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Star Trek Game Release Date Set To April 23 2013 + Pre-orders Include Exclusive Content December 20, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (JJverse game) , trackback

Today Namco Bandai has announced an official release date for their upcoming Star Trek video game, which is set between the 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek Into Darkness. The game will be in stores on April 23rd. You can also pre-order the game now. More info on this exciting upcoming title below including a new screenshot of the USS Enterprise. 


Star Trek The Game Coming April 23rd

Today Namco Bandai announced that Star Trek the game will be released on April 23rd (April 26th in Europe). This new cooperative game is being developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It is scheduled for release April 23, 2013. The game features a brand new story (written by BAFTA award winner Marianne Krawczyk and overseen by Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzmen). The game is set in the new Star Trek movie universe between the 2009 film and the 2013 sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness.

New shot of the USS Enterprise from "Star Trek" game (click to enlarge)

In the game you chose to play as either Kirk or Spock in an adventure set on New Vulcan. You work together in cooperative mode with either a friend or AI controlling the other character. While you deal with the Gorn (yes Gorns!) who have invaded New Vulcan, you will deal with the other crewmembers of the USS Enterprise. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the other stars of the Star Trek movie have provided their voices for the game.

They have also released new box art for the title (below).

Box art for Star Trek game (click to enlarge)

The retail price is $59.99. You can pre-order the game right now at Amazon. [XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION 3]. The PC version will be available as a digital download. Pricing for the PC version and links to where you can purchase will be made available soon. More pre-order links to other retailers at the official site.

All pre-orders for the game will also include access to the “Elite Officer Pack,” which features exclusive items and unique uniforms for legendary characters Kirk and Spock.
The exclusive “Elite Officer Pack” will include:

• Stealth Pack – Kirk and Spock stealth uniforms, plus Starfleet Type IV Stealth Sniper Rifle and extra ammo
• Brawler Pack – Kirk leather jacket costume and Spock Vulcan Science Academy costume
• Kelvin Pack – Kirk and Spock U.S.S. Kelvin uniforms, plus U.S.S. Kelvin Hand Phaser
• Academy Pack – Kirk Academy Uniform, Spock Officer Dress Uniform, plus Academy Phaser
• Kobayashi Maru Pack – Kirk and Spock Kobayashi Maru uniforms

Parts of the special "Elite Officer Pack"

More info on Star Trek Game

This new Star Trek game has already picked up accolades from the gaming press, winning awards at the last two E3 gaming conventions. Click here to read TrekMovie’s impressions of the game demo from this year’s E3.

To catch you up, here are a couple videos of the game.

E3 2012 Demo Footage showing two-person cooperation

Gamescon 2012 Trailer

And here is a breakdown of the story and features of the game


For the first time ever, game players will get to play as two of the greatest science-fiction heroes ever — Kirk and Spock – in the award-winning STAR TREK, a completely original co-op experience that expands the Star Trek universe even further. Set in the 23rd Century world of the massively popular Star Trek reboot, this cover-based shooter immerses players in a rich, original story and action-packed combat.

Developed by acclaimed Ontario-based Digital Extremes (Bioshock 2, Dark Sector, The Darkness 2), Star Trek features an original story by BAFTA Award-winning God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk, who created an all-new story.



· MEET THE CREW – The 2009 Star Trek film cast contributes their voices for the game, including Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock.

· EXPERIENCE AN ALL-NEW STORY – Set after the events of the 2009 theatrical hit, STAR TREK continues the sweeping journey through the new universe with a completely original story.

· EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE – Uncover new areas of the U.S.S. Enterprise, explore never-before-seen sectors throughout the galaxy including exotic planets, treacherous jungles, remote space stations, and venture onto New Vulcan.


· ULTIMATE CO-OP – Built from the ground up as a co-op experience, Star Trek packs two different gameplay styles and unique character abilities into one game. The result: the most fully realized co-op experience of this console generation.

· KIRK AND SPOCK REBORN – Play for the first time as two of the greatest science-fiction heroes ever. With the fate of the galaxy on the line, players must rely on each other to create a kick-ass team.


· THE GORN RETURN – Determined to conquer the galaxy, the Gorn return as re-imagined versions of the classic Star Trek villains, infecting their foes with venom that can poison, cause hallucinations, and even kill. Ranging in size and abilities, the Gorn seed mayhem and destruction as they decimate populations and ravage planets.

· SCOPE AND VARIETY – Authentic set pieces and ever-changing gameplay underscore the amazing STAR TREK adventure. Hijack enemy battleships, jump precariously through zero-G onto moving spaceships, and swim through subterranean waterways.

· 23rd CENTURY WEAPONS – Employ a wide variety of weapons and gear, that put you in complete control of a huge array of 23rd Century technology, including unique signature weapons for Kirk and Spock. Combined with your character’s special skills, every encounter and every no-win situation turns out differently based on who, what and how you play.


Stay tuned to TrekMovie for more on this upcoming title between now and the release in April.


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1. jorDe' - December 20, 2012

I see they are moving the New Kirk and Spock into the Main Line as fast.

2. SFC3 - December 20, 2012

I would buy it.

However there’s no PC listing.

3. Max - December 20, 2012

*eyeroll at the box art*. WTF is this anyway?

