confirming in a bigger public arena what we already knew anyway.

MJ – Calling Anthony “my friend” while chiding him is really quite icky to read. This is not the first time you have referred to people in this way… ewwww

When I refer to “my captain” (as in the character of Captain Kirk), I am not running him down at the same time.

95. Banned - October 25, 2012

deleted by admin

96. Allister Gourlay - October 25, 2012

not sure anyones seen this already but…….

Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams appears in the latest video episode of “Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles” and confirms that there will be a trailer of the new movie out by the end of the year.

You can watch the video at

97. Duncan MacLeod - October 25, 2012

About damn time!

98. rm10019 - October 25, 2012

Lol, i hear there will be a trailer out by the end of the year. Did anyone else hear that?

99. MJ - October 25, 2012

***** ALL POST @97 IS NOT ME POSTING. ******

100. MJ - October 25, 2012

“MJ – Calling Anthony “my friend” while chiding him is really quite icky to read. This is not the first time you have referred to people in this way… ewwww”

Sometime, friends need tough love. Frankly, Anthony needs us fans to do an “Intervention” type of event with him to get him to care about this site again.

101. Craiger - October 25, 2012

MJ, it will soon get to the point where people will be afraid to post in here for fear of being impersonated. Like the fake you, Orci and Paul.

102. MJ - October 25, 2012

“When I refer to “my captain” (as in the character of Captain Kirk), I am not running him down at the same time.”

You might be if he abandoned the Enterprise for 3 months and provided the crew and Starfleet no information on why the hell he disappeared. :-)

103. Jack - October 25, 2012

I said I was leaving — and will. But, as far as I can recall, this site never really got movie news exclusives before, unless it was from a quote Bob left here. The site posted stories from other sources, and would sometimes announce that it had confirmed another site’s reported rumour with multiple secret sources. The site was very good at packaging, organization, consistently posting stories and spin — it became an authoritative site, even when most of its Trek news stories — apart from a few interviews — were originally reported elsewhere. The site just picked them up quickly.

I’m not slamming it for this at all. Just trying to put in a little perspective.

104. Jack - October 25, 2012

And, I also wonder whether this site poses a bit of a marketing nightmare — it’s name was splashed all over the press thanks to those ‘we’ve confirmed it ‘s Khan!’ stories a few months back — and now, were those same writers, or anybody looking for star trek movie news (which is how I found it years ago) to come here — they would find a handful of stories and, worse, bickering fans who are predicting how terrible this movie will be, predictions based on zero information.

The logic: ‘they’ve told us nothing, therefore the movie must be terrible — well, it’s about as faulty as “Somebody’s posing as Montreal Paul, therefore Montreal Paul has never existed and is a troll”

105. Craiger - October 25, 2012

Anyone thought maybe Anthony doesn’t care about Trek at all anymore and now has other hobbies he likes?

106. MJ - October 25, 2012

Jack, dude, you need to go back through the articles from Anthony the past few year…it is loaded with “Exclusive,” and usually he has this in the headline or the first sentences. How did you miss all of these???

107. Thor - October 25, 2012

TrekWeb Articles posted this evening

108. TrekFan - October 25, 2012

AICN didn’t get the exclusive about the trailer being released by the end of this year. Didn’t Bob Orci mention that a few weeks ago here on Trekmovie? Too bad that no one on the staff picked up on that and had the “exclusive” news. Another miss opportunity.

109. Corkscrew - October 25, 2012

How come nobody posts fake posts from Anthony?

110. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 25, 2012

#109 – I have read all this before some weeks ago. The only thing new that I had not read before is this:

‘Cumberbatch finishes the interview with a brief comment about his and a few of his “Star Trek” co-stars love of Downton Abbey, stating they discussed the show while on set. He says, “Chris is really addicted to it. I like it. Simon likes it, too.”‘

I see another of my posts has been deleted. I must be too controversial…:)

Yes, Craiger. I am sure that people have thought that. If not, you are sure to remind them…;)

111. Craiger - October 25, 2012

Rose, just making you happy by trying to stop people from constantly complaining. I am now starting to think its pointless to complain anymore since Anthony is obviously isn’t listening.

112. Jack - October 25, 2012

Oh, he uses the word all the time — but they’re not usually true exclusives.

It’s either something Bob has said in comments on here (which requires no reporting on Anthony’s part), or an interview he did (and pretty-much every interview that’s one-on-one is an exclusive, in the sense that the interviewee is talking to a single interviewer), or a confirmation of another site’s rumor by unnamed sources.

