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Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Revealed December 3, 2012

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Still months away from its debut, and we’re learning more and more about Star Trek Into Darkness. Last week, Paramount released the official synopsis for the film, and now we have the first official teaser poster as well. Although we’ve been told that Into Darkness won’t be a rehash of The Dark Knight, the influence of the dark Batman franchise seems strong in the new poster. Hit the jump for more.


Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster
The poster, which shows off the darker side of Trek that we may be seeing more of in the new movie, features the Star Trek delta logo outlined in the wreckage of a building, with a crumbling London skyline in the background. In the midst of it all, a dark figure in a black trench coat stands atop a pile of wreckage. It looks like Earth is in for quite a ride in the new movie. But, who is that featured in the center of the poster? A villain? Khan? Mitchell? Or, do I spot some pointed ears?

Synopsis also revealed for Into Darkness [Minor Spoilers]
For those of you who haven’t seen the recently released synopsis (or those of you who need a refresher), here it is again (Minor Spoilers):

“In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes Star Trek Into Darkness.
When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.
With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.
As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.
Star Trek Into Darkness, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller, arrives on May 17th, 2013.”

Another tip to Batman?

In keeping with his "If Christopher Nolan did it, it must be a good idea" theme, this teaser poster is evocative of the first teaser poster for Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, which also featured the Batman logo created from an outline of buildings (see below).


UPDATE: Animated Poster on
A slightly animated version of the poster (with some falling rubble) is now live on



1. Christopher - December 3, 2012

First and awesome!!!

2. Em - December 3, 2012

Just saw this on Digital Spy! Came here to post the link and voi la! Beaten to the punch.
Awesome poster!

3. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

KHAN!!!! Not.

4. TrekkieJan - December 3, 2012

Finnegan – the movie! (jk, guys.)

5. William - December 3, 2012

Very cool poster. I took a few moments to spot the delta sheild

6. Christopher - December 3, 2012

Even though it resembles the Dark Knight Rises poster I think it’s great. I’m really pumped to see this. Plus I think it’s one of the coolest Trek posters we’ve seen.

7. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

It’s the London skyline of the future; hence all the Brits in the movie.

8. Jason - December 3, 2012

Perfect Teaser Poster. Piques my interest, tells me nothing.

9. Drunk Garak - December 3, 2012

Is this supposed to be London? If not, it’s a bit disappointing see such a well-known contemporary building, the London gherkin, used unaltered and placed in the front row. Though perhaps they will include a different iconic building for the poster’s release in each major market, as has been done to localize the marketing for some other big-budget films.

10. Jason - December 3, 2012

@7 British accents are always used by bad buys–makes sense.

11. Lt.LanaShelby - December 3, 2012

Oh My.

12. Admiral_Bumblebee - December 3, 2012

Is Anthony teasing us here? Does he know more? Could it be that the villain is Sybock? Hmmmm….

13. Lt.LanaShelby - December 3, 2012

-Capt James T. Kirk

14. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 3, 2012

@9 it is London since St Pauls Cathedral, The London Eye and the River Themes can all be seen too!

15. Aix - December 3, 2012

I actually like the strategy. It is very generic. It just screams BLOCKBUSTER! And I think that is a great move by the marketing team since casual movie goers are somewhat turned-off by Star Trek itself because it is too nerdy and geeky for them. I just hope that the movie itself still has the Star Trek spirit in it.

Where is Pine when he said they are not making Batman?! Haha! It is really cool though. Especially when viewed from afar when you can really see the insignia.

Now, what is this I hear that Pine, Cumberbatch, Abrams and Burke are in Tokyo for STiD promotions?

16. shatners_basoon - December 3, 2012

What if the bad guy is Trelane?

17. bardicjim - December 3, 2012

you also see the London Eye on the right and just to the left of the gherkin you can make out St Pauls cathedral. This is 100% London.

18. Drunk Garak - December 3, 2012

In fact, I think it is intended to be London. You can make out the London Eye on the bank of the Thames on the left side.

19. camsoft - December 3, 2012

Oh it is London, you can see the London Eye on the Thames at the left of the image.

20. cameron26 - December 3, 2012

I don’t see pointed ears, I still think I see grey sideburns though. Gary Mitchell.

21. Sean1701 - December 3, 2012

Makes me wonder all the more about the tone of the film…so far, very unTrek like and I like it!

22. Captain Rickover - December 3, 2012

I’m not sure, what I should think about that poster. I can’t see any Star Trek in that poster. I see 2012, Judge Dredd, Independence Day and many other dark scifi-movies in that poster, but nothing Star Trek. It seems we get a Star Wars/Dark Knight- movie just starring Captain Kirk – without any theme or philosophy from Star Trek. But perhaps it’s that what a young audience want to see…

23. Vulcan Soul - December 3, 2012

If the wrecked buildings on the poster are the proverbial ruins Abrams has left that once hopeful and forward-looking, positive and optimistic franchise in, I have to call it spot-on really! Chapeau for a vision of the future torns to shreds!

24. Aix - December 3, 2012

If Cumberbatch’s character is named as boringly as GARY MITCHELL all of this badassery are going down the drain. I am sorry, I really love Mitchell but I have this obvious issue about his name. Haha.

25. Captain Hackett - December 3, 2012

Wayyyyyyyyy too cool!!! :)

26. Thorny - December 3, 2012

Well, I’m delighted we’re finally getting information about STID, and this poster is an order of magnitude better than the Trek ’09 poster (which I will insist to my dying day looks like a mistake made at the printing plant) but could Bad Robot be any more vague about this movie?

27. The Great Bird lives - December 3, 2012

The teaser poster has a Borg-like quality to it. Has the queen found her perfect mate is Gary mitchell? Could this be another attempt at the Borg infiltrating Earths past? Could the villain be the new Borg King? The secrecy behind this movie leads me to believe that all of our guesses have been wrong up to this point. I mean, the Borg are the franchises biggest villain, not to mention most popular. What if?

28. Lens Flares Suck - December 3, 2012

Breweries. Lens flares. Ridiculous coincidences. Romantic Spock. Blowing up entire planets.

29. FDRLincoln - December 3, 2012

Definitely not Khan.

Maybe Mitchell. Hard to tell.

But it sure doesn’t look like Khan, which is fine with me.

30. hugh - December 3, 2012


31. The Great Bird lives - December 3, 2012

@31, seriously though, what if?

32. Joel - December 3, 2012

While the poster is very reminiscent of the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises posters, it provides quite an ominous tone for the movie. Can’t wait for the trailer and the IMAX preview!

33. That One Guy - December 3, 2012

“Oh, no, we’re not trying to copy Dark Knight at all!”

34. Dr Beckett - December 3, 2012

Hmm, Earth has been attacked in this way before – Xindi attack from Enterprise Season 3 anyone? That’s the only series whose timeline has not been altered in the JJ-verse.

35. Rick Johnson - December 3, 2012

Definitely grey sideburn action going on. It’s still Gary Mitchell.

36. marcussullivan - December 3, 2012

Something I haven’t seen discussed much is the continuity this poster has with the original film’s teaser poster, released way back in 2006 and used as this site’s header image. Both have the delta shield front and center. It’s a nice touch. Here’s a little comparison I did up:

37. DLF - December 3, 2012

Clearly you’re all missing the obvious…if that’s London that can only mean one thing. Cumberbatch has been indoctrinated and is working for the reapers!

38. Bird of Clay - December 3, 2012

Vulcan Soul. I like the way you think.


39. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

So perhaps the Enterprise takes it’s dunk in the English Channel!

40. Joseph Chapes - December 3, 2012

I would mention that blowing up (destroying) entire planets and starships was often seen in the original series. The Doomsday Machine and the Immunity Syndrome are just some examples off the top of my head.

41. Ben - December 3, 2012

My first reaction to the delta shield being cut out of wreckage was a BORG CUBE. It bears a close resemblance.

Otherwise, it’s cool, but it doesn’t just scream that it’s a Star Trek movie. It’s really close to the alternate poster used for the 2009 movie in overseas markets that depicted Nero’s drill in action near the Golden Gate Bridge. This was done to promote the movie in regions where “Star Trek” wasn’t popular but a giant-laser-of-death-disaster-movie would be accepted.

Can’t wait for the sequel though! And the third movie… Star Trek Into Darkness Rises!

42. Promo Boy - December 3, 2012

Any resemblance to London is probably unintentional. I think the artist was going for a generic futuristic looking city. (To me, it looks more like the San Francisco we saw in the previous Star Trek ’09.)

Great teaser poster, I must admit.

43. Orb of the Emissary - December 3, 2012

#35 – Maybe that means the Xindi are the villians in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’?? That might actually be cool!

44. AJ - December 3, 2012

“A Taste of Armageddon” comes to mind as a show with similar allusions to total destruction

45. sean - December 3, 2012

I don’t see how the London thing could be unintentional as the Gherkin, the London Eye, the Thames and St Paul’s are all quite visible and out in front. Unless the designer was INCREDIBLY lazy.

46. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

44. Promo Boy

There are FOUR London landmarks seen in the poster. The cast is LOADED to the gills with Brits. Get serious!

47. Paul - December 3, 2012

Since it is apparently London, the villain’s identity is rather obvious: Jack the Ripper.
When people headed to the stars, he went with them. And now, he’s back.

Remember, you read it here first. ;-P

48. Elias Javalis - December 3, 2012

Its just a teaser. More posters will follow i think!

49. Gary S. - December 3, 2012

We now know the villain, it is COATGUY!

50. Dr Beckett - December 3, 2012

#44 – actually, I hope they’re not :) When I first read the synopsis for Trek 2 I was immediately reminded of the Xindi arc, and the poster just reinforced that.

51. T'Cal - December 3, 2012

“When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.

As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.”

I am so looking forward to this film and I really like the poster regardless if it looks like others. I also like the idea from Drunk Garak about how maybe the posters will be different by region using other major cities as the backdrop but futuristic.

What concerns me is the wording of this press release. This “unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization” sounds familiar but it has possibilities. That it/he has “detonated the fleet and everything it stands for,” sounds awkward; I suppose you can detonate a fleet but a philosophy? And, these actions leave “our world in a state of crisis” sounds like one again Earth is threatened. Again?? Then there’s the “personal score” for Kirk. Why don’t they just say, “Next, on a very special Star Trek, a nemesis from Kirk’s past threatens all of humanity. And this time it’s personal!” That sounds like the hyper-dramatic intros to the classic Shatner cop series TJ Hooker.

Oh, I’ll see it. Probably 4 or 5 times at the theater if it’s good enough, and I hope it is. This synopsis is just weak.

52. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

London: No.
Lazyass cut and paste Paramount artists: Yes.

Not getting tired yet of repeating it! :)

53. WA - December 3, 2012

The villain is….the JOKER!

54. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

@51 well, we know that in that timeline there is a VERY old Admiral Archer, so the Xindi have come back after him and his beagle. :)

55. IPIUIL - December 3, 2012

#48 Paul
This was actually the plot of a TOS-Episode so it would be possible ;-)

56. Dr Beckett - December 3, 2012

#52 – “That sounds like the hyper-dramatic intros to the classic Shatner cop series TJ Hooker. ”

This made me laugh out loud! Coincidentally, one of our local TV stations have just begun rerunning TJ Hooker on a Sunday afternoon. And it is still cheese of the highest order! Gotta love The Shat

57. Smike - December 3, 2012

Absolutely TDK… But wow! I LOVE the new Batman trilogy and they’d be stupid not to take a piece of the action in that vein.

As for the villain… I agree with #20: grey sideburns…definitely Gary Mitchell…

I just rewatched the original episode. This guy has so much potential to be a movie villain… telekinetic powers, creepy echoing voice, “darkside of the force” lightnings and a straightforward evil agenda every moviegoer can easily get along…

As for the lazy name: that’s the way it is.. has been for 46 years now… It’s not worse than Gustav Graves or Hans Gruber…

58. Dr. Image - December 3, 2012

Derivative. Lame. I’ve seen better indie film posters.
But all that counts is what’s on “film.”
(JJ still uses film? Yes? Why?? I’ll take The Avengers Arriflex digital image quality over The Dark Knight’s IMAX any day…)

59. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

53. The Last Vulcan

How do you explain all the Brits in the cast, then??? Waiting for your answer!

60. STEMBOB - December 3, 2012

Finally trekmovie staff you have finally caught up with the breaking news!

61. Tiberious Subprime - December 3, 2012

What does the Borg have to do with a “one-man weapon of destruction”?

Seriously. It’s not the Borg.

It’s either Mitchell, Garth, Gary Seven, could even be Dr Corby.
But not Khan and not the Borg.

62. Star Trek Nemesis blows, is the point. - December 3, 2012

@23. Maybe that’s partly due to the fact that Vulcan was destroyed in the last movie. I see no reason why that wouldn’t push the Federation / Starfleet to be even more militaristic than what it was in ST09.

And why do you establish Star Wars as a dark movie? Episodes 2 and 3 certainly were for logical reasons (the rise of the Dark Side, after all), but 1, 4, 5 and 6 weren’t dark at all. Hell, when 5 ends, you’re wondering about what’s going to happen to Han, but it still has a kind of happy/romantic ending when they’re looking at the galaxy from the window of the room. It pulls you away from the end of Episode 5’s plot enough to view the wonder that is the galaxy. It leaves you hopeful that Han will ultimately be okay.

Star Trek doesn’t necessarily offer a hopeful, optimistic look into the future. There is an absolute level of untrustworthiness in the alliance between the Tellarites, Vulcans and Andorians that exists from the founding of the Federation until the original series movie era. Of course, there was also war with the Romulans, Klingons (well, they did declare war against each other though the Organians put a quick stop to it), Gorn (although that wasn’t actually a war, just an unnecessary battle that the Federation accidentally invited on itself), Borg, Cardassians, and The Dominion. Then there were the events after the first Cardiassian War which created the DMZ that spawned the Maquis revolt against the Cardassians and the Federation (to a much more limited degree).

The Dominion War was so bad for the Federation that hundreds of ships were lost, millions of lives on the Federation side (I don’t think the writers ever established any total number of lost lives on the Federation side), Betazed had been occupied, Cardassia had lost billions of lives – 800 million in one incident alone.

63. MORN SPEAKS - December 3, 2012

My theory:

Some other ship came across the Botany Bay and they brought the crew to London for testing, where hell breaks loose.

64. Elias Javalis - December 3, 2012

I would say comparing two different franchises is irrelevant . Who cares if its Dark Knight reminiscent. What matters is that its aesthetically pleasing!!

65. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012


That may be one of MJ’s theories! LOL!

66. Shunnabunich - December 3, 2012

Oh lord, Star Trek has capes now.

67. Chuckunit - December 3, 2012

Shinzon and Shatner’s toupee’ team up to detonate the Federation!

68. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

@60, it’s because there is a wealth of acting talent in the UK. Superman is now a Brit fer cryin’ out loud. That doesn’t mean that Clark is working for Sir Perry White at the Daily Cockney. :)

Besides, if you’ll remember, the role was supposed to go to Del Toro and a long line of other Hispanic actors before him. Does that mean that JJ had originally set that scene in Tijuana? :P

69. me - December 3, 2012

A destroyed city and a guy who has destroyed it. Great :o/ It says nothing but “we will have ACTION!” For me as a Star Trek Lover this is no guarantee for a good Star Trek movie, but for an average blockbuster. Well, let´s wait and see what is up to come…

70. Alex Prewitt - December 3, 2012

Bullshit poster. It would have been a better Zod teaser. Even then, still a derivative piece of crap.

71. Tarkov28 - December 3, 2012

#23 Amen

Remember when Star Trek was about “hope for the future” and the discovery of new life and new ideas and all that passe 60’s humanist jazz? I get selling a big expensive movie to the mass audience and i understand needing spectacle to make a buck… but JJ and crew really need to stop watching The Dark Knight….

72. Star Trek Nemesis blows, is the point. - December 3, 2012

Doesn’t the conclusion of the Temporal Cold War in the beginning of season 4 create some continuity issues for Enterprise? The Temporal Cold War was largely negated by the death of Vosk, so many events that did happen as a result of the Temporal Cold War never actually did.

So, wouldn’t it make sense that the Federation wouldn’t have any interaction with the Xindi, and that the Xindi never sent that small weapon to Earth that killed Trip’s family in Florida?

73. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

@70, IMHO the best Trek ep ever was The Inner Light. The action in that ep was limited to Picard having his way with a flute.

JJ makes great action movies that pull in hundreds of millions of dollars so he’s to be congratulated. But, sorry… it’s not my Trek. Still, I’ll go see it AND watch it again at least twice on Pay Per View.

74. DaddlerTheDalek - December 3, 2012

It reminds me of some of the The Dark Knight Rises Posters, but I LOVE this Teaser Poster! =D

75. Classy M - December 3, 2012

The city is definitely London. The Thames is visible on the left as are iconic buildings such as the Gerkin, the Shard, plus the London Eye.

Coincidentally, when Cumberbatch did the ‘Welcome to London’ film that introduced the Olympics, he stood on top of London’s O2 in an identical pose.

Does anyone think Anthony is in Japan at the ST press junket?

76. Star Trek Nemesis blows, is the point. - December 3, 2012

@67 He’s wearing a jacket if you hadn’t noticed.

77. Slornie - December 3, 2012

Repeating my post from the previous article because apparently I didn’t refresh the page enough before posting:

Regarding the comments about certain London landmarks being out of place in the poster. With it being the 23rd century, isn’t it possible that they have developed the technology to MOVE buildings? ;)

78. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

@73, all of that is thrown out the window by JJ’s (some say masterful, others say cheating) use of the separate timeline.

79. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

@78, more likely is that in the 21st century we’ve developed the technology to keep artists on studio payroll who are morons.

80. Jack - December 3, 2012

53. Last Vulcan. It’s London. A cut and pasting error putting in the thames, the Shard, the gherkin, St. Paul’s and the London eye?

There are no landmarks from any other city there that I can see. Certainly no Golden Gate Bridge or primerica (?) building.

81. justin - December 3, 2012

the link for the picture says 1 of 2. if you click the picture twice it shows a borg. whats up with that?

82. Lt.LanaShelby - December 3, 2012

I have been doing my best to not form an opinion about this movie.

Until now.

After reading the synopsis and seeing this poster, my heart has fallen. Trek was the thing that brought light into my life growing up. It was a reason not to kill myself growing up in a world with the constant threat of nuclear war, because it presented a bold future where humanity would triumph. Earth would be a paradise, humans had overcome most of their greed and selfishness.
Reason and good-will prevailed.

JJ, Bob, Alex and Damon – I love you guys and I really enjoyed the first Trek. However, dystopia got it’s foot in the door. Romulus Prime destroyed, Vulcan compacted into a golf ball. The Vulcan race taken from the core of the Trekverse and made into indigent refugees. I was able to deal with that.

But now – Earth???

Perhaps I am judging a bit early – but so far it’s looking like this is the Trek universe where the curse moves from the odd numbered movies to the even numbered ones.

I really want to keep loving Trek, but I won’t stay in an abusive relationship. ;p

All that said, I hope that we will see the crew of the Enterprise overcome the “Darkness” and that Reason and Good-Will do indeed prevail in the Federation.

83. WaylanderNeo - December 3, 2012

While my first gut reaction was that the new poster depicted the back of the eventual bad guy; whomever he maybe, played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Looking at a larger high res version, may I suggest an alternate interpretation; could it be Chris Pike we’re seeing stood amongst the carnage?

84. NuFan - December 3, 2012

Very, very good poster. I want one.

85. cw - December 3, 2012

Its a fake. JJ is way too clever to make an ad that looks so much like Batman.
And its probably Kirks brother Sam, not Mitchell.

86. Classy M - December 3, 2012

BTW, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the pre-Olympic ‘Welcome to London’ film that Benedict made. Check out his pose at 3:15 and compare it with his stance on the poster:

87. DesiluTrek - December 3, 2012

Judging by the poster, in the JJverse 23rd century, infrastructure engineering is still heavily dependent on rebar. Weak.

88. Schultz - December 3, 2012

I like the poster, even if it’s a bit generic… well, sign of the times… but I like the direction the new film seems to take. I’ve always been a fan of the grittier and darker aspects of TV Trek, e.g. in DS9 and ENT. When the first Abrams Trek came out, I mentioned here in the discussion that the destruction of Vulcan and the ensuing Vulcan diaspora could be the starting point for a darker era of Federation history in the alternate timeline, e.g. with Vulcan ultra-orthodoxy, ideologies of racial purity, terrorism, maybe even wars. Don’t know if Vulcans have anything to do with this journey into darkness, but from what little I know it seems like a movie I would have made myself. You can’t have such a huge event like the Nero incursion, and then simply go back to the purely “hopeful Trek” of old. There will come a time to return, but that time is not now.

89. Sebastian S. - December 3, 2012

With Cumberbatch and some London landmarks badly cut and pasted into the poster’s skyline? It could also be an ad for Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock:

“Holmes is BACK. And it’s no s**t, Sherlock…” ;-)

There goes my audition for Sterling Draper Cooper & Pryce ad agency.

Seriously, the poster looks way too Batman. Ever since Dark Knight, everyone’s been trying to capture that mojo. But ST has always been more of a rose-tinted view of the future. Even in ST09 (with Vulcan destroyed and Amanda killed), the movie never really lost it’s lighter, comic book, TOS-feeling (while eschewing much of the weightiness and self-importance of TNG). It always kept that balance between disaster and hope….