4. craig keith - December 20, 2012

#2 there is at the end of the trailer

However i wish the game was in 1st person … something like Elite force …. not bloddy 3rd person … the game just never looks as good

5. Anthony Pascale - December 20, 2012

I have added new screenshot of the Enterprise and images of the special officer bonus pack contents

6. Exverlobter - December 20, 2012

Licence-games ALWAYS suck!

7. Anthony Pascale - December 20, 2012

When PC download pre-order is available I will send out a tweet at and also update the article

8. Gorn Captain - December 20, 2012

In spite of the ad copy, Kirk has been playable in a game before. ;)

9. Sci-Fiddy - December 20, 2012

It looks to me like the article was copy pasted 3 times? there’s 3 sets fo videos and 3 sets of box arts…

in any case, i may have to distract the PS3 from it’s primary function (Netflix player) to play this game…

10. Anthony Pascale - December 20, 2012

I have seen this game in action. It doesn’t ‘suck’ like licensed games. It has already won awards from the gaming press at two E3s in a row. If they rushed out a game in 2009 it probably would have sucked but Bad Robot people are all gamers so they waited. This is not a crappy tie-in to INTO DARKNESS, this is a new adventure set between the movies. They have been working on it for years

11. Exverlobter - December 20, 2012

“They have been working on it for years”

Well, than it can be the next “Elite Force”. Or “Bridge Commander”. THose are very rare examples of good Trek-Games.

12. Sunfell - December 20, 2012

I’m not a gamer, but this might be what turns me into one.

13. Saiyan - December 20, 2012

I like the gorn in STO better. Look forward to trying out the game

14. njdss4 - December 20, 2012

I’m glad there will be a PC version. I’m kinda done with consoles. I would hope it’ll be available through Steam.

15. kregano - December 20, 2012

Planning to pre-order on PC, but I’m really worried Namco Bandai will drop the ball on that front due to Japan not really having a PC game market to begin with.

16. Jamie - December 20, 2012

Licensed games usually suck because they’re developed in like 8 months to a year, sometimes even shorter, so they can be released at the same time the movie was. This game has been in development for twice as long as that and the delay of the movie itself game them even more time. If it still sucks after getting all of that time then they deserve a lot of criticism but I’m hopeful right now.

17. harley3k - December 20, 2012

“New Vulcan is dead ahead, captain.” — Woah!

Towards the end of the second video – the character flying through space resembles a shot from the trailer. Interesting.

18. JohnRambo - December 20, 2012

can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Anthony Pascale - December 20, 2012

RE: stuff in game and in movie trailer

It is my understanding that like the comics the game has some links to the movie and vice versa. It may be minor stuff but I think you will be rewarded with little easter egg or two

RE: Steam
I believe it will be available via Steam (and elsewhere) as a PC download

20. Stef* - December 20, 2012

What’s up with these Weapons? Does every game has to focus on a shooting out to save the world?

Spock’s not generally running around like Rambo.I’m beginning to wonder where this is leading to and if one should follow this path.

I would wish more focus on the sciences and future possibilities, not the shiny new weapons.

21. DeBeckster - December 20, 2012

Why don’t they ever make these things for Wii?

22. THX-1138 - December 20, 2012

The dialogue “spoken” by Kirk in the first vid is……not so much good. Blasting away at the Gorn (?) he says, “Scotty’s gonna love this!”


I don’t play video games all that much but it seems that in a lot of them the dialogue is laughable.

Anyway, at least now we know who John Harrison is:

A disguised Gorn agent.

23. kregano - December 20, 2012

@Stef*: Well, it fits the more up tempo action of the movie(s), but Spock’s character gets to do a lot of stuff with the tricorder this game. I’d expect a bit more flexibility in conflict resolution if this was an action RPG, but honestly, after the long run of ship simulators, this is an interesting change of pace.

I’d totally be down for a turn based strategy Trek game though.

@DeBeckster: The Wii isn’t that popular among hardcore gamers due to its lack of processing power, motion controls, and has recently been obsoleted by the Wii U.

24. AJ - December 20, 2012

I like the idea of Kirk beaming into a fight in his leather jacket.

25. bciswes - December 20, 2012

What do we know about New Vulcan? Is this the first mention or has there bbeen anything in the comics?

26. SherlockFangirl - December 20, 2012

This is why I’m glad that my best friend lets me use her PS3 whenever I want.

27. SherlockFangirl - December 20, 2012

Also, is there a Facebook page for the game?

28. Captain Hackett - December 20, 2012

Gorns in this game? Way cool! :)

29. Exverlobter - December 20, 2012

I wonder if they show the awful engine-room in this game.

I hope (for the film) that they actually had the money this time to build an actual engine-room-set.

30. yerco - December 20, 2012

Is this Action RPG?

31. PEB - December 20, 2012

NOOOOO I was hoping for Feb or very early march release date. I cant wait that long :(

32. Craiger - December 20, 2012

Should the Gorn have been the villains in the sequel? I already have this game pre-ordered. The only thing not sure about the the other one player being AI if the AI gets hurt would you have to go over and heal him?

33. JHK - December 20, 2012

#11 Ya Elite Force is good, but come on Bridge Commander A.k.a boring ass Bridge Observer you got to be kidding that was a joke of a game boring as hell, this one looks like a real game not some boring thing with crap graphics, well take that back good for its day but now it is useless.

