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Exclusive Image From Star Trek: TNG Blu-ray Season 2 November 8, 2012

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,TNG,TNG Remastered , trackback

As we reported previously the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation arrives on Blu-ray in December. CBS has provided TrekMovie with an exclusive image from the upcoming set, showing amazing details for the USS Enterprise D in the episode “Time Squared.” Check it out below.


Exclusive Image From TNG S2 on Blu-ray

Here is an image of the Enterprise in a vortex from the season 2 Next Generation episode “Time Squared.”

For comparison here is the ‘before’ image…

Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 on Blu-ray hits stores on December 4th. See previous article for full details on this new set.


1. Romulus - November 8, 2012

oh wow, different lighting

2. Misstheoldtrekmovie - November 8, 2012

It is with great sadness that I must cease visiting this site. I don’t know what has happened, but it is not updated the way it used to be. It is not simply a matter of “there is no news to report”, no matter what some people may try to get you to believe. Other sites manage to come up with information where this one does not. How many more times do we have to talk about TNG in blu ray?

It used to be such a joy to read about various articles relating to the movie, to the science aspect, etc. How unfortunate that this site is basically dead.

I will miss it.

3. BiggestTOSfanever - November 8, 2012

Here is a picture with the borg cube from “Q-Who” remastered.


It is more detailed than the “Time Squared” pic.

4. Jay - November 8, 2012

Oh for goodness Sake Get a grip of yourself man!! I visit the site daily and have done for years and the thing that irritates me the most is the constant whining in the comments section!

No wonder we’re not getting as much updates! Why should they bother? They hardly get any thanks for it!

As for this article:-

Thanks for the screenshot! Can’t wait for Season 2!

5. Jay - November 8, 2012

Sorry @3 that was directed @2

6. Frederick - November 8, 2012

Not much happening lately, that’s why. There has been little to nothing forthcoming from the production of the new movie.

7. M. - November 8, 2012

Well then why is there news about the new movie on Trekweb? And not here? Seems the site is now updated with news about anything bút Trek 2….

8. TheTrekNerd - November 8, 2012

Misstheoldtrekmovie: Get on your friendly neighborhood studio (CBS) to produce a new series. There’s the solution. It’s in your hands. No news site can report on news that does not yet exist.

I love the blu-rays, and every time I see a remastered image, I fall in love with it as though it’s the first time.

Way way awesome. Thank you for your efforts!

9. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - November 8, 2012

For the love of shit, how can they give updates on the movie when there’s ZERO INFORMATION on the film being released? Blame the producers for that, not the site. DAMN IT! Enough’s; enough already. Don’t like it, go to another site. Holy shit you people are wearing on my last nerve.

Of course, this post will no doubt last about 45 minutes before someone erases it and bans me, but I’ve had it with the same old sob story over and over and over on these freaking boards. You’ve pissed and moaned for months now and what’s it gotten you? Any great insights into the movie? Any must-read spoilers? NO! GET OVER IT ALREADY!

10. Chain of Command - November 8, 2012

Coolness. That was a fun episode too.

11. Banned - November 8, 2012

Deleted by admin

12. Cato the Llama - November 8, 2012

Looks like they didn’t fix that the lack of lighting on the under side of the two foot model used in that shot. Still looks great though. :)

13. Orb of the Emissary - November 8, 2012

OMG, they need to finish with remastering TNG and releasing them so they can focus on DS9 and VOY!! :-)

14. Emperor Mike of the Empire - November 8, 2012

Love the Image. looks like a Big Budget Quality Shot. Can’t wait to see the whole thing. I can’t wait for season 3. Testerday’s Enterprise and best of Both World’s. Should be reallt COOL!!!!!!

15. Misstheoldtrekmovie - November 8, 2012

# 4, & 9

Get back in to reality…seriously.

16. MyClone - November 8, 2012

#12 is right — it’s now painfully obvious that they used the two foot model for this shot!

17. Allen Williams - November 8, 2012

Ewww 2ft model shot. I say keep the background and use the really awesome digital model

18. Remington Steele - November 8, 2012

Are people STILL whining everytime there’s some new news?