If one is to judge by the teaser poster for STID? It could either be a movie that sours the milk for old-timer optimist ST fans or it could be the brilliant “Empire Strikes Back” of the franchise. A bit dismayed that a ST poster has no real ‘space’ feeling to it, though. This could be a movie about UK/IRA terrorism for all we’d know by looking at it…

Fingers crossed for the trailer (with my wife’s pending surgery soon, I don’t think I’ll be able to see the 9 minutes of I-Max footage… unless it stays in theatres for awhile).

90. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

84. WayLanderNeo

Interesting you say that. That was my first impression, too.

91. Sebastian S. - December 3, 2012

And yes, I’ve already seen larger blowups of the poster, and it certainly does look like Cumberbatch is sporting whitening sideburns. If I had to guess, I’d say the “Gary Mitchell” option is looking more on-the-nose every day.

Too bad I have to miss the IMAX footage (with “The Hobbit”) on the 14th (my wife is having surgery soon and won’t be recovered by then; and she is a big time Lord of the Rings fan). Hope it stays in theatres until early January or so… :-(

92. NuFan - December 3, 2012


Hair is too black to be Kirk.

93. Marcelo - December 3, 2012

I guess it’s going to be a good movie, well made and all, I just wish the new movies had a little more exploring of strange new worlds, seeking out of new life and new civilizations, and boldly going where no one has gone before.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want something more like Star Trek 1.

94. Mad Men - December 3, 2012

Star Trek into Darkness Knight Rises!

So, this is the new Batman in Space movie? Cool. I wonder when we’ll hear Cumby’s catch phrase that’s similar to “why so serious.”

I always wanted to see a Batman in space movie. So I’m excited about that. It will be a fun thing to watch on FX in a few years. I’m just bummed that there won’t be a Star Trek movie coming out in the next couple of years…

95. JohnRambo - December 3, 2012

Can’t wait! Star Trek is BACK! better than ever!

96. Legion - December 3, 2012

@second pic and the confusion arising from the darkness…uhm…what was I getting at? Oh right, no, the half-earnest Baneborg (See #21) was just my first reaction upon seeing the poster.

I am flattered that one of my pics were noticed (again) by the staff tough :D

97. Drunk Garak - December 3, 2012

For anyone thinking the marketing for this film is too dark for Trek and portends a film devoid of Trek’s heart, humanism, and hope, check out the Wrath of Khan trailer again. It was pretty bleak too.

98. Rick Johnson - December 3, 2012

@89 “Star Trek” is NOT about war, but I really never cared about Roddenberry’s vaunted “optimism” for the future–giant amoebas and Borg eating the universe never looked very “optimistic” to me, anyway.

IMO “Where No Man has Gone Before” is one of the best episodes of “Trek” because it starts with the premise mankind is innately corrupt–Spock is so sure of it it’s a bit scary. I think Roddenberry started drinking his hippie “optimism” Kool-aid after a while. Of course “This Side of Paradise” and many other classic Trek episodes were also pretty hardcore about “human nature.”

99. Shunnabunich - December 3, 2012

@77: Aw, yeah, I see it now.

100. Mr Lirpa - December 3, 2012

One word: Sybok!

101. olly - December 3, 2012

I cant help but laugh at some of the posters. How you can mistake Cumberbatch for other actors beats me. Get some glasses.

Its London plain and simple. Some of you seem threatened by that as if a Trek film isnt allowed to go to good old Blighty.

I love the poster but wish Benedict was a little nearer to us.

102. justomtav - December 3, 2012

Hate it.
The Dark Spock Rises

103. GI - December 3, 2012

its not khan.. its not gary mitchell – could it be Garth of Izar?

104. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 3, 2012

those saying its kirk, Cumby was the one in the spy pics wearing a trenchcoat like the character here.

As i said last night, I really think shortly after 9:50am december 4th in Japan ( 4:50 pm here on the west coast and 7:50pm on the east) we will have official confirmation of the character he is indeed playing

105. Bytowner - December 3, 2012

Has anyone else seen the Russian edition of the poster? (You can, over at the Russian edition of the Wikipedia article on the movie.)

Looks like someone added the Cyrillic alphabet to the range covered by the typeface Horizon…

106. LE88 - December 3, 2012

Oh boy, following up the most impossibly vague synopsis ever with the most derivative poster ever!

Seriously, I like how they combined the ‘wreckage forming logo’ from Dark Knight Rises with the ‘guy turned away from camera’ of every poster in the past 3 years.

107. Sebastian S. - December 3, 2012

# 99 Rick Johnson~

I agree; I’ve never been a fan of the self-made Roddenberry-esque ‘religion’ of ST. This began more or less after TOS ended. It’s also much more apparent in some of the failed post TOS pilots of Roddenberry’s (“Genesis II”, “Earth 2″, “Questor Tapes”, etc). I believe that human beings are very flawed, occasionally violent creatures whose better natures are more fleeting than permanent states of being…

But one of the things I liked so much about ST09 was that it perfectly captured that comic book/buoyant adventure feel of TOS (flawed humans and all) while ridding itself of much of the ‘gospel of Trek’ (humans are perfect, earth is utopia, technology solves all problems, etc) that weighed down TNG somewhat.

But back on topic, this poster just looks like a poster for The Dark Knight vs. Terrorism. I don’t get any Star Trek vibe off of it. And The Dark Knight and Star Trek are about as similar as “Night of the Living Dead” and “Toy Story”….

Hope this is more “Empire Strikes Back” than “V For Vendetta”. ;-)

108. Jason R - December 3, 2012

I feel sorry for the designers. We all want to do original work, and they will have submitted dozens of excellent, original concepts, only to be knocked back repeatedly by the studio marketing department who were after a copy of somebody else’s work. Technically very nicely executed of course, but I bet they hate it themselves.

On a separate note, If some of it is set in London, I hope we’re going to get the usual ‘Buckingham Palace is right next to Leicester Square is right next to The Tower of London’ style geography we always get in American films…

109. Hugh Hoyland - December 3, 2012

Its clear to me the villain is none other than NEO!

110. Schultz - December 3, 2012

@99 (Rick Johnson): There’s a lot of war in Star Trek… the Borg conflict starting in TNG, reaching into VOY and “First Contact”, the Dominion arc in DS9, much of ENT etc. Earth and the Federation have always been threatened on a regular basis, for different reasons. Of course it’s just one aspect to Star Trek, but a legitimate one, and not only as a backdrop, but as something that informs the plot and the vibe of a film or an episode, and as something that rocks foundations and tests human nature.

111. Cervantes - December 3, 2012

So far, so very ‘Nolan’-esque in the tone of this whole sequel so far.

Fair enough, but personally I’m still hoping that Cumby is gonna be a rebooted, super-powered ‘Gary Mitchell’ as opposed to a rebooted ‘Khan’ after all, as that could mean that J.J. and co. are actually ‘altering the timeline’ of their 2009 movie (along with their comic’s similar ‘timeline’) this time around. ;)

We could then get all-new ‘Enterprise’ and ‘engineering section’ designs etc. if this was the case…

112. jas_montreal - December 3, 2012

looks really good!!!!

I guess boborci is proving me wrong. This movie is looking better each day.

113. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

106. Bytowner

The Russian poster shows the same scene??? According to Drunk Garak (#9), the Kremlin should be in there somewhere! ; )

114. Sebastian S. - December 3, 2012

A PS clarification to my earlier post (# 107)

What I didn’t convey adequately was that while I appreciate and enjoy TOS’ ST’s optimism (humanity is still half-savage, but we make it), I’m not as big a fan of the ‘perfected humanism’ philosophy of TNG (it was particularly acute in the early days of TNG). I don’t think humans are perfectible any more than I believe Nomad could sterilize imperfections. We’ll always be a bit savage, especially if deprived of our comforts. But it’s also reassuring to see (even if it’s fiction) that we might have a future as well…

My hope is that ST doesn’t lose ALL of it’s optimism.
An “Empire Strikes Back” chapter now and then is fine, but this IS Star Trek, not new Battlestar Galactica (one of my favorite shows, but I love it for different reasons than I love ST).

115. Smike - December 3, 2012

The third one NEEDS to be STAR TREK INTO SUNRISE :-)

116. Greg - December 3, 2012

Mitchell, telekinetic powers. Like it.

117. Jeyl - December 3, 2012

I always knew that Bob and Alex wrote the last movie in a way so that the Earth could be put in danger again incase some future writer ran out of ideas, but I had no idea that they would resort to it again in the very next film. If Star Trek is supposed to be about ideas, we are officially running on worn out ones here. This is the third Star Trek film in a row where the Earth is put into danger, and sixth over all in the Star Trek movie franchise. That’s half the movies that depended on something that the original Star Trek series never did.

118. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

111. Schultz

Everything you mentioned happened *after* Roddenberry left the scene!

119. DUNN - December 3, 2012

Hmmm…who else wears a long coat?

That’s right: Lord Garth.

Benn saying it, gonna keep saying it: After the Romulans obtain Red Matter (see the IDW comic series), Starfleet gets upset about several neighbors that might be itching for a conflict after large losses are taken after Nero’s incursion into Vulcan space. Garth, in prison for his own slaughter of Starfleet personnel is drafted by Section 31 (present in the ‘Archons’ two parter in the comics) to become an advisor of sorts, as he has information about the Klingons obtained during the Axanar Peace Mission. He is contacted, released into Section 31 custody, and he proceeds to launch a terrorist attack on several core cities on Earth, the heart of the Federation. He flees to a Klingon border world to take refuge, and the Enterprise is in the position of knowing that a “one man weapon of mass destruction” is present on the world, but can take no direct action due to the Federation being in a position where they cannot afford war with the Klingons (modern parallels). While in Klingon space, Garth cooks up his next plot and maybe Spock or Uhura dies at the end…

Or maybe its Mudd. Who knows.

120. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

MJ, we need guidance!!! Tell us how this poster fits into your Khan prophesies?

121. Sean - December 3, 2012

That’s definitely looks like Spock in the poster….although the coat resembles the spy photo of Cumberbatch. I wonder if the rewrite of the script had to due to him being cast & changing locales to London….I always felt the Vulcans & Brits would get along the best lol.

Are we gonna get some 9/11 allegory like we did on BSG?

& $20 says Khan/Mitchell lams it on Kronos & buddies up with Durass

122. Nony - December 3, 2012

@107 Sebastian S.

I think you’ve summed up why I’m not very excited by this poster. And I have been completely jazzed for this movie for three years, so that’s unusual for me. There’s no ‘Trek vibe’. There is an attempt at Trekification via the shape of the wreckage, but it doesn’t work. It brings to mind all the half-intelligent dark action/’realistic’ ‘gritty’ sci-fi/fight the terrorism movies of the last ten years, which is probably what they’re going for, but there is no fun and no Star Trek here. That makes me feel a little sad, and oddly homesick. :(

123. AJ - December 3, 2012

105: Bytowner

The Russian poster’s title means, in English: ‘Star Trek: Retaliation.”


124. Elias Javalis - December 3, 2012

Just checked the release dates…11 July for us Greeks :( Why Paramount ??!!

125. Meni - December 3, 2012

This first poster is perfect. It’s a simple and iconic visual tease of the film’s setup: Starfleet is devastated by a single, very powerful villain.

Well done. Looking forward to more.

126. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012

Click twice on the poster, and you get a second image featuring a Borg with a Bane mask. Below it says:


Add to that the (too) obvious design parallels to “The Dark Knight Rises” poster, and its clear this is a total fake.

Can’t believe so many of you have fallen for it!

“It’s a FAAAAKKKE!!!”

127. Cervantes - December 3, 2012

@ #12 Admiral_Bumblebee

I speculated on Cumby being a rebooted ‘Sybok’ in this thing ages ago too. I’d still prefer that to ‘Khan’ being rebooted, to be honest.

128. Dr. Cheis - December 3, 2012

This is what the posters for the previous one should have looked like!

129. Adam - December 3, 2012

You guys should change the tabs at the top of the page to reflect what is known about the new movie.

130. karl - December 3, 2012

@126 It’s so fake, it’s even fooled the movie’s producers. Check out the film’s website…

131. MORN SPEAKS - December 3, 2012

Hey Bob Orci,
Have you seen the final cut? How does it look?

132. al - December 3, 2012


133. Riker's Mailbox - December 3, 2012

Not so #22

According to IGN, the teaser poster is reminiscent of the often imitated romantic painting ‘Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog’ by Casper David Friedrich painted in 1818.

It’s often interpreted as a metaphor for introspection or stepping into an unknown future and has also been synonymous with man’s reach exceeding his grasp. It’s been used for the cover of classic gothic works including Frankenstein and would support rumors that cumberpatch is playing Gary Mitchell, a Starfleet contemporary of kirk who’s gifted with psionic abilities and obsessed with his own superiority.

134. Sebastian S. - December 3, 2012

# 122 Nony~

I hear you on that.
I don’t mind a dark chapter of Trek, but this looks more about London terrorism than Star Trek….

I feel just a tiny bit homesick, too.
Here’s hoping they get new people for the next ad campaign. I guess the Dark Knight Rises ad people needed the work….

135. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@127 Cervantes, et al

EVERYONE REALIZES that there was an IDW comic in which the ROMULAN EMPIRE comes into possession of the LAST REMNANTS of RED MATTER, right?

Any normal mortal with the tiniest bit of RED MATTER would easily be a “ONE MAN WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION”.

In that particular IDW comic, Spock went undercover posing as a Romulan, as did Kirk in the Prime Universe. So why not a Romulan who has altered their appearance to look human, and infiltrated Star Fleet as a spy years earlier, now using RED MATTER to “detonate” Starfleet? This would explain in part why Spock and Cumberbatch are able to hold their own against each other in a fist fight, as opposed to the god-like Mitchell.

The Federation teams up with the Klingons to defeat a common foe bent on the destruction of the Fedration. Who knows, considering the Klingons penchant for wearing masks in this timeline, perhaps the Romulans have also infiltrated the Klingon Empire to bring them down with the RED MATTER as well.

Hey, it’s as plausible as anything else.

136. Nony - December 3, 2012

@133 Riker’s Mailbox

Lol, thanks for posting this. I’ve been procrastinating on a paper on Romantic solitude by going on Star Trek sites, and you bring my essay topic right to me!

137. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012


That’s just it. Nobody has announced the website for the sequel yet. And even if the sequel site is officially up and running, doesn’t mean the poster is real.

J.J and co. may be screwing with us again….

138. Jefferies Tuber - December 3, 2012

Two things come to mind: yeah, the imagery is similar to Dark Knight and Transformers. But whatever. It’s also a visual puzzle with lots of interesting details–both the details that are clear, like London, and those that are not, like whether the central character is a Vulcan, etc.

119. Above has a nice logical order to his speculation. Garth, “Whom Gods Destroy” and Section 31 all make perfect sense to me. But Bandersnatch Cumberbund is overpowering Spock in the spy photo, which suggests a superhuman enemy rather than a bad Captain.

139. Jefferies Tuber - December 3, 2012

Poster is also similar to this promotional photo of London for the 2012 Olympics featuring Bandersnatch Cumberbund himself:

140. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012

And for all those insisting the poster isn’t a fake, how do you explain the second image which is a Borg rip-off of Bane from TDKR?

141. Aaron (Naysayers are gonna nay) - December 3, 2012


Yeah Star Trek is supposed to be all lovey and happy… Where did this come from? Gene in his later years (God bless him) because he almost ruined Trek with some of his ideas.

TOS was not all roses and exploration… Or was I watching a completely different Doomsday Machine, Balance of Terror, Arena, A Taste of Armageddon, Obsession, The Omega Glory, The Ultimate Computer, The Enterprise Incident, The Tholian Web, The Savage Curtain… ETC ETC ETC….

And those are just a few from TOS… Don’t even get me started on TNG (The Best of Both Worlds), DS9 (The entire awesome series), Voyager (Year of Hell), Enterprise (The phenomenal last two seasons) and the films… They all had dark and heavy episodes. And you know what those have been voted on by the fans as the best episodes of all time. Last I heard Best of Both Worlds was still the all time best Trek episode in every poll that counts and that one had a fleet being ravaged, a captain and crew being ravaged, and a whole lot of summers being ravaged lol…

JJ is a godsend for the franchise that was dead and almost buried. He is making good high quality movies that regular people like. When you ask most regular people what the best SCI FI movies are the answer is usually something like this… Alien, Blade Runner, Star Wars, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, Total Recall, The Matrix, The Thing, Robocop, Jurassic Park, The Fifth Element… (NEED I GO ON?) And most fans of Trek even say Wrath of Khan is the best one…

What do all these movies have in common that makes them great aside from acting??? They have plots that involve a lot of action and explosions. They have a grand threat that must be dealt with and a villain that is formidable.The stakes are life and death for the hero(s) and often times higher yet for the world. This type of movie is nothing knew note the all time classic War of the Worlds.

If once you have seen the film you want to not like it based on whatever reason your mind may come upon that is fine. But how can you judge a book by its cover before you have read it. It looks to me like JJ is following a tried and tested movie making philosophy that works. Could the movie be awful? Of course but you haven’t seen it yet. And as for the whole “This just isn’t my Star Trek anymore” attitude well it never was “your” Star Trek alone it was the worlds and when you are gone from it Star Trek will remain and if done well it will stand the test of time just like Wrath of Khan…

In conclusion… Star Trek was dead… Producers trying to pander to certain fan elements instead of creating good entertainment did that. I thank JJ for his hard work to make a quality piece of entertainment and I don’t mean only Star Trek. I thank him for his other wonderful films as well and Tv programs. As an indie film writer and director I can vouch it is not as easy as many of you might think. I doubt that JJ comes to this site I know I wouldn’t if it was my film being talked about because so many of you are so catty and negative but boborci does and if he sees this I hope he forwards it to his colleague JJ. Thank you JJ for doing right by the franchise that I have loved my entire life…


P.S. Feel free to click my name for the link for the facebook page for my current project… It’s no big budget blockbuster but we do our best.

142. AJ - December 3, 2012


The website is up.

I’ve already subscribed to e-mail updates.

143. Smike - December 3, 2012


As some of you have already mentioned. This poster indeed supports the “Garth of Izar” theory… The coat… Well… While I still hope it’s Gary Mitchell, I can see why it could be Garth of Izar now…

He WAS an honored member of Starfleet (“an enemy from within Starfleet”), he is a master of 3D chess (“epic chess game of live and death”) and he is mad enough to turn on his own kind…

Since we all know JJ is a Star Wars buff, the name would make a lot of sense as well…Lord Garth of Izar is very reminiscent of Darth Vader, Sidious etc… However, in TOS he was only a shapeshifting madman with illusions of grandeur… What he needs is true power in order to become a “one-man weapon of mass destruction”…

I wonder what would happen ih HIS SHIP had crossed the Galactic Barrier instead of the Enterprise… Is he this universe’s Gary Mitchell now? Lord Garth of Izar with Gary Mitchell’s ESPer powers… the birth of Star Trek’s ultimate “Sith Lord”…and shining eyes like a Goa’uld! A shapeshifting Emperor hell-bound on conquering the universe…

Unfortunately, it is supposed to be a first season villain, if that is still the case…

144. Bill Murray - December 3, 2012

Where exactly is this Borg/Batman image you refer to?

145. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012


Some good points made!


Ah, yes, thanks. I missed the part that was updated.

Still, the poster just doesn’t seem authentic.

146. Smike - December 3, 2012

Not to mention that Garth of Izar is an old friend of Pike… If he kills Pike first (the closest thing Kirk has got left as a father figure) along with maybe his mother and brother, it also fits with “no family left but his crew”…

147. AJ - December 3, 2012

Cumberbatch in Tokyo:

148. DUNN - December 3, 2012


But Garth did have shapeshifting abilities and other “powers” given to him by the Janosians (?). I think in this film, we will see those abilities in a bit more of a realistic form, through some psionic abilities, maybe an ability to alter perception of himself, etc.

149. Trekzilla - December 3, 2012

Why are some of you geeking out and fangasming over the London image on the poster? Yeah, London…so what? That’s cool. I want plot details myself…:-)

150. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012


Well, that image is gone now. It’s been replaced by another.

Geez, someone must be having a good laugh at us right about now….

151. The Great Bird lives - December 3, 2012

As i’ve been saying for sometime Garth of Izzar is a strong posibility

152. Jefferies Tuber - December 3, 2012

I’d also like to point out that one obvious location for this photograph is the location of the Tower of London or a future building on the adjacent land. Take a look at this Google Map, showing you the relative positions of the London Eye, the bend of the Thames and the Gherkin:

153. Fascinoma - December 3, 2012

The only thing that kept Lord Garth from being as scary as Khan or Gary Mitchell, IMO, IS that he was stuck in an asylum and didn’t succeed in taking over the enterprise. Being a “one man weapon of mass destruction” doesn’t necessarily imply that someone has superhuman powers (and shape changing is still a pretty formidable power), remember that this is someone of formidable charisma and intellect – the kind of villain I could see Cumberbatch playing.

Btw, I called the villain as Garth months ago. :)

And I’m even more convinced now, and even hope I’m right. Garth would be an interesting villain to revisit, someone with the iconic potential of another Khan.

And I don’t feel Khan would be as successful these days. We like our villains more nuanced now.

154. Bill Murray - December 3, 2012

I’m very confident that this is real.

155. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@143. Smike,

“Since we all know JJ is a Star Wars buff, the name would make a lot of sense as well…Lord Garth of Izar is very reminiscent of Darth Vader, Sidious etc… However, in TOS he was only a shapeshifting madman with illusions of grandeur… What he needs is true power in order to become a “one-man weapon of mass destruction”…”

Thank you for this!!

I had forgotten Garth had the ability to shape-shift. This mean he could infiltrate anywhere at any time.