34. Jonboc - December 20, 2012

Count me in. Hell, I’d buy it just to walk around the ship….but add action/adventure 2 player co-op….as Kirk and Spock, no less?? Are you kidding me? I’ll have his the day it’s released, it looks great!

35. Mantastic - December 20, 2012

Looking forward to the game, but would it have killed them to add some color to the cover art?

It seems like everything from the new timeline after the last movie is either a drab monochrome battleground, or everything is blue and orange.

36. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2012

Okay, it’s a shooter. Guys who want the adventure Star Trek that used to be made by Interplay, fuh- get about it. This ain’t your father’s Star Trek game. That being said, it can still be Star Trek. Mass Effect is basically a shooter and it’s smart. So can the videogame Star Trek.

I also hope Digital Extremes thought about replay ability. Mass Effect 3 features co-op online combat. That game is going to be played for years. Maybe Star Trek can have an online combat simulator. And let’s hope for some DLC (downloadable content) It could be cool if you get to visit “strange new worlds.”

37. Robman007 - December 20, 2012

Looks good. Co-Op games are fun, especially when you can play as Kirk and Spock.

Love the Kelvin era phaser. Looks kinda like a Search for Spock phaser.

I do wish they would put the old Interplay Trek games on Steam. The 25th Anniversary game was tons of fun

38. RenderedToast - December 20, 2012

All over this come April. If it’s digital download only then it’ll be on Steam, so maybe some Trek related Team Fortress 2 goodies too. One can only hope!

39. kregano - December 20, 2012

I wish all the old Trek PC games would get released on Steam. They’re absurdly expensive on Amazon.

40. PEB - December 20, 2012

I think some people have confused TNG’s “stop and think” approach with TOS “cowboy diplomacy” approach. I’ve been watching a lot of TOS episodes lately and during away missions, they did a lot of running and jumping and rolling and hand-to-hand combat/phaser combat that TNG just didnt do. Why do so many fans seem to forget this? Kirk generally always led the landing party, got roughed up, and played action hero. Sure they came up with thoughtful ways of handling things but it was nowhere near Picard’s cup of tea (no pun intended there). If anything, a TNG game like this one would be blasphemy but this seems fine.
I’ll preorder for my xbox360. And I’d expect a TOS prime skin dlc post-release.

41. M.R.S. Johnson - December 20, 2012

Dont understand all the comparions to Mass effect. So, if Star Trek come out first would Mass effect be a copy cat?? Anyway, im stoked for the game, I have never played a Star Trek game before and now i get to play as Kirk or Spock?? Count me in plz!!

42. Emperor Mike of the Empire - December 20, 2012

This Game looks like fun.
I just wish they would do one about the Terran Empire. Now that would be fun.

43. kirk - December 20, 2012

i have to buy a 360, i still have the old xbox

44. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2012

@ 41

I’m just saying that a shooter can be smart, i.e. tell a great story and have big ideas. Mass Effect did. See humanity’s place in the universe, racism, whether synthetic life can be sentient, etc. The video game Star Trek can also have big ideas.

45. Craiger - December 20, 2012

I wonder if you say play Kirk and Spock dies could you just leave him their while you fight off the Gorn then Spock wakes up after you killed all the Gorn in that mission? Or you could go heal Spock. I think that’s how Mass Effect 3 worked.

46. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 20, 2012

Captain Kirk was not someone always seen running around in military style attire holding big weaponry. He was the captain of an explorer ship. Sure, he had to fight sometimes.

However, now it seems that the main image we get to see of him is when he is in fight mode. It is presenting an image that Star Trek is not about a peaceful way of being or even about promoting such a concept. It is showing quite the opposite – warmongering and promoting military defence/offence.

To make Star Trek more like this is bad karma.

“Those who live by the sword die by the sword”.

47. Iahael - December 20, 2012

One of the cool things about Star Trek is the back and forth it had between “peaceful exploration” and “military science fiction”, a dichotomy which the show and its follow ups never completely answered. Again, a great source of socio-political commentary, and, yes, the trailer looks great. Sure its a shooter, but try and imagine ST:TMP as a video game — dull, yes? But, then again, “The City on the Edge of Forever” or “Journey to Babel” could make fantastic games of a different sort.


48. MJ - December 20, 2012

Yawn! Bring on the movie, please.

49. opcode - December 20, 2012

Why no Wii U support?

50. Exverlobter - December 20, 2012

46. Rose (as in Keachick)
“However, now it seems that the main image we get to see of him is when he is in fight mode. It is presenting an image that Star Trek is not about a peaceful way of being or even about promoting such a concept. ”

You have not played Elite Force, have you?
This is not the first game, where Action is dominant.
Unless you produce a Baphomet-like point and click adventure-game it will necessarily have gonna Action in it. Quite normal.

51. MJ - December 20, 2012

@46 “However, now it seems that the main image we get to see of him is when he is in fight mode. It is presenting an image that Star Trek is not about a peaceful way of being or even about promoting such a concept. It is showing quite the opposite – warmongering and promoting military defence/offence. To make Star Trek more like this is bad karma.”

I agree with Rose 100%. This reduces ST to the lowest common denominator. Welcome to the Supreme Court cash grab, folks.