My god…so bloody pathetic

Sound for the article, I offer my apologies in behalf of the pathetic individuals on here for their nonsense comments…

19. Kaleb - November 8, 2012

Hmmm the old 2 foot model… neat :/

20. Riker's Dad - November 8, 2012

Why can’t anyone say where Anthony is. I’ve seen the question posed over and over on threads here? The question goes ignored by article authors. OK, the site is pretty much dead. Fine. But I just want to know what happened for some closure. Please, someone at TrekMovie, simply explain in one paragraph what happened to the site!!!! Just tell me. It’s pure curiosity at this point. Just speaking for me, running this site would be a dream job; to be so closely tied to the franchise. What respectable Star Trek fan would just wake up one morning and decide to give up on it? I’ve got to know what’s going on here. PLEASE!!!!!

21. BiggestTOSfanever - November 8, 2012

I found some news about the sound format of the new movie:

22. Romulus - November 8, 2012

@18. Remington Steele

Are people still blindly following this site without even a hint of frustration?

Drones…so bloody pathetic

Who the hell appointed you to be the spokesperson for people who post here?

23. rm10019 - November 8, 2012

@24 – I appointed him. so there.

Who the hell are you to un appoint him! ;) I worked for hours on the paperwork and finally we have a spokesperson to voice our displeasure with those who would continually harp on their disappointment with the site and Anthony.

You sir, and your like are bloody pathetic. Don’t you have other sites that you are sad about that you need to keep posting on for no apparent reason?

24. The Solution... - November 8, 2012

The solution, folks.. is to STOP POSTING COMMENTS. Stop visiting the site! The clicks will go down, and whoever owns this site will have no ad dollars coming in, and they will be forced to either provide the type of content that they did in the past, or the site will simply dry up.

25. J.A.G.T. - November 8, 2012

I wonder… was that the 2ft miniature?

26. Romulus - November 8, 2012

@ 25. rm10019
I’m heading over to the Mitt Romney site next :)

27. Stargazer54 - November 8, 2012

Thanks for the “new” article.

(But the real reason I come back here is to check out the Road Kill T-shirt girl. Kind of has an other worldly quality. Every fanboy’s dream – a girl whose never been outside in the sun.)

28. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 8, 2012

At the risk of being nosy and annoyingly political, there was an audible sigh of relief in our household when we heard that Barack Obama had once again been elected as President of the United States of America. Sure, he is more than likely a puppet of someone unholy. It is just that he and his backers seem a little less unholy than Mitt Romney and those backing him.

My better half said, “Thank God, Mitt the shit, isn’t president”. He has his reasons – he CAN read, very well in fact. That is all I will say.

29. Pensive's Wetness - November 8, 2012

*sigh* nice pic. i would buy this but i lack a Blue-ray, have minions who chomp hard into my retirement check. obviously folks are looking forward to junk shots (the various battles that will be upcoming in later seasons) especially BoBWs.

as for the whiners? i guess some people actually get off on creating misery upon others…

keep the news coming please. I am happy with the way things are, per se…

30. Matt Wright - November 8, 2012

@21 – Nice find, Atmos is one of the few seemingly really worth while theater upgrades since 3D is basically just a gimmick for most live action movies.

31. crazydaystrom - November 8, 2012

Waiting for season 3 myself. Then will plan to purchase the rest of the seasons as they come out. Somewhen I’ll most likely get seasons 1&2 to hold me over till DS9 which is my favorite Trek after TOS.

As to the Anthony mystery, I hope he’s well but MY GOD! This site sorely needs some moderation! The JACKHOLE who spoiled Skyfall for me should be cursed to have ALL his dairy products spoiled! If not forever, at least till, say, the 23rd century!

But thanks Trekmovie staff. What you do is greatly appreciated.

32. David C. Roberson - November 8, 2012

Some REALLY cool news out there today… like New Star Trek Themed T-Shirts that Trektoday reported on http://www.trektoday.com/content/2012/11/new-trek-themed-t-shirts/ or more importantly, the complete original series soundtrack being released… http://www.aintitcool.com/node/59519 I am curious to know where Anthony is and what is going on with the site. Not whining, though. Just curious.