As I pointed out above in the IDW comics, the ROMULAN EMPIRE now has the LAST REMNANTS of RED MATTER. As a shape-shifter with a small amount of RED MATTER, Garth would be a significant force in the universe.

So all we need is a respected member of Starfleet, with access to top secret information, who could learn about Mitchell, the RED MATTER, the ARCHON, etc. and then have mastered the ability to shape-shift much earlier in this timeline, so he is able to take advantage of the top secret information he has access to.

156. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012

If this poster is real, then its pretty lame. C’mon, its supposed to be a “Star Trek” poster! Shouldn’t it show something….space-related?

Instead, what we have here is Benedict Cumberbatch standing on a pile of rubble in the middle of London.

157. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

Given the title, Star Trek Into Darkness, seeing a poster depicting destruction and generally dark times is not unexpected. I feel a bit sad right now but then again it is darkest before the dawn…

158. AJ - December 3, 2012

If y’all recall, when they first showed SanFran in one of the trailers for ST09, there was ‘outrage’ that the currently existing buildings were all moved around (during the shuttle fly-up to Enterprise). Nitpicking over a teaser is pointless.

The initial launch of the teaser poster was in the UK at around 3AM eastern time. Cumberbatch is titanically popular over there. Hi star is on the rise all over the place. I am sure there will be other teaser sheets as well.

For all we know, this could be an ‘homage’ to the DK posters, whereas others will be quite different.

159. AJ - December 3, 2012

Point being, it’s London.

160. Crewman Darnell - December 3, 2012

Since even before the script was finalized, I was hoping (and still am) for Garth as an old/new villain to explore, as in a “Heart of Darkness” journey; reeling in a once-great man who has gone off the deep end. I seem to recall, Garth had the mad skills for concocting and using powerful explosives……

161. Shunnabunich - December 3, 2012

@ everyone wailing about the Bane/Borg image: I’m honestly surprised you guys didn’t realize that the jQuery plugin which enlarges images just grabs WHATEVER image links are on the page and cycles through them all. The cheesy photoshop pic was something a commenter posted in the thread above you.

162. Loran Alan Davis - December 3, 2012

Hey guys – the poster is real. It is on Paramount’s site:

163. tzt - December 3, 2012

Meh. Garth Vader, then?

164. Jenna - December 3, 2012

Anyone know what exactly Pine and JJ and Benedict are doing in Japan right now? All that’s ever said is promo for this movie.

165. Mirror Jordan - December 3, 2012

The Star Trek V fanboy in me really hopes/wishes that it is Sybok we’re seeing on that poster.

166. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@143 Smike (MORE),

I forgot to touch on your Star Wars observations, if Abrams really is going for a three movie arc like Star Wars, what better way to tie them altogether than to use the RED MATTER and Romulans?

“Garth” definitely draws comparisons to “Darth”, and the fact that, as someone pointed out, all great Villains are insane, puts Garth at the head of the pack. Khan didn’t become insane until TWOK, and Mitchell was arguably never insane.

So ST09: blowing up Alderaan, destroying the Death Star, ST13: alliance on the run from the same threat they faced in the first film, the fleet brought to its knees, powerful emotional revelations for the main characters.

167. CanOpener1256 - December 3, 2012

To settle these questions there is only one thing to do! Everybody begin chanting with me:

Hail, hail, fire and snow
Call the Orci we will go
Far away, for to see
Friendly Orci, come to me!

168. Jefferies Tuber - December 3, 2012

152. cont’d: This perspective could be achieved only from a very specific section of London. Because St. Paul’s appears slightly to the left of the Gherkin, and the Eye to the far left of that, it suggests a large, but not tall building along Commercial Road between Aldgate and Stepney. Londoners, help us out!

169. ME!! - December 3, 2012


The only thing is….this also isn’t what Trek is supposed to be about. Yea, we had episodes such as Assignment: Earth, Tomorrow Is Yesterday, etc, but the voyages of the Enterprise are supposed to be away from earth. Why are they returning? We were led to believe this was supposed to be a while after the events of the previous film and the crew have had time to adjust to each other, etc. Are we to assume the five year mission hasn’t started yet? And that this is actually closer to the events of the previous film than we were led to believe?

It’s Khan…

It’s not Khan…

It’s Mitchell…

It’s not Mitchell…

It’s way after the last movie…

It’s not way after the last movie…


So far, I’m not that excited for this. I was more excited about the last one which turned out to be very fun and entertaining, but at the same time NOT the Trek I grew up with. This looks to be more of the same. I’ll more than likely go see it, but right now I’m not expecting anything closer to MY Trek. Perhaps that’s for the best…lower expectations means I might be able to enjoy it that much more.

170. Spock Jr. - December 3, 2012

The greatest actor and the greatest actress in all the universe came together and had a son. That son, was Benedict Cumberbatch… and they never saw the spotlight again!

171. ME!! - December 3, 2012

@167: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that reference to one of the WORST Original Series episodes ever.

172. CanOpener1256 - December 3, 2012


173. Commodore Adams - December 3, 2012

Well…given the imagery on the poster, it looks like the synopsis was quite literal. Although I do love the darker side of Trek (i.e. season 4-7 of DS9) I hope not all the JJ trek’s will be so dark. Granted the Federations is to portray that there is no war, hunger, disease, hatred on Earth, that even though everything is just peachy, that these things – whatever detrimental actions Cumberbatch’s character executes – can still happen.

174. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Uh, the worst has to be Spock’s Brain.

175. Smike - December 3, 2012

@Curious Cadet: I’m not sure they’re gonna use Red Matter again. But then, Red Matter is JJ’s favourite toy. He even used it (somewhat) on Alias…remember that floating “circumference”…if that wasn’t reminiscent of Red Matter :-) So yeah, he might reprise that bit as well.

Momentarily I’m very excited about the name “Lord Garth of Izar”. I never liked the TOS episode “Whom Gods Destroy” very much. But if you reinvent the character along the line of the Joker, who also used to be a silly nuissance in some incaranations, he could indeed be THE perfect villain…

That, plus Czech actor Steve Ihnat, who previously portrayed Garth, sounded VERY British, very close to Cumberbatch indeed…

I guess, it’s either Garth of Izar or Mitchell…NO WAY is it gonna be Khan…

176. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

JJ and his minions (esp. BobOrci) SERVE the darkness…

they are on a mission to DESTROY the shining beacon of Star Trek…

denying logic and morality in favor of desensitizing violence and fear…

Close-minded (religious) zealots should not be creating STAR TREK!

I REJECT this affront, and those responsible! REPENT!!

177. Spock Jr. - December 3, 2012

@173: I guess it’ll be about how we would cope, being so advanced, peaceful and intellectual, with a being of power and hate suddenly appearing in our utopia! … I see it as Superman vs The Joker – Supey wouldn’t have a clue what was going on, nor would he understand, at all, exactly what his enemy was capable of.

178. B. T. Dubbs - December 3, 2012

It’s Neo

179. Anthony Lewis - December 3, 2012

Much like the last movie, I’m a little shocked more people don’t get this.

Hardcore fans of Star Trek this poster isn’t really aimed at you. If you like it, then that’s icing on their cake. But you familiar with Trek and you know in and out and you are either going or not going to see it long before any art was made or scene shot.

Sure there might be a small minority who want to see what it put out there before they decide but most fans already know what they are doing. Most of the marketing material put out there is meant for people who might not see Trek ordinarily.

Doing something inspired by Dark Knight is brilliant marketing. Millions of people love those movies, they are still fresh, as is the marketing for them. They will see a poster that looks familiar to them, then become intrigued when they notice that it is for a Star Trek movie, yet there are no Ships, or Klingons, interest is piqued and wham! You’ve just sold a few more tickets.

180. Gary - December 3, 2012

I like how Star Trek’s =/\= (Starfleet-logo) is incorporated in the poster.

181. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

#164 – Why should these STID people be in Japan for any other reason? I am surprised that the promotional work for STID appears to be beginning with Japan, given that the movie does not come to Japanese cinemas until September next year, four months after it is released in English speaking and European countries.

Another possibility is that JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk might also be promoting their television series Fringe, if it is not already seen in Japan. It would tie in with Star Trek’s promotion – both are sci-fi, which deal with at least one similar theme – alternate universes.

It is likely that this is the first of a number of posters for this movie. I hope so.

182. Trekzilla - December 3, 2012

Spocks Brain is a great episode! One with real drama and jeopardy for the characters. It also presents the “Trek family” in a good way in that — not unlike Star Trek 3: TSFS — we see the many sacrificing for the one — Spock.

Spocks Brain was a great science fiction concept (I always found the notion of aliens beaming aboard the Enterprise and violating the crew in that way to be a scary concept) poorly executed perhaps. But I can list a few episodes I consider to be worse!

And The Children Shall Lead is one of them.

With perhaps another draft, SB would have been a great episode. As it stands, it’s still fun to watch.

Unlike some episodes of TOS.

183. Smike - December 3, 2012

Okay, I was wrong about the British accent…Garth of Izar sounds American mostly (checked it again on You Tube), but he has that somewhat arrogant snarling that can be oberserved in some Brit villains…no offense intended…I’m neither…

184. Punkspocker - December 3, 2012

I think it’s awesome! surprising, but awesome! Star Trek doesn’t need any other franchise to feed off of, c’mon people, we’ve outlasted most of them. Plus, putting Benny Batch front and center will reign in European and Asian fans (oh, and women!) Love it, it’s a good day!

185. Smike - December 3, 2012

@176: Is this intended to be serious? If so, “close-minded” indeed…

186. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

All these references to Star Wars and Dark Knight movies is annoying and boring. You are all on a race track that never stops, or you don’t think stops or don’t want it to stop. Samsara indeed!

187. Spiked Canon - December 3, 2012

Click on the image to expand it and then double click on it and you get 2 other pictures that resemble the first without the carnage…wierd

188. Rick Johnson - December 3, 2012

I feel a little like Cartman, but God Almighty, it’s just Gary Mitchell! He’s got grey sideburns in the poster. Alice Eve has perfect Dr. Dehner hair.

Karl Urban said so. The synopsis more or less confirms it. Bob Orci said it wasn’t Mitchell after Urban slipped, then admitted “lying” three separate times in the last thread, almost as if to tell us…”it’s Mitchell”???!!

And it’s probably really good news for fans of the original “Star Trek,” because that’s one of the most “intellectual,” “cerebral” Trek episodes (while still allowing for a lot of explosions.) Basically the same reason Roddenberry used it as the second pilot (same “cerebral” content, but with more action and conflict and murder,) is the same reason Abrams is using it.

189. King of Hortas - December 3, 2012

You’ve all missed it. He’s standing on a Horta. He commands an Army of Hortas.

190. Jenna - December 3, 2012

@183 You’re neither a Brit nor a villain? : ) jk

191. Jeyl - December 3, 2012

@179: “Much like the last movie, I’m a little shocked more people don’t get this.”

Oh, we get it Anthony. We just don’t like it.

192. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

let’s just hope they don’t inspire the “trench-coat mafia” to show up at the theater… =(

193. Jean Alesi - December 3, 2012

That’s awfully lame. ‘Star Trek’ is rather small on the poster. Looks like we’re well on the way to another JJ Ego Fest/Star Wars love letter.

194. Spiked Canon - December 3, 2012

Click on the image to expand it and then double click on it and you get 2 other pictures that resemble the first without the carnage…wierd

I sent Anthony the other 2 images.

195. SometimesITrollWithFakeNewsButNotThisTime - December 3, 2012

Grain of Salt Alert:

FWIW, there’s a fella on Reddit claiming to be a member of the production team, saying that the villain is neither Khan nor Mitchell.

So assuming this is true, what villains do we have left in the “Trek” canon that fit the other “facts” of being a known Trek character, and having some beef with Kirk personally?

My take? Ensign Cupcake has finally snapped, and did the “Augment” thing that changed his appearance, and in the process, also developed a fashion sense.

196. filmboy - December 3, 2012

@117, You are definitely right. I have felt that the writers of the last few Star Trek films have gotten lazy. They feel the only way to make for a compelling narrative is to have Earth threatened. The universe is rather big you know. I would love to see Starfleet fight to save another planet in the Federation. How bout we see Andoria threatened? Or Betazed? Or just some new planet not named Earth?

Now it could be that the crisis in STID starts on Earth and then expands to new worlds threatening new civilizations? See what I did there ;). But for right now all we have to go on is that poster and the synopsis that was released. Put those two together and we have a recipe for another Enterprise crew saves Earth storyline.

Come on Supreme Court…expand the scale of these films would ya? The various Star Trek series have done a better job of showing how big the Star Trek universe is. Imagine if those series had the funds that this film does? What could be shown? What could be explored?

I like the idea of the destruction of Vulcan having long lasting effects on the Federation and Starfleet. But wouldn’t it be great to show those effects beyond just Earth?

Show how the other Federation planets are dealing with the possibility of a threat like Nero coming along again. I think there is rich material that can be mined from the Federation and Starfleet having to compromise their original ideals due to the actions of Nero. The idea that the exploratory aspects of Starfleet are kind of sidelined as they become more militaristic in the name of safety and protection. Rich 9/11 material there.

I was hopeful when the credits rolled on Trek 09 that we were in for a new era of Star Trek. That hope is fading a bit as more is being shown from the film. Perhaps the trailer will restore those feelings again in a few weeks time. But for now consider me skeptical.

197. The Professor - December 3, 2012

Less than two weeks for a trailer.
It should be interesting.

198. Commodore Adams - December 3, 2012

@ 177. Spock Jr


And not only how we will cope with it, but being such a utopian society how will we deal with it, what form will the actions of the crew and Starfleet take in order to end this menacing terror. Will we push aside our morals and use violence and force to end it – similar to Nero, when all options have been exhausted lol – or use a more compassionate and intellectual approach to minimize the use of violence to end violence.

199. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

I like the idea of Garth of Izar being the villain, much more than Khan or GAry Mitchell. I even thought about Redjac (Jack the Ripper) due to the London inference, but then I remembered that he succumbed to Spock’s Vulcan pinch. Does anyone know off-hand if Spock tried the pinch on Garth in the TOS episode? I’ll have to watch it again. :-P

200. Mark Tedin - December 3, 2012

“Prince Charles is back, and the architecture is pissing him off even more than before!”

201. Lt. Bailey - December 3, 2012

Maybe the crew can travel back to 20th century earth, capture a couple of humpback whales so they can the probe what to go do with itself…. Thats how you save the earth.

202. Spiked Canon - December 3, 2012

If you’re having trouble seeing the other 2 pictures, here are the links to them. It probably means nothing. Maybe a template used to make the poster image.

203. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@175. Smike,
“I’m not sure they’re gonna use Red Matter again.”

And I wouldn’t have expected them to use the interrogation creature from TWOK, or make the second movie about a Villain who wants to destroy the Federation, or Kirk out to settle a score again, or Star Wars to bring back the Death Star, etc.

The fact is Orci said the comics are canon and contain clues about the movie. So what we know is Mitchell is still out there in a tube and was possessed by an entity, the Romulans have the last remaining RED MATTER, Landru was being run by Starfleet, Yoeman Rand is piloting Shuttlecraft, Kirk’s brother George is a badass and Starfleet now has the mind controlling species from Deneva (kinda like Alien), Keenser knew Kirk’s father, Red Shirts don’t automatically die anymore, and Tribbles can be stopped by cold temperatures. So there’s a lot of material there to work with, or at least incorporate to lay the foundation for the third movie, including the current Mirror Universe saga which expands on the whole alternate reality science being used in this movie (though I suspect that’s mostly just for fun).

But RED MATTER is a major weapon, which serves as an allegory for the atomic weapons of today, against which Western nations are all defending themselves from potential terrorist attacks. It is also something familiar and unifying that can be explained relatively easily to old and new audiences alike. What happens if a terrorists gets the bomb, and what happens is the terrorist is one of you?

204. Superman - December 3, 2012

Gary Mitchell apparently shops at the same store Shinzon does.

I’m more excited by the new pic from Man of Steel that was just released:

205. Craiger - December 3, 2012

Kind of reminds me of that scene from Enterprise where Daniels brings Archer to the 31st Century and they look out at that destroyed city.

206. Charley W - December 3, 2012

Maybe it’s ‘London’ on Mari’s Planet…

207. Smike - December 3, 2012

“As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death…”

I wonder whether the phrase “Queen to Queen’s level 3″ will be heard in the movie…

Hail, Lord Garth of Izar, future master of the universe…the board is set, the pieces are moving…and Garth Izar is gonna shatner ever bone in Pine’s body to take command over the Enterprise…

208. Commodore Adams - December 3, 2012

@ 193. Jean Alesi

Mmm, I disagree, I don’t think its lame or an ego boost. I like the way it looks, let me explain. Star Trek is still in the title but there is more focus on Into Darkness posing the question what does it mean. They could have taken Star Trek completely out of the title and that would have peeved many people off. Its a subtle change with a dramatic impression. I personally like it, Star Trek is still in the title, indicating “hey, its Star Trek” but with more focus on the subtitle indicating the route of this Star Trek movie. After Star Trek IV the titles started to get lame and exhausted. Star Trek 2009 had these BIG BOLD letters for the title and the opening music with “Star Trek” boldly plastered across the screen was epic. To have the secondary title so pronounced is interesting. As long as Star Trek is in the title I have no issue…then again (double standard lol) I am a huge Batman fan and I had no issue with the Dark Knight titles and that there was no “Batman” in the title, and that is because the Dark Knight is synonymous with Batman, Batman is the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight is Batman. There is no other way to say Star Trek… ‘to boldly go’ is just not the same.

209. Spork - December 3, 2012

Garth of Izar

210. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

#207 – I agree. The CHESS inference is nearly a dead giveaway!

211. Gary - December 3, 2012

the poster blows…. what did somebody do…. go to the copier and copy Dark Knight Rises then switch out the logo’s

212. Smike - December 3, 2012

” After Star Trek IV the titles started to get lame and exhausted.”

Really? The Undiscovered Country is the best title of all IMO…

213. Mr Phil - December 3, 2012

Ah, we have got it going on in good old London Town this year.
Nice one Bob.

214. AJ - December 3, 2012


At the end of the day, no-one in the theater will be invested in a threat to Andoria or Betazed. Look what happened with “Insurrection.”

You’re right about one thing.

In the JJverse, exploration is not a key function of the “Federation.” It is a “peacekeeping and humanitarian armada”: (Pike in the bar). It’s been established at this point that they are like UN troops and the Red Cross + Space Navy combined.

In the 2 hours we spent in JJ’s universe, we (the regular audience) don’t have much else to go on, and re-establishing the minor Fed planets as important to the viewer would slow the pace of the narrative. That’s more suited to TV.

All we know about Starfleet is the Academy, a few admirals, its location, some graduates, and the Enterprise main crew. The Enterprise crew is a character story in the making, and the Supreme Court has said that characters are the focus of this new story, and not interplanetary politics.

215. Lew - December 3, 2012

Seems kind of lame-o. I hope against hope cumberbatch, whoever he turns out to be, has got layers and isn’t generic Baddie McStrongypants.

216. boborci - December 3, 2012

167. You rang?

217. Spiked Canon - December 3, 2012

no comments on the images connected to the poster? Am I the only one that can see them?

218. Ol' Dave - December 3, 2012

Given how many Indians are in the UK these days (London especially), Khan Noonien Singh may have been an apt choice for this poster.

But honestly, I don’t care who the villain is. All this OTT secrecy has actually had the opposite effect on me, I’m finding it hard to get excited at all about this movie at all. I’ll still see it, of course, I guess I’m just so annoyed at being strung along for so long without news, and seeing so much speculation, that any revelations now just receive a ”meh”.

219. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

If not Mitchell, as the source states, then is has to be Garth.

The only other options are Dr Corby, Gary Seven, a mad Talosian in disguise, or Trelane.

220. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

“Close-minded (religious) zealots should not be creating STAR TREK!”

Who are these close-minded (religious) zealots that you speak of?

I don’t think that Gene Roddenberry could be described as a “close-minded (religious) zealot” – Star Trek’s creator.

Don’t know about JJ Abrams, Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman et al – but somehow I doubt it.

One has to wonder why it appears so difficult for film makers to produce movies that emulate beauty, harmony, physical and mental exploration of the positive, the wonderful. Then again, maybe they can, but nobody is going put up millions of dollars to make such a movie because audiences would rather see something else – in fact, something quite opposite.

Look at the response to the poster showing black/grey desolation. Most of you are excited, can’t wait for the movie etc. You might bitch about it reminding you of Dark Knight posters blah, blah. People here just can’t look at a poster and see it on its own and what it might be telling us. They immediately need to relate it to something similar they have seen before. I guess that gives them another reason to bitch…

Then, when I mention the idea of Kirk discovering Menosia and its healing powers, someone here makes comments about crack pipes etc.

People don’t believe in the possibility of a better humanity and moreover, I don’t think that most people even want it. They’d much rather things remain as they are, maybe even worse (because then it is so much more *exciting), so long as they are not the ones in the firing line.

Lord, Have Mercy!

221. Smike - December 3, 2012

Now, IF Darth Garth of Izar is the one to salvage the wreck of the Valiant and is exposed to that radiation, and IF he turns into the NuTrek’s Gary Mitchell, that could bring Dr Dehner (Alice Eve) into the mix. She is an expert on ESP after all. So Gary Mitchel is not needed to explain her presence.

Still, could be either one of them… But I’m now sure it is no one else… Either Mitchell or Garth… If it’s Garth, Bob’s lie was not that is wasn’t mitchell but that it was a character from season one… that’s elementary, dear Watson.