52. Craiger - December 20, 2012

As I said in another thread I think this is probably JJ’s way of what would happen if Roddenberry’s Utopian future was disrupted somehow? Cumberbatch in the trailer said, “You think you are safe, you are not.” However I wonder what Q would say?

53. Craiger - December 20, 2012

Also didn’t JJ and crew said TOS allways seemed too boring and not enough action and that they were allways figuring what to do in the turbo lift?

54. JP - December 20, 2012

I was going to buy this game, but the PC version is download only according to anthony’s article. As a result, I will not be buying it. I don’t have broadband where I live. Sorry Namco Bandai, you woulda had a sale if you had released a physical copy on PC.

55. Exverlobter - December 20, 2012

In Comparison to TNG the Original Series had plenty of action. I think what Abrams said was that he wished that the series would have had a higher budget.

56. K-7 - December 20, 2012

That screenshot above of the Enterprise from behind looks just terrible — it looks like the right nacelle got severely bent to the right? wtf?

57. Exverlobter - December 20, 2012


“I agree with Rose 100%. This reduces ST to the lowest common
denominator. Welcome to the Supreme Court cash grab, folks.”

As i said before. Most Trek games were like that. Plenty of action. There were some cool point and click adventures, but they were not the majority.

58. Anthony Thompson - December 20, 2012

This might be my first game purchase (in 57 years). However – I’m not happy w/ how the bridge is rendered. Yes, JJ’s bridge is much larger than the one in TOS. But not as large as portrayed in the game (at 0:41). Kirk and ‘the chair’ appear to be marooned on an island (at 0:45). He would need to shout to speak w/ anyone else on that bridge! The game designers need to fix that.


59. kregano - December 20, 2012

@Anthony Thompson: Third person game engines seem to have camera problems if you try to realistically scale interiors to the characters running around them, so game developers have to make them bigger to get things to feel right when playing.

60. Dr. Cheis - December 20, 2012

I hope I can get all that bonus stuff for the PC version!

61. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2012

@ 53 55

Hey Craiger,

Exverlobter (?) is right when J.J. Abrams did want a bigger budget for Star Trek. But Abrams did say something close to saying it was boring. First, he acknowledged that he wasn’t a fan. But here’s what he said,

“I always thought it was a little talky.” Entertainment Weekly, May 8, 2009, pg. 30.

Abrams was more of a Star Wars fan. Abrams said this,
“All my smart fans liked Star Trek. I preferred a more visceral experience.”
So Abrams wanted to do a Star Trek “that grabbed me the way Star Wars did.” Entertainment Weekly, Oct. 24, 2008, pg. 29.

A quick comment about the new movie. I liked the 2009 film but have criticized it for being Star Trek lite. From what I see of the new film, there’s much to be encouraged about. It looks deeper. They look like they’re going to address Kirk’s maturity issues. And get this. They opened the movie with a Prime Directive question, which by the way I’m going to look up to see if I got Roddenberry’s idea about it. The Prime Directive alone is something we can debate.

62. Magic_Al - December 20, 2012

I just got the voice version of Star Trek: 25th Anniversary working in Boxer on OS X so I’m kickin’ it old school. I’ll wait and see what the reviews are for this new one.

63. Ripped shirt Kirk - December 20, 2012

Woah…So de new Gorn gone from an intelligent space faring race to brainless roaring naked Jurassic park raptors???????

Way to go. Glad to see the new newTrek continues to be assraped. This really fills me with confidence on the new movie and newKlingons

Maybe next we can have newCardassians as cute fluffy Girbels.

64. MJ - December 20, 2012

@63. Did you really just use that word???

65. Ripped shirt Kirk - December 20, 2012

I used many words, can you neared down a bit?

66. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2012

I know it will never happen, but it would be very cool if a “Deep Space Nine” game was made in this style.

67. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2012


Ripped shirt Kirk,

You’re a f#cking idiot, man.

68. sean - December 20, 2012

Very first publicity still of Shatner as Kirk.

Nothing new here folks, move along.

69. sean - December 20, 2012


This is probably the closest you’ll get

70. Newman - December 20, 2012

Bob Orci will you be the Spock to my Kirk when this game comes out?

71. Ripped shirt Kirk - December 20, 2012


Glad for you you like the new Gorn, man.

Doesn’t make it less idiotic thought, but to which its own, man.

72. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2012


Go somewhere else. And try learning how to spell correctly.

73. Ripped shirt Kirk - December 20, 2012


Since you asked so politely… how about no… man.

Was that spelled correctly enough for you, man.

74. MJ - December 20, 2012

@65. You know exactly what word I am talking about. What kind of a pathetic moron uses a word like “assraped?”

You are not welcome here, troll.

75. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 20, 2012

#71 – Obviously you are oblivious to the offensive word you used in your post #63, which is what MJ called you out for. Oh dear…

Let me clue you in – nobody has a**raped Star Trek.

#69 – Oh my, another man with a golden gun. I have not seen that picture before, however I did not say that Kirk did not use gun, phasers, Kirk-fu, hand to hand combat. It is just that most of my memories of publicity shots for Star Trek were showing the main characters not carrying weapons.

OK, this is a game and games tend to be combative and competitive by nature, so I guess such pictures make some sense in a games context.