None of it would fly as an “Exclusive!!’ in an actual news site/paper/magazine. Which is fine, because this isn’t a news source — it’s one guy’s blog, and he did a good job of reporting on what stories are out there, and getting unpaid (presumably) contributions from other people.

The stories he’s posted as exclusives aren’t usually breaking a news story that no one else has heard yet, anywhere else — which is what a true exclusive is. Even the Khan and title confirmation stuff — not an exclusive, in the news sense.

Other places broke the stories/rumors, Anthony confirmed them. Again, with unnamed sources, which means almost nothing. Good on him for doing it at all, it got him a lot of coverage.

And, his “I’ve confirmed this with sources” stories haven’t been proven wrong so far, that I can tell (there’s still Khan) but, heck, I could say that the ghost of Jimmy Doohan also confirmed that Khan is the villain, and there’s a 50/50 chance I’m right. Maybe he does have good sources. Maybe he’s done a lot of digging, research and homework. Maybe he’s just emailing Paramount’s PR guys. Maybe he’s emailing Bob. Maybe he’s flipping a coin. We don’t know — and that’s why unnamed sources are rarely used in real news. Even entertainment news.

Does he show any journalistic responsibility — if his sources were wrong would he issue a retraction? Does he let readers know why there’s suddenly no content? Does he address reader concerns and complaints publicly? I don’t know.

Sure, this site has/had features — Science Saturdays, etc. — that other sites don’t have. Are they exclusive to this site? Sure. But the same can be said of features on any site.

113. Jack - October 25, 2012

Even that tweet about the facebook stuff: “I confirmed it was bogus with Paramount.”

In other words, he contacted Paramount and they said it was bogus. Fair enough. But this is not intrepid reporting.

114. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 25, 2012


Yes, Simon Pegg always talks about Downton Abbey on twitter… and CP oh yes I remember heard about that, too… ;-) :-)

115. Emperor Miike of the Empire - October 25, 2012

Heather Langenkamp who played Nancy Thompson alongside Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street will have some kind of part in. Star Trek Into Darkness. I found this out on her Wiki Page.

116. Craiger - October 25, 2012

Mike maybe we don’t need Trekmovie after all because we can just search for news about the sequel online? LOL. One thing I do miss about this site is didn’t Anthony do searches about sequel news so you didn’t have to?

117. Emperor Mike of the Empire - October 25, 2012

Hey Craiger. Your right. I used to come here and get surprised to find things out. Now here I am breaking something on Trekmovie my self. Yahoo had a story on Heather Langenkamp and i looked at her Wiki page to see what else she has done and to my surprise her list of movies included Star Trek Into Darkness. Did not say what role. Just that she is in it.

118. TrekFan - October 25, 2012

@Mike 117

I read that earlier today. Someone had posted a link to it on the Treknology article. But you are right about one thing, people used to come here and be surprised at the news that was posted. Now we find it elsewhere. So, um, why are we posting it here again? lol. I wonder what would happen to this site if no one posted here for a full 24 hours.

119. Uberbot the Great - October 25, 2012

Trek Core can suck my core!!!

120. Jack - October 25, 2012

Yep, set a google news alert for Star Trek and you too could be a source for everything new in Trek. ;).

I know, I’m going.

I think our reaction and frustration points to what a good job Anthony did here.

121. Craiger - October 25, 2012

Jack, that could be another reason Anthony might think he doesn’t need to do this site anymore? Maybe he figures forget this site and all of us can just do Google and Yahoo news alerts on the Trek sequel?

122. TrekFan - October 25, 2012

I think Anthony is resting on his laurels. He may think he has a very loyal fan base here and that we will stick around through his absence. In a way, he is right. He has been MIA for a month? More? And we are all still here. He knows that when there is actual movie news, he will be back posting articles and we will all flock back here as if nothing has happened.

123. Jack - October 25, 2012

Or just type Trek Into Darkness into Google news… You’ll get what’s out there.

That said, there was more to this site than just news round-ups — , a lot of the other special columns, sci-fi round-up stuff, Kayla’s science stuff etc. it’s was all pretty great.

That said, until there’s a trailer, I wonder whether any stories (like this good Trek book review) will actually get much attention, in the comments anyway. But, that said — for over a year before Trek 2009, this site had regular content (maybe not daily, but a few times a week) that had nothing to do with the movie, because there wasn’t much movie news then either. Lots of TOS remastered stuff.

124. Ahmed - October 25, 2012

Anthony needs to tell us something, as a courtesy to the fans who come to the site, about this lack of activity on the site.

In the absence of any new stories about the sequel, they should just go back to what they were doing in the past & post stories related to science fiction & fantasy in general. Like when Trekmovie expanded its coverage from just movie news to genre TV & films news, it become more interesting.