222. Charley W - December 3, 2012

Sorry about the typo earlier- of course it should be ‘Miri’, not ‘Mari’.

223. Brent Fox - December 3, 2012

Charlie Evans. He was rescued by the Klingons and turned into their ‘super-weapon’. He was returned to Earth to wreak havoc, and destroy the Federation.

224. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Hey Bob. I was not impressed with Damon Lindelof’s Prometheus.
No offense, Bob, just saying….

Anyway, so a source inside the production says Cumberbatch is not Khan or Mitchell.

Garth of Izar?

Anway, it this is full trailer we are getting or a teaser. Another source said he saw it and described it as though it were a teaser.

Can you confirm if the Enterprise goes under water?

225. Trekzilla - December 3, 2012

#195 — My inside source tells me the villain is Marth Gitchell of Horta.

226. Riker's Beard - December 3, 2012

@141 you are right.

227. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

PS When I wrote “you”, I was not referring to everyone here, just some. Hopefully, they will know who they are.

228. Horatio - December 3, 2012

OK Bob, feed the fish a morsel!

229. Ol' Dave - December 3, 2012


Humanity WON’T get better. It’s in our nature to be suspicious and hateful of people different to us. Why fight it? All these liberal media products of film and TV, showing a utopian, united future humanity are simply a fantasy world for us to indulge in, while in real life we are NOWHERE even close to it.

100 years ago we had racism, sexism, war, poverty, hate and destruction. We have them now, and we will have them 100 years from now…..only we’ll be much better at it.

230. Kirk Nelson - December 3, 2012

Why is everyone convinced its a previously established villain? Maybe it’s a new one. Maybe that is what the lie was all about.

231. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

@228 and Bob Orci

Yeah, I’m getting hungry here. Feed me something. Anything.

(The secrecy is not having a reverse effect on some; they are starting not to care…Not good…)

232. Captain Hackett - December 3, 2012

I do not see Buckingham Palace in the poster.

Does it means it is destroyed or the British monarchy is no longer in existence at that time? Hmmmmm……

233. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

I meant it is having a reverse effect…..sheesh…can’t write…

234. Smike - December 3, 2012

Never been so excited in four years :-) I guess the teaser trailer isn’t going to give us a definite answer on the identity of the villain either. You wouldn’t know Nero’s identity by watching the teaser or the trailer either… The 9 minutes MIGHT provide some insight though…but who knows…Bob promised to come clear soon, and then, “the wait is over”…

235. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Yeah, but at least we knew the villain was Romulan.

236. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012

Yeah, I’ll concede the poster is probably real. But I’m a little disappointed. It’s obviously a “Dark Knight Rises” poster knock-off.

I like both “Star Trek” and “The Dark Knight Rises”, but let’s keep the two seperate. Why couldn’t the poster be more….”Star Trek” related? Instead of just merely designing the Starfleet logo in the same vein as the TDKR one and slapping the words “Star Trek” on it?

And Keachick, if you bothered reading the article, it was the person who posted it that that first mentioned “The Dark Knight”. So I think you really need to stop getting angry at everyone.


237. Jenna - December 3, 2012

@215 Yes hopefully the writing is great, but btw have you seen this guy act? He could bring layers to a dog-food commercial.

238. Jack - December 3, 2012

156. “If this poster is real, then its pretty lame. C’mon, its supposed to be a “Star Trek” poster! Shouldn’t it show something….space-related?”

Because we’ve never seen space in a Star Trek poster before. ;). What’s with us and change, anyway?

I’m thrilled it isn’t San Francisco. Or somewhere else in be US on a supposedly united Earth.

Or another shot of ships firing at each other. Or big heads of Kirk and Spock and the villain, with smaller heads of McCoy and Uhura and even smaller heads of everybody else. With ships firing at each other in the background.

We’ve seen the Enterprise. We’ve seen space battles. We haven’t seen this… in Trek.

And, heck, if it worked for TDKR… ;)

239. El Chup - December 3, 2012

@ 232

You can’t see the Palace from the east side of the City (which is where the picture is “taken” from, albeit with the Shard in the wrong place).

240. Bill Murray - December 3, 2012


Do you still trust your insider info that the villain is Khan, Spock Prime is in it, and there be Klingons?

241. NuFan - December 3, 2012

“It could be anybody except Khan” is a very hilarious argument. Have some balls and pick somebody. Stop bouncing around between various people who are not Khan. Be consistent.


242. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch could make pond scum sound interesting.

Even if the story is lame, it will be worth watching Cumberbatch,

243. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012


I’ll put my money where my mouth is and come out and say I think the villain is Garth of Izar.

You heard it.

244. Starship Shipstar - December 3, 2012

Don’t understand why everyone is so psyched about Cumberbatch. I’ve seen his work in Sherlock, and although he is definitely a good actor, he isn’t anything super-amazing. Anyone expecting a Heath-Ledger type performance may be setting themselves up for a fall.

Let’s just wait and see.

245. Pensive's Wetness - December 3, 2012

and its been how long since everyone went crabby mode about updates here on TM ‘Oh its DEAD, Jim, to go some other’s site for ST nuws cause they dont post nothing nuws anymore on TM DERP!’…?

:D Garth. Gary. Whatever. I am patient… :) The poster is awesome.

246. Platitude - December 3, 2012

Very cool.

247. Smike - December 3, 2012

@235: No way. Judging by the trailers only, he could have been a renegade Vulcan as well.

If the recent trailers are constructed like those from ST09, there is no way we will know for sure if it’s Mitchell, Garth or Khan…just villain detonating stuff and uttering creepy one-liners. We will supposedly know he is Human and possesses some extra-sensory powers. But that’s about it…

248. Starship Shipstar - December 3, 2012

Also, why London? Because the villain is a Brit? Or just the actor? Besides we already saw it in Mass Effect 3 ;)

Why not do something different and show some city of the future we never get to see anywhere, like Shanghai, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro or Mumbai?

249. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

@247 They did say before the 09 trailer came out that the villains were Romulans.

250. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@221 Smike,

Mitchell is a red herring I’m thinking. Not only did they get the him killed and out of the way in the first comic to suggest both he wasn’t going to be the villain, they also left the door open to suggest he might be the villain. Eire way, their ploy seems to have worked marvelously a creating doubt among the fans.

That said, they have created with the comics a Starfleet Intelligence which has amassed a large number of sinister things … And seem to be singularly concerned with mind-control considering the stories tackled with the relatively short comics — Mitchell, the Archons, the creatures from Deveva, Vaal. They also make a point of keeping a dead Tribble on the ship because Bones never knows what could be learned, and that Starfleet intelligence is somehow best suited to investigate the Tribbles. We also learn that the Romulans now have the only Red Matter in the universe. Pike is now a deskbound bureaucrat who seems to be towing the company line and maybe knows more than he lets on. Scotty continues to perfect transwarp beaming, even getting Archer’s beagle back. Keenser can fit in places on the ship no other himans can, and finally, Yeoman Rand is on board.

So, I think Mitchell is a catalyst at best. Given Orci’s keen interest with mind-control in the comics, I could see bringing Dehner back as a psionic expert for Starfleet intelligence after the Mitchell affair, but she’s kind of unnecessary, and I would much rather seen Rand, or even Chapel. On the other hand, they make a point of mentioning her when it could have just been accepted she wasn’t around, as they did in ST09. But honestly, who Alice Eve is plaing is the least of the concerns for this film. Dehner or Rand, neither is proof of the role Cumberbatch is playing.

251. Starship Shipstar - December 3, 2012

@247 Well at the end of the trailer, when the music builds to a crescendo, the screen goes black and we hear…….KHAAAAAAAN!

…..I imagine that will give it away……’s Q POSING AS KHAN!!! :0

252. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012


Well, it looks like a rip-off of “The Dark Knight Rises”. I was hoping for something more “Star Trek” related. Take away the Starfleet logo and “Star Trek Into Darkness”, and it just doesn’t work.

And if they wanted to do something different, why did they have to rip-off TDKR? Why not come up with something nobody else has?

Anyway, AJ has said it may be a British poster, mainly for the British crowd. I hope so. I hope they come out with something better in the next couple of months.

And finally, I do know that a movie can’t be judged based on a poster. I’m still excited about the movie.

But the poster hasn’t exactly knocked my socks off.

253. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

That wouldn’t be very cOnvincing.


254. Smike - December 3, 2012

@244: Cumberbatch is WAY superior to Ledger. Okay, if Ledger was still alive, he might have turned out to be giant as well, but apart from his Joker, there was nothing really special about his career…

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is the best incarnation of the character EVER (Who the f*** is Downey Jr?)…

I’m so much looking forward to his future career…
He lent his voice to the most iconic dragon in history. He may even play a reimagined Ernst Stavro Blofeld at some point. I hope he’ll be on Star Wars, too… as the Emperor’s New Clone :-)

255. The Last Vulcan - December 3, 2012

boborci, throw us a non-NDA crumb, willya please? :)

256. Edwin - December 3, 2012

I think it will be a completely new villain — but if they have to go with someone from the past I would say this universe’s version of Kodos the Executioner…..

257. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@244 Smike,

I agree, Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock ever. There’s something about a real Brit playingn British roles that Downey just can’t bring, nor Depp for that matter. If you can clearly understand what an actor with a Britich accent is saying, then they aren’t doing a good job! Haha

258. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

re: religion… JJ is jewish and BobOrci is catholic… i.e. dogmatic slaves =(

259. Hat Rick - December 3, 2012

Khan is typically surrounded by genetically enhanced beings. Gary Mitchell is a loner.

The villain stands alone in the poster.

260. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Since they said the villain would be from established TOS, I am going to trust they are telling the truth.

261. Legate Damar - December 3, 2012

The villain will probably be Khaaaaaan, but I think they should go with a bad guy who had a few more appearances in the original show. Harry Mudd would make an excellent villain. They can have him plotting to sell love potions or women or androids or some other such nonsense, and it will be up to the crew of the Enterprise to save the world from his nefarious scams.

262. Bob Tompkins - December 3, 2012

If they are going for darkness, looking to DS9 for the root of the problem is not a bad choice. DS9 was as dark as Trek ever got. Section 31 as the creator of the villain works for me…. Cumberbatch is all leathered up like Sloane.

263. Peter Loader - December 3, 2012

The money has to be on Garth of Izar now – Starfleet’s fallen hero.

264. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

I agree.

Although I supported the Mitchell idea, I now think Garth is the top choice.

265. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@257 Edwin

In order for it to be a completely new villain, then one of two things must be true:

1. Cumberbatch is NOT the villain, and/or
2. Orci lied that Cumberbatch’s character is from canon

@261 Tiberious

Orci has already indicated he LIED about something …

266. Starship Shipstar - December 3, 2012

@ 253, of course not!

Everyone knows that Cumberbatch is playing a genetically engineered Lord of the Tribbles, who are out for revenge on the Federation for all those years of annoying stroking.

Think about it, this secret has been given away from the beginning!!!

”The fleet is detonated”, because Tribble agents posing as pets of the crew, sneak onto the bridge and simultaneously set off the self-destruct systems in a sneak attack. NO ONE SAW IT COMING! They thought it was fine to leave a Tribble on the Tactical console!

Have you ever seen a Vulcan nerve pinch work on a Tribble?

And that image of Spock in the Volcano, is the 3rd Act climax of the Enterprise Crew throwing all the Tribbles in the Alpha Quadrant into a Volcano.

267. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

258. I am not Herbert

Hate speech will get you perma-banned from this site. Hopefully sooner, than later!

268. Mad Man - December 3, 2012

#252, RDR:

It is a blatant Dark Knight rip-off. This looks more and more like it’s going to be Batman in space and less and less like Star Trek.

Well, the jury is still out until I see a trailer. If this trailer fails to impress, I will not see it. So far, no good.

269. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Hum…yes…but what?
I don’t think he would lie about the villain being from established TOS. That is too big a lie, and many original Trek fans are relying on some sort of tie-in to their universe.

No. I don’t think he lied about this.

It’s a TOS villain.

270. Starship Shipstar - December 3, 2012


Let’s agree to disagree. :)

271. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

Perhaps the writers who post the articles could refrain from referencing what they post about this movie, STID, to any other film that has nothing to do with Star Trek. It is annoying…

Smike – “f***… Downey Jr” is Robert Downey Jr, an American actor who does a fine rendering of Sherlock Holmes, along with English actor Jude Law, who plays Dr Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock in the latest BBC television iteration based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books and Robert Downey Jr plays an iteration of the same character based on the same books on the big screen/cinema version. That is who “f*** Downey Jr” is!

Yes, I guess I am a bit pissed off – for any number of reasons. What I have read here does not help…

272. NOMAD - December 3, 2012





273. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

the truth is not hateful

274. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012


This is Jackson Roykirk.

It is logical to assume that said writers took a lackluster villain and made him into a kick-ass villain in this new universe.

Garth, when examined logically, had the potential to be a great nemesis.

It is logical that this universe could be the arena in which we see this.

Nomad. You will adapt your programming to accept this. It is illogical to disregard such a hypothesis.

275. OldDarth - December 3, 2012


LORD Garth surveys the aftermath his fury has wrought!

276. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

You forgot, that’s LORD GARTH…. Master of the universe.

277. Dominic - December 3, 2012

I think it’s important to remember this is a teaser poster, not the final one sheet. (Correct me if I’m wrong…)That final product could indeed feel more Star Trek-like and perhaps give some clues away. (And it would contain big heads and ships firing, too!) This feels Batman-ish yes, but perhaps more a sign of our current marketing times.

On a side note, even if the villain isn’t Mitchell, it’s clear to see how well received the character is in Trek circles. I believe he could be a big-screen baddie.

278. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Seriously, though. I don’t care who the villain is.

All I want is a GOOD story.

No, I want a GREAT story.

279. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@272 Nomad,

And just what percentage of the ST09 audience do your think had top 10 TOS episode lists?

The sooner we all realize they aren’t making Star Trek for us, the better off we’ll all be.

280. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

Captain Garth is one great assumption.

Another that’s referred to in the comments is a Section 31 agent. The uniform very closely matches, with the leather jacket and dark tones. Perhaps a rogue agent, sprinkled with a pinch of augment? Peter Weller is also playing a CEO-type, whatever THAT means. Maybe he’s the current head of Section 31?

281. Captain Hackett - December 3, 2012

– No. 239 El Chup

Many thanks!

Hopefully I will visit London where I got a few good friends there one day.

282. The Sinfonian - December 3, 2012

REDJAC lives! In Garth?

283. MORN SPEAKS - December 3, 2012

I really don’t see the point in hiding the villain this long. It’ll come out eventually (if it hasn’t already). The speculation is fun, but unless you can keep the secret all the way up to the release day of the picture, it’s pointless.

The lid was kept quite on Star Trek 09, but when the last trailer came out were there any secrets left?

Also, Anthony I’d like to see you answer #240 as well.

284. gov - December 3, 2012

as pointed out ina few comments above…whats up with the extra pictures when you continue to click on the poster?

and why isnt anyone talking about them??

285. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

#258 – Given that Catholics still make up the largest number of adherents to a particular branch of Christianity in the world, it is a really big stretch to label all of them “zealots” or slaves to dogma. Within Judaism, a Zealot adheres to a branch of Judaism and not all adherent to Judaism follow that. I believe that JJ Abrams is an Orthodox Jew, not a Zealot. I doubt that JJ Abrams is a slave to any dogma either.

However, a form of dogma has been expressed by I am not Herbert and it is this kind of ignorant labelling of people that hinders understanding of perspectives, various kinds of values and which ones could be deemed valid, justified, reasonable… or not. Like Buddhism, Christianity (Catholic and Protestant Theology) is not as simple minded or as “bad” or as “good” as one might think.

Such a rude, simplistic and stupid statement.

286. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

How about Peter Weller and Benedict Cumberbatch are the same character?

Peter the older version and Benedict the younger version, based on how Garth looked years previous?????? He uses his powers to assume the image of his younger self????

Interesting…Just speculating.

287. OldDarth - December 3, 2012


To be a completionist:

LORD GARTH OF IZAR…. Master of the universe.


288. AJ - December 3, 2012

IMHO, Garth is ruled out because the episode itself is pretty crummy. A Season 3 throwaway. The actor seems to play it for laughs until he gets his treatment. And, all he can do is his chameleon gig anyway.

289. Creatively Drunk Garak - December 3, 2012

Let’s have a creative writing contest, shall we? Who can come up with the best Trek story (one paragraph max) using the following ingredients? Pretend you’re a writer pitching us all a story:

Mad-man villain
Older CEO-type man
Young couple
Old Spock
Starfleet on earth attacked
Spock goes to a volcano
War planet

290. Bugs Nixon - December 3, 2012

I remember thinking how unusual it was towards the end of the last Star Trek that shot of Earth when the crisis was over and the British Isles prominently on screen – not North America…

Im very glad to see the action coming my home.

I wonder if The Doctor will keep an eye on the Enterprise crew?

291. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

and yes, “Prometheus” ruined “Aliens” too…

FANTASTIC design and visuals!!

but story was a sorry, ego-serving, illogical excuse for spectacle… =(

292. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012


Just because it was a lacklsuter episode does not rule it out.

As I said, they could take hat character and make him kick-ass in this universe.

They’ve already blown up Vulcan. They can make Garth into a super bad-ass. (more powers than just shape shifting…)

293. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@278 Dominic

You just made me realize …

THE PROBLEM WITH MITCHELL, is the same as the problem with Q.

They killed Mitchell in the nick of time in TOS. Going unchecked, he becomes a malevolent being far too powerful to control, or defend against, much less kill. Had Q not been a fan of the humanoid, and basically a big softy, his character could not have existed, because it would have all been over in the TNG pilot.

Villains have to be defeatable, and that’s just not Mitchell, nor the Talosians for that matter, or Charlie X — who as you may recall relied upon even more powerful benevolent beings to keep the enterprise from being destroyed. Likewise for Tralane. They actually make very bad villains.

Now give an ordinary mortal limited god-like powers and you have a very effective villain as the Marvel and DC comic franchises have demonstrated. Or, give him a formidable weapon such as RED MATTER, and you have another effective villain as the Bond films have demonstrated.

Garth with his shape-shifting ability and armed with RED MATTER, brandishing his massive ego makes a perfect villain. Add some mind-control abilities courtesy of the Archons, or Denevans, or maybe even Mitchell, and look out!

294. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

The original Prometheus script was great. I read it.

It would have worked well. I don’t know why they hired Damon to change it.

295. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Sounds logical…

296. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

230. Ol’ Dave

How are things on the plantation? Or is it a trailer park? You seriously don’t believe social progress has been made in the past 100 years? Well, I suppose they don’t teach much history in grade school. if you ever get your GED, let us know if your opinion has changed.

297. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 3, 2012

Cough, cough. RIPOFF! Cough, cough.

298. Well Of Souls - December 3, 2012

I absolutely love the new Star Trek Into Darkness Poster. The iconic delta logo created in this landscape of apocalyptic aftermath is thought provoking & very dark indeed. & who knows, this could be a picture from something that happened many, years ago prior to the current events of the new movie. Just as we get a glimpse of George Kirk in the last movie and then flash forward to Jim Kirk’s adult timeline, this poster may be depicting a glimpse of the past by a relative or friend of our actual villain / hero. As another previous comment states, different posters will be released. However, this 1 will make for a nice addition to others of which I’m pretty sure will include NCC-1701 herself. This will be my new favorite complimentary poster that would look nice next to my other Star Trek posters. Unfortunately they are all rolled up neatly in my closet pending a future addition to the house I can allot soley for a Sci-Fi theme :-(

299. LizardGirl - December 3, 2012

It was brought up many times before over the last few months that Benedict’s character could possibly be one of a couple of villains. But I think this poster really emphasizes that he is the central villain of the move.

I was expecting something more cliche. Beautiful but cliche. This is great. I do notice the similarities betweeen The Dark Knight Rises and this poster. But imitation is a form of flattery so it doesn’t bother me so much.

300. Shawnyboy - December 3, 2012

This is absolutly an amazing poster! I cant wait.

Ive been a trek fan since ever and im 30 now. Star trek has always been great at story telling and awesome for a tv series but lets admit that it has done porely filmwise and the actions scene where never that great especially the hand to hand fight scenes… it was cheesy! The hand in hand puch thing, what was up with that?

To all you new trek haters, trek was good and will stay good, i think everybody likes more christian bale than adam west… get my point? things change, audience changes and if we didnt follow we would have lost trek so thank you JJ abrams. Like the borg we need to adapt.. And im guessing if they had more budget back then the borg would have been different and all that cheap make-up too, … every alien looked like a human with some ridges or marks on their foreheand. Like Adam’s west bat costume but is was cool back then! Ping Pow! Boom!

Star trek was never that pink and optimistic, it delt with wars, death, pain and problemes. If it hadnt you guys would have never got hooked. staring at a groupe of cosmonautes studying a rock… woooooo!

Star trek is about family , and friendships throught a mission that brings them together and morality… I think we will still have that so dont worry, the difference is that your friends now want to see to movie with you!

And that is what star trek needed!

301. Dominic - December 3, 2012

@293 Curious Cadet

I think Harve Bennett said something along those lines when discussing the major flaw of Star Trek 5; there is no story worth telling when you put your characters up against “God.”

302. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

zealot: a fanatically committed person.

dogma: the official system of belief or doctrine held by a religion.

303. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 3, 2012

No. Seriously. I won’t take it anymore. Not from my beloved Trek.




Dark Knight is not something Trek should EVER copy.





304. Tiberius Subprime - December 3, 2012

Not a ‘God’ per say. Just a very intelligent villain with a touch of extra power.