Still, I feel that I am seeing more pictures of these Star Trek TOS heroes looking more combative ( or sort of pissed off/snooty) than I feel comfortable with. I hope to see some pictures of the three (or four, if you include Lt Uhura) as a happier looking team. They don’t have to be grinning ear to ear or anything like that. They just need not be carrying offensive weapons on them, but setting an example of how to be better people, at least in the future.

I don’t think this is just about the Bad Robot team. Seeing more of these images (eg Kirk dressed in high tech body armour holding a big gun) is more of a reflection of society in general, here, there, everywhere…:(( Sorry, but can’t abide it, especially when it is happening to main Star Trek TOS characters.

JJ Abrams and co. – You could, perhaps, step outside the box on this one!

76. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2012

When there is a report on this iteration of Star Trek, there’s a debate of whether this game will respectfully represent Star Trek. I’m going to paraphrase AJ on this issue. When we were kids, there were Star Trek toys and comic books. The result of marketing to the young would be creating new fans. And Star Trek needs to appeal to young people. Look, I love Star Trek for its intelligence but the franchise must continue to add fans from the ranks of the young. It just has to do what it always has done. Be grand entertainment with something important to say.

Video games are gigantic business. And shooters are extremely popular. See Call of Duty, Halo, and Mass Effect. Yes, we old Trekkers loved Interplay’s Star Trek games. And the adventure game is not “walking dead.” Sorry for that. Adventure game “The Walking Dead” won Spike’s Video Game of the Year award. The market is still dominated by action games. Batman. Borderlands. Grand Theft Auto, etc.

I reiterate. You can still have smart science fiction in an action game. I find Halo, Mass Effect and Half Life to be smart, action games with big ideas. So let’s wait until we play this game. If it’s a mindless shooter, then critics will be right. But if it’s that grand combination, we’re in for a treat.

77. Commodore Adams - December 20, 2012

Will be picking up launch day. I have a feeling it will not be as in depth a sci fi game such as mass effect but its been a while since a Star Trek game was released on consoles so I will purchase it regardless.

78. THX-1138 - December 20, 2012

Can I also make a request?

I see in the still above of Kirk and Spock and the selection of weapons that they are dressed like they are getting ready to ride their Ninja motorcycles through the streets of Cleveland and hopefully impress the chicks at the local mall.

Can they never, ever dress like this in the movie?

79. THX-1138 - December 20, 2012

Plus, in the same pic I do not believe I have ever seen Spock look stupider.

A Vulcan dressed in what appears to be leather. In that pose. Not so much good.

80. Platitude - December 20, 2012

@6 Not true. Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City have proven you can make fantastic licensed games.

81. Ripped shirt Kirk - December 20, 2012


Hey, morality holder, I have three questions for you.

1.Is my word really more ofensive and out of line in this place than your’s personal insults?

2.Are you one of those selfrightest moralists that only focus in words but lack the intelligence to fathom that what they mean in the context used is diferent then if applied to a person?

3.Or I’m just being unfair and you just an ass that doesn’t tolerate diversity of opinion?


Since you aparently also can’t that what I said doesn’t mean what you think it means, if I was you in the future I wouldn’t be so hasty in make judgements and jump in the wagon “OMG U SAID DAT WORD”

Obviously since you don’t think a roaring naked raptor being a Gorn is beyond stupid, even more so than the Gorn in Enterprise, probably you are among those genius that also thought having a supernova theatening the Galaxy was sound science and not facepalm worthy, or that having someone going from Cadet to Captain regardless of his feats, was beleivable in whatever universe and not award dumb worthy.

I’m glad you have the Star trek you like, I on the other hand think Trek is being assraped and can’t wait to see someone else having its reins.

you don’t like my opinion… though.

82. Devils advocate - December 20, 2012

I’d like to play devils advocate for a second and respond to everyone criticizing the game for being all action.

I saw it at e3, and yes, there is action. But there’s also banter and exploration too. Yes, it’s JJtrek, but you need to keep in mind that just like the film, this game is not marketed just to us, it’s got to reach a wider audience. And in terms of gaming, action oriented trailers and screenshots grab the attention of average-joe-gamer. Would I like to see a trailer geared to us? Absolutely. There’s still time for that to happen. But to call a game not-trek when the majority of you haven’t had the opportunity to actually experience it is a bit premature.

It won awards for a reason, and watching the demo felt like watching the tv show, but fresh and new. Yes, there were some silly dialogs between Kirk and Spock, but there were plenty of genuinely trek moments that shined brightly.

Based on the media so far, I can see why it might put off the hardcore fans, but believe me, there’s more to this game than running and gunning. It’s got a bit of everything for everyone. At the end of the day it needs to sell to every demographic and has to be accessible to fans and non fans alike. You know what else that sounds like? Star Trek 2009.

Early marketing will always start broad. I just hope paramount or namco release something that showcases the exploration and adventure that was present in the e3 demo sooner than later.

83. Charla - December 20, 2012

Agree njdss4 Hope it is on Steam too… Awesome news Anthony that it will be!! I am in for sure for this game- looks fantastic!!

Oooh I just read Rose’s opinions (#46) about Kirk running around all military and etc… Very good points, indeed!! I am very excited for a new game, but it does seem like this is the way Star Trek is headed as well.