33. Steve - November 8, 2012

I’m visiting TrekMovie far less myself – but that’s more a testament to 1) JJ Abrams et al’s myopic secrecy and 2) the fact that there’s a new Star Wars to read about (TheForce.net in particular is taking away my clicks). I don’t think the solution is to be like Trekweb. Trekweb really grasps at straws, re-reporting old news, seizing on vapid/vague statements made by STID cast members about how they can’t say anything about it but it’s mind-blowing/universe-collapsing/Platonically-perfect/whatever.

34. David C. Roberson - November 8, 2012

Personally, these days I frequent Trekcore.com They have their own newsfeed/exclusives as well as tabs for each of the major Trek sites (including this one)

35. TREKWEBMASTER - November 8, 2012

Wow, that’s a huge difference in quality. One looks like it was from my old VHS collection of tapes that I’ve recorded old off-the-air shows of TNG…lol.

Amazing work!

Kudos y’all!

36. iva - November 8, 2012

I’m preordering my Season 2 set from zavvi.com. With 10% OFF first purchase with code ZV16127166 I’m getting it for 42 GBP (incl. free s&h) and amazon.co.uk offers it for 52 GBP incl. EU shipping. Zavvi also exchanged my faulty s1 set without any problems for free, just like amazon.

37. Jack - November 8, 2012

7. “Well then why is there news about the new movie on Trekweb? And not here? Seems the site is now updated with news about anything bút Trek 2″

What news? Quotes from the actors? That bit about the Nightmare on Elm Street woman?

38. Jamziz - November 8, 2012

There’s been an open revolt on this site for some time now. I wonder how that’s affected this sites traffic.

And given the fact that theres been an open revolt I would have thought it standard procedure for the staff at trekmovie to address the issue in some capacity – out of respect to members of this community.

I’ll suggest this again: if this site is having trouble coming up with content then perhaps its time to bring in some more content contributors. Just generally deal with this more proactively.

This site had a real opportunity to grow and evolve into a flagship destination for all things Trek and more, who knows.

Despite all this, I’ll still load this page every day just in case.

39. nigelly - November 8, 2012

Just leave and quit trying to make a show in the comments section. You’re just ruining it for everyone who still enjoys this site. Just leave peacefully and take your pathetic protest somewhere else cause I don’t want to hear it

40. Rastaman - November 8, 2012

Well I for one appreciate all the work that goes into this site.

41. Riker's Beard - November 8, 2012

Misstheoldtrekmovie: I thought you were going.

Be sure to swing past the Piggly Wiggly on your way home and pick up some nice cheddar; it’ll go well with that whine.

42. MJ (The Original) - November 9, 2012

@2 “It is with great sadness that I must cease visiting this site. I don’t know what has happened, but it is not updated the way it used to be. It is not simply a matter of “there is no news to report”, no matter what some people may try to get you to believe. Other sites manage to come up with information where this one does not. How many more times do we have to talk about TNG in blu ray?”

OK, but dude, I have never heard of your before or seen you post before, so it seems like perhaps you have spent a day or two on this site? LOL

43. MJ (The Original) - November 9, 2012

@3 “Here is a picture with the borg cube from “Q-Who” remastered.”

Gotta be brutally honest — it looks like the result from a trash compacter.

44. James - November 9, 2012

Thanks for this picture Trek Movie, it’s nice to see that the site is alive. Also, I think that this is the first image of the 2 footer that I have seen in HD.

45. Nemesis4909 - November 9, 2012

I’m not here to moan and complain, more of an expression of sadness.

I really loved this site when it became something of a genre newshub. It was great to come and see those weekly articles about upcoming tv and film projects, amazing stuff. It is upsetting to see that gone.

I think people are going a bit overboard with the negativity though, I’m sure Anthony and the rest of the team are very busy. It would be nice to hear from them again though, we are something of a community and they are part of it.

46. tuvoktheman - November 9, 2012

I am not leaving the site. I do agree however that they are not really vested in keeping it current. There are other things of interest they could post even if there is nothing new on the new movie. I do agree it does not seem like a going concern to them.

47. THX-1138 - November 9, 2012

I have a question, and it doesn’t have anything to do with where the heck AP is:

Why would they use the 2 ft. model for this shot? I understood they would use it when it called for the Enterprise as seen from a greater distance than could be achieved with the larger model. But why here?