125. Adam shepherdson - October 25, 2012

This site is dead… And my last comment is simply, Anthony has no respect for the readers… And no longer deserves our respect.

Tit for tat…

126. MJ - October 25, 2012

“The stories he’s posted as exclusives aren’t usually breaking a news story that no one else has heard yet, anywhere else — which is what a true exclusive is. Even the Khan and title confirmation stuff — not an exclusive, in the news sense.”

I disagree completely. It does not have to be on CNN to be an exclusive, and the “its Khan” story was reported by everyone else sourcing Anthony’s article…THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF ECLUSIVE! When every other web site that cares about SF is sourcing your story, DUH…its an EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

127. SoonerDave - October 25, 2012

I guess what strikes me as strange regarding the apparent decision to just let this site die on the vine is *why* someone would work so hard to cultivate a site’s success (which is NOT easy to do), and then just walk away without a word. Mind you, Anthony is within his right to do what he wants, but its just so darned odd.

A friend of mine used to run a college football fansite, and it was modestly successful over a series of several years. Finally, one day, he just flat decided he was tired of spending the time on it, had lost interest, and was going to let it go. But he at least *posted a message* to that effect, and never left anyone hanging. Sure, it was sad, and it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but at least there was formal “closure” as it were.

As I said, of course, Anthony can do what he wants with his site(s), as can anyone, and having seen these “vacations” become increasingly frequent over the last year or so, the fact that he hardly bothers even visiting to moderate comments just highlights the notion that he’s just moved on to other things. Seems to me a “Gone Fishin'” sign would be an appropriate way to just bid the site adieu, and be done with it.

128. TrekFan - October 25, 2012

@ SoonerDave 129

I agree. Today, even Gus over at TrekWeb posted about him leaving soon.

129. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - October 25, 2012

It wasn’t about being exclusive, or first-breaking. It’s the community. The articles are the seduction, the foreplay. The discussion is the sex. And like sex, sometimes it was good, sometimes not so much.

Now there is nothing to discuss, and the discussion has been tainted by a sociopathic troll who impersonates multiple people here. He’s obviously enjoying it and you know what? Troll wins. Nobody at TrekMovie gives a damn about maintaining the community. So if the community doesn’t want me, I go for now. If things return to normal and I can trust the people I’m “talking” to are the actual people, I’ll come back.

So for now, if you see any postings under my name, it ain’t me. See you maybe later.

130. Red Dead Ryan - October 25, 2012

TrekWeb is still going to be around even if Gustavo steps aside. He said he might remain as an editor of that site. So it looks like he has someone else to hand the reigns to.

131. RNAse-free Jeff - October 25, 2012

Has anybody thought that maybe Anthony’s been less engaged with the site because he, too, has been frustrated by the lack of news and exclusives available for STID? As somebody mentioned earlier, Anthony was incredibly adept and prolific with breaking news for ST09, undoubtedly thanks to both his love and perseverance to the new movie and a constant badgering of JJ and the producers for little tidbits about the film.

I keep going back to the big spoiler article where he said that A) Khan was the villain, B) Nimoy would be back and, C) that Klingons would be in the film, too.

That was a big story that he broke, that A) lead to a plethora of negative comments from fans (such as, “Khan? H#ll to the NO!”) and, most importantly, B) that the majority of those spoilers ended up being debunked, untrue, or left ambiguous. Remember that he got that news from a trusted source, and I doubt he would have posted it if he himself didn’t believe that source.

Man, with all that thrown at me involving something I have nurtured and slaved over, I’d lose some of the drive and passion, too. And considering that news involving this movie has been slim to none, I’d lose some of the passion to put up new material every day, too.

Plus, I don’t think the Karl Urban/Gary Mitchell-gate helped at all. So, considering that Anthony and company have been running this site for 6 years while in competition with other Trek sites (trektoday, trekweb, and maybe, I am inclined to give him some slack that there haven’t been daily articles over the last two months.

All that said, the silence is damned frustrating though.

132. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay...) - October 25, 2012

I wonder if Anthony is searching for someone he can trust to hand the site over to…

133. MJ - October 26, 2012

“That was a big story that he broke, that A) lead to a plethora of negative comments from fans (such as, “Khan? H#ll to the NO!”) and, most importantly, B) that the majority of those spoilers ended up being debunked, untrue, or left ambiguous. Remember that he got that news from a trusted source, and I doubt he would have posted it if he himself didn’t believe that source.”

Great point! The guy busts his ass to break the huge Khan story, the biggest story of his web career covering Trek, yet so many people here such as Keachick, Jack, Montreal Paul and others refused to accept his story, which probably was quite an unexpected shock to him, given all the trust and goodwill the fans on the site had shown him for the four previous year.