MJ your statement was also correct that it (violence) is the lowest common denominator of video games anymore. Sad statement really. I do think it would be a hard sell otherwise. Mass Effect, Portal, Portal 2 and Gary’s mod are some cool games with some exploration capabilities that have also done well. (Even these still all have some type of violence in them however.)

I am still going to buy it because it is Trek, and I am especially fond of TOS and the New Trek. I think they blend together nicely from their beginnings to TOS. I also like action/adventure games too. Most of all having this new game will help pass the time until the next movie. :)

84. boborci - December 20, 2012


deal! see you in cyberspace!

85. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2012


Listen, moron, you used the word “assraped” to describe the new Trek game and movies. You are clearly out of line to use such offensive words.

Now get the hell off this site and leave the rest of us alone!

86. Jack - December 20, 2012

I’m curious why it wasn’t released for Christmas — alhough all this Into Darkness mania did start a bit late…

There have been some ridiculous Trek games — like Conquest. Which was about eliminating every other race in the galaxy.

I’d like to actually play it before judging. Games like Assassin’s Creed aren’t entirely about fighting. I’m hoping this is as clever and immersive.

87. MJ - December 20, 2012

@81. LOL. All of a sudden you can type full paragraphs and sound reasonable?

Nice try, troll.


88. Buzz Cagney - December 20, 2012

You can really see the nacelles is all of their bloated, oversized magnificence there.

89. Elias Javalis - December 20, 2012

Star Trek games have a loooong history! It just doesn’t translate well to next generation gamers! A vast universe as it is, full of grand ideas, it is more than a shooter!

If the current star trek game does not do well with next gen gamers, who cares, their miss – our hit!!

90. K-7 - December 20, 2012

Where did this “Ripped shit Kirk” guy come from?

What a jackass!

91. - December 20, 2012

Abrams has made Star Trek cool.

So may friends who once would never had anything to do with Trek are busting with excitement over the upcoming movie.

Just wish they would push the Kirk, Spock and McCoy thing rather than just Kirk and Spock.

92. - December 20, 2012

Who doesn’t want to Hear McCoy yelling “are you out of your vulcan mind?” from their nintendo?

93. K-7 - December 20, 2012

#88. The video is out of proportion. I am looking at my model right now for comparison, and that nacelle view is much smaller then on this distorted video. Plus, as I mentioned in my earlier post, the video is so bad that it looks like someone twisted the right nacelle to the right. All in all, that is a horrid screen shot/video, and does not accurately represent the new E.

94. Cygnus-X1 - December 20, 2012

19. Anthony Pascale – December 20, 2012

Anthony, I saw a few days ago that you had an exchange with boborci regarding whether comic books and other non-TV, non-film Trek is canon. He seemed to regard only TV and film as canon, if I remember correctly. Do we have an official position at this point regarding video games, as well as all of the other non-TV, non-film Trek?

95. Nano - December 21, 2012

What no lens flare

96. gunner_thomas - December 21, 2012

Does the PS3 version still come with the phaser attachment?

97. Red Shirt Diaries - December 21, 2012

Ripped shirt Kirk,

You are classless.

98. Cygnus-X1 - December 21, 2012

19. Anthony Pascale – December 20, 2012


I posted earlier asking whether the video games, comics, etc… are going to be regarded as canon, or are only the TV and films being regarded as canon.

And my post is gone for some reason. I didn’t post any links in it.

99. Cygnus-X1 - December 21, 2012

And now it’s back at #94.


100. captain_neill - December 21, 2012

looks like a cool game but couldn’t have added a Shatner and Nimoy likeness as one of the skins? As a nice treat for us fans who have been there longer.

101. ralph pinheiro - December 21, 2012

Another theory:

the scene of cryo containers could be a Star Fleet ground-based facility, rather than Botany Bay.
Botany Bay meets Peter Weller’s Ship, rather than Enterprise.
Montalban as Khan in CGI.

102. Tim Gogirenko - December 21, 2012

Anyone else still play Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator on their Atari 2600?

I do :)

103. Tim Gogirenko - December 21, 2012

“Well, than it can be the next “Elite Force”. Or “Bridge Commander”. THose are very rare examples of good Trek-Games.”

There are some great old DOS PC Star Trek games like Star Trek 25th Anniversary and its sequel Judgement Rites – both of which had all the original actors voicing their characters, and its sadly interesting that Judgement Rites was the last time Deforest Kelley played McCoy.

104. Spock's Bangs - December 21, 2012

#93 “All in all, that is a horrid screen shot/video, and does not accurately represent the new E.”

Not an obsessively accurate representation of the new Enterprise? Maybe. Horrid? Not in the least.

105. Spockchick - December 21, 2012

@98. Captain_Neill
That is an awesome idea *hugs my original Spock and won’t let go*.

106. rm10019 - December 21, 2012

Looking forward to this! Thanks BobOrci for your work with the team to make this part of the new franchise!

107. rm10019 - December 21, 2012

95 – Yes, I think that PS Move phaser will still be available. Should be fun as long as they designed the game with Move in mind!

108. Tapasko - December 21, 2012

Hey look another consolized third person shooter and ofc that game wont be coming to PC, this is just a quick way to make some extra bucks from the Star Trek license and i wont expect this game to be any good.