Still human. But flawed.

(ST:V was just silly.)

305. kunundrum - December 3, 2012


1) Orci said it’s not GM.

2) GM is DEAD, per the IDW comics. Orci says the comics CANON.

My money is on Garth or a rogue Section 31 augment.

End Transmission.

306. Jack - December 3, 2012


Promises, promises.

307. Dilithium_doublebock - December 3, 2012

Khan? Not in starfleet. Not a one man WMD.

Mitchell? He was killed off in the comics. The movie audience, most of whom know nothing of Gary Mitchell, would have to be told how he got his powers and how he came back from the dead. It’s nesting one story inside of another. Too much. Won’t be Mitchell.

Trelane? He’s got those big honkin’ sideburns and gets off on war. He fits the description of a WMD but he’s not starfleet.

Garth? He is in starfleet, knows the ships, but is he a one man WMD? Of all of these choices, Garth has the most unknown backstory. They can make him into whatever they need for the story. I say Garth!!!

308. CJS - December 3, 2012

The only way to get Orci to comment on this poster is to implicate the designer in the Kennedy assassination.

309. Jack - December 3, 2012

82. After reading the synopsis and seeing this poster, my heart has fallen. Trek was the thing that brought light into my life growing up. It was a reason not to kill myself growing up in a world with the constant threat of nuclear war, because it presented a bold future where humanity would triumph. Earth would be a paradise, humans had overcome most of their greed and selfishness.Reason and good-will prevailed.”

I’m glad Trek helped you. It did the same for me. But just because humanity as a whole got their shit together, it doesn’t mean lousy stuff isn’t out there. Most of Trek dealt with some kind of threat — but usually it was because of misguided beliefs, adherence to the ‘best way’ or desire to improve (the borg, the engineering that led to Khan, Khan himself being an enlightened leader to keep society out of chaos), and a desire to choose for others. The bad guys — the Klingons, the Romulans are about control.

The whole point of a Trek story is how our heroes (and society) deal with these crises and with their own human weaknesses.

Do they give into pettiness and revenge, or do they overcome?

Just because they’re facung darkness, doesn’t mean it’s a dark version of the future. Have a little faith.

310. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

JFK was killed to prevent, among other things, Disclosure…

311. Jack - December 3, 2012

RDR. it’s on the main Trek site — it’s not a British poster.

312. Slornie - December 3, 2012

@83. I see what you mean. It does sort of look like it could be Pike and not [Mitchell/Garth/Khan – delete as appropriate]. Interesting interpretation!

313. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@301 Dominic

I think you are right.

And in the Trek universe there seemed to be an axiom that even when the technology was so far beyond their own as to be undefeatable, the beings were intellectually developed enough so as to ultimately be benevolent and reasonable. Hopeful indeed.

But in the end, nobody wants to see that in a Summer blockbuster. They want to see villains they can relate to, who use real tools at their disposal, with petty human goals no matter how fantastic their abilities. If Abrams introduces an unstoppable superhuman force a la Xmen (or The Force), then likewise, they are going to have to give Kirk and company access to similar abilities to defeat them. That or introduce their version of Kryptonite.

314. Jack - December 3, 2012

“If Abrams introduces an unstoppable superhuman force a la Xmen (or The Force), then likewise, they are going to have to give Kirk and company access to similar abilities to defeat them. That or introduce their version of Kryptonite.”

Exactly. Again, I think mind powers would make for a lame villain. I think a bigger threat in the Trek universe is that people don’t always agree on how to proceed. That there could be different factions within the federation or within the fleet. Ideas are potentially more dangerous than powers or weapons.

“And in the Trek universe there seemed to be an axiom that even when the technology was so far beyond their own as to be undefeatable, the beings were intellectually developed enough so as to ultimately be benevolent and reasonable. Hopeful indeed.”

Yeah. Exactly. Even though early Trek showed plenty of races who destroyed themselves by embracing technology over humanity.

315. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

…very soon, hopefully, Obama will finally bring us into the Golden Age of Enlightenment… by introducing us to our star brothers and sisters…
…and the Galactic Federation of Light! (Gene was a visionary channel) ;-)

316. Flux Conundrum - December 3, 2012

Section 31 have secretly been using Augments for years. Turns out the Augments favor Terra Primes stance after what happens to Vulcan.

317. Jack - December 3, 2012

well, the image file on the site is called ‘person image no countdown,’ so no clue there. ;)

318. Jack - December 3, 2012

Ugh, augments. I really hope not. I don’t want to have to watch those Enterprise episodes again. No offense to Manny Coto, but by that point the well was long dry.

Why does it have to be ‘sins of the father’-style centuries-old genetic engineering. Why can’t the threat actually come from the present? Cripes I whine a lot.

319. Disinvited - December 3, 2012

Garth’s nadir, “I AM your father, Jim!”

Didn’t Garth like to wear his hairy robe on his shoulders?

About the only ToS trench coat I can recall is the one Kirk wore in ASSIGNMENT EARTH.

The only ToS image of desolation that comes close to the poster is that planet in LET THAT BE YOUR LAST BATTLEFIELD which has a Batman’s Joker connection too.

320. Ceti Alpha 5 - December 3, 2012

Love’ the teaser poster.
Now how about that trailer?

321. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

it’s all just an inane fantasy to JJ & Co… no real investment… no hope…

…just dumbed-down “entertainment” for americuh… =( enjoy!!

322. Greg - December 3, 2012

I know this is WAY off the “beaten-to-death” theories / rumors…

…and people are going to hate this…

…but JJ and company aren’t too worried about public opinion (LOST ending)…

…what if the villan is…


323. Jack - December 3, 2012

321. What are you talking about? You haven’t even seen the crappy thing.

So. the people here who are saying Star Trek was about optimism, hope, discussion and open-mindedness overcoming fear, prejudice, narrowmindedness and dogma — are the same exact same people who are predicting that a movie will destroy all that Trek stands for (based on a poster).

324. Jack - December 3, 2012

sorry — 322. And the crappy part was supposed to say ‘supposedly’ in front of crappy.

325. The Great Bird lives - December 3, 2012

As I’ve stated in many posts before, the only villain that hasn’t been explored but is ruthless enough to be an ominous threat is Captain Garth.

326. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

Unfortunately, I am not Herbert, words like “zealot” and “dogma” have been so used, misused, overused in quite negative ways that it is hard not to see the use of these words here as being critical and even a little defamatory. The actual meanings are correct, but these words now come with very negative connotations associated with them.

I am not sure if you were being sarcastic, provocative, joking or completely serious. Well, it was certainly provocative. Maybe that was your intention. I don’t know. I just did not like the *look*, the *sound*, the *feel* of it when I read it, as well as your response about JJ Abrams being Jewish by religion and Orci being Catholic.

Anyone know what this poster is talking about in his reference to Obama, Golden Age etc, because I don’t?

327. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@318. Jack,
“Why does it have to be ‘sins of the father’-style centuries-old genetic engineering. Why can’t the threat actually come from the present?”

But isn’t that exactly what’s selling at the box office? Everything from Xmen, to Iron Man, the Avengers, and even the Bourne series … Secret government agencies trying to build super soldiers. Since those movies do incredibly well, why wouldn’t Star Trek also focus on its own super-soldier story. I’m not entirely convinced there is a need for this particular story vis-a-vis Trek’s unique altruistic allegory, despite its current popularity, but considering Orci’s conspiracy interest, I can’t say it surprises me.

But considering the synopsis, it would seem like the plug got pulled on such a program, and Cumberbatch manages to escape shutdown (Bourne-like), only to wage his own personal war on Starfleet. And while Khan and his augments might play into the backstory, it seems to me that between all the loose ends lef pt in the comics, that there’s more than enough between the Mitchell entity, Archin and Denevans mind-control, as well as salvaged Red Matter to make such a tale fresh.

But like you, I’d sure prefer something more original.

328. Well Of Souls - December 3, 2012

@ #? I am not Herbert. Prometheus did not ruin Aliens (the sequel to Alien). Maybe for you it did, and we all have an opinion, but I personally loved it & I’m anxiously awaiting it’s sequel, Paradise. Even 2001 was not received well by some, if not many, movie goers until it was explained in detail over the years, and even then, some people just do not like these kind of movies period. Understandably so, some movies get so wrapped up in metaphors that the true meaning of the movie is lost by it’s viewers. However I enjoyed 2001 upon it’s release even though it did require a little more thought provoking viewing than the majority of popcorn flicks. Prometheus is no different. In my opinion, this is a smart movie that asks many questions and provides fewer answers upon immediate viewing. However many answers are there, just not in your face obvious. There are many theories as well, which makes for excellent conversation with those who enjoy these deeper themed movies. Just because they are not spoon fed stories in the theatrical fashion as some movie goers prefer, does not mean it’s a bad movie. It was said all along that Prometheus was not a direct tie in to the Alien movie, it only occurs in the same universe. It’s sequels may get closer to a direct Alien prequel, but on the other hand was also created as a stand alone franchise. In this new saga the focus is more on the Engineers at this point. Where as the Alien tie in has much deeper tones and only exists so far as a back story. In the event it is only Aliens a person wishes to focus on, then this is not the franchise to seek.

329. Craiger - December 3, 2012

I got it Cumberbatch is Bain’s future son.

330. Craiger - December 3, 2012

Or I should say Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson.

331. Dilithium_doublebock - December 3, 2012

319 Disivited
Joker connection? Or Riddler

322 Greg
Yessss!!! Lazarus would be a good one.

332. Bird of Prey - December 3, 2012

Cool, 23rd century London!
(Though 23rd century Paris would also have been neat, as home of an ancestor of Picard.)

333. Disinvited - December 3, 2012

If you are only seeing grey sideburns then it is not Mitchell because his massively gray temples would be even more visible than his gray sideburns. Pike in the movie seems to have a light graying overall with it intensifying in his sideburns. THE CAGE/MENAGERIE Pike sported light graying at the bottom of is temples/top of his sideburns.

334. cameron26 - December 3, 2012

#333 Now that’s a good point. Could be Pike after all! I suppose we’ll find out, in time. Looks to be some pretty jet black hair though, not sure Pike’s was that dark?

335. The Great Bird lives - December 3, 2012

Okay, So Kirk joins Starfleet around the time Garth is promoted to Fleet Captain. In the JJverse Kirk is promoted early, however the battle that occurred at Axanar was suppose to occur in 2258- 3 years after Kirks promotion to Captain so what I believe is happening is this:

The “war torn world” in the synopsis is likely Axanar, or the Antosian homeworld where Garth recieved his metomorphic powers and Captain Garth, for some reason is the bad guy.

We spoke of apocolypse now, and heart of darkness, well the story of Garth somewhat parallels what occurred when the Fleet Captain is badly maimed, and subsequently given the powers from the Antosions to heal himself morphically. As a gift of his generosity, Garth offers the Antosians eternal life. When they refuse he has his crew (presumably) execute the entire species. He was subsequently charged, and convicted of genocide, and sent to the mental facility portrayed in the original series episode ‘Whom Gods Destroy’. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong but this is my opinion.

Welcome back Captain Garth

336. CanOpener1256 - December 3, 2012

Thanks Bob! You made my day!

Also, as to who it maybe … Has anyone considered that it maybe CharlieX? But I think it’s Gary Mitchell. .. No matter how hard my iPad tries to say it’s “Gay Michelle”.

337. NCC-73515 - December 3, 2012

About him being someone else… has nobody seen the spypics where Cumberbatch wears the same clothes?

338. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 3, 2012

One thing is for sure. Star Trek. Into Darkness will take us for one hell! of a Ride!!!! I so can’t wait.

339. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 3, 2012

Could Cumberbatch who look’s like a Vulcan be playing Sybok. I hope not. Lol. Romulan Commander whould be ok.

340. Mawazitus - December 3, 2012

Wait. Did the article posted by Anthony and all of the comments associated with it just disappear? I had some decent thoughts expressed in that thread. :-/

341. Phil - December 3, 2012

Yeah, it just did. It really was a duplicate post, regardless.

On the other hand, do I sense a mis-fire on JJ’s part here?

342. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

Rose, i’m sorry if i offended you (i suspect you are catholic)…

but please wake up! all religion has been corrupted to reflect the interests of the priesthood (to keep you unconscious and take your money and political power)(the church is the richest, most powerful entity on earth)
…and given the chance, they would kill and/or convert the entire world.

Knowledge of the Truth and the Light will free us from that! Wake up!!!

343. Phil - December 3, 2012

@315. Been hitting the crack pipe again? There may be an age of enlightenment, but Obama sure isn’t the guy to herald in it’s existance…

344. NCC-73515 - December 3, 2012

French websites say the trailer will come this Thursday!

345. Remington Steele - December 3, 2012

Wow, the level of hatred, as per usual, is quite depressing.

And now there’s debates about religion??

I have said it on here before, and I will say it again – There are a LOT of people who comment on this site who truly give Star Trek fans a bad name.

Although reading the petty arguments can great craic at times….

346. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

Obama will lead us… it is his mission to bring us into the light… =)

347. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

all i’m saying is: religion has no place in the creation of Star Trek.

therefore, it should not be created by religious people.

Star Trek should be RATIONAL and LOGICAL and INTELLIGENT.

348. Commodore Redshirt - December 3, 2012

I’m NOT impressed with the poster or the Synopsis.
I want exploration of strange new worlds, or even visits to far away colonies in deep space.
Trek is always best when exploring the human condition, the clash of cultures, the meaning of life.
Oh well, perhaps next movie…

349. rynocarp - December 3, 2012

Everybody is of course mentioning the The Dark Knight with this new Star Trek poster. Even though it’s not exactly a positive comparison (rip off of the Batman poster), people are hearing Star Trek and the Dark Knight in the same sentence. Though not exactly creative, it is just Intelligent marketing directed towards the masses.

350. mrwerns - December 3, 2012

why my posts disappearing ?

351. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

slop for the pigs… =(

352. porthoses bitch - December 3, 2012

Its not the final poster its a teaser….As I recall none of the trek films have had a decent poster. Id give the highest rating to ST:TMP and an earlier version of that titled ” A twenty third century oddessey now” . If anyone can post a jpeg please do.

353. bringbackkirkprime - December 3, 2012

Spoiler alert, it’s not Khan, it’s not Mitchell… it’s the JOKER! Holy Dark Knight Batman!

354. JR - December 3, 2012

Perhaps the next film will be: Star Trek Rises?

355. AJ - December 3, 2012

I hated the teaser-trailer for ST09. I mean why would I want to watch a guy welding the Enterprise for two straight hours? What does that have to do with exploration of the human condition?

This teaser sheet is a drop in the bucket, guys, and it’s chill-pill time, for sure for those who have jumped to conclusions because of this. I’m psyched as heck to be spoon fed this stuff to paint a clearer picture over the next 6 months.

356. porthoses bitch - December 3, 2012

Just to the left of the middle you can see the remains of a certain well recognized police box… thats it ! Star trek into darkness: the revenge of K-9….. no just kidding…..just to the right of the middle you can see the wreckage of thunderbird 2….no…no….

Jeez people if the internet had existed in 1980 we’d still be bitching about how TESB ripped off Gone With the Wind.

357. Trekzilla - December 3, 2012




358. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 3, 2012

God, I’m glad I stayed clear of the rumors for this film, just a few days of it is driving me crazy!

Forget who the bad guy is, I’m more excited about getting a good look at a major Earth city that isn’t San Francisco!

It’s weird that no-one else is reporting the water landing or anything else from the teaser. People are too worried about their jobs, I guess. Oh well, not long to go now…

359. Bob - December 3, 2012


Into Dark Knight

’nuff said.

360. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

I LIKE that poster.

And it complements the synopsis.

The Cumberbatch figure stands on the threshold of a delta shield shaped hole, about to cross from within some kind of structure to the outside world where smoke rises in the distance from a city skyline.

That could suggest breaking out of captivity. The delta shield shaped hole suggests a member of Starfleet blasting his way OUT of Starfleet.

The Cumberbatch figure also stands ALONE, and he is illustrated without weapons.

That suggests, consistent with the synopsis, an individual with powers great enough to do all the damage the poster depicts.

So I don’t know who else in canon it could be if not Gary Mitchell, except maybe Q or Trelane.

The poster backs up the synopsis, and deftly illustrates what we know so far. Whoever this guy is, he is an individual with extraordinary power.

And because Alice Eve is sporting a Dr, Dehner hairstyle and because Karl Urban let the name Gary Mitchell slip, I have to think the facts suggest Mitchell more than any other candidate.

And now an Apocalypse Now quote:

“‘Never get out of the boat.’ Absolutely goddamn right! Unless you were goin’ all the way… Kurtz got off the boat. He split from the whole f*ckin’ program.”

I think somebody got off the boat here.

361. Greg2600 - December 3, 2012

Terminator 5: Star Trek

Brilliantly original.

362. kunundrum - December 3, 2012



1) Orci said it’s not GM.

2) GM is DEAD, per the IDW comics. Orci says the comics are CANON.

My money is on Garth or a rogue Section 31 augment.

363. Gary Neumann - December 3, 2012

The only dissapointing thing is that the movie will be released on August!!!! That is totaly unfair. By the way, on the international site They spelled Columbia instead of Colombia. Ashaming.

364. Gary Neumann - December 3, 2012

Release in Venezuela, I mean.

365. Disinvited - December 3, 2012

#322. Greg – December 3, 2012

Been there. Done that:

Crossing my fingers that that gets you to comment 610.

#331. Dilithium_doublebock – December 3, 2012

Yes.You riddled me right. Thank you.

366. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

But why is London the skyline?

Is there some British canon character who DOESN’T have super psi powers in canon, but who, due to Starfleet experimentation, may GET THEM for this movie???

This tends to back up what Biscuits said when he claimed Cumberbatch was speaking in the trailer with his “normal” accent, which we know is British.

But why would he be playing Mitchell as a British character?

That doesn’t make sense.

It also doesn’t make sense that they were looking at Del Toro for the same role, because he isn’t British. So the question is, did they change the character’s background and maybe even the character — from the time when they were considering Del Toro — to fit Cumberbatch’s genuine background???

This is weird.

367. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@ 360 dmduncan,

It’s not Mitchell. There is no way to defeat Mitchell. Just like there’s no way to defeat Q. There’s a reason all the truly omnipotent characters in star trek were basically benevolent, or ultimately intelligent or reasonable, or less powerful than another being who was.

Im convinced Mitchell is a red herring designed to throw us all off track.

368. NuFan - December 3, 2012

It looks like Dark Knight on purpose, and here’s the hint-

Cumberbatch was not asked to bulk up to play Gary or Garth. They rely on their powers.

Keep thinking Dark Knight.

369. Jeff, God of Biscuits - December 3, 2012

Curious Cadet (#367): If there’s anyone who can defeat a god, it’s James T. Kirk :)

370. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@ 360 dmduncan,

“The Cumberbatch figure also stands ALONE, and he is illustrated without weapons.”

The other explanation for this is RED MATTER, the last remaining batch of which is in the hands of he Romulans. Such a weapon could fit in his pocket. It would be hard to attack a person so armed, and of course it could be anyone.

Further the comics have also told us that Starfleet intelligence is in possession of the Denevan mind control creatures as well as likely behind the mind control program involving the Archon. A foe armed with such technology would also be formidable without being a god.

371. Peter Loader - December 3, 2012

Whoever the villain is, you have to forget everything associated with that character in the TOS verse. JJ’s full on for open slather about how the character is portrayed this time around. The London backdrop could simple mean Garth has escaped from an underground asylum where he has been receiving treatment from Dr Elizabeth Dehner. The destruction wrought on the city either caused by himself or his minions for his imprisonment.

In other words anything goes… and will.

372. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

It’s very possible that they tweaked Mitchell’s background from TOS, it being a different universe and all. So they may have him growing up in England in this rebootiverse.

373. Peter Loader - December 3, 2012

Del’Toro has nothing to do with this script. Obviously they fell back to an alternate (no pun intended) script when they couldn’t get him for the role. Does not mean that they have shelved the script… we’ll very likely see it used for the next movie. Simple as that.

374. Rick Johnson - December 3, 2012

No way to defeat Mitchell at all…

It’s probably going to be an obscure subplot from “Star Trek: Enterprise” or a character from a horrible episode nobody even likes.

Also, Cumberbatch now has greying sideburns on the poster like Gary Mitchell because he had to age 30 years to play a chubby old guy from a mediocre episode.

Trying to stay Internet-“civil,” but I don’t think you guys are going to make officer.

375. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

367. Curious Cadet – December 3, 2012

@ 360 dmduncan,

It’s not Mitchell. There is no way to defeat Mitchell.


Well I don’t know how Bob was thinking when he wrote this, but I can envision other ways of resolving the conflict without requiring Mitchell be defeated, so your argument doesn’t necessarily count against Mitchell.

V’Ger wasn’t defeated. Roy Batty wasn’t defeated. Jean Gray/Phoenix wasn’t defeated.

376. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@357 Peter,

Again the Del Toro and cattle call of Latinos was a rumor. The bottom line is Trek needs an international recognizable star to build the worldwide franchise as it is weak outside the US. Del Toro accomplished his, as does Comberbatch. Simple as that. It was never going to be Khan.

377. Captain Sisko - December 3, 2012

A lot of these comments are stupid. It’s not Gary Mithcell. I think it could be Khan or maybe even Flint. Garth of Izar is possible also. I think that people have to remember that The New Writers did not want to be constrained by or disrepsect the “prime universe” which is why they came up with this alternate reality.

It stands to reason that when Nero made his incursion into the past, he changed technology , he changed the balance of power, he destroyed Vulcan. It changed everything. It may have changed the lives of people Kirk and Crew encountered in the Prime Universe.