If I were him, that would have really hurt my pride and perhaps shaken me up a bit. I could see how that could lead him to become disinterested in the site….thinking of many of us as ungrateful for ignoring what he probably perceived as the biggest exclusive he might ever report on concerning Star Trek.

Perhaps we’ve stumbled on why he is AWOL. This makes a lot of sense. The Khan-doubters really wounded the poor guy’s pride, and pretty much have ruined his love affair with continuing this great site for what he perceives as a bunch of malcontents who doubt his word on something.

134. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 26, 2012

To suggest a rumour is anything but a rumour is ludicrous and dishonest. Rumour is NOT a synonym for fact!

I have not moaned about Anthony’s absence or gone on about him deserting loyal patrons or not having any respect for anyone. That has been people like you, MJ, SoonerDave, Craiger and others. It is you who are the malcontents, constantly complaining about the lack of Anthony, fewer articles etc.

All I hope is that Anthony is OK wherever he is and that when there is some real news, he’ll be back to bring it to us. He came back to tell us about the title of the movie – real news.

135. Hodge Podge - October 26, 2012

Picard always looks to sad and brooding on these book covers..

136. SoonerDave - October 26, 2012

@136 – Rose

“I have not moaned about Anthony’s absence or gone on about him deserting loyal patrons or not having respect for anyone. That has been people like you, MJ, SoonerDave…:”

Rose, I have *never* “moaned” or claimed “disrespect” regarding Anthony’s departure from this site. In fact, if you actually read my most recent post @129, I *specifically* stated that he has the right to do with this site whatever he pleases. When have I *ever* claimed, *even once*, that Anthony was “not having any respect” or “deserting loyal patrons?”

The *one* thing I have consistently stated is that if Anthony is letting the site go, simply say so. And I echoed that sentiment in @129.

I respectfully challenge you to find *one* post of mine where I have *ever* made *any* such assertions of “disloyalty” or “disrespect.” You won’t find one. Not from me. And once you find yourself unable to find such posts, I respectfully ask you to withdraw and apologize for including me in this inaccurate generalization. I steadfastly reject it.

137. SoonerDave - October 26, 2012

Also, you nerds need a day job or something.

138. [real] SoonerDave - October 26, 2012


And so I see I’m now among the impostor’s gunsites. Cute. Not.

139. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 26, 2012

135 MJ
“The guy busts his ass to break the huge Khan story, the biggest story of his web career covering Trek, yet so many people here such as Keachick, Jack, Montreal Paul and others refused to accept his story, which probably was quite an unexpected shock to him, given all the trust and goodwill the fans on the site had shown him for the four previous year.”

Sorry, I had to pipe in for this. There is a reason why anonymous sources and unnamed sources are not admissable in court testimorny (at least here in Canada). And there is a reason why anonymous sources are not looked at as a reliable source in News. I work in TV. When we get a tip from a source, we have to verify the story with officials otherwise it is just rumor and hearsay. An unnamed source is not considered a reliable source in journalism. Why would Anthony’s source be anymore right than the other inside source that said the villain was “the Horta, Gary Mitchell, Harry Mudd, etc… actually it was one that I mentioned.” (I’m paraphrasing here.)

And in any journalism… print, web, television… something from an unnamed source is considered rumor until verified. Therefore, Anthony’s post “It’s Khan!” is still a rumor (although it was denied by many reliable people.)

And until JJ or Bob or someone else on the team or Paramount confirm it – I will not believe it is Khan… or Mitchell… both are UNCONFIRMED rumors to me.

140. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 26, 2012

And let me just add – if Anthony’s feelings are hurt because some people don’t believe his story that Cumberbatch is playing Khan, then he is in the wrong business. Journalists constantly get criticized for one thing or another. And I know he isn’t a journalist but he is a grown man that does write articles and posts them for the general public.

I have been coming here for about 4 years and Anthony has posted a lot of things. And a lot of people have disagreed with him in those articles. He has never had “hurt feelings” and disappear for it in the past. So I highly doubt that would be why he has “disappeared.”

What makes more sense if that he is fed up with people griping all the time about one thing or another. Fact is, we don’t know why he disappears and quite frankly, we will never know. Anthony has come back from time to time to post an article and has never mentioned being away or why he was. I don’t expect him to. After all, it is his business and none of ours. We don’t have to like that he disappears. We don’t have to like that news isn’t being posted everyday. We don’t have to like how he is running HIS website. But that’s the way it is. We don’t have to pay for a membership here. The advertisers are on here because it is probably part of the terms for having this website. And they are paid not by Anthony but it is something with the traffic on this site. So with that being said, Anthony can do what he wants with this site without saying anything – we don’t have to like that – but it is his right. He really doesn’t owe us anything. And if Anthony feels that there is no real movie news coming out, he has the right to go on vacation. Anyway, that’s the way I see it.