109. Kevin - December 21, 2012

If this game is a hit, I hope that Star Trek gaming gets big again in all styles. I miss the old fashioned point-and-click style Star Trek adventure games.
Maybe Telltale should try to get the license to make one…

110. rm10019 - December 21, 2012

107 – I agree, but the time for this time of came for Trek has certainly come.

Now if everyone posting here would pre-order, we would have more power to request what game and types of games come next. And that they keep making Trek games in all shapes and sizes.

111. PEB - December 21, 2012

ok i get it you want trek on pc but a big reason you dont see it is because in this day & age most gaming is done on consoles unless we’re talking mmorpg. it’s also why you didnt see star trek online pushed on the console systems. in gaming overall, point and click adventures are basically a thing of the past. that’s not to say you dont get lofty ideas and good science fiction themes with action games. it seems like most people who arent willing to give these games a chance are people who have not played games since the time when computer games were still extremely popular.

112. rm10019 - December 21, 2012

109 – This. Well said. I think it is indicative of an aging Trek audience, which hopefully good modern games like this will change.

113. R. Banks - December 21, 2012

I’m not really into games, but that Kelvin Phaser is a neat looking unit. I wouldn’t mind having a 1/1 scale replica/prop version to add to my collection.

114. DP McGuire - December 21, 2012

Looks good so just went to buy an Xbox in anticipation.

115. kregano - December 21, 2012

@106: I don’t think they’re deliberately screwing over the PC (they’ve announced a PC version), but you have to keep in mind that Namco Bandai is a Japanese company and Japan has NO PC market. They’re used to dealing with console/portable releases, so them not having the PC stuff ready to go makes a bit of sense and isn’t a sign that they’re screwing over PC gamers intentionally.

116. Jack - December 21, 2012

106. In other words: “you kids get off my lawn!”

117. Flake - December 21, 2012

People seem to have some kind of image of Trek as a show where they never shot any weapons or had fights and they all happily lived in utopia and spread their utopian ideas around the galaxy with no blood shed…..

I can only assume these people did not watch any Star Trek!

boborci: any updates on an animated show? Surely you would want to release such a thing shortly after the movie?

118. Actual - December 21, 2012

Screw this. Where is Bridge Commander 2?

119. Jack - December 21, 2012

As others noted. “Scotty’s going to love this” and “Here comes the cavalry” (as gorns attack)… sounds a bit, er, glitchy.

120. sean - December 21, 2012

Don’t feed the trolls, folks. Without attention they wither and die.

121. Jack - December 21, 2012

115. “People seem to have some kind of image of Trek as a show where they never shot any weapons or had fights and they all happily lived in utopia and spread their utopian ideas around the galaxy with no blood shed…..”

Exactly. They seem to under this delusion that TOS had no action or conflict and was just entirely long talks on the bridge and in the briefing room.

122. Kaang - December 21, 2012

Ha! Sweet! PREORDER is locked in for X-Box 360 version. Looks very Mass Effect 3 to me, which is fine because I’m addicted to ME3 multiplayer. Here’s hopeing we actually get a fun and enjoyable Star Trek game for once.

123. Danpaine - December 21, 2012

No Wii, then it’s not for me….shame, too.

124. rm10019 - December 21, 2012

121 – If you truly are inclined to play THIS type of gemat, you might get a lot use out of a PS3, has a media server, Bluray and is a great gaming platform.

125. rm10019 - December 21, 2012

121 – If you truly are inclined to play THIS type of game, you might get a lot use out of a PS3, has a media server, Bluray and is a great gaming platform.

126. Hat Rick - December 21, 2012

I’m not a videogamer, mainly because I’m terrible at them. I think my video game skills peaked at around the time Pong came out (I still remember playing that came when there were table-consoles of it at the local corner store).

But I think that were I a videogamer, I would really want to try this new Star Trek game. It looks action-packed.

Also, Happy Trekmas everyone! I’m waiting for the obligatory Trekmas article (Christmas in Trek) to be posted by Anthony and friends. :-)

127. Jack - December 21, 2012

124. “Happy Trekmas everyone!”

;). And the same to you!

128. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 21, 2012

#119 – Which people are you referring to?

I, for one, have watched TOS, many times in fact, along with all the other Star Trek iterations and I am under no illusion about the fact that all the series showed fighting of various kinds, as well as battles between starships.

All I am saying is that there seems to be MORE EMPHASIS given now to the militaristic components and the main characters being in a combative situation, something that I have never denied have always been there. It is this “more emphasis” to the more aggressive/combative side of things that I do not like.

129. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 21, 2012

Happy Christmas, Trekmas, *Summer Soltice…everyone. Have a good one!