For the sake of argument lets says its Khan. Maybe the Botany Bay gets discovered by someone else and maybe something different happens. I intend to enjoy the ride and enjoy being genuinely surprised.

What the hell would have happend if Darth Vaders reveal as Lukes father been put online before Empire came out. Trekmovie Dude needs to kill the comments section on all into darkness news. It brings out the douchebags and clowns.

The poster tells us nothing. I am sure before the end of the year we will have the reveal of who the villian is and then everyone can shut up about a movie they have not seen.

All I read on here is cynicals a holes and critics who have done nothing significant with their lives so they bash every little thing about this movie.
That is lame as hell.

Keyboard morons.

378. Roget More - December 3, 2012

Good Heavens Dearest Hearts.

379. Nucleus - December 3, 2012

I think the evil enemy in the new “Pre-Sequel”- Movie ;) is….Ta.. da…

Fleet Captain Garth of Izar
from the Episode “Whom Gods Destroy”.

Its obvious. I think.

380. Jack - December 3, 2012

Dmduncan. Why does London have to mean the guy is British?

381. Garrovick - December 3, 2012

you know i had a thought… could the main villian be Garrovick? its a long shot but its a new timeline.

382. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@376 dmduncan

Point taken. So while Kirk can’t necessarily take Mitchell out himself, then Mithell will either burn out, or evolve on his own, or choose to dissipate into the universe as Apollo did? It could work, but certainly V’ger was not Star Trek’s finest hour.

Which brings me back to the clue Orci gave us in he comic … Mitchell did not evolve into this god-like creature. HE WAS POSSESSED. Given that he was thought killed, again I don’t believe Mitchell is going to be the guy, rather the catalyst that enables this shadow division of Starfleet to investigate and try to harness this entity that possessed Mitchell’s body.

383. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 3, 2012

#340. No. Anthony Just Recloked. Lol.

384. Geodesic17 - December 3, 2012

Governor Kodos?

385. Quatlo - December 3, 2012

Click next on the first poster and see this image:


386. Rick Johnson - December 3, 2012

@375 Mitchell was killed in the original episode by Dr. Elizabeth Dehner and James R. Kirk, who punched him. Alice Eve plays Dr. Dehner in the movie.

It’s also fully possible the gang will find awesome ways to mess with Gary Mitchell while he’s rampaging. I’m no Trek scientist, but I’m pretty sure a psiotic warp core field projected through a tachyon emitter could seriously dampen Mitchell’s abilities, even if it strains the ship’s engines. They’ll probably avoid technobabble, but some ingenious way of screwing with Mitchell could be awesome.

@382 I think the “possession” thing is weak, as it undermines what was interesting about the episode. Spock is axiomatically convinced that humans can’t be trusted with power of any kind. It’s actually kind of more interesting than most of the later Spock stories–it’s kind of Spock’s xenophobia toward humans. The idea of any human gaining these powers is alarming to him. He knows our history. I don’t know if they’re going to explore this angle on Spock, but I think you take away a lot of what’s good about the episode by making it “possession.”

When Mitchell’s eyes go back to normal in the episode or comic or whatever, it’s more like an alcoholic’s “moment of clarity.”

387. AJ - December 3, 2012

Red Matter was the ‘red herring’ of ST09. No way it’ll show up again. Ever.

388. Jack - December 3, 2012

377. Well said, Sisko.

389. Commodore Redshirt - December 3, 2012

366. dmduncan – December 3, 2012

“Is there some British canon character who DOESN’T have super psi powers in canon, but who, due to Starfleet experimentation, may GET THEM for this movie???”

Yes there is… Lt. KYLE!

390. Jack - December 3, 2012

387. I’m no Trek scientist, but I’m pretty sure a psiotic warp core field projected through a tachyon emitter could seriously dampen Mitchell’s abilities, even if it strains the ship’s engines”

Lol. Awesome. A little reconfiguring and no problem is unsolvable.

391. Peter Loader - December 3, 2012


Yes… look strangely familiar. Red plants thrive on the stuff!

392. Aqua - December 3, 2012

Star Trek is a better tomorrow and challenges they face, not your run of the mill dystopia that JJ has featured in movie and series after movie and series.

That man needs to keep his filthy mitts off my Trek.

393. Bamasi - December 3, 2012

Well, at least they’re talking about it on Yahoo.

394. Peter Loader - December 3, 2012

My 392 post is for 388 not 387…whoops!

395. Runaway - December 3, 2012

Any news from the Japanese press conference yet?

396. Marc McKenzie - December 3, 2012

@392: “That man needs to keep his filthy mitts off my Trek.”

Wait a minute–your TREK? Since when?

And JJ’s already made a Trek film–you know, the one that was released back in 2009. You’re a little too late for the party, pally.

And JJ’s Trek didn’t feature a “run-of-the-mill” dystopia. I’m beginning to wonder if you even know what that word means.

397. raddestnerd - December 3, 2012

This takes place in London?

It’s a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover.

398. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

379. Nucleus

WOW! Brilliant! Your post is the first in among thousands of posts here in various threads to put it all together and name Garth as the villain! I bow to you, man! ; )

399. Mad Man - December 3, 2012

I’m liking the Garth of Izar theory. Makes sense.

I didn’t like the episode “Whom Gods Destroy” that much. His shape changing abilities were never explained. The best part of the episode was the double Vulcan neck pinch (DVNP). If Cumby is, in fact, Garth of Izar then Spock had better pull off the DVNP or I am going to riot!!

DVNP in 2013!

400. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012


Read what I wrote again. I didn’t say anything about the actual movie. I was talking about the poster.

401. Anthony Thompson - December 3, 2012

MJ, where are you? C’mon, man, we need you to make sense of this poster thing and reassure us that the villain is indeed Khan, as you’ve been predicting for a long time. A “major prediction”, I might add. Preach to us, brother!

402. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

380. Jack – December 3, 2012

Dmduncan. Why does London have to mean the guy is British?


It doesn’t HAVE to. Biscuits claims in the trailer he says he spied that Cumberbatch was speaking with his normal accent in the VO narration, which is British.

So when I see that poster with Cumberbatch silhouetted against what looks like London, I think maybe Biscuits was telling the truth. Is the character British? That’s what I’m wondering.

403. A14U - December 3, 2012

Yet another nail in the coffin of the Great Bird’s dream.

404. Chris Doohan - December 3, 2012

This is getting exciting. Can’t wait for the trailer

405. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

And the city in the poster does look like London in the future. It still has 30 St. Mary Axe (the Gherkin), and the London Eye (giant Ferris wheel). Just click on the poster and get the enlarged version.

406. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@396 Rick,

The possession thing is Orci’s, and a good bit of comic book time is devoted to making that point which was not made in the original, as Spock had not yet employed his ability to mind meld.

So if it’s Mitchell, which Orci says it’s not, and the comic book is canon, as Orci states, then Mitchell is possessed, not evolved.

As for James R. Kirk killing him, I was a little more clear toward the beginning of the thread when I first brought this up — Spock urges Kirk to kill Mitchell before he becomes too powerful, which almost happens in a matter of a few days. Kirk and Dehner kill him just in time. If Mitchell is to be the villain in this movie, he is way beyond the point of killing him. Either way, according to Orci’s comic story, when his eyes go back to brown, the entity that possesses him is in abatement, allowing Gary to emerge.

Now I do agree, that they can concoct any number of ways to kill an omnipotent being, and can probably be quite clever about it. I just don’t know how satisfying that will be. I’m reminded of M. Night Shamayalan’s Signs. I guess a psionic warp field generator definitely sounds better than water.

In any event, because the comic is canon, Mitchell seems like the least likely villain, and merely the catalyst that sets in motion the nefarious shadowy division of Starfleet charged with investigating what happened to Mitchell and learning how to harness and control it. That seems like a much more plausible scenario to me, and has a built-in kill switch as a result as long as Kirk can get close enough to push it.

Ultimately, as MJ has been ranting, there are just too many things that have to be addressed to make the villain Mitchell thanks to the comics. While I disagree with MJ in that there is an effective way to ressurect and present Mitchell as the villain, in the end having to explain it all to the audience, and tell a new story in top of it in any meaningful way seems to me like a lot of effort for very little payoff.

407. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

And I can’t tell from the small size of the poster when you click on it, but it looks like there’s a dash of gray on illustrated Cumberbatch’s sideburn.

I wish I could see it full size to be sure. If he’s got gray there, it’s Mitchell.

408. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - December 3, 2012

I thought this WAS a Batman poster the first time I saw it…

Anyhow, I’m very excited for this. Extremely.

409. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

Can we PLEASE stop talking about Gary Mitchell? He’s DEAD, per the IDW comic, which Orci states is CANON.


410. dmduncan - December 3, 2012

I’m looking at the poster real close, and it looks like there’s a dash of gray on Cumberbatch’s sideburn. But it’s only 1 px wide by 2 px high at the resolution the poster opens up at when you click on its image above. We need a higher res poster image to be sure.

411. Gary Makin - December 3, 2012

The villain could be RAOUL, who was involved in the assassinations of both JFK and RFK…

The poster is cool, if familiar. Like someone said, the more original posters were probably rejected.

I bet the trailer has that Inception BAAAHHH sound too.

412. H.Hill - December 3, 2012

That poster is surprisingly unoriginal. It’s not even as well-executed as the TDK image.

413. (the real) Montreal_Paul - December 3, 2012

409. kunundrum

Whoa dude… calm yourself. You already said that about 200 comments ago. People are allowed to comment on here with whatever theories they have. If you really don’t like it… don’t read the comments.

414. Craiger - December 3, 2012

Anyone notice that face in the lower left corner? It either looks like the face on Mars or the Statue of Liberty. Are we sure that’s London?

415. Clinton - December 3, 2012

Can’t wait. Loved the 2009 movie. And, for the record, I’ve been a Trek fan since seeing “The Man Trap” in 1966. Now, let’s light this nacelle!

416. dmduncan - December 3, 2012


What 413 said.

Or you could just put your hands over your eyes and be the one in the middle:

417. Antni - December 3, 2012

Definitely London. You can see some of the buildings which are in our capital today. Besides I’m sure I read somewhere that in the Trek future that London housed the embassy’s of the powers/federation members in the Trek universe.

418. rtrj - December 3, 2012

Garth of Izar

419. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

@ 413 Montreal_Paul

Sorry, but I’d rather hear plausible theories based on what we know so far as canon. People can post whatever they want, sure, but the fact of the matter is: Gary Mitchell’s dead.

Let’s move on to real theories based on plausible candidates established in canon. And if not an established character, then let’s accept a new one within the scraps of plot and photos we’ve been given.

That’s what I’m trying to get across. *grin*

420. Ralph Pinheiro - December 3, 2012

There are no soldiers, weapons, ships in conflict. Only one man. Excluding someone with super powers, it can be a terrorist attack

421. PEB - December 3, 2012

A comment on TrekWeb has made me rethink Gary and now has me really thinking it’s Garth. It’s making a ton of sense right about now.

422. The Original Spock's Brain - December 3, 2012

@ 187 Spiked Canon

I see them too.

423. Richard - December 3, 2012

#409: Kunundrum: Its laughable that a character ‘dying’ in science fiction/fantasy means that character is gone forever. You must be young, or have a short memory. There is a ton of precedent for this, even in Star Trek.

Its even more laughable when its a character with god-like powers that we’re talking about.

424. Jonboc - December 3, 2012

#409. “He’s DEAD, per the IDW comic, which Orci states is CANON.”

Wow. Are some fans really that shortsighted?? Anyone remember a little film called Wrath of Khan? Spock died. That’s as canon as it gets. But he was resurrected in Trek 3. Kirk, along with Scotty, bit the bullet as well in the original series. It’s science fiction my friends. It takes absolutely no stretch of the imagination, whatsoever, to imagine the creative, imaginative, minds that brought us the genius of the alternate timeline, constructing a way to bring Gary Mitchell…a man that had mutated into a man with true God-like powers…back to life. I have no idea if it’s Mitchell or not..?infact, I think it may be a genius stroke of misdirection. But is the possibility there? That it could be Gary Mitchell, considering he was killed in the comic? Absolutely.

425. Richard - December 3, 2012

Spock at the end of TWOK was dead and gone. Dead dead dead. And then he was back in the very next movie. So this notion that Gary Mitchell is dead and therefore can’t be the villain is hilariously silly

426. section9 - December 3, 2012

I think I might have it, and the clue IS the Batman story.

Remember, the Batman is thought of as a lawless individual, even though he is the only one in Gotham with a moral code that withstands the onslaught of every wicked individual from the Joker to Bane.

What if Cumberbatch is being introduced as, say, Mitchell, or someone like him, and as an augment, has powers and, more importantly, INFORMATION, that forced him to turn on the Federation (let us assume he works for Section 31). Let us also suppose that it is the UFP that has been forced to violate the Prime Directive in numerous ways as it fights for its survival in the absence of four to six billion Vulcans.

The unending war of All against All didn’t stop just because Vulcan got reduced to a Singularity in the new timeline. Diplomacy and War continue, as does intrigue, and the Federation isn’t as high-minded as its propagandists would have you believe.

In the Abramsverse, Section 31 would use augments like BC to get its business done quietly, assuming that this is the way it’s going. But what if they asked him to do something so monstrous, BC had to rebel, Kurtz-like, and go off on his own, or with a group of followers.

That’s where Kirk and the Enterprise come in, as well as the moral ambiguity that JJ wants to introduce.

Cumberbatch may be a recurring character.

Remember, in TDK, the Batman had to use wiretaps, brutality, and methods that the public found distasteful to break the Joker’s hold on Gotham, because he found that the Joker, as a completely amoral person, had no limits to his violence.

JJ may be doing something along this line, although I suspect he may be painting BC as a moral, “betrayed” villain.

427. Richard - December 3, 2012

Jonboc, you beat me to it.

428. Hugh Hoyland - December 3, 2012

Maybe what we’re looking at is London during The Euginics Wars? Set in the not to distant future?

Dunno, just grasping at air at the moment.

429. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

@ 423 Richard

Point taken. If it does end up being Mitchell, then that’ll be one helluva resurrection.

430. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@409 kunundrum

Did you actually read the comic? Mitchell is not dead with with any certainty much less confirmation. He’s floating around in a torpedo tube in space, with an entity in possession of his body… Did you SEE TWOK or TSFS? People in Trek aren’t dead until they’re dead.

431. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012

Kirk Prime is dead, has been for almost twenty years, and nobody outside of William Shatner has tried to bring him back to life.

So yes, it is possible to kill off a character for good, even in sci-fi.

432. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

#342, #347 LOL

As old Spock said, “Logic is the BEGINNING of wisdom.”

Who says that Star Trek is not logical, rational and intelligent.

While Gene Roddenberry was creating Star Trek, he was also a student of Comparative Religion… Being a Humanist does not mean that you do not acknowledge or take account of what contributions religious thought and experiences throughout societies have made to help enrich our humanity.

I suggest you WAKE UP!

Why cannot religion be debated here? I thought Star Trek was about learning, discussing, debating various topics significant to our human nature’s and wellbeing and how we as human beings may live in the future. Religion, whether individuals like it or not, does have a significant role to play in humanity’s understanding of itself, how laws are made and upheld etc.


signed “Yeshe Dolma” I have so many names…:)

433. Jannek - December 3, 2012

@ 230: would like if there is a new villain

434. Sk8r_gurl - December 3, 2012

349. – Rynocarp

Agreed that this is effective marketing. I, along with just about everyone else it seems, wish that the poster were a little less derivative (aside from TDK and TDKR, has anyone else mentioned The Expendables 2? Same idea with the “2” carved out in rubble). That said, this does seem to be a smart, if safe, move on the part of the marketing team. It continues the Trek films’ “trek” into the world of action blockbusters, and, derivative or no, sends a clear message that this is a big movie where big things happen.

Personally, I also think it’s a better executed image than the TDKR posters. Having Cumby standing on the pile of rubble that forms the bottom of the delta shield is pretty clever; the inclusion of London as the skyline continues the new films’ theme of being grounded in real-world-type sets and locations; and the skyline, as well as Cumby’s outfit (those boots do look Starfleet issue), give a cryptic, typically Abrams-style tease about the events of the film. The first teaser poster for TDKR told us far less than that, and was itself pretty much a rip-off of the main theatrical poster for TDK.

I’m also happy to see the delta shield treated like a true Star Trek logo ala the Bat-signal or Superman’s ‘S’, as well as the same font treatment from ST09. That consistency of vision is important for differentiating new Trek from old, and also makes the franchise more relatable in a blockbuster film market dominated by comic book/superhero flicks.

ST09 did a great job reinvigorating the film franchise, but its cache is hardly infinite; it makes sense for Paramount to make some safe choices when it comes to enticing people to see this movie. And, lets face it, if you’re gonna draw marketing inspiration from somewhere, why not draw it from the most critically and one of the most commercially (if not THE most? Not sure on that one, but I’m too lazy to check box office mojo) successful comic book trilogies of all time. Let Paramount do what they need to to put asses in the seats, and then let the movie speak for itself and blow ’em away….

435. (the real) Montreal_Paul - December 3, 2012

419. kunundrum

Well, it is as plausible as Khan, Gary Seven or Garth. So maybe you should be a little open minded. You obviously haven’t read the comic book so you have no idea that they kind of left a door open then,

I would suggest that if you don’t like someone’s theory, then ignore it. Because anyone is allowed to voice their opinion.

Mine is that Cumberbatch is playing a Tribble… they were pissed at how they were treated and the Tribble scientists were able to create a human/Tribble hybrid. The hybrid infiltrated Starfleet and is running amok seeking revenge. :)

Plausible? Yes. Probable? No.

Just let people theorize.. you don’t have to agree with it… but just let people theorize. Your attitude leave something to be desired.

436. No Khan - December 3, 2012

Are there any original idea’s left. Did Nolan produce this. I hated TDKR.

437. clark billy - December 3, 2012

Is that guy walking backwards into darkness, or emerging into the light?

Star Trek into Darkness poster shows a guy walking into the light…

438. Craiger - December 3, 2012

Paul, a Klingon/Tribble,/Human Hybrid.

439. rynocarp - December 3, 2012

Quinto in Conan tonight, some footage being shown? Another 3 frames perhaps?

440. JP - December 3, 2012

I am beginning to believe that “to boldly go where no (man) has gone before” is not a good enough plot point for a big screen motion picture epic. Better leave Star Trek on the small screen where it at least tackles everyday issues with far more positive and optimistic outcomes on a weekly basis and give Gene Roddenberry and the other outstanding writers produces creators and actors the dignity and respect that their creation deserves

441. Jack - December 3, 2012

440. Wait and see, mon ami.

442. Jack - December 3, 2012

441. JP. I mean.

My numbers keep changing.

443. Jack - December 3, 2012

435. Sk8tr_gurl. “Let Paramount do what they need to to put asses in the seats, and then let the movie speak for itself and blow ‘em away”


444. Planet Pandro - December 3, 2012

How it is Khan and fits the story so far:
I think that after the devastation of nero’s incursion star fleet feels weak and learns of the botany bay ( possibly from Nimoy-Spock) and revives Khan. Since he is bred to lead he is put in charge of star fleet itself and becomes power-hungry for more, so he wipes out headquarters and begins a mad quest for universal domination. Sort of fits the “terror from inside” angle anyway…

445. Green-blooded Inhuman - December 3, 2012

^^^ Dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

446. gingerly - December 3, 2012

This image actually worries me a bit.
I hope there’s levity!
I wanna bite my nails and grip the armrests but I want to smile and laugh too!

447. Jason - December 3, 2012

I nearly voted for Man of Steel in the “Which blockbuster are you most looking forward to” poll at the end. I love me some Superman.

448. somethoughts - December 3, 2012

I was watching the twok trailer and the first line was something like beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution. What if it really is Khan? :)

Khan is retrieved by another starfleet crew, revived at starfleet and this is the result, can’t wait either way!

449. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

Rose, you have a great attitude, and i salute you!

i would never tell you what to discuss, but i will resist debating religion…

SPIRITUALITY is a MUCH more rewarding topic! =)

religion suppresses true understanding of ANYTHING…

just ask Copernicus or Galileo ;-)

450. Roddenberry was a Peacenik - December 3, 2012

“I was watching the twok trailer and the first line was something like beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution. What if it really is Khan? :)”

Interestingly, someone over at Trekweb mentioned that ‘Beyond the Darkness’ has been announced as STID’s title in Brazil.

451. CmdrR - December 3, 2012

Bad men wear dusters.

452. Capt.Hunter - December 3, 2012

I think it’s Captain Garth of Izar

453. Commodore Redshirt - December 3, 2012

If the idea of this poster was to start positive “buzz”… it is a FAIL!…

Everything I’ve seen on-line is talking about how derivative it is… how unoriginal… how it is a blatant copy of Dark Knight.

I hope the next step in the marketing is better than the poorly worded synopsis and this disappointing one-sheet.

…And to think; just last week I was so damn excited.

454. Dadio - December 3, 2012

453. Commodore Redshirt

Inspired by the Dark Knight. Not a copy

455. Jack - December 3, 2012

Come on. It’s a poster.

Yep, it has the delta shield formed out of a blasted hole — and TDKR had the bat symbol formed out of crumbling buildings in the Gotham skyline.

But they’re certainly not identical.

456. Sk8r_gurl - December 3, 2012

443 — thanks Jack

Also, on a totally different note, just noticed that there are currently four separate Star Trek related stories running concurrently in various places on EW’s front page right now. Can’t wait for the glut of Trek we’re all gonna experience over the next several months!