141. MJ - October 26, 2012

Montreal Paul: “And let me just add – if Anthony’s feelings are hurt because some people don’t believe his story that Cumberbatch is playing Khan, then he is in the wrong business.”

Well that is whole point. It was more of a love than a business to him, and his role was largely voluntary. So when he comes to us with multiple confirmed insides sources on a story, and we don’t believe him — yea, I can see how that would really throw me for a loop and lead to a personal malaise in terms of his activities to keep the site going. It’s human nature, and like I said, it really is not a hardcore business that he needs for his livelihood.

Keachick, nice post basically attacking me instead of addressing my core discussion on Anthony. But OK, I agree with you that I have disrespectful to Anthony recently on site — fine, case closed — I agree with you. So, now that I concede that point to you, you need to look in the mirror and judge whether perhaps your negative actions on criticizing Anthony’s Khan exclusive — the biggest story the guy broke in the history of this site — might have played a role in him largely abandoning the site.

After sleeping on this, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this is the reason he participates so little in his own site. Think of the timing — he’s never posted so little over the past five years as he has since about the time of his publishing his Khan exclusive here. The timing is just too much of a coincidence to ignore.

142. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 26, 2012

MJ – don’t you think that the personal attacks towards Anthony by people rather than people questioning the validity of his sources be more the reason for his absence?

I had seen people questioning the validity of past stories regarding the 09 movie and he never disappeared.

If it was me, I would feel more hurt with people personally attacking my and my dedication to this site.

I have a personal blog and I get good and bad comments on it. I may not like the bad comments, but it doesn’t make want to run away. But if people were directing their attacks at me making it personal, I would definitely get offended and I would definitely want to stop writing them.

Recently, I was pissed off when someone posed as me on this site. What hurt my feels was when people were personally attacking me. I can careless if you and Ryan disagree with me on a topic – we all have our own opinions and that is normal that people would disagree. But when Ryan starts calling me a sock-puppet and a troll… THAT hurts my feelings. Know what I am saying?

Anthony has been around this business for a while. I believe he has a thicker sick than that is someone disagrees with his opinion or that of his “so called” inside source. But, having people personally attack you hits harder for everyone.

And just to go on record, I am not finger pointing to anyone – I am just talking in general.

143. Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch - October 26, 2012

MJ has a valid point on the timing though. He and others have always bickered aggressively here (nothing new about that), but it wasn’t until about two months after AP’s Khan story broke (when all the criticism and doubt was apparent from many of us) that AP started to really ignore the site, with much longer absences than we had ever seen before from him.

144. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 26, 2012

145 Daniel Craig Is My Wookie Bitch

I just find it hard to believe that Anthony suddenly is affected by people questioning an article. Many people criticized his articles during the last movie and he had thicker skin then. He never “disappeared” then.

He is more than likely affected by the personal criticism regarding owing fans more and doesn’t care anymore, disrespecting his fans by not saying anything. Honestly, THAT makes more sense to me. And the timing of that coincides with him disappearing too. Due to a lack of news stories about the movie – there were less and less articles.

But, you are entitled to your opinion. Thing is, we will probably never know the real reason.

145. MJ - October 26, 2012

Daniel Craig, that is EXACTLY what I am talking about. We are all baffled as to why Anthony, without providing any information or announcement, has largely abandoned this site? What would make someone suddenly do this, and not even provide a reason to his audience or staff?

That is why I think this is a very plausible reason for his abandonment of the site. We have both the timing and the motive here. From his view, the largely and surprisingly vitriolic response to the biggest story of his voluntary Trek career, really upset him — to the point where he developed a strong enough level of malaise that he no long cared to do much with his web site anymore. He perceived his “audience” on this site as ungrateful, and not trusting him, and so he probably said to himself: “fu*k it!”

146. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 26, 2012

Come on MJ – do you really think he has that thin of a skin to be upset by that? Would it not make more sense to be upset by personal attacks?

147. MJ - October 26, 2012

Montreal Paul, but you are missing the point on timing. Take myself, for example. The vast majority of my negative comments about’s Anthony’s continued absences started around July/August, after Anthony has already “checked out”.

148. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 26, 2012

MJ – Anthony has had people criticizing right from the start. Take a look at old articles from before the 09 movie came out. If you ask me, it was worse back then. People disagreeing with what his “inside source” says isn’t enough to send him into exile. It’s not like they were calling him a horrible journalist or telling him he didn’t know what he was doing when he posted that article. People, like myself, say that there were equal arguments for both camps. Right down to “inside sources.” So I highly doubt that… but you are entitled to that opinion, although I cannot fathom it in the slightest.

149. MJ - October 26, 2012

But this was the biggest story the guy ever broke!!! I get that you may be sensitive to this given you have been very critical of the Khan story — which you have a right to be (I’m not arguing on that) — but I think that the timing of this really fits with the negative reaction to the Khan story — which was Anthony’s BIG MOMENT, where many other sites were sourcing him. From his perspective, he probably sees the criticism as ungrateful, and takes it much more personally than the constant bickering that he’s always got from folks here. Again, please consider THE TIMING of this, and please try to be objective about this, and I think you will eventually come to same conclusion here as I.

150. RNase-free Jeff - October 26, 2012

Let me clarify what I said earlier. in light of the Khan news story that Anthony broke, I wouldn’t be surprised if after learning that all of those spoilers appeared to be wrong and therefore lost trust in some of his sources, I wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony said, “screw this, I’m not going to mess with these people anymore and not post on anything that isn’t official.”

And perhaps it’s this feeling that has led him to take prolonged breaks on the site. But the site isn’t dead, since we have actually gotten a few new articles in the last couple of days.

The lack of policing of trolls and imposters in the comments is concerning though.

151. Craiger - October 26, 2012

MJ, why would Anthony keep paying to keep this site up? If he is mad because a lot of people on this site don’t believe him about his Khan exclusive then why not say F it to the members here and why bother posting news if they don’t Anthon? Jjust take this site down and save money. If his attitude is that way would he even need to post a statement as to why this site would close?

152. RNase-free Jeff - October 26, 2012


Maybe he just decided to take a step back for a while, especially since things are pretty quiet on the news front right now.

153. MJ - October 26, 2012

“Let me clarify what I said earlier. in light of the Khan news story that Anthony broke, I wouldn’t be surprised if after learning that all of those spoilers appeared to be wrong and therefore lost trust in some of his sources, I wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony said, “screw this, I’m not going to mess with these people anymore and not post on anything that isn’t official.” ”

Well, you have a point there — both motive and timing are covered by your concept here as well. Yea, maybe he was intentionally misled by studio information and it is not Khan — I concede that this would also freak him out and cause him to largely abandon this site.

Either way, whether we go with your theory or mine, the timing seems obvious to me that the Khan story led to Anthony’s disengagement from this site.

154. MJ - October 26, 2012

Craiger, he still has some volunteer staff, plus he perhaps has to much pride to just shut it down entirely. When people get depressed, they tend to get lethargic and procrastinate.

155. K-7 - October 26, 2012

RNase-free Jeff has hit a home run here I believe.

If Anthony found that he was duped by The Supreme Court and/or his Paramount contacts into providing false information that Khan was the villain, then this would explain why he no longer is much involved with this site.

Think about it — look how JJ f’ked with us fans on the three frames of info on Conan. I would not put it past these guys, as the jokesters they think they are, to get together and hatch a plan to mislead Anthony so that we would all falsely think that Khan was in the sequel, thereby misdirecting us entirely on what the new movie was about. And if this happened, then I could see Anthony flipping out and disappearing when he found out he had been duped.

I find this scenario more credible than MJ’s “he’s mad at the Khan detrators”, and much more credible than Montreal Paul’s “he’s just tired of the complaining” scenarios.

156. Red Dead Ryan - October 26, 2012

There’s been a lot of personal attacks between posters on this site, but not a lot towards Anthony. A lot of criticisms and complaints about some articles, sure, but I think most people have been pretty grateful for him to devote his time and energy to this site.

The Khan article no doubt played a part in Anthony deciding to take off. There was a lot of vitriol being spewed on that thread, and there was that guy who claimed Star Trek was not just a tv show but “a way of life”.

And btw, I still think Khan is the villain in the sequel.

157. LizardGirl - October 26, 2012

135 and 136 (I personally have nothing against you two but…really?)

Really? I know you two always stand on opposite sides of the fence. But there is absolutely no need to drag other names into your tiff. We really don’t know why Anthony hasn’t made a personal visit in a while so this…childish (face it, it’s childish) finger pointing is useless. In the end, it may have NOTHING to do with any of us here. So a difference in opinion does not warrent name calling. It’s too late in the game for that crap.

If you don’t think those posts were childish, all I can say is: pretend you haven’t been here for a day, go back and read those posts. They read as petty.