* Today (22 December) is Summer Soltice downunder (the longest day). As I sit at this computer wearing the barest as I perspire in Auckland’s renown humidity, I forgot that upover where most of you guys live, it is the Winter Soltice. I am hoping that if I take a drive out to the manuka/kanuka covered hillsides in the next few days, I might get my glimpse of a white Christmas. ’tis that time of the year when these scrawny looking trees flower and everything looks like it has just been dusted in snow…:)

130. Mark James Tucker - December 21, 2012

Anthony any chance of geting an Article about the Enterprise season 1 bonus features,
since they were announced on other sites such as trekcore on December 18th
would be nice to have a forum here to talk about them

Especially since they are actually asking fan input as to what special features we would like to see

“CBS have decided to comission another slew of brand-new bonus features to accompany the episodes on the Blu-Ray release. VAM [Value Added Material] Maestros Roger Lay Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett – responsible for the great work on the TNG Blu-Ray special features – have been brought on board to give fans a candid, honest look at the show’s troubled inception. Here’s what we know so far about the Season 1 bonus features:
The Season 1 set will boast a brand new 3-part documentary (similar to TNG Season 1’s “Stardate Revisited”) which we’ve been told is both epic, compelling and incredibly candid.
The Season 1 set will include a number of new audio commentaries (expect around 4 episodes to feature commentaries). Furthermore, the show’s Executive Producer Brannon Braga has revealed that Season 1’s fan-favorite episode “Shuttlepod One” will feature a commentary with Brannon, Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed). This is very exciting news, hearing of a commentary featuring the two stars of that particular episode along with the episode’s writer and producer.
[UPDATE: We’ve confirmed there are in fact five new audio commentaries included with Season 1]
The Season 1 release is also set to include an unprecedented special discussion piece between executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. The lengthy piece, entitled “In Conversation” is described as refreshingly candid and “will be watched by the fanbase for years to come” according to Robert Meyer Burnett.

Lay and Burnett have heavily engaged Enterprise’s Executive Producer Brannon Braga with these features, and Brannon himself is actively asking the fanbase for suggestions to guide his input into the bonus features. If you have a particular request, an episode you want to hear audio commentary for or any burning questions you have about the show – “

131. Anthony Pascale - December 21, 2012


Bob seems to have reverted back to only TV/Film as canon but acknowledged that the comic books and game (and anything else) he and other canon writers oversee is ‘close to canon’ or something to that effect. It seems he believes he doesn’t have the authority to unilaterally say what is or is not canon in the extended universe

132. Hat Rick - December 21, 2012

@Jack (125), thank you! :-) I did a Google search and the only Trekmas article on TrekMovie I found was back in 2009. Oh well.

That means we’re overdue for one!

I wonder if they have Trekmas in videogameland. Wouldn’t that be great, if you could choose to live a fuller life, kinda like the Sims, in the Trekverse? So you would buy stuff with Federation credits (or goldpressed latinum) for your friends in Starfleet when you’re offduty?

Hey, videogame developers! Do a Trek Sims! I would totally buy it!

133. Hat Rick - December 21, 2012

@Rose (as in Keachick) (129), sorry I didn’t see your posting wishing everyone a happy Trekmas, Christmas, etc. It was quite interesting. I’m always fascinated by the fact that Australians get to celebrate Christmas and the winter holidays in such terrific weather.

But then again, it’s almost never a “white Christmas” in California, either, so I suppose Californians are lucky as well.

Did you know that it’s relatively cool in Vegas? Right in the middle of the desert, it’s cooler there than in L.A. I remember celebrating New Year’s in a very wild and crazy way a few years ago in Vegas.

Vegas is also where they have many of the really cool video game cons.

134. Frank Costanza - December 21, 2012

Happy Festivus everyone. Now where’s my aluminum pole. . .

135. Hat Rick - December 21, 2012

@Frank Constanz (134), now a Star Trek / Seinfeld crossover would be pretty entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trek was mentioned in Seinfeld and I would think that maybe there’s even been actors that’ve been on both series.

Of course, the ultimate would be some kind of Star Trek / Seinfeld video game. I’m thinking of assigning roles for each major character. Constanza would probably be a Ferengi.

136. Newman - December 21, 2012

@ Bob Orci

Sweet! I am pumped!

137. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 21, 2012

I live in NZ. I don’t think that manuka/kanuka trees grow in Australia. These are indigenous to NZ.

Even though it can be hot and humid, traditionally kiwis have tended to celebrate in much the same way as their English or European forebears, which means something like roast lamb, yorkshire pudding, roast veg followed by Christmas pudding with hot custard etc. Lovely cold weather food, but a bit heavy when you may be sitting in temperatures in perhaps the mid 20sC and at 90% humidity, but we do it anyway…:)

Many have adapted as in roast meats can be served cold with fresh salads – lettuces, cucumbers etc are all in season now. Pavlova gets added as well. There’s been an ongoing dispute as to whether an Australian or NZ woman invented the pavlova – can’t remember what the outcome is. Let’s just say – it is one of those puddings from downunder. My sister makes a *mean* pavlova. Diabetics – be warned!

Anyway, wherever you are, eat well and enjoy!

138. Hat Rick - December 21, 2012

Okay, now I’m obsessed with Star Trek / Seinfield: The Video Game:


Seinfeld — Vic Fontaine

Elaine Benes — ??

Constanza — Ferengi Trader

Kramer — The Comic (“The Outrageous Okona,” TNG) / Klingon (dual role)

So far, at least.

I’m stumped as to what Star Trek role Dreyfus-as-Elaine would play. Admiral Janeway? No. Borg Queen? No. Wait! Maybe Borg Queen… a ditzy one….

139. CJ - December 22, 2012

Why only Spock and Kirk? *yawn*

140. TerranGuy93 - December 23, 2012

After my experience with Star Trek Online, I’m never preordering a star trek game again.

I may get it later though, once the price drops. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.