Not a big deal, I guess but I just don’t anything else to ask.

48. Misstheoldtrekmovie - November 9, 2012


49. WillH85 - November 9, 2012

I do think it’s sad that this site, at least as far as real news on the next movie, has been abandoned. It’s been nearly 2 months now since Anthony’s posted. Everything else has been by other staff. If this was just a Star Trek fan site that would be fine, but it’s just sad that, as a website about the Star Trek movies, this has been forgotten about. It’s not that anyone owes us, the members, anything, but at least a message of “something personal came up, will be gone for a while,” would be professional. It would be nice to have some real news again, so I guess it’s time to see if another site has anything. Not to say I won’t be back, but for now, what’s the point?

50. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

Perhaps Anthony is simply waiting until there is some really significant news to be related about STID and lets the other VOLUNTEER staff write the other articles if they wish, have the time etc. Anthony did come back to post news of the Star Trek sequel’s title…

I mean Trekmovie is his site – he can do as he likes, which includes posting articles or not, to moderate or not. Anyway, we are all supposed to be *mature* adults…LOL. Why should we need to be moderated?

To moderate or not – that is the question…;)

51. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

Ugh – I meant to write – “To moderate or not to moderate – that is the question.”

52. Red Dead Ryan - November 9, 2012

Well, I can understand why Anthony would leave. But I would have thought he would have had the foresight to leave his “first officer” (whoever that may be) in charge ofthe site until he gets back. Someone who monitors and moderates this site and bans stunkill once and for all.

He was always warning us to “cool it” when things got heated on this site when he was here. Now its like he just doesn’t give a damn anymore.

That is what’s so annoying, and the source ofmanycomplaints.

53. Rose (as in Keachick) - November 9, 2012

Who says he hasn’t left a “first officer”? Either this “first officer” is shirking his responsibilities…or he has been given specific instructions and is doing just as he ought…:)

54. Platitude - November 9, 2012

That picture is real pretty! Can’t wait til they get past this season and get to the good seasons though.

55. Justin Olson - November 9, 2012

@ 49. THX-1138:

I posted this at TrekBBS, but I suspect the reason Robert Legato used the inferior 2-foot miniature for this particular shot was due to the camera move — the ship had to appear to turn around 180 degrees and then recede from camera by quite a bit. There probably wasn’t enough room on the stage floor at Image G to do that move with the larger 6-foot miniature.

56. =A= - November 9, 2012

no lights on windows duh!

57. Justin Olson - November 10, 2012

@ 58. =A=:

The 2-foot miniature was too small to have interior lighting for the windows, so they used 3M reflective tape which didn’t show up very well at oblique angles. You can read more here:


As the ship completes it’s turn during the shot, you can see the windows better on the neck of the engineering hull because the surface of the reflective tape is perpendicular to the camera.

58. William Kirk - November 10, 2012

Great picture! I love this episode.

59. Chris Freeman - November 10, 2012

Looks like they originally used the 2-footer because the Enterprise gets pretty far from the camera at the end of the shot (this is the part of the episode at the end where it starts out close to us, turns, and heads all the way to the end of the vortex in one long shot). I don’t know about their technical limitations back in the day… maybe using the 2-footer was the only way to get the camera far enough from the model. Too bad… the HD restoration makes it super obvious that there’s less detail there.

60. rogue_alice - November 12, 2012

I can’t wait until they remaster Enterprise!!!

61. rogue_alice - November 12, 2012

That was a joke.

62. ML31 - November 12, 2012

I thought before all this there was no real reason to re-master TNG. After viewing some of the before and after pics it has only reenforced my opinion. Perhaps in another 20 years it might be a worthwhile project. But no need to spend all that money on it now…

63. Justin Olson - November 13, 2012

@ 64. ML31:

What, is 25 years not long enough for you? CBS obviously disagrees. And now even FOX is jumping on the bandwagon, readying “The X-Files” for release in 2013 for its 20th Anniversary.

These are “Evergreen” shows that have always sold well and need to be updated to hi-def in order to stay relevant. 69% of households in the United States have at least one high definition television set. It’s gone up 17% since the introduction of the Blu-ray format in 2006.

Forget 20 years, in less than 10 that figure will be nearly 100%.

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