158. MJ - October 26, 2012

I didn’t see my post @135 as name-calling, but if you took it that way, I apologize.

159. LizardGirl - October 26, 2012

It’s nothing personal at all dude. It’s just sometimes trying to follow the back and forth between you two–would make a Vulcan choke a mother. ;)

160. K-7 - October 26, 2012

LizardGirl, don’t you find it a bit odd that shortly after the Khan story broke that Anthony started his disappearing act? Me thinks that is probably not a coincidence.

161. LizardGirl - October 27, 2012

Hnn, my other post didn’t go through? Well, okay let’s see if I can remember what I typed earlier. Gosh, I know that post will magically reappear somehow! -_-

K-7, it’s difficult to tell with these things. The timing’s there but we don’t know much at this point. It’s entertaining to ponder about. But I doubt Anthony’s absence has anything to do with us personally. That’s like saying “Mommy hates your guts cause you were naughty”. Just doesn’t add up to me. If there are issues between “mom” and “dad”, we honestly won’t know until the dishes start flying. Speculate, sure. I have my own personal opinions. But let’s not point fingers and lay blame for this (we don’t even know what “this” is yet)!

162. Craiger - October 27, 2012

If Anthony did get scared about possibly being duped by the Khan story and he feels he can’t report Trek news anymore then why leave us hanging? Just announce he’s burnt out on reporting Trek news and just say Trekmovie is closing. Gustavo even announced he is leaving Trekweb after the sequel premiers.

163. Red Shirt Diaries - October 27, 2012

Craiger, even though he might prefer just ending the site, if the site, even with him not participating, is generating say several hundred dollars per month in advertising $$ for him, the guy just might need the money.

164. Red Shirt Diaries - October 27, 2012

@163. LG, you can sit back, be polite, and hope for the best if you want, but I am royally pissed off that this site is a shadow of its former self. I used to love this site, but not if frankly, kind of sucks!

If there is some legitimate reason why AP doesn’t participate much on the site anymore, then why doesn’t at least one of AP’s staff members provide a brief info? And I don’t need anything personal, just, “he’s taking a leave of absence for personal reasons” or “he has less time due to his new job,” whatever; just some minor shred of status information as to why this site is on life support.

You seem like a polite person who wants others to be more polite here. Well, AP’s behavior has definitely been impolite to his audience on this website.

165. LizardGirl - October 27, 2012

@166, RSD, I completely understand. I do. Trust me. I’ve express wonderment about Anthony’s absence myself. I was adressing, specifically, the accusations that we posters are somehow to blame for that (…uh, heck no). There were two sides that expressed “who’s” to blame or what group is to blame and why. I’m like…no one’s to blame here. We don’t know what’s going on. Anthony’s gone because he wanted to be gone.

But yeah, man. I’m frustrated about this. A lot are, if not frustrated, then confused. And a few have expressed the thought of how easy it would be for Anthony to say something…anything! I agree, but I don’t think blaming each other about this will work, at all.

Thanks for the compliment, RSD. But I can get rowdy too! ;)

166. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 27, 2012

Once again, some of my posts (re Anthony’s absence) did appear here but has now gone, including my apology to SoonerDave. Why some posts remain and others don’t appear on this thread/site is disconcerting, to say the least.

One was in response to this and to MJ’s previous assertion that I, among others, am somehow responsible for Anthony’s prolonged absence from this site, where I did address “my core discussion on Anthony” –

“Keachick, nice post basically attacking me instead of addressing my core discussion on Anthony.”

A form of “moderation” is going on here. However, it is uneven, inconsistent and even unfair at times…but then again, I have expressed (twice) my own theory on why this and other things may be happening right now on this site, since near the end of July, early august. However, those posts have been deleted, probably the only consistent thing to happen.

167. Craiger - October 27, 2012

Not sure if I have said this before, maybe Anthony’s thinking F you to us members here and why bother running this site and posting news if members here don’t even believe him and his sources for news anymore, since some are questioning his Khan story?

168. MJ - October 27, 2012

“Not sure if I have said this before, maybe Anthony’s thinking F you to us members here and why bother running this site and posting news if members here don’t even believe him and his sources for news anymore, since some are questioning his Khan story?”


To me, this is likely what is going on. I’ll avoid mentioning names this time as people seem to getting oversensitive to that, but the people here who are on record as being very critical of Anthony’s groundbreaking “it’s Khan” story certainly know who they are.

169. Craiger - October 27, 2012

MJ, if that is the case why still have Trekmovie up and running?

170. MJ - October 27, 2012

Craiger, perhaps he needs the monthly income from the advertising as someone earlier had mentioned?