457. Jack - December 3, 2012

BTW, Bob. If you guys are still doing voice work on it, can I put in a request for a return to the TOS “where no man has gone before” version of the mission statement and not the oddly watered down TWOK version, where life was replaced with “life forms,” ongoing was attached to mission, and one replaced man.

I always wondered where those changes came from. I thought maybe Nimoy did them himself…

458. Cosmicjackson - December 3, 2012

Garth of izar
Gary Mitchell
or Sybok

459. MJ - December 3, 2012

We should know by tomorrow night then (as the international press reports come in) who the villain is. That would suck if the 9-minute preview doesn’t tell us that, but I doubt that will be the case.

460. MJ - December 3, 2012

@457. I prefer TWOK voice intro.

461. cd - December 3, 2012

I miss Star Trek.

462. MJ - December 3, 2012

@455. You still in denial here 20 hours later Jack that this poster is not a complete ripoff of TDKR. Come on, dude. Of course it is.

463. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

This is what I have been talking about – spirituality. However, it is through reading what the various religions say that we can come to discover our own spirituality. I had impressions, feelings, insights that I could not fully express until I came upon the religion of Buddhism and started reading English translations of various texts (along with the commentaries). Therefore, acquainting oneself with the religious texts and associated practices, liturgies and their meanings is a good starting point.

Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison, Kyrie Eleison are words I came across when I joined a choral society many years and among the works we sang were choral masses, ie music liturgy of the Catholic Church, because they are also part of our secular musical heritage. Curiously, we rehearsed these masses in a Methodist Church and I later found out that many Catholics were not familiar at all with their liturgical musical heritage. So very, very sad!!! I was privileged (yes, a real privilege is the word) to be able sing Mozart’s Requiem Mass and even just thinking of how truly beautiful that music is brings tears to my eyes.

A lot of what I would regard as of true spiritual essence is wrapped up in *music like that and it is a shame that people who scoff at “religion” will quite likely never know such majesty. Just one example. I was not brought up Catholic but I was baptized as one in 2005. I don’t really give a damn what bollocks the Vatican gets up. Unfortunately, the bigger something becomes, the more likely that rot and corruption can set in, along with the bureaucracy. However, what it does do is retain a certain essence, that precious gem, a light, a spark of what is truly spiritual in nature amongst a lot of bloody awful history and dross and these can be found in some of various liturgies – music, prayers, Eucharist… These are the things I concern myself with, if I concern myself with anything.

I also love much of Buddhist spirituality. It rang true to me a long while and still does. I fell in love with the Heart Sutra and yet ask me to explain it – I can’t! The way that the precepts are presented are clear, lovely and inspiring. It is not just about what you don’t or shouldn’t do (actually it is “I undertake to abstain from…”), but also what can happen if you simply stop and not do or actually chose to do the opposite. That’s inspiring, aspirational.

Anyway, back to Star Trek. I don’t believe that Gene Roddenberry was against the quest for religious and spiritual knowledge and awareness. He just believed in a secular run state and so do I! The last, the very last thing I would ever want to see is any one religion (not even my own two chosen ones) to be in charge of a country, world, worlds, Starfleet, UFP – not at all. Anyway, true spiritual quest is not about how to have power over others.

What concerns me more about the poster and synopsis is about the effect it has on the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of James Kirk. It was never in Kirk’s nature to seek revenge. Of course, he is younger in these movie iterations, and clearly something must have really set him off. Also, I recall reading a while back a comment about Dr McCoy having to deal with a moral dilemma of great proportions. It is quite likely that it has something to do with him put into the position of possibly breaking his Hippocratic Oath which is supposed to trump everything else. Perhaps it is Kirk, his best friend who creates this moral dilemma for him. Dr McCoy is a man of conscience – that we can be sure of. That is not to say that Kirk is not suffering also.

Who the villain may be is neither here nor there. It is no doubt very apparent what the effects of the villain’s actions are…We need to start to consider the protagonists, the heroes we are supposed to love…

464. Disinvited - December 3, 2012

#425. Richard

Except under HAYES censor rules only good guys can be resurrected in morality tales with a special exemption under sub-paragraph C for the genre Horror.

Oh, I get it you’re imply they made the first Trek Horror Movie? Interesting….

465. MJ - December 3, 2012

@453 “I hope the next step in the marketing is better than the poorly worded synopsis and this disappointing one-sheet.”

Yea, it is a horrid marketing start. I know this will piss Bob and Anthony off, but the cut and paste job on doing a TDKR-like poster reeks of a quickly pulled together marketing campaign in response to you know what six weeks ago.

466. Dilithium_doublebock - December 3, 2012

With all this Dark Knight talk, I just noticed the Batman connection in Whom Gods Destroy. The villain has got to be Garth.

467. MJ - December 3, 2012

@435. Montreal Paul, I recommend you go into hibernation NOW dude if you are serious about avoiding spoilers. We are only a few hours away from media reports about the nine minutes of footage, which will probably reveal the villain and more.

468. MJ - December 3, 2012

@419 “Sorry, but I’d rather hear plausible theories based on what we know so far as canon. People can post whatever they want, sure, but the fact of the matter is: Gary Mitchell’s dead. Let’s move on to real theories based on plausible candidates established in canon. And if not an established character, then let’s accept a new one within the scraps of plot and photos we’ve been given. That’s what I’m trying to get across. *grin* ”

Well said, dude. Well said!!!

469. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

Seeing how Pine and Cumby are close in age, I’ve ruminated on the following:

* Captain Kelvar L. Garth – Over 20 years Kirk’s senior. I guess he’d have to keep his shape-shifting going to look younger.

* Gary Mitchell – Similar in age to Kirk but dead, floating in a torpedo-coffin in deep space. However, as the fine community here has corrected me, he still has a chance to return via elaborate backstory montage and plot device. I’m cool with that, I suppose.

* Sean Finnegan – Always Kirk’s foil in Starfleet, also similar in age. Not sure how he’d fit in as a one-man WMD, though.

* Khan Noonien Singh – Montalban was 11 years Shat’s senior. But he did look quite youthful at 47 in Space Seed. Maybe it’s not really an issue there.

* Unfrozen Unknown Crew Of SS Botany Bay – Has new character potential, especially if the ship was captured by Klingons first, as is suggested by various posters. Age is no issue, since he’s awakened from stasis. Augment-level strength and intelligence.

* Unknown Section 31 Rogue Augment – New character potential, as well. Wardrobe pretty much fits. So does the strength to fight off a Vulcan.

470. Disinvited - December 3, 2012


And the message shuffle #425 is now #423

471. Pegasus - December 3, 2012

This is uncomfortably like the Dark Knight Rises. The first I saw of it, the top and bottom were cut and it just showed the man standing on a mound with broken buildings on either side… harkening back to 9.11 in so many ways. And it was exciting, almost haunting. I got a buzz inside me seeing it. But now I see the full poster and I’m dismayed. I’m not trying to cause trouble or stir the pot, but honestly, all I can think is Batman. I’m almost embarrassed to share it as Star Trek to my friends.

It does remind me a bit of the cliffhanger season on Enterprise, where Archer is taken to a destroyed Earth by the time traveler and they have no way back because time travel has been undone. So I’m happy to say it reminds me of SOMETHING Star Trek … but optimism was what set Star Trek apart throughout it’s run. And this is just misery I see.

I am disappointed. But hopeful. I think all of this crew working on this film are amazing talents. This poster is wrong. They can fix it with the next one, I’m sure.

472. Milo - December 3, 2012

What the hell is THAT!?!?!?!?!

473. Curious Cadet - December 3, 2012

@463 Rose,

” It was never in Kirk’s nature to seek revenge.”

You must have missed Obsession.

474. Jack - December 3, 2012

Most movie posters are derivative.

Interesting bit that points out that it isn’t just evoking TDKR but also:

“Our friends at SlashFilm point out how similar it is to the silhouette designs for Battleship, The Raid and Battle: LA.”

475. Disinvited - December 3, 2012

#469. kunundrum December 3, 2012

I knew ENTERPRISE was part of the timeline but it didn’t occur to me to look for trench coats there until you just posted that.

And I like the implication that some remnant Augment scientists got wind of the BOTANY BAY from Spock Prime intel.

476. Astrophysicophile - December 3, 2012

148. According to the transcript for “Whom Gods Destroy” at Chrissie’s Transcript site (, the race that gave Garth shapeshifting abilities, techniques of cellular metamorphosis, were called the Antos race, of the planet Antos Four. But the transcript does not mention the race giving him any other “powers”.

143, 155, 175, 207, 287. In the episode, he preferred to be called “Lord Garth, master of the universe”, and said he was “formerly of Izar.”

247. Is Garth Human or humanoid? Since he is called “Garth of Izar”, does that mean he is a native of Izar (like Sarek of Vulcan), a colonist there (like Zefram Cochrane of Alpha Centauri), or someone who did something extraordinary there (like Gordon of Khartoum)? At one point in the episode, he said, “You Earth people are a stiff necked lot…”, so either he is not human, or he is human but is a colonist of Izar.

Incidentally, based on the data for Izar at the SIMBAD database (, Izar is also called Epsilon Boötis and is a double star (of spectral types K0II-III and A2V) 202.5 light years from the Solar System.

477. Red Dead Ryan - December 3, 2012


Yeah, but the Supreme Court guys have always gone on about how they saw the success of “The Dark Knight” as a sequel better than the first as inspiration for “Star Trek Into Darkness”.

So while the poster may look similar to those other movies’, it’s clearly more based on TDKR. None of the writers seem to have discussed publicly about the other films you mentioned.

478. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

@ 475 Disinvited

Yup! There may be more nuggets to forage for within ST:ENT. Who knows?

And Spock Prime intel definitely changes the game. :-)

479. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

@ Disinvited

Maybe Cumby is even a temporal agent like Daniels or Gary Seven?

Much to wonder…..

480. Astrophysicophile - December 3, 2012

166. Was Darth Vader insane? Palpatine’s tempted, tricked, and finally controlled Anakin Skywalker. Were the terrible things that he did acts of insanity or mind control?

As for Garth, he didn’t become insane until an accident sent him to Antos Four, and a disease changed him.

And as for Mitchell, Kirk felt that his best friend up until that time was becoming increasingly corrupted by increasing power. Was he just becoming more and more corrupted or was he also insane?

481. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 3, 2012

Sorry – I meant to write “Kirk is rarely given to revenge because it is not a big part of his nature”. Yes, I have seen Obsession.

Curiously, my better half immediately thought of the scene of devastation after the big earthquake hit Christchurch on 22 February 2011 when I showed him the STID poster. I also thought of the sea of rubble and smouldering houses and buildings after the tsunami hit Japan last year. Perhaps what we are looking at is the results of a massive earthquake… (I am thinking Fringe – worlds/universes colliding scenario).

I guess we have not watched much of the Dark Knight franchise here.

Sorry about my long post re religion, but hopefully no harm done…

482. JK - December 3, 2012

This looks great!!! As for the Hardcore fans going on about Idealistic future, THIS IS ALTERNATE UNIVERSE… time has been altered by Nero.

If you want your idealistic utopia go back to watching old trek, Abrams is going in the correct direction with these movies as old trek was dead ratings slumped beyond the point of return. Get over it or just ignore the direction this is going in.

As for Gary, Izar ect… How about CHARLIE EVANS (Charlie X), maybe Abrams is taking a que from Star Trek Of Gods and Men

483. Astrophysicophile - December 3, 2012

335. I suggested this, too, in 912, but I suggested the war-zone world is Antos IV. Perhaps, since “Whom Gods Destroys” implies that Axanar is a war-zone world, I think your suggestion is better.

As for what Garth offered the Antosians, the episode indicates that he offered them the galaxy, not eternal life. And when he ordered his crew to execute the entire species, he actually could not sway them. He may or may not have committed genocide, but his crew did not aid him.

484. Disinvited - December 3, 2012

#476. Astrphysicophile – December 3, 2012

Garth learned to extend and expand his lifesaving cellular metamorphisis abilities while at the asylum. To the point where I’d say he could control and program his cells like nanites. Who knows how far he could have gone? Odd that he never repaired whatever it was that was driving him insane.

485. I am not Herbert - December 3, 2012

Rose, you seem like a loving and caring person… =)

since you also love Star Trek, please check out my favorite site on spirituality:


486. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 3, 2012

I know MJ has to see the writing on the wall by this point, that Bendict is NOT Khan, . But ” I’ll say this for him: He’s consistent.” ;)

Kind of admirble that your sticking to your guns even though, everything is lining up for a villian other than Khan.
Hope you appreciate that little wink/nod i did for you there :)

487. kunundrum - December 3, 2012

MJ is a rational thinker. MJ undrerstands the varaibles. We will see in 24 hours. :-)

488. cd - December 3, 2012

482 – you are right, this is an alternate universe. I would even argue it is a mirror universe, the characters act almost completely opposite of their TOS counterparts: Kirk is a reckless slacker, Spock is a petulant whiner, Chekov is a wunderkind, and Scotty is a wise cracking screw up.

489. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 3, 2012

here are links to press photos from the event via wireimage from the press conference that occured 7 hours ago.

490. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 3, 2012

IN those pics we see jj talking into a mic, and Bendict walking up with a mic, come on surely the characters name had to be revealed.

491. Nobilone - December 4, 2012

OMG, two and a half centuries and they still haven’t refurbished that MI-6 building…

492. Vespasian - December 4, 2012

Do you know what I would LOVE?

If it turned that we’d get a completely original villain!:P

I’m so tired of the Khan vs. Mitchell vs. Garth war, it’s hard to describe.

May 2013 is very near, it’s not like the world is ending this month!

Oh wait…

493. Ashley - December 4, 2012

I definitely think he’s probably Garth of Izar. Which would be really awesome if he was. But would they actually show the Battle of Axanar? I think that’d be a great way to open the movie. o_o

494. Lazarus - December 4, 2012


My thoughts exactly. Those same films came to mind. Why is Star Trek now about the constant threat to Earth? This should be called ‘Star Trek: The Disaster Flick’. I know ST: Insurrection is far from being a great film, but I liked the idea that we dealt with the trials and tribulations (tribble-ations?) of a group of people NOT on Earth. Ever since Star Trek: First Contact (1996), we’ve basically had the same story shoved down our throats in different ways. When will Star Trek return to…um, trekking? Perhaps in the 23rd century…

495. Aix - December 4, 2012

Just saw the 9 minute teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness… EPIC. You guys are going to be blown away… incredible special effects. #ST2
-Dominique Piek ‏@dominiquepiek aka Pine’s girlfriend (7h ago)

496. Davexbit - December 4, 2012

Gary Mitchell.

497. VulcanFilmCritic - December 4, 2012

The poster art is banal, generic, and worst of all, derivative. Here’s hoping the movie is NOT.

498. Killamarshtrek - December 4, 2012

@495 Does it reveal the villain then?

499. Smike - December 4, 2012

@497: I guess she’s not allowed to say anything. Not even the Captain’s gf will dare to break JJ’s rule of silence.

500. Kanjar Ro - December 4, 2012

I believe @495 is reposting a twitter by Chris Pine’s girlfriend Dominique Piek…

501. Smike - December 4, 2012

@499: Yeah, exactly…And there, she is not allowed to say anything beyond “It’s awesome.”

BTW: Dominique seems to be ultra-hot. Just entered her name in Google picture search…Talking about being “blown away”… incredible “special effects”

502. Killamarshtrek - December 4, 2012

Guess we’ll have to wait for someone from the Tokyo showing to tell us!

503. Aurore - December 4, 2012

“…. he says he spied that Cumberbatch was speaking with his normal accent in the VO narration, which is British.

So when I see that poster with Cumberbatch silhouetted against what looks like London….Is the character British? That’s what I’m wondering.”

He could be an Hispanic character able to speak English, or any other “foreign” language for that matter, with no discernible accent.*

Such people exist.

…I am jealous of them. It goes without saying….

* My apologies if this has already been pointed out.

504. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 4, 2012

Dominique Piek would have had to sign the confidentiality agreement before she could be anywhere on the set or go with Chris to Tokyo or anywhere else they may go to promote the movie. She will not have been given the word to say anything to press or anyone else, only Chris. What she wrote on Twitter would be as much as she would be allowed to get away with saying.

I think that is how it works. It makes sense, especially given the secrecy surrounding the film.

505. Eric Bean - December 4, 2012

Something that may be a possibility and I dont think it was mentioned yet. Anyone read the Federation novel? Colonel Adrik Thorsen leader of the Optimum Movement? The novel places him in London. Maybe he is back. Would be a GREAT villain for this altered timeline.

506. Flux Conundrum - December 4, 2012

I’m still thinking its a rogue Section 31 Augment with ties to Terra Prime.

507. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 4, 2012

Suddenly BC’s intro to the 2012 Olympics seems a lot darker:

“London is about to cry out, with heart and soul…

…let the games begin.”


508. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 4, 2012

@506 – *let the games commence.

Whoops :-P

509. Flux Conundrum - December 4, 2012

‘In early drafts of the Augments trilogy in the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise, Manny Coto had intended to use Green as the villain of the piece, played by Peter Weller.’

Until they announce who Weller is playing i still think Terra Prime has something to do with it.

510. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

@469 kunundrum,

It’s pretty obvious you are biased in favor of Khan, and while at this point I would be OK with Khan considering how disparately the character would be depicted given this synopsis, I still don’t understand given what we know how you think Khan would fit in here? Moreover, as Orci has stated the presumed Comberbatch/villain is from canon. So either he is lying, or being disingenuous if the villain is not a NAMED character from canon. This whole minor “b” player, or previously unknown augment from The Botany Bay, or Enterprise would be the worst possible revelation after Orci’s setup.

If you can give me any logical explanation for how Khan fits the following, then I’m happy to give it consideration, but given what we know now, Khan just seems like the least possible prospect.

1. We have the teaser poster which presumably depicts Comberbatch who looks NOTHING like Khan, Ricardo Montlaban, or the character’s ethnic derivations.

2. “an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization” — Khan has nothing to do with Starfleet. It’s hard for me to even imagine another scenario where Khan would ever agree to serve Starfleet in any official capacity, much less Starfleet inviting Khan to serve once eh knew who he was. He would be locked into a deep underground lab and studied.

3. “With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.” — Since when is Khan a one man weapon of mass destruction? What makes him a WMD? True in any given bar fight, he could probably could have cleaned up. But one man without weapons? Khan’s not much stronger than your average Vulcan. And more importantly what personal score does Kirk have to settle with Khan? Technically the personal score was the other way around in TWOK. Space Seed never introduced any kind of personal feelings between the two men. Unless Comberbatch does something to one of Kirk’s family in this timeline, but what would be Khan’s motivation to intentionally harm one of Kirk’s own? And even so why make it Khan? If Kirk’s gonna go on a personal vendetta over a villain coincidentally killing one of his own, it could be anybody.

4. “As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game”
What does chess have to do with Khan? Why say this if it’s Khan?

So while you could shoe-horn Khan into this synopsis, cast, and teaser poster … Why? This story is not suited to Khan as a villain at all, and moreover, too much backstory has to be explained, which took the better part of an hour in Space Seed. So now they’re going to do that and tell a brand new complicated story on top of that? Just seems like a lot of work for a villain the general non-Trek audience the producers are targeting could care less about.

511. falcon - December 4, 2012

Okay, how about this?

(….admittedly off the wall, but here goes…)

In the novel “Federation” by Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, the main antagonist was named Adrik Thorsen. He was the main leader of a political movement called the Optimum. The Optimum movement held to the belief (much as the Nazis did in WWII) that only those who were “optimal” (in terms of health, looks, political persuasion, etc.) were allowed to be part of society – and later, to live. Early on in the novel, the plot line involved Zefram Cochrane (assuming the Glenn Corbett version) after his trip to Alpha Centauri becoming entangled with Thorsen, who wanted the secret of the “warp bomb” (read the book for an explanation). Eventually Thorsen and Cochrane both wind up in the 24th Century with Thorsen finally defeated.

What if Cumberbatch is Thorsen, the Optimum is a political movement spawned after the destruction of Vulcan, and as a result of Thorsen’s actions Kirk’s mother and brother are killed? It would obviously have to be greatly modified to fit into a Star Trek story, and there may not be enough “there” there to justify a full movie.

Like I said, off the wall stuff. But my money’s still on Gary Mitchell (what if he’s British?). Or maybe even Sherlock Holmes. :-)

512. falcon - December 4, 2012

@504 – darn it, you beat me to it. :-)

513. Robman007 - December 4, 2012


514. Smike - December 4, 2012

At this point Khan can be virtually ruled out as the villain UNLESS someone else pulls the strings from WITHIN Starfleet. Someone else (Weller’s character maybe) could have salvaged the Botany Bay in order to turn Khan and his followers into his own WMD…

If Weller is indeed Paxton’s heir (son, grandson etc), he might still want to create human augments to dominate the galaxy. In this case, it could be explained why this version of Khan cuts of his long hair in the process.
But if Khan is played by Weller’s character or anyone else as if he was a chess piece, it doesn’t explain Kirk’s personal vendetta. On the other hand, Khan is not just a puppet that can be played by his master but a artificially born mastermind himself and Weller could have indeed raised some evil spirits by bringing him back to Earth. Maybe he rebels against Weller’s character, kills Pike in the process and thus makes Jim Kirk go after him…

At this point, it’s pointless (but still fun) to root for Khan. The description is much closer to Mitchell or Garth. Still, it would be fun if it turned out to be Khan and Alice Eve is no one else but a younger Dr Carol Marcus, somewhat involved with Weller’s genetic engineering project… Maybe Kirk’s son David is already five years old and killed in Khan’s rebellion against his master…

So maybe it’s not that unlikely after all… I dunno…

515. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 4, 2012

Khan would never put himself in the postion of having a master, When he left Earth, this is a guy who ruled 3/4th of the Earth before fleeing the planet.
He isnt someone who will do someone elses bidding, especially someone who is not on the same level physically and intellectually

516. kunundrum - December 4, 2012

@ 509 Curious Cadet

How did you get that I favor Khan? I agree with all your points and feel that Khan is not the villain. Definitely NOT.