171. Red Dead Ryan - October 27, 2012

If Anthony was using the revenue generated by the advertising on this site as personal income, wouldn’t that be considered fraud or something to that effect? Because I would have to think the revenue would be used to maintain the site and pay the bills.

172. MJ - October 27, 2012

Under nonprofit laws, employees can still get paid an hourly wage, salary or other compensation. You just can’t take “profit” off the top.

173. Red Dead Ryan - October 27, 2012

Yes, but I was under the impression that the staff on this site work for free.

If Anthony’s keeping the money for himself, and not sharing it with his staff, then something’s wrong. Maybe not legally, but morally, at the very least.

I mean, Father Robert Lyons and Kayla have been doing the heavy lifting here in Anthony’s absence, and most likely not getting one cent for their efforts.

174. Craiger - October 28, 2012

MJ, Sorry I forgot about that. I wonder if we didn’t click on this site anymore would his revenues drops? Does he figure he can count on us just checking the site for any updates anyway even though the updates aren’t as frequent as before?

175. Craiger - October 28, 2012

Sorry I meant revenue drop.

176. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 28, 2012

Guys, I have my own website for my freelance business. I have advertisers on it but not because the pay me. I had to pay a small fee for the site and in the terms, I must agree to the advertising on it. So I have a feeling that is how Anthony is running it. I think the contributors do it for free and Anthony isn’t getting paid by the advertisers. If you notice, the advertisers are for things local to you. Right now, the top of this page is advertising CTV… a Canadian TV Network. I doubt you guys have the same thing.

And as for the reason why Anthony has disappeared… MJ, no offense, but your theory makes no sense. Anthony’s “sources” and articles were blasted before. More so than the Khan thing. Go look back at the stories for the 09 movie.

What makes more sense is that, as someone mentioned before, is that he found out he is getting bad info from his sources and that they are screwing him around this time. Maybe intentional or maybe unintentional and he says “F*** it.” Anthony wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t have thick enough skin to have people disagree with his article.

And we all know who you are finger pointing… you are quite vocal about it. So why don’t you friend Anthony on Facebook or email him and ask him the reason as to why he isn’t here anymore.

177. Craiger - October 28, 2012

Glad you reminded me about that Paul. I was looking at TV Stands one day then when I went to blogs I like they had advertisements for stores that sold TV stands.

178. Thor - October 28, 2012

TrekWeb posted five stories today, including the death of TNG and VOY director Winrich Kolbe.

179. K-7 - October 28, 2012

“What makes more sense is that, as someone mentioned before, is that he found out he is getting bad info from his sources and that they are screwing him around this time. Maybe intentional or maybe unintentional and he says “F*** it.” Anthony wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t have thick enough skin to have people disagree with his article.”

Yes! That was my idea, and I think it is plausable. MJ’s idea of timing is correct, but he reasoning/motive is wrong. This idea fits the timing and the motive.

180. Craiger - October 28, 2012

So K-7 you think if Anthony isn’t getting trusted sources from Paramount anymore to get Trek fans closer to the people involved with Trek and if he can’t trust those sources anymore why bother doing Trekmovie anymore? We may even have a fake Bob Orci posting in here. I guess Anthony could be getting mad at the people at Paramount if they are feeding him false info and using Trekmovie to do it?

181. Rose (as in Keachick) - October 28, 2012

Or Anthony’s prolonged absence may have nothing to do with any of the above. If he is backpacking through Europe, then that takes planning and saving. Anthony is simply living his life and doing a big OE in Europe. Hope he sends some pictures back!

182. (the real) Montreal_Paul - October 28, 2012


I have to agree with your theory. It really makes sense to me. With the amount of misdirection – Anthony’s inside source could have just been in on it and feeding him things to throw people off. He might have got wind of it after the whole “Gary Mitchell” things came out from another “inside source” and he got really pissed off and decided to take a step back for a few months.

I also agree with Rose… it IS highly plausible that he just took an extended vacation because he knows that wouldn’t be any relevant news until the trailer comes out in December. He did report on the movie title. And other than that… there hasn’t been any news.

183. Ant. Pascale, - October 28, 2012

Greetings from a hostel here on the Island Mykonos, Greece. Just got back from clubbing with some scantily clad Scandivain babes. I think this month has been the best so far of my planned 8-month backpacking trip through Europe, although hiking through France and smoking some legal weed in Amsterdam were other highlights. BTW, the Eiffel tower isn’t as big at I thought it would be.

See you all in February when I return.


184. Red Dead Ryan - October 29, 2012


Give it up, Stunkill.

185. Craiger - October 29, 2012

Now we have a fake Anthony. See what happens when this site isn’t maintained and moderated. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.