I was scolded by this fine community to have an “open mind”, so I just threw Khan into my ruminations about character age for those who cling to him.

I favor a new villain from within canon, leaning toward either a section 31 rogue or a former classmate of Kirk’s who has a personal vendetta.

517. Smike - December 4, 2012

Or maybe it IS Khan, but with Mitchell’s ESPer powers. Weller’s character could have learned about the Mitchell incident, salvaged the Bontany Bay and taken Khan to the Galactic Barrier (or just exposed him to the same kind of radiation) in order to turn him into an even more power WMD… An already genetically enhanced augment like Khan could be further enhanced by that sort of radiation to turn him into THE ultimate weapon.

The destruction of Vulcan and a significant part of the fleet by an alien threat has certainly created some panic amongst the ranks of Starfleet, now rooting for a far more radical solution in order to protect Earth from further threats. But by doing so, they may have created an even greater evil…Super-Khan…

If it is Khan, it cannot be the Khan we know. He simply is not powerful enough. But with Mitchell’s almost godlike abilities (also explaining his shiny eyes as seen on that teaser banner), he could indeed be the ultimate WMD…

518. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 4, 2012

hmm well if this movie is emulating Dark Knight Rises then perhaps the next film will emulate Days of Future past lol i kid….
Or do I?

519. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 4, 2012

517, thats grasping quite a bit lol

520. Smike - December 4, 2012

@514: Agreed. But he might not have had a choice at first. He was asleep and might have been taken captive and moved to a secret laboratory on Earth….maybe in LONDON! There he might have been exposed to ESP radiation to enhance his powers not unlike Mitchell…

Then he rebelled and killed everyone in his way, including Pike, five-year-old David Marcus or Kirk’s brother… Of course you can’t restrain him for too long, but Paxton Jr. might have believed that he could control him. A big mistake as it turned out… See my point?

I don’t want to say it IS Khan, but that it COULD be… But it could be Mitchell himself or Garth of Izar as well…

521. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 4, 2012

Jamie Foxx is officially confirmed as the Villian in the next spiderman movie and its months from filming.
Star Trek ITD, opens in 6 months and we still can’t get official confirmation on Cumberbatch’s character.

522. Smike - December 4, 2012

If I’m right, that might even give a new meaning to Urban’s statement. Cumberbatch doesn’t play the original Gary Mitchell but a “version” of a guy like that, be it Khan or Garth of Izar with ESPer powers or a clone of the deceased Mitchell recreated by Weller…

I still think it could be the original Mitchell though. In WNMHGB, he was able to reduce his heartbeat to the point of death and revive himself again. Maybe he never actually died in the comic book… There is still that VERY powerful torpedo hint…

523. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 4, 2012

but then that turns Khan into a comic book cliche, and to reiterate again, Khan ruled 3/4 of the planet, without comitting Genocide, or causing destruction and death, So that theory just chucks the characters backstory out the window.(that wouldnt be altered in this universe since it took place long before Nero altered the timeline

524. Mark James Tucker A Man And His Dream - December 4, 2012

SMike, i to agree that i believe that its very well going to be Mitchell.

525. Robman007 - December 4, 2012

Or…Khan was found by Peter Wellers group/company and genetically modified to change his appearance so he could easily infiltrate Starfleet…since most would possibly recognize him after a while….just a theory

526. Mark James Tucker a Man And his Dream - December 4, 2012

Its Mitchell

“Cumberbatch: (on his character) “He is very ruthless…He is not a clearly GOOD or EVIL character. He is a villain but the actions he takes has intent and reason.”

527. enterprise1965 - December 4, 2012

People this isn’t your father’s Star Trek. JJ has has created an epic masterpiece.

528. Robman007 - December 4, 2012

“There is still that VERY powerful torpedo hint…”

Then why have a prequel series comic book if THAT was the prequel? I’m sure that Cumberpatch will be someone that can be easily explained within the confines of the film..then again, who knows.’

I’m going with either

1. Garth of Izar
2. Gary Mitchell
3. Kor/Kang or Koloth
4. Khan
5. An original creation that is being sent to destroy the federation by the secret main villian….William Shatner.

529. Robman007 - December 4, 2012

I still think this whole trilogy of films will end with either

1. Something happening to restore the original universe, and the final shot will be of the actors playing the characters of the original series, on a recreation of the original bridge with the last shot being of the original Enterprise


Will lead into an alternate universe TNG movie series

530. BaronByng - December 4, 2012

Looking into the official site’s source code, there’s commented-out lines that refer to the trailer player and countdown images; – they cleverly, though, included fake YouTube video IDs as values in the Javascript… one is just a link to the 2009 trailer; the other is a Diddy music video. No hidden clues or alternate reality game this time around?

531. kunundrum - December 4, 2012

@ 525 Mark James Tucker

Mitchell’s dead in this timeline, so he’ll need an elaborate backstory montage and plot device to be resurrected. As pointed out prior, it IS possible.

Your quote could also fit Garth or an unnamed character, as well. :-)

I personally now feel that Garth is too old for Cumby to play him.

532. Smike - December 4, 2012


The later… They won’t restore the original timeline because, according to the Supreme Court, it has never gone anywhere. It is just an alternate reality. So there is nothing to restore…

Also I hope there won’t be only a trilogy of movies but 4-5 movies AT LEAST featuring Kirk, Spock etc… After that, we should be gettin g some sort of TNG reboot, be it on the big screen or for TV…

As I posted some time ago, I hope that Tom Hardy will play a darker version of Picard in any kind of TNG reboot. I want Tom Hiddlestone as Data and a female Lillian T. Riker getting down and dirty time and again. :-) I could also imagine Kristen Stewart as Deanna Troy. Very empathic actress.

533. Smike - December 4, 2012

“I personally now feel that Garth is too old for Cumby to play him.”

Right, but not Peter Weller. Garth could actually be that Starfleet CO he referred to in an interview…But I hope he is a decendent of Paxton though…

534. enterprise1965 - December 4, 2012


I love this idea. Are you watching Bob Orci?

535. kunundrum - December 4, 2012

@ 531

Hiddleston as Data! I didn’t even think of that! Awesome!

Fassbender pulled off a pretty great android, as well….albeit creepy. haha

Hardy’s now too buffed out from TDKR to play Picard, IMHO. :-P

536. Smike - December 4, 2012

BUT: Steve Ihnat was only 37 when he died, four years after he had played Garth on TOS… Cumby is 36… Ihnat was 33… So Garth is NOT too old…

537. kunundrum - December 4, 2012

@ 532 Smike

Weller may be Garth. However, I feel that he’s too old. Garth is around 25 years Kirk’s senior. Pine is 32 and Weller is 65. Although, anything is possible with Hollywood magic. haha

I, too, prefer the Paxton lineage idea.

538. Smike - December 4, 2012


Look here:

539. kunundrum - December 4, 2012

@ 535

Also a very good point. As I said in my comment about relative ages, I’m sure that Garth would be using his shape-shifting abilities to look younger. Vanity would definitely be within the domain of a megalomaniac.

Now Garth is back on the table for me. Dammit! haha

540. kunundrum - December 4, 2012

@ 537


541. Aurore - December 4, 2012

…Still drowning in the speculation, Mr. Orci ?

I still favour a new character to the canon, by the way…


…A new title too….


542. Robman007 - December 4, 2012

I’ve always thought that Jim Parsons would be an interesting Data. He kinda plays an arrogant version of the android on Big Bang Theory. Moves very android like too. Would be interesting…

If Khan will indeed be a villian at some time in the future (if not this film, then the next) then Javier Bardem would be awesome. He was pretty killer in Skyfall. Very intimidating when he needed to be.

@531…I get that too…but even if it ended with a shot of some of the multiple realities, would be kinda neat to get a shot of the actors playing TOS reality with all the TOS bells and whistles…or have a 30-35 years later shot with Shatner and Nimoy.

543. Robman007 - December 4, 2012

Actually, an interesting twist would be to save Khan for the TNG alternate universe. Imagine that the 1701 never came across him and Khan became Picards foe…..that would be awesome.

544. Smike - December 4, 2012

Kunundrum, you are 537 yourself :-) I take it you refer to the picture link though…

545. CJS - December 4, 2012


But that wasn’t Mitchell at all. Mitchell’s actions did not have intention or reason behind them, he was corrupted by suddenly acquire godlike powers. He wasn’t trying to fix things or reacting to an injustice, he just realized that the people around him were mere insects that he could crush at a whim.

I’m beginning to think that this character is not from the TOS canon at all, but rather an entirely original villain.

546. Smike - December 4, 2012

@543: Good idea. But then I want Kirk to fight the Borg… With the Narada having been updated by Borg technology (according to Countdown), the Borg might have picked up the Narada’s signature. They may now be well on their way to the Alpha Quadrant…

547. boborci - December 4, 2012

541. Aurore

Drowning? no… swimming… big difference….

548. dswynne - December 4, 2012

“When Starfleet is in ashes, Kirk has my permission to DIE!”

Didn’t come up with it, but I thought it was funny enough to pass along, given the nature of the poster. :-)

549. Aurore - December 4, 2012

“Drowning? no… swimming… big difference….”


Big difference indeed, sir!

Now, if you’ll excuse me ; I have to monitor the frequency of a thread regarding a teaser supposed to debut online December 6 th….

550. dalek - December 4, 2012

Awesome poster! Very excited. That’s all I have to say!!!

551. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 4, 2012

#547 – Oh good. I was getting concerned there for a bit that you could actually drown. If that were the case, monitoring frequencies be damned…:)

@Bob Orci –
As far as I know, I have to import both the TOS TV series and the latest comics relating to this alternate universe. However, I can get hold of all four seasons of Enterprise and I now have all four seasons of Fringe on DVD.

That poster reminds me so much of the scene from an episode of Enterprise that I am wondering if a character or race, technology, sci-fi cosmo-science coming out of this series will not play a large part in the movie. Would it be helpful if I and my son shared the cost of getting all the Enterprise seasons in order to get a good understanding and backstory of what is to come in Star Trek Into Darkness?


Or should I just stick with Fringe?

Or are the answers to these questions too spoilerish? Oh dear…

552. Smike - December 4, 2012

The Xindi? Seriously? Again? After almost 100 years? I honestly don’t think that’s a possibility. The only possible ENT connection for insiders might be Weller’s character… ENT wasn’t that popular…

553. Dutch - December 4, 2012

In “Space Seed” Spock uses the description “genetic super men.”
Don’t “super men” (and women) typically (but not always) wear capes?

554. Smike - December 4, 2012

@553: Yeah, and they used to wear red underwear… I’m sure Darth Khan Mitchell of Izar won’t wear those LOL

555. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES BluRay & DVD went on sale today!

LOL, how’s that for timing with the release of this poster yesterday? Coincidence? Conspiracy!?

556. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

Smike, Kinundrum, a little refresher in order here:

According to Orci — Weller does not play a character from Canon. Now that does not prohibit him from technically being related to canon if the character never existed prior, so a connection to Paxton would certainly be possible, if however misleading on Orci’s part. It’s worth noting that a story was published about Paxton in an alternate universe where he managed to destroy Star Fleet in order to isolate the Earth from the rest of the galaxy.

Alice Eve is 30 and plays a character from canon. She’s already the right age to play any of the blondes … Carol Marcus, Dr. Dehner, Yoeman Rand, Nurse Chapel, or even Areel Shaw. And I prefer any of these options to Dehner whose role at this point in the story could really be played by any character. The others are iconic. Dehner is a nobody when removed from WNMHGB, and a canon relationship (for the hard core fans) is likely wasted on this role, in much the same way Delta Vega was wasted as a planet name in ST09.

Finally, Comberbatch plays a canon character. And while it could literally be anybody if Red Matter comes into play, and/or the Galactic Barrier, Archon/Denevan mind control, and some other Xmen-like genetic alterations are introduced. But it would be significantly deceitful to pull some minor character from a one-off episode of a non-TOS series, or worse yet the concept of a character played by a background extra with no name or lines. So the idea of some random augment from Enterprise (or TOS for that matter) being the villain is just repulsive to me, however little it may matter to the audience.

But let me say after reading some of the wild speculation in the last several posts, I’m actually sort of alarmed at the possibility that this could be an X-men type story about Paxton’s descendent (driven by the Narada incursion) developing a “super-human” soldier possessing mind-control, controlled god-like Mitchell-esque powers, and possibly even Tribble-related super-healing powers (seriously, read the comic), all technologies that were explored in the comic series. Weller’s creation gets away and turns on Starfleet. And perhaps it is Carol Marcus working for Weller who is pregnant with Kirk’s son. Killing her would be a sure way to get Kirk to go after someone. I still doubt it could be Khan if for no other reason than the villain needs a motivation for all the destruction. Of course Khan could be really upset that he was revived and kept in captivity, so he’s out for revenge on all those who wronged him, and we all know how Khan feels about revenge. But that’s an awfully elaborate setup, and it still doesn’t explain Khan being a member of Starfleet, unless Comberbatch isn’t actually in Starfleet, but just wearing the clothes like Khan did in Space Seed, or Q, and the reference in the synopsis is to Weller and the Starfleet intelligence shadow organization and not a single individual.

But I’m not really sure this is a movie I want to see.

557. dmduncan - December 4, 2012

556: “Alice Eve is 30 and plays a character from canon. She’s already the right age to play any of the blondes … Carol Marcus, Dr. Dehner, Yoeman Rand, Nurse Chapel, or even Areel Shaw. And I prefer any of these options to Dehner whose role at this point in the story could really be played by any character.”

Not necessarily true.

Dr. Dehner is important because she is one of only two people on the Enterprise to survive whatever the galactic barrier did to susceptible people AND to survive it. The galactic barrier left most crewmembers unbothered, but it killed others, and it gave Mitchell and DEHNER their unique powers.

So it is not true that she is interchangeable with any of those other characters. And that difference may be THE difference they needed for her role in this movie.

So it IS making sense to see Alice Eve sporting Dr. Dehner’s hairstyle. She can bring something to the story that we KNOW makes her a rare character not replaceable by just any woman with blond hair.

558. dmduncan - December 4, 2012

excuse me.

In 557, the words “AND to survive it” should be “AND to develop super psi powers.”

559. dmduncan - December 4, 2012


“Dehner is important because she is one of only two people on the Enterprise to survive whatever the galactic barrier did to susceptible people AND to develop super psi powers from it.”

560. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

@557 dmduncan,

Got it. Reasonable point.

However, she is not in the comic. Due to some previous relationship with Dr. McCoy, she refused to get on the ship at Aldebaron. Therefore she was never affected by the galactic barrier. Now, while she may well be more susceptible to posession by the entity than others, her personnel file only indicates her abilities are “better than average”, while Gary Mittchell is described as “well above average”. By no means fact, the implication is that there are many in the Federation who would have high enough esper quotients to be targeted by the barrier as well.

So I’m looking at it from outside the movie as an average audience member who knows little about Trek, and certainly not anything about Dehner. In that context, and the fact Dehner was not on the ship when Mitchell was posessed at the galactic barrier, her presence seems moot. Now Orci may well have decided (assuming Mitchell is the villain) that there is someing else about both Mitchell and Dehner that made them susceptible to possession by the entity, and he may have wanted to make Eve Dehner for the fans, just like he wanted to call the world where Kirk was marooned in ST09 Delta Vega … All I’m saying is that it makes no difference to the non-Trek audience, and I personally would much rather Eve be a more major canon player for my money and let some new character be in possession of these special attributes that attracts the entities. I think the hairstyle is a red herring either way. She may well be Dehner, but I don’t think the hairstyle can in any way be a guarantee.

561. Disinvited - December 4, 2012

#552. Smike

Aren’t you forgetting a certain Admiral Archer mentioned by Scotty in the 2009 flick? It certainly is possible that he has an ENT/Xindi connection?

562. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

@ 557 dmduncan,

One more thing about the hair … While duplicating the iconic hairstyles of the men, pointed sideburns, etc. makes sense as these were devised at the time to have futuristic uniform look to them, the women’s hairstyles were straight out of Gidget (I.e. the sixties). So I would not expect them to copy the hairstyle of the women. After all Zoe’s hair in Trek looks NOTHING like Nichols’ hair ever did. In the case of Alic Eve, the hairstyle in the leaked picture is not so different from the way she normally wears her hair. Aside from length, there are a number of pictures online resembling the overall style.

563. dmduncan - December 4, 2012

Nothing is a guarantee. We’re talking what is more likely. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that as a screenwriter, Bob is thinking of the kind of “twist” between the universes where some other character ends up with Dr. Dehner’s hairstyle. I think they made Alice Eve look like Dehner because that is the character she is playing. It is, I think, a simpler explanation, but that is no guarantee it is the correct one — as I am fond of reminding those who rely too much on Occam’s Razor for more than it can prove.

The Gary Mitchell theory is now the leading theory not because of any one item of evidence, but for a whole bunch of items at the top of which I think you’d have to put Karl Urban’s slip of the tongue.

And you are right that it doesn’t make any difference to the non fan audience, but Bob Orci is a fan, and he is a fan writing for other fans, so it does matter to him. The canon references will be invisible to general audiences, but they will provide FANS with an extra dimension of enjoyability.

564. dmduncan - December 4, 2012


LOL! Hey man, I have found that very small differences — to MEN — in how women wear their hair, account for very BIG differences to the women who have those hairstyles.

I see how some of Alice Eve’s hairstyles might look Dehner-ish, but then her in-character hairstyle is a much closer approximation of it. She IS playing a character there, and she DID go through hair and makeup work for that specific look.

565. Gary S. - December 4, 2012

What about Flint as a possible villain for the sequel?
He was born in Mesopotamia.
Mesopatamia was once under British rule.
Flint is immortal.
Perhaps he lost someone close to him durring this period.
That might explain the possible presence of London in the poster .
And, Flint had many identities .
Perhaps he was once Kodos .
And there is your score for Kirk to settle .
Just a theory .

566. Starship Captain - December 4, 2012

Why does everyone think the villan is from TOS…. Consider the possibilities if he were from TNG, DS9 etc…

567. Curious Cadet - December 4, 2012

@556 Captain,

I suggested just this a number of posts back, but do not have enough experience with the 24th century series (or Enterprise for that matter) to suggest any viable candidates. Obviously if the villain was created in TNG spinoffs, he would have to have been alive in the 2250s (and appear to be in his mid-30s).

So, given this criteria, whom would you suggest?

568. Disinvited - December 4, 2012

#563. dmduncan

Slip of the tongue or from his 20+ years of ToS fandom?

569. shamelord - December 5, 2012

Batman Into Darkness – nice poster

570. Astrophysicophile - December 5, 2012

183. In 476, in response to 247, I pointed out that either Garth is not human, or he is human but is a colonist of Izar. So, he is either a humanoid or human colonist from Izar who has a mostly American accent with somewhat arrogant snarl of a British villain.

571. Astrophysicophile - December 5, 2012

484. According to the episode, the Antos race taught him the techniques of cellular metamorphosis to restore the destroyed parts of his body, but he later learned to use the technique to recreate himself into any form he wished. So, he just used his abilities for a new purpose, not extend and expand them. I’m glad you mentioned cells being like nanites, as I think his cells now being nanites is the best explanation for how cellular metamorphosis works, although metamorphosis of billions of cells in seconds would require the rapid release and use of so much energy that the user would have to avoid burning up – in real living things, the release and use of energy in cellular respiration is comparatively very low for that reason.

He probably couldn’t have very far, as he could only use his technique for new purposes.

As for him never repairing whatever was driving him insane, I don’t think he could have, since he was insane. The Antos race should have monitored his brain more carefully while he was restoring the rest of his body.

572. Starshipcaptain - December 5, 2012

@567…. Q

573. Lt. Daniels - December 5, 2012

With Picard being cloned in Nemesis how about Kirk being cloned and his evil cloned is growing older fast then Shatner can be the villain?

574. Kenji - December 5, 2012

Garth of Izar was a legend of tactical genius, but was he a one man WMD? Who had those powers in Trek besides Mitchell?

Trelane – effectively a Q, so uber-powerful, but not from within Starfleet

Charlie X – crazy powerful, but he’s not from Starfleet.

Matt Decker – from Starfleet. But not himself powerful, unless he had somehow got to drive the Doomsday Machine, a fleet-eradicating weapon par excellence.

It’s the “from within Starfleet” thing that gets me. There have been quite a few really powerful beings — Lucien, the Plato’s Stepchildren creeps, the Gamesters of Triskelion, and so on. And a number of Starfleet a-holes, you had Ron Tracey, Dr. Daystrom, Merrick. Putting the two together is tricky.

575. Dutch - December 8, 2012

I think Cumberbatch’s character could be a new character, but one that has been inhabited by a canon character: Redjac.
He states that he has returned. In regard to it being London on the poster, Redjac had been in London before leaving Earth.
It would also explain the devastation he’s causing: he’s looking for fear (beyond vengeance).
There’s also the scream of Eve’s. There tend to be screams when Redjac is around.

576. Jonny Boy - December 9, 2012

Not gonna join in the speculation lol, but I’ll offer my take on improving the poster… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.